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Date sent:        Fri, 28 Feb 1997 10:27:47 -0500 (EST)
From:             Brian Kennedy 
Subject:          [PSX NBA Live '97] Roster Updates 22 Feb 97

        NBA Live '97 Roster Changes (Accurate as of 22 Feb 97)


1. Introduction
2. How To Use This List
3. Roster Update 22 Feb 97
  3a. Players To RELEASE
  3b. Players To SIGN
  3c. Players To CREATE
  3d. Other Players On The Injured List
  3e. Creating Jordan And Barkley
  3f. Wrong Jersey Numbers
4. Rosters Quick List
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Disclaimer

1. Introduction

This is the third guide I've written for revising NBA Live '97 rosters, all of
which have been posted to  I wrote the first when I got
the game, updating rosters to 2 Dec 96.  I wrote another as of 9 Feb 97,
thinking that the trade deadline was 10 Feb 97 (d-ohh!).  Since the deadline
was the 20th, I wrote this final update as of 22 Feb 97.


  (1) The list is intended to update rosters for the PlayStation version of
      NBA Live '97.  I don't know whether or not it will work for other
      formats (I would suspect that it does).

  (2) This is not a FAQ for the game itself -- only for the rosters.  If you
      have questions about codes, strategy, or whatnot, you should look
      elsewhere.  If you have technical questions, you may wish to contact
      EA's Customer Support staff at (415) 572-2787 (number from EA's web
      page, located at

2. How to Use this List

This list is designed to change the DEFAULT rosters (i.e., the ones you get
when you start the game without a memory card in place) to make them the
accurate as of 22 Feb 97.  At the end, I put a "quick list" (last names only)
of *all* of the rosters, so you can check yours against it when you are done.

The teams are listed alphabetically by conference:  Eastern, Central, Western,
Pacific.  To save space, I use a three letter abbreviation for each team (the
first three letters of the city/state *except* NJN=Nets, NYK=Knicks,
SAS=Spurs, UTH=Utah, GSW=Warriors, LAC=Clippers, LAL=Lakers).

The list is structured so that you can RELEASE any traded or cut players,
putting them on the Free Agent (F/A) list, then SIGN players from the F/A list
to their new teams.  Finally, you should CREATE the remaining players.  There
is limited space on the F/A list, so you can't release everyone that needs to
be released at once.  You need to do it in a couple of steps.

When a player has moved from one team to another this information is in SINGLE
parentheses next to his name.  This helps if you want to use the TRADE option. 
Released players without parenthetical information are not on any new team. 
Signed players without parenthetical information were on the default F/A list.

Players with an asterisk (*) following their name are currently on the injured
list.  I only included this information because it was available.  Personally,
I wouldn't bother trying to simulate the actual NBA injured list because it is
just too much trouble to keep up.

include a section for updating from 2 Dec 96 or 9 Feb 97 rosters since most
people have made changes from there anyway.  Instead, in order to help those
gamers who have made some trades and/or have created some players already, I
list in DOUBLE parentheses players that *may* be on a particular team (and
need to be released) because you may have put them there at some point during
DEFAULT ROSTERS.  Of course, some of the other players listed to release will
already be gone if you've done some previous updating.  Just release whomever
you can, then follow the regular procedures for signing and creating players
and you'll be set.  If you are supposed to sign a player but he isn't on the
F/A list, he is probably already on your team (you made the update already) or
he is on another team and needs to be released.

3a. Players to RELEASE
      Team: Last, First (to Team)
            ((possible player to release -- see above))

BOS: Burrough, Junior
MIA: Danilovic, Sasha (DAL)
     ((Farmer, Tony))
     Muursepp, Martin (DAL)
     ((Scott, James))
     Thomas, Kurt (DAL)
NJN: Askew, Vincent (DEN)
     Bradley, Shawn (DAL)
     Caldwell, Adrian (PHI)
     O'Bannon, Ed (DAL)
     Pack, Robert (DAL)
     Reeves, Khalid (DAL)
NYK: ((Jent, Chris))
     ((Leckner, Eric))
ORL: ((Demps, Dell))
     Koncak, John (GSW)
     Royal, Donald (CHA)
     ((Rozier, Clifford)) (TOR)
     Spencer, Felton (GSW)
PHI: none
WAS: ((Fish, Matt))
     Henderson, Ronnie

