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BY ADK ...


First of all, i want to apology for my first walkthrough ( Virus for Saturn ). I 
wrote it on a Mac file then translate it on a PC file and the result was auwful 
when i read it on gamefaqs. There was so many fault that you could thought i 
cannot write a good phrase. This time i write my walkthrough directly on a PC so 
enjoy ( if it's possible to enjoy using a walkthrough).
I see it on gamefaqs and i'm surprised that dreamcast walkthroughs are so long. 
I'm sorry but this one will be also quite long but at least you will find 
everything you want to know about nanatsu.

Here is a brief summary of the program :

1 My review of nanatsu
2 Cast of character and monster
3 generality about the game
4 Kei's adventure
5 Reina's adventure
6 A word about the training mode
7 The pair con game ( folklorique )
8 Secret i can't solve by myself... 1 : My review of Nanatsu no Hikan Senritsu 
no Bishiou : For the very first time KOEI decides to make a game extremely 
different from ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOM. What a good idea... If i except 
items, principal informations are on katakana which are very important for us 
(gaïjin). And for a first strike KOEI  make an excellent approach of the genre.
Reina, a young scientist, come back to the island where Ernest Macferson live 
with his family. She considered him like a father. Kei is also a scientist. He 
takes care of  Reina when he has nothing to do. In fact he comes to see Christy 
Macferson who seems to be his childhood friend. Officially he is here to protect 
Reina from a misadventure. Their adventure begin like classical holiday with no 
knife ( on the contrary of STARS members team ) and most of all no zombies...
The only question that come to mind is : what is the secret of the seventh 
mansion ?
If i talk of presentation this game is full of MPEG videos overscan. In 
particular at the end of the game, videos are more and more beautiful. In 
addition of that KOEI creates videos for Kei, videos for Reina and videos for 
the pair con game. Of course a few are the same in each type of game but the 
whole videos are very cool and pleasant. Don't forget there is only one GD ROM.
Graphically the game is splendid and varied. The game area is not as enormous as 
in BIO HAZARD VERONICA but more than in other game the adventure has a 
predominante place. KOEI makes a good design with a classical ( on dreamcast ) 
Leonardo and even create a new reference ,  the Brad Pitt like, with Ricky. Most 
of all i can't forget Christy who is wonderful. ( there is nothing comparable in 
BioHazard like ). Zombies here are named Ripper. They are very cool in videos 
and quite ugly in the game. There are only five different zombies but the most 
powerful of them spit fire or have a gun ! The first and the second boss are 
ridiculous but at the end of the game they are enormous and impressive.
The game proposes three views. The first is the classical Biohazard view with 3d 
camera, i don't like it. The second is a view from behind the hero which is my 
favorite and the third is a doom like view which is very cool for battle. 
Animations are quick and smooth but sometime the game  slow down.  You must hit 
zombies and boss with a good timing and not repetively like in Bio Hazard or you 
will lose precious bullets.
The sound is incredible with some music like in GRANDIA and some music of 
atmosphear. The voices are good and thema in general are long.
The control depend of the view you choose. In the first view it is horrible. 
KOEI chooses an anologic control like in VERONICA instead of those of Blue 
Stinger or Shenmue. But KOEI also use an analogic control for the second and 
third view which is perfect and exactly like in Blue Stinger. Strange...
Nanatsu is full of originality. You can set up the speed of the game ( move 
sense ) and the brightness which change completely graphic of the game. (You are 
in high resolution with brightness on the max). It is the first time we can 
change this like on a PC. It seems that the game is optimized with a cinch and 
not with a RGB cable. With a RGB you can see vertical scanlines when you move in 
the game...

This game is hard with brilliant enigma. Reina's game is more an adventure.Kei's 
game is more an action game.The pair con is action, adventure and fun. There are 
special action for two players and you need two brains to unlock mysteries of 
this game. You can separate but you must be a team to win. The dreamcast take 
care of two 3d view without problems. I love that game and i think it is the 
best  horror adventure i have played. I hope there will be a translation in 
english. KOEI has created the next generation of horror game. 

Presentation : 16/20
Graph : 19/20
Anim : 20/20
Son : 18/20
Control : 17/20
Interest : 20/20
Final note : 98%

										ADK .

2 : Cast of character and monsters : 

KEI : Hero of the first and the third adventure . He is intelligent but too much 
nervous. He has three weapons : the hunting knife, the hand gun 892F and the 
buckshot ( express buckshot and buckshot bullets ). Kei has 120 hp which is good 
for fighting but has limited bullets for his buckshot for the zombie massacre of 
the end of his adventure.

REINA : hero(ine) of the second and the third adventure. She is very smart and 
must solve powerful enigma. She has only two weapons : the stun gun and the 
laserpen( powerful ). Reina is weak because she has 80 hp but it is more a 
problem in Kei's adventure than in Reina's one.

ERNEST : Father of Alan and Christy and maybe Tatjanna's lover sometime. He is 
the scientist who created the boudhoul virus. He has disappeared and you must 
find him. He is not very friendly but Reina like him so much.

Tatjanna or TANYA : When she lives in Russia her name was Tatjanna. When she 
came in America she became Tanya. She is very powerful but not dangerous.

