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                   Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

The Indiana Jones movies were a Lucasfilm creation. The movies that were 
made include Raiders of The Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, and the Last 
Crusade. They were legendary. However, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
was a sequel that never was a movie. But that does make this a great game!

Story Line: It's 1939, the eve of World War 2. After defending good in the
Last Crusade, Indiana Jones is back at Barnett College. But adventure is on 
the way. Nazi agents are about to get their hands on the ultimate weapon, more
powerful than the atomic bomb. So Indy's gotta go save the world again, before
the Axis Powers gain the deadly secret that sank Atlantis and use it to win 
the war.


You begin your game in a dark labynrith, or rather an attic.You need to find a 
strange statue. Look around the room and click on the PECULIAR STATUE. You'll 
fall into a lower room. Instinctively you'll want to go through the gaping 
hole, but Indy will say it's too dangerous. Instead, pull the rope. Crash! 
You'll find yourself in the university library. There's an exit, but it's 
blocked. Go to the isolated shelf and click on it. The bookcase will fall and
send you down. You'll land in a basement. Again you'll want to go down the 
coal chute, but Indy won't. Go to the cat figures and click on two. The second 
cat is REAL! You'll jump back and fall down the coal chute. You'll land in the
utility room. Open all 3 lockers and don't bother the furnace. The statue will
be in one of the lockers.

The adventure begins

Indy retrieves the statue, and returns to his office. Marcus Brody (his 
colleague) and some guy named Mr.Smith are waiting. Indy was sent to get the 
statue for Smith. Smith takes the statue and opens it with his key. Inside,
is a small coppery bead. "Jewelry perhaps?" asks Marcus. Suddenly Smith draws
as gun and steals the statue. But Smith turns around to signal a getaway car.
Indy jumps, and the ever so often Indy VS. Crook slugging contest begins. 
Smith finally manages to throw Indy off, but Indy tears off some of Smith's
coat as he gets away. "Klaus Kerner, eh?" says Indy. He's a Nazi spy. Also
in the coat is an issue of NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGY. Inside is Indy's picture 
from his job a while ago in Iceland. His name is circled, along with a young
woman's picture. "That's Sophia Hapgood. A spoiled, rich kid rebelling against
her family. She gave up archaeology to become a psychic." Anyway, Indy's off
to find Sophia Hapgood, and that's in New York City.

New York

"The show's sold out sir." is the only thing the clerk at the theater will 
tell you. Madame Sophia is inside. Go to the newstand and pick up the newspa-
per. Go to the back door. Open it, and tell Biff the doorman that you have to
see Sophia. Tell him she's the greatest, and tell him she makes things so easy
to understand. Or, few can resist the insults that they see and go ahead with 
their first rude comment. Aggravate Biff enough and start a fight. If you 
lose, try again later. But, he's pretty easy to beat. There is yet another way
to get in. Go the crates. Push and pull them around. You'll eventually find
your way to the fire escape. Climb in.
Inside, talk to the stagehand. Keep bugging the guy. You can watch Sophia's
seminar on Atlantis, or hit ESC to skip it. Give him the newspaper. Just keep
pressuring him until he takes it and leaves to read it. You still can't go to
Sophia, but, play around with the levers. When the lights turn green, hit the 
button to send the white prop onstage.
In Sophia's office, you discover Kerner has already come and ransacked her
place. But, you'll find an orichalcum bead like the one Kerner stole. Watch
as she puts the bead in her necklace and produces a large blue wave of energy.
Now, go to Iceland.


Go to the digsite and talk to Dr. Bjorn heimdall. He's chipping away at an ice
obscured object. Talk about Plato's Lost Dialogue. He'll tell you speak to
either Costa or Sternhart. Now you'll have the option of going to the Azores
or Tikal. Go to Tikal.


Make your way into the jungle. You'll find your way through, but there's a 
chasm. There's a tree you can use to cross it, but there's a giant anaconda on
it. Indy's scared of snakes. Your whip won't help here. Go back to the jungle 
and observe the large rodent. Whip it. When you do, it runs to the nearest 
pathway. Keep scaring it until it comes to the path that leads out of the jun-
gle. Whip it, and it'll run the snake! Snap! The rodent it caught by 
the snake. As they struggle, the fall into the chasm. Climb the tree and 
cross. Sophia will join you, but as you try to reach the temple, Sternhart 
will not let you in. He'll ask you to name the title of Plato's Lost Dialogue.
Keep in mind that your none of your response choices are correct. Talk to  
Sternhart, and eventually a response will be "I don't know the title."The 
parrot will squawk "TITLE!!!"Talk to the 
parrot over and over. Until you get "Title?" as one of your dialogue choices. 
"Hermocrates!" says the parrot. That's it! Talk to Sternhart and tell him the
Inside the temple, you'll see several spiral designs. One of them is more 
deeply etched, with tarnish preventing Indy from taking it. Talk to Sophia.
Tell her to keep Sternhart busy. Go out, and pick up the kerosene lamp. Open 
it inside. Although Sternhart will remark that you took his lamp, who cares?
Use it on the deeply etched one, and the kerosene will eat off the tarnish!
Then you can pick up the spiral symbol. 
However, now that you have the spiral what are you going to do with it? 
Here come a series of hints. Starting with a gentle one, and ending with a 

1.Okay. What does the spiral symbol bear a resemblance to?

2.What else could be shaped like that?

3.An elephant's trunk!

4.What needs a nose around here?

5.Look at the animal head.

6.What does it look like? Indy will say it needs a nose.

7.Think. What would it look like with the nose?

8.An elephant.

9.They would go great together!

So use the symbol with the head to form an elephant head. Pull the nose. A 
secret panel opens, with a strange stone and a tomb. Sternhart will snatch the
stone, but you can pick up the orichalcum bead. Now, you've found all you'll 
need. Return to Iceland.

