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Jazz Jackrabbit FAQ

Arjan hasn't replied about the FAQ yet, so I'll go ahead and post what I
have, and any changes he suggests will be in the next one.

Quick word about the Christmas Jazz:  It IS out, at least on Compuserve.
I, however, am not on Compuserve.  Last I checked, it is not on the net yet.
It won't show up for quite some time on uml, as he has disabled uploads (and
not touched a thing in the incoming directory for quite some time, meaning
it will never be open again...ALL submissions must be arranged).  It might
show up on uwp or wustl.  However, in the meantime if someone on CIS will
grab it (GO EPIC) and send it to me, I can make it available.

Now, with no more introduction...

My apologies for the format of this FAQ.  My first priority is CREATING
it.  Someday I might make it pretty.
This FAQ can be found on ftp site: in /pub/djh/faqs.
Games Domain Web Site:

   Legal junk:

For some reason, all FAQs seem to have legal junk at the beginning, so 
what the heck, I'll do it as well.  This FAQ is NOT copyrighted.  I
have severe moral problems attempting to claim copyright on something
that is nothing more than a compilation of information which can be
found elsewhere.  I didn't create a single byte of this information, I
merely wrote it up.  That being the case, this FAQ is now yours to do
with as you please.  Feel free to repost it, mail it to your friends,
print it out and line the bird cage with it, I really don't care. 

   More legal junk:  

Epic does not officially support this FAQ.  That's MY name up there,
not Epic's, and I'm not an employee of Epic.  They may/may not have it
on their BBS/FTP site/whatever, but that doesn't mean a single byte
found here is representative of Epic's opinions.

   One more thing:

I never really intended to make a started out as a list of cheat
codes and just snowballed.  There is no 'contributions' section, mainly
because I got most of the info directly from the net, usually from
postings from the authors.  Submissions can be made to [email protected],
but you don't get your name in lights or anything.  This also stops
arguements between people of who told me something first and who didn't.
If you see your words here, YOU know you did it, take pride.

Table of contents:

[1] What is Jazz Jackrabbit?
[2] Where to get Jazz Jackrabbit:
[2.1] I can't connect to those sites!
[3] What to do if you have problems running jazz:
[4] How do I cheat at JAZZ?
[4.1] Those cheats don't work for me!!!
[5] Problems installing Jazz:
[6] What's this about a Jazz CD?  
[7] Where are the secret areas?

[1] What is Jazz Jackrabbit?

Jazz Jackrabbit is a game similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, in which an
animal can run fast. But the similarity pretty much ends there.  The 
animal in this case is a rabbit, and there is an even bigger difference.  
This guy packs heat.

[2] Where to get Jazz Jackrabbit:

Epic's official distribution site is: /msdos/Games/Epic/

There is an echo of that site at: /pub/msdos/games/uml/Epic/ 

[2.1] I can't connect to those sites!

Keep trying.  It is probably on other sites as well, use archie to
hunt for it.  Both uml and uwp will refuse logins, or fail to recognize 
anonymous users when full.

[3] What to do if you have problems running jazz:

99.9999999% (cool...nine 9's) of the problems people think they have
with jazz are because you didn't use a clean boot.  Even if you DO have
enough memory to run it, it often will benefit from a clean boot (hit F5
when Starting MSDos 6.x...use a boot disk otherwise).  If you DON'T have
enough memory, use a clean boot to get it.  If you STILL don't have
enough, think about upgrading to 4 meg.

Some other problems (which I don't yet have solutions for) are SOMETIMES
it won't work with the Gravis Gamepad.  I've had reports (as well as
experienced it myself) of the program going wild if you have the
gamepad plugged in, yet it works with other programs.  Other people
have had no problems.

[4] How do I cheat at JAZZ?

Hey, ya came to the right place.  This FAQ had its start as a cheat list.
I do not claim to have the complete list of cheats, but this is what
I have discovered and what has been reported to me.  If you know of one
not listed, send me mail and I'll add it.

To activate the cheats, press 'p-backspace-'.

arjan  : HAHAHA displayed on the screen
gunhed : Gives you all the weapons.
tim    : AWESOME displayed on the screen
check  : Displays some numbers on lower left of screen
greetz : Displays an "Arjan Greetz" window
doom   : Makes monsters FASTER and HARDER.
lamer  : Jump to the next level
mark   : Will lose a life, and start over.  Useful if trapped.
bouf   : Invincibility (for a while)
sable  : Super Sonic Speed (sorry...couldn't resist)
cstrike: Airboard
hooker : Takes you to the Bonus Level when current scene is done.
         Same as collecting red gem.
bad    : Gives you the bird (I won't say it...)
ken    : Boss key. 
hocus  : Teleports.  MUST have an enemy above or below you.

Soon to come...a cheat to jump REALLY high.

Also, to see the ending animations, hit F10-F11-F12 while in the
Episode Select screen.

[4.1] Those cheats don't work for me!!!

If the above method doesn't work for you, your copy is probably 1.1.
Type 'p-backspace-dd' to use the cheats.

[5] Problems installing Jazz:

Some people have had some problems with Jazz doing funny things.
When you install it, remember a few things:

1>  The manual says you need 10 meg to run/load Jazz.  First, it is
wrong.  (Specs ALWAYS change right after you finish the's
Federal Law).  You need 13 meg.  DOUBLE that (around 20ish) to do a
proper installation, and as most Stacker users know, double that again
to compensate for the estimated compression.

2>  It IS possible you got a bad disk.  If you try everything, and it
still won't load properly, call Epic and report the problem.

[6] What's this about a Jazz CD?  

It's out!  Registered users contact Epic for special pricing.  The
regular price is $49.

A few more words on the Jazz CD from Mark Rein:

The CD has three new levels. Including bonus stages, each episode has 10 
levels. They're the best Jazz episodes yet.  They've got the best graphics 
and they're the most challenging of any Jazz levels. Plus there are new 
enemies, new music and new (and larger) cartoons sequences. A bonus stage 
selector is also included that allows you to directly play just the bonus 
stages if you are so inclined.

Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM is fully playable off CD. Your hard disk is only 
used for storing configuration information and any new sound drivers you 
might require if they become available in the future.

If you want a good idea of how good the graphics are in Jazz CD, check 
out "Holiday Hare" a special episode of Jazz with a Christmas theme that 
will be released December 5th. It's our way of saying "thanks" to our 
loyal customers and supporters and wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

[7] Where are the secret areas?

So far, I know of only one.  Near the end of world one scene two, look
for an area that look roughly like this:

     WALL     |                                              |
              |        / \         / \        / \            |   WALL
--------------+         |           |          |             |
                                  ARROWS                     |
                     =======     =======    =======          |
      SPRINGS ->       III         III        III            |

Rather than going where you usually do, try to go into the wall.

That's the end of the FAQ for now.  Any questions/answers, send them to
[email protected]  Thanks to Arjan Brusse, Mark Rein, all the others at
Epic, and the fine people who read the action group!

 [email protected]     fnord     | "And my soul from out that shadow that
I speak for no one but myself, |  lies floating on the floor, shall be
and no one else speaks for me. |  lifted --- nevermore!  - The Raven
Commence strategic maneuvers at audible command signal.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1, begin.

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