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Players Guide for KINGS FIELD II, a game by ASCII Entertainment. V 1.00
July 28, 1999.  
  This document Copyrighted 1999 by Hart Feuer.
  Any unlawful reproduction, distribution, sale of, or publication
  is prohibited.  This guide was created with the intent of "no
  profit" being involved, and I want to keep it that way.  It can
  only be reproduced electronically and only altered minorly with
  the text above the DISCLAIMER paragraph retained & unchanged.

This guide was produced independently by Hart Feuer, a resident of
Portland, Oregon ([email protected]) with inspiration from Mark
Stephenson's FAQ on the same topic.  Also a huge thanks to my
brother Asher for doing all that grunt work.

DISCLAIMER: In no way is this guide a complete one.  It outlines
the basic goals of the game in order to supplement that of the
player.  It should not be used as a strict map through the game,
as the detail is left out, and hence a major portion of the game
is not discussed in this FAQ.  It can be used to reassure yourself,
get unstuck, etc.  I also cannot guarantee the validity of the
contents, though I'm fairly sure everything is accurate.

SYNOPSIS: The game Kings Field 2 is an RPG using a first person
perspective of a fully 3-Dimensional, 360 degree view, to illustrate
the story of a young lad, Lyle who is destined to return the land of
Verdite to its once glorious state.  Through mind-boggling graphics
on its release, and still resilient graphics by today's standards,
Kings Field 2 is an amazing game like its predecessor, Kings Field.
There are 30+ detailed people to converse with throughout the course
of the game, with a recording system for both the dialogue and the
explored areas in the game.  There is also a massive amount of
weapons and armor to be had in the game, of which each is unique;
there is also over 45 miscellaneous items in the game.

()()()() Fundamentals ()()()()

*Talk to everybody, all the time... certain happenings always add
 new commentary to what the residents of Verdite decide to tell you.
*Thoroughly explore each area, including searching suspicious walls
 for secrets hidden behind.  Noises behind walls are a good tip-off.
 Gaps in the map can also lead to secret areas; search around them.
*Kill everything!  Experience, money, and items are to be had.  It
 is also an integral part of the game that you must experience.
*Take note of locked chests, so you can return later when you have
 the correct key---> (See bottom for guide to chests)
*Save extremely often.  One slip can cause you to die.
*Search everything you come by, may it be a body, chest, barrel,
 wall, person, door, etc.

()()()() Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me But Didn't ()()()()

*You do not need to use (wield) the Excellector to make it gain levels
 of power, though you can if you so desire.
*The best way in general to fight is to circle around the monster by
 using a combination of sidestep and sideways buttons (sidestep one
 way and turn the opposite way to execute this), and then attack it
 from the behind.  Circle again and repeat if it turns toward you.
*The Fu-Jin boots and Rai-Jin are some of the more useful pieces of
 equipment.  They help recover attack and magic more quickly after
 running, which is a necessity in this game.
*You use a bow by pressing and holding the attack button.  Your
 strength gauge will rise to full, let go to release the arrow.
*You can set the select button to do magic, as well as use items.
*Certain monsters are more susceptible/resistant to different magic,
 find their weak spot.  Hint: Skeletons hate types of earth magic.
*Monsters are also susceptible to different kinds of slashes, use
 common sense to find your monster's weakness.
*Wearing differnet equipment for different areas is a nuisance but
 becomes useful later in the game.  When monsters cast more magic,
 use more magic resistant armor and take off the physically protective
 equipment. And vice versa.
*Magic crystals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Light) shouldn't be used
 until you have acquired that type of magic.  I.e. don't use Earth
 Crystals until you have entered the portal and obtained the magic.
*Once you have Varde's key find Varde IMMEDITELY, as he will give you
 the most useful item in the game, among other things: the Pixie Map
 (which maps areas you have explored). 
*Use the offense/defense options in the menu to find out how armors
 and weapons affect your stats to find the best set of armor for you.
*You CAN actually kill the residents of Verdite, like Leon and various
 innkeepers, they just require about 40 or more whacks toward the
 beginning of the game.  I would NOT suggest this since it might alter
 NPC treatment of you, that is, if you should kill another NPC.
*All around, the three best armors are Promeus, Ichrius, and Orladin
 armors.  Promeus is best at physically protective, Ichrius is in
 between in physical/magical defense, and Orladin has many magic
 resistances + a few more advantages.

