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=---------------------- Rakuga Kids:- The Syrup FAQ ^-^ ----------------------=
=------------------------------V1.7 27/10/00----------------------------------=


V1.1 20/10/00 (3526 words, 12 pages, 25KB):- My first update! Note that newer 
updates will appear AT THE BOTTOM so as to have things in a nice, chronological 

* Fixed typos, grammatical errors, etc. I believe that the whole document is 
now in perfect English!

* Added Best Combos for Darkness.

* Added information about extra options.

* A few other minor additions.

* Started work on Chrono Bike FAQ:)


V1.2 21/10/00 (4362 words, 15 pages, 30KB):- Quite a large update:-

* Added information on the stages in the game.

* Added a tip to Marsa's Strategy section.

* Added a section comparing Inuzo to Mamezo.

* Added a couple of things to the Secrets section.

* Added a whole new section; Endings.


V1.3 22/10/00 (5558 words, 18 pages, 37KB):- A medium update:-

* Added a Magic guide for Astro, Cat.Kit, Marsa, C.H.O. and Beartank.

* Added a tip to Roy's Strategy section.

* Added more to the Extra Options section.

* Sorry, I haven't added any more Endings. I just got PKMN Snap, so I've been 
playing that all weekend, but I've already finished it, so I should have more
endings tomorrow.

* Added an er, frequently unanswered questions section to Closing.


V1.4 23/10/00 (5994 words, 20 pages, 40KB):- A fairly small update:-

* Finished the Magic guide for all characters:)

* Added Endings and Win Taunts for Astronots and Captain Cat.Kit.

* Changed a few other, minor details.


V1.5 24/10/00 (6203 words, 20 pages, 41KB):- A tiny update:-

* Added a weird glitch that I found to Secrets.

* Nothing else:(


V1.6 26/10/00 (6555 words, 22 pages, 44KB):- A medium update:-

* This might not seem like much to you, but I added Win Taunts and Endings for
Marsa, Robot C.H.O., Beartank and Cools.Roy. That meant completing the game 
FOUR times! Phew!

* Usual minor changes and typo fixes:)


V1.7 27/10/00 (6836 words, 24 pages, 46KB):- A medium update:-

* I've added Endings for Mamezo and Darkness so I now have endings up for

* I still have no new Extra Options:(

* This is the Final Update, at least until I open up some more Extra Options, 
so goodbye from my first ever FAQ. I'm sure that if you hold onto it, it'll be 
worth millions in years to come:)


=Legal Nonsense:)=

This document is Copyright Captain Syrup 2000. All rights reserved. Use it at 
your own risk:)



There are no restrictions on the placement of this document, as long as it is
distributed free of charge, and not altered in any way.


=Table o' Contents:)=

   I. Introduction:- Enter Rakuga Kids!:)
  II. Controls
 III. 3rd rate story:)
  IV. Translation/Menu Guide
   V. Training Mode
  VI. Magic
 VII. Fighters/Move List
VIII. Secrets
  IX. Cheat Codes
   X. Endings
  XI. Credits
 XII. Contact
XIII. Closing:- Exit Rakuga Kids:(


=I. Introduction=

Rakuga Kids is a decent, but highly obscure N64 beat-em-up by Konami. (KCEK to 
be precise). Graphically speaking, it looks similar to Yoshi's Island, but the 
gameplay is almost identical to Street Fighter Alpha, if somewhat simplified,
with similar moves and chain combos. Rakuga Kids was released in Japan (duh!) 
and Europe, but I am not sure that it was released in the U.S., as every source 
I can find on the Internet about this game implies that it has only had access
to a Japanese copy. Anyway this FAQ is written for both those playing a 
Japanese or English copy, so I have written out key parts of the manual to help 
those who are trying to play through an imported copy. By the way, this is my 
first FAQ, so don't sue me if I mess up! Mmmmmkay, let's go!


=II. Controls=

These are the same as Street Fighter 2, Killer Instinct etc. You can alter the 
controls from the options menu or the pause screen.

A Button: Weak Kick

B Button: Weak Punch

C-Pad: Left; Moderate Punch, Up; Strong Punch, Down; Moderate kick, Right; 
Strong Kick

D-Pad: Character Movement

Start Button: Pause, Enter, Access Menu

Z Trigger: Taunt:)

Analogue Stick: Character Movement

Left Shoulder Button: N/A

Right Shoulder Button: Magic (Super Combo)

* All characters can Jump using Up-left, Up or Up-right on the D-Pad or 
Analogue Stick. Repeat the motion in mid-air to double jump. All fighters 
have a Cyclone Attack which can be used to set up Aerial Raves, (Mid-air 
Combos). It doesn't require any crayons. Press D-Right, D-Down-Right, D-Down, 
D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up to perform it. Finally, all characters
can throw the opponent with D-Right and C-Left/C-Up. (This can also be doe in 


=III. 3rd rate story:)=

This is just about the worst storyline EVER. Even worse than the one for 
Barbarella. Seriously. 

