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         ##   ##    ##         ##  ##               ##      
         ##         #######     ####           #######     ##
         ##  ####   ##          ####                ##      
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              D E E P     C O V E R    G E C K O 
            O N    T H E   G A M E B O Y   C o L o R


FAQ/Walkthrough for: Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
Platform: Nintendo Gameboy Color
FAQ Version: 1.0 (First Release)
Date: 1/15/99
Author: Dallas ([email protected])
©2000, Dallas ([email protected])


-Legal Information-
This FAQ is Copyright by Law ©2000, Dallas ([email protected]). 
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If these rules are broken legal actions will be taken. This FAQ is
for PERSONAL use only!!

You MAY post this FAQ on your website IF and only IF:

• Proper Credit is Fully given to me, Dallas ([email protected])
• The FAQ is left UN-ALTERED, EXACTLY as you see it here.
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• In other words, Give Credit, don't change anything, tell me before
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  you want to post this FAQ.


                T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S
                        i. Version History       
                          ii. Introduction
                           1.) Controls              
                            2.) Items
                          4.) Walkthrough
                            5.) Secrets           
                        6.) Gameshark Codes
                         7.) Contact Info.
                            8.) Credits           
                           9.) Disclaimer         
                            10.) The End  
                 i.)   V E R S I O N    H I S T O R Y
Version: 1.0
Date: 1/12/00
Changes/Additions:  • First Version; Initial Release
                    • Added _Partial_ Walkthrough
                    • Added all Major Sections from ToC
                    • Updates Coming as I progress in the game


More Updates coming soon...



                   ii.)  I N T R O D U C T I O N
Hello Everyone! Here is the first FAQ in a series of Gameboy/Color FAQs
I plan on writing in the next few weeks. This FAQ is for the newest game
in the Gex! Series: Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko on the Gameboy Color! This
game is great! For those who haven't played it, I suggest you do. For 
those who don't know what Gex is, let me explain: OK, Gex is a Gecko 
who stars in a few games. So far he has been in Gex 64: Enter the
Gecko, plus he has a game on the Gameboy which has the same title. His
newest game is this one I'm writing for, Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko which
is specially designed for the Gameboy Color ONLY. 

This is a platform game and one of the best out there. There are 15 
different levels and the game is just all-around great. Why did I start 
this FAQ you ask? Well, I have just recently played the game, and I 
noticed there were no other FAQs for the game, so what the heck, plus
I am starting a series of Gameboy FAQs as of late and why not start
with this excellent title. Ok, now a little bit about the FAQ itself.
I have included the Controls and Walkthrough and Items which is 
basically all you need to beat this game, but I threw some other things
in to help you out as well. 

I have also included some maps to give you a feel of where everything is.
Now enough of this boring Intro. It's time to play Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko
and hopefully this FAQ will help you beat the game as you venture in your
3D quest as Gex, the Gecko! Good Luck!


                           1.) C O N T R O L S

-Basic Controls-

A Button - Basic Jump

B Button - Whip Tail

D-Pad - Move Character; Move Highlighted options

Start Button - Brings up Pause Menu

Select Button - Eat Flies from TV Screens

-Advanced Controls-

Spring Jump - Jump and while in mid-air press the A button to spring onto
              the ground and do a Spring jump which is 5 times higher than
              the normal jump.

Air Whip - Not really advanced, press A to jump and while in the air press
           the B button to whip in the air.


                            2.) I T E M S

Green Flies (TV) - These can be found in the Green TV sets. Whack the
set using the B button and the fly will be released. Use the Select 
button to eat the fly and replenish one of your health paws. 

Blue Flies (TV) - These guys are in the Blue TV sets. Whip the blue
sets to release the fly and use the Select button to eat it. These
flies make your tail turn blue meaning it's more powerful. Some enemies
cannot be defeated without using the Blue Fly.

Purple Flies (TV) - Again, these can be found in the Purple TV sets.
Whip the set with your tail to release the fly and use the Select
button to eat the fly. Each one of these you eat will give you 1 Extra

Fly Coins - These are scattered EVERYWHERE in each Level. They can 
sometimes be in enemies and you get them when you defeat that enemy, or
they can be out in the open, and sometimes a lot of them are hidden in
hard to reach places. If you collect 100 of these in a level you will
get an extra Remote for that level.

Gex Paws - These are shaped as Gex's paw. Each one of these you collect
will replenish 1 paw of Gex's health. These aren't seen much, so if you
get 1 you are pretty lucky. So what I'm trying to say is they aren't
as "Popular" as the Fly coins, meaning they are hard to get.

Paw Coins - I don't have a real description of these yet. They are shaped
as paws and I don't know how many you need to collect in each level but
I do know they are shaped like paws :p

Bonus Coins - These are used to enter Bonus Levels. There is a bonus 
Level in each Control Room and you need a certain amount of these coins
to enter these bonus Levels. The "B" marked on them stands for Bonus. So
far for the first level you will need 7 of these, and so on for the 
remaining bonus Levels. Collect these coins throughout normal levels.

