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                        SD GUNDAM GGENERATION
                         written by: Durendal
FAQ V .10 12-30-98
FAQ V .50 01-04-99
FAQ V .75 01-07-99
FAQ V 1.00 
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I.      Introduction
II.     Controls
III.    Quest Demo
IV.     Stage Guide
V.      Unit combination
VI.     MS Variation
VII.    Pilot List
VIII.   Credits
No Gameshark Codes cause I don't own one.  Send in some if you want to, your
name will be listed in the credits.

        I.      Introduction
This is a strategy game developed by Bandai.
The series included in this game are:

This FAQ assumes that you know at least a little Japanese.  Katakana and
Hiragana are essential.  Knowing little things about the Gundam universe
helps. Of course you know a little about Gundam otherwise you wouldn't even
look at this game.  And also, a Japanese Dictionay might come in handy.
And no problems if you understand Japanese.  And if you don't understand
english how in the world would you be able to read this?

There are 42 stages that needs to be completed.  There are also Quest Demos
on some stages that will require you to place certain units at certain
position and do certain actions in order for it to appear.
In case you don't know, Quest Demos are the special movies in the game.

If you finish the game, you can choose whatever stage you want.  You can still
gain your units level.  So if you haven't got the unit you want, you can still
continue.  You can also play a Battle Match mode to play against a friend.

When you start a stage you will be given a certain number of mother ship you
can deploy.  You can only use a unit with a mother ship.  when the mother
ship is destroyed, all the units that the mother ship carried that are outside
are automatically inactive.  inactive units can be reclaimed with another
mother ship.  you can also steal enemy units when their mother ship is
destroyed.  After you annihilate all your enemies or occupy their base, the
stage is finished.

When you start a stage, there is an introduction to the stage and the map
of the stage.  It is here that you will know if there is a Quest Demo
in the stage or a turn limit.  Turn limit indicates that you should
accomplish certain task in the turn or the game will be over.
After that you are given 4 choices. Player Units, MS Variation, Technical,
and Start Stage.  Player units lets you set up your units.  you can only
deploy a certain number of mother ships.  MS Variation lets you upgrade you
ACE units.  Technical lets you upgrade you guarder,  Those 4 things around
your base.  And start stage lets you start the stage.  When you finish the
stage you will be given four options. Keep units, character edit, MS Unit
planning, and Go to next stage.  Keep units allows you to keep reclaimed
units (duh!) or sell them.  Character edit lets you edit the names of the
characters that you will be keeping.  MS Unit Planning lets you combine two
units to create another new unit which is added to your list.  Go to next
stage, do I need to explain? Also lets you save your game.  Instead of saving
in the map which uses 9 blocks, its better to save here, where it only
consumes 3 blocks.  Keep units will only be highlighted if you captured an
enemy unit or if you decide to keep the units that are assigned to you.
Character edit will only be highlighted if you can enlist pilots.  You can no
longer get any pilots after you finish the game.  So be sure you don't kill
you volunteer pilots.

Pilot Options
If you don't have a newtype, you can enhance your normal pilots to gain
NTL (newtype level). Some units require a special type of pilots in order
for them to use a certain attack.  If the attack has Psycommu written beside
it, you will need a Newtype or enhanced pilot in order to use that attack.
Q-psy attack is better used by a Newtype or enhanced, if a normal pilot
uses a Q-psy attack, it drains twice as much MP.
You can also gain your pilots rank.  As their ranks go up, so does their PA
and PD.  Sometimes, their NTL also goes up.  Also, before you enhance your
pilots, it is better if they are at their highest rank.  If you enhanced them
early on, their PA and PD might stop at a certain number.

Money is important in the game, if you don't have it, then you won't be able
to buy the units you want or even upgrade your guarder.  Finishing a stage
normally gives you 20000.  Some stages gives about 30000 to 40000.  Quest
Demo gives 15000.  And occupied colonies gives 1000 each.  Also occupied
colonies can repair and replenish your mothership's life and energy.

Level Up
There are two types of level up in the game.  One is for the Pilot and the
other is for the MS.  As I mentioned before, gaining experience lets your
pilot rise in rank, as Ranks rise PA & PD rise as well.  However the MS are
a little different.  they only level up from 1, 2, 3 to ACE.  ACEing your
unit, I'll explain later on.

