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       R E - V O L T I N G   --   A   G U I D E   T O   R E - V O L T
                          by Benjamin Paul Galway
      5/28/00             [email protected]               v. 0.2

                                                                ____ _____
    C O N T E N T S                                         ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

    3     TRACK TIPS
    7     POWER-UPS
    9     CODES

                                                                ____ _____
    1 -   I N T R O D U C T I O N                           ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

It is unfortunate that Acclaim's best Dreamcast game was heavily discounted
and can now be found for $19.99 at Wal-Mart. Re-Volt is a great racer, but 
many are put off by its realistic controls and challenging tracks. This guide
will hopefully be of some assistance with completing the game and improving
oneself without using the cheat codes.

The first version of this guide only covers the cars, tracks, and secrets
initially available up until the gold cup tracks are available. This guide
will be available at the following web sites:

    Cheat Code Central       
    Video Game Strategies    

This is a free guide and NOT to be sold or altered under ANY circumstance. I
ONLY authorize this document for personal, non-profitable use -- permission
for any use of this guide must be obtained from the author, Benjamin Paul
Galway. I will not tolerate plagiarism or profiting from the use of this file
without my consent.

                                                                ____ _____
    2 -   G E N E R A L   A D V I C E                       ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

Probably the biggest complaint people have with the game is how easy it can be
to spin out. It's almost funny how much more realistic Re-Volt is over other
supposedly "serious" racers like Gran Turismo. Unlike other racing games, most
cars cannot hit objects and walls with reckless abandon without paying some
kind of penalty. Simply put, the best way to avoid spinning out is the learn
to play better. Learn to avoid doing the things which causes vehicles to lose

What increases the chances of spinning out? Touching a wall or another car at
high speed can do it. Spinning out may also occur when trying to turn after
hitting the ground from a leap, so don't adjust the wheels until after the
vehicle is on solid ground again. Also, try to not launch the vehicle at an
angle from a bump, ramp, etc., since most of the RC cars have little in the
way of shocks.

It also helps the pick a car less prone to spinning out. Heavier cars tend to
spin out less than lighter cars, and cars with wheels which stick out from
their bodies are also more likely to lose control (Bertha Ballistics
excluded). The best vehicle overall as far as spin out protection is Bertha
Ballistics, but early in the game Volken Turbo, Big Volt, or Phat Slug make
good starting choices.

While it may seem obvious, it is more important to race along the shortest
distance possible thanks to the size of the courses. Many times a couple of
short, angled turns can be run through in a straight line if the vehicle is
properly aimed. Likewise, when making turns it helps to be on the inside lane
as much as possible. Hitting ramps tend to add distance to the route as well
as slow the vehicle down, so it is advised to not make any unnecessary jumps.

Unlike the chapionship mode which is won by placing first, second, or third,
the single mode requires a first place finish to complete the race. This can
become quite difficult on certain tracks, particularly the more difficult ones
like the Ghost Town races.

Thankfully, it is possible to make the single mode requirements a bit easier
to burden in the options screen. A first place win is still a first place win,
even if the player was only racing against one other competitor on a one lap
race. Any adjustments in the options screen does not stop wins from qualifying
in the single mode, so use that advantage.

Notice that the timer in the time trials does not start until the vehicle
crosses the start line. The best, fastest lap will be the one in which the
vehicle doesn't start from a dead stop, so make sure to be traveling at a
good speed before seriously attempting any time challenge. Back up a bit to
get a running start or race the first lap just to pick up speed, 
concentrating on the second lap and any there after.

                                                                ____ _____
    3 -   T R A C K   T I P S                               ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

This section will briefly go through the available tracks and give some 
brief pointers on racing them. Be sure to read the above section, "General
Advice," as it contains many tips which work on a variety of courses (and
since left out of the specific guides below). Track advice is detailed under
"Single Race," with other tips specific to other modes of play listed under
their respective categories.

