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Version 3.3
E-Mail: [email protected]

1. Introduction 
2. Update History 
3. Controls
4. Game Modes
5. Reviews 
6. Personal Strategy 
7. How To Shoot Free Throws
8. Codes
9. Frequently Asked Questions 
10. Credits 
11. Sites Who Host This FAQ 
12. My Other FAQs/Walkthroughs
13. Mailbag
14. My Season
15. Legal Information 

1. Introduction
Welcome to my NBA 2K FAQ.  I have made faqs for all the great sports games out 
for Dreamcast so I made one on this game.  NBA 2K is the best basketball game 
ever.  Maybe even the best sports game ever made.  The graphics are great, the 
sound is great, and everything else is great.  After you are done reading this 
FAQ you should be very good at the game.  If you have any questions, comments, 
or suggestions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

2. Update History
December 2, 1999 - Christmas is coming soon.  I can't wait for more video games 
to add to my collection (14 Dreamcast Games).  I have added some more mail in 
the mailbag.  Also, if you are wondering how I am doing on my NBA 2K season, I 
made a section for you.  This section talks about my season, and what's going 
on.  I will be updating that everytime I update this FAQ.

November 27, 1999 - I have added a lot of Questions and Answers in the mailbag.

November 22, 1999 - Forget what I said, I am not taking a break from this FAQ.  
I have added a review.  Also, I have updated my Other FAQs/Walkthroughs section.  
That's about it for now.  Oh yeah, I am now updating all my FAQs by .1 not .5.

November 21, 1999 - This may be the last version for a while.  I am a bit busy 
and I have no time to update this FAQ.  I have updated the Mailbag.  That's 
about it.

November 19, 1999 - I have added some codes for the game.  Also, I have added 
another review for this game.  I got WWF Attitude so I may be making a FAQ for 
that game.  That's it for right now.

November 18, 1999 - Added a Mailbag section where I post the question and 
response of mail.  It's pretty cool because you might get your questions 
answered by reading that.

November 16, 1999 - I started a season with the Spurs but some how my data got 
lost.  Today I started one with the Blazers and I am 1-1.  I lost because 
Scottie Pippen missed an easy shot at the buzzer.  For today's update, I have 
made my Personal Strategy a lot longer and more detailed.  I admit that before 
in Version 1.0 it was a bit short but I was in a huge hurry.  I have also added 
a section called How To Shoot Free Throws.  If you are having problems shooting 
free throws I HIGHLY suggest you go there.  I make them 90% of the time.  As you 
can see, I will be updating this multiple times a week.  Hopefully this will 
turn out to be as complete as my NFL 2K FAQ.  We'll see. 

November 13, 1999 - Welcome to Version 1.0 of my NBA 2K FAQ.  This FAQ will 
offer everything my NFL 2K FAQ offers.  If you haven't read that, then you must.  
I will be updating this FAQ at least three times a week.  Make sure you bookmark 
the place where you read my FAQ at because it will get better by every update.  
Have a nice day.

3. Controls
The controls for this game can not be more straight forward.  After about one 
game, you will have the controller memorized and it will be so easy to play.

Offense With Ball
Y................................Pass Icons
L Trigger........................Back Down
R Trigger........................Turbo
D + R............................Alley-Oop

Offense Without Ball
A................................Change Player
B................................Set Pick
Y................................Call for Pass
L Trigger........................Call for Shot
R Trigger........................Turbo

Y................................Last Defender
D-Pad............................Defensive Set/Shift
L Trigger........................Face Up
R Trigger........................Turbo
D + R............................Call for Intentional Foul

4. Game Modes
NBA 2K has a lot of modes to keep you busy.  Here I have listed all the modes 
and have listed a brief description of each one.

Season - Play the official 1999/2000 season with any of the teams.  

Exhibition - Play a regular game.

Practice - Practice shooting, passing, and stuff like that.

Tourney - Play a tournament with 4, 8, or 16 teams.

Playoffs - Play just the playoffs in the post season.

Create a Player - Create your own player.

Create a Team - Create your own team.

5. Reviews
Here are some good reviews you should read if you are thinking of buying NBA 2K.  
If you have any reviews for the game, please send them to me at [email protected]
Personal Review:
When I heard this game was coming out I got so excited.  Then I realized I spent 
my money on Toy Commander.  I asked my mom if she could loan me the 50 dollars 
and she did.  When I put in NBA 2K it look exactly like NFL 2K.  I was so 
amazed.  The whole options menu is just like NFL 2K.  When I got it I played it 
for over 2 hours straight.  I had to stop playing it because Dreamcast was in my 
brothers room and he wanted to watch tv.  

Gameplay: 10/10 - The gameplay is solid.  Some guys shoot better than others.  
Some people run faster than others.  Shooting is pretty easy to do.  Passing is 
easy but sometimes you pass it out of bounds.  The view is nice and injuries are 
so funny to watch.  This game is so great you will hate to turn it off.

