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Kings Field Walkthrough
By Aaron Blair ([email protected])

You start on an island with nothing but a stupid dagger. Turn to 
your left and you can see a nice bridge and a cave..  walk that way.

Go inside the cave real quick and grab the Iron Mask. It will be in
the second barrel to your left as you enter the cave. Leave the cave
and cross the bridge. 

You have to run across the bridge otherwise you will fall into the 
water when the bridge ends... if you are running you will jump to the
other side.

On the other side you see a big tower. Climb it to the top and get the
fire crystal. Use it and you now have the fireball spell. Be sure and 
equip the spell if you plan on using it. 

Run around the tower, pick up an earth herb or two, and find the 
underwater land bridge... cross it VERY quickly cause those flying
fish will knock you off. Run over there and quickly grab the Brest 
Plate, if you get hit by ANYTHING at this point you will die. So run
past the small krackens and grab that breast plate and run back.

Don't get discouraged if you have to do this a few times before you 
finally reach the save point. 

Now run back across the wooden bridge to that first cave.

Go in the cave and go in the room to the left... there will be a couple
monsters in there.. show them how good you are with your dagger. Best
way to kill the baby krackens is to try and get behind them (most 
monsters in the game are this way). Get familiar with R1 and L1, strafe
around and get behind the monsters and wack them. You have a fireball
spell now, use it if you have to, but right now spare your magic 
because you only have a very limited amount. 

Drink the blue water in the fountain, it will heal you.

There is a treasure chest in the next room. Leave it alone for now.
There is also a secret door in that room but if you go in there you
will be skewered by a skeleton. Once you're level 3 or so you can 
probably kill him with luck, then you get a nice Leather Shield, 
but since you can buy this later on it's not really worth the effort.

So go back into the main room and ignore the yellowish door for right 
now, go to the far wall and enter that hallway. 

To your left will be a room with a Treasure Chest with 30 gold in it. 

Straight ahead there will be a couple monsters. Kill them and head down
the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs to the right is a door, go 
through the door. Here is a save point. Save your game.

Leave the room and go straight down the hall. To your left should be
a room up here with a dead soldier of verdite in it. Take the star gate
from him.

If you want you can go on into the green area and kill whatever. There
is not much to get in this area, and there is one of those fire 
breathing snails... to kill the fire breathing snail just run up
to the side of it's head and wack it. These things are slow. You 
can even get them to kill the other enemies. There is a bloodstone
and a crystal here.

Go back up the stairs and back to the first room. 

Go outside and turn left, run that way until you see the large kraken.
Do not try to kill the kraken as you will only agitate it and it's 
likely to show you the bottom of the ocean. Run REALLY fast past the
kracken, and go over the wooden bridge. 

If you go right after the bridge you can pick up a crystal. Go up 
left until you find the short sword. This is better than your dagger.
Do not go behind the waterfall unless you want to see what it's like 
to have dead pirates run you through.

Go back to the cave and then go through that door I told you to ignore 
and kill everything in that room.

If you get poisoned while trying to kill one of those big plant things
go and stand on a green slime, it will cure the poison. Of course if 
you get hurt you can go drink some water out of the fountain and get
healed. Don't let them corner you or you will have to fight your way
out of it...

These monsters come back if you leave the room so keep leaving
and coming back and killing them until you are level 5 or 6, whatever
you feel comfortable with.

In that room there are 3 doors. The door you came in, the wooden
door and a green staircase. Go up this staircase and across the bridge
There you will find a cave with 2 of the fire breathing snails. 
If the snail is facing you when you go into the cave, hit it with a
fireball first. Then run beside it and kill it. You might be able to
get the second snail to kill the other one. After you kill the snails
get the wind crystal and the crystal flask (in the treasure chest).

Go back to the blue fountain and fill your flask with the water. 
**remember to save often**

Go back to the room with the green staircase and the wooden doors and
go through the wooden doors. The music will change.

Go right when you get to the new area. There will be a pit and a switch
on the wall. A guard will likely be on the other side of the pit. 
Operate the switch and then the guard will get on the bridge. Operate
the switch again and let him fall down into the pit. Operate the switch
and cross the bridge. go up the stairs and find Al Hunt's place. Don't
go in the cemetary yet. 

Go to Al Hunt's place and buy yourself a nice leather shield. Sure, the
leather shield won't protect you from much... but hey.. it's better 
than nothing. Go around to his neighbor's house, Nola Bagil. She has
a fountain outside her house you can use to refil your Crystal Flask 
if you want to. Talk to her and find out about her missing brother. 