   TOYS IN THE HOOD 1    \____________________________________________________
                                                      EASY   --   LENGTH 747 M

The track here is very wide, and one can add several seconds to his or her lap
time by not driving along the shortest distance possible. Thus, if the turn up
ahead is bearing right, then be sure to drive as far right as possible. It
really helps to drive across the street corners or drive along the curb, but
there a few things to keep in mind:

--  Do not jump the first curb at the starting position. It requires too sharp
    a turn, and the vehicle will be entering the turn from a poor position
    anyway (either from a dead start or from a climb out the tunnel). The
    street provides more turning room and less of a chance to spin out.
--  Pass over the curb where the basketball bounces onto the street.
--  When approaching the first zig zag turn on the course, skip the first curb
    and drive straight across the second. A diagonal, straight path through
    the zig zag turn will be a lot easier to handle as well as being the
    shortest possible path.
--  Skip the curb entering the second zig zag turn. Since there is only one in
    the turn, a straight path can be driven without encountering it.
--  Always make sure the vehicle drives straight off a curb or elevation.
    Trying to drive along side a curb and fall will likely lead to the vehicle
    flipping over or spinning out.

Be careful to avoid running into incoming vehicles while driving along
the track since parts of the course follow along a previously driven street
but in the opposite direction.

Try to remain centered while driving through the tunnel. It is very easy to
drive along the walls here which is a good way to flip over. If power-ups are
on, this can be a very bad place to encounter a ball bearing or oil slick.
That is the only time one should attempt to drive along the side (to avoid
obstacles in the center).

The ending climb out of the tunnel can also be a bit challenging. There are
two ways to climb the hill -- either taking the short route immediately after
the tunnel up the steep incline, or drive a bit further up the gradual slope
and make the short climb there. While the former is the shortest possible
route, it requires that the vehicle be traveling at a high speed to make it
over with tires with a good grip. Dr. Drudge can do it somewhat easily while
the same with Volken Turbo can be more challenging. If one chooses to take the
longer route around the steep incline, be wary of spinning out or crashing
when making the turn, since the climb will put the vehicle at a bad angle, and
the sharp turn combined with the dirt surface can easily become spin out
material if not handled properly.

Championship mode requires that a single car be used to take on all tracks
within a cup class. While Aquasonic, Volken Turbo, and Sprinter XL would all
make excellent choices for this cup, those cars don't handle the Supermarket
2's freezer well at all. Thankfully, Dr. Drudge is fast enough so that the
speed loss is miminal. Big Volt is also a good second place contender, and
both should be able to win this course with no trouble. This is a three lap

An easy time trial for an easy track. Any available fast car (Aquasonic,
Volken Turbo, Dr. Grudge, etc.) should be able to complete this course under
56 seconds to beat the time challenge.

     SUPERMARKET 2       \____________________________________________________
                                                      EASY   --   LENGTH 301 M

This is a mostly easy and short course if it weren't for the freezer section.
At the start of the game, all opponents will swerve into the second aisle from
the right. Driving straight will keep the vehicle in the third aisle from the
right, which is the best at this point in the race since it avoids the huge
mess of vehicles fighting in the other aisle. On subsequent laps, take the
aisle next to the wall on the far right.

Next is the freezer, which is a pain. The slippery floor makes it very, very
difficult to turn and control the vehicle in general. Players are encouraged
to choose a heavy vehicle with tires with a good grip such as Big Volt or
Dr. Drudge, which should make this section much easier to handle. Although it
is possible to take this section with another car, it is not recommended.
Without a heavy car with good traction, getting struck by another vehicle can
also prove disasterous. The best advice seems to be drive through the freezer
in a "V" shape. Cut through the left of the entrance and drive diagonally in
a straight path, gradually slowing down as the vehicle approaches the middle
section. (A sharp decrease in speed here is likely to cause the car to lose
control and spin out.) Turn slowly, just enough so that the vehicle faces the
exit, and drive in a straight path out of the freezer.

The rest of the course is fairly simple. There is a point in this course where
the vehicles will exit a sliding door, drive along an entrance ramp outside
the grocery store, and re-enter through a door next to the helicopter ride.
When hitting that incline just before re-entering the store, the vehicles will
jump. Make sure to aim the vehicle so that it will leap through the door
before hitting that ramp; else, it will likely crash into the wall outside or
the helicopter inside.

It is because of the freezer here that one will likely be forced to race
through the championship using Dr. Drudge or Big Volt. Because of that, the
championship run should not be any different from a single race. Just make
sure to not mess up in the freezer, even if it means slowing down a bit more.
There is enough distance from the freezer to the end so that it should be
possible to catch up. This is a four lap course.