Graphics - 10/10 - In my opinion, the graphics are better than NFL 2K's.  Every 
basketball player looks like themself.  They have the same faces.  Also, the 
coaches look like themself.  The stadiums are nicely design and the fans in the 
stands look really nice.  The injuries look so cool that they make you amaze.

Sound - 10/10 - The announcers are great.  They talk pretty much the whole time.  
The backround music is also enjoyable to hear and I love the player's shoes 
squeeking on the floor.  A quality game soundwise.

Replay Value - 10/10 - This game has a great season mode that will take weeks to 
beat.  Then you have two player mode which will never get old.  You will be 
playing this game until NBA 2001 comes out for sure.  This game is well worth 
the 50 bucks.

Overall - 10/10 - The greatest basketball game ever.  If you are scared to dish 
out $50.00 don't be.  This isn't worth six dollars to rent.  Pay the 50 bucks to 
buy the game.  You won't be mad.  This is my favorite game.  I enjoy it more 
than NFL 2K and I like football better than basketball!

Goldfire9 Review:
 For those of you who went out and bought NBA Live 2000, stop reading this and 
hit yourself. Why you ask? Because Visual Concepts and Sega Sports took their 
time and dedication to create the ultimate basketball game for the fans. And 
that product is none other than NBA 2K. With hard-hitting action, blown-away 
graphics, unbelievable sound, and a whole load of options, you'll never look at 
a basketball game the same way again. 

With the game moving at 60fps and more than 1,500 motion-captured animations, 
the graphics are amazing. Each player looks and feels like their real-life 
counterpart, meaning each player was individually modeled. Even when you zoom in 
on their face, you can see their facial expressions change as well as eye 
movement. Also, when you start a game, the home team introduction looks awesome. 
Another thing that caught my eye was the crowd. Each person has their own 
movement: turning their head, clapping, pumping their fist in the air, crossing 
their legs, etc. Also, the players on the bench and, the coach as well, react to 
the action on the floor. With graphics like these, why go back to N64? Give it a 


The sound and music add incredible realism to an NBA game. The crowd cheers, 
chants, and boos to the action on the floor. Also, the two-man commentary and 
the PA announcer are not just incredible, but their accurate. Not only do they 
call the play out loud while your executing it, but they provide comments 
afterwards. Also, you can hear the players on the court yell out loud like "Down 
Here" and "Post Me Up". The sound and music department deserves a 10. 


The control part is extremely responsive. It lets you do several moves, like the 
crossover dribble and the back down, with relative ease. Also, Visual Concepts 
went analog-based for precise player control movement. Using normal passing or 
icon passing provides the ability to move the ball quickly on the court. The AI 
will give you a run for your money as you'll sometimes have close games and 
blowouts, depending on the level of difficulty (Rookie, Pro, All-Star). Give me 
another 10. 


No need to write out this section. Look below: 

- 1,500 motion-captured character animations for the most realistic looking 
basketball game ever
- True 3D collisions with complex point-based physics modeling
- High-resolution graphics engine for the most detailed characters to date
- Team playbooks and advanced AI developed in cooperation with actual NBA 
- All 29 stadiums accurately modeled in true 3D
- Detailed crowd reacts to the in-game action for a whole new level of immersion
- Complete and accurate game and season statistics to satisfy the most hardcore 
- Over 400 individually modeled players with facial expressions and eye movement
- Create-A-Player and Create-A-Team
- Exhibition, Season, Playoff, All-Star and Practice modes
- Rookie, Pro and All-Star difficulty levels 

Need I say more? Whip out another 10. 

OVERALL - 10.0

To put it in Triple H's words, NBA 2K is THE GAME! It has everything you can 
imagine: unbelievable graphics, great sound, kick-ass action, and tons of 
options. Give this game a try, even if you're not a sports fan; I guaran-damn-
tee it you'll love it! 

Brandon Justice Review ([email protected]) ( Review:
Some people will try to tell you that games have a long way to go when it comes 
to rivaling films in their ability to evoke emotion and inspire. Well, 
personally, I'm convinced that that just depends on the game. You see, I was one 
of the laziest little farts on the planet when I was young. To me, activity 
consisted of going from the couch to the fridge and back for a Pepsi during a 
marathon session of Ikarri Warriors. As for all these "sports," well, when was 
the last time Johnny Quarterback drove a tank?. 
Then came the day that a crazy coincidence changed my outlook on games, and my 
outlook on life. That was the first day back from Christmas vacation in eighth 
grade. That's when I traded a friend my copy of Bases Loaded for his copies of 
Lakers vs. Celtics and John Madden Football. And that, my friends, is when I 
fell in love with the sport of basketball. I can still remember pronouncing 
Patrick Ewing's name the way it looks and getting laughed at by older brother, 
but no one laughed at the way I took him to the hole. I may not have known much 
about the sport, but I was completely captivated. This obsession eventually led 
to my own little "career" in the actual sport (well, if you could call riding 
the bench for a hormonally imbalanced egomaniac for a couple years a career, 
then call me Magic Johnson). Anyways, from that day forward, I was hooked, and 
have worn out nearly every hoops game to appear on a console since then. 

