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*                       - Version 1.7 -                               *
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   Some games are awesome right from the very start. Others, you have to 
play for awhile before you see their true beauty. Shadowman falls into 
the latter category. This game is pretty average, but with some nice 
ideas, for about the first four of five hours. Once you get into the 
Fire Temple, watch out, this game starts to get amazing! We're talking 
huge landscapes, incredible item usage, clever scenarios, unique 
enemies, awesome plot and character development, and best of all, 
roughly 50-60 hours of NON-LINEAR GAMEPLAY. You heard me right. This 
game is just so non-linear, it isn't even funny. And it's REALLY long...

And that ends my mini-review that I always have at the start of each of 
my guides. :p

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Revision History/Updates
2) Important Legal Disclaimers 
3) Story
   - Backdrop
   - Characters
4) Items 
5) The Map
6) Walkthrough
   - Louisiana Swamplands
   - Marrow Gates
   - Wasteland
   - Asylum: Gateway
   - Cathedral of Pain
   - Temple of Fire: Thinking
   - Temple of Fire: Muscle
   - Asylum: Cageways
   - Asylum: Playrooms
   - Temple of Prophecy
   - Assembling L'Eclipser
   - Asylum: Lava Ducts
   - Temple of Blood
   - Asylum: Undercity
   - Mordant Street: Newyork
   - Downtown Station: London
   - Gardelle Prison: Texas
   - Engine Block 
   - Final Boss: Legion
7) F.A.Q
8) Secrets/Cheats
9) Enemies
10) Credits
11) Contact Information

"The creators of this game are Satanic I tell you! Satanic!!"


Version 1.7 (October 18th, 1999):
- Changed "Dark Soul 8" of the Temple of Prophecy
- New addition to the "Secrets / Cheats" section; look at the very 
- Two new people to the "Credits" section.
- Added a new site to the list of sites that can have my FAQs (this only 
applies to PC games, not consoles)

Version 1.5 (October 14th, 1999):

- Added Accumulator III to the Gardelle Jail section (look at the very 
- Added Dark Soul 13 to the Wasteland.
- Added Evil Sponge to the "Credits" section.
- I need information on Dark Soul # 121
- I also need to know how to get the alternative (and supposedly better) 

Version 1.4 (October 12th, 1999): 
Since you are all my faithful servants, you will diligently read these 
updates. If you will do otherwise, why are you here? 
- Changed the format of the "Walkthrough" and "Story" sections to make 
it much easier to read. I think I will use this in future 
least, large ones.
- Updated the "F.A.Q" section with one question.
- Changed the "Contact Information" section. I will also use this in 
future FAQs.
- Finally, a request. In my walkthrough, I have all the Dark Souls in 
the game...except for one. This single Dark Soul is mysteriously hidden 
in the "Deadside: Wasteland" level. If anyone could send the information 
in, I would appreciate it, because I've searched the level up and down 
for several hours with nothing found. 

Version 1.0 (September 29th, 1999): 
Sorry for the delayed update, but the Dreamcast has stolen my soul 
(sorry for the pun). Ahhh...Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure...that's 
all I really need.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Shadowman. Here are the updates: 
- Added all Souls to Lava Ducts
- Added all Souls to Blood Temple
- Fixed various mistakes
- Added a person to the credits section
- Cleared out my e-mail box after two hours of reading/replying
- Hey...this game is coming to the Dreamcast soon. I hear it has two 
extra levels...who knows? I might need to rent it when it comes out. 

Version 0.99 (September 19th, 1999): 
Darn it! Everytime I type a vertical line, it shows up in the browser as 
a question mark...I think I may have fixed it this time. Let us see...


If the above turns into a row of question marks...someone is going to 
die. :p

Version 0.9 (September 17th, 1999): 
I've been on a little hiatus, but I'm back now. There are several things 
to address in this update...First off, revisions

- Added "Mordant Street: Newyork"
- Added "Subway Station: London"
- Added "Gardelle Jail: Texas"
- Added "Asylum: Engine Block"
- Added "Last Boss: Legion"
- Made several additions to the Undercity (e.g. the Retractor)
- Added the Violator to the Playrooms
- Updated the item descriptions in the Item Section.
- Many new questions to FAQ section

Second, things I want to find out

- If you add up all the Dark Souls from the Teddy Bear Screen, you get 
125 instead of 120. Isn't that funny!
- I have gotten, on numerous occasions, e-mail messages telling me how 
so and so author has gotten an EXTRA Dark Soul on a particular level. 
E.g. 13 out of 12 Dark Souls in the Asylum: Gateways...any truth to back 
this up? 

Lastly, requests I need/want

- Information on collecting more than 120 souls
- And, finally, I need Dark Souls!! Anything with "????" under it I have 
no idea whatsoever how to find it! I need your help here...the levels I 
need Dark Souls are: Temple of Blood and Asylum: Lava Ducts. That is 

Version 0.07 (September 12th, 1999): 
The coolest thing about this update is the fact that I finally got the 
map I asked for! It appears at, and I also made an 
entire section in this FAQ about it...

