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     /                                                              \
    | FFFFF IIIII N   N AAAAA L       22222222222222222222222222222  |
    | F       I   NN  N A   A L       22222222222222222222222222222  |
    | FFF     I   N N N AAAAA L       22222222222222222222222222222  |
    | F       I   N  NN A   A L              22222    22222          |
    | F     IIIII N   N A   A LLLLL          22222    22222          |
    |                                           22    22222          |
    | FFFFF AAAAA N   N TTTTT AAAAA SSSSS Y   Y 22    22222          |
    | F     A   A NN  N   T   A   A S      Y Y  22    22222          |
    | FFF   AAAAA N N N   T   AAAAA SSSSS   Y  222    22222          |
    | F     A   A N  NN   T   A   A     S   Y  222    22222          |
    | F     A   A N   N   T   A   A SSSSS   Y  222    22222          |
    |                                         2222    22222          |
    |    Compiled by:                 22222222222222222222222222222  |
    |       Adam Lederman             22222222222222222222222222222  |
     \      Kelly Gillilan            22222222222222222222222222222 /
       Special thanks to :Joe Grabowski ("The Grand Magus of Psi Phi")
        and everyone who contributed their ideas

        What's Inside:
                I)      Player controlled characters
                II)     Items
                            -Common items
                            -Event items                        
                III)    Monsters
                IV)     Monster Attacks
                V)      Sneak Items 
                VI)     Your Magic      
                VII)    Questions and Answers   
                VIII)   Tips from Adam and Kelly
                IX)     Tips from Other Players Around the World
                X)      Game Genie Codes

I)     Characters(player controlled):

               Occupation: Dark Knight --> Paladin
                    The main character in the story, and
                    ultimately the strongest member of your
                    party. He can use almost any weapon, but works
                    well with a sword.He can be equipped with
                    almost any armor, and can cast a few low level
                    white magic spells after he becomes a paladin.
               Occupation: Dragoon
                    Kain is mostly here for a plot twist. He is
                    Cecil's best friend, and begins the game by
                    your side. He can be equipped with any sword
                    or spear(except crystal) and can use almost
                    any armor.
               Occupation: Wh. Wiz./Bl. Wiz./Caller -->Bl. Wiz/Caller
                    Rydia is a caller from the town of mist. She
                    falls unconscious after Mist is destroyed
                    by the package.  Cecil protects her and she
                    joins him in battle. At first, she can cast
                    both black, white, and caller magic but after
                    she visits Leviatan, she can use only black
                    and caller magic, which have been dramatically
                    increased She can use only a bow and arrow,
                    the rod, or a whip.  As for armor, Rydia can
                    only use robes.
               Occupation: Wh. Wiz.
                    Rosa is Cecil's girlfriend from Baron. Cecil
                    finds her in Kaipo after an earthquake, and
                    must find the Sandruby to help her. After
                    that, she joins Cecil's party. She is
                    a user of white magic, and, like Rydia, can
                    use Bows and arrows(and should). She can also
                    use the various staffs.  For defense, Rosa relies
                    on robes, and no shield.
               Occupation: Sage(Wh. Wiz./Bl.Wiz)
                    Tellah is a sage from Mysidia, who joins you
                    on the way to Damcyan. At first, he can only
                    use low level black and white magic, but after
                    Mt. Ordeals, he becomes very powerful, although
                    his mp remains low. He can use the staff or rod
                    in battle, and can defend himself with
                    weak armors and robes.
               Occupation: Bard
                    Edward is the Prince of Damcyan. After losing
                    his girlfriend in an attack by the Red Wings,
                    Edward chooses to help Cecil. He attacks by
                    using one of the two harps, and defends with
                    low level armor or robes.

               Occupation: Engineer
                    Cid's special talent is PEEP.He can tell you
                    how many hit points a monster has and what its
                    weaknesses are.  He can use a bow and arrows,
                    but he works better when using a hammer.He
                    can use most armors.
               Occupation: Ninja
                    Edge is the prince of Elban, which was
                    destroyed recently. You find him in the
                    Elban cave, where he gets beaten by Rubicant.
                    He can use the very powerful ninja swords and some
                    armors.  He can also cast strong magic spells.
                    As an added bonus, he can throw almost every
                    item as a weapon and steal items from enemies.
                    This makes him the most versatile character
                    in the game.
               Occupation: Karate Man
                    You find Yang on the way to Fabul. After
                    assisting him, he joins you. He can attack
                    using the claws, and he can use some armors.
                    His special move attacks all enemies on
                    the screen. It is good when fighting low level
                    monsters, but for stronger monsters just have
                    him attack normally.
            Fu Soya:
               Occupation: Lunar(Bl. Wiz./Wh. Wiz)
                    He is a very powerful wizard from the moon. He
                    will join you as soon as you find him in the
                    crystal palace.  He can use some armor and the
                    staffs/rods, but his real strength is that he
                    can cast just about all black AND white magic
               Occupation: Bl.Wiz.
                    One of the twins of Mysidia, Porom can cast
                    low level Black magic. When paired with his
                    sister, they can cast the twin spell, which
                    should be the strongest magic you have at the
                    time.Equip him with a rod.
               Occupation: Wh.Wiz.
                    The other twin from Mysidia. She can cast
                    low level white magic. She should be equipped
                    with a staff.

II)      Here is a list of every item in the game, and what it does.


