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So the story begins ...... 
It's eighteen century, to japan, it's a peaceful region. 
The word "peaceful" are only applied to the social status, 
not the heart of the human. 
The greed, like the diseases, is spreading through the human heart.
The devil within had awaken. 
and worse,
the devil below is risen...... 

In case some people might not know, Samurai Spirits RPG are divided into 
2 stories. 
One is based on Samurai Spirits 1 and the other are based on 2.

We now check on the chapter of Amakusa first.

+ Amakusa chapter +

In this chapter, every character had their different opening as the game 
start, now it will also showcase here as well.....

You start from wake up from a dream, a dream about how you are defeated 
by Jubei a long time ago. Nicotine, your master, ask you if you feel 
well, and tell you your colleagues Genjuro is acting strange lately. 
Genjuro refuse your concern and claim that a great swordsman come from 
battle and killing, not by mediation. Then, you walk into the house 
behind the temple, which is the training ground of you two. When you're 
trying to mediate, Amakusa appear and ask you to join him. Of course you 
refuse.. then Genjuro enter the room, Genjuro shown interested in 
Amakusa's way but haven't join him. After Amakusa vanish, you two argue, 
and Genjuro draw his sword and ask for a duel .(You can't control the 
combat at this point). You're defeated and Genjuro wanted to kill you. 
Nicotine appear and stop him. Then Genjuro leave. When you told Nicotine 
about Amakusa, He ask you to go to the town(I can't translate the name) 
and ask Jubei about this. Then you leave your master and your love to 
found Jubei.

From the east of Edo rest the home of a old man.This old man is famous 
for his wisdom and intelligence. Today, he had a unusual guest, Ukyo. 
Ukyo come to old scholar's home to ask for the "Ultimate flower". The old 
scholar is suprised that this young will ask for question about it. When 
he is hesitating to tell him or not, the young man is soaked to blood. 
The young is actually affected with a incurable diseases. Old scholar is 
curious why he still search for this flower since he should stay in bed. 
But the young man don't offer hima answer but smile. "Found that flower 
is my life's goal."The young man only leave this reason. Old scholar is 
touched by his will and told him."Actually the ultimate flower can only 
be found at one place: the gate of devil's region. If you must get it, 
you must goes there to find it. Ask Jubei at Edo. He was study the fact 
of devil's region these days. He can offer you more information." So Ukyo 
begin his journery to Edo...... 

Nakoruru's story start from a missing accident of her father. Her father 
had gone for days and making Nakoruru worry. Today Nakoruru is waiting at 
the bridge to outside with her younger sister Rimururu for her father's 
news. Suddenly Mamaha the eagle appear, carrying Nako's father's sword. 
This is not the good sign because let the pet to carry the sword back to 
home only means the owner is dead. Nakoruru decided to go to the forest 
to search for her father with the permission of Grandparents. Rimururu 
also want to go, but due to some unknown danger, Nakoruru refuse and go 
alone. Nakoruru finally found her father at the southern forest. And she 
also found the one behind this- a armored wild bear. It was a tough 
battle but Nakoruru won it. With his dying breath, Nakoruru's father told 
her that was a evil force that was behind these and danger the nature. He 
ask Nakoruru to go to Edo and ask the help of Jubei then die. The 
heart-broken Nakoruru holds her tears and go back home, tell the villager 
about this tragery. (You can choose if you want the wolf or the eagle 
with you during adventure now). Then Nako head to South port for shipping 
to Edo. 
As Genjuro trip towards Edo, the scene happens at last few hours flash in 
his mind : ......Nicotine had return to temple after a long trip. he told 
the servant that the situation is getting worse and he can do nothing 
about it. By the way, he is care about his two students: Genjuro and 
Haohmaru. One is a dark, cold swordsman like the blade, and the other is 
passionate and hot. He wonder the change will somehow affect them. As he 
saw Haohmaru to mediation, Genjuro is thinking what his master had talk 
to Haohmaru. He known he is not his master's favorite student, but he 
also seeing Haohmaru as a weak, fragile boy. He don't understand why his 
master waste too much time and effort for training haohmaru's soul 
instead of sword skill. Suddenly he saw a lightning struck at the temple. 
He know something is wrong and rush to the temple. As he arrive, he saw a 
man called himself Amakusa asking Haohmaru to join his rank. Genjuro is 
furious since that Amakusa see him as nothing. He ask that man for a 
duel. Unbelievable to him, he lose. After that man disappear, Haohmaru 
rush to Nicotine instantly, not even to get Genjuro up. This is a insult 
to him. Being defeat in front of a weakling like Haohmaru! This hurts. 
And Nicotine even told him stuff like"Your soul isn't trained enough "You 
need more mediation" Garbage! He can't stay anymore. He can't stay with 
Nicotine. And he can't stay with Haohmaru. By the way, he must settle 
this score to that Amakusa, whoever he is. Fortunately from Nicotine he 
know that Jubei at Edo had knowledge about these devil region that 
Amakusa had claimed for. He must wash away his shame, and settle the 
scores with that Amakusa!                                                 

You start from from Moon Hill, a training ground for expert ninjas. 
Galford and Earthquake are actually colleagues. They're both studies 
ninja art under Hanzo's master's wife(....). Then they are coming to 
Hanzo to study more with him. When they are dicussing about this matter, 
Shinzo, Hanzo's young son, had strike by a lightning and heard a evil 
voice say that his body is chosen to be the host. Hanzo and you and 
earthquake rush to the hill only to see Shinzo is under a evil spell. 
Earthquake try to approach but get blasted away. Amakusa possessed 
Shinzo's body and laugh. The angry Hanzo try to save his son but don't 
have a chance. Amakusa disappear. Hanzo is upset and rush away. 
Earthquake get up but he show interest in Amakusa's power instead and 
left. You know that is mystery and you know Jubei at Edo can help in this 
matter. Then you yell to the sky and say"The justice will be served" and 
begin your adventure ......