The Return to Iceland

Poor Dr.Heimdall has frozen solid! Oh well. The ice obscured object now has
been partially chipped out, exposing an eel's head  with an open mouth. You
can't pull it out, but you can put the orichalcum in it. It's worth a try.
The eel figure will burn itself out of the ice! Take it and go to the Azores.


Tell Sophia to talk to Costa. Now you'll control her. Talk to Costa about
Plato's Lost Dialogue. he'll want to trade that info for your necklace. You'll
automatically refuse. Return control to Indy after you ask if he'll do 
business with him. Now as Indy, give him the eel figurine. He'll tell you that
the Lost Dialogue can be found in the Pearce Collection. Barnett University
owns that collection!

Barnett U

Okay. Go to your office before attempting any search of the College. Open your
icebox and pick up the mayonaise. Now go back to the main building. Go up-
stairs. You'll be in the library again. You won't need the textbooks. Go to 
the school desk. Pick up the wad of gum. Climb the rope to go back to the
room with the gaping hole, you remember, don't you? Look aroound for an  
arrowhead and pick it up. You can't get up to the hole which you fell down at
the beginning, can you? Here's my hint series again. 

1.You'll need to boost yourself up. 

2.What's tall enough?

3.The totem pole looks tall enough, but you can't move it!

4.What process may help it move?

5.Lubrication of its base might.

6.You have something that could lubricate it.

7.What is the only thing in your inventory that has grease?

8.Your mayonaise!

9.Use the mayo with the totem pole and pull it up.

Now you should be able to climb up.

You're back in the attic. I think the location of the dialogue is random, but
here's a list of possible locations and how to reach them.

In the attic, open the urn. You should find a key. Go to the candleabra. Pick
it up, and open the chest. It MAY be there. If not, go back down to the room 
with the totem pole. Move the crate, and you'll reveal a locked chest! Use the
key on it. No lost dialogue?
My hints for the bookcase bgin now.

1.Look at the fallen bookcase.

2.It may be posssible to open it from the back.

3.What's keeping the back on it?


5.A screwdriver could remove the screws, but you don't have one. Do you have
an acceptable substitute?

6.Think. What's sharp and pointy enough to be wedged into the screws to pull
them out?

7.The arrowhead!

8.It'll work, but only once. Indy will say that he needs to portect his hands.
Go downstairs to the furnace room. Pick up the oily rag and the coal.

9.What is soft enough to prtect Indy's hands?

10.The oily rag.

11.Use the rag with the arrowhead to form a protective way of opening the 

12.Use the wrapped arrowhead on all the screws to open the back. STILL no
lost dialogue?

OK. Return to the furnace room.

Go to the coal chute. Use the gum with the coal chute. You'll now be able 
to climb up. Okay. You've seen this place before. It's the place where the 
cat scared you. Look at the pile of books. If it's not there. Open the drawers
on the wall. If not there, even, look at the cat figurines. One of them  
will be made of wax. Take the wax cat down and throw it into the furnace. The 
wax will melt, and you'll have Plato's Lost Dialogue.

The Paths

You'll find yourself back in Indy's office. Should you join Sophia? Go alone,
using your intellect? Or go around slugging your way to Atlantis? Go ahead.
FATEHELP covers all 3.

Wits Path

Monte Carlo

Okay. You have the Lost Dialogue, so read it thuroughly. You'll need the info
about Atlantis. You're in Monte Carlo to find a man named Alain Trottier who
knows something about Atlantis. The street is full of strangers, so you'll
have a hard time finding Trottier. Fortunately, you have FATEHELP. Trottier's
the guy with gray hair and a brown suit. Talk to him. Tell him you're Indiana
Jones of Barnett College. Then tell him you're just a simple professor. He 
will then ask you a question about Atlantis. You can answer it if you read the
Lost Dialogue of Plato. I know the answers, but hey, I'm not going to 
COMPLETELY spoil your game. If you get it right, Trottier will tell you that 
he knows little about Atlantis, but he'll give you a business card. He'll 
leave, and he won't show up again until much later in the game.


Make your way to the back alley. You'll find the shop of Omar Al-Jabbar, a
dealer with strong ties to Trottier. The servant will not do much until you 
give him Trottier's business card. He'll leave, and come back. "Mr. Al-Jabbar
says he's sorry, but he can't see you now." is his only response.  You can 
tell him to go again, but he'll say the same thing. You can follow him, but
there's no way to tell who he is in the city streets. You'll need help.
Sometimes, a man in  a red fez will appear in the streets of the market. I
reccomend you save your game right before approaching him. Talk to him. Tell
him about the fez and that it makes him look festive. He'll give it to you.
Return to the shop and give the fez tho the servant. Then tell him to go to
Mr. Al-Jabbar again. Follow him, and enter the city streets. The servent will
now stand out in the crowd as a red dot. Track him, and stay close. Then, if
you're close enough, Indy will say "The servant's ducking into that house!"
Get to the house. You'll see the servant talking to Omar. Approach them. The 
servant will leave to alert the police, and you will be left alone with Omar.
Omar won't let you touch his stuff, and he'll follow you around to make sure.
Go into the closet and he'll follow you there. Close the closet door, and 
you'll have Al-Jabbar trapped!
Pick up the two statues in the room, although they aren't essential. Move the
cursor around. You will notice that the hanging cloth is highlighted. What's
so special? Something is. 

1. What can you use to bring it down.

2. Something long.

3. Something you can use force with.

4. Your whip? No.

5. What else is long?

6. The pole!

Use it on the hanging cloth. You now have Al-Jabbar's map.

The Desert

Use the camel outside the window. You'll have to maneuver it around the 
desert. Watch out for trouble. If you're caught, you're apt to wind up back 
in the city. But remember the statues you may have picked up? Give one to the
troublemakers to go on. Stop at each nomad camp and give them the map. They'll
all point you in the right direction to get to the X on the map. Finally, stop
at the oasis. The nomad will say you are very close to the dig site. The X 
will now appear on the screen.

