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                                  -GAME BASICS
                                  -WALKTHROUGH (LEVELS 1-10)


Janitors, mad doctors and four-armed dogs, oh my! MDK2 recently extended itself to 
the Playstation 2, allowing a whole new batch of gamers to enjoy its quirky action, 
mind-blowing puzzles and triple-pronged attack. And we at IGN have composed a tome 
to help you battle through it all. 

This guide features a full walkthrough, including secret items, cheat codes, boss 
strategies and a wheelbarrow-full of MDK2 schwag. Enjoy, hearty gamer. Many lives 
went into the making of this guide. 


The Ten Commandments of MDK2 

MDK2 is a wonderfully detailed game boasting super-tight controls. Each character 
has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each requires a separate control scheme and 
strategy. Learn about control from the in-game training and game manual. Learn how 
to survive with the Ten Commandments of MDK2. 

1) Thou shalt kill 

This is Murder Death Kill. Times two. 

2) Thou shalt move constantly 

MDK2 is full of all kinds of baddies looking to lay you low. The easiest way to make 
their wishes come true is to stay in one place and attempt to fight. More often than 
not, you will be moving laterally while fighting (even while in Sniper Mode). 
Sideways movement works extremely well to dodge fire. In close quarters, you may 
need to strafe back and forth quickly. In large areas, strafe in a circle, the whole 
time focusing fire on your target. 

3) Thou shalt pick up all useful items 

The only object you would ever wait to pick up is Health (Commandment 5). Everything 
else will probably come in handy later. Look especially to pick up weapons and ammo. 
Don't go out of your way for something you think you may not need (Homing Sniper 
Shells, for instance), but grab anything that appears on the course of your journey. 
Special Max Note: If you are carrying a gun with only a few rounds of ammo, empty it 
and pick up a fully-stocked weapon. 

4) Honor your fire button 

Ride that fire button. Don't be shy. The basic weapons of this game-Kurt's Chaingun, 
the Doc's Atomic Toaster and Max's Magnum-have unlimited ammo. Keeping the fire 
button depressed at all times during a fight is common sense. 

5) Thou shalt use cover 

In many cases, you can fire from a position of safety, or lure enemies back into an 
area that would be more advantageous to engage them in. Hug the walls and use 
obstacles to absorb their attacks. Using cover is a great way to gain the advantage 
(and feel smart, too). 

6) Thou shalt heal wisely 

If you are playing as Kurt, and you are at 95 Health and eat a +50 Health ham, you 
aren't doing yourself any favors. That's 45 Health wasted. Save Health for when you 
really need it. Don't eat a +25 apple until you are at 75. Don't eat a ham until 
you're at 50. The same goes for the Doc and Max. Successful use of healing items 
will prolong gameplay. 

7) Do not charge willy-nilly into the fray 

One of the great things about being on offense (attacking rather than defending) is 
that the enemies don't always know you're coming. Use this to your advantage to 
catch them napping. In areas you haven't been, peek and edge around walls to see 
what lies ahead cautiously. This will save you a lot of heartache. 

8) Thou shalt memorize enemy patterns 

As with any video game, the baddies of MDK2 have certain patterns that they follow 
when fighting. Memorize these to maximize your advantage. For instance, if you know 
that a Sphere of Death rolls its cannon toward you before firing, you will be ready 
to dodge its attack. Simple as that. 

9) Thou shalt replay from Checkpoints 

If you're having difficulty getting through a Checkpoint, you may need to go back 
and try the previous one to survive it with either more Health or more Items. This 
is especially crucial before Boss Battles. Obviously, you want to go into each Boss 
Fight with the maximum number of Health. Often replaying the Checkpoint before is 
the quickest way to fix problems you are having. 

10) Thou shalt not become discouraged 

You will die a lot. Don't get down. This game is a throwback to the truly difficult 
games of the Eighties and early Nineties. Relish it and keep plugging. You won't 
believe how good you become as the game progresses. 


Mission 1: Kurt 

The game begins as MDK began-with Kurt riding an energy stream down to the surface. 
Dodge the missiles and lasers that come zipping at you en route to the mine crawler. 
Keep moving-the missiles will lock on and target you if you stay in the same spot 
too long. 

Checkpoint 1A 

Once on the mine crawler, Dr. Hawkins helps you familiarize yourself with Kurt's 
controls with a short tutorial. Stay and learn if you are a beginner. Otherwise, 
snipe the lock ball in the door to open a passage. Move to the end of the hall and 
drop into the room below. At the end of the next hall is a room barricaded on one 
side by a glass. Through a small hole is a lounging alien taunting you with a 
target. Sniping the target will shatter the glass. Smoke the now-exposed baddie and 
proceed through the parting doors. Step through and drop into the next hallway. 
Track forward to a small platform above a large, open room, snagging a Dummy Decoy. 

Look over the left side of the platform and explode the creature generator. Float 
down into the room (or ride the platforms down) and smoke the aliens that spawned 
before you destroyed the generator. Turn to face the wall with the two platforms and 
snipe the lock ball under the lower outcropping. This will unlock the passage above. 
Ride the fan stream up to the lower platform, grabbing the Health if you need it. 
Drop to the next hall and smoke the two Spheres of Death here. 

Tip: In curved hallways such as this, you can get easy kills on enemies who do not 
charge. In this case, creep to the right side of the hall and target the sliver of 
enemy that shows. They won't be able to fire on you, but you can take them out with 
a consistent chain gun stream. If they get the idea and start pursuing, fall back 
and reset your shot. 

Drop to the next hallway to reach Checkpoint B. 

Checkpoint 1B 

From the checkpoint, you'll see another set of circular sliding doors. Behind it are 
a pair of Dogan Boys and a Sphere. Move forward enough to open the doors, then, 
staying in the hallway, strafe back in the forth, peppering the three baddies with 
chaingun spray. Use the door as a blast shield if the action gets too rowdy. When 
the room is clear, collect the goodies from the alcoves on each side of the room: 
two helpings of Grenades and two +25 Healths. Then snipe the lock ball and step into 
the next hall, dropping to another corridor below. Around the corner are mounted 
laser cannons. Run straight ahead to dodge their fire. This time, however, jump to 
the left before you drop into the hallway below. Here, you'll find another +25 
Health. Jump across the gap (the lasers can't reach you here) and claim a Sniper 

Drop into a room separated by large, curved columns. Be carefuls. There are two Bifs 
here, armed with their signature energy staffs. Take them on one at a time. In other 
words, hang out near where you dropped in. To make it easy on yourself, use the 
cloak and set up a sniper shot on the first one. 

Tip: There is a small eye that opens on each of the Bif's belts. Target and fire in 
Sniper Mode to score a one-shot kill. 

If you don't want to use up your Cloak (you can use it later in the Boss Fight), 
strafe back and forth, firing on each Bif as you dodge his curving energy blasts. 
The second Bif will often get trapped behind the far pillar, his energy blasts 
simply pumping into the stone. If he doesn't get caught up, move forward and strafe 
back and forth until he drops. In the corner near the ramp, grab a Super Chaingun 
(handy against the Boss). 

Mount the ramp and follow the path around. There is a +50 Health here. On your way 
back, locate the blue lock ball buried deep in the rounded rock. Snipe it to open 
the door at the bottom of the ramp. Head through and drop down, eliminating the 
Death Sphere that greets you in the ensuing corridor. Avoid the laser at the other 
end of the hall and enter a large, spherical chamber. Take down the Spheres here, 
then focus on the lock balls scattered around the room. 

There are three to the left, easily sniped from your position on the platform and 
another to the right. As you move down the stone path to the right, be wary of the 
laser mounted behind you. Creep until you see the edge of it, then take it down with 
a single snipe. Just past the first bend in the path, target the fifth lock ball. 
Sniping the final central lock ball will activate a fan near the entrance to the 
room. Before you return to the top, grab the two Homing Sniper Shells in the bottom 
of the chamber. 

Use the Ribbon Chute to float a looong way up. As you get near the top, you will 
reach Checkpoint C. 

Checkpoint 1C 

When you float up further, you'll find yourself on a platform in the stratosphere. 
Grab the Sniper Mortar and +25 Health from the platform. The goal here is to explode 
the huge, amber pod in the distance while avoiding fire from the alien craft that 
plague you. 

Get into the center of the platform and enter into Sniper Mode. Strafe back and 
forth, avoiding fire from the spacecraft as you line up a shot on the pod. The 
object is to arch a Sniper Shell into the gap in the pod. Use the inset window in 
the upper right corner to measure the trajectory of your shot. Shoot one round, then 
adjust accordingly. 

Tip: If you run out of Mortar Shells, more regenerate on each of the subsequent 
platforms, so don’t be bashful. Take your shots. 

The money shot will shatter the dome, exposing the enemies there. A couple of Dogan 
Boys will fall from the sky. Blast them before floating down to the platform. Once 
there, grab the pack of Grenades and line up a new Mortar shot. For this one, stand 
on the raised apron on the platform when you line up the shot. If you stand on the 
stone path, you won't have enough arch on your shot. As before, slay the Dogan Boys 
from this platform before proceeding. When you've taken them down, ride the air 
draft up and coast to the next platform. Use the Mortar again to bust the next dome, 
then ride up and coast over. There is one more glide to the weird-looking pipe 
structure in the distance. 

Move around the perimeter of this platform, skirting the narrow pass as you move to 
your right. Midway around, you'll reach an opening. Head in and snag the +25 Health 
here. Then track up the ramp, avoiding the laser cannons mounted on the ceiling, as 
you move to a room mirroring the one you just left. Scarf the +25 Health and exit. 

In the distance is a floating platform with a fan at its apex. Coast over and use 
the Chute to ride the draft up. This another long drift up, and this one leads to 
the Boss Battle. 

Checkpoint 1D
Boss Battle: 

This fight is all about the Sniper Mode. It seems pretty difficult at first, but is 
simply a matter of staying on the move. The arena you'll battle in is on two levels. 
If you have sufficient health entering the fight, you need not even set foot on the 
lower level. There is a +50 ham near the Checkpoint, but wait to grab it until 
you've taken some hits. If you need more Health as the fight progresses, you'll have 
to contend with the Dogans who patrol the lower level. 

Where did these Dogan Boys come from, you ask? The floating blue pod drops them into 
the arena. Take it out with Sniper Mode. As long as the floating lock-pod is in the 
air, Dogan Boys will be part of the equation. However, if you don't want to waste 
time on this baddie-generator, you can ignore it and concentrate on the Boss. As 
long as you strafe (which you'll be doing anyway), the dropped D-Boys can't touch 

The large ship's attack consists of blasts from the rotating blue lasers. It's shots 
are easily avoided while strafing. Take up a position just in front of the pit you 
floated in from. Enter Sniper Mode and stay mobile. You can view your position in 
the inset window in the upper right corner. Your first targets are the four lock 
balls in the center of the ship. Snipe them while on the move. 

Tip: Do not zoom in all the way. Keeping a medium distance allows you to see more of 
the target. Just keep shooting. There's no limit to your Sniper Bullets, so there's 
no need to be frugal. Use them like crazy! Eventually you'll hit what you need. 

After you smoke all four, the ship will transform. Now your target is the single 
lock ball in the very center of the ship. You don't even need to get out of Sniper 
Mode. Keep moving and zoom in further. One shot will send you to the next phase of 
this fight. Snipe at the pilot of this bad boy until he leaps from the cockpit. 

Tip: If you still have your Dummy Decoy, now is the time to use it. The pilot will 
focus his attentions on it and you can plug him at will. This is a good way to 
deplete about 3/4 of his health without having to confront his attacks. If you 
haven't hooked up the Super Chaingun, now is a good time for that as well. 

Once Mr. Frog joins you on the dance floor, it's time for the loopedy-loo. Circle 
around him, plugging the beast with your Super Chaingun. Avoid his energy blasts. 
One direct hit will significantly deplete your health. Continue moving around him, 
training the Chaingun at him until he drops. When he does, you will have completed 
Mission 1. 

Mission 2: Max 

Mission 2: Max
Alien Orbiter, Earth Orbit, 10:10 am 

Checkpoint 2A 

To arrive safely at the Alien Orbiter, Max will have to take the controls of the 
torpedo and maneuver this sensitive missile through an asteroid field. There are 
fast and slow asteroids here, and they come in varying sizes. Since you cannot move 
forward on the screen, the best tactic is to try to remain near the center of the 
screen. The asteroids are randomly generated and often clog the screen. In addition, 
the torpedo's guidance systems are lacking in control. If an asteroid is streaking 
toward you, move early to avoid a crash. 

Once aboard the ship, learn Max's controls from Dr. Hawkins. Pick up the three 
Magnums here to trigger his speech. Then blast the area above the crashed torpedo to 
open a passage. Shoot the lock on the next door and head toward it. Pause at the 
door and blast the hopping bots here, running through this hall and taking down more 
of the tiny aliens as you progress. 

In the next room, shoot the Dogans that get in your way. Grab the guns around the 
central circular platform. Uzis are fun! Then head to each of the four side rooms-
two have AA Batteries. In the others, destroy the glowing green glass chambers on 
the ceiling. This will open a path to a green, locked door at the back of the room. 

Tip: Make sure you grab all the Uzis you can carry. They regenerate infinitely on 
the central platter. 

When you've got all the guns and health you need, blast the lock on the brown-green 
door, grabbing the Car Battery as you exit. The next winding path leads to 
Checkpoint B. 

Checkpoint 2B 

Take down the doors blocking your path with a steady stream of fire. As you destroy 
each in this passage, a new wave of enemies will appear; some from the front, others 
from behind. Unless you have serious bloodlust, you don't have to stay and kill them 
all. Simply blast the one that get in your way, targeting the doors from long 
distance and running through like a greyhound. 

Eventually, you'll reach another locked green door. Blast it and enter a series of 
winding hallways containing ceiling-mounted lasers. 

Tip: The best way to get through corridors fraught with lasers is to use a weaving, 
zig-zag running pattern. The lasers will lazily target you, but if you're quick you 
can run through unscathed. 

The passage will eventually dump into a large area crawling with enemies. As before, 
kill only the enemies in your way. You real goal here is to find three bunkers 
containing enemy generators. They are scattered through this large crater, so stay 
on the move. When you locate one, don't get down in the bunker with the baddies. 
Just stand at the top and strafe, popping until the generator is destroyed. There 
are plenty of guns sprinkled around the area, so ammo is no concern. Grab it when 
you need it. 

When you've destroyed the third generator, a door will open at the end of the right 
branch of the canyon. Run through the winding hall and shoot the lock door to attain 
the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 2C 

Directly ahead is the Jetpack, an integral part of the upcoming adventure. Notice 
the odd contraption straight ahead. That's a Jet Pack refueling station. Leave it 
for now. Grab the two AA Batteries on either side of the room, then head to the 
doors directly ahead. Each of the mystery doors contains additional goodies…or a pop 
on the nose. Accessing these doors may yield a Magnum or AA Battery. However, if you 
go back to the cookie jar too many times, you'll get punched in the face and lose 20 

Tip: Once you've collected the goodies from these doors and floated to the next 
levels, you can almost be guaranteed of a punch. Likewise, if you return to the door 
more than twice, you'll probably catch a palooka. 

