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Written by OHMCS110
[email protected]
13th June 2003
Version 1.0



 1. OHM's Introduction
 2. OHM's Disclaimer
 3. OHM's Game Introduction
 4. OHM's Game Features
 5. OHM's System Requirement
 6. OHM's Basic In-Game Controls
 7. OHM's OHM's Other Recommended Movements
 8. OHM's Style of Play
 9. OHM's Strategy
10. OHM's Frequent Answer Questions
11. OHM's Leagues and Top Teams
12. OHM's Tips
13. OHM's Credit
14. OHM's FAQ Collections


1. OHM's Introduction:

Well, as I promise before, I'll back with this FAQ. I'd like
to thank all readers who support my FIFA 2002 and 2002 FWC 
FAQs. I hope that I can do it again with this guide, Special 
thanks also to GameFAQs and Cheat Happens for posting my 


2. OHM's Disclaimer:

This document was written by OHMCS110, hmm.. So, if you want 
to publish it for commercial use, DON'T DO IT!! This 
document is Copyright 2003 OHMCS110. Also note that this 
FAQ may not be used or distributed for commercial use.  It 
may not be distributed at all without written permission 
from the writer.


3. OHM's Game Introduction:

All the speed, style and passion of the world's game come 
alive in FIFA Soccer 2003. With enhanced team play, improved 
ball control and deeper tactics, FIFA Soccer 2003 lets you 
take the pitch with your favorite players and teams from 
around the world.


4. OHM's Game Features:

Play with all the best clubs, players and national teams. 

The Club Championship highlights the top 10 club teams with 
intense detail, including team-specific stadiums and charts.

Use your feet and head to control the ball like never 

Use free kicks and corner kicks to set up a shot or even 
score directly.

Computer opponents will adopt tactics based on the real game 


5. OHM's System Requirement:
Better you check the game's homepage at FIFA2003.EA.COM for 
more details. I don't want to state it here. Please don't 
ask me...


6. OHM's Basic In-Game Controls:

Pass / Switch Player                     - S
Shot / Conservative Tackle               - D
Lob / Aggressive Tackle                  - A
Through Ball / Header / Goalie Charge    - W
Player Runs                              - Q
Sprint                                   - E
Individual Skill                         - Spacebar

Hints: If you feel more comfortable using FIFA 2002 
Controls, just simply change Sprint to W, and Through Ball 
key to E. But maybe you must set it each time you want to
play the game. 


7. OHM's Other Recommended Movements (Refers to shooting 
   power meter):

- Long lob (the player who receive this ball maybe can make 
  a special movement like bicycle kick, etc.) 
- Change side play

- Long Pass

- Long Shot (Recommended for goalkeeper or skilled player)
- Ball clearance (John Motson will comment it as an "old 
  fashion depending")

- Back-flick (make sure there is one player at the back) 


8. OHM's Style of Play:

Style of Play is a small menu that appear when you play this 
game for the first time. There are two different styles of 

Simulation Settings 
- Default settings for authentic, tactical play.
- Hints: Use this setting if you like a tactical play mode.

Action Settings
- Default settings for faster paced play and fewer rules.
- Hints: Use this setting if you like an action play mode.


9. OHM's Strategy:

9.a. 4-4-2 (4 Defenders, 4 Midfielders, 2 Strikers):
Playing Style: Defensive, Normal, Attacking
Top Team That Use This Formation: Manchester United 

Normal formation, many football teams use this formation 
and maybe this formation also suitable to you. 


9.b. 4-5-1 (4 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, 1 Striker):
Playing Style: Normal
Top Team That Use This Formation: Valencia CF

This formation is suitable for team that has many top
quality midfielders . This formation is very useful for 
gamers who like to attack from the middle of the field.


9.c. 5-3-2 (5 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, 2 Strikers):

Playing Style: Normal
Top Team That Use This Formation: Bayer Leverkusen

Suitable when you decide to secure your win. The defenders 
will try to block the strike from the opponents. I 
recommend you to place one last man and 4 defenders. The
sweeper can take out the ball in many emergency cases.


9.d. 5-4-1 (5 Defenders, 4 Midfielders, 1 Striker):
Playing Style: Normal
Top Team That Use This Formation: Undefined

Use this strategy when you decide to secure your win and by 
the same time, you want to add more goals.. The midfielders
will support the front when you make a counter attack.


9.e. 2-5-3 (3 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, 3 Strikers):
Playing Style: Normal
Top Team That Use This Formation: Undefined

Hmm.. You want to make a counter-attack but you don't want 
to let opponent players move more than the middle of the 
field huh.. All right, try this formation; many midfielders 
will block the strike from the opponents. But if an opponent
can go through more that the middle of the field, take it at
your own risk.


9.f. 3-5-2 (3 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, 2 Strikers):

Playing Style: Defensive, Normal, Attacking
Top Team That Use This Formation: FC Kaiserslautern

Same as above. But less risk. Use this formation to make up
more goals.