The pinnacle of digital roundball has been unquestionably maintained by the fine 
folks at EA Sports now for nearly a decade (holy $#1#, I am an old fart), but 
with the arrival of Sega Sport's NFL2K, the football genre had found a new 
leader. So when I finally got a reviewable of Visual Concepts NBA2K, I just had 
to check it out. I mean, I like football, but I absolutely love hoops. But would 
it be enough to dethrone Live? Would it be the same leap we saw with NFL? Would 
I finally find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie 
Roll Tootsie Pop (And no, it isn't three..we all know Mr. Owl cheated.)?

Well, folks, I have been to the court that Visual Concepts built. I have tasted 
the sweet goodness of motion captured honey, and I have climbed the mountain 
that is coming to grips with the effects on gameplay that such a burden brings 
with it. And now, I come to you with my thoughts, so pull up a chair (as if you 
weren't in one already), and have a look.

First off, let me say that the sound in NBA2K is very impressive. The play-by-
play is a bit glitchy, but is worlds beyond what I've seen from anyone else. Not 
only do they actually use different names for each player, including nicknames, 
but you get trash talk from players, the arena announcer, color commentary, 
coaches, and more. I won't even get in to how many times I hopped up and down 
with Barkely away from the ball just to hear him hit the floor. The level of 
detail kicks much ass, and you'll really be impressed. 

And simply because I love hearing from my peers that I am obsessed with visuals, 
I'd also like to tell you a bit about how impressive NBA2K looks. Now, I could 
tell you that it makes NBA Live 2000 look like Will Purdue trying to contain 
Iverson on the perimeter, but anyone with half a clue should already know that. 
What I will say is that this title so effortlessly eclipses all other attempts 
at realism in the basketball arena that even bothering to assert that anything 
comes close is just plain foolish. Everything is there, from cross-overs to off-
balance rebounds, and it all comes at ya at a blazing 60. I guess the best way 
to put it is, you can't go back. Once you've played 2K, unless you're under the 
influence of some sort of mind-altering substance, the mere thought of a looking 
at a hoops title on any other platform will be enough to make you sick. Trust me 
I do I know? Well, we'll get to that in a bit.

Anyways, that said, I don't want you to think the game's visuals are perfect. 
Some of the player faces are much better than others and the still player 
animations are not quite as sharp as NFL2K, but the game's biggest problem is 
clipping. Players will cut through each other a lot more often than I'd care to 
see, but it's not that evident in replays, and is an evil I'm willing to put up 
with, at least in this generation.

The reason being that you can tell that VC really struggled with finding the 
proper balance between realism and gameplay with NBA2K, and though there are a 
few points that could have been stronger in this area that I'll be addressing in 
short order, the game is still easily the most challenging, realistic basketball 
simulation on the market today.

Here's a good example. Rebounding. In the game, things like timing, position and 
player attributes all obviously factor in to the rebounding dynamic, but at the 
same time, you can't really put a butt on your opponent's thigh and keep him off 
the ball. The thing is, I only notice this because everything else about 
rebounding I so on-spot. Moreover, it is pretty easy to get pissed over things 
like this that are missing, but in comparison to other hoops title, where 
rebounding mechanics consist of jumping up and watching the collision detection 
in action, this game is a godsend.

The same could be said of posting up. The way you can back a guy down and then 
spin off is very realistic, and VC has also manage to capture the way you have 
to handle a play like this on defense quite well. NBA2K does the best job to 
date of capturing the hopelessness of being manhandled by Shaq, and by the same 
token, it does a great job of recreating the feel of being in the pit trying to 
stop Big Dog from backing you down. However, I couldn't help but feel like 
working in to a realistic shot from this position was way to tricky. Ya see my 
problem, on one hand, I have a wonderful addition to the genre in play 
mechanics, yet on the other, it just manages to raise the bar so high that I 
expect much more from the game. I really love the fact that that you can really 
"earn" each drive for the first time, but by the same token, Kobe ain't got no 
hook shot, and Vince Carter is not going to shoot a standing jump shot from two 
feet in after he has beaten his man off the dribble. I don't care how friggin' 
tired he is. I guess what I'm trying to say is that as good as it is, NBA2K 
doesn't do quite as good of a job in the player re-creation department as it's 
football counterpart, and I expected a little more. This is really obvious when 
it comes to jump shots, where the game really seems to demand too much from the 
player in terms of timing. I don't care how off I am, The Dream is not going to 
miss 5 uncontested baskets from inside the paint, nor will Dell Curry go 1-12 on 
3 pointers with no one on him. If you time it perfect, you can get a realistic 
percentage, but who are we kidding in insinuating that anyone will pull that off 
game-in and game-out? Also, I have a hard time swallowing that a big man can't 
throw a pass more than 20 feet without turning the ball over. Close fellahs, but 
not quite.