- New Section About the Map (check Table of Contents above)
- Added new walkthroughs for Playrooms, Temple of Prophecy, Lava Ducts, 
Assembling the L'Eclipser, Temple of Blood, and the Undercity.
- Added all Souls for Asylum: Gateways. 
- Added all Souls for Fire Temple: Muscle
- New cheats in "Cheats" section.
- New people in "Credits" section.
- Added a question/answer to the FAQ
- Added two more enemies to "Enemy" section
- Changed the name of the "Vampire" to the "Mummygun"
- When I have an item/Dark Soul with "????" below it, I have no idea 
where it is.... 

Version 0.5 (September 10th, 1999):
Wow...I knew Shadowman was popular, but my e-mail box is overflowing! I 
haven't answered this much mail since Zelda V came out! :) 

OK, OK new stuff. I fixed many mistakes in a few sections (Enemy, Legal, 
Deadside: Wasteland area, especially the "Temple of Life", where I 
messed up on the numbering of the "Dark Souls"). I have all Dark Souls 
for "Louisiana Swamp". I added the following levels to the walkthrough: 
Asylum -- Gateway, Cathedral of Pain, Fire Temple, and Cageways. Next 
time, I will have many of the missing Dark Souls filled in, and at the 
very least, up to the TEMPLE OF PROPHECY.

Version 0.3 (September 8th, 1999):
First release! I'm having a bit of trouble managing my playing time of 
Shadowman with school -- plus writing walkthroughs (yes, plural, I'm 
working on another one as we speak). This game is pretty complicated, 
and I feel it will be a good challenge for me in terms of making this 
FAQ concise. We can only hope... 

I also have a request! You know that little map that comes with the 
game? If someone could take a digital photograph and send it to me, I 
could post in on and give credit to you. I would prefer 
.GIF or .JPG...Thanks.


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Why? Because those are the only four sites that can keep my FAQs 
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I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they 
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to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great 
job, guys and gals. 

I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I 
get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even 
though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in 
the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc. 
I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g. 
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Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright 
their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with 
Nintendo/Sega/Sony nor any companies that were/are involved with this 

This document is © 1999 marshmallow
All rights reserved


I took this entire section from the Shadowman Instruction Booklet, as I 
thought it was written well. Please don't sue me Acclaim ;)

                       This is the Deadside,
                       the wasteland, the nothing
                       beyond bone-backed gates.
                       Here is the true darkness
                       at the heart of all things
                       is made real.
                       What we see in death's domain
                       is as void as a dead man's gaze, as cold
                       as the light from a dying star.

There is a place beyond death, where every soul that has ever shuffled 
off this mortal coil finds its spiritual home. It is a place that has no 
boundaries, no hope, no past, and no future, trapped as it is in an 
unending present. A country of the dead, where the massed ranks of 
billions upon billions of souls range across a limitless expanse to a 
dead horizon, shuffling through the echoing halls of vast, funeral 
palaces, trudging over blasted plains, putrid with morbid vegetation. 

                   This is the place known as Deadside.

For thousands of years, the Shadowmen have protected the world of the 
living against threats crossing over from the spiritual plane known as 
Deadside -- the place where everyone goes, without exception, when they 

Michael LeRoi is the current heir to the mysteries of this ancient 
lineage -- bearer of the Mask of Shadows. When darkness falls, he 
becomes the Walker Between the Worlds, Immortal Voodoo Warrior, Taker of 
Souls, Lord of Deadside...


========================= CHARACTERS ===================================


Mike LeRoi is our hero's real world persona. Originally from New 
Orleans, 32 year old Mike is a victim of his own weaknesses. 

Having flunked his course and spent his remaining college fund on drink 
and gambling, this failed English literature student worked as a taxi 
driver in Chicago, keeping secret his failure from his family. That was 
until one day in 1991 when one of Mike's passengers was executed in a 
gang-style killing, leaving $20,000 in the back of his taxi.

Mike took the money and returned home, paying for his little brother 
Luke's much-needed-operation and lavishing gifts upon his family with 
hew new-founded "wealth." Unfortunately though, the gang was onto Mike 
and tracked him down to New Orleans issuing death threats against him. 

In desperation Mike sought out a Bokor -- a voodoo priest -- to give him 
protection against the gang's attacks. This worked out, but far too 
well. The gang decided to call in their debt by staging a drive-by 
shooting on the car in which Mike and his family were traveling. Mike's 
parents and his little brother were killed, but somehow Mike survived.

Upon recovering from a coma and near-fatal injuries, Mike lost his 
memory and was drawn into the New Orleans' underworld by the Bokor, the 
secret price for his protection being a curse on Mike that made him 
Bokor's zombie slave. Working under the pseudonym "Zero", the amnesiac 
Mike acted as a hit-man for the Bokor, unaware of his true identity.

One night, Mama Nettie -- a powerful but dying voodoo priestess stormed 
into Bokor's bar -- the Wild at Heart. Taking Mike into the back room, 
she summoned her remaining powers to forcibly implant the Mask of the 
Shadows, a powerful voodoo artifact, into Mike's chest to turn him into 
Shadowman -- the supreme zombi-warrior-slave now under Nettie's control.