ATL: ((Burton, Willie))
CHA: Burrell, Scott (GSW)
     Goldwire, Anthony (DEN)
     Hancock, Darrin (SAS)
     Lohaus, Brad
CHI: Edwards, James
     ((Hamilton, Thomas))
     Salley, John
CLE: Bragg, Marques
     Rencher, Terrence
DET: Augmon, Stacey (POR)
     Riley, Ron
     Smith, Kenny (DEN)
IND: Allen, Jerome (DEN)
     ((Askew, Vincent)) (DEN)
     Haskin, Scott
     Johnson, Eddie (DEN)
     Williams, Reggie (NJN)
MIL: Cummings, Terry (SEA)
     ((Hancock, Darrin)) (SAS)
     ((Norris, Moochie))
     Respert, Shawn (TOR)
TOR: Earl, Acie (MIL)
     ((Hughes, Mark))
     Tyler, B.J.
     ((Whiteside, Donald))

DAL: ((Cassell, Sam)) (NJN)
     Davis, Terry
     Dumas, Tony (PHO)
     Gatling, Chris (NJN)
     Jackson, Jim (NJN)
     Kidd, Jason (PHO)
     King, Jimmy
     Mashburn, Jamal (MIA)
     McCloud, George (LAL)
     Meyer, Loren (PHO)
     ((Miller, Oliver)) (TOR)
     Montross, Eric (NJN)
     ((Roberts, Fred))
DEN: ((Ham, Darvin)) (IND)
     Jackson, Mark (IND)
     ((King, Rich))
     McInnis, Jeff
     Pierce, Ricky (CHA)
     ((Thompson, LaSalle)) (IND)
HOU: ((Bennett, Elmer))
MIN: none
SAS: Demps, Dell
     ((Hancock, Darrin))
     ((Kempton, Tim))
UTH: Thompson, Brooks (DEN)
VAN: Breaux, Tim
     Manning, Rich

GSW: ((Harris, Anthony))
     ((Royal, Donald)) (CHA)
     Rozier, Clifford (TOR)
     Seikaly, Rony (ORL)
LAC: Harvey, Antonio
     Williams, Brian
LAL: Ceballos, Cedric (PHO)
     ((Kleine, Joe)) (NJN)
     Robinson, Rumeal
     ((Wilson, Trevor))
PHO: Bennett, Mario
     ((Boney, Dexter))
     Brown, Chucky (MIL)
     Cassell, Sam (NJN)
     Conlon, Marty (BOS)
     Finley, Michael (DAL)
     Green, A.C. (DAL)
     Horry, Robert (LAL)
     Kleine, Joe (NJN)
     ((Robinson, Rumeal))
POR: Childress, Randolph (DET)
     ((Djordjevic, Aleksandar))
     Jordan, Reggie (DET)
     McKie, Aaron (DET)
     ((Nembhard, Ruben))
     ((Whatley, Ennis))
SAC: ((Daniels, Lloyd))
SEA: Ford, Sherell
     ((Harvey, Antonio))

3b. Players to SIGN
      Team:  Last, First (from Team)
      Asterisk (*) = Injured List

BOS: Conlon, Marty (PHO)
MIA: Mashburn, Jamal (DAL)
NJN: Cassell, Sam (PHO)
     Gatling, Chris (DAL)
     Haley, Jack
     Jackson, Jim (DAL)
     Kleine, Joe (PHO)
     Montross, Eric (DAL)
     Williams, Reggie* (IND)
NYK: Brooks, Scott
ORL: Schayes, Danny
     Seikaly, Rony (GSW)
PHI: Caldwell, Adrian (NJN)
     Overton, Doug
WAS: none

ATL: James, Henry
CHA: Pierce, Ricky (DEN)
     Royal, Donald (ORL)
     Smith, Tony
CHI: none
CLE: none
DET: Childress, Randolph* (POR)
     Jordan, Reggie* (POR)
     McKie, Aaron (POR)
IND: Jackson, Mark (DEN)
     Thompson, LaSalle
MIL: Brown, Chucky (PHO)
     Earl, Acie (TOR)
     Wood, David
TOR: Lewis, Martin*
     Miller, Oliver
     Respert, Shawn (MIL)
     Rozier, Clifford (GSW)
     Slater, Reggie

