Strategy Guide - Guide for Midnight Club II

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Strategy Guide by: Brian Uhler
Email: [email protected]
Version 1.0

Hey, I wrote this strategy guide to help all of those people struggling with the 
game to beat it, and for those who already have to maybe learn something new. 
Saying that I don’t mind if you take my info, but don’t use it as your own, and 
tell me if your going to repost it somewhere. Thank you.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Driving Basics + Driving Tricks
III. Characters
IV. Cars
V. Walkthrough
VI. Cheat Codes

I. Introduction
In secret gatherings around the world a mysterious group of urban street racers – 
known as the Midnight Club – race for pride, power and glory in sleekly 
customized tricked-out sports cars. Racing through crowded streets, running red 
lights, terrorizing peds, driving on sidewalks and outrunning cops are just the 
basics for the Midnight Club. 

II.Driving Basics + Driving Tricks
a. Controls
X – Accelerate
O – Handbrake
Triagle – Change View
Square – Brake/Reverse
R1 – Handbrake
R2 – Nitrous
L1 – Weight Transfer
L2 – Rear View
Right analog stick – Accelerate / Brake / Reverse
Left analog stick – Steering
L3 – Flash highs / Machine Gun
R3 – Horn / Rocket 
Up – Map
Down – Mini-map zoom
Right/Left – Music control
Start – Pause
b. Unlocked controls
Nitrous – Use the R2 to engage nitro. Different cars have different amounts of 
nitro. It can be used to give you alittle boost to get back up to speed, or boost 
your top speed for a moment.
In-Air Controls – Use weight transer and the left analog stick to keep your car 
steady in the air, and to ensure smooth landing.
Burnouts – To burnout hold the handbrake and the accelerator. The meter on the 
right of the screen will fill up red. Burnouts can be used to take off quick off 
the line, and to get back up to speed.
Slip-Stream Tubo – When you are driving behind another car and you here the sound 
of a slip-stream your meter will fill up red. When it is completely red press R2 
for a boost.
2-Wheel drivng – Use weight transfer and the left analog stick, to pop up one 
direct or the other. 
180 degree turn – While driving press square and the handbrake while turning to 
do a 180. This same method can be used to do 360’s and 540’s, and can be combined 
with 2wheel driving to do 2 wheel 180’s and 360’s.
Motorcycles – Use weight transfer and the left analog stick to make sharp turns. 
To do a wheelie use weight transfer and press down on the analog stick. To duck 
press weight transfer and up on the analog stick. To do an endo press weight 
transfer and up on the analog stick while stopping.

III. Characters
a. Los Angeles
Moses – Citi
Moses is a fried in disguise. He’s always willing to give newcomer a change, even 
if it means renouncing his status.
Steven – Emu
Steven is fascinated by the technology of racing. He spends most of his time in 
the garage assembling and adjusting new parts to give him an edge.
Maria – Torrida
Raised in the house of hard knocks, Maria has blood boiling over for you. If you 
step into her neighborhood, you need to be ready to take it.
Angel – Interna
The son of a famous Hollywood movie producer, Angel thinks he owns the world. 
He’s always out to impress, but he’ll cheat you just the same. Look out for his 
father, Diege, as the old man never got over his racing addiction.
Gina – Citi Turbo, Cohete
Always flirtatious and into her beats, Gina is the cornerstone of the LA scene. 
Whether she’s spinning records or racing cars, Gina is always pushing it up a 
notch. She’s prone to getting into trouble so keep an eye out.
Hector – Monstruo
Hector is bent on being recognized. As Maria’s big brother, he is always looking 
to protect his little sister from harm. Do not disrespect him or he will blow up 
in your face.
Dice – Jersey XS
King of the LA racing scene, Dice is not accustomed to losing. He always brings 
his “A” game, so be sure you’re ready before you go for the crown.
b. Paris
Blog – Boost
Blog comes from England and is a world famous DJ. He’s an arrogant muck with tons 
of attitude.
Julie + Jewel – Bryanston V
Jewel and Julie are twin sisters from the heart of Paris. The dynamic duo are 
focused racers that are difficult to overcome.
Primo – Schneller V8
The Italian F1 driver has made it over to Paris to show the world what precise 
racing can deliver. Primo will not stop racing you untill all his cars are gone.
Stephane – Alarde
Stephane is a Parisian nationalist. He knows the streets of Paris better than 
anyone, and is insulted by the influx of foreign talent.
Ian – Fripon X, Monsoni
This Austalian could never pick a passion. Now he’s racing cars and bikes to show 
his mates tht he’s more than just a roughneck.
Farid – Stadt
An Algerian hiding from authoritis in Paris. Farid races for cover as he eludes 
the Paris cops and Inspector Owen. He’ll use your services whenever convenient to 
keep his counterfiet bank writing schemes alive.
Parfait – Modo Prego
Parfait’s time of glamorous cat walks and magazine shoots have long since passed, 
but her passion for fast cars and good times have not.
c. Tokyo
Ricky – Vortex 5
Ricky owns a nightclub in Tokyo, where he bases all his operations. He will cheat 
off the line and masqueade the truth to ensure victory.
Shing – RSMC 15
This rich youngster wants nothing to do with newcomers. Shing loves his money, 
and would rather spend it all than race for real. His old associate, Ichiro, is 
tired of his games and can’t wait for a new challenger to teach him a lesson.
Haley – Saikou
As an American in Tokyo, Haley is always trying to prove herself. She is fierce, 
so be careful not to tick her off.
Nikko – Knight
Nikko is fast, deliberate, and a little reckless. Image is everything to him. His 
goal is plain and simple, to become the ultimate racer.
Zen – Nousagi
Zen is a man of focus and balance. His racing is an expression of purity, honor, 
and discpline.
Kenichi – Saikou XS
A prominent figure in Tokyo’s underworld. Kenichi has ties to all important 
organizations, and values his reputation above all other things. Kenichi is after 
Gina for an unpaid debt. It’s up to you to save her.
Makoto – Torque JX
The wealth of Asian finances has allowed Makoto to dominate his passion. He races 
only those worthy enough.
d. The Champion
Savo – Veloci
Savo has been to every city in the world, demonstrating his mastery of open city 
racing. His reflexes are world renown. Savo is a production of perfection.