Nettie has since regained her powers and taken the Bokor's soul, leaving 
the Wild at Heart in Mike's ownership. Mike has regained something too -
- his memory, which now torments him. As the immortal Shadowman under 
Nettie's control, he can not simply end his suffering. Until he can 
break Nettie's spell he is forced to obey her command and somehow seek 
some kind of atonement for his sins...

Nettie is a powerful voodoo priestess  who created the Mask of Shadows 
and therefore controls the bearer of it -- Mike LeRoi. Although she 
appears to be in her mid-20's, Nettie is in fact centuries old, her soul 
simply inhabiting the body of a young woman who unfortunately became 
involved in Nettie's schemes.

Although incredibly powerful, Nettie cannot travel to Deadside, the 
world of the Dead, which is why she needs her 'assistant' Jaunty and 
particularly the Shadowman, a warrior that can cross between the worlds 
and fight battles in Deadside for her.

There is another side to the relationship that exists between Nettie and 
the Shadowman. Shadowman must become "romantically involved" with Nettie 
(on a regular basis), giving his Shadowpowers to her in order to sustain 
her youthful form (marshmallow's note: That lucky bastard!)

Nettie is one of the two characters in the game that Mike or Shadowman 
may "talk" to. Her purpose in the game is to provide Mike with various 
items that unlock certain areas of the game (such as Luke's Teddy Bear, 
which allows Mike to travel to Deadside), as well as assisting his quest 
by giving him "advice." 
This advice is always based upon what she knows of the voodoo prophecy 
that the Shadowman must fulfill. Having never really experienced 
Deadside in the way that Jaunty and Shadowman have, her speeches are 
therefore mystical allusions to be unraveled, rather than direction 
references and commands.


Jaunty is Nettie's "assistant" in Deadside, the unfortunate victim of a 
kidnapping, an occult experiment that went somewhat awry, and a bungled 
deal with a voodoo priestess.

Walking back home from the pub late one night in his hometown of Dublin, 
Jaunty was passing the University and decided to take a small...break. 
Unfortunately for him, a small group of students dabbling with the 
occult kidnapped him and ritually sacrificed him as part of their 

Jaunty would have been condemned to an eternity in Deadside had it not 
been for Mama Nettie, who spoke to him from across the veil and 
convinced him to join her, to be her eyes and ears in Deadside. The 
reward: a new body and a chance to "live" again.

The specifics of the deal could not be thoroughly worked out, for Jaunty 
appears in Deadside as combination of a serpent with a skull for a head 
while wearing a farmer's hat. His real world body being that of a 
disfigured dwarf. In either incarnation, Jaunty is not a pretty sight, 
and is not much of a fighter either -- hence Mama Nettie's need for the 

In the adventure, Jaunty is in Deadside guarding the Marrow Gates -- the 
entrance to the world of the Dead -- awaiting the Shadowman. Jaunty is 
the other character that Shadowman may seek out and converse with. His 
role is to reinforce and clarify the advice that Nettie gives.

(marshmallow's note: haha! This guy is hilarious and provides the comedy 
relief for the game. With his strange appearance and Irish accent, 
you'll be as giggly as a schoolgirl everytime you start a new cinema 
with him)

Legion is an Evil incarnate and is known to many cultures and religions 
throughout time by many names...

                       And he asked him,
                       What is thy name?
                       And he answered, saying,
                       "My name is Legion: for we are many."

Mark Chapter 9, Verse 5


This is obtained from Nettie at the start of the game. You use the 
Handgun in Liveside, Shadowgun in Deadside (until you find a certain 
artifact that allows you to become Shadowman in Liveside...). They both 
have un-limited ammunition capacity. Once you have collected some Dark 
Souls, you can charge up the Shadowgun and shoot more powerful shots. It 
is also the only gun that can "kill" a dead enemy -- or someone with a 
Dark Soul within them (e.g. the five Serial Kills).

A powerful short-range weapon, you can find two of them throughout the 
game, potentially allowing you to have a shotgun in each hand. Collect 
extra shells as you run out.

A submachine gun, collect lots of extra ammo, because it uses them up 
very quickly.

Perhaps the most lethal gun Mike can use, this shoots a lot of bullets 
per second, but each pak of ammo has a lot of rounds, and it is very 

These will re-fill your life meter, and can be found in barrels/pots. 
Also, if you kill an enemy with the Shadowgun, you will almost always 
obtain one.

Appearing in pots and barrels, these small skulls will refill your magic 
meter that allows you to use magic items.

These small orange objects can be found literally everywhere. Hundreds 
litter both Deadside and Liveside, and in the grand scheme of things, 
you can offer them to the great God Loa -- for every 100, she will give 
you one more unit on your life meter. The mighty Loa makes her home in 
the TEMPLE OF LIFE, which is found in the WASTELAND.

This is the first item you have in your inventory -- you have access to 
it at the very start of the game. It contains very detailed information 
on the FIVE SERIAL KILLERS that play a large part in the plot of the 
game. See my separate, "Notes and Letters" FAQ for a complete copy of 

Another letter, this time from a previous Shadowman. See my separate, 
"Notes and Letters" FAQ for a complete copy of it.

