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Country the guide were made in: Sweden
Writers: JoKeR and Mange
JoKeR's EMAIL: [email protected]
Mange's EMAIL: [email protected]
Other: really great game, thank you LUCAS ARTS!!
And good luck in the game for everyone that is reading this.
JoKeR wrote YEAR 1 and 3 and Mange wrote Year 2 and 4.

This guide is written by Joon "JoKeR" Svedelius Lindström and Mange. If you got
any suggestions for this guide contact us. You are not allowed under any
circumstances to put this guide on your own site if you haven't asked us first

Hi we suggest you all to try this game without guide also because it is much
more fun without a guide actually, so only use this guide when you are really
stuck in the game. And don't break our rules by copying our guide and publish
it on  your own site without our permission because we have worked hard on this
guide and have spent late night's to do it.

Probably we will do updates later on or we will make an entirely new guide for
another game, alone or together, the future will decide.

Watch the intro and enjoy it and now to business.
Open your mailbox and take out the message and read it.
Go to the other side of the room and pick up the play cards.
Go out from your office.
Go to Eva and talk to her about the Poisoning and discover that you are late
for it (if you read the note you will know what the poisoning is)
Use your play card on the stapler on Eva's desk.
Now you have two ways to go, either down on the main floor or to the garage.
The garage is the door to the left and the main floor door is the one in the
Let's head for the garage first.
Down in the garage you will see how the last car drove to the poisoning, now
walk over top the other side and knock at the door on the office. Glottis will
come out, talk to him. He will tell you that your driver has quitted, now talk
to Glottis and try to convince him to drive you instead, if you succeed he will
give you a work order that you must have your boss to sign.
So head up to Eva again, use the work order on her.
No luck he tells her that he is busy so let's walk outside instead shall we????
Once you are outside walk over to the balloon guy and talk to him about
balloons, and get about two or three worm balloons, and get all the other
balloons as well.
Now go to the little bread shop to the left of the balloon guy.
Pick up some bread, then head away from that place and head into the alley to
the right of the main building, you see a rope here right???
Climb it, now you will be up at your boss office, so just enter through his
He is not there but let's check his computer, aha he have put an auto message
on so let's change it to something else.
Let's change it to:
Ah, cripes Eva! Just sign it yourself, Will ya?? I'm busy!

Let's exit his office by the same way you came in and climb down the building
as well.
Walk up to Eva again and give her the work order once again, now she will sign
it herself and off you are to the poisoning.

After the cut scene you will be on a café, use your scythe on the package.
Congratulations you have a new client, not that it is a good client but it is
still a client.

Oki, now go around and talk to people about everything that you want to know, I
talked to Eva and Domino so check out Dominos room and chat to him a bit then
leave and head to downstairs. Here you will meet a big Demon that are grumbling
about that someone upstairs have been sending down empty beer bottles through
their mail and so on.
When he is gone go to the left, now you are in the room with a red and a blue
Take out the two worms you collected before and use one on the red hose and one
on the blue hose.
Now get up to your office again.
Use the balloons on your mail tube and the whole tube system will break down

Ok, let's head down to the tube system machine shall we???
On the way down you will hear Eva talking about that the server is down again,
and that is the tube system room.
Once in the tube system room, pick up the fire extinguisher and head over to
the demon.
Look at the open door, it is a lock on it, turn it so the door can't be shut.
Now talk to the demon, just talk to him about everything and then leave the
room and enter it again. He has now left and if you watched carefully you would
have seen that he had a card in the machine. Remember the playing card that you
used on Eva's stapler??
Well use that one on the red tube on the machine, you will now read about a
client that is a real saint and she is all yours………

Gosh, looks she is in your office but her record says that she must walk and
can't get a ticket to the number nine train, so let's ask her about all the bad
things she have done in life.
Too bad you can't find anything so let's head for the office and to talk to
your boss.

Looks like Meche have started the walking journey and that your boss is very
angry with you.
You get locked up in the garage so let's find a way to get out of here.
Just knock at the door and a mysterious man will appear, talk to him.
Tell him that you really hate DOD and plan to frame them really hard and so on…
He will then let you out and you will be taken to Salvador's headquarters.