DAL: Bradley, Shawn (NJN)
     Danilovic, Sasha (MIA)
     Finley, Michael (PHO)
     Green, A.C. (PHO)
     Muursepp, Martin (MIA)
     O'Bannon, Ed (NJN)
     Pack, Robert (NJN)
     Reeves, Khalid (NJN)
     Roberts, Fred
     Thomas, Kurt* (MIA)
DEN: Allen, Jerome (IND)
     Askew, Vincent (NJN)
     Goldwire, Anthony* (CHA)
     Johnson, Eddie (IND)
     Smith, Kenny* (DET)
     Thompson, Brooks (UTH)
     Zidek, George (CHA)
HOU: Bullard, Matt
MIN: none
SAS: Hancock, Darrin (CHA)
UTH: none
VAN: Leckner, Eric

GSW: Burrell, Scott (CHA)
     Koncak, John* (ORL)
     Peplowski, Mike*
     Roe, Lou
     Spencer, Felton (ORL)
LAC: Duckworth, Kevin*
LAL: Horry, Robert* (PHO)
     McCloud, George (DAL)
     Scott, Byron
PHO: Ceballos, Cedric (LAL)
     Chapman, Rex*
     Dumas, Tony* (DAL)
     Kidd, Jason (DAL)
     Meyer, Loren (DAL)
POR: Augmon, Stacey (DET)
SAC: none
SEA: Cummings, Terry (MIL)

3c. Players to CREATE
      Team:  No. Last, First Posn. Ht. Wt. Exp. College
      Asterisk (*) = Injured List

BOS:  5 Hawkins, Michael SG 6-0 180 0 Xavier (Ohio)
     42 Hamer, Steve C 7-0 240 0 Tennessee
     43 Szabo, Brett C 6-11 230 0 Augustana (S.D.)
MIA:  8 Austin, Isaac F/C 6-10 260 4 Arizona St.
     11 Crotty, John PG 6-1 185 5 Virginia
     30 Strickland, Mark F/C 6-10 210 2 Temple
     35 Anderson, Willie G/F 6-8 200 9 Georgia
NJN: 34 McDaniel, Xavier F 6-7 205 11 Wichita St.
NYK: none
ORL: none
PHI: 50 Bradtke, Mark* PF 6-10 265 0 Australia
WAS:  9 Nickerson, Gaylon SG 6-3 190 0 NW Oklahoma St.
     30 Wallace, Ben* PF 6-9 240 0 Virginia Union
     32 Jackson, Jaren SG 6-6 200 7 Georgetown

ATL: 28 Newbill, Ivano PF 6-10 245 2 Ga. Tech.
CHA: 31 Rose, Malik SF 6-7 250 0 Drexel
     42 Chambers, Tom F/C 6-10 230 15 Utah
     43 Strong, Carlos* SF 6-8 235 0 Georgia
CHI: none
CLE: 23 Thomas, Carl* G 6-4 185 2 E. Michigan
     44 Scott, Shawnelle C 6-10 250 0 St. John's (N.Y.)
DET:  9 Green, Litterial SG 6-1 190 3 Georgia
IND: 55 Scott, Brent* PF 6-10 250 0 Rice
     35 Ham, Darvin* SF 6-7 220 0 Texas Tech.
MIL: 40 Martin, Cuonzo SG 6-4 215 1 Purdue
TOR: 25 Long, John* SG 6-5 195 14 Detroit
     35 Cureton, Earl* F/C 6-9 215 12 Detroit

DAL: 20 Strickland, Erick* SG 6-3 210 0 Nebraska
     50 Dreiling, Greg C 7-1 265 10 Kansas
DEN:  1 Jennings, Keith* PG 5-7 160 3 E. Tennessee St.
HOU:  3 Livingston, Randy PG 6-4 209 0 Houston
     12 Maloney, Matt SG 6-3 192 0 Pennsylvania
     15 Davis, Emanual* PG 6-3 194 0 Delaware St.
     32 Harrington, Othella PF 6-9 235 0 Georgetown
MIN: 10 Heal, Shane PG 6-0 180 0 Australia
     11 Vrankovic, Stojan C 7-2 260 3 Croatia
     22 Garrett, Dean C 6-10 225 0 Indiana
     55 Praskevicius, Virginius PF 6-8 230 0 Lithuania
SAS: 15 Feick, Jamie PF 6-9 255 0 Michigan St.
     21 Wilkins, Dominique SF 6-8 215 14 Georgia
UTH: 40 Anderson, Shandon SG 6-6 205 0 Georgia
     43 Howard, Stephen PF 6-9 230 3 DePaul
VAN:  5 Robinson, Chris* SG 6-5 205 0 W. Kentucky
     15 Williams, Aaron F/C 6-9 218 3 Xavier (Ohio)