**************The Walkthrough**************

You begin the game in the house of Leon Shore with the level 1 
Excellector, some meager armor, and the spell Light.  Circle around
the walls, and if you spot the yellow orb on a ledge, ignore it
completely, and follow the path leading away from the river and open
the door in the wall.  A plant monster around here will drop a 
Silviera's key, which you will need, so dispose of all of them.  
Search the barrels for a little money and items.  Go down the stairs
into the little room and do not search the wall to the left as you
enter, as it contains a spear trap, it also contains a secret door
which leads to a skeleton guarding a leather shield-if you think you
are ready attack it, go ahead.  Open the chest and leave [I will refer
to this room as "the trapped room in Quist" as you will return here
later].  Cross the bridge near Leon's house and proceed to search the
ground for a leather helmet and another piece of leather equipment.
Kill the plants and take note of the Statue of the Hero and the locked
chest nearby [Statue of the Hero]; there is also a save point (floating
crystal root) near the statue.  Once you have found those return across
back over the bridge and enter the area near the trapped room and go
across the bridge there.  Watch out for mushrooms as they poison when
you get close.  Search the area and then go through the dirt half-pipe.
Look downward to kill the ant.  Near the small house nearby is a chest
around back, take note of it.  There is also a chest with a Silviera's
key inside the house, if you feel up to killing the skeleton that pops
out.  Finally enter the brown rough tunnel and be careful for the large
ants, search the tombstones, and enter the small gravesite.  Search the
walls to find a secret with a Royal Chest inside of it, along with
another skeleton.  Return back around and go over the bridge near Leon's
house, and finally enter the...

-----Ancient Battlefield-----
Enter the area and use Silviera's key on the pedestal near the locked
door.  There is a save point and a body to the left and the rest of the
area to the right.  Find the old woman, Marilyn, who has lost her son;
she will give you an amulet.  Search the area, including the tombstones
and barrels until you find a room with a skeleton hung on a wall.  Use
the amulet near him and enter the room behind him to get Fire magic!
Equip the spell to your triangle button for ease of use.  If you don't
have enough keys now, just be patient and more will come up.  Be sure
you search the ground around where you first encounter the almost
invisible ghosts who shoot green heads at you.  Find the chest armor
and wear it!  Use your long sword, it's better than the Excellector.
You should encounter you first functional fountain here: they are for
replenishing life, among other things... you can also fill empty flasks
in these fountains and reuse the flasks infinite times.  There is a save
point around the back of the blue fountain.  When you feel you have
sufficiently explored the battlefield proceed down the stairs and through
the tunnels to the... 

-----Training Area and Barracks-----
For starters, there are a multitude of secrets here, many of which are
obvious, do you're searching.  When you first enter the area you will
come to a three-way intersection.  Note the left passage as one to go
down when you have at least 6 Silviera's keys.  The right passage is for
when you have found the bow and the jail key.  Head down the passage
straight ahead-HEADS UP!  Skeletons will drop from traps in the ceiling,
be ready for them.  Open the door on the side of the passage and chat
with the depressed soldier, search the room adjacent to his and note
the save point.  Head into the big room and watch the skeletons should
they shoot a spell at you.  Search the pots and such, and search the
storage rooms.  Finally take the door and passage to the Forest of Varde.
*Right passage: When you have the bow (maybe even the Jail key) enter
here and shoot through the slots in the wall at the targets and claim
you rewards.  Search the rest of this fairly straightforward area with
the jail key in hand for the rest of the loot.  That's it.
*Left passage: Once you have acquired 6 Silviera's keys, (the magicians
key would also be useful) come here and use your keys to get through the
massive number of doors.  Search the first area you come to, including
the tombstones.  Watch for objects dropped by the monsters.  Open the
chests, search the barrels, etc.  When you are ready open the rest of
the doors that need Silviera's key and find the Capricorn, one of
Commander Silviera's swords, and open the chest nearby that.  Leave this
area and don't forget to get your keys on the way out.  You can only take
the keys once the doors have closed.  Once you have this sword go back to
the Statue of the Hero in Quist and slash at the star on the statue, it
will die and open the sealed chest nearby.  Claim the Silvarion!

-----Forest of Varde-----
You will enter this area into a small, decrepit little town of sorts. 
Do not jump in the well, it does cause sudden death.  The minstrel in
the corner by the two houses will give you Varde's to use once you have
entered the hedge maze (don't be frightened, it's a very easy maze.)
Search the forest, find the blue fountain and the chests, and the various
pieces of armor on the ground.  The huge mushrooms will not give you
anything special, except experience, so don't stress over killing them.
I would suggest the first thing you do is search the area, use the key
everywhere and then go talk to Varde in his little hut.  If you notice a
passage to a place you can't enter because a man won't let you, ignore it
for now [The Castle of the Wind].  Varde WILL take the key from you once
you talk to him so use it everywhere first.  He will give you the Pixy
Map, the most useful item in the game (you will see) and Ichrius Eye (see
description of items below) and remove the blocking trees.  With the Pixy
map I would suggest going back through the first areas and getting
whatever you missed, now that you can map the area out.  There is also a
big door on the way to Ralugo (you might have noticed the signs) which
you can enter; kill the monsters inside to find some arrows and a green
bracelet.  Anyway, this is nearby the path to...

