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                          POPOLOCROIS II
                         Version 1.0  01/28/2000
                2000 SCEI                RPG
                1 Memory card block       SCPS 10112-4
                Dual Shock Compatible

                 UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

                            Written by: Bodi Anderson
                             [email protected]
             E-MAIL NOTE: If you mail me include "Popolocrois" in your 
                header, and be polite or be ignored!
VERSION Updates: (All Japan Time)
01/28/00: Started FAQ
01/31/00: Finished disc one walkthrough.
02/08/00: Finished disc 2 and most of 3 walkthrough added some secrets.
         Sorry about the wait but I've been busy don't expect another update
          for about a week since my gal and I are taking a small vacation.
02/16/00:  Finished ending and I'm all PoPoLoed out for a while. All I have 
to do is
          souvenir list, Gabo's sub-quest, items.
          I'll get to these as soon as I can-sorry


DISCLAIMER:   This FAQ is meant for personal use only and can only be
reproduced electronically. This FAQ can be altered as long as the disclaimer 
unchanged. This FAQ is owned and made by Bodi Anderson. Please don't steal 
reproduce any ideas or content from this FAQ or I will track you down like 
the sick
creature you are! Please distribute the FAQ only in its original form to 
your friends and
lovers of the PoPoLoCrois series. This FAQ cannot be sold for profitable 
purposes, any
person or organization attempting to do so will be prosecuted to the fullest 
extent of the
law!  PoPoLoCrois II and most of the character and place names in this FAQ 
copyrighted property of Sugar and Rockets and Sony.  I, Bodi Anderson, have 
professional relationship with any of the aforementioned companies, and I am 
simply a
fan of their great games. This FAQ is dedicated to all of those who waste 
their time
translating Japanese games and all the nice people who love PoPoLoCrois. 


1.	Introduction
2.	The Story
3.	Basic game controls
4.	Menu Mania!
5.	Let's Fight! (Combat)
6.	Buy, Sell and Save!
7.	Role Call
8.	The Walkthrough Story of Disc 1
9. The Walkthrough Story of Disc 2
10. The Walkthrough Story of Disc 3
11. Spell and Waza List
12. A Few Useful Items
13. Secrets
14. World Map
16.Menu Print Out Page! (Yes thank you!)

    If you are unfamiliar with the PoPoLoCrois series I highly suggest you 
check out
1996's PoPoLoCrois Monogatari.  Information can be found on Gamefaq's in a 
walkthrough I did.  In any case it was an amazing game that truly 
transported you
into another world, which, like a good book, a good RPG should do.  The plot 
PoPoLoCrois Monogatari was simple and fresh and the animation was amazing.  
whole game had a simple storybook appeal and fresh epic sense to it (which, 
how many times this has been done is a major accomplishment).  The game also 
had a
nice simplicity too it.  More time was spent on the plot and getting you 
into the story
and less on spending hours customizing your characters and going on endless 
quests.  All in all it is my favorite RPG along with FF3 and Chrono Trigger.
     PoPoLoCrois II successfully captures that epic magic that its prequel 
had with
prettier graphics and that nice analog support we all have come to love.  
Another great
thing about the game is that the battles are over quickly.  Whereas in 
certain square
games you spend a full minute just zooming into the action, in PoPoLoCrois 
II the
battles (saving the boss fights) are short and sweet, they can be finished 
in mere
seconds even if you include loading time.  A final great thing about the 
game is the
dialog, most events have vocal tracks which add to the game a lot.  And 
unlike a certain
zombie series that will remain unnamed the vocal tracks really add to the 
of the game.  It's a lot like a good anime.  The game has the feel of a nice 
animation to
it, and hey, I don't even really like too many anime.  In any case 
PoPoLoCrois II is a
good buy and a fun game. If you're unsure it's your thing you might want to 
try it's
cheaper prequel first.  I also recommend you play the prequel so you can get 
a lot of the
jokes in the game.  Playing PoPoRoGue is however, unnecessary, since the 
history in
the game world seems to completely ignore the events of PoPoRoGue.

2. THE STORY (My slightly embellished translation of the book):
  Two years agoc
    The prince of PoPoLoCrois, Pietoro, and his mother, Sanria, fought a 
great battle
with the Ice Demon and his minions.  Aided by his friends Narcia, the forest 
witch, the
brave White Knight and the Gami Gami Devil Pietoro destroyed the evil Ice 
Demon and
saved the land from and endless winter of despair.  This also marked the 
first time
Pietoro met his mother as her soul was previously trapped in the world of 
darkness and
was only freed by the valiant efforts of Pietoro and his friends.

    And thus a time of peace and plenty came to the land of PoPoLoCrois.

    Pietoro has just turned twelve and his time to become a man is close at 

Analog Sticks: move characters (run) and select from menus.
D-pad: move characters (walk) and select from menus.
Circle: accept, search, talk.
X: Cancel, (press while walking to run on non-analog controllers.)
Triangle: brings up main command menu.
Square: brings up local map, press again for world map.
Start: shows monster information cards.
Select: not used
L1: like circle button
L2: like X button
R1: press while walking to run on non-analog controllers.
R2: nothing

  When pressed once gives you the following commands.
1. Items
2. Magic and Waza
3. Equip
4. Combat AI
5. Config
4.1 ITEMS:  Items come in 5 main varieties listed at the top as follows.

      medicine    weapons    armor    tools    important items

   Most items can't be used outside of combat except medicine.  If an item 
highlighted in white you can use if it's gray you can't use it. Scroll 
through the icons at
the top for quick and easy sorting.
4.2 MAGIC & WAZA:  Here you can view your magic and skills.  Like items 
highlighted in white can be used outside of combat. The list of your skills 
appears on the
top left and at the bottom right it lists (from top to bottom).
  Magic level
  MP used
  Experience accumulated
  Experience needed for next level up.
      At the bottom of the screen is a description of what the magic does.
Different characters equip items differently.  Gami Gami for instance can 
equip up to 4
items while Jilva can only equip one.  Jilva also doesn't equip weapons 
since she equips
shoes as a weapon.  For this reason she can equip 4 defensive items (since 
shoes also
add to defense). Be sure to take note this, though it's pretty easy to 
   The basic screen looks like thisc(Pietoro's and Narcia's)
                          Picture & Name
                          HP  current/max
Equipped Weapon         MP  current/max
Equipped Armor           Attack Power
Equipped Shoes           Defense Power
Equipped Talisman        Speed
Equipped Item #1          Magic Power
Equipped Item #2          Luck
                          Current Experience
                          Experience Needed for Level up
   Highlight and select weapons and armor to equip. Be sure to note how they 
your stats!
IMPORTANT! Don't forget to equip items. Each character can only equip two 
types of
medicine that can be used in combat. If you don't equip any medicine you 
cant use it in a
    Choose from the following options for each characterc
1. Manual command
2. Do what you think is best
3. Attack full strength
4. Attack strongest monster
5. Use most reliable attacks
6. Don't use magic or waza
7. Defend yourself
SOUND       Stereo      Mono
VOICE       On         Off
MESSAGES    On         Off
VIBRATION   On         Off
BGM         from mute to "12"
Window Color    red

   If you've never played a RPG before I suggest you find something in 
English first
since the combat system in this game is like that of most RPGs and I don't 
want to
waste my time or your explaining stupid things most people know.
   Combat in PoPoLo II, like it's prequel, is all random.  When walking on 
the battle
field suddenly monsters will appear and you fight them where ever you happen 
to be
standing.  This is a step down form PoPoRoGue but as I said earlier the 
combat is
quick and fun.  Like it's prequel, all status changes (including "death") 
are healed at
the end of the combat assuming you won the fight.
    The first thing you must do is to decide your course of action. The 
battle command
menu look like this..
1. Attack (with weapon)
2. Use Magic/Waza
3. Use Item
4. Defend
5. Escape!
6. Change Battle AI (see section 4.4)
                NOTE:Press X button during combat to change AI mode choice!!
   Next you move your character to the closest enemy (the purple circle you 
see is his
move range).  Assuming you chose "attack" you'll see a red square in front 
of your
character simply position him so that your target is in the red square (the 
enemy will be
highlighted).  The game won't let you attack open space or your comrades so 
worry if you're not quite sure if your lined up properly or not.  Next press 
the Circle
again to execute your attack.
     When using magic and waza the same rules apply excepts that you can't 
before using some spells.  Simply place the red area on your target(s) and 
confirm with
the Circle button.  Of course some abilities have greater range and area of 
effect than
others.  Unlike PoPoLoCrois Monogatari or PoPoRoGue, PoPoLoCrois II doesn't 
have a
"GUTS" meter, instead waza and magic have been combined . They now both use 
MP to
   An important thing to notice is the color of your selected area different 
colors mean
different things. This will help if you don't know Japanese to determine 
which attack
you're using. Look at the below guide

RED= Attack (does damage to enemy)
GREEN= Healing (Helps your friends)
GOLD= Status Change (Either good or bad. You can't use bad on your friends
                        Or good on your enemies so don't worry)
   There are two types of changes "Status Up" and "Bad Status".   Status up 
in the from of a glowing light that encompasses the character.  Refer to the 
below guide
Blue = Speed Up
Yellow = Counter
Green (below feet)= Regenerating
Gold = All Parameters Up
Red = Attack Up
Green (full body)= Defense Up

     On the other hand Bad Status look like the followingc

ICON              EFFECTS
Chic               Confusion
Electricity        Paralyze
Skull              Poison
Zzz                Sleep
Clock              Slow
Arrow              Can't Move
Ball and Chain     Movement and Speed down

   Heal bad status with medicine and spells. Some effects (like sleep) will 
fade after


    When you go to a shop you will first be asked.
1. Buy
2. Sell
3. Quit
   After selecting an item to buy/sell. Be sure to notice how it affects 
your status.
When you've decided look at the choices at the bottom of the screen and 
select either 1, 5,
or 10 of a given item.  The last choice spends all the money you can on an 
item, thus
you'll end up with 99 of an item and no money unless you're careful!  
Simple, huh.
When you go to an inn you'll be asked.
1. Rest
2. Save
3. Quit
     When you save you'll have two choices. The top is to save over a 
highlighted save.
The bottom is to make a new save file.  Press circle a few times and when 
you hear the
little music you know your game has been saved.  You can also save at other 
besides for inns.  Sometimes you'll see beds in strange places (i.e. middle 
of a dungeon)
walk up to them and the above choices will come up.  There's also a weird 
haling save
point-looking light symbol which heals you and lets you save.