The Dig Site

Go to the truck. Open the door, and pick up the letter to Klaus Kerner. The
truck is missing essential items. Go down into the mining area. Feel around.
Pick up the clay jar and rubber hose. There's an orichalcum bead! Get the 
ship rib too. Also, there's a big metal thing in the middle of the room. 
A portable generator? That could make some light. But it needs fuel. 

1. What thing in the dig site also uses fuel?

2. The truck.

3. But how are you going to get the gas?

4. You've heard of siphoning, haven't you?

5. The hose will be a good tool. Use it with the gas tank.

6. But what will you use to store the gasoline? 

7. It is old, and you found it here.

8. Use the clay jar with the hose, and you'll have a jar of gas.

Return to the mine and open the generator. Use the jar with the gas filler 
pipe.  Then press the button. You now have light!! Now look at the painting to
the left. Push the round object. A secret door will open!  Pick up the statue 
that is inside. You've found everything in the dig site that you'll need, but 
your camel is no good. You'll need to use the truck. No spark plug or battery?
You'll need to borrow something from the generator. Turn it off and pick up 
the spark plug on it. Now you'll need a battery. Use your orichalcum bead with
the statue you found. Now use it with the engine! You're all set.

Monte Carlo

The letter was orders to Kerner to arrange a kidnapping of Trottier. Now go
to Monte Carlo!! Find Trottier, and tell him. Give him the letter. He'll 
refuse to believe you, and waves his sunstone (If you've read Plato, you'll
know that the Sunstone is one of 3 magical disks needed to open the gates of 
Atlantis.) Bad move. Nazis grab him, shove him into a car, and take off.
Its up to you you chase them. Maneuver through the streets and attempt to 
ram the Nazis' car. Observe the streets. It'll take many hits, but eventually,
it'll blow. The nazis will flee, and Trottier will tell you about the island 
of Thera being the lesser colony of Atlantis. He doesn't have the Sunstone, 
but he'll tell you the street corner he dropped it in. Keep the names in mind.
Search the streets until you find the correct one, and open the gutter to find
the sunstone. Thera will appear on the map.


There's no way off Thera. Well, actually, if you look at the crate, you'll 
know that the hot air balloon could do just that. You'll also see the big 
basket. You've got the potential for treansportation. But the port authority
will tell that you need an invoice to claim the balloon. If you ask him about 
the basket, he'll say that he will make a trade if you can bring him an 
artifact from an expedition in the mountains. So, go there! You'll find a gap,
a cleft, and a notch in the mountains. Explore all three. I have a feeling 
that the correct one to explore is random, but when I played it was the gap.
Once you've found the right one, you'll see the abandoned site. Go into the 
cave. You'll find a passage that's walled off. Oh well. Close the door, and a 
small section in the wall will open. There's a spindle. Use the sunstone with 
the spindle. It fits! Look at it. You can rotate the sunstone. What's the 
right thing, though? Plato can tell you, but since you can just keep trying 
until you get it right (later puzzles will be much more sophisticated), do it!
Remember what Trottier said about Thera being the lesser colony of Atlantis?
The Lost dialogue says that at the lesser colony, rotate the sunstone until 
the setting sun is aligned with the tall horns. (The correct alignment changes 
from game to game!! 
Do that. Then push the spindle.Nothing will seem to happen. Pick up your 
sunstone, and open the door. No passage, but a stone tablet with an 
inscription will appear. Take it. Pick up the entrenching tool. A cave in!!! 
You're trapped in the cave. The answer is pretty easy. Open the entrenching 
tool and you'll find a note from Sophia. A cutscene will show her being forced 
onto a Nazi submarine by Kerner and Dr. Ubermann. Use the entrenching tool to 
get out. When you get out, close the crate that you find. Pick up the balloon 
Return to the port. Give the invoice to the port authority and take the 
balloon. Then give him the tablet to pick up the basket. Then pick up the 
fishing net. Return to the mountain site. If you use the balloon with the 
basket it won't work. Instead, use the net with the the basket and then use 
that with the balloon. But it needs hot air! Put the rubber hose you found 
back in Africa on the gas vent. Then use it with the balloon. So long Thera!

Out at Sea

You're now drifting in the sky. You'll have to move along by venting hyrdrogen
and dropping the ballast. There's nothing on the islands, but find the sub. 
Vent hydrogen until you land on it.

The Nazi Submarine

Indy will beat up the sailor and pick up the uniform. Climb down into the sub.
Talk to the guard. He'll tell you that he's guarding the moonstone. Plato's 
lost dialogue said that the Moonstone was needed along with the Sunstone to 
enter any Any Atlantean settlement greater than an outpost or the lesser 
colony. You'll need to get it. Go to the left and pick up some cold cuts and
some bread. Use them together amd you'll get a sandwich. Go back to the guard
and use it in front of him. When he complains, tell him to go make his own. He
will, and you'll be able to open the lockers and get the Moonstone. There is
also a small booklet called Torpedo Instrctions. Take it. Now go to the right
side of the ship. Pick up the clothesline. You'll see Sophia, but you can't
do anything. Now go to the far right, where the Captain is, and pick up the 
oily rag lying on a torpedo. Now return to the far left. You'll see a damaged
torpedo tube. Use the instructions with the control panel. The sub heads 
towards Knossos on Crete. Now you'll have to get off. There's a guard on top,
so you'll need to find another way out.

1. Alright. There's only one other way to get off.
2. It involves firing.
3. The torpedo tubes! At the far right. You could escape, but the Captain 
won't let you.
4. You'll need to get everyone away from there.
5. You could create a distraction, but how?
6. Remember the damaged torpedo tube that you activated? Pull the lever. 
7. You could make a fire from the sparks, but you'd need something to burn.
8. Think. What is flammable?
9. Grease!
10.What do you have that contains grease?
11.You picked one of these up back at Barnett College.
12.The oily rag will work.
13.Use it with the wires and pull the lever. You'll make a fire, and the 
working torpedo tube won't have any guards.
14.Open the torpedo tube and activate it with the instructions.
15. But when you get in, you'll need to close the tube. No one will fire it
for you. 
16.You have something that you can use.
17.Tie the clothesline to the lever.
18.Get into the yube, and pull the line. You're off the sub!