This is a very easy course save for the freezer section, which is the only
real opportunity present to blow the time challenge. As long as no time is
wasted in the freezer, it should be easy enough to race this course under 26
seconds with either Dr. Grudge or Big Volt.

        MUSEUM 2         \____________________________________________________
                                                      EASY   --   LENGTH 600 M

This is a fairly dark track, so it really helps to know the layout of the
course. The turn into the marble hallway can be difficult to spot at first,
even with the roped barricade guiding the path. It helps to drive along the
right wall in the beginning, which will make it possible to cut straight
through the turn without having to abruptly swerve the vehicle to avoid the
jutting wall.

Avoid driving along the sloping edges of the marble floored hallway since it
can make weaving through the hall more difficult. This will be a very cramped
place to race with other opponents nearby, especially if someone activates an
oil slick or ball bearing. When exiting the hallway, be sure to avoid hitting
the triceratop's feet while passing under the skeleton.

In the next room are two escalators leading up to the "Space Race" exhibit:
one moving up and the other down. Neither direction has any affect on the
vehicles, but players should take the up escalator because it is the shorter
distance through that section. Avoid the center railing jump since it just
wastes time.

At the end of the dark room is a sharp right turn through the darkness behind
the grey wall into the planetarium. It may help to drive a bit further left
before the turn to provide more turning room. The path through the planetarium
splits in two directions; both are the same and either will do.

Next is a very long circular turn around the lunar display. This can eat up
quite a bit of time, so be sure to tap decelerate to make as tight a turn
around the display as possible. While there is a shortcut across the display
(look for openings through the barrier near the beginning and end of the
turn), it can be difficult to enter and makes entering the next hallway more

At the end of the carpeted hallway is an alternate route, which has no
advantage being a longer route ending in a less advantageous position. Stick
left and climb up the incline next to the stairway. Note that there is another
alternate path on the left at the top of the incline, but this one, too, has
no advantage being laced with difficult turns and obstacles. Just drive
straight into the curving hallway to the end.

This is going to be the most difficult course to run, especially if the player
has to use Dr. Drudge or Big Volt to make it through Supermarket 2. Big wheels
which stick out are going to cause problems with this course's sharp turns,
jutting walls, and other obstacles. Just be more careful and try to stay as
much in the center as possible. This is a three lap course.

The Museum 1 course is the toughest time challenge of the bronze cup tracks.
There is only 47 seconds to run through a gauntlet of turns and obstacles
which make up the museum. Aquasonic is a the best choice for this time trial
thanks to its improved speed and acceleration, and even then there will not be
any seconds to spare.

    BOTANICAL GARDEN     \____________________________________________________
                                                      EASY   --   LENGTH 323 M

At the start of the race, try to stay between the white lines on the floor,
cutting straight through the second turn ahead. When approaching the concrete
incline, be sure to avoid the sides since their angle makes a flat, safe
landing difficult.

Drive near or on the right patch of grass before the wooden bridge for more
turning room. After driving across the bridge, take the right fork in the
road. While it is possible to bounce onto and over the short wall ahead with
enough speed, it is not necessary.

There is a shortcut through the dolphin fountain, but it is not recommended
since it ends with a sharp turn into the ramp ahead, and the vehicle will not
have enough speed to clear the jump. Just drive around the fountain as close
to it as possible by tapping decelerate. When the ramp is in view, drive as
fast as possible to land on the raised square garden.

This will be a pretty simple course, even with Big Volt or Dr. Drudge. The
only added risk on this track for those vehicles is the forced jump near the
end onto the square garden. Since both of the vehicles above are slower and
heavier than Aquasonic, Volken Turbo, and so on, they will have a slightly
more difficult time with the jump. Just make sure to drive in as fast and as
straight a path to the ramp as possible. If the vehicle slows down for
whatever reason just before the ramp, then just drop down and speed around
the garden since any attempt to leap will just cause a wreck. This is a five
lap course.

The second easiest bronze cup time trial, especially with 31 seconds to do it.
Any fast car (Aquasonic, Volken Turbo, etc.) will be able to beat it.