Well here is an edited version; (like you care).

You've arrived in "Twinkle Town". It's an enchanted place and legend has it 
that long ago it was inhabited by wizards. One day some children find some 
crayons on the outskirts of town. Drawings from the crayons come to life and 
create havoc in town with their mischief. For you see, they once belonged to a 

A little camp, eh? But wait, there's more...

Summer holidays are here! The Tinkles gang found eight crayons in a cave. But 
Val's bully of a brother stole the last two and the box! He drew a villain in a 
cloak and it came to life! We have to use our crayons to fight back!

What a Klassic...


=IV. Translation/Menu Guide=

This is a Menu Guide for those playing an imported copy. (Or illiterate 

Into screen:- When you turn the game on for the first time, a message will 
appear on the screen if you do not have a Controller Pak inserted. It says 
that you will not be able to save. Another message will appear if you have a 
Controller Pak with a save already on it. Press Start to skip these messages 
when they appear. If there is a Rumble Pak, Transfer Pak, etc., in the 
Controller when you start, a message will tell you that "the Controller Pak is 
defective". To get around this, power down, remove the Pak and turn the N64 
back on.

Title Screen:- Press Start. (Took me AGES to figure that out...) Or, 
alternatively wait for the boat to cross the screen to see the story or the 

Main Menu:- Press A to progress and Z to go back. The chicken playing the 
game, (top-left), is Game Mode, the chicken scratching his lil' head, 
(top-right), is Option Mode and the Darth Vader chicken, (bottom), is Data 

Option Mode:- From the top, Difficulty, (left=easy, right=hard), Handicap 
(left=1P, right=2P), Time (Short, Middle, Long, Infinite), Rounds, (one, 
three, five), Screen Mode* (Painting, Drawing), Sound Mode, (Stereo, Mono), 
System Data, (Save, Load)**, Key Configuration, Extra Option***

* Painting Mode is the default Screen Mode. In drawing Mode, the characters 
only appear as outlines. Only good for novelty value.
** Data can only be saved onto a Controller Pak. 
*** This option only appears after a number of hours of play; see Secrets...

Data Mode:- Here you can Load, Save and Delete characters created in Training 
Mode. A Controller Pak is needed to save and load. The fourth option is Exit.

Game Mode:- The chicken reading, (top-left), is Story Mode, the chickens 
boxing, (top-right), are VS Mode, the chicken with the chick, (bottom-left), is 
Training Mode and the chicken weight-lifting, (bottom-right), is Practice Mode. 
(What exactly do all these chickens mean?)

Story Mode:- More chickens:) The chicken twins, (left), are Battle Mode and the
chicken walking into the book, (right), is Free Play Mode.

Training Mode:- Choose a character and name it, or load a character from a 
Controller Pak.


=V. Training Mode=

The main "meat" of the game is not the Free Play Mode but the Training Mode. 
Basically, instead of controlling a character yourself, the CPU learns your 
playing style and fights for you. To create a character, go to Training Mode 
and choose a fighter. Name him/her and press start. You can now fight as many 
opponents as you like. Theoretically, the CPU will learn what you would do in 
any given situation, thus fighting in your style. In reality, it doesn't really 
work because there are too many situations for the computer to learn. Still, 
it's a nice idea and I've never seen another feature like it in another game.


=VI. Magic=

When you use an attack, (even if it doesn't connect), or take damage, the Magic
Bar at the bottom of the screen will increase. When it is totally full, it will
drain to zero again and a crayon will appear under the bar. (A maximum of three 
crayons can be held at once). These crayons can be used to perform Magic. 
(Super Combos). There are three types of Magic; Attack, Counterattack and 
Defence:- (These assume the fighter is facing right).

Attack Magic:- Press R and D-Right or D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right,
D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right, and B/C-Left/C-Up to perform your fighter's 
Attack Magic. Attack Magic is best used when you are on the offensive to put 
more pressure on your opponent. It will remove 80-100%+ of your opponent's 
Energy Bar.

Counterattack Magic:- Press R or D-Left, D-Down-Left, D-Down and B/C-Left/C-Up 
to perform your fighter's Counterattack Magic. This Magic can ONLY be used 
while blocking. It is best used when blocking a major attack. It will remove 
up to 50% of your opponent's Energy Bar and break off their attack by sending 
them some distance away from you.

Defence Magic:- Press R and D-Left or D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left, 
D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left, and B/C-Left/C-Up to perform your fighter's 
Defence Magic. It is best used when running away to prevent your opponent from 
attacking you. It will remove 2-10% of their Energy Bar and send them off the 
screen for a few seconds, giving you some time to escape.