You can talk to her more than once to find out more information. 

After she starts saying the same thing over and over again. Leave the
way you came and go down the stairs that are right there and you 
will find another save point. The Guidepost here has the Moon Key. 
What this means is that you can use the moon gate and it will 
transport you here. There is no reason to take the key. Be aware that
using the gate spends 10MP. Save the game and then go into the 
cemetary and find the Iron Boots. 

After you have the iron boots you are ready to try and take on one of
those necron soldiers. Go out to where that first bridge was and see 
if you can take him out. If he takes you out then you need to earn more
levels before proceeding. If you take him out, cross the bridge and 
head down the hallway to the left. You can go up to the right, but 
there is not much there, a crystal is about all you will find usefull.

You should be about level 7 now.

Go down that hallway and then turn right. Kill the guard and operate
the switch on the wall.  Then go up the stairs and buy a Knight Sword
from Whatshisname. Go down the other hallway near here and go toward 
the small mine. 

In the first room kill the monsters and then go down the kraggely way
near the way you came in... back in here is a dead end but feel around
and you will find a Knight Helm.

Right next to that entrance is another hallway with a save point at the
end of it if you need it.

Up the green staircase is Rand Ferrers place. Not much here.

Go down the other kraggely hallway and kill all the monsters in that 

Go down the right corridor, not into the mine, talk to Fai. He says
he'll exchange the Moon Gate for a figure of Seath. (keep talking to

Go down into the small mine and find the miner. Talk to him, he'll give
you some usefull information. And in the bucket behind him you can find
a crystal. Don't feel bad about taking this guy's crystal. Remember,
you're out to save the world you know.... 

Also in this mine there is a treasure chest with the star key in it. 
You must get this key, or else you will regret it.

Go a little bit past the place where you found the key and get the 
earth crystal... you now know the spell "Earth Heal".

Behind a secret door in the mine is a treasure chest with a crystal
in it. There is also a Morning Star in this room. Bag it.

Leave the small mine.

By this time you should be about level 9 or so with the morning star.
Find your way back to the bridge where you entered this area and cross 
it. Rather than go back the way you came, go right once you cross the
bridge. Down this corridor you will first see a door and a green 
hallway. Ignore the green halway for now and walk past the door. Once 
you pass the door, it will open. Kill the guards that come out. 

Right past that door is another corridor which leads to a room.
In that room, to the right is a save point. It might be a good idea
to put your star key in the guidepost at this save point for right
now. That way if you get hurt you can whisk yourself back here. Okay,
go back to the main corridor and go down and kill the guard in front of
the last door, he'll give up (forceably) a rhombus key. Go back to the 
first door and use the rhombus key to get in the room. Get the shard
out of the treasure chest (I came in this room for a lousy #$!#$!??). 
Search the back wall of this room for a secret door. Find it and there
are two more treasure chests in that room, one with a Crystal and the
other with a Dragon Crystal..

There are no more secrets in that room. Sure you can feel along the
wall, but if you do you get hit with spikes. Anyway leave that room 
and let the door close and then get the key out of the lock. 

Go down the hallway. At the end of the hallway there is a door with
a lock and a green stairway, (sound familiar??) anyway go up the green
stairway and kill the monsters, there should be another rhombus key 
up here. 

Go back and use a rhombus key on the door. Welcome to Base No. 1. Go
through the first wooden door and bash the brains out of the guard.
Then get the key on the table. Go back out and go down the stairs and
bash both of those guards. Then go through that wooden door and 
bash the guard in there. This will give you the "Jail Key". But thats
not all folks. Search the walls in this room and find a secret door.
Go down there and you will find the "Light Crystal". You now have the
light spell.

Go back up the hallway and use the Rhombus key on the other door. Go 
to the block of cells to the right. Beat up the things and use the 
jail key to open up the doors (really?) and talk to the guy. 
Get the dragon stone.

Now go down the block of cells to the left. Kill everything and in the
cell farthest back on the right there is a secret door to go through.

Down in the big room kill all the things and then go down the stairs 
that are straight ahead, down to a wooden pole door. There is seath's
fountain. Use the dragon stone in the FIRST pedastal to your left ..
that way you can have the magic restore water. The other pedastal will
give you the condition restore water. Don't worry about the other 
pedastal for now. Drink some of the purple water and fill your flask
with the blue water. Go back up the stairs into the one room and take
the corridor on the right. It will take you back to the main hallway
(after bashing a couple stupid snails). Go back to the save room off to
your left and save. Then continue down the hallway and go back into 
base number one. Go through the main door, then go through the door to
the left, and then go straight to the one door.