Young TamTam is the guardian of the traditional magic Stone of village. 
Cham Cham is her little sister. Tam Tam is earned respect from the 
villagers since he is the greatest fighter of the village...until now. 
The shrine that placed the magic stone is struck by a lightning. TamTam 
rush to the shrine but only saw Amakusa appear and get the stone away. 
The gods of TamTam decide to punish TamTam for too weak to protect the 
stone and turn him to be a monkey(!). ChamCham arrived but only see a 
monkey and the missing Stone. The elder tell her to ask the vision form 
their God at Sun Temple at North. Then Cham Cham travel alone to the Hill 
and climb up to Sun Temple. When ChamCham arrive, the Sun God will tell 
you that a evil entity had stolen the magic stone and you must get it 
back. TamTam will appear again when the stone is return. Then the gods 
will teleport ChamCham to Eiza. The villagers are afraid.... only the 
blacksmith will kind enough to tell you go to Edo for asking Jubei. But 
before that, the captain of the ship will ask for ship fees. Then Cham 
Cham and monkey (actally TamTam) will have a circus play to gather 
money....then, like the others, take the ship to Edo. 

Main Adventures:
When you reached Edo, you experience a earthquake(not the character). The 
townsfolk told you this happens recently. When you arrived Jubei's manor, 
his (service? boy? son??)told you that Jubei had been headed to Fuji Hill 
for some case. And he told you to ask the exorcist for details. The 
exorcist tell you that Jubei is there for some evil religion organization 
matter, but you cannot go to Fuji Hill at this point since you don't have 
a pass. The Exorcist ask you to go to the town Bar for founding two 
companion for helping him to beat the tombstone monster in exchange for 
the pass. Then you go to the Bar. In the bar, you found the people which 
can be your companion( different characters had different companion, and 
some character will never join you, e.g.: Genjuro will never join 
Haohmaru. After you gathered three persons as a team,(don't forget to 
found Kuroko for save game) Exorcist will lead you into the inner room, 
and face the tombstone monster(which served as stage Boss. When you fight 
the Boss, CPU will always add a NPC character for helping you to beat the 
boss, for example, I got Sieger aided me when fight the first boss) The 
first boss, look like a tombstone, is actually a "Devil Stone"(strange 
name).but very easy to kill.normally you can beat him and up a level. 
After beaten the boss, Sieger will leave. Exorcist will gave you the 
Before you go to Fuji Hill, you may enter many combats, Ninyah Village ( 
I don't sure the translate but I like it's better than call it village 
A)maybe the good place to rest.This village is hopeless and only know to 
pray to their god...this village only provides Kuroko (laugh) and a Inn. 
not any medial or item support. After taking a rest, you can go to Fuji 
forest for adventuring. The monster inside the village are much tougher 
that ever. Especially these bone monster which can damage you about 200 
HP by each attack. (since you have about 7~800 HP)Then you will found the 
2nd Boss, Evil priest, is waiting at the entrance to the Hill.This boss 
had a evil tree as his partner. (In my advice, get the tree first. 
Because the tree can attack all team members at a attack and the priest 
can only attack one.BTW, this time Hanzo show up in leading a helping 
hand.)When you beat the evil priest, you're free to go to the Fuji Hill. 
In Fuji Hill, just beware of the flying monsters and the monster that can 
roll. After you reach the peak, a nun(it 's really like a nun!)will ask 
you if you like to having a training.(the training ground at Town A will 
not be opened at this point), when you replied Yes. She will summon some 
tough monster to fight you. After defeating the monster, you'll receive a 
huge amount of Exp, Gold, and a new skill.Then you can go to the hill 's 
waist, the door besides Kuroko is the entrance to that evil religion 
organization that Jubei had gone...(you can go in before you train but 
it's better go with a new skill) 
When you ventured deeper into the cave, the monsters are more, but not 
really tough through. At the 3th level, you found Jubei, finally.Then 
Jubei ask you to help him to help him to explore at the cave. Then you 
found the stage boss at the bottom of the cave. (Jubei will help in this 
stage) This boss is the third brother of devil priests, so expect will 
see the other 2 later. After defeating him, Jubei ask you to go back to 
Edo's North part for help to investigate about the master called "O-lady" 
behind these devil priests. 