Player behavior may not be as accurate as I'd like, but one area the game does 
nail like so many threes from my boy Reggie is player speed and mobility. I 
can't tell you how much I was impressed by the overall speed of players. Be it 
running and gunning with Eddie Jones in transition or watching the Candyman trip 
over his own feet, the ballers in NBA2K are all quite accurate when it comes to 
their real-life abilities and if you have control of them, you can totally play 
the role if you know it. On top of that it adds a wealth of depth to the 
gameplay department in terms of exploiting player match-ups, which is probably 
one of my favorite aspects of the game. Not only can you back down a bad 
defender much easier than you can get by someone like Robinson in the paint, but 
having a guy like Garnett on the perimeter is a nightmare for a slower defender, 
and the better you get a handling the rock, the more intense each possession 

But forget about individual player movements. This game's real strength lies in 
team player sets. I was really happy to see how active each player was, 
regardless of whether or not you called a set. The ability to call for a pick 
and actually run something like a screen away from the ball or a realistic pick 
and roll without any button mashing is just plain awesome. As long as you pay 
attention to player movements, you can almost always get the ball to the 
designated player and make a realistic play, and that in and of itself is a very 
important advancement in the genre.

On the other hand, unless you throw the pass at just the right moment, it is 
hecka hard to hit a cutter in stride, and this in and of itself has to be the 
single most frustrating aspect of NBA2K. There is nothing worse than having 
someone like Sprewell chrunin' down the court in an open lane only to stop for 
the pass instead of catching it mid-run. Eventually, you'll be able to determine 
which passes will result in this evil and which ones won't, but I'm afraid it 
happens a bit too often for my tastes, and keeps NBA2K from getting a better 

What's even more frustrating is the fact that the computer has absolutely no 
problems in this area, and they will abuse your sorry ass of you get in the 
habit of playing this game like you play NBA Live or Shootout. You cannot double 
team unless you're prepared to make a mad dash for the hoop, and by the same 
token, you had better pay attention to cutters and play helpside, because much 
like yourself, the computer loves to throw down. At first, I got a little pissed 
at all the touch passes and fluent alley-oops, and I have to confess that I was 
a bit mad that teams like Phoenix could just work me in transition, but the more 
I played, the more I noticed NBA2K's other shining attribute: AI. This game can 
flat out play. That's all there is to it. Touch passes, stripping and going 
after the loose ball, blocks, defensive help, traps, holding the ball, feeding 
the hot hand. You name it, chances are it is here and it is really friggin' 
close to being there.

Now, understand that this is coming from a Live fanatic, and I've already heard 
comments to the effect that Live plays better. That driving is way too easy on 
the computer. That EA Sports is god, etc. etc. But before I put any real stock 
in that mess, I went and played a few quarters of this year's version, just to 
be sure. Hate to break it to ya boys, but I popped in Live 2000, upped the 
difficulty to the max and took to the court against the Spurs with the almighty 
Clippers, and that's when things got ugly. No, I'm not talking about Hudson's J 
outside 15 feet. I am referring to how I then proceeded to take the Marvelous 
Mo' to the rack 7 straight trips down the court uncontested and then go on to 
basically man-handle one of the best defenses in the league. But what does all 
this have to do with NBA2K? Well, I have played through nearly a whole season of 
NBA2K to date, and I am having trouble giving the Admiral and Co. a good game 
with even the best teams., despite the fact that I own Boulding in 2-player. 
Considering I've been at video game hoops for quite a while now, that says 
something to me. Mainly that this game is one thing the Live series hasn't been 
for years: Competitive. And to me, that is a major, major plus. Call me crazy.