        II.     Controls
Map Area
When you press the start button.
Pass             End of your turn
Mini Map         Lets you see the whole map in one image.
Squares on/off   lets you toggle for map square
Animation on/off makes the default selection for animation
Profile          scroll left or right to choose MS/MA, character profile,
                 support, Mothership.  MS/MA List of all the units that have
                 already appeared in the game.  The % tells you how many
                 percent complete is your MS/MA profile, units not highlighted
                 not included.
Save             Lets you save in the Map.  uses 9 blocks

Mother Ship Menu
Move             Lets you move.  The shaded area that you see is the active
                 area.  This is the area that the mothership covers for your
                 units.  If a unit go outside the active area, the unit's
                 ability to hit and evade will be lowered, and cannot use map
Attack           Attack using Mother ship
Deploy           Launch your units
*Return          reclaim inactive units.  in order for this to appear, a unit
                 near the active area must have a white shield beside it,
                 meaning that it's mothership has been destroyed.  provided
                 that you have enough capacity.
Scatter          Lower the hit rate of the enemy in the active area
Confusion        All your units in the active area will be protected from
                 beam attacks.  *scatter and confusion only appears if the
                 mothership is capable of this option.  like the white base
                 and albion.
*Map forward     If you encounter multiple maps in space, you can move to the
                 right of the little map.
*Map before      Same as above but reveresed.
*Descend         descend to lower part of the map.
*Ascend          ascend to upper part of the map.
*launch          if on a planet, needs plaform to go to space.
*Dummy           Cannot be hit by one attack if mothership is capable of this
                 options.  ends your turn as well.

Unit Menu
When the cursor is highlighted on a unit, press O to reveal a set of menus if
your unit has not been moved yet.
Press traingle to see the details of the unit and its pilot. * available only
on specific untis.
Move            Any questions?
Attack          Let's you attack another unit or ship.  attack gives you
                another set of choices.  What weapon to use and who to attack.
*Transform      If your unit can transform, this option will appear.
*Dummy          If your unit is capable of dummy, or if you equip your unit
                with a dummy option, this will appear.  Using this option
                will finish your turn.  But if you are hit once, you will
                get no damage.  Or rather, a dummy will be hit.  useful if
                you have low HP.

AP          Attack power, it tells you how much damage the attack will inflict
EN          energy consumed
MP          how much MP your pilot will be using.
Q-psy       Newtype or enhanced use normal MP.  Normal pilot uses 2 times
            the MP.
Psycommu    Newtype or enhanced use only.
Map         Attack that has a 100% hit rate.  can only use map inside the
            active area of the mothership.
Map-en      A map attack that drains energy of units. has low physical damage.
Ex-map      A weapon that can be used to attack at any terrain. e.g.  some
            ground units weapons like the beam saber cannot attack flying
            units.  with ex-map, ground units can hit flying units.
*your leader unit will have an option of support from the mother ship.  it is
indicated below the weapons option.  Aru is to have support, nashi is to fire
without support.  only available if inside active area.  uses 8 EN of
mothership.  If the mothership has no EN = No support.

When Attack
when you are attacked, you are given another set of choices.
Counter attack  Let's you counter attack.
Block           Allows you to block the attack with a shield or something.
                Damage is halved.  Also only some MS have this option.  Mother
                Ships only have counter and evade.
Evade           the word says it all.
However, if your mothership is destroyed, retaliation is impossible.  in other
words, mothership destroyed, your a sitting duck.

If the unit is able to transform or has Hard Point System (change equipment),
when you deploy your unit, place the cursor on the unit and press square.
You can choose what type of configuration you want for that unit.

MS Options (parts to attach)
Booster                 Plus 2 movement
Mega Booster            Plus 4 movement
Magnet Coating          enemy hit rate 15% down
Psycho Frame            enemy hit rate 30% down
Gundarium a             UD plus 5
Gundarium b             UD plus 10
Gundarium r             UD plus 15
Tai Beam Coating        Beam 2 half damage beam 3 3/4 damage
I Field                 Beam 2 no damage beam 3 half damage
Overload Chip           UA plus 5, energy comsumed x 1.5
EXAM System             UA plus 10, energy consumed x 2 
Bio Computer            halves the use of MP
Bariut system           could someone tell me what this does?
Dummy                   Dummy Balloon capability

