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Forelli_Boy presents:
The UniGuide to Vice City Stories!
version TWO SE

Were you expecting some distracting ASCII art?
Let's just get to the good stuff already! :3

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This guide contains the data necessary to attain 100% in the video game
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, for the PS2 and PSP. If you have any
questions, make sure they haven't been answered in the E-mail Policy Section.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and other games in the series are
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The views, opinions, political incorrectness and self-pity expressed in this
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any of the above, then I'm afraid you're crap outta luck. That's FREEDOM for ya.


| Introduction |

"It's the EIGHTIES! And your only moral purpose is your own happiness,
              no matter what the cost to others!" - Dwayne Thorn

"[Vice City stands] for freedom, my friend. For freedom. In a much-controlled
              way, where everyone is alike, and looks alike, and can stand on
              their front lawn with a 12-gauge shotgun...

     democracy." - Bryony Craddock

I love the 1980s. I love the music. The cars. (Oh, the CARS!) The babes. The
patriotism. Miami Vice. And most of all I loved the indulgence of the period,
and the way you could hack and slash your way up the ladder of prosperity and
show off the trophies (money, cars, women, etc.) without feeling a pang of
guilt, unless you were stupid enough to get caught. And you had to be pretty
stupid for that to happen in the 1980s. When you believed all the news you saw
on TV and suckled at the bosom of MTV and its synthesized pop. I didn't like the
part about the sexual ambiguity as much, but I'm no hater (i.e. I hate everyone
regardless. :D)

Unfortunately, I just happened to be born during the Ollie North Contra scandal,
which marked the end of that era and the beginning of a national consciousness
in politics, current issues, and how they affect our daily affairs. It sickens
me that Red values are starting to penetrate our very morals - and many of the
Latin American and European governments we had tamed - now that there's no more
Iron Curtain to keep them (or Al-Qaeda) caged.

Thankfully, there's a way for us to indulge in glorious years past, and it's
called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Here you can indulge in what you
loved about the 80s and not get in trouble for it, unless you are stupid enough
to transfer the actions in-game to real life.

Enjoy your stay in Vice City, and be sure to watch yourself!

"You are a sad and lonely man. You have some very strange ideas...
               you should probably go into politics." - Maurice Chavez


| Contents |

To skip down to a desired section, enter the four-letter string corresponding to
the mission/section you want into the "Find" function on your browser, and keep
clicking until the document scrolls down.

Special thanks to jtslau and Jeff Sapp for helping correct the contents.

NEW: Asterisks denote new content for the PS2 version.

I.   VERSION INFORMATION                                        [VEIN]

II.  STORYLINE MISSIONS                                         [STMS]
       Chapter I                                                [CH01]
          Sgt. Jerry Martinez                                   [SGJM]
             Soldier                                            [JMSL]
             Cleaning House                                     [JMCH]
             Conduct Unbecoming                                 [JMCU]

          Phil Cassidy                                          [PHCA]
             Cholo Victory                                      [PCCV]
             Boomshine Blowout                                  [PCBB]
             Truck Stop                                         [PCTS]
             Marked Man                                         [PCMM]

          Marty Williams                                        [MAWI]
             Shakedown                                          [MWSD]
             Fear the Repo                                      [MWFR]
             Waking Up the Neighbors                            [MWWN]
             O Brothel, Where Art Thou?                         [MWBT]
             Got Protection?                                    [MWGP]

          Louise Cassidy-Williams                               [LOCW]
             When Funday Comes                                  [LCFC]
             Takin' Out The White Trash                         [LCTW]
             D.I.V.O.R.C.E.                                     [LCDV]
             To Victor, the Spoils                              [LCVS]
       Chapter 2                                                [CH02]
          Lance Vance                                           [LAVA]
             Jive Drive                                         [LVJD]
             The Audition                                       [LVAU]
             Caught As An Act                                   [LVCA]
             Snitch Hitch                                       [LVSH]
             From Zero to Hero                                  [LVZH]

          Louise Cassidy-Williams                               [LCW2]
             Hose The Hoes                                      [LCHH]
             Robbing The Cradle                                 [LCRC]

          Umberto Robina                                        [UMRO]
             Nice Package                                       [URNP]
             Balls                                              [URBL]
             Papi Don't Screech                                 [URPP]
             Havana Good Time                                   [URHG]

          Bryan Forbes                                          [BFFO]
             Money For Nothing                                  [BFMN]
             Leap And Bound                                     [BFLB]
             The Bum Deal                                       [BFBD]

        Chapter 3                                               [CH03]
           Lance Vance                                          [LVA3]
             Brawn of the Dead                                  [L3BD]
             Blitzkrieg                                         [L3BK]
             Tune in, Turn on, Bug out                          [L3TB]
             Taking The Fall                                    [L3TF]
             White Lies                                         [L3WL]
             Where it Hurts Most                                [L3HM]
             Blitzkrieg Strikes Again                           [L3BA]
             Lost And Found                                     [L3LF]
             Light My Pyre                                      [L3LP]

           Reni Wassulmaier                                     [REWA]
             Accidents Will Happen                              [RWAH]
             The Colonel's Coke                                 [RWCC]
             Kill Phil                                          [RWKP]
             Say Cheese                                         [RWSC]
             Kill Phil Part 2                                   [RWK2]
             So Long Schlong                                    [RWSS]
             In The Air Tonight                                 [RWAT]

           Mendez Brothers                                      [MEBR]
             The Mugshot Longshot                               [MBML]
             Hostile Takeover                                   [MBHT]
             Unfriendly Competition                             [MBUC]
             High Wire                                          [MBHW]
             Burning Bridges                                    [MBBB]
           Gonzalez                                             [GNZA]
             Home's On The Range                                [GNHR]
             Purple Haze                                        [GNPH]
             Farewell To Arms                                   [GNFA]

           Ricardo Diaz                                         [RIDI]
             Steal The Deal                                     [RDSD]
             The Exchange                                       [RDEX]
             Domo Arigato Domestoboto                           [RDDD]
             Over The Top                                       [RDOT]
             Last Stand                                         [RDLS]

III. EMPIRE BUILDING                                            [EMBU]
       Expanding Your Empire                                    [EBEX]
       Defending Your Empire                                    [EBDE]
       Empire Earnings                                          [EBEE]

       Missions                                                 [EBMS]
          Loan Shark: Repo Man                                  [EMRM]
          Protection: Extortion                                 [EMEX]
          Prostitution: Pimping*                                [EMPM]
          Drugs: Drug Running                                   [EMDR]
          Smuggling                                             [EMSM]
          Robbery                                               [EMRO]

IV.  UP BUTTON (R3) MISSIONS                                    [UPBU]
       Paramedic                                                [UBPM]
       Taxi Driver                                              [UBTD]
       Fire Fighter                                             [UBFF]
       Vigilante                                                [UBVG]
       Air Rescue                                               [UBAI]

V.   SECRETS                                                    [SCRT]
       Red Balloons                                             [SCRB]
          Fort Baxter                                           [RBFB]
          Escobar International                                 [RBEI]
          Viceport                                              [RBVP]
          Little Havana                                         [RBLH]
          Starfish Island                                       [RBSI]
          Little Haiti                                          [RBLH]
          Downtown                                              [RBDT]
          Prawn Island                                          [RBPI]
          Vice Point                                            [RBVP]
          Leaf Links                                            [RBLL]
          Washington Beach                                      [RBWB]
          Ocean Beach                                           [RBOB]

       Unique Jumps                                             [SCUJ]
          Escobar International                                 [UJEI]
          Viceport                                              [UJVP]
          Little Havana*                                        [UJHV]
          Little Haiti                                          [UJHT]
          Starfish Island*                                      [UJSI]
          Downtown                                              [UJDT]
          Vice Point*                                           [UJVP]
          Washington Beach*                                     [UJWB]
          Ocean Beach*                                          [UJOB]

       Rampages                                                 [SCRP]
          Essentials of Being Prepared                          [RPEP]
          Little Havana*                                        [RPHV]
          Little Haiti                                          [RPHT]
          Starfish Island*                                      [RPSI]
          Downtown                                              [RPDT]
          Prawn Island*                                         [RPPI]
          Leaf Links                                            [RPLL]
          Vice Point                                            [RPVP]
          Washington Beach                                      [RPWB]
          Ocean Beach                                           [RPOB]

V.   SIDE TASKS                                                 [SITA]
       West Island                                              [STWI]
          Phil's Shooting Range                                 [SWPR]
          Dirt Track Madness                                    [SWDT]
          Playground On The Town                                [SWPT]
          Crims On Wings                                        [SWCW]
          Vice Sights                                           [SWVS]
          Fire Copter                                           [SWFC]
          Haiti Hover Race                                      [SWHH]
          Skywolf                                               [SWSW]
          Playground On The Dock*                               [SWPD]
          Rush!*                                                [SWRU]
          Human Memorial O.D.T*                                 [SWHM]

       East Island                                              [STEI]
          Beach Patrol                                          [SEBP]
          Harbor Hover Race                                     [SEHH]
          Playground On The Point                               [SEPP]
          Land, Sea and Air Ace                                 [SELA]
          Crash!                                                [SECR]
          Mashin' Up The Mall                                   [SEMM]
          Watersports                                           [SEWS]
          Swinger's Club                                        [SESC]
          Caddy Daddy*                                          [SECD]
          Playground On The Park*                               [SEPA]
          Crims On Water Wings*                                 [SECW]

       Both Islands                                             [STBI]
          Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound                        [SBCI]
          Turismo                                               [SBTS]

VI.  VEHICLES                                                   [VHCL]
       Two-Door Coupes                                          [VH2C]
       Sedans and Wagons                                        [VHSW]
       Sports & Muscle                                          [VHSM]
       SUVs                                                     [VHSV]
       Trucks & Vans                                            [VHTV]
       Heavy Vehicles                                           [VHHV]
       Two-Wheelers                                             [VHMT]
       Up Button (R3) Vehicles                                  [VHUB]
       Air Vehicles                                             [VHAV]
       ATVs                                                     [VHAT]
       Boats                                                    [VHBO]
       Miscellaneous                                            [VHMS]

VIII. WEAPONS                                                   [WEPN]
       Melee Weapons                                            [WPMW]
       Projectiles                                              [WPPJ]
       Pistols                                                  [WPPS]
       SMGs                                                     [WPSM]
       Shotguns                                                 [WPSH]
       Assault Rifles                                           [WPAR]
       Heavy Weapons                                            [WPHW]
       Sniper Rifles                                            [WPSR]
       Supplementaries                                          [WPSP]
       Friendly Neighborhood Retailers                          [WPRT]

IX.  MULTIPLAYER MODELS LIST                                    [MPML]

X.   E-MAIL POLICY                                              [EMAP]

XI.  SPECIAL THANKS TO...                                       [SPTT]

Zero.A - 16 Jan 2007 - The First Version.
Zero.B - 27 Jan 2007 - Chapter II & first missions of III added. :)
         Sort-of-completed Weapons List.
         99 Red Balloons completed.
         Updated other Secrets/Discovered Extras.
         More content for everything else.
Zero.B2 - 30 Jan 2007 - Disclaimer updated. Guide now available on HonestGamers.
          Rampages and Unique Jumps completed.
          Rectified Empire Missions: Drug Running.
Zero.C - 5 Feb 2007 - After 120 game days, 140 mission attempts not including
         reloads, 40 hours playing time, and 70 saves, I've got 100%.
         All content pertaining to that will be included here.

One - 11 Feb 2007 - Went ahead and put up the first formal release.
                    Happy Heart(break) day.
One.A - 13 Mar 2007 - Happy Saint Paddy's Day!
                      First PSP/PS2 version. Now very incomplete once again.
One.B - 18 Mar 2007 - All PS2 exclusive sidetasks found (I think,) as well
                      as all new Unique Jumps and Rampages. Chapter 3 still to
                      go. Jagshemash.
One.C - 23 Mar 2007 - Clarified a few details.
        Special thanks to Jeff Sapp for noticing an omission in the Table of
        Contents. New purchases for unlocking East Island.
        Still trying to start Chapter 3 and the upper-level businesses.
        Stay tuned!
One.D - 1 Apr 2007 - THIS AIN'T NO PRANK BITCHES. >8O
        100% done on the PS2, and not many changes.
        Added times for side missions.
        Guide to appear as part of the VCS SuperGuide on MyCheats soon!
        Version TWO to be added after figuring out the Multiplayer mystery.

Two - 15 Apr 2007 - The UniGuide is REEEEEEEEDY.
      The Multiplayer Mystery needs solving though.
      Also, be sure to stop by and give a thumbs up to the
      SuperGuide, as it'll essentially be the UniGuide in convenient HTML form.
Two SE - 19 Jul 2007 - Multiplayer Mystery sol-ved. I think.
                       More credits added.
                       Happy Birthday to me.



NOTE: All missions are unlocked by completing the mission before it, unless
      otherwise noted under the mission title.

-o0o Chapter 1 o0o- [CH01]

| Sgt. Jerry Martinez | [SGJM]

Soldier [JMSL]
After the opening cutscene, you will get your briefing (and pager) from Jerry.
Then follow the instructions to get in (or rather, on) your first vehicle.
Thought it would be a car, didn't you?

Here's a shortcut for the newbies:
Turn right as you exit the base and follow the road until you can see the
tunnel, then jump the divider on your left and land on the road leading out from
under the other terminal. The beacon for the VIP terminal should be just ahead.

Watch the cutscene, and when you resume control, you're swimming! Hold down X
and sprint-swim straight toward shore. Don't worry about your health, if you
keep sprint-swimming you'll probably lose no more than 20%. The gunfire will
stop once you reach shore. Guess what, you've made it out right next to the
military base! You'll get a message from Jerry telling you to stash the package
at your barracks.

You can simply run back into the base and into the barracks, where the game will
explain the save point mechanics.

        Barracks save point unlocked. Free Pistol! 8D
        Jerry Missions now available at the stripes icon.


While you're still enlisted I highly recommend you run down a couple (read a
bunch) of soldiers and take their M-4s, so you can take out the Fort Baxter Red
Balloons. Don't worry about a court martial...for now.

You know what? Why don't you go and get all the Red Balloons and as many Unique
Jumps, Up Button and Side Missions, etc. as you can before you finish Conduct
Unbecoming? "Free" access M-4s help!


Cleaning House [JMCH]
Get on the bike and ride down to Phil's (old) shop at Viceport. Naturally, Phil
does not have the money. Get in Phil's Walton when prompted, and it's a short
drive to (the beacon across the street from) Phil's "old place." Of course, it's
even less surprising is that the Cholos - and your first outdoor-indoor
transition if you're lazy like me - stand between you and the money. Which would
make this mission your combat tutorial mission.

Thankfully if you've managed to get an M-4 off some soldiers back at the base
you can auto-aim and make the marked Cholos waiting outside say hello to your
little friend from across the road. Walk into the marker, then take out the ones
inside. Just be sure to hold your fire once the target indicators turn black,
and to keep your distance when taking out the ones inside the house, and you
won't even have to reload. Of course, I only had one full cartridge when I did
this, so. q:

You could also do this the normal way and use the pistol for the ones outside
before duking it out mano-a-mano with the ones inside, but that would be a lot
less fun now, wouldn't it?

Watch the short cutscene, then you can ride back to base in style using one of
the Sabres they left behind, unless of course you blew them up on a whim in
which case just grab another vehicle off the street.

REWARD: $100
        Phil's Shooting Range side mission unlocked.
        Page from your Aunt Enid. Oh, and Lance says hi! :D

Conduct Unbecoming [JMCU]
Jerry's got some weird fetishes...or maybe he's just high out of his mind. Or
both. Either way he wants you go pick up "Mary" and stop by Phil's apartment on
your way.

Grab the bike and head down to Phil's apartment, where he'll trade it in for a
Stinger. Nice. Head down to Viceport and drive around until you see a girl with
a big blue arrow over her head. "Mona" will tell you to take her to a party at
Starfish Island, where Mary is waiting. Take the bridge to the first highway and
make the first left, then drive into the beacon.

The snobs aren't armed (sissies.) so you can take 'em out with good ol'
fashioned fisticuffs. I was a man about it, though, and took them out with a
shotgun that I found. You can also use your M-4 if you like...and while you can.
I was probably lucky that Mary didn't get in the way though. Take her and get
into any of the cars, then head back to base.

If you want to get to know the city a little better, don't head there via
Escobar, instead head up the back roads behind Little Havana/Haiti and look for
the wood bridge shortcut that will lead you right to the base road.

Once you reach the front gate, you'll be given a verbal dressing down by an
ACTUAL soldier (would've been cool to use R. Lee Ermey's voice for it, just
because), and before you know it (and after a cutscene) you're standing outside
the base in civilian clothes and out of a job. Phil will page you asking you to
get over to his apartment again. There's a Ventoso scooter waiting by the fence
to get you there, so just take your time.

REWARD: Congratulations, YOU'RE FIRED!
        Barracks save point and cool DMX outfit locked.
        101 Bayshore Avenue safehouse unlocked.
        PS2 users can buy a Bulletproof Sanchez for $4000 at this safehouse.
        (Thanks to Cyborg_Mantis for clearing this up.)
        Phil Cassidy missions available at his place in Viceport.


| Phil Cassidy | [PHCA]

Cholo Victory [PCCV]
Phil's drunk to high hell, and he's got something to show you. Thankfully, it's
not a shotgun suppository. After another clichéd-hilarious 10-second cutscene,
you're given control of Phil's Walton, and he's raring to drive-by some Cholo.

First stop: the Police Station. Great place to take a drunk. Next stop, the
Hospital. If you've been about collecting the Red Balloons or rampages you've
probably already been there. Fortunately for you, you don't have to wait for
third-time-the-charm as Phil spots a Cholo trying to make a getaway.

Even better, this one's a rather lousy and slow driver of what should clearly be
a superior vehicle, so just keep close and let Phil take care of the rest. If
you've got an SMG of your own, you can join in.

Once you and Phil manage to set the Cholo's car on fire, the target will getout
so Phil can finish him off. You'll probably end up waiting for the explosion to
do it anyway, so just stand well back. You'll be told to head to the Pay 'n
Spray, so go on and receive the required tutorial-free spray.

After that it's just a leisurely drive back to Phil's shop.

REWARD: $200 and a tutorial briefing on drive-bys.
        Phil pages you, unlocking Marty's missions at the trailer park.
        Let's get Phil's over with for now.

Boomshine Blowout [PCBB]
After hearing Phil wallow in his drunken self-pity for a couple of minutes,
you're given Phil's Walton and told head to his warehouse in Little Haiti to
save his boomshine, so head up there. Of course, you've currently got bigger
things on your mind than Phil getting caught in a booby-trapped door. You've now
got a seriously slow forklift and about 5 minutes before you lose more than an

To save you frustration in finding routes for the crates, I've forged out the
smoothest routes to the boxes. To get back, simply reverse the directions. Since
the camera is essentially fixed the directions will be given as if you were
driving it from overhead.

1. Go straight for the first set and bring it back. Easy.
2. Go up the near entrance, turn right at the second intersection and head
   straight out the gap between the long crates, then head down to pick up the
   next set of boxes.
3. Go up the entrance from #1, hang left at the debris then U-turn up and right
   at the end, then head out the aforementioned gap in the long crates and head
   down to pick up the next set.
4. Go up, hang left and make the U-turn as prescribed in #3. At the first
   intersection head all the way up and hang right, go straight until the end
   and turn down to head for the final set.

Other tips include raising the boomshine boxes halfway up on your way back so
you don't have to adjust it much if at all when you get to the truck, and as
soon as you've loaded each set, quickly hold down the D-Pad Right to lower the
forklift immediately.

Once you've finished all four sets, Phil will drive off and you'll spawn outside
the warehouse on the street side.

REWARD: $250
        Aunt Enid pages you. Lance isn't doing his chores again...

Truck Stop [PCTS]
After a brief reunion with your old friend Jerry it's off to get some guns to

Drive up to the Beachcomber Hotel, where two gang members will automatically
join you, then make your way north. The truck should be rolling somewhere around
the border between Little Havana and Little Haiti if you can drive smoothly and
swiftly to its location. Be sure to check your radar/map screen, them roads are
twisty and the truck might turn down a different road while you're at high

Stay nice and close so Phil & Friends can get a good aim. Don't worry about
enemy fire too much, they can barely hit your car (even if it is a Perennial,
lol) and your buddies will have the guards filled fulla holes in little time.
Get ahead of the truck to slow it down, at least your Perennial can outrun THAT.

Focus more on keeping up with the enemy cars than Phil's truck, you can catch up
to it easy, and you'll still have Phil's buddies providing support fire. Even if
the gang members manage to spin you out and they catch up to the truck, the
damage meter will only inch up slowly, so you've got a lot of time to make up
for lost ground.

REWARD: $300
        Lance pages you, and wants to come over there. Yeah right...

Marked Men [PCMM]
This mission is unlocked after completing "Got Protection?" for Marty.

Something fishy's going on above water...make sure you go into this one armed
and armored (hereafter referred to as A&A).

Phil's Walton is loaded with his boomshine and a damage meter, but just take it
easy on the drive to the lock-up. Take Bayshore Avenue all the way up to the
last intersection LEFT before you head downtown, then just follow the road until
it bends left and head into the alley. Once you get there...

As soon as the cutscene ends, get out of the car and gun down the henchmen, then
I highly recommend you blow up the cars, preferably with Molotovs. The
explosions will very likely knock them into the yard and out of blocking

Turn RIGHT and head back from whence you came. Martinez' goons will be coming at
you in Stallions. Phil will throw Molotovs to damage them but don't count on him
being nearly as accurate as your skills (or more, depending on if you've built
up said skills.) Of course, the Walton is fireproof. If they manage to spin you
out, re-orient yourself quickly. The damage meter might inch up but the only way
to "stop" it is to stay mobile.

Once on the highway, it's a full-throttle game of dodge-the-auto all the way
back to Phil's. Keep to the left fork as Bayshore Avenue divides into Viceport,
and you can actually drive full speed up to Phil's beacon.

REWARD: You LIVE! Dickheads!
        Martinez pages a threat, but don't worry about him for now.


| Marty Williams | [MAWI]

The Marty missions are essentially a multi-part tutorial into the basics of
Empire acquisition. Pay very close attention to the game's briefing explanations
on Empire mechanics as I will not explain them again!

Before and after each of these missions I recommend grabbing the Shorty Shotgun
behind a trailer at the Southeast corner of the trailer park. Hell, don't even
pass the trailer park without it, even if you've gotten enough red balloons to
unlock it at your safehouses. That stuff's gooood shootin'. Furthermore, use of
Shotgun weapons in this guide will be referred to as "shredding."

Shakedown [MASD]
First we meet a man who seems to have no problem controlling his woman.

Next it's time for business.

Your destination is the Miamta Cinema, or rather, the Mal Viento deli in front
of it. Shred the two goons waiting outside (their fists vs. your Shorty. Guess
who wins), then go in. Repeat the process with the goons inside. Their blows are
inconsequential anyway.

In retaliation for the attack on his business, Marty orders you to head down to
the Verdi Supermarket in front of the Police Station (aka the Donut Store from
the original VC). Smash up the merchandise inside with your fists or melee
weapon, and when the Cholo get into the store, shred 'em with the Shorty. Them
Cholos should be easy pickin's.

Once finished Marty will drive off and you'll be left close to the police
station. If they're not locked you can snatch a cop car and get 5 Shotgun

REWARD: $500

Fear the Repo [MWFR]
Apparently Marty STILL doesn't suspect Vic of hitting on his woman, despite the
obvious implications (to be fair, Vic is much more of a gentleman than Marty).
Politically-incorrect insinuations and more redneck soap opera drama aside, your
destination is the Empire building near the Beachcomber Hotel, where Marty will
give you your targets.

Target 1 is a Cheetah resting in the parking lot south of your apartment
safehouse. Whack the driver if you want, either way it's a short and easy drive
back to the lock-up as long as you haven't gone and gotten the VCPD swarming

Target 2 is a Sentinel making rounds around Little Havana. Smash/drive-by it up
a bit to coax the driver out, and whack him if you have to. Get it repaired if
prompted, then drive back to base. DON'T shoot the driver through the
windshield, otherwise the game won't count it and you'll be driving around with
a big blue arrow over your head.

I actually managed to find this one stopped at a traffic light in Little Haiti
in the PS2 version, so I could just walk up to it and snatch that sucker. Maybe
you'll be as lucky.

Target 3 is a Benson delivery van. Whack the two people nearby, as the van won't
accelerate fast enough to keep them from pulling you out. When you get in you'll
be heading back to the lock-up with a 2-Star Wanted Level. Drive cautiously as
the cops are now less afraid to jump the lane-line to hit you dead on. Make it
back to the lock-up before you lose all the goods from collisions and you'll be

REWARD: $500
        Louise pages you, unlocking her missions at the LW marker.

Waking Up The Neighbors [MWWN]
If you have a good stock of Molotovs (10-15's plenty), skip the Grenades and
head straight out. I recommend molotovs for reasons explained in Rampage #6.

Your objective is to blow up the three vans parked at three Cholo businesses
across the city.

You can blow them up in any order, but here are their approximate locations:

1. Empire Building near Umberto's Diner
2. South of Miamta Cinema, Empire Building near Ray the Otter billboard
3. Empire Building in West Little Haiti, under the Redwood Junior billboard

A great tip when working with projectile weapons is to hold the Fire button only
about half a second, or right before Vic's arm is fully withdrawn. This way you
can score a close or direct hit on the target in question. I'm not quite sure of
the EXACT timing but once you can work it out you'll get used to it.

After taking out the second van, the Cholo will send cars after you, and the
guards of the third van will be active (i.e. shoot-on-sight) instead of
reactive. You'll probably have a Cholo car on your tail as you go for the third
van, so be sure to clear the area of any opposition before you go for that last
van. Take out the third van to complete the mission.

REWARD: $500
        VNN News Bulletin on gang violence flare-ups in the area.

O, Brothel, Where Art Thou? [MWBT]
I got a brother named Vince. Does that make me Lance? This mission serves as
your tutorial to conquering a business.

Head out of the trailer park and North to Stonewall J's, where the game will
explain weapon buying mechanics. You'll also receive the required tutorial-free
Shorty Shotgun (or rather, more ammo for your Shorty stock if you've played it

Destroy the car, either by shredding it or with a well-aimed Molotov/leftover
Grenade, and quickly shred the gang members that come out of the building. Go
inside when prompted and shred the gang members inside as well as the item/s
that need destroying to complete the gameplay part of the mission. More easy

After you clear out the interior, the game will explain some of the property
buying mechanics. Remember to pay attention to them!

REWARD: $700

Got Protection? [MWGP]
Wow, there's actually overt racial tension and Marty actually tries to diffuse
it. More political incorrectness aside...Marty's gotten word that the brothel
you just took over is being raided, and he wants you to save his girls. Get up
there - you should already know where it is - and watch the attack take place.

Technically you're supposed to use the nearby Oceanic to perform the meat of
this mission, but for some reason the game might spawn an extra Polaris V8 (it
did when I drove up there in Marty's truck), so use that if the tires are still
good. There are three girls you need to pick up, one North, one to the Southwest
and one Southeast. Head to the North one first, then follow the road down to
Southwest, then to Southeast, to minimize the final drive back to the brothel.

The trick is to get your vehicle between the Cholos and the girl to provide a
second barrier while she gets in, making sure to approach from a side that has
an empty seat for the girl to get in. The Cholos will likely try to get to your
vehicle so keep some SMG ammo handy to pick 'em off...just watch that the girl
doesn't try to get in on that same side. Watch out for Cholo vehicles trying to
pursue you as you pick up the girls, though their threat should quickly subside
as your car fills up, as they're armed with Micro SMGs that will make swiss
cheese out of the cars. Still, expect to lose a tire or two on the way there.