7.1 Playable Characters (In order of appearance)

Pietoro      15 year old Prince and Protagonist.  He is half dragon (his 
            And that's why he kicks so much but!

Gon         Wacky solider side kick (Yes Gon and Don are the
             Vicks and Wedge of PoPoLoCrois).

Don        Even more wacky soldier sidekick (Yes Gon and Don are the
           Vicks and Wedge of PoPoLoCrois).

White Knight   Heroic, Goofy and Barrel shaped.  The White Knight has
               good intentions and the true spirit of a questing knight.

Gabo         Baby Dragon.  Cute or annoying? You make the call.

Narcia      Blond forest witch.  She's grown and now wears a black top.
            Will her and Pietoro ever admit their true love?

Kai         Narcia's other form, more tomboyish and tough.  Since she is a 
             Witch she has to switch forms when she travels off the 

Shinan Doji  Mysterious samurai. Whay is he afraid of dogs?

Jilva        The princess of Roma. She's a bit spoiled and an excellent 

Gami Gami Devil  The one, the only, gizmo-crazed, Narcia-obsessed, weird
                   Bearded old man we've all come to love.

Reona           A slick and tough archer with a nice set ofc morals.
                 Has the ability to talk to animals

7.2 Non-Playable Characters

Paulo                The King Of PoPoLoCrois. A bit on the barrelish sidec

Sanria              The Queen and Pietoro's Mom. She's really a Dragon!
                      (Play PoPoLoCrois Monogatari for more info)

Elena              Pietoro's little sister. Cute if you don't hear her 

Minister Momu      The King's right hand man. Naturally incompetent, pompous 
                     Full of lectures on "this, that and the other".

Gilbert             The big and friendly green dragon.

7.3 The Bad Guys

Bokushi            Annoying and annoying. Oh did I mention he's annoying?

Zool               Leader of Maira's goons. Speaks in a funny way and has a 

Gapu             A sneaky old hag. Every good story has one.

Gog              He big, not much speak parts in game. Maybe he like fight.

Maira           The Goddess of beauty don't quite look like what you 
                Screw that eye of the beholder crap it wouldn't kiss that 
                With your ten foot pole!


    The walk through is done in a loose story style.  All the directions you 
must follow
in order to advance the game are written in CAPS with a star next to them 
for easy
reference. NOTE: "You" and "Pietoro" are used interchangeably.

The Story begins with a speech of the History of the world.

"Long, long ago before there was anything there was only blackness
Thus forth a Goddess was born. Her name was Gyuon.
>From her imagination was born that of the world and the Gods.
Thus forth she made stars and Chaos for balance.
Next she bore Fairies and Dragons of fire.
Then the Gods made humans of water and earth.
A long time has passed and humans have all but forgotten their humble past.
There was goddess of beauty. This Goddessc"   Brrrrrrringg!
---Fade to classroom Sapo giving a speech to schoolchildren.

     Next Momu is looking for the prince, Pietoro. After finding him he 
tells Pietoro
that he's wanted by his father.
                    *GO TO THRONE ROOM
  Here the King tells Pietoro that you've reached the age of 12 and you must 
begin your
quest to succeed the throne.  Pietoro must fetch the Crown of Wisdom from 
the Cave of
Kings in order to do this.  The King assigns Gon and Don to help Pietoro. He 
informs Pietoro that he will soon have a little sister.
                    *GO TO TAKINEN  (North East of PoPoLo town)

      NOTE: if you access the world map (square button twice) you'll see an 
             Showing you where you're supposed to be heading.  Whenever your
             Told to go somewhere use this method if you're unsure where it 

                  *GO TO GUILDA'S TREEHOUSE (east of Takinen)
    When you get to Guilda's tree house you'll have to fight a laser demon 
so make sure
you have built up your levels a little bit.  At first it looks like Don and 
Gon are going to
abandon you, but they say that they've become stronger than before (Amusing 
if you've
played the prequel).
    After trouncing the demon you ask Guilda the way to the Cave of Kings.  
She says
Narcia will show you the way.  Gon and Don are forced to help Guilda with 
housework since Pietoro must fetch the crown alone.
                    *GO TO CAVE OF KINGS (auto sequence)
    Here Narcia will heal you and save your game.  If you choose the middle 
choice she
will give you a healing item.   Once inside the cave make your way to the 
Watch out for the stupid zombies since they can reproduce themselves and 
once enough
of them appear they reproduce faster than you can kill them. If this 
happens, just
    Once you grab hold of the crown you are warped to a place of blackness.  
Here you
meet a mysterious man named Pasqual he tells you of a prediction.  He 
predicts that
the world will soon be in danger and that PoPoLoCrois is facing another 
     In order to save the world Pietoro must find the True Treasure of Kings 
henceforth).  Once Pietoro acquires the TTK his light will shine on the 
world and
PoPoLoCrois will be safe.
    Pietoro is naturally unsure of what this treasure is.  Pasqual answers 
that only
time will guide you to the treasure.  Only when Pietoro has found the 
treasure may he
come back to the cave of Kings!
    Upon leaving Narcia is concerned why Pietoro is so glum.  After all he 
is holding
the Crown of Kings. Pietoro returns to the castle with the crown and is 
Still he is not happy.
      Time passes (3 years to be exact), and peace and tranquility comes to 
the land of
PoPoLoCrois.  Pietoro' s sister, Elena, is born and the Kingdom prospers.