Return to the Jet Pack refueler and charge it up to 100. The next segment of this 
level is a laborious climb through several laser-heavy chambers. Look up and locate 
the central blue platter. Jet up to it. Above is a hexagonal orange hatch. Jet 
through the hatch and touch down on the circular rim that runs around the room. When 
you hit the platform, start circling. In the corners of this hex room are several 
laser cannons. Equip a bouquet of guns and blast them as you circle the room. If you 
stay on the move, it is unlikely that you will take serious damage. 

Once this first chamber has been cleared, check your Jet Pack fuel. If you are low, 
return to the bottom floor to juice up again. Then float to the next room and repeat 
the drill. There are three rooms like this in all. After you clear the third room, 
return to ground level to refuel. 

Tip: Falling down too many levels will significantly injure Prince Max-about 10 
Health for every level you fall. To avoid this extraneous damage, jump through each 
orange hatch and pause on the perimeter before jumping again. 

When you're filled up, float up through all of the hatches into a large chamber 
sporting two Bifs (on a high, central platform) and several regenerating Dogan Boys. 
This room has three perimeter outcroppings. You're shooting for the one with a 
second Jet Pack Refueler. Destroy the generator on each of the platforms, dodging 
the fire from the Bifs above. Grab the Car Battery, then refuel your pack. If you 
need more guns, grab them from the other two platforms. 

Now float above the central platform and pepper the Bifs with Uzi spray. Don't float 
too high, or you'll end up in the chamber above. There is a Car Battery on the Bif 
platform-grab it if you need it. When you run out of Pack fuel, return to the 
outcropping below to juice up. Then float back up and dust the Bifs. When one has 
fallen, you can land on the platform and strafe back and forth until the other one 

After the Bifs are eliminated, make sure you have a full tank of Jet fuel and float 
through the hatch in the ceiling. This is a repeat of the area below-three chambers 
filled with four lasers apiece. Treat them the same: aim for the corners and stay on 
the move. 

When you move through the last chamber, you'll find yourself in a room with three 
doors-two mystery doors and a locked one. The mystery doors will yield either 
Magnums or AA Batteries. If you return too many times, as before, you'll get socked. 
When you've collected the gear, blow open the lock and move through the third door. 
This is another winding corridor replete with laser cannons. On the other end are a 
bunch of power-ups: four Uzis and a AA Battery. 

Following this is another long, enemy-filled corridor similar to the one you 
encountered early in the game. As before baddies drop from the ceiling (Dogans 
mostly), and you can easily run through them. The only enemy here who can cause 
serious pain is the Bif halfway down the hall. Take him out with the four Uzis while 
strafing. He won't last long with sustained firepower. 

Tip: Don't be bashful about using ammo. There are plenty of Uzis placed in this hall 
for your killing pleasure. 

Run through the remainder of the Boys who drop from heaven, through a door and 
another winding hallway to the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 2D 

The next room is a series of platform jumps to the top of the room. As you leap from 
pad to pad, a Dogan boy audience in a floating pod cheers you on if you jump 
successfully, and jeers you if you miss. Missing a high platform jump carries a 
hefty price tag. A fall from near the top of the room will rob you of 100 Health. 

Tip: When you land safely on a new platform, look up to see where the next will 
appear from. 

There are six pads to leap to before you reach a floating Jet Pack Refueler. The 
juicer will levitate in the air, and the object is to hover above it until you are 
fully jucied. This is a difficult maneuver, but the best way to do it is to jump, 
then tap on the jump button so that you don’t get too far away from the life-giving 
pump. When you have reached 100, float into the above chamber. 

This is another laser-packed hex room. As before, scoot around the perimeter, 
smoking the lasers above. When you've eliminated them, you can refuel again at the 
pump in the center of the chamber and hover to the next. There are more lasers here. 
Eliminate and proceed. The next room is the Checkpoint. As soon as you pass through 
the hatch, it will lock and you will not be able to access any of the lower areas. 
Sad? I didn't think so. 

Checkpoint 2E
Boss Battle: The Sphere 

The room before the boss battle boasts two mystery doors containing AA Batteries and 
Magnums. When you've collected these goodies, move to the door near the lighted 
Checkpoint. Weave through the ensuing laser corridor to the Boss Chamber. Ahead is a 
Car Battery. Grab it and move to the edge of the ledge to trigger a cut-scene. 

A giant rolling disco ball of death, this Boss looks quite daunting. Luckily, you've 
got the firepower for the job. Unlike the first boss, where Kurt needed precision 
sniping, this Sphere can be taken down with good old fashioned blasting. That's not 
to say the targets don't change as the fight goes on. 

When the battle begins, the Sphere will fire energy blasts at you from the green, 
glowing nodes. Dodge the blasts as you move around the arena grabbing gear. There 
are Uzis above the Boss near the rafters if you want to use your Jet Pack, but the 
ground guns should do if you saved guns from earlier in the level. Uzis and AA 
Batteries are scattered between the blue barriers in the outer rim of the room. 
There is one Car Battery here as well. Save it for when your health dips below 100. 

Tip: You can engage the Sphere from any point in the room. Often, taking a position 
near one of the blue columns will provide some shelter from the incessant storm. 
Once in a while, you will find a fairly safe pocket here and be able to blast at 
will. If you don't the best place to fire from is the ledge where you originally 
came into the room. Grab all the goodies and use the Jet Pack to return to this 

The first target in this skirmish are the green nodes. Strap yourself with four Uzis 
at all times. Whenever you destroy a node, a huge shaft of light will emit from the 
hole. This will damage you, so avoid it by strafing and jumping. The boss spins on 
two axes-horizontal and vertical. It is not always possible to avoid all of the 
light, and if you are sufficiently healthy, you won't have to worry about taking the 
occasional hit. 

Once all of the nodes have been destroyed, focus your fire on the Sphere itself. 
Each piece of the Sphere's shell has its own damage meter. Plug at it until it falls 
away, the whole time avoiding the Sphere's deadly attacks. After all of the shell 
pieces have sloughed off, the Boss will be a glowing ball of light. Keep shooting, 
pooch. When you've worn down the orb, it will turn into a small, star-like energy 
ball. Now its attacks are more frenetic (and less accurate). If you have sufficient 
Health, stand in one spot and fire on the small ball of light. Keep drilling it 
until the fight is over. 

Mission 3: Doctor Hawkins 

The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit 10:42 am 

Now that Kurt and Max have been kidnapped by Schwang Schwing and it's up to Dr. 
Hawkins to pry them from alien clutches. Dr. Hawkins is a treat to play. His Atomic 
Toaster is one of the more unique in recent memory. 

Checkpoint 3A 

If you start this level from the previous level, you'll begin in the Lounge. If you 
begin from a saved game, you'll start on the Bridge. 

In the Lounge, listen to the short, computer-driven tutorial. This will teach you to 
make toast. Then snag the Bunch of Dirty Towels from the bar, along with three 
bottles of The Sauce. In the kitchen, grab the Loaf and Toaster from the counter and 
a pair of Mr. Fizzies from the refrigerator. Before you leave, go dance a jig near 
the jukebox. This does nothing, but it's good for the mental health. Exit and head 
down the hall until you reach a small atrium with three colorfully-lit doorways. 

On the Bridge, snag the Duct Tape, admire the space view, then exit. Head down the 
hall until you enter a small atrium with three other doors. Go up the white stairs 
to the right. This hallway leads to a lavatory. Grab A Bunch of Dirty Towels from 
both sinks. Head into the stall and do your duty. Your stall activities will cause 
the pipes to rupture and the Hand Dryer to fall from the wall. Move out of the stall 
and pick up the Pipes and fallen Dryer. 

Tip: Before leaving, be sure to wash your mitts. If you attempt to leave with grubby 
paws after being warned, you will get shocked and take a Health hit. 

Another Tip: Combine the Dirty Towels with The Sauce to make three Molotovs. These 
explosive bad boys are good for clearing out groups of enemies. 

Return to the four-door atrium and head through the green door. Just through the 
door, combine the Hand Dryer with the Pipes to make a Leaf Blower. Equip the Leaf 
Blower and walk through the next door into a garden room. On the far side are a 
bunch of unsuspecting Dogan Boys. Use the powered up Blower to shepherd the Dogans 
into the waiting jaws of Kermit, the flesh-eating plant. Don't worry about the Dogan 
Boy's blasts-even these will deflect off of the turbo-charged air-stream emitting 
from the Leaf Blower. 

The only thing to worry about in this fight is letting the Dogan Boys get behind 
you. If you keep them in front, you'll have nothing to worry about. If one does get 
behind, strafe and blow the others into the plant, then go back and clean up the 
last one. You may have to stop blowing the Dogans for a second to allow Kermit to 
eat them. Bouncing around in the jet-stream, they are tough for him to get his lips 
around. Simply hold off with the blast for a moment and the Dogan Boys will be plant 

Once he's had his fill, Kermit will thank you for the wonderful cuisine and modify 
your Toaster to an Atomic version. Now you can shoot bouncy, atomic toast. Head 
through the door Kermit unlocks and on to an elevator. This will take you to the 
first Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 3B 

This is the first in a series of rooms full of difficult jumps along precarious 
girders. Inch forward on the girder straight ahead. Then jump to the crooked pipe to 
the left. Your goal is to get to the short girder jutting out of the center pipe. 
The jump is tough but can be made. If you fall into the electrified water, get out 
as soon as possible, heading quickly to your destination. 

Once at the central pipe, use the Duct Tape to seal the leak in the pipe. This will 
cause the water in the room to drain. Once it has, pluck the Cord from the central 
shaft and combine it with the Pipe to form a Ladder. Move to the red X on the floor 
and use it to anchor the ladder. Climb to the next pipe. 

Once there, look toward the outer wall and down. There is another short girder with 
a red X on it. Leap down to it and use the ladder again. This will take you to a 
high girder. Move toward the outer wall, then make a short jump up and edge left 
until you reach the doorway. Jump into the grated hall, following the passage around 
and down. 

Drop to the short girder jutting straight out from the doorway. Make a controlled 
leap to the girder perpendicular. Move to the red X near the end and place a ladder. 
Climbing it will take you to a high pipe. Jump to the short girder to the left. Inch 
ahead until you reach another I-beam crossing underneath. Turn left and drop to it, 
inching ahead until you reach a clump of short girders jutting from the central 
cylinder. Jump to the first, then the higher second small I-beam. From here, leap 
into the grated exit. Drop down and follow this passage around to another girder 

This is your first opportunity to use that Atomic Toaster. There is a Dogan hanging 
out on the central cylinder in this room, another to the right and one to the left. 
Target with the toast (don't worry, it's unlimited). In this case, you don't need to 
deflect any of the toxic slices. Using trial and error, line up your shot and pop. 
Use the walls as cover and strafe as you shoot. 

When the three baddies have been eliminated, step into the room. This chamber is 
series of challenging jumps up the various girders that spoke out of the central 
cylinder and the walls. The girder you're aiming for is just to the left of the 
entrance (facing into the room). Use either of the lower-lying I-beams to reach it. 
You'll need to do a sort of semi-circle jump up to it, and the controls are very 
touchy. Take your time, there's nothing harassing you here. When you reach this 
girder, face the outer wall and leap to the jutting beam to the right. Aim for the 
very tip of it when you jump. It may take a few tries. 

When you reach this beam, turn to look at the central cylinder. The next girder you 
need is up and to the left. Again, aim for the farthest point. After this, turn 
around and leap to the short beam jutting from the center. Then hop to the collar 
beam and scoot around the pipe until you reach the girder that leads to the exit. 
Scoot along the pipe until you reach the outer wall. Then, edge along the ledge 
until you are below the grated exit. Jump up and follow the path to yet another 
girder room. 

Edge out on the short girder jutting from the exit. Look below. See that girder way 
below? That's the one you need. You'll take some damage dropping down. Once there, 
track left toward the exit. Hop to the small beam below the exit. Drop in to reach 
the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 3C 

Check it out! Another room of girders. Edge along the right wall until you reach the 
small beam barring your path. Hop onto it and then to the next, central beam to the 
right. The next jump is toward the outer wall, and another one step up to the right. 
From here, you can access the lift to the right. Turn to face the center of the 
room. As the lift raises high enough, leap to the curved pipe to the left. 

Tip: Aim at the open end of the pipe when the platform is even with it. This will 
make this jump a lot easier. 

Move toward the wall and into the exit. Drop down and follow the path to… yet 
another girder room! Edge out onto the small beam and jump to the crossing beam 
ahead. To the left is a ladder anchor. Use the Ladder to reach a small, high girder 
with another anchor. Use the ladder here to reach another high beam. Once atop it, 
the exit is directly below and to the left. Take a short leap and then hop up to the 
left to the exit. 

Miraculously, there is… another girder room! This one ain't bad. Just drop to the 
rim that circles the room. Skirt the room to the left until you reach the stairs. 
Take these to an elevator and the third Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 3D 

You're in a large hangar with a mysterious grate. Leave it for now and head into the 
hall to the left and up a ramp. This leads to an observation deck. Grab the Fishbowl 
and Lighter off the table in the middle of the room. Return to the center of the 
room and go to the grate. Equip the Fishbowl to dump the fish inside into the murky 
water below. Are you ready to play as Chuckleberry Fin? You best be. 

Chuckleberry Fin 

Chuckleberry Fin's epic performance in MDK2 boils down to this: finding a button and 
pushing it. To do this, he must navigate through hostile sewers past Spiky Mines and 
Killer Pike. Use the directional buttons to move from side to side and the shoot 
button to boost Chuckleberry through the water. The Mines are easy to avoid. Just 
point where they aren't and boost. The Pike are a little trickier. If they see you, 
they'll eat you. Wait until they float past, then go behind them. If one gets in 
front of you, you can follow closely behind without being detected. 

Making all right turns from the starting point should take you to your goal. You'll 
know when you're about to reach it, because the area just before the button glows 
pink, then red. Swim into the button to trigger it. 

After the button is pressed, you'll return to being Dr. Hawkins. A large door will 
open and several Dogans will begin to attack. You don't have to fight these guys. 
Just head to the far right corner of the room and get on the hydraulic lift. Jump 
off at the top and follow the catwalk around to the door. This will take you to 
another elevator, and ultimately, another Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 3E 

There is a Bif lurking behind the crates here. Now you'll be able to use that bouncy 
toast to its full potential. Standing on the Checkpoint, turn to your right and 
equip the Atomic Toaster. Step forward off of the Checkpoint and aim at the bottom 
left edge of the right crate. This should bounce a nuclear slice at the Bif. It may 
take a bit of tweaking, but you don’t have to face this guy face-to-face, which is 
good news. If you're positioned correctly, his energy blasts won't be able to touch 
you. You can chip away at his health from a position of complete safety. 

When the Bif has been vanquished, head to the large switch at the rear of the room. 
Before tripping it, get the Fishbowl in your left hand. Throwing the switch will 
cause the hangar doors to open, letting the space atmosphere in. Dr. Hawkins will 
begin to be sucked out of the craft. Quickly equip the Fishbowl and Hawkins will 
wear it like a helmet, thus protecting himself from the hostile environment. Midway 
to the door, Hawkins will pick up a Magnet. Quickly combine it with the Duct Tape to 
create Magnet Boots. That will stop you from flinging out of the bay doors. 

