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Gunnm: Battle Angel Alita
Sony PSX
1 memory block required

Infoguide ver. 1.3 (should be complete...more corrections)

	--1.0  original
	--1.1  grammar corrections
	--1.2  more info on tips and bosses
By Rick Banks.  16 Jan 99

**If you desire to use this Infoguide in any way shape or form, just 
ask me.  Otherwise, this Infoguide is my work**

Table of contents:

1.  Intro
2.  General
3.  How to play!!!
4.  Problems
5.  Helpful hints


Well, this is not a FAQ first of all, but rather an Infoguide 
that will help you learn how to play this game.  I'll be improving it 
until I feel it's complete.  After owning the game for several months, 
and not having a clue as to how to play it (it's all in Japanese), I 
was playing it one day and took a wrong turn...and presto!!!  I figured 
out how to play the game from there.  I even finished it!  A while back 
I told some I would not do a FAQ on this, but here is a guide to tell 
you about the game, and how to play it.  


	This game is wierd!!!  It's an Action RPG based on the anime of 
the same name.  It took me about 25 - 30 hours to finish it.  The story 
(which actually spands about 20 years) is about Gally, the main 
character, who is one day discovered in a heap of rubble.  The guy who 
finds her is a specialist in making cyborgs, which is what Gally is.  I 
believe the point of this game is for Gally to find out who she really 
is, and where she came from...and let me tell you, this game goes off 
the deep end.  That is to say, I believe the game has one heck of a 
story.  I say this because the game goes on way after the original 
movie ends.  And I mean way after!!!  

	For example, if you were to take the movie (which was maybe 1hr 
10min long), and consider that to be a part of the overall story (as 
included in the game), then the movie makes up only about 1/10th of the 
overall story!!!  When playing this game, just when you think it's over 
then WHAM!!!...a different twist pops up and off you go trying to solve 
yet another mystery.  You not only play as Gally, but as a few other 
players as well.  They all figure into the overall scheme of things.

	This game packs lots of variety.  As you progress in the game, 
Gally must fight her way through roller derby contests (win or die), a 
death match contest, and instances where she must prove herself.  Many 
of the bosses in this game are tough as nails, and only certain attacks 
will kill them.  Also, Gally goes through several changes throughout 
the game.  She starts off very weak, but as you progress, she receives 
several modifications to her body that make her all the more deadly.    

	The battle system in the game is 3D, and is not turn based.  You 
get to move freely in your environment except with some restraints.  
You get a decent array of weapons to buy, items to equip, and 
modifications to your body that you can purchase.  Gally fights like 
Taki of SoulEdge.  The moves are almost identical.  You buy items in 
this game by killing cyborgs.  There are bounties for killing certain 
cyborgs, and you get money for taking them out.  In all, the game is 
fun to play.


Glossary for D-pad:

U = up			
D = down		
R = right		
L = left  		

T = triangle  	(use special lightning attack)
S = square    	(attack: punch)
	C = circle	(action button/select, block attack)
X = X		(cancels selections; kick)

**Press twice (double tap) in one direction faces Gally in that 
**This game does not support the analog controller**

R1:  run 	(R1 (hold down), D-pad + attack button: more powerful're charging in to attack.  Also try R1 + 
R2:  jump  	(D-pad + R2 makes you roll forward, side flip, or 
back flip in Battle mode.  **It may be more of a  D-
pad, R2)
L1:  use item, use special technique (only in combat; hold down 
for a lock-on)
L2:  no function

Select:  puts you in Battle mode, or non Battle mode
Start:    options screen

	START SCREEN (beginning):

	--The top block is to load a game
	--The bottom block is to start a new game

--I figure this yellow bar to be the difficulty, one line to be 
an autosave,  I can't figure out the rest.  But I read in another 
FAQ that it might be for stereo vs mono.


	--new game
	--slot 1
	--slot 2
	--return to main menu


	--Green bar:	life
	--Blue bar: 	special lightning attack
	--Box:		item in right hand to be used during combat


--I will make sense of this by describing what each section of 
the screen deals with:


--From top to bottom, left side of screen, I will label the 
blocks A through F.
:A--select items for left hand (weapon hand)
:B--select items (to use in combat)
:C--items screen 
--reading across the top A - C: 
A = equip item
B = drop item
C = exit
:D--options screen
:E--load game
:F--back to game


--weapon in left hand
--item in right hand
--attack strength
--defense strength


--hit points		remaining/total
--lightning points	remaining/total
--stats			attack points/defense points


--This is easy.  Use the circle button to select an item.  The 
yellow triangle shows you that the item is equipped.  When a 
section is highlighted in blue, this is showing what part of 
Gally is affected if you use that item. Be careful though--
sometimes before you fight a boss, the game unequips you of 
everything.  So you'll have to re-equip everything.  You'll 
notice this when it takes forever to beat a simple enemy.