-To find out what each character's unique magic is, look in the Fighters/Move 


=VII. Fighters/Move List=
Here is all the information available on each fighter including Move Lists and
Combo Lists. (Move Lists assume that the fighter is facing right). The only 
thing I haven't given are endings. (Those can be fond in the Endings section). 

I have given best combos in three categories; Most Powerful, Most Hits and Best 
For Knockdowns. If part of a combo is in (brackets) it means that these steps 
must be chained together by entering the commands as quickly as possible. Note 
that the number of hits possible are the maximum. If you do not chain quickly 
enough, there will be fewer hits in your combo. Combos which require crayons to 
perform will have a number of + after them, corresponding to the number of 
crayons needed.


Fighter:- Astronots

Master:- Andy

Win Taunts:- How about going for another spin?, And now I'll make you a star 
too!, Earth looks so blue? It's very beautiful!, Yes! Yes! Yes! (...)

Stage:- Rocket Park; A playground where children pretend that they are 

Story:- Andy's dream is to become an astronaut or an adventurer. That's why his
fighter is a dream opponent: an astronaut. Astronots is an all-round hero, fast
and skilled on both offence and defence.

Move List:- 

Astroshot:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Astrojet:- D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Astrokick:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Stardust Drop:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Planet Attack; About ten plants appear in front of Astro. He 
then pulls out a cue and uses it to knock a smaller, white planet into them,
as if he was playing snooker:) If the planets hit the opponent, they cause 
major damage.

Counterattack Magic:- Space Shoot; Astro's Magic causes a black hole to appear 
behind his opponent! If his unfortunate nemesis steps backwards a little, 
they will be sucked in, dumped back on to the ground and bounce up off the 
screen for a second or two.

Defence Magic:- Star Tours; Great Pun (!) Seriously, this is the most 
impressive attack in the entire game! Astro shoots a laser beam at the 
opponent, attaching them to a giant rocket. They will start to cry and a 
five-second countdown will begin. At the end of the countdown you see the 
rocket fly in to outer space, before exploding and sending Astro's opponent
back to Earth. This is the only time you see one of the characters leave the
stage in the entire game! Anyway, even though this attack looks almost 
incredibly painful, it only makes a scratch on the opponents energy, so don't
bother using it in a fight. Whoops, I've just written an entire paragraph 
about one Magic. Still, such an amazing attack deserves it:)

Best Combos:- 

Power:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right. (3 Hits).

Hits:- (A, B, D-Left and R). (12 Hits). +

Knockdowns:- (C-Down, C-Right). (2 Hits).

Strategy:- Astronots is an all rounder, being almost, (if not totally), 
identical to Ryu in SFA. Astro can be played in a variety of different ways, 
but it is best to concentrate on varying your tactics if you want to win. With
strengths in so many areas, Astro can constantly surprise your opponent if he
is played correctly. His biggest strength is the powerful Astrokick, so don't 
be afraid to go for the kill if your opponent is slow or low on energy. 
Overall, an excellent character, but not recommended for beginners.


Fighter:- Captain.Cat.Kit

Master:- DDJ

Win Taunts:- Is your battery running down?, You can't get me like that, Too 
slow man! You make me yawn!

Stage:- Sky Hoop; A basketball court. (This stage is full of graffiti signed by
DDJ and Cat.Kit! There are various strange messages, including "Jesus loves 
you"! Religious graffiti? In a Nintendo game? Bizarre).

Story:- DDJ dreams of becoming a pro basketball player. His fighter is slightly
built and moves rhythmically. He makes up for his lack of power with blindingly
fast moves.

Move List:- 

Big Big Typhoon:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Giant Arc:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Tom's Kick:- D-Left, D-Down, D-Down-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

World in the Hoop:- D-Right and C-Left.

Airforce Cat:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up or D-Down, 
D-Down-Right, D-Right A/C-Down/C-Right.


Attack Magic:- Hello Mister DJ; Cat.Kit runs off the screen, only to be 
replaced by two robot which look like part of a cheap and nasty stereo 
system. Cat.Kit reappears in front of the screen, orders the robots to "Make 
some noise boys!" and stands there as the robots shower the screen with 
musical notes, hopefully causing extreme damage to the opponents. A powerful
and cool attack:)

Counterattack Magic:- Good-bye Mister; Cat.Kit grows giant headphones and a CD
appears underneath the opponent. Cat.Kit spins it and his opponent flies across 
the screen and bounces back, like a Cyclone Attack.

Defence Magic:- First Scramble; Cat.Kit grabs the opponent and runs on the 
spot until he catches fire. A klaxon sound, and three other cats dressed in
fireman's uniform draw um, one of those things that fire hose get their water
from in the U.S. You know, yeah, a hydrant. Anyway, they draw a hydrant with 
sprat cans, which promptly bursts, sending the enemy across the screen. Just 
another bizarre moment in the world of Rakuga Kids:)

Best Combos:-

Power:- (A, B, D-Left and R). (Varies greatly; but up to 12 Hits). +

Hits:- (B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A). (8 Hits).