The Gads are tattoos with magical powers that will allow you to perform 
special actions -- you can acquire one in each of the three temples. The 
TOUCHER GAD, found in the Fire Temple, allows you to touch flames 
without being damaged. MARCHER GAD, found in the Temple of Prophecy, 
allows you to walk over streams of lava. NAGER GAD, found in the TEMPLE 
OF BLOOD, allows you to swim in the acid lakes. 

These clawed gloves allow you to climb up the waterfalls of blood that 
you occasionally find across the land. It is located in the FIRE TEMPLE: 

A rattle made out of a backbone and human skull, it will shoot roaring 
fireballs at your enemy. and uses some magic. This is found in the 

A large knife found in the TEMPLE OF LIFE of the WASTELAND, you can 
shoot powerful rays with this as well as slam it down the pedestals with 
little glowing marks on them. When you do this, it will transport you to 
the next pedestal in the area. There are only two pedestals in a single 

A skeletal arm holding a glowing orb, this mystical item acts a torch, 
and if fired, will burn down the white sheets with a red fire symbol on 
them. Quite powerful as a weapon! Uses magic, and is found near the 
bridge that leads to FIRE TEMPLE: THINKING.

This jawbone will send shockwaves in all directions when used, and it 
also allows you to pound the drums you find sometimes to open 
doors...Uses magic and is housed in the TEMPLE OF PROPHECY.

These bombs can blow open the gray plates you see across the land. Not 
required to beat the game, but it certainly makes it easier. Found in 

Deflects enemy projectile attacks. You can also use this shield while 
firing another weapon! Uses magic and is found in the WASTELAND through 
a Coffin Gate that requires a Shadowpower of SIX.

Allows you to light up areas in Liveside only.

Allows you to open doors in the prison of the Liveside.

A small, lightweight machine gun that fits over your arm, it fires 
razors at the speed of lightening; it can rip apart the most vicious 
enemies within seconds. One is found in the Playrooms, the other behind 
Coffin Gate 10, which is in the Marrow Gates. 

Large, black power cells found in various Liveside areas. Use them to 
open the casing surrounded the VIOLATOR, which is found in Playrooms.

At the very start of the game, you saw Jack scribbling in his diary. 
With this, you can peer into this book...

Found in the Asylum -- allows you to open security doors.

Once you activate a cheat  you 
will store them in this book. 

Small, orange, spherical objects supported by sticks. Shoot it with the 
Shadowgun to release the Dark Soul within...the trick, though, is to 
reach and obtain the Soul itself.

An item of concentrated evil, these purple objects are what Stars are to 
Super Mario 64, Jigsaws to Banjo-Kazooie, keys to get the 

These block passageways all over Deadside. You'll need a certain amount 
of Dark Souls to pass -- the amount shown by the amount of blocks on the 
gate that are colored purple. If you think you have enough, step up to 
the stone in front of it and press the action button. 

This gruesome little item will "open up" a schism, which are those cut-
up torsos you find in the Cathedral of Pain. See the "F.A.Q" section for 
more information.

Given to you by Mama Nettie, this is your dead younger brother's beloved 
Teddy Bear. Filled with bullet holes and spikes, it allows you to travel 
to Deadside. As you travel to new areas, your "memories" will be "re-
activated", and you can use the Teddy Bear to travel to them easily. For 
example, once you enter the Cathedral of Pain, the Teddy bear icon 
flashes on screen. If you were to go to the Teddy Bear screen, you would 
be able to travel to this location anytime. By the time you get to the 
end, you can travel to almost any location very easily. 


For those of you who didn't receive the map, or lost it, you can view an 
image of it at: No 
need to thank me...It shows the relative locations of almost every 
object in the game, plus the Coffin Gates and how much shadowpower you 
need to break past them, etc., etc. 


Shadowman is a titanic sized game...colossal...enormous...and it is, 
unfortunately for all FAQ writers, very non-linear. As such, you won't 
be seeing a lot of text-only FAQs for this game. In fact, if you're 
really stuck, you might have to  buy the Official Shadowman 
Strategy Guide™! With that said, I will try my best to make each 
walkthrough very concise and as detailed as I physically can. Note that, 
if you are deep in the game and in need of Dark Souls, scan through the 
different levels, because I will list all the items for a particular 
area in one felt swipe -- I won't switch between the levels constantly. 
As I update this FAQ, I will simply add the items to each level. 

~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ `
~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ ` ~ `

Before we can do anything, we have to sit through a 10 minute 
introductory cinema, split into three parts. The first part takes place 
in Jack the Ripper's home, as he writes in his diaries. A man 
comes into his room, his name being...Legion. It turns out that Jack the 
Ripper is an architect in his spare time, and this Legion fellow is 
interested in him building a titanic cathedral where the souls of the 
damn go and go into this "engine" and be used to open up a path 
to Liveside...more or less, he rambles on like a lunatic. Jack agrees, 
and then commits suicide, enabling him to have access to Deadside...

Next we see Mike LeRoi and Nettie speaking of Dark Souls and the 
upcoming Armageddon. Talk about cheesy voice acting! Regardless, they 
plan to meet the next day in the church of the Louisiana Bayou. 