Kill all the guards in here. There are two doors leading out. One says
"The Entrance to the Big Mine". Don't go that way yet, go the other 

Go into the big room and there will be 4 or 5 more guards to kill. 
Don't get overconfident, these guards are just a bit stronger than the
ones in the last area. Kill them then go off to the left, go up the 
staircase and across the bridge. There will be a big hall here. Don't
mess with the hall too much, down the hall is base number two, you can
get a phantom rod and a bow and that's about it. At the end of the
hall is a chasm which you can't cross just yet. Go straight up the 
staircase and up to the left and you will talk with Sandlers mom about 
how he just ran off and she can't find him. Turn around and go back 
the other way and go to the right and you will go down a green 
staircase. Don't bother talking to the guy at the house, until you
rescue sandler no one here trusts you. Go down to where the save
point is and save. It would be a good idea to go back and get your
star key and place it in this guidepost. 

Go down the corridor to your left and you will drop down into the 
termites nest. In the termites nest you will find the following 
treasures, Truth Mirror: Walk Behind the Dragon Tree and open
a secret door, Water Crystal: You must have a working Gate/Key 
combination to get this, jump down the hole in the first floor,
Rhombus Key: Near the end of one of the tunnels, Blood Stone: In
a treasure chest, some arrows: in the bones next to that treasure
chest. Note: if you are paralyzed by a Termite use a Blood Stone
immediately if you have one. No sense in becoming termite chow.

When you reach the big termite's lair... this is a great place to 
earn some levels. Just sit there and let the termites come to you. 
When you feel like it, smash the big guy, just approach him from 
the sides. He's to slow to do much about it. When you kill him you 
get an earth crystal. Behind him is sandler. He'll find his own way
home, but he's so grateful to you for saving him he'll give you the
pirate's key. 

Go back up to Kehl Hunt's house, (The guy who wouldn't let you pass)
he will now let you by to talk to Celffy Foss. It's a good idea to buy
a Bastard Sword and if you can afford it a Large Shield. 

Go back to where the woman was blocking the way before and talk to her
and her son. There are two places you want to visit in this immediate
area. One, Sandler's house, two, the fortune teller, and three, there
are three places you want to visit, One, Sandler's House, Two, the 
fortune teller and THREE, Radd Bilheim's place, and Four, there is NO
fourth thing. Now as you go into the area make a u-turn and look there
is another door right beside the way you came in, this is how you get
to Radd Bilheim. Have him make you as many crystal flasks as you can.

Go fill those flasks with the Blue Water outside sandlers house. Talk
to sandler and his mom. Then go past where the water is to Cliff Lore's
house. Sometimes a fortune teller will be here, sometimes not. She can
tell you what items do and stuff. Inside Cliff Lore's house is a 
treasure chest which you can't open yet. haha. 

Go back to the eastern shore, where you were in the begining. When you
get to that blue fountain at the begining, now you can open the 
treasure chest to the right. Use the pirates key on the chest and get
another Crystal Flask. 

Go back to where the first save point was. Save if you want and 
continue down the corridor to the Pole Doors in the green area.

Use the pirates key on the door. Kill all the skeletons, when you get
to the treasure room, open the treasure chests with caution. Sometimes
skeletons will jump out. The one "locked" treasure chest opens with the
pirates key. Watch out when you open it too. In that treasure chest 
is a peice of verdite. Congradulations you just one the lottery. Those
things sell for $4830 and they only up your magic power by 1 so go and 
sell it. 

Sell the verdite and go to where you enter the small mine, except turn
right instead of left and go to the keymaker and buy a silver key.

On your way back to the eastern shore, stop at Raffy Foss's house and
pick up some nice silver arms or something. Verdite is very useful.

Go back to the eastern shore and when you exit the first cave turn left
and follow the cliff to the fisherman. Talk to him all you want but 
continue on to the cave on the left. Go straight back and if you open
a secret door in the room with white walls you will go back to a secret

You will see a treasure chest at the end of the hallway. Be careful, 
there is a trap door in the floor, you need to run to the treasure 
chest to avoid falling down. Get the dragon crystal, turn around and
run back. This time go up the stairs. Go around the bridge to the 
green room with three treasure chests. One has nothing, the other has
a crystal the third has the pirate's map. Go around the fourth way
and there is a save point. Go back to where the bridge is and jump off 
toward the south, where you can see a little island beneath you.