Knockdowns:- (B, A, C-Down), D-Left, D-Down, D-Down-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.
(4 Hits).

Strategy:- Cat.Kit is a VERY fast character and is the best chainer in the 
game, so play offensively. If you can, try and trap you opponent in the corner 
of the screen and use strong punches and kicks on them. Cat.Kit is weak, but
the damage from lots of hits will soon add up. If you get a crayon, use it to
power his attack magic which is very powerful and makes Cat.Kit invulnerable 
for a second or two. Another great character and a fantastic choice for 


Fighter:- Marsa

Master:- Nola

Win Taunts:- You're still green, Come anytime. I'll cook you something, Can you 
lock-on to me?, I suppose my beauty has distracted you.

Stage:- Orange Bridge; A bridge over the river that runs through town. It is 
the only way to reach the Grand Hall and Mama's Factory.

Story:- Nola's backpack is full of mysterious items. The young witch Marsa is 
just like Nola. She has lots of tricks and uses them all.

Move List:- 

Marsa's Prized Possession:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Rooster Step:- (In mid-air); D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and 

Marsa Jump:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Peacock:- D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Rooster's Cracker:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Jack-o-Lantern; I love this attack:) You know that bit in 
Cinderella, where she rides to the ball in a giant pumpkin? Well this is 
just like it, except the pumpkin is pulled by a chicken, and Marsa's 
opponent is sure as hell not going to meet a handsome prince:) Instead, the
absurd carriage explodes, decimating nearly 100% of their Energy Bar!

Counterattack Magic:- Marsa's Friend; A red flower will sprout and knock
Marsa's enemy away.

Defence Magic:- Cute Flower; Marsa will water a plant pot and push it into 
the opponent. A scary, (not cute), yellow flower will pop out of the plant 
pot sending Marsa's enemy into the stratosphere! Note that if the attack 
misses, a confused looking mole will pop out instead:)

Best Combos:-

Power:- (B, C-Left, D-Right and R). (3 Hits). +

Hits:- D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up. (5 Hits).

Knockdowns:- (B, C-Left, D-Left and R), D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and 
B/C-Left/C-Up. (4 Hits). 

Strategy:- Marsa is a difficult character to use, but can be almost unbeatable
in the hands of an expert. Her moves are quite weak and she isn't especially 
fast, so she will probably lose in a war of attrition. The key is to play 
defensively. Use Marsa Jump to escape whenever danger strikes and rely on 
Rooster Step to "Hit and Run". Win slowly or wait for the time to run out.
If you can win a fight on the hardest difficulty without being hit, you're
getting the idea:) When using crayons, Defence Magic is usually the best option
to stall, but if you need to do a lot of damage, Marsa's Power Combo, (See 
above), is also a good option; it inflicts nearly 100% damage! A brilliant 
character and my personal favourite:) !Extra Tip:- Unlike other characters who 
can only double-jump, Marsa can triple-jump. This is a major advantage! 


Fighter:- Robot C.H.O.

Master:- Jerry

Win Taunts:- Looked as easy as pie...and it was, You finally used some power, 
Sorry. I'm actually quite strong, It's dangerous if I'm in front.

Stage:- Viva!! School; A yellow school bus parked in front of the, um, school.
(Viva is French for forever, I think).

Story:- Jerry has surpassing strength to go with a big appetite. He drew Robot
C.H.O. on the school bus. The robot is a powerful attacker and excels at 
close-quarter combat.

Move List:- 

Thunder Throw:- D-Right, D-Down-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and 

Spark The Shock:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Locomotive attack:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Thunder Cross:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Cutter Press; C.H.O.'s chest opens, and out comes a pencil,
which he uses to draw a conveyor belt, leading into a machine which cuts the
opponent into nine pieces.

Counterattack Magic:- Traffic Control; Loads of traffic will appear out of
nowhere and knock the opponent flying.

Defence Magic:- Press Factory; A paintbrush will appear from C.H.O.'s chest 
and draw a "grab the prize" game. The opponent will be one of the prizes, and 
the grabber will throw them aside!

Best Combos:- (Robot C.H.O. can't chain);

Only has two combos:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up, or  
D-Right, D-Down-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right. 
(Both 3 Hits).

Strategy:- Concerning Robot C.H.O., the best strategy is to never chose him at
all! He is slow, can't chain, can hardly jump and his moves have such a limited 
range that it is nearly impossible to hit the opponent, especially with magic. 
The only way to win is to trap your opponent in a corner with Spark The Shock, 
but this is extremely difficult. Easily the worst character in the game; good 
luck with C.H.O.:)


Fighter:- Beartank

Master:- Clione

Win Taunts:- OK, what game shall we play next?, Hee, hee, hee! That's 
pathetic!, I'm tired. This is too boring, Sorry. Let's play!