IV. Cars
Nitrous: 1
Speed: D
Acceleration: C-  
Handling: C-

Nitrous: 1
Speed: D
Acceleration: B-
Handling: B

Nitrous: 1
Speed: C
Acceleration: D-
Handling: C 

Nitrous: 1
Speed: C
Acceleration: C
Handling: B-

1971 Bestia
Nitrous: 1
Speed: C+
Acceleration: C
Handling: D-

Nitrous: 1
Speed: C-
Acceleration: B-
Handling: B+

Nitrous: 0
Speed: B-
Acceleration: B-
Handling: B-

Citi Turbo
Nitrous: 1
Speed: C+
Acceleration: C-
Handling: B+

Nitrous: 1
Speed: B-
Acceleration: C+
Handling: C+

Jersey XS
Nitrous: 2
Speed: B-
Acceleration: B-
Handling: B-

Nitrous: 2
Speed: B
Acceleration: B-
Handling: B

Bryanston V
Nitrous: 2
Speed: B-
Acceleration: B
Handling: B-

Schneller V8
Nitrous: 2
Speed: B+
Acceleration: C
Handling: C

Nitrous: 2
Speed:  C-
Acceleration: B+
Handling: B+

Fripon X
Nitrous: 2
Speed: C
Acceleration: B+
Handling: B+

Nitrous: 0
Speed: B-
Acceleration: A
Handling: B-

Nitrous: 2
Speed: C
Acceleration: B
Handling: B+

Nitrous: 2
Speed: C+
Acceleration: B
Handling: C-

Modo Prego
Nitrous: 3
Speed: B-
Acceleration: A-
Handling: C+

Lusso XT
Nitrous: 3
Speed: B-
Acceleration: B+
Handling: C

Nitrous: 3
Speed: A-
Acceleration: A-
Handling: C

Vortex 5
Nitrous: 3
Speed: C+
Acceleration: A+
Handling: B+

Nitrous: 3
Speed: B-
Acceleration: A+
Handling: B

Nitrous: 3
Speed: B-
Accelertion: A+
Handling: B

Nitrous: 0
Speed: B
Acceleration: A+
Handling: A+

Saikou XS
Nitrous: 3
Speed: B
Acceleration: A-
Handling: B

Torque JX
Nitrous: 4
Speed: A
Acceleration: A+
Handling: A+

Nitrous: 5
Speed: A-
Acceleration: A+
Handling: A+

Nitrous: 5
Speed: A+
Acceleration: A+
Handling: C

LA Cop
Nitrous: 2
Speed: B- 
Acceleration: C
Handling: C

Paris Cop
Nitrous: 3
Speed: B
Acceleration: B
Handling: B

Tokyo Cop
Nitrous: 5
Speed: A
Acceleration: B+
Handling: B+

V. Walkthrough
Note: I will become progessively less descriptive about specific basic turns as 
the walkthrough goes on. This is because I expect that you have began to learn 
how the handle yourself.

Moses - Citi
Your Car - Cocotte
This is the most basic race you will have to complete in the game. The car you 
are in is a piece of crap, but its has a higher top speed than Moses' car, so you 
must get to your top speed as soon as possible and maintain it the entire time, 
if you let up at all or hit anything they will catch you. When you reach the 
sixth checkpoint watch out for a crossing truck be sure to stay to the left.
Welcome to the Club
The race begins with a cop pulling up, ignore him. Take the inside on the first 
two corners, and try your best to beat Moses to the second checkpoint. Hit the 
ramp as fast as you can and jump at and angle so that when you land you can take 
off down the highway. It is once again very important to maintain your speed, 
because if you let up Moses will catch you. When you go down the exit be ready to 
turn left because the next straight has been blocked. When you reach the 8th, or 
final green checkpoint, ignore Moses and take a scortcut through an alley 
slightly to your left. Break through the fence and you got yourself a new vehicle.

