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                             Tales Of Destiny 2 ( US)
             by Alvin Tan ( [email protected]

Version 1.00 (26/9/2001) Copyright 2001 Alvin Tan
* Start my New FAQ for this game (YEAH!!!)

Version 1.1 (27/9/2001) Copyright 2001 Alvin Tan
* Add some Major Walkthrough, Character Info For TOD 2 

Version 1.2 (28/9/2001) Copyright 2001 Alvin Tan
* Extend Walkthrough to Inferia City, and Character Info

Version 1.3 (29/9/2001) Copyright 2001 Alvin Tan
* Add Walkthrough from Inferia City till Efreet Cave

Version 1.4 (2/10/2001) Copyright 2001 Alvin Tan
* Extend Walkthrough from Efreet Cave to Mt Farlos (I eventually could upgrade 
this a few days ago but i'm sick. Sorry for late upgrade!!!)
* The latest version of The Tales Of Destiny 2 ( US) can be found at:


1. Introduction
2. Story
3. GamePlay a) Battle System
                   b) Controls  
                   c) Battle
                   d) Technical Smash  
                   e) Character Status
                   f) Difficult Setting 
                   g) Craymel Gauge Commands
                   h) Spirit's Gauge and Vitality
                   i) Cooking
4. Character Information 
5. Walkthrough
6. Secret Item (Lens)
7. Coming Soon!!! 
1. Introduction
   Let me introduce myself.
    Creator Name:  Alvin Tan
    Title: The 1st Malaysian to do FAQ Game  in the Internet
    Age: 17 ( 1 Month to go!!!)
    Sex: Male 
    Country: Malaysia
    E-mail: [email protected]

  This FAQ is for Private Use. Please DO NOT ABUSE/COPY IT. Writing This FAQ is 
my hard work and it takes time and effort.
  If you all have any problem/suggestion/tips/ just want to make friends with me, 
you can send me through my e-mail. I'm glad to recieve every1 mail.
2. Story
  The game began from the both world (Inferia & Celestia) by a Black Sphere. The 
main character are from Inferia that it's Reid while his friend were Farah and 
Keele. Meredy is from Celestia. The game plot became interesting when Meredy 
discover why she's here (Inferia). Many great adventures awaits them......
3. GamePlay
   *Don't think this game is too bored to play cause.........
   The best thing: Old and interesting RPG combat
                           Secret stuff to obtain (Lens)
   The Bad thing: X pause (only in the battle can pause)
#a. Battle System#
     Battle system is totally different than other RPG game. It follows the older 
RPG game. Battle happens in Real-time. You can Slash,Thrust,Punch,Kick and do all 
sorts of things in the battle. In this game, character have different ability. 
Example: Reid, he have Slash and Thrush Attack.

#b. Control & In  Battle#
     L1+L2+RI+R2+Select+Start > Reset Game
     R1 > Select Enemy
     L1 > Jump & Turn your formation (Left to right, Right to left)
     Triangle > Menu Button
     Circle > Special Skill Attack Button
     X > Normal Skill Attack 
     O > Block
     Start > Pause (Only works on Real-time battle)
     Select > Choose Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual control for main character (only in 
     L2/R2 > Shortcut for Special Skill Attack
     Escape > Run to the edge of the battlefield (X works on Boss!!!)

   /In town/
   Triangle: Menu (Skill,Formation,Cook,Option
  /In World/
    X > Enter
    Circle > Cancel
    Triangle > same
    Select > Tips!!!   Start > Open & Close Mini world & Compass
    L1 > Rotate to left   L2 > Rotate to right
    There is 6 things; Skill,Group CommandsCharacter 
    Special> Use Skill and Spell
    Group.C> Tell you group to act
    Character.C> Modify character behave
    Formation> Set startegic
    Equip> Wear Items
     Item> Use Items

-Character Commands, Formation and Order-
  You can learn by your self. X problem.
#d.Technical Smash#
    Chain Smash> Do 4 hits in a row, +2% hits/ 10 EXP
    Group Smash> Whole group attack, +2% to EXP
    Combo Smash> More > 20 hits, +10 EXP PER HITS

