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FAQ - Future Cop

Note: This is a walkthrough on easydifficulty. If you do a harder level,
some powerups may not appear

Zone 1 - Griffith Park

Walk up, the ramp and down the other side. Crawl along the block for an
easy mortar shot on the big gun. It can not hit you.  As you go up the
ramp, there is a gun upgrade to the left area. Going on the path, mortar
the mines by the second block. As you enter the opening two guns will
pop up. Mortar them for an easy kill. There are more mines under the
bridge ahead. Off to the left is an elevator. It leads to heavy weapon
reloader and a good spot to shoot any remaining enemies. Take the path
to the right of the generator for a special weapon reloader. Destroy the
generator, go through and turn left. Destroy that generator and the two
on the other side to open the laser gate. Shoot the control panel next
to the door to free the hostages.Go through the next area and turn
right. Shoot the statue from long distance and donÕt forget the mines
there. Go to the rising guns, hit the structur to the right of them to
continue. Move into the brown colored area to fight the ship. Just shoot
your missiles at it until it crashes, then go through the opening. Up
the elevator is the red gate switch. Past the red gate, along the left
wall is an elevator. Take that to the blue gate switch. Open the green
gate, enter it and fight the boss.

Boss Fight
Take out the airplanes first and try to stay on the ground. Mortar the
towers next and use hit and run tactics on the center. UP the ramp, fire
and down the ramp works well.

Zone 2 -Zuma Beach                     Password TAFRGYBlRR

Get off the highway to the right. The front door controls are all the
way at the end on the right.   (secret technology: destroy the flamingos
on the hotels)  Pass through the gate and note the powerups behind the
left and right walls.  Get in the electric thing and destroy the four
balls. Find the catwalk to the next area. As you enter it a lockdown
will begin. There are four circuit breakers to stop it. The first is
down the left ramp, to the left. Go through the next area and destroy
the air support then the tanks. In the doors, your target is on the
right. It deactivates the furnaces, but is really unnecesary. Turn left
instead, the fire is easy to avoid. Fight the huge tank. Three shots
from an upgraded heavy weapon finish it. Destroy the bossÕs air support
then fall down the hole.  (secret technology: destroy the tanks until a
powerup appears)

Boss Fight
Stay on the lower level. Jump up and fire until he takes his flying
form. Then get above and shoot it down.

Zone 3 - La Brea Tar Pits                     Password CRGRGYBLRY

Go through the crowd control area and in the next area hit the switch.
Fall down through the doors. Concentrate on the big ships and ignore the
small ones. Turn into a hovercraft and run through the white switches in
order. Now get on the pump. Follow the path and fall down. Go down the
ramp, along to the switch. As you return the pumps under the grate will
activate.  Return to the sewers, through the now active turnstyle. Go
straight ahead in the next area. You will notice a statue destroy it and
hit the switch. There are two more across the river and one at the end
of the river. When you enter the river of blood, use the hovercraft. In
your walker form you take damage. After hitting the switches, destroy
the statue that you can now target. Hit its switch, ride up m and jump
over. Turn into a hovercraft and hold forward . You will jump to the
next area. Go down the stairs. Forward, Then right is a ramp. Follow it,
Fall off at the end and in the top right corner is a hole. Follow the
path, go up the ramp, and jump to the stairs. Use a running jump over
the first gap and fall down the second.

Boss Fight
Stand right behind the ramp for a good shot at the priestess. When she
stands in one spot rocks will shoot out the center of the pit. If you
need health there s a powerup to the right of the pit.

Zone 4 - Venice Beach                     Password FUMRGYBLRL

Hit the cages switches in order. Enter the canal and go on land to the
left. Turn right to hit the switch. Now go around the building for the
second and jump across for the third. Enter the door on the other side
of the water.  (secret technology: exiting the first side turn left go
to the fog and turn right. To return go to the other side of the fog)
There is a switch on each building. Cross the bridge turn right and fall
into the gray pit. Turn right, run parallel to the water and find a
switch in the area. Go up the ramp hit the second switch and head down
the slide. Save the luxury boat then go rightup the ramp and still on
the wall until the elevator. Take it down head through the right path
and up through the door on the left side. Each building has a switch on
it. Cross the bridge turn right and hit the switch. Cross thr
drawbridge, up the elevato and over the bridge. Around the building is a
switch. It drops the drawbridge on your left. Hit the switch across that
and move into Vics teritory. Up the ramp over the bridge hit the switch
and fall into the water.

Boss Fight
Vic goes underwater. When he surfaces use hit and run tactics. Special
weapons only work with an upgrade.

Zone 5 - Hells Gate Prison                     Password SIFUGOBLLR

Use the shuttles the shuttles to enter the prison.  To get to the
exercise yard, go up the left platform and hit thr rightmost
switch.There the friendly guard will lower the elevator. Go up the
elevator, turn right and destroy the dropships. Drop down behind the
first dropship. When you reach the guards use the stairs to the right
from where you enter. Take the intersecting bridge, jump to the next
area. When you reach the very top of the prison. turn right and prepare
to fight the boss.

