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Fighting Force 2 Strategy Guide for Dreamcast
By Chetflavin
April 06, 2003
[email protected]
Ver. 1.0

	Tadah! I'm back! Writing up another faq for some of the green that keeps 
from doing my college work. After the Blood Omen 2, Soldier of Fortune Gold,
Alien vs. Predator, and attempted Monster Rancher Battle Card Game (Which yahoo
messed up so someone beat me to it!) I'm here to give a walkthrough on Fighting
Force 2. I originally bought this game because I liked the previous game,
however the complete departure from multiplayer and a choice of who you play as
killed the game for me. Oh well, its a long game so lets get this faq started.

Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo
	As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of Fighting Force 2 for
making a good instruction booklet which I got most of the info for the
Controls. As for who can post this guide on their site, ONLY AND

*Below Where the levels are listed, I got those numbers from the Level Select
Screen, So even though the numbers may be out of order or go from 1.3 to 1.9,
it is the full walkthrough with nothing left out*

Table of Contents
01. Game Introduction
02. Controls
03. Steel Mill 1.1
04. Bio Lab 2.1
05. Tank Factory 3.1
06. Polar Base 4.1
07. Jungle Base 5.1
08. Chemical Plant 6.1
09. Prison 7.1
10. Salvage Rig 8.1
11. Sky Scraper 9.1
12. Cheats
13. Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated

01. Game Introduction
	Formed from the ranks of the CIA, FBI and Interpol, the State Intelligence
Police, [SI-COPS] was created to combat the rising tide of international
corporate crime. Human cloning was banned by international treaty at the end of
the twentieth century, but the military's dream of a soldier capable of
surviving in any environment and fighting without conscience is now fuelling an
illegal trade in biotechnology and cloning. Global giant, the Knackmiche
Corporation has just such a project underway. Buying parts and expertise from
small companies around the world, they are assembling and testing the
prototypes of what will become the world's first artificial life form. A human
clone. SI-COPS has spent many years investigating the activities of the
Knackmiche Corporation and now has enough evidence to send in an agent. The
mission: to seek out and erase sensitive project data and eliminate key
personnel. Due to the sensitive political nature of the knackmiche
investigation, the mission will be classified under the SI-COPS Black Book
funding program and will never be acknowledged or publicly sanctioned by
SI-COPS directors. If you screw up, you are on your own.--------Instruction
Guide Background.

	Basically my take on the game is follow the path, destroy any inanimate 
for money and use ammo wisely.

02. Controls
(like the story background these are from the instruction Booklet of the game)

Analog Stick - Movement

Y Button - Select Weapon
X Button - Jump
B Button - Kick
A Button - Punch

Left + X - Roll Left
Right + X - Roll Right
Down + X - Back Flip
Up + X - Jump Forward

Pressing any Direction on the Directional Pad - 180 Degree Turn
Left and Right Triggers - Look Around and Aim

A - Punch
AA - Punch, Punch
AAA - Punch, Punch, Punch
AAX - Punch, Punch, Uppercut
AAB - Punch, Punch, Kick

B - Kick
BB - Kick, Kick
BBB - Kick, Kick, Kick
BBX - Kick, Kick, Jump Kick
BBA - Kick, Kick, Side Kick

X - Jump Up
Y - Get Weapon Out
Y and keep pressed down - Brings up inventory

Rage meter - Filled by beating people up
(following Moves can be performed with filled rage meter)
AA - Overhead Down Punch
BB - Horizontal Spin Kick
BA - Vertical Spin Kick
BY - Jump Thrust Kick
AY - Shoulder Charge

(these moves can be used with the right trigger held down)
Up + B - Forward Sweep
Up + A - Roll Forward

(use these moves with power glove)
AAX - Punch, Punch, Power Fist Slam
AAB - Punch, Punch, Kick
AA - Jumping Power Slash (For use with a sword or bat)

(when you have a grenade or throw able object)
Left and Right Triggers + Down + A - Throw Object Up
Left and Right Triggers + Up + A - Roll Object along the floor

Left Trigger + Analog Stick - Strafe
Start Button - Pause

Other Side notes
When using an elevator, hold the Right Trigger and press the direction you want
to go.
While playing thru the game a green box may appear on the screen, that’s the
data Handset informing you of new info on the pause screen. When you see it
appear, press start to view the new information.
Cash Notes - Cash works more like just plain old points in this game because
you don't get to buy anything. With enough "points" you can earn more
continues. When you have enough, your score will flash alerting you of your
newly earned continue. Secret areas found in levels basically contain ammo and
dead ends unless specified otherwise.
You earn money by beating up inanimate objects causing them to blow up.
Finally, To climb Ladders, press the A button. To slide down ladders, first
press the A button to get on the ladder, then press the B button.

03. Steel Mill 1.1
	First start off by beating up the blue guy in front of you. He'll drop a 
square which are keys in this game, coming in a variety of colors(mainly blue).
Run around the area destroying all the boxes and Metallic Generators for a gun
and steal bar.(Note: from this point on, just destroy this stuff every time you
see it so I don't have to close each sentence with "destroy everything in the
room"). After that You should have a gun in your possession and if you look
across the railroad tracks you'll see a bad guy on a roof. You could try to
snipe him off but its a waste of bullets since you're headed in the opposite
direction. Besides if you shoot and miss him, he lobs grenades at you. Anyways
proceed thru the door next to the blue panel, and your key will automatically
be used. In this room there should be only one guy so beat him up, grab his
key, and proceed to the next room(the door without a red slash on it). In here
another enemy lies in wait to your left take him out and climb the ladder next
to him. Carefully make your way onto the second vent, I recommend strafing.
Once you're in the middle, jump up and you'll automatically grab the ladder.
Climb across and make sure you don't press the A button(because it lets go of
the ladder) until you're on the other side. Ok, all this was for was to get a
simple gun, but guns are the most useful weapons in the game so why not.
Anyways, make your way back across and down both ladders (because jumping down
hurts your life points big time) and go into the previous room. Now go thru the
door with the red cross on it and try to kill the guy in the back whose lobbing
grenades first before taking on the two regular thugs. Besides, he'll give you
a key for the next room. Now that you have the key head thru the other door
with a red cross on it and get your first introduction to the enemy releasing
doors. After killing the only person in this room, a door opens releasing two
enemies (one carrying a key card). These doors don't release countless waves of
enemies but they do have more in later levels. Anyways make your way into thru
the next two rooms, and kill the huge thug in the second room. Ignore the
conveyor belt and head thru the door on the left. Kill some more enemies,
including ones popping out of a door, grab a key card, and proceed to the next
room. There aren’t any bad guys in here or the next room, but there is a safe
in the second room containing two keys. Kick it open and proceed thru the next
two room. Here you'll find some enemies, and a coke machine that dispenses rage
filling beverages (if you completely trash it, a health bonus usually drops
out). Continue thru another door and you'll come across another bulk thug and a
conveyor belt. After the bulk is defeated walk to where he was standing and get
ready to time your jump right to get past the pounding portion of the conveyor
belt. After surviving that, climb the ladder and head thru the door killing two
more bulks and continuing on your way. In the next room there is a panel to
your right that will end this segment of the level.