Stage:- Mama's Factory; A toy factory in a remote part of town. I assume that 
the factory is owned by Clione's mother.

Story:- Clione is wilful, quick to tears, and just loves bears. Her fighter is 
a super bear with very fast moves. It is equipped with a tank that increases 
its power.

Move List:- 

Bear Bomb:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Bear Attack:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and A/C-Down/C-Right, 
A/C-Down/C-Right, A/C-Down/C-Right.

Bear Spin:- D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Bear Illusion:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Bear Flip:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Bear Hip Attack:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Reo Marine; Beartank will throw of piece of raw meat into the 
air, and a red bear/submarine/sunflower will eat it, (by literally opening it's 
head!), before slamming into the opponent, causing an instant five-hit combo:)

Counterattack Magic:- Rabi Taxi; (Note:- I'm pretty sure there is a typo in 
the instruction manual here, considering the disturbing lack of orthodox
Judaism involved in this attack. Perhaps "Rabbit Taxi" might be a more 
appropriate title!?) Anyway, when the opponent's attack connects, an 
exclamation mark comes out of Beartank's head, followed by the appearance of 
a bizarre rabbit/policeman/taxi thing which proceeds to push Beartank's 
opponent away.

Defence Magic:- L.A. Jet; A helipad-like structure appears under Beartank's 
opponent, and an elephant/Boeing 747 cross-over falls onto it. Beartank
shakes the creature's trunk, before it flies off, with Beartank's opponent as 
the only "passenger". 

Best Combos:-

Power and Hits:- (B, C-Left, C-Down, D-Right and R). (8 Hits). +

Knockdowns:- (B, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right), D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and 
B/C-Left/C-Up. (5 Hits).

Strategy:- Totally cute and an amazing fighter! Bear tank is both manically 
fast and very powerful. Playing her fairly offensively and chaining a lot is a
good strategy, but you can also easily win by dodging attacks, then countering
with strong punches and kicks. Another way of playing is to trick your 
opponent with Bear Illusion, then using a well timed Bear Attack. A great 
choice for beginners and experts alike, and my second favourite character:)


Fighter:- Cools.Roy

Master:- Roy

Win Taunts:- It's insulting to be fought so weakly!, What, it's over already?,
C'mon baby, try a little harder!, C'mon baby, light my fire!, Wanna take a bet 
I'll always win?

Stage:- Grand Hall; A large mansion connected to Mama's Factory. Since Roy and 
Clione are both very rich and their stages are connected, I believe that they 
are brother and sister.

Story:- Easy-going, talkative Roy wants to be a gentleman. His fighter is a 
cool guy with a stunningly executed, balanced blend of offence and defence.

Move List:- 

Cool Gatling:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Justice Attack:- D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Rodeo Drive:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Heavy Kick:- (In mid-air); D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and 

Wooden Horse:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Crazy Bull; Roy pulls out a red handkerchief, shouts 
"Hey Cow!", and an odd looking bull stampedes across the screen.

Counterattack Magic:- Call Me Master; Roy calls out something along the lines 
of "Hey Alfred(?)", as a man dressed up like a cactus answers with "Master 
Calls", as he swings into the enemy upside-down. Disturbingly odd...

Defence Magic:- Seven Bridge Railway; Roy ties up the opponent with a length
of rope and pushes them along a railway which leads up off the screen. 

Best Combos:-

Power:- (B, A, C-Left, D-Right and R). (4 Hits). +

Hits:- (B, A, C-Left, D-Left and R), D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and 
A/C-Down/C-Right. (9 Hits). +

Knockdowns:- (B, C-Left, C-Down), D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and 
A/C-Down/C-Right. (8 Hits).

Strategy:- Roy is the Ken to Astro's Ryu and as such should be played 
similarly, though Roy is slower and stronger, so it works well to rely on his
power moves like Rodeo Drive. Roy's combos are excellent, so chain a lot and 
use crayons for Attack Magic. Roy is good for an Astro player experimenting 
with a more offensive style or any intermediate player. !Extra Tip:- While
every other Rakuga Kid's Cyclone Attack throws the opponent to the right, Roy's
Cyclone flings the opponent leftward. Be aware of this when playing as or 
against Roy; it can be used as a major surprise tactic.


Fighter:- Mamezo

Master:- Val

Win Taunts:- I'm the champion of the UNIVERSE!, I am STRONG! I am the BEST!, 
You STILL here? I'm gonna get ya!, Go home and cry your eyes out!, I'm too cool 
for you, wimp!

Stage:- Rough "B" Rock; A dark alley in the bad part of town.

Story:- Rambunctious Val is always mean to everyone. His fighter is evil and 
unleashes a vicious attack.

Move List:- 

Flip Dynamite:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Turkey Turkey:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Rapid Missile:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right A/C-Down/C-Right.

