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Looney Tunes - Martian Alert

By Paul Keating


Section 01 - Legal Notice
Section 02 - Recent Additions
Section 03 - Introduction
Section 04 - Controls
Section 05 - Characters
Section 06 - Enemies
Section 07 - Items
Section 08 - Walkthrough
Section 09 - Contact Information

Section 01 - Legal Notice

All characters in this game are the copyright of Warner Bros.

All game situations are the copyright of Infogrames.

This guide and it's contents not covered by the above is the copyright of Paul
Keating.  To this end, this guide and all of the contents can not be used for
commercial reasons.  That includes inclusion on a CD, it being sold, given away
with the game, and any other area where a monetary transaction is taking place.

Also this guide can be used on other sites as long as you do the following:

*  Do NOT modify this guide in anyway, shape or form.
*  Inform me as to where the guide is posted.

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Section 02 - Recent Additions

V0.8  28/7/2000  Added more to the walkthrough

V0.7  27/7/2000  Added to the walkthrough walkthrough

V0.6  20/7/2000  NOT RELEASED
                 Removed all the maps.
                 Major additions to the walkthrough.
V0.5  13/7/2000  Added another 8 maps (The Town)
                 Updated walkthrough to reflect the new maps.
                 Added Sylvester to the character list.
                 Added Thieves to the enemy list.

V0.4  12/7/2000  Added another 14 maps (Rabbit Hole 5).
                 Updated walkthrough to reflect the new maps.

V0.3  4/7/2000   Added somewhere in the region of 7-8 new maps.
                 Added some more information to the walkthrough.
                 Fixed several of the maps, where text was running
                 into them.
                 Added IMPORTANT NOTE, please read it.
                 Added character information for Witch Hazel
                 Tidied up document so it can be printed/viewed
                 On smaller screens.

V0.2  8/6/2000   Added Mini-maps.
                 Added a few more maps.
                 Added a very basic walkthrough.

V0.1  3/6/2000   Creation of this guide.

Section 03 - Introduction

Marvin the Martian is up to his usual tricks.  He wants to destroy the world so
that it isn't obscuring his view.  Unfortunately K-9 has lost his Martian seeds
and his teleporter.  Both are vital to his success.

Meanwhile Bugs Bunny, on his way to Miami (but has taken yet another wrong
turn), stumbles on Marvin and learns of his plan.

It is Bugs mission to try and stop Marvin by collecting the parts of the
teleporter and stopping the Martians.  But he may need a little help from old
friends and enemies to stop Marvin.


You control, initially, Bugs Bunny.  But as you travel around you will come
across your friends. They will join you.  Each character gives you a new
ability, which in turn gives you access to new areas.

Section 04 - Controls

D-Pad - Moves the character in the chosen direction.

A-Button - Uses the characters special ability, e.g. Bugs will Jump, Elmer Fudd
will fire his gun and so on.  See the character list for details of the special

B-Button - Uses the currently equipped item.

Start - Brings up the item list.  Highlight an item and press the A button to
equip it.

Select - Brings up the Character list.  Highlight a character and press A to
activate that character.

Section 05 - Characters

Bugs Bunny - Starting Character.  Bugs is, as always, the hero of the show. 
Has the jump ability.

Elmer Fudd - One of Bugs' arch enemies.  When he finds out about Marvin he
decides to join you (with a little bit of persuasion).  Has the shoot ability,
useful for destroying rocks that block your way.

Daffy Duck - Bugs' ArchRival.  Joins when he realises that he can steal the
limelight from Bugs', or just join Marvin if he loses.  Has the swim ability. 
This allows him to dive under the water. Useful for locating hidden items.

Witch Hazel - Constantly trying to use Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck as an
ingredient of one of her spells.  When you beat her and she joins you, you will
have the ability to fly over large pits and spike traps.  Flying requires bat
wings to fuel her broomstick.

Sylvester - You meet him in the ship, petrified of all the aliens. Also he is
scared of the giant mouse on the ship (the Kangaroo). When you gain control of
him he has a kick move.  This not only allows him to kick his enemies, but also
push certain boxes out of the way.

Foghorn Leghorn - He will join you as part of a side quest.  He has the ability
to dash.  Press and hold the A button, then push in a direction and let go of
the A button.  He will then shoulder barge across the screen and won't stop
until he hits something.  Can be used to knock down some posts.

