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Logical FAQ/Codes List
Compiled by Aaron "Falcon815" Bolner, [email protected]
Version 1.2, 01/04/2000

Answers to most general questions (please send any specific questions to me
and I will update this section accordingly):

What is Logical, how do you play, and how is it scored?

Logical is an addicting puzzle game for the Game Boy Color.  In Logical, 
different colors of marbles are randomly thrown into the playing field, one
at a time, and dropped into a gear.  There are anywhere from four to fifteen
or sixteen gears on the screen at once, and to clear any given level, you
need to explode each gear.  To explode a gear, simply drop four of the same
color marbles into a gear... after you satisfy any initial conditions given
by the level.  In some stages, you must clear a gear using specific colors 
order before you're permitted to do whatever you want, and in some others,
you have to put a specific order of four colors into any gear before you can
begin clearing others.  The manual makes everything clear; I'll try to make
it a bit easier to understand later.  There is a scoring system, but I'm not
sure how it works, except for the speed bonus of 10 points for every time
unit left on the clock.  If anyone can figure out the Pattern Bonus, Semi-
Perfect Bonus, or Marble Bonus, please let me know.

New Additions:

V1.2 (01/04/00) - Added codes for levels 63-98.
V1.1 (12/30/99) - Added codes for levels 46-62.
V1.0 (12/29/99) - First writing.   Added codes for levels 2-45.

Features and Future Considerations:

Currently this is solely a list of codes with some general game info.  In 
future, I'd like to turn it into specific help for whatever levels people 
need it for and general game strategies, but for right now, all I've got is
the silly little vowel-less sequences of letters that I've played my butt 
to give you.

On to the codes:

Level 2: TRMN
Level 3: DRMLND
Level 4: R
Level 5: GRMLK
Level 6: SRS
Level 7: SRSMD
Level 8: SCRT
Level 9: CBBG
Level 10: NSCHRDR
Level 11: NFSCHR
Level 12: NDT
Level 13: THNK
Level 14: HRDR  (LOL.  'Hidden' message from the password makers.  Maybe 
were talking to themselves? :)
Level 15: SFTWR
Level 16: WNDW
Level 17: JMB
Level 18: MMB
Level 19: JMBH
Level 20: CLR
Level 21: RLY
Level 22: T
Level 23: TH
Level 24: PLSR
Level 25: DM
Level 26: CLLNS
Level 27: BRKR
Level 28: MS
Level 29: RD
Level 30: CLRK
Level 31: WLLMS
Level 32: BRST
Level 33: GLDSTN
Level 34: SHTTRL
Level 35: GRNLND
Level 36: LND
Level 37: SKM
Level 38: WLF
Level 39: FRD
Level 40: MCCNNLL
Level 41: KNG
Level 42: SHRMN
Level 43: HBR
Level 44: KRGHBM
Level 45: HMBLY
Level 46: FFNGR
Level 47: FFNBRG (side note: I received the "semi-perfect" bonus here.  
the manual doesn't explain bonuses well, I'm hoping that someone can E-mail
me and tell me how the special bonuses are awarded.)
Level 48: SCHML
Level 49: CLGH
Level 50: GMN
Level 51: KRMR
Level 52: CRDY  (This level was an absolute blast :)
Level 53: HMD
Level 54: SCHLL
Level 55: LSSRRH
Level 56: LNDNSTR
Level 57: BRR
Level 58: BLLND
Level 59: DMMY
Level 60: CRR
Level 61: LCRR
Level 62: CLNCY
Level 63: RYN
Level 64: PLNT
Level 65: CLRSSH
Level 66: SL
Level 67: LDBRN
Level 68: FT
Level 69: YFT
Level 70: TK  (Side note: This level is EVIL.  I lost two of my "lives" in 
the entire game, and one of them was on this level.  Definitely the toughest 
in the game.)
Level 71: NNNN
Level 72: FR
Level 73: PRC
Level 74: RGLR
Level 75: FFFFF
Level 76: QL
Level 77: RRR
Level 78: LSSR
Level 79: VL
Level 80: DSK
Level 81: DWN
Level 82: TLL
Level 83: BRWN
Level 84: BSCH
Level 85: TBHN
Level 86: GST
Level 87: RNLD
Level 88: MDNN (I received my first "perfect" bonus here.  It is 5,000 
points, and is awarded for having no marbles in the system when the last 
gear is cleared.)
Level 89: NCHBR
Level 90: CHTHS
Level 91: NRNBRG
Level 92: PLMN
Level 93: JCKPT
Level 94: THS
Level 95: DNLS (My second "perfect")
Level 96: DRR
Level 97: YRR
Level 98: RBNNS

Game over.  Fun game, even if it wasn't all that hard.  I only lost a 
"chance" twice, and one of those was pure carelessness back in the 20's 
somewhere.  Bit of advice: WATCH THE GREEN BAR!

Thanks to GameFAQs for allowing me to contribute.  More to come in the

E-mail me at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or

This document Copyright 1999-2000 by Aaron "Falcon815" Bolner.  This 
document may be posted in its original form ONLY, and only if I give you 
permission.  If you ask, it will be granted... just be sure to ask.

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