                Armor:     X/Y/Z
                        X= Added attack power
                        Y= Added Defense
                        Z= Added magic defense

        Whistle: Calls your Big Chocobo whenever you use it.
               Only available for purchase on the moon.
        Pass:Allows you entrance to a show in Dwarve town
        Carrot: Calls a Chocobo whenever it "smells like Chocobos".
Call Magics:
        oMage: A Mage appears and takes about 1000 dmg. Attacks one enemy.
        oDummy: A coctric appears and turns an enemy to stone. 
        oBomb: Calls a Bomb to attack. Attacks one enemy. VERY powerful.
        oImp: Calls an Imp to attack one enemy. Very weak.
        Dummy: World Map 
        Dummy: Casts Exit
        Dummy: Sleep Harp     
        Cabin: Heals all conditions, restores ALL MP/HP.
        Tent:  Heals all conditions, restores some MP/HP
        Dummy: MP seed1. Increase max MP by 10.
        Dummy: HP seed1. Increase max HP by 50.
        Dummy: HP seed2. Increase max HP by 100.
        Dummy: Alert. Calls enemies to fight you.
        Heal: Heal conditions.
        Dummy: *Stone. Cures stone.
        Dummy: *Mute. Cures Mute.
        Dummy: *Darkness. Cures Darkness.
        Dummy: *Poison. Cures poison.
        Dummy: *Piggy. Cures Piggy.
        Dummy: *Size. Cures Size.
        Dummy: *Frog. Cures Frog.
        Dummy: *Sleep. Cures Sleep.
        Life: Brings a character back to life.
        Elixir: Restores ALL MP/HP  (one character)
        Ether2: Restores MP
        Ether1: Restores MP
        Cure3: Restores HP (alot)
        Cure2: Restores HP (many)
        Cure1: Restores HP (some)
        Dummy: Heals party during fight.
        Dummy: Heals party during fight.
        Dummy: Peep. Works on all monsters, including bosses.
        Dummy: Calls Levia.
        Dummy: Death
        Crystal: Use against Zeromus
        Dummy: Quake
        Dummy: Confuse enemies
        Dummy: Wall. Use these versus Bahamut and Wyvern.
        Dummy: Last Hope. Sacrifice a character.
        Dummy: Wall
        Lit-Bolt: A lightning bolt attacks all enemies in battle.
        Dummy: Ice-Ball
        Firebomb: A blast of fire sweeps through your enemies in battle.
        Dummy: Image
        Dummy: Slow
        Dummy: Snail Bite 1. Stops enemies
        Dummy: Snail Bite 2
        Dummy: Snail Bite 3
        Dummy: Fast
        Dummy: Berserk
        Dummy: ??? Some sort of curse
        Dummy: Steal MP
        Dummy: Comet
        Dummy: Lit3
        Dummy: Lit2
        Dummy: Ice3
        Dummy: Ice2
        Dummy: Fir3
        Dummy: Fir2
        Cursed:                -8/-7/0
        Protect:                0/18/12  Good Vs. All
        Diamond:                0/6/8    Good Vs. Lit.
        Crystal:                0/20/12
        Rune:                   0/5/8    Stops Silence(Mute)
        Strength:               2/2/2
        Silver:                 0/4/4
        RubyRing:               0/0/3    Stops Piggy
        IronRing:               0/2/2
        Crystal:                0/10/7
        Dragoon:                0/9/6
        Samurai:                0/8/5
        Zeus:                   2/15/0
        Diamond:                0/7/3
        Silver:                 0/6/2
        Paladin:                0/5/1
        Black:                  0/4/0
        Darkness:               0/3/0
        Shadow:                 0/2/0
        Iron:                   0/2/0

        Ninja(T):               0/24/15
        Adamant(A):             93/108/20
        Bl. Belt(T):            2/12/2
        Karate(T):              2/5/2
        Bard(T):                0/2/1    Stops Silence
        Prisoner(T):            0/1/1
        Heroine(T):             3/28/5   Stops Bind
        Power(T):               3/15/0
        White(T):               0/18/10  good Vs. Darkness
        Sorcerer(T):            0/12/9   Good Vs. Lit.
        Black(T):               0/8/7
        Wizard(T):              0/5/5
        Gaea(T):                0/3/3    Good Vs. Earth
        Leather(T):             0/2/1
        Cloth(T):               0/1/0
        Crystal(A):             0/25/10
        Dragoon(A):             0/23/8   Good Vs. All
        Samurai(A):             0/21/7
        Diamond(A):             0/19/4   Good Vs. Lit
        Ice(A):                 0/17/4   Good Vs. Fire
        Fire(A):                0/15/4   Good Vs. Ice
        Silver(A):              0/14/4
        Paladin(A):             0/11/3
        Black(A):               0/9/3
        Darkness(A):            0/7/2
        Shadow(A):              0/5/1
        Iron(A):                0/4/1
        Glass:                  0/30/0
        Ninja:                  0/7/1    Stops Sleep.
        Bandanna:               1/16/1
        Headband:               1/1/1    Stops Charm.
        Ribbon:                 0/9/12   Stops enemies' special attacks.
        Tiara:                  0/7/10   Good Vs. Lit.
        Wizard:                 0/5/7
        Gaea:                   0/3/5
        Leather:                0/2/3
        Cap:                    0/1/1
        Crystal:                0/12/8   Good Vs. Ice,Fire,Lit.
        Dragoon:                0/11/7   "    "   "   "    "
        Samurai:                0/10/6
        Diamond:                0/9/2    Good Vs. Lit.
        Silver:                 0/8/2
        Black:                  0/6/1
        Darkness:               0/5/1
        Shadow:                 0/4/0
        Iron:                   0/3/0