ALAN : He is the Leonardo of this story. He is more present in Reina's adventure 
of course but beware because he is more intelligent and dangerous than the real 

CHRISTY : The most beautiful girl i have never seen in horror adventure. She is 
the victim of this story and you must save her. COOOOL ! ! !

RICKY : The Brad Pitt of this story. He is more present in Kei's adventure and 
very cool. Don't underestimate him if you want to save the world in Reina's 

SCHNIDER : The bad guy of this story. He wants to destroy the world by using 
Cristallia which is hidden in the ark. You must stop him. That guy is very 
dangerous but you will see he is not the only one...

MORRIS THOMPSON : Actually it is a computer that can communicate in all mansions 
of the game by interphones or computers. It's your friend so listen carefully to 
him even if you don't understand japonese... 


RIPPER : They are stupid monster.
PERFOR RIPPER : A little more powerful but ever stupid ( like the original .)
GREEN LASER RIPPER : Extremly powerful and dangerous, use your best weapon to 
kill them
VALGUER : Difficult to kill but not very dangerous.

1 VALGUER : ridiculous
2 PLANTULA : avoid her gas, strike her eye.
3 GUARDIAN : avoid him and shot, look carefully at Reina's hp when controlling 
Kei .
4 SCHNIDER : good luck
5 UGLY FACE : kill him quick because he can hit at the same time two people. I 
give this name but it's a joke.
7 GUARDIAN : idem
8 GOLEM : slow but very powerful. Hit him from his rear .

3 : Gnerality about the game : 

This walkthrough suppose that you can read PERFECTLY katakana. If not i hope i 
will be as clear as possible. (The idea is that you can understand of what i'm 
Kei and Reina are scientists and not stupid soldiers like in other game ( i help 
you it begins by a B ) . When you are blocked cause of a puzzle or a door you 
must read their comment of the situation. ( that's why you must know the kana )
Even if you are not playing a pair con game, one of the character will be 
control by the CPU. You can talk to the other character to find a solution to 
your current problem...
When this walkthrough said to go to the target  it means look at the map by 
using the item sub menu. A room will flash in red, the target...
The " use " fonction will be use by Kei for using his tranceiver and to give 
possibly the boudhoul serum to one of the hero.
In Kei's adventure you must have a real elemental table to help you and a real 
table of katakana. If  you haven't them use this walthrough...
In Reina adventure you must have a real phone near you and a table of katakana. 
Again if not bla bla bla.
In the pair con game you need two brains and a real will of working like a team 
to end up the game. 

4 : Kei's adventure : 


I think it is the best adventure after the pair con game.
During the FMV you meet with ALAN. Then you go to the first mansion. First you 
must find Reina. 
HALL : Look at the blood. Take the small kit and look at the board to see where 
is Ernest's office. Now pass the door ( if you cannot use the interphone ). Use 
the corridor and pass the first door you will see.
LABO 1F : Look at the white overall and collect ID CARD and HUNTING KNIFE ; 
Near the elevator is a dust and inside is a small kit. Go to 2F Enter the second 
door .
LABO 2F : Kill two rippers, exit. 
Use the corridor and go to the door at the end. Click on the lock system answser 
yes to use your ID CARD and pass the door. Now you can go to the target ( 
Ernest's office ).
ERNEST'S OFFICE ( door 3 of this corridor ) : take videotape and medium kit. 
Find a memo and read it by using the sub menu info. Exit. Enter the door near 
this one ( door 2 )
SUPER COMPUTER ROOM : you find a driver and you must talk to MORRIS, the 
computer. He said that you must find an admission card to find him. He will 
direct you to a target. Exit. Go to door 1
GATE LOCK ROOM : click on the locker to open it with the driver and obtain 
ADMISSION CARD. Activate both door lock system and elevator system by clicking 
on the two console. Exit.
Take the elevator and open the door near it. You are on a new corridor. Enter 
door 1
ROOM 1 : you find a file which talk of Valguer and ACTINASE T75. exit and go to 
the target : the library.
LIBRARY : FMV : Reina was waiting for you here. Reina is with you. Take the 
photo of plant, save and exit. FMV : Kei looks if there is no danger then run 
from the ripper.
GAS ROOM : you arrived here after the FMV. Kill two rippers and exit.
Go to the HALL and collect a LEAF from a tree. Go to LABO 1F and collect another 
LEAF where there are plant. In the same room click on the device near the 
cupboard to obtain ACTINASE T75 . Exit. Go to 2F.
In the corridor pass the door where you must use your ADMISSION CARD. You are 
now in RANGE ROOM.
RANGE ROOM : enter code : 01358245. FMV. Kill the ripper. EXIT. 
MORRIS'S ROOM : Enter the first door. FMV : read Morris's last word. Collect kit 
and talk to MORRIS. You discover that his brain control all  computers in all 
mansions. SCHNIDER did that to him. Exit. 
SCHNIDER'S ROOM : Enter the other door. FMV : Schnider explain that he is the 
one who kidnapped Ernest. Then he teleport and let you with a valguer. Kill 
Valguer. Go to first door and talk to MORRIS. He will sent you to the second 