Steven - Emu
Your Car - Citi
Takeoff Time
Another really simple race. Follow the road around through the first two 
checkpoints, then watch out for the cop are take a right through the fences keep 
going straight past the wierd looking cone things. Stay on the road again until 
you get to the first right, take this road until the first left. Break through 
the fences to the right of the checkpoint, and keep driving until you fly off the 
platform. Get back on the road, and watch out for another cop, now would be a 
good time to use the nitro. Once you are past the cop you are home free to the 
Triple Threat
This is your first unordered race. It is very simple, start by taking off 
straight and soon you will come to the first checkpoint. Go through it and up the 
next road, turn onto it and build up some speed. Wait for a good oportunity and 
then use your nitro. You will come upon the next checkpoint soon. Continue to 
follow this road until you go through a slight bend, then take the second right. 
After you collect the checkpoint turn right at the next intersection. Turn left 
at the next block on this road and the finish should be right there.

Maria - Torrida
Your Car - Emu
Freeway Rally
Begin by taking off and try to get out in front. Launch down the hill and be sure 
to use those in-air controls to keep your car level. You are now on the freeway. 
Follow this for a while trying to stay in front and avoiding traffic. To do this 
try white lining and staying close to the wall. Eventually the road will curve, 
and will lead you back to the freeway. You will then be lead to an exit, but you 
will go right back onto the freeway. Follow the freeway around for awhile again, 
until you are lead to exit again. This time its alittle tricky. When you get to 
the bottom look out for the big rig. You can go right under him but don't hit his 
wheels. You are back onto the freeway for a couple more checks, then you exit and 
this time take a right to exit the freeway. Now use that nitro and blow by the 
cops all the way to the finish line. Don't cut the final corner to tight or your 
lookin' at a explusive end to your race.
Corner Cutter
Start by peeling out of the gas station and down the road. The first turn will be 
the first major road. You will soon see this race isn't called Corner Cutter for 
nothing. You can cut this corner by going through the parking lot. The same at 
the next corner. Continue around the uturn and back to the straight. The next 
turn is  the first left. After making this turn you should see that you can 
easily cut right through another parking lot to the checkpoint. The next right is 
your next turn. You can cut this corner by sliping between the barrier and the 
building. Take the immediate left and take this road up to the next left. The 
next turn is the next right, you can cut it by braking through the glass and 
driving through the building. Once back on the road you take the immediate next 
right, followed by another right which you can cut by driving through the parking 
lot. Follow this road out to the bridge, turn onto the bridge and then turn left 
at the end of it. The next turn will be a left which you can cut by driving 
through the parking lot. You then take two quick rights, and go back across a 
bridge. When you come the next check use your emergency brake to power slide and 
once you have built up some speed use your nitro. Follow this road up to the next 
checkpoint. Go straight ignoring the cops and bust through the fence and down 
onto the dirt. Driving through the tunnel on the left, and there should be the 
next checkpoint. Get back on the road and follow it until you get to the cops. 
Hang a left at the cops and follow this road all the way to the top of the hill. 
Just the finish is left. Do not take the right turn onto the road perpendicular 
to the finish line. Continue around the corner and through the alley between the 
building. The finish is right there and so is your new vehicle.

Angel - Interna + 1971 Bestia
Your Car - Torrida (First two races) + 1971 Bestia (Final race)
Hollywood Hysteria
Another unordered race, but it is pretty self expanitory. Start out by going 
straight and hanging a right at the first checkpoint. Now follow the check all 
the way through the end of that winding mess. Follow this road all the way until 
the final checkpoint. Turn left at this checkpoint. Stay on this road until the 
first left. Follow this road all the way to the checkpoint.
Race Drag
Start out by ignoring the loser with his wheely and take advantage by surging 
ahead and straight down. Land and head right for the next checkpoint. After this 
checkpoint you will get to a wall right in your way. Drive up one of the two 
ramps and work on your in-air control once again. Once you have landed the rest 
of the checks are right in front of you. He will eventually catch you at some 
time between landing and the end because he has a higher top end, so don't 
hesitate to use the nitro. After the last checkpoint its right up the wall and 
back to the road. Right there is your finish. You have won the Bestia.
Cheaters Never Win
When the race begins, that loser Angel has already got a step on you because he 
decided to cheat. Try to keep the wheely to a minimum and then take the inside on 
him on the next couple turns until you have gotten the checkpoints on the two 
bridges. After you exit the bridge take the second right. Follow this road up the 
next checkpoint. Stay on this road until you run out of road and then turn left. 
Take the immediate right and as soon as you get to the next checkpoint do a 180 
and get a boost using your nitro. Follow this road to the next check, and then 
bust through the glass and on to the next checkpoint. Get back on the road and 
follow it to the next checkpoint. Hang a right at this checkpoint and follow this 
road up to the next two checkpoints. Turn right at the final checkpoint and then 
take your first right to finish. You have won the Interna.