Don't even bother going to the left. There's nothing there in this path.
Go to the right and you'll find a pedestal. Use the stones on it. Look at it.
As I've said before, the alignment changes from game to game. Here are some
that I've seen.
Plato: With the darkest night healed by the full moon. 
Answer: Align the darkness symbol on the sunstone with the tall horns and then
align the full moon with it.
Plato: With pale dawn shredding the darkest night.
Answer: Match the rising sun with the tall horns, and then align it with the 
new moon.
Once you've done it right, a secret door will open. Enter....NOW!

The Greater Colony of Atlantis

Inside, you'll see a shelf with three stone heads. If you pick up all 3, the
gate in front of you wil close. So take only 2. Go to the next room. If you 
move the mouse around, you'll still see the head in the previous room. Use 
your whip on it. You have the head. Explore. Look around until you find a room 
with a minotaur statue. Look at its head. It looks wobbly. Use your whip 
there. The head will fall off and land on a section of the floor that sinks 
down a bit. Go over to the head. The floor will go down. It's an elevator.  
You'll find a dead Professor Sternhart. His note will tell you about how 
static electricity will respond to orichalcum.
Pick up the wool scarf and the Staff. Don't forget the Worldstone that he 
took in Tikal. You now have all 3 disks needed to reach Atlantis. The next 
room has a gate, but you don't go through it on this path. Go to the previous 
room and look at the waterfall. You'll see a chain. Use it. Now explore until
you find a room with a shelf and a stone head on it. Use all 3 heads on it to
open the gate. Go on. Take the top path. You'll see a counterweight. Use the 
staff you found on the chock. Then return and take the lower path. Use the
staff with the statue mouth. You lose the staff but you can go up and get the
gold box. There's orichalcum! If you ever used the comb and scarf together,
you have an orichalcum detector. Use the clothesline on it. But it always 
points to you. Put your beads into the gold box. Now the detector can do
its job. Go to the next room. You'll see a microtaur. Open the hatch. Some-
thing is missing. 

1.It's probably power.
2.You know there's no electricity inthe cave to juice the thing.
3.It's not the orichalcum detector.
4.Do you have anything that will start machinery?
5.You've used it before.
6.It's the statue you found at the dig site.

Use orichalcum on it. Now put it in the hatch. It will dig a tunnel. You're
now in the map room. There's a spindle. Use all 3 stones and check Plato's
Lost Dialogue for the alignment. When you've opened the door, go on. Use the
detector. It points to the next room. Look at the bones. There's orichalcum
there! Now return to the closest room. Use the detector. It will point to
a wall that didn't appear earlier. Use the ship rib and dig through it. You'll
enter a subway. Pick up the bead that attracted the detector, and use it on
the mouth of the subway car. Get in, and you're off to Atlantis!

That's the Wits path. I'm going to cover another path now. The paths 
re-converge at Atlantis, so go to the end to see that.

The Team Path

Now that Sophia has joined you, she tells about two possible leads, Alain
Trottier in Monte Carlo, and Omar Al-Jabbar in Algiers. Go to Algiers first.


Go to the center of town and watch the knife thrower. Talk to him and tell
him he has nice knives. He'll tell you that he wants an assistant. You can't
be one because you're not a woman. Then talk to the grocer. He'll tell you 
about his squabs for sale. He'll also say that Omar Al-Jabbar's shop is in the 
alley. Go to the shop. The shopkeeper will tell you that he needs a stone disk
as proof of your sincerity for looking for Atlantis. 

Monte Carlo

Now go to Monte Carlo. Sophia go to her room in the hotel, and you'll be 
looking for Trottier. Trottier looks the same in all 3 paths, so he's the guy
with the gray hair and a brown suit. Talk to him, and be as modest and friendy as 
you can. But you won't be able to get him to Sophia. Go up to Sophia's room in
the hotel and talk to her. She'll tell you to drop Nur-Ab-Sal's name. Return
to the street and tell Trottier. He'll join you and go to Sophia. In the room,
if you tell Sophia to take care of him, you'll take control of her. But soon,
you'll discover that there is nothing she can do. After you fail, tell Indy to
take over. As Indy......

1.There's only one way Trottier will give up his stone disk.
2.You'll have to force him to.
3.You can't directly do anything, because he won't let you come near.
4.What could be used?
5.You could scare him, but he's not scared of you. You'll have to do 
6.A scary costume might work.
7.What could you be?
8.A ghost.
9.How will you make your own ghost suit?
10.A bedsheet might work. Go to the bed and pick up the sheet.
11.The sheet alone would not be convincing enough. You've got to beef it up.   
12.Remember the mask from Algiers? You can't use it right now.
13.Open the cabinet and pick up the light.
14.Now open the fusebox.
15.Use the switch. The lights are off!! Now get started scaring!
16.Use the sheet and the mask together. You're pretty scary now, but you can't
fool Trottier.
17.What would a demon need?
18.Glowing red eyes? Yes!
19.Use the flashlight with the costume.

Anyway, you'll scare Trottier, and he'll run off, leaving his Sunstone. Now
head for Algiers.