Collect kits and pass the door. FMV : Meet with the beautiful Christy and the 
strange Tanya. Then Christy give a letter from Ernest to Kei. Kei exit and Tanya 
give him a tranceiver. After the FMV visit the save room, collect a kit and the 
NOTEBOOK. Collect the bullet on the bar. Exit. FMV where Reina receive a 


You are alone. The entrance is locked. Go to the second floor, pass the door, 
kill the ripper. Open one of the door. FMV where you meet RICKY in the 
conference room.
CONFERENCE ROOM : use the videorecorder to watch the videotape. Find the hand 
gun and bullet. Read the gate lock book. Exit. Go to 1F to the ENTRANCE. Pass 
the door to go in a new corridor. Enter the door you see.
GATE LOCK ROOM : FMV : Ricky says to you how to desactivate gate lock system. 
After the FMV, desactivate gate lock system. Find bullets. Investigate the 
locker. You find a SAFETY SUIT and a GAS DETECTOR. Equip yourself with the suit. 
Exit. Go to your right. Pass the first door. 
ROOM 1 : collect bullets and a PENCIL ( if you cannot come back when it is said 
so in the walkthrough ) after reading the book. Exit go to your right and pass 
the door of the storage.
STORAGE : collect all the medical kit here and exit.
Now use the only door in this corridor you hadn't use and you arrive in a 
corridor with 3 rooms and a stair.
BOSS ROOM : enter the second door of this corridor and kill PLANTULA. Remove 
your suit and read MEMO. It explain that if you want to open the locker in this 
room you must ind an elemental table. Exit.
ROOM 3 : you found the SS MANUAL. Exit and go to 3F.
3F : Kill two rippers.Use the computer. You have a target now. It is ROOM 1 on 
the corridor where you were. 
Explore the last corridor in 2F. enter door 2.
ROOM 2 (2F) : kill a valguer and collect from the book FRAGMENT OF PAPER 2. 
Exit. Go to door 3.
ROOM 3 (2F): save your game and notice the memo you cannot read now. You will 
come back here later. Equip yourself with the safety suit and go to door 1.
ROOM 1(2F) : use the lever. Enter the room. Collect the THE ELEMENTAL TABLE and 
search twice the library to find the PASSCODE MEMO. Read it, it says HOLiBe. 
Look at your table. The code is 1834 (atomical number). You can open the locker 
on 1F  now. When it is done you collect FUSE OF BOMB and CLAY. If you had not 
the pencil it's time to collect it. Go to the target.
COMPUTER ROOM : Investigate the disk then the PC. Reina send you the ENV 34C 
file which is the search system. Go to 3F to use it on the computer. Come back 
to that room to obtain a disk and finally go back to 3F to open the entrance.
Reina arrives. Use your tranceiver, go to the new building.


The room where you arrived is very small. Read the memo from RICKY. Save and go 
to the fourth mansion to collect the FRAGMENT OF PAPER 1 (refere to the 
walkthrough). Enter the code : 63014729. Beware ! the next room is garded by two 
laser rippers. Equip yourself with a gun and Reina with a laserpen. Kill them. 
Use the LINEAR MOTOR CAR. Now you are at the institute.
Pass the door you see.
CAMERA ROOM : watch the video. Take bullets. Use tranceiver. You must go to 
Macferson house.


Visit new rooms and collect the buckshot and bullets. Go to Christy room and 
collect the PENDANT. Kill all the rippers here and exit to the fifth mansion.


Now go to 2F. Kill two valguers and collect the laserpen battery ( give it to 
Reina ). Read the memo and take the TAPE RECORDER. Pass the door. Click on the 
robot until you see in yellow VIDEOTAPE. Now go to CONFERENCE ROOM and record 
SCHNIDER's voice from the Videorecorder. Go back to the robot and it opens the 
door. Collect the second safety suit. Click on the locked door. Click on the 
wall. Equip both Reina and Kei with safety suit and pass the door. Look at the 
EOG bottle and pass the door. Go to 3F. Enter the first door.
ROOM 1 : save your game here and collect small, medium and large kit. Collect 
the MICROBIOLOGY REPORT and read it. Exit and go to door 2.
ROOM 2 : collect buckshot bullets and writing apology on the ground. Collect 
ALHAZARD NOTES. The alarm is on it is time to enter the security code. It is 
41216295 which are the details of  TA KA HI RO  in a katakana table ( KOEI is 
dread with us ). Beware of the robot if it touch you or Reina, you will be 
infected by the boudhoul virus. Exit and use the gas button in front of you to 
kill automatically two valguers. Collect the large kit.
From here there are two ways : you are infected or not.