Steel Mill 1.4
	The door behind you is now open, and enemies are barreling down on you.
Dispense with them and go in the room they came from. Proceed up the ramp into
the next room killing some more folk you run into. After there dead or door to
your right will open up releasing some baddies, one of which is carrying a key
card. Ignore the fan next to you, and go thru the door that was on the left
when you first entered the room. In this room, the guy is carrying another card
and there is a secret path behind some exploding cans and grating. It just
leads to more items so when you're done there head back thru the next door. In
here proceed to the back of the room and before climbing the ladder there, look
around at the next level up for a blue guy who will shoot you when you try to
ascend. After he's disposed of climb the ladder and the next, killing another
bulk of a guard. Now that you're at the top, run around to the door with two
windows on it and kill two more guards to earn yet another key! Another side
note, the control panels in this room and thru out all levels sometimes can
contain health so don't ignore them. Anyways proceed to the next room, kill a
guy, and climb down some ladders(because jumping down hurts!). Each level down
should have one guy so try sniping him out before heading down. Also the last
level has another enemy producing door so get ready for a brawl down below.
Proceed thru the next door, kill two more guys, grab another blue key card, and
go into the next room. Here after killing the bulk you'll have two options, go
thru the door to kill two more bulks along with a health item and sledge hammer
weapon or just ignore that and proceed thru the grating on your right. Kill the
bulk here and before heading down the ladder kill the grenade lobbing jerk
below you. Now climb down the ladder and time your run thru the laser circle as
to not get hit. Kick your way thru two more grate and you'll get a message from
head quarters. Read it if you want but in any case proceed down the beaten
path. Walk past the fan and destroy the console across from you to stop the
fans rotation. Once its come to a full and complete stop pass thru it and you
should recognize the area. Go thru the door closest to you(it has two windows
on it), down the ramp, and to the console that earlier ended the first level
segment. Guess what it does this time if you press the A button.

Steel Mill 1.2
	Odd how the names of the levels don't seem to always go in order, but I'm
basing this off the names the level select gives them so sue me. Well now the
path to the left of the console is the one to take so......take it! Proceed
thru two doors, kill two guys, which opens a door containing four guys to kill,
and grab the key card they drop. Anyways, in the next room there are two more
bulks to kill along with another key card to pick up. Grab it and head thru the
huge double doors on the right. In here you'll find numerous enemies including
a guy lobbing grenades at you from a distance. After everyone is dead grab
another keycard and head into the previous room. Go thru the door on the
opposite side ignoring the huge rotating girder on your right, killing two more
guards, grabbing their key card, and going into yet another room. This is like
the last room, two enemies, only this time there is a enemy popping door and a
key card. Go thru the empty room and into the next one to kill three more guys
and proceed into the next room. In here kill the bulk in front of you, and the
one on a higher ledge to your left. This will trigger another enemy door with a
key card so take care of them, grab it, and go thru the next door. Here you'll
find some crates, a fire box that contains a shotgun, and exploding barrels. Do
what you want here and go into the next room. Kill everyone in hear, head up
the ramp, and into the room with the green sludge. You'll want to snipe the guy
across the sludge before you make your way over on the ladder. On the other
side, turn around and snipe another bulk you couldn't shoot earlier. Now that
he's gone, look for a ladder to climb up in an alcove and climb it. Up here
shoot the guy who will lob grenades at you before he lobs any grenades. Clear a
path to walk thru buy shooting the blowey up cans and crossing the small
bridge. Make your way into the next room and pretty much repeat what you did in
the last. Shoot people across the green sludge, look for a ladder on the
ceiling to shimmy across the to the other side, enter the next room, turn to
shoot some more henchmen on the level below you, and look for another ladder to
climb down to the next level. The henchmen on the lower level will have a blue
key card. In the next room kill a bulk and some door popping baddies and
proceed into the next room. Here you'll kill another bulk and get another
mission update, so press start if you want to see it. In any case go thru to
the next room and access the panel to get to the next segment!

Steel Mill 1.3
	OoOoo, the last segment before the big boss man, wicked! Anyways this next
part is tricky, only if you rush into it. There will be a conveyer belt to your
right but instead of jumping on it from where you are, run around to where you
are facing in the exact same direction as the belt is heading. You'll notice a
device that will grind you at the end of it, jump on the belt and quickly off
the belt, to the left, before you hit the grinder. Dispatch with your would be
dispatchers and proceed into the next room. Here walk around the fire pit into
another room with a fire pit. If you're quick enough you can shoot the guy here
into the fire pit. After breaking open some boxes, walk around the pit of fire,
around the grinder, and into the next room. In here there will be a bulk and
your first flamethrower man. If you catch on fire do the Right trigger+up+A
roll technique to put yourself out. When they're dead go into the next room, up
a ramp into another room, and kill the guys wielding stun guns here. After
you've made some more dead people for the previous dead people to play with,
grab the key card, kill a flamethrower guy and his friends in the next room,
and go into the next room. Kill all the jerks here and head thru the door
toward your right. Grab the key card and head to the door that was on the left
in the previous room. Go thru this room to come across a lava filled one with a
guy to kill on your right. After he's dead, head to the door on the left, via
the ceiling ladders, and kill someone for a red key card. Now go back to the
lava room and head thru the other door that is now on your left. Kill the guy
here and the two guards in the next room. Carefully jump across the walkway and
climb down the ladder. Murdalize the stun gun toting guy here, jump across
another walkway, and thru a door to kill two bulks and a flame thrower dude.
Operate the panel in the center and get ready for you're first boss fight.

Steel Mill 1.9
	Hammer Man? While that is a cheesy name it does suit him.(By the way, 
most of
the enemies I just give names based on their appearance or if the game provides
one. For example Hammer Man was from the game, Bulk is something I call the
larger guards.) If you're like me and saved any shotgun ammo you came across, a
couple of close blasts should finish him off in a jiffy. Otherwise, just use
all the ammo you have to bring him down. If you have no weapons, good luck
taking down this big lug and his lovable hammer. Head straight thru the next
room, up a ramp, and toward the glowing thing. A small in game cinema of Hawk
throwing something at it will take place, and that’s you're cue to head toward
the elevator behind it. Make the elevator go up and the level is done!

04. Biolab 2.1
	You start off on a rooftop filled with crates. Break them open and head 
the elevator looking platform. Ride it down and you'll find yourself in a room
with some thugs carrying guns! Now I sucked dealing with these guys at first,
but after a while I figured out if you get hit by the first bullet in his wave,
you can jump over the next bullets he's rapidly firing. You'll find a ladder in
this area and a door next to it. I didn't take the ladder, it could be another
route on the level or it could just lead to some items. The door however I did
take so go thru it! There will be two bad guys in this small room that leads
to......THE LAB! Ok, after those two guys are dead proceed to the lab in the
next room filled with green tubes, guys with guns, and nerds with grenades.
There will be two doors adjacent to each other in a corner, however, the one on
the right is locked so head thru the left one. In this lab you'll find a guard
who drops a red key card that opens, you've guessed it, the locked door that
was on the right. So go back into the previous room, thru that door, another
door, and kill the people in this office. Proceed into the next office room
filled with two more grenade nerds and receive an incoming message from your
boss. Look at it and go into the next room. This room is filled with numerous
bulks and guys toting guns so make quick work of them and ride the elevator
lift down to the next level segment.

Biolab 2.2
	This segment I had difficulties with because there are two paths you can 
later in the level. Anyways proceed thru this underground corridor taking out
nerds and gun freaks until you reach a door on your left. Go thru it and get
ready to take out a solitary nerd and three mutant men! Oddly enough, one of
the mutant men was carrying a key, so head back into the previous room and thru
the other door that was further down the hallway. In this room, aside from the
gun freaks, there are breakable grates that break open if you throw a grenade
on them. You see one right away but I skipped over it. Feel free to explore and
when you're done get back to my guide. Anyways further in the hall you'll be
faced with a familiar dilemma. Like the last room you can only go thru the door
on the right if you grab a key from a mutant man in the room to your left. That
room is identical to the previous mutant man room so make quick work of them
and grab their key. Now head thru the locked door that was on the right. Access
the panel in this room to get to the next level segment!