Obviously, the two-player experience is full of dunks, but unless you are 
dealing with someone who can play iron defense, there always will be. I mean 
really, if you can't drop your buddy with a head fake, then why bother to have 
it in the game? At least this time around you have to work for each drive. But 
before I totally ooze on this area of the game, I would like to give out an 
official Cheap Bastard Award to the game's AI for the way it handles 
officiating, which is primarily an issue when driving. 2K allows for waaaay to 
much contact when the computer has the ball, and if there is a call, 9 times out 
of 10 it will be a block on your player, even if your standing still. Granted, 
if you actually make use of the game's "defensive stance" button, you wouldn't 
be getting the contact call in real life, either, as you have to be upright to 
get the charge, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the game calls 
this mess so one-sided. It seems that almost every call in that area goes 
against my boys, but I hardly every see it come down on the bad guys. "So and so 
hits the deck, but there's no whistle" is about all I ever heard. I hate to tell 
you this, but if this game is gonna insist on slamming the likes of Kemp to the 
floor (and let me tell you, the lockout was not his waistline's friend. It takes 
a lot to move this boy), I expect a call. Especially if there is an injury. I am 
knowing that someone hit somebody if my player is out for 6-8 with a broken 
hand. Where's my friggin' foul? Obviously, VC wanted to keep the game a bit more 
arcadey, and calling every little nick would slow the game down to a crawl 
because in real life, players would make adjustments to avoid contact, but I 
really wish the game could have been a bit more balanced in the frequency of 
calls, or at least a bit more lenient on the player when it came to bumping an 
offensive player when the contact was incidental, as a block never seems to 
effect the shot. Oh well.

I know I'm ranting, but while I'm on fire, I might as well let one last shot go. 
If there is anything this game convinced me of without question, it is that the 
Dreamcast controller absolutely blows when it comes to sports gaming. This thing 
was suspect when it came to football, but after trying to call plays and 
continue to keep the ball moving, this thing is simply not functional. You see, 
you have to use the d-pad to call a play, but doing so requires you to 
completely shift your hands which, in turn, leads to the inability to keep 
running the floor. To put it bluntly, this just sucks. I have heard rumors that 
Sega is looking in to the possibility of a sports controller to help make this 
sort of stuff less difficult, and if me whining about it has any affect on the 
decision to move forward with the development of such a device, let me say for 


Thankfully, you can master a little thumb rolling with time, or simply opt to 
let the cpu make your calls for you, but it would still be nice to have about 
two more buttons. Let's hope next year brings us a controller that will allow 
for just that.

Lastly, I wanted to comment on one of the game's best aspects. Free-throws. Now, 
I'll admit, I hated this aspect in the early going, and I still think it is way 
to difficult with certain shooters, but either way, this game's free-throw 
mechanic is awesome! Not only is infinitely more interactive than timing a 
meter, but it really does a good job of putting the pressure on a player on the 
line. It just adds so much to the experience, and really makes good use of the 

Anyways. So enough rambling. I've had a lot to say about the game, and I know a 
lot of it seems negative. But in the end, how did I really feel about the NBA2K? 
I guess the easiest way to put it is that while the game has issues, it is 
easily worlds beyond anything else on the market, and truly raises the bar for 
video game basketball. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that it has done so in 
such a manner that even the high-jumping designers at Visual Concepts have 
difficulty clearing their own newfound level of excellence. Many aspects of this 
game are unbelievable, but it is the type of game that does just as much to open 
your eyes to the possibilities as it does to blow you away. In the end, we've 
got one hell of a basketball game, but a game that is far from perfect. While 
not quite as polished as NFL2K, NBA2K is most certainly a must have title for 
any sport fan, and is one of the most compelling reasons to own a Dreamcast to 
date. Bring on NBA 2001, boys, and next year, think three free-throws. Three!

6. Personal Strategy
NBA 2K takes a lot of skill to win.  First, let me tell you some things to Do 
and things to Not to Do to get better at this game.

Things to Do
1) Pick a Good Team
2) Make sure the team has someone tall
3) Slam dunk as much as possible
4) Follow my Strategy
5) Pass a lot
6) Foul when losing in the fourth quarter
7) Always play on All-Star
8) Buy a VMU to save your season
9) Use turbo
10) Use your special move your guy has.
11) Can we say Alley Oop
12) Buy this game

Things Not to Do
1) Pass across the court
2) Shoot a lot of threes
3) Shoot from half court
4) Foul for no reason
5) Play on Rookie or Pro
6) Run around
7) Switch Players a lot
8) Try to steal because you will get called for reaching in.

Ok now that you have read my things to do and not to do now you should read my 
written strategy on offense and defense.  Trust me, this works, I have played 
this game for hours already.  And I mean hours!

When passing the ball in take the guy who your other guy passes to to at least 
half court.  If he is not guarded run it in (I usually use my special move) 
under the basket.  If no one is still there dunk it.  Usually there is someone 
there.  Try passing it around the three point line.  If you get a wide open 
three with a decent 3 point shooter take the shot.  Make sure there is someone 
under the hoop to rebound it though.  If you don't then keep on passing the ball 
around.  Try to pass it to your best player and have him shoot it.  Always try 
to get under the basket because dunks work almost all the time.  Never shoot if 
behind half court because you won't even come close.  If you can learn how to do 
Alley Oops good then it should be easier to score.  But it's ok if you don't 
know how to.  I tend to use turbo a lot when I am trying to run up the court.  
If I am not using turbo I am using my special move.  I almost never just push 
the analog up to move my guy.  Always use your special move or turbo.  If you 
follow this, you should score most of the time.

