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Title   :       Langrisser Millennium
Version :       0.2
Dated   :       28/11/1999
Author  :       Monster
Console :       Sega DreamCast
Media   :       1 x GD-ROM

Package :       1 x GD-ROM
                1 x User manuel
                1 x Langrisser Play Card
                1 x DreamCast Point Card
                1 x Customer FeedBack Form
                1 x Langrisser Play Card Promotion Brocure

 Additions :

        0.2     : What to do after you completed the map ?
                  Last Boss + Technics.
                  Where to get characters.
        0.01    : Basic system guide + Technics.


 Process of Game Play
 Map Mode
 Battle Mode
 Weapon Chart
 Technics (Formally Magic)
 After the map ...
 The Last One?
 Special Thanks


Ok this is a new installment of the great series called Langrisser, the story
revolves around a sword called Langrisser and it's lesser known counter-part
called El-hazard. Also the art work isn't done by Satoshi Urushihara, the one
which did *ALL* the other artwork for the whole series =( Nevertheless as a
pure Langrisser Fan, I would still least go through the game for memorial sake.

In this game, there are 5 main characters Taji.Asgaraf, Nei.Rison, Saryon.Diru.Byderun,
Rumatei.Maf, Masariba. They each have their own group of followers and strong/weak
points, of course each have their own storyline and events, eg Nei has a vision of
Taji asking for a merger. The world they live in is basically two continents,
Iruminia in the west, Deiberunia in the east, but something else also lives
around the corner ...

Process of Game Play

   Map Simulation mode  <======================> Battle Mode
   (Real Time)                     ||            * Your Attacks.
   * Team Assignments              ||            * Enemy Attacks you.
   * Relationships                 ||
   * Shop for Items                ||
   * Search for Items              ||
   * Sending of Teams to attack    ||
                            Events of the land

Map Mode

In this mode, you would see the whole Langrisser world in a 3D view.
Using the analogue controller to change the views to suit you. Everything
in here is REAL Time based, so even if you don't do anything, the other enemies
would be waging wars around ... they might even knock on your door! Also
events would appear at allocated time, eg Visions, mergers.

This is the time in which you assign or regroup your characters into teams of
not more then four(4) characters before sending them out to search or conquer.

When you search for items in the many towns, beware that the member which goes
on the search might take up to 1 week before returning and when he does, you
still need to maually add him back to your team!

A trick which we learnt, for defence, keep 2 teams or more of 4 characters on
your "gateway" and when you see your enemy attacking you, send 1 team out to
weaken or kill the enemy team before they reach your "gateway". If the team
sent out loses, don't worry the members would automatically return to your
"gateway". Only thing you need to worry about is that the enemy suceeds in
recruiting any of your team members!

Battle Mode

I. Battle Preparation

Battle Menu command.

Formation       Team leader and Formation View.
Assignment      Change team formation and placement.
Recruit         Recruit enemy team members to join your camp.
                If sucessful, enemy team would have less 1 member in battle.
Infomation      View enemy formation and status.
Map             View map.
Begin           Begin Battle.

II. Battle mode view.

The following are displayed when you are in battle.
1. Enemy team/member status on top and enemy technic bar.
2. Your team/member status at bottom and your technic bar.
3. Member with red circle is enemy, blue is your own.
4. Time gauge on the right most.

III. Battle controls

In battle, you control only the team leader. You use the digital pad for
directions, analogue for map views.

"A"     for Attack
"B"     for Technic (see Technics below)
        Technic can olny be invoked when your Technic bar fills, only then
        could you use the Technics of your team members
"X"     Short-Cut to "Command"
"Y"     Menu commands
        "Command"       -----> "Attack"
        "Information"          "Defence"
        "Retreat"              "Move Back"

IV. Winning Conditions

1. Enemy team leader's HP reaches 0 before time up.
2. Amount of team members with Technics are greater when time up.

Weapon Chart

To                      D e f e n c e

              | Sword/Axe | Spear/Wand | Claw
A  Sword/Axe  |     -     |     X      |   O
t ---------------------------------------------
t  Spear/Wand |     O     |     -      |   X
a ---------------------------------------------
c  Claw       |     X     |     O      |   -
k ---------------------------------------------


( A=Attacker, D=Defender, R=Runner, 1-4=Team member #)


 2 3 4

3(D) attracts enemy, 2(A) & 4(A) attacks from side, 1(R) follows up in centre.

torunedo L


1(A)+3(A) moves left, 2(A)+4(A) moves forward-right then left.

torunedo R


2(A)+4(A) moves right, 1(A)+3(A) moves forward-left then right.


 2 3 4

2(D),3(D),4(D) forwards little, while 1(R) follows up.


 3   4

3(A)+4(A) attacks, 2(D)+1(D) goes into enemy and defends.