Tweety - He will join you when he gets a little peckish.  Tweety has the
ability to flutter for short distances (not far of one screen length).

Section 06 - Enemies

Marvin the Martian - Diminutive ruler of Mars.  He wants to destroy the Earth
to get a clear view of a planet (can't remember which).  You will encounter him
at times through your mission to stop him.  He is usually accompanied by K-9
and his martians.

K-9 - Marvin's assistant.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your
point of view) he tends to be a little incompetent.  In fact he can be as much
of a hindrance as Bugs is himself.

Martians - The main force of Marvins army.  They are grown from seeds, you
simply add water.  Thanks to K-9 they have been scattered all over the place. 
Destroy enough of these and you can earn an extra heart.

Hunters - They appear to be friends of Elmer Fudd's.  They are dressed in the
same garb as Elmer but aren't as intelligent as Elmer (what does that make
them??).  They fire shots in random directions until they see you.  Can be
stopped by simply jumping on them or shooting them.  Generally leave gold coins

Porcupines - These spiky animals can not be jumped on.  They are better to be

Snakes - Look a little like worms until they appear from the ground.  Again
another one to avoid.

Vines - Another one that looks like a worm.  When you get close to them they
will lash out to the left and right of the them.  They don't move and are
easily avoided.

Thieves - Located in the town at night.  These black clad villians wander the
town looking for houses to break in to.  If they see you the will come charging
at you with there clubs.  One jump should take care of them.  Usually drop a

Killer Karrots - Look almost exactly like ordinary carrots but will come
charging at you when you get near them.  Jump, dodge or do whatever is
necessary to get out of the way.

Sailors - Yosamete Sams men.  Like all other of the human enemies jumping on
him takes care of him.  Usually drops a coin.

Section 07 - Items

Carrots - Basic food item.  Used for restoring energy, each carrot will restore
one half of an energy unit.  If you are injured and you collect one it
automatically uses it, otherwise it is sent to the inventory.

Gold Coins - Each one adds one gold coin to your collection.  Use to buy items
from shops.

Treasure Chests - Usually contains 20 gold coins, but can sometimes contain
little surprises.

Map - Shows a very small map of all the area's you have visited.  Only maps
outside locations.  It doesn't map the likes of the rabbit holes and interior

Martian Radar - This shows the location of the martians.  The centre square
shows your current location and the other squares are the squares around you. 
If there is a martian face in a sqaure that means there is a martian in that
location.  So if there is a martian face shown on the radar three squares to
the right of the centre then there is a martian three screens to the right.

Dynamite - Used to destroy certain objects.

Bullets - Used for Elmer's gun.

Bat Wings - Used to fuel Witch Hazel's broom.

Section 08 - Walkthrough

This is a simple walkthrough to help you get through the game.

* You start in Bugs' Warren.  Make your way out to the forrest.
* When you enter the forrest make your way to Forest 8.  Here you will meet
Elmer Fudd for the first time.  Jump on him a couple of times and he will run
* Make your way around to Forest 11, ignoring the two Rabbit Holes for the time
being.  When you get to Forest 11 you will find Elmer again.  Jump on him
several times and he will join you.
* Check out the two Rabbit Holes you ignored earlier then head back to Forest
* Going up a screen takes you to a lake. [Refer to Lake 1 map]  Head to lake 3
and you will see Daffy Duck.  You need to jump on him several times an then he
will join you.
* After he joins you switch to Daffy and dive into the water.  You will find
several coins.  Also make a note of the boulder [Dive at Lake 5 map].  You will
need to come back here later.
* Make your way to Lake 5 and then head up.  This will take you back into the
Forest.  On the left there is a rabbit hole.  You need to head up to the next
screen, where there is a house, and then back down.  You can now enter the
Rabbit hole.  There is a martian here and the rabbit hole leads to another
screen with a martian in it.
* Return to where you saw the house.
* When you enter you will meet Witch Hazel.  She will ask you to find five
different objects for her.  She wants you to find the following items:

    Jar of Honey
    Palm Oil
    Can of Worms
    Block of Sulphur

* Head left in the house and then through the door at the top.
* Make your way to the 3 bears house, which is in the Deep Forest 08 screen. In
here, on the second screen you will find the Jar of Honey.
* Next head over to Bugsy and Mugsy's house, which is in the Deep Forest 05. On
the first screen collect the Palm Oil.
* Head to the second screen and you will have to fight Mugsy whilst Bugsy is
throwing dynamite at you.  You have to lure Mugsy to where the dynamite is so
that he gets hit by the explosion.  After a while Bugsy & Mugsy apologise. They
had mistaken you for the police.
* Before using the Rabbit Hole head down the cellar where Bugsy was and collect
the Dynamite, Chest and Heart.  NOTE:  You can between the cellar and the
previous screen as many times as you want collecting the dynamite, it just
keeps regenerating.
* Head to the rabbit hole.
* Make your way to Rabbit Hole 5-09.  Here you will find the Sulphur.
* Make your way to Rabbit Hole 5-11.  Use the Rabbit Hole and you will come out
on the small island on Lake 5.  You can now collect Porky Pig if you haven't
already done so.  Switch to Daffy Duck and then head up a screen.  This is
where you first met Daffy and now you will see Porky.  He will argue with Daffy
and then start attacking you.  Stay at the lower half of the screen, avoid his
attacks and spray water at him.  He will eventually join your party.  Porky Pig
is a non playable character, so he goes to the Gallery.  But he does drop the
can of worms.  Collect it and return to the quest in hand.
* Return to Lake 5 and dive here.  You will notice a boulder at the bottom of
the lake.  Plant some dynamite here and then swim through the hole.  Now swim
to the right a couple of screens, remembering to collect the oxygen bubbles as
you go.
* Eventually you will come out on the otherside of the wall in Rabbit Hole 06. 
Make your way to Rabbit Hole 10 and collect the Crystal.
* You now have all the items Witch Hazel wanted, so return to her house.
* When you get here, she takes all the items of you and heads to the right. 
Follow here.
* When you enter the next screen she starts to attack you.  All of your attacks
will fail.  So what do you do?  See the door on the right hand side of the
screen?  Well stand next to it and when she charges at you move out of the way
and she will hit the door.  After several attempts at attacking you she will
not only decide to join you, but also opens the door to the right.  So use this
door and head into town.
* Once in town speak to the policeman.  He will tell you there are a lot of
villians around.  If you wander around you will see what look like thieves
wandering around town.  Simply jump on them to stop them. The policeman also
tells you that you should stay in the hotel.
* If you head down to Town 5 you will see an exit to the south.  This leads to
the mountain area.  You don't want to go there just yet, as there is something
you need to get first.  Head to Town 4 and enter the hotel.  Speak to the man
behind the counter and he lets you stay for free tonight.
* You will be woken during the night by a UFO flying overhead.
* Leave the hotel and head to Town 3 and then to the right into the port.

|  From this point on the information gets a lot more detailed.   |
|  I will go back and put more detailed information in the first  |
|  part of the guide at a later date.                             |

The Ship

When you get to the port carry on to the right and you will enter the ship
itself.  There are several sections to the ship.  There is the ships deck,
where you are currently standing, the ships cabins (through the doors you see)
and there is the ships hold.  If you head to the right you will eventually come
across the hatch, but it is closed.  To open it you need to activate the switch
at the top of the screen.  You can't get to it at the moment, so head back to
the left for one screen.  You should now be on the screen between the hatch and
the where you entered the ship.

Go through the door and head to the left.  You want to keep going until you
reach what appears to be a dead end (approximately 8 screens).  Halfway through
the cabbins you will come across two more hatches in the floor.  Ignore these
for the time being and carry on to the left.  In the top right corner is a set
of stairs.  This takes you back on to the deck of the ship.

Head to the right a couple of screens and then go down.  You are back on the
screen with the hatch.  Now you can activate the switch and the hatch will
open.  Once you have done this head back the way you came (through all the
cabbins and back to the hatch).  Once back at the hatch enter it.  You are now
in the ships hold.

The first thing you see when you enter the ships hold is Sylvester.  The aim is
to make your way to him.  So head left and carry on until you can go up.  Head
up until you reach a flight of stairs, use these stairs and you will be on the
raised level.