    Chapter one begins with Naguro (remember him from the prequel), mining 
gems.  Here he encounters, well you can see for yourself what it is!  In any 
case back
in PoPoLoCrois there is a big ruckus over the sighting of a Dragon in 
Pasela.  The King
holds a council.
    Pietoro (Now a man of 15), volunteers to find out about the Dragon, 
since he is after
all part dragon.  Of course the King protests but finally allows him to go 
prequel joke).  Sanria informs all that much like humans not all Dragons are 
good.  In
the world there are good dragons and bad dragons.  Thus Pietoro should be 
and thus Gon and Don are ordered to go as well.
     Night falls and Pietoro says hello to his sister (Ahhh, her voice is 
really annoying).
Meanwhile in Pasela a meeting is taking place.  Two guys at the bar are 
talking about
how to get to the Dragon.  Finally they decide that Boxy (the little guy) 
should be able
to fit inside the cave and get to the Dragon.
    The scene cuts again and we see our old friend the White Knight trying 
to figure out
a way to get into the cave.
                 *GO TO PASELA (south of PoPoLo)
    Once you arrive in Pasela Don is edgy to do some dragon slayin' but Gon 
that it's best to explore the town and question people first, and meet at 
the bar later.
Feel free to explore. You can buy weapons and armor from the various 
around town.  There's a scene where people are talking about the poor miner 
inside the caves.  Also you can also take a boat ride to Burionia (The 
floating island
from PoPoLoCrois Monogatari) for 50G (Yes that's Pammie selling the 
tickets).  When
you are finished.
                 *GO TO THE MOONLIGHT BAR
    Here Pietoro meets a man by the name of Zool.  It seems that Zool owns a 
and he heard that there was a dragon here so he thought he'd check it out.  
Pietoro leaves a drunk informs Zool that he was just talking to the great 
prince Pietoro
of PoPoLoCrois.
                 *GO TO THE CAVE (highest point in the city)
     Here you find a certain somebody in a bit of a jam.  After realizing 
who you are
the White Knight swallows his pride and breaks free of the rocks.  As you 
proceed down
the cave you soon find that your companion rooster has changed.
                 *GO DEEPER INTO CAVE
     Here you see what Pietoro mistakes as Naguro (His old friend) in the 
mouth and in much pain.  Pietoro pleads with the dragon to let his friend go 
but the
little guy gets mad a pulls out a dagger thus enraging the dragon.
    Recalling that there are good dragons and bad dragons Pietoro decides to 
fight the
dragon.  This is an easy fight so don't worry.  After killing the dragon 
Pietoro's famous
Dragon Sword breaks! Pietoro is shocked!  Boxy also reveals his true form 
and laughs
at you stupid humans saying that you fell into his plan exactly as he 
planned.  He says
something about having to chase after the spirit of the dragon since it will 
show him the
way to the Land of Dragons.  He leaves you with his little pet dog to fight.
                 *FIGHT BOXY'S DOG
    After wuppin dog but retrieve your broken sword and continue into the 
cave.  Here
Pietoro discovers the truthc The Dragon wasn't really an evil dragon but 
simply a
mother protecting her young.  By chance a baby dragon is being born just a 
the shock
hits Pietoro.  Pietoro and the White Knight root it on as it fights to come 
out. Thus a
baby dragon is born.  He's kinda cute and says "Gabo" a lot.  He also takes 
immediate liking to the White Knight (Gee, I um, uh, wonder why?).
Cut to the castle.  Pietoro is informed that what he ahs done has grave 
He must travel to the Land of Dragon and beg forgiveness of the Great 
Dragon.  Since
the Land of Dragons can't be reached by normal means Pietoro must consult 
Guilda for
advice.  Sanria can not come with Pietoro since she must look after Elena, 
who is sick.
Sanria also tells them to bring Guilda the Dragon eggs since she will know 
best what to
                 *GO TO GUILDA'S TREEHOUSE
    Along the way Pietoro and White Knight hear some singing.  They come 
across an
embarrassed Narcia, singing by the fairy pond.  The White Knight comments on 
Narcia has grown.  He also insinuates romantic sparks between Pietoro and 
(This is a theme that's been going on since the first game.  There always 
both oo shy to
admit anything).
    Upon arriving at the tree house and explaining everything to Guilda, she 
you seek passage from the Uranose.  The Uranose is a strange creature that 
floats in
through the sky stopping only every decade to rest briefly upon 
mountaintops.  Luckily
there is one resting nearby, but since only forest witches can communicate 
with the
Uranose Narcia must accompany them.  Guilda also agrees to take cares of the 
But after commenting as to what kind of ugly baby dragon has attached itself 
to the
group she gets bitten.  She also informs the White Knight that a baby dragon 
the first thing it sees is its parent and naturally it thinks this of the 
White Knight (Big
Surprise). She also asks the White Knight the dragon's name. After much 
thinking he
decides on "Gabo" do to the sound of its cry.  Guilda opens up the path to 
the Uranose.
                 *GO TO THE URANOSE (exit north of Takinen)
   Upon arriving at the Uranose you find it in a deep slumber.  After 
everything it agrees to take you to the Land of Dragons.  When you arrive it 
goes back
to sleep.
                 *GO TO MANSEL TOWN (follow the path south)
    In this town be sure to shop and save at the inn.  You also see and old 
guy trying to
push a glowing block. Take note of what this block looks like.
                 *GO TO CAVE (south of Mansel)
     Watch out since the monsters are tough inside the cave. After pushing 
blocks and
solving puzzles you'll finally come upon Boxy and a Dragon that he is 
torturing by
holding it hot springs.  Boxy repeatedly asks the dragon the way to the Land 
of the
Dragons and just as the big guy is about to give in you arrive.  Boxy is mad 
and comes
out to teach you a lesson.
                 *FIGHT BOXY
    After that easy battle the Dragon tells you his name is Gilbert.  After 
hearing your
story he agrees to take you to the Land of Dragons.  Once you arrive there 
make your
way to the Great Dragon. The following thus ensuesc
    The Great Dragon explains that according to the Law of the Dragons 
everything is
a tooth for a tooth, thus Pietoro is a Dragon killer and he must die! 
Pietoro accepts his
fate. But Narcia protests saying that Pietoro is the Prince of PoPoLoCrois 
and that the
Great Dragon should take her life instead since his death would cause much 
grief across
the land.  To this point the White Knight says that if Narcia were to die 
this would
cause Pietoro much sadness and the the Great Dragon should take his life 
    Finally the spirit of the Earth Dragon appears and asks that the Great 
forgive Pietoro since he meant well and is obviously sorry.  Thus Pietoro is 
The Dragon enquires as to the well being of Sanria and we learn that he is 
her father!
Then after a little thinking we learn that Pietoro is the Great Dragon's 
grandson!  The
Great Dragon tells Pietoro that the blood of kings runs strong in his body 
and that he
must one day become a great ruler.  In order to restore power to the sword 
Pietoro must
collect 3 Dragon Orbs.
     Finally our heroes head back home.  The White Knight decides that it is 
best for
Gabo to stay with his own kind but Gabo protests.  Finally the White Knight 
that he too would be greatly saddened if he were separated from little Gabo 
and he
agrees to stay behind in Dragon Land for a while.

    The story open with Zool explaining to the king that his circus is in 
town.  He
offers the King two free tickets with the best seat in the house.  He also 
brags about the
star attraction, the fabled Black Lion!
    Sanria gives her tickets to Pietoro.  Elena, who is still a little sick 
can't go so
Sanria suggests that Pietoro invite Narcia since she is always helping 
Pietoro.  Just as
Pietoro is about to leave Sanria gives Pietoro a necklace and tells him that 
a young man
must always bring a present with him when he asks a young lady for a date.
"DATE!?!?" replies Pietoro.  After some motherly convincing Pietoro agrees 
to bring the
                 *GO TO GUILDA'S TREEHOUSE
    Here you'll find Guilda with a little problem. Pietoro begins to ask 
where Narcia is
then she suddenly appears.  You can choose form the following
Ask Narcia what?
1."Cir- cir-circus!"
2. "Umm, Ic"
   In any case you invite Narcia to the circus after explaining that you 
have two tickets
and that um, yeah.  She agrees and Pietoro quickly escapes.
    Cut to Narcia in her room thinking about Pietoro.  Narcia is happy since 
has never once invited her out to do anything (ed.-Besides saving the world 
and fighting
monsters, both which make for pretty exciting dates in my book.).  Guilda 
comes in and
tells Narcia that she can dream all she wants now but it is best to forget 
Pietoro.  After
all Narcia is a forest witch, and forest witches can't live as humans do, 
thus she will
never truly be able to be with any human.  Since this is the law of the 
forest witch it
cannot be helped. With a sigh Guilda leaves the room.  The next day Pietoro 
concerned as to why his date seems a bit on the downside.  Narcia says that 
it's nothing
and that they should just try and have fun today!
                 *GO TO THE CIRCUS (east exit from PoPoLo town)
    At the Circus be sure and buy the Black Lion souvenir since this is your 
only chance.
Zool teases you about being a couple and you both get embarrassed. Once 
inside you'll
see an anime sequence.
     That night Narcia worries that the Black Lion doesn't look very happy.  
she sees a shooting star so she decides to make a wish.  She says
"I wish that me and Pietoroc Oh nevermindc "
   Pietoro gives her the present which makes her very happy. She then makes 
a hasty
     Cut to castle bedroom.  Elena has a nightmare where Pietoro didn't help 
her even
though she was in danger.  Pietoro assures her that he'll always protect 
     Cut to the next morning. Pietoro wonders where Elena is and when he 
gets to the
throne room he finds out that all the children in town are missing.  They 
decide that it might have something to do with the circus which has 
mysteriously left
town after only one night!  Guilda and Narcia meet Pietoro outside the 
castle and tell
him that they found Elena' s teddy bear near Pasela.  Pietoro heads for 
Pasela, Narcia
wants to follows but Guilda tells her to wait.  Guilda then gives Narcia the 
Gold Key
(ed.-For those of you who haven't played the prequel forest witches can not 
travel near
the ocean, in this case they must change into sea witches.  The gold key 
gives Narcia
the power to turn into Kai.  Kai has different powers and is a much more 
personality compared with Narcia, though they are essentially the same 
person.  And
please save your thesis on this somehow being connected women's oppression 
another day.)
                 *GO TO PASELA (south of PoPoLo Town)
     When you get to Pasela sleep at the inn. Here you'll meet Pasqual 
again.  He says
ask if you are still seeking the TTK.  Pietoro says that he can't right now 
since he has
something more important to do, he ahs to find his sister.  Pasqual then 
asks which is
more important to Pietoro's finding sister or seeking the TTK. He tells 
Pietoro to think
hard about this and then he vanishes.
    In Pasela the towns people say that the children there have vanished 
too. They
think the circus might be heading to Roma, in the east. And that there would 
be a good
place to look for clues.  Pietoro announces his identity and his mission and 
they agree
to open the road to Roma, which is closed do to the fierce monsters on the 
                 *GO TO ROMA (exit south east by the Burionia ferry)
     Along he way Pietoro and Narcia meet a strange fellow by the name of 
Kimen Doji.
After hearing out Pietoro he agrees to join them on the road to Roma, since 
he is
heading there anyway.  He also says there is something nostalgic about 
name but changes the subject quickly.  Along the way Narcia is forced to 
change into
Kai since they'll be close to the ocean.  Be sure to stop in the abandoned 
ship for a rest
if you need it and take a little time to gain some exp. and gold since Kimen 
is a tough
    When you finally arrive in Roma Kimen makes a suspiciously quick exit at 
the sign
of a dog.  You can buy lots of things here including the useful kung-fu 
shoes (most
expensive shoes) which will come in use in the near future.  Yan, the guy 
with the
cannon from PoPoLoCrois Monogatari is also here. When you've finished 
looking around
                 *GO TO THE CASTLE
     The King is in a fit since his daughter has been kidnapped by some guy 
known as
the Steel Devil and he can't imagine the horrible things being dome to her.  
explains his situation and agrees to find this Steel Devil since it may have 
something to
do with the missing kids.  You head out towards the Devil's fortress.
                 *GO TO POLEH POLEH (exit south east from Roma)
     Along the way you encounter a village called Poleh-Poleh.  Here People 
talk of the
fearsome Steel devil and say that he has also kidnapped many of the town's 
Stay at the inn and upgrade your equipment properly. Exit east when you're 
                  *GO TO STEEL DEVIL CITY
    After shopping around and resting be sure to check out the Gami Gami 
Theater and
Museum! If you have played previous games the museum is great fun to look 
at. The
movie is also like the old plays from the prequel. Take a break from monster 
killing and
enjoy this part of the game.  Along the way you'll also discover many 
musicians being
forced to play for various quirky robots. You've gotta love Gami Gami for 
his great sense
in weird robot making!  And yes the "Steel Devil" sure seems like the Gami 
Gami Devil.
                 *GO TO STEEL DEVIL FORTRESS
     Watch out for the monsters since you have only 2 members in your party 
it's easy
to get wiped out.  Inside the castle you'll have to activate a number of 
switches to open
doors and bridges.  There are also some blocks to move.  If it looks like 
you've reached
a dead end (the switch after the assembly line) back track a little and 
you'll find a new
path.  Be patient and you'll eventually come across a room below an elevator 
(be sure
to look for this). Here you can rest and save so be sure and do so.
    After saving head up the elevator and into a room with Jilva, the 
princess of Roma.
It seems that she's being forced to dress like a certain someone.  Finally 
after she
trounces the server robo a red alert goes off and you have to fight!
                  *FIGHT TRIPLE ROBOS
     This can be tough if Pietoro hasn't had his "Dragon Fang" spell 
upgraded to
"Dragon Breath", and even then you should be careful.  Also have Kai use her 
Bird" to take them out when they group together.
    After winning Jilva explains who she is and is a little more than 
impressed with
Pietoro for beating up the robots.  She complains that the Steel Devil kept 
on calling
her Narcia and made her wear some horrible clothes (Again, for those of you 
new to the
series Gami Gami has a thing for Narcia. I know, I know, he's an old guy and 
she, at
least in the first game, a pre-pubescent girl. Let's just say this sort of 
thing is looked
upon more lightly in Japan)  She joins the party and agrees to fight the 
Steel Devil
with you.
    Keep on going till you come to a room with a giant steel devil.  He 
claims that he is
the Steel Devil and not the Gami Gami Devil.  The perturbed devil then asks 
Jilva did with her clothes.  After he finds out that she trashed them he 
whines "But I
worked so hard to make them"
Jilva replies  "Euuu.  You made them?!  Yuck!"
The Devil then gets mad at Pietoro who he says also messes up everything he 
hard to make.
                 *FIGHT STEEL DEVIL
    After this easy fight you find out that yes indeed it really is Gami 
Gami.  He
threatens to blow up everyone (Again, remember the sequel).  Kai changes 
into Narcia
to try and stop him but the shock of it all causes him to mistakenly push 
the self-
destruct lever.  He escapes and tells Narcia that he'll see her again later!
     You escape out of the dust chute (seems familiar) even though Princess 
Jilva has
second thoughts about it.  Finally you end up back in Roma castle where 
Jilva insists a
bath is more important than anything else.  And yes, you gotta love Gami 
Gami for
blowing up his whole fortress for no real good reason every time he looses a 
     In the next scene it looks as if Narcia, perhaps propelled by a 
potential rival, is
about to finally admit her feelings to Pietoro. She even gets as far as 
"Pietoro, Ic".
When suddenly Gon and Don pop in to tell you that Guilda has determined that 
Circus folk headed towards a small island called Kotori.  The White Knight 
went ahead
and is already there.  Gon and Don are tired form their journey so they take 
a quick
nap.  Pietoro decides that he'll ask the king of Roma for a boat to Kotori.
    The next day the king is sad that you won't stay longer and join him for 
a dance
party, or even a quick step or two.  Jilva, after much coercing, worms her 
way into the
party and you're off!
                 *GO TO KATORI (take boat from Roma City)
    Along the way you meet Gami Gami. Who reluctantly accepts your help and 
to join you, not for your sake but for Narcia's sake.
     In the next scene the four bad guys are in the act of looking for a 
tablet in some old
ruins.  They all talk about how tough they are and how much work they've 
been doing.
Only they big golem guy, Gog, ahs yet to do anything so he's depressed.
    Finally you arrive on the island. The guy who brought you there acts 
just like an
inn.  Explore the ruins and descend towards the bottom.  The treasure chest 
you find
in front of the big Viking-like statue has a good sword for Pietoro in it, 
be sure to equip
     You will then come upon some goblins, one goblin in particular seems to 
be trying
to tell you something, but since all it can say is "Gobo Gobo" you can't 
understand it.
Next you run across the black lion and a strangely familiar looking goblin 
who points
the way to Zool.  Here you see Zool transform a little girl into a goblin.  
At first he
greets you but when he finds out that you just saw him do what he did he 
assumes his
real form!
                 *FIGHT ZOOL
       After this fight you get a Dragon Orb that helps to heal your Dragon 
Sword. You
also find out that the black lion was really a warrior by the name of Reona. 
  She came
to fight Zool since she knew he was doing evil things.  You also find the 
White Knight
and your sister.  Elena is overjoyed and knew that if he waited you would 
come and
save her.  Jilva, realizing her earlier mistake tries to befriend Elena.  
But Elena calls
her a mean old lady!  Gami Gami gets a big kick out of this since everyone 
is always
calling him a "dirty old man". Jilva doesn't agree with him and the White 
Knight joins
your party.  Reona says that she heard Zool was looking for a tablet and 
that is all she
     Head past where you fought Zool till you come across the tablet pick it 
up and get
a glimpse of another anime, and your first look at Maira.
                             *END OF DISC ONE