Gina – Citi Turbo
Your Car – Torrida
Unexpected Guests
To begin the race you must have perfect timing on the burnout. Stay with them 
through the straight and cut the corners because these cars do have the edge. Now 
I’m gonna leave up to you to get to the fourth check. Once you are here don’t 
follow the road around, to the left are some stairs. Jump them right onto the 
next checkpoint. Follow this road up and take the second left. Once you get to 
the checkpoint hit the nitro. Keep the speed all the way to the next checkpoint, 
and then it gets a bit tricky. Be sure to squeeze through the columns back onto 
the road. This can be tricky at highspeeds, but not impossible. Follow this road 
around to the next two checkpoints, and turn left and the second. Now once again 
don’t follow the road. After a second there should be some windows to your left. 
Bust through them and soon you should find the next checkpoint. Back on the road 
now and through the final checkpoint and the finish.
Once again to start this race the burnout is very important. Up the next road and 
turn right. Follow this road along picking up the various checkpoints. After a 
while you will come the left turn leading to the next checkpoint. Follow this 
road around until you come to some buildings. Take the alley in between and hang 
a left. Now go through the mess of turns. There are various ways to cut them, 
these should be used at all times because the bikes have great handling. When you 
have came to the final checkpoint in the mess of turns hang a left back into the 
alley that lead you in. Follow the road back out to the main road. Turn right on 
it and once you have hit about 140 hit the nitro. Note: If you are having trouble 
beating this one just remember to win at all costs. The bikes don’t take damage 
well. If one is trying to race beside you just nudge him off his bike. 
Weight Training
I shouldn’t even have to explain to you how to do this one. Go to the single 
checkpoint, and then back to the finish. There is plenty of time so do the tricks 
the Gina describes if you feel so inclined. Note: Read the above basics if you 
need to learn how to use a bike.
Flight to the Finish
Start the race with a burnout into a wheely. Once you land duck down on the bike 
to try to get a boost ahead of the competition. Follow the highway around through 
the various checkpoints, until you exit. Hang a right a head right for the next 
checkpoint. Follow the turns around doubling back and changing levels. The bottom 
level turns are a bit tricky because of the columns, but practice can fix that. 
Now follow the road out and take the first right. Follow this road around to the 
next checkpoint and go one block up and then turn left. Follow this road all the 
way up through one checkpoint until you get to the uturn. Grab this checkpoint 
and get back on the road. Get the next checkpoint and then take your first right. 
Stay on this road until you see the enterance to a construction site and a big 
yellow crane. Drive up the ramp and fly to victory. You now have the Citi Turbo. 
Note: In the bike squeezing through tight spots in traffic should be no problem. 

Hector – Monstruo
Your Car – Citi Turbo
Lose the Cops
There is no surefire way to pull this one off. I suggest take the road all the 
way to the end and turning right. Then hit the jump using your nitro and lose the 
cops. Now drive as fast as you can to the finish. If you get picked up be another 
cop the only way to ditch him is to outrun him. Good luck.
Block Party
Start by taking off and turning left onto the bridge. Turn right at the first 
checkpoint and left at the next. Once you have gotten the last of this three do a 
180 and cut across the parking lot onto the road. Take the first right on the 
road leading to the checkpoint, turn right here to the next point. Follow this 
around to the final of the three and then stay on this straight. Build up some 
good speed here and hit the nitro to get Hector off your tail. When you get the 
point follow the road around to the next one and turn right at it. Turn right at 
the next check and follow this road all the way until you have to cross the 
canal. Try to keep control and get back on the road. Follow the checks around and 
you are on the home stretch.
Slipstream Chicanes
Now this may get easier. You have now discovered slipstream turbo. Start the race 
by trailing Hector inorder to build up you turbo. When is flashes red blast by 
him to the first checkpoint. Turn right here and then take the next left. Hang a 
right at the next checkpoint and then a quick left. Go straight on through the 
checkpoint, and the park, putting you ahead of all the other racers. Follow this 
road up to the next checkpoint and hang a left. Take the next right and hit the 
checkpoint. Follow this road around through the next two checkpoints.