GSW: 34 Mann, Marcus* SF 6-8 245 0 Miss. Valley St.
     35 Owes, Ray PF 6-9 224 0 Arizona
LAC: none
LAL: none
PHO:  7 Llamas, Horacio C 6-11 285 0 Grand Canyon
     43 Davis, Ben PF 6-9 240 0 Arizona
POR:  4 Brown, Marcus SG 6-3 185 0 Murray St.
SAC: 20 Grayer, Jeff G/F 6-5 215 8 Iowa St.
     32 Salvadori, Kevin* C 7-0 231 0 N. Carolina
SEA: 23 Stewart, Larry F 6-8 230 5 Coppin St.

3d. Other Players on the Injured List
    (last names only, other than those marked with an asterisk above)

BOS: Barros; Brickowski; Ellison; Radja
MIA: Grant; Majerle
NJN: Benoit; Dare
NYK: Jones
ORL: McCaskill
PHI: Hendrickson
WAS: Legler; Wallace

ATL: Corbin
CHA: Geiger
CHI: Brown
CLE: Ilgauskas
DET: none
IND: McKey; Workman
MIL: Lang
TOR: Tabak

DAL: none
DEN: Marciulionis
HOU: Drexler; Jones
MIN: Curley; Williams
SAS: Person; Robinson; Smith
UTH: Keefe
VAN: (Doug) Edwards; Lynch

GSW: Armstrong
LAC: Roberts
LAL: O'Neal
PHO: none
POR: none
SAC: Grant; Salvadori
SEA: Graham; Scheffler

3e. Creating Jordan and Barkley

I would suggest creating players for Jordan and Barkley, based upon the
"Roster Player"s in the game.  Here is the data for them:

CHI: 23 Jordan, Michael SG 6-6 216 12 N. Carolina
HOU:  4 Barkley, Charles F 6-6 252 13 Auburn

Here are the ratings for the Roster Players:

                   [Jordan]   [Barkley]
Overall:              91          83
Field Goals:          94          88
3PT Field Goals:      91          74
Free Throws:          89          75
Dunking:              92          90
Stealing:             95          70
Blocking:             80          71
Def. Awareness:       99          76
Agility:              96          86
Off. Rebounds:        79          91
Def. Rebounds:        84          93
Jumping:              97          89
Strength:             83          94
Ball Control:         94          80
Off. Awareness:       99          88
Speed:                93          83
Dribbling:            91          80

3f. Wrong Jersey Numbers
    (only teams with changes are listed)

If you *really* want to be exact, you can fix the incorrect jersey numbers
given to some of the players.  The only way to do this is to delete the player
and then recreate him with the proper jersey number.  I do not recommend doing
this, as it takes up space from your create player slots and (AFAIK) the
announcer will no longer say the player's name.  However, if it really bothers
you, here are some corrections I've noted:

NJN: Benoit should be #22, not #2
NYK: Brooks should be #4, not #1
PHI: Overton should be #9, not #11
     Caldwell should be #45, not #50

ATL: James should be #42, not #21
CHA: Smith should be #34, not #14
CHI: Brown should be #1, not #0
     Simpkins' first name is "Dickey," not "Dickie"
MIL: Perry should be #5, not #2
     Wood should be #7, not #10
     Gilliam should be #10, not #30
TOR: Rozier should be #7, not #44
     Slater should be #24, not #50
     Lewis should be #32, not #44

HOU: Mack should be #5, not #44
     Moore should be #9, not #21
     Willis should be #42, not #41
UTH: Morris should be #34, not #43

GSW: Roe should be #21, not #3
     Peplowski should be #51, not #54
LAC: Schintzius should be #33, not #5
LAL: Fisher should be #2, not #4
     Horry should be #5, not #25
PHO: Ceballos should be #1, not #23
     Bryant should be #2, not #1
     Chapman should be #3, not #7
     Dumas should be #27, not #7
     Kidd should be #32, not #5
POR: Wingfield should be #18, not #10
SEA: Cummings should be #34, not #32