With more of a grip on things, trudge to the open hangar. As soon as you reach the 
great outdoors, a space cruiser will begin firing on you. Sustaining a direct hit 
from it will likely kill you, so avoid that at all costs. When you step out into the 
open, the ship's blasts will begin to track you. The best thing to do is watch the 
blast as it's fired, confirm it is headed toward you, then haul bootie down the 

Tip: Stay off of the large letters in the center of the field. If you are on one of 
these when it is hit, you will sustain serious damage. 

As soon as you see a flash indicating that the shot has hit, stop moving and look 
back at the ship. Staying still confirms that the ship will fire directly at you. 
Then, run away. Being on the move when the ship fires is a bad idea, as the craft 
will lead you and usually score a brutal hit. Be disciplined. Simply running is 
quite tempting, but almost always results in early death. 

Checkpoint 3F
Boss Battle: BFB 

Taking down the BFB is a three-part ordeal. Right off the bat, sneak forward and 
grab the Mr. Fizzie. Drink it immediately if you need to, otherwise arm your Atomic 
Toaster and focus your attention on the flying BFB. It takes a little practice to 
hit this moving brain, and you can often lose him in the rafters, especially when 
dodging one of his nasty attacks. 

Three Attacks = Three Times the Fun 

The BFB has three separate ways to stop you. He hovers high overhead, so the only 
way he can get at you is by throwing everything but the kitchen sink. 

Dropping Bombs. The most common form of attack that the BFB employs is dropping 
bombs that bounce around the arena. These are the least threatening of all the 
attacks. A direct hit from one of the bombs is quite damaging, but also easy to 
avoid. Moving quickly around the arena is key to avoiding these explosives. When a 
bomb is heading directly toward you, side-step it. If you can, hit the BFB's bombs 
just as he releases them to create a damaging explosion in the air. 
Right Brain Attack. Piranha brains. The right brain attack is announced by the BFB 
actually saying "Right Brain Attack!" The floating sweetbread tosses three chunks of 
rabid cerebellum down and they dog you around the arena until finally glurping into 
non-existence. The easiest way to avoid them is by pogo-ing around the joint like a 
maniac. That's right jump, jump, jump! Eventually the bad brains will stop nipping 
at your heels. 
Left Brain Attack. This is your standard wave-of-energy-sweeping-along-the-floor 
attack. Avoid the electric tide by jumping straight up and down when the wave is 
nearly upon you. Attempting to jump forward over it nearly always results in damage. 
This attack usually sweeps from one side of the arena to the other, but sometimes, a 
wave lands in the middle and splits to cover both sides 
Tip: Mr. Fizzies appear around the arena as the fight progresses. Collect them 
whenever you see them, and use them when you are down around 10 Health. 

Dance around the BFB's attacks, always looking up to keep him in your sights and 
blast mercilessly with the Atomic Toaster. Constantly lay on the fire button. You 
never know when a fortunate carom will find the napping brain. When a quarter of 
BFB's health has been taken, he will activate a shield. Forget using the Toaster. 
Now's the time for that doctorly ingenuity. 

Flip the switches at opposite ends of the room, then jump on the red button to 
activate the laser. Near the entrance to the arena is a portal that zaps you to the 
opposite end of the room. In a perfect world, you should trip this switch first, 
head through the portal, flip the other switch, then hop on the button. The BFB will 
be caught in a nasty laser crossfire. Two hits from the laser will sap his shield. 

When his shield disappears, he will be nasty mad, and start hurling attacks at you 
left and right. Often, there will be more than one Left or Right Brain Attack 
happening at the same time. Dodge the attacks as best you can, focusing your fire on 
the BFB with the Atomic Toaster. Heal with Mr. Fizzies whenever you need to. When 
the BFB's damage meter hits zero, you'll be victorious. 

Mission 4: Kurt 

Alien Orbiter, Earth Orbit 11:50 am 

Checkpoint 4A 

You begin this level facing an inaccessible door. Turn around and claim the Sniper 
Shield in the corner. Move to a position across from the glass door and enter Sniper 
Mode. Equip the Shield and zoom in on the Bif in the distance, lining up a belt-eye 
shot. Shoot the glass once to break it, then pop the Bif, taking him down with a 
single shot. There are two more Bifs outside, one to the left of the first and the 
other deep in the left corner (you'll need to enter the courtyard to take him on). 
Engage them with the Sniper Shield on to save health. 

Then sprint around this open area, dodging fire from the patrolling Mantas. Grab the 
Super Chain Gun near the final Bif and the +50 Health near the door on the other 
side of the area. Shoot out the glass to access a blue tunnel leading into the heart 
of the orbiter. As the tunnel turns down, use your Ribbon Chute to coast down and 
avoid damage. Land on the large, floating alien pods. 

Tip: At the end of the first pod, you can see a doorway to the right. Floating to it 
will yield a Sniper Grenade. However, you won't be able to get any of the other 
goodies the subsequent pods have to offer. 

Float to the second pod. Off to the left is a Cloak. If you choose this power-up, 
you will not be able to get to the third grouping. To get to these, go to the end of 
the last pod, and face back the way you came. Move backward until you fall from the 
pod, then drop and glide forward into the blue tunnel. Grab the Grenades, Dummy 
Decoy and Black Hole Grenade. 

Now drop into the arena and prepare for a fight. There are a pair of Super Dogan 
Boys patrolling this area, and a generator spewing out Samsmites. Arm the Super 
Chaingun and take down the Super D-Boys as quickly as possible. Energy blasts from 
their hand cannons will hunt you down and do some damage, so make short work of 
them. Then destroy the generator to reveal a lock ball in the floor. Snipe it and 
move through the door it opens. 

The ensuing hallway will dump into a large chamber patrolled by a small army of 
Spheres. Enter the room and grab the Sniper Shields on either side of the entrance. 
Then take a look into the center of the room. Your goal is to snipe all of the 
floating Spheres to clear a vertical path as you move further into the room. Do not 
skimp here-there are a series of quick maneuvers to performed ahead and you don't 
want a Sphere plugging you at every turn. 

Take up a position to the left or right of the entrance. When you have cleared all 
of the Spheres you can see, move to the opposite side. Some of the Spheres are tough 
to see. They weave in and out of the circular walkways, and are often obscured from 
view. Be patient. You may have to track each Sphere for awhile to learn its 

Tip: The Spheres float in specific patterns. Look for them to stop at specific spots 
and blast them there. It is nearly impossible to hit a Sphere on the move. 

Since you are so far away, the Spheres rarely fire on you. If they do, it isn't 
difficult to avoid their fire. Remain in Sniper Mode and strafe to dodge the blasts. 
When the room has been cleared, move down the central path to the center of the 
chamber. Snipe the lock ball under the fan in the circular ring to turn on the air 
flow. Now ride the air draft up to another ring. Grab the +50 Health here if you 
need it. 

Near where you grabbed the dripping Ham, you'll see four floating lock balls. 
Sniping each of them activates a temporary platform. To climb the platforms, snipe 
the first, jump to it, quickly snipe the second, and so on up the four steps. This 
maneuver can be tricky, because it calls for a lot of quick aiming and mode-
switching. Eventually, you'll develop a rhythm and the jumps will become easier. 

Tip: If for some reason you fall, immediately activate your Ribbon Chute. Coast to 
the central fan and ride up to the top ring. If you really lose your bearings, there 
is a second fan draft even further down. You should be safe if you float to the 
safety of the updraft. 

Once you reach the top platform, snipe the final lock ball under the floating fan 
and leap up to it. Ride the air shaft up and take a look at the next three lock 
balls you'll have to snipe. Return to solid ground and look up. 

Tip: There are a couple of +25 Healths to the right (when facing the center of the 
arena) that can be gotten by floating down from the top of the air draft. 

Snipe the middle lock ball, then quickly ride the draft up and sail to the temporary 
platform. Snipe the lock ball under the dormant fan to activate the air. Quickly 
coast to the activated fan and ride the flow up until you reach another walkway. 
Touch down and collect the health around the doorway (two +25s and a +50). Step 
through the doorway to a winding hall leading to the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 4B 

The next area is a cyclone chamber. Stand at the door and take in the scene: there 
are three lock balls caught in the swirling wind tunnel. Each of them has its own 
air current blowing around it. Your job is to snipe them into a position where you 
can use the Ribbon Chute to ride the air currents to the next level. 

Tip: Make sure you snipe the nearest one at or slightly below your level. If you 
jump and miss the air flow, it will be very frustrating to go back and do all of the 
work again. 

Tip 2: Take your time lining up these balls. There's no time limit and only a single 
S.O.D. to contend with. If you miss a jump or the draft does not carry you as high 
as expected, return to the previous platform and correct your mistake. If you try 
for a high ball and do not make it, you could end up falling further than you wanted 
to. Sometimes, this will put the lock balls impossible to reach with a Sniper shot. 

The first platform is directly across the chasm. You need only snipe the middle lock 
ball at eye level to make it across this gap. Leave that ball where it is, and turn 
to face the opposite side. Snipe the left lock ball a bit higher than the first and 
the third distant ball higher still. 

Return of Tip: You'll have to edge out to get a good shot to reactivate the balls 
below. Be careful when you do this, as you'll invariably draw fire from the S.O.D. 
Strafing back and forth while in Sniper Mode will take care of this problem, but 
watch the edge. There's nothing more frustrating than lining up the same jumps over 
and over. 

The next platform is up and to the right. Position the balls like steps leading from 
left to right. The one after that is a high niche up across the way. Before you set 
up your shots, destroy the annoying Sphere that's been dogging you. Then snipe the 
middle ball at your level directly in front of you, the right ball near the apex of 
the first's draft, and the third only slightly higher than the second. This should 
provide the necessary floating steps needed. 

The final climb is to the jutting platform on the left. Snipe the right ball at your 
level, and the next two in significant steps to the left. Float up and head through 
the door. The next hallway is filled with laser cannons. Weave your way through, 
using the columns as cover. When your emerge from the corridor, inch forward and 
grab the Grenade. Be careful. There is a Bif sentry waiting below and one above to 
the left. As soon as you snag the grenade, enter Sniper Mode (make sure you have the 
shield on) and pop them each in the belt. 

Before dropping down to the game below, float to the right and take the corner fan 
up. Glide to the area on the left. At the end of a winding hallway is a room 
containing a Homing Sniper Shell, a Sniper Shield and two +25 Health. Return to the 
previous hallway and float to the area below. Head through the door to the right. 
This leads to a chamber with five mystery doors and a +25 Health. The door furthest 
to the left leads to a hall containing two +25 Healths. Takinf the next hallway 
dumps you back into the room you first encountered the Bifs. Head to the door on the 
far right. 

After a short hallway, you'll find a room with a Bif, Grunt, Dogan Boy and a 
Conehead. Stand in the doorway and strafe in Sniper Mode until you drop the Bif, 
then switch out and clean up with the Super Chaingun. 

Tip: When fighting a Grunt, the easiest way to eliminate it is by pumping it full of 
lead until it drops, then quickly switching the Sniper mode and shooting it once in 
the fishbowl. Shooting its globular head is the only way to take it down for good. 

When you've cleaned out the baddies, run to the stage at the front of the room. Turn 
to face the Dogan Boys in the balcony. When you stand in the light, you'll be 
instructed to dance. Fame! I'm gonna live forever. Do your best Mexican two step, 
remaining in the light until the entire ditty plays. When you have danced 
effectively (by staying in the overlapping light), the glass will burst and the 
Dogans will join you on the dance floor. Kill them all, then exit through the door 
that opens behind you. 

Weave through the next corridor to another wide open crater area rife with Dogan 
Boys. As before, destroying the three generators here will unlock a door. Make sure 
you run to collect all the Grenades here. You don't have to try to kill all of the 
aliens here. It's a waste of time and energy. Just keep moving and the Dogans will 
not be able to touch you. 

Tip: The door at the far end of this area is originally a mystery door that gives up 
a bundle of Grenades when accessed. Later, when all three generators have been 
destroyed, it becomes the exit. 

Head through the exit to the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 4C 

In the next room, take out the three Bifs in Sniper Mode (shield enabled, of 
course). There is one on either side of the room and another hiding behind the 
central fire pit. 

Tip: Use your Ribbon Chute to hover above the central fire. This will take you to a 
room stocked with goodies: a +50 Health, Cloak, and pack of Grenades. 

Go through the door on the far side of the room. The next hallway leads to a stone 
tunnel. At the end of this passage is a room loaded with lasers. Below are two Bifs. 
If you have your Cloak, now is the time to use it. Activate it just as you step into 
the stone pipe. Then float down into the room, drop down under the fan to collect 
the +25 Health, then shoot the lock ball in Sniper Mode and haul butt back up to the 
fan. (If you didn't save the Cloak, you'll have to do this the old-fashioned way, 
Sniper Mode with Shield). Open your Ribbon Chute and float to its highest point. 
Pick any of the tunnels and float to it. Each hallway is a laser-fest. Weave through 
it and emerge on the other side to reach the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 4D 

Just past the Checkpoint is a ledge overlooking a gorge. Kurt can't make this jump, 
so you'll have to resort to other tactics to get him across. Watch out for the 
aliens on the opposite platform-there is a generator just out of sight. Each time 
you kill the baddie on the other ledge, after a few moments, another will appear. Do 
what you need to in between enemies. 

What do I need to do, you ask? On either side of the ledge you're on is a jet 
stream. At the top of each stream is a pack of Bouncing Sniper Shells. Coast over, 
grab the shells, then float to the small tunnel nearby. 

By the time you do all this, another alien will have likely spawned, so take it out 
before proceeding. Move to the edge of the tunnel. See that purple spot on the 
opposite rock face? Aim for that to bounce a shell into the lock ball on your side 
of the canyon. Enter Sniper Mode, enable Bouncing Shells and let one rip. If you 
fired correctly, the screen will flash momentarily. 

To be sure you've knocked out the ball, float to the air draft and have a look-see. 
Repeat the process on the other side of the main entrance and a bridge will extend. 

Use the bridge to get to the opposite side of the canyon. Run past the generator to 
the door. On the other side, you'll find a Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint 4E
Boss Battle: Schwang Schwing 

The path to Schwang Schwing is fraught with lasers. This hallway is even more 
frantic than the last couple you've had to run through. This time, it is even more 
key to draw fire into the wall-bound columns as you zig-zag down the hall. When you 
make it through, you'll find yourself in a large chamber. Grab the +25 Health 
directly ahead and the Sniper Shield to the left (on the base of a support). Further 
around the perimeter is another +25 Health. Grab it and head to the central chamber, 
taking the +25 Health and Super Chain Gun. Enter the door on this structure to find 
Max hanging by his ankles, captured by Shwang. Midway through your conversation, 
Schwing disrupts the party by tearing the lid off of the hut and grabbing the pooch. 
Get ready to fight. 

Stage 1
There are three stages to this fight with Schwang Schwing. In the first, you are 
sealed within the small circular room you're in. Enter Sniper Mode and look up at 
Schwang. The goal is to snipe his goggles three times. Stay on the move as you do 
this, and make sure you use the Shield. Schwang will fire lasers from his eyes and 
attempt to pluck at you from above. As long as you're strafing (preferably to the 
right), you'll make it hard for him to get you. 

Tip: Don’t get too far right-this will cut your angle and his red shades will be 
hard to hit. The best strategy is to get a quick shot in right off the bat, then 
track back and forth with relatively few steps. 