There seems to be a degree of unpredictability during this mission, as the
chicks can suddenly get killed without any warning. For example, one was about
to get into my car when a Cholo car suddenly ran her down. Still, this method
should minimize this risk.

REWARD: $500
        Phil's mission "Marked Men" unlocked.


Let's do Phil's first, for the sake of just clearing out the letters one at a
time. :)



| Louise Cassidy-Williams | [LOCW]

When Funday Comes [LCFC]
Whoa, some (relatively) wholesome real romance and a date that won't end in Hot
Coffee. That's definitely a GTA first. Anyway, take the Regina (the game keeps
deleting your spawn vehicle) and head down to the beacon at the trailer park.

The course goes as follows:
-LEFT out of the trailer park and past Sunshine Autos, then up into a grassy
 pitch before the Airport.
-LEFT after the checkpoint there and turn around, heading across the street and
 onto another grassy patch, 
-Then head straight back down and around the other end of Sunshine Autos,
-Then turn RIGHT into the New Sunshine Autos construction yard. Head right
 around the edge of the pit, then hang left out the side entrance onto some
 grass, then it's back into the trailer park.

The one thing I hate about this mission is the highly unpredictable handling of
the Quadbike. When climbing up the grassy incline in front of the trailer park,
the damn thing wouldn't turn. By contrast, it seemed to want to pull me into the
pit with the slightest twitch when heading around the construction yard.

The Quadbike's handling is a little more predictable in the PS2 version, but try
not to take too many chances.

My general advice is don't floor it all the way, especially during the bigger
turns. You can make up for lost time when re-entering the trailer park.

REWARD: $500
        Quadbike available for purchase ($2000) from Sunshine Autos.
        "Turismo" missions available from Sunshine Autos.

Takin' Out The White Trash [LCTW]
I remember back on an RP forum I used to play around in, I gave this name to a
mission for the prototype of my webcomic character in Vice City. ANYWAY.

You and Louise head down to the trailer park to pick up her stuff...but Marty's
goons already saw you coming.

Get your shorty out and shred all of those suckers where they stand. After you
take out the first four, more will come at you from around the area. They're all
armed with melee weapons save for the last guy*, who has a pistol. They're all
really more easy lock-and-shoot pickin's, as long as Louise doesn't get in the
way, of course. I also noticed the Shorty has a shorter burst radius, so you
shouldn't worry about her unless she's right in the middle of the crossfire.

*For the PS2 versions, change it to last THREE guys.

If you want to be careful, just use a Pistol or more "accurate" weapon.

Finally, get back into the Regina (or Marty's truck, whichever works), head
straight out to Bayshore Avenue and put the pedal to the metal all the way home.
A bunch of Marty's trucks will come at you about the intersection of the
hospital, but if you're going at full speed the traffic should really be more of
a threat.

REWARD: $200
        Louise pages you, asking you to "get over here."
        Which is funny because I was already there.

Meet Mary-Jo, the envious sibling. She tells you about Marty's plans, and you
have to head down the trailer park to thwart them, pronto!

I took the Regina and stopped by the Police Station first, to transfer to a VCPD
Cruiser. If it's locked, just look for something sturdy that can handle the
twisty roads of Vice City's Inner Caribbean.

Catch up to the truck. It'll be hard to do on the inner streets of Little
Havana and Haiti, especially when one of Marty's trucks is also after you. Get
ready to strike if and when he gets to an area with a nice long straightaway, or
catch him at a corner. Once you can get a clear shot at his side, drive-by the
truck and don't stop until he exits your sights!

Once you've inflicted enough damage on Marty's truck, he'll get out and attack
you with a shotgun. Unless your car's close to burning, stay in your vehicle and
continue the drive-by until he goes down too. Just be sure to watch out that
you don't blow up Louise too. Don't worry about his henchmen after you kill
Marty, they'll get out and run.

Finally, head to the safehouse, get the truck sprayed if you want to.

REWARD: Compound (Phil's Place '86) safehouse unlocked.
        Trailer Trash (a.k.a. Carl Johnson) outfit unlocked.

To Victor, the Spoils [LCVS]
Time to claim Marty's empire! You'll need your shotgun and a shot-load (for lack
of a more fitting word that will get by censors) of SMG ammo.

Get down to Sunshine Autos, where you'll be briefed on recruiting. Then recruit
the goons and get them all into the car, then head to the Empire building near
the Beachcomber Hotel.

Louise will leave you on foot, but here it's a simple matter of lock-and-shred,
one by one. They'll very likely be busy with your two goons anyway.

Then get to his Protection Racket, down the road from the Police Station in
Little Havana. Park on the road in front, look right and just hold down the Fire
button. They'll all swarm to your gunfire like moths to a bug-zapper. If any
cops try to get around the driver's side, just switch out while the gang members
cover your other side.

Finally, get inside and thoroughly shred the two Marty goons inside.

Once you're done the game will explain a lot of the mechanics of building your
rep and empire, so for the love of something, PAY ATTENTION.

REWARD: $1500
        Welcome to your new empire!
        Multiplayer content unlocked. See list below.
        Oh, and you've got a visitor at the airport. Hmm, who might it be?


Before beginning the next Chapter, work your reputation up to the max through
the three different businesses available, then go out and conquer the rest of
the island for yourself. Don't worry if you can't build up your Little Haiti
brothel yet, we'll solve that mystery early on in Chapter 2.

This way you assure yourself a steady and safe profit before you continue
wreaking storyline havoc. My empire netted me just over $20,000/day before I
started the next missions...

You should already have somewhere around 45% if you're diligent enough, too!

That's progress, just like my hair!

=o0o Chapter 2 o0o= [CH02]

| Lance Vance | [LAVA]

Jive Drive [LVJD]
Seriously, if the trailers or all the gossip around didn't alert you to this
guy's presence, you'd be thinking "Oh God No." when you first meet Lance. But at
least the trouble you get into here isn't (entirely) his fault this time around.

The theme song (as it were, the radio is automatically tuned into this track) is
Run DMC's "It's Like That."

The first part consists of you as the car's "turret," trying to take down the
Cholos that come at you as Lance tries to evade them. This part is actually
quite easy if you hold down the L button to slow your aim. Keep the reticule
about the level of the cars' windshields so you can get the passenger, then
driver. When taking down those on foot you can simply hold the reticule about
the level of the goons and the car will scroll the aim through the group for

You'll also go through the trenches in Little Haiti, in which case you can
simply adjust your aim upward and then back down again to take out the ones on
motorcycles. The chase part will end when Lance hits the "Lance Vance Chance"

Once the cutscene's over - and yes, that car's supposed to explode - lock on and
take down the first group of Cholos as quickly as you can. Then shadow Lance,
making sure to take down whichever group he's taking out. Watch out, some of
them might take cover behind the giant dumpsters, blocking your aim. You'll
automatically get a 2-star wanted level after taking down six gang members.

As soon as they're all dead, make a break for the Cholo Sabre parked by the open
gate (i.e. the one by the first group of Cholos you took down). Make sure Lance
gets in too, as the AI nodes seem to be out of whack for that area.

Race for the Pay 'n Spray, which isn't much of a drive South down Bayshore
Avenue. After the spray you can take your time heading to the hotel beacon,
which is up a driveway along the West perimeter road in Downtown.

REWARD: You LIVE! AGAIN! Dickheads!
        Umberto pages you, offering you work at the U icon in Little Havana.
        Louise has a new set of missions. You know where to find her.

The Audition [LVAU]
This mission is unlocked by completing "Hose The Hoes" for Louise.

Lance is scheming and he wants you to trust him. Two words: Uh oh. Make sure
you're A&A for this one.

Get down to King Knuts', just down the road. Your driving has to really suck for
you not to get there in time. Once inside, Lance will make a call...before the
place suddenly gets held up by a bunch of robbers.

Thoroughly shred the goons...and you'll walk outside and right into a police
blockade with 2 stars. Nice going, Lance. Repeat the process for these lightly
armed cops, jump into one of their cars, and make for Viceport. Here, Lance is
actually helpful for once, as his gunfire will quickly disable the cops that are
after you.

I noticed that there's also a Bobcat parked in an open lot to the left of the
doorway that you can also use to make your getaway, and the Pay N' Spray will
help...but in the interest of time, convenience and fun, we'll stick with the
cop car.

There will be a Sanchez parked by the indicated staircase that you can use
to make the jumps into the impound. Make sure the coast is clear before getting
onto it though.

Once in the impound, there'll be goons waiting for you, leading all the way to
Forbes' car. Get rid of the first few with your Uzi, then make your way toward
the car, but leave the vehicle once you spot the next set. Dispatch the goons
with your SMG as soon as you can lock on to them, and repeat the process until
you get to the car.

Head toward the ramp but STOP before you reach the clearing that leads to it.
Get out and clear out the goons that are waiting for you. If you haven't gotten
the Red Balloon hidden by one of the warehouses (see below) then now's a good

Leap out of the impound using the ramp and...Lance will leave you there.


REWARD: $750.
        Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound side-task unlocked.
        Lance pages you, unlocking Brian Forbes' missions.

Caught As An Act [LVCA]
This mission is unlocked after completing "Money for Nothing."

Turns out that Lance is actually right for once, and the man in question tries
to make a getaway. Make a break for the Cheetah parked by the stairs and hop
right in. Catch up to him with the car, and the cash will spill out on the first
impact. Your objective is to get him out of the car without destroying it and
before all the cash flies out.

The trick is getting up close to Forbes' side, with your bumper just ahead, then
pinning Forbes' car at such an angle that he'll be wedged in. The AI will be
"cornered" in a manner in which the only way out is forward. Don't try getting
him to stop where a building juts out though, he'll just back up and be on his
way again. Of course, on one try I was able to force his car behind the fence of
the fire station yard, and he ended up dragging along the fence at such a speed
that I could run up to the car and yank Forbes out from the passenger side.

As soon as you drag him out you'll be thrown into a cutscene, and you're done.

REWARD: $750
        Lance Mission "Snitch Hitch" unlocked at his hotel.
        Forbes missions unlocked at the building where you brought him.
        VNN announcement about some random act of kindness. Weirdo.

Snitch Hitch [LVSH]
Get to the airport within 3 minutes. It helps to use Bayshore Avenue all the way
down. Get there turns out the dealer already sold the file to some guy
at the other terminal.


Head through the service entrance of the other terminal and follow the runway.
STOP as soon as the guards spawn. Approach each of them and lock on as soon as
they start firing. Take 'em out one by one while Lance taunts them. Once you
finish off the first set, Lance will enter the plane and some Bikers will
arrive, trying to claim what's theirs. They're easy to take down if you keep the
lock on.

When all the bikers bite the dust, Lance will leave you there. Again. Damn him.

At least you could probably take the Cheetah to the Impound if you haven't done
so already.

REWARD: $1000
        The satisfaction of shouting Lance Vance down.

From Zero to Hero [LVZH]
This mission is unlocked after finishing "The Bum Deal" for Bryan Forbes.

Time to get back at your old friend Jerry. To a degree. That big shipment you've
been hearing about was actually Jerry's, and it's time to take it from him.

Head down to the dock beacon in the Sentinel XS provided, near the red bridge at
the Little Haiti coastal backroads. There'll be another cutscene, after which
it's time for things to get UGLY. Whip out an SMG (hopefully the MP5 you took
from Forbes) and Vice City type-write everyone. Interestingly, you should let
Lance take care of the guys on the trucks, as he stands at the ideal
aiming angle. Once they're all dead, get into the truck.

Following Lance isn't that hard to do. The goons that try to follow you are
little more than an annoyance, just spin them out to keep them distracted until
you get to the bridge.

Jerry will bomb the bridge for this part of the game, just keep the throttle
to the floor and keep to the sidewalk on the opposite side of where you see the
missiles going down. It's a bit easier to do this at night given that the
missiles are easier to see then.

The last part of the chase is a cakewalk. Lance's truck will essentially take
care of any roadblocks ahead, while SWAT vans will try but very likely fail to
shake your truck from its bearings. Once you reach Lance's garage at the
southern tip of the island, it's time to celebrate. After Lance's laughable
rendition of Martin Luther King Jr, that is.

REWARD: $3000
        Welcome to East Island!
        "Clymenus Suite"/Midland Safehouse unlocked.
        Little Willie available for $5000 at Midland.
        VNN Bulletin essentially proclaiming that the (game) world is yours.
        Split-6 ATV available for $4500 at the Compound.

        (PS2) Squallo available for $4000 at the long dock near the Junkyard.
              Skimmer available for $4500 at the dock behind Midland.
              BP Ventoso available for $2500 next to King Knuts, Downtown.
              Marquis available for $4500 at the dock near the freighter
                      used in "Leap and Bound," Viceport.
              Jetski available for $4500 south of Hyman Stadium, where the
                     grassy "beach" meets the concrete at the north side.


| Louise Cassidy-Williams | [LCW2]

Hose The Hoes [LCHH]
If you're wondering why you couldn't build up your Little Haiti starter brothel,
this is the reason - Marty's gang has set it on fire!

First, you have to pick up a firetruck, and thankfully, there's one parked just
up the road toward Downtown. Even more thankfully, it's likely that the game
WON'T delete the vehicle you headed over to her place with, so if it isn't worse
than her Regina (I brought the Cholo Sabre from "Jive Drive"), get into that and
take Louise up to the firetruck.

I recommend getting into it from the right so that Louise will follow easily.

Head down to the brothel and you'll see two burning cars as well as one huge
three-part spanning the building. Your main worry is the firing angle. Parking
with even one wheel on the sidewalk will send the water clear over the cars and
possibly the building, extinguishing nothing. You'll see what looks like steam
if the water is on target. It's okay to let the cars explode though, they
didn't seem to make a difference in the fire meter.

Once the cars are put out/exploded, target the building. It's not that hard to
aim right, and as for the arrows that appear later on, the water will go THROUGH
the building for whatever those arrows are supposed to indicate. Once all
three/five fires have been extinguished, Louise will point you in the direction
of the arsonist, who just happens to be across the street.

You can chase him up to the roof if you like, you can catch up to him easy. I
just ran a few meters forward and picked him off with my Micro SMG.

REWARD: $300
        The Sentinel parked near the arsonist.

Robbing The Cradle [LCRC]
You'll need a good amount of SMG ammo and at least full health for this one, as
well as a nice sturdy car. I just used the Sentinel from the previous mission.
>D ANYWAY. Louise has second thoughts about sending hitmen to Social Services,
so she wants you to put those thoughts into action.

Get in the Sentinel (or Louise's Regina, whatever floats your boat) and head
toward Downtown. You'll see the Welfare man being pursued by two goons in a
Bobcat. Issue drive-by justice to the goons until they stop, then get out and
finish the job. For some reason they simply stopped but didn't come out after a
certain damage level before the truck caught fire, allowing me to pick them off
in the cockpit with an AK. Either way it's easy pickin's.

Time for the social worker. Smash his car up a couple times with the car, and if
smoke's already billowing from your vehicle, issue short bursts of drive-by
justice until he stops and gets out. And...that's it! XD

REWARD: $300
        Louise thanks you. That's awful nice, really.


| Umberto Robina | [UBRB]

Nice Package [URNP]
And Umberto wants you to prove that you have one by fetching one for him. Make
sure to have an SMG or Assault Rifle equipped before starting this mission.

You'll start off in a Cuban Hermes, and your destination is supposedly the V-
Rock Studio, Downtown. Slink out quickly toward Bayshore Avenue, and race for
your life north, keeping to the left as the road forks into Downtown. You'll
pass another car on the way and Juan (your "wingman") will give a few warning
shots, but don't worry about that car for now.

About the time you reach Ammu-Nation, the game will notify you that Hilberto's
team has the package, and at that point the car should be rounding the corner
and heading RIGHT FOR YOU! Smash them head-on if you can, then turn around and
pursue, keeping close. DON'T issue any drive-by justice unless you're sure the
road's nice and clear ahead, and even then it shouldn't be very long as all the
other cars will catch up soon and it'll be one big banger racing pit on Bayshore

If you're really good you can force Hilberto out of the car and take the package
back before the rest of the pack catches up, but in case they do, watch for
where the package ends up and get ready to make a move. Even though your car is
Puncture-Proof and more armored than normal, it's not invincible. You don't want
to be left without a vehicle while the car carrying the guy with the package
speeds off.

Once you get the package it's a mad dash down Bayshore Avenue back to Viceport.
Stop by the Pay 'N Spray in Little Haiti if you have to, after which you can
drive full speed through the gates and into the beacon. It doesn't matter if
Juan was killed or left behind, you won't get a bonus for his survival.

REWARD: $750
        If you've kept the Hermes you can drive it down the street to the
        Impound for a little extra.
        VNN makes a bulletin with some rather interesting connotations...

Balls [URBL]
No seriously, that's what the mission is called. Jerry's hired the Cholos to
start wreaking some havoc all over Little Havana and you and a couple of
Umberto's goons are to play peacekeeper. There's an Admiral across the street
you can use.

You'll alternate between sets of Cholo on foot and those driving cars. Run the
foot over and stay close to the ones in cars, issuing drive-by justice if
necessary. Be careful not to stay too close to the cars if they explode. Chances
are your Admiral will go up in flames too, so get ready to make a mad dash for
some traffic you can jack. And watchc out for your men, they can take a lot of
punishment but they can still die, and you'll fail if any one of them do.

The latter doesn't seem too likely though, so just kick back and have fun.

REWARD: $800

Papi Don't Screech [URPP]
"Cause I've made up my mind, I~m keepin' my baby..."

I highly recommend upsizing your business near Umberto's diner to High Roller,
just for safety purposes. After watching Umberto have what is arguably
his manliest moment in his entire line of cutscenes, you're to head up to the
Stadium to pick up his dad in the Cuban Hermes provided.

From here you're to bring him back to the diner with a seemingly generous time
limit, but there's a twist. You're to drive down no faster than a certain speed,
and avoid the Cholos patrolling the Little Caribbean streets. Once you're
spotted, Alberto's dead.

Thankfully you can avoid all that.

Immediately head straight south onto the asphalt backroad that leads behind
Downtown. Follow it onto the grassy beach, and keep to the left of the huge
Unique Jump mound at the end, so you end up on the cobbled path. Then follow the
path along the coast. It will hook around and lead you up and over a red bridge
before leading you toward another huge Unique Jump mound. This time, hang right
and follow the grassy patch to the airport fence. Follow the wall around until
you can see a gap in the corrugated wall to your left with the jump from "Jive
Drive" in front. Slide down the gap such that you end up behind your business,
concealed at the corner of the wall. Be careful that you don't end up stuck on
the sand.

At this point there will be three Cholo patrols nearby, one down Airport Road
near Stonewall J's, and one in the alleyway just to the north of Café Robina.
The one you want to worry about is the one making its rounds in front of the
diner. Wait till that one passes and rounds the corner. Once it passes the
intersection by Stonewall J's, BREAK FOR THE DINER AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

Wasn't that fun?

REWARD: $1000

Havana Good Time [URHT]
Take the Hermes provided and make your way to the shanty town in Little Havana.
Make sure you're A&A before attempting this one.

I like to play Delta Force on the way to the entrance. As soon as the entrance
guards start shooting, return fire with an SMG or shred them. Try to lead them
so they all try to come through one passageway, right into the line of fire.

Once you're through you'll be defending Umberto's men from the Cholos as they
load up the vans. This part's rather easy, just dash over to whichever entrance
they're coming through and shred them. There's a number of entrances that are
hard to spot but they're at the very corners of the interior.

After the vans are fully loaded you'll be shown a cutscene, then it's time for
you to make for the hills. The Cholo will keep spawning around you, so just
clear the ones in front so you can escape.

To minimize the threat from the Cholo cars that start chasing you, make for the
should-now-be-familiar coastal backroads and follow them all the way until you
see the bridge that leads to Fort Baxter. Head left back onto Little Havana
streets and the Cholo will resume chase, though in my case they came at me as I
tried to exit and weren't as persistent since. Once you drive into the beacon
just sit back and watch the fireworks!

REWARD: $1500
        "Cuban-Style" outfit unlocked.
        VNN announces the end of the Little Havana conflict. Splendid.


| Bryan Forbes | [BRFO]

Money for Nothing [BFMN]
Take the Sentinel provided down to the parking lot near the Moist Palms. The
easier entrance is cutting across the grassy path as you exit Downtown via
Bayshore Avenue. Then take the van down to the building in the alley behind the
Print Works and your Empire building there.

As soon as the cheap cutscene is done...

Exit the alley to the nearest street, and break RIGHT. Head onto the cobbled
path where the makeshift Fort Baxter bridge is. Unless you're unlucky enough to
have a bunch of cops suddenly come at you in a way they block you off from the
backroads and bust you before you can get away, you can break left again before
the bridge, and the cops won't pursue you if you do it straight. Head left onto
the grassy patch when you reach the Unique Jump mound and park your car by the

Now just sit back and relax until the Progress bar fills up. If a helicopter
comes, just circle the area (and be careful not to flip over or get stuck) until
Lance is in the clear. A cop car might chase you into the backroads, just stop
and drive-by anyone who comes out before continuing on.

The hard part is getting to the Pay 'N Spray. I recommend the one in Viceport.

Head out of the backroads through the same exit prescribed when evading the
Cholos in "Papi Don't Screech," then continue down past Sunshine Autos. As you
pass the trailer park, bank left and head between the buildings where you'll
find a Cop Star, leaving you with a more manageable level that you can live with
all the way to the Pay 'N Spray.

REWARD: $1500
        Lance pages you, unlocking "Caught As An Act" at the Stadium.

Leap And Bound [BFLB]
This mission is unlocked after completing "Caught As An Act."

Head up to Downtown (no pun intended) and climb the stairs at the indicated
building to get to the beacon. Once there you'll be provided with, and
instructed to arm your binoculars. Watch as Lance gets what he deserves.
Unfortunately, you have to save him. Jump off the building and get into the

Race down Bayshore Avenue to keep up with the boat, leading you to the ship
parked just off the road in Viceport.

Hit the Unique Jump ramp to land on the ship, and thoroughly shred the guy who
starts firing at you. Now head to the aft of the ship and into the marker.

Shred the first guy you see as you head down the stairs, but don't head
straight, that's a dead end* even though you can see Lance. Head left instead,
and down the stairs, shredding the two guys there. There's health under the
stairs if you need it. Head down the passageway and you'll end up in the brig
where you'll find Lance surrounded by three guys. Go forward and quickly shred
them when they come at you, as one of them will have a chainsaw.

(*I just learned that you CAN jump right off the balcony and save yourself a
  lot of trouble, at least on the PS2 version.)

Head back from whence you came and you'll find the first package in the hallway
leading to the aforementioned dead end. As you head back up the stairs there'll
be two guys waiting for you to shred.

Now explore the boat and thoroughly shred anyone who gets in the way between you
and the merchandise. They're really easy pickings.

Technically, you're supposed to snatch the Sanchez parked nearby and use the
ramp to jump off the boat and into the ending beacon, but if you're collecting
for List 2 at the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound, leap off the side of the boat
on foot and grab the Comet while you're at it, then drive into the beacon.

Once again, Lance will leave you there.


REWARD: $1500

The Bum Deal [BFBD]
It's a short drive to the White Stallionz Bar. Hell, you can just walk there.

When you arrive, gun down the bikers outside so you don't have to deal with them
later, then go in. You're about to find out why one of them would be driving a
Ventoso to a biker bar.

Once the cutscene ends it's time to show these weirdos what you can do with YOUR
little Shorty. The first set of goons like to use their hands to do the job,
while there a bunch of others packing their own pistols. After they all succumb
to the power of your Shorty (metaphorically speaking, as Lance said) head
outside and work your magic on the ones waiting there. Make sure Lance doesn't
get caught in the crossfire.

I chose the WinterGreen on the way out because I was completing the Civil
Forfeiture lists, but the Freeway is also a nice choice. For some reason the
Wintergreen handled better than normal. Either way, get back to your apartment
to find Forbes escaping on a Ventoso. Pursue him with your enhanced cycle and
he'll end up on Bayshore Avenue, allowing you to catch up quick and smite him
with some forward drive-by justice.

Ooooh, he's got an MP5!

NOTE: The gun named SMG will be hereafter referred to as an MP5 in order to
      avoid confusion with the SMG weapons category.

Gay connotations aside, drive Lance back to his hotel and you're done.

REWARD: Vic and Lance's entry and exit portals intact.
        Aunt Enid pages you, complimenting Lance. Thanks a lot.


Once you've unlocked the East Island I recommend you do what I recommended at
the end of Chapter 1 - expand your empire to the max, complete as many side 
tasks on BOTH islands as you can, and complete your collection of discovered

Oh, and there's one particular building that you won't be able to raid yet, but
like the starter brothel in Little Haiti, you'll be able to get to that later.

=o0o Chapter 3 o0o= [CH03]

| Lance Vance | [LVA3]

Brawn Of The Dead [L3BD]
Now you know why they never hired Ving Rhames to play Vic. Anyway, Lance has
found a customer up at the mall and he wants you to head over there. The mission
will fast-forward the game time to 22:00, and you have to be there by 4:15.

Once you get to the mall, you'll be hired as a stuntman in Spitz' zombie flick
while Lance negotiates a deal. Your first scene is to hold down the information
booth with the female lead with a shotgun with unlimited ammo. This scene is, of
course, a cakewalk. With zombies. Just lock on, fire, and shift to the next
target. One shot will take a zombie down, and make sure your girlfriend doesn't
get in the way. Don't rest as soon as the timer runs out though, you'll be
finished when Spitz says so.

The second scene has you trying to stop zombies from entering the Vinyl
Countdown, armed with only a Katana. Again, easy if you know (i.e. I teach you)
the method. Zip to and from each flank, locking on to the Zombies and giving
them their final cut. Make sure you're locked on so you're not just slashing at
air, and alternate between each flank to keep your bases covered. Once again,
the scene will end when the director calls it a wrap.

Finally, just drive Lance back to his apartment. For some reason there was a
glitch that caused the Infernus I brought there to spawn UPSIDE-DOWN and
explode, so I just grabbed another car.

When you get back to your apartment, there'll be a supposedly-shocking-but-
knowing-Lance-then-you-probably-saw-it-coming revelation waiting.

REWARD: $850
        Pastel Suit available at Safehouses.
        Spitz pages you, unlocking Reni's missions at Interglobal Studios.
        Lance wants you over there pronto...

Blitzkrieg [L3BK]
After yelling at Lance some more it's time for you to head out to defend a
business. That's right, this storyline mission is essentially a formalized
Empire defense mission. Make sure you're A&A, of course.

I had made the effort to take over the Empire building closest to Lance's
business so I could probably have walked there if I didn't want to arrive in 80s
style. Lance will defend the closest business to the start point anyway, from
the sidewalk.

Using the South Ocean Beach building as the template, the best vantage point is
the street, this way Lance doesn't get in your way as you take out the goons
coming at you. You'll know this mission is almost over when a bunch of goons
arrive in cars, but you and Lance - who can actually do some damage without
taking too much - should be able to take them out before they can shred you.

After that, there's a cutscene, a much-needed apology, and you're done.

REWARD: $500
        The Mendezes page you, opening up their missions at Prawn Island.

Turn on, Tune in, Bug out [L3TB]
This mission is unlocked by completing "Hostile Takeover" for the Mendezes.

This was probably the first mission to give me chronic frustration, especially
since the first parts were EASY if you have Molotovs or Grenade. That and Lance
yells at YOU this time.

Head to Ammu-Nation and pick up the free Rocket Launcher. You'll really only
need one shot if you've managed to accumulate a good stock of Molotovs or
Grenades. Next, head up to the nearest cop station, climb the stairs to the roof
and whack the two cops by the helicopter before taking out the antennae. If
you've destroyed them right the Maverick should be yours for the taking. Snatch
it and fly direct to the Little Havana police station, landing on the middle of
the roof where the SMG power-up is.