        ROOFTOPS         \____________________________________________________
                                                    MEDIUM   --   LENGTH 588 M



Rooftops is a fairly simple course overall and can be handled with any fast
car. With 56 seconds allotted, there is more than enough time needed to race
this track. Matra XL should be available by now and makes a good choice to
beat this time trial.

      TOY WORLD 1        \____________________________________________________
                                                    MEDIUM   --   LENGTH 354 M



This time trial is extremely difficult. With only 27 seconds, any attempt to
beat this trial with the bronze and silver classes of vehicles will be an 
exercise in frustration. It can be done, however, with a vehicle with a high
speed and acceleration rating. At this point R6 Turbo makes the best choice
since it will have the highest overall speed and among the best acceleration.
The main time killer on this track is the leap toward the end, since the car
comes to a stop after striking the ground from that height. The R6 Turbo's
improved speed and weight help it sail through the air close to the goal with
minimal speed loss.

      GHOST TOWN 1       \____________________________________________________
                                                    MEDIUM   --   LENGTH 324 M



This time trial is made difficult thanks to the difficulty of the track. Using
Bertha Ballistics will make racing this course under 32 seconds much easier,
so it helps to unlock it before the time trial if possible.

      TOY WORLD 2        \____________________________________________________
                                                    MEDIUM   --   LENGTH 444 M



The challenge time here is 37 seconds which is far more managable than Toy
World 1's time trial. Any fast car should be able to beat this trial. Just
remember to take the left path at the fork in the road and be careful to avoid
spinning out while taking the sharp U-turns.

                                                                ____ _____
    4 -   P R A C T I C E   S T A R S                       ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

In addition to just learning the course in the practice mode, Acclaim has
added practice stars to gather -- one per track. It's an added bonus and
challenge to locate and collect these stars, which can unlock some of the
hidden goodies in the game. A check will appear under "STARS" beside the track
the star was found on as well as being confirmed on the race summary screen.
Also, once a star is collected it will always be displayed in the top right
corner of the screen during the practice race. The section will both indicate
the location of the stars and the best methods and vehicles to use to gather

An easy star located under the red car parked along the curb. Since the star
is on the curb, simply climb up to it from the closest sloping street corner
and drive under the car while on the curb to get it. It is very easy, but just
note that larger vehicles like Big Volt can be too big to fit under the car.

The star hear is suspended high in the air in front of the middle cash
register and check out lane. Use a fast, not-to-heavy car such as Volken Turbo
or Sprinter XL to drive up the checkout counter ramp and jump to the star. It
may take an extra try or two if the car didn't pass close enough to the star,
and it helps to build up speed by driving some distance before hitting the
middem of the ramp.

The star here is resting on the center railing between the two escalators.
Climb up the railing and drive to the star. Since the star is on the railing,
it helps to not build up so much speed that the car leaps and risks falling
from the edge -- just fast enough to drive onto the railing.

This star is buring in the left garden inside the enclosed green house just
after the forced ramp near the end of the track. There is an opening in the
left wall after the jump which will allow a vehicle to reach the raised garden
and collect the star.

This is the hardest star to get in the game. It is found on top the red brick
wall just after the incline with the two satellite dishes. Follow the brick
wall around the rooftop to the next incline and drive up it. Now, turn around
and make sure the vehicle faces the brick wall below. Back up to about the
third vent on the roof (more or less depending on the vehicle's speed and
acceleration) and drive off the edge. Since the vehicle will be traveling
quite fast and there is little room on the wall, begin holding the decelerate
button before landing and try to come to a complete stop atop the wall. Next,
slowly reposition the car so that it faces the right pathway and carefully
drive along the wall to the star. It's quite a long distance, and it helps to
drive on the center of the wall, going to the edge and making a wide turn at
each corner as needed. Using a smaller vehicle (Candy Pebbles) really helps a
lot considering how little room there is on the wall, which not only makes
landing on the wall easier but also frees up more room to turn.

The star is just behind and below the ramp leading to the huge jump after the
soccer field at the end of the course. Simply drive up the middle part of the
ramp with enough speed so that the vehicles climbs the ramp without leaping
over it. Allow the vehicle to fall to get the star.