Defense is way easier than offense.  All you need to do is control your tallest 
player the whole game.  If you keep control of him, you will win all the time.  
Put your tallest guy in the middle of the key.  If your tallest guy is 7 feet or 
over then no one will dunk off you.  Then the computer will have to shoot 
perimeter shots that will usually never work.  Ok, if they are making the 
perimeter shots a lot, then all you have to do is control the same guy and go 
where the ball is thrown.  Always try blocking the ball and never try to steal 
it.  If you try to steal it, you will always get called for reaching in.  That 
is pretty much all you have to do in defense.  Defense is a lot easier than 
offense in NBA 2K.

7. How To Shoot Free Throws
When I first put in NBA 2K I was so excited I didn't read the instruction 
booklet.  When I got fouled, I had no idea what to do.  I read the instruction 
book and found out what to do.  I really sucked at shooting free throws.  After 
a lot of practice, I have mastered free throws and I can nail 90% of them.  Here 
I have listed what you should do to shoot a good free throws.

First, you see those two green arrows right?  If you press the L and R trigger 
very slowly at the same time they should move.   When they cross over the 
basket, press x.  You should use your two index fingers to control the L and R 
triggers because then you can tap X easy without shaking the controller.  If you 
are having trouble lining them up you can always start over.  You have plenty of 
time to shoot a free throw.  For some people it is really easy and the arrows 
move real slow.  For some crappy people, the arrows move really fast and its 
much harder to get them lined up.  All you really have to do is press L and R at 
the same time as slow as you can.  Keep your fingers slowly pressed on them and 
they should line up.  If one is off to the side a little that's usually ok.  If 
you are still having trouble shooting free throws feel free to e-mail me.

8. Codes
Turbo mode 
Enter the "Options" screen and choose the "Codes" selection. Then, enter "TURBO" 
as a cheat code. Note: The code is case-sensitive. Choose the "Game Options" 
selection, highlight "Game Speed" and change the speed to "Turbo".

Large players 
Enter the "Options" screen and choose the "Codes" selection. Then, enter 
"MONSTER" as a cheat code. Note: The code is case-sensitive. -From: 
[email protected] and [email protected]

Fat players 
Enter the "Options" screen and choose the "Codes" selection. Then, enter "LARD" 
as a cheat code. Note: The code is case-sensitive.

Hidden message 
Enter the "Options" screen and choose the "Codes" selection. Then, enter "HIMOM" 
as a cheat code to see a "love your child" message. Note: The code is case-

9. Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Should I buy NBA 2K or NBA Showtime?
Answer  : You should buy both but NBA 2K is surely the better game.

Question: What is the best team to use?
Answer  : I like the Spurs the most.

Question: How old are you?
Answer  : Probably the same age as you.

Question: Is there anything wrong with this game?
Answer  : Nope.

Question: How much is this game?
Answer  : Around $50.00.

Question: Do you own NBA 2K?
Answer  : Yes, I got it close to when it came out.

Question: What games have better graphics than this?
Answer  : None

Question: I can only buy one.  NFL 2K or NBA 2K
Answer  : That's a tough decision.  I would get NBA 2K though.

Question: How good are the graphics?
Answer  : Let's just say you know who each guy is by their face.

That should answer all of your questions.  If you have anymore questions feel 
free to contact me.

10. Credits
This FAQ is made 99% by me.  I would like to thank:

GameFAQs ( for hosting all my reviews and FAQs. and Cheat Code Central for supplying the codes.

11. Sites Who Host This FAQ
If you would like to use my FAQ on your site then you have to get permission 
from me.  Feel free to e-mail me asking if you can use this FAQ.  I will 
probably say yes.

Cheat Code Central...(

12. My Other FAQs/Walkthroughs
NFL 2K FAQ..................................................Dreamcast
NFL Blitz 2000 FAQ..........................................Dreamcast
Toy Commander FAQ/Walkthrough...............................Dreamcast
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball FAQ..........SNES

13. Mailbag
Here's some e-mail I have gotten and responded to about this FAQ.  Hope you like 

hey thanx but ar there any hidden teams or players ?
i love the game andi totally agree that it is not only the best basketball game 
ever made but  also one of the best sports games ever made, i have nevere 
witnessed such detail in a game not to mention the smooth flowing game play. the 
sega dream cast is definitily th epremiere system available and i cant wait to 
see what comes next. my biggest problem with the system is deciding if i am 
going to play nfl 2k, nba 2k or toy commander

I have no idea if there are hidden teams.  The game is so new, that there are no 
codes out.  I have been checking cheat code central and gamesages everyday.  
When I get codes, i'll tell you.   I know its hard to pick what game is hard to 
play because those three games are so great.