Algiers again
Back in Algieria! Tell Sophia to assist the knife thrower. She'll tell you not
to PUSH her into this.(I almost managed to GIVE Sophia away to the guy.) At
certain times, she'll be close to the knife thrower. Namely after she says no,
she'll walk up and look at him. PUSH her literally. She'll land in front of 
the knife thrower. The thrower will perform, and Sophia will get a bloody 
knife and give it to you. Now go back to the shopkeeper and show him the 
Sunstone. He'll tell you that he is Omar Al-Jabbar, and he'll give you a map.
He'll want you to trade your Death Mask for something else. Do so. Take 
anything he offers. Then go to the Grocer outside and give it to him. Keep
note of what he says. If he tells you that he won't accept and it's not that
color, go back to Omar and trade it for something else. Take the new item to
the grocer. When he says "No, but that is my favorite color." You'll need to
trade it to Omar Al-Jabbar for something else, but of the same color. You'll
finally get the right one. The item and color are all random. The grocer will
trade you a Squab on a stick. Give it to the beggar. He'll give you a balloon
ticket. Go up to the stairs to the rooftops and give the ticket to the balloon
man. He'll let you ride. Use the knife on the rope that holds the balloon, and
you're free!

Balloon Ride

You're out looking for the Nazi Dig-Site. Land at each Nomad camp and give the 
nomad the map. Each nomad will point you in the right direction. You'll 
eventually find a nomad who will tell you that you are very close. An X will
appear on the map. Land at the dig site. You'll be shot down, but you'll crush
the gunman. 

Dig Site

Sophia will fall into a hole, and it'll ne up to you to get her out. Enter the
mining area. Pick up the long tubular thing, the clay thing, the sharp wood
thing, and the short thing. The metal thing in the room is the generator, but
it needs fuel. Go back to the truck. Use the hose with the gas tank, use the 
clay jar with it to get gas. The truck is missing a spark plug and a distribu-
tor cap. Go back to the mine and open the generator. Open the metal cap, and
pour the gas into the filler pipe. Now push the little thing. Presto! Light! 
Now, go to the painting of the round object to the left. Push it. A secret
panel will open, but its empty. Go over to the crumbling wall on the right.
Use the ship rib on it. There's a mural! The island of Crete is on it. Use the
wooden peg on the hole. You now have your own thing to put your Sunstone on.
Omar told you that the Dig Site was an OUTPOST of Atlantis. Read Plato's lost
dialogue for the proper alignment of the stone. If you do it right, a secret
door will open, and out will come Sophia. She'll give you the distributor cap
for the truck, and an amber fish. Turn off the generator and pick up the 
spark plug. Return to the truck and use the cap and the plug on it. Now head 
for Crete!


Obviously you can't leave the island. So explore. Head for the ruins to the 
left. First walk across the bridge and pick up the surveyors transit. It's
good for measuring angles and laying out straight lines. Explore the rooms of
the ruins until you find a mural. It is very imporatant. There is a drawing of
a bulls head and a bulls tail at the base of the mural. Lines extend from both
diagnally and meet on one circle at the top, thus forming a triangle. In the 
center of the triangle are the tall horns. You can probably infer that the
tall horns on the mural represent the Tall Horns statue in the center of the 
ruins. But what about the bull head and tail? Push the rocks around the horns.
You'll eventually find a bulls head and tail statue!

1.Ok. So the statues have something to do with the horns.
2.Use the surveyors transit on the bulls head statue.
3.The transit is good for laying out angles isn't it? Straight lines too?
4.Align the crosshairs with both horns. An X will shoot out.
5.Do the same with the bull's tail statue.
6.You'll see an X on the ground where the angles intersected!

Dig with the ship rib to get the Moonstone! Now return to the dock and use the
stones with the spindle. Check Plato's Lost Dialogue for the alignment.

Greater Colony of Atlantis 

Once in, pick up 2 statue heads. Then in the next room, whip the last head to
get it. Find a room with a minotaur statue. Whip its head. It will fall down 
and hit a floor panel. Step on it to go down with Sophia. You'll find the dead 
Professor Sternhart. Pick up the staff and the Worldstone. Look at the water-
fall. You'll see a chain running up behind it. Use it and climb back up. Now
find a room with a shelf. Use all 3 heads on it to open the gate. Inside, take 
to top route. Find the room with a stone shaft and a counterweight. Use the
staff with the chock. Go back and take the low path. Use the staff with the
statue mouth. You'll go up. Pick up the gold box. Return to Sophia. Go to the
room beyond Sternhart. Tell Sophia to climb into the hole so she can open the 
gate. Insult her if you like. She'll be hesitant to climb it, but keep telling
her. She'll eventually climb up and open the gate. If you use the amber fish,
it will detect your orichalcum. Open the gold box and use it to shield the
orichalcum. Sophia's necklace will throw off the detector too. Talk to her and
tell her to put the necklace into the gold box. Now use the detector in the
rooms. You'll see that it points to a wall that did not show up previously 
when you moved your mouse to it. Use the ship rib on it. You'll now be in the
Map Room of The Greator Colony. Use all 3 stones on the spindle. Once again,
the Lost Dialogue will tell you the alignment.

Final Room of Crete

Kerner will appear and kidnap Sophia. Give him the stone disks. If you don't,  
he'll shoot you. The door you came through will be locked. Use the ship rib on
the crumbling wall to the right. You'll dig your way out. You'll appear out-
side and will see a Nazi U-Boat. Go to it. Slug the Captain, and you'll be
Captain now. Get into the sub.

The Submarine

If you go down, the nazis will be there! Here's what to do.

1.You're the Captain now, aren't you?
2.What do Captains do?
3.They command the ship and give orders.
4.What would the Captain use to give orders?
5.The intercom! Use it.
6.Tell them to go to the aft torpedo bay for instance. You can now proceed.

Go to the kitchen. Pick up the cold cuts and bread. Use them and make a
sandwich. Pick up the porcelain pitcher. Go below using the trap door. Use the
leaking battery acid with the pitcher. You now have a jug of acid. Go over to
the wall by sophia and talk to her. The guard won't know. Tell her to distract
him. Now go back up and go to the area where Sophia and the guard are. The 
guard won't see you. Pick up the plunger. Go back up, and pull the lever. 
It'll break off! Go to the right of the sub and open the trap door. Use the 
acid with the metal box. It'll eat through the metal. You now have the stone 
disks and a key! Go to the top part and use the plunger with the broken lever.
It fits! Go to Sophia. The guard will see you. Mention a pail while talking to
him, and Sophia will knock him out with a bucket. Use the key with the wheel 
to unlock it. Now you can control the sub! Drive it to the air lock. It'll 
take practice but you'll get there. You're now in Atlantis.