Looks like he wants you to join up with him before he let's you out of town so
join up with him. Tell him that you are in and about that you will be a
messenger and he will tell you that he need eggs so go and get him some.
Climb up on the roof by the rope and enter Dominos office that now is empty.
Open his drawer and take the green coral, then go and punch his punch bag a
couple of times until the mouthpiece falls down on the floor. Pick it up and
then leave the office.
Use the glowing coral on the rope end, then swing the rope to the ladder and
climb up by using the rope. Up on the roof use the cat balloon in the feeding
pan and use the bread also (I don't know if it really matters if you use the
cat or any of the other balloons, but I used the cat)
The birds will now start eating the bread and pop the balloon and will fly
Take the eggs and head down to headquarters again.
Give Salvador the eggs and tell him that you will leave he will then tell you
that he needs a dental proof from you so let's give him one. Head to Glottis
office through the open garage door, just to the right off salvador's place.In
the office use the mouthpiece on the strange machine that have some gum in it.
Then use Dominos Dental proof on yourself and then give it to Eva

You're out…
You will meet Glottis, he is sad so he rips out his heart and tosses it out in
the forest and you will have to go and get it. Go to the spider web and take up
a bone and toss it at the spider web. Now use the scythe on the web and it will
use the web as a catapult and the heart will fly away to glottis again. Pick
the heart up and use it on Glottis.

Looks like Don Copal is dead but let's not worry about that now.
Jump ion the car and drive to your right, here you will see a strange machine.
This part is kind of hard to explain, but you see the 4 cables on the ground
Take the wheelbarrow and try to run over the cables to in that way synchronize
the machine; you see the 4 pumps on the machine??
Those pumps are where those four cables lead so try them to get so they pump on
each other by using the wheelbarrow and running over the different cables. When
you have succeed the tree will start shaking but this isn't enough to get that
part that you want for your car down so shut off the machine and wait until
glottis have climbed up on it, now put the machine on again. And the machine
will break down.

Now you have your new part for the car that makes it like an elevator neat
By using the new modified car you can now drive over the passage that is filled
with stones, so let's to that. Once in you will see a big gate and a door, in
here the killer beavers are so enter. Use your fire extinguisher on the beavers
so they get chilled down a bit, while they are in that state pick up three
bones on the bone graveyard and then go to the left off the bone yard. You will
notice that when you walk to the left you will be under that high pedestal and
the beavers are on that pedestal so throw out a bone for them. One beaver at
the time will jump for one bone and when that beaver jumps for the bone it is
up to you to use your fire extinguisher to extinguish the beaver so it falls
down in the oil and drown, repeat this three times then exit the beaver place.
Now drive to the main screen and exit the car.
Pick up the sign and go to the left, you will here see many different holes and
caves, ignore them completely instead put down the sign in the middle and look
where the arrow points.
Just take one or two steps in the direction where the big arrow points then put
it down on the ground again. Follow it like this until you are at the right
spot and you will know when you are at the right spot because when you are a
big underground door will open.
So go and get the car and drive down the path in the ground.
Once you have drove through you will see the key for the gate, read the sign
and then pick up the key. Jump in the car and you will drive to the gate
automatically. Use the key on the gate and get out of this place.

Now you are in Rubacava so let's look for Meche shall we??
The first thing you should do is to walk as most to the right as you can, that
would mean walk into the fog. Now you will fall off the mountain and fall in
the water and a captain will pick you up. Go down to the car and ask the
captain about everything then go up to the house at the top. Remember your
client from the start Celso Flores???? He is here, so let's talk to him.
Talk to him about everything and you will get a picture of his wife so let's
head down to the captain. Ask the captain if he has seen the woman on the
picture, luckily he has but the bad news is that she sailed out two months ago
so let's go and tell Celso about the news.
Use the Sail log you got from the captain on Celso, he will then tell you to
take over his club and leave. You have now finished year 1.