Go through the pole doors here and you come to a corridor with some 
swinging knives. Make sure your HP is as high as you can get it before
attempting to run through them. Best way to do it is to wait until they
are swinging opposite of each other and then run up one way, strafe 
the other way and keep running.

But on these knives just run halfway and you will fall down into a pit.
This is fine because the exit of the pit is on the other side of the

In the back portion of this there is a room with three treasure chests 
and a room with only one treasure chest. Open the three and you'll find
two booby trapped chests and one piece of verdite. In the other chest,
locked with the pirates key, you'll find the Skull key.

one of the passageways will lead back to the first cave. Go out and 
go past the kraken again (you can probably kill him now, although there
really is no need to yet. And go behind the one waterfall and use the 
skull key on the wall back there. The second waterfall will stop and 
you will be free to go find the Second Dragon Stone and the Water

Go back to Seath's Fountain and activate the Second Pedastal. This will
also activate the main fountain and you will be able to make gold
potions. The gold water heals life, magic, and status. (yippie!). Go 
sell your second peice of verdite and get some more armor. 

Once the fountain is activated you can go through the sealed doors. Go
to Harvine's castle by going to Seath's fountain and going through the
sealed door to the east.

Cross the bridge to the castle and go to the last door. It might be 
a good idea to use your resist fire spell before you come in here. 
Blast the two guards to oblivion and take the wind crystal. 

Now go in the middle door. Kill all those annoying heads on the walls
that shoot fire.

Run around to the back of the castle and go out the back door. Go 
across that first bridge and get the battle hammer and then kill 
everything. Go back across that bridge and then go south to the next 
bridge. Cross it. Go back and jump down. You are now on the opposite
side of the chasm that you couldn't cross near Sandler's house. 

Operate the switch so you don't ever have to go the long way round 
again. Go in the little room and get your Rhombus Key. Then open the 
big door to go into the next area. 

When you get in the first hallway, go up to the left to see Gigi. 
She says she lost her father in the mines. Boo Hoo. Go down from there
and in the white walled room there is a secret door. You can go back 
there and get a scorpions bracelet. This helps ward off poison if you
equip it as an item. 

Go down back to the main hallway. The next hallway to the left goes
up to another gold fountian. Go up there and refil your crystal flasks.

Go back down and go to the next hallway. There are a lot of soldiers 
graves. Kill all the monsters. 

The treasure chest that is locked opens with the magicians key. It has
a peice of verdite inside.  Each one of the grave rooms has a secret 
room behind it. One of the secret rooms has a crecent axe. Bag it.

Another secret room has a treasure chest in it. It opens with the 
harvine's key and has a peice of verdite inside of it.

One of the secret rooms that has a gravestone in it has another secret
door behind the gravestone. A treasure chest in here yeilds a 
Seath's Plume.

Continue along all the way up the long flight of stairs. At the top
you'll be able to see the western seaside. Look down to your left and 
you can see a small island. Jump down on this island and get the 
Shiden. The Shiden is one of the most powerful swords in the game. You
will use this sword for a long time. Use the Star Gate to get off of 
this island and go sell all your other weapons.

Then go back to the main hall and go all the way to the end and you 
come to the big room which is base no. 3. Go up the stairs on the 

Go across the bridge and into the miners cemetary. Go straight back for
a while until you come to a staircase. Don't go up the stairs just yet.
Make a left turn before you get to the staircase and go into a room.
The room in the back of this will have two treasure chests and some 
graves. Search the graves, the miners map is in one of them. The locked
treasure chest will unlock with your magicians key and yeild you 
another peice of verdite when you find the magicians key. 

Leave the room and then turn left. Hug the right wall and you will 
soon come to a room with a single grave and Harris Carvitto. Talk to
him several times because he's a lonly old guy. Steal his crystal out 
of the grave before you leave though. Go jump down one of the wells in
the big cave. There are actually about 3 you can jump down. 2 of them
lead to different places. The first well you jump down will give you
a water crystal. Use your star gate to get out of the well. 

Go back to the blue cemetary and jump down another hole if you want,
but all that is down there is an Amulet of Mist and a bunch of 
arrows. (search the elf graves.) 