Air Snipe:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Hide and Seek:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Mamezo Shock Attack:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Scramble Delivery; Another classy attack:) A 'phone box appears
behind Mamezo, which he uses to order a pizza; "I'll take an extra large". The
pizza arrives promptly, delivered by a moped riding dog, who proceeds to run 
Mamezo's opponent down:)

Counterattack Magic:- Knock Knock Knock; A door appears, which Mamezo knocks 
on; "Knock Knock!" the door opens, and a blue monster asks "Who's there?" 
before slamming the door in the face of Mamezo's opponent.

Defence Magic:- Hell Express; Mamezo pushes the opponent into a lift, then 
drops a bomb down after them.

Best Combos:- (Mamezo can't chain physical attacks);

Power and Knockdowns:- D-Left and R, D-Right and R. (2 Hits). ++

Hits:- (D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up, D-Down, D-Down-Right, 
D-Right A/C-Down/C-Right). (8 Hits).

Strategy:- Mamezo is a totally unique character. He is very slow and finds it
almost impossible to chain, but almost all of his moves are powerful 
projectiles! When using Mamezo, keep your opponent away with a constant stream 
of rockets. Play offensively and use Attack Magic to win. Mamezo is one of the
best character choices for expert players.


Fighter:- Darkness*

Master:- George

Win Taunts:- Don't go trying for your mummy, Quick, give me the crayons!, We're 
just made of different stuff, Stop blabbering, for heaven's sake!

Stage:- Haunted Zone; A tunnel which is the only way out of town.*

Story:- A member of Bloody Wolves, a gang of bikers with a bad reputation for 
causing trouble wherever they go. The Bloody Wolf logo drawn by George. Not 
only more grotesque than Mamezo, but terribly powerful.

Move List:- 

Sawmill Uppercut:- D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Wolverine Slash:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up.

Dog Fireball:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and 

Eat and Chew:- D-Right, D-Down-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and 

Puffa Smash:- D-Down, D-Down-Right, D-Right and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Teleport:- D-Left, D-Down, D-Down-Left and A/C-Down/C-Right.

Tongue Flick:- D-Right and C-Left.


Attack Magic:- Dog's Dinner; Darkness produces a giant bone, stands on top of
it and whistles. A pack of dogs charge onto the screen, knock Darkness's enemy
out of the way in an attempt to reach the bone.

Counterattack Magic:- Burger Attack; Darkness shoves his opponent into a 
burger and eats them (!), before they, um, come out the other end^-^

Defence Magic:- Electric Whisk; Darkness becomes an electric whisk and starts,
er, whishing the opponent. He then shoots them into the air!

Best Combos:- (Too many to list; Darkness can chain up to 13 Hits!);

Power/Knockdowns:- (B, A, B, C-Left, D-Right and R). (11 Hits). +

Hits:- (B, A, B, C-Left, D-Left and R), D-Right, D-Down, D-Down-Right and 
B/C-Left/C-Up. (13 Hits). +

Knockdowns:- D-Down, D-Down-Left, D-Left and B/C-Left/C-Up. (8 Hits).

Strategy:- Darkness is a very good character, possibly even broken. With so 
many powerful moves he can be played in almost any style, though you will get
best results playing like a super-powered version of Astro, varying your 
attacks. Mostly though, Darkness is just for fun as he is so powerful:)


Fighter:- Inuzo*

Master:- Mudgas

Win Taunts:- Bow-wow-wow!, Bow-Wowwww!, Yoowwww!

Stage:- Twinkle Beach; A sunny beach in the south-west of town.

Story:- None given.

Move List:- See Mamezo.

Magic:- See Mamezo.

Best Combos:- See Mamezo.

Strategy:- Inuzo is basically Mamezo in a different colour scheme with 
different animations, so he should be played in the same style. Interestingly,
his master is Val's dog, Mudgas. (I must be tired; I'm starting to think about
the plot!:) If you don't lose any fights in the game, you will fight him after
Darkness. I think that Inuzo created when Val runs away after losing a fight,
and Mudgas takes control of Mamezo.

Differences between Mamezo and Inuzo:-

- Mamezo's default colour scheme is yellow body, green cape. Inuzo's default
colour scheme is grey body, blue cape.

- Inuzo has a long tongue which hangs out of his mouth most of the time. Mamezo
does not have this.

- When standing still, Mamezo holds his hands higher than his elbows. Inuzo 
holds his elbows higher than his hands.

- When walking forwards, Mamezo walks on his legs. When walking backwards, he 
appears to be pulled back by his cape. Inuzo's walking animation is different.
He walks on all fours, like a dog.

- When controlled by the CPU, Inuzo teleports much more than Mamezo, and is 
generally far harder to beat.

These are the only differences. Inuzo has no extra moves and provides no 
advantage over Mamezo.