There's a cop-chopper with external gunmen waiting to pin you to the roof, but a
good rocket shot is all you need to make them go away. They probably won't do
much damage to your own Maverick either. Repeat the blast-or-burn process on the
two antenna there before whipping out your assault rifle, then fly Downtown.

You'll be received by AA fire when you get above the police station. Drop
yourself off onto the helipad (as in, leap out of your copter but from too high)
and pick off all the DEA agents from there. There's one on the helipad, another
on the lower roof and three on the raised roof. Once they're all down,
blast-or-burn the antennae.

If you've done all this right you'll have a 5-Star wanted level, and it's here
that I save you more trouble.

Technically, you're supposed to use the PCJ-600 at the bottom of the stairs to
make a mad dash toward the Pay 'N Spray, but neither you nor the bike will stand
a chance against MP5-armed agents and FBI Washingtons hurtling at you at full
speed. Believe me, I tried. THRICE. You could also use a map and locate enough
cop "stars" to bring down the wanted level to something manageable or even
eliminate it altogether.

Truthfully though, you really only need ONE. Take the Maverick already at the
station and fly down to the construction yard just south of Downtown. Pick up
the Cop Star there while in the chopper, then hop around to the north side of
the yard where a Pony will be waiting. Get into that and simply sprint down to
the Pay 'n Spray from there, staying on the divider until the first planters
appear. Don't worry about the roadblocks, Micro SMGs are piddance compared to
MP5s. Just keep that throttle pedal FLOORED!

Once your car is sprayed, you're all done.

REWARD: $300 for me sparing you the trouble. Blaah. D<
        Reni pages you, and Reni's got an offer, xxoxoooxoxo.
        Rocket Launcher available for purchase from Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation.

Taking The Fall [L3TF]
This mission is unlocked after completing "Home's On The Range" for Gonzalez.

Lance is acting untrustworthy. Again. Still, as your brother you have to help
him out, and besides, he'll actually prove useful for a lot of this mission if
you can fly right. That's right, this time you're flying and he's gunning.
You and Lance will get into a helicopter to take out some bikers. You have to
maintain "balance" by keeping the helicopter level and stationary, so Lance's
firing will be at its most accurate. And when it's accurate, it's positively

Your first destination should be Starfish Island. The bikers should be heading
toward West Island, so get ready to head them off. Do that and stay low with
Lance facing them, and he should be able to decimate them. If a few get past,
quickly fly ahead and intercept, and repeat the process until they're all down.
I was able to get them just after the inter-island loading screen.

Next stop is the hotel construction yard right up the avenue. There are two sets
of targets at first, one at the higher floors of the scaffolding at the back of
the hotel, and one on the foreman's shack at the north end of the yard. Hover
close and Lance should take them out easy. After those are done there will be
one more set on the roof, so repeat the process there.

Then you'll be treated to a cutscene where you'll be shot down and you'll have
to rescue Lance. This is where your being A&A with an assault rifle comes into
play. Start from the ground floor, get behind the vans (and the Cop Star if you
want) and get up the scaffolding. For some reason the Bikers in the upper floor
aren't as heavily armed as their ground floor counterparts, so just work left to
right. Finally, go the back of the room where Lance will demonstrate a Unique
Jump (see Downtown Unique Jump #2) and you're done.

REWARD: $300, but this was easy anyway.
        VNN says there weren't any drugs in the hotel. Duh.
        Biker Angel now spawns at Lance's hideout.

White Lies [L3WL]
First you're shown what you kinda sorta knew to be true all along, then you tell
Lance not to be stupid. The next thing you know, you're chasing said stupid
person around in a hovercraft, trying to pick up the packages as he throws them
out of a helicopter he's flying erratically.

Switch to in-car view as it will help you manage the camera better and put you
in a position to head right over the target packages. Also, do this at night so
you can see the packages better.

If you find you really bite at trying to get the packages, do the Haiti or
Harbor Hover Races - in-vehicle view - until you can manage the handling. For me
though the only real frustration was heading back into the water after crossing
the bridge, as the gap ended up flipping the hovercraft over. I managed to
evade this by sliding off to the incline's left and then working my way back

Once you pick up enough packages to fill the meter you'll automatically finish.

REWARD: $1500
        Martinez wants a pass at Louise. Go on, take the whore.
        Bovver '64 available for $4500 behind Clymenus/Midland.

Where it Hurts Most [L3HM]
Someone very close to you has just gone and done something impulsive and stupid,
and now you have to bail that someone out from a sticky situation. That's right,
you're going to save LOUISE! *roffles*

When you get to King Knuts, you'll see Martinez' men driving her away, and three
guys with bats will try to beat you down. Shred these Warriors rejects as soon
as you can, then run out onto the street and get into the first ride.

She will be hidden in one of three cars Downtown: one in an alley by King Knuts,
one behind the fire department (see the PCJ-600 in the Civil Asset Forfeiture
Impound section), and one in the alley just off of Hyman Condos. Each car is
placed deep in said alleys, behind at least one Bobcat and some armed guards.
The guards should be easy to pick off with the sniper rifle, and you can molotov
each car, the force of the blast hopefully getting it out of the way.

As is GTA, the car is NEVER the first one, so do the Fire Department alley
first. You should essentially expect to find Louise at the last one, which for
me was the Hyman Condos car. On the PS2 I managed to find her at the second the Fire Department alley.


Finally, take Louise to the Hospital, with the hope that the cops don't dog you
enough for you to fail the mission.

REWARD: $500

Blitzkrieg Strikes Again [L3BA]
This mission is unlocked by completing "Burning Bridges" for the Mendezes.

Which can only mean that the Mendez Brothers are going to strike your

You'll have 8 minutes to devend the three closest businesses to Lance's, while
Los Cabrones and Phil take care of the other (insert how many others you've
conquered here). If you've completed your empire you could practically run
to each business, but let's just try to keep this short and sweet. The great
thing about this mission is that the only way you can really get killed - bar
complete stupidity and no A&A - is if you end up in the line of Lance's M4 fire.

Business 1 consists of lightly-armed henchmen that you and Lance can quickly mow
down. I actually forgot to stock up on assault-rifle ammo, but thankfully I
managed to recover my ass-load-of-MP5 from "Burning Bridges," so they were no
problem. The last goons will arrive in a car, and the whole ordeal should take
off no more than a minute unless some goons accidentally spawn behind a building
a block away, which can happen.

Businesses 2 and 3 are pretty much the same, the goons will have no more than
Uzis and they'll send two cars at you, one at the half and one at the end.

REWARD: $700 for surviving three rounds with the Blidiot.
        Reni pages, begging for a Nubian Adonis, meaning Reni's got a mission.
        Lance saying he's got the man for the job unlocks more Diaz missions.
        VNN announcement with the funniest tag-line so far.

Lost and Found [L3LF]
Drive (or fly XD) up to the hospital to pick up Louise. Once you get there,
you'll meet up with her and THEN learn that Lance has once again gotten himself
in trouble. Typical.

Head into hospital grounds toward the beacon, which will leave you inside the
helicopter. Fly all the way to the beachside high-rises on the OTHER island
(should be a mostly direct flight anyway) and land on the roof beacon near
Lance. You should be experienced enough that you won't have to worry about
accidentally shredding him with the blades or fumbling enough that you'll fail
the 30-second limit you'll get when Louise spots him.

Now you're supposed to take out the boats. The mechanics of this part are the
same as "White Lies" - keep the helicopter balanced so Lance has the best
accuracy. Go straight for the lead Tropic and cut it off. Once everyone on it is
dead, it'll stop along with the rest of the formation, allowing for easy
pickings as long as you don't hover too close. After the other boats have been
cleared, hover low over the Tropic to drop Lance off.

As soon as Lance rides off into the sunset, fly Louise back to her apartment.
The two of you will make up (but not out, no thanks to Jack Thompson) and that's
that. For now.

REWARD: $1500
        Martinez pages you with yet another warning.

Light My Pyre [L3LP]
This mission is unlocked by completing "In The Air Tonight" for Reni.

You're out to save Louise, but Lance is far more hellbent on avenging his car.

Which bites because he's going the first part of this mission unarmed.

Before starting this mission I highly recommend stocking up on Minigun AND SMG
ammo, though I got away with substituting the M249 for the Minigun. Conquering
all the Empire buildings is also very highly recommended.

You start the mission on foot, while Lance rides off on a bike. You have to
catch up with him and fend off the Mendez cars all the way up to the bridge to
Prawn Island. Start by running out onto the road in front and jacking the FIRST
car/cycle you come across, then jam the throttle to catch up with Lance on Ocean

The SMG ammo comes into play here as you will now be issuing more drive-by
justice than Shaft, Kojak, and Crockett & Tubbs combined. Lance tends to follow
the car so stay by its side while he diverts most of the car's fire. Watch
carefully that he doesn't end up between you or the car. He'll disengage from
that car only when it catches fire, and then it's time to move on up. If your
own car catches fire, be prepared to switch cars as soon as you bail out.

Attaining all Empire buildings will work much to your favor as you pass the
Malibu, as there'll be a bullet-proof car waiting at the Empire building just
after that (if it's not there, then it'll spawn pretty quickly.) Hop into that
car and get back on the trail. Once you hit the Prawn Island bridge you'll get a
cutscene that shows Lance entering the mansion. Cars will block off the gates,
and you have to follow.

There's health in the bushes at the road up to the mansion, and armor in
Interglobal Studios, behind the "Crash!" bus if you need it.

Park just up the incline but short of the gate, get out and take care of anyone
who might spawn on the sidewalk. Then blow up the two cars blocking the gates.
You can make your way to the indicator at the BACK of the mansion the hard way -
by blasting a swath clear through the constantly-spawning enemies all the way
to the gate.

Or you could do it the easy way if you have a BP car by driving right through
the gates and advancing to the beacon like you're in Fallujah, issuing drive-by
justice to these "terrorists" as you go along. Be sure to stop as close to the
beacon as you can so you don't have to spend too much time exposed. Of course,
if you didn't arm your M249/Minigun, be sure to do so before you hit the beacon.

When you get inside, Armando will tell you that he's killed Louise (noooo!) and
Lance (woohoo!) and then try to do the same to you with his flamethrower. Simply
lock onto him with the M249/Minigun and shred him in seconds from where you
start off. His flamethrower won't do much damage, and you can smile extra hard
if you've got Fireproofing.

After he goes down, you'll watch a scene that would actually be tear-jerking if
it actually had audio. Damn. The PS2 version does, though.

REWARD: $2500
        Diaz knows how you can take Mendez down, unlocking "Over The Top."


| Reni Wassulmaier | [REWA]

Accidents Will Happen [RWAH]
Reni certainly is a...universal personality. Leg-humping aside...Reni suddenly
needs a stunt driver, and predictably enough, you're it. You'll be given a red
Infernus, then head to the starting line which is just over the bridge.

The course will take you around the Ducum Inn, then through the park shortcut
between the mall and the Prawn Island bridge. You'll head south down Vice Point,
cutting through a row of houses before ending up near the Leaf Links bridge.
You'll continue south and right down the fairgrounds. There will be a
number of ramps along the way, usually posted along the bridges. There are also
other Infernuses that you can smash into to keep that Action meter going, don't
worry because their explosions won't do smack to your ride unless you somehow
get flipped over in the process.

Cut through the construction site near the Viceport Bridge Empire building, and
continue south until you end up near an alleyway that leads to the ramp of the
condemned building near the Pay 'n Spray. If you've done it right you'll have
enough time to stop and align yourself so you can hit the ramp.

If you hit the ramp at the required speed you'll be shown a cutscene that
reminds me of Tomorrow Never Dies for some reason. Once that scene is over,
you're done.

Oh, and don't skip the cutscene, otherwise in-car audio will be disabled for
some reason. You can re-enable it by going to the Audio menu and letting the
music play before exiting.

REWARD: 850 beautiful dollars.

The Colonel's Coke [RWCC]
This mission is unlocked by completing "Turn on, Tune in, Bug out."

I thought Reni was going to fire that bitch. Seriously, Frankie creeps me out
more than Reni does.

Drive down to a very familiar dock and meet a very familiar (for VC fans anyway)
face. Then get into the chopper. Your mission is to escort Gonzalez' boat all
the way down to Viceport, and he'll be attacked from sea, land and air.
Thankfully, your helicopter is actually invincible (I never got shot down and it
actually clung to the ceiling of a bridge for several seconds without even
smoking) and has superior firepower thanks to your gun and the gunmen on the

Don't worry about the ones on Jetskis, and you can easily take out the ones
coming in on the big wooden Yolas. In case there are some land gunners nearby,
just hover close (I couldn't hit them for beans.) and let the side gunners take
them out.

When you get to an also-familiar tanker an enemy chopper will take off to attack
the boat, and this is where your Sea Sparrow skills are most needed. Get it into
your gunsights and fill that bastard fulla holes, thankfully the gun will make
short work of it. After it's down you can simply continue to fend off the naval
goons until Gonzalez gets to the garage.

REWARD: $850

Kill Phil [RWKP]
Reni and Reni's friend Barry want you to go escort a superstar as he arrives in
town. The catch being that his "fans" from Liberty City are not very happy that
Barry never repaid them the 3 million "quid" he borrowed. But we'll worry about
that in a bit. For now, get your assault rifle ready.

Drive down to the bullet-proof limo parked at a beachside hotel in Vice Point,
and drive THAT to the park by the Starfish Island bridge. You know, the one
where they build that building that Avery wants you to destroy, but that's for
the future. (Or was that the past?) Anyway, Barry's star will land and -
predictably - get ambushed by Barry's creditors.

Once you step out of the car, shuffle a bit to your left and work your assault
rifle magic left to right, or vice versa, whichever direction works best. Phil
should barely be scratched if you do this quickly.

That's right. Phil COLLINS.

Finally, you're supposed to rush Phil and Barry back to the hotel near the
Marina. The problem is not worrying about the limo or its passengers, it's that
the goons' driveby can hit YOU. Stick to the sidewalks if you can, and make sure
to try spinning out a couple if you can. Go for the tires to spin out any
roadblocks they throw at you. Once you reach the marina, you're done.

REWARD: $1000
        VNN announcement that Phil Collins is in town. Whoop-de-doo.
        Gonzalez mission "Home's On The Range" unlocked at the driving range.

Say Cheese [RWSC]
You'll find this mission at one of the studio hangars instead of the usual start

Get on the jetski at the back. The route to the first ramp is easy. The trick to
getting the next ramps is to watch the throttle, and don't floor it or shove the
analog nub when the turns get too hard. In-ski view also works so you know where
you're going. Finally, watch the arrows!

The course will take you straight toward Leaf Links where you'll cross-section
an island before being led into the canals. About halfway down those you'll
encounter a sharp right which will take you to another ramp that leads into the
narrow canals on another Leaf Links island. After you criss-cross those you'll
end up on a ramp that will leave you in the main bay, and it's pretty much a
straight shot all the way to the ramp near the Hospital.

Bail in the air and transfer to the bike, and follow the course markings all the
way to the end. The only tricky checkpoint is the one that gets over the
hospital wall near the beginning of this segment of the course, since you'll
essentially be driving blind until you land from the bushes.

Heh heh...she just can't get enough.

REWARD: $850 and another Rockstar sex-pun.

Kill Phil: Part 2 [RWK2]
This mission is unlocked after completing "Purple Haze" for Gonzalez.

Remind me never to take a transgender for a date to Monaco. Anyway.

The mission will jump time to 12:30 and you'll have until 17:30 to clear out the
threat at the stadium, so head down there pronto. For some reason the only
vehicle available to me nearby was the Caddy, so I just ran outside and jacked
something faster.

As soon as you enter the stadium, lock-on and whack the guy in front of you.
It'll be some long tunnels, so you can use the BMX provided. Just be sure to
power-bail right before you reach each set.

Once you're there you're essentially following the tunnel to each set of hitmen.
The first two sets - after the one you see as you enter - consist of you coming
up a short set of stairs to whack four people. Keep going after the second set
and you'll soon end up in the main performance area, under the rigging.

Keep going forward until you see a ramp to your right. Go up those and whack
everyone on stage, then get back on the bike and drop down to the right to head
toward the next tunnels.

There's health and armor where the fourth set should be. Keep going to whack the
fifth set (which is exactly like the first two only they're not up a short
flight of stairs), and grab the keycard that one of them drops. Backtrack
quickly toward the beacon that will lead you to the basement. Once you're
there you'll be at one end of a hall with a doorway at the end that leads to a
room full of henchmen.

Go up to the doorway but don't go in unless you like (being) swiss cheese.
Instead, shift about the edge of the doorway on the outside, taking out each
side as you go. Work quickly, you should really have about a minute or so by the
time you get to the doorway.

You're done once they're all done for.

REWARD: $1500
        Reni pages, and Reni says that Mr. Dickhead wants to see you.

So Long Schlong [RWSS]
This mission is unlocked after completing "Blitzkrieg Strikes Again" for Lance.

Reni needs to get yet another sex change to escape Diego Mendez, so you'll have
to distract him (i.e. Diego's men) by defending the studio until Reni gets to
the hospital. You'll have to shuffle between both entrances to nail them as they
enter the yard (or try to cross between using the passageway you use), and you
can't go outside and whack them as they spawn. An SMG works nicely but an
assault rifle is recommended for its range and efficiency.

After defending the gate for about 90 seconds Reni will page you, having been
cornered by Diego's men. Run out onto the main road and jack the first car you
see, and race down to the slightly-ajar metal gate in front of some condos in
Vice Point.

Once you get to the gate the screen will fade, and once you resume control go in
and torpedo each of those homophobes with your SMG or Assault Rifle. I got away
with a Molotov on the car to Reni's right, but when I tried it on the car ahead
of Reni, Vic suddenly turned around and torched REni instead.

After which, drive Reni to the hospital in Ocean Beach. More of Mendez' goons
will come at you but if you've gotten good at high-speed evasion they should'nt
give you more than a couple of flat tires. Remember to stick to the right lane,
and drive on the sidewalk when you can.

REWARD: $1000

In The Air Tonight [RWAT]
This mission is unlocked after finishing "Domo Arigato Domestoboto" for Diaz.

And if you're wondering why I never mentioned Reni's specific gender, it's
because I remember Reni mentioning having BOTH as of LCS. I'd have referred to
Reni as a shi/hir, but Reni's not a furry.

First up, take the "shiny, new" Reni to the airport. You can take the car, a
couple of Mendez' cars will come at you down Airport Road but aren't much of a
threat if you move quickly. Or you could arrive in style with the helicopter,
whichever you like.

After an eye-twitching farewell sequence, you're to head to the stadium. You can
use the car that brought you there, or you could go into the airport to find a
copter so you can arrive at the Stadium like an Easy Lover. When you arrive
you'll be stripped of your weapons, but thankfully you won't need them, though
there are some fun things you can do with a weapons cheat.

You'll be placed in the center of a 3x3 grid, with a very-classic GTA camera.
Don't worry, it's easy to get used to. What you have to do is sprint for the
people cutting the cables and punch 'em out. If they can cut five cables, then
Phil will really Feel It In The Air Tonight. It only takes one or two punches to
take each one out.

After you knock down the first guy, they'll start spawning in pairs. Your
priority then is still the guy cutting the wires rather than the runner. After
taking down a few you can enjoy a portion of the show, but it appears you'll
only be going two rounds though, so enjoy the rest of the show while it lasts.
Oh, and make sure to turn up the SFX VOLUME if you want to really enjoy the

REWARD: $3000
        The entire, uninterrupted concert available at $6000 at the stadium.
        The song is worth it, though "Easy Lover" would've made a great bonus.
        Louise calls, asking for a date. "Light My Pyre" available for Lance.
        Don't worry guys, you're almost home! 83


| Mendez Brothers | [MEBR]

The Mugshot Longshot [MBML]
Lance has a way to blame Martinez for the missing coke. That's not really a bad
idea from if only he could work on the execution.

Drive down to the police station, and you'll see Martinez and a DEA agent
getting into a car. Once the game hands you control, DRIVE into the vantage
point, get out and zoom in with the camera (it's like operating a sniper rifle)
all the way so you can get the best picture. Jump back into your car and wait
for Martinez to pass before continuing.

Tail him and keep your distance, you'll eventually end up at Pier 1 at the
Marina. Race to the vantage point and snap a photo. After the cutscene you'll
have a 4-star wanted level. Thankfully you can avoid all the cops on the way to
get Forbes' ID by using the Cheetah and taking the trail that leads south of the
Marina down to Lance's place.

Once you have the ID, backtrack back to the Marina and take one of the faster
boats at the pier. Your target is the West Island dock that's just north of the
Starfish Island bridge. You'd also do well to pick up the armor at those docks.

...Because once you get there you can simply sprint all the way to the Print
Works. Go parkour/free-running on the nearby palm tree planters if need be, just
don't give them an easy target.

REWARD: Zilch. Besides which, you didn't really go through any trouble, did you?

Hostile Takeover [MBHT]
Honesty really is a good policy. If only Lance were.

Get to that business you couldn't take over in Vice Point. Once there, whip out
an Assault Rifle and shred each of the bikers as well as any cops that get in
your way. Make sure to lock-shift your target as soon as each target goes down
so you can take care of the other opposition quickly.

After you've managed to clear the area, a pack of bikers will try to escape in a
fleet or flock or pack or whatever the hell you call a bunch of bikers. Use a
formidable vehicle and launch yourself into the middle of their pack. They'll
start firing, but a little drive-by justice will decimate them quickly. If
you've managed to steal a bike - I accidentally blew up the ones in front of the
place when I attempted the mission - you can also work forward drive-by magic.

REWARD: $1000 once the pack's been sheared.
        Empire building in Vice Point.
        If you've already got the other 29, you've just completed your empire!
        Lance pages, and he needs help...

Unfriendly Competition [MBUC]
Time to stop some plagiarism! Make sure you're A&A for this one.

Your first stop is a set of houses surrounding a pool with a cabana in Vice
Point (see Red Balloon 62). Simply park on the sidewalk and pick off the targets
with an assault rifle or M249. Your car should have no more than a couple of
flat tires after all that. Once they're all down, drive off to the Standing Vice
Point Hotel (i.e. the one next to the one with the pixellated you-know-what).

Apparently, the public execution isn't the target's...unless you've come
prepared. Whip out your assault rifle or SMG and get ready to face down a whole
buncha chicks with guns. Lock-shifting isn't that effective here due to the
number of thin obstacles that will block your way, so shuffle around the pool
island and make sure you're pointed in the general direction of the most
threatening enemy. 

You can start by taking out the one in front of you, but watch that dive plank.
Don't worry too much about the chicks that dive into the drained pool, they'll
very likely get stuck on the wall. There's some extra health on the bridge
nearby if you really need it.

Once you're done taking those bad girls to town it's time to take down the
dealer. Rush down the stairs at the back of the pool area and hop onto the ATV.
Catch up to the guy, but not too quickly or his rider will shred you. Use
continuous forward drive-by justice to wear out the rider, then get your vehicle
right behind his and finish him off. If you've done this right he won't even be
able to throw any grenades. And don't worry about that helicopter noise in the

REWARD: $1300
        Quad available for $3000 at the back of the hotel you came from.

High Wire [MBHW]
Hopefully you've gotten enough practice with Fire Copter and Air Rescue that you
can fly a smaller copter with more precision. If not, go do those two.

So you're going to be framed if you don't un-frame yourself before you're
framed. Sounds like a reasonable proposition. Drive down to the Junkyard and the
next thing you know, you'll be in a helicopter with a magnet. Time for some

Fly down to the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound and pick up the marked container,
then fly to the "drop-off" point at the fenced-off area near the VIP terminal.
Easy liftings.

Target number 2 is a crate on a Flatbed leaving the Impound yard for the police
station in Little Havana. Fly directly toward Bayshore Avenue, keeping quick and
low, and you should be able to see the truck as it hits the main road. Though it
moves relatively slow, you should quickly align yourself and accelerate just
enough to keep up with the truck. Watch the magnet's shadow when you're close.
Once you've gotten a hold of the crate simply fly back to where you dropped off
the first one.

As soon as you've dropped off the last crate it's time to save your contact.
Rush over to the East Island around the vicinity of Washington Beach and catch
up with him. He won't be zig-zagging across alleyways but he will be moving
rather quickly. Watch the magnet's shadow and don't drop it on him until you're
certain it's the right call. Once you've picked his car up, the bikers will stop
and all you have to do is drop him off on top of the Washington Beach car park.

If you haven't done so already, you can take the Maverick to the Impound.

REWARD: $1500

Burning Bridges [MBBB]
This mission is unlocked by completing "Farewell to Arms" for Gonzalez. After a
rather predictable cutscene you'll wake up at the Gas Works in Escobar
International without your ammo, in an otherwise predictable situation.

Turn right around and you'll see the saved ammo for the first four slots in your
inventory after the melee weapons in a corner.* Then go up a nearby ramp to a
shack, picking up some armor on the way. Jump through the gap in the fence -
indicated in the cutscene - and start taking out anybody nearby. The first valve
should be right around the bend. Head left at the pipe and go around the outer
perimeter, you'll eventually come back in for the second pipe. Remember to keep
your finger on the lock-button as there'll be enemies around the corner as well
as from the air that your MP5 can reach. Continue around to the third pipe,
watch for the guys with sniper rifles. Make sure you can react to them before
they can shoot you.

*In the PS2 version, ALL your weapons will be available in said corner. Nice.

Once all three valves are down, get on the PCJ, pick up Lance, and rocket out
for the stunt spectacular!

REWARD: The satisfaction of watching stuff blow up. No cash though. D:
        Lance pages you, unlocking "Blitzkrieg Strikes Again."
        VNN News report on the "Spicy News-a-ball."


| Gonzalez | [GONZ]

Home's On The Range [GNHR]
The premise of this mission is simple. There's a target on a buoy rigged with
explosives and you and Gonzalez will take turns to see who can hit him first.
have to hit him with a golf-ball before Gonzalez does to win. Even the mechanics
are simple, and the only thing that's "tricky" is your timing.

There are two meters that will show, one for power and one for aim. When
prompted you will push X to start the Power needle toward the right, and you
have to press X again to stop it, ideally in the narrow green area. The needle
will stay in its position as we transfer to the Aim meter. The meter will
continue at the speed it's going, only in the other direction.

The needle will accelerate as it moves forward, and will NOT rebound if it hits
the edge, so anticipating its arrival in the green is KEY. I was able to get it
on my fourth shot on the PSP...and my first on the PS2.

Once Hey-soos goes up in a blaze of glory, you'll be rewarded materially.

REWARD: $1000
        Lance pages, opening up more missions at his hideout.
        Gonzalez' next mission is unlocked at the Ducum Inn.

Purple Haze [GNPH]
Gonzalez' is making a "side deal" without the Colonel's permission and you'll be
the runner. Given that it's the GTA series, it really sounds like a simple
drive-deal-ambush mission and plays like one too...up until the actual ambush.

Drive down to the lock-up and it'll open revealing the van you will have to
drive to an alley in Washington Beach. Once you reach the checkpoint, BAM! (see
the cutscene and you get the idea.) The "mode" you will finish the REST of this
mission in thoroughly pawns Tommy's boomshine drunkeness and CJ's weed high, and
is STILL quite manageable!

When you regain consciousness, Gonzalez will page you and tell you to head to a
nearby payphone. Answer the call there. From here you will have about 10 real
life minutes to get to Starfish and bring the goods back. Have your Shorty
ready, it's time for some shredding! Take any vehicle you want, there's a
Sanchez provided around the corner but on one attempt I accidentally drove into
the canals so I climbed out and picked up a Comet that just happened to be
driving past instead. XD

NOTE that vehicle handling is severely affected by the highness i.e. vehicles
will act like their rear tires are flat, so once your car starts turning in one
direction apply the appropriate counter-steer. Don't floor it too much or you'll
find yourself in a wall fast.