Hi, I've read your faq, and I've liked what I've seen so far.  I have a request 
of you:  Could you compile all of the individual player statistics onto the faq 
in your next update?  NBA 2k is a great game but one thing that really, really, 
REALLY sucks is that you can't view your individual players stats inside the 
game (I would be extremely happy if you explained to me that there was a way to 
do this that I am missing :) ).  This seems to be a glaring, ugly, oversight, as 
one of the most fun part of past basketball games has been, for me, the ability 
to pick my own substitutions by viewing the players stats from the previous 
year.  Even being able to view some weird computer values like "offense" and 
such would be fine.  I'm sure all the true hardcore basketball fans will think I 
should know them all by heart, but who really knows all the players in the NBA 
that well, especially since Michael Jordan left?  Thanks for your time.  

First off, thanks for reading my FAQ.  I can't compile the individual player 
statistics in my next update because I just sent in Version 1.5.  I can do it 
for 2.0 or 2.5.  I know, it really pisses me off that I can't find the players 
ratings because if I am down by 3 with like 10 seconds left, I really need a 
good 3 point shooter on the court.  I don't really have a list of player ratings 
which makes me mad.  I'll search the net, it's a great idea, and I'll try to do 
it.  Thanks!

In the real N.B.A there's not 50 dunks a game.  You can be guarding a guy and he 
will jump up and dunk on you and you get called for the foul.  If you like 
arcade basketball this is fine but if you want realistic game play buy N.B.A. 
live 2000

I highly disagree.  They do 50 dunks because it makes the game more fun.

I am wondering what is a special move and how do you do it and who has this. 
gimme and example.

Please reply I win almost every game on all-star except when i play against the 
pacers because of smits

The special move is actually just the crossover and spin around the back.

Hi, nice FAQs. Your NFL2K one really helped out, though I still get beat
most of the time. I don't have very many opportunities to play, so it's
hard to get better.

I just got NBA2K and read your FAQ. I haven't tried your suggestions
yet, but I have a question:
In your Offense section you say to "Always use your special move or
turbo." How do you do a special move, and how do you find out what each
player's special move is?

Thanks for the FAQs. They make playing much more enjoyable when I DO
have the time to play.

I meant B when I meant special move.  The around the back dribble and the 

Hey man, I read your Strategy Guide in Cheat Code Central.  I really need 
serious help with free throws.  Other than that i kick @ss!  But I shoot 
seriously, less than 30%!  It's absurd!  I missed 20+ in a row!  Help me with 
this!.  And also could you tell me how i can get fouled more.  I am dead last in 
Free Throw Attempts.

Just try to line them up pretty slowly.  It's not that hard.  You will get use 
to it.  I get fouled a lot.  Usually I go for a layout or dunk and I get fouled 
like half the time.  Hope this helps.

Hi i was playing NBA2K today with the TRAILBLAZERS and while i was going threw 
the paint with Stoudimire I hit shoot and i might have it another button and he 
fake a behind the back pass or fake going behind the back and went in for the 
layup i kept trying to do this again and it never worked and i was wondering if 
it was just a type of layup or did i make him do that by pressing the other 
button, and i also saw him go all the way around his back and put it in and i 
was also wondering if that was just another form of a layup or did i make him do 
that to because i might have hit the cross over button at the same time but i 
could never get it to work again...........also what is a special move you refer 
to in your strategy guide last thing in practice mode i was 
getting stoudimire to go behind his back instead of crossing over is htere a 
certain way i was doing this or what.

I think its just how you were dunking with him.  I have no idea though really.  
The special move is the crossover.  Sometimes when you try to do the crossover 
it does the dribble behind the back.  I think you do that when you hit turbo or 

hey i just read your faq for that game and its great, i'm in a season with the 
lakers and the last game i just played shaq got hurt, but anyway i played for 20 
games maybe or more, before i read your faq last night i never made a free throw 
out of so many, i finally made a free throw today after reading it, but i only 
made one, i get it in the middle sometimes but can never press x in time, its 
and i got a question, is there anyway to play a season with a created team?
thanks bye

i dont think there is...

    Hey man great FAQ!  I just wanted to give my opinion on shooting free
throws.  Instead of moving the arrows slowly try moving them fast.  Also, I
find it easier to move the left arrow first and get it very close to the rim
and hold it there and then move the right arrow and try to line them up.
Just a suggestion.  Thanks!!!!

I actually switched to the style of moving the left cursor first and then the 
right one.  I still move them slow though.

Hi Debuting,

I'd like to reply to the person who asked the questions about the layup and 

The fake behind-the-back pass layup that Stoudamire did is just a type of 
layup. There is no extra button needed to do that layup. It is simply a 
random animation that pops up, usually when approaching the basket directly 
down the lane from a good distance.