The star here is sitting on top of a crate just behind the starting position.
Climb the incline just behind it and leap off to land on the crate. It helps
to maintain a slow speed and only drive about two-thirds up the ramp, jumping
at a slight angle. It may take a couple of tries to get the star since it is
impossible to see it from the ramp to judge the leap to it.

There is a fork in the road somewhat early during this course -- take the
right path. The star will be located to the left of the ramp up ahead near
the soccer field. Slowly drive up the the leftmost edge of the ramp to get on
the blue extension and drive toward the star. It is also possible to leap to
the star from the opposite ramp although the first method is much easier.

                                                                ____ _____
    5 -   S T U N T   T R A C K   S T A R S                 ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

There are 20 stars scattered about the stunt track. It will not be possible to
collect all 20 of them at the start of the game. This section will describe
what is required to collect each star. Stars are numbered according to how
they appear on the graphical list at the top of the screen.

Sitting on top the archway leading into the half pipe is the first star. This
is probably the most difficult star to acquire although it can be collected
right at the start (likely any fast car; known possible with Dr. Grudge).
While the arch is flanked by steep hills which make getting to the top
difficult, the left side (facing the entrance from outside) of the arch has a
small, even patch of land next to the top that make getting up there a bit
easier. Enter the half pipe and make sure to face the front of the vehicle so
that it will be heading toward that flat grassing area after leaping into the
air and veer a bit left as the vehicle takes its final path up the half pipe
before leaping. Just before and while it is airborne, hold left and hope it
lands safely, being quick to come to a complete stop. Then drive toward the
star to pick it up. 



The fourth star is found to the immediate right of the starting position
suspended above the sloping edge. Just aim the vehicle and drive to the
star with enough speed to hit the incline and leap into the star.



The third star encountered while traveling up through the loop is the seventh
star. It is halfway up the loop after the ninth star and opposite the eighth
star. It helps to aim just a teensy bit left while going up the loop, since if
the vehicle falls from the top it can still land on the other side of the loop
and back up to get the star.

The first star encountered while traveling up through the loop is the eighth
star. It is a quarter up the loop just after the long runway.

The second star encountered while traveling up through the loop is the ninth
star. It is at the top of the loop and requires that the vehicle maintain its
speed and remain centered while driving through the loop. The vehicle's weight
becomes more of a factor at this height. Make sure to be traveling as fast as
possible before entering the loop.

The tenth star is located directly across from star 15 in the half pipe toward
the rear. There is a line on the floor of the half pipe leading from the
15th star to the tenth. Just drive along this line back and forth until
the car hits the tenth star.



Star 13 is located directly across from star 14 in the half pipe right at the
front entrance. There is a line on the floor of the half pipe leading from the
14th star to the tenth. Just drive along this line back and forth until the
car hits the 13th star.

A bit before the ramp leading to the giant loop is an opening in to wall
surrounding the half pipe. Drive up the hill along the light patches of grass
up and to the right. At the far right of the half pipe is a star sitting along
the edge which can be picked up by driving over it.

A bit before the ramp leading to the giant loop is an opening in to wall
surrounding the half pipe. Drive up the hill along the light patches of grass
up and to the left. At the far left of the half pipe is a star sitting along
the edge which can be picked up by driving over it.






                                                                ____ _____
    6 -   V E H I C L E   D I R E C T O R Y                 ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

The following is an listing of all vehicles available in Re-Volt. Be warned
that most of these are only available by unlocking them by completing some
goal, and this listing will spoil those rewards. Note that the ratings for
speed, acceleration, and weight are just close approximations based on the bar
graphs used in the game.

 _________RC BANDIT___________                 _________DUST MITE___________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ROOKIE                     RATING             ROOKIE
  SPEED              4                          SPEED              4
  ACC                5                          ACC                5
  WEIGHT             2                          WEIGHT             2
  TRANS              4WD                        TRANS              4WD

 _________PHAT SLUG___________                 _________COL. MOSS___________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ROOKIE                     RATING             ROOKIE
  SPEED              3                          SPEED              4
  ACC                2                          ACC                4
  WEIGHT             6                          WEIGHT             3
  TRANS              FWD                        TRANS              4WD