Biolab 2.3
	Kill the gun jerks in this room and be careful because in one of those 
popping doors is your first introduction to the land mine which becomes quite
populace in the level. Proceed to the end of the hallway and while you can take
the door to the right I recommend blowing up the steel grating in front of you.
If you don't have any grenades you can head two doors down(thru the door on the
right) and in that room contains a crate filled with grenades. Either way,
after blowing up the grating, carefully climb down till you get to a ladder.
Instead of climbing down the ladder and landing on a land mine, drop down to
the left of it and walk around that area to a place you can safely drop down
missing all land mines. Once you're safely down there proceed forward thru the
sewer and climb the ceiling ladder across the green toxic pool. There are two
pipes spewing out green liquid while you're crossing the toxic pool. I'm not
sure if they hurt you but you might as well try to avoid getting hit by them.
Anyways once on the other side you get accosted by a mutant man. Kill him and
go up the ladder in the next area of the sewer. At the top you'll notice now
you're under grating. Carefully shoot one of the explody oil drums to break
open a path. Climb out and kill everyone in the immediate area. One of the
crates happens to contain a rocket launcher so might as well break them all
open here. Moving on, head in the opposite direction you were facing when you
climb out of the hole. The next room is just like the last, lots of people to
kill. After they're dead proceed into the next room which looks like a
warehouse. If it doesn't look like a warehouse you went the wrong way, just run
back past the whole in the ground you made in the previous room to get back on
the right path. Getting back on track, there are two guys in this room and once
they're dead its boxes galore containing health, grenades, and various other
items. After you're done splurging, continue into the next room that looks
oddly familiar.......OH YEAH, this was the first steel grating you should have
blown up. You know, the one that lead into the sewer. Well just ignore it and
proceed into the door right in front of you. Kill the solitary guy in here and
carefully jump over the two mines in the middle of the room. In the next room
there are mutant men and gun jerks, kill them in any order you want and into
the next hallway that leads to the final segment!

Biolab 2.9
	Ewwww, the room has a trail of blood, I wonder if it leads to the boss. 
it does so don't rush in, break open some crates to find a shot gun. When
you're ready head thru the door near the crate that contained the shotgun to
take on the triplets! The triplets seem to be genetic man monsters with the
ability to throw up........TOXIC SLIME!!!! Ok they don't throw up and it
actually comes out of their arms, but wouldn't it have been cooler? Anyways
they should be no problem for you if you have some left over Rockets or do some
up close shot gun blasts. After they're dead grab the key card they drop and
head into the final corridor of the level. This corridor leads to an elevator
room. Ride the elevator up and you beat the level!

05. Tank Factory 3.1
	You start this level on top of a roof. Breaking one of the machines up 
will give you a sniper rifle. If you walk to the edge of the steel guard rail
you should be able to snipe out a guy to your lower right. To zoom in I believe
its the Y button and to zoom out I think its the B button(which of course can
only be done in first person view mode). Well after he's dead climb down the
ladder to the left and walk to the panel near the gigantic fan. Break the panel
to temporarily stop the fan, and when it slows down carefully make your way
thru the blades. In this next part you're faced with another huge fan. Break
another panel on your left and walk thru the slowing rotating blades once
again. Here there will be a ladder for you to climb done but if you didn't
waste both shots from before sniping that one guy, try getting another head
shot here to make for fewer enemies to deal with. In ay case, climb down the
ladder and beat up some fatsos and pipe guards. After they're dead you'll have
to make your way past some more fans lined with mines. Break the panel to the
right of the first fan to stop it and if you must(since you should have come
across a gun in one of the crates in this room) Shoot it to blow it up so you
don't have to worry about it. Proceed forward and break another panel to slow
down this huge fan and shoot some more mines on the ground. This last fan isn't
different from the previous because it has no panel to slow it down. Instead
you have to beat it to death to free that path for further venturing. Jump thru
the hole it left and make your way across this catwalk and down the ladder on
the other side. Here you'll find a gun toting jerk so kill him and proceed into
the next room. Kill a solitary pipe guard and go into yet another room. By now
you should realize that every room has enemies and the next is no exception.
Once everyone in the next room is dealt with, take the door that is on the left
wall. Proceed thru several offices, killing pipe guards, and grabbing a red key
from the gun toting guard in the dead end room. Now head back to the long
hallway that first lead you to this office area and go thru the door that was
further down the hall. You'll be attacked by several pipe guards so be careful
in this room. Once they're all dead look for an AK-47 in one of the doorways
that the pipe men were coming out of. Now head thru door that was directly
across from where you entered into a room with three doors! The left most
contains a fat man, the right most several breakable items, and the actual path
continues in the middle door. In this room there are no enemies, however, if
you go thru the door on the right you'll be overwhelmed by three gun toting
jerks. So instead look for a vent in the upper right corner. Walk thru the
vent, kicking down grating blocking your way, and you'll eventually be on a
ledge above the previously mentioned gun freaks. Snipe all three of them and
hop down. Well proceed thru the door in front of you, down some boxes, thru
another door, into a hallways, and finally thru a door into a room filled with
baddies. After they're taking care of, head thru the door opposite the office
desk to kill two more gun freaks. Proceed into the next room, climbing some
boxes, and into another room filled with more and more baddies. Fighting thru
this room you'll receive a message from your boss so read it if you like that
stuff. Anyways, head past the desk with computers and vent behind it, to the
right into a room with a console that will lead you to your next segment of the

Tank Factory 3.2
	Head thru the door on your right to find yourself in a room with a huge 
of machinery and many baddies. If you head up the ramp and destroy the panels
there, the machinery should start. After that, head toward the door with the
four green glowing lights in front of it. Run thru this room because there are
no enemies and into the next one. Here you'll find a fat guy, a dude with a
mechanical arm, and other hooligans waiting for a beating. After they're gone,
carefully walk into the next room. I say carefully because if you proceed
forward too far a giant machine will laser you. Instead to your left there is a
ladder for you to climb up. Up here destroy all the consoles and metal
breakable things and head back down the same ladder to find more henchmen
waiting for you. When they've been disposed of, on the left side of the room,
near the ladder, there are two more breakable metal boxes. After destroying
those, and the ones you previously destroyed on the ladder, the laser spitten
machine should be defeated. Go thru the tunnel behind it and you've beating
another level segment.

Tank Factory 3.3
	Proceed into the next room and kill the people running up the stairs to 
left. One of the fat men will drop a key card so grab it! Also make sure to
break all boxes in this room because there happens to be a rocket launcher in
one of them. Run into the next room and kill the two gun tooting fools and
destroy the almost assembled tank for some good cash points. Some more guys,
including the bionic commando, should come out so deal with them as usual. In
the next room, kill some more people, and head up the ladder on the right.
Proceed thru this room, and into the next, to find yourself on a cat walk. From
here snipe some enemies before heading down the ladder. Head down the ladder
and thru the small door (not the ones with the red and white slashes) to the
right of the tank. This will trigger some enemies from the door behind you but
one is carrying a keycard that you'll need. Anyways now head thru the big door
that the tank was facing and kills some poor misguided souls. One will drop a
key so take it and head to the next room filled with mechanical right arms!!!!
Once they've been dealt with trigger some more bad guys buy opening the door on
the left side of the tank. This will cause more guys to poor out of the right
door along with a key card! In the next room is a fat man and $6,000,000,000
man.....yes my jokes are bad. Anyways the mechanical arm guy has a blue key
card so swipe it off him when he's pushing up daisies. There is a lower level
in this room but ignore it because it has nothing of interest. Proceed thru the
huge door in front of you to kill some more guys and get yet another key card.
Go into the next room to find that its only a long corridor. Follow the
corridor to a panel that when operated will lead you to the last segment of
this level!