Go back through the graveyard to the stairs, go up the stairs and 
cross the bridge. Hang a right and you will find a save point. Hang
a left and you will come to the humble abode of one Mr. Leon Shore.
Talk to his mother there. Go in the house and take the figure of 

His mother will dissapear. Now you need to go back and turn left across
a different bridge. Don't go down the one that isn't completed. Go 
across the next one. When you get down there turn to the left and 
battle your way through those axe things and then make mincemeat out
of those four skeletons. Take the Dragon Crystal and the 300 gold and 
go back the way you came.

Go down the stairs and across to the left. Someone got to that one
treasure before you. It doesn't matter. Go further down and go into
the jail cell. Pick the magicians key off of the corpse. 

Take your newly found magicians key and you open the chests with
the verdite in it. You should have a lot of verdite by now. 

Keep going that way and go across the underwater land bridge to the 
tower. Go all the way up the tower and cross the bridge to go get
another fire crystal. Go back down the tower and go back the way you
came to Leon Shore's house. Cross the bridge and go to the halfway
bridge. Look down and jump off from the right.

Hidden in one of the walls down here is another figure of seath. 
Take the figure of seath and use the star gate to get out of there.

Go back to Fai (the guy hiding near the small mine) and give him one
of the figures for the moon gate. After that talk to him again and 
he'll trade you Harvine's Flute for three crystal flasks. Keep talking
to him and he'll trade you Necron's Map for 3 more crystal flasks. 

You might want to hang on to your flasks for a bit if you are low. 

Go to the keymaker now and buy a gold key.

Once you have the gold key go to the bridge you cross to get to 
Al Hunt's place. Throw yourself down into the pit (make sure you
have >100HP or you will die) and open the treasure chest for an 
earth crystal. 

Go back to Sandler's House. (you might want to stop and exchange some
crystals for flasks while you're here)Go past his house to the right 
and search around until you find a huge staircase going down. Go down
here and go all the way to the back. You will hear some noises. 
Grab the armor and the bloodstone. There is a secret door here that
leads to a treasure chest that a copper knight is guarding. Kill it
and use the silver key to get the Crystal Flask out of the chest. 

Go all the way to the front and open another secret door in those rooms
there will be a knight guarding a treasure chest. Kill him and use 
the gold key to get the great helm. 

Go to king harvine's castle now by going up the other flight of stairs
(the ones you didnt come down). Go in the yard and stand between the
pillars of wind and blow the flute. Keep doing this until you get 
to the tall tower. Get the sun key out of the chest and if you feel 
like it jump down inside of the tower and grab a useless lightwave
ring. Use the star gate now and go back to where you left the star
key. Take the star key out of the guidepost.

Now you should be ready to go to the big mine. Go back to Base number
one and go through the door that says "The Entrance to the Big Mine".
Go down the stairs and kill those guys. If they kill you I think you
either need more levels or more practice or both. Do not go straight 
at this point. That would be stupid. You would get killed. Besides,
you don't need to go straight yet. Turn right and go through the second
rhombus key door on the left. Go in there and go past the minecart for
now, go up and out on the bridge for a scorpions bracelet. Now, go back
and jump on that minecart.

Actually the only reason to get on the minecart really is to save a 
rhombus key... if you feel confident that you have enough rhombus keys
don't worry about it. Oh and you might want to cast missle shield while
you are on the minecart in case any annoying arrows come flying your 
way and knock you out.

Go back to that area, if you went the minecart way, don't worry, 
you'll find it, and go through the other rhombus key door. 

Run up the stairs and past those bowmen. Open the door quickly... 
keep a sharp eye on your health. Don't worry about trying to kill the 
bowmen just yet. Go through the second door and kill the soldiers and
then go upstairs and kill all the bowmen. That shouldn't be too hard
what with the shiden and all. The treasure chest up here opens with 
the silver key and has 100 gold in it (yippie!) Go to where the double
doors are and go through them. The treasure chest here opens with the
silver key and has 100 gold in it. Go back up the stairs where you see
the minecart and make a left. There is a save point and a guidepost.
Put your star key in this guidepost now. Now jump on this minecart and
ride it until you are in a building and are still moving and jump off
in here. 

Kill off the bowmen in herer and grab all the items on the floor as 
well as the Silver Arms in the chest. Go across the bridge to get
a light crystal. Now use the light crystal and then the star gate to
get out of here.

Get back on the minecart and this time ride it all the way to the end.
This first cave has two things in it, one of them it is REALLY 
IMPORTANT for you to find. In the back of this first mine somewhere 
there is a key... harvines key. You need to get this before you 
proceed into the "Cave of Darkness!". Its just lying on the ground 
near the back of the cave and you should just find it. Go through the
"Cave Of Darkness".