When you get back to the Edo, because of the earthquake, everyone have 
escaped to hide, so you cannot get any supply at this time. Go to the 
North Part of Edo, you will see Jubei is discussing about a misery of the 
well besides the well. Then Jubei decided to go down the well for 
investigate. Fortunately the Healer besides the castles can heal you 
before you follow him.. (Remember, none of the shop is open at this 
point. you must sure you have enough healing packs and wine before you 
go). At the bottom of the well, Jubei show you a amazing sight: The 
reversed Castle! Jubei decided to go further to found out does this 
mystery reverse castle related to the earthquake, and you followed him.
At the reverse castle, all monsters are tough and be careful. after 
searching about 3 level deep, Jubei found the one responsible for this: 
the O-lady. O-lady was a young lady whom work for Amakusa. She recognized 
you is the one who defeated his devil priest and claim you will never 
stop her master(Amakusa)'s plan.She also confess that she is the one 
behind the earthquake.When Jubei want to argue, O-lady shoot a beam and 
hit Jubei. So the battle begins. O-lady is tough, really tough, and her 
two swordsman are tough too. Anyway Jubei will help. After you defeat 
her, Amakusa appear and claim you will never stop him. Then he take 
O-lady away with him with teleport. After their departure, the reverse 
castle begin to collapse. Jubei leads you to escape. When you reached the 
surface, Jubei will ask you to visit him back at his manor. You can now 
free to check at the shops for supplies.
When you reached Jubei's manor, he will tell you all these natural 
disaster and monster are caused by Amakusa. He also tell you that the 
actual Amakusa is a rebellion leader way back 150 years ago, and 
disappeared at his final rebel failure. Jubei believe that it is 
Amakusa's ghost possess someone to do his dirty work. Then Jubei gave you 
the pass for riding the ship at south part of edo's pier(besides bar) and 
offer you a training. After training you will learn some new skills. But 
before you go to the ship, you will have to help to solve a family 
problem...... The man besides the pier is a poor farmer. Due to the 
draught, he is becoming poor . His daughter , Ding, is a beautiful young 
lady with the talent of singing. She decided to get a job at "club" to 
earn money and fulfill her dream of performing. But her father stop him 
because he think the club place is bad. Then Ding leave home. The 
desperate father is looking for his daughter and ask you to help him to 
lead him to the club.When the father arrive, the club leader say Ding was 
go to the "show room". The father ran to the show room instantly and the 
leader tell you he was misunderstand what he say. Then you see the father 
again in Show room and the showroom refuse to let him to see his 
daughter. Then the disappointed father ask you to loan him your money for 
buy a pretty dress for Ding,"She will need beautiful dress for the 
show...";If you accept, he will take all(!) your money and go to the 
tailor. But suddenly he come back and say he want to use his own hand to 
make his daughter's dream come true, and say many touching blah blah 
blah...You get all your money back.Then Ding appear, say she was followed 
her father all along and know what her father had done for her. Actually 
she was just go to the club for performing singing but not some dirty 
thing. And the tailor offer her a beautiful new dress because she admired 
Ding's talent. Then the happy father and daughter are together again. Now 
the father is happy and he can help you to ride the ship(!!!!!!). 
Afterward you will choose to go to 2 different place to start next phase 
of adventure. 

After you helped the farmer (fisherman actually?), he will ride the ship 
to 2 places: Iceland or Eiza. We go to Iceland first. Iceland actually 
was Nakoruru's homeland. Maybe just a CPU setting, the monsters around 
this area is really cheap.No bosses at this area. ( If you're starting 
with Nakoruru, you must save your father first. He can be found at the 
Forest at South, along with the boss(white bear). Don't forget to go to 
the training ground at the east direction of the pier. When you're 
finished this area, you can go to pier and heading back.
The stage boss, Sankim, appear at the moment you stepped into Eiza's 
port. He challenge you for a fight. Nicotine is this stage's NPC help 
force. After defeating him, he will escape and ask you to fight him at 
his base- the cave besides the "couple rocks". And when you talking to 
the villagers , you know that Sankim is actually the headache of the 
village(that make they don't do any supply since he is alive), then the 
priest of the shrine will ask you to get rid of him. You can found him at 
the 2nd level of the cave. his time you won'thave any NPC support and he 
will grow a third arm! Of course it is still easy to defeat him. After 
you get rid of him, the priest will tell you that the prime priest at 
Capital will have more information.Then you heading for Capital to learn 
more..... Before getting pass the gate to Capital, we can found a village 
resided west to the gate. This village had a problem: The precious 
treasure of the elder had stolen by bandits. The bandits are living under 
the well and the villagers are too weak and don't even dare to fight 
back. The elder ask for you help. When you found the bandits, you'll be 
know that the bandit is actually Earthquake (the character this time!)! 
He is tough and not a easy guy. He will surrender the treasure for his 
life... and escape.( a big body with amazing speed). Actually the 
treasure is a statue of Maria! Since the government had declared no 
worshipping to catholicism, the elders ask you to keep that secret. You 
promised.After passing through the gate, you can easily found the Capital 
at northwest. You can found the shrine at the east of the entrance. The 
prime priest say he can tell you more if you can pass his test. His test 
is to get through the demon tower and back....unless he will not help 
you. When wondering at Capital, the townsfolk will tell you that a giant 
half naked man is boarding the bridge and yelling for strong persons. 
When you get there you found another familiar figure: WanFu. He is there 
to looking for worthy foe. of course it lead to a fight. Unlike others, 
WanFu is really tough, even tougher that O-lady, but weak at attack. 
After being beaten, he will ask you to join him for help him constructing 
his homeland:China. No matter what you answer, your character will refuse 
cause you still want to finish that Amakusa matter. Now we have to go 
into the Training Tower...... 