9.g. 4-1-2-1-2 (4 Defenders, 1 CDM, 2 Midfielders, 1 CAM,
     2 Strikers:
Playing Style: Normal
Top Team That Use This Formation: Real Madrid

This is a new formation introduced in FIFA 2003. This 
formation will make your team have a 'virtual' three 
strikers and 'virtual' five defenders. Try it if your 
team has many skilled midfielders. 


9.h. 4-3-3 (4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders, 3 Strikers):

Playing Style: Normal
Top Team That Use This Formation: Paris Saint-Germain

This formation is suitable for the teams that have many 
strikers and many midfielders. Have a similarity as 4-4-2 


10. OHM's Frequent Answer Questions:

This section maybe updated depends on the serious questions
that must be answered.

Q: How to score easily?
A: Play in Amateur mode, just bring the ball forward after
the whistle. DON'T RUN. The opponents will not disturb you.
This situation only happened in the first half.

Q: How to make a perfect long throw?
A: Choose any of your team player, and then throw the ball 
in front of the player, and refer to the cursor. 

Note: Don't throw the ball over the player.

Q: How to make a perfect short pass?
A: Choose the player that far from opponent's player, then 
by referring to the shooting power meter, press S until the 
meter near to the middle.

Q: How come the goalkeeper can score the goal?
A: This is a funny thing in FIFA 2003. Firstly, make sure 
you play in Amateur mode, make sure the goalkeeper rating is 
about 75 and above. Secondly, when you or your opponent 
starts the game, smuggle the ball and pass it to the 
goalkeeper. Bring your goalkeeper forward using wing site 
(either right or left), when reaching penalty box, press D. 
Need some luck to do this. From 10 tries, I only 
successfully score 6 of them. So, make sure you try it just 
for fun. :)

Note: Many people ask me how to do this and do that same as 
the computer. After this, if I found that such question in 
my inbox, maybe I'll just ignore it.  


11. OHM's Leagues and Top Teams:

11.a. Leagues:

Austrian T-Mobile Bundesliga     - AUSTRIA (10 teams)
Belgian League                   - BELGIUM (18 teams)
Brazilian League                 - BRAZIL (15 teams)
Danish Superligaen               - DENMARK (12 teams)
FA Premier League                - ENGLAND (20 teams)
Ligue de Football Professionnel  - FRANCE (20 teams)
German Bundesliga                - GERMANY (18 teams)
Italian League                   - ITALY (18 teams)
K-League                         - KOREA DPR (10 teams)
Major League Soccer              - USA (10 teams)
Norwegian Tippeligaen            - NORWAY (14 teams)
Scottish Premier League          - SCOTLAND (12 teams)
Spanish Primera Division         - SPAIN (20 teams)
Swedish Allsvenskan              - SWEDEN (14 teams)
Swiss Nationalliga A             - SWITZERLAND (12 teams)

11.b. Bonus Teams:

Rest of World - 40 teams
International - 40 teams

11.c. Top Teams (as listed in Club Championship menu):

AS Roma              - ITALY
Ajax Amsterdam       - HOLLAND
Arsenal              - ENGLAND
Bayer Leverkusen     - GERMANY
Bayern Munich        - GERMANY
Borussia Dortmund    - GERMANY
FC Barcelona         - SPAIN
Galatasaray          - TURKEY
Inter Milan          - ITALY
Juventus             - ITALY
Liverpool            - ENGLAND
Manchester United    - ENGLAND
Olympique Lyonnais   - FRANCE
Paris Saint-Germain  - FRANCE
RC Lens              - FRANCE
RSC Anderlecht       - BELGIUM
Real Madrid          - SPAIN
Valencia CF          - SPAIN


12. OHM's Tips:

You must win the International Cup to unlock this stadium.
I win the cup using Saudi Arabia, Semi Pro mode, versus 
Argentina in final, win 3-1.

You must win the Club Championship trophy to unlock this 
stadium. I win this trophy using Bayer Leverkusen.

You must win the World Tour to unlock this stadium. I'd 
spend more than 2 weeks to finish it. I win this tour by
using Glasgow Rangers.


13. OHM's Credit:

Electronic Arts
- for creating, developing and publishing this great game.
Colossus Sabzinger, Keyur Acharya, and others
- the men who always asking me. Hope you'll satisfied with 
  this FAQ. 
My Computer
- successfully help me to test and finish the game.
- for posting this FAQ.
Cheat Happens
- also for posting this FAQ.
- for reading this FAQ. Thanks a lot. 

14. OHM's FAQ Collections:

Feel free to check out all my FAQs. Just remember all my 
works are short and simple. That is my own trademark. He..
he..he.. Maybe I have not enough time to write (I just write 
while on semester break), that's why I cannot make it long 
and more comprehensive. Sorry about that.

| No. | Title                    |  Date Released  |
| 1.  | Codename: Outbreak       |  8th May 2002   |
| 2.  | 2002 FIFA World Cup      |  18th May 2002  |
| 3.  | EA Sports FIFA 2002      |  20th May 2002  |
| 4.  | World War II: Iwo Jima   |  18th July 2002 |
| 5.  | Flying Heroes            |  19th May 2003  |


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