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1. If you`re playing in Scenario 1, 'The Yellow Turbans', you cannot play as Liu
Bei (the protagonist in the novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms), because he
with his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are serving as Liu Yan`s subordinates.
Play as Liu Yan is quite fun because you can use your army to fight The Yellow
Turbans as soon as possible so that you can gain fame either. Cao Cao, Yuan
Shao, Yuan Shu, and Ma Teng are serving  as He Jin`s subordiantes. I dont play
He Jin because he controls the Emperor, and his army is far more superior than
the Yellow Turbans. Too easy I think,....
2. Put great strategists as you WL (advisor), the higher his intelligence is,
the more accurate his advise will be. If you have Zhuge Liang by your side,
listen to every words of him.
3. Build your farmings and economics by assigning generals with higher POLITICS
ability. You can use the resources you have to build a greater army.
4. Always put an advisor when you are going to war. Sometime the advisor can use
some tricks to weaken the enemy.
5. Try your best to fulfill the Emperor`s task as soon as possible. You fame
will rise, and you are easier to recruit people or generals.
6. Rookies (like Zhang Bao, son of Zhang Fei; Cao Zhang, son of Cao Cao; Guan
Xing-Guan Suo, sons of Guan Yu; all of them have good WAR skills) when first
join you always have low skills. They need experiences to develop their true
skills. You may put them as logistic army to guard your food while attacking
enemy. But dont push them to One on One combat, because due to their lack in
experience, they may get hurt easily.
7. Playing HISTORICAL force you to be cruel. Sometime, you must execute enemy`s
general you captured since they never turn their loyalties from their Master,
and they may serve other rulers to trouble you later. When I played Liu Bei, I
captured Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou Dun, Cao Hong, Cao Ren, Cao Zhang, etc. and I put
them into jail, after a year, my advisor asked what should we do to them,
recruit, release or kill ? My fame is 95, and I cant recruit them at all, so,...
with my deep condolences, I have to KILL them although I need their WAR skills
to defend my territories.
8. In One on One combat, you can use many skills. And you can learn enemy`s
skill either. SHOUT is not very good, ONE BLOW is hardly a chance to down the
enemy in one move, but sometime it works. CAPTURE makes you hero doesnt do their
best and the enemy tends to hurt him on the contrary.
9. Talk to your generals frequently. Once you obtained the Hereditary SEAL, they
may suggest you new ideas or even ask you to raise yourself as a new Emperor
because HAN dynasty has come to an end. I havent found what effect will show up
next if we declare ourself as the new Emperor since the real Emperor is still
10. If the Emperor has given you a new rank, check if there are new ranks
available for your generals. You can check them in HR menu. Put your warriors
(good in WAR Skill) in a new rank because the higher their rank is, the greater
soldiers they can lead to war.
11. To control the Emperor makes you cannot raise yourself as an Emperor
instead. If you have obtained the Hereditary Seal, but not the Emperor, after
sometimes, your advisors may gain council and ask you to raise yourself an the
new Emperor of China. If you agree (means you have betrayed your Emperor), you
may give all ranks available to your subordinates. I prefer not to control the
Emperor that fast. Sometime, when you ask for an audience, the Emperor asks you
to fire your general, and sometime,... he is the good one.

These are the names of the great warriors (outstanding in WAR Ability) and the
cities where they hide
a. Xu Zhu                    Chen Liu
b. Zhao Yun                He Nei or Jin Yang
c. Wang Shuang         Chang An
d. Taishi Ci                 Bei Hai
e. Dian Wei                Chen Liu

These are the names of the great strategist (outstanding in INTELLIGENT) and the
cities where they hide
a. Sima Yi                            Luo Yang, Chen Liu or Pu Yang
b. Zhuge Liang                      Xiang Yang
c. Ma Liang and Ma Su          Xiang Yang

Type of Military units
1. Foot        : Standard units, you can get them easily and cheaper
2. Horse      : Unit that unique to Northern territories (WEI), faster in
3. Armored Horse : Quite strong, but expensive. To obtain this unit, first you
must defeat the Wuwan (Mongolia) or Qiang Barbarian.
4. Naval       : Unit that unique to South-Eastern territories (WU), good in
naval battle
5. Hillman    : Very fast moving in mountaneous regions.
6. Shanyue  : This unit is unique to Shanyue tribe. I dont see any speciality in

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