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FIFA Soccer World Championship (FIFA 2001) v .5
By: Ian Ferguson (with much help)
E-mail: [email protected]

Quick warning.  This is pretty much, if not completely, a translation guide 
only.  If you are looking for secrets, codes, etc. I dont have any.  If i find 
any, or am told any, they will be promptly added.  I just havnt found any yet.  

Dont sue me, i come in peace.

Revison History:
5/31/00: First version of the FAQ, thrown together quickly for those in need of 
basic help.
6/7/00: Major makeover, gobs and gobs of new info.

Next Update:
Next update i will add a teams list, Team Managment translation, Training 
translation and any secrets i may have found. 

Contributions mean a lot to me, and without the help of these people this would 
still be close to its original form.

YUJING FUN - Sent me almost all of the menu translations, without which, i would 
still be stumbling around in most of the menu's.  
DOM - gathered odds and ends on the rest of the controls from his/her 
WATERMELON - His info will be in the next update..

If theres anyone i missed, sorry.  Write me and let me know.  Again, thanks to 
all of you.

Table Of Contents:
I.    Main Title Screen Translation(including icon bar)
II.   Translation/Explanation of Main Menu Icon Bar and Related Screens   
III.  Exhibition Translation
IV.   World Cup Translation
V.    U-23 World Championship Translation
VI.   League Translation
VII.  Training Translation
VIII. Controls


I. Main Title Screen.

From top to bottom the choices are:
	-World Cup
	-U23 World Championship

II. Translation/Explanation Of Main Menu Icon Bar

	Pressing Triangle will light up the bottom row of icons wich can be used 
to adjust numerous things.  From left to right they are:
	-Staff Credits
	-Team Managment
	-Load Settings

*Staff Credits*
	Self explanatory.

	The customization menu has two bars on the top, followed by three options 
underneath(in blue)

	-Team Group Select (Italian Teams, Swiss Teams, International Teams, U-23 
International Teams, Premier Teams, German Teams)
	-Team Select (select team from the above group, no i dont have team 
listings yet)

	-Player Edit(First Blue Option Box)
	-Team Edit (Second Blue Box)
	-Transfers (Third Blue Box)

	*Player Edit*
	Edits a sprcific player from the team(i think)
	 -Player's First Name
         -Player's Last Name
         -Player Data (His abilities)
         -Player Position (Goalkeeper, Defense, etc.)
         -Player Number
         -Hair Type
         -Hair Colour
         -Skin Colour
         -Face Type
         -Facial Hair

	*Team Edit*
	 -Team Name 
         -Home/Away Uniform Toggle
         -Shirt customize => Shorts customize => Socks customize.
         -Uniform style
         -Color 1
         -Color 2
         -Color 3

	Player info and stats are on the right side of the screen.
         -Player Name
         -Current club
         -Transfer fee
         -Player position
         -Ball control
         -Body balance
	Transfer Info is on the Left
	 -Transfer To:
	  -Current Club Funds
	 -Transfer From:
	  -Current Club Funds 				  
	Definition of player positions:
        -RF=Right Forward
        -CF=Centre Forward
        -LF=Left Forward
        -RM=Right Midfield
        -RW=Right Winger
        -CM=Centre Midfield
        -LM=Left Midfield
        -LW=Left Winger
        -DM=Defensive Midfield
        -AM=Attacking Midfield
        -AB=Attacking Back
        -RB=Right Back
        -RWB=Right Wing Back
        -CB=Centre Back
        -LB=Left Back
        -LWB=Left Wing Back

	The Three icons on the bottom of the customize menu are
	 -Reset Current Team
	 -Reset All Teams
	 -Save Settings

*Team Management*
	Eh, next update.

*Option Screen*
The Options Screen has 3 sub screens to it.(left an right at the top to change 
screens) if you press triangle, you can light up the save icon to save your 
option settings

	*Screen 1*
	 -Half Length
         -Stamina On/Off (players will get tired or not)
         -Loss Time On/Off
         -Time Of Day

	*Screen 2*
	 -Difficulty (Default is Amateur, then Hero[hard perhaps?], and then World 
	 -Game Speed (How fast players move, Starts on Normal, Gets increasingly 
	 -Referee Check (determines ref strictness either "Custom" or "Random".  
If "Custom", use below slide bar to adjust level of strictness) 
	 -Lower the slide, the less strict the referee
	 -Turns Yellow/Red Cards on and off
	 -Turns Offsides on and off
	 -Injuries On/Off
	 -Vibration On/Off

	*Screen 3*
	 -Camera style
	 -Auto Replay
	 -Display clock
         -Display score
         -Map (In-Game map of players on field)
         -Stamina meter
         -Player name

	*Screen 4*
	 -Music volume
	 -Commentator volume
	 -Stadium volume

III. Exhibition Mode
	 -First selection Picks your group of teams.
	 -Second selection picks your team from that group(Ex. USA from the U-23 
group, we suck by the way)
	 -The side bars show abilities.  They are

After team selection, game play begins.  Controls are covered at the bottom of 
this FAQ.  Pressing start brings up an in-game menu. It is as follows.
	-Resume Game
	-Instant Replay
	-Camera Angle
	-Team Managment
	-Side Select(change teams?)
	-Current Status
	-Goals Scored
	-Reset Match
	-Reset Game

IV. World Cup Mode.
	-First, pick your team.
	-Second screen shows what other three teams you will be up agains and 
group distribution.  If you dont like the looks of things, press [] to randomly 
	-this is the league ranking menu.  At the top there are letters.  They 
corespond as follows:
	  -P=Matches played
 	  -W=Matches Won
	  -D=Matches Drew
	  -L=Matches Lost
	  -F=Number of goals scored
	  -A=Number of goals conceded
	-pressing triangle at the league ranking screen highlights the icons at 
the bottom.  They are as follows:
	  -Match dates
	  -Team Management
	  -Save Game
	  -Exit to main menu
	The rest is played as you would an exhibition game.

V. U-23 World Championship
	Quite simple really.  Its all the same as for World Cup play, only with 16 
U-23 teams.

	Again, same as World Cup only this time it has a slightly different bar of 
menu icons at the bottom (press triangle).  They are as follows:
	  -League Ranking
	  -Match Dates
	  -Performance Chart
	  -Team transfers
	  -Team management
	  -Save Game
	  -Exit to main menu    

VII. Training Translations
	Next update, sorry.

VIII. Controls
	Allright, ive been told all the proper names for the moves and controls as 
well as cleared up questions ive had so this should be pretty complete.

	 -Tap Triangle for speed burst
	 -[] for a long lob pass
	 -X For a pass
	 -O for a shot on goal
	 -D-Pad to dribble
	 -L1 for a thru pass
	 -L2 for a step over
	 -Tap L2 to jump
	 -R2 for a fake over
	 -Tap R2 to spin
	 -R1 stops you on the ball
	-Playing Defense
	 -Tap Triangle for speed boost
	 -[] Slide tackles
	 -X Gain control of player nearest ball
	 -O to tackle (shoulder) 
	 -[], X or O held down while ball is in the air to head (O isa more 
powrful one, recommended for goals)
	 -[], X, or O will volley the ball. (O will bicycle kick near goal) 

Have fun.  If you have any questions, contributions, criticisms, etc. my e-mail 
is at the top of the page.  Enjoy.    

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