#e.Character Status#
     Poison> Character Head have green smoke
     T.K.O> It means that you character K.O (Equip Reverse Doll but when you die, 
the doll will boom!!!)
#f. Difficult Setting#
    Normal> Just for Begginer and Novice
    Hard> Just for the EXTREME people
* At night time, Enemy became more stronger then morning time. 
#g.Craymels Gauge Commands#
   1. Craymels  2.Items  3. Fuse
#h.Spirit Gauge & Vitallity#
    *Coming Soon!!!
    You can cook but you need ingredients. Menu?Recipies?Coming Soon!!!
4.Character Info
  Rid Hershel
  Type: Swordsman/Chef?
  Age: 18 years old
  Weapon: Sword,Axe,Dagger,Spear (X Britney Spears!!!)
  He's the main character. He like's to cook and Fill up his stomach (hehehe).

  Farah Oersted
   Type:Martial-Arts Girl (hot!!!)
   Age: 17 years old
   Weapon: Gloves (like Tifa in FFV11!!!)
   She's the girl that have kung-fu skill. She's Rid Childhood friend. Her 
combination attack are awesome!!!.Also as a healer.

  Type:Craymel Crystal Weilder (Mage)
  Age: maybe 16 years old?
  Weapon: Whistle
  She's from Celestia. She appear start from the game. Speak's "Melnics" 
language. Must have Orc Earring to hear what she says. She and her pet could 

  Keel Zeibel
  Type;Craymel Crystal Weilder (Mage)
  Age:12 years old???
  Weapon: Rod, Mace
  He's a student in Mintche University. He also same like Meredy.

  Type: Swordsman/ Merchant?
  Age:25 years old
  Weapon: Sword
  You can get him at Barlos Trade Center. He almost have the same skill like 
#5. Walkthrough# 
# Racheans (2 Lens)
       It starts when Rid meet Farah at Guard Tower. After a while, Farah find 
out that something going to crash them. Kaboom!!!. Luckily, they managed to 
escape. Farah decided to find out.
   You start using your character(Rid) for the 1st time. After moving for a 
while, you can see a load point. The load point let you load your start game 
 When you see the load point, try to head up to obtain addtion Items like apple 
gel. After getting it, you might go to the right side from the load point. This 
places were you meet a squire saying kuekee . Just follow it.
    When you reach there, you will see Farah with a Purple hair girl beside the 
spacescraff. Rid start to realise that the spacescraff is going to blow. After 
the incident, you and Farah decided to help her.
       You will end up at Elder house with, Farah,Purple hair girl with her 
squire and Elder. After chatting for a while, the squire will realise something 
is going to happen. Now, you will meet the 1st boss.

  ??? 1ST BOSS
  Name: Unknown (Later call as Hydes)
  HP: Around 2000 HP
  Item: Apple Gel & Orange Gel
 He's very easy to beat. Just make sure you use spectacles to see his attribute 
for his weakness. (It's like Pokedex in Pokemon show which Ash Ketchum use to 
scan his oppenent)

   After the battle, Hydes will go away. Elder will ask you to bring the purple 
hair girl away from the villages. You will end up at Farah house and bla bla 
 Afterthat, you can start you explore. I advise you to go a house beside a farm. 
There, you will see a man and a kettle near the window. Try to touch the 
kettle. !!! You see a Magician come out from the kettle (Actually, he's not a 
Mage, he's The Wonder Chef!). He will give you a sandwiches recipe. This is 
important later in the game.
After obtaining, you can buy some things especially item and armor for your mate. 
I almost forget!!!. Before that, you can obtain a special item call Lens. What's 
the use? It's like collecting spakling gem(I forget what's it name) in The Legend 
Of Dragoon.
 After you do every stuff, it's time to proceed to next area. Remember to equip 
to make sure your team doesn't ko.