Tank Factory 3.4
	Head back from whence you came and this time head thru the gigantic door 
the right. In the next room is a completed tank along with bunches of hooligans
waiting for a beating. When all's good and quiet proceed into the next room to
kill two more baddies. The next room starts off on a bridge with a gun tooting
maniac. Dispatch him and head down the ladder in the back. Kill the two fatties
here and grab their blue key card that opens the door right above you. In the
next room you'll want to aim at the ceiling. Why? Because there is a robot
that'll try zap ya! From now on there is one in almost every room so look out
for them. When all robotic and non-robotic combatants are taken care of ride
the elevator the machine was protecting down a level. Make quick work of the
fellows down here and the robot on the ceiling in the next room. Proceed thru
the doors to kill yet another robot on the ceiling along with his fat friend.
When all are dead kill the solitary person in the hole that was under the robot
to get a key card. Now climb back out and head thru the door that was to the
right of the pit. Kill some more hooligans and go thru the next door to get
their friends and robotic ceiling turret too! Venture thru yet another hall to
kill some more bionic commandos and another robot turret mounted on the ceiling
of the next room. Don't worry you're almost done with the level. Head thru the
hall in the next room  killing some thugs and going thru the door directly in
front of you. Kill another motorized ceiling turret, grab a red key card the
enemies drop, go back one room, and thru the humongous door now on your left.
Head down the ramp, killing another turret, and thru another door! Kill the two
fatties below the bridge in front of you to get a blue key card that will open
the door above you. In that room operate the panel on the left to proceed to
the boss level of the tank factory!

Tank Factory 3.9
	Ahhh! Holy Giant Mechanical Spiders uhhhh Hawkman! Don't worry, like 
boss's this guy is a joke if you have the ammo to deal with him. 99 Submachine
gun bullets take away more then half his life. Grab the red key card he drops
and head up to the elevated doorway to receive a message from headquarters.
After that, proceed thru the tunnels taking a right at the fork and you'll end
the level.....HUZZAH!

06. Polar Base 4.1
	After the snowboarding in game movie take out the two guys here and look
around for a crate with a gun in it. Proceed to the next room, but be careful
there is a turret right above the door along with two other guys. To get to the
next room break thru the steel fence, kill the guy, and go thru the door. In
the next room there are three guys, one in front of you, one on an elevated
corner to your right, and one with a machinegun right around the corner. Take
them all out and head into the next room. Hopefully you have some ammo because
its the easiest way to deal with the two machine gun toting maniacs on the
right. In this area there are three doors, one to your left, one in front of
you, and one to your right. Going thru the middle one leads to a room with two
machine gunners and two coke machines that dispense health if you beat them up.
When leaving this room head to your right to take out an easy thug and break
open some crates containing a red keycard. Now go thru the door directly across
from this one to receive a message from H.Q. Next kill the turret on the
ceiling, ignore the elevator platform for now and grab the ammo around the
room. Go to the small room behind the guard rails and destroy everything in
there. Now that you've done all you can do, head to the elevator platform and
go ride it down. One tip, don't run around on the elevator when its active or
you'll grab the ledge like I did and plummet to a damaging floor. Anyways, head
thru the solitary door and take out the machine gunner on your right. When he's
dead try to take out the turret in front of you. You can try to take out the
guy whose very far in the distance but instead you'll have to decide how to get
there. You can either take the highroad (the ladder on the ceiling where the
turret used to be) or the low road (the one going down the ladder to the right
leading to a grenade thrower). When you're all done in here head back to the
elevator and ride it down one more level. Go thru the only door again, take out
everyone in the room, climb the ladder to get some more ammo, and head back to
the elevator to ride it down one last time.

Polar Base 4.2
	This is the most difficult level in the game in my opinion. Start off by
killing the two machine gunners in the next room. You'll notice by now that I’m
not mentioning the guys who don't carry weapons. This is because they're not
any trouble and are incredibly easy. Unfortunately you can't head thru the door
on your right yet but it leads towards the end of the level. So instead head to
the left and in the next room there will be a machine gunner on your right.
Once him and his friend are dead you'll notice two doors. The one on your right
is the one you'll be racing out of later in the level so when you see this room
again head to your left. Anyways that’s not happening now so just go thru the
door straight in front of you. In this area there are some beneficial crates to
your left along with a hidden passage to some goodies thru the vent behind the
oil drums. I ignored the secret passage because I don't think its worth it. You
can go there and take out the two guys who are waiting for you at the end but
when you come back head down the hallway into the next room. This room is
frustrating because machine gunners keep respawning out of the door on your
left. Eventually after they stop head further into the room and you'll see two
more health dispensing coke machines. After you get some health, smash the
console to the right of the machine to get a sniper rifle with two bullets.
Next head outside and try to make those two bullets count on the machine
gunner. Only headshots are one bullet kills anywhere else is a waste of ammo.
After you're done playing outside head into the next compound, and get ready
for another machine gunner respawning door on your left. After they're all good
and taken care of get ready for some precision shooting. From the upper level
snipe the guy walking around below but whatever you do, don't shoot the missile
shaped objects because they'll kill you! You can however smash open the crates
to find some nice weapons including a rocket launcher. Anyways head into the
next room down there and follow the same ordinance of not shooting exploding
things including the oil drums. What makes this room difficult is one of those
machine gunner doors is hear so you'll have to prevent them from shooting
anything too. The next room is a breeze compared to this. Its just two grenade
throwers so all you have to do is get close and beat them up. The next room
don't rush into. Try to snipe out the machine gunner in the back of the room
and once he's dead get the turret to your left before entering further. In the
next room there are machine gunners on each side of you and a grenade lobber
in-between. Once they're taken care of head past the spaceship looking thing
into the next room on your right. This room is tough if you're low on health,
there is a spawning door and machine gunners along with grenade lobbers. If
you're desperate you can try breaking the crates and panels in the room because
some contain health. Once you barely survive this room head into the next and
kill the enemies on either side of you. Kick down the door in front of you and
don't get two tempted by those crates on the right surrounded by touch
sensitive explosives. You can get them if you shoot the explosives but I'm not
even sure if they carry anything. Anyways in the next room, glowing with
greenness, kill two more guys on the main level, and one down the ladder in the
back. After he's dead climb back up the ladder and you'll notice the place is
exploding. This next part is tough so be careful. You'll be at the area from
before and you'll have to blow it up and run for it. Before you blow it up get
ready for the escape plan. You'll have to head thru the door on your left thru
the door with a big red and white x on it. Anyways lob a grenade at the panels
and run for it. If you survive the blast you'll come out in a room with some
guards to kill and some ammo that you need for the next boss. I mean you really
need all the ammo you can for the next boss. If you're down to knives and fists
you won't beat him. Anyways after grabbing some ammo slide down the slop to get
to the boss level.

Polar Base 4.9
	This one is almost impossible without weapons. For those of you using the
level select cheat steer clear of this level. Basically you start off by
sliding into this munchy monsters den. Why munchy monster as a title? Because
he's only damageable when he's eating! How to feed him? Simply hit the green
buttons on either side of him to drop down some shredded meat. While he's
gobbling it up unload a wave of bullets on his head to damage him. After doing
this several times, the beast should go down. And the level is over.