Both treasure chests in the "Cave of Darkness" can be opened with the
magicians key. THere are a a couple of crystals laying around.. And 
a Dark Armor here. If you equip the Dark Armor you won't be able to use
any "Light" magic such as breathe but it's up to you. Go over the 
bridge and make a left into more caves. There will be a pit leading
to the cave of poison back here, jump down into it.

There are plenty of crystals to be found down here, as well as a 
treasure chest that opens with the Magicians key that yeilds 100
gold. Find Gigi's dad down there and give him a Figure of Seath. 
That will make him stand up... talk to him. Now go find another pit
but jump down the one where the dead crystal miner is standing. You
are now in the 'earth' cave. 

Make sure you watch your health down here. Kill the earth elementals
by going to thier sides and wacking them. In this cave you can find
a treasure chest (off to the left) that yeilds a peice of verdite. It
opens with the gold key. An earth ring will be laying on the ground..
it raises your magic power by five so wear it for now. Go toward the
end of the cave and you will find the big Earth Elemental. This guy
throws boulders. Be very careful around him, he can kill you fast. 
Once you kill him you will get the last earth crystal.

Go out the cave and turn right, here is the elf cave that no one can
find. Go in there and get the elf key. Kill as many of those blue 
magic eating monsters as you can, some of them will give you seath
plumes. Hidden along the back wall is an arbalest. Once you have 
the elf key, go back along the cave and go straight until you see
a pit dropping down into the poison cave. 

Note: If you want to avoid the next three steps and you have some
MP, use the star gate to go to where the star key is.

Go down there and this time drop down the other pit (the one without
the dead crystal miner by it)

Go through this cave until you find the mine cart. Don't go back to 
the poison cave. You don't ever EVER need to go there again. Jump
on the mine cart and it will take you to the same place that that
first mine cart took you to.

Now go back up to where the star key is and take it. Then use the moon
gate to go back to the guidepost next to the Seaths fountain. 

Go to seaths fountain. Go to the easterly door and go to Harvine's 
Castle. Now that you have harvines key, open the main doors to the 

On the back wall of the first room to the left there is a secret door 
that leads to a room with a treasure chest with a seaths plume in it.

Go to where the stairs are. If you go striaght there are two treasure 
chests, get them and then go to the other staircase. There are two 
treasure chests and a picture. Get the treasure chests (a shrine key 
and a peice of Verdite). Talk to the painting and several copper 
knights will come out to greet you. Kill them and then wack the 
painting until it dies... then you will get the wind crystal. 

Now use the moon gate again and go back to the Seath's fountain.

Go back to Fai (the guy next to the small mine) and talk with him
a few times. If you give him the flasks now and talk with him some 
more he should give you the light crystal. Go back to the guy 
who makes the flasks now, you should have about 9 or 10 cystals, get
as many flasks as you can. Go fill them at the fountain...

Go back to where the big mine entrance was and this time go straight
through.  Go through the doors and the kill the soldiers. Don't get 
near the swinging spikey balls. Go through the door straight ahead and 
proceed with caution. There are those fire spitting things on the 
walls. Equip the Ice Storm spell (or if you don't have that equip the
wind cutter spell) and blast them until they die. All of them. 
Remember to stay at an angle from them so they don't see you and blast
you. Kill the first two and then watch out on the third. There will
be two of those fire throwing demons waiting straight ahead. Kill the
third one by going up, firing your Ice Storm Spell and then going back
and waiting. After you kill the third one use the harvines flute to
make a bridge and then go across and go toward the right. Run REALLY 
fast past the face on the wall and go kill that red demon first. BE 
VERY CAUTIOS OF YOUR LIFE AT THIS POINT. There is fire going everywhere
so it might not be a bad idea to use the resist fire spell. Kill the 
demon and then go back and kill the face.

Run back across that bridge and kill those two demons over there. Get
the Sun Gate out of the treasure chest (use harvines key). Go back
across the wood bridge and if you want go in where the fire is 
streaming out. The best way to do this is to cast resist fire and then
run into the middle of the room where there is no fre going all around
you. Then use Ice Storm to kill all those faces.

Then go into the next room, cast Resist fire before you do, ignore 
the first treasure chest for now and run into the room with the face on 
the wall, Get right up on the face and blast it with your sword + ice
storm, kill that thing. Then open the treasure chest below it with 
harvines key and get the last wind crystal. When leaving use Harvine's
key on the treasure chest you ignored and get 1000 gold. 