The last part shows Mike in a boat going through the swamp, talking 
about the Mask of Shadow and how he was responsible for his family's 
death...and our adventure begins as he leaps from the boat onto land.

_______________________                   ______________________________
_______________________ Begin Walkthrough ______________________________ 

======================= LOUISIANA BAYOU ================================

Run forward and jump across the rough terrain. You will soon find a 
wooden bridge going across a river -- if you try to cross it, the middle 
section will fall out -- so instead, jump over it. If you fall for this 
rather cliché trap, don't worry, you can circle back around. You will 
see a dog whom will bark at you, then run away. Follow it by leaping to 
the box and continuing on. You will pass a few run-down shacks with 
items in them -- but you can't access them yet! Haha! After the second 
one, a large gorge will impede your progress. Luckily, a rope runs from 
the second house to the other side, so just climb across. Now in a 
tunnel, continue, and you will find a Cadeaux (orange thingy) up on a 
ledge. Jump to it, and you will grab onto a thin ledge. Shinny to the 
left, and you will find an area to climb up on. Run forward and go 
through the door of the church, and you will initiate the cinema with 
Mama Nettie.

You will speak of the Dark Souls you must collect, and of their 
containers -- the Govi. Blah, blah, blah, the world is going to end. 
Hey, is it me, or did the voice acting suddenly improve with this 
cinema? Hmmm...Mama Nettie hands over LUKE'S TEDDY BEAR and the HANDGUN. 

Getting to Deadside is a piece of cake! Just use the Magic 
 I mean the Teddy Bear, and you will be transported there.

All of the Dark Souls of this area can be gotten once you have assembled 
the Le'Clipser Knife, which will allow you to become Shadowman in 
Liveside. Then you can open the Govi with your Shadowgun! However, you 
can not do this for quite some time, but I digress. 

The first Dark Soul can be found in the small tunnel that is near the 
collapsible bridge.

Using your Teddy Bear, warp to Nettie's church. Go forward and you will 
see one in the corner.

Do the same as Dark Soul 2, and there will be another in the opposite 

In the pile of junk outside Nettie's church, you can find a pedestal to 
slam your BATON into. When you do this, you will warp into a shack with 
a Dark Soul in it. 

In Nettie's yard, you can find a building with a lock on the door. Shoot 
the lock and the door will swing open. You will see a drop, and two 
signs that say "DANGER". Fall down, and you will land into an 
underground lake. Swim forward, and you can either go forward, or to the 
right. Swim to the right, and swim underwater through the confusing, 
twisting tunnel, and you will emerge back above ground. You can see a 
building in front of you -- ignore it, and swim to your right, and swim 
into the hole in the side of the building, and the Dark Soul is there.

On the way to Nettie's Church, you will see a boat in the water, lying 
on its side. Circle around it to find a doorway with some boards over it 
-- shoot the boards and you can go in. When you do go in, you'll fall 
about 20 feet and land in a secret underground passageway. Collect the 
items, and then continue to find a Govi on a high ledge that you could 
only see before.

Read "DARK SOUL 5" on how to reach the underground lake. Once you do, 
you can either go through an underwater tunnel forward or to the right -
- instead of going to the right, go forward. When you emerge, you will 
be able to climb across a ravine via a rope. Once on the other side, you 
can explore two run down shacks. This Dark Soul inhabits one of them -- 
no tricks, just walk up to the Govi and shoot it with the Shadowgun! :)

In the area outside the church is a gray plate with symbols on it, 
located on the ground. Slam the Calabash on it, and the Govi is under 

====================== DEADSIDE: MARROW GATES ========================== 

If you want to know, you can see the name of the area you're in by 
pausing the game and looking at the top of the screen. This will become 
useful when you get deeper into the game...

Go forward and you will eventually reach Jaunty, the gatekeeper to 
Deadside. After a comedic cinema that also shows you the gigantic dark 
tower that has mysteriously appeared in the middle of Deadside, the 
mighty rib cage will swing open, allowing you full access to the world 
of the Dead. On another note, try walking up to Jaunty for another 
cinema -- God, he's hilarious with that accent! :p

Go forward, and you will find an area with three drums and a locked 
door. You can't do anything at this moment, so don't try. Instead, go 
left, and find another large area. Jump over the gap and continue to yet 
another large opening, and your first confrontation with Slasher 
Zombies. Go to the far left and jump on top of the wooden structure, and 
continue. Turn left at the fork, then follow the path to be above one of 
the first areas of Deadside. Carefully jump to the next platform, and 
continue some more until you reach your first Coffin Gate. Go up to the 
block and use the action button to open it. Storm into the room. In the 
center is a large pedestal with a yellow glow coming from it...walk up 
to it and receive the PROPHECY . 

In the room with the PROPHECY, climb the ledges on the walls of the 
cavern to find an area above. You will see the first Coffin Gate that 
requires a Dark Soul. Jump across the nearby bridge gap and you will 
see...a Govi. Shoot it with the powerful Shadowgun, and the power of the 
Dark Soul will be unleashed...walk up to the swirling purple mass to 
obtain it. 

Use the Teddy Bear to warp to the Marrow Gates. Walk to the left, around 
the pillar, and you will find a bloody waterfall. If you have the 
POIGNE, you can climb up the bloodfall and collect a Dark Soul.