 remove your suit. Visit the elevator cage on 2F to find key of container 1171. 
Pass the third door on 3F.
ROOM 3 : collect ASB bullets, read the memo about container. Listen to the voice 
record. There is a door on the left of the room, it goes to a room with a 
laserpen battery. Go to the fourth door. 
ROOM 4 : Pass a door in it ( you cannot pass this door with your safety suit. 
You need to remove it ) and find key 1771. Now open the container 1771 in ROOM 
1. Go to 4F by the elevator in ROOM 3 open container 1171. Try to open the door. 
You need EOG. Go back on 2F and collect EOG bottle. Come back on 4F and use EOG 
to obtain acid. Use it on the door and enter. You cannot pass and SCHNIDER said 
you will die here. Exit and go to ROOM 2. If the robot is here, kill it. Use 
interphone. Morris said that you must use the two container you have open to 
open the final door of this building. Use them and go to the sixth mansion. Once 
there find the 
PC ROOM :  FMV : Schnider destroy the boudhoul serum.  Collect card and bullets 
then go to elevator 1. Pass the door on the left and enter the first door. 
CHURCH : FMV : Tanya kidnapped Reina. Collect items and exit. go to 
CLONING ROOM :  FMV : Schnider try to kill everyone with gas. Collect 
LASERCUTTER use it on the window. FMV : where Tanya break the window and leave. 
In the 
DOCTOR ROOM : you find the BOUDHOUL SERUM. Heal yourself and use the Walkthrough 
for the sixth mansion.

Pass ROOM 3 and investigate it  exactly like in the infected section. Go to 4F 
.you need acid to open the door. Do the same thing that in infected section and 
pass the door. You can remove your safety suit here. Drop it and click on the 
wall. Now you can pass the door and enter the sixth mansion. Simply isn't it ?

NB : it don't change the end of the game.


When you arrive kill the ripper. The door to the left leads to MYSTERIOUS ROOM 1 
and you can't enter it. The door to the right leads to MYSTERIOUS ROOM 2 and PC 
ROOM . Avoid the burn zombie and enter 
PC ROOM :  You find ELEVATOR 1 CARD, laserpen battery and bullets.
Now use elevator 1 after unlocking it. Go to the left, enter the first door you 
CHURCH : FMV where Reina is kidnapped by TANYA. Collect CARD R and red capsule 
bullets. Exit. Now avoid the zombie of this corridor and enter the only door 
that open. 
CLONING ROOM : FMV. Find the lasercutter and use it on the window. FMV.
DOCTOR ROOM : collect boudhoul serum and medium kit. Use the computer to open 
the first door of Ernest's jail. Exit, go back to CLONING ROOM to collect all 
the bullets and kits there. Use the right door. Avoid the zombie.FMV : RICKY 
give you 2 sub bomb, one main bomb and a memo to destroy the complex. ( a target 
is on the map each time ). Pass the door and kill the GUARDIAN. Collect large 
kit and a manual in the locker. Now you have a mini bomb. Use the bomb on 
Ernest's jail. FMV : Ernest order you to go to the ARK. Now collect CARD L 
bullets and laserpen battery. Exit. Go to the entrance. Unlock the big elevator. 
Deposit a bomb in PC ROOM, a bomb in DOCTOR ROOM. Use the big elevator. 
MAIN GATE : Use the stair and pass the door. FMV : Schnider shows his true face. 
Kill  SCHNIDER and collect a RING. Deposit the last bomb. Activate it. Near the 
bomb is a switch, activate it. Exit, use the stair and use the big door to exit 
of the complex. FMV : At least the ARK appears. you must go to the ARK. 

NB : you will find a memo that said other command/search word/s bullet, it 
explains the utility of asb,red, green and blue bullets. Enter this in the PC 
ROOM. Explanations are in japanese but it seems that each bullets are useful 
against a particular boss.


Visit all the room on 1F to find some item. Go to B2 by using elevator ( and 
kill anyone who block the way ) . On B2 is ARK DOOR . Unlock it with the ring 
and go to the final mansion.


Now use the doom like view and equip yourself with express buckshot. Yes, here 
is the zombie massacre of the game. (equip Reina with laserpen only before 
fighting a boss). In the first room collect kits and bullets then save. ELEVATOR 
ROOM : Take the door to the north, FMV : Alan is the real bad guy of this story. 
In this room there is an elevator. It is off for the moment but later you will 
activate it an use it. Exit.
Take the other door, an elevator, you arrive in 
UGLY FACE ROOM : Kill him quick. Pass the door he guarded and the corridor. 
ROOM 2 : investigate the locker to collect kits and bullets. Pass the only door 
that open and kill the mini ugly face at the end of the corridor.
ROOM 3 : There is nothing in this room... exit from the only door that open.
CONTROL ROOM : kill the Guardian and collect express buckshot bullets. Pass the 
door you see. FMV : Alan activate the rotation system.
When you come back the rotation system is on and it will explode if you don't 
move. Talk to Morris by using the left computer. He unlocks the system. You have 
just to use a switch on the right computer. Talk again to Morris then he dies. 
Pass the door. Now use the pipe. Enter the room.
GOLEM ROOM : FMV : Alan said it's too late. Christy will die soon. Kill the 
golem. Touch the triangle to unlock the exit door and elevator system. Now go 
back to the ELEVATOR ROOM and use the elevator.
FINAL ROOM : FMV : you arrive near Christy. Talk to Ernest then look at the 
capsule. Talk to Reina until she tells you to use the pendant then use the 
pendant on the capsule. 
There will be 2 or 3 FMV then a song. You can see during the song an image of 
all the FMV of the game. There are two where Christy play the piano for Kei and 
when Kei kisses Christy i Haven't seen. Maybe you can find it.

					I wait for the second strike.

5 : Reina's adventure : 

Reina's adventure is more an adventure than an action game. There are few boss  
for a tons of laserpen battery on the contrary of  Kei's adventure. I DON'T LIKE 
Reina's end but it's like that...