        Crystal:                0/7/4
        Dragoon:                0/6/3    Good Vs. Fire,Lit.,Ice
        Samurai:                0/5/3
        Aegis:                  0/4/5    Stops petrification
        Diamond:                0/4/2    Good Vs. Lit.
        Ice:                    0/3/2    Good Vs. Fire
        Fire:                   0/3/2    Good Vs. Ice
        Silver:                 0/3/2
        Paladin:                0/2/1
        Black:                  0/2/0
        Shadow:                 0/1/0
        Iron:                   0/1/0
        Artemis: \
        Medusa:   \      Bows and Arrows are tricky.The strength of the
        Samurai:   \     weapon depends on the bow you use.Always equip
        Mute:       \    the bow in the hand your character DOES NOT use.
        Poison:      \   For example, if your player is right handed,put
        Darkness:     \  the bow on the left hand, and the arrows in the
        Lit:           \ right hand. This gives you the maximum power.The
        Ice:            \strongest combination of Bow/arrows is Artemis/
        Fire:            \Artemis.
        White:            }
        Iron:            /
   Bows:                /
        Artemis:       /
        Samurai:      /
        ElvenBow:    /
        Archer:     /
        GreatBow:  /
        CrossBow: /
        Avenger(sword):         80/0/0   Must have no item in other
                                         hand to use. Bersks you.
        Wooden(hammer)          45/0/0   Good Vs. Machines
        Earth(hammer):          65/0/0   "
        Silver(hammer):         55/0/0   " and spirits
        RuneAxe:                100/0/0
        PoisonAxe:              95/0/0   Good Vs. giants, posions enemy
        Charm(harp):            18/0/0   Charms
        Dreamer(harp):          8/0/0    Puts to sleep
        Full Moon:              40/0/0
        Boomrang:               20/0/0
        Ninja(star):            Cannot Equip
        Shuriken(star):         Cannot Equip
        Crystal(sword):         200/0/0
        Spoon(dagger):          Cannot Equip  Throw it for 9999 damage.
        Silver(Sword):          50/0/0
        Dancing(dagger):        26/0/0   Use it as an item in battle.:)
        Silver(dagger):         20/0/0
        Ogre(Axe):              80/0/0
        Dwarf(Axe):             62/0/0
        HandAxe:                35/0/0
        Dragon(whip):           56/2/0   Bind
        Flame(whip):            51/2/0   "
        Blitz(whip):            40/0/0   "
        Chain(whip):            30/0/0   "
        Whip:                   20/0/0   "
        Mute(dagger):           35/0/0   Silences enemy.
        Assassin(dagger):       30/2/0
        Masamune(Blade):        65/0/0   Casts the spell of FAST.
        Murasame(Blade):        54/2/0
        Ninja(blade):           49/0/0
        Long(blade):            40/0/0
        Middle(Blade):          32/0/0
        Short(blade):           25/0/0
        Gungnir(spear):         95/0/0
        Drain(spear):           88/-4/0  Take enemy's hps.
        White(spear):           109/0/0  Casts White.
        Dragoon(spear):         99/0/0
        Blizzard(spear):        77/0/0
        Flame(spear):           66/0/0
        Wind(spear):            55/0/0
        Spear:                  9/0/0
        Medusa(sword):          57/0/0   Turns into stone?!?
        Slumber(sword):         55/0/0   Puts enemy to sleep.
        Ancient(sword):         35/0/0
        Drain(sword):           45/-1/0  Take enemy's hps.
        Defense(sword):         105/0/0
        IceBrand(sword):        75/0/0
        Fire(sword):            65/0/0
        Excalbur(sword):        162/0/0
        Light(sword):           100/0/0
        Legend(sword):          40/0/0
        Black(sword):           31/3/0
        Darkness(sword):        20/0/0
        Shadow(sword):          10/0/0
        Silence:                52/0/0   Silence enemy.
        Life:                   48/0/0   Casts Life1.
        Lunar:                  36/0/0
        Power:                  33/0/0
        Silver:                 12/0/0
        Cure:                   8/0/0    Casts Cure1.
        Staff:                  4/0/0    Casts Heal.
        Lillith:                13/0/0   Casts Psych.
        Stardust:               45/0/0   Casts Comet.
        Charm:                  30/0/0   Casts Charm.
        Change:                 15/0/0   Casts Change.
        Thunder:                10/0/0   Casts Lit1.
        FlameRod:               7/0/0    Casts Fir1.
        IceRod:                 5/0/0    Casts Ice1.
        Rod:                    3/0/0
        Catclaw:                23/0/0   Puts enemy to sleep.
        Poison:                 21/0/0   Poisons enemy.
        Charm:                  21/0/0   Charms enemy.
        Thunder:                21/0/0
        Ice:                    21/0/0
        Fire:                   21/0/0
        Trash Bin: Throw items in your inventory away.
        -Sort-: Organize your inventory.
        Dummy: ???\
        Dummy: ???  > One of these is the Basilisk's Eye. Unstone the Twins.
        Dummy: ???/
        Tower Key:Unlocks the door to the cannon room in the
                tower of Bab-il. Get it by defeating Dr. Lugae
                at the top floor of this tower.
        Pink Tail:A rare tail which, when given to the tail
                collector, is exchanged for the most powerful
                armor in the game, Adamant armor. Find it by
                defeating Pink Puffs on the moon, in the
                Subteraen cave.
        Pan:This is given to you by Yang's wife. After you find
                Yang out cold in the Sylvan Cave, return to Fabul,
                and talk to Yang's wife. She will give you the pan.
                Return to Yang's side and use it on him to wake
                him up. The Sylphs will give you a call spell,
                Sylph.(Try to do this before you go to the moon)
        Adamant:This legendary ore, if given to the right person,
                can be molded into a very powerful sword. Give
                it to Smithy, the blacksmith, in the underworld.
                Must be given with the Legend sword. In exchange,
                he will give you Excalbur.
        Rat Tail:Trade with the tail collector for the rare ore,
                Adamant. It can be found in the Summoned Cave in
                the underworld.
        Darkness(crystal):You must recover this from the Sealed cave.
        Twin Harp:Demagnetizes Cave Magnes. Given to you by Edward,
                after you find him in Toroia.
        Luca Key:Unlocks the Sealed cave in the underworld. Given
                to you by Giott, the Dwarf King.
        Magma Key:Throw this into the well at Agart to open the
                way to the underworld. Given to you by Kain.
        Earth(crystal):You must recover this from the dark Elf
                and trade it to save Rosa from Golbez.
        SandRuby:Cures Rosa's fever. Get from Antlion.
        Baron(key):Unlocks doors in the town of Baron.
        Package:Given to you by the fake King. Destroys the town of Mist.

III)                         ENEMY MONSTERS:
[To find out how many exp. you get, add up all the exp's for all the
 monsters you are fighting, then divide that number by the number of
 people in your party WHO ARE ALIVE. Each living party member will receive
 that many experience points. Gold works the same way, but is not divided.]

