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- -------[ Phantasy Star Online ]-------------------------------- -
- -------[   FAQ Version 1.02   ]-------------------------------- -

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- --[ Contents ]----- -
1.1  -  Disclaimer
 .2  -  FAQ History
 .3  -  FAQ Resources

2.1  -  Getting Started
 .2  -  Basic Battle Tips
 .3  -  Class Bios

3.1  -  Walkthrough
 .2  -  Tier 1

4.1  -  Closing Statements / Credits

 [ Section 1 ]         
- --[ Disclaimer ]----- -
Theres really nothing to say about this.  Just I put lots of time
into the FAQ, to help you guys out, so don't scum me over and copy
all of the info, and tag your name on it.  You can post this up on
your site if you want, I really don't care, just be sure to give me
at least one little credit line =D
- --[ FAQ History ]----- -
Version 1.02 - 01.01.01
- Added Tier 2

Version 1.01 - 12.30.00
- Added FAQ Resources. 
- Added Boss Fight 1

Version 1.00
- Walkthrough through the first 3 Hunter Guild Missions
- Other Things...
- --[ FAQ Resources ]----- -
Latest Updates of my FAQ can be found at:

 [ Section 2 ]         
- --[ Getting Started ]----- -
First, here are some of the things that you should know before
jumping into battle, or the game for that matter.

-[ Controls ]--

Town / Battle Zone

Joystick - Move around / <--
Dir. Pad - Controls menu / <--
Button A - Confirm, talk / Weak attack, confirm, talk
Button B - Cancel / Heal
Button X - Misc. / Strong attack
Button Y - Chat box / Chat box
Button L - Centers view behind hero / <--
Button R - Brings up controls part 2 / <--
Start    - Brings up in-game menu / <--

-[ Moving Around ]--

The is probably the most important thing to know, moving 
around =D  Use the joystick to run around with your guy.  
If you press a direction as the hero is just standing, 
he will begin to walk, within about 2-3 seconds, you will 
begin to run.  For your safety, as well as to not confuse 
yourself, press L everynow and then to get the camera back 
behind the hero.

- --[ Basic Battle Tips ]----- -
Before getting into fights in the battle zones, be sure 
that you know what you are doing, and where you are 
heading.  So here are some basic tips that you should know, 
and that will help a lot. 

-[ Attacking ]--

In order to attack an enemy, you must first be in a certain 
distance, and you must be locked onto it.  You will know
 when you are locked on once you see red cursors flying 
around the thing.  Once you see those cursors, feel free
to wreck havoc on the poor fellas.

-[ Combos ]--

These babies will surely make fighting monsters a hell of a 
lot easier.  So here are the ones that I have come across so far.  
Get to know these things, and get the attack patterns down 
by heart, or else killing the enemies won't be as easy (and fun).

Triple Strike
A, A, A  -  A basic three hit combo.  The strikes are fast, and 
            hit one after the other.  Press A again after the first 
            strike finishes, then again after the second one finishes.  
            This will be the basic pattern for most of the combos.

One-Two Combo
A, X     -  Just like the name says, this is a little One-Two 
            to the head.  Press A, then once the strike finishes, 
            press X for a little stronger attack that comes after.

Two-One Combo
X, A     -  Same concept as above, except the strong attack comes first.

A, A, X  -  This is one for the kids who like to finish it off with 
            a bang.  Combo is two, fast strikes, followed up by a 
            strong attack, normally doing some heavy damage.

 [ Section 3 ]         
- --[ Walkthrough ]----- -
Ok, this isn't going to be a super-detailed walkthrough.  But it's 
going to get you through the game ^_^  In my revised FAQs, I will go 
more in depth, but for now, I will give you locations and so on.  
Plus, you're starting point in battle zones are always random, so 
I can't really tell you where to go.  Ok, lets start!

-[ Making A Character ]--

I won't go in depth in this, but in later versions I will

- --[ Hunter Guild Tier 1 ]----- -

Once you start the game, you are in the principals office 
(no, we're not in school ^_^), talk to him, and he will give you some 
info about the crash of Pioneer 1, and so on.

Turn around, and take the teleport to Pioneer 1.  Once outside 
make a slight left, and run into the Hunters Guild.

Talk to the lady at the desk, and you will recieve the first 3 Missions.  They 
are as follows:

Mission #______Missions Name___________Given 
           ->                      -
>                                                     <<
Mission 1  ->  Magnitude of Metal  ->  A valuable commodity on Ragol was 
lost?!           <<
Mission 2  ->  Claiming a Stake    ->  Find and bring back a greedy 
landlord!             <<
Mission 3  ->  Battle Training     ->  Find a hunter who is working down on 
Ragol.        <<

Let's start with Mission 1, here we go!