Get to the first house on the right as you enter Starfish Island. There will be
a short fade-cutscene when you get near. Once you resume control, head right
through the front gate and shred all the targets. Their pistols don't stand a
chance against a man on drugs with a shotgun. Get into the van and ride out of
the party with an accumulated 2-Star wanted level.

Following the handling tips above, get the van back to the lock-up. Use the slow
motion to your advantage to anticipate where the cops might be coming at you
from. And don't ever hover close to the lane-line, the cops are no longer afraid
to cross it at high speed.

Once you're there, Gonzalez will tell you that he's done with you. For now.

REWARD: $1000
        "Kill Phil: Part 2" unlocked for Reni.

Farewell To Arms [GNFA]
This mission is unlocked after completing "The Exchange" for Diaz.

This is the only other "turret" mission in the game, and thankfully you'll be
aided by the same sniper triangles you saw in "The Exchange" to help point out
where the enemies might be. Your mission is to escort Gonzalez to the airport so
he can ship the guns out of the country. He'll be attacked by Sharks on the way,
and you'll be protecting him from your helicopter.

Remember to use that L Button to fine-tune your aim, even if Sharks Rangers are
bigger than normal gang vehicles.

As soon as you're given control, look left toward the bridge to the mainland and
watch for a Sharks truck. Blow that up as soon as it gets into range. As you hit
the mainland, more Sharks will attack from the North, usually in packs of no
more than 3, before Gonzalez' truck stalls near the Cam's Locksmith building.
The Sharks will try to swarm him, but they'll be stopped so you can take them
out quickly. Once they're down the copter will fly ahead to a nearby roadblock
to Airport Road, which you can easily rid Gonzalez of.

Three more trucks will try to attack as Gonzales makes his way down the side
service road and into the airport.

When you arrive, Diaz' men will block the entrances and you have to cover them
while Gonzalez loads the guns. You'll be fending off three rounds of Sharks
vehicles, alternating between the airport entrances. Thankfully they're very
easy to spot and hit from that range given their size, just make sure that Diaz'
vehicles don't get in the way.

Finally, you'll try to fend off some Sharks as they pursue Gonzalez' plane
across the runway. Keep your aim steady on each vehicle before moving on and
prioritize the ones closest to the plane. Once the plane takes off the end,
you're safe, and Diaz' pilot will drop you off at the nearby Helipad.

REWARD: $2500
        Minigun now available at North Point Ammu-Nation.
        Mendez pages, and he wants to settle this. "Burning Bridges" unlocked.
        VNN News Report on 199 keys returned. That's right, 199.

| Ricardo Diaz | [RIDI]

All of Diaz' missions are accessible from the famous Diaz Mansion.

Steal the Deal [RDSD]
Glad to see someone hasn't changed much over the VCs. And THAT's where they got

First stop is the Strip Club Soon To Be Known As The Pole Position.

Gonzalez' goon will lead you right to the Fairgrounds, where you'll transfer to
Jetski. You'll go slow out the canals and shoot into the bay, where you'll
eventually end up at some familiar wooden shacks. These shacks are patrolled by
guards on land, backed up by three circling speedboats and two guys in
watchtowers. Use an assault rifle, go around and finish them all off. Stay away
from the docks that jut out unless you're going for the speedboats first, and be
sure to manual aim at the watchtower guards as the walls block your fire.

Once everyone's taken care of, hop on the Jetmax and just tap the throttle as
you wiggle the boat out onto open sea. Once you're safely out - and you'll know
when three new boats spawn, floor it straight back to Diaz' mansion. They won't
even be able to catch up.

REWARD: $1500

The Exchange [RDEX]
Don't I remember this mission title from somewhere?

Drive the designated Pony to Downtown, where the beacon waits at the side of
Lance's hotel. You'll end up in the parking lot.

And pinned by snipers.

Quickly make for the Dragunov right next to you and move a bit toward the way
you came in, because there's another sniper on a building to the right that you
might not notice right away when you get the Dragunov.

Work on each sniper counter-clockwise. The fact that there are triangles in the
reticule to point at each sniper means you no longer have to check your radar
and then point in that general direction. Just watch for a triangle that
suddenly breaks from the pack as it moves across the reticule and then search
for the sniper through that one. Also, in the PS2 version, the triangles will
light up when a target enters the reticule but does not hit the lines.

After finishing all the snipers the DEA will arrive and hand you their truck in
exchange for your van. You now have to drive the truck back to the Diaz Mansion.

DON'T get cocky and launch out onto the main road, the truck's an easy target
for the Sentinels. Instead as you head out the alley, keep to your right and go
up the ramp to the main driveway of the hotel. Get out and whack the Sentinels
with an assault-rifle or heavy weapon, then get back into the truck, turn around
and THEN head down to the main road. Another Sentinel should rush past you
before you hit Bayshore Avenue, as well as any cops from the Wanted Levels
you've just accumulated.

Once on the drag, cut to the grass and keep on it as far south as you can. There
should be at least one Sentinel roadblock, at the bridge to Starfish Island. If
you can make your way past that - and it should be quite easy given that on
foot, guns fire less rapidly than in a car - you'll only have to worry about
those nagging cop cars on your way into the mansion.

I was actually able to run over the guy at the roadblock then U-turn just down
the road and come back clean.

Simply park the truck in the garage at the Diaz Mansion and leave,
and you're done!

REWARD: $1750
        Gonzalez wants your help one more time. Please.
        At least the start point for that is right next to you.

Domo Arigato Domestoboto [RDDD]
This mission is unlocked by completing "So Long Schlong" for Reni.

Ha ha, Lance gets comedown. At least this mission is essentially a come-as-you-
are, since you won't really be doing any fighting.

Head to the van up by Mendez' mansion - you should already know where that is.
Once you get in your controls will be transferred into the remote-hacked
Domestobot. You have to find your way to the basement safe, but you will
inevitably have to do one or more of the following tasks for Armando:

-Cleaning Arm: Drive over all the designated piles of rubbish.
-Lighter Arm: Go up to Armando in the Lounge with the Lighter Arm.
-Grabber Arm: Pick up a drink tray and bring it to Armando.

You'll have 2 minutes per task, with which you should use the corresponding arm.
The Pleasure Arm - which must be seen to be believed - is solely for humor
purposes, particularly with the girls on the 2nd floor. to get to the safe?

From Armando's Lounge, turn right and head straight to the end of the hall. Look
for a room with a blue carpet to your right (Store Room), then go in and look to
your right to the Basement Stairs. Once downstairs the safe should be that big
steel block ahead of you. You'll have 20 tries to enter the code, and you may be
interrupted in between them.

I won't spoil the code for you, because you can probably find it on bulletin
boards and cheat sites across the web, but the KEY to cracking the safe is to
just enjoy VICE city stories while you can, though I do miss the PHONE missions.

Finally, roll up to the safe with your Lighter Arm to finish this.

REWARD: $2000
        Phil calls you up, thanking you for taking care of Louise.
        "In The Air Tonight" unlocked for Reni.

Over The Top [RDOT]
This mission is unlocked by completing "Light My Pyre" for Lance.

Ever wanted to pilot a Hunter? Well, you're about to! Remember, A&A.

Drive down to Phil's. There'll be a Mendez car to ambush you as you get off the
bridge, just get out and pick it off with some drive-by justice. After you
arrive at Phil's the two of you will head to the army base in his pickup truck.
Stop by the alley behind your Bayshore Avenue hideout to re-stock on health (and
weapons, armor if you've gotten enough balloons, for which I commend you.) After
another drunk Phil moment, head to the side of the base and follow the beacon
in. To get to the admin building, head to your left, turn right at the corner,
and then go straight into the yard that leads to the big building.

Now it's time to infiltrate the base much the same way you did in San Andreas.

Namely, screw the stealth, whip out your assault rifle, and take down any
soldier that gets in your way before you get to the admin building. Be sure to
get them before they can get you in their sights, and watch for suppressive fire
from the watch towers. You might need to manual aim to get to those soldiers
from the range you'll approach them from. The ground soldiers will keep
spawning, so just mow down enough for you to get to the building.

There's health in front of the medic building as it's always been, and some
armor in the admin building in a room just off to the side near the entrance.

Once inside, clear the two soldiers ahead of you, go all the way to the end of
the hall and hook left for the control console. After you activate it you'll
have 3 minutes to get out of the building, backtrack down the route you came
from until you see an opening to your left that leads to the Hunter. There will
be new soldiers manning the watch towers so keep your eyes peeled before they do
that for you.

Jack that Hunter and fly out of there as quick as you can. You should have a
worry-free flight back to the Diaz Mansion.

REWARD: $3000
        You get your cool DMX/"Army Fatigues" outfit back.
        VNN report on yet another way you've screwed the Army over.
        Martinez pages, and yes, it is time to settle this.

Last Stand [RDLS]
This is it. Time to finish this. And other impending-doom one-liners.

If you're going for 100%, then you'll have to have 99.1% completed - see the
savefile stats - in order to make this the last thing you need to do.

A&A is a MUST-HAVE, and speaking of the second A, the key to breaking this
mission hinges on a letter and three numbers: M249. Or Minigun, but I find the
M249 also works wonders. You can get the M249 with all 99 Red Balloons, or the
Minigun if you've got lots of cash - either way, make sure you've got assloads
of ammo for it.

(Special thanks to Arrigo Tse for pointing out a lapse in grammar.)

Fly the Hunter to the Mendez Building and proceed to go beserker on the guards
with the rockets. After clearing all the guards - you'll have to go around the
building twice to do so - you'll be "shot down" and deployed on the rooftop.
Grab the Armor and assault rifle (ammo).

Once inside, work your way around the entire floor to the stairs in the back.
Don't advance too quickly or you'll be shredded by the guys in the current room
and the one next to it as well. You'll see some armor behind a file cabinet as
you approach the third room. Repeat the process for the lower floor, and be sure
to pick up the armor on your way up after the cutscene.

You'll face two guards at a time before being attacked by helicopter. When that
happens, duck behind the conveniently placed file cabinets, and then attack
when prompted. The M249 will make quick work of this bad mother using manual
aim. Finally, make your way upstairs, where Jerry and Diego will confront you.

Shred each of them quickly with the M249 and...

REWARD: You beat the game! :3
        "Winner" shirt unlocked.
        (PSP) Assloads of multiplayer content unlocked.

| 100% Completion? |
So...what do you get for completing 100%?
1. Unlimited Ammunition
2. Double Armor for Cars.
3. Video Memories at your Clymenus/Midland safehouse.
   With this you can freely watch any cinematic that uses mo-cap. This does NOT
   apply to "talking model" scenes.


| Expanding Your Empire | [EBEX]
I'm assuming that you DIDN'T skip through the tutorials in Chapter I, which
taught you an assload about completing this. If you DID, you're crap outta luck
until enough of you e-mail me about it, I'm just using this part to fill in

The amount of money you receive when you successfully drive a gang out of a
location is as follows - $1000 for Small Time, $1500 for Medium Venture, and
(presumably because I haven't gotten there yet) $2000 for High Roller.

Unless you'd like to attack the same business location again, you'd better buy
it up for yourself before you leave, because it very likely won't be up for sale
when you come back.

Oh, and when you buy your first High Roller Empire building for a certain type
of business, you'll get its respective outfit. I love that Hood outfit,
especially when equipped with an AK. Really CS-Terrorist cool.

| Empire Earnings | [EBEE]
This suggestion was suggested by Gabi the "Goddess on the Floor," and
supplemented by data from

Earnings listed below are DOUBLED for your first "promotion," and TRIPLED
for achieving the top rank. Earnings are also listed per business.

                    Small Time        Medium Venture        High Roller
Protection              200                300                  300
Loan Shark              300                600                  600
Prostitution            400                800                  800

Drugs                   250                500                1,000
Smuggling               300                600                1,200
Robbery                 350                700                1,400

| Defending Your Empire | [EBDE]
Like San Andreas, you will be alerted via briefing if a property is being
attacked. Said property will also show up on your radar "emitting" waves.

The first part of you successfully repelling a raid consists of you high-tailing
your way to the scene in time to dispatch as many of the initial swarm as you
can. DON'T depend on your gang members, they're just a distraction and meat

The SECOND part consists of pairs of gang members arriving on the scene in a
vehicle. Only ONE vehicle comes at a time, so it'll work to your advantage to
clear out the troops on foot before the extras are deployed. You'll need to
eliminate anywhere from 4-10 vehicles worth of gang members - depending on the
size of the asset - before the game notifies you that the defense is successful.

If you decide to let/are too slow to prevent your property get "damaged," it's
only $500 to repair it. But you need the cash, don't you?

Oh, and by the way, you WON'T get away with saving your game to repel/neutralize
an attack. In fact, save and your property gets damaged. On the other hand, I
actually died of natural causes when trying to fend off some attackers (i.e. I
fell off the roof of the empire building I was sniping from and died) and it
DIDN'T count as a loss...though I wouldn't recommend that if you want to save
your cash.

HOWEVER, there will be instances where you will have to cut your losses, so to
speak. These instances arise primarily when you start swimming with the Sharks.
Not only do they seem to attack consecutively on opposite corners of the city,
they also come at you in fours in a Rancher, with rapidly-than-normal drive-by
fire and a guy riding with an AK. And it's not just during defenses.

If you've come out of defending a building with drastically low health, and
there's another attack, it's best just to head to a savepoint and save, then
reload. While the gang attacks will stop, the building in question will register
as damaged, but $500 to repair it sounds a lot better than $2500 to cover your
wasted/busted expenses.


| Missions | [EBMS]

The first three businesses are available as soon as you can start your empire.
The other three are unlockABLE once you arrive on East Island. In order to 
unlock them from there, simply launch a successful attack on the Empire building
corresponding to that type of business. Check your map display so you know what
kind of business you're raiding.

Andrew Roberts e-mailed me an increasingly popular method to bypass the closed
Starfish Island gate and access the East Island early. He also expressed concern
that he might NOT be able to unlock the other three business types if he takes
over the East Island businesses early.

I personally went and confirmed this concern, thus I CANNOT recommend this
"hack" at all if you want to try taking over all of the East Island businesses
prior to Chapter 3 (i.e. finishing "From Zero to Hero." The
Drugs/Smuggling/Robbery businesses will NOT be unlocked by attacking East Island
businesses early (and you should have noticed this when you attacked D/S/R
buildings on the WEST Island, since they operate on the same mechanics.)

So for the sake of that Smart Suit, please. Don't cheat.

We now return to your regularly scheduled walkthrough.

Loan Shark: Repo Man [EMRM]
Building a High Roller Loan Shark business will net you the Repo Man outfit.
Now you can mean business AND look it, too!

This one's easy if you're A&A (see the "Marked Man" prologue so you know what
it means.) It alternates between bringing vans (specifically Bensons) full of
merchandise, and motorcycles (specifically PCJ-600s), to the place you
started the mission from. Even better, when you get back there's an
Admiral waiting to bring you to the next poor sucker.

For the vans, give them a good knock-around with your car let them know you mean
business. Snipe the drivers out from a roadblock if you know the roads well.
They might come at you, so be sure to eliminate them. Then it's a safe yet swift
drive back to base to cash in.

For the motorcycles, simply get the guy off (you could either try PITting the
bike to save ammo, or use drive-by ammo and save time, your choice) and snatch
it back.

The one thing that could really jeopardize this mission are cops. Keep them at
1-star bay and lure them away quickly before they can bust you. The vans are NOT
fast enough to accelerate away and the cops can simply knock you off as soon as
you get on a bike.

You'll get $150 for each bike, and each car that you get to base will earn you a
maximum of $150 ($200 for the first car on each attempt) if you keep the
merchandise from falling off. You'll also get a $250 flat bonus for every 3
consecutive vehicles you deliver.

Lift your first car to become a Lifter. Successfully repossess 15 vehicles and
everyone will learn to fear the Crim-Reaper.

Protection: Extortion [EMEX]
You'll get a rather it-was-straight-back-in-the-80s Hired Muscle outfit for
building a High Roller Protection Business.

The one thing I don't get about this mission is why the individual stores in
these missions are NOT counted as part of your turf.

Anyway, you will encounter five specific kinds of tasks:

1. Get a store to accept your protection. Simply get over there and smash up the
   place. Sometimes the guy calls the cops on you if you're taking too long. I
   just use a well-thrown molotov unless there's not much to destroy (mmm,
   fire!) and be done with it.
2. Take out the gang member/s guarding said store and then go in there and smash
   up the place. Normally you could use a melee weapon and defend against gang
   members that enter to try and stop you. But in these cases, it also helps to
   use a molotov. 
3. Take out the gang members raiding one of your stores, outside and inside.
   It's a simple matter of point-and-shred, especially given the shotgun's
   lethality in close quarters. This is usually followed by...
4. Retaliate by taking over one of their stores!
   Sometimes this is even followed by...
5. Stop gang member/s from retaliating for a previous engagement on your stores!

On occasion the gang you've just attacked/repelled will come at you after
completing your task. There will be someone right outside with a melee weapon
who will try to beat you down, and another behind him to provide supporting
fire. You could bring a vehicle with you just in case, or wait until the first
chase vehicle arrives and swipe it from the henchmen. Either way, be prepared to
switch vehicles on your way to the next business.

The chase mode will disappear after you complete the next task.

You will earn somewhere between $100-$300 for each task completed.

Your first store move will get you into the rank of Hoodlum. Once you've
completed a total of 15 attacks/saves you'll be the Ultimate Bad-Ass. No,

Prostitution: Pimping [EMPM]
Build a High Roller Prostitution business and earn yourself a Leisure Suit for
all your hard work/-earned money spent.

Pimpin' ain't easy (especially with the stringent time limits given in this
mission), but at least you'll have a MUCH smaller area to work with, making
things real easy if you can memorize the roads and check your map when you get
the locations of the customers and hos.

These missions work exactly like the Pimping R3 missions in San Andreas, only
here you are provided with the awesome Polaris V8 instead of some clunky '40s
jalopy. Now if only you could get hydraulics...

Anyway, for those who haven't played San Andreas, here's an easy 10-step guide.

In Los-Santos-speak.

1. Pick up first ho from yo' start point.
2. Bring ho to customer.
3. Pick up second ho from where y'all started.
4. Bring THAT ho to customer.
5. Pick up first ho.
6. Kill customer if required. If customer...
   6a. refuses to pay up, RUN that sucka down.
       There ain't no time limit fo' this.
   6b. decides to KO the ho, git out tha car and GUN that sucka down.
       You don't want the ho caught in the wrong kind of crossfire.
       Be sho' to get there befo' yo' ho' gets tha K.O.
   6c. (New for PS2)
       tries to make off with the ho, run his ass out tha road (or give 'em
       drive-by justice) and cap that sucka as he gets outta his whip.
       Watch that his car don't go up in smoke with yo' ho' nearby.
7. Ho will give y'all a cut of $100. Yo' first cut makes y'all a Panderer.
8. Bring ho to next customer.
9. Pick up second ho.
10. Repeat steps 6 (if necessary) and 7.

Finally, repeat steps 5-10 until 15 customers have been satisfied and/or had
their asses capped, and you'll be the next Mack Daddy before you know it!

Oh, and Level 16+ seems to involve picking up a THIRD ho for delivery of TWO
simultaneously, but for completion purposes, we'll only go up to Level 15.

Drugs: Drug Running [EMDR]
You'll get the nifty Tracksuit outfit for building a High Roller Drugs business.

Mission 1 - "Cut A Deal"
This one's self-explanatory. Pick up the briefcase on your way out, go to the
deal destination (there are TWO beacons, the first noting that you're nearby
and the SECOND indicating the actual destination), and bring the van back.

Mission 2 - "Raw Deal"
The mission begins the same as the previous one. However when you get there, the
buyers will want to kill you, so just whack them and THEN take the van back.
Watch out as the buyers' friends will come at you, but their cars are hideously

Mission 3 - "High Jinxed"
This one works the same as Mission 1, but you'll be returning with a 3-Star
Wanted level.

Mission 4 - "The Ringer"
Try to nail the guy as he escapes.

Mission 5 - "Rival Gang"
Take the money to the destination...but when you get there you'll be ambushed by
Bikers. Whack the bikers in the immediate vicinity but watch out that the van
doesn't get caught in the crossfire. You'll be dealing with pursuing Bikers on
the way back, but a little drive-by justice will send them flying.

Mission 6 - "Offshore Score"
I actually thought this mission would be a challenge. Instead it's just like
Mission 1 but out at sea. Get out to the boat and bring the Jetski back.

You'll get around $1500-2500 for each mission. First deal will make you a
Dealer, completing all six makes you da Smack Daddy.

Smuggling [EMSG]
Unlock the similar-to-Cuban-Style "Smuggler" outfit for building a High Roller
Smuggling Business.

Mission 1 - "The Drop"
- Get in the designated boat and head out to where the helicopter is. There's a
  damage meter but you don't really have a time limit for the first part.
- Once there, pick up (drive boat over) 15 packages before the timer runs out.
  You'll get a 3 second bonus per package. There's no pressure as long as you
  know how to hit the groups of packages in one fell swoop, and use the
  handbrake-turn method when making tight turns.
- Return to the jetty, then get into the truck.

Don't take your time on your way back, but there's really no pressure to get
back in Mission 1 anyway. Just don't hit anything, you'll lose a box for a
slight bump and two for the particularly nasty ones. You will fail if you lose
all of the boxes.

Mission 2 - "Supply and Demand"
This works the same as Mission 1, only there will be TWO boats competing for the
packages dropped from TWO helicopters. You'll get FIVE seconds per box. I like
to stay close to the helicopters, and be sure to keep your eyes on the radar so
you can pounce on the ones that you can reach before the other guys do.

Mission 3 - "The Drop"
Same as mission 1, only you will land with a 4-Star wanted level. Doing this
from the East Island side - and the business at the Fairgrounds, you'll end up
at the Marina. Take out the cops that come at you then make a break for the

To ensure that you lose the fewest boxes on your way back, you'll need to get to
the Pay 'n Spray ASAP. From where you start at the Marina, U-turn and slink up
the passageway ahead, leading you back to the main road. If you do this from the
in-car view it'll be easier to avoid colliding with the bend. Wait for a few
SWAT vehicles to pass, then gun it RIGHT, turning left at the first
intersection. It should be a straight route to the Pay 'n Spray from there.

Once you get out you should have just enough time to make your relatively swift
way back to the business where you started.

Mission 4 - "Supply and Demand"
This works the same way as Mission 2, but you'll also land with a 4-Star wanted
level. Follow the strategy for mission 3 when it comes to getting back.

Mission 5 - "The Drop"
Thankfully, this mission works the same way as Mission 1. The opposition will
actually come at you as you bring the boat back. Just keep the throttle down,
watch for where the boats spawn and try to use other naval traffic to block any

Mission 6 - "Wave Goodbye"
The clincher mission. You'll also be competing against two boats to pick up
TWENTY packages instead of 15. The opposing boats also have gunmen shooting at
you, but they aren't much of a threat. Heck, if you aim right you can knock them
right off with your own boat! The bonus for picking up the packages will be SIX

Otherwise, the return trip is the same as Mission 3/4.

You will receive $200 for every box you successfully bring back.

Your first successful smuggle will make you a Mule. Completing all six missions
will make you a Pirate Captain, arr.

Robbery [EMRO]
Get the terror-cool "Hood" outfit for building a High Roller Robbery business.

Mission 1 - "The Briefcase Courier"
Jack the Washington before it reaches its destination. The target car will be
stationary at first, allowing you to get a good position to snipe out the driver
from. As soon as the driver is dead a bunch of Greenwoods will arrive to try to
run you down. They get fairly annoying on foot but you can fend them off from a
vehicle as you head back. $1600

Mission 2 - "The Money Truck" 
For this mission you have to hijack a moving Securicar and be wary of its
escorts. The Securicar in this mission will be escorted by a Moonbeam carrying

Ideally, what you want to do is to be able to choke off the Securicar's route so
you can nail the driver before he's alerted to your presence, and get into the
Securicar from there. If that's not possible, then have a lot of SMG ammo handy
so you can initiate drive-by justice. Be forewarned however that alerting the
the driver will also place a 2-Star Wanted level on you.

Once you get into the truck another Moonbeam will come at you. You can't lose
them, they'll only spawn closer to you if you get in their way. Make it back to
your business in one piece to finish the mission. $2400

Mission 3 - "The Briefcase Courier"
For this mission you have to intercept a Squallo travelling across the bay
between the islands and take the briefcase back. The Squallo, which has its own
gunmen is followed by a Speeder that also has gunmen.

This mission is a lot easier than it seems. First off, since they're travelling
across open ocean you can find a place to cut them off well in advance. If you
have an assault or sniper rifle you can use that to take out the Squallo's
driver, or at least fill his boat with enough holes that he'll give up the

I also found that on the PS2 version, you can pull up beside the target boat
in your Speeder and drive-by the guy, so you can hop onto the Squallo, take the
briefcase and ride off into the sunset.

When you get the briefcase out in the open, the gunmen will start shooting, but
you can lock onto them with an assault rifle and take them out. Snatch the
briefcase and head back to the jetty to complete the mission. $3100

Mission 4 - "The Money Truck"
Similar to Mission 2, only the more-heavily-armed escorts will be following
in Oceanics. $4100

Mission 5 - "The Briefcase Courier"
Same as mission 3, but the target boat has 2 escort boats. $4400

Mission 6 - "The Briefcase Courier"
This mission is a combination of Missions 1 and two. The target is a moving
Washington whose driver you must remove, but it will be escorted by
Landstalkers. Once you can get it to stop the Landstalker crew will get out, and
they will be ARMED TO THE TEETH. Fight your way out of that with the briefcase
and get back to the base to complete the mission.

I managed to cause a pile-up on the Viceport Bridge, create a chained
explosion with my M249 and leap into the water to evade capture. The
Landstalkers that spawned simply dove into the water and that was
for the 3-Star wanted level I accumulated. $5100

First completed mission makes you a Larcenist. Completing all six missions 
machen sie der Heist Meister.

Finally, max out all your rep levels in all 6 tasks to earn the snazzy Smart 



| Paramedic | [UBPM]
Eligible Vehicle/s: Ambulance
Objective: Rescue the injured pedestrians before time runs out!
Rewards:   $100 x Level Completed.
           Infinite Running Sprint after completing Level 15.

Rules and Restrictions:
- Pull up to a passenger and wait for them to get in before moving on.
- The ambulance can only hold THREE people at a time.
- You will receive a time bonus every time you pick up a passenger.
  This time bonus is the same for all passengers within a level.
- Past level 3, you will receive a time bonus equal to picking up one passenger
  after dropping off the first three passengers.
- Checkpoints will be given after completing levels 5 and 10.

Each hospital in the game "controls" a different half of an island, Prawn Island
making up part of the East Island territory.

The simplicity of the roads that traverse the Downtown area make it the perfect
place to attempt these missions. Even the alleyways where victims sometimes
spawn are fairly easy to access, as there's an Empire building located there. As
later levels begin, passengers will spawn as far away as the northern half of
Little Haiti, and no further down than the Junkyard road. Also, when dealing
with large numbers of victims, try to roughly partition them into groups that
are easy to get to, for example a batch at Hyman Stadium, another in Little
Haiti, and another where Bayshore Avenue divides.


| Taxi Driver | [UBTD]
Eligible Vehicle/s: Taxi, Cabbie
Objective: Pick up fares and bring them to their destinations.
Rewards: Money from completed fare + any Speed Bonus.
         $125 x (fares / 5) after every 5 consecutive fares.
         Taxi "hop" by pressing Down on D-Pad after making at least $5000.