        III.    Quest Demos

Stage 1:  All you need to do is use the Mazaran (Reibru) to attack a Zaku.
           *The 3 Black Stars destroy the Erumesu*
Stage 4:  Attack Garuma's ship with the White Base.
           *the White Base destroys Garuma's ship*
Stage 6:  attack one of the Dom's in their original position (jet stream
          attack) with Gundam (Amuro). location doesn't matter
          Tip: lead Matilda closer to the Gundam (downwards), the 3 dom will
          follow in their attack position.  When the leading dom is within
          the range of the Gundam, let Amuro attack it.
           *The Gundam (Amuro) evades the Jetstream attack by the 3 Zaku*
Stage 9:  Use the Blue Destiny to kill the Ifrit Kai.
           *Blue Destiny and Ifrit Kai kills each other*
Stage 10: Attack a Zugok with the Gundam (Amuro).
           *The Zugok blocks Amuro's Hyper Hammer*
Stage 11: Attack Char with a GM.
           *Char destroys a GM with one blow*
Satge 15: Destroy the Samson and a Zaku will appear.  Kill the Zaku with
          the GundamNT1-FA.  Be sure they are positioned somewhere in the
          clear area (somewhere in the upper left portion of the map)
           *Bernie and Chris destroys each other*
Stage 16: Attack Lalah with the Gundam.  You have to be close to Lalah and
          Char must be near by.
           *Amuro Kills Lalah (a tragic story)*
Stage 17: Destroy the Ziong and the head will return to A Baoa Qu, let the
          Gundam (amuro) follow the head and destroy it.
          Tip: Destroy all those annoying MS around the area before you let
          Amuro follow the head.  Those MS will follow you.  (in this stage
          my newly acquired GP02 became an ACE easily)
           *A headless Gundam shoots and bodiless ziong, nice ain't it?*
Stage 25: Attack the Marasai (Jerrid) with Gundam MK II (Camille)
           *Jerrid and Camille shoots at each other*
Stage 34: Attack the O (Shiroco) with Z Gundam (Camille) when Shiroco is
          about to die.
           *Camile uses his newtype power to Ram Shiroco*
Stage 39: Attack the Qubeley (Haman) with the ZZ Gundam (Judo) until Judo
          destroys the Qubeley.
           *Final battle of Haman and Judo*
Stage 42: Attack the Sazabi (Char) with the Nu Gundam (Amuro)
           *Showdown of Amuro and Char*

        IV.     Stage Guide
There are some stage that only requires you do do certain things for that
stage to be completed.  Some things are much simpler that you think.
I have yet to complete this list.

