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              POLICE QUEST 2 , The 500 Step By Step Walk Through
                                  By: Tom Betti

        In Your Personnel Car

1. Type  "Take Keys"
2. Type  "Open Glove Box"
3. Type  " Take Business Card"
4. Type  " Turn Card Over"
5.  Exit The Car (F4)
6.  Walk  To The Door
7.  Type "Open Door"

        Inside The Police Station

8. Walk To The Homicide Office  (Top Door On The Left)
9. Walk To The Bulletin Board
10. Type "Look At Bulletin Board"
11. Type "Take Keys"
12. Walk To Captain Hall Desk
13. Type "Look At Desk"
14. Type "Look At Papers"
15. Walk to Your desk
16. Type "Sit Down"
17. Type "Look In Message Basket"
18. Type "Unlock Drawer"
19. Type "Get Wallet"
20. Type "Look At Wallet"
21. Type "Search Wallet"
22. Type "Get Letter"
23. Type "Read Letter"
24. Close Drawer
25. Stand Up
26.Walk To Computer
27.Type "Look at Computer"
28.  Type "Turn On"
29.  Type "dir"
30.  Type "cd"
31.  Type "Criminal"
32.  Type "cd"
33.  Type "Vice"
34.  The Password is "Miami"
35.  Type "dir" 
36.  Look at Donald Colby, Marie Wilkans, and Woody Roberts file
37. Type "cd"
38. Type "dir"
39. Type "dir"
40. Type "cd"
41. Type "Criminal"
42. Type "dir"
43. Type "cd"
44. Type "Homicide"
45. The Password is "Icecream"
46. Look at Jason Taselli and Jesse Bains file
47. Type "cd"
48. Type "dir"
49. Type "dir"
50. Type "cd"
51. Type "Personnel"
52. The Password is "pistachio"
53. Look at Lloyd Pratt File and any Other file
54. Type "Quit"
55. Leave The Homicide Office

        The Narcotics Office

56. Walk to The Narcotics Office (The Room Below The Homicide Office)
57. Walk to The Man on The far Left
58. Type "Talk Man"
59. Type "Help Man"
60. Leave The Narcotics Office

        The Locker Room

61. Walk To The Room To The Left Of The Evidence Window
62. Walk To The First Locker On The Left Wall, and Stand in Front Of It
63. Type "Open Locker"
64. Put In Combination  36-4-12
65. Type "Get Gun"
66. Type "Get Ammo"
67. Type "Get Handcuffs"
68. Type "close"
69. Leave The Locker Room

        The Shooting Range

70. Before You Enter The Shooting Range Stop at The Counter
71. Type "Open Bin"
72. Type "Take Field Kit"
73. Type "Close Bin"
74. Walk To The Shooting Range
75. Walk To The Man
76. Type "Ask For Ear Protection"
77. Walk into The Range,and stop at a Booth
78. Type "Put On Ear Protection"
79. Load The Gun  (F6)
80. Raise The Gun (F8)
81. Fire The Gun  (F10)
82. Lower The Gun (F8)
83. Type "Push View" The Dot Is Where You Hit The Target.
84. Type "Adjust Sights"   Use arrow keys  ( Up and Down Are Elevation, Left and right Are Windage)  
85. Type "Change Target"
86. Type "Push Back"

NOTE: Do This Until You Hit The Numbers On The Target and Get Points. You May have To Do It More Then Once.
87. Leave The Booth
88. Walk To The Man and Return Ear Plugs.
89. Ask For Ammo,  He May Or May Not Give It To You
90. Walk To The Homicide Office.

        The Homicide Office

91. Listen To Orders From Captain Hall
92. Walk To File Cabinet
93. Type "Open Cabinet"
94. Type "Take Bains File"
95. Type "Take Mug Shot"
96. Type "Close File"
97. Walk Out Of Homicide office
98. Walk To Parking Lot

        The Parking Lot

 99. Walk To The Blue Car
100. Type "Open Trunk"
101. Type "Put Kit In Trunk"
102. Type "Close Trunk"
103. Enter The Car  (F4)
104. Type "Drive To The Jail"
     Read Messages From Dispatch