Walk inside to Manny's office and pick up the letters from Salvador on the back
Walk out the front door, down the first stairs and turn right.
After the sequence with the raven, use the binoculars.
You end up with Velasco, talk to him about getting on the Limbo boat and talk
to him until
You've run out of dialogue options about working, then leave.
Head through the hub to the Blue Casket bar.
Show Salvador's letters to the guys with a book on their table.
Now you can pick up the book.
Go back to the club's office.
Talk to Lola, the photographer.
Walk through the hub towards the docks.
Give the book to the SeaBee Terry.
Go back to Manny's Club, down to the lower floor.
Pick up the bottle of Gold Flake liqeur from the bar.
Go to the casino and talk to Chowchilla Charlie to get a ticket printer.
Ask him to make you a fake union card.
You will get a VIP pass. Show it to Glottis.
Go out of the club, and talk to Lupe who will give you an empty envelope from
Leave, past the elevator, over the blimp bridge and enter the large building,
enter the High Roller's Lounge to the right.
Find the kitchen, pick up the turkey baster.
When the waiter goes into the pantry, close the doors and block them with your
Walk to the tables and talk to Nick Virago, the lawyer.
Tell him what he wants to hear and then threaten to tell Maximino about Olivia
and him.
Get the cigarette case. Get down to the security station at the blimp bridge.
Tell Carla that you found the case under her desk after some suspicous person
left it there.
Now get the key. Drink the Gold Flake bottle and walk to the detector.
Once in the back room keep talking about the metal detector until Carla throws
it out the window.
Go down the security station stairs and down the betting room stairs.
Turn right past the giant cat continue to the next room.
Pick up the can opener.
Walk out on the plank; use your scythe on the sand to find the metal detector.
Go back to the High Roller's kitchen.
Use the can opener to open the cask and get inside it.
You'll end up in the basement.
Drive the forklift into the elevator.
Place it so it grabs the ceiling of the secret room passing by, stopping the
Raise the forks to open the door.
Take the suitcase and give it to Charlie to get a union card.
Now get back to the docks with the Seabees. Continue to the lighthouse.
Use the key on the door.
Pick up the card.
Go to the Blue Casket bar, into the kitchen.
Use the turkey baster on the Hookah water in the sink.
Use elevator to get back to Manny's club.
Give the card to Lupe.
Use the woman's coat, to find a piece of paper with the words Rusty Anchor.
Get down, across the hub, head out to the tatooist, where Naranja is.
Go into the back room.
Open the refrigerator and pull out the box so the door stays open.
Use turkey baster full of Hookah water on the bottle.
When he falls asleep, grab his name tag.
Talk to Toto about the rusty anchor.
Pick up the photo before heading to the morgue.
Give the metal detector to Membrillo.
Throw Naranja's nametag on one of the corpses when Membrillo isn't looking.
Leave and go to the betting booth at the cat track.
Set up the ticket printer.
The sign by the stuffed cat tells you it had been the 2nd week and the photo
shows it was the 6th race.
Show the ticket to Doug to get another photo.
Go to the high roller lounge and show the photo to Nick.
He gets Terry out of jail.
To have Glottis stop betting go to Manny's office in his club and use the
hidden panel in his desk.
Push the bottom right button on the circular panel.
Push the magnet button on the far right.
Police Chief Bogen will lose, and raid Manny's casino.


Go inside the ship, you discover that your whole crew is dead, and now they are
after to kill you. They will try to kill you but Glottis will save you in the
last second and drags you to a room. You think that you are safe here but you
soon discover that you aren't so you have to do something. Se the two red
buttons at opposite side of each other in the room???
Well those buttons control the anchors that will get you out of their so push
the right button, which should take up the right anchor. Now use the two
acceleration levers on the panel. Do so that the left anchor is under the boat
in the place where the right anchor was; now sink down the right anchor again.
Now pull up the left anchor and the right anchor will come up with it. Go to
the left window, you will see the two anchors that now is messed up with each
other. Use you scythe on the anchors, when you do Manny will put up the anchor
on the window so it is stuck there, now walk over to the right side and push
the red button. Now the whole ship will be split in half, so just walk over and
drag the acceleration lever back and you're off.

Now you are down at the bottom of the ocean.
Go around a bit, after a while Chepito will come, talk to him if u want but
when you are finished directly press the use button on him so that you get his
flashlight, when you have his flashlight in your hand turn to Glottis and he
will take it because he can control Chepitos so-called flashlight.

Run forward until you reach a stone with some red coral on it, round that stone
and Chepito will follow you and get those red things on him and he will lose
the control over himself. He is now an easy target for the squid.
And it will be a perfect sneak-on-board moment for you and Glottis.