  In the opening scene we find out that Pietoro has fallen into a coma due 
to Maira's
attack.  His friends ponder what to do.  The White Knight decides he will 
consult the
Great Dragon.  Sanria says that if it truly was Maira who attacked Pietoro 
that they
must seek the help of Yuris, the leader of the gods.  They think that they 
can reach the
Land of the Gods through Mt. Raduk and the friendly old sage who lives there 
helped Pietoro travel to the Land of Darkness back in the prequel).  The 
only way to
get to Raduk, however, is by air travel.  Thus Gami Gami's assistance is 
needed.  At
first the old guy is a little to happy that just he and Narcia will be 
riding alone to Raduk
But then we find out that Reona is going as well.
                             *GO TO GAMI GAMI CITY
     On the way there you find Jilva's escorts (Don and Gon) have been 
assulted you
also find Jilva and she forces her way back into the party.  Once in Pasela 
you'll find
that the railroad has been completed. Take this to Roma and walk to Gami 
City from
there.   In Gami city be sure to check out the new moive at the theatre. 
It's a laugh!
Once you're ready proceed to the inn and rest.  When you wake up you'll find 
a path in
the room you rested in. Go down the stairs, solve a few easy puzzles and 
make your way
to Gami's new ship.
    Once there Jilva has her doubt's about wether this piece of junk can fly 
but Gami
Gami assures you that it's safe.
    In any case after the crash you end up in the jungle. Go inside the ship 
and you'll
find an inn.  You'll also find vending machines with surprisingly good items 
in them.
    Wander the jungle till you come to stinky cross-roads here go north and 
wander into
a village with a giant idol ofc No it can't be!  In any case a certain 
someone is thought
to be a god by the local villagers even though he protests that he's a devil 
After a feast the villagers ask their god to rid the village of the horrible 
stench that has
driven away all the animals.  Our reluctant diety passes this job off on 
Jilva and Reona
and is only quick to follow when he finds out Narcia is going as well.
                      *GO TO SMELLY CROSSRAODS (south this time)
     Here you find a big dinosaur who is really a nice dinosaur but she has 
a weird
growth on her back. She begs you to remove since no one will go near her 
since it
                             *FIGHT STINKY
     After all the wandering you've done Stinky should be pretty easy.  From 
this point
on in the game you should try and avoid fights if possible since there are 
far too many
random encounters.  The only problem is that without Pietoro's "Magical 
Road" spell
you have to fight the monsters since running away makes you loose money.  In 
case try not to build yourself up in levels too much unless you enjoy a game 
    Back in the village you meet the White Knight who tells you that the 
Great Dragon
could not help in any way but to suggest that you go see Yuris.  In any case 
agrees to fly you to the Land of the Gods and Gami Gami is held back by his 
who beg him to protect them from the big dragon that just appeared. Jilva is 
pleased to
ditch Gami Gami since they don't have any thime to spare.
     Next you find yourself in Hata Hata village.  Here you can rest and 
shop and
make your way up the mountain till you come to the Mountain sage's house.  
appears that the sage has become sick form eating some bad fish and his 
servant, Janbo,
has gone off to fetch some medicine.  It's just that Janbo has been gone for 
suspiciously long time. Our heroes agree to go and find him.
     In the cave dungeon you'll end up earning way too many levels and 
running into
way too many monsters.  I don't know who the hell decided on the encounter 
rate but
they suck! This is the only real problem with the game.  In any case in 
order to open
the door at the bottom of the ladder you must solve three puzzles.  The 
first too can be
found at the bottom of the two ladders. For the third you must backtrack 
back up the
ladders into the north most room on the first floor.  Here you will find 
that the water
ahs gone down and you can now solve the third puzzle, light the candle and 
go into the
    Once the door is open you find a tied-up Janba and Gog looking for a 
tablet.  In any
case Gog ain't too happy that you came so
                             *FIGHT GOG
     Yawn, gee if you hadn't earned soo many levels then this fight may have 
even been
challenging.  In any case Gog escapes and you save Janbo who heals the sage. 
you're prepared talk to the sage and he'll teleport you to the Land of the 
Gods.  You
might want to save first.
     In the Land of the Gods your final destination is Yuris. Along the way 
however you
have a chance to boost your statistics by facing the challenges of the many 
Gods. Their
solutions are as followsc

The Victory God (muscled and winged guy)
   The Challenge: Fight 5 sets of monsters. You can't use waza!
   The Prize: +10 Attack Strength.
   Strategy: Umm, err.. Fight!

The Courage Goddess (Tough looking goddess)
   The Challenge: Escape from the fuse she's lit just before it explodes.
   The Prize: +5 Magic Power.
   Strategy: This is tough but the prize ain't worth resetting the game.
             If you run when the final circle starts you might be able to 

The Love Goddess (Aren't you kinda short for a Goddess?)
   The Challenge: Compose a love song.
   The Prize: +10 Defense Strength.
   Strategy:  You'll have to choose 5 times and each time there are 3 
choices. Choose
            Like so (1=top choice, 3= bottom). 1 / 2 / 1 / 3 / 1.
            After choosing 5 times you'll be shown your choices and asked to 

The Wisdom God (Hint: look for books)
   The Challenge: Answer 10 questions about the game.
   The Prize: +1000 exp. for a perfect score
   Strategy:   Answer as follows (1= top choice, 2= middle, 3= bottom)
              2 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 1 / 2 / 2 / 2 / 1 / 2.