>>Mission 1<<--[Magnitude of Metal]--[Reward: 500 Meseta]

Once the load screen is done, talk to the man next to the Guild desk.  
He will blab on about how he could make money, he then tells you to talk 
to the hunter outside.  So do it ^_^  Run outside, and to the left, will 
be a rather chubby guy, talk to him.  You will know you got the right guy 
when the text box is minty green.  He babbles too.  Right after talking 
to him, turn around, and run towards the door/wall in the middle of the 
2 guards.  It will open, and reveal a teleporter.  Take it to Forest 1.

Once you are in the first battle zone of the game, take a little time to 
get a feel for pulling off some combos.  If you are any type of Character 
using the Force, don't waste it.  If you have a gun, your best bet is using 
the Tripple Strike combo.  Now, clear through all the areas.  Eventually, you
will come to a part where there is a pink girl standing next to a cliff.  
Talk to her.  She will give you the reason why the Mags came to her and so on. 
After she is with you, head back to the where you started.  On the way there, 
she will give you tid-bits on your Mag, and she will teach you howto feed it 
and so on.  Once you reach the starting spot, pick up the glowing object on 
the floor, its the Mag. Once you get it, take the teleporter back to Pioneer 1.  
Return to the Hunters Guild, speak to the man next to the desk, the go to the 
desk and grab your reward. 

>>Mission 2<<--[Claiming a Stake]--[Reward: 700 Meseta]

Once the load screen is done, speak to the boy next to the desk.  He will tell 
you how his dad is down on Ragol.  So take the teleporter down to Forest 1.  
Somewhere in the forest, you will see a guy standing next to a broken bike(?).  
Talk to him, and he tells you that he will go with you if you find his 3 capsules.
Run through the forest loop (that's not a stage, it's just that the forest loops
around in a circle), and you will come across 2 capsules.  Now return to your 
starting point, grab the third one, and return to the father. He will talk some 
more, then make a teleporter to Pioneer 1.  Take it, then return to the Hunters 
Guild.  Speak to the son, then get your reward.

>>Mission 3<<--[Battle Training]--[Reward: 500 Meseta]

Once the load screen finishes, talk to the man next to the desk.  He will tell 
you to get the hunter next to the door.  Turn around, grab the hunter (he's like 
a purple color, and VERY cool looking), then return to the man next to the desk.  
He will give you info about the mission, and about saving his cousin.  

Leave, then run to the teleporter, and go to Forest 1.  Once there, run around 
watching your pal beat the crap out of all the monsters.  Eventually, you will 
run into a injured hunter.  Talk to him, you find out it's the clients cousin.  
He will give you the disk.  Your partner tells you that he will return the 
and for you to take the disk to the client.  Listen to him, and grab the next 
teleporter you see.

Back at the guild, talk to the client, and then talk to the lady at the desk 
and get your reward.

Now, all the missions are complete, and a new teleporter will open up in Forest 
The new teleporter takes you to Forest 2.  A much harder zone, where there is a 
type of monster, that is huge, and will beat the crap out of you if you don't 
fight smart.  Plus, this zone holds the first boss (ooohh...scary).  

- --[ Hunter Guild Tier 1 ]----- -

Mission #______Missions Name_____________Given 
           ->                        -
Mission 4  ->  Journalistic Pursuit  ->  A journalist went to go down to 
Ragol.                                          <<
Mission 5  ->  The Fake in Yellow    ->  What is the biologist on Ragol 
doing?                                           <<
Mission 6  ->  Native Research       ->  Collect data on the native 
animals.                                             <<
Mission 6.1->  Forest of Sorrow      ->  The data from the capsules is 
unusual...                                        <<
Mission 7  ->  Gran Squall           ->  Gran Squall, a pleasure boat, departed 
before the explosion. Find the survivors.<<

Tier 2, Lets Go!

>>Mission 4<<--[Journalistic Pursuit]--[Reward: 1200 Meseta]

Once you get done with loading scree, talk to your client, then run to the 
and take it down to Forest 2.  Run around, and she will start telling you some
interesting things.  Eventually, she will tell you that you must find the weather
device.  Once you get there, she will talk some more, then you will have to flip
a switch in the next room, and the computer terminal will open up.  After a series
of some more of her talking, you head back up.  Grab your reward, and your done.

>>Mission 5<<--[The Fake in Yellow]--[Reward: 800 Meseta]

Just run around the Forest 1, and kill all the rappy's you see.  Eventually, 
you will get one of them trapped, talk to it, and you find out that it's 
actually Dr.Gul.  Easy?  Yup.  Now run back and get your reward.