Note: For Weak Vs.,      A = Arrows
                         S = Sacred
                         I = Ice
                         L = Lightning
                         F = Fire
                         D = Darkness

Name           HP        EXP       Gold      Weak Vs.  Attacks
Alert          1425      2100      380                 Beam,Alert
Aligator       150       840       95        I
Antlion        1000      1500      800                 Counter
Aquaworm       638       1200      350       L         Wave
Arachne        3500      4400      585       I,A       Quake
Armadilo       300       1600      195
Asura          23000     20000     0                   Cure3,Cure4,Life1
Attacker(*)    2000      150000    10333               Maser
Bahamut        37000     35000     0                   Meganuke
Baigan(arm)    350       10        0
Baigan(body)   3500      4800      3000                Recover,Wall
Balloon        600       2480      315       A
Balnab         3927
Basilisk       90        120       30
Beamer         1800      3250      890                 Beam
Behemoth       16000     58700     65000               Storm
Black Cat      593       2800      345                 Bluster
Black Liz      700       1300      45        I         Petrify
BladeMan       1050      2600      215       S
Blue D.        13200     3600      40200               Blizzard
Bomb           50        370       80
Breath         31300     60000     50000               Report,Blast
Brena          300
Cal            1000
Calbrena       4624      19000     7000
Canibal        370       960       220       F
Carapace       700       1350      230       I
Cave Bat       150       630       150       S,A
Cave Naga      255       750       205       S
Cave Toad      44        90        25        I
Centaur        380       1000      175
Centpede       600       2800      345
Chimera        700       2875      230
Cindy(fat)     4300      3000      3000                Remedy
Clapper        7000      8000      900       A
Cocktric       100       280       120       A         Stone
Conjurer       3000      3700      475
CPU(*)         20000     150000    10333               Globe99,Wall
Cream          55        ??        ??
Crocdile       292       870       300       I         2XAttack
Dark Elf(**)   3000      6000      5000
Dark Imp       199       1940      45
Darktree       1800      5500      525       F
D. Bone        9000      14100     6750      F         Poison
D. Fossil      10000     15100     8100      F         Curse
D. Knight(***) 1000      0         0
D. Lunar       21000     100000    0         F         Wall,Remedy,
D. Machin      15000     41500     2550      F
D. Mist        465       700       200                 Coldmist
Defender(*)    2000      150000    10333               Remedy
Dragoon        65000 (Cannot defeat)                   Jump
Dr. Lugae(1)   4416
Dr. Lugae(2)   6600      15000     4000                Gas,Poison,Beam
Eagle          18        30        10        A
Egg(****)      700                           I         Hatch
Elecfish       200       650       230       A
  Milon    \   57000 \                       F
  Rubicant /           \                     I         Glare
                        }62500     10000
  Kainazzo \   47000   /                     L         Wave
  Valvalis /         /                       S         Spin
Epeegirl       390       1260      200
EvilDoll       300       1420      270
Evil Mask      25500     50000     65000               Wall,Virus,Nuke,
Evil Shel      58        110       30        L
Evil Wall      19000     23000     8000                Crush,Petrify
Fangshel       300       850       350       L
Fatal-Eye      25000     40000     65200     A         Count
Fiend          2980      6400      650
Fighter        65        410       100
FlameDog       1221      1720      245       I         Fire
FlameMan       579       1720      300       I
Float-Eye      20        40        10        A
Gargoyle       160       318       100       S,A
General        320       610       155
Ghast          170       200       75        F,S       Drain
Ghost          1100      3700      365                 Fire2
Ghoul          120       930       200       F,S
Giant Bat      399       1280      365       F,A       Vampire
Ging-Ryu       7500      25000     19000
Golbez        ~5000      20000     11000     F,S       HoldGas,Call,
GrayBomb       100       450       105                 Explode
Green D.       2200      ???       ???                 Thunder(DMG)
Gremlin        385       1500      275       F         
Grenade        820       2650      630       A
Grudger        1400      2460      150       S
Guard          200       720       500                 Size,Piggy
Hooligan       1900      4090      485       S,A       Weak
Horseman       3000      9900      1220
HugeCell       555       1510      255                 Remedy
Huge Naga      1200      3600      240                 Mute
Hydra          200       680       230       I,L
Ice Beast      445       1570      280       F
Ice Liz        400       1500      290       F
Imp            6         20        10
Imp Captain    37        190       50
IronBack       100       1100      235
IronMan        2500      3700      385
Jelly          35        140       35        F
Juclyote       1700      7200      1560
Kainazzo       4000      5500      4000      I         Wave
Karate(Yang)   4000      0         0
Kary           2700      13100     3500                Hug
K. Elban       60000     Doesn't matter - He will die on his own
King-Ryu       8200      30000     23000               Blitz,Entangle
Lamia          1200      2060      1210                Charm
Larva          28        ???       ???                 Counter vs. Magic
Last Arm       9500      8800      340                 Search,Magnet,
Leviatan       35000     28000     0         L         Ice2,Bigwave
Lilith         320       2750      365       F
MacGiant       8500      31000     1500
Machine        3600      8200      985
Mad Ogre       1700      2370      270
Mad Toad       59        130       35        I
Mage           500       1100      235
Mantcore       2000      35000     1200                Blaze
Marion         473       1290      195                 Call
Medusa         430       1250      225                 Glance
Milon1         3100      3000      3000                Lit1
Milon Z.       3000      4000      3000      F,S,A     Poison
Mind           12300     65000     50000               Charm,Armor
Mindy(small)   2200      3000      3000                L2 Black Magic
Molbol         1999      11000     460                 Digest,Breath
Mombomb        10800     1750      1200      D         Explode
MoonCell       980       3300      1100                Remedy
Naga           900       1120      150
Needler        110       370       55                  Needle
Octomamm       2350      1200      500       L,D
Odin           20500     18000     0         L         Sword Attack
Officer        221       400       80
Ogopogo        37000     61100     0                   Blaze,Bigwave
Ogre           865       1100      240       S
Pale Dim       27300     59000     0                   Slow
Panther        285       830       255       S         Bluster
Pike           65        120       35        L
Pink Puff      10000                                   Dance
Piranha        105       460       145       L
Plague         28000     31200     550       A         Count(X All)
Procyote       2200      8100      1850                Poison
Pudding        1050      3060      1300
Puppet         256       860       180       F
Python         90        760       225       I,S
Q. Elban       60000     Doesn't matter - She will die on her own
Queen Lamia        11000                               Charm
Raven          941       740       700       A         2X Attack
Red Bone       170       670       170       F,S
Red D.         15000     51800     65000     I         Heat Ray,2Xattack
Red Eye        2000      3500      465       A
Red Giant      11800     18900     7000                Emission,Beam
Red Worm       7000      7350      310       F         Vampire
Revenant       160       680       190       F,S
Roc            999       1410      150       A         2X Attack
Roc Baby       50        1010      85        A         Stone
Rock Larva     800       2830      40
Rock Moth      850       3200      315       A         Powder
Rubicant       25200     25000     7000      I         Fire2,Glance
Sand Man       20        80        20        I
Sand Moth      40        ??        ??        A
Sand Pede      60        80        20
Sand Worm      75        88        25
Sandy(Tall)    2500      3000      3000                Wall
Searcher       5500      18200     900                 Alert,Beam
Shadow         ???       ???       ???
Skelton        50        240       120       F,S       Lit1
Skull          740       1055      120       F,S
Slime          50        760       50        F
Soldier        27        160       55
Sorcerer       1000      2370      275
Soul           150       160       165       S         Fire1
Spirit         50        290       125       S         Fire1
Stale Man      2100      2100      445       I
StingRat       300       1210      220                 Needle
Stone Man      2000      2950      240       I
Sword Man      320       1100      175       F,S
Sword Rat      30        68        20                  Needle
Tiny Mage      69        260       100
TinyToad       400       1850      335       I         Toad
Toad Lady      2960      3500      600                 Toad
Tofu           102       1060      385       I
Tortoise       400       1700      235       I
Trapdoor       5000      31100     4500                Search,Disrupt
TrapRose       300       1210      35        F         Pollen
Treant         260       1000      150       F
Tricker        12000     21000     10700     L         Fast,Lit3
Turtle         150       240       80        I
Valvalis       6000      9500      5500                Weak,Ray
VampGirl       250       819       195       F,S
VampLady       2350      4600      220       F,S
Warlock        4250      17300     2400                Drain,Psych L2 blacks
Warrior        2400      4300      575
Water Bug      110       230       80        L         Remedy
Water Hag      48        800       100       L
Weeper         100       160       40
Were Bat       800       2050      355       F,A       Vampire
Witch          300       1670      330                 Slow
Wyvern         25000     64300     0                   Meganuke