        The Jail

You Will Automatically Exit The Car
105. Walk To The Gun Locker
106. Type "Open Locker"
107. Type "Put Gun In Locker"
108. Type "Close Locker"
109. Walk To The Button
110. Push The Buzzer
111. Type "Open Door"
112. Type "Show ID"
113. Enter The Jail
114. Walk To The Lady
115. Type "Ask For Description Of Pates Car"
116. Type "Ask For Pates File"
117. Type "Close File"
118. Type "Ask For Bains File"
119. Type "Take Mug Shot"
120. Type "Close File"
121. Type "Ask About Witnesses"
122. Walk To The Witness Window
123. Type "Question Witness"
124. Leave The Jail
125. Walk To The Gun Locker
126. Type "Open Locker"
127. Type "Take Gun"
128. Walk To Your Car And Enter It  (F4)
129. Type "Drive To Oak Tree Mall"

        Oak Tree Mall

130. Walk To The Trunk
131. Type "Open Trunk"
132. Type "Get Field Kit"
133. Type "Close Trunk"
134. Walk To Blue Corvette At The Bottom of The Screen
135. Type "Open Door"
136. Type "Dust Glove Box"
137. Type "Use Tape"
138. Type "Open Glove Box"
139. Type "Get Holster"
140. Type "Get Bullets"
141. Type "Close Glove Box"
142. Type "Close Door"
You Will Automatically Walk To Officer Haines And The Lady
143. Type "Ask About Car"
144. Walk To Trunk
145. Type "Open Trunk"
146. Type "Put kit In Trunk"
147. Type "Close Trunk"
148. Enter The Car  (F4)
149. Type "Radio Dispatch"
150. Drive To Cotton Cove

        Cotton Cove

151. Walk To Trunk
152. Type "Open Trunk"
153. Type "Get Kit"
154. Type "Close Trunk"
155. Walk To Jogger
156. Type "Question Witness"
Note: You Might Want To Save The Game Here. The Following Parts Are Difficult. You Don't Want To Start All Over Again.
157. Load Your Gun  (F6)
158. Raise Your Gun (F8)
159. Walk To The Next Scene, To The Left
160. When Jesse Bains Appears, Fire The Gun (F10)
Note: If You Didn't Get Points For Hitting The Target In The Shooting Range, By Adjusting The Sights. You Will Always Be Killed
Note #2: If You Did Get Points For Hitting The Target In The Shooting Range. You Should Hit Bains In The Leg, And He Will Run Off.

161. Walk Along The Top Of The Screen
162. Walk Back To Your Car
163. Enter Your Car (F4)
164. Type "Radio Dispatch"
165. Exit The Car (F4)
166. Walk Past Where You Were Ambushed Until You Are In a New Scene 
167. Walk To The Garbage
168. Type "Search Garbage"
169. Type "Get Clothes"
170. Type "Read Nametag"
171. Walk To The Red Spot
172. Type "Look Down"
173. Type "Take Sample Of Blood"
174. Type "Get Footprint"
175. Type "Use Camera"
176. Walk Back To Your Car
177. Wait For Diving Team, When He Arrives, Walk Over To Him
178. Type "Search River"
179. After He Changes, Walk To The Van Door
180. Type "Take Tank 1"
181. Type Check Air Supply
Note: If The Tank Is Not Full, Type "Put Tank Back". A Full Tank Is 2200 Air. You Will Get Points For Taking The Right Tank. Repeat Step 184 and 185 Until You Get Points.
182. Type "Take Wet Suit"
183. Type "Get Vest"
184. Type "Get Belt"
185. Type "Get Fins"
186. Type "Get Mask"
187. Type "Leave"
Note: If You Did The Steps Correctly, You Will Get 6 Points When You Enter The Water.
Note #2: Save The Game Here, It is Easy To Die When Diving
188. Swim To Two Rocks in The Middle Of The Screen, that Are By A Gold Spot
189. Type "Look Down"
190. Type "Take Badge"
191. Swim To The Right, You May Not Move Fast But Keep Going
192. When Your In The Next Scene, Notice A Blue Gray Spot In The Center Of The Screen
193. When You're Above It Type "Look Down"
194. Type "Take Object"
195. Swim To The Left, Keep Swimming Past Where You Started Until You Enter A New Screen
196. Swim To The Rock Against The Wall, With A Hole
197. Type "Move Rock"
198. Type "Look At Body"
199. Type "Remove Body"
You Will Automatically Surface
200. Walk To The Right, Until It says You Should Change In The Van
The Computer Will Automatically take Over
201. Walk Back To Your Car
202. Walk To Your Trunk
203. Type "Open Trunk"
204. Type "Put Kit In Trunk"
205. Type "Close Trunk"
206. Enter The Car (F4)
207. Type "Call Coroner"
208. Type "Use Radio"
209. Drive To The Airport