* These are Secret Fighters/Stages. To see how to access them, see Secrets.


=VIII. Secrets=


These are tips from Cheat Code Central, but the names have been translated:-

* Play as Inuzo:- Accumulate over two hours of total game play. Then at the 
character selection screen, hold L while choosing Mamezo.

* Play as Darkness:- Accumulate over five hours of total game play. Then, 
Darkness will be selectable at the character selection screen.

* Things to note...When Darkness is unlocked, his secret stage, "Haunted Zone"
also becomes available to use...You will need a Controller Pak to save the 
secret characters...Even if you don't have access to Inuzo and Darkness yet,
they will still occasionally occur if you choose the Random Fighter option!


Extra options:- Accumulate over ten hours of total game play. Then, an 
"Extra options" selection will appear on the options menu. Note; when extra
options is first available, there is only one option, however, as you play the
game more, more options become available. (Numbers in brackets show about how 
many hours of play are needed to access each option). If you didn't work it out 
already, the best way to access these options is to leave your N64 on while you 
sleep, eat, etc. Contrary to popular belief, this will not cause your N64 to 
melt, as long as you leave the Jumper/Expansion Pak in. (Mine has been on 
almost constantly for over a week as I am trying to reach Rank 1:- Perfect in 
Perfect Dark:) I no longer believe that one option becomes available every ten 
hours, as I have had the no damage option for over fifty hours now, and I 
still haven't accessed any others:( Here are the options I have accessed so 
far. I now think that there are seven options to access:-

Stun Rate (10 hours):- Allows you to change how easy it is to make the opponent
dizzy between 0 and 4 times the normal rate.

Crayon limit (about 20 hours):- Allows you to adjust the amount of crayons you 
can have at once between 0 and 9.

Combo limit (about 35 hours):- Allows you to turn off the maximum limit on 
combo length. With this option, you can have infinite hit combos!

Free Magic (about 50 hours):- Allows you to use Magic as much as you want in a 
match. This is a major secret, and makes the game much easier to complete!

No damage (about 70 hours):- Neither fighter can damage each other with any 
attack, though a fighter which has been hit will recoil as if they have taken 
damage. Note that this option makes the game impossible to complete! The only 
use I can think of for this option is to set up a two-player version of 
Practice Mode, to try out using different types of Magic on each other.



Weird Glitch:- When choosing a fighter, if you open a box, then close it as
soon as you can see a tiny amount of the character, a small image of the 
character will be stuck on the box. Then, if you change to another box, open it
and close it, the image will change into the default colours of the fighter in 
the second box, even if that character cannot normally be chosen in those 
colours. (e.g. If you had an image of Darkness, then you opened Astronot's box,
you could have a skin coloured Darkness!). You can even have multiple images of
different fighters at the same time by opening other boxes. To "undo" the 
glitch, fully open the box you got the glitch from, (it must be the same box;
if you open a different box with the same character in, e.g. the ? box, the 
glitch will not go away). This glitch is quite tricky to perform, but very 
cool. I think that Darkness is the easiest character to glitch, but you can do
this with all of them:)


=X. Endings=


I have decided to add an endings section for those who don't have the time to
complete the game with every character. Before we begin, I have to add that it
goes without saying that this section is a SPOILER, so don't read it if you 
want to find out the endings your self. Note that there is only one ending for
each character. Completing the game on a higher difficulty or with a higher 
score will not give you a better or longer ending. All endings work like this:-

- Universal Ending Part One (Which all characters have except for Darkness)

- Unique Ending (Unique to your character)

- Credits 

- Universal Ending Part Two (To be continued...)


Universal Ending Part One:-


Int. Haunted Zone:-

George:- You pesky little twerps! Don't think I'm beaten yet! I'll be back, so
be ready!

Darkness:- Bow-Wow-Wow!

Note; Darkness has a different Universal Ending Part One:-

George:- The towns gone crazy. Maybe I pushed my luck. Let's go Darkness!

Darkness:- Arf.


(Cut to your character's Unique Ending)


Unique Endings:- 



Int. Andy's bedroom at night:-

Andy:- Hey, can you believe it? We got that bad guy!

Astro:- I guess it's wrong to laugh...

Andy:- I feel great! I think I could do anything!

Astro:- Are you okay Andy? Don't let it go to your head!

Andy:- I feel FANTASTIC! I feel like I could swim to the END OF THE UNIVERSE!


Captain Cat.Kit:-

Int. Sky Hoop:-

DDJ:- How do we hit 'em?

Cat.Kit:- With speed and rhythm!

DDJ:- Big guys and slowpokes?

Cat.Kit:- We diz 'em and we wiz 'em! 

DDJ:- We're gonna stay cool forever!




Ext. Jerry/Val's garden. You can see Mudgas through a gap in the fence:-

Marsa:- He's sound asleep like a baby.