The Fists Path

I personally like this path. Go to Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo

In Monte Carlo, find Trottier and ask him about Atlantis. He'll give you his
card. Go to Algiers.


Talk to the shopkeeper in the back alley where Omar Al-Jabbar's shp is. Talk
to the shopkeeper and give him the business card. Ask for a meeting with Omar.
As the storekeeper leaves, follow him in the city streets. Of you're close,
you'll see the servant duck into a house. Omar's house will now appear on the
screen. Enter.

Omar's Home

You'll find Omar Al-Jabbar and the servant being comfronted by a Nazi. SAVE
GAME!! (Unless you're a fighting master) and walk up to him. A tactic that is
simple yet effective is...PUNCH, PUNCH, PUNCH, etc. Don't worry about Punch
Power. Just overwhelm the guy with hits. Defeat him, and Omar will tell you
about a Nazi dig site in the desert. "They seem to have discovered an outpost
of the Lost Kingdom." he says. He will tell you about giving you a map and a
camel, but leaves. Look at the hanging cloth. It's the map. Use the pole in 
the room on it. You now have the map. Use the camel outside the window and get 

The Desert

Move your camel throughout the desert, maneuvering aroung rocks and mountains.
Watch out for trouble in the form of Nazi guards. Look for hard to see paths 
on the mountains. They may provide the quick escape needed. If you're caught,
you have to fight the Nazi. If you lose, you die! If you win, you proceed. Go
to all the Nomad camps, showing the map to the nomads. They will point you in
the right direction, so eventually you'll get to the dig site.

The Dig Site

The truck will NEVER run again. Go into the mining area. Open the metal thing
in the room. Press the button. You have light. Pick up the ship rib, the wood
peg, and the clay jar. Also there will be a small, shiny orichalcum bead!
Go to the painting on the left. Push the round object painting. A secret panel 
will unlock. Pick up the contents. You now have the Sunstone, the first 
magical disk needed to unlock the gates of Atlantis. Alone, it can only open 
doors of outposts and lesser colonies. Go to the crumbling wall on the right. 
Use the ship rib on it. It will fall apart, revealing a mural! Use the wooden 
peg on the hole, and then use the sunstone. Look at 
Plato's lost dialogue on how to align the stone. Then look at the Sunstone and
align it! A secret door will open. Pick up the sunstone, but NOT the wood peg,
or the door will lock. Go into the door. You'll climb out of a hole, and will 
be approached by an ARMED Nazi. Don't try anything, or you'll be shot to death
fast! Here's what to do.

1.You can't just sit around and wait. 
2.You've got to get rid of the guard.
3.He has a gun. No fair! 
4.The gun has GOT to go!
5.How? What can you do to get it away from him?
6.You could knock it out of his hands.
7.Do you have anything long enough?
8.The whip! Use it on him. You'll disarm him. This is an Indy trademark move.

Now, the fight is fair. Defeat him and climb up the rope ladder.


You're now in a balloon. Get the balloon to fly in a northeasterly direction.
You'll fly off for Crete!


You'll land in a grassy field. Go to the left to the Ruins of Knossos. Walk 
on the bridge and to the left to pick up the surveyor's transit. Now go down 
to the ruins. Find a room with a mural. Look around the tall horns of the city
and push the stones. You'll find a bull's head and bull's tail statue. Use the
transit on them, and then use it. Align the cross hairs of the transit with 
both horns on both statues, You'll see and X shoot out of the transit and ap-
pear on the ground. Dig with the ship rib. Pick up the Moonstone! Now leave
the ruins and go to the Right of the island. Use the two stones on the spin-
dle. As usual, the Lost Dialogue will tell you the alignment. Use it right, 
and a secret door will open, revealing the entrance to the Greater Colony of
Atlantis. A Nazi will emerge. Destroy him and enter.

The Greater Colony of Atlantis

Pick up 2 of the 3 statue heads. In the next room, use the whip on the last
head in the room. Now explore and find a room with a minotaur statue and a 
sinking floor panel. Use the whip on the stautue head. It will fall down and 
land on the panel. Now go to the panel, and you will sink down to the floor
below. You'll find thew dead Professor Sternhart. He knew a lot more than he
let out, but not enough to find a way out. Read his note. Pick up his staff.
Look at the waterfall. There's a chain running up behind it! Use it and climb
out. Find a room with a shelf. Use all 3 statue heads on it to open the gate.
Inside, take the top path and find the room with a counterweight. Use the
staff on the chock to free it. Return and take the bottom path. Use the staff
on the statue mounth to activate the elevator. You'll go up. Get the golden
box and the orichalcum bead. Now, find a room with a doorway blocked by a 
heavy stone slab. How do you get past it?

1.The fists path is one path where strength is needed.
2.Perserverence too.
3.Push the slab.
4.Keep doing it until the slab falls over.

You'll now be in a room with a chasm. Use the whip on the stone outcropping.
Another Indy trademanrk move. You'll swing across. Go into the door. You'll
now be in a room with a hallway. Two Nazis are on the other end of the hall.
When you walk by, one of them will come to investigate. If you fight him, you 
may lose due to his long energy meter. Instead, walk to the right stone slab 
and hide behind it. Notice where Hans is standing. Push the slab. CRUNCH! Hans
is no longer a problem. Walk down the hall and meet Franz, the other Nazi.
Pulverize him. Next, you'll be in a room with four doors. DO NOT go right! Use
any other doorway. If you choose any of the two on the left, you'll meet up
with a guard. Kill the guy. Now go to the one slightly left of the right one.
You'll have to fight several guards, but go on!! You'll come to a room above
a guard named Anton. If you had gone to the right door in the four door room,
you MIGHT have been destroyed by Anton. He's a tough one. There's a hanging
column of rock, or a stalactiite. Notice where Anton is. Right under the sharp
stlactite point! Push it. Thud! Thunk! Anton's entire body has been pierced by 
the stalactite. Pick up the stalactite. Go to the next room. It has two doors.
Take the one on the left. You'll reach Arnold, a drunk singer. You can give
the guy a song and run away, but you need to reach the room beyond him! Get
him angry and he'll fight you, but you'll end up being flattened, pulverized,
mangled, bloodied, destroyed,etc. His punch power meter is almost twice as   
long as yours, and his energy bar is LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGG!! Back off. There's 
another way to get to Arnold. There is a boulder in the second doorway to 
Arnold. Hmmmm. Where has Indy seen that thing before?