Dice – Jersey XS
Your Car – Monstruo
This is a tough race because Dice’s buddies don’t play nice. Start by trying to 
get out in front of the pack. Take the first left and watch out for the buildings 
in the middle of the road. Take a left back onto the main road and follow the 
road all the way up weaving in and out of the palm trees. Now continue to follow 
this road until you get to the freeway enterance. This road is normally full of 
cops so watch out. Now follow the freeway to the next checkpoint. Be sure to 
crossover to the other side of the highway when the median drops out to get the 
next checkpoint. Now take the exits and circle around twice. You will eventually 
come out and have to cross back over the median where you then go around in 
circles again. After taking to exits you then drive off the highway where you see 
the roadblocks. Use those in-air controls so that you don’t crash when you land. 
Bust through the fence and take a left at the checkpoint. Go up this road to the 
next checkpoint, and then instead of taking the next left, cut through the 
parking lot of the building to the left. Get back on the road and take it up to 
the second left. Grab the next checkpoint and take a right. Driving through the 
buildings and to the next checkpoint. Then back on the road and take it up across 
the bridgeto the next two checkpoints. Turn left at the second. Follow this road 
up to the next check, and then turn left to enter the freeway. Get the checkpoint 
on the freeway and then exit and grad the next check. Turn left on the after 
exitting and hit your nitro. The next checkpoint will come up fast. Powerslide 
turning left and jump down into the canal getting the next checkpoint. Now you 
should remember the ramps from when you dragged Diego, jump one of these to get 
to the next checkpoint. Now race up to the next one dead ahead and turn left into 
the little alley. Now you are on the home strerch. 
Droppin’ Knowledge
Start by going straight four blocks, or until you run out of road, and turn left. 
Take this road up three blocks and take a right. Hit your nitro now, and follow 
this road, it has a slight bend to the right, all the way to the first 
checkpoint. Go straight after grabbing the first checkpoint and then turn left. 
After turning take the immediate left and stay on this road until the first left. 
Take this road up until you have to turn right or left, turn right. Follow this 
road up to the next checkpoint, and then take the first right. Take this road up 
two blocks and then turn left. Get the checkpoint and then take the first left 
after leaving the underpass. Cut through the building to your right and then get 
back on the road. Take this road up until you see the bridge, turn left before 
the bridge and follow this road up to the next bridge where you should turn 
right. Get the checkpoint and stay on this road, until you go under the overpass, 
then take the first right. Grab this checkpoint and take a right on the next 
road. Take this road all the way up until it dead ends, you must jump the canal, 
and turn right. Turn right at the checkpoint and go straight until you jump the 
canal again. This time there is a jump. Take this road up to the first right, and 
then after turning take the next left. Follow this up to the next checkpoint, and 
then you should see a building with tinited glass to your right. Drive through 
the glass and through the tunnel, up the ramp and to the finish. You are the new 
Los Angeles Champion. 

PARIS – Time for you to take alittle more control because now im only giving tips.
Blog – Boost
Your Car – Jersey XS
Effect Visions
The other cars are obviously faster, you must be sure to take advantage of 
slipstream turbo. Be sure to do a 180 at the first checkpoint and then use your 
nitro. This should put you in the lead, but watch the turn the Jersey XS is your 
only chance to win, but it is heavy and can’t handle the tight Paris turns. Watch 
out for the building right before the finish, you can carefully go between or use 
two-wheel driving.
Rooftop Vistas
After the second checkpoint take an alley to directly to your left instead of 
staying on the road. When you hit the jump, don’t get to much speed or you will 
overshoot the landing and hit a building. Always know which way you are going 
next while jumping, and always jump in the direction of the next checkpoint. If 
you don’t pay attention to detail you can end up on the road when you need to be 
on a rooftop of visa versa. After the checkpoint on the road which originates in 
the large circle, turn left into the alley to get to the next checkpoint. 

Julie + Jewel – Bryanston V
Your Car – Boost
Twin Turbo
A fairly basic race, all you need to know is to take the path to the right and 
follow the checks all the way around to the finish.
The only true shortcut  in this race comes between the third and forth 
checkpoints. After you go through the third checkpoint drive for a few seconds 
and then instead of staying on the road turn right and there is a tunnel built in 
the building. Take this and you can go from last to first. Watch out for the gas 
pumps when leaving the highway, they can ruin your race if you hit them.

Primo – Schneller V8
Your Car – Bryanston V
Seine Insane
Begin by hitting the first checkpoint and going through the archway and out the 
other arch, follow this road up to the next checkpoint where you turn right. Turn 
right at the next checkpoint and then enter the freeway, lower road by the water. 
Follow the all the way around until the final checkpoint. There are some times 
where you have to use the exit ramp as a jump to get checkpoints. 
When you begin take the alley directly behind the way you are facing. This will 
lead you to the first checkpoint. On the freeway you must be aware of which side 
of the road the checkpoint is on. You can tell this because it will be slightly 
to one side or the other on the map. Use the openings in the median and the archs 
in the tunnel to switch sides on the road. When you exit the freeway the second 
time instead of going up and turning onto the major road go alitte further and 
take the small diagnol alley which will give you a 2 or 3 second lead on your 

Stephane – Alarde
Your Car – Bryanston V
Roundabout Run
This is an unordered race. Start by going to the closest group of three, then hit 
the set on the right. After that work your way toward the finish getting each 
group on the way. Always be aware of which way you intend to go after getting the 
checkpoints, and get them in an order so that you can get out of there as soon as 
you have gotten them. 
Over and Under
Don’t be afraid to use the large glass pyramid as a jump, some of the other 
racers don’t and it will give you an advantage. While in the tunnel the second 
time, you will come to two forks in the road, first go right and then left. 