After running through the Marrow Gates themselves, turn left in the 
first area. You will find another large area -- an area with a 
bloodfall! Again, if you have the POIGNE, you can go there.

Go to where "DARK SOUL 1" is. Behind it is a fiery block -- if you have 
the TOUCHER GADS you can push the flaming block out of the way to reveal 
a secret chamber. In the center is, yes, a Dark Soul!

======================== DEADSIDE: WASTELAND ===========================

To access the Wasteland, go up to the "Marrow Gates" level and go to the 
location of the "DARK SOUL 1." Open the Coffin Gate (requires 
Shadowpower of 1) and follow the path, and you will reach a gigantic 
bridge -- cross the bridge. 

When you first enter the Wasteland, you will find two corridors ahead -- 
they both lead to a lake comprised entirely of blood. On the shores, you 
will find a single hut, but you can't continue inside, the doorway is 
slanted strangely. Dive into the bloody lake and find an underwater 
(underblood?) tunnel that leads to a room with two Slasher Zombies. Kill 
them both, and walk up to the large, wooden object in the center, and 
use the action button. The cinema will show the entrance to the next 
area change so you can go through. Return to the hut and do so. You can 
see a Govi across the lava, but DO NOT try to get it -- you'll be burned 
alive. Instead, continue to the next area.

Run up the wooden ramp, avoiding the Slasher Zombies, and jump to the 
pedestal, then to the next wooden area, then make yet another leap to 
ANOTHER wooden outcropping. Run into the greenish/blue tunnel to find 
another, similar area. On the opposite side is another tunnel, it leads 
to the Govi you saw before -- and hence, another DARK SOUL is yours...

First go to "DARK SOUL 1." Then return to the area where you had to jump 
to many wooden platforms. Fall down and scan the walls and you will find 
a wooden switch -- use the action button and watch in total amazement 
(not) as a rope extends across the gap. Go there and climb across, 
accessing another area.

Put your Shadowgun away (action button) and jump on the wooden platforms 
that cling to the walls of this room. Jump and clasp onto the narrow 
ledge, and shinny yourself to the very right. Using the camera controls, 
you can see a platform behind you. By default, press UP on the analog 
stick, and "A" to jump backwards and land safely on the platform. Jump 
across the gap to find another Govi, which of course contains another 

Go to the location of "DARK SOUL 2", then jump across the gaps and you 
will reach a bridge that goes over a hallway that leads to a large room 
with an item in the center...unfortunately, the bridge has been sliced 
down the middle, and you can't jump to it. If you have a good eye, you 
can see a thin ledge -- as if you haven't figured it out by now, you 
must jump to the ledge, shinny to the left, and then jump backwards 
(Analog up + A) to reach it. Circle around the room, and ta da, you have 
the fire spewing ASSON!

Go into the first "HUGE" area. For reference, it has a switch at the 
bottom, and when you activate it, a rope goes across from wall to wall. 
For another reference, the large pillar in the center contains FOUR 
pots. To reach this pillar, you have to jump from the nearby, wooden 
walkway. Before doing this, carefully examine the wall the walkway is 
connected to. A small, almost un-noticeable ledge goes up to a green 
tunnel that was previously unreachable (but you can see it next to 
another tunnel -- this tunnel can be reached via the rope).  
Walk into the tunnel and you will be above the second "HUGE" area. Go to 
the right, jumping when necessary, and you will find another green 
tunnel. When you emerge, the mighty entrance to the TEMPLE OF LIFE is 
directly in front of you. As you cross, you get the TEDDY BEAR ICON, 
meaning you can warp here anytime...

First off, warp to the TEMPLE OF LIFE. Go inside and you will find a 
BATON PEDESTAL -- to the right is a passage and several lava rooms and 
ledges. I will not go into detail on how to get past this section -- I 
would only be insulting your intelligence. Just remember to use the 
ledges to shinny to other areas, then jump backwards by holding up and 
A; that's all you really need to know. When you start falling down 
holes, you're on your way! 
When you do reach the Baton, you can easily exit/enter this room because 
the Baton Pedestal you saw at the start allows you to warp to the Baton 
Pedestal in this room...

Loa is in the same room as the BATON. When you have 100 Cadeaux, go up 
to one of the holders and press the action button -- after a little 
speech, you will have one more health segment.

In the TEMPLE OF LIFE, use the MARCHER GADS to be able to run around in 
the lava. As you explore more and more of the tunnels, you will find 
this one easily.

DARK SOUL 4: basically a few rooms away from "DARK SOUL 4", also in a lava 
platform that requires THE MARCHER GADS.

In one of the rooms in the TEMPLE OF LIFE, you can find one of those 
fiery blocks...the kind you need the TOUCHER GADS to move...behind it is 
a chamber with a Govi!

Again, in the TEMPLE OF LIFE, if you wander around for long enough, you 
will see this one across a lake of acid. You need the NAGER GADS to be 
able to swim to it.

As you enter the second part of the WASTELAND, you will come onto a 
place with many bloodfalls...