As you enter this main city talk to everybody.  You will find out that
a little boy has gone ill and needs some Blood Herb to heal, you will
also find out that everyone in the city hates your family for now.  You
can find the Blood Herb right away, so go ahead and do this: find the
lava river and then behind the Danger sign is a small ledge which will
lead you to a small area with a few monsters.  Kill them, find the red
blood herb and go use it at the mother of the boy in Ralugo.  When the
little boy recovers he will give you a Wind Crystal that he found while
treasure hunting.  Use the Wind Crystal to gain entrance to the Castle
of the Wind, which is back in the Forest of Varde.  A big burly man in
the village will also put another bridge across the lava river to the
area previously blocked by the trees, also known as the Cave of Shudom.
First go back to the Forest of Varde and enter...

-----King Harvine's Palace-----
When you enter this area I suggest you cast light magic to help illumin-
ate the place, unless you aren't having a problem with the dimness.
First off, the blue guys in these passages are VERY susceptible to wind
magic...what to do.  Run up the main hallway ignoring all the side
hallways, go up the stairs all the way till you see the Emblem of the
Wind, run to the right and follow the passage into the wind portal-obtain
the Wind magic, and the spell Wind Cutter.  Equip the wind cutter on your
triangle button, and use it if you need to kill a blue guy in a hurry.
Now, go back to the beginning of the area and make your way sequentially
up the main hallway going into all the long side tunnels at each step
before moving on.  Also, don't get and stay in front of the blue guys for
very long, they will cast wind cutter at you.  All the unlit torches
should be lit by using the Fireball spell which you should have (just
aim up at the torch and shoot, it should light up).  Move your way
through, ignoring the sealed chests and lighting the torches.  Finally
light the last few big ones up on the top level and you should here a
clicking sound. Now you have access to all the chests that were
previously sealed... go back through the area and get all the stuff.  Be
sure you have checked all the rooms.  Also, I didn't find any secrets
in this area, so if you don't, do not be worried.  Now you can return to
Ralugo and go to...

-----The Cave of Shudom-----
Note: This is a very, very hard cave, but for the sake of following the
walkthrough, I would suggest going through it now.  I had a problem the
first time I played with the bridge not appearing, and disappearing later,
so jump at your chance to get into this cave.  Just load up on Earth Herbs
at Lyn's store and you're off.

Before entering the caves go around the gold fountain and open the chest
there, and then circle back and open the other chest by the lava fountain
in the opposite direction.  Go into the left cave first to see that it is
just a save point, then return and go through the other entrance.
Basically you need to move your way through this huge area, with all of
its tricks and traps, and ledges and annoyances.  There are a few save
points, so use them often since this is a tricky area.  Move through the
area killing all of the really slow, tall golem figures that you come
across.  Search the area, there are a few secrets with nothing particula-
rly special inside them.  You will also find one particular stone man who
is very tall, and a darker hue than the other golems.  If you have the
arrows to complete this task than you can shoot at him from the ledge
while he sits frustrated below, OR you can run down and kamikaze attack
him.  I would suggest the latter, because once you get behind him he is
very slow and you can easily stay behind him and whack at him until he
dies; both alternatives require patience.  Collect the Promeus from the
corpse of the giant golem.  Get the Earth magic from the portal, to learn
the Earth Heal spell-used under the Use Magic button in the menu.  There
is an exit from the staircase room that leads to a big skeleton lounging
around.  He will tell you his story, and give you the quest of destroying
all of the golems.  You might try using the Promeus on him at this point
to see if he lets you through, or go ahead and kill the rest of the
golems.  He will tell you if you have killed them all or not, so go back
through the cave and kill them all and return to see if you actually have.
When you lets you by you can claim the Phantom Crown, and an obsidian
ring from the gravestone.  You are done here; return to Ralugo and find
a door leading down a staircase.
-----The Path of Poison-----
A person claiming to be you, but really named Joe, is blocking the way,
talk to him and go sleep a night at the inn or something to kill time (be
sure to bring some healing when you come back).  When you return he
should have changed positions and you can go to the end of the passage.
Search the wall to find the key, and search the barrels to get a fruit-
eat it right away, its good for you.  Following down the passage is these
really annoying streams of poison, which hurt you along the way.  Enter
the first left you can find into a really big stream of poison with a few
islands.  Here you will find the silver ring which makes you immune to
the streams of poison, so wear it right away.  Continuing down the passage
leads to a few places.  One is down a long passage that eventually leads
to a flame-spitting she-spider; kill her to get a fire crystal and search
the walls nearby to find a secret containing the Aquarian boots.  Second
is toward the former headquarters of the Light family, which contains a
few chests as well as some funky doors that require a square key, known
as Orladin's key.  If you have acquired any of these square keys do not
use them here, hold out for the Maze Temple of Orladin.  Be sure to return
once you are finished there however.  Once you've searched the area
continue down the poisonous streams till you come up a staircase at...
[Reminder: Return here after the Maze Temple of Orladin, with extra keys)