 _________HARVESTER___________                 _________DR. GRUDGE__________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ROOKIE                     RATING             ROOKIE
  SPEED              3                          SPEED              4
  ACC                6                          ACC                6
  WEIGHT             4                          WEIGHT             3
  TRANS              4WD                        TRANS              4WD

 ________VOLKEN TURBO_________                 _________SPRINTER XL_________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ROOKIE                     RATING             ROOKIE
  SPEED              3                          SPEED              4
  ACC                5                          ACC                7
  WEIGHT             3                          WEIGHT             1
  TRANS              RWD                        TRANS              4WD

 __________BIG VOLT___________                 _________GENGHIS KAN_________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ROOKIE                     RATING             AMATEUR
  SPEED              4                          SPEED              5
  ACC                6                          ACC                3
  WEIGHT             6                          WEIGHT             5
  TRANS              4WD                        TRANS              4WD

 __________AQUASONIC__________                 ____________MOUSE____________
  CLASS              GLOW                       CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             AMATEUR                    RATING             AMATEUR
  SPEED              5                          SPEED              5
  ACC                5                          ACC                6
  WEIGHT             3                          WEIGHT             5
  TRANS              FWD                        TRANS              4WD

 _____________RC______________                 ____________LA 54____________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             AMATEUR                    RATING             AMATEUR
  SPEED              3                          SPEED              4
  ACC                9                          ACC                8
  WEIGHT             3                          WEIGHT             2
  TRANS              RWD                        TRANS              4WD

 __________MATRA XL___________                 ___________RC SAN____________
  CLASS              GLOW                       CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             AMATEUR                    RATING             AMATEUR
  SPEED              5                          SPEED              5
  ACC                9                          ACC                7
  WEIGHT             3                          WEIGHT             2
  TRANS              FWD                        TRANS              4WD

 ________CANDY PEBBLES________                 __________R6 TURBO___________
  CLASS              ELECTRIC                   CLASS              GLOW
  RATING             AMATEUR                    RATING             ADVANCED
  SPEED              5                          SPEED              6
  ACC                4                          ACC                5
  WEIGHT             3                          WEIGHT             1
  TRANS              FWD                        TRANS              RWD

 ___________NY 54_____________                 ______BERTHA BALLISTICS______
  CLASS              GLOW                       CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ADVANGED                   RATING             ADVANCED
  SPEED              5                          SPEED              6
  ACC                2                          ACC                5
  WEIGHT             3                          WEIGHT             7
  TRANS              4WD                        TRANS              4WD

 ___________SHOCKER___________                 ____________SPLAT____________
  CLASS              GLOW                       CLASS              GLOW
  RATING             ADVANGED                   RATING             ADVANCED
  SPEED              5                          SPEED              5
  ACC                8                          ACC                8
  WEIGHT             4                          WEIGHT             3
  TRANS              FWD                        TRANS              FWD

 _________GROOVSTER___________                 ______?????????????????______
  CLASS              GLOW                       CLASS              ELECTRIC
  RATING             ADVANGED                   RATING             ADVANCED
  SPEED              5                          SPEED              ?
  ACC                8                          ACC                ?
  WEIGHT             5                          WEIGHT             ?
  TRANS              FWD                        TRANS              ?

                                                                ____ _____
    7 -   P O W E R - U P S                                 ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

Power-ups can be turned off in the options menu. They are quite a bit of fun
to use, but probably best left off when "serious" racing. Power-ups are picked
up by driving close to the spinning lightning bolt icons scattered around each
track. The power-up given is picked at random, and there will be a short delay
before it can be used (about two seconds while the randomizer picks the item).

Shockwave is a very good weapon which sort of flies along the track a short
distance, flipping any cars it comes close to while warping the screen. Its
speed and accuracy make it the best long range weapon (next to Global Pulse).

A single firework allows one shot at an opponent. Fireworks are a good weapon
but a bit difficult to get a good shot. First, a target must appear on an
opponent in view and then it must turn green before firing with any accuracy.
When struck, a car loses control, either spinning out or flipping over. It can
be handy if there is an opponent close by, but otherwise dump it for the
chance to pick up a better weapon.

The firework pack gives the player three fireworks to fire. These are good to
fire in rapid succession to overcome their poor aim.