* You will stand outside of the Regulus town. You will realise you are now at 
world area. Tips: If you don't where to go, just click select to hear your team 
what they say to go where.

# Bridge
  All of your team introduce themself. Nothing much particular.

# Regulus Riverside
 Go straight till end. You will notices the road have been landslide just a 
while. There's a person name Paolo telling you to go to Regulus Dojo to ask for 
help. Just go there. 

# Regulus Dojo. (2 Lens)
  Go up to the dojo. There, you will battle 8 monks(They thought you were 
thief/robber maybe?) After the battle, the master of Regulus Dojo will came out. 
He's the master of Farah Martial Arts. He invited you to his room and chat with 
 Afterthat, You can explore the other 3 rooms. The 2nd room has a lens at a 
table. At the same time, you can obtain the manual book from the right monk. The 
3rd room lets you practise & battle for free. You could get more gals and exp.
After you have finish, go to the last room. You will meet Paolo which also have 
Water Cryme and there's also a lens in Paolo drawerl. He will ask you to wait at 
Regulus Riverside. You can get a new recipe at the inn from Wonder Chef.

# Regulus Riverside
 Just head right. You won't miss Paolo standing at the pier. He will help you and 
summon the Water Craymel to make the river calm. Afterthat, you can play the 1st 
mini game that's Riverside Craft........

* You arrived near the Mintche University. You can see it very near to you. 
Unfortunetly, you X enter the Mt. Mintche and Nostos Cave 

# Mintche University (2 Lens)
   Farah will tell you that this places is big(Actually, it's not that big) and 
many people. You can obtain 2 recipes here. 1st> Beef Stek at the restaurant & 
2nd> Hamburger at the inn(I think?).On the left, there's staircase that have a 
tree on the right side which have lens. Anyway just head to left. If you are 
interested in watching short drama, just head to the right after you move left 
this now. You will see a man name(Pier)and a girl name(Katerine) chating each 
 Just head to left. You will see the Mintche University. In there, you will talk 
to the girl at the table and.............. If you want to try out the Begginer 
test, just head to 3rd floor and enter the 1st room. If you success, you will get 
Title"Namco Teacher" and obtain ??? Gel. 2nd lens at water element lab.
   Afterthat, try to enter the 2 door at ground floor. You will see an agenda 
between Meredy and You. Later, friend of Keele name Sanc tell you where to find 
Keele. He's at Mountain Observatory. After the conversation, Meredy obtain her 
title (Craymel Mages).

# Mt. Mintche
   You will see 3 zombie will pattrol around the road. If you fight them, they 
will appear again. If you are very good in evading enemies, this might be luck 
for you. Tips: If you push the stone to it's right position, the stone will stop 
the zombie from coming out the cave. HOWEVER, if the stone close the cave, you 
won't be able to fight them. You will know when the time comes : )
 There's a places where you can camp. Farah decided to camp there. At night, the 
conversation continue.......  Then, just straight go up. This places's easy to 
get out.

# Mt. Observation (1 Lens), Holy Bottle 
  When you enter inside, you realise that Keele is not in. Suddenly, Keele come 
in and he thought that some1 trying to interupe Keele observation and Keele 
realise he's wrong. Keele being ask by Reid and Farah to help understand Meredy 
what she's saying.
 After long hours, Keele managed to understand Meredy Melnic speech's. Afterthat, 
there is a FMV sequences. Meredy tell every1 that Celestia and Inferia will crash 
and BOOM!!! soon. Keele give you a clue to go Prof. Mazat at Forest Villages Of 

# Nostos Cave (1 Lens)
   Before you enter the cave, there's a merchant running out from the cave while 
holding an EggBear. Later, he will sell items to you.
 When you enter the cave, Keele tells you that this cave have tides. He's 
actually giving you tips to get several items which you X obtain it by normal 
way. Just walk up ang get some treasure items.  After a while, you will meet a 
mini boss.