Also, crossing over behind the back is simply a random animation. I have 
noticed that it seems to happen more often for people who really would do 
such a thing in real life. (I have yet to see a crossover that goes in 
between the legs though...) Plus, the booklet clearly states that if the 
crossover button is pressed with the turbo button, a player will do a spin 

No E-mail Back

Hi there,

I read your NBA2K FAQ and I found it interesting.
I don't own a DC, but I've been playing NBA2K a lot at a friend's house.

I am surprised a lot of people are having trouble shooting free throws.
I guess it just takes practise, I can shoot about 95% with the DC
My friend bought an extra controller, it's called the AstroPad.  Well,
this controller is a POS, but the analog L R buttons aren't as "springy"
as the DC ones, so shooting FT's is very easy.  In fact, you just sorta
tap it or hold it down a bit and it usually automatically alligns itself
to shoot perfect FT's.  I guess those who can not shoot FT's might wanna
consider this controller.

Anyways, personally, I like the Hornets.  I feel they're underated in
this game.
I just sub in E.Jones as the PG, B.Phylis as the SG, and put the 3 big
guys, D.Coleman, E.Cambell and A.Mason for the front court and do quite

Anyways, thanks for the FAQ!


No E-mail Back

Hi I have read your NBA2k FAQ and I have a question.  Is there a player lock so 
I can play just as a single player on a team.  I have tried this by using no 
switch passing and such but its hard to keep from switching to another guy.  Any 
help would be appreciated.



I don't think so.  Why don't you play with all 5 guys?

I liked your FAQ on NBA2K. While I was reading it I noticed that you've also 
made one for NFL2K, but I can't seem to find it on gamesages. Where would I find 
your NFL2K FAQ? Also to get a higher percentage of making a three or any other 
shot in NBA2K try faking, which most of the time the defender jumps, then shot. 
You will have nobody in your face to block your view or the shot, therefore 
giving you better odds at making the shot. I've tested this over and over, trust 
me. Also when the ball is passed to you, instead of taking off and using your 
dribble try pump faking, when the defender jumps, take off and leave him behind 
in the air. This is also very effictive. To see the player ratings go into 
season, then to trade.Thats it, you can look at all the player ratings you want. 
Its mostly overall rating, but it will give you a better idea of who the "money" 
players are. 


Hy im Dino and i wanted to ask u a couple of  Ques. about the game, im gonna buy 
the new dream cast system and im trying to choose over NBA 2K  or NFL2K but i 
like basketball alot do the players look realistic like they do in NFL 2K or 
better and could u tell me a little about it like about the graphics and the 
players and all that ,u know i would appreciate it thank you.

Read my review that i have posted on gamefaqs.

Hi I would like to say I like your FAQ. While I was reading the Q&A section 
someone asked if they were a way to put a created team in a season and you said  
I don't know, well the way you do it is pick the custom season and take out the 
team you don't want and add the created team.  And also they have been a new 
code found, FATHEAD, this code makes you have a big head.  Also would you visit 
my NFL2K AND NBA2K SITE, the address is 

Alright thanks.

I will check out the site also.

Hi! I read your article and it's really good. I just want to ask you a few 
Have you created any players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson? How can I 
made their rating to 90 or above? I have created MJ but he only has a rating of 
84. (less than Pippen?) So I tried to change his height a bit and find that his 
rating increase to 85. Isn't that weird? I have created a player which has a 
rating of 97!!!
Dunno how I made it...

Thank you!

NBA rookie

Actually, i have not created any players yet so I really don't know.  I am 
pretty sure that if you get your player scoring more and stuff like that, his 
rating will go up.  This happened in NFL 2K too.

At first I didn't like the Camera angles but I've noticed that if
you go to the Orders option on the Coach setting an go to DLB then press the 
X button until you KeyZoom or PriorityLow and put your camera veiw on ACTION 
it seems a little closer or got to different things and then the angles look 
different By the way did you notice that when you go to SETTINGS on the 
CAMERA what's up with that yellow arrow on the bottom right corner like you 
can select more veiw or camera options is there an code or something because 
it's there for a reason or it's an error on the game other that I love this 
game send me an E-mail soon or after you tried that camera toggling an tell 
me your best playing camera angle

Actually, I think the default camera view is the best.  It may take a while to 
get use to, but now (after playing for a couple of weeks) on it, i can see 
everything that is going on.  I think it's the best camera view.

14. My Season
Wondering how my season is doing?  Here I have listed what is going on in my 
current NBA 2K season.

Team...............Portland Trail Blazers
Season Length......82 Games
Quarter Time.......3 Minutes

Update #1
I am currently 12-14.  There is a reason for that.  My best scorer (Brian Grant) 
got injured.  I have won four game straight so things are look up for me.  I am 
currently in 10th place (in the Western Division).  I am somewhere around 7.5-
8.5 games behind.  The Lakers are the best team. 

15. Legal Information
This FAQ is for private use only.  It may not be sold nor used in anyway to earn 
a profit.  You may not use this on 
your website without my written permission. Copright 1999.

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