07. Jungle Base 5.1
	After the polar levels, this one was pretty easy. Kill the two guys in the
first area, grab the weapons in the crate, and proceed on your way. This next
room contains three guys, two with guns, but the difficult part is avoiding the
falling rubble. So avoid the middle of the room and take out all the baddies.
The next room is pretty easy because its just two grenaders who always come
down the ramp to your left. Try to snipe them out then head into the next room.
Here at first is a solitary guard but there will be a respawing door to give
you some more friends to play with. After dispensing with them there is a
secret passage inside the respawing door. It leads right above the current room
and is somewhat worth it. After grabbing some ammo head back down to the room
you were just in and get on the elevator platform in the middle. Ride it down
one floor to come across a somewhat obstacle course. The key to getting past is
timing. When the blocks are on the ground start running the when you get past
it, stop before getting to the next one. After making it past all three, you'll
come into a room with stairs to your left and right. Head down the right to
trigger a respawing door. One of them will drop a blue key that makes access to
the door going up the other stairs accessible. You can also go thru a secret
passage near the respawning door and you might as well because a boss level is
coming up soon. After getting the materials in the secret passage head up the
stairs that were on your left, thru the door, and fight your first and I think
only female opponent. There are also regular guards, a ceiling turret, and
falling rubble in the room so deal with them like always. Now this didn't
happen to me always but once a trap door in the middle of the room fell open so
try to avoid that area of the room. After everyone is taken care of head into
the next room. There are two more Aztec female guards along with blow dart
obstacles and a fire pit. Head either right or left, they're identical, and
take out the two women before heading into the next boss room.

Jungle Base 5.9
	Ok this guy is pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Attack his back 
he is casting spells. He casts two types of spells that he alternates with. One
is a laser that shoots in the direction he's facing, and the other is raising
three skeletons to fight you. When the skeletons are raised, going near him
will cause him to attack you. Instead just systematically take out the three
skeletons so you don't get hit as much. After a couple of rounds of beating him
up while he is casting spells he'll start to be surrounded in lighting. I don't
know if that meant he was dead so I just ran up to him and beat him up some
more. After he falls to the ground he'll give you a red key card and initiate
the load for the next level segment.

Jungle Base 5.3
	Once you kill him you now have a red access card. You can now head back a
couple rooms to the room with the huge stairs and enter the previously locked
door for some goodies, landmines, and turrets. Unfortunately the elevator in
the end of that room doesn't work so you'll have to make your way all the way
back to the boss room and thru the other door. Here there will be two guards,
one should have a machine gun, across a small bridge with a dart obstacle.
After you kill the guys and carefully make your way across the bridge and avoid
the falling debris in the next room by heading right when you enter. There is a
door immediately thru the left that may contain respawning enemies, but when I
played there wasn't and I couldn't enter it either. So instead of that, head
right past two more dart obstacles and kill the next three guys you come across
in the following room. The next room contains a guard and female guard so take
both of them out and get ready for another obstacle course. This room's course
contains a fire pit along with jumping ledges and swinging blades. Basically
like before its all about timing. You'll want to jump to the next ledge right
when the blades cross over the ledge in front of you. There are two machine
gunners on either side of you in the next room along with an elevator. Kill the
guys and ride down the elevator one floor. Once the elevator stops, kill the
turrets on the ceiling to your right and left along with the guard running
around here. When everything is destroyed head thru the door directly across
from the elevator you got off of. In here kill the lone gunmen and to end the
level access the panel in the room straight across from you.

Jungle Base 5.2
	Finally the last and most meaningful of the jungle base levels and I'll 
you why at the end. Head thru the door on your right and shoot the machine
gunner you see in the next room. There is also a grenader to your left and a
turret on the ceiling but as long as you head left to beat up the grenader
instead of forward into the range of the turret you should prevail. You can go
thru the secret passage next to the grenader but its not required. Anyways head
into the next room to receive a message from h.q. Read it, ignore, either case
kill the solitary guy in front of you and get ready for a run. Up the ladder in
the same room is a guy you can kill without hazard. The panel next to him
triggers an explosion. Luckily for you don't have to be next to the panel to
destroy it because in the crate up their is a grenade gun. Grab it, head down
the ladder and near the locked door. Turn and shoot a grenade into the panel
area, do a 180 and run into the next room. Here is like obstacle course but
instead of waiting for the pillars to fall down to avoid damage I recommend
jumping thru them to try to avoid the blast. Once you're in the next room there
are two guards and a locked door. Kill the two guys in here quickly to grab
their key card and try to get into the next room to avoid as much of the damage
as possible. This room is pretty simple as long as you shoot the turret right
above where you enter before it shoots you. Next head around the water, kill a
guard and another turret to the left of him. When they're all dead you'll
notice a door and two ladders. Near the ladders there is a vent you can break
open for a secret path but why bother when you're almost done with the level.
So head thru the door and beat up the two guys you find in this room. There is
a ladder in hear that you can climb to grab a flame thrower but I don't
recommend it. While it is a decent weapon it doesn't stun the enemies which I
learned the hard way. So grab it don't grab it whatever, and head back down the
ladder. Now proceed outside thru the next door and kill the two fellows waiting
for you there. When they're dead, break down the fence and head thru the
compound in front of you. Don't worry about any more enemies because there are
none. Eventually you'll come across a tunnel with two paths. This is a very
important decision you get to make. Heading left leads you to the chemical Plan
6.1 and right leads toward Prison 7.1. Don't worry choosing the plant wont mean
you'll also have to face the prison because its the next level listed by the
level select cheat. Its a one level choice. The chemical plant is far easier
but has a somewhat difficult boss. The Prison is a lot harder but has no boss.
So make your choice, I recommend the Chemical Plant, and either read the
following or scroll down some to get to the prison.

08. Chemical Plant 6.1
	These levels are so easy. The majority of the enemies don't carry guns 
and if
they do they're slow firing ones. The rest are slow moving zombies that remind
me of resident evil. You start off in a gas station. Nice cover-up eh? Anyways
kill the zombies surrounding the area and enter the door on the left. Its a
dead end but you'll get more experience killing zombies and grabbing a heath
power up in the crate. Anyways, go back outside and thru the other door
entering into the labyrinth that is the chemical plant. This room contains your
first gun wielding zombie. Can you believe that’s the toughest enemy, aside
from the boss, that you'll be playing in this level. Take him out, grab his key
card, and kill his fellow daisy pusher uppers(get it cuz of the saying "he's
pushing up daisies......yeah I should quit with the joke making). Anyways go
into the next area and you will see two doors along with a gun zombie. When
he's dead the door you'll want to go thru is the one on the left. Clear out the
zombie infestation and head thru the door on the left. This is just a warehouse
but it has some good pick ups. When you grab and break everything, not exactly
in that order, go thru the door that was next to the warehouse. If you were
able to find the minigun it'll come in handy taking out the gun zombies. When
they're all put in their place, grab the red key card one of them drops, and
head back thru the previous area, past the ware house, and to the door you
ignored earlier. Its the one mentioned right after the Daisy joke. When you're
back in this area head thru the door on your left. Shoot anything that moves or
limps and head to the right. There will be two doors you can go thru. The right
one is a ware house like the last one but with more zombies. The left, which
you have to go thru no matter what, contains two zombies and some unbreakable
crates. The door on the left in here doesn’t open, because it leads back
outside, but the door to the right furthers your quest! Here the door on the
left is locked again but the key is held by a zombie thru the door on the
right. Once you get that key make your way thru the locked door and down the
ladder within. From the ladder there are three paths you can choose. Facing
away from the ladder there is the left, the middle, and the right. The left
leads to some grenades, the right a dead end, and the middle a ladder to the
next area. Climb up the ladder, break down the fence, and beat up the decaying
sacs of flesh. Head thru the next door, deal with the zombies anyway you want,
but if you want to beat the level segment, go thru the door on the right and
use the access panel.