1.Think of the boulder. 
2.It could easily crush Arnold.
3.You'll need some leverage to maneuver the boulder over the ledge and down
the slope to Arnold.
4.One came from the Dig Site, and the other may have been used to kill Anton.
5.The ship rib and the stalactite.
6.Use one of them on the boulder.
7.Oh no! the Ship rib(or stalactite) broke! The boulder has rolled back, 
blocking the second doorway. You'll have to go to Arnold and back off to the
room before the boulder blocked doorway.
8.Use the stalactite or the ship rib on the boulder.

A nice cutscene will show the boulder rolling..."And the shark has...URK!"
Now Arnold is dead, so you can pass. But LOOK at him to pick up some orichal-
cum and an Amber fish. Plato's Lost Dialogue says that Amber is an orichalcum
detector. The next room is the Map Room, which shows the layout of Atlantis.
You'll need a Worldstone to use the spindle, and you don't have one. Return to
the room with Arnold and use the Amber fish. It MAY point down if you've used
the orichalcum in the gold box and closed it. If it doesn't, find another room
with a pit  (It doesn't need to show up when you move the mouse.) Use the 
fish. When it points down, talk to the pit. Yell something. You'll hear an
answer from Sophia. Looks like the Nazis finally got tired of her and threw
her into a pit. You'll need to get her out. If you talk to her, she'll tell
you she needs a short rope to climb out. What's the most ropelike thing you
have? Your whip. Use it with the pit and free her. She'll give you the World-
stone, the final magical disk needed to approach Atlantis. Go to the map room.
Use the three stones on the spindle. Check the Lost Dialogue for the align-
ment. After you've unlocked the door, enter. Ah, finally! The exit to the 
labyrith. But where will you go now? Look at the stone pointer. According to
the inscription, it's pointing north to the Lesser Colony of Atlantis. The
closest island to the to the north is a volcanic island near Greece named 
Thera. That's your next stop then!


On Thera, you will need to go up to the path in the mountains. Sophia will
complain about you leaving her. Tell her you're off to see if Kerner's been in
the mountains. Nice scenery, but you'll need to find the gap, the notch, and 
the cleft in the mountains. Go to all 3. One of them will have a Nazi jeep and
a tire repair kit. Pick the kit up. Return to the port and talk to the cap-
tain. Tell him to take you to Atlantis. He will ask you for the coordinates.
You'll need to consult Plato's Lost dialogue. For example, if it says "The
Lesser Colony 260 miles northeast of the Lost City", you would say 26 miles 
southwest of Thera, because Plato's numbers were way off target. They were
affected by Plato's TENFOLD error in numbers. 26 is 260 divided by 10. You
would say southwest because from Atlantis, you would be heading northeast to
get to Thera. Hop on and you're off! At the surface, you're on your own. The 
captain won't help you. Open the locker to find a punctured diving suit. Use
the tire tools kit to repair it. The suit will need air too. Use the air hose
with it. Don't forget to turn on the air compressor switch. You will now 
become Sophia, trying to get Indy into the water. Use the hoist with Indy. As
Indy, you'll see a cutscene showing the Nazi sub overtaking the boat. Sophia
will be captured, and the captain will reveal that you're diving. Kerner will
cut your airline.

Finding Atlantis

This is a simple question.

1.Have you went to all the caves?
2.The location is random, but eventually you'll find one that leads to Atlan-

Outer Atlantis

The paths have finally re-converged! Atlantis is a huge place, so it will be
the most chalenging. Its true fate is near...but the evil spirits are close
behind, no to mention the Nazis!

In the TEAM path, Sophia will be kidnapped here. In the WITS path, you'll 
crash in, In the FISTS path, you'll get in through the caves. The room is dark
and you'll need light. Pick up the wood thing. It's a ladder. Use it with the
rocky incline. You're up! Open the stone thing and pick up the metal rod. But
what do you do with it?

1.Notice the design of it.
2.It has an opening in one end. 
3.What do all Atlantean objects need?
4.Some orichalcum.
5.Use a bead of orichalcum on it. Presto! Instant Light Source.

Now you can see Atlantis. It's a dark, crumbling place. Amazingly, there's 
been enough air pressure to keep the water out. Pick up the ladder and go to
the statue. Use all 3 stone disks on the statue. What? It didn't work? 

1.Check the Lost Dialogue. Somewhere it said, "Final entrance only yielded to
contrary minds."
2.What does contrary mean?
4.So you need to think about the disks in an OPPOSITE way.
5.The disks need to be CONTRARY to the normal way.
6.Rotate the disks 180 degrees from the positions you've used.

The mouth of the statue will open. Feed it one orichalcum bead. The door will
open! Grab your stones and enter.

Maze of Atlantis

Okay. This section is really BIG. The ? marks are places you'll need to 
explore. Some rooms are special. I'll tell you what you'll need to do in the  
order I try to do things. Of course, its easy to find things in different or-
der. So just do the right stuff.