Yellow D.      1800      34000     1500                Thunder
Zemus         ~11000 (When Golbez and FusoYa fight him)
Zeromus       ~105000    0         0                   Blk.Hole,Big Bang
Zombie         40        120       35        F,S

(*)    -You will recieve 150,000 exp. and 10,333 gold for defeating
        all three.

(**)   -This is the dark elf, after he transforms.

(***)  -You can still become a Paladin by inflicting a total of 1000
        points of damage on Cecil's reflection.

(****) -You will get the experience and gold of the monster which was
        inside the egg.

(*****)-The Elements are grouped by twos. The first group is Milon and
        Rubicant. Their total hp is 57000. The second group is Kainazzo
        and Valvalis, which have 47000 hp. They will give you the listed
        experience and gold after you defeat all four.

 IV)                       ENEMY ATTACKS/SPELLS:

 -This is a list of the specialized enemy attacks and the effect each
  one has. Please note that the normal black and white magic spells are
  not listed here.

    Spell          Effect
    Alert          Call monster
    Armor          Defense up
    Beam           Laser attack (DMG)
    Big Bang       Damage to whole party, continue to lose hp even after
                   spell has been cast (DMG)
    Big Wave       Water attack (DMG)
    Blast          ???
    Blk. Hole      Cancels existong magics
    Blaze          White fire (DMG)
    Blitz          Lightning Bolt (DMG)
    Blizzard       Like Ice1, attacks whole party (DMG)
    Bluster        Stun or Death
    Breath         Turns you into a messed up frog
    Cold Mist      Like Ice1 (DMG)
    Count          10 seconds to death
    Counter        Dart (DMG)
    Crush          Death
    Curse          Curse
    Dance                ----   
    Digest         Acid attack (DMG)
    Disrupt        Death
    Emission       Like fire1, attacks whole party, center char.
                   takes most damage
    Entangle       Hold
    Fission        Nuclear explosion (DMG)
    Gas            Blinds/Paralysis
    Glare          Like Weak, attacks whole party (DMG)
    Globe99        9999 damage
    Heat Ray       Laser attack, attacks whole party (DMG)
    Hold Gas       Paralysis
    Hug            Turn into stone
    Magnet         ???
    Maser          Laser attack, attacks whole party (DMG)
    Meganuke       Nuclear attack, attacks whole party (DMG)
    Needle         Darts (DMG)
    Petrify        Turns you into stone
    Pollen         Blind
    Powder         Blind
    Ray            Slowly turns you to stone
    Recover        Life2
    Remedy         Cure
    Report         Peep
    Search         Chooses Disrupt target
    Slap           Charm, Curse, Mute, Blind
    Storm          Weak, attacks entire party (DMG!!!)
    Thunder        Like Lit3, attacks whole party (DMG)
    Vampire        Drain
    Wave           Water attack (DMG)

V) Sneak Items
 The following is a list of enemies and items that you will get from enemies if 
you use Edge's Sneak command on them. Be warned! This list does not contain 
every enemy, as some enemies (like those native to the Tower of Zot) you will 
not have a chance to sneak. I have found it nigh-impossible to sneak some 
enemies. (like Breath and Mind) To my knowledge, bosses cannot be sneaked. Most 
enemies will give you mundane items, like Cure1 and Heal potions.