Stage 1         Annihilate all the enemies.+Beginning of Gundam+
                steal units: Gatoru, Zaku I
Stage 2         Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Zaku I
Stage 3         Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Mazera Attack, Zaku II J, Zaku II F, Dop,
                             Space High Mobility Zaku
Stage 4         Annihilate all enemies.  Protect the White Base.
                steal units: Dop
Stage 5         Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Dop, Azam, Zaku II J, Gouf, Mesara Attack
                             Desert Zaku, Rugen
Stage 6         Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Gouf
Stage 7         Annihilate all enemies. +08th MS team+
                steal units: Zaku II J, Zaku Cannon, Dop, Apsaras, Agai
Stage 8         Destroy the missle launched on turn 4 within 4 turns.
                Destroy the missle in 8 turns.
                steal units: Dom, Gouf, Zaku II J, Zaku Tank, Dop,
                             Mesara Attack.
Stage 9         Annihilate all enemies. +Blue Destiny+
                steal units: Higog, Dom, Desert Zaku, 61 Tank,
                             Zaku II J, Zaku Cannon
Stage 10        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Gog, Zugog, Guraburo, Puroba
Stage 11        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Gog, Agai, Zoku, Dop, Dom, Gouf, Zaku II J,
                             Msm-02, Zogog, Gasya
Stage 12        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Rig Dom, Zaku II F, Biguro, Zakurelo
Stage 13        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Rig Dom, Jiko, Zaku II F
Stage 14        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: High Mobility Zaku II, Rig Dom, Gelgog
Stage 15        Annihilate all enemies.  +0080 War in the Pocket+
                steal units: Zaku II Kai, Gelgog J, Rig Dom II
Stage 16        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Gelgog, Biguro, Zaku II F, Rig Dom
Stage 17        Annihilate all enemies.  +End of Gundam+
                steal units: Rig Dom, Biguro, Zaku II F, Gatoru,
                        High Mobility Zaku II, High Mobility Gelgog
Stage 18        Annihilate all enemies.  +Begining of 0083 Stardust Memory+
                steal units: Zugog E
Stage 19        Destroy the HLV within 8 turns.
                steal units: none
Stage 20        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Doratsue, Rig Dom II, Gelgog M
Stage 21        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Doratsue, Rig Dom II, Gelgog M
Stage 22        Destroy the Colony before it reaches the earth.  destroying
                the colony gives you less money at the end of the stage.  If
                you want to continue the game after the colony is destroyed,
                don't destroy the colony yourself.  let the United Nations
                (guys in green) destroy the colony with the solar system II.
                +End of  0083 Stardust Memory+
                steal units: Doratsue, Rig Dom II, Zaku II F, Gabera Tetora,
                        GM Kai, Ball Kai type
Stage 23        Annihilate all enemies.  +Begining of Z Gundam+
                steal units: GM Quail, GM II, Galbady b, Hi Zaku
Stage 24        Annihilate all the enemies.  Protect the Temptation (Bright)
                At all cost.
                steal units: Galbady b, Hi Zaku, Zaku Strong Observer, Marasai
Stage 25        Annihilate all enemies within 10 turns
                steal units: Gun Cannon II, GM Cannon, GM Sniper Custom,
                        Guntank II, Zaku Tank, Gouf air type, Hi Zaku
Stage 26        Protect Amuro Ray at all cost, annihilate all enemies
                steal units: Ashima, Hizaku, Zaku Marina
Stage 27        Protect the HLV, annihilate all enemies
                steal units: Ashima, Hizaku
Stage 28        Annihilate all enemies
                steal units: Hizaku, Zaku Marina
Stage 29        Destroy the colony before it reaches the moon.
                steal units: Galbady B, Hizaku, Marasai, Gaburusei
Stage 30        Annihilate enemies
                steal units: Marasai, Gaburusei, Hizaku, Galbady b, Gyaburan
Stage 31        Annihilate enemies within 8 turns. There's a nuclear time
                bomb 150 Mts below ground.
                steal units: Guntak II
Stage 32        Protect the Hyaku Shiki (Quatro) within 8 turns.
                steal units: Baiaran, Hizaku
Stage 33        Annihilate enemies.  whatever you do don't let the Axis ship
                enter your base or be destroyed else the game will be over.
                Haman is supposed to destroy the colony laser.
                steal units: Galbady b, Bazam, Hizaku Custom, Marasai, Hizaku,
Stage 34        Annihilate all enemies.  A Good stage to gain level.
                +End of Z Gundam+
                steal units: Gaza C, Galbady b, Hizaku, Bazam, Marasai,
                        Bound Dog, Hanburabi
Stage 35        Annihilate all enemies.  Protect the Agama.  note:  if you
                Finished the game and need more money, this is the quickest
                stage to get some.  40000 credits. +Beginning of Gundam ZZ+
                steal units: none
Stage 36        Annihilate all enemies.  Try using an atomic bomb inside the
                colony and see what happens.  My dendrobium can fly inside the
                colony.  gyah-ha-ha-ha.
                steal units: Doraizen, Bau, Hanm Hanma, Gaza D, Garusu J
Stage 37        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Desert Zaku, Dowagi kai, Zaku Cannon, Garusu J,
                        Zakumarina, Bau, Dowagi, Doraizen, Aizaku, Gaburu,
Stage 38        Annihilate all enemies.  I don't know if it is a bug in this
                stage, but when the colony detonates inside the earth, try
                to use a map weapon and it will display mission complete. huh?
                steal units: Zusa, Doraizen, Gaburu, Gaza D, Garusu J,
                        Zaku Marina
Stage 39        Annihilate all enemies. +End of Gundam ZZ+
                steal units: Manufactured Qubeley, Bau, Doraizen, Gaza D,
                        Garusu J, Shutsurum Diaz, Jamal Fin, Ga Zoum
Stage 40        Char's Counter Attack.  Annihilate all enemies.  Best stage
                to gain your units level.
                steal units: Gira Doga
Stage 41        Annihilate all enemies.
                steal units: Gira Doga
Stage 42        Annihilate all enemies.  +End of Char's counterattack+
                steal units: Gira Doga

        V.      Unit Combinations
Combining units with another lets you create a new unit.  It is important
that you do this.  otherwise, when you play a later stage, the enemy will
pulverize you.  And you won't believe what is the strongest unit.  it's Halo.
A round Ball.  It's the toy in the White Base.  and it's also the toy of Uso
in V Gundam.  UA and UD is 50.  One tackle and a mothership is a goner.
All the units that are listed here are available either by
MS Variation or stolen from the enemy.

