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Sega Soccer Slam, 2.0
by Brian ([email protected])

Table of Contents:

(1) Introduction
(2) Copyright
(3) Version History
(4) The Basics
    a) Basic Controls
    b) Game Modes
    c) How to Play
    d) Game Menus
(5) Team Profiles
    a) El Fuego
    b) Subzero
    c) Spirit
    d) Volta
    e) Tsunami
    f) Toxic
(6) Strategies
(7) Items/Player Upgrades
(8) Codes
(9) Credits

(1) Introduction
Speed.  Skill.  Accuracy.  Stamina.  Clotheslines.  Cheapshots.
All of this can be yours in Sega's "Soccer Slam" for the Nintendo
Gamecube.  I must say I was pleasently surprised.  A good one player
game, a suberb (and infinitely fun) multi-player game, Soccer Slam
is the soccer player's long overdue version of "NFL Blitz" 
and "NHL Hitz".

So why a FAQ?  Mostly because I noticed that there didn't seem to be 
one on  So rather than write a FAQ for a game that
1000 other people have all ready covered, I figured I'd be unique :)

(2) Copyright
This FAQ, including its format, wording, and ideas are
copyrighted by Brian (that would be me).  Soccer Slam, all its names,
and so forth are copyrighted by Sega.  Nintendo Gamecube is copyrighted
by Nintendo of America.

This FAQ may not be used on any site, in any publication, in any format
or media without my express WRITTEN consent.  Basically, you can email
me at the contact address below and I'll probably give you permission.
All I request is you ASK first.  And if you want to use this FAQ to 
make money, I can tell you now - forget about it.

(3) Version History

v 1.0 - this version.  The first version.  It will be revised.
        Added codes, basics, and items

v 1.5 - added the Spirit, Subzero, and El Fuego team profiles

v 2.0 - added Volta, Toxic, and Tsunami team profiles

(4) The Basics

(A) Basic Controls

You can't expect to succeed if you don't know the basics.  The game 
controls are pretty basic and straight forward (although there is a 
surprising amount of strategy once you learn the basics).  One of the
very appealing aspects of this game is the fact that just knowing the
basics, you can pick up the controller and play.  Below are the 
default basic controls.

A: Pass
B: Shoot
Y: Protect the ball from steals
X: Deke a defender
R: Turbo Run (meter in the upper right)
L: Team specific power up (individual)
R + Hold A: Lob pass (when your Killer Kick Meter is full, it will set
            high pass to perform your Killer Shot)

A: Change Players
B: Hit opponent
Y: Protect yourself from a hit
X: Slide tackle to steal
R: Turbo (meter in the upper right)
L: Team specific power up (individual)

Easy, right?  We'll get into strategies later in the FAQ.  This will 
get you started.  Next, I'll go through the game modes (note:  because
this is something basic, and for the sake of time, the descriptions are
taken straight from Sega's web site for the game, with the exception of
listing the different things you can practice in "Practice Mode")

(B) Game Modes

In this mode, you'll get right to the field and into the heart 
of the action, but you'll have to give up choosing your team, 
venue, and weather conditions (clear, fog, rain, or snow) 
for the sake of your speedy start. You have total control 
of your game selections in the other modes.

Pummel a friend, or beat down the computer opponent in Exhibition 
Mode. Once you select your team and venue, it's time to step up 
and earn your bragging rights. If you're the away team you'll 
kick off first.

Select your team of rabble-rousers and play your own five-day 
round robin tournament engaging in up to 15 games. Rankings 
are updated throughout based on records and goals scored 
and the team in first place after the fifth day wins the 
Tourney Championship.

The journey to the Continental Cup is one you'll go alone. 
Select your favorite team for the 10-round tourneys and go 
on to the playoffs. Along the way you'll pick up cash for 
your victories to beef up your stellar players with even 
more hard-core skills. Each team player has three quest 
items to look for which will increase their skill levels 
not only in this mode but others as well.

If you're going to bring the heat on the field, you've got to 
get your striking, passing, stealing, and of course killer kicks 
up to pro level. Take some time out for 16 rapid-fire lessons 
so you can lead your team to victory.

The 16 different practice sessions are:

(1) Passing
(2) Give and Go Pass
(3) Volley Passes
(4) Give and Go Volley Pass
(5) Aiming Passes
(6) Turbo
(7) Steals
(8) Hits
(9) Dekes
(10) Protecting
(11) Shooting
(12) Flip Shits
(13) One Timers
(14) One Timer Volley Shots
(15) Spotlight Shots
(16) Killer Kicks

(C) How To Play (or, what the heck am I doing?)