 2rd Mini Boss
 Name:EggBear 076
 HP:  3,200 HP
 EXP: 32 EXP
 Item: 40% Bear Meat
 This bear should be easy. X problem (^_^)
* You can obtain a lens in the pile of wood (you can follow the trail of blood)

# Forest Village Of Morle (1 Lens)
   You will end up at a rural village with forest around it. If you go to Food 
store, you will meet Katerine that's call Simone. Katerine want to go to Inferia 
City to see Pier but went the wrong area (What a kind of person?). After she 
gone, talk to the pumpkin and you will get Salad Recipe. Go to the end at the 
villages to find Prof. Mazat house.
 Once you reach Mazat home, you will meet him. Mazat hear their story and give 
them Ore Earrings. What's the use? To make them understand what Meredy saying 
(only some times go wrong). Meredy realise Quickie was missing at she run to find 
it. You must now follow Meredy to find Quickie. It seems that she's in the wood.
Make sure you have something to cure for posion like Panacea Bottle. You will get 
good items here. Finally, you meet Meredy and Quickie with a Vegetable Monster. 
You can save if you want but it's not necesary.

 3rd Boss
 Name: Insect Plant 034
 HP: 8,800 HP               STRONG: WATER 50%, EARTH 30%
 EXP: 115 EXP              WEAK    : FIRE 50%
This boss is definetly easy as long as you attack and avoid it. 

   After defeating it, Keele will scold Meredy for running away from them. It 
seems that Reid didn't realise it early.
 At the house, Meredy will talk about Grand Fall and bla bla bla......  Then, 
Mazat will give you a spell for Farah> Detoxify 4 TP Cure posion and weak.
Above it's house, there's a lens and also could get Fruit Juice from Wonder Chef. 
Not to forget, you can get a MONSTER BOOK from Mazat.
# Undine Stream (1 Lens)
  You will see the 1st Load Point here. Before crossing the shallow parts of 
water, head to the hidden area and obtain lens. Afterthat, you will see a cave 
nearby, enter the cave. Just enter and you will see the 1st Greater Crymel 
(Undine) and she will talk with you. 
Afterthat, the cave will be a camp site. Go on till you see the 2nd Load Point. I 
advise you save before interfer with Undine in case you T.K.O.. You must be at 
least Level 20 to beat her (My team level 25 but still take time to defeat her)

 HP: 5500 HP               STRONG: WATER 100%, WIND 30%, FIRE 30%, ICE 30%, EARTH 
 EXP: 1360 EXP           WEAK: ELECTRICITY 30%
 What you can do is make sure that Keele doesn't come out Aqua Edge. This doesn't 
affect her. Only Meredy lightning can harm her a lot. WARNING!!!, She have a 
skill that make her invisible and make a super attack. Keep Life bottle in handy.

* After you defeat her, she will join you. You will be able to use "Spread" for 
Meredy. The best stuff is you will be able to summon Undine in combat. Try to 
fuse with Keele Craymel. You will obtain it. Now you need to meet The King  at 
Inferia City. Let's head there!!! (^_^)

# Forest Of Temptation (1Lens) PART 1
 This places's very easy to get lost. Make sure you follow the map that i did. 
You will notices there were 2 ghost approaching you. When they touch you, your 
team HP will be drain. 1st, you need to go to the statue to see where the statue 
face. When you at there, you will see 5 statue. You must face the statue each 
other. You can get a lens behind the statue of Great Deity. After you arranged 
it, Meredy will show you the way out.

   D.O.B   D.O.C   Heal                            D.O.B   = Deity Of Destruction
      /\      /\       /\                              D.O.CO=    "     "   
        >       +  <>  <  > <                           D.O.CR =    "     "   
                /\               \/                       D.O.O  =    "     "   
                \/ statue     /\                             /\ = Up
                /\  /\             > <> D.O.O.            \/ = Down
                  > <             \/                              +  =  Up,Down, 
Left, Right
                \/                /\                              <  = Left
                /\                   > D.O.C                    > =  Right
                  > <> End
                /\ <> End