Aizaku                  Puroba + Hizaku
                        Zaku Flipper + Hi Zaku
Agai                    Puroba + Zaku Marine
                        Zaku Marine + Zaku Flipper
Akugai                  Agai + Gouf
Akuto Zaku              G-3 Gundam + Zaku II Kai
a (Alpha) Azil          Psycho Doga + Sazabi
                        Noie Jill II + Psycho Doga
Aqua GM                 Agai + GM, GM Commando, GM Kai, Blue Destiny 1,2 & 3,
                                GM II, GM III, Nemo, Nemo III, GM Custom,
                                GM Quail, Powered GM, RX-79 (G)
                        Gog + GM, GM Commando, GM Kai, Blue Destiny 1, 2 & 3,
                                GM II, GM III, Nemo, Nemo III, GM Custom,
                                GM Quail, Powered GM, RX-79 (G)
Ashima                  Biguro + Proto Z
                        Z Gundam + Biguro
                        Hizaku + Rig Dom I & II
                        Biguro Maiya + Gelgog M
                        Val Valo + Nemo
Azam                    Zakurelo + Gouf
Ball                    God Gundam + W Zero Custom, Gundam DX
Baras Athena            Zusa Custom + Zameru
Bau                     Gaza D + Z Gundam
Biguro                  High Mobility Gelgog + Zakurelo
Biguro Maiya            Biguro + Zaku Minelayer
Blue Destiny 1          Ifrit Kai + RGM-79 (G)
Blue Destiny 2          Blue Destiny 3 + RX-79 (G)
Blue Destiny 3          Ifrit Kai + RX-79 (G)
Borinook Samaan         Zaku Strong Observer type + Baiaran
Burao Buro              Zakurelo + Psycomu High Mobility Zaku
                        Ziong + Zakurelo
Diju                    Rig Diaz + Gelgog
Dobenwolf               Qubeley MK II + Garusu J
Doraisen                Bau + Rig Dom, Rig Dom II
                        Ga Zoum + Tropical Dom
Doratsue                Gatoru + Zaku II F
Erumesu                 Biguro Maiya + Burao Buro
F90                     G Cannon + Gundam
FAGundam                Gundam + GundamNT1-FA, FAGundamMKII, FAGundamMKIII,
                                ZZ Gundam-FA, Nu Gundam HWS
Fly Master              Gatoru + Seiba Fish
Gabera Tetora           Gelgog M + GP01, GP01-FB, GP02, GP02A, GP03-S
Gabusurei               Hizaku + Biguro
                        Marasai + G Defensor, Gelgog M
                        Metasu Kai + Biguro Maiya, Val Valo
Garusu J                Gaza C + Gouf Heavy Armor type
Gaza L                  Bau + Galbady b
Gaza R                  Bau + Galbady a
Gelgog J                Gelgog + GM Sniper II
Gelgog Cannon           Gelgog + Manufactured Gun Cannon
                        High Mobility Gelgog + Manufactured Gun Cannon
                        High Mobility Gelgog + Gun Cannon Heavy Armor type
Gemaruku                Gaza L + Gaza R
                        Zaku III Kai + Qubeley
Geze                    Zakutank + Hanburabi
Gigan                   Zaku I + RB-79K
God Gundam              Kyatoru + V2 Gundam
Gyapuran                Hi Zaku + Zakurelo
Gira Doga Psycommu      Gira Doga + Manufactured Qubeley, Qubeley MK II,
                                Gemaruku, Titania
GM Cannon               GM + Gun Cannon Heavy Armor Type
                        GM + Manufactured Gun Cannon
                        GM + G Cannon, G Cannon Magna
                        Ball + GM
GM Cannon II            GM II + Gun Cannon Heavy Armor type
                        GM II + Manufactured Gun Cannon
                        GM II + G Cannon, G Cannon Magna
GM Sniper Custom        GM + Gelgog J
Gun Cannon Detector     Gun Cannon II + Metasu Kai
Gundam MK II            Gundam + Bazam
                        Gundam + GM Quail
Gundaiver               Gundam + Agai
                        Gundam + Gog
Gundam NT-1             Psychomu High Mobility Zaku + Gundam
Gundam X                W Zero Custom + God Gundam, Gundam, FA Gundam, F 91
                                Gundam NT-1, Gundam MK II, Gundam MK III,
                                Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Gundam Pixy, V Gundam
                        Titania + ZZ Gundam
GunEZ                   Javelin + Gundam Pixy, GP01-FB, GP02A, Z Gundam,
                                Super Gundam, Ez-8, Gundam, ZZ Gundam, F 90
Guntank                 Zakutank + Core Fighter
Guntank R44             Gun Cannon Detector + Masera Attack
Guraburo                Biguro Maiya + Zaku Marina, Gog, Agai
