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                                  ______       ______
          |    /      |-----     /      \     /      \    |-----    |\         |
          |   /       |         /        \   /        \   |         | \        |
          |  /        |         |        |   |        |   |         |  \       |
          | /         |         |            |        |   |         |   \      |
          |/          |         \            \            |         |    \     |
          |\          |-----     \______      \______     |-----    |     \    |
          | \         |                 \            \    |         |      \   |
          |  \        |                 |            |    |         |       \  |
          |   \       |                 |            |    |         |        \ |
          |    \      |         \       /    \       /    |         |         \|
          |     \     |-----     \_____/      \_____/     |-----    |          \
                                    Kessen English Version
                                        Version 1.0

                                   Written By Michael Green
                               E-Mail: [email protected]
                          This guide is Copyrighted as of 28 December 2000.

Chapter 1.   Copyright Info.(Please Read and Follow)
This guide is meant for personal usage only. It cannot be altered and 
it can only be reproduced in electronic form only. It cannot be 
published in magazines, articles and any other form of reproduction. 
The guide is not meant for sale. Any offenders will be severly dealt with
This guide is made by me, Michael Green. If you want to use this guide for 
your website or webpage, please E-mail me for permission and THEN, you can 
put it on your site. You are allowed to print the guide out, but make sure 
that you do not sell it for cash!

Chapter 2.   Contents
Chapter 1.   Copyright Info.
Chapter 2.   Contents.
Chapter 3.   Version History.
Chapter 4.   Background History.
Chapter 5.   Guide for the East.
Chapter 6.   Specials Info.
Chapter 7.   What to expect in the next release.
Chapter 8.   Contact Info.
Chapter 9.   Ending (Not of the game, of the guide)

Chapter 3.   Version History
V. 1.0 (28/Dec/2000) Started guide. Started East Guide. Finished First Battle.
E-mailed: 29/Dec/2000

Chapter 4.   Background History
Note. This is the Background History section from the Instruction Manual.
(Pages 14 to 19)



Japanese history is filled with many stories of wars between clans. Many men
fought for their honour and for their loyalty to certain Shoguns, while others
fought out of hatred and long time bitterness against the opposing general. And
even others fought for the ulitmate dream of ruling all of Japan.

Kessen is set in the era of the Azuchi-Momoyama (1573-1603) period and the Edo
period (1603-1867) of Japanese history. In this story, three classic motives--
loyalty, hatred and power--spurred on our main two characters, Hideyoshi Toyotomi
and Ieeyasu Tokugawa. The following is a brief summary of the struggles, successes 
and failures these great men experienced.

To Be Continued.

Chapter 5.   Guide for the East (Ieyasu Tokugawa)

Battle 1. Skirmish at Kuzegawa. 14th Sept 1600

Objective: Win by destroying Ishida's Unit.

Your Units:

Ieyasu Tokugawa - 3500 men
Specials: Barrage - 4 uses. Cannonade - 1 use. Drum Call - 3 uses. Rally - 7 uses.

Tadakatsu Honda - 2000 men
Specials: Avoid - 2 uses. Raid - 2 uses.

Naomasa Yi - 2300 men
Specials: Charge - 4 uses. Avoid - 3 uses.

Reinforcements - Masanori Fukushima - ???? men

Ishida's Units:

Mitsunari Ishida - 5820 men
Specials: Triple (3) Barrage - 3 uses. Spear Wall - 4 uses. Rally - 7 uses.

Sakon Shima - 2000 men
Specials: Charge - 3 uses. Raid - 3 uses.

Satoie Gamo - 1000 men
Specials: Barrage - 3 uses. Raid - 1 use.

Reinforcements - Teruzumi Akashi - ???? men

Mission Strategy
When you begin this mission, Honda briefs you on your task , then the tutorial 
shows you how to play the game. Once it is finished, Honda askes if you wish 
to battle or to let them fight for themselves for a short time. If you tell 
him that you want to battle, he will then ask you for the plan. You can either 
tell him; to Proceed as planned, No plan is needed attack or Hold Your Positions.
I recommend you choose Proceed as planned (option 1). Your units will move into 
position. You should tell Honda to attack Gamo as his forces outnumber Gamo's 
forces. You should tell Yi to attack Shima for the same reason. Honda will 
probably tell you that they are concentrating on you. You can either choose;
Strenghen the defences, Attack all who attack me or There is no change in plan. 
I recommend you choose There is no change in plan (option 3). You should use 
cannonade on Ishida and then attack him using Tokugawa. When Honda is free get 
him to help you. Ishida will probably retreat so you can get your forces together. 
If you don't defeat him fast enough, Fukushima will come to help.
Overall Difficuly: 1 out of 5 (1/5)
To Be Continued.

Chapter 6. Specials Info.

In Battle Manoeuvres
Spear Wall - Spearmen arrande a line of spears to stop the enemies advance. ?? zeal.
Raid - The Lord runs through on his horse attacking men. 30 zeal. Note; It decreases
the enemies zeal by 30 when you use it.

Very Close-Range Attacks
Charge - The group charge through the enemy and appear on the otherside on the map. 
45 zeal. Note; This attack can only be performed by a team exclusively made up of 

Close-Range Attacks
Barrage - Riflemen shoot one line of bullets at the enemy. 30 zeal.
Mounted Barrage - A barrage performed by riflemen on horseback. ?? zeal.
Triple Barrage - Three rows of riflemen barrage the enemy. ?? zeal.
Volley - Bowmen fire arrows into the enemy. ?? zeal. Note; This attack can fire
over allied units,

Long-Range Attacks
Cannonade - A row of cannons are fired at the enemy causing immense damage. 55 zeal.

No Range Attacks
Rally - Raises one of your allies zeal by 30. 15 zeal.
Avoid - Makes it so that the enemy next enemy who tries to attack you can't. 20 zeal.

To Be Continued

Chapter 7.   What to expext in the next release
A guide for the next two battles.(Already working on them)
More on the Specials Info.
Maybe a start on the guide for the West.

Chapter 8.   Contact Info.
If you wish to contact me on any part of this guide, E-mail me at [email protected]
Please put the subject as Kessen Guide or I will just delete it.

Chapter 9.   Ending (Not of the game, of the guide)
This is it. That is all of the guide. There isn't any more here... Except for the 
thanks to.

Thanks to... 
KOEI for designing the game.
Electronic Arts for publishing the game.
CJayC for putting it on gamefaqs.
And you, for reading this.

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