Like I mentioned above, the game is simple enough that you can just
pick up the controller and play.  For the sake of people who don't play
sports games often, lets go through the basic mechanics of gameplay.

Learn it, love it, you'll need to be a pro at passing.  When you have
the ball, you'll notice two different arrows - a flashing one and a
outline.  When you pass, the ball will go in the direction of the 
flashing arrow.  To peform a "Give and Go", press the A button after 
you first pass the ball (before it gets to who you are passing to).
As soon as the ball reaches the first player he/she will pass it right
back again.  Very useful for setting up one timers.

You can't win if you can't score, and you can't score if you can't

   Basic Shot:  Tap B to shoot.  If you hold down the B button, you
                will power up your shot.  You can aim the shot by
                pressing the control stick in the direction you want
                the ball to go in.  So if you want to shoot to the
                lower left, press the stick down and left.

   One Timer:	To hit a one timer, pass the ball to your shooter.  As
		the ball is traveling towards them, tap the B button.
		If done correctly, a one timer will occur.  Very useful
		(and the easiest way) for scoring and beating the

   Spotlight Shot:  Occasionally, when you control the ball in the 
		    offensive half of the field, you will see a
		    spotlight with your team logo appear.  If you
                    shoot from the spotlight, you will get a 
		    "Matrix" like slowdown and a red target to aim
                    the shot.  Very cool.

   Killer Shot:	As you perform combos, steals, hits, etc., you will
		notice your power meter at the bottom of the screen fills
		up.  When this is full "Killer Kick" will start
		flashing.  When you see this, you can perform the
		"Killer Shot".  Hold down the R button and hold A.  The
		player controlling the ball will lob a pass high into
		the air, and a green cone of light will appear on the
		field.  Move your player into that cone and press B.
		A "Matrix" like sequence will occur, allowing you to
		aim the shot.  If done correctly, you will see a
		spectacular rocket shot.  If aimed correctly, you will
		actually score ;)  

(D) The Game Menus

In this section, I'll quickly discuss the game options (they are pretty
self explanatory, however).

Game Settings
Difficulty:  Sets the diffculty of the computer, from "I want to win
by 20 goals" (Novice) to "Learn to call the computer 'Daddy' (Expert)

Half Time:  Sets how long each half is (1-10 minutes)

Game Speed: Fast, Slow, Normal (do I REALLY need to explain this?)

Goalie Control: On - CPU, Off - you control him/her/it

Rumble Motor:  Do you want to feel the hits?

Items:  When you purchase items in Quest Mode (items discussed below)
	you can use them in the other modes if this is set to "on".

Save and Exit:  What do you think it means?

Camera Settings
Cam Position:  Where you see the action from.  Sounds useless until you
	       can't see around the goal in some of the stadiums you

Zoom:  Initially set to "5".  How close do you want to be to the field

Killer Kick Camera:  If it is set to be on, you will zoom in on the
		     Killer Shots.  Good for taunting human opponents.

Spotlight Camera:    See "Killer Kick Camera", as it's the same notion.

Auto Replay:  Another good taunting tool.  Set it to on to see all the
	      glory of your goals (and alternatively, to see when you
	      screw up).

Control Configuration
If you don't like the way the controller is set up, you can change the
buttons around, or you can choose from two other preset configurations.

If you have a username, see your record with it.


(5) The Teams

(A) El Fuego

With the Jungle Canopy as their home field, make sure to bring your
machete with you!

Perhaps one of the more well balanced teams in the game, El Fuego is a
fiery combination of a Mexican Wrestler, an Agentinian soccer legend, 
and a Brazilian black belt.  All are formidable individually, but together
they form a fireball that cannot be stopped.  Speaking of fireballs, they
have the unique ability to power-up into a speedy fireball.

  El Diablo
  Literally, "The Devil", El Diablo is a former professional wrestler from
  Mexico.  Hiding his face behind a mask, he strikes fear into the
  hearts of his opponents.  Although events leading up to it are hazy, he
  was scarred in a fight with chicken as a child.  His size, as expected,
  makes him less apt to steal or be speedy, but he can hit with the best 
  of them.  To augment this, his items (horns, wristbands, and his belt) 
  will help his stealing and speed, and make make him a much fiercer - if
  that is possible - hitter.