Gyan                    Gouf + High Mobility Gelgog, Gelgog M, Gelgog J
Hanburabi               Hizaku + Bazam
Hanma Hanma             Perfect Ziong + Ga Zoum, Gaza D, Gaza C, Gaza C Kai
Haro                    Gundam DX + RB-79K, Ball, Ball Kai type
                        God Gundam +  RB-79K, Ball, Ball Kai type
                        W Zero Custom + RB-79K, Ball, Ball Kai type 
Hi Zaku Custom          Hi Zaku + Gelgog J
High Mobility Gelgog    Gundam + Zakurelo
Heavy Gundam            Gundam + manufactured Gun Cannon
                        Gundam + Gun Cannon Heavy Armor type
Hover Truck             Zaku Strong Observer type + 61 Tank
Ifrit                   Dom + Gouf
                        Rig Dom + Gouf
                        Gundam Pixy + Gouf
                        Rig Dom II + Gouf
Jamal Fin               Bigzam + Gaza D, Gaza C                        
Javelin                 Jegan B Type + Ri Gazui
James Gun               Super Gundam + Stark Jegan
Jegan                   GM Custom + Gundam
                        Galbady B + GP01, GP01-FB, GP02, GP02A, Gundam,
                                GundamNT-1-FA, RX-79 (G), Heavy Gundam, F91
                        Marasai + GP01, GP01-FB, GP02, GP02A, Gundam, RX-79,
                                Heavy Gundam, GundamNT-1-FA
Kempfa                  Gelgog J + Rig Dom II
                        High Mobility Gelgog + Rig Dom
                        High Mobility Gelgog + Rig Dom II
                        Gelgog M + Rig Dom
                        Gelgog M + Rig Dom II
Kikeroga                High Mobility Zaku II + Erumesu
                        Psychomu High Mobility Zaku + Erumesu
Kyatoru                 Psycho Gundam + Ball
                        Zameru + Gigan
Manufactured Bigzam     Apsaras III + Biguro
Manufactured Qubeley    Erumesu + Gaza D, Gaza C, Ga Zoum
Megarider               G-defensor + Metasu Kai
Mazera Attack           Zaku I + 61 Tank
Nemo III                GM III + Nemo
Noie Jill               Perfect Ziong + Val Valo
                        Bigzam + Blau Buro
Nu Gundam               Sazabi + Ri Gazui Custom
Perfect Ziong           Ziong + Dom, Rig Dom II
                        Ziong + Space High Mobility Zaku
Prototype Gundam        GM + Core fighter
Prototype Rig Diaz      Gundam + Rig Dom II
Prototype Psycho Gundam Ziong + Gundam, FA Gundam, GundamMKII, GundamMKIII,
                                Gundam ZZ, Z Gundam, V Gundam, Gundam Pixy
                                F 91, Gundam NT-1
Prototype ZZ Gundam     Z Gundam + Nemo
                        Z Gundam + Bau
                        Psycho Gundam + Z Gundam
Proto Z Gundam          Rig Dias + Gundam MK II
Psycho Doga             Noie Jill II + Gira Doga
Queen Mantha            Perfect Ziong + Qubeley
                        Psycho Gundam + Qubeley
Rigerugu                Qubeley + High Mobility Gelgog
RX-79 (G)               RGM-79 (G) + Gundam
                        GM + Gundam
Sazabi                  Gira Doga Kai + Gemaruku
Shining Gundam          Wing Gundam + Agai
                        Psycho Gundam MK III + V2 Gundam
Space High Mobile Zaku  Zaku II F + Rig Dom
                        Zaku II F + Rig Dom II
Super Gundam            Gundam MK II + G defencer
Val Valo                Biguro + Azam
Wing Gundam             Nu Gundam + Zeta Gundam
                        God Gundam + Gundam X, Gundam, GP01-FB, GP02A, GP03-S,
                                F91, V Gundam, Gundam Pixy, Super Gundam,
                                Gundam MK II, Gundam MK III, Z Gundam, 
                                ZZ Gundam, Gundam NT-1, V2 Gundam, FA Gundam
Z Zaku                  Z Gundam + Zaku Minelayer
                        Z Gundam + Zaku
                        Z Gundam + High Mobility Zaku II
Zaku III                Zaku II Kai + Garusu J
Zaku Cannon             Space High Mobility Zaku + Gun Cannon Heavy Armor type
                        Space High Mobility Zaku + Manufactured Gun Cannon
Zaku Marine             Space High Mobility Zaku + Agai
                        Space High Mobility Zaku + Gog
Zakurelo                Gundam + Gelgog
Zameru                  Guntank + Gouf Heavy Armor type
Ziong                   Qubeley + Gouf Heavy Armor type
Zogok                   Zugog + Garusu J
Zusa                    Gatoru + Garusu J