Stage 2
After three hits, the chamber you're in will shatter, and you'll find yourself alone 
on a circular platter. Schwang has a hold of Max, but this doesn't stop him from 
attacking. SS has three ways to get at you. He blasts lasers from his eyes, flings 
flaming Samsmites at you in the center of the arena and hops over to the middle 
circle to stomp you. 

Tip: You're suspended above a void, so be sure to keep track of where you are on the 
platform. While in Sniper Mode, follow your position in the upper right corner. 

If you have enough Sniper Shields, you'll want to stay in this mode the entire 
fight. Stay on the move to avoid the laser blasts and Samsmites. When you see 
Schwang jump toward your circle, side step until you are out of danger. If you are 
near his foot when he lands, you'll be hurt by a small shock wave. The attacks go in 
a sequence: laser, Samsmites, jump. Know what's coming to stay a step ahead of 

The object is to shoot Schwang's hand until he drops the pup. Five or six direct 
hits should do it. He'll be throwing everything he can at you. Just remember the 
order of his attacks and be prepared to deal with them. Never stand still. When 
you've shot his hand enough, he'll drop Max. 

Stage 3
Max will join you on the central platform and thankfully help to keep the Samsmites 
off of your back. Schwang will continue to attack in the same order. Now the goal is 
to hit the lock balls on the switches around the room to trigger the massive lasers 
that line the arena. The trick here is to make sure Schwang is standing under the 
one you are sniping. If he is, he'll be bathed in the ultra-damaging electron blast. 

Tip: Memorize Schwang's movements. If you can snipe a laser lock ball as he's 
running toward the switch, you have a much better shot at nailing him. A good time 
to do this is right after he jumps back to his outer ring after harassing you in the 

Make sure you keep moving the entire fight. Use your Sniper Shields like they're 
going out of style. After three or four laser blasts, Schwang will fall. Good job, 

Mission 5: Max 

Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit 2:47 pm 

Checkpoint A: 

Like the previous Max mission, this one begins with Max having to navigate through 
an asteroid field. This time, however, asteroids are coming from the front and 
debris from the destroyed spacecraft is approaching from behind. The escape pod Max 
is in can maneuver forward and backward as well as up and down. Move in circles 
around the faster-moving pieces and try to stay near the center of the screen. When 
you pass this area, you'll find yourself on the Jim Dandy. 

Grab the Uzis around the perimeter of the room, then shoot out the center grate. 
Drop to the hub just below this. Then hop to a pipe and down into the room. Watch 
out for the rolling Samsmites here as you scoot around looking for an exit. When you 
see a vented grate, shoot it out and hop into the corridor. Follow the path until 
you reach another grate. Shoot it out and drop to the girder below. 

You'll notice the a grid of oscillating lasers below. Time to play laser jump rope! 
Before dropping into the room below, carefully hop around the girders until you 
reach the two Gatling Guns. After you've collected them, skirt the perimeter of the 
room, destroying the computer terminals on brackets. 

Tip: You'll have to be jumping the entire time. Hop just high enough to get over the 
bottom lasers. If you jump with too much zeal, you'll be cut down to size by the 
lasers sweeping overhead. 

When you have eliminated all of the terminals, the lasers will shut off and you'll 
be attacked by a crowd of Samsmites. Run past them and find a hatch in the floor. 
Drop in, then head down the hall, grabbing a AA Battery on your way. Shoot out 
another hatch in the floor and drop down a level. There are two more corridors like 
this. Then, drop into a two-tiered room with a couple of patrolling Dogan Boys. 

Tip: Take a look through the telescope here. You may get a surprise! 

You needn't fight the D-Boys. Just head to the circular grate on the floor and blast 

Drop into the large chamber below, snagging the AA Battery here. Shoot out the grate 
on the opposite side of the room and follow the tunnel to another grate. Blast it 
and hop into the warehouse below. A Birdbrain will fire on you as you make your way 
through the room. Don't bother with him. Grab the uzis and head down the path to the 

Blast the Samsmites that get in your way. Otherwise, continue down the path that 
weaves through piles of crates. There are a couple of Super Dogan Boys here. Keep 
running until you reach the final Super Dogan. He is standing in a room with white 
steps at the far end. At the top of the stairs is a AA Battery. Grab it, then blast 
the grate on the adjacent wall and hop into the passage. Checkpoint! 

Checkpoint B: 

This corridor is clear of enemies. Be sure to shoot out the grates and collect the 
Uzis there. The last grate leads to another perforated tunnel. Blast the door on the 
other side to find yourself in a vertical lab. This room is filled with green tubes 
holding cocoons in stasis. Several Birdbrains patrol this room. If you keep moving, 
you can dodge their blasts. If you kill them, they regenerate anyway, so it isn't 
worth the trouble… or ammo. 

Move around the perimeter, grabbing Uzis. Look at the backside of each cylinder. 
When you find a control panel, destroy it. 

This will shatter all of the tubes, bringing several Dogan Boys out to play. In 
addition, it will set a floating platform in motion. Do not ride it yet. Instead, 
run around the ring, killing the D-Boys that have busted out of the glass tubes. 
When they've been eliminated, keep moving. Find where the platform reaches its 
lowest point and jump to it. 

Tip: The Birdbrains are relentless, but not to be feared. While waiting for the 
platform, simply strafe back and forth to avoid their fire. Once you reach the 
platform, you can almost forget about them. They rarely come close to hitting you 
when you're floating. 

When you reach the next level, hop off and repeat the process from below. There is a 
single Uzi to be gained on this level. Go up another floor and destroy the next 
terminal. Smoke the Dogans and collect the Uzi here, then float to the next level. 

Tip: If you need more ammo, break the computer terminal on this level as well. 
Several of the tubes contain ammo. When they burst, smoke the Dogans and collect the 

Find the grate around the perimeter and blast it to find another tunnel. Shoot out 
the grate on the opposite side, head through the corridor to another grated door. 
Blast it and move to the next area. Looking down, you'll see one of those pipe-and-
girder rooms we all know and love. Aim for the pipe below and drop to it, then drop 
to floor level. Beware the overheated Samsmites. Head to the white steps and through 
the doors. 

Head to the Lavatory. Near where the pipes ruptured, there is a weak spot in the 
wall. Shoot it until it falls away. Then step through and drop down to another 

Checkpoint C: 

The next set of corridors is maze-like, but don't let that worry you. Turn around 
and follow the hallway around to a AA Battery. The return to the Checkpoint and 
track ahead, going straight through the first intersection. At the next hall, take 
the right path and follow it to the as it turns. Directly ahead is a cracked wall. 

Blast it and grab the two Shotguns here. Return to the previous corridor and go 
right. Grab the AA Battery in the small alcove to the right. Then turn and wait for 
a Samsmite. Smoke him and leave, heading right. Follow the hallway as it weaves. 
When you get to a hall with Samsmites spawning at the far end, blast them and duck 
into the hall to the left. Follow the hallway as it winds. After a long stretch of 
hallway (with a number of locked green doors), take the first right, grabbing as 
many Gatling Guns as you can (three total) at the end of this hall. 

As you get near the end, the floor will fall away and you'll be in a warehouse with 
a bunch of nasty Dogan Boys. The exit you want is in the right corner of the room. 
Don't worry about the D-Boys. Just scamper over the crates and look up, scanning for 
a high grate. Blast it and mount the crates to reach its level. Blow out the grate 
in the next room and hop into it. 

Tip: To get some Guided Rockets, head around the crates and to the left in this 
room. See that towering pile of crates in the corner of the room? Climb all the way 
to the top to find a high grate. Blast it and jump through. The Guided Rockets are 
halfway through the tunnel. 

There is a cracked section of wall near where you first dropped into this room. 
Shoot it to reveal a treacherous shaft containing several girders. That's right! 
Time to jump. The first leap is straight ahead. Move your way from girder to girder 
down to the final girder. Make sure you take a look before you leap-go to the edge 
of the beam and really check things out. Sometimes it helps to put the game on pause 
and see the whole area as it rotates. The two middle girders are the toughest-they 
are almost blind jumps. 

Tip: When jumping, aim at the place where the girder meets the wall. It is easiest 
to judge distances this way. If you miss a beam, move to the perimeter. Hopefully, 
you'll get lucky and land on a girder. If you fall the entire length of the shaft, 
you will likely die. 

The final girder has a AA Battery on it. Grab it, then move to the lowest in and 
drop (don't jump) down to the floor. You'll take a bit of damage doing this, but 
help is on the way. Go through the opposite doorway and grab the Uzi, Jet Pack, 
Gatling Gun, and Car Battery. At the end of this hall is a Jet Refueler hovering 
above an atomic lake. Looks nasty, doesn't it? It is. If you touch the surface of 
this green muck, you'll be done. 

The idea here is to charge up your Jet Pack and follow the Jet Pack as it makes a 
course through the huge chamber above the toxic lake. This is a very tricky 
proposition and will take even the most experienced gamer a few tries to figure out. 
Start by letting the Refueler get a bit of a head start. As it gets nearly out of 
the doorway, jump above it and begin to use the Jet Pack. 

Tip: You may want to stay in the doorway and watch the Refueler's path through the 
room. It will take quite a while to see the entire course, but will pay off in the 
long run. 

As long as you stay close to the Refueler it will keep your Jetpack running 
smoothly. The best way to do this is to hover above and a bit behind it, pumping the 
gas button to remain nearby. It is easy to rise way above the Refueler, which will 
cause problems when you try to rejoin the floating pump in the air. The pump weaves 
through the entire chamber, rising and falling and coming precariously close to the 
huge, churning beams inside. Keep the pump in sight at all times. It is very easy to 
lose your bearings. In addition, it is tough to tell how high above the toxic lake 
you're hovering. 

At the end of its course, the pump will come to rest under a long vertical pipe. 
Stay here for a second and fully recharge. It's a long way up, and you'll need 
nearly your entire supply of hover juice. At the top is the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint D: 

There are two ways through the next area, and they are based on how you did at the 
end of the last checkpoint. Track forward through the hall until you come to a 
bridge extended over another lake of green goo. Everything looks copacetic. But as 
you move slowly forward on the bridge, it collapses beneath your feet. The second 
you see it break, pull back. If you have at least 15 left in your Jetpack, you can 
hover over the gap to the remote section of bridge. Grab the Car Battery, move to 
the other end, blast it and drop to the pipe below. Boo-ya. 

If you don't have 15, you'll have to get ferry your way through this chamber on 
pieces of broken bridge. Let the bridge collapse, then back off of it. When you 
begin to fall, immediately press forward to stay on the pipe below. If you are too 
low on the pipe, you'll slide off into the muck. Otherwise face the large room. To 
your left is the first piece of debris you'll have to jump to. Move to the row of 
rivets near where the pipe bends. Wait until you can only see a sliver of it to the 
left, then leap down. 

Warning: As you touch each new piece of debris, a baddie will drop from the ceiling 
and land on the next piece you have to jump to. They are easy to eliminate, 
especially if you have a lot of ammo. 

The next piece is much smaller, but comes near the arrow-shaped point of the piece 
you're on. Hop to it, then smoke the next baddie. The next piece is even smaller. 
Hop to it and smoke the Dogan. Face perpendicular to the stripe at the edge of the 
debris and you'll be ready to make the next leap. Now move to the arrow-point of 
this piece. A D-Boy will appear on the first bobbing barrel. Take him down. This 
piece moves fairly near to the bobbing barrel, so the jump doesn't cover much 
distance. Leap when the barrel sinks down, then blast the next enemy and leap when 
the next barrel is down. Leap to the next big piece and the next until you reach the 
pipe that is nearly submerged lengthwise in the goop. 

Make sure you have several fast-firing weapons selected and hop to it. Immediately a 
Dogan will drop from the sky. As he runs on the pipe, he will turn it. Strafe to the 
right until he's dead. When he falls, the pipe will stop spinning. Move to the end 
and hop to the piece of debris leaning on the massive pipe. Walk to its apex and 
exit, finding another Checkpoint. Time for the Boss Fight. 

Checkpoint E
Boss Battle: Bad Max 

The BFB has whipped up a beastie to counter Max. The result? A huge, menacing cur 
known as Bad Max. The battle between Max and Bad Max is about as straightforward as 
it gets-blast until the other pooch dies. Max has three forms of attack: he fires 
either a fire cannon or tracking energy blast at you, or attempts to run you over. 
These attacks can be dodged by strafing or (more easily) by jumping and hovering 
over them. The majority of this fight takes place on high walkways, where strafing 
is hardly an option. Luckily, there is a Jetpack Refueler near where you dropped 
into the room. 

The floor of this cavernous chamber is ribbed with large pipes. Bad Max will stick 
to the walkway for the most part. As soon as the fight begins, follow him up the 
ramp, plugging him with whatever you can. The faster the weapon the better. Follow 
him as he makes his way around the catwalk, dodging his attacks with the Jetpack. 
Only return to ground level to refuel. Otherwise, stay on his tail. If you damage 
him a lot, he'll use a Shield and attempt to heal. 

Yep, a healing boss. Hardly seems fair. However, you too can benefit from healing. 
At the far end of the walkway, there is a small maze leading to a Car Battery. This 
regenerates throughout the fight, so don't be bashful about grabbing it more than 
once. However, be cautious. Bad Max is deadly back in these corridors. His attacks 
are even stronger at close range. Take what you need and get out. 

Tip: Remember those Guided Rockets you picked up earlier? Now's the time for them. 
Launch a bunch and let him feel the pain. 

As the fight progresses, Bad Max will use his shield several times. When he does, 
he'll head for the Battery. If you know he's in there, wait at the corner of the 
walkway facing the path to the Battery and plug him with a four Gatling spray as he 
reemerges. Soon, he'll be one hurting canine. 

Tip: Once in a great while, Bad Max will get caught in the gap between the walkway 
and the wall. If this happens, load up and plug him-he's not going anywhere. It's a 
bug, kid. But if it happens to you, just grin and bear it. You've avoided a tough 

When he's down to a quarter of his health, Bad Max will often return to the platform 
where it all started (where Dr. Hawkins is in stasis). At this point, just let him 
have it with everything in your arsenal, circling and firing until he drops. 

Mission 6: Doctor Hawkins 

Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit 4:23 pm 

This time around, Dr. Hawkins has to use his brain to shut down a slew of bombs that 
the BFB has scattered throughout the Jim Dandy. You'll remember most of the level 
from your previous trip through. 

Checkpoint A: 

Follow the hallway until you meet the BFB. He explains that he has set a few bombs 
around the ship. When he disappears, a timer begins to tick down on the upper right 
corner of the screen. You have two minutes to disable the first bomb. Track ahead 
into the next room. You'll find it littered with explosives. The trick is to follow 
the cords on the central generator to buttons scattered throughout the room. 
Deactivate the button that is lit to move to the next. 

This generator has four levels, beginning at the top with "1": 

On a short girder suspended above in the perimeter of the room. 
In the center of the curved pipe nearest the generator. 
At the top of the bent pipe. 
The button on the floor near the generator. 
The order usually follows from top to bottom, but is ultimately random. To make sure 
you don't make a mistake that will cost you the ship, always look back to the 
generator to be sure which light is glowing. To do it top to bottom, find the beam 
lining the wall near the blue staircase. Leap to the nearest pipe, then carefully 
walk to the opposite end. Jump to the bent pipe near the yellow steps. Hop over the 
button near its apex, then leap to the next pipe. From here, use the ladder on the 
anchor point to get to the small girder overhead. Leap to the lip lining the wall 
and edge around the room until you see the button on a short girder below. Drop down 
to it and deactivate it. Move around the room until you are above the bent pipe. 
Leap on to it and deactivate its button. Then hop to the curved pipe with the anchor 
point and step on its button. Finally, step on the button on the floor near the 
generator. Bomb deactivated! 