        Enemy           Sneak
        Alert           Cure1
        Alligator       Cap
        Aqua Worm       Cure1
        Arachne         Cure1
        Armadillo       Silver (shield)
        Balloon         Cure1
        Basilisk        Cure1
        Beamer          Tent
        Behemoth        Headband (helmet)
        Black Cat       Cure2
        Black Liz       Medusa (arrow)
        Blade Man       Tent
        Blue D          Cure2   
        Bomb            Cure1
        Cannibal        Heal
        Cave Bat        Cure1
        Cave Naga       Poison (arrow)
        Cave Toad       Heal
        Centpede        Cure1
        Chimera         Fire (arrow)
        Clapper         Cure1
        Cocktric        Life
        Conjurer        Cure (staff) 
        Cream           Cure1
        Crocodile       Cap
        Dark Imp        Cure1
        Dark Tree       Heal
        D Bone          Cure1
        D Fossil        Cure1
        D Machin        Cure1
        Eagle           Life
        Elec Fish       Heal
        Evil Doll       Cure1
        Evil Mask       Cure2
        Evil Shell      Heal
        Fang Shell      Heal
        Fatal Eye       Ether1
        Fiend           Cure2
        Flame Dog       Fire (arrow)
        Flame Man       Flame (spear)
        Float Eye       Heal
        Gargoyle        Cure1
        Ghost           Cure1
        Ghoul           Cure1
        Giant Bat       Cure1
        Ging-Ryu        Cure1
        Green D         Heal
        Grenade         Cure1
        Grey Bomb       Cure1
        Grudger         Lit (arrow)
        Guard           Cure1
        Hooligan        Cure1
        Horseman        Tent
        Huge Cell       Cure1
        Huge Naga       Poison (arrow)
        Hydra           Poison (arrow)
        Imp             Cure1
        Imp Captain     Cure1
        Iron Back       Silver (shield)
        Iron Man        Silver (dagger)
        Jelly           Cure1
        Kary            Artemis (arrow)
        King-Ryu        Cure1
        Lamia           Charm (harp)
        Larva           Cure1
        Juclyote        Cure2
        Last Arm        Cure1
        Lilith          Ether1
        Mac Giant       Cabin
        Machine         Lit (arrow)
        Mad Ogre        Cure2
        Mad Toad        Heal
        Mage            Cure2
        Mantcore        Fire (arrow)
        Marion          Cure (staff) 
        Medusa          Medusa (arrow)
        Molbol          Heal
        Moon Cell       Ether1
        Needler         Cure1
        Ogre            Cure2
        Panther         Cure1
        Pike            Cure1
        Pink Puff       Ether2
        Pirana          Cure1
        Procyote        Cure2
        Pudding         Ether1
        Python          Poison (arrow)
        Q Lamia         Charm (harp)
        Raven           Leather (helmet)
        Red Bone        Cure1
        Red D           Firebomb
        Red Eye         Heal
        Red Giant       Cabin
        Red Worm        Ether1
        Revenant        Cure1
        Roc             Leather (helmet)
        Roc Baby        Life
        Rock Larva      Cure1
        Rock Moth       Heal
        Sand Man        Heal
        Sand Moth       Heal
        Sand Pede       Cure1
        Screamer        Lit (arrow)
        Searcher        Cure1
        Skeleton        Cure1
        Skull           Cure1
        Spirit          Cure1
        Soul            Cure1
        Sorcerer        Cure (staff) 
        Stale Man       Earth (hammer)
        Sting Rat       Cure1
        Stone Man       Cure2
        Sword Rat       Cure1
        Tiny Mage       Rod
        Tiny Toad       Heal
        Toad Lady       Heal
        Tortoise        Silver (shield)
        Trap Rose       Heal
        Treant          Heal
        Tricker         Cure1
        Turtle          Heal
        Vamp Girl       Cure2
        Warlock         Heal
        Warrior         Tent
        Water Bug       Heal
        Water Hag       Cure1
        Weeper          Cure1
        Were Bat        Cure1
        Yellow D        Heal
        Zombie          Cure1

   To increase your chances of getting an item when you sneak:

                - Cast FAST on Edge (multiple times)
                - Cast SLOW, STOP, or SLEEP on the enemy

VI)                         MAGIC SPELLS:

                     Spell   MP      Effect
     Black Magic:****************************************
                     Fire1   5       fire attack(low)
                     Fire2   15      fire attack(med)
                     Fire3   30      fire attack(high)
                     Ice1    5       ice attack(low)
                     Ice2    15      ice attack(med)
                     Ice3    30      ice attack(high)
                     Lit1    5       Lit attck(low)
                     Lit2    15      lit attack(med)
                     Lit3    30      lit attack(high)
                     Virus   20      virus attack
                     Weak    25      weaken to 1 hp
                     Quake   30      cause earthquake
                     Fatal   35      kills enemy
                     Nuke    50      nuclear attack
                     Meteo   99      meteor attack
                     Venom   2       poison enemy(diminish hp each round)
                     Sleep   12      put to sleep
                     Stop    9       stop enemy movements
                     Drain   18      drain hp, give to your character
                     Psych   0       steal mp
                     Toad    7       turn into frog
                     Pig     1       turn into pig
                     Warp    4       warp to previous level of dungeon
                     Stone   15      turn to stone

     Ninja Magic:***************************************
                     Flame   15      Fire attack
                     Flood   20      Flood attack
                     Blitz   25      Lit. attack
                     Pin     5       Paralyze enemy
                     Smoke   10      Escape from battle
                     Image   6       Evade attack