The Luck God (But he's just a kid!)
   The Challenge: "Red Light / Green Light "
   The Prize: +10 Luck.
   Strategy:  I won by rushing him.  You can try over as many times as you 
              So keep trying till you win.

    Finally You'll arrive at Maira's temple but find that she's currently 
out on business.
And maybe it's just me, but her place seems a bit messy for being the 
Goddess of Beauty.
When you come to Yuris's temple save.  Before you head into the main chamber 
a left and catch the God of Fortune (as in cash).  Don't open any of the 
chests outside
his hut till after you finish his challenge.

The Fortune God (He hides it all under his futon )
   The Challenge: Give him all your money!
   The Prize: +5 all parameters!
   Strategy:  After hearing his speech about how important money is he asks
             For a donation. Choose the last choice (give all money) and 
             Be shocked, then he doesn't take your money but still raises 
your stats!

     Finally you'll meet Yuris. Or at least what once was Yuris.  It seems 
he's been
turned to stone.  Jilva is a little upset since you came this far.  Only 
after Narcia
pleads with Yuris does he respond.  He tells you the story of his daughter 
     Maira was the Goddess of beauty.  But that wasn't enough she had to be 
beautiful and she would go to any length to achieve this.  For this reason 
she decided to
track down the 4 tablets of creation.  When the universe was born these 4 
tablets were
created to control the powers of all that dwelled within it.  They were then 
divided to
prevent any one being from possessing all the tablets, as one who possessed 
all the
tablets would be granted infinite power to do whatever they wanted.  Maira 
in her
quest for self-perfection is seeking the power of these tablets to make 
herself more
beautiful.  Finally she became so beautiful that Yuris himself could no 
longer bear to
look at her, and thus at her mere sight he was turned to stone.  And while 
remains in possession of two tablets she has become even more warped and 
hungry and now desires all four tablets to reshape the world at her will
    Yuris then says that Maira attacked Pietoro with the power of darkness 
that grew
within her heart.  Even though Pieotoro is strong and has a bright heart her 
are greater.  Thus he gives you a leaf to heal Pietoro with.  In the leaf is 
the power of
Maira's lost heart. Though he tells Narcia that in order for the magic in 
the leaf to work
she must understand Maira's lost heart.
    You finally reappear in PoPoLoCrois to find Don worrying about the 
prince and
then saying "Ahh. Princess Jilva you are so beautiful but your also too much 
of a
tomboy".  Jilva reacts to this statement accordingly.
                         *GO TO PIETORO'S BEDROOM
    Here you will see an anime in which, without knowing it Narcia's 
discovers the
mystery of Maira's lost heart and revives the prince.

    Our story resumes with Elena and Jilva quarrelling over who gets to help 
and the prince insisting that he can walk by himself.  The King hints that 
there might
be something going on between Jilva and Pietoro (mostly Jilva's doing), he 
also says
that he received a letter from the king of Roma stating that perhaps the two 
should be
set-up (romantically speaking), since they both have that royal blood thing 
in common.
In any case Pietoro is instructed to give Jilva a tour of PoPoLoCrois city 
and Elena
decides to tag along for the ride.
    Cut to the White Knight and Reona in a bar.  It seems that Reona like to 
drink but
the White Knight can't quite stand the stuff (or stand up after drinking it 
that is).  In
any case after a few drinks she refers to him as Whitey (My bad translation 
of the
affectionate style of speech she used to address him). Needless to say he's 
a bit
embarrassed by this and mistakenly chugs a pint of ale.  This leads to a 
drunk White
Knight and to make it worse the guys at the next table try to pick up Reona. 
  It's only
after they touch hercbow (yes, I'm serious!) that she gets really pissed 
and asks to take
the whole thing outside.
    Cut to Pietoro walking along arm in arm with Jilva outside.  Narcia, who 
Pietoro and can't quite compete with Jilva's style of flirting (since Narcia 
is a shy and
sweet girl) sees the two and flies off looking lonely.    Next we see that 
Reona is about
to shoot an apple off of the drunk guy's head. But he chickens out and asks 
if anyone
else is brave enough to do it. The White Knight volunteers and the drunk guy 
him he'll be killed.
    After this whole thing Elena asks Pietoro where Narcia is since she 
likes Narcia
more than Jilva who won't let go of Pietoro (she wants to hug him instead).  
Pietoro decides to go visit Narcia since she saved him after some minor 
protests from
Jilva.  The White Knight and Reona happen to show up and gets mad since they 
planning to go to see Narcia without inviting the White Knight and Reona 
    Jilva assures them that they were "Ummc Going to see the baby dragons. 
that's it. Errrr yeah."  Jilva then says that they didn't invite them since 
they were
obviously on a date. And she takes time to reenact the apple scene slightly 
This in turn gets both Reona and the White Knight embarrassed. They decide 
to go but
Elena gets called away since it's her study time.
                             *GO TO GUILDA'S TREEHOUSE
     Next we cut to a lonely Narcia walking along and recalling Guilda's 
words about
Forest witches and humans never being able be together.  Suddenly a strange 
old lady
(looks familiar, huh) comes out and asks her why she looks so sad.  She says 
that it
looks like a love problem.  And when she finds out that Narcia's a forest 
witch she then
understands.  "It's too bad she says, there's just nothing you can doc But 
wait, oh I
know, the Fairy Queen, yes you must speak to the Fairy Queen".  As it turns 
out the old
lady explains that the Fairy Queen has the power to change a forest witch 
into a human,
and if Narcia was human she could.. well you know.   The old lady says that 
she too
would like to see the Fairy Queen's castle just once and that she knows the 
way to get
there, but she can not open the gate since only fairies and forest witches 
can do that.
Narcia says that she'll have to ask Guilda first, but the lady says the 
Narcia must act
now or she'll never have a chance again.  Narcia ponders this for a while 
and then
agrees to go with the lady.
     When you get to Guilda's you seec "Awww how cute!" lots of baby 
dragons, and
Jilva hugs one just a little to hard.  After it becomes clear that nobody 
knows where
Narcia is Guilda decides to look in her magic well.  Here we see Narcia in 
Pasela with a
strange old woman. Narcia then throws the Golden Key (let's her transform 
into Kai)
into the ocean.  The White Knight says that he thinks that Narcia must have 
run away
because she was upset about Pietoro.  Jilva then says "Hey, Don't look at 
                             *GO TO PASELA
    In Pasela talk to a guy by port and/or by the station and find out that 
Narcia's gonce
to Roma.  If you aren't sure if you talked to the right people check your 
world map and
make sure your destination marker has changed to Roma.  In any case take the 
                             *GO TO ROMA
   Once here talk to a guy in front of the inn and find out that she's gone 
up the
northern Mountain pass.  Again check the map to make sure your destination 
                    *GO TO NORTH MTN PASS (exit north from Roma)
    At the top of the mountains you discover a city of gold. Here an old guy 
comes out
and talk to you telling you that you must visit the chief of the village and 
enjoy some of
their famous hot springs.  You can buy expensive and useless gold weapons 
souvenirs from the merchants and stay at the Gold inn if you like.  Oh yeah, 
also a little bit about Jilva trying to take some of the gold with her but 
the White Knight
telling that she mustn't.  Oh yeah again, Jilva of course freaks out when 
she hears that
there's hot springs (she has a bit of a thing for baths you know)
     Finally make your way to the chief. His follower insists that you take 
a bath before
meeting the king since you are smelly from traveling.  After this you will 
all dine
    In the bath scene Pietoro begins to hint as to why the White Knight 
wears armor in
the bath but he quickly gives up when it's obvious that ol' Whitey doesn't 
find it in any
way peculiar.  This is interrupted by hearing Jilva and Reona. Jilva says 
about how the water almost smells like soup!  Then you hear her slip and 
Reona says
something about her bottom being red from doing so. This gets the to guys in 
a bit of an
uncomfortable position.  Finally Jilva invites Pietoro over to "come and 
visit".  Pietoro
almost feints and Jilva says that she was of course joking and blames 
Pietoro for being
    Finally you get out and go to dinner.  In a little plot thingy that I'm 
sure you saw
coming miles away everyone asks why the Chief isn't eating.  He  says that 
he'll eat
later and insists that his guests eat as much as they can.  Of course Jilva 
ends up
saying how the bath water smelled like soup and then the chief says it was 
soup and..
                          * FIGHT HUNGRY BOSS (forgot his name, sorry)
      After the next event go into the cave and buy and save next head down 
mountain path till you come to a hut.  Here you meet Reona's father and find 
out about
Reona's past.  She has the power to talk to animals so she was shunned by 
her village
and came to live in the mountains with her father but she wasn't lonely 
since she had
animal friends.  Then one day when she was shootin' at some food, opps 
sorry! When
she was protecting the animals from bad guys she was turned into a black 
   Her owl friend says that she saw Narcia with a strange old lady in the 
fairy forest.
She says that she'll guide you there tomorrow.  You can save in the hut the 
next day
and Reona's father will give her a bow (automatically equipped) and..
                              *GO TO THE FAIRY FOREST
     Here you must follow the owl exactly or you'll get lost if you're ever 
not sure which
way she went back track and try another route. Also use Pietoro's "Magical 
Road" to cut
down on encounters and make the game more enjoyable.
    Eventually you'll run into a giant talking tree who informs you that you 
can't open
the gate since you're human but that he'll take you there if you'll kindly 
move all the
bird nests on him to a safe place.
                             *REMOVE NESTS (4)
    This little sub-event is goofy but a nice change from fighting.  Simply 
collect all 4
nests and go to the top of Mr. Tree and put them in a safe place. La la la.  
Watch out for
smurf attacks though!
     Cut to Narcia and Gabu, oops, I mean mysterious old lady.  Here they 
open the
Fairy castle and Narcia is just about to go and talk to the queen when! In 
any case the
Queen mistakes Gabu for Narcia then it's too late.  When you finally arrive 
at the
castle a horde of monsters rush in before you!
                     * GO INTO FAIRY CASTLE
      This is super simple just follow the path till you get to where you 
saw Narcia.
Finally Jilva again mistakes Narcia as a monster and until her pendant falls 
out so does
everyone else.  Though they just think it's a nice monster and not Narcia.
     Next you meet the queen who tells you that you must rush to the tablet 
room to
prevent the tablet from being stolen!  She also mumbles something about 
Them humans ain't too bright. In any case Maira, who is shocked to see 
Pietoro still
alive, gets the third tablet (one to go) and youc
                              *FIGHT GABU
     After you defeat Gabu you'll get another Dragon Orb. Then what feels 
like an
earthquake starts. It turns out that the castle will collapse if the tablet 
is removed. You
make your way to safety outside.
     After Jilva realizes what she's done she feels bad and starts get 
paranoid.  But
the White Knight Assures her that no one is blaming her for anything.  
Narcia, in her
weakened state tries say to Pietoro "Pietoro, I.. I..". But Pietoro tells 
her that she doesn't
have to say anything.  Narcia says that she's happy because Pietoro is with 
her. Even if
just for a moment she is happy. As the scene fades out Pietoro assures her 
that he'll
always be there for.
CHAPTER 5 ?????
      As chapter five opens we find a tired Narcia confined to bed.  When 
the others
leave to go talk she cries out in her sleep begging Pietoro not to leave. 
Pietoro assures
her he'll be close by and she finally falls back into a peaceful rest.
    In the next scene everyone is talking about why that Narcia tried to run 
Guilda says it's probably because she wanted to become human.  She explains 
she told Narcia about humans and forest witches not being able to be 
together, but, after
Pietoro protests, saying that he is the child of a human and a dragon. 
Guilda admits
that she's not really sure about what she said to Narcia, and that it's just 
a legend really.
Finally she realizes that Narcia isn't a child anymore and that maybe she 
can decide
things for herself.
    Next we're given a glimpse into Narcia's past where we find out that 
she's actually
a fairy and not a human!  We see Guilda raising Narcia telling her that all 
witches have antenna (Ooops, that was close).  You also get to try and name 
Narcia this
is fun to play around with but she doesn't like it till you choose "Narcia" 
as her name (3rd
choice).  "Narcia" means "blue water fairy" we also find out.  It's only 
when Guilda
remarks how big Narica is for a fairy that we find out that she must be of 
Royal Fairy
blood (That also explains why the queen was so happy to see her).
      Finally Reona brings up the fact that Maira has collected 3 of the 
tablets (The
Human, Gods, and Fairy tablet as Jilva points out), and she only has one 
left to go
before she can invoke the power of the Balaban (the power to reshape very 
world for
those of you who've forgotten).  That tablet is, of course, the Dragon 
                        *GO TO POPOLOCROIS
    Along the way Reona is forced to leave as some little cute forest 
critters inform her
that her father has fallen ill.  Jilva is also taken away by her mom who 
insists that she
must return to Roma to practice more dancing and ladylike manners.  When you
finally talk to your parents and tell them that you intend to go to the Land 
of Dragons to
protect the tablet the queen she says that you should rest.  Since the Land 
of Dragons
is protected by powerful Dragons Maira won't be able to just barge in there. 
  So Pietoro
goes to sleep only to meet Pasqual again.  Pasqual asks if he knows why the 
god of
beauty is now so ugly.  He also asks Pietoro what is the force that governs 
him, but
before he can explain Pietoro is awakened!  Da Da! Talk about a bad way to 
wake up!
In any case after the drama unfolds a certain somebody takes possession of a 
somebody else's body.  The first (evil) certain somebody then laughs at the 
saying that she is stupid since it was her love that made her loose. Pietoro 
also pisses off
the first certain somebody when he asks how she could try and kill her own 
Though the little thing about her turning so ugly that her heart is also 
ugly was what
really pissed her off.
    In any case now that Maira has taken control of Sanria she plans to get 
the dragon
tablet from the Great Dragon in the guise of her daughter.
                     * GO OUTSIDE THE CASTLE
     You hop on Gilbert and rush to the land of the Dragons where you are 
greeted by
Gabo!  Unfortunately you are too late!  Luckily the Great Dragon is not so 
fooled and he's kicking Maira's ass (or, umm snake).  Though when Maira 
brings up
the fact that she's really using Sanria body and not just assuming her shape 
the Great
Dragon pauses just long enough. After the carnage ends Maira gets the tablet 
Sanria is well, you can figure it out I'm sure.  In any case Pietoro freaks 
out and gives
up all hope saying that he doesn't care about the world any more.  Then the 
Knight slaps some sense into him telling Pietoro that the world is worth 
fighting for.
That's why his mother banished herself to the Dark World for ten years (If 
you haven't
played the sequel then you probably don't get this).  He also says that 
Pietoro has so
many friends in this world, and what about his father and his little sister!
    Alas Pietoro comes to and vows to destroy Maira and save the world.  The 
Dragon tells Pietoro that he's proud of him and that he must continue to 
fight no matter
what. Maira still needs to go to Kotori island before she can activate her 
                * GO TO KOTORI ISLE (via Gilbert)
    Your plan is to intercept Maira on Kotori island. Gilbert takes you 
there.  There's a
save point and a shop (looks like a post box) outside the entrance to the 
temple.  When
you go in you have the pleasant chance to
                 * FIGHT GOG (h.p. 32,523 )
      After that you'll find Maira in the room on the lower left in the next 
room (Just
stick to the left wall and you hit her). Of course you're too late sit back 
and watch the
anime unfold it's pretty easy to understand even if you don't speak any 