Actually the test isn't really hard at all. The tower was located besides 
Prime priest's tower. Go inside the tower, finish all 3 level's test, and 
back to the ground. At the North part of Capital, there is a tower that 
resides a strange lady. She ask you to kill the monster below and hunt 
for treasure. In the process you can found a lot of treasure boxes. And 
she will admire your work and summon a monster boss to attack you.(????) 
And it end up with revealing that she is a ghost...... After the test, 
the prime priest will tell you that the most possible way to found 
Amakusa is go to the place where he died 150 years ago. ToHiu. Since 
Amakusa's power had spread fast, he advice you to take a ship trip from 
Osaka. Then you heading for Osaka. Osaka located at the west of Capital, 
separated by a mountain. At the moment you arrive Osaka, you will see the 
2nd brother of devil priests(remember them?) He recognize you as the 
murder of his brother. Hanzo will help in fight. After the fight, the 
townsfolk will run away because they are scare of you. They look you as 
the murderer of their master, and claim that O-lady's wrath will fall 
upon them(Yes, she is still alive). When you arrived at the temple, the 
exorcist will tell you that the town folks are being affected by 
Amakusa's power. He also tell you that O-lady is hiding at the catacomb 
of Osaka and planning for something big.When you going to the catacomb, 
O-lady appear and say some"You can't stop me this time" stuff. Then she 
order her servant- time lady to face you. Actually time lady don't attack 
just create a barrier for blocking you to enter the catacomb. When you 
start to feel hopeless, suddenly you found that time lady's name is 
familiar, and remember that the village you save from Earthquake are time 
lady's loyal followers. The Exorcist will suggest you go back to that 
village for details. When you get back to that village, the elder will 
tell you time lady was the partner of Amakusa 150 years ago, and they 
bring catholicism to this village.
Then Elder ask you to save time lady because they think that she was just 
being used by dark force. You get the statue and heading back to Osaka. 
When time lady see the statue, she suddenly realize she was being used by 
dark forces. Then she vanished. Inside the catacomb you found Olady 
again, and she divided into 2 Olady to fight you. With the help of Jubei, 
you finally defeated her (really?). Since she is gone, her spell upon the 
town is vanished, the town become active again and you can now heading to 
Amakusa's work? Accident? The ship was sunk. You found yourself was 
carries to a unknown island by the wave. The islanders tell you that this 
place was once Amakusa's home(!). When you asked further, you found that 
they view Amakusa by another way: they view him as a rebel hero. They 
also ask you to help to clear the church that builded by Amakusa because 
some monster had invaded in it. You found that the monster is actually 
Genan. After defeating him the elders tell you that Amakusa's evil works 
happened nowadays are the devil's doing that controlling Amakusa's soul. 
That after searched the devil horn stones in order: (1st: the one by the 
pier. 2nd: the one at the west corner. 3rd: outside of elder' s home.4th: 
right side of the park at south. 5th: next beside the 4th one. Then you 
can found the "Amakusa's Key" buried at the tree.), the elder will ask 
you for help saving Amakusa's soul. The last one of devil priest are 
waiting for you at the pier after you are arrived BiFu. He was really 
busy to slaughter the villager and want to get you for killing off his 
brother and Olady(?). This one is tough. Gaira will help. After you 
defeat him, the elders will tell you to search the mountain because 
there're devils dwell on there. Seems like the road of defeating Amakusa 
is not too far from finish...... 

The Mountain is rested beside the town, but you must walk around the 
plane to get to the entrance. The people are the mountain will tell you 
there're some thing weird at the volcano. When you check the volcano, you 
found that there is a church here! The words of the island that respect 
Amakusa reminds you this is the church that build by Amakusa when he is 
still alive. And the Amakusa Key can use here! After the search, you 
found that it is time lady that wait for you at the end. She realize 
about Amakusa 's evil but have not enough strength to fight them.Suddenly 
the Amakusa's cross  you get from here shine and having effects at time 
lady. Her wings are changed from Black to White! Now she claim that her 
curse had been released and she can help you now.(???) She pointed out 
that Amakusa had constructed a AirCastle float in the sky that can 
overthrown the emperor(Don't forget Amakusa is instead a rebel hero) , 
when he die, he want to revenge and overthrown the emperor, even trade 
his humanity with the dark god for powers.Then she disappear. the church 
began to collapse, you and your teammate escape. After you escape, you 
see: That is Amakusa's air castle. He had succeeded to building it and it 
start to attack. Time lady appear and ask you to help stopping Amakusa. 
She use her magic to fly you to Amakusa's castle and say," My sister will 
help you..." From the inside of the air castle you can found all other 
characters(the people that you can join back in Bar, of course exclude 
Genjuro), Release them from their cell and go further. After you release 
Kuroko, you will see your friends goes to the exit. As you follow you 
will enter the maze. Before the exit you encounter Olady again.This is 
the final time and she become really tough. After the battle, as you can 
see, she is very dead. In the next room you see all the friends you saved 
back then are gathered around a stone. They say this stone is the source 
of making this castle fly. They are guarding here in case anything goes 
wrong. At hereyou two partners will leave you and you must face Amakusa 
alone. regain full stamina and power and heading to the final battle 
field-the air church. When you stepped into the church, Amakusa appear 
again and ask you for the last time for joining him or not. Of course you 
refused. When Amakusa ready to fight you, Skylady-timelady's sister's 
voice appear and Amakusa teleported away. A light lead you into a shrine. 
At the altar rest a skeleton. When you wonder what is it, Amakusa appear 
and surprised that you are there. The skeleton growth lighter and a 
figure of Sky lady appear. Actually Sky lady was Amakusa's mate back in 
the days of Amakusa was a rebel hero.She ask Amakusa to abandon the 
revenge and go to heaven with her. Amakusa refused and fight you.. Ever 
since you're alone, Amakusa isn't really tough. After begin defeated, 
Amakusa start to review his way and start to regret.Skylady appear again 
and offer Amakusa a chance to save his lost soul. They holds their hand 
together and goes to heaven. The skycastle begin to fall and you 

However, you're saved. You and your partners have defeated Amakusa and 
restored peace to earth-for now. When you see a comet fly across the sky, 
you wonder if it is Amakusa's lost soul, or a signal of another upcoming 
storm ...... 

* Under some case the ending will be dinnerent as Amakusa will not regret 
his doings but die anyway with haterd.

Different unique tales:
Haohmaru : 

When? After the "test" from Prime Priest at Capital. 

     After finishing the test, you will encounter Genjuro at the ground 
floor. He was there because he was trying to found the
     dark power that was sealed in the tower. A priest try to stop 
Genjuro but got killed. You argue with him and it lead to a
     fight. You defeated him. He say you better kill him than let him be 
insulted like that. You refuse and leave. Genjuro court
     this as his ultimate insult and yell you will be regret.

Nakoruru :

When? After defeating Sankim and leave the cave.