4. Rosters Quick List
   (last names only)

BOS: Barros, Brickowski, Brown, Conlon, Day, Ellison, Fox, Hamer, Hawkins,
     Lister, Minor, Radja, Szabo, Walker, Wesley, Williams
MIA: Anderson, Askins, Austin, Brown, Crotty, Grant, Hardaway, Lenard,
     Majerle, Mashburn, Mourning, Pickney, Strickland
NJN: Benoit, Cassell, Dare, Edwards, Gatling, Gill, Haley, Jackson, Kittles,
     Kleine, Massenburg, McDaniel, Montross, J.Williams, R.Williams
NYK: Brooks, Childs, Ewing, Houston, Johnson, Jones, McCarty, Oakley, Starks,
     Wallace, Ward, B.Williams, H.Williams
ORL: Anderson, Armstrong, Evans, Grant, Hardaway, McCaskill, Schayes, Scott,
     Seikaly, Shaw, Strong, Wilkins, Vaughn
PHI: Bradtke, Cage, Caldwell, Coleman, Davis, Harris, Hendrickson, Iverson,
     MacLean, Overton, Stackhouse, Walters, Weatherspoon, Williams
WAS: Amaya, Cheaney, Grant, Howard, Jackson, Legler, Muresan, Murray,
     Nickerson, Strickland, Wallace, Webber, Whitney, Williams

ATL: Barry, Blaylock, Boyce, Corbin, Henderson, James, Laettner, Lauderdale,
     Mutombo, Newbill, Norman, Recasner, Smith
CHA: Addison, Bogues, Chambers, Curry, Delk, Divac, Geiger, Mason, Pierce,
     Rice, Royal, Rose, Smith, Strong
CHI: Brown, Buechler, Caffey, Harper, Jordan, Kerr, Kukoc, Longley, Parish,
     Pippen, Rodman, Simpkins, Wennington
CLE: Brandon, Ferry, Geary, Hill, Ilgauskas, Lang, Marshall, Mills, Phills,
     Potapenko, Scott, Sura, Thomas, West
DET: Childress, Curry, Dumars, Green, Hill, Hunter, Jordan, Long, Mahorn,
     McKie, Mills, Ratliff, Reid, Thorpe, Williams
IND: Best, Dampier, Davis, Ferrell, Ham, Hoiberg, Jackson, McKey, Miller,
     Rose, Smits, Scott, Thompson, Workman
MIL: Allen, Baker, Brown, Douglas, Earl, Gilliam, Lang, Martin, Newman, Perry,
     Robinson, Wolf, Wood
TOR: Camby, Christie, Cureton, Davis, Jones, Lewis, Long, Miller, Respert,
     Rogers, Rozier, Slater, Stoudamire, Tabak, Williams, Wright

DAL: Bradley, Danilovic, Dreiling, Finley, Green, Harper, Muursepp, O'Bannon,
     Pack, Reeves, Strickland, Thomas, Walker
DEN: Allen, Askew, D.Ellis, L.Ellis, Goldwire, Hammonds, Jennings, Ed.Johnson,
     Er.Johnson, Marciulionis, McDyess, Smith, Stith, Thompson, Zidek
HOU: Barkley, Bullard, Davis, Drexler, Elie, Harrington, Jones, Livingston,
     Mack, Maloney, Moore, Olajuwon, Price, Willis
MIN: Carr, Curley, Garnett, Garrett, Gugliotta, Heal, Parks, Porter,
     Praskevicius, Marbury, Mitchell, Robinson, Vrankovic, West, Williams
SAS: Alexander, Anderson, Del Negro, Elliott, Feick, Herrera, Johnson,
     Maxwell, Perdue, Person, Robinson, Smith, Wilkins, Williams
UTH: Anderson, Carr, Eisley, Foster, Hornacek, Howard, Keefe, Malone, Morris,
     Ostertag, Russell, Stockton, Watson
VAN: Abdur-Rahim, Anthony, Chilcutt, B.Edwards, D.Edwards, Leckner, Lynch,
     Mayberry, Mobley, Moten, Peeler, Reeves, Robinson, Rogers, Williams