You'll need to explore all the grates. You'll find things. Find an Eel Sculp-
ture. You'll also find two rooms with a dismantled Atlantean robot. Pick up
the bronze gear in one, and the spoked wheel in the other. You'll need to
find the Statue Room. It has a chasm. Use the ladder on it to cross. Pick up
the stone cup. Also pick up the ladder you used to cross the chasm. 
Go to the outer ring and find the subway on the lower right
section of the maze. There should be a skeleton there. Pick up its rib cage.
You'll need to fight a guard. You shouldn't have trouble beating them. He'll
have some rations, namely a sausage. You'll also need to find a room with a 
fish head statue. Pick up the head. You'll need to find a room with a crab
pool. Use the Sandwich(if you played the Team or Wits path) or the sausage if
this is the FISTS path on the rib cage. Now use it on the pool. SNAP! You've 
got one genuine trapped crab. You'll also need to find the Lava room. 
Continuously this room circulates the Magma, keeping the city hot. Use the 
stone cup on the pedestal. Then use the fish head on the plaque. The lava will
fill your cup. You now have genuine lava. You will need to find a room with a
big machine. Use the spoked wheel on the peg at the bottom. Climb to the top
and pour the lava down the funnel. The machine will start, and you'll get a
dish full of orichalcum. Pick 'em up! Go to a room with the grates. One grate
will put you in Sophia's dungeon, with a Nazi guard patrolling it. You're also
by a sentry statue. Give it a bead. It will run up and destroy the guard, and
then it will shatter. Now go to the sentry room on the lower right side of the
maze. It is a room with large double doors and two large statues. The door is
partly submerged in water. Use a bead with your eel figurine. It'll get hot!
You'll throw it into the water. HISS! The water is gone. Use another bead in
the fish statue to open the doors. Go to Sophia's dungeon. Ignore her. Go to
the rubble of the robot. Pick up the robot part. Now go to the canal.


There's a giant octopus in the canal. Throw the trapped crab to it. The octo-
pus will eat it. Now walk to the canal. You'll appear on the other side. Get 
on the crablike raft. Use a bead on the mouth to get it started. Now the gates
are closed. Notice the spindles? Use the stones on them to get them open. Go 
until you find a room with a stairway leading up to a door. Inside, pick up 
the crescent gear. Clse the cupboard. LOOK at it. Copy down the diagram. It's
very important! Find the room with an archway. Go in. You'll be in a room with
large metal doors. There is a sentry statue. Use the ladder and climb up. Open
the chest plate and look at it. You should have 4 gears and a bead of orichal-
cum. Remember the diagram? It tells how to put the gears onto the statue. Also
it tells how to enter commands. Enter the command to lower the left arm and
insert a bead. Now use the chain with the lowered arm. Now use the chain with 
the bronze loop on the door. Now return and enter the coomand to raise the 
arm. It will, and it will pull down the door. Pick up the hinge pin. You can
go back to get Sophia or you can go alone.

Rescuing Sophia

Go to the dungeon and give the hinge pin to Sophia. Open the cage. Tell her 
you have a plan, and its to brace the cage with the hinge pin. It will work!
She'll escape. Open the cage again and the pin will fall out, and you can take

Middle Atlantis

Through the door, if you have Sophia, she'll go into a room. If you don't go 
into the room with the lava pit and get the scepter. Only read this if you 
have Sophia!

Sophia's Problems 

Sophia will sound a bit hoarse. She's possessed! What does she have? The 
necklace. You've got to get it away from her!

1.You'll need to get the necklace hot.
2.Insert an orichalcum bead!
3.Sophia can't drop it. It's too powerful!
4.You'll need something to store it!
5.What has blocked the energy of the orichalcum before? 
6.The gold box! Use it with the necklace. So long Nur-Ab-Sal!!

Now, pick up the scepter. Look at those bones! They don't grow like this
naturally. HORNS?? Were the Atlanteans Martians? Demons? Gulp! You're closer
than ever to the truth, but you've got to find it.

Middle Atlantis Continued

Find the room with the hulking machine. Insert the hinge pin and the scepter 
into the outer 2 slots and push them up. Then insert a bead. Look at the draw-
ings on the floor. They may show something like this.

         * * *
         * # #
         * * *

The # represent where the levers need to be later. The * represent the posi-
tions where you can put the levers. Get on! Remember that. Put the levers into
those positions....You're off!
You'll crash through the wall, and you'll enter a room full of Lava. The mach-
ine will fall into it. You're alive. Go into the doors. Looks like you've 
discovered Atlantis. The maze of doors is confusing, but you'll get to the 
Lava pit below. Okay here are some tips.

When you step on one platform, another nearby may disappear. Try to step 
towards one with two possible routes from there. If one disappears, you can 
use the other. If you don't make it, go back and try again. If you make it, go

Inner Atlantis

The fate of Atlantis is near! But this is the Colossus of Atlantis. There
are only two events here to do, but it's the hardest yet!

Question: What do I do with the spindle? 
1.Use all 3 stones on it. 
2.There's a drawing in plain sight that will help you with the alignment.
3.It's outside the Colossus. Near the top of the room, away from the lava pit. 
4.You may want to copy it down. Then use it!!

The Colossus is on! The Nazis, Klaus Kerner, and Dr.Ubermann appear. They tell
you that the Colossus was used by the Atlanteans to manufacture GODS! I would
not try that machine! They'll need a test volunteer..You! But Kerner gets in
the machine first. Tell him about Plato's tenfold error. He'll say to divide
by ten. Try ONE bead to power the Colossus! He'll get transformed into....a
goat! I didn't think it was safe before, but now I'm convinced! You must 
now step into the machine!

Question: How do I avoid Death in the Colossus?

1.You'll need to talk.
2.And talk, and talk.
3.Eventually, you'll be able to mention angry gods to Ubermann.

He'll step into the machine and become fatally transformed. But even as he
dies, he leaves a huge burst of energy! Atlantis is now crumbling as the 
Explosion upsets the status of the Lost City. Watch the cool cinematic ending
as the place explodes and you (and maybe Sophia) make your escape. You've won!
So long Atlantis.

Remember, email me at [email protected], and visit my website for updates.

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