# F.O.T. PART 2
 Unfortunetly, you haven't over yet. Follow the 2nd Map to get out from there. 
You need to go to 2nd statue to get clue. 
B                                                         B= Bastard Sword
\                                                        R= Rune Bottle
\/                                                        O= Orange Gel
                            /\R          M                                        
M= Miracle Gel
                               > < O    /\                                        
Pa= Panacea
                                    \/   \/              Wind Crystal        G= 
765 Gals
      Camp   <   >     <         \/        G /\                C= 
Charm Bottle
                     >        +      +   <    >    +      
<                        A= Apple Gel
                              /\   /\1 <    >  <   >   \/
                              \/           /\O
                              /\              >  < A
                               L > < C

* Onces you reach dead end each road, you will meet a Mini-Boss.

 HP: 5,400 HP            WEAK: FIRE 50%
 EXP: 200 EXP
  This should be easy. Just beware of it's attack (Slush Feather) which throw 
many feathers in front your team.

* After defeating 5 Jungler, head back to the 2nd statue. When you reach there, 
you realise that the 5 statue has gone. Just head up to get out.

# Inferia City (3Lens)
    Farah onces again will tell you that this places's big. There's 2 recipe you 
could get. 1st> At the 2nd floor inn, near the window, Cream Stew & 2nd> Soft 
Cake. You can see a drama at Royal Theater but with some payment. At the same 
time, there's a lens in the plant. You also can battle in the Arena for 
registration fees 5,000 and 10,000 gals. (You need to be high level to win this 
arena. Lv 25 still X enough, perhaps 50)
 Anyway, just head to Inferia Castle. I'm sure you X get in. So, just follow what 
Keels says. After at the Church, you will meet a guy name Roin Ramoa, the head of 
the palaces guard. Soon, all of your team been captured by them.
It seems that this's the end of this game since you will being drowning. Just 
Kidding. You will being save by Zosimos. It will be a long story. Just listen to 
the story. 
  After the story, you can go to your room. Is in the 2nd floor. How to see? 
There's an old man standing beside the door. Before you go, check the drawer 
where Rid was sleeping. There's a lens in there. Just head to the Grand Hall. The 
King will then declare National Disaster and so on........
   Zosimos say Celestian's behind the Grand Fall (I don't think it's true). After 
Zosimos explanasion, you can get another lens at the Royal Observatory in the 
paper. When you are ready, just head to Inferia Port.

# Inferia Port (1 Lens)
   In the Marine Shop, you can get Fish Stew Recipe. There's a lens in the barrel 
near the ship to Barole. If you ready, just head to the ship. Unfortunetly, Keele 
won't join you for a while. He being invited by Zosimos to do some research.

# Barole Port (1 Lens)
   There are chest around the port. CAUTION!!! If you take the chest, you need to 
pay for it. Think wise before taking it. WonderChef will be a box and will give 
you recipe. There's a lens near the box.

# Barole (1 Lens)
  When you enter the town, you might meet a man beating up a boy and Farah help 
that boy. The man told Farah that the boy is a thief. Then, Ras came in and give 
some Inferia Rules. Farah will then obtain title " Reckless". Ras will been treat 
lunch at tavern for his help. Ras bring out the pot he get at Slyph Cavern. Just 
select any option and you get Ras in your team (^_^). 
 The fountain in the middle town have 1000 Galds. The drunk man you see on top a 
building actually's the Wonderchef that will give you Steak Recipe and wardrobe 
will give you recipe. You can get a Lens from a golden pot in the jewel shop. 
When you go to the inn, Meredy tell you that Ras also have "Fibril". If you go to 
the town library, you will meet Katherine. It's quite funny when she say that she 
memories the whole world map (^_^)

# Slyph Cavern (1 Lens)
 When you reach the entrance cave, you notices that there's Inferia Guards there. 
Luckily, Ras managed to give your team to go through. In the cave, you can see a 
hole that have air in it. Use it to go up. When you see a pole, just go there and 
touch it. Ras will then tie a rope between it. You will reach to a  Camp Point. 
At there, Ras will show you his Compas Key ( It's like a pen?). Then, Farah will 
tell her why they are gathering Great Craymel. 
When you see a road there's 3 choices, choose the middle which lead you to a 
treasure chest.  At the top of the edges of the hole, there's a lens (where the 
Assault Dagger were). Go in Deeper and you will meet Slyph, The Wind Greater 
Craymel. She also prepare to test you as well.