Remotes - These are the main things you are trying to collect in the
game, without them you will not be able to progress to further levels.
Each time you complete an objective of a level you will receive 1
remote. You also will receive 1 remote when you collect 100 fly coins
in a level. Collect as many of these as you can if you expect to 
progress to further levels.


                     3.) H I N T S  /  T I P S
Here are some basic tips and hints you will need to pass through the 
game, they are pretty basic but necessary to know:

Don't Give up just yet!
There may be times when you can't reach an area or item on your first
jump. Don't give up! Use your Spring Jump and try going at different
angles. Only give up when you know for a fact that it is impossible to
reach. Sometimes areas are reachable, and you just have to move at a 
different angle to reach them so don't give up.

Get the Coins!
Remember in each Level to collect as many Fly Coins as you can. If you
collect 100 of them you will get an extra remote, so don't just pass the
coins as you go otherwise you are going to have to come back and get 
them anyway, so why not get them while you play the level for the first
time? There are only 100 in each level to collect, they are also found
in enemies sometimes so look everywhere.

Collect those Remotes!
Collect every remote that you can, don't just simply collect enough to
progress to the next level or you'll never finish the game. It's much
easier to just collect EVERY remote before leaving a level otherwise
you will have to come back later in the game to collect the remote, so
get them ALL!

Save those Passwords!
Don't forget that every time you finish a level, collect an extra life 
or do something important to check out the password. Write it down 
somewhere where you can find it because you need it in order to get to
your game again once you quit. This is the saving method used in all
Gex Games, I don't like it because I don't like writing down passwords
but it makes the game more interesting. Just remember to check for a 
new password often or else you'll regret it.


                       4.) W A L K T H R O U G H
Here is the walkthrough for the game, I have also included maps, which
have been drawn by ME so don't think of stealing them! Anyway, this 
section isn't complete yet, but I will add to it as I progress through
the game, for now here is what I _do_ have...


|                              ||   ____   ||           |                      
|                              ||  /    \  ||           |                      
|                              || | C.R. | ||           |      
|     ____                     || |  3   | ||           |                   
|    /    \        //========================           |                       
|   | C.R. |      //                         ___________|           
|   |  2   |     //                         ||          | 
|================\\                         ||   ____   |         
|                 \\                        ||  /    \  |    
|                  \\___                    || | C.R. | |         
|    START              \\                  || |  1   | |       
|                        \\                 || |      | |    

This is where your quest begins, I know the map isn't well drawn but
it gives you an idea of where the Control Room Doors are at. C.R. 
stands for Control Room and the number is which room. There are 3 
control Rooms and you first must guessed it #1!

From where you are go all the way to the right of the Level to find
the #1 Door which leads to Control Room #1 , on top of this door is
a Remote control, jump and whip the remote with the B button to get
the remote which is necessary to enter Level 1 inside of the 1st 
Control Room, go through the door and you will come to Control Room
#1 which is explained below...


|  ______                                            ___     |        
| |  ??  |                                          /   \    |          
| |  TV  |                  ____                   |HLDY |   |                    
| |______|                 /    \                  | TV 1|   |                
|===============\\        | FROM |          //===============|                                       
|                \\       | MCR  |         //                |          
|========================================================    |                                                        
|==============\\                    //==================    |
|   _______      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                        |
|  | *  *  |                                                 |  
|  | BONUS |                                                 |       
|  | *  *  |                                                 |   

Ok, now here's what everything is. The ?? TV stands for the 2nd Level
you will be going to which is Mystery TV, the first Level and the only
level you will be able to visit now is Holiday TV (Which is Labeled in
the upper right hand corner of the room). 

The final and last area in this room you can visit is the Bonus
Level but you will need 7 Bonus Coins to enter it so look around in
the 2 Levels to get them or you can collect them from other levels and
come back later, your choice. For now enter the First Level, Holiday
TV, which is explained below...

Holiday TV: Totally Scrooged:
No. of Remotes: 4
Objectives: • Carve out 5 Ice Statues of Gex!
            • Kill 2 Evil Elves
            • Defeat Evil Santa
            • Collect 100 Fly Coins for Remote

Map:  X = Ice  ;  O = Evil Elf  ;  [] = Evil Santa (BOSS)
| T           X   []                              T         |      
| R           ========                            R         |               
| EE Clouds           O                   O       EE (TV)   |                
|                 ==========          ---------             |             
|  X                                                        |    
|===                      ===========         X       ======|          
|    ===                            ==     ===  ======      |          
|        ==                   X      ==                     |      
|           == ========       =========                     |                    
|              ====                                         |     
|             ====                                          |  
|   START (X) HOUSE                                         |          

Again, not a good map but it shows you where everything is located 
in the level, not exact points but the right direction. Anway, here's 
the briefing...