-----Lake Noel-----
You should be on the banks of a large lake, with a person, Tim, sitting
nearby who is willing to sell a few select items at a good price.  Zul
Arifin, known as the god of Water, is inside the other staircase below.
She is guarding a sealed door and will only open it if you give her
certain items.  Starting with an earth herb, go ahead and give her one
by using it.  She will open the door to a small room containing a dial.
Each turn of the dial changes the layout of the bridges spanning the
islands of the lake.  Before trying this out be sure to wear the Aquarian
Boots you found in next to the she-spider, they will show the locations
of the bridges and allow you to walk on them without falling.  Now, you
can independently try combinations yourself but each time to enter the
room will cost another pricier item.  To save time spin the wheel until
it is on the muted green color that lies between light green and light
blue.  Follow the islands and enter the Water magic portal and receive
the water magic.  Once this is done Zul Arifin will stop guarding the
door and you can freely try all the other combinations of the lake,
collecting the chests scattered around.  There is also a blue fountain.
When you feel ready select the bridges setting (light blue) that leads you
to these various ruins.  There is a save point nearby, and you can put your
normal boots back on.  Other than that you can exit to...

-----The Passage of the Thieves-----
This is a fairly straightforward little area, as long as you use the Pixy
map to guide you.  There are a lot of secrets, so it might not be a bad
idea to take the time to find some of them.  There are a few new monsters
but the basic purpose of this area is to connect the Cave of the Dwarf,
Ruin of the High-Elves, and a haunted city called Cason.  The passageway
to Cason is on the west side of the area, while the exits to the Ruins
and the Cave of the Dwarf are on the east side.  I would suggest first
going to...

-----The Cave of the Dwarf-----
There are scorpions and tree-monsters to deal with in the big area, and
a blue fountain nearby.  There are a few caves, to a save point, to an
abandoned mining site, to a man who talks about Promeus, a locked door,
and various exits to the actual caves.  There is a dwarven shop if you
take one of the northern caves, and the shopkeeper will tell you about
Jens, the other Dwarf in this area who can convert your Promeus to armor.
Work your way through the caves, there is a few save points and another
house belonging to Jens.  He will make you the armor if you are strong
enough, though it takes a really long time.  There is an exit in his
house to a portion of this area dedicated to the tomb of Jens lost son.
Find the dwarven key, it shouldn't be too hard to find.  Search this area
and open up the locked door to a grave get the Elchris Bow, which shoots
light arrows.  Return to the Passage of the Thieves and exit it to...

-----The Village of Cason-----
When you enter you will talk to a little girl gardening, and hear her
dilemma.  Now leave the range of this house and enter the ghost town.
You will find a house containing a man turned to stone, there will be a
save point nearby.  Find Toni in one of the houses and she will give you
an Orladin's Pic; go use it on the stone man.  He will impart some depr-
essing knowledge upon you and give you Ichrius Wings.  These are the same
as the eye but transport you to the gold fountain in this town.  Return
to Toni's house and she will give you another Pic.  Go back to the ghost
town and you will find an "H" shaped house that leads outside near a lake
and back around to a gold fountain.  There is a petrified monster nearby,
so use the other Orladin's Pic on him, but don't go through that tunnel
yet.  Return to the ghost part of the town and circle around the back of
one of the houses to get to the unreachable part of the lake that was
blocked by barrels.  Equip your Aquarian Boots and a bridge will appear-
go across it to claim your prize.  Now you can use Ichrius Wings to go
to the gold fountain, fill up your flasks, and go through that tunnel
which leads to...