 HP: 6,600 HP             STRONG: ELECTRICITY 10%, ICE 10%, WATER 30%, FIRE 30%, 
WIND 100%
 EXP: 1,929  EXP        WEAK    : EARTH 100%
 * He doesn't have any invincible moves, but he will stay at the sky after being 
hit more than 4 times. Try ro defeat his pawn 1st to make sure you won't have any 
problem. Just beware of it's Air Slash Skill and also Sylph Arrow. If you 
unlucky, you will been hit with his Cyclone. 

 Afterthat, Slyph will join you. Now, you can fringy Slyph with Undine to get new 
skill. When you reach the front door of Slyph Cavern, Ras will leave your party. 
But, Keele will join you back!!!. You will also get "Aerial Board". This enable 
you to move around the world across the sea and lake. The disadvantages are you 
can enter the jungle with Aerial Board.
Slyph also told you where's the next Greater Craymel. He's Efreet and will be at 
Efreet Gorge. Let's go to Chambard to prepare your team!!!.

# Chambard (2 Lens)
  You will arrive at a desert city. Your team start to feel hot. Meredy suggest 
you to go to Celestia when all this over. Anyway, head to the staircase to meet 
Elene. She will give you a combo command if you have 10 lens. When you get 20 
Lens, you can get Inferi Cape from her. You can get Carbonara Pasta at inn and 
bottle> Seafood Pasta recipe from W.C. You can get 1000 galds from the fountain. 
In watershop, you can get rune bottle for free.
 When you enter the Bikini Shop ( Is there any shop like this in Inferia? I don't 
see it at all !), you will meet Katherine. She has been forces to buy a dress for 
23,000 galds!!! (Too expensive!!!). Luckily, Farah stop her from buying that 
dress. There's a mini game that's call Campballon (I guess so...). You can get 
lens at the fountain with horse and at the 2nd floor of Bristol Chambard, dining 
table. If you are ready, just head to Efreet Cave.

# Effreet Cave (1 lens)
   This places is so hot!!!. When you are in the cave, you can see Undine HP 
(Protect you from fire harm). When the HP out, you will recieve damaged from 
fire. After a while, you will find a camp point. Just save there if you want. 
After passing the bridge, it's time to meet the 3rd Greater Craymel> Efreet.

  HP: 24,000 HP          STRONG: ELECTRICITY, ICE, WIND,EARTH (30%), FIRE 
  EXP: 1,500 EXP        WEAK    : WATER 100%
*His attack defiently are fire. No doubt. You can never go through below him (You 
should realise it). He's weak of Water type. Just pound it with Undine spell and 
water skill. You can win if you do the right methods.

  Afterthat, Efreet still don't want to join you. Undine has to forces Efreet to 
go. After getting 3 Main Greater Craymel,  The light Craymel appear (Rem). Rem 
will that you that Grand Fall is human fault. Then, Rem give you Sorcerers Ring 
(L1 to shoot). Use for open Bridge of Light. Try to fringe with Undine and Slyph. 
The 1st door which you see this now, you can shoot it (L1) to get Lens.

 Before you enter, try to level up as much as possible (Mine's Lv34>35). This's 
to make sure you will have less trouble later in the game.

# Farlos Santuary (1 Lens)
   You can meet a nan that sells item (Merchant). Lens can be obtain in the 
cupboard. When you try to leave, the priest will give you a "Life" Skill to Farah.

# Mt. Farlos
  When you went up, you will end up with landslide. Just head left like usual. 
You will find a Camp point. This event will show you that Reid actually like 
Farah but affarid to tell. When you reach a places which you will see rope. 
Meredy will teach you how to handle Quickie.

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