        The Airport

210. Walk To Trunk
211. Type "Open Trunk"
212. Type "Get Kit "
213. Type "Close Trunk"
214. Walk To Black Car At The Bottom Of The Screen
215. Type "Look At Car"
216. Walk To Passenger Side Door, Type "Open Door"
217. Type "Look Vin" 
218. Type "Dust Rear View Mirror"
219. Type "Use Tape"
220. Close Door
221. Walk To Trunk Of Your Car
222. Type "Open Trunk"
223. Type "Put Kit"
224. Type "Close Trunk"
Note: You Might Want To Save It Here . The Parts Ahead Are Difficult
225. Open Door (F4)
226. Type "Radio Vin"
227. Exit The Car (F4)
228. Walk Towards The Airport
229. When You Get The Next Scene, Walk To The Pole On Your Left
230. Type "Push Button"
231. Walk Across Street
232. Type "Buy A Rose"
233. Enter The Airport
234. Walk To The Lady At The Ticket Counter
235. Type "Show ID"
236. Type "Show Mug Shot"
237. Type "Look At Passenger List"
238. Walk To The Upper Left Into The Next Scene
239. Walk To The Lady On The Left
240. Type "Show ID"
241. Type "Show Mug shot"
242. Type "Look At Rental List"
243. Walk Back To The Last Scene, To Your Right
244. Walk To The Restroom And Enter
245. Walk To The Second Stall
246. Type "Open Door"
247. Type "Look At The Toilet"
248. Type "Remove Lid"
249. Type "Look In Tank"
250. Type "Take Gun"
251. Type "Exit Stall"
252. Walk To Electric Hand Dryer
253. Type "Turn On Dryer"
254. Type "Dry Gun"
255. Walk Out Of Restroom
256. Walk Out Of Airport
257. Walk To Pole
258. Type "Push Button"
259. Walk Across Street
260. Walk To Car Door
261. Enter Car (F4)
262. Type "Radio Gun"
263. Type "Radio Rental Car"
264. Drive To Station


265. Walk To the Door
266. Type "Open Door"
267. Walk To Evidence Window
268. Type "Book Evidence"
269. Walk To Homicide Office
270. Walk To Desk
271. Type "Sit Down"
272. Type "Look In Message Basket"
273. Type "Use Phone"
274. Type "555-4169"
275. Type "Hello"
276. Type "OK"
277. Type "Stand Up"
278. Walk To Bulletin Board
279. Type "Return Keys"
280. Leave The Homicide Office
281. Leave The Station
282. Walk To Personnel Car (The White One On The Right)
283. Type "Open Door"
284. Drive to Arnies


285. Walk In The Restraunt
286. Walk To Marie (The Person Sitting Alone)
287. Type "Sit Down"
288. When The Waiter Comes, Type "Meatloaf"
289. Type "Give Marie Rose"
290. Type "Kiss Marie"
291. Type "Kiss Marie"
292. Wait For The Food
293. Type "Eat Food"
294. Type "Call The Waiter"

        DAY  2

        The Station

295. Type "Take Keys"
296. Exit The Car (F4)
297. Walk To The Door
298. Type "Open Door"
299. Walk Into The Homicide Office
300. Read Messages From Captain
301. Walk To Bulletin Board
302. Type "Take Keys"
303. Exit The Homicide Office
304. Exit The Station
305. Walk To Blue Car
306. Type "Unlock Door"
307. Enter The Car (F4)
308. Drive To 160 West Rose