Now go back down the hall the other way and kill the guard to the right
and go toward the wooden doors. This is Underworld Prison #2. Go and
rescue lean shore. You can find a Figure of Seath in the cell along
the wall too. Now go back and go up the green stairs that you passed.

Kill those bowmen and jump down off of the ledge. Go through the 
wooden doors and operate both switches on the walls. This will stop 
those big spikey balls from swinging. 

Go through the door that requires a Rhombus key. Kill the guards and 
instead of using the harvine's flute to cross the chasm, jump down in
it. Go through the wooden doors and follow the hall to a dead end. Go
through the secret door there and go toward the stairs. Use the Ice
Storm on those demons and get the Crown. Instead of going out the way
you came, make a left and get the treasure chest. Go up the stairs all
the way and drop down in the big hallway.

Go right down the hallway. There will be a rhombus key door to your
right, go that way. Then there is another rhombus key door behind that.

Down there there is a save point and you can find Earnest Clyde. Talk
to him. Go back up to where Celfy Foss is standing. Knock him with your
sword to the left. Get the ruinous boots off the table and the Crystal
Flask out of the treasure chest. Don't hit him too much you can kill 
him, only hit him as many times as you need. Equip the ruinous boots.
Also buy a crystal guard from him if you have enough dough.

Go back out and go in that room with the two bowmen (open a secret 
door right beside the window). Get the crystal flask.

Go back out into the big hallway and turn left. Go all the way down
until you get to the rhombus key door. Open the door and turn Right.

This time use harvines flute and cross the chasm. Go up and to the left
and there will be a save point. Use the star key in this guidepost 
and then use the moon gate to go back to seaths fountain to fill up
your crystal flasks. Use the Star Gate to get back.

Now go across the hall from the save point and go into the fire cave.
Kill the Copper Knights and then use Resist Fire to run down the hall
and kill the giant face.

Explore around, and when you find a room with 3 Copper Knights and 4
unlit lamps.. kill all the knights and then use the fireball spell to
light all the lamps. A fire crystal will drop down from the cieling.

One of the walls has a giant face on it that if you kill the face and
then look behind it there is a secret door. Inside lays the fire sword.

Once you have those two items, use the moon gate. Go back to the east
seaside and kill that Giant Kracken. It shouldn't be to difficult for
you now.

Once you kill the kracken go back into the cave and retrieve the 2nd
shrine key. Use the moon gate if you need to refil your gold potions
or use the star gate to get back to the other area.

Go back to where you rescued Leon Shore and go past where those 
swinging spikey balls were. Unlock the Rhombus door. Go in and 
explore the ice cave. Make sure you kill all of the monsters, 
including the last big boss one. This will cause all the ice to melt.
And you will get the Ice Sword. 

Leave this area and you will find that the ice melting has created a
new passageway. Go down this way and turn to the first door on the
left and save the game here. Also put your Sun Key here. Use the 
star gate and go pick up your star key. Use the moon gate and go get
some more Gold potions. Use the Sun Gate to get back.

Go straight across the hall, This is the entrance to the elf shrine.
Put a shrine key in each of the wheels. Move the wheel on the left
twice and the wheel on the right once. Open the door and go in the
elf shrine.

Go into the first room on the right. Killing the big red face will 
give you seath's helm. Use the elf key on the dark crystal to get 
the dark crystal (the old switcheroo).

Turn around and go into the other room. Kill all the stupid blue faces
and pick up the water crystal. Talk to the blue rock thingy in the room
and it will grant you seath's sword. Turn to the right and pull the 
sword out of the rock wall. Go talk to the dragon tree here too if you
want to. Equip the seath's sword. It's cool.

Go out of the elf shrine and turn right... go a little way and there
will be a hall to the right. Go down there and pick up a dragon 
crystal. You can jump on to one of the other ledges but there is 
really nothing back there to get. Go out and then go all the way to
the end of the hall and you can pick up the death walkers from between
the pilars of fire. Don't equip them though, the ruinous boots are 

Use the moon gate and go back to seath's fountain. Go back to Gigi's 
house and get the seath's tear from her father. Go to Leon Shore's 
house (cemetary, then cross the bridge) and give him the dark crystal.
(talk to him several times and he will ask for it). Go out.. earn
a level and come back, he will tell you that the sword has been
stolen. Use the Sun Gate and go back to the elf shrine. 

This time go down the hall to the left and then take the passageway
down the left. You will be in a totally new area now.