F33 FACTORY:  As you move on in the game you will come to F33, 
the factory.  The factory has six doors there:

	--D1:  Save game
	--D2:  Hunting result (collect bounty--money)
	--D3:  Rating system (number of kills)
--D4:  Shop for items that improve things from body armor to 
things that will keep you alive during battle(from A - C across 
top: A = buy; B = sell; C = leave)
	--D5:  Shop for weapons
--D6:  Cybern.  Pay here to improve your attack, defense, or to 
replenish your health or energy.


--This game has some awkward angles. The perspective is in the 
3rd person, but you never get to see what she sees, like in Tomb 
Raider.  It's more like you sit still while Gally moves back and 
forth, towards you and then away from you.   

--The music sounds if it's coming through only one 
it's in mono or something.  The no real base or depth to it.  It 
just sounds weak at times.

--I think this game has more text than MGS!!!  But that's 
actually sort of a plus for an RPG.  My concern is that during 
most of the dialog there is no background music or sound.  So you 
sit there in silence as you button mash your way through the 

--The graphics are not superb, but for some odd reason, the 
graphics get really detailed in certain situations, or during up 
close shots of main characters.  I get the impression that Bandai 
rushed this game.


--Use a round house kick in tight situations.  For example, when 

--Charging in for a hit is more powerful than a regular hit or 

--Try not to fight more than one enemy at a time.

--Try to max out on all HP, attack points, and defense points 
before you battle the main boss of the level.

--You will need different techniques to defeat many of the 
bosses.  Sometimes the kick/punch combination works, but in 
others you will need the lightning attack or some other special 
attack to defeat the boss.

--Lightning attacks don't always work, but do a tremendous amount 
of damage.  Hold down the triangle button when Gally is close to 
an enemy, and release it.  If close enough, and you are fighting 
against the right type of enemy, Gally will charge the enemy and 
probably kill him.

--Don't fight up close if you can use a "missile" (projectile) 
item--kill from a distance.

--The best attack is achieved with what I'll call the "perfect 
block".  When you achieve this, you'll stun the attacker.  When 
you do this, attack (punch).  You'll get one heck of a combo 
attack out of it. 

--Learn how to move in and out of battle mode when in a fight.

--You can save in Gally's room.  Go to her desk.  You can also 
sleep in her bed to replenish her health for free.

--TUNED ammo cannot be blocked.

--Triangle + Circle makes for a powerful attack later in the 

--During the roller derby, there are seven matches.

--When you get really powerful, try using an item with nothing in 
your right hand.

--Never rush into a scene.

:Blue sphere--almost an instant kill for most cyborgs.

	:Molotov cocktail looking thing--kills most, but mainly 
stuns the enemy.

:Steel needles--uses 3 per use.  Effective from a distance.  
Several attacks are needed to kill.

	:Hornets--a weird item--launches out of Gally's back.

	:Stars--same as needles, but more powerful.

	:TUNED pistol--a must have, but requires ammo.

:(I'm missing an item here.  Can't remember it, it's like 
the hornet but a direct fire weapon.)

	:Some items, in door 4, augment your fighting abilities.

BOSS STRATEGIES (SPOILERS):  This section will deal with the 
bosses and tips on beating them.  I don't remember all of the 
bosses, and these are in no particular order.

	--Big Cyborg (first encounter):  just kick and punch him.

--Big Cyborg (second encounter):  jumping over his razor 
fingers is the key.

	--Big wolf:  kill from a distance.

--Guy with the flat hat and sword(as in the end of the 
movie):  lightning attacks work.

--Mainframes:  you must first destroy the towers 
surrounding the center.  Watch your meter, too--you have a 
special attack when it's full.

	--Big octopus looking thing:  jump his attacks.

	--Cyborg gopher:  kill from a distance.

	--Roller Derby:

:Hold down the attack button to charge up your gage. 
Get too charged up and it takes your health.  When 
the gage is purple, get close to an enemy and release 
the attack button (or one of those buttons).  The 
second guy is real tough, but the rest are easy.  For 
the blue tank, hit all four wheels.  Your main 
difficulty fighting the tank is time.  The "0" is the 
hardest.  Try and get the "perfect block" against 
him.  Lightning attacks are somewhat effective.  Try 
sidestepping and timing your attacks to hit him just 
before he hits you.  

	--Dr. Madblood (my name for him):  he's too easy.
--Giant Centaur:  the cannon moves like a pilot joystick.  
Lock on and fire.  jump before he strikes you.

	--Free for all match:

:Technique is the key when in the rink.  Remember 
that only certain attacks work on certain enemies!!

--Blue guy with four arms:  only certain attacks work on 
him.  Try using lightning, or variations thereof.  


--This is a pretty good game.  I recommend it, especially if you 
like Gally.

**Need help?  reach me at [email protected]**  (I won't 
answer senseless questions due to your laziness).

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