Head through the blue door and use the Atomic Toaster to eliminate the four Hosers 
on the bridge. Pick up the Mr. Fizzy on the left and the Baguette on the right, then 
return to the hub room. This time go through the green door to the first Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint B: 

The first challenge is to get across the chasm in front of you. To do this, you must 
leap to each piece of the destroyed floor that is still clinging to the pipes. You 
have approximately three seconds to leap to the next platform before it gives out 
under your feet. Most of the jumps require the good doctor to cover significant 
distance, so make sure you are at the very edge of the piece before jumping. Do not 
be afraid to hold the jump button longer than you normally would. You may just need 
that extra boost to make it to the next platform. 

Tip: Although you can land on the pipes, it is not recommended. They are very narrow 
and easy to slip off of. Aim for the pieces themselves and go quickly. 

When you reach the opposite platform, the BFB reappears and tells you he's set 
another bomb. You'll have 2:30 to shut this one down. It's atop the platform 
directly in front of you. To reach it, you'll first have to jump to the small girder 
jutting from the edge to the left. Hop to it, then jump up to the room slightly 
above. Use your ladder on the anchor point near the edge to climb to the platform. 

The generator is hidden around the corner, so you'll just have to wing it. Facing 
away from the ladder, hit the button directly to your left. Then jump on the one in 
the far right corner. Then, hit the right one in the first row (facing away from the 
ladder) and then the final one. Bomb deactivated. Jump down to ground level and 
follow the room around until you reach Kermit the flesh-eating plant. Kermie needs 
some help with a bunch of mangy Dogans, so he tosses you a jug of Plutonium. Taking 
it turns you into Hyde Hawkins. 

Hyde is a hulking beastie that attacks with his huge meathooks. Down the Plutonium 
and lope after the D-Boys, pressing the R-trigger to punch and scrap. Don't worry 
about the aliens' fire. It will barely hurt Hyde (who begins with 200 life). The 
Hyde transformation doesn't last the rest of the level. After about 30 seconds, good 
old Dr. Hawkins comes back. If you need to polish more Dogans off, use the second 
Plutonium. You'll get more when you need it later. 

Note: For some reason, the Plutonium has healing effects on regular Dr. Hawkins. 
When he reverts back to Doctor form, he will likely have more health than he went 
into the fight with. 

When the skirmish is over, Kermit points Hawkins in the direction the BFB went. It 
is a new passageway on the wall adjacent to the carnivorous plant. Head down the 
rusty corridor until you reach the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint C: 

Head down the hall to the blinking transporter. When you are zapped through, you'll 
find yourself in a room with (guess who?) the BFB. This is a more complicated bomb 
than you've seen yet, and you have seven minutes to disable it. Notice that the 
generator is sunk in the floor. 

1) Middle button on high platform.
2) Button on floor to the right of generator (facing away from wires)
3) Right button on high platform (facing from walkway).
4) On floor to the left of the generator (facing away from wires).
5) On the raised area on the outer edge of the room. 
6) Left button on high platform (facing from walkway). 

The progression is normally from the top down, starting with the top level of the 
generator. To rocket through the buttons, follow these steps. Stand near the 
generator and look for two ladder anchor points. Plant a ladder on the one closest 
to you. 

This will take you to a spiraling walkway that coils around the room. Follow it 
around and up. When you reach another anchor, use the ladder. Follow to another 
anchor and then up. At the end of this walkway, look to your left. Jump to the 
platform. There are three buttons here. Hit the one directly in front of you, then 
turn around and get the one to the left, then the final button on the platform. 

Return to the floor and stand near the generator. Hit the button to the left of the 
generator, then get the last one on the floor. The final button is on the raised 
area circling the room. Use the ladder on a perimeter anchor to climb to the level, 
then drop onto the button. The bomb is deactivated. 

Once the bomb is deactivated, a couple of Birdbrains will come pester you. Avoid 
their fire as you drop down into the room. The exit is on the same level where two 
Hosers patrol. Use your Ladder on the anchor nearest them, then blow by the honkers 
into the new passage. Soon, you'll discover the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint D: 

Once again, the BFB appears and drops a doozy on you. This bomb is the worst yet. 
The wires are severely tangled and most of them pass through darkness. You'll have 
7:30 to complete this puzzle. 

Tip: If you're going to attempt this puzzle without hints, you'll have to use the 
Lighter to track the wires as they move through the shadows. Don't keep it lit too 
long, though, or you'll burn your fingers. 

If you don't want to brave this puzzle alone, here is a list of the generator levels 
and their corresponding buttons (all directions are facing from generator to back 
wall of room): 

Button in back left corner of the room. 
Left of Button #3. 
Button furthest to the right near the last row of crates. 
Button furthest left near the first row of crates. 
Furthest button back on the right side. 
On the far right near the first row of crates. 
On a high wall. Go to the back of the room and turn around. Use the Atomic Toaster 
to trip the switch. 
To left of the middle crate in first row. 
To successfully navigate this puzzle, return to look at the generator after you 
press each button. Unlike the other puzzles, this one rarely follows a set pattern. 
Just count the level on the generator (from top to bottom) and use the list above to 
locate the button. 

When you have hit all the buttons and disabled the bomb, a Birdbrain will show up 
and start firing on you. Grab the Plutonium near Button #1 and head to the white 
sliding door, into an elevator and to the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint E
Boss Battle: BFB 

This fight with the BFB is a little easier than the last, simply because you get to 
attack him as Hyde Hawkins for part of the battle. The BFB brings the same skills he 
had last time: bombs, and the two Brain attacks (from the first Boss fight, Mission 
3, Checkpoint F). Use the same tactics to dodge them. At the beginning of this 
brawl, he has that annoying shield around him. You'll fix that. 

When things kick off, drop into the room and head for the tall stack of crates on 
the opposite end of the room. If you have some Plutonium, down it to turn into Hyde 
Hawkins. If you don't have any, you'll find some behind the crates. Once you're 
Hyde, climb the crates. When the BFB comes close, jump on top of him. Hyde will pimp 
slap the overgrown cerebellum, then drop to the floor. Grab another Plutonium and 
swallow it. Repeat the process twice more and the BFB's shield will melt. 

Turn back into the Doctor and load up the Atomic Baguettes. It's time for a little 
skeet shooting. Point up and fire the Baguettes one at a time, depleting the BFB's 
health. He'll mainly attack with the gobbling brains, and those are easily avoided 
by jumping. When the Baguettes run out, switch to regular atomic toast. Plug the BFB 
as he spits brains at you. Soon, he'll sink to ground level. When he does this, 
pound the fire button like there's no tomorrow. You'll be able to explode most of 
the brains he chucks at you and get him too. 

Tip: Don't forget to use those Mr. Fizzys! You should have at least three by the 
time the fight begins. 

When you have filled the BFB with enough toxic toast, he will fall for good. Rejoice 
and watch the cutscene. 

Mission 7: Kurt 

Checkpoint A: 

When the level begins, you will be followed by Schwang's battle cruiser. Get 
running! His ship will cut sections of floor out from under you if you don't move 
quickly enough. Take the right fork of the path, then right again. As you see the 
door in the distance, Schwang's ship appears around the corner of the building. Run 
right under it to the end of the walkway. Jump over the gap at the end and glide to 
the door. Hit the ground running and tear through another door. Now you are safe 
from the ship's fire. 

Continue down the path until you reach a chamber with several steaming jets in it. 
Do not enter. Simply peek in the door to trigger the Grunt to come near you. Fall 
back and switch to the Sniper Scope. Pop him in the noggin. While in the doorway, 
zoom in to see several Conheads milling about in a lower section of the room on the 
far end. Take them down from here (even though it takes some patience). When they 
drop, creep out and look to the left and right. Snipe the cannons here, then zoom in 
to the right corner of the room and take out another cannon. 

When you step into the room, a Grunt and Dogan Boy will appear in the lowered area. 
Clear the area, then drop in. Baddies will continue to drop from the vent above, so 
be on your toes. Stand on the grate to activate a lock ball in underside of the 
right-most vent. Snipe it quickly, then move forward and snipe the lock ball under 
the left vent. Waste any enemies that may have dropped in, then float up the jet 
stream you activated under the grate. Glide into the hallway and snipe the lock ball 
there. Drop back into the room below and snipe the middle lock ball. 

Return up the vent, go through the hall and to another fan. Float up it into another 
chamber. Head to the left of the room. Under a semi-circular overhang is a lock 
ball. Snipe it, then head across the room and grab the Grenades. Toss them at the 
bubbles in the floor to open new areas below. Jump into the left hole, clinging to 
the right wall. Immediately upon landing, snipe the patrolling cannon. From the next 
doorway, snipe another cannon. There's one more cannon in the next hall, so creep 
cautiously until you see a sliver of it, then snipe it. Grab the Sniper Mortar from 
this corridor. 

When you grab the Mortar, two Grunts will appear above. Peek around the corner to 
bring them down to your level, then snipe their bubbles. Ride the jet up and face 
the other semi-circle overhang. Lob a Sniper Mortar into the area above the overhang 
to blow out the pink glass below. 

Tip: If you run out of Mortars, return below to claim some more. However, be warned. 
More Grunts will be waiting when you return. 

Run to the overhang and snipe the next lock ball. Then head back to the lower level 
to grab some Bouncing Sniper Shells. Take out the two Grunts that appear, then 
return above. Find the pink button on the floor. See the corresponding button on the 
far wall? The trick is to bounce a Sniper Shell off of there into the final lock 
ball. Aim at the upper right part of the center of the far button. Pop a cap and 
watch the picture in the corner of the HUD to see the bullet's trajectory. Adjust 
according to what you see. 

When you knock out the ball, head below. The area where you picked up the goodies is 
now a passage. Head through the door, then float up the vent and through another 
door. Up yet another vent is a Checkpoint. You earned it! 

Checkpoint B: 

Head down the hall and back outside. Grab the +50 Health if needed, then jump and 
float to the right platform. Schwang's ship is directly in front of you. Run to the 
right until Schwang shoots the floor from underneath you, then float to the left 
platform. Make one more leap to the last platform and head through the door. After 
another door and a winding passage, you'll dump into a room filled with Grunts. Take 
them down with some prudent Sniper fire, then grab the two +25 Healths if you need 

Each of the four bubble vents above contains a bouncing lock ball. Shoot out the 
glass to release the ball, then fall back to snipe it. There are laser cannons in 
each of these vents, so stick to the perimeter. 

Hitting the bouncing lock ball requires a lot of patience. It helps to stay in one 
spot and let the ball pass through your line of fire. If it gets stuck inside the 
circular chamber, it is often easier to snipe, simply because it has less distance 
to cover. When all of the balls have been sniped, a fan will be activated inside one 
of the vents. 

Tip: The other vents contain some goodies if you're willing to fight for them. Each 
is lined with laser cannons, so you'll have that to contend with. In addition, when 
you return below, there will be Inviso Grunts waiting for you. 

Once you're done in the room, head to the vent in the back right corner (from where 
you entered). Snipe the cannons (three total) from below, then float up to a new 
hallway. Walk through to the next vent, coast up and into another large room. 
Several Inviso Grunts and some Coneheads are stationed here. Take down the Grunts 
first, then polish off the Coneheads. Grab the Grenades and head up the ramp above, 
snagging some Bouncing Sniper Shells. 

Shoot out the pink glass at the end of the telescope. Snipe the enormous lockball 
inside and a smaller one will bounce into the arena. It will hop around the entire 
room and is more difficult to hit than the ones in the last room. The best thing to 
do is wait until the ball gets stuck in a corner and try to pop it in the close 
confines. Otherwise, it is a little trial and error and a lot of luck. You never 
know exactly where it's going to bounce. 

Go downstairs and find the second telescope with pink glass. Stand near the wall and 
shoot it out. Then, slip into Sniper Mode. Aim a bit above the nozzle and lob a 
Mortar down the shaft. The explosion will cause another bouncy lock ball to bounce 
around the room. Repeat the process (and hopefully the luck) to shut this one down. 
When it is sniped, a third lock ball will appear above the right telescope. 

When you snipe this ball, a troop of Grunts will enter the room in a line in front 
of you. Enter into Sniper Mode and take down as many as you can before they scatter. 
They usually take refuge below the ramp, so you can pick each off by edging down the 
ramp with an eye underneath. When you've dropped all of the Grunts, move below and 
into the hole near the telescopes. There's a +25 Health here. Follow the hallway to 
a vent. Ride it up to another, and ultimately a Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint C: 

You're back outside, and once again have to dodge Schwang's floating island of 
death. Take the right path as the ship cuts the floor from under your feet. When the 
grating disappears below you, float to the central circular platform to the left of 
the path. Collect the Black Hole Grenade, Laser Chaingun (sweet) and Health. Then 
head through the portal. It will zap you outside of a door. Head through to another, 
then follow a winding hallway. Eventually, it will dump into an enormous chamber. In 
the center is a large alien power converter suspended above the void. 

As you make a circuit of this room, you will notice small sliding doors imbedded in 
each of the pillars lining the room. Behind each of these doors is a lock ball. 
Shooting each ball restores power to the individual converter. However, shooting 
each also results in a vigorous swarm of attacking baddies. 

1) Sniping the first lock ball produces two Dogan Boys and a pair of Birdbrains. 
They are easily taken out by strafing back and forth and peppering them with the 
regular Chain Gun. Concentrate on the D-Boys before shifting to the floating 
Birdbrains. Don't get too close to the Birdbrains as they hover near you. One bat 
from a claw will cost you 20 Health. When you've destroyed the enemies return to the 
small apron in front of the entrance. It is stocked with randomized goodies. 
Usually, you'll find Grenades, a Cloak, Dummy Decoy, Super Chain Gun and some 
Health. Notice that the first generator spoke has sparked. 

2) Snipe the next lock ball (clockwise from the entrance). This will bring out a 
posse of Grunts (Inviso and otherwise) out of the woodwork. As they appear, float 
down to the circular walkway under the alien generator. The Grunts will fall below. 
Take your time sniping them from this position of safety. Make sure you see the 
energy connection before you head back to the upper level (using the jet stream and 
transporter above). Claim the goodies at the apron again. 

3) When you snipe the third lock ball, a horde of Spheres of Death appear in the air 
below the ledge. Peer over the edge and strafe, pecking at the S.O.D.'s with your 
original recipe Chain Gun. When an S.O.D. begins to fire on you, strafe slightly to 
dodge or drop back a couple of steps to let its fire hit the underside of the ledge. 
When they're gone, collect your Health and items. 

4) The next battle is a little tougher. Snipe the lock ball to summon a trio of 
baddies like the Pilot from the first Boss Battle. Use a Cloak immediately, and 
switch to the Super Chain Gun. Usually, one or two of the Pilots will drop below. If 
it doesn't get past them both and open fire. Each Pilot will telegraph its shot by a 
mile, so you'll have some time to strafe. Plug it with the Super Gun, then drop into 
the area below to draw the other two Pilots down. It is easier to fight them here 
with more area to move in. 