Boss fight
This isnÕt really a boss. Its just a couple dropships. Fight them like a
regular plane, but dont fall.

Zone 6 - Studio City                     Password TAGUGOBLLY

Destroy the four control towers.  (secret technology: on your starting
platform to the right is a laser gate. After the control towers are
destroyed the gate will deactivate hit the switch behind it.)  Go up the
lift and down into the sewers. At the fork make a right. Hit the switch
and go up the lift. When you go down on the other side go forward to hit
the next switch. Get on the new lift, down and up the lift there to hit
the switch. Go through the open laser gate. Get through the mushroom
area to fight a bodyguard. Hit and run tactics work well.  (secret
technology: Destroy the soccer champ sign. Now back up to the exit from
the mushroom area. Go through the hole between the wall and the
mountain. Behind one of the buildings a shield powerup will appear. It
has lightning attached to the top. Get it.)  Go along the path
carefully, getting on each teleporter and hitting its switch. The top
teleporter takes you to another area. Get on the first sliding grate and
jump to the second when its safe. Hit each switch and get in the main
teleporter. On the right side of the castle is a small opening. Go
through, hit the switch and enter the castle. Hit those switches to
deactivate the laser gate. Go through that. There are powerups left and
right. On the right you will have to go through the destroyed buildings
then up the hill. Take the path on the right side around the interior of
the area to ambush another bodyguard. He shouldnÕt try to attack you
from here. Continue around, destroying the missiles, until you meet the

Boss Fight
One or two concussion beams stun him. Then just finish him off.

Zone 7 - LAX Spaceport                     Password CRMUGOBLLL

Part 1 - Hit the red switches to deactivate the beams. When you reach
the large well defended one go left and up to the parking garage.
Destroy the power source then you can hit the last switch. There is a
building piece to the left of the ramped road. There is a special weapon
powerup behind it. Back at the last gate go through the the tunnel and
destroy the guns protecting the control tower. Start with the lower left
set. Go up, left then down. Now get the control tower and jump to the
next area. Walk under the bridge take a left and hit the green switch to
deactivate the upper runway. Take that paths second left to a tunnel. On
the other side you can see the second green switch. Now find the pink
circular structure and hit the red switch. Go up the road to the end of
the runway, turn into a hovercraft. After the countdown tap forward.

Part 2 - Help the civilian boat and destroy the battleship. For fun
destroy the shark tank to the left of the battleship. Tge sharks will
eat the scuba divers. Anyway go through the hole the battleship was
guarding and find the lock. Hit the switch and get in the lock. At the
top exit to the left destroy the structure and drop down. Ahead and to
the left, ride the lift to ride the conveyors. The second set of
conveyors has red switch lokking things. But you cant deactivate or
destroy them. Get on the conveyor going opposite your direction and when
your close the the thing hold up and right and jump. You will land on
the other conveyo. Go around the incinerator, jump to the lift and get
on the conveyor. At the end get on the other conveyor and jump to the
opposite one. Get off to the side. Get the special weapon powerup to the
right before entering the room. Jump on either conveyor and move forward
to trigger the boss fight.

Boss Fight
Just back up and shoot. He will come to you. The special weapon upgrade
is a big help.

Zone 8 - Long Beach                     Password FEMUGOBYSL

Get on land. Hi t the swith and the one up the elevator. Go throug the
security vent. In the next area destroy all toxic barrels to end toxic
lockdown. Through the next security vent enter the water and fight the
machine. Note the powerup at the end of the water. Go up the elevator
and hit the switch. Past this security vent are targeting satelites.
Position yourself by the big openings to hit them. In the next area
climb the metal ramp to hit the road defense. Cross the road. These guns
are indestructable, or at least hard to destroy. Dont try it. Hit the
switches on the ground and wait for the light area to fall. Go up the
elevator to the right. Hit the road defense switch. Head to the opened
area. After destroying all the cyborgs go through the gate. Target the
queen repair bot then finish the rest. The switch along the path can be
hit from above, but it does nothing useful anyway. Hit the road defense
switch. Go down the new road and up the ramps. Drop down. Get on the
spider creation machine and jump to the swinging crane when it comes.
Hit the switch(this is not necesary). Go to the other creation machine
and jump to the platform. Hit the RD switch. Go up the road, find the
two tanks and destroy them, then the third around the other side. Return
to the three platforms off the final road. They are raised. Drop
carefully to the boss.

Boss Fight
There are three targets one at a time. They bounce in, when it cannot be
hit, and out of the wall. Either use the gun to prevent it from firing
or hide behind the center structure and use your special weapon. This is
better because it also hits the planes.

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