-----The Plains of Garan-----
There will be some new monsters-don't sweat them, there is a blue foun-
tain nearby.  First thing to do is talk to Lyn who has traveled to the
house on the edge of the cliff.  When you are finished with her go out
the house and toward the fountain.  Go to the cemetery, be sure to search
the graves, also find the water crystal on the ground.  There is a save
point on a small ledge near by.  Disregard the "Do not look over" sign
and look down, make sure you have full hit points and try to land on the
little island below.  Go inside the cave, and go collect all the goodies
inside, including the Ryu-Ga ninja sword.  The only way out of this area
is to use the Ichrius Wings.  Return to the Plains of Garan, and hopefully
Lyn will have left the house, and left a note.  Proceed to the teeth-like
exit, not the stairs, leading to...

-----The Caves of Garan-----
This is one of the simplest areas in the game.  Enter and search the few
meager caves at the beginning to find a chest.  Explore the rest of the
area.  If you find big tortoises blocking your path cast Fire Wall at
them, it should kill them off.  There is a fountain in here and some
Groundal armor (which I wouldn't recommend).  You should also find the
corpse of Lyn, who has a ring on her body, get it.  Near her is the
Ichrius Crown.  When you are finished, go back to the Plains of Garan
and exit to...

-----The Passage of Death-----
You have just entered one of, if not the most annoying area in this game.
You will die here a few times, don't feel bad.  For starters, the whole
area is one big trap.  There are skewering spears coming from the walls,
swinging flails, trapped doors and chests, not to mention one of the more
annoying monsters in the game: the scythe skeletons that shoot darkness
AND paralyze.  There are also not to many doors in this level, everywhere
you will need to go will require finding a secret, so it will be in your
best interest to seek them out.  Just to begin, go right once you get in,
watching for the spears.  At the curve in that passage is two secret doors,
one on the southern wall containing a switch to turn off one of the deadly
buzz-saws, and another on the eastern wall leading into more annoying
rooms.  All I can say is bear with it, and save frequently.  Also-always
keep your health high should something unexpected happen.  Use your
Ichrius items to whisk you away to safety should anything happen. Have
fun.  When you finish here you should have found the Royal Key, if not-
FIND IT.  You can then exit up to the Hill of Prayer.  Don't stick around,
go back to...

-----Leon's House-----
Back in Quist talk to Leon.  If you have the three items of Ichrius'
and the Excellector up to level three, he will take them from you and
begin constructing the Key of Ichrius.  Go waste some time...go to the
trapped room in Quist, just around the wall, through a door, and down
some stairs.  Here there will be a secret door leading to another room,
and another secret leading off this room, finally leading to a long corr-
idor.  As you walk skeletons will drop from the ceiling, so be careful.
Open the chest and search the walls in the middle of the corridor to find
another secret room containing a Royal Chest-open it to find one of the
best weapons in the game, the Triple Fang (recharges mana!).  Leon will
update you on his progress and eventually you will go back to find the
Excellector, the Key of Ichrius, and a note.  The Excellector will have
gone back to level one also, requiring you to regain the levels on it.
With the Ichrius Key you can go to ANY fountain the entire game.  Start
by going to a place you haven't been yet if you followed this walkth-

-----The Ruin of the High Elves-----
Explore the areas that are accessible to you, and don't let that depre-
ssing music get to you.  Once again kill the tortoises with the Fire
Wall spell.  Find a throne on one of the small islands and place the
Ichrius Key inside it to activate the portals.  Go ahead and take the
Key out now, the portals will still be there.  Re-explore the area find-
ing everything you couldn't without the portals.  Finally go to the
ledge one portal away from the fountain (you can even use the key to get
there) and skirt the ledge and enter the...

-----Temple Maze of Orladin-----
There isn't much to say about this area, except that it really isn't a
maze, more of a sequence of repeating corridors.  Regardless, at this
point the monsters should be easy enough, except maybe the reptilian
women, that you can just blaze through.  Be sure to explore thoroughly
before going through the square shaped teleporter on the ground.  This
will warp you to...