Head to the right and you will see a lit cannon ball which you can't go past. 
Head back to the left and then go down (don't go down the steps).  Follow the
path down and around until you get to a switch.  Activate the switch and return
to the cannon ball.  It is now defused.

Head to the right until you get to a flight of stairs that lead down into the
central area.  If you head down and to the left you should find a red key. 
Head back up to the stairs and carry on to the right.  If I remember right
there should be a martian here, so take care of him and then go through the
door at the top of the screen.

Remember those two hatches part way through the cabbin, well you have just come
out of one.  If you head to the right you will find the other hatch is now open
as well.  You will drop down on a raised area, take care of the martian and go
down a screen.  You have just located Sylvester.

After talking to Sylvester you will find yourself in a new part of the ships
hold and in control of Sylvester.  So you want to head up as far as you can,
taking care of the martian, and then to the left.  You will come to a point
where you can go down or carry to the left.  Go down and take care of the
martian, carry on down and you will reach another area where you can go in two
directions, going to the right will lead to Bugs & Yosamete Sam.  So head to
the left and then up to take care of the martian first, then head to Bugs.

Carry on up and you will locked into a room with Sam.  He will start to hurl
bombs at you.  Simply kick them back to blow Sam up.  After several hits Sam
goes down.  Sam will now Join you by giving you his ship.

The Mountains

You are back at the port and in control of Bugs again.  Sam will ask you to
deliver a package to the count in the castle.  So head to the crossroads in
town and then head down.  Before entering the moutain area go into the shop and
buy some Bird Seed.  You will need it soon.

Once you leave the shop head down and into the mountains.  You will be
switching between Witch Hazel and Bugs a lot here.  This section is very
linear, so I won't give any directions, just general pointers (I also made a
mess of the walkthrough here, will expand on this section later).  Follow the
path around and you will come to the firs rabbit hole, enter here.

Follow the path, taking care of the martian.  You will come across an exit out
of the rabbit hole and you will find your self in a new area of the map. 
Follow the path to the next rabbit hole and enter it.

This rabbit hole is a bit bigger than the last, so follow the path around and
you will come across Marvin the Martian.  He has located a piece of the
teleporter, but has noticed you and he will attack.  To defeat him, jump on the
bubbles he fires at you.  This will send them back to Marvin.  This is actually
more difficult than it sounds and may take several attempts.  Lots of carrots
help here.

Once he is defeated carry on through the rabbit hole, taking care of the
martians as you go.  You will reach another rabbit hole.  Once out in the
mountain area, follow the path around to the next rabbit hole and enter it.

Follow the path, taking care of another martian and head to the next rabbit
hole.  When you come out and follow the path you will find the castle.  The
only problem is you can't enter yet.  So follow the path to the next rabbit

Enter here and follow the path once more, taking care of yet another martian,
until you reach another rabbit hole.  When you come out you will be next to the
bird.  Give him the bird seed and he flies of to open the castle door.  Now
Return to the castle.

The Castle

As soon as you enter the castle you will see a martian.  Take care of him and
head up.  There is another martian here, so deal with him.  There is a small
wall at the bottom of the screen.  Head down the left hadn side of this and
then to the left.

There is a note here that gives a small hint about completing the level.  Go up
and you will see the Yellow Key the note was refering to.  Head back the way
you came so that you are back on the screen where you took care of the martian.
 Carry on up and then to the right.

At the bottom of this screen there is a locked door, so continue to the right. 
This next screen has yet another martian, so do the usual.  You now want to go
down the screen until you come a cross a passage leading to the left.  Go
through the passage and you will come across a switch.  Activate the switch and
then return to the door that was locked earlier.

You will now find that the door is open.  Head through it and you will find
another switch.  Activate it then head back up and to the right.  Carry on down
and past the passage to the left.  You will have noticed that you can't get to
the right hand side.  Well carry on down and you will find that you go to the
right and then back up the screen.  Make your way to the stairs and go up them.

You are now on Level 2 of the castle.  Head to the right and switch to Witch
Hazel.  Fly down and to the left.  Collect the green key.  Head back the way
you came and when you are back at the stairs go up.  At the other end of a
spike pit you will see a green door, just fly through it to open it.  Head to
the left and take care of another martian.