You re-materialize in the Land of the Gods.
               * GO TALK TO YURIS
    Yuris tells you that they failed in defeating Maira but he managed to 
delay her for a
while.  It seems that Maira managed to revive the lost continent of Remuria. 
here it's only a matter of time before she tracks down the Balaban!  Yuris 
says that
even though Maira is his daughter she must be destroyed, and in reality she 
ha changed
so much that she is no longer the daughter he once loved.
     Yuris then tells Pietoro that no one guardian has the ability to stop 
Maira and that
they must combine forces if they want to stand a chance.  He says that 
Pietoro must
never forget that friendship  and love are the most powerful forces in the 
world.  His
daughter has forgotten about these things in her deranged narcissistic quest 
and that is
why he feels that she has changed.
                   *CUT TO POPOLO CASTLE
     Here you meet the Raduk Mountain sage and your father. After telling 
them all
that has happened Paulo tells Pietoro that he must never give up hope and 
not let
Maira destroy this world that he has come to love.  Yes, his wife is dead 
but Paulo can't
give up there are so many wonderful things in this world that loves, his 
people, his
castle, his daughter, and yes, his son.
    Pietoro decides to scour the world for his friends.  Paulo says that 
Pietoro has
finally become an adult!
                *GO OUTSIDE THE CASTLE
    Here the White Knight says that they can use Gilbert to travel the 
world. Since
Pietoro doesn't know how to whistle he'll use his ocarina to call Gilbert.  
In order to do
this simply select it from the items list (it's an important item and it 
looks like an
   Now you are free to roam the world! You can call Gilbert any time you are 
Basically you should gather your friends together and explore the world.  
Now is also a
good time to explore the subplots of the game (look at section 13). When you 
feel you're
ready head for Remoria.  For a list of choices look belowc
1 PoPoLoCrois Castle
2 Takinen
3 Pasela
4 Roma
5 Poleh-Poleh
6 Gami Gami city
7 Northern Mountains
8 Hata-Hata Village
9 Mansel town
10 Land of dragons
11 Hunbahunba village
12 Land of the Gods
13  ???? (Land of the Sun)
14 Reomria

   After you recruit a character wait a while and they'll appear in the 
front room of the
castle. Talk to them to exchange members.

To get Jilva: Go to Roma Castle and go to Jilva's room. You find out her mom 
is trying to
make her more ladylike. You ask to her join you but her mom prohibits it 
since Jilva is
through with her dance training.  Jilva finally can't stand it and takes 
off.  Now you
have to track her down. Go to the following places.
1. The Fountain Room (close to Jilva's room)
2. Library (basement)
3. Green House
4. Castle Entrance
    Finally her mom gives in. It also seems that Jilva forgot that she had a 
giant book
on her headc Go figure.  But in any case her mom deems her fit to help save 
the world
and they make up. Jilva says she'll come to PoPoLoCrois when she's ready.