Go straight down the hall and knock out those guys on the ledge using
freeze or some other "seeking" spell. Their arrows can paralyze you
for short amounts of time. Go back toward the door you came in and go 
to that area off to the left (as you were coming in). There is a secret
door along the back wall. Go through it and then go through the wooden
doors. There is a dragon crystal there.

Go back to where you killed those guys on the ledge and turn right...
(the only way you can go hehe). Okay well it's left but who cares. 
Anyway go that way and go to the base number 6. Get the key and the

Go down a little farther and there will be a door on the left with 
a switch operate the switch and go in.

Follow the wall on the left and go to a secret door. Go down and
through there and operate the switch you find to turn off the 
swinging spikey balls. Search for a secret door on the back of the 
walls. go through there, get a crystal and a flask from the barrels.

Go through the rhombus key door and there is another switch in that
room to turn of the other set of swinging spikey balls.

Go all the way through and when you get out back into the main hall
head back toward where you came in and on the right-hand side there
will be an opening with a save point inside. Put your star key in 
the guidepost. 

Okay now go out of the save point area and veer toward the right. Go 
down the stairs and kill all the skeletons. The very last passageway
to the left, take it. Go down there and you will find a treasure 
chest with some verdite in it. Run across the little step stones
on the lava all the way across and talk to the skeleton. He will give
you the Psycpros Collar. Then run back across stopping in the middle 
to pick up the last fire crystal. 

The Psycpros Collar makes your physical strength go up.

Now go back to the save point. 

Open the main door opposite of the save point. DO NOT go into the door
that opens on the right yet. Go past it and explore around this area. 
When you get to the main door, take the passageway to the left, and 
you can find the light crystal in this area, it's not hard to find. 

There's not much else to find back in these areas but go ahead and 
explore them if you want to. You can find a lot of the demon's armor,
but don't equip that, it's bad for you. After you feel you have 
sufficently explored this area. Use the Moon Gate to get some more
gold potions and then warp back to the save point just outside.

Now you should be ready to proceed. What you need to do is go through
the first door and the first door on the right will be opened. Go in
there and kill the Copper Knight. When you kill him you will be 
allowed to leave his room. Then you will go across the hall and fight
the Ice Creature. Beat the living daylights out of him and then you
will cross the hall again and up to the Earth Elemental. Kick his tail
and then cross the hall and fight the Demon. Now the big door in the
middle will open. DO NOT Go in there. Warp back to the Seaths Fountain
and refil your potions and then come back. Go through the door again
and you will find that the Copper Knight has returned and you have 
to fight him all over again. Boo hoo right? Nope, it's level earning
time. Keep fighting these four monsters and warping back to get gold
flasks when you need them. Kill, Warp, Repeat. I was level 40 before
I proceeded to the next step. Don't worry, levels come fast.

Once you think you are sufficiently leveled, you can proceed through
the big door in the middle and fight the guard. If you beat him you 
will recieve the Dark Slayer. After you get the dark slayer, use the
moon gate. Go to the room with the fountain door, but this time go 
through the other door, the one that always said "Not Accepted". If 
you have the Dark Slayer equiped, you can go through there. There
are three such rooms. This one, One by Sandler's house, and one by 
Leon Shore's save point. (have I forgot any?) Go get all the armor 
out of these rooms. Then go back to the Guards arena. Don't worry, 
after you have killed him none of those large monsters come back and
all the doors will operate normally. Go in to The Guard's arena and 
this time exit out the back. There will be a save point up here
also. I suggest you save. 

Now to find Guyra. Exiting the save point, head north along that 
hallway. Keep going that way until you find the blue sparkling
cube. Jump in the cube. 

Step out and head toward the passageway to the east. Keep heading
easterly until you are forced to go south. Go south and you will
find another blue cube, jump in that one. Now you will be in a tunnel
that has no intersections so there is only one way to go. Go forward
and you will find another blue cube. Jump in it. Now just head straight
forward and you will find another blue cube. Jump in it. Welcome to
Guyra's arena.

To Kill Guyra you must first kill his guards, they are those little 
fireball looking things that are flying all around him. Hit them with
fireball to draw them to you and then slash them with your sword. They
die quick. Once you have killed all of Guyra's magic little buddies, 
equip "Seath" magic and Use a demons pick and a seath's plume if you
have it. Keep blasting away and he will die after a while. You have
just beat the game.

Please send any comments about this walkthrough to my email address
at the top of the walkthrough. If there are any confusing areas, please
tell me and I will try to clarify them for you.

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