-----The Place of Beginning-----
This area is extremely annoying and I had to teleport out once to restock
healing.  First off there are 4 corridors from the beginning.  Two of
them lead to dead ends and the other two lead to these irritating little
areas.  Go down the two dead end passages first to get them done with.
Then go down the passage that leads to a set of brown, earthy tunnels.
Going down this passage is imperative since it enables you to get enough
Orladin's Keys not to have to return to the OTHER passage again.  When you
are finished clearing this area there should be a room with a headless
skeleton sitting in a throne, ignore it for now.  Now go back to the other
passages and just bear through them.  Be careful to walk on the edge of
the bridges with broken slats, and be careful not to get knocked around
too much in general.  For the lava streams with the she-spiders on them
you have to destroy the heads that spew the lava; use effective magic as
you just have to take damage from the spider women until you do.  Use
Orladin's Keys in the little white pedestals to unlock their secrets.  Be
sure to get the last pedestal, which contains the Demon Key (shaped like
a skull).  Return to the first area and use the Demon Key on the throne.
The skeleton, formerly Orladin, unlocks a staircase leading to the Dragon
King Tree.  This tree will give you Ichrius armor to replace everything
you have on.  This armor is a good replacement for the Fu-jin and Rai-jin,
if you have doubts about parting with those.  Anyway, get out of here and
return to...

-----The Hill of Prayer-----
There is a whole bunch of those translucent curse-casting ghosts, and
they re-appear, so it is kind of a waste of time to kill them.  First
thing find the old building and speak to Yvette who is inside.  She
speaks of a key that she has hidden.  To find it follow the path around
the back of the gold fountain and search the big tombstone you come to.
Feel free to pick up the broken Moonlight sword from under its force
field. You can go and search all the graves if you have the desire to, 
and perhaps pick up a few Earth Herbs on the ground if you want.  Now, 
just open the previously locked door to...

-----Verdite Castle------
Go inside, don't worry about any monsters in here, there aren't any.  Use
Lyn's Ring at the fountain, and speak to the shade of Alexander, Kings
Field's hero, that appears.  There are three exits from this area: one
to the Royal Cemetery (via the teleporter), one to a small room contain-
ing a secret, and one to inside the fortress of Verdite.  First check out
the secret area, then proceed to...
-----The Royal Cemetery-----
Follow the path past your gravestone and proceed to the square portal
on the ground to the cemetery.  Basically explore this area, picking up
all the various items to be had.  Here you will run into some of the first
 monsters you fought, so the area isn't too hard fighting wise.  You
will, in the course of exploring this area, run into a burly guy wearing
lots of neat armor.  He just looks like a tough guy-circle behind him and
slash away.  When he dies he will drop Seaths Sword and open a portal in
that same room to the other part of the Royal Cemetery.  By the way, for
all portals in this level you can just go back through them to get where
you were before, so don't be hesitant about using them.

The next portion of this area starts you in a connecting room.  At three
of the corners are portals, including the one you came in.  One of the
portals is inactive, I at least didn't get it to work, and the other
leads you to a very dangerous area.  If you enter this portal you will
arrive amidst a slew magically adept dragons.  I can't say for sure the
 best tactic for this little skirmish, but I can recommend a few things
not to do.  Don't run, don't try to hide behind pillars, and don't let
your hit points get too low.  There are a few guys surrounding you, and
they aren't as much of a nuisance as the guy on the ledge behind you.  You
can shoot arrows at him, or use the Light spell Flash (if you have it) as
it homes in on the target.  Anyway, once you have conquered this area go
ahead across the bridge to the two stone heads.  (** Doing the following
will change the end of the game, I recommend you save before doing this.
One end will occur if you return to the Fortress of Verdite now and kill
your father, the other will occur if you complete this next procedure.)
You need the Fairy Fossil and the Phantom Crown head equipment, of which
you should have. If you do not have the Phantom Crown it was in the Cave
of Shudom. Merely equip the Phantom Crown and use the Fairy Fossil.
Guyra will reform the Moonlight sword, making it whole.  Now go to...

-----Fortress of Verdite-----
Enter the fortress and follow the long passages past the large gate
requiring two Keys of the Corridor.  Go down the stairs and thoroughly
explore the area down there.  You should uncover another Key of the
Corridor as well as some other miscellaneous stuff.  You should also find
Sal cowering behind a hidden drapery.  If you don't kill the fliers before
they soar in the air, stand underneath them and they won't be able to
hurt you.  

Return back up and use your two Keys of the Corridor on the gate.  Search
the lower level and you should find two other Keys of the Corridor, one
on a corpse and one should be dropped by one of the dragons.  When you
are finished frisking the lower area for secrets and items go ahead and
use your Keys of the Corridor to get upstairs.  Do not go near the door
at the far end of the passage yet.  Search everything, including the
chests and whatever else is up there.  Yes, the monsters here are a pain.
Just stock up on healers.  If you are in a fight with two monsters and one
shoots that blue fire, go ahead and fight the other monster and stay in a
position so the blue fire shot at you hits the monster you are fighting.
If you have done all you want to do go ahead and walk up to the last and
final door. You will fight your father, and depending on if you restoerd
the Moonlight sword you will fight Seath. End game.