        VI.     MS Variation
When you destroy a unit, your unit gains experience.  all your units starts
at level 1.  When they become ACE, you can upgrade the unit for a much better
or much worse unit.  There are some units that cannot be upgraded.  Also when
your unit levels up, it increases it's HP and EN.  Units with * indicates
there is a continuation. + indicates cannot be upgraded anymore, so no use
making it an ACE.  Of course, if you want to raise that units stats you
can gain its level.  It inflicts more damage and takes less damage.  you will
notice its difference if you put both ACE unit and level 1 unit together and
attack the same unit.  its up to you.  All units listed here are available
either by Combining units or stealing enemy units.
note:  God Gundam turns gold when Domon is the pilot and ACE.  only available
in battlematch mode.  take a look.  see the difference.

AquaGM = Gundaiver = Prototype Gundam*

Core Figther = Core Booster
               G figther = G defenser 

Zani = GM  = RGM-79 (G) = RX-79 (G) = Ez-8
                                    = Gundam Pixy = Gundam*
                                    = Prototype Gundam*
           = GM Commando = GM Kai = GM Custom = GM Quail*
                                  = Powered GM
*GM Quail = GM II = Nemo = Nemo III
                  = GM III

*Prototype Gundam = Gundam = G-3 Gundam = GundamNT1 = GundamNT1-FA
                           = GP01 = GP01-FB
                                  = GP02 = GP02A+
                                  = GP03-S = GP03-D+
                           = GundamMKII = Bazam
                                        = FAGundamMKII
                                        = GundamMKIII = FAGundamMKIII
Proto Z Gundam = Z Gundam = Manufactured Z Gundam
                          = Z II = Ri Gazui = Ri Gazui Custom
               = Metasu = Metasu Kai
               = Hyaku Shiki = Hyaku Shiki Kai = Gundam MK III
                             = Manufactured Hyaku Shiki

Shining Gundam = God Gundam

Wing Gundam = W Gudam Zero = W Zero Custom

Gundam X = Gundam X Divider = Gundam DX

Ifrit = Ifrit Kai

Blue Destiny 1 = Blue Destiny 2
               = Blue Destiny 3

Jegan = Jegan A type = Heavy Gun = Hardy Gun = G Cannon = G Cannon Magna
                                 = James Gun = Javelin
                     = Stark Jegan
      = Jegan B type = Heavy Gun
                     = Stark Jegan

Prototype ZZ Gundam = ZZ Gundam = Manufactured ZZ Gundam
                                = ZZ Gundam-FA

Mesara = Baras Athena = Borinook Samaan = The O = Titania

GunEZ = V Gundam = V2 Gundam

Gundam F90 = Gundam F91

Prototype Rig Diaz = Rig Diaz = Shutsurum Diaz = Rig Diaz II

Manufactured Qubeley = Qubeley MK II = Qubeley = Erumesu+

Gira Doga = Gira Doga Kai

Gira Doga Psycommu = Gira Doga
                   = Yakuto Doga (Gyunei type) = Sazabi
                   = Yakuto Doga (Quess type) = Sazabi
                   = Psycho Doga

Zaku I = Zaku II F = High Mobility Zaku II = Gelgog*                                                     
                                           = Space High Mobility Zaku*
                   = Zaku II Kai     
       = Zaku II J = Gouf = Gouf Air type = Dom*
                          = Gouf Heavy Armor type
                   = Desert Zaku
                   = Zaku II Kai

*Gelgog = Gelgog M
        = Galbady a = Gyan = Gyan Kai = R Jaja
                    = Galbady b

*Space High Mobility Zaku = Rig Dom = Dom*
                                    = Rig Dom II
                          = Psychomu High Mobility Zaku = Kikeroga*

*Dom = Toropical Dom = Dom Toropen
                     = Bezun Dowaji = Dowaji = Dowaji Kai+