You are now at the edge of the world.
Enter the elevator, once up walk to the right as far as you can, you will now
enter Dominos office.

You are now in the room with the little children in cages. Talk to the children
until they throw a hammer at you, or more if you like to. Pick up the hammer.
Go to Meche's office and press the use button on her ashtray, she will now drop
her cigarette on her leg, and her stockings will be ruin.

Pick up Meche's stockings from the basket. Now head for the elevator, once down
go left. You shall now see Chapito so go over and talk to him. After you have
talked to him you will learn that he have a gun to trade away and a bust-all so
use Meche's stockings on him and the little hammer also. You will now get the
Bust-All and the Sproutella gun from Chapito. Now walk up to the elevator but
don't walk in it, instead go to the right, here you will see an conveyor belt.
Hit the lever so I goes down instead of up and then climb up on the belt and go
down. Climb down as far as you can.

Looks like Glottis is alive so go over and talk to him, it appears that he can
fix the boat but shouldn't we get it up first???
So leave Glottis alone for the moment and head up again. Turn the lever so the
belt goes up again and jump on. Go up the belt, up here you will see a huge
piece of machinery. Go to the left and descend the stairs, you are up in the
crane. Drive the machine to the other side of the island and then lower the
claw so it falls down on the beach, now exit the crane.
Go down to the beach. Use the Bust-All on the claw, the chain will now snap and
the claw will be released, now head up in to the crane again. Lower down the
chain in to the big steel jaws, raise the chain again and the steel jaws will
break. Now drive to the other side of the island again and lower the chain, now
exit the crane again and go down the conveyor belt again. Once down change the
direction of the conveyor belt. The chain will go down the belt, now change the
direction off the conveyor belt again, the chain will now go up a bit but get
stuck in itself, so push the direction lever again. Now the chain will go down
and tie itself around the boats anchor. Head up to the crane and raise the

Looks like the boat and Glottis is on land again now we got business with
Domino to take care off. So head to Meche's office, once there use the
Sproutella gun on her.

Exit Dominos office and go to the big vault door where Meche is locked up
Use the Bust-All on the most left part off the door; you will now be able to
see the tumbles that control the door. Rotate the wheel so all the Tumbler are
pointing to the right. When I say write I mean that the flat side of the
tumblers should be to the right just so you don't get confused. Now use your
scythe on the tumblers, and then pull the handle to the left of the vault,
Voila. You're in. Once inside close the vault door and cut the power wiring
with the scythe, the secret door to Meche will now unlock and she will come
out, but now you need another way to come out. Take the axe and drag it to the
secret room, drop it anywhere ion the floor. Turn on the wheel by the pipe, now
the sprinklers will go on. Now look after the tile where the water disappears.
That is the place where you should drop the axe, the axe will crack up the tile
in the floor and it will become a nice escape path.

Domino is kind of pissed at you so he wants to fight you.
The only thing you have to do is to use your scythe on the Squid's eye.

Finally Domino got what he deserved
And you have finished year 3.


