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                             Table of Contents
                           2.Starting the Game


                          4.LET THE PARTY BEGIN!





     One day Mario and the guys where minding there own business when a

huge bag came from the clouds and landed write in front of the castle. The bag

opened up and a cube came out. There was Toad, Shy Guy, Koopa, Goomba, and Boo.

             Toad invited them all inside..... LET'S PARTY!!!

                             Starting The Game

     When the main menu comes up press start, then pick which file you 

want your game on, after that all the modes will pop up, choose whichever one you 

                      want to get started in the game.


     There are five differant modes, party, story, mini-game, present,

extra mini-game, settings modes.  On party mode you get to pick whatever you want,

on story mode you follow the story with one player, on mini-game mode you get to

play the mini-games you unlocked, at the present room you get to view the presents 

you have, on extra mini-game mode you get play extra games, and on the settings 

                      you swich what the options are.

                             LET THE PARTY BEGIN!

     Go to story mode to have some really fun, earn presents for the new

maps made, and just have fun even if you lose, it is pretty fun with all th mini-

                 games and stars you earn in the game, good luck.


  Submiter: [email protected]


  Real Name: Daniel Dolings


     That is my FAQ for you, I hope it helps, there is also something

I don't want to spoil for you, you will find out after you beat all five boards

                    on story mode, it is quite a surprise!

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