-----Endgame Details-----

There are indeed two different endings to this game.  One occurs if you
defeat your father after having the Moonlight sword restored, and one
occurs if you defeat your Father before having the Moonlight sword
restored.  I don't want to ruin either of them for you, as you are
probably all wrapped up in the story.  Enjoy. 

()()()() Various Items and Their Uses ()()()()

Earth Herb: Replenishes 40 hit points
Antidote - Cures poisoned status and restores a few hit points
Herbal Liquid - Replenishes hit points fully
Bloodstone - Cures any negative status
Moonstone - Replenishes 40 mana
Dragon Crystal - Replenishes all hit points, mana, and cures negative
  status.  If you die and are in possession of one of these you will
  resurrect at the Dragon King Tree in Quist.
Crystal Flask - Fill (use) at fountains to bottle that water:
  Blue Potion - Blue water, restores hit points
  Gold Potion - Yellow water, restore hit points, mana, & status
Blood Herb - Required to heal Airon, the boy in Ralugo
Map of Verdite - General map of the country, also used in conjunction
  with Ichrius Key to warp to various fountains.
Pixy Map - Maps areas previously visited, obtained from Varde
Truth Glass - Used, gives a description of people and places
Orladins Key - Referred to as the square key, opens various doors and
  white pedestal chests.
Orladins Pic - First used on the petrified man & monster, also used to
  cure petrification.
Varde's Key - Wooden key, is needed to move the stumps around in the
  Forest of Varde
Lyn's Key - Given to you by Lyn, unlocks her house in Ralugo and the
  chest inside.
Silviera's Key - Unlocks doors with a pedestal next to them, mostly in
  the Battlefield and Barracks area.
Ichrius Key - Ichrius Key - Allows the usage of the blue warp curtains
  in the Ruins of the High Elves, and transports you between any and
  all fountains found in Verdite.  Made by Leon.
Demon key - Shaped like a skull, used to activate Orladin in the Place
  of Beginning.
Key of the Corridor - Used to open the two corridors in the interior
  of Verdite castle. 
Fire Crystal - (Use) Increases Fire magic power
Earth Crystal - (Use) Increase Earth magic power
Wind Crystal - (Use) Increases Wind magic power
Light Crystal - (Use) Increases Light magic power
Water Crystal - (Use) Increases Water magic power
Wise Fruit - Eat (use) it to increase Wisdom (found in the menu next to
  Strength) by one point.  Total of 5 Wisdom possible, four are obta-
  ined from visiting the four people who give you each magic.
Power Fruit - Eat (use) it to increase strength.  Same effect as a the
  "Strength Increased" display.
Verdite - (Use) to increase magic power. They are ery useful, and also
  very good selling stock if you need money.
Promeus - A rare metal ore given to the Jens the Dwarf, who will make a
  very heavy, but very physically protective armor.
Lyn's Note - Left by her at the Plains of Garan when she goes into the
  Garan Caves in search of her father.
Leon's Note - Left by him when the creation of the Key of Ichrius will be
  fatal to him.
Marilyn's Amulet - A token given to you by the old woman in the Ancient
  Battlefield.  It is used on the skeleton of her son to open the door
  to Fire magic.
Ichrius Eye - (Use) teleports you to the fountain in Ralugo
Ichrius Wings - (Use) teleports you to the fountain in Cason
Ichrius Crown - (Use) teleports you to the fountain in the Hill of
Fairy Fossil - A fairy sent by Seath and Guyra and petrified by
  Orladin.  Used to gain access to Guyra in the Royal Cemetery.

()()()() Equipment List ()()()()

This is merely a listing of the weapons that I happened upon.
It is probably incomplete, but represents the general amount
of equipment you can obtain throughout the course of the game.
It also does not include many of the magical effects of each
piece of equipment, as many of them do have such an effect.