Tip: Avoid close combat with these guys. It is easier to dodge the energy bombs they 
shoot at you with lots of room to maneuver. These creatures take a lot of time to 
shoot. Take advantage of this and polish them off quickly with your rapid-fire Super 
Chain Gun. 

When you're finished waxing these creeps, return above and snag all the power-ups. 
Likely, a Sniper Shield will be in this batch. 

5) The next sniped ball produces another tedious S.O.D. onslaught. Ugh. This is more 
annoying than difficult. As long as you strafe to avoid fire, you shouldn't take 
much damage. When the fight's over, scoop up the power-ups. Ooh! Another Sniper 

6) The next group is a ring of Coneheads that encircle you. A quick and easy way to 
take these guys down is to back safely out of the circle and use one of your Black 
Hole Grenades on them. Otherwise, it is pretty simple (and less dramatic) just to 
mow them down with the Chain Gun. Either way, this fight doesn't last long. Grab 
your goodies and find that last lock ball. 

7) Sniping #7 produces a small battalion of Bifs in the pit below. You have to touch 
the ground to activate them. As soon as you do so, cloak then float to the walkway 
above. Use a Sniper Shield to take on these Bifs (you should have about 3-4). Line 
up a belt shot on the first of six Bifs. If you miss, keep plugging until he's gone, 
strafing while still cloaked and snipered. Then move to the next Bif. Don't be 
bashful about the Sniper Shields. Keep using them as you move around the ring, 
taking down Bifs one by one. If you run out of Sniper Shields, drop into the pit and 
circle the Bifs, avoiding their tracking energy bolts. This is a tough fight, so use 
the Super Chain Gun if you have it. When all the Bifs have fallen, a hole will open 
in the floor. There aren't any power-ups above, so head through the hole and on to 
the next Checkpoint.  

Checkpoint D: 

Head through the door in front of you and up the jet stream. In the next room, 
you'll see a bouncing lock ball. There are Grunts waiting on either side of this 
door. Peek into the entrance and fall back, switching to Sniper Mode to drop them. 
The lock ball you have to snipe moves in a set pattern and ultimately disappears. It 
always reappears from the same spot in the back of the hall. Upon shooting the lock 
ball, two more Grunts will appear on the platform above. Wait for them to come down 
to you, then snipe their domes. 

Ride the air stream up, then turn around. On a narrow, arched pathway to the right, 
you'll find a Laser Chain Gun. On a similar walk on the left side, you gain a +50 
Health. After you gotten these power-ups, turn your attention to the lock ball. 
Snipe it to activate the next fan. An easy place to get it is on its low bounce near 
the left side of the fan. 

Although the wall towering in front of you looks insurmountable, it isn't. Simply 
float above the air vent, then press forward at the apex of your jump, still 
pressing the Chute button. This will raise you to the next platform, where two 
Inviso Grunts await you. Once in awhile, one will fall below and you will not have 
to worry about it the rest of your climb. Otherwise, pop them in the glass dome and 
snipe the next lock ball. The next level brings another couple Invisos. Snipe them, 
then take down the lock ball. A good place to do this is from either side of the 
angled fan. The ball bounces a few times back and forth before evaporating. 

The next level sports a pair of Super Dogan Boys and a couple Inviso Grunts. Run 
past them to the fan. Cloak here and float to the next level, taking down the 
baddies with the Super or Laser Chain Gun. Grab the goodies on the narrow walkways 
here, then head up the next fan and on to the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint E:
Boss Battle: Schwang's Ship 

This boss encounter takes place on a floating platform over the sky. Immediately 
grab the +50 Health and float across to the walkway. Follow it to the end, then 
float down to the suspended circular platform. 

Schwang's ship will circle the platform. The idea is to take out all of the ship's 
lock balls-about ten in all. This would be easy if it weren't for the fact that the 
ship is constantly moving and intermittently firing on you. If a shot from the ship 
strikes you directly, you'll take heavy damage. If it strikes near you, you'll take 
light damage and fall down. In addition, several Dogan Boys and Grunts appear on the 
platform as the fight progresses, and keep regenerating to the bitter end. Use the 
Super or Laser Chain Gun on them, then focus you attention on the space craft again. 

Tip: While circling the platform destroying enemies, stay near the inner ring drawn 
on the floor. This will prevent you from falling off of the platform. 

Most of the lock balls require only one shot to eliminate, but the bigger ones may 
take two or three. Only engage the ship when there are no enemies on the platform. 
Otherwise, you'll get plugged as you try to line up your shot. When you are focusing 
on the ship, dodge its blasts while strafing. 

Tip: Notice the two huts on the platform? They are full of power-ups. One contains a 
+50 Health and a Super Chain Gun and the other a +50 Health and Sniper Shield. Use 
the Sniper Shield to engage the ship late in the fight. Let the Shield absorb 
attacks as you line up the perfect shot on those last couple of lock balls. 

This fight seems daunting at first, but once you get into a rhythm of switching 
between Sniper Mode (to take on the ship) and regular mode, you'll win quickly. 

Mission 8: Max 

Lower East Side, Swizzle Firma 4:23 pm 

Checkpoint A: 

Max begins in the city, surrounded by Coneheads and dogged by mantas overhead. The 
first part of this level is pure running. Take off to the left down the street 
toward the blue and magenta sign. 

Ships overhead drop Dogans in your path. Scoot around them and head to the left, 
down the alley of the unhappy face. On the right side of this path is a stash of 
weapons hidden in a niche: a Magnum, Shotgun, Gatling Gun and Uzi. Wait around for 
them to regenerate to fully stock up. Then load up and take down the collected 
enemies in the street. Drop back and strafe behind the walls to avoid their fire, 
then jump out and blast. 

Leave this room and head left, then turn right, back to the original path. Take a 
left at the first intersection, bypass another left and proceed to a stack of crates 
along the left wall. Blast them and enter the space created, claiming the Shotguns 
here if you have room. 

Shoot out the trapezoidal grate, and another. On the other side is a steady stream 
of Bifs. Make sure you're armed to the teeth, then drop in and start blazing. Strafe 
back and forth, avoiding the curving energy blasts and blast with four weapons at 
all times. After you dispose of six Bifs, grab the weapons here, then head around 
the sloped structure on the right side of the room. Grab the Shotgun before heading 
to the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint B: 

Head up the long ramp and grab the Car Battery at the end. Step through the door and 
head straight to the circular portal directly ahead. There are laser cannons on both 
sides of the room, so take shelter right next to the circle. Then, turn around and 
focus fire on the glowing light on the wall. 

Stay in this circle alcove, creep slightly to see a laser cannon. Blast it, then 
creep out further, strafing back and forth and firing on the cannon until it is 
destroyed. Repeat this process on the other side. Then fire on the blue energy rods. 
When they're destroyed, the door behind you will open. Turn around and back up. 
There is a red disk on the ceiling. Focus your fire on it. When it's destroyed, run 
through the room, avoiding the Dogan Boys who try to impede you. 

Note: There are several weapons in the room you just ran through. If you want them, 
shoot out the arching columns on either side of the room, then carefully climb the 
girders to the top to claim your prize. This is not necessary, however, as the next 
room you're running to is stocked with goodies. 

Head up the ramp and through the door. You find yourself in a huge room, with a 
large central computer display. A walkway lines the perimeter of the room. Grab the 
Car Battery, then make a complete circuit of the room, collecting the weapons 
scattered around the catwalk. A couple of pesky Birdbrains will dog you. Ignore 
them. If you keep moving, you won't have to waste ammunition on them. 

When you are stocked up, head to the small notch in the walkway. Here, a platform 
will momentarily dock. Get aboard and ride it across. 

When it gets near the central computer display, jump to the blue glowing channel 
running around its periphery. The goal now is to get aboard a moving platform of a 
different color: red, green or the other blue. Run around the terminal, dodging 
Birdbrain fire until you see a platform approaching the central structure. 

Tip: Take a running start and jump while the platform is still moving down. If you 
jump when it reaches its lowest point, you'll miss it. 

Note: If you fall, all is not lost. Go to the circular platform in the center and 
wait for a platform to drop to its level. Be sure to dodge the Birdbrains' fire. 
They harass you throughout your time in this area. If you sustained heavy damage 
from the fall, there are two Car Batteries stashed in the niches on the ground 

Ride the platform up, focusing on the colored supports holding the terminal in 
place. Shoot out the supports one by one. You can only hit two of them from any 
given platform, so you will have to return to the central structure for another 
platform after you destroy the first two bonds. When you shoot out the last support, 
the terminal will fall to the ground, smashing through the grated floor. Ride the 
platform to its lowest point, then step (don't jump) off. You'll likely sustain 
about 40 Health points damage. This is easily cured with a Car Battery, found below. 


Once on the ground, your goal is to find and jump to a pipe in the central shaft you 
just opened. Head to the lip of the crater and look down. Find the pipe and move 
around to it, dodging Birdbrain fire as you go.Your best bet is a diagonal jump to 
the pipe. The closer you are to it, the easier the jump is to gauge. However, this 
is still one of the toughest jumps of the game. Aim for the area where the pipe 
joins the wall and hope for the best. 

When you reach the pipe, take a look toward the center of the shaft. There are two 
antennae running out from the lip of the pipe. Be extremely careful and inch out 
until you can see the hole in the pipe. Keep going. You have to be pretty far out to 
make this jump successfully. If you are too close, you'll end up jumping back on top 
of the pipe, or missing it all together. Take your time lining up the jump and do 
it. When you're inside, proceed to the Checkpoint. Whew! 

Checkpoint C: 

Load up on guns, bring your friends. There's a serious firefight coming in the next 
room, so strap yourself with your best weapons. Run through the tube and drop down 
the chute at the end. This will plunk you on a catwalk above a room with three alien 
spaceships. You'll take some damage from the fall, but never fear. There is a AA 
Battery on this ledge toward the right side of the room. Grab the Gatling Gun as 
well and drop into the room. 

Near your drop-in point, there is a generator spawning Dogan Boys. This is your 
first target. Strafe around it until it explodes, then focus on the spaceships. All 
three will fire on you until they are destroyed, but their fire is easily avoided as 
long as you strafe back and forth. This room is bracketed by two invisible force 
shields. Make sure you don't get hung up on them-you'll be an easy target for the 
alien lasers. Strafe and blast until all three space cruisers are destroyed. If you 
run low on ammo, there are regenerating Gatling Guns on either side of the ramp that 
leads into the room. 

When the three ships have been destroyed a fourth will float into the hangar bearing 
Dogan Boys. Position yourself so you can see the baddies coming down the ramp. If 
you are properly armed, you can wax most of them before they even exit the ship. 
Otherwise, just strafe back and forth, cleaning up the leftovers. Then hop up on the 
ramp and into the craft. At the top of the ramp, jump to one of the walkways along 
either side of the loading bay. Make one more jump up into the cockpit. Press the 
red button, causing the ship to fire on the doors above the ramp, opening a new area 
for Max to explore. 

Go through the newly-opened door to the great outdoors. Grab the heavy duty Battery 
and Atomic Jetpack, then look up. Ahead is a super-tall nuclear silo. This structure 
is designed for hours and hours of gaming fun. The idea is that you must jump to 
each precarious precipice to the next, using the Atomic Jetpack in short spurts as 
you climb. The whole time, you're dogged (har har) by S.O.D.'s. Fun, huh? 

Note: If you want to bypass all of the below nonsense, skip to Secret below. 

To do this, you'll have to become intimate with the Atomic Jetpack. It works the 
same as the other Jetpack, except that it regenerates itself when not in use. This 
allows you to hover at the same level by "pulsing" the jump button. It takes a bit 
of practice, but will become second nature as you climb this infernal pole again and 
again. One thing to note. You get a lot more lift by simply pushing and holding the 
jump button than by holding it and pressing in a direction. Get to the level you 
want to raise to, then push a direction. 

The first leg of the climb is directly ahead. Fire up the Jetpack and zoom up to the 
support above you. The next climb is up and to the right and has Guided Rockets on 
it. Use these on the S.O.D.'s. The next jump is to a small gas vent at the same 
level as the support you're on. Float to it, but avoid the green gas. If you get in 
the spray, you'll take 30 damage. The next jump is to another support. This one 
holds a Ray Gun. After this float up and to the right to perch atop a double vent. 
Another support is the next hop. It holds a Ray Gun. The next jump is to a three-
tiered gas vent. Hover once more to the left and drop on to one of several 
support/gas vent groupings. You'll have to weave your way through several of these 
on your way up to the antenna level. 

Once you reach the top support, turn around and look down the shaft of the antenna 
poking from the shaft. Float out to the small tray on the end of it, picking up the 
AA Battery en route. There is another AA at the end of the antenna. Land and look 
around. Blast any nearby Spheres, then float to the next antenna platter to the 
left. Continue around the antennas like this until you reach a single rectangular 
platform that is moving in and out of the central shaft. Float cautiously to it, 
rest for a split second to recharge you pack, then jump and float to the next 
platform (up to the right). Continue around the column, pausing on each moving 
platform only briefly as you move on. On the last one, you'll see s support above. 
Float up to it. Follow the directions that you see here. 

It's not easy, but the next objective is to land on each of the three antennae above 
to start another bunch of sliding platforms moving. Float up to the first, wait 
until it moves away, then carefully float to the next antenna to the left (facing 
the column). When all three have been tilted down, the sliding platforms will 
activate. Now float to the recently-activated platform above you. Land, charge 
briefly, then fly up to the next up and to the right. The next platform is quite a 
bit higher, so pause on the second platform until you have to take off. Land on this 
third platform, then float to the little platform to the right. From here, float to 
the tunnel. Didn't that suck? 

Secret: There is a secret elevator on this level that requires some precision 
placement of Max. It is well worth your trouble, believe me. By taking it, you can 
bypass all of the Position yourself facing the central structure in the severely lit 
section of the arena. Line up the top-most platform with the lower-most antenna. 
Face the column nearer the perimeter than the central structure. This takes some 
tweaking (refer to screenshot to the right), but if it works, it is a great help. 
You will have to stand in the same spot for several seconds for the elevator 
trigger, so stand in the place you think is right for a few seconds, then move, 
stand there a few seconds and so on. Eventually you'll get it and take the highway 
to heaven. If you miss or fall off of the elevator, you'll have to restart from the 
Checkpoint. The elevator never returns to Earth. 

When you reach the tunnel, float through the opening and follow the narrow walkway 
to a door. Head through to another catwalk. This one has goodies: a Car Battery, 
Gatling Gun and Guided Rockets. At the end of the tunnel is a Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint D: 

If the Jetpack didn't win you over in the last area, it sure will here. The idea in 
this gigantic chamber is to knock out the top half of several energy columns and 
then land on the tiny column that is left. As before, you'll have to pulse the 
Jetpack to conserve fuel. There is a set way to go through this room-straying from 
it will likely result in failure. There are Birdbrains and Mantas that harass you as 
you glide through the area, but ignore them. It's hard enough just getting through. 