     White Magic:***************************************
                     Cure1   3       restore hp(low)
                     Cure2   9       restore hp(med)
                     Cure3   18      restore hp(high)
                     Cure4   40      restore hp(all)
                     Heal    20      heal conditions
                     Life1   8       restore life(1 hp)
                     Life2   52      restore life(full hp)
                     Mute    6       stop enemy from casting spells
                     Charm   10      make enemy attack itself
                     Blink   8       increase agility
                     Slow    14      slow an enemies movements
                     Fast    25      speed up a party member's movements
                     Bersk   18      increase attacks per round
                     White   46      Sacred power attack
                     Wall    30      deflect magic
                     Peep    1       check ability
                     Size    6       change size
                     Exit    10      escape from battle/dungeon
                     Sight   2       look at map(must be outside)
                     Float   8       avoid quake attack
     Caller Magic:**************************************
                     Asura   50 Cure(random effect-watch faces)
                     Sylph   25      Take enemy hp and gives to All chars.
                     Choco   7       Chocobo attacks one enemy
                     Mist    20      Mist dragon attacks all enemies
                     Titan   40      Earthquake attack(all enemies)
                     Shiva   30      Ice attack(all enemies)
                     Indra   30      Lightning attack(all enemies)
                     Jinn    30      Fire attack(all enemies)
                     Levia   50      Flood attack(all enemies)
                     Odin    45      Sword Attack(all enemies)******
                     Baham   60      Nuke attack(all enemies)
                     Bomb    10      Bomb attack(one enemy)
                     Imp     1       Imp attacks one enemy
                     Mage    18      Mage attack(one enemy)

The Odin call spell will instantly destroy all mosters on the screen,    
but there are some mosters that it will not work against.(i.e., Behemoth)

VII)                    Questions.........and answers

-How do I defeat...

        Octomamm:Use Rydia's call magic(chocobo) and Tellah's
                lit spell along with Cecil's powerful attacks
                to defeat him. Not very difficult to beat.

        Antlion:Since the antlion responds to hand attacks by
                taking off alot of damage, use magic and Rydia's
                chocobo to win here. Have Cecil attack (if you
                think you can spare the hp's) but you really only
                need him here to administer cure potions.

        Milon(1):Have Cecil attack Milon directly, as he cannot
                harm the undead monsters. Let Tellah use his fire
                spells and make the twins cast TWIN until the
                battle is over. If you need to refill energy,
                use Tellah or potions, as MP are hard to
                come by this early in the game. Immediately after
                defeating Milon, save your game at the nearby save spot.

        Milon(2):Right before the end of the bridge, use change to
                reverse the rows of your party This will save you
                time during the fight and let you get an extra
                attack in. Milon will use poison against you, so
                have Tellah use heal potions or the heal staff,
                if you have one. Have the twins TWIN, and make
                Cecil attack.

        Baigan: The middle section of Baigan will cast WALL on
                itself immediately after the battle begins, so
                if you use magic, use it on the arms. Have Cecil
                attack the body and have Yang use his special attack.

        Kainazzo:Immediately have your wizards(Tellah/Palom) cast
                their strongest Lit spells. Use Porom to heal
                your party after Kainazzo floods you. Have Cecil
                and Yang attack as normal.

        Dark Elf:When you first fight the Dark Elf, you must
                intentionally lose the fight. If you have ALOT
                of hp, attack yourself, or else it will take
                forever. After he beats you, Edward will use the
                Twin harp to revive you. You will have full hp and mp,
                but it wouldnt hurt here to save the game in the
                room right outside.Just attack the Dk. Elf as any
                other enemy; his only attack is a combo of ice,
                lit, and fir(all level 2), which isn't even that
                strong. When you defeat him you will be rewarded
                with the Crystal of Earth.

        Magus Sisters:The main strategy here is to attack the
                heaviest one first(middle). Do not use magic
                unless the sister casts wall a second time and
                it reflects onto one of your characters.
                If this happens, have Tellah cast his strongest
                spell (ONLY ONCE) on the member of your party with
                the wall. You have a one in three chance of hitting
                the middle sister.  Once she is defeated, the
                Delta attack cannot work and you should lose no
                more hp, making it easy to defeat the other
                two sisters.

        Valvalis:Have Kain constantly using his jump attack
                to stop her spin. have Cecil attack, and have
                Cid attack also.  Use Rosa to heal you, unless
                you brought an extra set of bow and arrows along. 
                Another good idea here is to carry some
                armor Rosa can use with you into the Tower of Zot,
                and Equip her with it before you fight Valvalis.
                Otherwise she is not well protected.

        Calbrena:Two strategies here: First, you can go all out
                and try to kill all six dolls before they merge.
                This is a great idea if you are powerful enough.
                Otherwise, you can just wait it out and heal
                yourself until they form CalBrena. After that,
                just attack as you would any other foe.

        Balnab/Dr. Lugae:Once you defeat these two, Lugae
                transforms himself and you must defeat him again.
                He's not that tough. Just use your head and heal
                when you have to.

        EvilWall:Have Rydia use Virus(or Levia, if you have it
                already).At any rate, just make her do her most
                powerful magic.  Edge should use the stars that
                you have picked up along the way so far. When
                those are gone, Bersk him. Rosa should Bersk Cecil
                right away, so he can get in more attacks. Have
                Kain jump every time. If one of your characters
                gets crushed, bring him back to life, but
                only use life1. Dont waste your mp filling him/her
                back up. Do that after the battle, because once
                the Wall starts crushing, it doesn't matter how many
                hp's you have, because you're dead.

        The King and Queen of Elban: The inportant thing here is
                to keep people alive. If you can last until the
                King and Queen come to their senses, you are all
                set. You dont even have to attack, as they will come
                to their senses regardless of if you attack or not.
                You can fight them if you want to.Dont be afraid
                to use up you MPs, because Rubicant heals you
                completely before you fight him. A good idea here
                is to go back down to the save room, just
                in case you think you can't defeat Rubicant.

        Rubicant:Its very difficult to time, but most of the time
                it works well. Have Rydia cast her Shiva or Ice3
                spell, but try to time it so she casts it as
                Rubicant opens his cape. Otherwise, Ice and cold
                spells heal him. Bersk Cecil(you should do this
                with every boss) If more than one of your
                characters are swoon, then have Edge cast Flame.
                Rubicant will revive all dead members of your party.
                Have Rosa attack, then cure, then attack, etc.

        Queen Asura:Rosa must be at level 34 or everyone else must
                be at level 99. Have Rosa cast the wall spell
                on Asura, and all her cures will reflect onto
                your players. She rarely attacks, so you dont
                have to even worry about curing yourself. Just
                attack her until she dies. She can't refill
                her energy.

        King Leviatan:Just attack him, and Cure yourself after he
                waves you. As always, besrk Cecil and this
                time Edge, as well.