To get Reona: Go to the North mountains and see her and her father training. 
tries to shoot a powerful bow by herself when finally she can't her father 
says that she is
too confident in her own strength and that the strength of just one may not 
always be
enough.  After Pietoro gives her a pep talk she tries again and succeeds!  
Finally she
passes out from exhaustion, but only after saying she'll meet you in 

To get Gami Gami: Head to Hunbahunba village into the main hut. Here you'll 
see Gami
Gami enjoying the good life when a villager makes a request of him.  Since 
he's a god
he says it's no problem he can do anything! Ha ha ha!  He says he wants Gami 
to marry
his daughter (left of Gami), then they can live in the village for the rest 
of their lives.
    In the next scene a distraught Gami insists that he wants to marry 
Narcia, but to
no avail since the name of the daughter, or at least her nickname is Narcia! 
  For once
Gami Gami is happy that Pietoro has butted in.  He gets off at Gami Gami 
city and
says he'll meet up with you later.  He has to use his Gami Gami super DX 
diet machine
first since he ate a bit too much.
     When you're all ready proceed to the city of Remoria. Gilbert will ask 
you if you're prepared before you land. Once inside collect the chests and 
look at the strange things there if you like.  When you reach an outside 
place (though not the place you were dropped off) you can use the ocarina to 
call Gilbert.  Eventually you'll come to a temple where, once you enter, 
your characters will be separated.  Also be sure to fight the monsters along 
the way as they'll give you powerful items.
    When you're all ready proceed to the city of Remoria. Gilbert will ask 
you if
you're prepared before you land. Once inside collect the chests and look at 
strange things there if you like.  When you reach an outside place (though 
not the
place you were dropped off) you can use the ocarina to call Gilbert.  
Eventually you'll
come to a temple where, once you enter, your characters will be separated.  
Also be sure
to fight the monsters along the way as they'll give you powerful items.
    Once you're separated you gain control of Pietoro first.  Walk through 
the dungeon
and you'll find a gold door, once you do go up and examine it.  Next you'll 
cut to your
second character.  They also will find an unopenable door. And thus you'll 
be with your
third character.  You'll find what looks like a puzzle and then be cut to 
your final
character.  They'll find a collapsing bridge which, will open the way for 
your third
character to solve a puzzle.
    Next you'll switch to Pietoro.  Go through the newly opened wall and 
you'll see a
beached killer whale.  Push it into the water and continue up the stairs and 
find a weird skeleton playing an organ which knocks you out.  This will open 
up a
path for your second character.  This character will now come to the room 
with the
organ and fight the player!
               2nd CHARACTER FIGHT ORGAN BOSS ()
   They will now continue till they come to a magical seal, where they'll 
wait.  Now
cut back to your third character.  Move the blocks till the purple one is in 
glowing light.  Next continue down the path till you to meet the second 
Now we'll cut to the fourth character.  Follow the slug until you find it 
and it turns
into a monster.
                *4th CHARACTER FIGHT SLUG BOSS ()
    Your fourth character will now continue on to find the other two.  Now 
we cut back to
Pietoro who has a short trip to find the others.  Now that you're a team 
again the big
doors will open.  Go through this door and you'll discover a save/heal point 
(whew!).  If
you really want to leave the dungeon now is your chance. Right behind the 
save point
(bottom right of the screen) there's a path that'll exit!
   For those of you who've decided to continue go through the big double 
doors and
meet the enemy you wish stayed dead the first time you killed himc
                    *FIGHT BOXY
    This guy has tons of H.P. but he ain't too tough.  Anyway keep pounding
on him till he's finished.  Next you'll see Maira who has almost fully 
the power of the Baraban.  At first she wonders why you've come, but then 
"figures out" that you've come to see the most beautiful being in the world 
of course).   She then attacks Boxy, even though he's begging for her help, 
she deems him ugly!  Pietoro can't understand how she could kill one of her 
own friends.
  She then says she has no friends and that they were only her tools.  This 
gets Pietoro mad.
                    *FIGHT MAIRA
    Watch out she has many parts to her body! Use Pietoro's Dragon Transform 
to kick some
tail.  And BOOM it all ends with a final "Sword Flame" by the White Knight 
and I've beat Maira!
     Or well that's what you thought. She finally gets the strength of the 
Baruban.  She now
will show you the true meaning of power she says.
     After a message from your dead mom you find yourself inside Maira's 
Luckily there's another save point..  Fight the easy monster inside till you 
The Baruban, which is now Maira's heart.
                 *FIGHT THE BARUBAN
     Wow whew..
                 *FIGHT MAIRA'S FACE
                 *FIGHT MAIRA'S UGLY FACE
                  * HEY WHY NOT, FIGHT IT AGAIN!
    Uh, Yeah..
                 *CAN IT GET ANY MORE MELTED?
                  Yeah it's finally dead!!
     Finally it's gone and your mom congratulates you.  She's proud of you.  
you say you're not finished there's still one more thing you want to do.  
mom says she knows what it is and there's no need to say it.  You then say 
final good-byes.
    Gilbert congratulates you and says you should go home but Pietoro says 
still has one more thing to do.  You ask him to bring everyone else back 
  Pietoro then says he must stay and guard the Baruban forever so it doesn't 
into the wrong hands.
   Well you can see for yourself what happens next.  Everyone's waiting for 
Narcia can't live in a world without Pietoro.
   Finally you meet Pasqual in your state of unconsciousness.  Pietoro is 
that he couldn't even protect the person most important to him. Pasqual then 
that if you don't love others you can never truly be loved. And this, as it 
turns out
is the True Treasure of Kings.
    Then Pasqual (who we find out is really Yuris) grants Pietoro one wish 
and Maira
thanks you for helping her find her lost heart.
   In any case it's pretty obvious what you wished for.
                    *GO TO FIND NARCIA
   Well just as it looks like Pietoro and Narcia are about to kiss
(With a little prompting from the little fairy)
                        *GAME OVER!
     Here you'll be asked to save your game.  After loading this save
you now have access to ALBUM MODE in the game.  With this you can re-live
all the old moments of the game.  I'll post a list of these once I'm ready.

    The magic system in PoPoLo II differs from its predecessors in that its 
system is more traditional.  In previous PoPoLo games there was a guts gauge 
Gami Gami's powers worked on an ammo system.  In PoPoLo II all magic uses 
Each Character has their own style, Pietoro "Dragon Powers" and Narcia 
Magic".  Magic works in levels.  At the end of a fight you get both EXP and 
SP, the SP
add to you spell levels.  As a spell increases in levels it's power and 
attributes change.
Most spells also increase in form, for instance Pietoro's "Dragon Fang" 
changes into "Dragon Breath".
   The list below is pretty self-explanatory.  "Lv" refers to the level the 
character gains
the spell at.  Everything is listed in the order that it appears when you 
bring up the
spell menu.  Be sure to check the level of your character before you start 
casting spells.
Also look at the color of the spell (Red is attack).

Name               Lv      Effects
Wind Slice           5      Ranged wind attack. Line pattern
Dragon Fang          3      Fireball attack. One target
Dragon Water         8      Restores HP
Lightning Arc       26      Attack enemy with lightning
Dragon Change       40      Pietoro turns into a Dragon and cleans house!
Magical Road        12      While in effect decreases the chance of random
Name                Lv      Effects
Wind Sheet            2     Attack enemies with wind.
Holy Burst           12     Powerful Holy attack.
Breath of the Forest 23     Nature based attack.
Magical Wind         14     Boosts allies defenses.
Mist Screen           7     Protects from physical attacks.
Speed Blaze          16     Raises allies speed.
Heal Rain             4     Restores HP
Fate Bringer         10     Acts like regeneration
Cure Light            5     Restores Bad Status
11.3 KAI

Name               Lv      Effects
Topikera           12       Transform in to a dinosaur fire attack.
Dolphin             8       Transform in to a dolphin and restore HP
Panther             6       Transform in to a Panther and Slash.
Fire Bird          15       Transform in to a Fiery Bird and attack
11.4 White Knight

Name               Lv      Effects
Jump Giri           6       Jump Attack.
Spin Giri           4       Spin attack nearby enemies.
Earth Giri         18       Ground Shaking Attack
Illusion Slash     22       Mysterious attack.
Dash Giri           3       Dash Attack
Sword Flame        30       Hmm. You'll just have to guess.

Name               Lv      Effects
Gami Missile        6      Blow up the enemy.
Spinner             8      Powerful but difficult to aim. Watch out!
Gami Robo          10      Mini-Robo Attack
Pachinko           16      See below explaination
Yo-yo               4      Attack all opponents in a line.
Magical Hand       12      Swat the enemies like insects!
Magnet Catcher     20      Steal items from enemies

     Gami Gami's Pachinko attack works like the "throw" command from the 
Fantasy series.  You know all those items you've been collecting (under the 
The ones that seem useless.  Well depending on what you toss you'll get 
effects.  If you can't read Japanese just toss whatever, make sure you don't 
throw your
other items though! (Unless you really want to, but it's better to sell 


11.6 Jilva

Name               Lv      Effects
Nice Dance          15      Restore HP
Throw Breaker       19      Gives Jilva "Counter" status
Axle Spin           18      Damage surrounding enemies
Gods Trample        16      Gods' giant feet crush enemies
Graceful Step        9      Heal status of surrounding allies
Phantom Sliced       7      Attack enemies for big damage!
Illusion Dance      15      Attack a group of enemies from a far

11.7 Reona

Name               Lv      Effects
Long Shot            8      Attack enemy with long range arrow
Arrow Wave           4      Attacks target with many, many arrows
Light shot          12      Attack enemies with light beam arrows
Explosion Arrow     14      Well, umc it explodes.
Cat Call            20      Summons kitties to attack all opponents
Medicine Bow         6      Heals target's HP
Shadow Eraser       17      Causes bad status (I think)
11.8 Kimen Doji

Name               Lv      Effects
Double Sword        4        Slashes an enemy many times
Leaf Slash         13        If it works kills an enemy in one blow!
Moon Slash         10        Attack for big damage.
Strength Boost     16        Kimen's attack level up!
Sliding Door        7        Restore an ally's HP and Status.
Kaminari           25        Attack enemies with lightning!