GSW: Armstrong, Burrell, Coles, DeClercq, Fuller, Koncak, Mann, Marshall,
     Mullin, Owes, Price, Peplowski, Roe, Smith, Spencer, Sprewell
LAC: Barry, Dehere, Duckworth, Martin, Murray, Outlaw, Piatkowski, Richardson,
     Roberts, Rogers, Schintzius, Sealy, Vaught, Wright
LAL: Blount, Bryant, Campbell, Fisher, Horry, Jones, Kersey, Knight, McCloud,
     O'Neal, Rooks, Scott, Van Exel
PHO: Bryant, Ceballos, Chapman, Davis, Dumas, Johnson, Kidd, Llamas, Manning,
     Meyer, Nash, Person, Tisdale, Williams
POR: Anderson, Augmon, Brown, Butler, Dudley, O'Neal, Rider, Robinson,
     Sabonis, Trent, Wallace, Wingfield
SAC: Abdul-Rauf, Causwell, Edney, Gamble, Grant, Grayer, Hurley, Owens,
     Polynice, Richmond, Salvadori, Simmons, Smith, Williamson
SEA: Cummings, Ehlo, Graham, Hawkins, Kemp, McIlvaine, McMillan, Payton,
     Perkins, Scheffler, Schrempf, Snow, Stewart, Wingate

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these before writing me -- your answer may already be here.

  * Will you send me updates?
  * Where can I get updates?
  * When is the trading deadline?
  * Can I put this on my web site?
  * Do you have a roster update for [other game]?
  * Can you give me any tips or codes?
  * What attributes should I give [player]?
    What hand is [player]?
    What appearance should I give [player]?
  * Should I bother changing players' numbers?
    Should I bother with the injured list?
  * Why won't the computer let me add [player]?
  * Why did the computer put [player] on the injured list?
  * Can you contact EA Sports for me?
  * You missed something.  Should I email you?

* Will you send me updates?

Probably not.  I'll post any updates.  If I haven't posted anything new, then
I haven't updated the rosters myself.

* Where can I get updates?

In the meantime, there are a couple of good places for NBA roster information. 
The best is ESPNET's "Roster Roundup."  It can be accessed from the "Features"
portion of ESPNET's NBA web page,  Also
good is the "Player Index" on NBA's official site, (click
on "Players").

* When is the trading deadline?

The trading deadline passed on February 20th.

* Can I put this on my web site?

Yes.  Edit it for length if you like, but please leave my signature line at
the bottom.

* Do you have a roster update for [other game]?

No.  This is the only roster update I've done.

* Can you give me any tips or codes?

No.  I honestly don't have any other than those already posted on

* What attributes should I give [player]?
  What hand is [player]?
  What appearance should I give [player]?

I don't have the answer for these.

Unfortunately, I don't include which "hand" a created player is or what he
should look like because I don't know the answer for everyone (this is
something I *wanted* to include this time around).  As for the player ratings,
I suggest you look at the default players' ratings and get an idea of what
range of numbers applies to what skill level.  Then use your best judgment.

* Should I bother changing players' numbers?
  Should I bother with the injured list?

I would say no on both counts, especially to the injured list.  With regard to
the number changes, I wouldn't suggest doing it unless it's for your own team
and you can't stand to have anything wrong on your team.  The loss of the
announcer saying the players' names outweighs the benefit of having the right
jersey number, IMO.  Hopefully, future NBA Live games will have a jersey
number editor to overcome this problem.

* Why won't the computer let me add [player]?

The team's roster may be full.  Try releasing the players you need to release
first.  If it still doesn't work, you may want to release any players on the
injured list or perennial bench-warmers.

* Why did the computer put [player] on the injured list?

The computer will automatically put the last two player slots on the injured
list (denoted "ir" -- injured reserve, I guess).  I have never had this
problem, but I *believe* you can fix it by switching the order of your roster,
swapping an regular player for one with "ir" next to his name.

* Can you contact EA Sports for me?

No.  You are better off trying to reach them yourself.

* You missed something.  Should I email you?

Yes.  I would prefer that you post a followup message to this post on and to check any other followups.  Someone else may have already
pointed it out.

6. Disclaimer

There are bound to be typos/omissions/etc. in this list.  I seriously doubt I
fixed them all, but you can only edit for so long!

Have fun playing this truly outstanding game!  ;)

Brian Kennedy
[email protected]

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