After the FMV you enter the hall.
HALL : observe the blood on the ground then collect the small kit.Try to open 
the door then answer to the interphone. Morris unlock the door for you. When 
trying to open the door you see your target Ernest's office.
Open the door and enter the first room you see.
LABO 1F : collect ID CARD, STUNGUN and small kit. Exit and go to 2F. Pass the 
second door labo 2F.
LABO 2F : Kill 2 rippers. Exit and pass the door with your ID CARD. Enter the 
first door you see.
GATE LOCK ROOM : desactivate gate lock system and activate elevator system. 
Exit. Go to door 2.
SUPER COMPUTER ROOM : talk to Morris then exit. Go to door 3.
ERNEST'S OFFICE : collect VIDEOTAPE, ADMISSION CARD and medium kit. Go near the 
phone, there is a memo. It says that the RANGE'code is genome 3 27-33. Exit and 
go to 1F by using the elevator. Pass the locked door.
ROOM 1 : read file about Valguer and actinase. Exit. Go to the target and use 
your admission card. FMV. You are in the
LIBRARY : Morris gives instructions. Collect photo of plant and file of 
creature. To find the passcode you need a tissu of ripper.Exit. FMV.
ROOM 2 : here kill the ripper and exit. Go to the hall and collect a leaf then  
in labo 1F and collect another leaf and in the same room use the device to 
create ACTINASE T82. Exit. Go to 2F. Enter the first door near the stairs.
CAPSULE ROOM : open capsule 3 and kill the ripper inside. Collect tissu of 
ripper. Go to labo 2F to analyse it with the scan DNA. You obtain a genetic map. 
Look at 27 then 33 you see GAGAATT. Go to Ernest's office and use the phone to 
obtain passcode 4242288 ( you can use your phone and go directly to range room 
RANGE ROOM : enter the code. FMV, then kill the ripper. Exit and enter door 1.
MORRIS'S ROOM 1 : FMV, collect the small kit heal and save. Exit and go to door 
SCHNIDER'S ROOM : FMV, kill the Valguer and exit to door 1. Talk to Morris and 
you will go to the second mansion.

Exactly like in Kei's adventure.


FMV where you meet RICKY. Take the FRAGMENT OF PAPER 2 on the wall. Enter room 
with 3 levers. 
CONTROL LEVER ROOM : Read on the ground the locker manual and go to the locker 
to collect a large kit, CARTER BATTERY, GENERATER MANUAL. Activate all the 
switch. It will unlock the elevator to B1. Exit and go to the other room on 1F.
PC ROOM : There is a file near the computer, read it, collect database manual, 
look at the memo and collect the hand gun. You will give it to Kei when you'll 
see him again. Go to B1, kill a ripper, enter the
METAWATER PLANT : FMV ; there are 4 capsule. Later you will open three of them 
with this walkthrough. Exit to B2 and collect A4 paper near the ARK GATE. Go to 
the PC ROOM and use it on the copier to obtain ERROR REPORT, use the PC then the 
copier to obtain LOG FILE ( continue to use until you have it ). Go to the 
second mansion in the save room. You collect a file and you will see a FMV. Come 
back to use the PC of the PC room. You must enter other command/system 
command/send system file/ then enter SND ENV 34C. Exit go to the Lever room then 
come back and use the PC. Now you can go to the fourth mansion and meet Kei.

NB : you can waste your time by entering many words in database like sub limiter 
or creature or ernest or christy... X button do a back in the base, Y do an exit 
Start point on the enter button.


Meet Kei, he gives to you the FRAGMENT OF PAPER 1 and use his tranceiver to go 


Read the memo, enter the code : 63014729 exit. Kill two rippers take the LINEAR 
TRASPORTER. Go to 2F and collect laserpen battery and read note. On 1F visit the 
CAMERA ROOM : watch the video then use tranceiver. Go to the second mansion.


Exactly like in Kei's adventure except for the FMV in save room. Go to the third 


Go in lever room. Put them off. Activate them in this order 1 2 1 3 2 3 2 3 1. 
Capsule 3 is open. Go to the PC ROOM and use the PC. OTHER COMMAND/SYSTEM 
Then enter CPSL 19830310 ( Christy' birthdate ) and CPSL 19441225 ( Ernest's 
birthdate ) to open capsule 1 and 2. Go to B1 to  
in the fifth mansion ), kits and bullets.
Now go to the fifth mansion.


Go to 2F and use TONY CONTROL DISK on the robot just after passing the door with 
your magnetic key. Enter the room and take two safety suit. Click on the wall 
then equip both of you with Safety suit. Pass the door.
Proceed like in Kei adventure and try the easy way ( ie :  you are not infected 

NB : it doesn't change the end of the game, so don't waste your time.