You find yourself at the snowy temple where the Number Nine train pass.
Head all the way down the stairs to the trucks, and open the coffin on the
So that's where you're old client Bruno is. He's pretty pissed off but gives
you a mug before he leaves.
Get back up, and watch the cutscene where the Gatekeeper makes sure those
riding the Number Nine unauthorized are deported to a lower and less appealing
land. The Number Nine turns into a fire-breathing dragon on rail diving down to
hell, that is.
As you leave, the Gatekeeper will drop down a note for you. Hmm, it's from
Hector and he's out to get you.
Go down, and enter the room under the rail station.
Glottis isn't feeling well. We got to save him, somehow.
Talk to Glottis if you like, then walk down the stairs to the kitchen and use
the mug on the rack.
Open the drawer, and pick up a rag.
Move outside to the oilcan behind the kitchen and use the rag on it.
Well back in the kitchen, use the oil drenched rag on the toaster to discover a
very powerful fuel. Now we can give Glottis exactly what he needs. A rush hour.
Enjoy the explosive cut scene, which will have you back in Rubacava in no time.
Oh no, the Bonewagon has been booby-trapped! You have to get it disarmed.
Walk through the hub to Velasco and talk to him until he leaves.
Grab the bottle and get to the Blue Casket.
Walk to the kitchen and use the bottle on the keg to fill the bottle with
Give the bottle to Glottis. Say something to Glottis, and he'll will feel
nauseous and throw up.
To make it possible to walk on the gelatine you need to go down to Toto, open
the cabinet and get the liquid nitrogen.
Use the nitrogen on the gelatine, walk across it and use the bomb to leave
Sit back and admire the fancy cinematic as you get back to the LSA
Pick up the arm from the sprouted body.
Take the photo from the trashcan.
First give the note from Hector to the pigeon, and then use the photo on it. A
cut scene follows where the florist thinks Hector is out to get him, causing
him to flee back to his own shop.
Talk to Meche, and then head out of the hideout, up the next two ladders you
come across, to get to the room with two disguised men chatting.
Grab the coffee pot, and climb the ladder behind the masked men.
Pour the coffee on one of them to get rid of them both. Put the pot back before
climbing the ladder again. Use the skeleton arm on the grinder, and pick it up
to add the grinder (with arm) to your inventory.
Climb down and walk inside the makeup room to get a disguise.
Leave the same way you came and head back to Glottis and the Bonewagon.
Take the remote from Glottis.
Walk through the passage behind the Bonewagon into the sewers, and into the
dark tunnel.
Use the grinder to follow the trace left behind the florist. and keep moving
until the alligator gets in your way.
Use the remote to raise the Bonewagon and move the wagon forward until you can
get on the ledge.
Once there, run towards the ladder and start climbing down to trick the
alligator into turning around.
Now activate the remote to lover the wagon and trap the monster.
Now you can safely enter the florist's shop. Pull out your scythe and use it on
the ball of tape above the door.
Leave and go back inside to be served as a respected customer, getting both a
gun and ammo.
Climb the first ladder and get to the casino through the door to the right.
Talk to Meche until she recognize you,. She'll then cover Chowchilla Charlie
under the sheet. Quickly talk to the one-legged soldier in the trench coat
until you get him to fix Charlie's machine.
He will go into the bathroom and change clothes.
If you now enter the bathroom you'll pick up his old suit to complete your
Go talk to the big pink guy guarding the elevator when he asks you a question.
The answer is to be found on the board behind you. The latest number to pop up
should be your answer.
Once you're upstairs, you'll meet another old client, Celso and his wife.
Talk to Celso, and tell him that you work for Hector and are there to answer
their questions.
Convince them to buy tickets on the Number Nine by telling them that they don't
have anything to save their money for and tell them everything you've been
through since you arrived at the Land of the Dead to close the deal.
A long nice cutscene follows as Hector tries to escape with the tickets. Sit
back and enjoy it.
You're back as the Grim Reaper, and you're in for a vengeance.
Climb the ladder and head for the sign's arm.
Climb up on the border and use the grinder on the crack before filling it with
Sproutella, to dislodge the sign.
Climb the ladder to retrieve the tickets.
The resulting cutscene brings you to Hector's garden of death.
Walk up to the greenhouse, and enter. NO GOOD, you got sprouted falling to the
ground. But fear not; just use the Liquid Nitrogen on yourself to rip the
flower from your bones.
Go to the car and take a look in the back seat to see Salvador's severed head.
Talk to him and he'll soon self-destruct taking Olivia with him.
Now it's free for you to open the suitcase. Get the ticket, and find your way
behind the greenhouse.
The ticket will guide you to the right spot, and when you're there the ticket
will drop to the ground.
A dramatic cutscene shows how Manuel cuts through the flowers with his scythe
to dig out Salvador body.
Search the body to get the key to the trunk,. Once back at the car, unlock the
trunk to get back the gun.
Now run across the field to the water supply and use the gun to poison the
water with sproutella.
Screams of agony should turn your attention to the greenhouse.
Get up there and use the door.  Watch the flowers hit it, and Hector's fez roll
out on the ground before you.
Now watch Manny and Meche, among the other passengers aboard The Number Nine,
journey towards the last resort. Congratulations for completing the fantastic
Grim Fandango.
We hope you enjoyed playing with our guide as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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