        160 West Rose

309. Walk To Trunk
310. Type "Open Trunk"
311. Type "Get Kit"
312. Walk To The Trunk Of The Other Car
313. Type "Look At Body"
314. Type "Take Blood Sample"
315. Type "Take Pictures"
316. Type "Look At Face"
317. Type "Look At Hand"
318. Type "Get Corner Of Envelope"
319. Type "Read Corner Of Envelope"
Note: Do Steps 310---320, Before Removing The Body.
320. When Coroner Arrives, Type "Remove Body"
321. When Coroner Leaves, Look In Trunk
322. Type "Search Trunk"
323. Type "Get Paper"
324. Walk To Trunk Of Car
325. Type "Put Kit In Trunk"
326. Type "Close Trunk"
327. Walk To Car Door
328. Enter The Car (F4)
329. Type "Drive To Motel"

        Snuggler's Inn

330. Walk To Man In Window
331. Type "Talk Man"
332. Type "Show ID"
333. Type "Show Mug Shot"
334. Walk To Car
335. Enter The Car (F4)
336. Type "Radio Warrant"
337. Type "Radio Backup"
338. Exit The Car (F4)
339. Walk To Trunk
340. Type "Open Trunk"
341. Type "Get Kit"
342. When Man Appears Walk To Man
343. Type "Get Warrant"
344. Walk To The Man In The Window
345. Type "Show Warrant"
346. Type "Get Key"
347. Walk To Motel Room on The Right Corner
Note: Open The Door From The Right Side. If You Don't You Will Die.
348. Type "Open Door"
Note: The Swat Team Will Shoot Tear Gas Into The Window. Don't Enter The Room Until You Get A Message Saying It Is Safe To Enter The Room.
349. Enter the Room
350. Walk To Blood On The Floor
351. Type "Take Blood Sample"
352. Walk To The Dresser
353. Type "Open Drawer"
354. Type "Get Envelope"
355. Type "Look Envelope"
356. Type "Read Letter"
357. Walk To Behind The Bed
358. Type "Look Under Bed"
359. Type "Take Tube"
360. Walk Into The Restroom
361. Type "Look Around"
362. Type "Look Sink"
363. Type "Get Card"
364. Type "Look At Card"
365. Walk Out Of The Motel
366. Walk To Trunk
367. Type "Put Kit"
368. Type "Close Trunk"
369. Walk To Car Door
370. Enter The Car (F4)
371. Drive To Marie's House

        Marie's House

372. Walk To Front Door
373. Type "Get Note"
374. Type "Read Note"
375. Type "Look At Handwriting"
376. Type "Open Door"
377. Walk To Stuff On Floor
378. Type "Look At Floor"
379. Type "Look At Ashtray"
380. Type "Get Paper"
381. Walk Out Of The House, and To Your Car
382. Enter The Car (F4)
383. Drive To Station

        The Station

384. Walk To The Door
385. Type "Open Door''
386. Walk To The Evidence Window
387. Type "Talk To Man"
388. Type "Book Evidence"
389. Walk into The Room, To The Right Of The Window
390. Walk To The First Desk (Jim Simpson)
391. Type "Talk To The Man"
392. Type "Ask About Shotgun"
393. Type "Ask About Prints"
394. Walk Into The Homicide Office
395. Walk To Desk, and Type "Sit Down"
396. Type "Use Phone"
397. Type "411"
398. Type "Steelton"
399. Type "Police"
400. Type "407-555-2677"
401. Type "Talk To Man''
402. Type "Talk To Man"
403. Type "407-555-3323"
404. Type "Talk To Man"
405. Type "Warn Colby"
406. Press Esc. To Hangup
407. Type "Look In Message Basket"
408. Type "Stand Up"
409. Leave The Homicide Office, Walk Into The Shooting Range
Note: For Instructions On How To Sight the gun at Shooting Range, See Steps, 74--90.