 I suppose that you know where are the room now that you have read Kei's 
Go to the 
PC ROOM : collect ELEVATOR CARD,bullets and kit. Exit ( of course there is a FMV 
if you are infected...) Take elevator 1 and go to the left. Pass the first door. 
CHURCH : FMV. When you can play you are TANYA ; Search for the laser cuter on 
the bed then click on Reina. She will give you the CARTER BATTERY and now click 
on the window. FMV. 
DOCTOR ROOM : Collect medium kit and BOUDHOUL SERUM ( it is time to heal if you 
are infected.) then exit to the CHURCH to collect CARD R and CAPSULE BULLET. 
Come back to the CLONING ROOM and click on the window where Reina talks of 
capsule bullet. You obtain Red,Green,Blue and normal bullets. Now exit to 
Ernest's jail , avoid the burn zombie, FMV, RICKY gives to Reina 3 bombs and 2 
memos. Enter the room you see and kill the guardian. Collect kits and CARD L 
then enter Ernest's jail. FMV. Collect laserpen battery and buckshot bullets. 
Now use a bomb in PC ROOM, a bomb in DOCTOR ROOM and unlock the big elevator. 
MAIN GATE : Enter the room upstair and kill SCHNIDER after the FMV. Use the last 
bomb, activate it and the switch near. Exit, Exit of the complex. FMV.


Go to the ARK by using the ring on the ark gate in the RESEARCH CENTER. Kill 2 
green rippers. Collect kits and enter in the  next room. Save your game. Pass 
the elevator door. You are in
ELEVATOR ROOM : FMV then Exit. Pass the other door. Now you are in 
UGLY FACE ROOM :  Go to the door he doesn't guard and click on it. You obtain a 
holographe. Go to Ugly face and you pass the door without fighting him. Pass 
corridor. In the 
ROOM 2' :  collect items then use elevator door. FMV exit.Pass the door and at 
the end of the corridor kill mini ugly face. Enter the 
ROOM 3 :  Kill the golem. Unlock the elevator by searching in the computer. Pass 
a door 
CONTROL ROOM : collect buckshot. Exit, FMV. Exit use the computer to talk to 
Morris but this time he cannot save you and die. Go all the way back until you 
are in the room with a locked door and some bullets to collect. 
ROOM 2' : Collect it and enter 110077 ( Ricky's memo 2 ). Ricky will say that in 
fact he is RICHARD LANCASTER, the one that create Cristallia'security code. You 
have save the world by calling him. Now exit of this room and use the pipe. 
FINAL ROOM : Use the elevator. FMV. Talk to Ernest then Kei then Ernest until he 
talks of the Pendant. Use the pendant on the capsule and enjoy ( if it is 
possible...) the end of the game.

NB : i think that the MYSTERIOUS ROOMS are for the pair con game but maybe it 's 
possible to unlock them with a code in the PC of the PC ROOM. Notice that in the 
FMV with a valguer at the end of first mansion Schnider said KIKIUKENSIO or 
something like this. It could be the password because Kei talked of this word 
with Christy in the second mansion.

								I definitively hate that Alan.

6 : A word  about the training mode : 

You need three blocks to save a file in the training mode.
The first stage is a time attack stage. You need two stars to unlock stage two.
The second stage is also a time attack stage. You need two stars to unlock stage 
The third stage is a coin chase. You must find five coins in a short time. 
Beware the coin place are in random. Also to obtain three stars you mustn't kill 
any monsters. You need three stars to unlock stage four.
The fourth stage is also a coin chase. You need three stars in all training 
stage to unlock stage five.
The fifth stage is a survival stage. With a knife you must kill everyone ( you 
said Wesker ? ). To unlock stage 6 you need four stars in all training stage, 
quite hard, believe me.
The sixth stage is also a survival stage. Try to obtain four stars in it to 
complete the training mode.

In a two player mode, it is quite different.
Stage 1 is a cooperative time attack. You need two stars to unlock stage 2.
Stage 2 is a cooperative time attack too. You need two stars to unlock stage 
Stage 3 is a coin chase. You must find seven coins. You need two stars to unlock 
stage 6.
Stage 4 and 5 are battle field for players.
Stage 6 is a cooperative survival. Try to obtain two stars to complete the 
training mode.

You can save only one file of training stage. 

This mode is very fun. I talk of fun so it's time to talk of the ultimate PAIR 

7 : The pair con game : 

Generality : 

If you wish to save a game you need to be both near the save computer. It's the 
same thing if you wish to exit from a building. 
When you are in two different building you need to be both in front of the 
computer to save a game.
You can forget a medium part of what you have done in others adventure. This 
game is quite different with its own motions and events. 
You need two brains to unlock some mystery. If you don't play with a very good 
friend it could become a hell game. You can separate most of the time but to win 
the game you must work as a team and trade item and kits.
Some door need both of you to be pass because there is a motion behind. Have Kei 
near the door and Reina open it. Even if in all motions Kei opens the door it 
seems that in the game it is better doing like i said.
Characters in the game can talk each other to have an idea.