- - - - - - X - 
!              !                  LEGEND: 
!      O  O    D 
! O            !                 A = Bloodfall 
!        O     !                 B = Bloodfall 
B      O       !                 C = Bloodfall
!          O   !                 E = Entrance  
!    O         !                 D = Hut 
!        O     !                 X = Tunnel to switch for closed Hut 
A  O        O  C                 O = Little islands randomly put down
!              !
- - - - E - - - 

Climb up BOODFALL 'C' and go forward. You will find a hut, inside is a 
Dark Soul.

Refer to the map of "DARK SOUL 7." This time, climb up BLOODFALL 'A'. Go 
through the small cave, and you will reach a large chamber. Climb the 
platforms on the side of the room, and you will be able to reach the 
Dark Soul in the middle/top of the room.

Go to the room that contains "DARK SOUL 8." Take a swim in the bloody 
water, and you will find an underblood cave that will take you to a 
large, vertical tower like object on an island. Climb up the tower, 
avoiding enemies, and at the top you will find, yes, a Dark Soul.

Go to the location of "DARK SOUL 9." Keep climbing, and you will find a 
small console with a lever -- press the action button, and the giant 
fans of the tower will begin to spin. Return to the chamber of "DARK 
SOUL 9." In the side of the room is a tunnel, follow it to another area. 
You can see a Dark Soul/Govi in the distance -- go to the wooden hut 
near it. If you switched the fans on like I told you to, a platform will 
come to you. Simply jump on and let it carry you to the Dark Soul!

When you're heading towards the TEMPLE OF LIFE, you will see a Govi on a 
ledge. Activate the rope below, come back, and climb across.

In the TEMPLE OF LIFE, near "DARK SOUL 6" (in fact, right across the 
room when in the acid lake), there is a fiery block that you can move 
aside with the TOUCHER GADS to find a secret chamber with a lot of 
Zombies, and this friendly, easy to get Dark Soul. 

Another way to get to the Govi is to go to "DARK SOUL 10", and follow 
the path behind it, you will be able to reach the fiery block without 
having to go across the acid lake.


"I've found Dark Soul 13 in the Temple of Life area. After going through 
the hut in the bloodfalls area, turn left. If you have the Gad Marcher, 
you can walk to a platform/ramp into an area with several slasher-
zombie-things. If you hunt around the walls, you can see a STONE ledge 
spiraling upward along it. Walk up the ledge and follow the broken skin 
bridge path to a hut with a Govi. Hope this helped." 

Yes, it certainly DOES help!

After finding the ASSON, continue along the path, and you eventually 
reach a Coffin Gate. If you have a Shadowpower of SIX you can open it 
and claim this shield. With it, you are practically invincible to all 
enemy attacks...until your magic runs out.

======================= ASYLUM: GATEWAY ================================

Start at the bridge that leads to the WASTELAND level. Fall to the side 
and discover the Coffin Gate there. If you have a Shadowpower of TWO, 
you can open it and continue. In the next room are two Coffin Gates, but 
you won't have enough Shadowpower to open them at this point. Instead, 
go over the bridge.

Cross the metal pipe and jump in the tunnel. Follow the path until you 
reach a large, open area with searchlights. This is quite impressive, 
no? Regardless, go towards the entrance of the Asylum to get the TEDDY 
BEAR ICON, meaning you can warp here anytime.

The ENGINEER'S KEY allows you to open locked doors around the Asylum. 
You can insert it into the consoles with a square block in them. But 
first, you have to find it. First off, go to "DARK SOUL 1" .

Remember the yellow hallway? Go in there. Follow the path, ignoring all 
side doors and enemies, and you will reach a room with an aclove up in 
the wall; jump to it. Below is what you will see (from an above 

   A             F                Legend: 
  ! !_ _ _ _ _ _! !               A = correct hole
  !               !               F = wrong hole
   E - - - - - - E!               E = entrance from yellow room

So fall through the hole labeled "A" (e.g. the one on the left) because 
hole "F" will take you back quite a bit. From there, fall down the next 
hole, and collect the ENGINEER'S KEY, which is on the nearby 

At the locked door that supposedly goes deeper into the level, jump off 
the bridge to land on a metal pipe going over a sea of magma. Make your 
way to the right. Following the path, you will go through some traps, 
then into another magma room. Jump on the moving platform to reach the 
other side. In the third room, do the same, this time jumping from one 
platform to the next. At the end, jump into the wall. While avoiding the 
walls that try to crush you, follow the loooooong path. 

Eventually, you will drop down into a large basement of sorts. The walls 
are covered in blood, there are many locked doors, and you will have 
your first encounter with the Hook Hogs (as I like to call them). A 
little tip: if one is rushing at you, get the Hell away! They're mighty 
powerful, and if they get you pinned against the wall, it's curtains for 
you. Now, follow the main path and you will reach a room with two side 
paths: left towards a yellow hall, right towards a normal brick room. Go 
to the normal brick room to find a DARK SOUL in the corner.

OK, so you got the ENGINEER'S KEY, right? Good. Warp back to the 
entrance of the Asylum using the TEDDY BEAR. Run forward and unlock the 
door! Run forward, ignoring the Smokin' Hogs, and into the yellow 
hallways. Turn RIGHT and into the room with the easy-to-nab Govi.