One of the best items in the game, especially when a player is in the lead.
Electro pulse will cover the vehicle in blue electricity, firing off a bolt of
lightning when an opponent drives nearby. When the bolt connects, the other
vehicle loses its power and is unable to accelerate for a few seconds. This is
good to activate when an opponent is close behind or when trying to pass
another vehicle.

The screen flashes, shutting off the power to all vehicles on the track. This
is the best power-up in the game. Players should use it immediately since it
takes affect right away.

Picking up a bomb turns the player's vehicle black, and the car's antennae
becomes a fuse. The vehicle has ten or so seconds before it explodes to pass
the bomb to another car by touching it. Although bombs sound bad, the damage
they cause is minimal at best. Since they really only slow vehicles down when
detonating, they are of little concern -- neither a good weapon nor danger.

The oil slick is a great power-up, especially when used on a narrow section of
a course. Oil slicks cause any tires which drive over them to loose traction,
often causing wrecks and opponents to lose control. The oil on the tires last
a few seconds, and the slick itself remains for quite a while.

While water balloons are supposed to cause vehicles to lose traction, too,
similar to a long range oil slick, they don't do a very good job.




                                                                ____ _____
    8 -   U N L O C K I N G   K E Y                         ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

Much of the game is initially locked out from the player. Achieving certain
goals will unlock these extras, either new vehicles to race or new tracks and

Collect all four of the bronze cup tracks' practice stars to unlock Genghis
Kan and Aquasonic. Whether or not a star has been collected on a particular
track is displayed on the race summary screen just before selecting to
begin the race as well as on the practice table under "STARS."

Complete all four bronze cup tracks in the single mode to unlock the Mouse
vehicle. The single mode requires a first place finish. Each time a track is
successfully completed, a check will appear beside its name under the "WON
RACE" column.

Beat all of the challenge times in the time trial mode for the bronze cup
tracks to unlock the RC, LA 54, and Matra XL vehicles. This also opens the
reversed bronze cup tracks for racing. Each time a time challenge is beaten,
a check will appear beside the track name under the "NORM" column.

Place first, second, or third in the bronze cup championship to unlock RC San
and Candy Pebbles. This also opens the normal silver cup tracks in all modes.
A check will appear beside "BRONZE CUP" on the progress table when complete.

R6 TURBO and NY 54
Collect all four of the silver cup tracks' practice stars to unlock R6 Turbo
and NY 54. Whether or not a star has been collected on a particular
track is displayed on the race summary screen just before selecting to
begin the race as well as on the practice table under "STARS."

Complete all four silver cup tracks in the single mode to unlock Bertha
Ballistics. The single mode requires a first place finish. Each time a track
is successfully completed, a check will appear beside its name under the "WON
RACE" column.

Beat all of the challenge times in the time trial mode for the silver cup
tracks to unlock the Shocker, Splat, and Groovster vehicles. This also opens
the reversed silver cup tracks for racing. Each time a time challenge is
beaten, a check will appear beside the track name under the "NORM" column.

                                                                ____ _____
    9 -   C O D E S                                         ___/____/     \__
___________________________________________________________/___/__( )____( )_\

All codes are entered on the "name wheel." Multiple codes may be entered and
just require repeatedly changing player one's name for each code entered.

Enter "TRACTION" to have all tracks available for racing, including the 
reversed and mirrored versions.

Enter "CARTOON" to unlock all vehicles except the UFO. The secret cars will
be available in a hidden menu behind Big Volt vehicle.

Enter "YUEFO" to unlock the UFO. It will appear among the hidden selection
boxes starting behind Big Volt.

Enter "GOATY" to edit the progress table.

Enter "CHANCER" to cycle through different vehicles during a race by pressing
up or down.

Enter "MAGGOT" to shrink all of the vehicles in the game. Even the clockwork
cars in the options screen will appear half their normal size. This code will
stay in effect as long as the game is running.

Enter "FLYBOY" to get the game to display a higher framerate. While everything
appears so nice and smooth, this code does cause a bit of pop-up on certain
tracks. The improved graphics remain until the power is turned off.


Re-Volting -- A Guide To Re-Volt 
Copyright 2000 by Benjamin Paul Galway
All names and trademarks copyright 1999 Sega Enterprises, Ltd.

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