11.8 Gabo

Name                Effects






13.1 Gabo's True Power:
     Go to the basement of PoPoLoCrois castle with Gabo in your party and 
look at the
glowing dragon painting. You'll be warped into the painting and a dragon 
will speak to
you. He recognizes Pietoro as a member of the royal dragon family. He then 
says that
he'll give the true power of a dragon to Gabo. But you have to fight him 
Esperanza (his name):
     If you win he gives Gabo the power to summon his strength.  Next you 
can go to
different places across PoPoLoCrois and find more powers for Gabo As 
      TO BE CONTINUED (sorry)

13.2 How to get Kimen Doji:
      First go to the ???? location on Gilbert's destination list. This 
turns out to be the
Land of the Sun.  If you've seen a few samurai films or TV shows in Japan 
there's a lot
of inside jokes here (i.e. "Lone wolf and Cub" & "Mito Komon").  Walk into 
the castle
and into the little Jail and you'll find Kimen locked up. When you ask him 
why he says
that it's a long story.
    As it turns out there was a dragon god in the land of the Sun who died.  
If the
Dragon died it is said to be unlucky for the country (thus the bad weather). 
country needs a dragon charm to protect it from the wrath of dead dragon. 
thinks there is probably one in PoPoLoCrois. Kimen was sent to find a charm 
but he
failed so they tossed him in prison.
   After Pietoro explains everything that's happened Kimen says that he 
would like to
help but he can't. His pride prevents him from escaping jail he will only do 
so if his
name is cleared.
    Next make your way up the elevators and to the top of the castle and 
you'll meet the
emperor who has a super-duper long name, but you can just call him "Tono".  
begs him to let Kimen Doji free but he refuses.  His follower comes in and 
explains that
he failed to bring the Dragon's Beard. If you can bring it to him the 
emperor will set
Kimen Doji free. The emperor gives you a pass that lets you get past the 
(located in the north east corner of the town below the castle.)  You must 
speak to the
guard before he'll let you in.   Here you'll ride a boat to the other side 
of the country.
Here you make your way up a monster-infested mountain. Along the way you'll 
find a
small shop and inn here you can rest and buy souvenirs outside.  There's 
also a cross
road here, take the lower path (right hand side).  After crossing a bridge 
you'll enter a
     Once you reach a sumo ring you'll bump into (step on?) a weird sumo 
frog? Or
kappa? Or something like that. In any case you must fight him.  He's fast so 
watch out!
After beating he turns into a raccoon and takes off (In Japanese mythology 
have the ability to change their shape). Next you'll go up the steps and get 
the Dragon's
beard.  Return to the castle and bring the beard with you.  After receiving 
the beard
make sure to look how he uses it!  The emperor will then give you the key to 
cell.  Free him and he'll make his way to PoPoLoCrois.  Also if you go into 
his cell
you'll find some items.
     After leaving you'll see a scene with Kimen's flashbacks. Here you'll 
see that he
was supposed to protect the dragon god's eggs so that young could be born.  
You also
see him and his family outside their village as the wrath of the dead dragon 
starts.  He
swears that he will no longer dwell in the past and goes out to fight to 
save the world.

13.3   The Monkey Kingdom!:
First go to Roma station with Reona in your party.  Here you'll find out 
that monkeys from
the monkey kingdom have stopped the train.  Talk to the station master and 
he'll ask you if
you want to help.  Choose "yes" (top ), then go out to the beach road that 
leads to Pasela.
You can't bring Narcia with you since she can't transform into Kai. Along 
the way you'll find that
the gate for the station has been opened. Go in it and onto the tracks and 
into a cave where there's
a save point.  Exit left into the train tunnel here you'll encounter some 
punk monkeys.  Reona can
understand what they say.  They're trying to mug you it turns out.
          FIGHT THE MONKEY BOSS (hp 12523)
   He is so easy that if you have to use magic to kill him you suck!  In any 
case follow the path
and come to the Monkey Kingdom and you're surrounded by monkey soldiers.  
You end up in monkey prison
where members of the monkey underground help you out.  Next you hear a 
really long speech from the monkey
underground head monkey. Well the head monkey informs you that you are now 
part of the monkey resistance.
   You'll be asked if you want to join, choose yes (top)!  I mean who 
wouldn't want to be part of the
monkey underground!  Your job is to take out the monkey Kaiser, the leader 
of the monkey kingdom! Leave
the complex and head for the monkey fortress.  Along the way you'll fight a 
bunch of monkeys
(big surprise). You will then meet the monkey Kaiser and kick his monkey 
         FIGHT MONKEY KAISER (hp 38,075)
     Afterwards remember to shed a tear at the sad demise of monkey Kaiser.  
Oh where did he go wrong?!?
And you will also get the 3rd and final dragon orb!  The nice monkeys thank 
you and you're off!

13.4 Elena's Amulet:
     After you reach the third disk go and talk to Elena (In her room). 
She'll give you an
amulet that she made. Only Pietoro can equip it.  If you talk to her again 
she asks if
you'll be coming home to stay soon.


14. WORLD MAP: You shouldn't get lost but if you do here's my lame attempt 
at a
     Land of
                               Land of Gods


                                North                            Raduk
                                Mountain       Jungle

                Pasela                Roma     Gami City

                                                   Land of the Sun


    As always thanks to the guys at Sugar and Rockets and Sony for making a 
game. I think this might even be my new favorite RPG.  At least it's better 
anything that came out last year! Also thanks to Gamefaqs and all the other 
swell sites
that post faqs for all to be had.
    Also I'd like to give thanks to my sweetie pie for helping me out 
sometimes with
quick translation and for always calling me into the room when the 
PoPoLoCrois II ad
came on TV (It really is cute)!  Thanks to Donna and Rei for being swell 
Big thanks to umu-umu for being the cutest (and soon the fattest) chinchilla 
in all of
Japan. Sometimes when I was playing he'd hop on my lap and watch for a while 
seconds which is a long time for a chinchilla to stay still).  Also thanks 
to Freebo for
putting out "Blue Moon" an excellent CD. And hey I didn't listen to any 
music while
playing PoPoLoCrois II since there was so much voice acting!
   Also thanks to all the nice people who play the PoPoLoCrois series and 
e-mail me
and thank me for my faq.  You know I once started a faq for lagend of mana, 
but all the
people who wrote me were so rude that I stopped it. On the other hand all 
the PoPoLo
fans I've encountered are cool and nice people.
                       LONG LIVE THE POPOLO!
                   LOOK OUT FOR POPOLOCROIS 3
                     COMING TO PLAYSTATION 2
                       SOMETIME THIS YEAR!!
                     And I'll see you again then!
         e-mail me if you have questions about anything PoPoLo.
                     Thanks for using my Faq!
                   Copyright 2000,  Bodi Anderson

16. MENU PRINT OUT PAGE:  This is here so you can print out the most common
menus and have them all on one page so you don't have to flip back and forth 
the Faq every time you walk into a shop or get in a fight. I used to hate 
having to do that
so I'd cut and paste my own little reference sheets. Well I've done the work 
for you!  If
you're someone who writes faqs I hope that you do the same thing with your 
faq too!
*MAIN MENU COMMANDS (Triangle button)
1. Items
2. Magic and Waza
3. Equip & Status
4. Combat AI
5. Config
*ITEMS:  Items come in 5 main varieties listed at the top as follows.
      medicine    weapons    armor    tools    important items
*EQUIP / STATUS MENU                        |   MAGIC INFO
                          Picture & Name    |    Magic level
                          HP  current/max   |    MP used
Equipped Weapon           MP  current/max   |    Experience
Equipped Armor           Attack Power       |   Exp. for level up
Equipped Shoes           Defense Power      |-------------------------------
Equipped Talisman        Speed              |
Equipped Item #1          Magic Power       |
Equipped Item #2          Luck              |
                          Current Experience|
                          Exp for Level up  |
1. Manual command
2. Do what you think is best
3. Attack full strength
4. Attack strongest monster
5. Use most reliable attacks
6. Don't use magic or waza
7. Defend yourself

SOUND       Stereo      Mono
VOICE        On         Off
MESSAGES     On         Off
VIBRATION    On         Off
BGM         from mute to "12"
Window Color    red
1. Attack (with weapon)
2. Use Magic/Waza
3. Use Item
4. Defend
5. Escape!
6. Change Battle AI (see section 4.4)
   NOTE: Press X button during combat to change AI mode choice!!
*MAGIC COMMANDS (number in parenthesis indicates level gained)
*PIETORO            *NARCIA               *KAI
Wind Slice (5)          Wind Sheet (2)          Topikera (12)
Dragon Fang (3)         Holy Burst (12)         Dolphin (8)
Dragon Water (8)        Forest Breath (23)      Panther (6)
Lightning Arc (26)      Magical Wind (14)       Fire Bird (15)
Dragon Change (40)      Mist Screen (7)
Magical Road (12)       Speed Blaze (16)
                        Heal Rain (4)
                        Fate Bringer (10)
                        Cure Light (5)
*WHITE KNIGHT             *GAMI GAMI              *JILVA
Jump Giri (6)             Gami Missile (6)         Nice Dance (15)
Spin Giri (4)             Spinner (8)              Throw Breaker (19)
Earth Quake (18)          Gami Robo (10)           Axle Spin (18)
Illusion Slash (22).      Pachinko (16)            Gods Trample (16)
Dash Giri (3)             Yo-yo (4)                Graceful Step (9)
Sword Flame (30)          Magic Hand (12)          Phantom Slice (7)
                          Magnet Catcher (20)      Illusion Dance (15)
* REONA                 *KIMEN DOJI            *GABU
Long Shot (8)            Double Sword (4)       sorry not done yet!
Arrow Wave (4)           Leaf Slash (13)
Light shot (12)          Moon Slash (10)
Explosion Arrow (14)     Strength Up! (16)
Cat Call (20)            Sliding Door (7)
Medicine Bow (6)         Kaminari (25)
Shadow Eraser (17)

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