First, hover and destroy the top of the middle column. Then land on the bottom 
portion. Float to and destroy the one on the left, then land. Here, you'll get a Ray 
Gun. Proceed to the spike directly in front of you (the left most in the next row). 
From here, head to the one near the center to your right. Now float to the one ahead 
and to the far left to grab some Guided Rockets. Then coast to the center column to 
your right. Then go to the next one to the right, and right one more time to claim a 
Gatling Gun. Now coast to the second column from the right, then the next one to the 
left. Go to the last column on the left. From here, float to the circular tunnel. 
Follow the walkway to the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint E:
Boss Battle: Schwang Schwing 

Mr. Schwing has been recently hobbled by Kurt, so in this fight, he appears in a 
sling and hovering wheelchair. Unfortunately for you, that doesn't make him less 
deadly. Schwang still fires on you with those special eye cannons he loves so 
dearly. His other attack is to swipe at you when you get near him. This is a timed 
fight of two minutes, but you won't need it if you follow the formula. 

Ultimately, this fight isn’t about firepower, it's about jumping and using the 
Jetpack effectively. There are several buttons extended on curved supports lining 
the outer walls. Jumping to them at the proper time is almost all you have to do to 
win this fight. At the beginning of this brawl, head to the central support holding 
the deadly missile. Grab the Car Battery between its supports if you need it, then 
hop atop the bracket. Up and to the left is the first button to jump to. Schwang is 
to the right. Hover to a height above the button, then cruise over, pulsing the 
Jetpack until you are suspended above this button. Step on it to unleash a huge 
drill on Schwang. As he's being drilled, plug him with four guns at once. 

Tip: Equip two Guided Rockets if you want this fight to end quickly. You barely even 
have to aim these weapons, which is useful when things get frantic. 

When he begins to turn toward you, hover to the spiked ball atop the rocket. From 
this position, open fire on the two explosive tanks that Schwang is moving past. 
Explode them and the uber-baddy will take some serious damage. 

After the tanks explode, immediately float to the next button to the left. Turn to 
face Schwang and you'll see him getting blinded by a series of lights. Turn to blast 
him with everything you've got. When he turns, hover to the next button over. This 
will compact Mr. Schwing. The next button will cause Schwang to get hit with a 
gigantic saw. 

Pound him with all the ammo you can manage. Dodge his eye attacks by jumping 
directly in the air, but do not drift from the button. Instead, turn and find the 
valve on the pipe near where Schwang flies to. This will blast him with a jet of 

He should be well into the red at this point. Stand where you are and finish him 
off, four guns blazing at all times. Keep dodging his attacks as you pepper him with 
assault fire. Dodge his eye blasts and plug him until he drops. If he knocks you off 
of the button, float up and collect more weapons from the central platform and 
finish him off from there. 

This is the last time you'll see Schwang. Bye, bye, baddie! 

Mission 9: Dr. Hawkins 

Swanky Swizzle Heights, Swizzle Firma 

Checkpoint A: 

The first part of this level finds Hawkins attempting to pilot the Jim Dandy through 
another asteroid field. The controls here are touchy. Use the analog stick to move, 
but know that when you do, you'll be dealing with some serious momentum. Once the 
Dandy gets going in a certain direction, there is a bit of lag in changing its 
course, so keep that in mind as you progress. 

The glowing points in the star field are transporters. Where they put you is 
uncertain, so they can either help or hurt. Don't go out of your way to avoid them. 
After about thirty second of managing the field (and after a short cutscene), you'll 
find yourself transported to Swizzle Firma. You're looking for the pieces needed to 
get yourself back. 

You begin in a hub room with a phone booth in the middle. Upon beginning, turn 
around and head to the blue glowing contraption in the corner. This will zap you at 
one end of a long tunnel. Head down it to another transporter. This takes you to the 

Checkpoint B: 

This next hall is crawling with Dogan Boys and a couple of Coneheads. Scoot by them, 
moving diagonally to avoid their tracking fire. Head through the door to the right 
at the far end of the chamber. Past the next hallway is an open courtyard. To the 
left is the entrance to a labyrinth. 

Tip: If you see Coneheads running through the maze, follow in the direction they're 
going. They know the way through the maze. Don't worry if you lose them-they move 
much quicker than you. Just look for the next one. 

At the first T-intersection in the maze, take a right. Take the first path to you 
left until it dumps into a T-intersection with a light-panel. Activate the panel, 
then turn to the right, following the corner around to the right. Move down the hall 
past the three shock bars and round the corner to find a Mr. Fizzy. Follow the path 
until you reach another T. Take a left here (following the Conehead). Take the next 
right, moving past the shock bar and to the end of this hallway, bypassing several 
paths to the right. Follow the next hallway as it winds through the maze, past three 
shock bars. In the next section of hallway are several steam vents. Pause before 
each one, then move past when they retract. Move past an alcove to the right and to 
another winding hall. At the next T-intersection, follow the Conehead to the left. 
Pass another shock bar and move down the winding hall. Take the first left and move 
past another steam vent to another Mr. Fizzy. At the next T, follow the Conehead to 
the right, then down the hall past a couple of shock bars. Take the next left past 
another two steam vents, then go right. Follow the winding path and take the next 
right to a hallway that dumps into a large courtyard. Here you'll find the Palatial 
Locator (sitting on something that looks like a Checkpoint) as well as several Dogan 

Don't bother fighting the Dogans. Just head to the middle of the arena to get out of 
Dodge. Next to the alien generator is a transporter that take you to a different 
part of Swizzle Heights. You're zapped into the telephone booth room. Head up the 
ramp to collect various breads (Pumpernickel and Baguettes) and two Mr. Fizzy's on 
the ledge that rings the room. Then return below in go into the blue transporter. 
This zaps you to a hallway leading to another transporter. The room you're zapped to 
is a Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint C: 

Grab the Baguette in front of the Checkpoint and head across the chamber on the 
circular walkway. A Birdbrain will try to impede your progress. Run by him to the 
transporter at the opposite side. There's another Baguette in front of this 
transporter. Equip the Atomic Toaster and Baguette to make some tracking bread 
missiles. Run past the Dogan Boys who appear from the columns flanking the main 

You'll find yourself in a large room with a maze of walkways overhead. Use the 
Baguette missiles on the Spheres of Death patrolling here. Locate the circular 
anchor ion the floor under the walkway maze. Use the ladder to climb to the next 
level. Your goal is the circular platform near the right of the room (when facing 
from the entrance). The final piece of walkway before the last ladder anchor 
requires you to jump. Then, use the ladder on the last bit to reach the platform and 
zap through the transporter. 

The room you are zapped to is another puzzle. See the Conehead's tracking back and 
forth in the tiered room on the opposite hall? The goal is to make them drop down 
and fall into the fan, grinding them into liquid. There is a cylinder in the center 
of the room that shows how much liquid has been collected. On the floor are three 
rectangular green buttons on the floor that operate the hatches in the tiered 
hallway. The one furthest forward and to the left operates the top and bottom 
hatches simultaneously. The one to the far right operates the second floor down, and 
the other the second from the bottom. 

Start with the furthest forward. When the Conehead drops, turn right and trigger the 
button to the right. This will send the Conehead to the next level down. Then book 
to the first button again, then the one behind it and back to the first button. The 
Conehead will get ground into a slurry. Repeat this process three times to activate 
a transporter on the right side of the room. 

Warning: If you let a Conehead get from one end of the hall to the other, a Dogan 
Boy will spawn in the left corner of the chamber. You'll have to take him out before 
you refocus your attention on grinding Coneheads. To ensure that the problem doesn't 
worsen (i.e. more Dogans), stay on the first button and strafe around the Dogan 
Boy's blasts as you pound him with toxic slices. 

When the cylinder has been filled with Conehead juice, and the transporter is 
available, enter it to beam to the Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint D: 

Move ahead to another transporter. In the next room, move to another blue portal 
into a large area stocked full of Dogan baddies. Take out the center generator and 
dodge the Dogan fire. When the spawner has been destroyed, step on the glowing spot 
that's been revealed to open a passage to the next area (this also activates the 
next portal you seek). 

Head to the gap you've made in the right wall and down. As you approach a lower 
crater to the right, two Birdbrains rise from the hole and attempt to impede your 
progress. Run past them to the transporter. The next room is buzzing with Birdbrains 
and SODs. Clear them out before attempting the next puzzle. 

Tip: Use the Baguettes on the Spheres of Death and Birdbrains here. If you only have 
a select number of French bread, save it exclusively for the SODs. 

When the room is secured, focus your attention on the puzzle in the center. Your 
goal is to make the blinking lights moving around the central circle stop on blue. 
To do this, utilize the three Buttons branching off of the main platform hub. As you 
step on one of these buttons, one of the circling lights will stop in place. Keep 
leaping on the button until the light stops on blue. Then, repeat this process for 
the other two lights. When all three are lit blue, the force field around the 
Positronic Doohickey will be lowered. To get to it, ride the circular floating 
platform that docks momentarily at this platform level. 

Then, hop off and collect the part. Afterwards, head through the transporter on this 
platform. After being zapped, track through the long tunnel to another transporter. 
You're back in the phone booth room. Head up the ramp and again collect the 
Pumpernickel, Baguettes and Mr. Fizzys that have regenerated here. Still on this 
upstairs rim, head through the door near the walkway tunnel, following the path down 
until you reach another Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint E: 

Move straight ahead to the red glowing walkway extended across a chasm. A moving 
section of this laser bridge is always missing. Wait for it to go by, then jump on 
the bridge and start moving. Run for a few seconds, then begin jumping. The missing 
section moves so quickly that you will most likely jump over it. Otherwise, wait in 
one of the alcoves to let the void pass, then scoot back on to the bridge and 

At the end of the bridge, go through the door to a room with two glowing blue 
buttons. Step on the first button to trigger the second. Then step on the second 
button to lift a gate, revealing two more. From here on out the buttons are 
randomized, so remember which one works when you press it. Step on the next button 
to reveal another row of buttons and a Dogan Boy. Kill him with regular toast, then 
step on the next button. This will reveal a row of four. Step on the next button to 
open the next gate, revealing a row of five buttons. Smoke the last Dogan and step 
on the final button. Head through the door on the left, ignoring the Hosers here. 
Track down the corridor to the next Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint F: 

There are another couple of laser bridges to get by in the next section. The first 
is much like the last one you encountered, except this one is missing two pieces and 
they are much bigger. Wait for both spaces to pass, then run. Duck into the first 
alcove, wait for the space to go by again, then run ahead and duck into the second 
alcove. You must be disciplined. You cannot do two in one crack. Pause at every 
alcove or die. This next patch is a little longer, but can be survived without 
jumping. As soon as both sections go by, dart on to the bridge and haul butt. Duck 
into the alcove. The next trek is a little longer and takes some timing. Get right 
to the edge of the platform and be poised to go. As soon as the second piece passes, 
step out and go. When you get near the next alcove (about 4-5 steps away), jump into 
the niche. The floor will drop out beneath you, but you'll be safe. Wait for the 
pieces to go by again, then run the last short piece. 

In the next room are a couple of Hosers. Run past them to the door. Track down the 
hallway to another door and another bridge. This one is unlike the others in that it 
is solid until you step on it. Notice the lights above? The bridge won't give out 
until you approach the alcove near the third light. Then, the light will pop and the 
floor will drop out in front of you. Jump into the niche and watch as huge chunks of 
floor strobe by you. When the ground becomes solid near you, run forward and duck 
into the next spot. Look at the floor again to sense the pattern. Run out as the 
solid piece goes by again, then run and jump to the next alcove. The last is the 
trickiest. Watch the pattern before attempting it, then run out and jump to the 
other side. Safe on the other side, head to the final Checkpoint. 

Checkpoint G: 

Level 9 has no real Boss Battle, only a puzzle. When you enter the puzzle room, 
there are two Baguettes directly ahead. Moving to grab them will trigger several 
Hosers and a Birdbrain to attack. The Hosers will regenerate throughout this puzzle, 
and you'll have to dodge their snot attack, but the Birdbrain will go down and stay 
down. Focus on him first, using Baguettes to drop him. 

When he's gone, run past the Hosers to the opposite end of the room. As you run, 
note the rows of buttons on the floor. Up a short ramp is a yellow button. Circle 
around behind it, but don't step on it yet. For this next part, you'll need some 
good short-term memory. Look up and hop on the button. On the ceiling is a display 
of buttons mirroring those on the floor. When you step on the button, the pattern 
you need to proceed flashes for a split second. Memorize it, then head across the 
gap and repeat the pattern on the buttons there. 

Tip: If you take a lot of damage from Hoser attacks, use Mr. Fizzys. They won't 
carry over to the final level. 

When you press the correct button, it will turn green and you can proceed. If you 
press the wrong button, you'll have to return up the ramp to retrigger the puzzle. 
When you do the puzzle correctly, the hood behind the main button pops open, 
revealing the Dimensional Destabilizer. Grab it and head to the teleporter. 

You're zapped back to the phone booth room. A small cutscene plays showing three 
Hosers stacked in the phone booth. Each time the door opens, they fire on you with 
toxic phlegm. By tossing Pumpernickel into the phone booth, you will take one of the 
three down, sending him shooting from the booth. If you have a lot of Fizzy's, don't 
be bashful. Get in close and blast Pumpernickel in there. If not, hang back, 
avoiding the shots and telegraphing when the door opens. Lob the Pumpernickel as 
soon as you see the door move. 

After all three Hosers are launched, you will have beaten the level. Kudos, Doc. 

Mission 10: Kurt, Max or Dr. Hawkins 

The Imperial Palace, Swizzle Firma, 9:01 pm 

Final Battle: Zizzy Ballooba 

This is it. You can choose one of the three heroes to fight the final battle. Each 
of them will have to negotiate through the palace, using their unique talents to 
reach and defeat the tyrant Ballooba. Each hero will have to destroy Zizzy in a 
different way, but the basic idea is the same. Each boss battle will be dealt with 
separately, but read Kurt's section first to learn about Zizzy's attacks. Good luck, 
trooper. You'll need a shovel-full. 


Kurt's trek through the palace is the longest, but he is the most formidable 
adversary to engage Zizzy with. You begin outside of the palace. Head right from the 
starting place until you reach a high grate above a vent. Float up the draft and 
shoot out the grate, alighting on the tunnel you've just made. Do not charge ahead! 
The coming hallways call for stealth. From the entrance, face the right wall. Inch 
to the left until you see a sliver of the mounted laser cannon. Snipe it, then 
strafe left into the hall. Snipe the resting Grunt, the cannon above him and the one 
peeking around the left corner. Pick up the Grenades and the +25 Health, if you need 
it. Otherwise, come back for it when you've actually taken damage. 

Move down the hall cautiously. As you approach the bend, face the left wall and inch 
out. Here is another resting Grunt. Snipe to the skull! Peek around the next corner 
to snipe another laser cannon. Then step into the mouth of the corridor and snipe 
the two cannons at the end of the hall. There is a +25 Health at the bend here. Save 
it for after the next fight (unless you need it desperately). 

At the corner with the Super Chain Gun, face the right wall and creep left. Snipe 
the cannon above, then move the scope down and inch until you see the first of 
several Grunts. Keep your position and take out the Grunts as they run into your 
line of fire. If one gets around you, return to regular mode and fall back. Then re-
snipe and take them down. There are about eight total Grunts in the hallway, so 
repeat the process until they all drop. There are also two more laser cannons-one 
midway and one at the end of the hall. Drop them between Grunts. 