FMV. In the 
HALL :  collect the kit and ID CARD. Try to open the door. Click on interphone 
and enter the building. Enter LABO 1F. Collect items and Exit. Go to 2F and try 
to open the door with your ID CARD. FMV.
Kei must desactivate gate lock system. Investigate the locker and find a CONTROL 
KEY and an EMERGENCY AXE. Use the key to desactivate the gate lock system and 
activate the elevator. Now use the elevator to go to 1F use the stair to go to 
2F and enter LABO 2F to save Reina, FMV.
Meanwhile Reina have JUST to avoid the ripper which want to kill her. So hurry 
up Kei.
Exit of the room.FMV. Now you are in the 
LIBRARY :  collect items,save and exit. FMV. You are in the 
GAS ROOM :  One of you must activate the gas meanwhile the other must try to 
move the ripper on the gas mouth. Exit. Enter 
ROOM 1 :  to desactivate all gate lock system. You can visit all the room in the 
building. Go to 
ERNEST'S OFFICE : to collect your weapon,videotape, memo and ADMISSION CARD. 
Avoid everyone who block the way. It is time to go to 
RANGE ROOM :  and enter a passcode after reading a strange message. 1+1=2, 
2+1=3. Continue, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, then the number is 13 ( 8+5 ) The passcode is 
11235813. Enter first door. FMV. Collect kit and save. Exit to SCHNIDER'S ROOM, 
FMV kill the Valguer. Exit to the first room and click on the PC you are  in the 
second mansion.


Exactly like in Kei's adventure, but don't forget to give the Videotape to Kei. 
Exit, FMV and now Kei is in the fourth mansion and Reina in the third. You are 
blocked and you must unlock the entrance of Kei's building.


For the very first time you MUST synchronize your action with your friend.
Kei is blocked in the fourth building. Use the door you see to arrive in the 
corridor of 
GATE LOCK ROOM : Investigate the locker to find a SAFETY SUIT and GAS DETECTOR. 
Then play with the gate lock system but you understand you need Reina to go to 
the STORAGE. Exit. Pass the door to arrive in a new corridor. Kill the ripper 
here and go to 
BOSS ROOM : (second door ) Kill PLANTULA. Collect item and read notes. 
Investigate the locker and enter 1834 to obtain the FUSE OF BOMB. ( a note will 
explain you must find an elemental table in the ROOM 1 on 2F but don't waste 
time ). Exit.
Go to 
ROOM 3 : Collect the SS MANUAL. Go to 3F.
3F : Use the computer. You must have a target now but you need an answer from 
Go to 2F near the door with the lever 4. To open that door you must have a good 
timinig with Reina. Pull the lever up exactly at the same time she pull lever 4 
in PC ROOM. You can do it only when you are not together.
ROOM 1 (2F) : Collect ELEMENTAL TABLE and MEMO. Exit. ( it is obvious to visit 
this room... ) 
The last thing you can do alone is :  visit all the room you can, collect kits 
and bullets if you find some and find FRAGMENT OF PAPER 1.


Reina meet RICKY. FMV. Collect FRAGMENT OF PAPER 2 on the wall. Go to 
CONTROL LEVER ROOM : put switch 2 OFF. Activate them in this order : 1 2 1 3 2 3 
2 3 1. You open CAPSULE 3 and unlock the elevator. Read the file on the ground 
and investigate the locker. Collect DATABASE MANUAL. Exit. Go to B1 in 
META WATER PLANT : Collect TONY CONTROL DISK in Capsule 3. Exit go to B2 and 
collect A4  PAPER. Go back to 1F.
PC ROOM :  First collect HAND GUN for Kei. Then use the copier to obtain ERROR 
REPORT. Use the PC you have the message from Kei. Exit the base and use the 
copier to obtain ACCESS LOGFILE. Now enter the base Other command/System 
command/Send system file.

Now Kei must be on his TARGET in front of his PC. Reina enter SND ENV34C and Kei 
receive the search system. Kei goes to 3F and use this system on the computer to 
obtain MO DISK. Now he comes back to the target and use this disk to unlock the 
entrance. Now you can join each other.

Before exiting Reina enter CPSL 19441225 and CPSL 19830310 in capsule control 
menu. Now she collect MAGNETIC KEY, kits and bullets. Now she can join Kei.


Visit the CONFERENCE ROOM to watch  the video. Trade item, Reina go to GATE LOCK 
ROOM and use the button to open the STORAGE. Kei must be in front of the door to 
enter. Collect all the kits here and exit. Now use your tranceiver on the 
entrance. Tanya direct you to a new building. Go to there.


Enter the code on Fragment of paper 1 and 2 to activate the elevator. Now enter 
the room and kill two Green rippers. Take the LINEAR MOTOR CAR. Go to 2F. 
Collect TAPE RECORDER and laserpen battery. Go to 1F 
CAMERA ROOM : Watch the record. Then exit and use the tranceiver. Christy is 


Exactly like in Kei's adventure except for the video in save room. Now go to the 
fifth building.


With the magnetic key you open the door. Click on the robot. Reina use tony disk 
to open the door. You must pass one after the other.
Kei enter the room, click on the wall, equip himself with the suit and pass the 
Reina enter the room take the SAFETY SUIT here, click on the wall, equip herself 
and pass the door.
Look at the EOG BOTTLE, one is missing...not good news. Look at the infected 
room and pass the only door that open. Go to 3F.
ROOM 1 : Collect all the kits here and save your game. Exit.
ROOM 2 : The robot guards MICROBIOLOGY REPORT. Equip Reina with the laserpen and 
destroy it. Collect Report , bullets, WRITING APOLOGY and last ALHAZARD NOTES. 
Alarm is on, enter 41216295. Exit together. Use the gas button in front of you 
and don't let any Valguer touch you. They die. Collect the kit in the corridor.
ROOM3 : Listen the record, read the file, collect ASB bullet. You will see a 
door on the right, pass it and arrive in a room with a spray. I wasn't able to 
take it. It's not important for the game fortunately. Collect laserpen battery 
and bullets. Exit go to 4F.
4F : you cannot pass the door. You need EOG BOTTLE. Go to 3F.
ROOM4 : Use the door on the left. One remove the suit and pass the door.