     After defeating SanKim, you will see a fish at sea and ask for your 
help. A nine head dagon had invaded their home and
     endanger them. Without hesitate you go with it. Actually that nine 
head dragon is a giant Octopus. Defeat it alone and
     the fish will bring you back to your teammate.

Ukyo :

When? After the second attle with Olady in Catacomb of Osaka. 

     After defeating Olady, you are leaving the catacomb. Suddenly a 
flower smell had attract you and you go alone to place
     that looks like a garden. A man appear and warn you be careful when 
travelling there. When he is trying to leave, he is
     killed by a invisible block at the exit and you cannot leave! Deep 
inside you see a lady called herself hell maid and ask
     you to stay with her. Since the flower you found is not the ultimate 
flower you're looking for, you refuse hell maid's
     invitation and leave. She keep attacking you again and again. The 
way to leave is pick the apple from the big tree
     besides the box and throw the apple to her. Then she and the block 
will disappear and you can go back to your

Genjuro :

When? As same as Haohmaru, Capital's Tower. 

     When Genjuro enter the tower he was venturing downward for the dark 
power that sealed there. A priest will try to
     stop you but killed by you. At the basement's end you found a Dark 
sword which is the source of the power you feel
     when you arrive. You break the seal and a doppleganger appear. You 
defeat the doppleganger and gain the rope by the
     priests as the reward. If you don't do this you can also get this 
rope when you are going to the pier.

Galford : 

When ? 1. Reverse Edo 2. Earthquake 3. AirCastle

     If you are using Galford, in the first battle with Olady Hanzo will 
appear and offering help. After the battle he will chase
     Amakusa after Amakusa resuce Olady. The second is when you are going 
down the well to take back the Maria statue
     from Earthquake, you will found earthquake have kidnapped a girl and 
Galford will resuce her first. The last is when you
     are going to the last church of Amakusa alone, some hidden monster 
will appear and attack you. Hanzo will appear and
     tell you to go to Amakusa first and he will take care of these 
hidden monsters.

ChamCham :

When? BiFu after defeated the last evil priest

     After defeating the last evil priest, PakuPaku will follow a monkey 
and leave you. Then you searching for PakuPaku.
     You can found it and that monkey at the upper left corner of the 
town. You will know that actually there is a monster
     live there is torturing monkeys. The monkey ask for your help. 
Defeat the monster.

+ Mizuki Chapter +

You are being called by Nicotine with a letter...... a letter of a 
warning of a upcoming storm. You can found him at the upper left hut. He 
tell you the evil is coming, and Jubei(again??) are dealing with this 
matter. Jubei now is inside the temple at town. When you try to get 
inside, the energy field blocked you away. Nicotine ask you to found 
teammate and go to him later. As in Amakusa Episode, found two teammate 
at Bar. But if you are going to join the new character NingYim later, you 
must save a space for NingYim. Then Nicotine will hand you the item to 
break the force field. Inside the temple you see Jubei is dealing with a 
demon. After finishing him, the town had quake. Jubei rush away, you try 
to found Nicotine but no luck. Then you found a bridge appear at the 
upper right of the town. Go inside. In this maze you may encounter many 
invisible doorways. Note the fireplace to found the way. At the last room 
you see Jubei are looking at a big red devil called Ah-Ho with 7 mystery 
bells. The devil spotted you and start a fight(actually not a 
fight)...Jubei was catch surprise and killed! And he soul was being 
sucked by the bell at center. When you want to avenge Jubei's demise, 
Nicotine appear and stop you. Nicotine cast a spell and resulted at 
turned himself and Ah-Ho to stone! With the last moment that he can still 
move, Ah-Ho cast a spell and the bells are flies away. Nicotine tell you 
a secret with his last breath: The upcoming storm is brought by Mizuki. 
the demon who had been sealed over the years but the seal are now broken! 
These bells you see is actually the key of defeating her! In case of 
defeat Mizuki, you must found all seven bells that had been teleported to 
7 different places of earth! Then you will found a portal open from North 
goinside And the adventure begin...... 
After the teleportal, you found yourself at a familiar place. Yes. It was 
the same volcano that Amakusa's original church's Volcano. You can see a 
dialogue between a huge purple demon with his followers. and you see a 
green bell is with him! And you found a mystery person are also concern 
about this matter...... and that person zip away before before you can 
ask any question. Going upward, until you are at the month of the 
volcano. go to the village at east. At the moment you enter, you will see 
a little demon is on the hill, outside of a cave. The demon jump into the 
geyser below...The townsfolk tell you this town is famous for the steam 
bath. When you get into the steam bath, the shopkeeper apologize for 
closing due to a spot of demon at the steam bath area! You go inside and 
found that little demon! Actually that demon is looking for a way to get 
into the cave. The mystery person you see back in volcano appear and 
start a fight. With the question unsolved, the mystery person disappear 
when the demon died.The shopkeeper was glad and offer you his present- a 
soap!(yes, I haven't is actually a Soap!) Suddenly you think 
maybe the soap was the key to that cave the little demon are eager to 
enter. When you use that soap at the cave's entrance, it really happen! 
With the smooth of the soap, the rocks that block the cave are removed! 
And that mystery person zip into the cave! You found that cave is 
connected back to the volcano. At last you found that green bell, and the 
bell's guardian, that big purple demon. He claim he was called Po-Yuen 
and not to mention a service of Mizuki. When he start to fight you, that 
mystery person appear and after consideration, that person Ning-Yim 
decided to join you for the fight. That Po-Yuen is very very 
tough....even tougher than Amakusa. However after defeated, you go to the 
bell. Ning Yim hold a little bell and with the mantra, the first bell is 
destroyed. Since you're still happy for the first success, Po-Yuen get up 
and say the fight between you and him is not over yet. Then he walk away.