Chemical Plant 6.2
	Start off by going thru the door on your left. You should come out in a 
open room filled with several zombies. There will be a ladder you can climb,
but ignore it and go thru the door on the left. One thing I forgot to mention
when playing the last level. Don't worry about conserving ammo, go nuts!
Anyways pass thru this room and you'll eventually come across three bulk forms
of zombies. They're just like their skinny counterparts but they pack more
punch. Once they're dead, head into the next room to kill some more of em! Shot
gun blasts work very well. Anyways in this room there will be two doors. One
big one that is locked and one small one that leads to the key! So head thru
the small one until you come across another two doors. The one on the right has
nothing of interest but the one on the left leads to the key! Head thru the
first room and into the door on the left in the next one. In here, climb down
the ladder, break open the crates, and grab the key! Now head all the way back
and thru the locked door. You'll be in a huge room inhabited by three zombies.
Take them out, and continue on to the next room. Head thru this oddly shaped
room and eventually you'll come across a zombie in front of a fire closet
thing. This means you're on the right track. Anyways, kill the gun toting
zombie to your left and proceed thru the door behind him. In this room you'll
be faced with three more zombies (no big deal) Just continue into the next room
to find another trio of zombies surrounded by four columns. After they're dead
look for a ramp to run up with a door at the end of it. Run thru the next two
doors until you come across some more zombies. Like always deal with them, then
head thru the door on the left. Kill these zombies, go into the next room,
repeat killing zombies and going into next room, and finally find yourself in
the cafeteria. Don't worry you're almost done. Walk out of the back of here and
you'll have to choose between two doors. The one on the left leads to a freezer
containing some useful weapons, but the one on the right contains the key to a
locked door. The area on the right is pretty linear, just go into each office
until you find a zombie carrying a red keycard. Once you've obtained it, head
back through several previous rooms until you're in a room that has two
columns(about two rooms after the cafeteria) on the left side when you enter.
Go thru the door straight across from you and access the panel to enter the
boss level.

Chemical Plant 6.9
	This boss level can be a real pain if you don't know what you're doing. 
because you don't use any normal weapons. Head to the left, jumping over 2
pools of slime, thru several corridors, and ignore all those weapons. The
reason why is once you hit the big room you're one room away from the big bad
boss man. Before you go into his room, make sure all your weapons are
holstered. The reason is, your regular weapons don't hurt this freak of a boss.
Instead you'll have to throw oil drums into his mouth to make him explode. The
tricky part is, you have short amount of time to grab the cans and throw them
in his mouth. You'll notice there are four red lights in each corner of the
room. Every time one turns green that means there is an oil drum there. Quickly
run to it, press the A button to pick it up, and quickly run around the monster
without throwing the barrel. Now that you avoided the monster turn to face him
and wait for him to growl and a red arrow will appear above his head, that’s
you're cue to throw the barrel at him. If you miss don't try to pick it up
because it will explode soon. While this is a difficult process to defeat the
boss, it only takes three hits to kill him. My advice is stay on the opposite
side of where the monster is and after he's done attacking you run in the
direction he is heading because that is where the oil drum will be. Once he's
dead grab his red key card and head out the small door in the back. Access the
panel and this segment of the level is complete.

Chemical Plant 6.3
	This Level is rather short compared to the last two chemical plants. At 
at how long it took me to beat it. From the control panel head right, then thru
the door on the left, and down the hall until you come across some zombies.
Deal with them like any other and proceed down the hall jumping over the two
exploding pits. In the next room there will be deadly poisonous ooze lining the
pits so be careful not to fall in. This area should look familiar its the area
you were right before the boss(the entrance to the boss level is to your left
from here). But instead of heading that way, go thru the door on your right. In
here ignore the first door you come across and instead head up several ledges
in the back making your way to the second floor. Up here after dealing with
some more zombies, enter the door to attain the key to unlocking the door below
you. So head thru that door, thru the next one too, and kill the zombies in the
next area. You're halfway done with this level. Once you get the key from one
of those guys go thru the huge door leading to a warehouse. One of the zombies
in here has the key to the smaller door that was to the right of the one you
just entered. In here you'll have to jump past the grinding gears to get to the
door on the other side. No real trick to it, just jump over and once you're
thru the door you're in one of the last rooms. Kill all the zombies here,
including the one on the upper level that you can't get to. He has a gun and
will make problems for your next task. So once they're all gone head toward the
large glowing pool and use the ceiling ladder to get across. On the other side
ride the elevator up one floor up to be on the ceiling of the chemical plant.
Their are some zombies up here, but you don't have to kill them. Just look for
a helicopter behind a chain link fence and blow up that fence. Proceed thru to
end this level.(the next level is part 10. Salvage Rig 8.1 of my walkthrough)

09. Prison 7.1
	If you're reading this then you took the road less traveled because its
difficult and annoying and full of guns! Anyways you start off on the roof of
the joint in the heat of battle. Kill the guards in the immediate area, being
careful to not step on minds or get hit by falling grenades tossed at you, and
start destroying crates to find a blue key card. I believe it the crate itself
is surrounded by three oil drums. When you find it head thru the big yellow
double doors and kill the two guys lurking within. In the next room, ride the
elevator down to the main level. Proceed forward thru two doors to take on a
guard and inmate team. Once they're dead there is a secret passage on the left
that is very beneficial. After getting past a few grate and mines you'll come
up behind your enemies! Going thru the door on the right leads to enemies you
skipped over so instead head left. After two doors and three enemies you'll
come across a mine/oil drum field. Blast it out of your way and head into the
next room. Ride this elevator up to end the level.

Prison 7.2
	When the elevator reaches the top head thru the door and notice the huge 
weapons sign. That’s not a bad idea because in the next room if you're carrying
any you'll be shot at by two turrets that can't be destroyed. I'm not saying
you should unload all your ammo, I'm just saying be careful. Aside from those
two turrets all the other ones in this level are destroyable so don't worry
(even though there are tons of turrets). Anyways, head thru the metal detector
either way and into the next room. There is nothing here but get ready for some
cowardly running. In the next room run right. Keep running in that direction
till you pass two doors. In this room there should be a locked door on your
left. Kill the guard protecting it to get his key. Now with the key go into the
room to kill another guard. This guard drops a yellow keycard so be sure to
grab it. From that room, head back out and run to your left. Follow the
markings on the ground that Say "A" along with arrows pointing where you should
go. When the markings stop (the room after you pass the green panel on the
wall) there will be a door to your left that the yellow key card opens. Kill
the inmate within, grab his red keycard, and try to avoid the turret gun
inside. Run thru this room, and in the next there will be a very bright door on
your left with the "A" markings pointing into it. Go thru this door and access
the panel within to beat the level.