One of you must be infected by the virus. Reina kill the valguer and collect  
KEY 1771 and EOG BOTTLE. Give it to Kei. Kei goes to 4F and pass the door, click 
on the wall, remove and drop the suit and pass. Reina go to room 2 and talk to 
MORRIS on the phone. Then she uses container 1771 in room 1 to join Kei. You are 
together and you go to the sixth mansion.

If  you are both poisonned, you must collect KEY 1171 in elevator cage. One of 
you call the elevator to 3F and the other collect the key. You have very few 
time and it is very difficult. Try to avoid that case. If you collect the key, 
container 1171 is on 4F. Then you can continue the game normally.


Kill the ripper that attack you. Go to the left, avoid the burn zombie.
PC ROOM : FMV. Collect elevator card key 1, bullets and laserpen battery. Exit 
and go to elevator 1. Unlock it with the card and use it. Save your game. Now go 
to the
CHURCH : FMV. You are, after the FMV, in the
CLONING ROOM : Kei is player 1 and Tanya is player 2. Tanya must use the 
computer and talk to MORRIS. Then Kei must do the same thing. Morris said that 
the lasercutter can help you. Kei and Tanya must be near the locker to unlock it 
and take the lasercutter. It takes a little time. Then go near the window. FMV.
DOCTOR ROOM : You find here BOUDHOUL SERUM and kits. Heal and exit. Go to the 
CHURCH and take CARD KEY R and capsule bullets. Go to CLONING ROOM and find all 
the color bullets with the chemical compound near the PC. Now exit of this 
corridor and take the other. You must be together.FMV. 
Ricky gives you the main bomb, two sub bombs and a memo, But Kei make something 
wrong and activate the bomb. You have now 15 minutes to end up this stage.
First kill the burn zombie of this corridor. Kei use the button on the wall and 
Reina pass the locked door. 
GUARDIAN ROOM : Reina kill the guardian then use the computer to open all locked 
door in this building. Kei joins Reina, collect kits and bullets and CARD KEY L 
. Now enter 
ERNEST'S JAIL : FMV. Collect bullets and laserpen battery and exit.
Now use a bomb in the PC ROOM, in the CLONING ROOM and unlock the elevator 2 
MAIN GATE : use the stair and pass the door.
SCHNIDER'S ROOM : FMV. It's time to kill Schnider. You obtain the ring. Use the 
main bomb on the computer and unlock the main gate. Exit, Exit of the building. 
FMV. Go to B2 at research center and pass the ark gate. It's time to go to the 


You must pass all the doors together in this building. Kill two green rippers 
and collect kits and bullets. Pass the door. Save. In this building save as 
often as possible. Take the elevator.
ELEVATOR ROOM : FMV. Exit. Now use the other door and arrive in
UGLY FACE ROOM : Reina can kill him with two laser pen shots. Go to the corridor 
with a ripper. Pass the door.
ROOM 2' : Collect kits in the locker then use the elevator. Pass the door yo 
see. Only Reina can collect SYSTEM KEY and bullets because she is less heavy 
than Kei. Now come back to ROOM 2'. Use the system computer. It is a mini game. 
You must shoot the wave when it touches the red line to pump up the gauge of the 
gate lock system of the ARK. Near this system is the RIFT button. Activate it, 
it will unlock the elevator of the ELEVATOR ROOM.  When it is done exit to a new 
ROOM 3 : kill the golem. Use an elevator.
CONTROL ROOM : pass the door you see. FMV then exit and exit to come back in 
Continue the way to visit the last room. There is nothing to do here so go back 
ELEVATOR ROOM : Take the elevator. 
FINAL ROOM : FMV. Talk to ERNEST until he talks of the pendant, look at the 
capsule and use the pendant.
FMV for the end of the game.

						The greatest adventure i have ever played 
with a friend.

I want to thank NAPALM who explain to me the CPSL code and KYAPIKO who play the 
pair con game with me.
I must thank KOEI and i hope they will make a sequel.
This walkthrough is not official.

8 : Secret i can't solve : 

I haven't open capsule 4 because i cannot found the password for level 2 data.
I cannot take the spray in the pair con game.
I cannot open the mysterious room 1 and 2.
There are six videos i haven't unlock. Two are important because Kei and Chritsy 
were together and it can change the end of the game.
I cannot find a way to kill ALAN but there is none...
I suppose there could be in futur, game shark code to control Ricky or Alan in 
training mode. That's the only way to kill Alan.

Ok that's all about that one and i hope you will enjoy the game and show it to 
your friend. After all everyone call it seventh mansion, so maybe KOEI will 
translate it in english.
Good bye !

										ADvanced  Knight,
										alias ADK .
										You can E-Mail me at 
: [email protected]

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