 3     4
   1 2 

1-4(A) goes forward and attacks.

Technics (Formally Magic)

Name            Type    WP  For  Effects
----            -----   --  ---  -------

Earthquake      earth   24  M.E  Earth-Bound Attack. Flying are immune
Gravity         earth   22  S.E  Movement drops.
Jihado          earth   30  S.O  Attack + Protection up.
ShadowBind      earth   23  S.E  Numbs enemy
Protection      earth   21  S.O  Protection up.
Rampage         earth   24  M.E  Souls from earth. Flying are immune

Geyser          water   20  S.E  Geyser splashes on enemy.
shirublade      water   32  M.E  Silents enemy's Technic
HardShot        water   22  S.E  Disorganises enemy
HealAura        water   30  M.O  HP + Status revive.
fenriru         water   40  M.E  Blizzard attacks all.
FreezeBack      water   25  M.E  Ice collums attacks all.
PoisonMist      water   26  M.E  Poisons all.

FireArrow       fire    20  S.E  Single flame arrow.
FireWeapon      fire    23  S.O  Attack Up.
FireStorm       fire    40  M.E  A storm of fire.
Flare           fire    30  M.E  Burns the enemy.
Blaze           fire    24  M.E  Burns a trail. Flying immune.
Volcano         fire    23  M.E  Volcanic storm.

WindCutter      wind    21  S.E  Wind attack.
Thunder         wind    20  S.E  Thunder attack.
ThunderSword    wind    30  M.E  Thunder attack.
StormBind       wind    28  M.E  Numbs enemy.
SonicBlast      wind    30  S.E  Single blast.
Heist           wind    24  S.O  Speed up.

After the map ...

So what should we do after we've conquered the *whole* map ???
Two places to take note, Tao and Baronis. Send your main character and your
strongest members (other main characters or special characters?) to Baronis,
where you would meet up with the 3 "Images" namely Arios, Abakuru and Warumaru
the 3 demi-gods would battle you, they aren't that good only Lvl 40.
Take note of Arios and his Atomic Bomb technic, full-screen damages.
Arios runs about and seldom attacks, waiting only to use his technic from far.

After which there would be a short movie and a new island would show, linking
from Baronis to Surukuto and to Tao. The 3 Demi-gods would be waiting for you
at Surukuto + a new character GouKen. Stats show that Gouken is *INVINCIBLE*
with all defences at 999, even though he's attacks are all 0. So don't bother
about him. As like the previous battle, just focus on Arios the leader.

The Last One?

Defeating the demi-gods would result in another movie, showing GouKen hatching
into a humanoid (like the last boss of Thunder Force V) with something circling
its body (Langrisser?) Now his name is Ishyraru, Lvl 50 Attack 250+
Special 350+. Sounds easy right? *WRONG* His attacks seems weak, but he can
*TELEPORT* and then use his Shining technic which hits full-screen too.
Most likely you would lose to him as Shining would halve your HP if you are
about Lvl 40+ but even if you lose to him, you still get an ending (?).


There should be some ... would add when i find any.

So far the addtional one is the last stage, Surukuto, between Baronis & Tao.

In this game, there are 6 main characters (1 NPC, non player selactable, Rosa)
A few special characters, those whom have their own "voices".
And the rest are mostly "standard" characters (no voices).
most important events would only occur with those special characters and your
main characters.

?Special Quests/Events
Some events happen on a random basis (eg Bazeraid betraying Saryon) and some
which would happen (eg Seran meets any female characters ^_^; )
and events which would happen it you don't do things (eg move a certain
character to a certain place by a certain time.)

Pigeon  <- The ending theme song for Langrisser Millennium

Special Thanks

* You for reading this FAQ and understanding my typos ...
* NCS/Masya/Santa for the game itself.
* Sega for DC Console.
* CareerSoft for Langrisser V.
* Satoshi Urushihara for all artwork prior to this installment.
* My local gameshop (Couldn't remember the name *hiakz*) for getting me this GD.

and also to Cisco Press for such a great book/console stand for my hot DC ;)

Internal Thanks

* E.Honda for clocking 4 hrs on Saryon.
* lala for drawing H.anime. How about one for Lang M?
* Alf for being a prune on Lang M. Eh up a page for Lang M ;)
* Bum for pushing me to buy this GD when my stocks are $0.
* Wei for being a wet blanket on getting Lang M and in short a DC ;P
* Bat for some trans.
* God for ?.
* Andrew for being MIA.
"Langrisser" & "Langrisser Millenium" is a trademark of NCS/Masya.
All other trademarks are copyright of their respective company.

Please give credit if you intend to use anything from this FAQ to the author.
Copyright 1999 Monster([email protected]), Team [email protected] for the FAQ.

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