Notice the floor looks a little odd in the left hand section of the screen? 
That leads to the other key on Level 1.  So head down and then take the left
hand passage back up.  You are now in the area with odd looking floor.  Read
the notes and then stand on the odd section.  You will drop down a level, onto
the raised area you couldn't get to before.

Do NOT go to the right, otherwise you will do a lot of backtracking just to get
the key.  Go down the screen instead and collect the key and activate the
switch.  Once you have them head back up the screen.  It is NOW safe to drop
down on the right hand side.

Head back to the screen where you fell through the floor on level 2 (you don't
need to be in that part of the screen, only on it).  Now go down and follow the
passage all the way around to another door.  Open the door and go down the

Read the two notes that are lying on the floor.  Once you have read them head
to the left and a Ghost will talk to you.  He is trapped in the space between
the two walls.  Position yourself just to the left of the left hand side wall. 
You should find you can walk through this area of the wall.  You should be able
to rescue the ghost, who joins your gallery.  Head back and go up the stairs at
the top of the screen.

Once there go down the screen, taking care of the martian on the way.  You want
to continue down until you see a monster playing with a piece of the
teleporter.  Take it of the monster and he will start to attack.

You will have noticed there are four holes in the floor.  You want to lure the
monster into these holes and then jump on his head.  Position yourself just
left of the bottom left hole.  The monster should come towards you and fall
into the hole.  Jump on his head while he is in the hole.  The monster will
come out of the hole.  Head to the lower right hand hole and keep repeating the
process until the monster goes down.

Head through the left hand door, don't step on the odd looking floor though or
you will have to backtrack through the castle.  Head up and you will have to
fight the count.

The count will fly across and stop somewhere on the screen.  When he does you
want to jump on him.  The only problem, he drops 4 or 5 boulders when he stops.
 Just jump on him 3 times and he is beaten.

Once he is beaten you will return to the cross roads in town.  Sam will tell
you that he needs to work on the ship before they can go.  Bugs decides to
explore the town.  You will find yourself in a new area, playing as Foghorn

The Farm

Foghorn Leghorn (FL from now on) is resting in the farm yard when the dog
throws a stick of dynamite at you.  FL decides to take revenge on the dog. 
This section is very straight forward, as there is only one direction to go,

As you make your way around the farm, following the route, the dog will be
lobbing dynamite at you.  Just keep moving and when you get close to the dog he
will move on to the next screen.  After several screens you will meet the
Chicken Hawk (who still doesn't now what a chicken looks like).  FL decides to
show him what a chicken looks like.

Carry on around until you reach the dogs kennel.  The dog is hiding in here, so
use some dynamite to flush him out.  Once out you have to fight him.

The dog chases you around with a large stick and tries to hit you with it. 
Keep moving and he will stop to take a breather.  When he does, charge into him
to damage him.  After a few of these he goes down.

Once this is over another fight ensues, but this time you have no control over

You will regain control of bugs now, so head to the ship.

Life on the Open Wave

When you enter the ship you will be in control of it, as opposed to exploring
the cabins.  So head down and keep heading down.  Along the way you will come
across whirlpools, sharks, thunderbolts, and black clouds.  You will eventually
reach a screen with several thunderclouds on it.  When you do you will be back
in the ship, now playing as Tweety Pie.

Tweety Pie is feeling a bit peckish and decides to look for some food.  Head to
the right and you will bump into Sylvester who has had the same idea.  Whenever
you come across him simply dodge or flutter around him.  Remember though, while
Tweety is in the air you can't leave the screen.

Carry on to the right and you will see that the hatch is open, but there is a
door blocking you passage to the right.  So drop down the passage.  You are
back in the ships hold.  Just follow the same path as you did before.  You
still need to turn the fuse of, but you no longer need the key to open the
door.  Once you reach the door head up and you will be on the other side of the
locked door.

Carry on to the right and you will eventually reach a room with a key and some
seed in it.  Collect both and head back to the left.  The key opens the door,
saving you from having to navigate the ships hold again.  Carry on until you
reach the room with Tweety's cage.  When you get there enter the cage and you
will now switch back to Bugs.

You have crashed on to the beach and Sam tells you that you need to locate a
new engine for the ship.

Mexican Village & The Engine

To be added...

Section 09 - Contact Information

Any comments, questions & information should be sent to

[email protected]

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