  Rico is the son of an Aregentian soccer god, and therefore believes that 
  in addition to himself, soccer is the center of the universe.  In so far
  as his town goes, this is true -- without him, La Plata would be an
  unknown place.  An incredibly well balanced player, he is good at all
  aspects of the game.  Unfortunately, this plays against him, he is good,
  but not spectacular at everything.  In order to help him out, you can
  buy items to increase his skills at hitting, shooting, and speed.

  A dancer turned martial artist/soccer player, Madeira is a Brazilian
  that doesn't know the word "quit".  Because of her dancing and martial
  arts background, Madeira is exceptionally quick.  Sadly, because of her
  tiny size, she may be quick and agile, but her power is lacking.  To
  compensate, the soccer shop has items to enhance her hitting.    

(B) Subzero

Pack your long john's, kids -- we're off to the Alpen Castle to meet Subzero.

Perhaps the hardest hitting team in the game, Subzero is a force to be reckoned 
With two huge bruisers and a small quick girl, they will knock you down and score
before you even realized what happened.  As if this weren't bad enough, using the 
powerup of ice, they will leave you feeling the frigid sting of picking the ball 
out of your own net.

  Perhaps more aptly named "Half-Ton", this British punk would as soon 
  tear your head off as score a goal.  Just by looking at him, one can
  tell his forte is hitting and shooting.  And just as equally obvious
  are his weaknesses -- stealing and speed.  While it is a scary thought
  that the soccer shop sells not one but TWO items to increase his
  hitting, you can increase his speed as well.

  Madly devoted to Mother Russia, Kiril is the cream of the ex-cosmonaut
  crop.  Large, steadfast, and he is on a mission to prove the superiority
  of Subzero and Russia to the rest of the soccer playing world.  Although
  lacking in the speed and stealing departments, his hitting, shooting,
  and passing are second to none.  Add his items to inprove his speed,
  passing and stealing abilities, and he is almost...unstoppable.

  A club loving, highly energetic girl, Lola is a small town girl who
  moved to Berlin early in life.  A incredible defender, her speed and
  stealing make her the quickest on the team.  This is compensated by
  her lack of shooting and hitting skills.  Thankfully, one can buy some
  fashionable accessories to improve her hitting, shooting, and stealing

(C) Spirit

Hidden deep in the desert, team Spirit will vex you at their Tribal Oasis.
Be sure to pack plenty of water!

Bringing together different spiritual forces from three corners of Africa,
Spirit is very proficient at shot combos.  A unique combination of speed
and shooting, opponents should be very wary of what they can (and can't)
see happening right in front of them.

  A Nigerian voted 7 years in a row "Female Athlete of the Year", she has
  abs that most guys would envy.  After starting starting Africa's all
  woman high altitude, multi-sport training grounds, soccer seemed the
  way to go.  Another excellent all around player, her one fault is her
  speed.  But her items improve her speed and passing, which makes her a
  formidable force.

  A mysterious Kenyan with even more mysterious origins -- no one is quite
  sure where is he from.  All that IS known is he uses magic.  A fairly
  tall individual, his aerial shots are spectacular.  Also and not bad at
  hitting, he suffers greatly in the passing and speed department.  
  Although his passing can be helped with his soccer shop items, his speed
  is something that has to be lived with.

  A South African with a love of surfing, Kaimani seems to be able to 
  predict the future, even on the soccer field.  Fighting the sharks and
  getting slammed with waves has made him a strong Kahuna -- unfortunately
  they didn't help his stealing or speed.  But he can lay out most
  anybody and hit some serious hard shots.  Hit the soccer shop to  get
  items to improve his speed, passing, and stealing.

(D) Volta

Be prepared to be shocked by Volta's Riviera Ruins Stadium.

Although "Team Ego" would be a good nickname for Volta, there is no denying
the skills Volta's members possess.  A Scottish Boxer (I dare you to make
fun of his kilt), a snooty Frenchman who likes to smack camera men around,
and an Italian superstar who has the best hair in the known world (if you 
ask him) will take you to town with their unmatched speed combined with
the strength of a man in a skirt.

  He's cocky.  He's bald.  He's French.  Perhaps one of my personal
  favorite characters, Arsenault learned his trade in the city of Nice
  (side note - I got lost in Nice several years ago and true to my
  American form, located a McDonalds).  He is fast as
  greased lightning, but he can't shoot or hit to save his life. 
  You can Improve his shooting, stealing, and speed with the help of his
  store items.

  At first glance, Angus might seem like a distant cousing of William
  Wallace, but is much more dangerous.  Behind his Scottish lilt and 
  attitude lurks a powerful soccer player.  A good all around player, but
  particularly strong and fast.  In the great balances of life, however, 
  his shooting is horrible.  Buy him Scottish accessories at the store to
  enhance his hitting, stealing and shooting.