Be careful through the maze since there will be lack of supply...and 
don't go into any sand whirlpool now. These pools are lead to the 3rd 
bell......after 3 caves you found the exit. From the exit you found you 
are located at Beijing of China. Seems the tunnels are connecting between 
planes. When you are walking around, you will found a old man at Upper 
right, outside the shop. He will tell you to beware and disappear. 
NingYim say that man is a fairy. When you arrive at WanFu's old dojo, his 
students will tell you WanFu is inside the throne with his brother, 
WanRon. And the throne guard don't let you pass the gate to the throne. 
When you are wandering around, you overhear the townsfolk discussing 
about the strange behavior of WanFu, how he catch the people without 
reason, and how he keep himself within the throne. When you ask WanFu's 
students, WanFu's wife will ask you to investigate for her. First you go 
to the dungeon (The door next to throne) ,the guard will stop you from 
entering. But then NingYim discover that man is actually a monster in 
disguise. After battle, go higher, release town folks. The town folks 
will thanks for your help. Back to city, all shops are open now. Two 
place you must visit: Weapon shop and Restaurant. The weapon shop's 
keeper will give you some magic powder(don't know the function yet) and 
the restaurant keeper will give you a bun (chinese sandwich). And the son 
of WanFu will ask you to save his father. This time the guard of throne 
let you pass since he is very hungry and cannot resist the charm of the 
Bun. Inside the throne you will see many invisible wall. The basic 
direction order is go extreme left then extreme right and repeat.until 
you see that fairy again. The fairy will tell you the truth of the Evil 
Empress. You can found the Evil Empress at the end of hall. Attack and 
defeat her. After defeated, she yell for help, and two familiar figure 
appear- WanFu and his brother WanRon! They challenge you for a fight as 
the Evil Empress escape. Actually they are charmed under the spell of 
Evil Empress to do all these evil things. After defeat they gain 
conscious. Wan Fu is shame about all happen but not WanRon! WanRon think 
since their goal is to conquer China, they will help Mizuki if Mizuki can 
help them back. WanFu is furious but since WanRon is stronger than him, 
he can say nothing. When he want to stop his brother, you remind him 
about his son. Since the fate of his brother is important, it is no 
reason of letting his son cry alone for him. After consideration, WanFu 
decide to withdraw-for now. Then you go deeper into the throne. You found 
WanRon again. He ask for a fight and before the battle begin, WanFu 
return in time. With the hope and trust he get from his family and 
people, WanFu is now brave enough to fight his brother. With the combined 
power of WanFu and your team, you had defeated WanRon. You let WanFu stay 
to reassure his brother and go inside the throne, and found the Evil 
Empress. She was tougher this time.... and get defeated anyway. NingYim 
use his bell again and destroy
the second Bell. WanFu and the people of China thank you for your help. 

From Beijing you enter the maze again. This time, go to place that have a 
sand whirlpool. walk around, avoid the whirlpool, go south until discover 
Kuroko. Save game and prepare for a great battle. The holder of the 
legendary Magic Shield's skeleton will challenge you in case for testing 
if you are worthy of save his homeland. After getting the magic shield, 
you found you have reached Paris. Sieger is trying to welcome you but 
since his homeland is in crisis, he leave. When you adventure at the 
Church, the kid ghost want to play hide-n-seek with you. After catching 
him, the church is being cleansed. Then you visit the town. You heard 
that there will be a party held at palace which will be serving the hero 
that will lead the army to fight the upcoming demon forces. But you 
cannot get in there since you don't have the invitation card. When you 
are wondering how to get in, you see a familiar house- Charlotte's home. 
Besides from the welcoming words, Charlotte's father ask you to help him 
to take the stolen family treasure back. You heading to Northeast of the 
town and found a ghost temple. At the end of the temple you found the 
people who are responsible for the lost family treasure-Earthquake. Of 
course he will not hand you the treasure easily......after returning the 
treasure to Charlotte's father, he will give you the invitation card to 
palace's party. When you arrived at the palace, the party has just began. 
You can found Sieger and his fellow knights there. Sieger doesn't in good 
mood since his wife is disappeared lately. As you walk around, you see 
something shine at the outside of a room. It was a ring. When Sieger see 
that ring, he go furious and rush to the room that you found the ring. 
Inside you found Sieger's wife, the princess. She was kidnapped by no  
but the queen herself! You also learn that the queen had becoming a demon 
and she also kidnapped the other princess! When Sieger heard about this 
he rush to the garden. Inside the garden you found the other princess.. 
and the queen. The queen mutated to be a spiderdemon and fight you. 
Before she died she say the Baron is the one behind all these. Suddendly 
a beam fire at the Palace and the Palace start to collapse. You, with the 
princess, are escaped in time. Actually it was all the Baron's plan: 
gather all knoght in Palace and bury them all inside. Since you and 
Sieger had know this plan earlier, you are managed to save as much as you 
can but the knights that followed Sieger had dead. Sieger is furious 
about it and swore that Baron had to pay. When you are discussing about 
it, a knight appear and reporting a strange building had appeared at 
Church's place. When you go there you found the once-church had now been 
replaced by a gate. You go inside and defeated Baron's guard- a giant 
humanoid. You found Baron at the roof. He want to fire you away with his 
cannon like he destroy the palace. But the magic shield you got from the 
skeleton reflected the beam and destroy the cannon instead. The Baron 
fight you. This foe is really tough. After defeating him, You finish the 
3rd Bell. Sieger want to go along when he know the Mizuki matter, but you 
stop him since he should stay there for rebuild and safeguard his 
country. Then you walk into the portal to continue your adventure...... 