Grab the Super Chain Gun and move down the hall. There is a +25 Health just around 
the bend. The hallway right after this is stocked with cannons and a single Grunt. 
Use the same peeking tactic to take them down without drawing fire. When the hall is 
clear, walk until you see a doorway opening into a large chamber. Creep along the 
left wall until you reach the diagonal shadow. Then switch to Sniper Mode and target 
the distant Bif standing between the columns. You should be able to line up a decent 
belt shot without him seeing you. 

When he's fallen, drop down and stay near the wall. Take down the Bif in the 
distance to the left with the Sniper scope. If he senses you, switch to the Super 
Chaingun and strafe until he's gone. There is one more Bif near the large door on 
the far left of the room. If you haven't alerted him yet, slip back into Sniper Mode 
and drop him. There are Birdbrains patrolling here as well. If you keep moving, they 
won't hit you. Before leaving, grab the Cloak from the low back stairs, then ride 
the nearby draft up to grab the steaming hunk of pork on the low walkway that lines 
the room. 

Riding the draft up to the next level will yield a Super Chain Gun. When you've 
collected it, head to the opposite end of the room to get a Homing Sniper Shell. 
Then move through the huge blue doors that take you to the inner sanctum of the 
palace. Immediately to your left is a +50 Health. Grab it, then follow the red-
carpeted hallway, under a couple of large, stone sliding doors. This will bring you 
to the main promenade of the palace. There are no enemies here, so you can book 
through. Grab the Grenade near the beginning and a +50 Health in a right alcove a 
ways down the corridor. Eventually the main corridor will jog to the left, then the 
right and you will find yourself in front of a tall set of blue doors. 

Head through into a fountain chamber. Go left until you see a set of gently curving 
stairs. Go to the top, then leap to the ledge to the right. Follow the path until 
you reach a blue door, then go through. Track ahead through another blue door. At 
the end of this hall are a couple of Inviso Grunts. Peek to trigger them, then back 
down the hall and enter Sniper Mode, popping them as you retreat. Through the next 
door, you'll meet up with your old buddies. Time for the fight! 

When Kurt Met Zizzy 

Zizzy Ballooba is one tough cookie. The fight follows several stages, and you'll 
need all of the skills you learned while playing Kurt to take him down. The floating 
blob of emperor has several attacks: 

Energy Bolts. Ballooba shoots energy bolts from the large staff he carries. The best 
way to avoid this is pause as the rod is fired, then strafe when you see the bolt. 
Zizzy is quite accurate with this weapon, so be on your toes. This attack is 
signaled when Zizzy drops the staff into fighting position. 
Lava Trails. When you see Zizzy slam his staff down on the arena floor, danger is 
headed your way. A series of streaking lava trails emit from the end of the staff 
and dog you around the arena, criss-crossing and bouncing off of the walls. The 
original shock wave will not damage you, but if you get by a rivulet of lava, you'll 
be hurtin' for certain. The best way to avoid this attack is to strafe and jump. If 
you stay in the same place, the lava trails will ricochet and gang up on you. 
Another way to avoid them is by climbing atop the bases of columns scattered around 
the room. 
Tail Whip. If you get too close to the emperor, he will whip you with his tail. This 
doesn't do much damage, but will knock you to the floor. It is unlikely you will get 
this close to Zizzy. It is best to stick to the perimeter, far away from him. 
Hypnotizing. Several times during the fight, Mr. Ballooba will float near you, 
wiggling his fingers. If he does this, he is about to unleash a hypnotic attack. If 
you get hypnotized, the screen will go wonky and you will have difficulty 
navigating. The image pitches and rolls, spinning in a hypnotic haze. When you are 
hypnotized, stay moving. Lay on the fire button. You can still do damage in this 
state, it's just hard to hit anything with much accuracy. To avoid the whole mess, 
simply turn away when Zizzy approaches. After about ten seconds, turn around and 
brace for the next attack. 
Energy Panel Attack. Zizzy will move to a remote corner of the arena and use his 
magical staff to send huge plates of slow-moving energy your way. These are easy to 
dodge while strafing. If you get hit with one, it will sap 10 Health points. 
Remember to keep shooting as you're dodging. Your bullets will get through the 
The first part of the fight is fairly straightforward. Blast Zizzy until his energy 
bar is fully retreated. As with every fight in this game, keep moving at all times. 
There are several power-ups around the arena: two Super Chainguns, +25 Healths (and 
occasionally +50s), Sniper Mortars, and Sniper Grenades. By far, your best ally is 
the Super Chaingun. Having four at the beginning of this fight will help you 
immensely, so try to save as many as possible for the fight. 

Move around the perimeter, firing on Zizzy and dodging his attacks. You will see 
your compatriots here: Max helps you take down the boss and the Doc runs around 
dropping power-ups. Make sure you always keep tabs on where the emperor is. If you 
have to turn around to avoid hypnotism or collect power-ups, keep peeking at Zizzy 
to see what he's up to. Only grab the Health when your meter dips below 75. 

It's Not So Much the Heat, It's the Gosh-Darn Humidity 

When you dissolve Zizzy's health meter to nothing, his abdomen will open and suck 
you across the room. You'll find yourself amidst the internal organs of the almighty 
Ballooba. Once inside, your goal is to take down Zizzy's bits and pieces. You'll 
have to contend with some crazy green beings that shoot from orifices in the floor 
and track you until they chomp. They get annoying, but it is inconvenient to try to 
kill them. While shooting, just strafe back and forth and hope for the best. 

Your first target is the heart directly overhead. Strap on a Super Chaingun and 
blast it. Then go for the kidneys above. When these are gone, go into Sniper Mode 
and lob a Sniper Mortar into the hole in each lung. When the lungs are gone, use 
your ribbon chute to ride the exposed drafts up to the eyes and brain. This is 
difficult, as the green beasties will chomp at you mid-flight. If they bite you, 
you'll fall to the floor. 

Once atop the jet of air, drift over to the shelf under the eyes. Take one down and 
it will fall to join you on the ledge. It's still not gone, though! It will face you 
and attempt to blast you will fire bolts from its pupil. Treat it like a S.O.D., 
strafing slightly back and forth while replacing its vitreous humor with lead. When 
one is destroyed, focus on the other. When both eyes are done, turn to face the 
brain. Snipe the lock balls that circle the brain and eventually destroy it to win 
the game. 

Back to the Old Drawing Board 

Sound easy? It would be if Zizzy was content with leaving you inside to chip away at 
his innards. But he won't. Each time you go in, you have a limited amount of time to 
get the job done. Don't sweat it. It is almost impossible to take down Zizzy in one 
trip indoors. Take out what you can, then prepare for another external fight. 

If you fall or step into any of the openings in Zizzy's viscera (the jet streams and 
orifice you enter through), you'll get shot out of Zizzy's body. If you are fully 
stocked with health, you are in danger inside the emperor. If you need some health, 
step into an opening to return to the arena, taking your chances with the power-ups 
and the outer Zizzy. 

When you are spit back into the arena, it's business as usual. Dodge Zizzy's attacks 
and plug him. The first time you return outside, the emperor will have nearly half 
his health. The next time, he'll have a quarter. After that, he'll take very little 
blasting to get back inside. Each time you return outside, scope the room for more 
power-ups. +25 Health appears compliments of Doc Hawkins. 

After a few trips, and some well-placed ammo, Zizzy will fall. Congratulations! 
You've beaten the toughest Dreamcast game yet. 


Max (Hardest) 

Max's journey through the palace is a bit more straightforward than Kurt's. He 
begins directly in front of his entrance to the fortress. Grab the two Shotguns and 
two Rayguns just inside the first door. As you do, the door ahead will slide open. 
Head to the back of the next room, snagging the Uzis in the right corner. Quickly 
turn around and prepare for a big fight. 

As you kill each two baddies, another two will appear. The tactics for all are the 
same. Strafe back and forth while filling them full of lead. The order of enemies 
is: two Dogan Boys, two more, two Bifs, two Bifs, another two Bifs, and yet another 
two Bifs. The best way to take down the Bifs is to focus on one until it is dead, 
then take down the other. The Raygun and Shotgun will keep one Bif on the floor at 
all times. Take advantage of this to make this a short fight. 

When the brawl is over, grab the AA and Car Battery and Uzi in the corner. Through 
the next door is another AA Battery. Follow the path around to another AA, then go 
through the blue door to the fountain room. Head up the stairs and jump to the 
right. Find the blue door and go through. At the door before the boss fight is a 
pair of Bifs. Creep to the right until you can see a sliver of the first, then fire, 
edging out until you damage him. He will pump some energy blasts into the wall, but 
will be unable to hit you, unless you move further forward. Don't. Stay where you 
are until he drops, then edge out further and finish off his buddy. Then head into 
the boss fight. 

Dog Eat Frog 

Max's fight with Zizzy resembles Kurt's in many ways. Zizzy has the same attacks, 
and they can be dodged in the same ways discussed in Kurt's section. In Max's fight, 
there are guns and Health scattered around the chamber. In addition, snag the Atomic 
Jet Pack at the beginning of the battle to have air capabilities. 

As with Kurt, plug away with Max until you are sucked inside Zizzy. The object is 
the same. Shoot the internal organs until they burst. The catch with Max is that the 
innards require a steady stream of fire to be destroyed, or they regenerate. To 
quickly dispose of the heart and kidneys, load up on Gatling Guns and focus the fire 
on each single piece until it falls. 

Use the Jet Pack to hover above and eliminate the eyes and brain. Once you've taken 
down all of the organs, the fight will be over. Go lick yourself. You've done well. 


Dr. Hawkins (Easiest) 

Dr. Hawkins is a thinker. His foray into the fortress requires brainpower. And a lot 
of ladders. From the starting point, head left until you reach a gray anchor point 
near the outer wall. Place a ladder there, making your way up several more anchor 
points until you reach a parapet. 

From here, drop into the palace and equip the Atomic Toaster. Follow the path until 
you reach a clearing sporting a Birdbrain and Hoser. Eliminate the Birdbrain with 
some toxic toast, pick up the Mr. Fizzy in the corner, then run through and rejoin 
the path. 

Weave through the Hosers here, collecting Mr. Fizzies and dodging their snot 
attacks. Around another corner is a five-pack of Baguettes. There is a Birdbrain 
lurking around the next corner. Do not enter the intersection. Instead, target the 
Birdbrain through the open corner to the left. You can take him down from safety 
through this hole. When the Birdbrain falls, head down the next hall, past a Hoser, 
to collect some Pumpernickel and some Baguettes. 

Around the next corner is another BB. Strafe and drop him with the Atomic Toast. 
Follow the path to a large blue door. Through it, you'll find yourself at the top of 
the fountain room stairs. Place a ladder on the anchor near the top to get over to 
the left. 

Head to the blue doors. Just before then entrance to the boss fight, there are a 
pair of Spheres. Angle a toast shot off of the right wall to take them down without 
putting yourself in danger. Then step to the boss fight, Fluke. 

The Doctor is In 

The Dr. Hawkins boss fight plays like the other two, until you get inside Zizzy. 
Make sure you grab the Leaf Blower from the arena, then take down Zizzy with an 
assortment of loaves: mainly Baguettes and regular toast. Save your Pumpernickel for 
the innards. The best way to get inside is to use Baguettes to plug Zizzy. When you 
run out, switch to regular toast. 

When you get inside, you'll have to switch to Hyde Hawkins to do any damage. There 
is Plutonium on a ledge near the main orifice. Hop up on the lip of the hole, then 
up to the ledge. Drink the Plutonium. Then hop aboard the bubble that rise from the 
main hole. Ride it until you reach the heart. Then leap and punch at the viscera 
until it bursts. Repeat this process until you destroy both pieces of the heart and 
the kidneys. 

When you burst the kidneys, the eyes will drop into the area below. Equip the Leaf 
Blower to move the eyes around the squishy floor. Your goal is to maneuver them into 
the two holes with vents. They'll eventually find their way there anyway, but the 
Leafblower can give them a boost. 

When you have positioned both of the eyes into the holes, equip your Atomic Toaster 
and aim at the upper third of one of the eyeballs. Your goal is to deflect shots 
into the brain. Keep adjusting until you line up a deflection that does damage. When 
you see the slider, whoomp on the button. Don't move and don't worry about the green 
beasties. Stay where you are and drink Mr. Fizzies. Keep plugging until you take the 
meter down to zero. 

Sit back, pour yourself an atomic brew and luxuriate in the sweet, sweet ending. 


Dogan Boys 

These large, reptilian mongrels carry energy blasters and look menacing. They 
aren't. The most common foe in the game, D-Boys usually appear from generators. 
Destroy the generator to shut down the flow of Boys. 

Ultra Dogan Boys 

Like their brethren, the Ultra Dogan boys look scaly and evil. These guys come 
strapped with Ultra guns. When fired, the bullets track you around the arena. Put 
them down quickly, or if possible, run right by them. 


A smaller cousin of the Dogans, the Poopsies are differentiated by a large plume of 
fins around their heads. For the purposes of this guide, Poopsies are often referred 
to as Dogan Boys. They are quite entertaining, taunting and laughing at you, but are 
not much of a threat. A few Chaingun rounds will put them down. 


These rolling robotic critters bring the pain. If they reach you, they explode on 
impact, causing major damage. Pick them off as they roll toward you. 


Droopy-snouted weirdos, the Hosers attack with bullets of snot. They are easily 
avoided and easily killed. Take your pick. 


This brotherhood of aliens boast pointy heads and a telepathic attack that travels 
in ringed shock waves. Eliminate them from a distance to save Health. 

Spheres of Death (S.O.D.s) 

These lovely glass spheres are equipped with a single concussive cannon. The gun 
rotates to face you, then tracks your movements as you dodge. Watch out for these 
lurking around corners or hovering overhead. They can be taken down by strafing and 


The Bifs serve as Imperial guards of Zizzy's palace, but you find them scattered 
throughout the game. Resembling steers on 'roids, the Bifs pack serious firepower in 
the form of energy staffs with tracking shots. These curving blasts chase you around 
the arena. The best way to combat them is to let them come at you, then step away at 
the last moment. Taking down a Bif is easiest done by shooting it in the belt, where 
a single, blinking eye resides. If you can pick this off, you will score a one-hit 
kill. Otherwise, strafe, strafe, strafe. Use a Super Chaingun if possible. 


Hulking, robotic beasts of the air, Birdbrains hover above and dish out death. They 
have poor aim, but if you get too close, they'll swat you with a metal claw. Killing 
one does not get rid of it. Seconds later, another will take its place. 


These clumsy robots hobble around attempting to pinch and shoot you. Dropping them 
does not spell the end. To take them down for good, you'll have to snipe their green 
domes. A good tactic when facing a Grunt is to drop him with a normal Chaingun, then 
polish him off with a Sniper round as he lays immobilized. 

Inviso Grunts 

Inviso Grunts are identical to Grunts, except that you can see through them. Inviso 
Grunts are difficult to see, and hard to take down. Fight them in the same way you 
would a Grunt. 


Kurt In His Boxer Shorts
At the Main Menu Press and hold L2 + R2 and enter: 


As soon as Kurt is done sky diving and is on the ground he'll be without his coil 
suit and sporting his boxer-briefs.

Drop Camera
Here's a little trick that will make a new camera effect for you to play around 
with. By holding L2 and R2 and pressing CIRCLE, X, CIRCLE, X the camera will be 
dropped in place. As you move, the perspective will change like in Resident Evil. To 
return the camera to normal, repeat the code.

                         THE END

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