Rules and Restrictions
- There are now FOUR different kinds of fares.
  1. Classic Fare - Shuttle fare to destination. Speed Bonus tips given
                    depending on time and damage taken.
  2. Follow That Car! - Just like in the movies! Follow a randomly-selected
                        traffic car to a destination, then drive into the beacon
                        that will appear when that car stops.
                        Speed Bonus given by maintaining ideal distance. There
                        is no timer during the mission.
                        Fare will leave if you stay too close, hit the
                        designated car, or drop too far back.
  3. "Customer" Type 1 - Bring a customer to a store, wait until that person
                         finishes shopping (indicated by fade to black) and then
                         bring the fare to their next destination. Speed Bonus
                         given as combined bonuses from time to both
  4. "Customer" Type 2 - Same as Type 1, only the customer will rob the store
                         and you will have to bring him/her to her next
                         destination with a 2-star wanted level.

[You can tell the difference between Types 1 and 2 by the briefing subtitle;
Type 1's reads "while the fare shops" while Type 2 states that the fare will
"take care of business."]

- The customer will leave if your cab gets too damaged.
- You can access a Pay 'n Spray at any time but make sure to do so before time
  runs out.
- You will receive a special Bonus that goes up after completing five
  consecutive fares. The bonus amount will be reset if you start over.

It's a popular strategy to use the regular Taxis than the old-style Cabbies due
to their better stability, speed and handling. Whether the new Taxis are more
durable than the old Cabbies however, is up to debate. Use Bayshore Avenue as
much as possible when making those long hauls across the West Island.

If your taxi is already smoking when you pick up a passenger that wants a rather
long trip, head to a Pay 'n Spray and smash it up enough to get the passenger to
leave. You'll keep his time limit and you'll all be none the wiser.

West Island:
PAY 'N SPRAY, Viceport
TERMINAL A*, Escobar International
TERMINAL B*, Escobar International
VIP TERMINAL, Escobar International
GUANO'S CAFE, Little Havana (Guano guano!)
MIAMTA CINEMA, Little Havana
KING KNUTS, Little Haiti
KLUNT, Little Haiti
LE SINGE D'ARBRE, Little Haiti
PAY 'N SPRAY, Little Haiti
Ammu-Nation, Downtown
(Hyman Memorial) STADIUM, Downtown
KING KNUTS, Downtown
VICE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, Downtown (Police Station)

* You don't actually have to go down to the lower floor to hit the beacon. You
  can actually look for the little circle the beacon traces into the ground on
  the upper floor and it will still count!


| Firefighter | [UBFF]

Eligible Vehicles: Firetruck
Objectives: Extinguish all the fires before time runs out!
Rewards: $20 for every fire you extinguished during the level.
         Fireproof Vic after completing Level 15.

Rules and Restrictions
- You will gain 5 seconds for every car you put out, and 10 for every passenger.
- New to VCS is a PENALTY in which you will LOSE 15 SECONDS every time you let a
  victim burn to death, usually after the person burns for 20-30 game minutes.
  I say game minutes because if there's enough activity on screen, the game will
  slow down.
- You will receive a Perfect Bonus if you manage to extinguish all the fires in
  a level. 5 seconds for levels 2-5, 10 seconds for levels 6-10, and 20 for
  levels 11-15.
- Checkpoints after completing every 5 levels.

Use chase-view, preferably mid-level (there's three: far, middle, close). When
you get to the fire, stop when in range and adjust your vision so the fire truck
doesn't block your view. Make sure to keep the water turret low and over the car
unless someone strays away. Most of the time you'll only need to tweak it a bit
because they don't run away too far. If someone is pushed away by the hose, keep
the aim on them. Once you've gotten to levels with more than one car, line
yourself up so you can attack ONE car at a time. Don't worry about the other
burning cars, they won't blow up until time runs out.


| Vigilante | [UBVG]
Eligible Vehicle/s: Any VCPD vehicle, Rhino, Hunter
Objectives: Take out all the criminals before time runs out!
Rewards: $10 for every criminal "served justice" during levels 1-4,
         $30 for levels 5-9,
         $50 for levels 10-15.
         Increased Armor after completing Level 15.

Rules and Restrictions
- Criminals will appear in either convoys of cars or motorcycles, or on foot.
- You will have 5 minutes to complete each level.
- You can stay out of your vehicle for no more than 30 seconds at a time.
- Checkpoints after completing every 5 levels.

- The easy thing to do would be to use the Rhino or Hunter, but you want that
  armor bonus now, don't you? This is for those who bother. Props.
- First thing's first, make sure you're A&A-to-the-teeth. There's an AK
  accessible at the roof of the station that you can start with, and you can get
  SMGs for cheap at Ammu-Nation or off Bikers.

- On Foot: The easiest levels and are thus the rarest. The perps will spawn in
           the middle of an open area with few access points, e.g. the Junkyard
           or the Parking Lots behind the Fire Station. You can simply find a
           good vantage point - or stand nice and far away - and pick off the
           perps one by one, or you could advance slowly up to them until they
           start firing, then lob a Molotov or Grenade in their general

- Motorcycles: Tricky to master, but easy to do if set up right. What you want
               to do is get ahead of the formation, though trying to slip by
               next to them could be very dangerous to you and your vehicle's
               health. Memorize the roads and use detours to your advantage, as
               these guys don't drive at full Get a good distance in front of
               them - with no intersection between. Better yet, wait at the
               corner of an intersection to ambush them as they pass (or turn
               down that intersection), wait for them to drive close, lock-on
               with an assault rifle or a non-strafing SMG, and let fly!

               Also, later levels will involve motorcycles breaking away from
               the pack. If you have a strong car, you can simply pull up beside
               each motorcycle and issue some drive-by justice.

- Cars: Similar to chasing motorcycles, only you have the DISadvantage of NOT
        having auto-aim while the cars move in, as well as a much smaller target
        area. Worse yet, if there are peds nearby, you might not be able to
        break the lock on them until they've already passed. In this case, get a
        bigger distance in front of them before you get them in your line of

- Use Friendly Fire to your advantage! If your vehicle is still strong, approach
  the convoy/crowd at such an angle that the fire from vehicles in front toward
  you will hit the perps on the vehicles in between. This can happen more than
  you think!
- More often than not there will always be one perp in a car chase that will try
  to escape by jacking a nearby car. NEVER let that car be yours unless there's
  another VCPD vehicle within 25 seconds reach.
- Speaking of nearby cop vehicles, remember the locations of the police stations
  so you can pick up an extra vehicle if need be. For some reason, the cops
  don't seem to notice that when you do in Vigilante missions if you don't
  already have a wanted level.
- Remember the locations of health and armor power-ups as well as police stars.
  You'll need them as a shootout with perps with Micro SMGs and AKs will wear
  you down quite a bit.

- Here's a special tip: Once you've cracked levels 5/10, STOP and restart the
  Vigilante mission. The game will treat the first resumed level like it's Level
  1, namely two very lightly-armed perps that won't shoot at you from their
  vehicle. On the PS2 version this also includes "motorcycle" and "on foot"
  perps, but they're also very lightly armed.


| Air Rescue | [UBAI]
Eligible Vehicles: Air Ambulance
Objectives: Airlift the patients to the hospital helipads before time runs out!
Rewards: $100 x # of patients x # of level completed.
         $500 for completion of Level 15.
         Increased Health for completing Level 15.

Rules and Restrictions
- The Air Ambulance may only be found at the helipads at the Hospitals in
  Washington Beach and Downtown.
- To pick up the passengers, simply lower the helicopter so you can touch them
  with the airlift winch. You'll get a flat time bonus for each pick-up.
- Drop off the passengers at the indicated helipad. The drop-off point will
  change depending on the distance between the Downtown and Ocean Beach
- Checkpoints will be given after completing Levels 5 and 10.

- Patience is required despite the fact that most patients are easy to reach. 
  You will find yourself doing lengths around the ENTIRE city as the only two 
  hospitals with helipads are on opposite corners.
- Fly low and fast, this will ensure that you'll make use of the rather generous
  time bonuses and allow you enough time to maneuver down toward the hard-to-
  reach victims.


The great thing about these "Discovered Extras" is that you can toggle the ones
you've found AND completed (as well as your Empire buildings) by holding down X
and using the D-Pad buttons when in Map mode.

99 Red Balloons, floating in the summer sky... o/~ and waiting for you to shoot 
their sorry red asses. Damn commies. The ones that you can get close to can be
taken out with a Pistol, while most of the rest require good eyesight and a
mid-to-long range weapon. I did these at the start with the M-4, though an SMG
works for many of these as well.

The balloons are numbered as they can be found on the excellent map provided at:

Fort Baxter [RBFB]
01. Under the railing of the guard tower at the SOUTHEAST corner of the base.
02. Among the radar dishes at the top of the main installation at the NORTHWEST
    side of the base. You can just spot this sucker from the south side of the
    base, and snipe it through the guard fence with an assault rifle.

Escobar International [RBEI]
03. Leaving Fort Baxter, take a right and head along the coast but stop before
    you hit the tunnel. The ABC Terminal should be on the left side of the road,
    and the balloon hanging just under the roof.
04. Inside the main terminal and underneath one of the escalators, visible from
    the EAST security entrance to the building. Stand on the border between the
    sidewalk and the carpet and align yourself properly to snipe this one
    properly THROUGH the metal detector so you don't lose your weapons.
05. Underneath one of the launch ramps at the NORTHEAST end of the runway that
    runs NORTHEAST/SOUTHWEST. You can see this one from the road that leads to
    the airport from the Beachcomber Hotel if you look Left.
06. SOUTH of where you found Balloon 4 is a side entrance to the airport
    area, also accessible via the right fork in the service road that heads
    SOUTH from the Beachcomber Hotel. Next to that entrance is a covered area.
    Go under that covered area and look up to find this balloon tucked into a
    corner in the ceiling. This one is only visible from UNDER the overhang.

Viceport [RBVP]
07. There are several sets of trees in and around the Beachcomber Hotel near
    your apartment. This balloon is up among a set of trees that's just to the
    right and inside the wall, between the building and the wall. It's hard
    to spot among the leaves and you'll need to stand pretty far away to reach
    that high with your chosen weapon.
08. Take the right fork heading down Bayshore Avenue into the docks and at the
    end you'll see a warehouse with a crane towering over it. The balloon is
    under that crane and can be taken out from just across the street.
09. Take Viceport Unique Jump #4 onto the ship. Once you land, run toward
    the aft (i.e. the "back") of the ship and make your way up the stairs to the
    very top of the control tower. Once you reach the top you should find this
    balloon caught in the mast, on the starboard (i.e. ship's right) side.
10. Inside the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound area, underneath a covered set of
    garages at the SOUTHWEST corner. You can access this area before it's
    unlocked if you follow the instructions from Viceport Unique Jump 2, below.
    VC fans will remember a bomb shop placed here.
11. At the T-intersection of the southernmost bridge to East Island is a pink
    building that VC fans recognize as Cam's locksmith shop. Target it, then
    slowly move your reticule up and to the right and you'll spot the balloon on
    the balcony on the SOUTH side of a blue and white building.

Little Havana [RBHV]
12. There are two palm trees outside the front door of the Police Station. When
    facing them in the parking lot, the balloon is caught in the palm tree on
    the left.
13. Under the open lid of the giant pack of Redwood Juniors that's mounted on
    Verdi Supermarket, across the street from the Police Station. It's a LOT
    harder to hit on the PS2 version, I had to stand on the sidewalk just north
    of the building to just get the right angle.
14. Heading NORTH on the road from Sunshine Autos you'll see a group of
    buildings at a T-intersection. There are some alleyways and stairways behind
    them, and the balloon is underneath one of the stairways to the rooftops.
    You can also head up the stairs and jump the rooftops to find a Rampage.
15. Caught in a palm tree in a terrace. Go into the yard in the middle of the
    housing block on your radar that appears to be a ring of individual houses
    surrounding a green center and stand between the trees and the basketball
    courts. You'll be able to see it if you look up.
16. Just above the sign to the El Pelequero Feliz barber shop, caught on the
    overhang. There's a neon sign for Logger Beer mounted on top of this
    building to help you spot it at night, and VC fans should remember this
    location as the Laundromat. Visible at ground level.
17. EAST of the barber shop, under the giant Miamta Cinema sign near the Print
    Works. Visible at ground level.

Starfish Island [RBSI]
18. Entering the island from the WEST, continue past the first intersection
    until you come to a tan/beige house with an arched front gate on your left.
    Go through the gate and you should see this balloon over the front porch of
    the house.
19. Head around back to the SOUTHEAST corner of the Diaz/Vercetti Mansion. The
    balloon should be caught under the roof at a corner that curves in.

Little Haiti [RBHT]
20. In the front porch of a green house. Heading NORTH from the Print Works
    you'll see it to your right at the first intersection, at ground level.
21. Up the road and north of the barbershop, stuck underneath a Redwood Junior
22. Underneath the old, red bridge on the West Island backroads. Stand close to
    the water from the NORTHWEST and take it out from there. There's also some
    Body Armor on the bridge if you need it.
23. Across from King Knuts there's an alleyway that leads straight to a
    warehouse that VC fans will recognize as the Haitian drug factory from
    "Trojan Voodoo." The balloon is hanging on the ceiling of the porch in front
    of a garage door, and is easy to spot.
24. In the junkyard. Climb up one of the scrap heaps near the western fence so
    you can get a good shot at the balloon, which is hidden under the giant
    green machine thingy's ramp, where the top connects to the control area.
25. The front porch of Le Singe d'Arbre, the restaurant just off the road to the
    bridge that leads to Leaf Links. VERY easy to spot. VC fans will remember
    this place as the battleground from "Dirty Lickin's."
26. Also on the road that leads into the Leaf Links bridge. The balloon can be
    found right underneath a gigantic R*LAX billboard.
27. Inside the hangar at your Compound safehouse, hanging right over the front
    entrance. Shoot from the back of the hangar for the best aim.
28. Exiting the Compound, hang left to go straight out to Bayshore Avenue. There
    are a set of palm trees on your left before the main road, the balloon will
    be caught in the second tree you pass. NOTE that there's another tree hidden
    by the building before them, so you might as well call it the first one you
    see on the left.
29. In the very narrow alley between the Moist Palms construction site and the
    green building just south of it. Getting off Bayshore Avenue look for the
    marker indicating Old Amsterdam Coffee Shop/Mal Viento. The alley should be
    just to the right, and the balloon ahead and above in plain sight. Ain't
    color complementaries great?

Downtown [RBDT]
30. Behind the future Moist Palms hotel, at the construction yard. It's placed
    inside some concrete tubes, and you can't miss it because there's also a
    Rampage in one of the tubes underneath it, and a Unique Jump ramp mounted on
    the tubes.
31. Underneath the Twilight Knife billboard at the building that divides
    Bayshore Avenue heading into Downtown.
32. A gray, gothic building just south of the police station, at the opposite
   side of the road from the Twilight Knife building. There's a sign just
   underneath the balloon that reads "Hostes Ad Pulverem Ferire," Rockstar's
33. Heading NORTH up Bayshore Avenue, fork right when it divides and follow it
    straight up until you come to an Empire building on a grassy patch to your
    right. Park there and look WEST at the two skyscrapers, in particular the
    one on your left. Slowly look up that one and you should see the balloon
    about 7-8 stories up, underneath one of that building's corners.
34. Go behind the fence of, and then go around the NORTH side of the Fire
    Station until you come to a parking lot. There should be a ramp nearby with
    a Knife in front of it. Sticking to the Fire Station building, look south of
    that ramp and you should see the balloon caught underneath a balcony on the
    north side of a gray building nearby.
35. Caught in the THIN, TALL tree among the set of four trees right beside King
36. Heading up the road from the Empire building mentioned in #33, there will be
    a huge white building just before you hit the bridge. At night, this
    building is illuminated by RED NEONS. Stand on the sidewalk, facing the
    entryway stairs, and look up and right to snipe this balloon several stories
    up. This is also the building that contains the "hole" where you can find
    Balloon #46.
37. As you drive past the hospital you should see an Ambulance and a palm tree
    directly above it, on a raised area accessible by ramp. The balloon is
    caught in that palm tree, though it is not very visible from the street side
    due to the foliage.
38. Heading EAST of Ammu-Nation toward the Prawn Island bridge, you should
    already sort of see this balloon above and to the left, at the second
    building after Ammu-Nation and facing the street. There's a health powerup
    at this building's front door if you're confused.
39. Go around the north side of Hyman Stadium, past the helipads, until you come
    to the first parking lot (you can tell because of the garages.) Hang close
    to the easternmost slots and look toward the top of the stadium. Scroll
    the reticule left and you'll see the balloon very high up, caught on the
    roof's overhang.
40. Head up to the northernmost roads on the island and look for a sign that
    reads Soleman Footwear. Then face the street and look up at the top of the
    building across the street. You should see this balloon under a satellite
    dish if you scroll to the right.
41. From Hyman Stadium, go down to the trail that leads to the dirt track and
    stop in the vicinity of the first antenna you see. The balloon is lodged
    into some trees just to the EAST (to the left if you're oriented right) of
    the antenna.
42. Just behind your Empire building heading EAST on the road past Soleman
    Footwear from #40 are some palm trees. The balloon is caught in one of them.
43. The majestic whatchamacallit art thingy in the terrace of what appears
    to be a severely stilted office building. There was also a hidden package
    and a Rampage in this terrace in the original VC.
44. Sticking to the bottom of the Kronos billboard on the road that runs the
    inner perimeter of Downtown, close to the northeast corner of the island.
45. There will be a long off-white building to your left as you head SOUTH from
    the Kronos Billboard, RIGHT BEFORE the Prawn Island bridge. Stand on the
    other side of the street and look up, the balloon will be caught on the
    ledge at the corner of the building near the bridge.
46. The same building that contained Balloon 36 also has a "hole" high up that
    you can fly into. Land in there and look up near the center to find this
47. There's a huge blue building that divides the roads heading into Hyman 
    Stadium. Standing on the sidewalk in front of Hyman Condos, look up
    - WAY UP -  and you'll see this balloon underneath an overhang on the
    building's EAST facade. Go SOUTH and stand by the nearby mailbox with a
    Sniper rifle, this should give you the optimum angle to blast this sucker.

Prawn Island [RBPI]
48. Go to the back of the Mendez mansion and you'll see some sort of guardpost
    cabana-type building near the basketball court. This balloon is inside,
    within reach of a Pistol.
49. From #48, head back to the front entrance around the EAST end of the house,
    you'll see the balloon caught on an overhang over the porch.
50. Arriving on Prawn Island from North Point, look left and you'll see a ramp
    down a backroad. Climb that ramp and the balloon should be caught underneath
    an overhang of a white building.
51. This one's under the water tower of Interglobal Studios. Not hard to find.

Vice Point [RBVP]
52. Go around the SOUTH side entrance of this blue-and-white hotel (between it
    and the bridge) and you'll see this one at ground level under a palm tree 
53. Hanging around the 4th or 5th floor in front of this white-and-pink hotel at
    the NORTHWESTERN tip of the island. There's a Phoenix parked in front.
54. This balloon is behind the big green hotel on the NORTHEAST corner of the 
    island. Go behind it and you'll see it hanging near the roof on the NORTH
    side.  There should also be an M4 nearby. VC fans will remember that Tommy
    could buy this building as a hideout.
55. Starting from the Ammu-Nation in the North Point Mall, look toward the
    nearest set of escalators and this balloon will be tucked underneath the
    closer one.
56. In front of the escalators mentioned in #55 is a palm tree where this 
    balloon should be hiding.
57. Along the eastern road there's a big white-and-blue hotel with a Stretch 
    parked atop the driveway. Go around back via the North Side and you should 
    encounter the balloon on the ceiling along the way.
58. Opposite this road NORTH of the Hospital is a white and pink building. The 
    balloon should be caught near the top of the building's SOUTH facade.
59. At the swimming pool area of the Ducum Inn, caught underneath the highest 
    diving board.
60. There's a big old-fashioned hotel near the Empire building just north of the
    Police Station and next to the beach. The balloon is caught on the NORTH
    side, in an alley between two hotels.
61. There's a mansion at the T-Intersection where the road starts toward the 
    Prawn Island bridge that VC fans will remember as the El Swanko Casa. Go 
    straight toward the house via the pool, stop at the steps to the front door
    and look left and up, the balloon should be caught under the stairs in plain
62. South of the El Swanko Casa is a bunch of houses surrounding a pool that
    looks set up for a tropical tiki party. There's a cabana in the middle of
    the pool, you'll have to get up nice and close to notice this balloon is
    inside the cabana, caught on the straw ceiling.
63. Directly south of the Police Station is a set of buildings that encloses an 
    alley. Go around to the south entrance of the alley - there should be a
    R*Lax mural nearby if you're in the right area and head NORTH into it, and
    the balloon should be caught in a tree at the dead end.
64. Between two hotels and EAST of #63 is a little food stall with a Faggio 
    parked in front. This balloon is under the awning of the stall.
65. Go into the dead-end alley next to the R*Lax mural described in #63 and go 
    all the way to the end. Look up and to the left and you'll see this balloon 
    under the overhang of a tan building. You might not see it at first because 
    there's a tree in the way as you go in.
66. There's a massive condo decorating the tip of a T-intersection with a set of
    stairways that leads up and into it. Original VC fans should remember this
    place as the setting of a rooftop chase sequence. The balloon is in plain
    sight as you climb the last set of stairs to the roof.
67. Go around the back of the Links View Apartments - the ones across the canal
    from #68, and look up.
70. Across the street EAST of the Pizza store is a row of condos that enclose
    two sets of basketball courts. Go behind the buildings and head to the SOUTH
    set of courts, the balloon should be tucked into a corner of the condos.
71. There's a hotel with a VERY PINK PORCH (it's not a direction, but's PINK) next to the Van Khoff (the one with the big
    brass...signboards), and this balloon is caught really high up on the
    hotel's SOUTHEAST corner. The best place to snipe this mother is from the
    porch of the Van Khoff.
72. Across the street from the Malibu is an art deco white-and-blue building. Go
    behind the building and you'll see it under an overhang about the 2nd floor.
73. At the NORTHERN tip of Ocean Drive (the one with all the colorful hotels)
    you'll find a huge high-rise with a bunch of palm trees in front. VC fans
    should remember the PCJ Playground mission bike was found here. This balloon
    is caught in one of those palm trees.
74. At the fairgrounds, go around the south side of the bumper cars building and
    this one'll be in plain sight.
75. On the road that runs around the EAST of the fairgrounds, stop when you see
    the Chunder Wheel and this balloon will be caught in the crack of the sign's
    big W.
76. Continuing down the road from #75, go past the bridge and slow down, looking
    left. This balloon should be caught between two short green buildings.

Leaf Links [RBLL]
68. Under a bridge at Leaf Links, where the main road loops around.
69. Caught high up in a palm tree right next to the SOUTH end of the driving
    range building.

Washington Beach [RBWB]
77. Under the bridge, where the Starfish Island bridge road ends at the police
78. Go behind the police station and go up the stairs. You'll see a Dragunov
    Sniper ahead of you, and a bunch of palm trees. The balloon is lodged in
    these palm trees.
79. Directly EAST from the SOUTHEAST corner of the police station is a long pink
    building that's next door to a Special Fried Vice. Go behind the building
    and you'll see this balloon rather high up. It'll be hard getting the right
    angle in this narrow alley.
80. Heading SOUTH down Ocean Drive from the Police Station, go past the first
    intersection and look for a hotel whose windows are bordered with deep red,
    after a big blue-slate building. There's a planter between these two hotels.
    The balloon you seek is caught underneath one of the red-lined windows.
81. There's a big set of condos at the south tip of this "sub-island,"
    adjacent to the Starfish Island bridge. This balloon is caught underneath
    the roof, very high up, on the NORTH facade of the condo building next to
    the small bridge to Washington Beach.
82. Coming into East Island from the Viceport Bridge, this balloon is caught
    underneath the Stunt Double billboard you see as you arrive.

Ocean Beach [RBOB]
83. Going SOUTH down the divided road from where you found #60, make the first
    RIGHT, toward the Marina, and look left and you'll see some buildings
    perched above some stairways. The balloon is caught underneath the overhang
    of the second one.
84. Continuing to look right as you go down the road toward the Marina, stop
    when you see the first narrow path into the marina. Go down that path and
    you'll see this balloon caught underneath the palm tree at the corner where
    the road bends left.
85. Opposite the roadway into the Marina is a building whose lower floors are
    colored bright turquoise, similar to the building near the Moist Palms. This
    one stands out if you can find it.
86. Beside the Empire building SOUTH of the Pay 'N Spray is a tall green
    building with an opening that leads to the back in the center. Go through
    that opening and look to your right to see this one caught on the ceiling.
87. Next to Ammu-Nation is a fenced-off peach-colored building. Go through the
    opening in the fence and around the building. Stick to the wall and you'll
    see this one at ground level as you make your way around.
88. Across the divided street from the church-like building with the fountain in
    front is a small building, and the balloon is visible at Ground level from
    its SOUTH facade.
89. Go NORTH at the street that ends at the Los Santos Fop billboard, and stop
    at the first alleyway. Look across the street and you'll see this balloon
    under a blue overhang.
90. Go into said alley to your right, and you'll come to a service entrance. A
    Comet is parked here, and the balloon up in a corner within reach of a
91. Travelling up Ocean Drive (the East Island's Beach road) you'll eventually
    come to a green-and-yellow monstrosity that served as Tommy's first hideout
    in the original VC. This balloon is in front of a window on the 4th floor,
    you can't miss it.
92. Near one of your businesses in Ocean Beach is a sign that notes the entrance
    to the parking multiplex. The balloon is above the building next to it - the
    one with the door at the corner. VC fans will remember the building as
    Collar and Cuffs, where Tommy got his Scarface suit.
93. Inside the big condemned building near the Pay 'N Spray. Go up the big ramp
    and jump onto the first platform to your left. Turn around and this balloon
    should be on the ceiling somewhere on the floor.
94. Heading SOUTH down the divided road from the bridge there's a rather squat
    green building across the road from a skyscraper, that appears to have a
    rather large gate to head to the back. Go through the gate to find this
    balloon hanging around the back.
95. East of the FIDL in Washington Beach there's a blue building with an Oceanic
    in front of it. Go around the back and you'll see this balloon from ground
    level before you come to the swimming pool in the back.
96. See #97, this balloon is caught under an air conditioner at the back of this
    exact building. I just found #97 first is why this one's before it.
97. At this intersection on the border of Ocean and Washington Beach, on Ocean
    Drive, are two hotels that look similar but are colored differently. The
    balloon in question is around the side of the one on the SOUTH end of the
98. Continuing down the road from #80 you'll find a gold-colored hotel with a
    Landstalker parked beside it. This balloon is caught up front by the 4th
99. At the lighthouse. You can't go in, this one's actually caught under the
    railing at the top.

REWARD: $250 per individual Red Balloon.
        Accumulated rewards will ONLY be available at your safehouses,
        NOT your businesses.
        10 Balloons - Pistol
        20    "     - Scorpion
        30    "     - Stubby Shotgun
        40    "     - Molotovs
        50    "     - AK
        60    "     - Body Armor
        70    "     - Flame-Thrower
        80    "     - Equalizer
        90    "     - Sniper (Regular)
        99    "     - M249


Most jumps are based on their locations in Falk Asparg's/StinkyMcPeterson's map:

All jumps are best done with a PCJ-600 unless otherwise indicated. PS2 jumps are
also indicated here. You'll know if you've successfully hit a jump if the camera
remains in slow motion for a second or two after landing. If you crash during
this camera phase, the jump will register successful as soon as you leave the

Escobar International [UJEI]
1. Behind the A/B/C Terminal. Accelerate from the WEST end of the runway.
   Instead of following the runway where it bends, you will see a staircase just
   right of your center of vision, leading over the east wall. Head almost
   straight EAST off the runway and hit the stairs. Clear the wall and land on
   the grass to qualify.
2. At the north end of the parallel runways behind the Main Terminal there's a
   plane with some stairs that clearly indicate that you should hit it at a good
   speed and clear the plane to pass.
3. There's a road just west of the Beachcomber Hotel that leads SOUTH before
   forking. Take the left fork and close to the end you'll see some stairs on a
   warehouse to your right. Get up BOTH flights of stairs and make a U-turn
   toward what looks like a control tower. U-turn again, heading RIGHT around
   the tower and you'll see the jump dead ahead at the far edge of the roof. I
   passed by hitting it and landing on the street to the "target" building's
   right at least as far as the next roof.
4. Exiting Fort Baxter, head EAST and straight across the wood bridge. When you
   reach the other side, look right and you'll see a huge mound clearly shaped
   like a stunt jump. Turn left and head down far enough that you can get a good
   speed as you hit the jump. Land on the airport road (not the construction
   area) to pass.