Weapons: Battle Axe, Crescent Axe, Large Bow, Elchris Bow,
         Morning Star, Volguard, Blood Star, Silence Rod,
         Excellector, Long Sword, Silvarion, Rapier, Ryu-ga
         Capricorn, Vaculacia Sword, Triple Fang, Moonlight Sword
Shields: Leather Shield, Earth Shield, High-elves Guard,
         Orladin's Guard, Ichrius' Shield
Head   : Leather Helm, Iron Helm, Orladin's Hood, Groundal Crown,
         Dragon Head, Ichrius' Helm
Body   : Iron Armor, Leather Armor, High-metal Armor, Fire Mail,
         Orladin's Mail, Groundal Mail, Ichrius' Armor
Arms   : Iron Gloves, Silver Arms, Rai-jin, Groundal Arms,
         Ichrius' Gloves
Feet   : Iron Boots, Aquarian Boots, Groundal Boots, Fu-jin,
         Ichrius' Boots
Items  : Green Bracelet, Silver Ring, Ivory Bracelet, Wind
         Necklace, Black Jewel, Phantom Crown, Gold Ring

()()()() A guide to Chests and Keys ()()()()

Chests contain about everything that you are going to need to collect
eventually throughout the game, and keys are the milestones you must get
in order to reap the benefits of these chests.  Some chests are posit-
ioned, I believe, as teasers, during times when you obviously cannot
open them.  In this case note the place, kind of chest, and color of
lock.  This will be important in determining the correct time to return
and open the chest.
Type of Chest - Key to Access it - Brief Description

Magician's Chest - Magicians Key - Usually blue in color
Copper Chest - Copper Key - Wooden chests with copper clasp
Silver Chest - Silver Key - Wooden, lighter color, with silver clasp
Royal Chest - Royal Key - Large ornate chests with fluffy red lining
Orladin's Chest - Orladins Key - Cylindrical white pedestals
Miscellaneous Chests - Dwarves Key, Lyn's Key - Various chests,
  positioned in logical areas nearby the places there names indicate.

--*--The keys and their various uses throughout the game--*--

Silviera's Key - Unlocks doors with a pedestal beside them, most in
  the beginning in the Battlefield
Jail Key - Only opens up jail cells, used in both prisons
Varde's key - Odd shaped key required to move stumps in Forest of
Lyn's Key - Opens the door & chests in Lyn's house located in Ralugo
Dwarves Key - Opens doors and chests in the Cave of the Dwarves
Ichrius Key - Allows the usage of the blue warp curtains in the
  Ruins of the High Elves, and transports you between any and all
  fountains found in Verdite.  Constructed by Leon.
Orladins Key - Open white pillars, as well as doors requiring square
  keys.  Used in the Maze Temple of Orladin, and in the Path of
  Poison.  Can be bought for around 4000 gold at the shop in Dwarfs.
Demon Key - Shaped like a skull, used to activate the skeleton of
  Orladin in the Place of Beginning.
Key of the Corridor - Used to open the two corridors in the interior
  of Verdite castle. 

()()()() The Spells ()()()()

-*->Light Magic<-*-
Light - Illuminates an area, or helps fight against darkness magic
Blessings - Cures adverse conditions on the body
Lightning Bolt - Offensive, summons a bolt of light from the
  sky to strike down your foes.
Flash - Offensive, shoots five explosive homing projectiles
Orladin - Offensive, the strongest of the light magics.

-*->Fire Magic<-*-
Fire Ball - Offensive, releases a sphere of fire in a straight path
Fire Wall - Offensive, shoots five pillars of fire in a wall pattern
Fire Storm - Offensive, a volley of large balls of fire
Flame - Offensive, a soaring phoenix targets a foe and erupts on
Thedek - Offensive, a phoenix flies at a foe, erupting into bars of fire
  before consuming it.

-*->Earth Magic<-*-
Earth Heal - Replenishes hit points
Stone - Offensive, a large rock flies forward to strike a foe
Earth Wave - Offensive, ground shudders sending waves of earthen
  force at all immediately surrounding foes.
Meteor - Offensive, meteors hail onto the foe and cause the ground
  to shudder in the vicinity.
Shudom - Offensive, the strongest of the Earth magics.

-*->Wind Magic<-*-
Wind Cutter - Offensive, a fast-moving circle of energy flies forth
Missile Shield - Raises a defensive barrier against missile attacks
Tornado - Offensive, a powerful tornado speeds ahead, damaging foes
Freeze - A great ice dragon emerges and encases your foe in ice
Walwind - Offensive, summons a flying beast that drops area-attack

-*->Water Magic<-*-
Antidote - Neutralizes poison in the body
Fire Resistance - Raises a defensive barrier against fiery attacks
Haze - Offensive, Sprays a poisonous mist at the enemy
Bortecth - Offensive, A column of blue energy rises and consumes enemy
------ - I was unable to get this spell.

Last Words from the Author:
Thank you for choosing my FAQ as your personal guide to the land of
Verdite.  If you have not read the important information at the top
of this guide, please do so now.  Please send corrections and any
additions via email to [email protected], include your information
so I can credit it to you. Thank you. -HF

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