Ian – Fripon X, Monsoni
Your Car – Bryanston V
Note: On the last two races, don’t forget to hit the motorcycles as much as 
possible. The riders will fall off easily.
The Art of Racing
Watch out for the feriswheel because you can’t drive through it. You will most 
likely not be able to get out in front to start the race so watch out for most of 
the racers to hit the feriswheel and crash right in front of you. A few seconds 
after the second checkpoint there is an alley which can be used as a shortcut. 
After the checkpoint which is by the waterfront, use a ramp to your right to jump 
through the glass. When exiting the freeway don’t hit it to fast or you will fly 
over the fences and out onto the freeway again.
Few and Far Between
The first shortcut, is small but helps somewhat. You will come to a circle with a 
building in the middle. It will have three small openings, if you need to make up 
only a small distance or need just an inch to get them off your back, use this. 
After you get the checkpoint by the fountain take the road straight ahead. Follow 
this road and build up some speed because you will need it to clear the jump. 
Monsoni Monsoon
This is another race where you need to be aware of which side of the freeway the 
checkpoint is on. Make sure you are on the correct side. Don’t hesitate to knock 
those bikes around, it is an easy way to surpass someone in front of you.

Farid – Stadt
Inspector Owen - Victory
Your Car – Fripon X
Catacomb Criminal
There are no really shortcuts in this one. The way that you win is to avoid all 
of Farid’s attempts to run you off the road and by quicky avoids the poles and 
other obsticles in the catacombs.

Lose the Cops 
Just like the last one, there is really no easy way to pull this off. I found it 
helpful to use the catacombs directly behind you. Another way is to draw them in 
one way and then do a 180 and use nitro to quickly leave them behind you.
Now you have to outrun the inspector because of Farid’s past mistakes. Be sure to 
save your nitro for the freeway because the Victory has a good topspeed. You 
should be able to outhandle and fit through smaller alleys better. 

Parfait – Modo Prego
Your Car – Victory
View From Above
After getting the first checkpoint take a right and use the alley which will lead 
to a jump and a good lead on the opponents who went the other direction. Use the 
nitro when going off this jump and you can really fly. 
Once again when taking off for the second large jump, don’t get too much air or 
you can overshoot the landing. When leaving this alley take the next right and 
then climb the grassy hill back up to the road. If this is done well it is a good 
shortcut. If all else fails, and you end up behind the pack following Parfait is 
ussually your best bet.
Most of this race takes place on the crowded downtown streets, so you need to be 
ready to avoid traffic, and lots of it. While in the tunnel the first turn is to 
the left and then to the right. After leaving the tunnel and getting the first 
checkpoint look to the left for a jump which will take you through some glass and 
to the next checkpoint. After this checkpoint watch out for the feriswheel when 
leaving the park. Win this race and you are the new champ and the owner of the 
Modo Prego.

Ricky – Vortex 5
Your Car – Modo Prego
Shibuya Scramble
Start off by taking the path to the right. After the second checkpoint be sure to 
take the enterance onto the elevated road above the buses. Again after the forth 
you should again take the elevated road. On the final turn to the finish, after 
turning right, continue straight through the alley and then turn left to get to 
the finish.
Ricky’s Revenge
He wants to cheat, oh well that’s his problem. Start by busting through the 
window to the left to cut your turn. After the second checkpoint take a right 
into the courtyard of a building which will lead to a jump and the next 
checkpoint. On your way to the finish once again don’t forget to take the 
elevated road. After leaving the elevated road there is a buidling with a glass 
face directly ahead, bust through the glass and use the stairs as a ramp to jump 
out of the building and to victory.

Shing – RSMC 15 
Ichiro - Lusso XT
Your Car – Vortex 5, untill you win the Lusso XT then use that.
Red Herring
This is a basic race. Get the two checkpoints and get to the finish. Ignore his 
annoying time reminders. Use the highway directly behind you when you start to 
get to the first checkpoint. From there it should be easy enough.
Ichiro’s Challenge
It is very important to be ahead early in this race because the cops can be a 
freakin’ pain. To ensure this on the first straight right after Irchiro boosts, 
you also boost. Now on this next straight watch for buses that just stop in front 
of you for no reason at the next two intersections. When on the elevated highway, 
the only way to get to the next checkpoint is to bust through the guardrails and 
jump down to the road. When going for the finsih go left and cut through the 
field and water. There is a rock which can be used a jump straight ahead of you. 
The most important thing to remember is to get ahead in the early part of the 
race. This will mean he has to deal with the cops and the buses that stop in the 
middle of the intersection instead of you and you will get a big lead. 
The Real Deal
Before I start, the most important fact you must know to win the race is to save 
your nitro, if you don’t your looking at a watery defeat. The race starts with 
you grabbing some checkpoints by the water. Try to spend minimal time in the 
water because it does slow you down a bit. After turning left away from the water 
look out for multiple crossing trucks at the next intersection. After you have 
gotten the checkpoints by the next waterfront and you turn to take a semi-
enclosed road take the upperroad inorder to avoid traffic. After getting off the 
traintracks, here is why you needed to save that nitro. Use the nitro to jump the 
water using the huge ramp in front of you. When you get the final green 
checkpoint continue through the truckyard and out back to the road where you see 
another jump. I hope you saved you nitro. You will fly all the way to the finish.