Remote #1: Carve 5 Ice Statues into Gex!
This is the 2nd hardest thing to do in this level. The statues are 
scattered throughout the level so you will have to make a bunch of
jumps. There are 3 on the left side of the level, 1 on the right
and 1 in the middle as you can see from the map.

Carve each one by whipping it twice with your tail to carve it into
a nice replica of Gex! Once all 5 have been carved head up to the 
upper right part of the level where there is a tree and a TV Set next
to the tree. The TV set is the one you will go to once you've gotten
all 5 statues carved. Remember the X on the map stands for the Ice 
you need to carve.

Remote #2: Kill 2 Evil Elves
There are 2 Evil elves in this level who are ice skating on 2 separate
isolated platforms. Once you get to them be careful because it is 
very easy to fall off. Hit the nasty elves with your tail attack
a few times and they should fall and be defeated allowing you to 
pick up your 2nd Remote for this Level!

Remote #3: Defeat Evil Santa
Well, it's time to fight Santa's evil brother, named "Evil Santa" of
course. Make your way to the top of the level where you will find a 
cave labeled "Evil Santa" pretty hard too miss :p, anyway, go inside
the cave to face the mean Santa.

Evil Santa's only attack is throwing snow balls at you. When he is on
the left side he throws much faster though, so watch out. To defeat
him you don't touch him at all! When he throws his Snowballs at you
whip them right back with your tail whip.

After you whip 3 snowballs back in his face he will fall and be 
defeated. Congratulations you have collected your final main remote
for this Level once you go over to the TV Set after defeating Evil 
Santa and collect it!

More on the walkthrough will be coming soon...

                           5.) S E C R E T S                          
Well, I don't have any secrets or "Codes" rather. If you know of any
please send them to me (See Contact Info.) so I can post them up here
full credit will be given to anyone who gives me any secrets. Thanks

                  6.) G A M E S H A R K   C O D E S                   
Thanks to the Gameshark Code Creators Club ( for these
Gameshark Codes:

Infinite Health 010450DC 
Infinite Lives 01094EDC 

If you know of any more Gameshark codes, let me know. Thanks.

                     7.) C O N T A C T   I N F O.                    
You may NOT e-mail me with the following:

- Asking me to use this FAQ on your webpage, read the terms listed 
  at the top of this FAQ.
- Chain Letters
- Asking for LARGE amounts of help on the game, that's what this FAQ 
  is for.
- Asking me to send you files. I don't send files unless I really know 
  you, which I don't, so don't ask :)
- Asking me to update the FAQ. I will update it when I have the time 
  to update it, and not a minute before then.
- Unconstructive Criticism (i.e. - Your FAQ(s) Suck!)

You MAY e-mail me with the following:

- Asking for SMALL amounts of help on the game.
- Constructive Criticism 
- Comments on my FAQ(s)
- Comments on my favorite gaming company, Rare.
- Contributing to the FAQ.

After that, if you still want to, you can e-mail me at the following address:

[email protected]

                           8.) C R E D I T S                          
Thanks to the Following Person(s)/Websites:

CJayC - Webmaster of this great site ( Thanks for
posting this along with my other 20 FAQs, and good luck with this 
great, wonderful, magnificent, outstanding, super, awesome, site! - For the Gameshark Codes :)

Dallas (Me) - For typing this up :p, I hope it helped some of you out!

You (Yea you!) - For reading this and making this FAQ possible. I hope
you found this FAQ just in the least bit useful. 

All the FAQ Authors - For supporting me and for all the motivation
to write FAQs, keep up the great work guys and gals :)

(Insert Name Here) - Anyone who gives contributions to the FAQ, your
name will be added to the credits, thanks everyone!

                       9.) D I S C L A I M E R                        
This FAQ is Copyright by Law ©2000, Dallas ([email protected]). 
All information contained within this Document may NOT be: 
Sold for a profit, published in any way, shape, or form, 
Copied, Stolen, Edited, Altered, etc. or legal actions CAN 
and WILL take place. All information contained within this 
document can only be: Read and Printed. That is it, nothing else. 
If these rules are broken legal actions will be taken. This FAQ is
for PERSONAL use only!!
                          10.) T H E   E N D                          
Well, thanks for reading this FAQ, I know the walkthrough is very 
incomplete. Usually in most of my incomplete FAQs I say I'll update 
soon, but I'm not going to do that here because usually it turns out
to be a lie. Take my Castlevania: LOD FAQ for example, I did it in 
November of '99 and I say it will be updated within the next few days.
Geez, I have got to start keeping my word. The reason why I don't update
much is because I don't have the time. I have school + Homwork and 
everything else. Anyway, I got a bit off topic there, I hope you enjoyed
reading this FAQ as much as I enjoyed typing it for this game! Until
my next FAQ......c ya!


                            ~ End of Document ~


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