You encounter another "guardian" again. This time it is a Water God. When 
fighting him remember to attack the body at center but not these two 
serpent by his side. After defeating him he will give you a magic item. 
You found you are arriving ChamCham's village when you exit from the 
portal. The elder tell you that the village had sense the evil at the 
hill. Many villager are ill since then, include ChamCham's "Boyfriend". 
He ask you to go to the hill's Sun Temple for the solution. The journey 
is plain until you go to the peak. You see a statue of the Sun God that 
had blocked the stairs to the temple. The statue say since you haven't 
show your worthy for entering the temple. You must pass the test first. 
You found the requirement of the test from three painted stone: walk a 
path of faith and get the golden banana. From the rightmost path you walk 
in the air and get the golden banana This time the statue let you pass. 
At the moment you get access, a Big head demon fly to the temple. That 
Demon is the boss of the stage. Suddendly Sieger appear and join you in 
battle. Actually Sieger was following you since you leave Paris. With his 
aid, you defeated the Demon. When NingYim try to destroy the bell, Mizuki 
appear! Mizuki cast a spell at Sieger and make Sieger's life attached to 
the Bell. That means if you destroy the bell, Sieger die so. When you are 
hesitate Mizuki teleport away. NingYim was trying to save Sieger when 
destroy the bell, but it end up with more torment to Sieger and the magic 
bell that NingYim use to destroy the bell are destroy! Sieger use his 
last breathe to destroy the damaged bell and disappeared with the bell in 
explosion.... Mourning the lost, the villagers of ChamCham are saved. 
Ning Yim was worrying since the magic bell is gone, how can you going to 
destroy the other Bells? With a lot of unsolved question, you walk into 
the portal...... 

At the routine of going to North America, you will have to get pass of 3 
dungeons. At the second Dungeon, you will encounter a familiar (but not 
friendly) character, Genan. He claim himself as the lord of hell and 
challenge you for a fight. Don't let his outlook cheated you, he is 
tough. After defeating him, he escape. And you can found a rounded pillar 
had blocked the way. Leave the pillar now. Go right , pass another cave 
to the North America. You arrived at a cow-boy village. The villagers are 
sick of the devils hanging around and stopped the construction of the 
bridge. And Ning Yim is still worry of destroying the bell. As you 
hanging around, a woman stop you and ask about his son. Actually that is 
Galford's mother. After your word the woman is please since her son is 
still alive and well in Japan. From the kids playing on the street you 
know that village had lived a powerful magician. When you found him at 
the house at the west, he told you that he know about Mizuki and Bells 
matter. But due to his powerless for now, he cannot give you any help. 
The kids tell you the magician need the Golden Apple that only existed at 
the Thorn forest. From the right of the portal you found the way to the 
forest. Without any boss you get the golden apple and gave it to the 
magician. The Magician told you since you no longer have the magic bell 
to destroy the evil Bells, he can teach you a spell which can do the same 
job in return of the apple. He also warned you of the boss that resided 
at the unfinished bridge. The boss that are waiting for you at the bridge 
is a Golden statue.(actually weaker than genan) After get rid of it 
NingYim try to use the spell but fail. He try again and success. From the 
debris you found a key. Then you go to your next stop...... Go back to 
the pillar. You found there's a keyhole there. Put in the key and the 
pillar remove. But what is waiting for you is another creature that 
really as same as the boss of 5th bell. Destroy it since this one is 
tough.... then you found you are ending up again in Japan's capital. 

At Capital you overhear a news about a man called "caffeine". You thought 
it might be Nicotine so you follow to the restaurtant ( right of 
portal,1st shop) but from inside you can only found gaira instead. When 
gaira heard about what happened to his grandpa he went away (without 
paying for his drink!). You chase him until fund he is discussing about 
this matter at the lower right corner temple at the south part of 
capital. He will explain to you of the conficlt/competition of the 
caffeine and the kiffeine. He told you to investigate at the mayor after 
you receive a training next door. The mayor ignore your question and send 
some kiffeine exorcist to fight you. 
After the battle he had flee to the kiffeine tower at North part. You 
chase him there and enter the tower. Unknown to you, PoYuen back in the 
volcano is discussing with the Kiffeine's master. They are make a deal of 
cooperation. Kiffeine use a device to combine the bell with PoYuen's 
body. It resulted at a powerful Poyuen! In the tower you found the 
terrified Mayor. Before he can say anything he was struck by a lightning 
and turned to be a monster. After finish him you will have to face the 
Kiffeine master himself. Gaira appear and tell you a demon was spotted at 
Eisa.... When you arrived at Eisa( South of Capital and pass a gate) , go 
to the temple. The all-new PoYuen is there waiting for you. Without 
hesitate he defeated you and you are lost to a coma.....and wake up at a 
strange place...?????