Haley – Saikou
Your Car – RSMC 15
An unordered race. Pretty tough to find an easy way to do this one. Start by 
getting the group in the middle then off to the group to the right. Then from 
there go all the way across to the highway and the next group to the far left. 
From there first get the checkpoint in the tunnel then back around the group for 
the other three. Now just race to the finish.
Not to much advice I can give you to win this one. I know it is tough because of 
the fog, but if you keep racing while avoiding traffic you should be fine. Be 
sure to pay attention to the elevation of the next checkpoint so that you know if 
you are supposed to enter a highway or not. Missing and enterance in the fog can 
lose a race for you easily.

Nikko – Knight
Your Car – Saikou
Drifter’s Playground
Once again before I start I must remind you to save a nitro because your going to 
need it. First when jumping off the traintracks be sure you are above ground 
because if you jump even alittle early you are swimming. In the rain give 
yourself alittle bit more time to turn and don’t powerslide as much. There are 
various ways to cut the corners to get the first 5 or 6 checks. When going for 
the final checkpoint, there is a small alley slightly in front of the next turn 
which will lead you right to the checkpoint. Turn right at the final checkpoint 
and follow these alleys up to the jump, where I hope you saved you nitro, and 
across the water to the finish. 
Savant of Speed
First off don’t worry about the time limits because if you close on any 
checkpoint then you probably have no chance of winning anyway and you should 
start over. The keys to winning this race are avoiding the traffic that is 
already there and the added congestion that the racers create, and being aware of 
when you need to get on and off of the highway. This race is basic on the highway 
for a minute then off for a minute then back on, so you have to pay attention. 

Zen – Nousagi
Your Car – Knight
Wisdom Gate
This race is pretty short, and not too hard. These guys are alittle harder to 
knock off their bikes, but it is still quite easy. Keep that in mind. Be sure to 
take the tunnel by the water front to your right, if you don’t you may as well 
restart. After the checkpoint coming out from under the traintracks, there should 
be an alley directly in front of you that you can take to get to the next 
checkpoint easily.
Karma Rising
Once again, like many other races so far, you need to save a nitro for a big jump 
later on in the race. When coming out of the tunnel be sure that you are aimed 
for one of the openings. Running into a barrier can risk your chances of winning. 
Hit one of the three jumps to get the checkpoint that is above you when you are 
under the elevated traintracks. If you do not avoid traffic while on the highway 
you will not win because the bikes can swirve in and out of traffic easily. While 
in the tunnel be sure to switch from the right to left side as soon as possible. 
When you get to the big jump be sure to use nitro or you will never make it. 

Kenichi – Saikou XS
Your Car – Knight
Wow, this must be a theme, but once again you SHOULD save a nitro to use for a 
jump. This jump can be done without a nitro but you better have some good speed. 
To get the next checkpoint after the one on the elevated highway you must bust 
through the fence on the side of the road and jump down. In this race there are 
plenty of different ways to get to any one checkpoint. Just take the way that the 
arrow points it is the shortest and there is ussually a road.
I don’t think I really need to explain this one. You’re a cop, and they are 
racers. Go and hit them to arrest them.
This race becomes hard because it is raining and these idiots can not control 
there cars. Watch out on the first stretch of the race because they swirve and 
crash all over the place. When you turn around after the first stretch and you 
are going after the checkpoint, instead of following the road take the alley 
almost directly ahead of you. To get to the finish follow the traintracks around 
until you get to the three jumps again. Use the one of the far left.