Prison 7.3
	Start off by killing the three inmates here. Make your way thru the open 
and go thru the door. Here head to the left and beat up the guys respawning out
of the door. Once they're all finished shoot down the turret on the ceiling to
the right. Head thru the next two doors and you'll come across a big room with
a door in front of you and one to your right. Go thru the one on the right to
pick up a whole lot of weapons and a blue keycard from one of the guards. Now
head thru the door that was right in front of you in the last room and thru two
more doors fighting turrets and guards along the way. In the big computer room
you come across there will be several doors you can take once you get the blue
keycard. Completely ignore the one on the left and thru the door on the right.
Proceed thru two doors and shoot the turret on the ceiling. Kill the guards and
head thru the next doorway on your left. Just like the last room, shoot the
turret on the ceiling and destroy the guards.  Once again the next room is
exactly like the last. However there is interesting shortcut. If you head into
the respawning room the wall will rise to reveal a vent that will lead past the
locked middle door(the room with the door to the left that you completely
ignored). The alternative is to go into the next room, kill a prisoner in his
cell on the right wall, grab the red key he drops, and head all the way back.
So choose either one and you'll eventually find yourself in a room with large
monitors. Kill the two guards in here and get ready for two turrets in the
upcoming room. After that room, head into the next one to receive a message
from H.Q. Read it, then head into the next room to run down stairs shooting
three turrets. After they're all gone, head thru the next two doors, and you'll
come across an elevator. Ride it down to end this segment.

Prison 7.4
	When the elevator reaches the lower level you'll have three prisoners to 
with. When they're dead go into the next room to run into you're first
biological weapon. These guys are fast, move like beast from the X-men, but
don't worry because they are very easy to kill. Anyways kill the two beasts in
this room and instead of heading into the next room, look for an alcove to the
right of the next door. Jump into it and make your way past two vents. You’ll
come out in a room with some oil drums, a small stair case, and a baddy or two
to kill. Once you make work of them you're going to want to climb the large
staircase on your right. This area is a bit tough because you'll run across
beasts and grenade lobbers that try to knock you off. After several flights of
stairs and baddies, you'll come across a room filled with oil drums. Shoot them
up before you enter because a stray bullet from the enemies you're about to
fight could put you in a world of hurt. Anyways proceed to where those oil
drums were and take out the respawing enemies on the right. Once they're all
dead head thru the next two doors and kill two beasts. Ignore the doors on
either side and go thru the yellow one in front of you. The next room is just
like the last so kill two beasts, ignore the doors on the side, and head thru
the yellow one. You might have to do this one more time, but then you'll be in
a different looking room. Here head around the corner and access the panel to
beat this part of the prison!

Prison 7.5
	Immediately in the next room, guards start to pull out of a respawning 
door on
the left. After everyone is all dead, you'll have a choice. You can either go
thru the door at the end of the hall in front of you or thru the one to the
right of it. While the bigger door on the left does lead to the end, you'll
need a key first(a red key to be precise). Luckily for you the key is located
thru the smaller door on the right. Kill the solitary beast in here and for the
first time you'll want to go into the cell on the left. Kill another beast and
break open the vent on the left side. Climb up the ladder and exit the cell to
beat two beasts. Head thru the cell adjacent to the one you just came out of
and make your way thru another vent. You'll come into a cell with another
beast. Kill him and leave the cell to fight two more beasts. You're one door
away from getting the red key you need. Go thru the door that was adjacent from
the cell you came out of. Kill the guy in this security both to get the red
keycard. Now head all the way back, thru both vents, down the ladder, and to
the big door I told you to ignore earlier. Upon entrance you'll have beaten
this level, yippee hurray!

10. Salvage Rig 8.1
	You start off in a small pool. Swim towards shore and kill the guys that 
you. After they're dead, break open some crates for weapons and head thru the
huge door they were guarding. Quickly slide underneath the turret on the
ceiling to avoid its heavy fire. Right after that you'll be accosted by three
assailants in wetsuits. Take them out and head down the hallway to find a door
to your left and right. Go thru the door on the right and kill everyone in
here. This includes the guy carrying a blue keycard up the ladder. There is an
elevator in here but it requires a pass code located elsewhere. Once you get
the key card head back out of this room and into the door that was on the left.
Destroy the enemies, turret, and panels in here to get the pass code (somehow)
and head back to that elevator in the other room. Once there, ride it up one
floor and kill the fools next to the one-man-submarine. After they're dead,
you're just one room away from the end of this part of the level. In the next
room there are many wetsuit thugs along with a turret on the ceiling. Take out
the turret first, kill those guys next, then access the panel in the back of
the room to move onto the next level segment.

Salvage Rig 8.2
	This is a rather short level because it contains a mini boss. Being a mini
boss its fitting that he takes the form of a mini sub! Basically all you have
to watch out for here is grenades it throws and its mechanical arm that beats
you up. There is no special formula for this boss, just unload all your ammo on

Salvage Rig 8.3
	From here, head thru the open door and up the ladder. Kill the two guys 
and if you're up for it try to hit the guy above you on the catwalk with a
grenade clearing a path later in the game. Anyways head into the next room and
destroy the respawning enemies and turret that pop out of the door on the
right. Once the action has calmed down, break the vent on the left side of the
room to get to a secret area. Climb into the vent and break open the next vent
you see. Carefully walk thru the two mines and into the next room. You'll be in
the area I mentioned earlier when you killed the guy on the catwalk with a
grenade. On the other side of the catwalk are some nice weapons but be careful
in claiming them due to the explosives surrounding them. Once you've grabbed
them, instead of heading back the way you came. Back up off the ledge of the
catwalk to drop down on the level below(you have to back off, if you are facing
the ledge you'll fall and receive some damage). Go thru the two doors in front
of you and aim upward at the guy trying to kill you from above. Once he's dead,
take out the weirdo in front of you, turn around, and shoot the oil cans above
the door you came thru to have a gun full down for the grabbing. Anyways ignore
the first ladder and climb the second. Kill the guy up here, destroy all the
panels (especially the one next to the door), and head thru the door. Sometimes
the door won't open but that usually means you missed one panel. Anyways in the
next room, kill the three wetsuits lining the stairs and go thru the door at
the top of them. There is an elevator right here that you can ride up but its
better that you don't for now. Instead kill the guy in front of you, you can
try to go thru the secret passage to the left of him(I recommended throwing a
couple grenades in the room at the end to clear out the turret), and go thru
the door that was behind him. In here, shoot the two guys you see along with
the turret before heading anywhere. You could start making your way across the
ceiling ladders but instead climb down a ladder into the pit. Head thru the
only door there, kill the guy you see, thru another door, and kill all the guys
in this area. You should receive from one of them, or from one of the crates, a
red key card. Make your way back two rooms and up the ladder. Now from here you
might be able to ride that elevator up in the last room to get to the end of
the level but I went another way. So make your way across the ceiling ladders
in this room. Be careful breaking open the crate on the next ledge, a mine is
under it. Make your way across the next ceiling ladder and head into the next
room. In here kill the two guys you see then stop in your tracks. Make your way
along the right wall until you can turn left to look up the ramp. Take out the
turret and head forward. From here you can go thru the secret passage behind
the vent (shooting the turret that is in the upper part of the vent hidden) or
you can head left. Well do whatever then go thru the door that was on the left.
This room is the room the elevator would have led you too so I guess it would
be easier but I wasn't sure if it would work so feel free to try. Anyways there
will be two ladders. Pick the one on the right to climb up because the one on
the left has a mine on it at the top. Once above, kill all the baddies lying in
wait and head to the right, past the gaping elevator hole, and use the red key
card on the door in front of you. Kill the respawning enemies here and head
thru the only door. In this room there are no enemies but a message from H.Q.
After that go into the next room, down the hall, and into yet another room.
This room is kind of cool because the respawning door here is made from an
enemy blow torching out a door in the wall. Kill all the guys that come out,
grab the key, and head out the door opposite the respawning one. In the next
room is a huge panel, an enemy, and two doors. Kill the bad guy, then go thru
the small yellow door to grab a keycard off another enemy. Now head thru the
large door and destroy the two turrets that rest at the top of the ramp. Now
head up the ramp and use the yellow key on the door at the top. Access the
panel and you are done with this level segment!