You wake up at a familiar room......wait, that is the room that you fight 
PoYuen. When you are wondering, a female appear. That girl is 95 % 
identical to NingYim! When you are still wondering, the girl tell you she 
is FeiYim, one of the exorcist party of Mizuki the witch. Then you see 
Mizuki enter the room along with the beast!(The beast with her at SS2 
Arcade) But you found that Mizuki is not the evil Mizuki but the Witch 
Mizuki that was going to be Mizuki the devil's host. WMizuki is a nice 
and powerful exorcist and sworn to protect all being from Evil. And you 
found you are actually stuck into a 200 years earlier time!WMizuki 
reassure you and tell you that today they are going to seal off the demon 
at the cave and ask you to go with them. Then you, WMizuki, the 
beast(called BoYim) and FeiYim are begin your adventure. Go to the cave 
you once used to fight sankim(in Amakusa Episode), at the base you found 
Ah-Ho. With the power of your strong ally you defeated him. But waiting 
at the exit is another bigger demon called R Ho. After defeating all of 
them the cave begin to collapse and your team get away. At the ceremony 
that congratulate of the exorcise of the demon force, WMizuki was 
wondering the words about the future you told her. She promised you she 
will not let Mizuki the demon possess her body and will fight hard. She 
also decided instead of fighting Mizuki's follower like AhHo, why don't 
fight the ghost Mizuki itself. Then you decided to go. From the entrance 
of the hill you found the way to Mizuki. But all the evidence show it 
will not a good journey.....Finally you found Mizuki the devil. It start 
a fight but easy? When you are wondering, the devil Mizuki 
get up again and this time, you cannot hurt it anymore. BoYim wanted to 
get it but end up with being destroyed at a big light. WMizuki was badly 
hurt. With her last breathe, she ignited her soul to use the magic to 
merge the devil with her. That becomes the present Mizuki. When the devil 
is still laughing at a new body host, WMizuki inside cast a spell that 
seal off them both for 200 years. And all of them vanished before you and 
FeiYim's eyes..... The battle had ended at this uneasy and pitiful way. 
Anyway the world is saved-for 200 years. But with the coast of BoYim's 
life and WMizuki..? You wonder. The priest at the temple offer you a item 
that might make you back home. Before you go, FeiYim say she will stay 
there for safeguarding the humans. If she had a offspring, she will teach 
them her art and continue to destroy the Mizuki, no matter that will also 
destroy her best partner WMizuki...Then she says good-bye. 

You found you are at the room fighting PoYuen, as the moment you lost. 
PoYuen is still as strong as the last fight. And from a attack, suddendly 
you found you recognize the skill.."BoYim!" PoYuen is actually BoYim! You 
are really surprise of the development.. Suddendly PoYuen hear Mizuki's 
call and get away. You and your team are decided to go back to capital to 
check the things for sure. At the moment you arrived Capital, a Caffeine 
exorcist was happy because they are needing your help now ! A big demon 
has appear and Gaira was dealing with it at the North part. You rush to 
the North part and see gaira was facing PoYuen at the bridge. After the 
senseless battle, PoYuen-BoYim is dead. the Bell appear. NingYim destroy 
the bell. But you cannot have a smile since you know you have killed not 
only a demon but a friend. You decided to go to the portal and let it 
lead you to the last bell. On your way you will met genan again, but 
since he recognize you as the people who are tough and defeated him once, 
he will pretended dead(!!)and you walk away. At the routine to the last 
bell suddendly you found Kuroko there. Kuroko at there only means there 
will be a big trouble ahead... yes it is. A familiar voice appear and 
suddenly you are alone. From the mist you see your foe appear.

It was nobody but YOU. 

No kidding. The duplicate of you is the test that held by WMizuki. This 
battle is really tough. (I used 2/3 of my potions to defeat it!) After 
defeated it, WMizuki will ask you to finish her unfinished business. You 
promise her. The portal lead to the final battle field, the hill that you 
help WMizuki to fight Devil Mizuki 200 years ago. Take a nap at the Inn , 
and go to the shrine through the bridges. As you enter the shrine is 
actually a maze. The order is Center- Left- Right- Right- to the shrine. 
As the memory recall, you will found a silver bell at the small shrine at 
right. Enter the center to a big place. The last Evil Bell is here.When 
you try to get there OHo appear. OHo fight you and defeated. He rise 
again and cast a spell. Suddenly Ah-Ho and Nicotine's stone appear. Then 
OHo cast another spell and remove the stone spell. They are both confused 
by the situation and back to their ally. OHo and AhHo combine to be a big 
monster and fight you. With the help of Nicotine, they finally get 
defeated. (Just attack one of them cause when one fall they are dead) But 
it doesn't stop the crisis. The evil bell start to suck the soul of two 
demons and you also! You are escape because of the silver bell. This time 
it is up to you to destroy the Evil bell. You cast the spell and the Evil 
bell is destroy! You saved your friends back. Since all 7 bells are 
destroyed, Nicotine tell you it is the time for the final battle. go from 
the stairs to see Mizuki. Mizuki is there for you. 

The following lines is the final spoiler of the game. If you read them 
you will somehow lost
the fun of the game. Scroll down at your own risk. If you still insist, 
please read: 

     Mizuki is here. All death and hopeless and hatred are come from it. 
It was summoning the dark god when you
     approach. Without hesitate the fight is started. Mizuki is the 
second tough battle of this game(1st is that duplicate of
     you). After defeated, it was separated. The Demon Mizuki rise again 
and tell you that the Evil Bell everywhere is
     actually for collecting souls to be Mizuki's power source. When all 
7 evil bells are destroyed, now all dead demon's soul
     had become a power that sustain Mizuki. Mizuki cast a shell and 
killed all of you. When hopeless, WMizuki's soul use
     her final power to resurrect you, and thank for release her and 
vanish. At the moment Mizuki is continue it's spell of
     summoning the dark God. The dark god that give "birth" to it. the 
Dark God that deal with it. When you're wake up, It's
     too late. The dark God appear and eat Mizuki instead. It also had 
you inside it. Then, you must fight a final battle. The
     dark God is a "being"(can't found a suitable description for it) 
with 4 monster had represent 4 different elements: Fire,
     Water, Thunder and Wind. The best way of fight it is let 2 fight 
those 4 monster and one concentrate with Dark God
     itself. And remember when Dark God die, the 4 monsters die also. 
After the battle, the place begin to break down and
     you manage to escape...NingYim say farewell and return the silver 
bell to it's place. And finally, your adventure is over.


That's the end of the adventure.
I know this is just the story, many secret are not solved...etc. 
But this text are just wanna to help the people that hate long loading 
time of my page or wanna keep a record for quick refence.
For details of the game please check my page. 
Enjoy the game and don't forget to send me a mail!

Happy gaming!

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