  Ask him - he's the best player in the league.  He does have the best hair
  in the league, however.  In terms of soccer playing abilities, Dante is
  hellishly (get it?  Dante, Hell?  Nevermind.) good at almost everything
  except passing.  Unfortunately you have to live with that, as his items
  only improve his speed and shooting.

(E) Tsunami

Keep a look out for the hula girls, palm trees, and white sands at
Tsunami's Pacific Atoll home field.

One the more odd combinations of teams -- an Australian, a Japanese girl, 
and a Hawaiian, Tsunami is the most accurate team in the league in terms
of shooting.

  Kahuna is the kind of guy who would go bungee jumping, hit his head on
  the ground, then go do it again.  It is this kind of mentality that makes
  him a fearsome hitter.  Throw in the fact he is a heckuva shooter and it
  is just down right scary.  Thankfully, you have about a year to get out
  his way, thanks to his incredible lack of speed.

  No no, not the old Bengal's quarterback.  Boomer is an Australian from
  the Outback who can't say no to the pub, kangaroos, or meat pie.  Like
  Kahuna, he has a bazooka for a shot, and you'll know it when he hits you.
  Thankfully, he is also slow -- you would be too with a spare tire like
  his.  His speed, stealing, and passing are all improveable, with the help
  of his Cup Quest items.

  Convinced, COMPLETELY convinced, technology is the answer to the world's
  problems.  One would tend to agree with her when party to speed, 
  shooting, or hitting (thanks to jets, boosters, and a metal arm
  available at your local soccer store).  The technological wonder she
  is, Rumiko is an all around player -- good at just about everything
  except passing (c'mon!  There may be no "I" in team but there is
  a "Me"...).

(F) Toxic

Make sure to bring your Geiger Counter and lead suit -- you'll need them at
Toxic's home field...THE REACTOR CORE.

Who could have thought a self-centered jock, a militant eco-protector, and a
whiz kid of the First Nations could have made a lethal soccer team?  With a
passing ability that is tough to match, team Toxic can make it down field in
a blink.  Unfortunately, with the exception of Duke, the team lacks in real
muscular strength.

  Duke is your typical jock - big, strong, and always gets to date the head
  cheerleader.  One gets the feeling that he fit in quite well in his college
  fraternity.  It should be no surprise he is a native Californian.  As one
  would expect, Duke is quite good at hitting a shooting, but will need the
  help of his store items to improve his speed, stealing, and passing.

  When one thinks "A+ Honor Student", Nova should jump right to mind.  He has
  a mental prowess like no other.  Unlike Duke, Nova prefers to use his speed,
  stealing skills, and passing abilities to dazzle opponents.  Those who can
  see through this know Nova is horrible at shooting and hitting.  Sadly, there
  is nothing you can do to help his strength, but you can improve his shooting
  and passing abilities with the help of store items.

  A shaved headed, vegetable loving rebel, Raine is a little trouble maker.  She
  is super super fast, an excellent passer, and a great stealer.  Sadly, her 
  strength in these skills has caused her power and shooting to get neglected, so
  she is not so great in those areas.  Both those and her stealing can be improved
  with a little boost from the store, however.

(6) Strategies

Next Version!

(7) Items / Player Upgrades

Team: El Fuego
El Diablo:
  a) Demon Fiesta Horns -- Enhances stealing, $500
  b) Wrestling Wrist Bands -- Enhances hitting, $100
  c) Trophy Belt -- Enhances speed, $900

  a) Rough 'Em Up Wristbands -- Enhances hitting, $600
  b) Smokin' Shinpads -- Enhances shooting, $700
  c) Fireball Earring -- Enhances speed, $200

  a) Sizzling Arm Guards -- Enhances hitting, $400
  b) Blazing Backpack -- Enhances stealing, $600
  c) Smoldering Shipads -- Enhances hitting, $500

Team:  Subzero
Half Pint:
  a) Anarchy Armbands -- Enhances hitting, $700
  b) Ear Spikes -- Enhaces speed, $300
  c) Hefty Helmet -- Enhances hitting, $500

  a) Hard Core Cuffs --  Enhances hitting, $400
  b) Rave-Star Necklace -- Enhances shooting, $300
  c) Bad Girl Backpack -- Enhances stealing, $800

  a) Mighty Medals -- Enhances speed, $1000
  b) Military Hat -- Enhances passing, $200
  c) Storming Shinpads -- Enhances stealing, $300