Nola:- Time to settle the score! On the count of three?

Marsa:- Anytime!

All:- One, two,

Marsa:- Bwaa-Kwaa!

Nola:- Oh, no, he's awake!

Marsa:- Let's get him!


Robot C.H.O.:-

Int. Jerry's room. Jerry is wearing protective gear.

Jerry:- Now be brave and we'll do just fine, OK!

Robot C.H.O.:- Beep!

Jerry:- It's time to get back all of the toys my bully of a brother has stolen.

Robot C.H.O.:- Beep-Beep-BEEP!



Int. Clione's room. Clione, Beartank and a toy bear are wearing a comical 
amount of make-up.

Clione:- We're both SOOO pretty, aren't we?

Beartank:- Kyuu.

Clione:- What? You don't like the eyebrows? But this is SO now!

Beartank:- Gyuu.



Ext. Grand Hall. You can see a limo and a Jeeves-esqe butler in the 

Roy:- I won't be selfish anymore. I don't need the limo.

Cools.Roy:- OK Roy!

Roy:- We'll strike like lightning to protect the neighbourhood. But something's 

Cools.Roy:- It wouldn't be a horse by any chance!

Roy:- Yes, that's it! OK Cools, get me a horse!



Ext. Neighbourhood. Val is covered with medals.

Val:- Wa, ha, ha. I am strong. I am VERY VERY strong! Strongest in the 
neighbourhood, strongest in the world? No. I am the strongest in the UNIVERSE!

Mamezo:- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Mudgas:- Bow-wow-wow!



Int. Haunted Zone:-

George:- The town's gone crazy. Maybe I pushed my luck. Let's go Darkness!

Darkness:- Arf.

Int. Basement:-

George:- Some of the crayons are missing. I wonder who's got them?

Darkness:- Arf.

George:- Quit barking you lazy mutt!

Darkness:- Whimper, whimper, whimper.

George:- Looks like I'm gonna have to stick around awhile. The guy who knows
how to use these crayons isn't here yet. Hee, hee, hee!



Ext. Kennel at Val/Jerry's house. Inuzo is working for Mudgas:-

Mudgas:- Make sure you polish everything!

Inuzo:- Arf-arf. Sure thing Mr. Gus (?)


(Credits, Twinkle Town at night with the remixed Rakuga Kids theme tune)


Universal Ending Part Two:-


Ext. Street near Twinkle Beach:-

Kid:- (Moving things from a delivery van):- Heave-Ho! This is the last of the 
stuff Grandpa. 

Ext. Street (different angle):-

Kid:- Whew, it's hot but this is a nice town. I feel some thing interesting is 
waiting just around the corner.


Kid:- Huh, what's that? Is someone moving in next door as well?

Ext. Van another van with "Space Express" written on the side. A pair of twins 
with braces and black T-shirts are standing in front of it:-



To be continued...

(Two new Rakuga Kids appear at the bottom of the screen, a child riding a 
skateboard who looks a little like the kid, and a robot with a U.F.O for a 
head. Perhaps they are drawn by the kid and the twins with the crayons 
recovered from Val and George? Anyhow, it looks like a sequel is on the way; 
definitely a good thing!)



=IX. Cheat Codes=

These codes are for the Action Replay (or GameShark in the U.S.) I found them 
on Unfortunately, I can't test them as I don't own an Action 

Infinite Health P1:- 810AC338 0140 

Infinite Super Attacks:- P1 810AC33C 0003 

* P1 Score Modifier:- 810AC3B6 00?? 

Infinite Health P2:- 810AC428 0140 

Infinite Super Attacks:- P2 810AC42A 0003 

* P2 Score Modifier:- 810AC4A6 00?? 

* Replace ?? with the score you want.


=XI. Credits=

Thanks to CMGSCCC and Cheat Code Central, but mostly thanks to Me:), ahem.
Also thanks to everybody on GameFAQs for help on so many games. 


=XII. Contact=

Try [email protected] You're not kiddies any more, so I won't run a 
list of what constitutes unacceptable e-mail. If it's rubbish I'll just delete 
it, simple as that:)


=XIII. Closing:(=

Well, we've come to the end of my very first FAQ:( Sniff. My next "Work of
Mastery"? Probably Chrono Trigger Bike Special on the SNES. See you there! Oh,
and one last thing...Rakuga? It's Japanese for "Graffiti". Kept you guessing
all that time...

Oh, yeah, questions. Anyone who's reading this, could you answer a couple of

1. What do you think of the FAQ; good, bad, improvements, etc.

2. Has anyone finished the Extra Options menu? (Just say if you have, don't 
spoil things for me:)

3. Does anyone know of any plans for Rakuga Kids 2?

4. Does anyone know if the Action Replay codes actually work?

5. Does anyone know who Inuzo's ending is referring to by "Mr. Gus"?

6. Is anyone actually reading this?


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