Viceport [UJVP]
1. This one involves the building that divides Bayshore Avenue going into
   Viceport. There's a huge ramp behind the SOUTH side of the building, get a
   good speed from Phil's place and clear the higher roof to pass. Getting your
   bike caught on the balcony just after the roof also seems to count as long as
   you don't touch the higher area.
2. Keep to the right fork as Bayshore Avenue enters Viceport, and you'll see
   some metal stairs leading up a warehouse to your right. Go up those stairs
   and turn left, and you'll see the ramp dead ahead on the far side of the
   warehouse. Hit the jump and clear the entire street, landing on the roof of
   the other warehouse to pass. If you go too fast, you could clear the
   warehouse and land inside the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound.
3. The follow-up jump to #2, visible to the right/NORTH side if you manage to
   land safely onto the roof. Clear the entire warehouse and land on the grass
   next to the Beachcomber Hotel to pass.
4. On the grassy strip near the ocean, easy to spot. Accelerate from the
   intersection just north of your Bayshore Avenue safehouse for the right
   angle. Hit the ramp and land on the ship to pass. Don't forget the Red
   Balloon at the top of the mast on your way out.

Little Havana [UJHV]
1. The ramp for this jump is the gangplank to the boat that's right next to the
   Benny's Restaurant neon. Get a running start from the parking lot across
   Bayshore Avenue and between the two hotels. Concentration is required as
   you'll be threading the needle to hit this jump properly, especially as
   you'll have to go over the grass divider. Clear the ENTIRE boat and - oddly
   enough - land in the water to pass. Head back to the boat, turn RIGHT and
   swim around the aft and there should be a ramp back up to shore nearby.
2. There are two "ramps," one on either side of the road in front of the
   southernmost bridge to the East Island. Hit the one that leads SOUTHBOUND.
   Clear the road and the opposite ramp to pass.
3. (PS2) This jump is located at the crack between two buildings in Little
   Havana, and part of its runway includes a bisecting alleyway where you'll
   find a Sanchez and a Mac-10. You can also use the road that leads into the
   alleyways from the North as extra runway. Hit the jump and land in the
   Sunshine Autos lot to pass.

Little Haiti [UJHT]
1. Follow the instructions for Escobar #4, but park as close as you can to the
   tip of the jump and turn around so you're aiming toward the bottom.
   Accelerate NORTH down the ramp and up the cobbled path. At the end you'll
   spot the ramp to the right of a trailer. You'll need all the speed you can to
   clear the water and land on the other side, just be careful not to clip the
   bridge that leads back to Fort Baxter. 

   If you fail, swim back toward the wall on the ramp side and head around
   RIGHT. Stick to the wall as you go aroundand there should be a ramp you can
   use to get back onto solid ground. Unfortunately, I never spotted the ramp
   the first three or so tries around. D:<

   This is one of those jumps where you really need four wheels in order to do
   this right. I used the Comet and nailed it on my second try, just watch out
   in case the car "double-hits" the jump, in which case it'll automatically
   fail while airborne. It's a lot easier with the bike on the PS2 though.

2. Look for the White Stallionz bar, just off the road SOUTH of the Compound,
   and north of the warehouse used in "Trojan Voodoo" from the original VC. You
   should see a flight of stairs leading up to a service entrance. Go into the
   parking lot and turn left, you'll end up in an alley that will take you
   straight down to the road to the junkyard.

   Start from there and accelerate. Hit the jump and you'll fly up and onto the
   roof of the building. Land towards the back half of the roof to pass.

Starfish Island [UJSI]
1. (PS2) Go into the Diaz Mansion premises via the front gate and continue down
   the driveway past the garages and the stairs. As you pass the corner of the
   house bank a hard left and you'll end up going through a fence to hit the
   ramp. Clear the pool of water and land on the grass ahead to qualify.

Downtown [UJDT]
1. At the construction yard behind the Moist Palms you'll see a ramp above a
   pile of construction tubes to your right that contain a Rampage and a Red
   Balloon. Get a good start from the opposite end of the yard and hit the ramp
   at full speed, clearing the foreman's building AND the fence, and land on the
   grass behind it to pass.
2. As you enter the construction yard turn to your left and head toward that far
   side of the yard. You'll see some scaffolding leading up into the hotel to
   your left, near the back. Head around there to find the entrance ramp. You'll
   see the ramp at the top of the scaffolding. Turn right into the open room and
   head straight to the back to get enough of a start. Get airborne and land
   on the lower roof just across the yard to pass.
3. At the south end of the Hyman Stadium rotunda you'll see what looks like a
   staircase leading to nowhere. Start from the other tip of the rotunda, jump
   that and clear the water, landing safely on the ground opposite to pass. If
   you land in the water, swim SOUTH and around the cement area and ascend onto
   the "beach."
4. There's an asphalt path that leads south of the stadium from the southern tip
   of the rotunda. You'll see it as a dark-colored road to your left if you've
   just landed #7. This road leads through a rather narrow entryway into an
   enclosure, where you'll see a ramp dead ahead. Jump the ramp and clear the
   wall, landing on the ground to pass. You'll probably end up bailing at the
   wall ahead from the velocity.
5. Just ahead and to the right of the path mentioned in the previous jump is a
   long stretch of "beach" that is actually grass. Head at full speed down that
   stretch of grassy beach and hit the huge mound you see at the end at full
   speed. You must clear the high wall ahead to pass.
6. Accelerate NORTH up the grassy area behind the Empire building at the
   Southeastern section of Downtown, and you'll end up heading down a grassy
   backroad between a long white building and the water. As you near the bridge
   you'll see a staircase that supposedly leads up to the building on your left.
   Hit that and clear the bridge, landing on the grassy area after that to
7. Hit Downtown Jump 4 but aim for the left corner of the ramp so you land on
   the roof of the building. Hang left and head south across the rooftops and
   you'll see this jump on the roof of King Knuts, mounted on the sign up ahead.
   Turn right when you see the ramp and head toward the edge of the building to
   get the ideal starting point. Although I assumed that you had to land on the
   higher roof of the building across the street to pass, I also passed by
   colliding into the upper stories of the building's facade. There's also a
   Rampage under the ramp if you haven't done that yet.
8. Exit Hyman Stadium via the northern of the two roads leading to it and head
   straight EAST down the road, keeping to the sidewalk on your left. The road
   will eventually bend left, but keep going straight across it, as the jump
   consists of a staircase to the left of a parked Yankee. Jump the staircase
   and clear the first mound on the dirt track to pass.

Leaf Links [UJLL]
1. (Jetski) Heading north up the coast, watch your radar for the north Leaf
   Links island, particularly a portion that looks narrow, like the island was
   pinched. There's a ramp leading out of the water that traverses this narrow
   section, hit it and land safely in the water on the opposite side to pass.

Vice Point [UJVP]
1. Go up the grassy incline between the two hotels at the northwesternmost tip
   of Vice Point, there should be a rampage on top of a wall to your right and a
   walkway to your left. Accelerate down this walkway, round the curve left and
   you'll see the ramp at the end. Hit the ramp and clear the gap, landing
   safely on the other side to pass.
2. Next to your northernmost Empire building is a blue hotel. Go up and around
   the back of the hotel and you should find a staircase. Climb that staircase
   and turn around, you'll see a ramp at the opposite edge of the hotel. Hit
   that ramp and clear the gap, landing on the roof of the adjacent hotel to
3. This one's planted right next to the Malibu. Get a lead up using the entire
   grassy strip along the canal leading up to it from the SOUTH and hit this
   jump, landing on the roof to pass.
4. The North Point Mall's South entrances are on a raised area above a
   small park where the Playground to the Point PCJ is parked. Acclerate EAST
   along this raised area, and hit the ramp you see right before the street.
   clear this jump, the road, and the Bondie's Hotel sign to pass.
5. There's a big old-fashioned hotel across the street EAST of the Police
   Station. Go up into its front yard and turn LEFT, heading to the end of the
   yard before it suddenly drops to the grass. Now turn around and accelerate
   toward the mound/gap in the wall on the other side of the hotel. Hit the
   mound and clear the food stall, landing on the grass to qualify.
6. (PS2) Start from the road lining the north side of a small, boarded-up blue
   building that VC vets recognize as a hardware store. Accelerate north up the
   road and as you near the carnival you'll pass an Empire building with a large
   parking lot. Bank left into the parking lot and hit the large ramp you see
   ahead. You'll be taken in front of the Chunder Wheel, land safely after the
   midpoint to pass.
7. (PS2) Starting from the front entrance of the Ducum Inn - there's a Deluxo
   parked there, head south along the road as it bends but keep to the left.
   You'll see this jump at the tip of the hairpin, off the road and propped onto
   a fence. Hit the jump and land in Leaf Links to pass.

Washington Beach [UJWB]
1. Just east of the Empire building near the Rosenbergs' office/Angel & The
   Knight billboard is an entrance to a network of alleyways. Go into that
   network and acclerate south and you'll see this ramp where the radar
   indicates a dead end. Hit the ramp at a speed enough to clear the road and
   land on the building across the street to pass.
2. (PS2) Start from the aisle of the gas station near the Washington Mall
   construction site and face north. Accelerate into the construction yard, go
   past the Bobcat and hit what appears to be a mound of sand against a wall.
   You'll go sailing up and over a small building under construction. Clear most
   of it to pass.

Ocean Beach [UJOB]
1. Go into the alley behind the outdoor café (i.e. near where you found Rampage
   #30) and you should find a staircase leading up to the roof of a building.
   Climb up the staircase and turn around. A few roofs down you should see a
   ramp. Accelerate and hop a few roofs to hit that ramp. Clear the entire
   building in front of that and land on the lower building to pass.
2. (Jetski) This jump consists of a ramp south of the woooden bridge that leads
   to the lighthouse. Hit this ramp and clear the bridge, landing in the lagoon
   to pass.
3. (Jetski) Just east of the lighthouse there's a grassy mound that clears the
   narrow strip of land between it and the tip of the peninsula. Get a good
   speed from the north, and clear the strip, landing safely in the water to
4. (Jetski, PS2) Starting from Pier 1 where you get the Jetski, head south and
   stop before you hit the dock, then turn around. Ahead and just to the left
   is a ramp leading out of the water followed by a ramp made of planks on the
   dock. Hit that ramp and land safely in the water to pass.

REWARD: $250 for each Unique Jump.
        $10000 for completing all 30 Jumps.


A good Boy Scout, Marine, or Grand Theft Auto Rampager is always prepared for a
deadly combat situation. One must also be prepared to prevent a deadly combat
situation from turning completely FUBAR.

The Essentials of Being Prepared [RPEP]
1. Body Armor
2. A good empty spot to shoot from.
3. In case of a drive-by Rampage, a strong CAR to shoot from. Although forward
   drive-bys sound enticing, remember that a bike not only leaves you open to
   the enemies' gunfire, it also means you can be immediately knocked off by
   any gang member or cop who's lucky enough to make it through the crossfire.
4. Use Steep Aiming where indicated, if possible.

Finally, a map to help you get a better idea of where the Rampages are.

StinkyMcPeterson has gracefully provided the VCS community with one:

Steep Aiming [RPSA]
Steep Aiming means standing at the edge of a roof or high surface where there's
no railing to block your way, with a weapon that you can auto-aim with. The
Steep comes from the fact that you can't see where you're aiming since most of
your targets will be almost directly below you, and when you fire the bullets
appear to be bending out of the nozzle. Usually the targets will bite it after a
few shots, otherwise switch target or move to another part of the roof. The
kill-counter will let you know if you've successfully knocked off an enemy.

Little Havana [RPHV]
01. 20 Cholos - Pistol
    This one's stuck in the severely narrow alley between the northernmost
    building of Sunshine Autos and the fence.

    It takes 4 successful shots to down one Cholo, so keep count and take cover
    behind the cars.

02. 25 Cholos - Katana
    Head around to the back of the police station and you'll see a rather
    conspicuous flight of stairs. Climb the stairs and when you reach the roof
    you'll see it next to some air conditioners.

    This is easier than it appears as the Cholos you'll be facing are armed only
    with their fists. They might land a couple punches here and there, but as
    long as you keep targeting, tapping O, and using the D-pad to switch once
    one target goes down, you'll be fine. The challenge here is finding enough
    of them in time and hoping the cops don't come down too hard, if at all.

03. 25 Cholos - Sniper
    Special thanks to Daniel Jimenez for helping me out with this one.

    This rampage is located in a large alley in Little Havana where you'll find
    Red Balloon 14. Go up the stairs where you find the balloon, then drop down
    onto a lower roof where you'll find another set of stairs next to you.
    Climb up those stairs and you'll find this rampage in the center of the
    roof area.

    This one is a real hijo de puta, pardon my French, as most of the targets
    spawn and gather on the sidewalk RIGHT BELOW your field of vision. And
    "Steep-Aiming" doesn't work if there isn't any auto-aiming. I recommend you
    do this BEFORE you've got an empire going, this way the Cholos won't start
    firing immediately (after being distracted by any other gang member that
    might stray nearby. Body Armor is also a must-have.

    Wait about 10 seconds for the Cholos to gather, then jump straight down to
    the sidewalk and dash until you've got a good distance between you and the
    gang members, so you can simply fire into the flock. Let go of the L button
    so you can swivel around quick enough to pick off any others that might    
    spawn around you. With VCS seriously reducing these guys' accuracy at close
    range, you'll be able to last longer (than you would if you did the same
    thing in LCS). The ones with bats will play Space Invaders on you, 'cept
    they won't move from side to side. And if you get wasted right after
    completing this Rampage, well, let's just hope you have enough money to get
    your weapons back...

    For the PS2, I recently found that jumping off the northeast corner of the
    building and landing precisely on the wall that closes off the alley will
    allow you to get a good firing angle. Daniel also wrote in and suggested
    the following:

    Once you pick up the icon, simply walk to the northern edge of the roof
    you're on. Turn to your left, so that you're facing ALMOST parallel to the
    raised edge of the roof, but not quite. You can thencarefully jump onto that
    raised edge, and fire down on the gathered cholos, and they can hardly hit
    you at all. They'll gather across the street, which is a much easier firing
    angle, but you should be able to hit most of the ones gathered immediately
    below you, too. Once they start firing back, they'll usually run directly
    below you, taking them out of your line of fire, BUT - simply let go of the
    targeting button for a second, press it again and look down at the street -
    voila! More cholos, conveniently standing around, just waiting for you to
    snipe their heads off. (Just be careful not to step off the roof's edge, but
    even if you do, you can just run around the fence and get right back
    up on the roof, the cholos won't follow you up there.)

04. 25 Cholos - Scorpion
    There's an alley shortcut just north of Umberto's diner with some Body Armor
    in it. The rampage is at the first house on your left, up a flight of
    stairs. The marker should glow through the guard wall.

    This one requires more patience than usual due to the Scorpion's utter lack
    of strength and accuracy. At least you can strafe with it, and be careful
    not to get yourself surrounded.

31. 40 Cholos - Shorty
    On top of Guano's Cafe. You can use a helicopter, but if you want to get
    there ASAP, go all the way around the block of buildings it's included in to
    find an alley, somewhere north of the location. Once in the alley, you'll
    see a series of ramps up. Follow those ramps but stop before you hit the
    street, the rampage will be on the roof at the end.

    This one's VERY easy pickings. Just jump down and start shredding. The
    Shorty can clear entire groups in one fell swoop as long as you're in range.
    The kick-shoot melée combo is also pretty nifty.

Little Haiti [RPHT]
05. 25 Cholos - Micro SMG
    Head WEST (young man) on the road that leads to the junkyard. A short
    distance from the gate, look left and you'll see a ramp leading up the side
    of the building.  If you've collected the Red Balloon there, look right and
    you'll see it not long after you leave. There's an old red rail bridge just
    past the ramp to the right, and there's a Red Balloon hidden under it. Climb
    that ramp and the Rampage should be placed between two small air
    conditioners on the far side.

    This one's easy pickings, just use Steep Aiming and head down the ramp to
    pick off any stragglers in case you run out.

06. 10 Vehicles - Molotovs
    There's a crack in the middle of a blue/turquoise-rimmed building just east
    of a huge R*LAX billboard in North Little Haiti. Plunge into it and you'll
    find the Rampage waiting for you as soon as you hit bottom.

    Anal references aside, GTA Veterans whose first experience with Molotovs in
    VCS is through this rampage will groan in disappointment given their
    ineffectivity against vehicles in previous games (especially in the Molotov
    rampage in LCS, which pretty much required Fireproofing.) However fans will
    find the VCS Molotovs very much to their liking as a direct hit from one of
    these babies will blow up a vehicle almost immediately.

    Repeat the process for 10 vehicles and make sure to keep VERY CLEAR of the
    fire radius AND possibly subsequent explosion. Fireproofing isn't actually
    that much of an advantage if you can throw that sucker right.

Starfish Island [RPSI]
32. 15 Vehicles - SPAS-12
    This rampage is located on the front porch of the orange-brown house
    neighboring west of the Diaz Mansion. Very easy to spot from the street.

    You can start with the Banshee parked in front of the house and the vehicle
    that brought you here. After which, quickly prop up your wanted level (it
    doesn't seem to pass Level 2) and just stand back and let the law just fly
    into your buckshot like moths into a zapper.

Downtown [RPDT]
07. 15 Bikers - Run Over
    At the hotel construction site, inside some concrete tubing. There's also a
    Red Balloon in a tube just above the Rampage.

    The Bulldozer provided on the other side of the yard will practically
    guarantee kills with zero speed impediment if you're not already going too
    slow to begin with. Just keep at a very slow speed to allow some Bikers to
    spawn, then simply accelerate up and over their soon-to-be-flat asses. The
    open areas around South Downtown should provide more than enough room for
    you to turn around.

08. 25 Bikers - AK-47
    Head EAST from Mitch Baker's bar and as you round the corner going NORTH
    you'll find some stairs that lead up the side of a building. This rampage is
    inside the Skumole Shack on the roof. If you don't know where Mitch Baker's
    bar is, then heading north from the Hotel construction yard where you found
    #7, take the right fork and you'll see the stairs to your left as the road
    bends NORTH again.

    Start off by descending the stairs and knocking off as many nearby Bikers as
    you can before they start swarming you. Thankfully the AK-47 doesn't take
    too long to do so, and you have infinite ammo. Head back up the stairs and
    STOP about ½-¾ of the way. Use Steep-Aiming to pick off the rest, head back
    downstairs to clean 'em out if necessary.

09. 25 Bikers - AK-47
    Go around the back of the Police Station and you'll see some stairs leading
    up to a Helipad. Once you climb the first flight look around the roof level
    and you'll see this rampage underneath the nearest ramp up to a Helipad.
    There should be an Enforcer downstairs that you can climb into in case you
    need extra Body Armor.

    This one's pretty easy, just aim and shred, and be sure to stay very clear
    of the swarm. I actually had a 1-Star cop shadowing me but my auto-aim
    didn't even knock him off until I was more than halfway through. You can
    duck back into the alleyway where you entered in case things start turning

10. 10 Vehicles - Molotovs
    Go back up to the same roof where you found Rampage 9. This time, as you get
    up the first flight, you'll see another set of stairs at the far side. Climb
    those and look to your right, you'll see what looks like a chimney to the
    left of an antenna. The Rampage is hidden behind the chimney, and watch your

    Jump down and repeat the same process as #6, and it's all easy pickings.
    Hell, you've already got a 4-vehicle head start if you use the cop vehicles
    parked in and around the station, as well as the Playground PCJ. In case
    vehicles stop spawning, just sprint away from your current location until
    they start spawning again.

11. 25 Bikers - Shotgun Regular
    Follow the instructions for Unique Jump 10 and you'll find this Rampage
    under the Unique Jump ramp.

    It's possible to use the steep-aiming technique to get rid of all 25 Bikers
    from the edge of the roof. A great way of checking to see if your shots
    connect is to get a lock-on and fire TWICE. If you don't see your kill
    counter go up, something's blocking the way, so switch targets or move
    around the edge of the roof.

12. 25 Bikers - Drive-By
    At the top of the staircase just opposite of Ammu-Nation. This was also the
    site of a Rampage AND a Unique Jump in the original VC. This one's easy as
    long as you keep that Fire button taped down.

13. 20 Bikers - Mac-10
    Look left as you head toward the Prawn Island bridge from Ammu-Nation and
    watch out for a twisty, narrow staircase just down a driveway about the 3rd
    building from Ammu-Nation. There should be a Comet parked in front of some
    garages. Go up that staircase and you'll find the rampage at the top. There
    was also a rampage here in the original VC.

    First off if you're getting this one over with near the start you'll want to
    high-tail it back to the Ammu-Nation intersection, where peds spawn. Then
    just stand back and circle strafe. Because you're using a weapon that is
    technically WEAKER than the Bikers' Micro SMGs, the game has seen generously
    fit to temporarily downgrade their arsenal to Baseball Bats and Pistols.

    Go to the building in North Downtown with the weird structure, and directly
    across the street from it you'll find an alley leading to the dirt track. Go
    down that alley and look to your left. Again, circle strafing is key.

14. 25 Bikers - Sniper Regular
    This one's really high up. Take a helicopter and fly Downtown. Somewhere
    along the Eastern perimeter road there's a short building that looks like
    it's terraced, leading to the parking lot. To the south of it is a severely
    tall building, and this Rampage is perched atop a triangular ledge.

15. 20 Bikers - Drive-By - Micro SMG
    As you exit Hyman Stadium turn left and head up the road until it bends
    right. Stay to the left and you should end up in an enclosure. There is a
    small set of stairs to your left as you enter and the Rampage should be
    right under it. This one's easy as long as you take it steady and keep your
    corners watched.

16. 25 Bikers - Grenades
    Right in front of the Hyman Memorial Stadium sign. You can't miss this one.

    You will be hoping however that the Bikers do miss you when they shoot at
    you, because once that first grenade goes off you'll be alone in your own
    little no man's land. The best way to go at this is to sprint away and let
    as many of them gather in a clump as possible, then turn around and toss one
    right into the crowd. The frustrating part is not really having enough time
    to turn the CAMERA around so you know where you're throwing it, but holding
    the Fire button for just a split second will at least throw one pretty

    If you didn't already get that one, there's some extra health in a building
    across the street from the sign in case things get really dire. I recommend
    though that you KEEP RUNNING once you hit 25 because there'll very likely be
    plenty of them still around. Don't stop until you're safely in/on a vehicle
    en route to safety.

Prawn Island [RPPI]
33. 15 Vehicles - Rocket Launcher
    The concept of this Rampage is easy. Finding it is pretty easy too. It's in
    the fountain in front of the Prawn Island mansions, though you might not be
    able to see it from the main road due to all the trees.

    The hard part is actually doing the Rampage, as for some reason the roads
    around Prawn Island suddenly become deserted while doing so, or maybe I was
    just doing them in the dead of night. Anyway, I like to keep a 3-Star Wanted
    Level handy and start it when a bunch of cop cars have cornered you, so you
    can get a head start along with the two Sentinels parked in front of the
    Mendez mansion.

Leaf Links [RPLL]
17. 20 Sharks - Remote Grenades
    This one's easy to find. It's smack dab in the middle of the country club's
    tennis courts.

    It's also easy to complete as the Sharks' weapons have been downgraded, just
    toss one (even better, they won't shoot until the first explosion) into a
    crowd, get clear and BAM!

18. 10 Sharks - Golf Club
    I spotted this one from the tennis courts where I picked up #17. XD Look for
    the nearest bridge and this Rampage will be tucked underneath it, on
    a walkway.

    The Sharks will be downgraded to just their fists for this one. Nothing to
    this one really, just keep mashing the fire button and be careful not to get
    swarmed. Heck, use crowds to your advantage.

Vice Point [RPVP]
19. 25 Bikers - Eliminator (.357)
    Go up the steep grassy incline on the northWESTERN tip of the island, and
    head all the way to your right to find this Rampage placed on top of a
    wall. Simply jump up and touch it.

    As long as you don't get swarmed, it's simply a matter of point-and-BAM,
    especially when you'll all essentially be on open ground. Get behind
    something in case of swarming.

20. 25 Bikers - Spaz 12
    There's a ramp up to the side of a building beside the Empire building on
    the NORTHEASTERN part of the island, and the Rampage is up that ramp.

    This is so easy that I didn't even neeed armor. Just aim and shred, the
    range of this baby ensures that the Bikers in question will be eliminated
    before they can get up close. And woe to them if any of them do.

21. 15 Vehicles - Grenades
    Directly opposite this business near the beach in Vice Point is a hotel with
    some really tall walls. Go up the ramp and around the walls to find this
    rampage in the SOUTH corner.

    The trick to this mission is finding enough vehicles in time. It helps to
    have a 2-Star Wanted Level so there'll be a constant stream. Make sure
    you're armored so you don't end up shredded by police and/or Biker gunfire,
    and be sure to stand clear!

22. 25 Sharks - Assault Rifle (M4)
    Use the crates on the side of the fenced-up slot machine building to get on
    top, then it's a quick couple of building hops to the top of the bumper cars
    arena, where this Rampage is waiting in a corner.

    The Sharks' arsenal has been downgraded for this one, which thoroughly
    increases the owning factor of the M4. Just jump down onto the main
    fairgrounds, lock-on, shoot, and be careful not to get swarmed.

23. 10 Vehicles - Minigun
    There's a set of condos adjacent to the bridge to Starfish Island. Go up the
    steps from the road and you'll see an orange/fuschia row of open showers all
    the way in the back. Go into those showers and the rampage should be in a

    The fact that you can now manual-aim with this weapon makes this rampage
    CAKE, especially with the help of a 2-Star Wanted level. Hell, you can just
    point the gun in the general direction of the car and let it work its magic.

34. 70 Cholos - M249
    Inside the Security Booth at the North Point Mall.

    The fact that you have to take out more targets than virtually any other
    Rampage in GTA history (remember trying to take out 100 SRS in GTA2?) is
    negated by the fact that you have a super-pawning weapon at your disposal.
    Just get out of the booth, look for an area with a bunch of Sharks, stand
    back and just work your way left-to-right. Watch for the ones that might
    spawn above you though, but stay clear and watch all quarters and this one
    should be cake.

Washington Beach [RPWB]
24. 30 Sharks - SMG (MP5)
    Travelling along Ocean Drive, look for a gap in the buildings that leads to
    the back alleyways. There's a Landstalker parked there. Go into that gap and
    you'll see a staircase to your left. Climb that staircase and the Rampage
    will be at the top of the roof, as well as an AK.

    Use Steep Aiming to take care of as many as you can. You'll get quite a lot
    as a few of them could start running. Then simply jump down and typewrite
    the rest.

25. 30 Sharks - Minigun
    Behind the FIDL in Washington Beach are a bunch of palm trees and bushes.
    You might see the hints of this rampage icon as a faint white glow near
    them, just go up to that glow.

    This is the rampage where I learned you can auto-aim with the Minigun. >D
    Mow them down and watch that you don't get cars in the way.

26. 25 Sharks - Rocket Launcher
    HOoooooooooyeah. Look for the construction site opposite your Empire
    building near the bridge to Viceport, this one's out in the open on top of
    the foreman's shack. Park a car up the mound that leads behind it, then jump
    onto the car and onto the roof from there.