Team: Spirit
  a) Haunted Hair Pins -- Enhances speed, $300
  b) Bootylicious Bracelets -- Enhances passing, $500
  c) Eerie Earrings -- Enhances passing, $700

  a) Paranormal Turtle Pads -- Enhances stealing, $800
  b) Spirited Sandals -- Enhances speed, $600
  c) Supernatural Seashells -- Enhances passing, $100

  a) Voodoo Mask -- Enhances passing, $900
  b) Charmed Skull -- Enhances passing, $400
  c) Netherworld Kneepads -- Enhances shooting, $200

Team:  Volta
  a) Sturdy Shield -- Enhances hitting, $700
  b) Lightning Lance -- Enhances stealing, $600
  c) Tartan Tassels -- Enhances shooting, $300

  a) High Voltage Cufflinks -- Enhances speed, $400
  b) Striking Shinpads -- Enhances shooting, $400
  c) Light-Speed Earrings -- Enhances speed, $600

  a) Electric Earring -- Enhances shooting, $200
  b) Supercharged Shinpads -- Enhances stealing, $500
  c) High-Voltage Flask -- Enhances speed, $800

Team: Tsunami
  a) Shark Tooth Wristband -- Enhances passing, $200
  b) Shark Bite Shins -- Enhances stealing, $1000
  c) Turbo Towel -- Enhances speed, $300

  a) Robotic Arm -- Enhances hitting, $600
  b) Hydraulic Boosters -- Enhances shooting, $400
  c) Fusion Jet Pack -- Enhances speed, $500

  a) 'Roo Ring -- Enhances stealing, $200
  b) Crocodile Claws -- Enhances speed, $700
  c) Reptile Hat -- Enhances passing, $600

Team:  Toxic
  a) Camouflage Cap -- Enhances stealing, $400
  b) Eco-Warrior Weapon -- Enhances hitting, $500
  c) Veggie Power Pack -- Enhances shooting, $600

  a) All Star Helmet -- Enhances speed, $900
  b) Champion Cuffs -- Enhances passing, $200
  c) Superstar Shinpads -- Enhances stealing, $400

  a) Handy Hip Pack -- Enhances stealing, $200
  b) Crazy Calculator -- Enhances shooting, $500
  c) Contact Lenses -- Enhances stealing, $800

Being done typing the items (it got old after awhile) -- PRICELESS.  

(8) Codes

Yes, there are codes.  Officially, they are discoverable by buying the
artwork in the Quest mode.  Simply view the art and zoom in.  The codes
are sorted by team in the order the teams are described in (6).  Input
them at the title screen.

El Fuego
Cheat:  Eyeball Ball
Discovered: El Fuego Art #2

Cheat:  Black Box Ball
Discovered: El Fuego Art #3

Cheat:  Big Hits Code
Discovered: El Fuego Art #5
Code: L, R, UP, UP, X, Y    

Cheat:  Kids Play Ball
Discovered:  Subzero Art #2
Code: R, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, X, Y

Cheat:  Kid's Block Ball
Discovered: Subzero Art #3

Cheat:  Big Head Mode
Discovered: Subzero Art #4
Code: R< L, UP, UP, Y, Y

Cheat:  Earth Ball
Discovered: Spirit Art #2

Cheat:  Rusty Can Ball
Discovered: Spirit Art#3
Code: R, LEFT, UP, UP, Y, Y

Cheat:  Max Power Mode
Discovered: Spirit Art #4
Code: L, R, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, Y

Cheat:  Infinite Spotlight Mode
Discovered: Volta Art #1
Code: L, R, DOWN, RIGHT, Y, X

Cheat:  Old School Ball
Discovered: Volta Art #2

Cheat:  Beach Ball
Discovered: Tsunami Art #2

Cheat:  Crate Ball
Discovered: Tsunami Art #3

Cheat:  Infinite Turbo
Discovered: Tsunami Art #5
Code: L, R, RIGHT, UP, X, X

Cheat:  Modern Film Mode
Discovered: Toxic Art #2

Cheat:  Classic Film Mode
Discovered: Toxic Art #3

(9) Credits

The creators of the game, for finally realizing soccer is a contact sport, and
putting out a much needed arcade soccer game.

Nintendo, for the same reasons.

The websites I visited when I discovered my information was spotty - they made
this beginning FAQ much more solid.

As always, I'm always open to suggestions/idea/information to put in the FAQ.  You
can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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