Salvage Rig 8.9
	Head to the left to fight the boss. This guy is easy if you know what 
doing. You can't harm him physically thanks to the little box that super
charged him. So what to do? I know! See those two green glowing boxes two the
left and right of where you enter, hit both so they turn red and you'll trap
him for a second. While he's trapped run to the box that charged him and beat
it up. When it closes shut that means he's free to move again. So rinse and
repeat several times and he'll get sucked into the box, yippee hurray! Now go
back in the previous room and thru the door on the right to complete this
level, just one level left......that’s divided into 5 segments.

11. Sky Scraper 9.1
	Finally, the last grouped of levels! All right, these are both tough and
long(at least 9.1 and 9.2) so be careful. You start off on the roof and are
immediately attacked by a group of security guards. Kill all the guys, grab
their guns, and head into the building. In the next room you'll run into some
more guards so deal with them like the last ones. The next room is one big
waiting room with guards(of both gender) and doors on either side of you. Head
thru the door on your left. Shoot the guards at the top of the stairs and be
careful of the turret around the corner. Once you destroy the turret run into
the next room that contains a rocket launcher in a breakable panel. So grab
that and head into the next room to face some more guards along with a turret
that drops down from the ceiling. Afterwards you'll find a blue key card. You
can't use it to open the door up the stairs because that door requires a red
keycard. However, the door on the left you can open so why not do that. Kill
the guy in here and grab his red key card. Head back into the previous room,
climb up the stairs, and head into the next door. In this room there will be
some guards too kill along with three doors. Go thru the one on the right to
kill some guards for a yellow key card. Once you have that head to the room
that’s located directly across from this one. Kill the several guards in here
then head toward the lower part of this room. Get on the elevator pad and ride
it down to end the level.

Sky Scraper 9.2
	For some odd reason you don't start off in an elevator but instead a room 
a gun in a crate to your right. In the next room you'll run into guards,
including kung fu guys. Don't get too intimidated, they're pushovers. When
they're all good and dead head thru the door on the left. What sucks about this
room its tough getting into because you keep getting shot at. Once you kill
them, grab the blue keycard they drop, and head to the room that was adjacent
to this one. In here you'll have the upper hand. Before heading down the
ladder, shoot out some of the guards(you don't have to shoot the kung-fu one
because they're easy to kill). Once you've shot enough head down the ladder and
kill whoever is still twitching. Once everyone and thing is dead head thru the
only door in here. In the next room there will be guards like usual along with
a turret popping down above the desk. If you run to the opposite side of the
room you'll be out of its range. Remember this room because it has a locked
door that needs a red keycard. From here take out the enemies and then blow up
the turret. When all is destroyed, head thru the door on the left to kill two
more guards. In the room beyond that one you'll be faced by another multiple
door scenario. Kill the guards then head thru the door on the right because you
don't have the yellow keycard required for the one of the left. Run to the
opposite side of the room quickly before a turret drops down on you. From there
shoot the guys, the turret, and head into the next room. In this room are two
guards and one kung-fu man. Kill them to get the yellow key card! Now head back
to the door that required the yellow keycard. It was two rooms back. In here
the door on the left is a dead end so don't bother with it. Kill the guys in
this room and head thru the door on the right. In here its the usual combo of
two machine gunners along with a kung-fu expert so make quick work of them and
head into the next room. In here you'll have to kill a lot of machine gunners
and one will drop a red key card. So head back to the room with the first drop
down turret (mentioned above having a red keycard door). Go thru that door and
take out several more guards. In the next room it goes VR on ya. You'll be wire
framed and have to fight some weird knee-high orange tanks. Don't worry they
die from one shot and you have infinite ammo. After killing these guys for a
while you'll hit the next VR stage that plays like asteroids. There will be red
spheres orbiting the room and after shooting them they shatter into smaller
spheres. After several more minutes of this you'll finally have destroyed them
all and exited the VR stage. From here you're automatically transported to the
next level. Hurrah!

Sky Scraper 9.9
	You ever hear of the game "Run Like Hell", well you better make like its 
or you're toast. This thing killed its own maker and now its after you! Run
threw any door that opens until you come across a room with two green glowing
pillars and a door that won't open. Wait here for your slow assailant to come a
knocking. I said run from him because any conventional weapon won't hurt him
and its about to get a whole lot tougher. Oh no, he's absorbing the energy from
the pillars and mutating into a new killing machine. Oh well, he unlocked the
door so head threw it! You should now be outside and you'll see a panel to your
left. Ignore it for now and lead the monster away from the panel by going into
one of the opposite corners. When he's as far away as possible make a mad dash
for the panel. Pressing up by it on the analog sticks should enable the weapon
targeting system. Remember that saying from Futurama, "Instead of shooting
where I was, you should have shot where I was going to be." Well that applies
here. Aim the weapon a few steps in front of the monsters and press the A
button. Four lasers will shoot down and when they join to form one big laser
bam, pain for monster. Lead him away again and repeat the strategy 5 or six
more times and he finally goes down. Proceed into the next room and ride an
elevator up to the next level segment.

Sky Scraper 9.3
	This level is only difficult if you try to rush it. When the elevator 
you'll notice two turrets. One on your right and one on your left. Choose
either path and shoot out the turret. Before rushing down the hallways notice
the blue lasers that will hurt you if you touch them. Jump over those, shooting
two more turrets and when you enter the next area purple lasers will prevent
you from going back the way you came. Look to your left or right (depending on
which path you took) and blast the panel there as quick as you can so the thing
won't have time to attack you. If it does attack just jump up to avoid it. Once
it is destroyed head thru the door behind you to ride up another elevator. This
place is just like the last except mines line either pathway. Shoot those out,
along with the turrets, jump over the low lasers, slide under the tall ones
(right trigger + up + B button) and blast another control panel before it
blasts you. Side note, if you're using a chain gun you can't slide or roll
under the lasers so just jump threw them to get minimal damage. Turn around and
ride up another elevator in the next room. This is the last floor before the
final final level! Like before there are mines, turrets and lasers on either
path, but only high lasers this time. So just roll/slide underneath them and
destroy one last panel to ride the final elevator up to the last level!

Sky Scraper 9.4
	This is by far the easiest boss/level in the whole game. When the elevator
hits the top go into the next room and shoot the Motorized turret that drops
down. Go thru the door that’s beyond the ramp and keep heading forward till you
come across HAL(yes my 2001 space odyssey joke is bad, lighten up) Anyways go
in either the left most or right most corner and start wailing on HAL. He'll
start shooting lasers at you but he'll miss because he can't reach that far
right or left. After it stops talking and you hear an alarm go off run away!
When you get to the room that had the drop down turret turn right and follow
the path thru some doors to the end of the game, FINALLY!!!!

12. Cheats
This is the only cheat that works, the fire works thing that you see when you
beat the game isn't a cheat, its an extra. Just enter this level cheat at the
title screen and choose your level. A side note is that most of the levels with
bosses end in .9
Level Select - LEFT, UP, (X), UP, RIGHT, (Y).

13.Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo Reiterated
	As for legal context, I'd like to thank the makers of Fighting Force 2 for
making a good instruction booklet which I got most of the info for the
Controls. As for who can post this guide on their site, ONLY AND

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