>>Mission 6<<--[Native Research]--[Reward: 2500 Meseta]

This quest can be a little difficult, if you don't do some things in certain ways.
You have 20 minutes to kill 5 groups of the 5 basic enemies in the Forest Zones.
Once you start, you should jet to Forest 2 as soon as it starts, and clear out 
of the monsters there first, especially the Hildebear, since thats one stupid 
guy to deal with.  Once you got him done with, head back to Forest 1, and knock
out the rest of the idiots.  Now, there is a Mothmant in the area where you would
start most of the time in Forest 1.  Finish this, and you're done.

>>Mission 6.1<<--[Forest of Sorrow]--[Reward: 1500 Meseta]

Here is one quest, the I personaly hate, because it requires you to fight the 
annoying monster in the game, over and over and over.  So here we go.  Once the 
mission starts, run with Alicia down to Forest 1, then continue over to Forest 2.
Once there, the fun begins.  Head to the wheather device, and check it out.  It 
that Hildebears are nice...I don't buy that.  Next, head to the room where you 
to flip the switch that connects the bridge to the weather device.  In that room, 
a little corridor.  Head into there and you find a baby Hildebear.  Cute.  After 
gone, the door to the next room is unlocked.  So run through, and welcome to ass-
land.  Groups of Hildebears will now start to attack you.  The trouble with this 
is that Alicia likes to play retard in the middle, and she will always get 
left and right if you don't watch out for her.  After doing some dirty dancing 
the fat boys, you'll meet the little baby one again.  Then you're done.

>>Mission 7<<--[Gran Squall]--[Reward: 1000 Meseta]

After getting the instructions for this mission, forget about almost everything, 
for that you have to find survivors.  Next, head out and make your way to the 
area till you find the dude with the big gun.  Talk to him, and get him to join.  
run through the door to the left, and Bernie will start filling you in on the 
Gran Squall's
secret.  Now, after learning Bernies secret little agenda, head to Forest 2.  
Now, wipe
out tons of enemies, and the warp to Pioneer 1 is unlocked.  Now, kill all the 
monsters to
open up the door the teleporter.  Once done, kill some more monsters to save the 
Once thats done with, you're done with this level.

>> Boss 1<<--[Note: You do not have to go throught the Hunter Guild Missions to 
fight this guy]

First, here's how to find this puppy.  Head to Forest 1, warp to Forest 2, then 
eventuall you will
get into a field, with at least 1 Hildebear, and some other retards.  Once you 
clear the zone, the 
gate blocking the teleporter will open.  Take the warp, and you end up on Pioneer 
1.  Clear the 
enemies out, then head through the door.  Knock out the Hildebear, throw down a 
Telepipe, and we're
ready to go.  Take the teleporter in, and meet your slave.  A huge red dragon.  
Now, here's how to 
kill the degenerate.

Equip a saber, if you can, or any close range weapon.  Run next to the dragon (! 
Watch for his feet,
because once they step on you, you are dead !) and begin to hack at his legs.  
Always do this from 
behind, so that he has to turn around to step on you.  Eventually, the dragon 
will fall to the floor.
Once he is down, run to his head, and start beating it down again.  Rinse and 
repeat, and eventually
the dragon gets pissed.   He will fly to the sky, and then come crashing down 
into the floor.  This 
is the hardest part, expect to get hit.  I found it easiest, to run right next to 
the wall, and stand 
still.  Then when you see him coming, just jet to the side.  Now, once he gets 
back on the floor, do 
what you did before, and beat the crap outta him.  Once he dies, you get a 
teleporter back to Pioneer 2,
plus some goodies.  If you beat all the missions before fighting this guy, talk 
to the principal to open
up tier 3.  If not, then just got back and beat all the missions, or just procede 
down to the caves.

--- -- -- -- ---- - - -  - - - -- - - - - ----- -- ---  - -- -
Thats all for this update!  Check back in a day or 2 for more!
--------- -- -  -- - -- - - ----   -  -  --   -   ------  -- -

 [ Section 4 ]         
- --[ Closing Statements/Credits ]----- -

OK, here we go.  Thanks for taking the time to view my FAQ, and hope
that it is helpful.  Any comments, suggestions, questions, feel free
to email me at >>[email protected]<<, I will be more than glad to 

Also, if you would like to post this on any site, just please contact
me before you do it.  I will say yes, so, don't worry.  But I WILL
say no if I see it on your site first.  Well, that's all for now!

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