*Kikeroga = Ziong = Perfect Ziong

Nu Gundam = Manufactured Nu Gundam
          = Nu Gundam HWS

Gog = Msm-02 = Zakumarina = Zaku Marine
    = Hi Gog = Gaburu
    = Zugok = Gasya
            = Zogok = Zok
            = Zugok E

Marasai = Hizaku = Hobi Hizaku = Zaku I

Zaku Strong Observer type = Zaku II F
                          = Zaku II J
                          = Zaku Flipper = Zaku Minelayer

RB-79K = Ball = Ball Kai type

Apsaras = Apsaras III
        = Azam 

Prototype Psycho Gundam=Psycho Gundam=Psycho Gundam MK II = Psycho GundamMKIII

Hanma Hanma = Manufactured Hanma Hanma = Gemaruku+

Noie Jill = Noie Jill II

Zakurelo = Biguro = Biguro Maiya

Kyatoru = Agu = Agai = Juagu 
                     = Agugai 

61 Tank = Guntank = Guntank II = Guntank R44
                  = Gun Cannon = Manufactured Guncannon
                               = Guncannon Heavy Armor type
                               = Prototype Gundam*

GM Sniper Custom = GM Sniper II

Gaza C = Gaza D = Ga Zoum = Zusa = Zusa Custom
       = Gaza C Kai

Zaku Tank = Mazera Attack 
          = Gigan 

Rugen = Dop

Zaku III = Zaku III Kai+

        VII.    Pilot List
After you finish a stage, you will be given a number of pilots.  You will
only get them if they survive the stage.  the pilots in blue or green
helmet indicates that they will be yours if you finish the stage.  Each time
you play the game, their stats will be different.  however, when you enhance
them, they are the same in every game.  What I'm going to list is their
default name and their NTL if they are enhanced. NTL is a Newtype
hopefully, I'll list their max pa and pd sometime soon.

Name                 NTL if enhanced
Abram=Ramsado           1
Al=Alhazard             3
Alen=Ko                 4
Alicia=Teiru            2
Beitsu=Garaad           3
Beisu=Norton            3
Billy=Fureizu           1
Biz=Keipu               3
Brad                    4
Cenon=Tigel             0
Colt=Longshot           2
Dakusu=Fam              3
Debbinia=Kotsu          1
Delilah=Crow            7
Dennis=Snipe            2
Doku=Daam               6
Dorist                  NTL 9 (max)
Erin=Foro               7
Eris=Kurood             NTL 5 (max)
Eronst=Yaeger           0
Florence=Kirishima      6
Furedo=Naitosuka        NTL 9 (max)     
Furei=Rizeshutein       2               
Grace=Mikyanon          6                      
Guy                     4               
Guregu=Main             3
Hakuto=Ranga            2
Hans=Marquise           2
Howard=Lexler           1               
Iwan=Iwanof             NTL 9 (max)     
Jade=Max                4
Jebby=Jenkins           4
Jessica=Lang            5
John=Firis              1
Jubani=Junstone         1
Jun=Kasumi              3
Kasubat=Fei             5
Kirk=Lorence            2
Kunes=Kirowa            1
Luna=Shin               NTL 9 (max)
Maria=Owens             6
Mark=Giruda             NTL 7 (max)
Merudo=Haiforesuto      1
Miria=Berom             1
Needle                  7
Neil=Sam                3  
Nick=Raudo              2
Niki=Teira              4
Nimu=Faron              1
Noran=Mirigan           2
Purabdo=Furizu          1
Rachel=Ransom           9
Ranarou=Jade            7
Renz=Frost              NTL 9 (max)
Rick=Arenbi             0
Rodi=Nahato             2
Rodriguez=Mido          4
Ruroi=Gilliam           NTL 6 (max)
Sadi=Green              0
Sherudo=Fori            1
Shery=Kimberly          NTL 9 (max)
Stan=Broody             1
Tony=Jin                1
Uhi=Myura               0

        VIII.   Credits
Duo Maxwell ([email protected]) some information regarding the Quest Demo. Also
the names of some of the units.  To see the unit list, get his FAQ.

Alden Fortuno ([email protected]) for most of the combinations.  Some
of the Quest Demo, and information about the enhanced pilots.  also help me
with some tactics on how to gain my unit's level.

Donnel Kho for some of the unit combinations. He's the guy who introduced me
to the world of strategy.  without him, I wounldn't know a single thing about
Super robots and Gundam.

Mark Cenon.  Thanks to his 4th super robot war, everything in my memory card
was erased.  all those hard work gone.

This FAQ/Guide copyright 1999 by Durendal
Gundam copyright Bandai

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