Makoto – Torque JX
Your Car – Saikkou XS
Rite of Passage
You will need to conserve all of your nitro for the jumps in this race. It is 
really not to hard, the only thing this race consists of is the jumps and a 
couple misplaced checkpoints. Start by turning the car to the right during 
burnout. This is the quickest way out to the road. All you need to do is hit the 
first to jumps, follow the road you land on to the checkpoint all the way across 
town, and then come back for another jump and the finish.
Time to be the champ of Tokyo. You’re going to need to save two nitros. Take off 
and the first road is slightly to your left, you can follow this road around 
through a couple checks. This another race where paying attention to the 
elevation of the next checkpoint can be important. Although it is not shown 
elevated, the checkpoint after leaving the waterfront, you need to turn right and 
go up onto the elevated traintracks. Follow this over and then jump back down 
onto the road. Pay attention to the placement of the checkpoints also, watch for 
a checkpoint which requires you to bust into a yard through a fence on one side 
and then out the other. After leaving this yard take the next left and then take 
the tunnel in the building to your right to get to the next check. Watch for the 
building which had the steps you used earlier to jump to the next checkpoint, it 
aids you in the same way in this race. On your way to the finish drop down into 
the water and bust through the wooden doors to take a tunnel which will lead you 
right to the finish. You are now the Tokyo champ.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – 6 stages or races
Savo – Veloci
Your Car – Torque JX
Tokyo – Stages 1 and 2
1- Intake
You need to save one nitro. This one has a pretty straight and beaten path, there 
are really no true shortcuts. The way to win this one is to avoid all traffic and 
know when to enter and exit the highway. The longer you car stays at top speed 
the better because your cars topend is higher than Savo’s. When jumping up the 
ramp by the elevated traintracks, this time unlike others, it is very important 
that you land and drive on the tracks. Watch for trains. While on the highway the 
position of checkpoint on either side of the road will change twice.
2- Light
Just like the last race this race is on and off the highway, so you need to pay 
attention to the enterances and exits. This is another race with a time limit 
that you should really not worry about because if you are pushing the limit then 
you must be losing and you need to restart. The key to winning is using your 
nitro to keep your car at its top speed on the highways as much as possible. The 
Veloci doesn’t have quite as high of a top speed and if you avoid traffic you can 
put space between you and the other racers.
PARIS – Stages 3 and 4
3 – Burn
I personally very strongly disliked this race. It took me many tries to finally 
find the right pattern with which to get the checkpoints. First start by turning 
around while burning out. Take off this direction and get the closest check. It 
will be on a grassy island just off of the bridge. After getting this use the 
jump to the left of this island to get back to land and head for the next 
checkpoint which should be almost directly ahead, on the map that is, it is quite 
a far way away. This checkpoint will be by the church. Go through it and around 
the back. Bust through some gates and use the jump to get to the other side of 
the river. The next checkpoint should be northwest from where your sitting. Take 
the alley straight ahead and then use the jump to get closer to the check. After 
leaving the jump the turn will be the next on the right. Go up this hill and grab 
the checkpoint. One more left, now take the quickest route to the highway and 
grab the final checkpoint. Now all you have to do is get back to the finish. This 
race can be hard I know, it may take serval tries to get that perfect run that 
beats your opponents.
4- Turbo
Watch out for the feriswheel as you begin, and take off up the road to the check 
in the middle of the arch. Take the road to your left and there should soon be a 
buidling with an opening which has glass windows. Drive up into this opening. 
This building will lead to a jump. Aim straight ahead, if you aim to either side 
you could be swimming. The next major jump does not come for a while, but when 
you hit it once again aim straight ahead and hit it with some good speed. After 
this you will be lead around, through another not so complicated jump, back to 
the same spot. You will jump again, but this time from the otherside. When going 
off this jump aim right for the checkpoint, because this one is tough to land on 
the road and on either side is water. Note: I’m not for cheating, but for the guy 
that can’t beat this race use the howhardcanitbe0 code to make the other racers 
idiots, and they will not make it past the first jump. You have almost unlimited 
time to beat the race.
LOS ANGELES – Stages 5 and 6
5- Traction
Start this race by getting the group to the right. You do this by getting on the 
highway and following it around to the first two, then use the exit the circle 
around and get the next checkpoint. Follow this for a while until it leads you to 
the next bunch of checks. Don’t worry about the fact that it says you in 6th, 
because it will soon change. After these three go down and to the right to get 
the next group. Then almost right behind is the next bundle. After these go get 
the group at the top of your map, or the one that is further away. They should be 
near the gas station, if not you have messed up. After you get these, jump on the 
freeway and take it to the last group. Now off to the finish. Note: If this 
patern doesn’t work for you, then develop your own. This is only what worked for 
me. If you find something that also works or works better please tell me.
6- Apex 
The first few checkpoints should be easy to get to. After that you get to the 
checks by the palm trees. Be aware that they alternate sides and the margain for 
error is slim. After exiting the long winding path you should come to a domed 
building, go through the door and the check should be right there, turn left to 
exit here. After a while on the next straight you will come to a building with an 
on ground parking lot use this to cut across to the next checkpoint. After 
getting the first checkpoint after crossing the canal, the next can be gotten by 
using a jump instead of just driving down and then back up. Once on the highway 
make sure that you are paying attention to when you need to exit, in what 
direction, and what side of the road the checkpoint is on. When you beat this 
one, you will be the champ of the world, the owner or the veloci, and you will be 
down with career mode.

VI. Cheat Codes
Enter code at the cheat codes screen under options.
Note: The codes are case sensitive
All modes – dextran
All cars – theCollector
All locations – pennyThug
Infinite Nitrous – greenLantern
No Damage – gladiator
Guns and Rockets – savethekids
Better In-air controls – carcrobatics
Change difficulty – howhardcanitbe0 – howhardcanitbe9 choose a number from 0 to 
9, 0 is easiest and 9 is hardest.

If you find any problems in my strategy guide, or if you have something to add, 
please email me at [email protected] .

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