    You'll spend precious seconds getting to the sidewalk where the Sharks will
    be waiting. Blow up as many gathered groups as you can before they start
    coming at you, after which you should get a safe distance away and fire at
    the GROUND in the estimated center of the crowds that approach.

Ocean Beach [RPOB]
27. 25 Sharks - Laser Sniper (Dragunov)
    Inside the condemned building next to the Pay 'N Spray. Go up the big ramp
    and look to your right.

    Take out as many as you can from the tip of the big ramp, then go out and go
    around the building to the exterior to finish off the rest. Quick reflexes
    are required in order to maximize the kill count from the Dragunov's semi
    automatic fire before you get cut down by SMG fire.

28. 25 Sharks - .357
    Just WEST of the Marina is a hotel with a huge overhanging entryway (that
    reads HOTEL) and a Stretch parked in front. Land on top of that overhang
    with a helicopter and you'll see the rampage behind the Hotel sign.

    Use Steep Aiming to pick off as many as you can from the edge of the Hotel
    sign. You'll know if you've hit one, trust me. Once it's all clear, face the
    sign and jump off to the left, landing near the planters. Then pick the rest
    off shot by shot from there.

29. 12 Vehicles - M249
    Land on the building marked as a big white square on your radar in South
    Ocean Beach and walk to the edge. Look down to see if there's an unrailed
    walkway underneath that you can go down to. Jump down there and go around to
    the SOUTHWEST end of the walkway, where this rampage is clearly visible.

    Once activated, jump down to street level and let them all eat lead with
    your manual-aim. Once again, 2-Star Wanted level helps.

30. 25 Sharks - Assault Rifle (M4)
    Near the Los Santos Fop billboard at the south tip of the island there's a
    huge hotel with some rectangular bush-walls, and a palm tree inside at the
    corner. Go around the shrubbery and find this rampage near the palm tree.

    I was able to do this without armor though I did have the Air Rescue Health
    Bonus. I nailed as many as I could without them swarming me before ducking
    into the alley across the street. From there I could let them come into my
    firing line, one at a time.

35. 25 Sharks - Dragunov
    Climb up the stairs to the roof where you start the run-up to Ocean Beach
    Unique Jump 1 and you'll see this rampage by the edge. These stairs are
    located at the same alley mentioned at the previous rampage.

    Stand as close to the edge as you can and pick off as many Sharks as you
    can before they gather under you. Once you "run out" go back down the steps
    and try to lure the Sharks into the alley where you can 

Rewards: $50 x Number of Rampages Completed.
         The reward will be doubled for completing the final rampage.
         The rampages will still remain there, colored blue, in case you want to
         have another go. However you won't earn any extra money for completing
         it again.



All times listed are in the format of PSP/PS2 unless otherwise noted.

| West Island | [STWI]

Phil's Shooting Range [SWPR]
Unlocked after: "Cleaning House"
Location: Phil's Place, inside the building indicated by the blue marker.

This is essentially a super-condensed version of the Ammu-Nation challenge from
San Andreas which you can fully complete as soon as it's unlocked. Not like
you'd need the discounts if you know where to find/who to kill to get the right

Objective: Beat the posted score for each round. Advance through 5 rounds.
Rules and Restrictions:
-Each round uses a different weapon.
-Beat the following score requirements to advance.
-Enemy Targets are worth 100 points each.
-Friendly Targets (i.e. "hands-up") incur a 200 point penalty if hit.

Round Details: 1. Pistol           1000 points - 100 Shots, 17/cartridge
                  This one's easy. Point and Shoot. Quickly, of course.

               2. Machine Pistol   1500 points - 150 Shots, 30/cartridge
                  Mostly the same as the Pistol Round, but TAP the Fire
                  button instead to conserve ammo.

               3. Shotgun          2000 points - 100 Shots
                  Make sure you've got the target filling up most of
                  your reticule, keep cool, and you should be able to breeze
                  past this one.

               4. Assault Rifle    2000 points - 120 Shots, 30/cartridge
                  This is where the frustration begins. You've got rapid fire
                  but the targets also have rapid movement. Lightning reflexes
                  are required to catch the targets behind the moving friendlies
                  in later sets.

               5. Sniper (Laser)   2500 points -  90 Shots,  7/cartridge
                  You really don't have to zoom in for many of these
                  targets...but when you have to you will feel the pressure as
                  you have to take down a number of single targets buried in a
                  crowd of friendlies.

Remember to keep your finger on that L button, as it slows your reticule
movement. Also, if you complete this mission at 100%, your accuracy will
automatically become 100% after each round.

Rewards: $1000 for Completion
         $500 for beating the high score
         $500 for beating the best time
         $500 for beating the best Accuracy
         25% Gun Store Discount

Dirt Track Madness [SWDT]
Unlocked: At Start.
Location: The dirt track, i.e the big scribble on the north tip of the island.
          Individual challenges can be found on the vehicles parked around their
          respective indicated parts of the track.

Objectives: Beat the target time for each round.
Time Limits: (my times in parentheses, PSP/PS2)
             Asterisks denote a "bail" during the race.
BMX - Northeast, by Palm Tree
1 - 1:25 (1:09/1:12)     2 - 1:30 (1:11/1:17)
3 - 1:20 (1:07/1:08)     4 - 1:35 (1:22/1:21)
5 - 1:45 (1:31/1:27)     6 - 1:40 (1:25/1:31)
7 - 1:35 (1:20/1:22)     8 - 2:40 (2:21/2:12)

Sanchez - Southwest, by palm tree
 1 - 1:55 (1:41/1:41)    2 - 1:35 (1:32*/1:26)    3 - 2:00 (1:54/1:53)
 4 - 1:20 (1:10/1:07)    5 - 1:40 (1:26/1:26)     6 - 2:25 (2:20*/2:07)
 7 - 2:10 (2:02/2:07)    8 - 2:05 (2:00/1:58)     9 - 2:10 (1:54/1:55)
10 - 2:55 (2:48/2:44)   11 - 3:00 (2:42/2:46)    12 - 2:55 (2:44/2:48*)

Course 8 is very likely the only course that won't afford you a bail, let alone
a spin-out or two. Be sure to watch out for hairpins located after jumps, and
use the handbrake as much as you can when making hard turns!

Quad Bike - Southeast, by building
1 - 1:25 (1:17/1:11)
2 - 1:35 (1:19/1:21*)
3 - 1:20 (1:13/1:14)
4 - 1:25 (1:21/1:21)

Practice leveling off your vehicle so you can land level to the angle of the
ground. This will prevent bails. Other'n that this series poses much less of a
challenge than the LCS dirt track.

REWARD: $2500 for completing EACH tournament.

Playground On The Town [SWPT]
Unlocked: at the Start.
Location: The PCJ-600 Behind the Downtown Police Station,
          near the stairs to the helipad.
Objectives: Hit all 26 checkpoints in 1:35.

- Head up the stairs to the roof, grabbing #1 at the base and #2 near the top.

- Turn RIGHT and cling to the walls on the raised area to the corner where
  #3 waits, follow it RIGHT and go up the stairs, nailing #4.

- Hang a hard LEFT and collect #5, 

- Then 180 and hit the ramp. You'll hit #6 as you land. 

- Turn 180 again and accelerate around the roof counter-clockwise to collect #7,
  8, and 9 before hitting the next ramp.

- Nail #10 as you land on the roof ahead,

- Then keep moving and hit the ramp ahead to get #11 as you land.

- Ease off the gas, and drop off at the far right corner for #12.

- Turn hard LEFT and head around the building counter-clockwise to get #13

- Turning LEFT again between the two blue buildings for #14.

- Turn RIGHT after the wall and head down a ramp (or jump down, whichever works
  for you), heading straight for #15.

- Turn right at the end of the gray building to your right, into a passageway
  that leads out to the road for #16 and #17,

- Then 180 and head straight back in the opposite direction, going smoothly down
  and up the pavement for #18.

- Look to your right and when you see #19, head down the ramp to collect it.

- Turn LEFT at the T-Intersection and head straight for #20.

- Continue on and U-turn around the palm tree planter for #21,

- Go up the stairs for #22 and #23,

- Then head around the balcony as it bends LEFT for #24 and #25.

- Finally, hit the ramp at full throttle and land on the roof across the street
  to get #26 as you land.

My Time: 1:22/1:27
REWARD: $500

Crims On Wings [SWCW]
Unlocked: After "From Zero to Hero."
Location: The Biplane parked at the north tip of the runway closest to the north
          entrance to the main tarmac area in Escobar International.
Objectives: Beat the course in 4:00.

Course Layout:
Get up the runway, take off. Head due south and head around the coastline,
around Viceport. Fly across middle of Southern bridge to East Island. Fly low
into Starfish Island, across divider road and between palm trees North. Gain
altitude heading North toward Downtown, starting with flyover of Leaf Links
bridge. Head west then north again downtown, mingling with skyscrapers. Head
West and orbit Hyman Stadium, then head south at the tip along the coast, making
landfall above the Compound in Little Haiti. Cross the island, flying over
Kaufman Cabs and the trench onto Bayshore Avenue. Turn east after Bayshore and
it's straight flying back to the airport.

My Time: 3:49/3:35
REWARD: $500

Vice Sights [SWVS]
Unlocked: After "From Zero to Hero."
Location: Entering the airport from the north side, look left and you'll see a
          plane, a hangar-thing, some yellow and white ramps, and the Maverick
          to start the mission, in that order.
Objectives: Get the tourist to take all the photos he needs before time expires!

Rules & Restrictions:
- You must bring the helicopter to zero velocity at each checkpoint so the
  tourist can take photos.
- You will have 4 minutes for the first two levels, and 5 minutes for the other
- Each level starts and ends at the spot in the airport where you picked the
  tourist up.

Travel Points:
Level 1 - Fort Baxter, Little Havana, Leaf Links Bridge
Level 2 - Little Haiti, Viceport Bridge, Viceport
Level 3 - Bayshore Avenue (Downtown), Downtown "Beach," Starfish Island Bridge,
          Starfish Island Central
Level 4 - Hyman Stadium, Downtown-Prawn Island bridge, Junkyard, Fort Baxter
Level 5 - Dirt Track, Downtown Central, Moist Palms Hotel, Leaf Links Bridge

Not much strategy here, the instructions are self-explanatory. About
the only tip I can give is for you to use the shoulder buttons to orient the
copter toward the direction of the next beacon while the tourist is snapping the

REWARD: $500 for completing Level 5.

Fire Copter [SWFC]
Unlocked: After "From Zero to Hero."
Location: Go around the back of the Downtown Fire Station and you'll see the
          helicopter near a parking lot.
Objectives: Put all the rooftop fires out before the clock expires!

Rules and Restrictions:
- Bring the helicopter to each roof fire.
- To extinguish the blaze, press the Fire button to drop water onto the
  designated flames.
- In case your bucket runs empty, simply fly low and fast over water with the
  bucket submerged.
- Return to the back of the Downtown Fire Station to complete each level.
- You'll have 5 minutes for the first level and 6 minutes for all succeeding.

Travel Points:
Level 1 - Building East of Hyman Stadium, Little Haiti,
          Sprunk Sign Little Haiti.
Level 2 - Moist Palms Hotel x2, Junkyard, Print Works Little Haiti.
Level 3 - Downtown (behind Ammu-Nation), Downtown (behind Police Station),
          Interglobal Studios, Little Haiti near Print Works
Level 4 - Little Haiti Shantytown (Ground), Klünt Little Haiti (x2),
          "Leap And Bound" Tanker Deck Viceport, Phil's Place Viceport.
Level 5 - Hyman Stadium Satellite Dishes, Little Haiti,
          Fort Baxter Radar Installation

- What makes this mission such a bitch is having to hover dangerously close to
  buildings and antennas. For some reason my PSP sometimes didn't load the
  antennas until it was too late. >.=.<;;
- You don't need to hold down the water supply if you're close enough. Just tap
  it and the fire will pretty much put itself out (and the game will tell you if
  it does.) If you're a good flier you'll never need to refill the bucket.

REWARD: $500 for completing level 5.

Haiti Hover Race [SWHH]
Unlocked: After "From Zero to Hero."
Location: At the Bovver '64 hovercraft, in the water under the red bridge at the
          Little Haiti coastal backroads.
Objective: Complete the course in 1:45.

Course Outline:
Go north along the coast, make landfall near Junkyard Unique Jump. Go around the
Unique Jump mound and into alleyways, ending up on the Little Haiti roads. Turn
right onto the coastal back roads and travel south before finishing near the
Fort Baxter shortcut bridge.

Get into the in-car view so you can orient yourself in the direction of the
beacons easier. You can floor it most of the time, but it's best to just twitch
the steering unless you're faced with a sudden curve. Speaking of which, WATCH
THE ARROWS! This way you won't find yourself overshooting a steep curve.

My Time: 1:26/1:22
REWARD: $500 for beating the record.

Skywolf [SWSW]
This mission did not appear required to gain 100% when I played through.
When I did this, I left out Turismo Race 9 and completed everything else
including the storyline, and I still got 100% after completing TR9 but not

A number of people have e-mailed me saying that they DO need Skywolf to make
100%, so for the sake of true "completion," it'll still be included here.

Unlocked: After completing "Last Stand."
Location: Inside the airport, parked in a corner near the intersection of the
          main Airport and side service roads.
Objective: Fly through all the checkpoints and destroy all targets in 4:00.

Course Layout:
Go through the first two checkpoints to the Compound. Destroy two trucks. Head
south one checkpoint, destroy three trucks on coast near Junkyard and two boats.
Another checkpoint nearby, go through that before destroying three trucks and a
helicopter around Fort Baxter. Finally, go through the checkpoint at the
entrance to Fort Baxter to finish.

My Time: 2:22/2:18
REWARD: $500

Playground On The Dock [SWPD]
(PS2 Exclusive)

Unlocked: At Start
Location: The PCJ-600 parked by the south tip of the condominium row that
          includes the 101 Bayshore Avenue safehouse.
Objective: Complete the course in 1:15.

(Special thanks to Michael L. Cardwell for revising the strategy for #1-7.)

- Go straight onto the grass where #1 lies out in the open.

- Go north up the grassy bank and onto the roof of the garage rows for #2-4.

- Drop down and 180 right at the tip of the garage rows for #5. This part's
  tricky as you'll also end up amidst traffic.

- Head SOUTH down the alleyway for #6-7.

- Head out onto and across the street, for #8-9.

- Accelerate up the grassy area by the water for #10-11.

- Hit the ramp at a VERY high speed and land on the ramp opposite for #12-14.

- Make for the Benny's Restaurant boat and climb up the set of stairs with
  beacon, #15.

- Head counter-clockwise around the boat. Be sure to get the beacons at the very
  tips of the front and aft of the boat. You should have all of them up to #24
  at this point.

- Finally, go up the stairs as you come around and clear out the top deck
  for #25-27. There's one at the front, one in the middle and one aft, the last
  two concealed behind obstacles.

My Time: 1:00
REWARD: $500

Rush! [SWRU]
(PS2 Exclusive)
Unlocked: At Start
Location: The Linerunner, parked in the open at South Viceport, by some shipping
Objective: Cause $1700 worth of damage in 3 minutes.

Rules and Restrictions: See "Crash", below.

My Score: $2015
REWARD: $1000

Human Memorial O.D.T [SWHM]
(PS2 Exclusive)
Unlocked: After unlocking East Island.
          (Thanks to Michael L. Cardwell for noticing my typo.)
Location: The Biplane parked in the second southernmost hangar among those
          lining the western perimeter of Escobar International Airport.
Objective: Complete the course in 4:50.

Course Layout:
The first checkpoint is a land point as you taxi out onto the runway. Take off
and you'll end up criss-crossing and zigzagging north up the island. Note that
you'll be flying over many of West Island's landmarks. You'll end up above the
long pier between the Junkyard and the Compound where you'll transfer to a
waiting Jetmax. Leave the pier and head south before the checkpoints loop around
and have you heading north again. You'll hit a jump at Hyman Stadium that will
toss you onto land where you will have to transfer to a PCJ-600. Finally, the
"land" section will take you clockwise around and out of the stadium. You'll go
around the roads just east of the stadium before ending back there. Head up the
stairs and cross the finish beacon where you'd find the Phil Collins' concert
purchase point.

My time: 4:46
REWARD: $500

| East Island | [STEI]

Beach Patrol [SEBP]
Location: Vice Point Beach, a BF Injection near the northernmost
          lifeguard shack.
Objectives: You'll have one of three tasks every time you attempt this mission:
            1. Get to the patrol boat and "Drive-by" lifesavers to the victims.
            2. Get to the paramedic, then transport him to each stranded
            3. Knock the gang members off their bikes!

None of the first two missions pose a real challenge other than you making sure
you don't run over any of the people you're trying to save. The third one may
pose a bit of a challenge, but that's only if you want to spin out the bikes
rather than just issue some drive-by justice to the bastards.

REWARD: The following for completing Level 15:
        Bulletproof BF Injection available at $4000 from Sunshine Autos.
        You won't run out of stamina while swimming.

Harbor Hover Race [SEHH]
Location: At the Bovver '64 hovercraft, located on one of the northern docks of
          the network of old waterborne shacks just off the East Island.
Objective: Complete the course in 3:45.

Course Layout:
North along the coastline, hit several jumps across the Marina and continue
north. East into the canals of Leaf Links, then exit west and head to Starfish
Island. Ramp onto the island for the land section of the course, which traverses
the island north-to-south but with minimal use of the roads. Exit the island
south, and back to the Marina. Hit one jump then jink west to head out and
around the docks, then it's straight south back to where you started.

See the Haiti Hover Race.

My Time: 2:48/3:10
REWARD: $500 for beating the record.

Playground At The Point [SEPP]
Location: At the PCJ-600 parked by the Prawn Island Bridge, Mall side.
Objectives: Hit all 27 checkpoints in 1:30.

Course Layout:
-Zig-zag around the lower area and the columns to get #1-6.

-U-turn right at the end and go under the roof for #7-9.

-Exit out the narrow gap in the railing and clear the stairs for #10.

-Left after the wall and onto the SIDEWALK for #11-12.

-Bend right for #13.

-This is where it gets frustrating. Head into the building and launch up the
 ramp for #14-15, land on #16. The trick is to aim slightly toward the right as
 you go up so you land on that "extended" part of the roof.

-Head counter-clockwise around the roof for #17-21,

-Then head straight off the roof SOUTH and land inside the Ducum Inn patio
 for #22.

-Finally, go counter-clockwise around the hotel area for #23-27, finishing
 behind the swimming pool.

My Time: 1:10/1:09
REWARD: $500

Land, Sea, And Air Ace [SELA]
Location: the Sanchez parked near the Lighthouse, Ocean Beach.
Objectives: Complete the course in 4:30.

Course Layout:
WEST along the trail leading away from the beach toward Ocean Drive. Turn RIGHT
before you hit the road and loop into and out of the beach before backtracking
down the trails. Hit the ramp and bail before you hit the water, transfer to
the jetski.

Follow the beacons in the water as you hug the coastline going NORTH, past the
Marina and into the Canals. Turn LEFT toward Leaf Links, heading toward the
transfer to the Sea Sparrow. The copter will instantly go to takeoff throttle
upon entry.

Fly SOUTH out of Leaf Links, heading down a main artery of the island before
ending up on the Marina road that will eventually lead into Ocean Drive. The
finish checkpoint is above the water near the lighthouse where you started.

Use chase views for both the Land and Air segments but use "First-Person" view
for the Jetski segment so you can control the vehicle easier. On the motorcycle,
watch the arrows closely so you don't end up in the water. And be patient with
the Sea Sparrow, that thing will take a while to gain altitude, so make up for
it with fast flying.

My Time: 4:21/4:23
REWARD: $500
        You get to keep the Sea Sparrow until you leave it...

Crash! [SECR]
(Thanks to Steve for helping confirm a suspicion.)
Unlocked: After completing "Accidents Will Happen."
Location: The Coach beside the giant Rocket prop at Interglobal Studios.
Objectives: Cause $2000 worth of damage in 3 minutes.

Rules & Restrictions:
- "Points" are tallied as follows -
   $10 for every 90º you can spin a car.
   $150 if a car flips, upgraded to $300 if it's destroyed.
   $50 for knocking someone off a bike.
   $10 for every second you can get a car airborne (i.e. "High Time").
   "Knockaround" bonus multiplier that increases your single collision total
   depending on how many cars you can pile up in one shot.

- The points scored will be accumulated and totalled BEFORE being added to your
  total score. For example, you'll only get $40 for spinning a car 360º, not
  $100 (i.e. $10 + 20 + 30 + 40).

Build up speed before smashing into a vehicle or line of vehicles (the latter
is very recommended.) I wouldn't count on knockaround bonuses, as trying to
cause a pileup can cause your vehicle to rear up like a wild horse. You
should also try PITting cars if you have the chance, you may just end up
flipping some.

I believe that any chaos that COPS cause may also work to your advantage, but
there's risk to the potential reward. Try getting a 2- or 3-star Wanted Level
to get a manageable level of fast-moving cops that will probably go Blues
Brothers if they run into a pileup. If you think your vehicle is about to burn
and you're sure you've passed the requirement, back off from the action as
quickly as you can. You'll automatically fail if the vehicle is destroyed.

My Score: $2350/$2840
REWARD: $1000

Mashin' Up The Mall [SEMM]
Location: The BMX on display at the NW corner, ground floor of the mall.
Objectives: Hit all 50 checkpoints in 4:30.

Rules and Regulations:
- Treat each checkpoint color as follows:
  Wheelie (pull nub back and accelerate) through Green,
  Stoppie (push nub forward and brake) through Blue,
  and go through Red however you like.

Course layout:
- #1-2 are ahead of you, at the big planter.
- The next two are behind and to left of you, between the stairs and the planter
  beyond that.
- Rebound in almost the direction you came for #5 and 6, at the nearest planter.
- There are two more at the center of the mall by the food courts.
- Regardless of which direction you chose, there will be two more big planters
  with two each, one between the stairs and escalators, and one each at each of
  the smaller planters at the mall corners. You should have 15 if you've done
  this right.

Go up the stairs (not the escalators) and make your way counter-clockwise around
to get the other 35. When you reach the first side planter, go LEFT around it,
then head straight across the bridgeway, go all the way around the opposite side
planter and come back before resuming the course.

If you've done this right you should end up crossing the last checkpoint on the
other side of the stairs/escalator set from where you got to the upper floor.

NEVER approach the 1st floor planters from the dark tiles. The game simply
registers them as really low walls instead of steps. Instead approach them from
the light-colored ones, and from an angle.

And the trick to saving time on the 2nd floor is remembering that the game only
has to register that you're pressing the buttons required to make each trick as
you pass through its respective checkpoint. Which means you don't have to do a
super-wheelie or -stoppie through each one.

My time: 3:24/3:54
REWARD: $500 every time you beat the record.

Watersports [SEWS]
Unlocked: After completing "Say Cheese."
Location: At the Jetski behind Interglobal Studios.
Objective: Beat the time for each course.

Course Details:
Each course will run laps around certain island/s.
Course # - Time Limit - PSP Time/Best Lap - Location/s
                        PS2 Time/Best Lap

Course 1 - 2:45 - 2:15/0:42 - Prawn Island Counter-Clockwise
Course 2 - 3:30 - 3:00/0:56 - Starfish Island Clockwise
Course 3 - 3:20 - 2:40/0:51 - Leaf Links Central Island
Course 4 - 2:45 - 2:09/0:40 - Leaf Links North Island
Course 5 - 3:45 - 3:27/1:05 - Washington Beach Canals
Course 6 - 6:30 - 5:51/1:54 - Leaf Links & Canals
Course 7 - 5:00 - 4:21/1:23 - Canals and Leaf Links Central/South
Course 8 - 6:30 - 5:56/1:55 - Course 6 in Reverse

Use first-person/in-vehicle view for these courses and follow the allows to each
beacon, so you can have better control over the vehicle (through the use of the
FP/IV fixed camera.) Since the Jetski handles like a motorcycle you should also
use the analog stick to level your Jetski out while airborne. Try to hit each
jump dead on to avoid unnecessary flipping.

One thing I've noticed on the PS2 version is that the current can also get
particularly strong and make control more unstable, thus making the Canal
sections more frustrating. This usually happens around the morning and with
less strength around the mid-afternoon, so try not to go for all 8 straight
if you find the waves too aggravating.

REWARD: $2500 for completing all 8 courses.
        Wet Suit available at Safehouse.

Swinger's Club [SESC]
Unlocked: After completing "Home's On The Range" for Gonzalez.
Location: At the driving range in Leaf Links.
Objective: Beat 500 points in 5 shots.

See "Home's On The Range" for the mechanics. You'll get 1 point for every whole
meter (rounded DOWN) that you hit the ball, plus an extra 50 if you can hit the

My Score: 909 points, 134.96m record distance.
REWARD: $1000

Caddy Daddy [SECD]
(PS2 Exclusive)
Location: The Caddy parked by the tennis courts in Leaf Links.
Objective: Complete 3 laps of the course in 6:00.

This peculiar race will take you on a precarious rally on a figure-eight course
around the golf course. You'll go clockwise on the South Island before returning
to the main island via the bridge and down the twisty road to the main rotunda.

Then you'll be put into a figure-eight comprising of the main island, starting
and ending with your leaving and returning to the main loop road, respectively.

Keep it in first-person view so you can manage the view easier. Also, watch your
steering and don't jerk it about too much, if you keep your paths to each
checkpoint straight and true you won't have to worry too much about falling into
a water hazard.

REWARD: $2500

Playground On The Park [SEPA]
(PS2 Exclusive)
Location: Going up the main entrance to the Washington Beach parking lot, hang
          to the right wall as you go up and U-Turn where it ends to find this
          PCJ-600 parked by the corner.
Objective: Hit all the checkpoints in 1:10.

Course Layout:
- Slalom around the posts ahead for #1-4.

- Head counter-clockwise around the 2nd floor for #5-6,

- Go up the ramp for #7,

- Head clockwise around the 3rd floor for #8-13,

- Then go up the ramp for #14.

- Go around the roof, up and down the corner buildings for #15-20.

- Acclerate at full throttle, hit the ramp and land on the roof for #21,

- Use your speed to sail over the gap and reach the next roof for #22,

- Finally, land in the alley ahead and go all the way to the end for #23-25.

Time: 0:52
REWARD: $500

Crims On Water Wings [SECW]
(PS2 Exclusive)
Location: The Skimmer parked at the docks sticking out east of the lighthouse
          peninsula in Washington Beach. The Sanchez for "Land, Sea & Air Ace"
          should be parked on land nearby.
Objective: Complete the course in 2:30.

Course Layout:
You'll take off and then turn east to head into the most white-knuckle air
course in a GTA game since San Andreas. After heading between the spires of the
nearest tall hotel, you'll touch the other coast before looping around and
diving into a trench run of a main road leading north. You'll head out onto the
beach, then turn around and cut through South Vice Point. The course will go
THROUGH the Starfish Island gate and under the Viceport bridge before eventually
sending you back across West Island and out onto the beach. Finally, you'll
descend south before finishing on the water where you started.

This mission would be so much easier - speed included - if the plane actually
had a working RUDDER. That given, the best strategy I can give is to use the
radar's "forecast" of the next checkpoint to align yourself properly, and
use the air-brake to make the sharper turns. You won't get thrown completely
off-course or crash for most clips and scrapes, but precision is still key.

Oh, and as this is one of the missions where you can "jump the timer," use the
current while waiting for the countdown to give you that extra few meters' head

My Time: 2:18
REWARD: $500

| Both Islands | [STBI]

Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound [SBCI]

It is possible to complete the first two lists entirely on the West Island,
using the following methods:

Vehicle Rotation Theory - That by moving back and forth between the city areas,
or saving/loading a game, one can "rotate" the set of vehicles that normally 
spawn in that particular area. It might waste batteries, but it does work.