        King Bahamut:As soon as you get FuSoYa, go to Bahamut's
                cave on the moon. You can do it without him, but
                it is MUCH MORE DIFFICULT, as you only have one person
                who can cast Wall. Use Rosa and FusSoYa to cast
                wall on as many members of your party as you can
                before Meganuke comes. Use your judgement here...
                decide for yourself which charcters you need to                
                stay alive. If you can get them all, great. But
                chances are, your wizards aren't at a high enough
                level to cast wall spells quickly. Have the wizard(s)
                cast Wall on themselves, so in case anyone else dies,
                they can stay alive to cast wall again.

        CPU:This is a snap if you got the bahamut spell before
                returning to Earth. Attack the healing globe
                first, then the attacker, then concentrate on
                the big one. You are likely to fall victim to
                GLOBE99, which instantly kills your character.
                Just have Rydia do BAHAMUT constantly, and have
                FuSoYa cast his strongest spell.
           -Alt. strategy: Go after the Defender first, then the 
                attacker, then the CPU. This way, you will be taking damage
                from the attacker, which is considerably less than the CPU.
                                        -From The "Zotmeister"  
        Zeromus:First, use the crystal(CECIL MUST USE IT). Once
                he has transformed, Bersk Cecil. Have Rydia use
                Bahamut or Nuke.Have Rosa attack with White, unless
                you need to be cured. Zeromus will use Virus, Meteo,
                Big Bang, and the Black Hole. Big Bang takes off
                a couple thousand hps and then drains them for a
                while. The Black Hole makes all magics invalid.
                This means that if you casted a wall spell, it
                disappears. (I think that is the correct effect.
                It does nothing to deter any attack or heal magics.
                If anyone can verify this, E-mail me. Thanx) Zeromus
                has approximately 105,000 hit points.

-How do I get the Pan?
        Once you have gone through the Sylvan cave and found
        yang sleeping, go to the overworld and talk to Yang's
        wife. She will give you the Pan.Then return to Yang and
        use it on him.  Then you will recieve the call magic
        Sylph. If you return to see Yang's wife after that, she
        will give you the spoon dagger, which can only be thrown
        by Edge. There is only one in the game, so save it for
        Zeromus. It takes 9999 damage.

-How do I reach the four treasure chests below the town
 of Summoned Monsters?
        To reach the chests, go to the first floor of the town.
        In the lower right area there isa hidden spot you must
        walk on. It looks like a normal peice of the floor, except
        it is outlined in brown. Step there and you will go to the
        room with the four chests. A note of caution: If you want
        to stay in the town after opening the chests, walk back to
        the tile you came in on. The other tile in the room warps
        you back outside.

-Where is the Pink Tail?
        On the moon, go to the Lunar Subteraen, Level 5. Walk all
        the way to the right, and there is a room with a chest on
        the right side. It is the only thing in the room, and there
        is a cabin inside the chest.  Walk around the room for a
        while, and eventually you should bump into a Pink Puff.
        Defeat it and it may give you a Tail. BTW, the chances of
        finding a pink puff are 1 in 64, and the chances of him
        giving you a tail are also 1 in 64. You do the math. If
        you've got the time to kill, by all means, try it.

VIII)                       Tips from Adam and Kelly:

        -Don't "drain" undead monsters.

        -Dont use the lillith rod on a lillith.

         -For some easy experience, try this: In areas where you fight
         Alert or Summoners, let them keep calling monsters. The Alert won't
         call anything until you attack it, so use a low level spell, such as
         VENOM, which takes off very few hp(so the fight lasts longer).
         Defeat the summoned enemies repeatedly and rack up the experience!     

        -If you know that you will "lose" a character
        (he will leave your party) then de-EQUIP him
        before he leaves so that you may keep the
        weapons and armor, and sell them. On a similar
        note, if you know that a person will join your party
        in a location far from a town, i.e. Rosa in the Tower of
        Zot, buy the armor and weapons for that character in
        advance, if you can afford it.

        -Immediately upon entering the Sylvan or Summoned
        monster caves, cast the float spell on all your
        characters. All characters can be effected
        at the same time-you dont have to cast the spell five
        times.You do, however have to do it each time
        you go up or down a floor.

        -On the Big Whale, there are two control switches.
        One is the crystal in the center of the room, as
        you enter the ship. That will take you from planet to
        planet.The other switch is directly above the crystal,
        on the wall. This will let you fly the ship around
        on the planet you are on. When you get FusoYa, you
        can do the latter and fly over to Bahamut's cave,
        and get his call magic. It will help you defeat the
        Elements and the CPU inside the Giant of Bab-Il. If you
        don't, it doesnt matter; you can always come back later.

        -Its probably common knowledge, but were you aware
        that on the Big Whale, if you walk down, you can
        see another room (two, actually). In the first of
        these two rooms, there are a bucnh of rectangle shapes.If
        you step on one of these, it refills all your life
        and mp. In the second room, there is a big Chocobo
        to store all your items.

IX) Tips from Other Players:

                < compiling as you read this >

X) Game Genie Codes

        1)82A3-6F63 or 82AE-6F63                Infinite hit points
        2)8267-0D62                             Infinite magic points
        3)3335-0D6E or 3335-0FAE                Earn 65,536 gp after each 
        4)C262-DF03 + C262-D763                 Money doesn't decrease when you 
        5)C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9                 Money doesn't decrease in shops 

        6)EF30-076E                             Earn tons of items and 
                                                experiencein each fight. Also 
                                                get 8 items from enemy.
        7)00CE-6D69                             This code allows you to scroll  
                                                through the items in the game at
                                                any time you wish. Put some item
                                                you dont want in the TOP LEFT 
                                                column of your inventory. Right
                                                under it, put an item that you 
                                                can use on a character at any 
                                                time, like a cure or a heal. If
                                                you use the item on your center 
                                                character, the top left item 
                                                will change to the next item in
                                                the list.
                                                (See the item list above)

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        *       Adam Lederman            University of Massachusetts   *
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        *                                                              *
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