410. Walk Out Of Shooting Range, and Into The Parking Lot.
411. Walk To Car, and Enter The Car (F4)
412. Drive To The Airport

        The Airport

413. Walk To The Trunk
414. Type "Open Trunk"
415. Type ''Get Kit"
416. Type "Close Trunk"
417. Walk Towards The Top Of The Screen
418. Walk To The Pole
419. Type "Push Button"
420. Walk Across The Street, Using The Crosswalk
421. Walk Into The Airport
422 Walk To Ticket Agent
423. Type "Buy Ticket To Steelton"
424. Keith Will Telephone For Authorazation
425. Type "Buy Ticket To Steelton"
426. Walk To The Top Of The Screen, and Walk To The Left
427. Ride The Escalator
428. Walk To The Metal Detecetor 
429. Type "Show ID"
430. Walk Through The Tunnel

        The Airplane Ride

431. Sit Next To Keith
432. Type "Sit Down''
433. Type "Fasten Seatbelt"
Note: After You Receive A Message From The Captain, Saying You Can Remove Your Seatbelt.
        Remove Your Seatbelt.
434. Type "Remove Your Seatbelt"
435. When Stewardess Offers Drinks, Order Water
Note: If You Order Two Alcoholic Drinks You Will Be Drunk. You Will Not Kill The Skyjackers.
Note#2: If You Want More Water, Type "Call Stewardess"
436. Wait For The Skyjackers
437. When You See The Skyjacker, Load Your Gun (F6)
438. When The Skyjacker Drops The Stewardess, Raise Your Gun (F8), And Fire (F10)
Note: The Other Skyjacker Will Appear.
439. Fire Your Gun At The Other Skyjacker  (F10)
440. Read Messages
441. Type "Search Masked Hijackers Pockets"
442. Walk To The Other Hijacker
443. Type "Search Turban"
444. Walk To The Back of The Plane and into The Bathroom
445. Type "Look At Towel Dispenser"
446. Type "Open Dispenser"
447. Type "Cut Yellow Wire''
448. Type "Cut Blue Wire"
449. Type "Cut Purple Wire"
450. Type "Connect Yellow Wire"
451. Type "Cut White Wire"
452. Type "Cut Yellow Wire"
453. Walk Back To Your Seat
You Will Talk To A Sky Marshall And Be Flown To Steelton Police Department

        Steelton Police Department

454. Walk Into The Lietenant's Office
455. Read Messages From The Lietenant
456. Type "Look At Table"
457. Type "Get Radios"
458. Walk Out Of The Lietenant's Office, And To The Left Until The Computer Takes Over.

        Steelton Park

459. Walk To The Top Of The Screen, Until You Enter A New Scene
460. Walk To The Left,Into The Next Scene
461. Wait For The Mugger
462. When He Appears, Type "Use Radio"
Keith Will Appear With The Mugger In Handcuffs.
463. Walk To Mugger And Type "Read Rights"
464. Type "Question Man"
Keith Will Take The Mugger Off
465. Walk To The Bottom Of The Screen
466. Type "Look Down"
467. Type "Open Cover"
468. Type "Climb Down Ladder"


**Note: Save The Game Here. The Sewer Is Very Difficult.**
469. Walk Down Towards The Bottom Of The Screen. 
470. Walk Across The Sewer Grate.
471. Walk Toward The Top Of The Screen
472. Walk Across The Side To The Left, Until You Are In A new Scene
473. Keep Walking To The Left, Until You Are In A New Scene
474. Walk To The Left, Until You Have To Walk Down
***Note: Ignore Messages About Methane Gas. If You Get Past The Parts Fast Enough You Will Survive***
475. Walk Down Until You Are In A New Scene
476. Walk Down Until You Are A New Scene
477. Walk To The Left, UntilYou See A Cabinet
478. Walk To The Cabinet
479. Type "Open Cabinet"
480. Type "Take Gas Mask"
**Note: Save The Game Here**
481. Walk Across The Grate
482. Walk To The Right
483. When You Get Messages About Methane Gas, Type "Wear Gas Mask"
484. Walk Downward Toward The Bottom Of The Screen
485. Walk Across The Grate
486. Continue To Walk Downward
487. Walk Across The Grate
488. Walk Up
489. Walk Across The Grate
490. Walk To The Left, Until You See a Door. Walk Through The Door
491. Walk To Marie
492. Type "Keep Quiet"
493. Type "Untie Marie"
494. Walk To Behind The Pipe On The Right, So You Are Not In Sight
495. Load Your Gun (F6)
496. Raise Your Gun (F8)
497. Press The Right Cursor Key Twice. So You Are Facing Bains
498. When Bains Appears  Fire (F10). Do This More Then Once
499. You Have To Hit Bains 3 Times To Kill Him.
500. If You Kill Bains Enjoy The Ending Sequence. If You Didn't Try, Try Again

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