Cars Beget Cars - A popular theory from previous GTA games was that if you drove
a certain type of car, there would be others like it or in the same category 
spawning nearby. This is true in a sense, though it also involves parked
vehicles that have spawned in the vicinity influencing these choices.

Finally, if you don't see it at first, WAIT and it should appear after a few

Cars are listed in the order I found them, rather than the order on the list.

Cars/Helicopters should be delivered to the front gate, boats to the dock near
the Airport service road. You'll know which hangar that is when you deliver your
first vehicle after opening East Island.

List 1:
Streetfighter - In front of the "Carioca" sign in Little Havana, north of the
                alley where you can find a Red Balloon and a Rampage. The north
                tip of the alley leads into the road in front of it. There's
                also one parked by Cafe Les Beans, north of King Knuts Downtown.
Sanchez - In the aforementioned alley, by the South entrance. Also common
          traffic. Also in front of the building across the street from your
          Clymenus Suite/Midland safehouse. $200
Cuban Hermes - Parked at the houses in Little Havana, also common traffic in
               that area. $400
Pony - Common traffic around Viceport. $400
Stallion - Uncommon traffic. I was lucky to find this one driving by outside the
           Impound. Also found outside your Drugs businesses. $600
Polaris V8 - Found outside any of your Prostitution businesses. $700
Boxville - In Front of the Print Works. Sometimes found in Viceport. $500
Oceanic - Vehicle Rotation Theory needed. Found while driving a Voodoo near
          Ammu-Nation Downtown, but can be commonly found on East Island.
          There's one parked in front of a hotel in Ocean Beach, down the street
          from a FIDL. You'll see that one in front of you after you
          complete "Purple Haze." $500.

List 2:
Comet - Found in the Airport parking lot. Also provided during "Leap and Bound,"
        parked outside the ship. $500
Cheetah - Found at Lance's hotel parked up the driveway, and provided during the
          mission "Switch Hitch." Also parked along the sidewalk along North
          Starfish Island. $700
Mule - Common traffic in Viceport. Also found North of the Carioca building
       where you found the Streetfighter. $600
Phoenix - I chanced to find this one when driving a Comet up past Sunshine Autos
          to Little Havana. Also parked behind the Malibu. $600
Wintergreen - Provided during the mission "Bum Deal," but can also be found
              parked behind the Malibu. $300
Banshee - Parked just off the road in North Downtown and at the first house
          west of the Diaz Mansion on Starfish Island.. $700
Sentinel XS - Parked outside the Mendez Mansion in Prawn Island. Can also be
              found roaming around Downtown. $500
Freeway - In front of Mitch Baker's bar, heading north into Downtown take the
          right fork and look to your right. $400

List 3:
PCJ-600 - Heading into Downtown, turn LEFT at the fire station and look to your
          right. Head into the alley right after the fence ends, then look left
          for an opening in a white wall, leading to an enclosed parking lot.
          The PCJ should be waiting there. $500
Infernus - You can use VRT/CBC, but I found this one at Lance's apartment,
           i.e. where I ended "From Zero to Hero." $900
Sparrow - At the helipad, close to the airport's side entrance at Viceport.$800
Sabre - Little Haiti, up the first road north from the Print Works yard. $600
Maverick - Provided during "Vice Sights." Also found parked at the helipads
           at Hyman Stadium. $900
Stinger - Found up the road from the police station, Downtown. Also parked
          behind the Malibu, in a serviceway between the building and the
          parking lot. $600
Deluxo - Sometimes in the Main open area of Interglobal Studios, or more
         frequently found in front of Ducum Inn in Vice Point. There's also one
         parked near the north tip of Ocean Drive. $700
Stretch - Directly WEST of the Ocean Beach Pay 'N Spray, in front of the Hotel
          used at the end of "Accidents Will Happen."

Boat List:
Rio - Parked by the VIP Terminal at Escobar International, head behind the
      building from the small parking lot and go down to the dock. $700
Tropic - At the marina on East Island. Search the docks for this one. $700
Squallo - Also at the marina on East Island, usually on the north side.
          Available for purchase after unlocking East Island, at the
          dock mentioned above. $800
Jetski - At the small dock on the west end of Interglobal Studios, Prawn Island.
         Also found tucked by the Pier 1 entrance to the Marina docks. $500
Reefer - At a dock between the Compound and Junkyard, on the west coast of West
         Island. Hope you've packed a lunch because it'll be a loooooooong trip
         to the hangar. $600
Violator - At a dock behind the Links View apartments. $700
Dinghy - Jump into the water where the Leaf Links Bridge starts to take off for
         West Island - there's some armor at the base - and start swimming WEST.
         You'll come across some sea-level bridgeway at about the second or
         third support and the Dinghy will be waiting. $300
Marquis - At...the Marina. Damn. Also purchaseable as mentioned above, at
          a much closer location. $700

REWARDS: Individual bounties for each car, specified above.
         Free Pay 'n Spray for delivering all 32 vehicles.

Turismo [SBTS]
Unlocked: (West) after completing "When Funday Comes."
          (East) after completing "From Zero to Hero."
Location: (West) Sunshine Autos, at the beacon by the map in the back.
          (East) At the fairgrounds, go around to the back.
Objectives: Come in first during each of the races to win the prize money.

Event Details:
EX: Race # - Race Name - Entrance Fee/Prize Money - Competition Vehicle
    Type of vehicle used - Location/s - # of laps
    PSP Time/Best Lap - PS2 Time/Best Lap

Sunshine Autos:
1 - Escobar Run-way - $100/500
    Motorcycles - Escobar International - 2 Laps
    2:46/1:21 - 2:34/1:16

2 - Downtown Showdown - $150/600 - Infernus
    Cars - Downtown - 2 Laps
    2:22/1:07 - 2:29/1:13  
3 - Port Sports - $200/800
    Motorcycles - Viceport - 2 Laps
    2:07/1:02 - 2:25/0:58

4 - Rum & Salsa Sting - $250/1000 - Stinger
    Cars - Little Havana/Little Haiti - 1 Lap
    1:50 - 1:48

5 - Cuban Wheels - $300/1200
    Motorcycles - Little Havana/Little Haiti - 2 Laps
    1:49/0:53 - 1:43/0:47

6 - Fool's Rush - $350/1400 - Stinger
    Cars - North Vice Point - 2 Laps
    1:58/0:56 - 1:50/0:53

7 - High Stakes Highway - $400/1600
    Motorcycles - Vice Point - 1 Lap

8 - Asphalt Assault - $450/1800
    Motorcycles - South Vice Point - 2 Laps
    2:28/1:12 - 2:31/1:13

9 - Supercharged Circuit - $500/2000 - Infernus
    Cars - Ocean Beach - 2 Laps
    2:24/1:07 - 2:22/1:08

My recommended motorcycle is the Streetfighter. It can easily keep up with the
PCJs at the very least, and it's a lot more stable, compromising very little
mobility in the process. As for the cars, I recommend any sports car. I was able
to get away with the Comet for all but #9, which requires something with a bit
more grip. If you can't find an Infernus, use a Stinger instead.

Use the fact that the competition tends to try to stick to the road at all costs
to your advantage, and cut around open area corners whenever you can.



Two-Door Coupes [VH2C]
Blista Compact - Not the little rocket it used to be in
                 previous GTAs. It's rear-wheel-drive now though,
                 if that's any solace to you...
Esperanto - A rather long yet slippy classic car.
Hermes - Huge '49 Mercury yet deceptively nimble.
Cuban Hermes - Faster than a regular Hermes, though I miss the flame exhaust...
Idaho - A bit slippy, otherwise an average performer for a 70's coupe.
Manana - The little turn-on-a-dime car we all know and love-hate.
Voodoo - No hydraulics. Other'n that, well, that's about it.
Virgo - The biggest of the 2-Door non-sports...and it's FWD.
        That bites.

Sedans and Wagons [VHSW]
Admiral - A very average and common sedan. Apparently Vice Citizens are at least
          rich enough to afford these Mercs.
Glendale - A golden oldie, very slippy. Found in Le Singe D'Arbre.
Greenwood - Sweet's (average) Sedan, available only in grey, curiously.
Oceanic - Now available in solid colors, other than that not much different from
          the Glendale or Voodoo.
Perennial - Still a Perennial. Yep.
Polaris V8 - A pimpin' V8 sedan that is unusually light.
Regina - Handles better than a Perennial, but only just.
Sentinel - Big BMW-ish sedan, handles like a Big German Sedan too.
Sentinel XS - Get this if you have a choice between it and a regular Sentinel.
Stretch - The Limo, and handles like one too. Not THAT Stretch, you sicko.
Washington - A streamlined sedan and a formidable performer.

Sports & Muscle [VHSM]
Banshee - Corvette-wannabe that puts a lot of power to the rear wheels.
Cheetah - An overall great performer.
Comet - The Porsche targa that sometimes takes its focus on the rear wheels a
        bit too far...
Deluxo - A Fiero that wants to be a DeLorean, found parked in more places.
         Guess the warranty still hasn't expired on them.
Infernus - Unrivalled speed and stability at the expense of handling.
Phoenix - I miss this Firebird, though I do also miss its manifolds...
Sabre - A formidable 442-style muscle car.
Cholo Sabre - About the same or a bit less performing than the Turbo.
Sabre Turbo - The best of the Sabres, though seemingly not by much.
              Distinguishable from others by their color variety and shape.
Stallion - Eerily average, and not very good traction.
Stinger - Hugs the road and tears through it like a bullet.
          Night cruising in this to the tune of "In The Air Tonight"
          is so familiar it's hypnotizing.

BF Injection - A great off-road performer for a dune buggy.
Gang Rancher - Big yet agile, and great for intimidating.
Landstalker - Still getting flipped over by gusts of wind.
Mesa Grande - It's a Wrangler knock-off that actually FAILS to perform off-road!
Patriot - Big yet strangely nimble. Makes you feel like a real American.
Sandking - Very agile on concrete/asphalt but handles like a BUS on sand.

Trucks & Vans [VHTV]
Benson - A disturbingly agile yet rather unstable hauling truck.
Bobcat - Plain boxy pick-up truck.
Boxville - Big Boxy Van.
Burrito - Despite its sporting looks it has severely downgraded performance
          from previous incarnations.
Moonbeam - A van with big-ass windows. Nothing special.
Mule - Big European-style hauling van.
Pony - A generic van.
Rumpo - A generic van sometimes labeled with funny R* puns.
Securicar - The armored car. Mmmm, Gruppe Sechs.
Walton - A really old-school pickup truck. Phil drives one.
Yankee - The only "other" great American hauler in the game.

Heavy Vehicles [VHHV]
Coach - A bus. Durh. Tends to rear up when making pile-ups.
Flatbed - Like the Trashmaster, only a tad faster.
Linerunner - Rule the road...until you hit a Rhino.
Trashmaster - *roffles*

Two-Wheelers [VHMT]
PCJ 600 - The ideal stunt-bike, but it's very easy to get flung off of it with
          even the smallest head-on collision.
Streetfighter - What better way to introduce a new model than to use it inthe
                intro mission? An above-average sport bike in most situations,
                with a much more tolerable motor sound but and comparable and
                more stable performance the PCJ 600. However, it seems
                disturbingly hostile to Unique Jump ramps...
Freeway -  Much the same heavy, tough chopper it was since the original VC.
Faggio - It's back, AND in black! Really! Or is it HERE, and...never mind.
Biker Angel -  I LOVE the detail they put into the textures. Other than that
               it's pretty much a slightly-enhanced version of the Freeway.
Sanchez - The dirty bike, pun probably intended. A very balanced performer
          on- and off-road, and very stable compared to others.
Ventoso - Not much of a Faggio replacement, in fact it acts very similar too...
Wintergreen - aka the Havanabike. Big, tough, and mindbendingly heavy. Unless
              you have a nostalgic streak and/or are feeling really lucky, avoid
              this bike in an escape situation, even if the cops drive their own
BMX - Bicycle. *roffles*

Up Button Vehicles [VHUB]
Ambulance - It's...the ambulance. Not much else to be said other than for some
            reason, if you can knock the back doors off they seem to re-spawn
            with another collision. Small health boost if you get into one.
Cabbie - A retro cab, which actually sucks given the lack of alternative
         versions found in previous GTAs.
Taxi - THE average automobile.
Firetruck - Putting out in all its forms since 2001.
VCPD Cruiser - THE above-average automobile. Handling's a bit slippy but
               manageable. Get 5 shots for your shotgun when you get into one.
VCPD Enforcer - The SWAT Van. Free one-time Body Armor.
VCPD Cheetah - Comes at you starting at 3 stars. The people at Rockstar got
               smart as you can NO LONGER have this otherwise-normal Cheetah
               repainted. Which takes away this vehicle's only real advantage.
VCPD Wintergreen - For those who want to play CHiPs on the other side of
                   country, this is a slightly improved version of the regular
                   Wintergreen and a LOT more common. And it's got sirens!
FBI Washington - Often spawns in white for some reason.
Rhino - Big and heavy. Why people use this for Vigilante despite its speed is
        a mystery to me.
Hunter - You want it. You love it. What are you waiting for?
         *licks lips erotically*

Air Vehicles [VHAV]
Little Willie - A blue autogyro clearly inspired by the "Little Nellie" from
                007's "You Only Live Twice." Now if only it had the rockets to
                go along with its guns...
Maverick - An average helicopter. Will get you from Point A to Point B in three
VCPD Maverick - Exactly like the regular one, only with VCPD decals and no
Biplane - Self-explanatory.
Sparrow - A lightweight copter.
Sea Sparrow - Same as Sparrow, but can land on water, has a minigun, etc...
Skimmer - A seaplane without doors.

Quad - The game's 4-wheel ATV. Qualifies as a motorcycle due to its forward-
       driveby ability and the fact that you can be bucked off from it. Very
       stable, but doesn't turn at high speeds, yet turns on a dime at low
       speeds. Be careful!
Splitz-6 ATV - The opposite of the Quad. An amphibious ATV that gets a decent
               speed on land but is murderously slow on water. Don't take this
               one on a sea route across islands unless you've got a lot of

Boats [VHBO]
Coastguard - A tad slow and not very nimble, but better than quite a few others.
Dinghy - With its role effectively filled by the Jetski, the Dinghy isn't just
         small, it's also viciously slow as well despite its dual outboards.
Jetmax - Unmatched in straight-line speed, and can barely turn.
Marquis - If its sail were open it would probably go faster than it does.
Predator - A just-above-average boat, whose machine-guns are its only advantage.
Reefer - Murderously slow, as the trip to the CAFI hangar will show you.
Rio - Like the Marquis, only wider.
Speeder - A close second to the Squalo in performance, good for beginners.
Squalo - Overall, the best all-around performer in the waters of Vice City.
Tropic - Huge AND slow, albeit without its top for reasons shown in
         "Lost and Found."
Violator - A slightly tamer Jetmax with more manageable handling.
Yola - Its cheapness must be seen to be believed. Still, despite being a bit
       cumbersome it's actually more convenient to get you places than quite a
       few others in this category.

Miscellaneous [VHMS]
(I don't count the Domestobot as a vehicle. Sorry.)
Baggage Handler - You still can't fire forward from it.
Bulldozer - If it weren't so slow it'd be better than a Rhino without guns.
Caddy - Tear up the rich neighborhoods in this bad boy.
        It still has that faulty suspension though...
Forklift - You can lift things in this painfully slow vehicle.
           Just...not very heavy ones.



Melee Weapons [WPML]
Katana - Hack, slash, and stab. The stabbing motion guarantees a kill if it goes
         through something.
Baseball Bat - Good for a little Blunt Force Trauma, and very popular among gang
Knife - Just a knife.
Butterfly Knife - Got stabbity urges? You can cure them with this until you find
                  a katana.
Crowbar - For Half-Life-style fun.
Machete - Arrriba. Hack and slash action, minus the stab.
Axe - If you enjoy literal hacking, this weapon is for you.
      Thanks to Ville "Beget" Saari for noticing this.

Projectiles [WPPJ]
Grenades - Regular hand grenades. Throw, get clear, and BOOM!
Molotovs - Read Rampage #6 to see why I prefer these weapons over Grenades. :)
Remote Grenades - Throw, get clear, PRESS THE BUTTON, then boom.

Pistols [WPPS]
Pistol ammo is NOT interchangeable.
Pistol - Your basic pistol. Average in all respects including range, but at
         least you can strafe with it.
Eliminator - The .357 from Vice City, now with a scope that you can't use. D:
             Just aim and BAM!

SMG ammo is interchangeable, except for the Red Balloon bonus.
Scorpion - Weak, slow and inaccurate. At least you can strafe with it.
Mac 10 - Not the most powerful SMG in the world but perfect for battles on foot,
         since you can strafe with it.
Micro SMG - Renamed VC Uzi. Sleek and efficient, and its rapid fire combined
            with its capacity make it perfect for stop-and-burst situations as
            well as drive-bys. No strafing though.
SMG (MP5) - A real Vice City Typewriter.

Shotguns [WPSH]
Shotgun ammo is interchangeable, except for the Red Balloon bonus.
Shotgun (Regular) - The usual shotgun. Rather good range but that thing about
                    accuracy declining steeply as the target gets farther is
                    bullplop. Two connecting shots without obstruction are
                    practically guaranteed to knock someone off from medium- to
Shorty - One shot and BAM! Shreddy goodness! Good crowd separator, but has a
         disturbingly short range.
Spaz 12 - An automatic shotgun. Its long range and great stopping power is
          effectively compromised by the fact that it needs to be reloaded after
          you start thinking you're on a roll.

Assault Rifles [WPAR]
Assault Rifle is interchangeable except for the Red Balloon bonus.
AK(-47) - An all-around average rifle, good for long-range fire.
Assault Rifle (M4) - Better than the AK, obviously. Weapon of choice for

Heavy Weapons [WPHW]
M249 - Essentially the M60 from previous games, only you can lock on with it.
       The Minigun for the diligent hunter and the penny-pinching.
Flamethrower - Spread some hot, steamy, passionate death with this baby.
Rocket Launcher - Stand clear and watch the bodies fly!
Minigun - You can auto-lock with it and spare yourself the spin time. >D

Sniper Rifles [WPSR]
Triangles will appear in the aiming reticules of sniper rifles to denote the
direction of nearby friendlies (Blue) or enemies (Red) that are not in your
current field of vision. On the PS2 version, these triangles light up if an
enemy has entered your reticule but has not cleared the crosshairs.

Sniper Rifle ammo is not interchangable.
Sniper (Regular) - Point, shoot, reload. Reloading time can get frustrating.
Laser Sniper (Dragunov) - Semi-automatic goodness. :) Just don't use up the
                          cartidges too quickly, these babies are a rarity.

Supplementaries [WPSP]
Binoculars - These are useful when locating Red Balloons as you can use these to
             find your target without having to auto-aim before switching into
             manual aim mode.
Camera - It takes pictures, but you can't save them...
Detonator - The ONLY weapon in your inventory when you get a car bomb/remote
            device. Press and BAM!

Friendly Neighborhood Retailers [WPRT]
(prices shown are before/after Shooting Range Discount)

Pistol              240/180
Scorpion            360/270
Micro SMG           600/450
Grenades            360/270
Shotgun            1000/750
Body Armor          240/180

STONEWALL J's, Little Havana
The building itself is open from the start but will not receive any stock
whatsoever until you complete "O Brothel, Where Art Thou?"

Butterfly Knife      10/7
Machete             100/75
Pistol              240/180
Scorpion            360/270
Stubby             1200/900

AMMU-NATION, Ocean Beach
The Rocket Launcher will be unlocked you complete "Turn on, Tune in, Bug Out."

SMG (MP5)          2500/1875
AK                 3150/4200
Spaz 12            3000/4000
Sniper             6000/4500
Rocket Laucner     9000/6750
Body Armor          240/180

AMMU-NATION, North Point Mall
The Minigun will be unlocked after completing "Farewell to Arms" for Gonzalez.

Eliminator         2000/1500
Assault Rifle (M4) 5400/4050
Grenades            360/270
Minigun           15000/11250
Laser Sniper       8000/6000
Body Armor          180/240


Unfortunately, there's nobody near my area with VCS. I'm providing this list as
a bonus for those who'd like to use a certain model and would like to know when
it's unlocked, as well as what that model looks like.

Thanks to Justin for helping me out with the mystery. I think this solves it.

Unlocked from Start
Corporal Vance
Vic ("Casuals" Vic)
(Jerry) Martinez
Phil Cassidy
Sgt. Peppah (Drill Sergeant from "Conduct Unbecoming")
Joaquin Noff (Los Cabrones)
Decjuan DeMarco (Cholo)
PVT. Parts (White Soldier)
PVT. Places (Black Soldier)
Troy (Trailer Park Mafia)
T.J. Sucker (Generic Cop)
Jose (Firefighter)
Poop Dawg (Pimp)

Unlocked after Chapter 1
Pimp Dawg (Pimping Vic)
"Vince" ("Trailer Trash" Vic)
Muscle (Extortion Vic)
Repo (Loan Shark Vic)
Marty (Jay Williams)
Tate Urchips (White Mallcop)
Buster Nutt (Black Mallcop)
The Specialist (SWAT)
Agent Provocateur (FBI)
Candy Barr ("Ninja Centerfold" prostitute)
Officer Cracker ("Crockett" VCPD Cheetah Cop)
Colin Allcars (Motorcycle Cop)

Unlocked after Chapter 2
Vida Loca ("Cuban Style" Vic)
Victor ("Pastel Suit" Vic)
Alberto (Robina)
(Bryan) Forbes
Lance T. (Vance)
Gabe Hiker (White Stallionz Biker)
Robin Banks ("The Audition" goon)
Umberto (Robina)
Lee Vitout (Vance Gang)
Kanye Diggit (Shark)
Harris Mint (Biker)
Anita Bath (Baglady)

Unlocked after beating the game
Traks ("Tracksuit" Vic)
Hood ("Hood" Vic)
Smuggler ("Smuggler" Vic)
L'Homme ("Smart Suit" Vic)
Wetz ("Wetsuit" Vic)
Armando (Mendez)
(Ricardo) Diaz
Diego (Mendez)
No. 1 (Agent 47 knockoff)
Lance (Blue Suit Lance)
Phil Collins
Reni (Wassulmaier)
Ms. Reni (Reni post-surgery)
Bub (Zombie)
Ron A. Muck (Vance Gang)
Beau Nurr (Diaz Gang)
Fidel Sistaxez (Mendez Gang)
Hugo Zehr (Mendez Gang)
Juan Ovzem (Mendez Gang, guy who hit you with baseball bat in "Light My Pyre")

Unlocked after getting 100%
Cam O'Flarge (fully-equipped soldier)
Agent Alman (DEA)
Officer Butts ("Tubbs" VCPD Cheetah cop)
Tess Tickle (Beachgoer Female)
Harry Balzac (Beachgoer Male)
Sue E. Sydle (Fashionable Female)
Jenny Tulls (Black Prostitute)
Daryl Lect (White Hobo)
Duane DeVane ("Streetwannabe")
Abe Rudder (Pianist from Phil Collins concert)
Abe Ozo (Black Hobo)
Moe Lester (Similar to Duane, only with cap)
Dylan Weed (Tough Guy)
Dee Generate (White Prostitute)
Pearl Neklass (Tough Chick)
Hayden Seek (Businessman)
Stacy Rhect (Bikini Beachgoer Female)
Chris Packet (Plain Trunks Beachgoer Male)
Pops (Old Guy)
Boyd Schidt (White-collar)
Des Buratto (Mendez' Warriors Knockoffs)
Martha Fokker (Athlete Female)
Leo Tarred (Athlete Male)



E-mail me if...AND ONLY IF...

- You have tips and strategies for missions et al. ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE
  CURRENT VERSION OF THE GUIDE. I cannot stress this enough.
- You have real-life trivia pertaining to said content, EXCEPT products
  mentioned on the radio. That's what my scripts are for.
- I typoed or made errors in grammar. And don't insult my intelligence about it,
  these things happen when you're currently living in a country with a severe
  national brain drain AND you've spent an assload of man-hours on a guide this
- You have a time that can beat (not just equal) my set times for the challenges
  above. Send me the folder with your savefile in a .zip, and no viruses.
- You have a sensible suggestion as to how to improve/add on to the guide.
- You want to publish, link to or copy this FAQ to a CREDIBLE
  publication or website.

- Q: Why can't I upgrade my Prostitution business in Little Haiti?
  A: You will once you finish "Hose the Hoes."

- Q: Why can't I conquer the Vice Point biker business?
  A: You will once you finish "Hostile Takeover."

- Q: Where are the aircraft?
  A: Helicopters are unlocked after opening the East Island. Start searching.
     Skimmers can be found at the Downtown dock, and are purchaseable at your
              Midland safehouse on the PS2 version.
     Biplanes are only available for missions.

- Q: Where's the Sea Sparrow?
  A: You can only save it during "Land, Sea, and Air Ace."

- Q: Where can I buy the __________?
  A: Check the missions that unlock them. For the PS2-exclusive purchases,
     check "From Zero to Hero."

- Q: How do I use multiplayer?
  A: Step 1 - make sure that little switch on the left side of your PSP is
              switched up/on.
     Step 2 - Save your game. (This isn't really a step, but you'll lose any
              unsaved data if you enter Multiplayer mode without it)
     Step 3 - Pause the game and select Multiplayer from the pause menus.
     Step 4 - Go through the lawyer screens and you're all set.

     Remember, in order to exit multiplayer mode you'll have to RELOAD your
     save file. (:

- Q: Is there multiplayer in the PS2 version?

- Q: When do I unlock the Minigun and/or Rocket Launcher?
  A: See the "Friendly Neighborhood Retailers" section under "Weapons" above.

- Q: Can I build two kinds of businesses on one site?

Flames and anything of THAT sort (especially regarding the excessive use of LS-
Talk in the Pimping Section), even as much as insults planted in otherwise
credible solutions will result in you being BLOCKED. The latter instance will be
the ONLY time I may add your info WITHOUT crediting you. If you ask one of the
questions above, I'll delete it without replying but I won't block you the first

And as a new policy, PLEASE say in the SUBJECT TITLE which part of the game
you're asking for help/making suggestions for. It'll make dealing with these
messages - and coming back for them in case of reference - a lot easier.

Examples:  "VCS Guide - Domo Arigato Domestoboto Help"
          "GTA Vice City Stories Red Balloons"
          ...and so on.

Djen kuje.

That all being said...

[email protected]


| Special Thanks To... | [SPTT]
Me, for bothering to use up all my spare time to gather the data for the guide.
My PSP and PS2, for bearing through the entire process.
All the sites who have hosted my guides., for giving me a reason to start posting there again.
Everyone who helped me find content on the "VCS PS2 Exclusive Thread"
My buddies on, just because.
Rockstar Games, for the Grand Theft Auto series, especially the Vice City games.
                Can't wait for Number 4 and San Andreas Stories, guys,
                do us proud!
StinkyMcPeterson and Falk Aspargs, for creating the maps referenced in this FAQ.
Mio, for being the first person to e-mail me about my guides.
Andrew Roberts, for notifying me about the East Island jump.
Everyone who's gotten informed from and helped me out. Thank you so much.
Eric Keller, for the e-mail laced with sheer gratitude. (:
Chris "Wooziefan" Halloran, for whom without my guide,
                            HIS guide wouldn't be possible.

And Phil Collins, because he's Phil Collins, dammit.


| BONUS: No Thanks To... |
The people who think I could be out there improving the world instead of
           wasting fossil fuels by writing this guide. We should've crushed you
           greenies and pinkos years ago!
Jack Thompson, for getting to my parents and causing them to enact a console GTA
               game prohibition in my house.
My parents, for enacting said prohibition. They allowed me the PSP games as long
            as I don't play them near my little bros...
The list goes on, but I'm already digressing.


+                 +
  Calling Gloria~
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This Guide © 2007 Francis Santos-Viola.

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