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THE DETECTOR - When you pick up this icon go to your inventory/overlay
map.  You will notice two things     
A) The Detector in your inventory with a counter counting down.  B) An
area of your map colored "Blue".  The Detector has detected a key or
power-up/power ups in the "Blue" Area.  Your objective is to make it to
that "Blue" area and collect the item before the counter has run out. 
The Detector will reappear if you do not make it in time.
n STRATEGY TIP:  Once you collect the Detector Clear the path to the
affected area.   Let the counter run out, re-collect the detector & go
collect the power-up/s.

METABOLLIC ADJUSTER - This icon is found on the ice moon.  When Blake
begins to explore this level, his health bar is flashing.  This is an
indication that the intense cold is deteriorating Blake’s health.  This
icon, when activated will stabilize Blake’s health.
n STRATEGY TIP - Activate immediately after locating.

 POWER GLOVES - Once you have collected, Blake’s fist will glow.  When
activated,  Power Gloves will double the damage your punches give.  You
may hold up to four at a time.  Time limited.
n STRATEGY TIP:  Save for the multiple enemy battle (3 or more enemies)
or save for the Big Daddy Battle with the Overseer.

ARMOR - When activated Blake’s outfit will turn purple.  Blake will take
half damage for a limited time.  You can hold up to four armor icons.
n STRATEGY TIP: Use in multiple Enemy Battles (3 or more enemies),
Overseer Battle, or if your health is low in combat.

HEALTH - Blake can carry up to four health icons at one time.  Health
icons must be activated when needed.
n STRATEGY TIP:  Since the Health Icon only increases your health by
25%, if your power drops below half that would be a "perfect" time to
use it.  Also try to use Icons in conjunction with each other  i.e.
Armor, Power Clover w/Health during the Big Battles.

JUMPING BOOTS - You will need to find these twice, once in the Desert
and once in Morgone’s.  These are required to finish these levels.
n STRATEGY TIP:  Use to get across the platforms.

SUN GOGGLES - These work just like the Metabolic Adjuster.  Where as the
Metabolic Adjuster will protect you from the Arctic like Elements in the
Ice World, the Sungoggles will protect you from intense eye damaging sun
rays of the Desert World.
n STRATEGY TIP:  Collect - Go To Inventory - Use immediately

AMULET - Find this on the outside level of the Desert.  It enables you
to meet a very worthy opponent later in the game.
n STRATEGY TIP: This icon does not need to be activated.  Keep it in
your inventory.

VACCINE - While in combat with certain pet creatures you might get bit &
poisoned - your energy bar will slowly decrease & Blake will
occasionally hunch over (Big visual hint) - find & use the Vaccine which
looks very similar to the Metabolic Adjuster.  
n STRATEGY TIP:  Vaccine can only be used if poisoned, but it will last
the  entire level.

ESSENCE ENERGY - After defeating an enemy a sphere of energy will be
left behind, which usually bounces right to Blake, but occasionally
Blake will have to go to collect it.  A certain number are needed to
power the transport at the endof each level.  The spheres will disappear
after an alotted time period.
n STRATEGY TIP:  Don’t have enough spheres?  No problem!  There’s an
area in every level with unlimited foes.  But make sure your health is
up or you won’t last too long.

MAGIC CHEST - This automatically turns on all your power-ups in your
inventory without actually decreasing the number of power ups in your
STRATEGY TIP:  Hold on to this item until you are carrying three other
useable items.  (ie:  power gloves, armor, health, etc., not- keys,
boots, vaccine, etc.

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