Go to "DARK SOUL 2." Now in the yellow hallway, go left. By the trolley 
that will take you to the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN is an easy Govi to get.

Go to the entrance to Asylum, where you appear when you use the TEDDY 
BEAR. Fall down to the left and land on the metal pipe, and go in that 
direction. Cylinders that are on fire will block your way. If you have 
the TOUCHER GADS you can climb on them and scoot yourself around. At the 
end is a long concrete path that eventually leads to a fork in the road: 
left or right? Go right for immediate access to a Govi.

First go to "DARK SOUL 4." From there, take the left path. Along the 
way, after avoiding several HOOK HOGS, you will see a Govi next to a 

First go to "DARK SOUL 5." Continue along the path. You will reach 
another for: take the left path. Then you will find a Govi in a dead-end 
cage area. 

Make your way to "DARK SOUL 6." Remember the fork? This time go RIGHT! 
You will reach a box and a large cable that leads out to a trolly, and 
on the trolly is a Govi! First, climb the box, and jump to the cable, 
and climb up. Then run across the cable and then drop down to the DARK 

Warp to the TEDDY BEAR ICON, and jump to the right side of the bridge, 
onto the metal pipe, and run in that direction (to the right). You will 
see a Govi across a lake of magma...if you have the MARCHER GADS you can 
go over there and collect it.

Go to "DARK SOUL 8." Behind it is a path, follow it. After a lengthy 
run, you can either go left or right -- go LEFT and collect the Govi at 
the end. 

Go to "DARK SOUL 9." When you can go either left or right, go right this 
time. You come upon a yellow room and then you come to a room where you 
go either left or right: go left. At the end is a wooden ledge, and on 
the ledge is this Govi.

Instead of going left, go right this time. You will go over a wooden 
catwalk, and you can see a Govi on some boxes below -- however, do not 
jump there yet. Instead, continue on. You will come to an intersection: 
go straight ahead and you will find a Govi in a yellow room.

In "DARK SOUL 11" I talked about jumping down to get a Govi. I suggest 
you do it now!

==================== ASYLUM: CATHEDRAL OF PAIN =========================

Start off in the ASYLUM -- GATEWAY. Unlock the front door using the 
ENGINEER'S KEY and run forward, ignoring the enemies. In the yellow 
hallways, turn left, and you will find a red trolley. Enter the trolley, 
and press the action button to activate the lever. The trolley will 
rocket forward and stop so you can enter this short level.

Get off the Trolley, and head towards the door on the left wall (before 
the Smokin' Hogs). After numerous amounts of stairs, you will reach a 
lava room. Jump over the gap and unlock the Govi! 

Start off at the location of "DARK SOUL 1." If you have the MARCHER GADS 
you will be able to walk on the magma. Find the path that leads to the 
twirling knife machines. Avoid them, climb the platforms at the end, and 
then walk over the top of the machine, carefully avoiding the spinning 
blades. At the end are several rooms to explore. You should find this 
Govi with relative ease...

From the Red Trolly, run forward and through the door, and you will get 
a TEDDY BEAR ICON, meaning you can warp here anytime. This is the Hall 
of the area with five halls leading to five Schisms...which 
ultimately lead to each Serial Killer. 

======================= FIRE TEMPLE: THINKING ==========================

I divided the Fire Temple into two sections: Thinking and Muscle. This 
is so because they are both large areas and  both focus on different 
parts of a game-player: Thinking (puzzle solving) and muscle (action; 
avoiding obstacles, shooting stuff, etc.). The TOUCHER GADS are located 
in the Muscle part, but you must conquer the Thinking area to reach it. 
It all works out...Note that they do share Dark Souls. 

Go to the area outside the bridge that leads to the ASYLUM -- GATEWAY 
level. It has two Coffin Gates; go to the lower one. It requires a 
Shadowpower of THREE to open, and you should be able to do this easily. 
In the next area, you can jump down a vertical shaft: do so. You will 
find two Coffin Gates along with a lava pit...and a large bridge. Cross 
the bridge to find this new area!

From the start of Thinking, go forward and jump over the platforms. Dive 
into the bloody river and swim through the tunnel, into the cement wall, 
and emerge into a very tall, vertical room. From now on, I will refer to 
this as the "BLOODY WATERFALL ROOM" because it has two large bloodfalls 
in it. To reach the next area of the FIRE TEMPLE (Muscle) you will have 
to activate certain switches. Here we go...

Start off in the BLOODY WATERFALL ROOM. On the sides of the room are two 
different ramps that allow you reach the top. One of them just has 
spikes, the other has blue lights -- take the lights one. As you go up, 
you will notice a blue lightbulb on the wall, below the bulb is a gray 
indentation in the wall. Shoot it, and it will collapse, revealing a 
passage. Go through it!

In this room are several tall platforms. Jump to them, slowly making 
your way to the top, and press the action button next to the brown 
switch at the top to activate one of the stairs . You will 
also fight the Ancient Sisters, but you can just run away if you please. 
These blue sexists will haunt you in all the temples of the game, so get 
used to it!

In the BLOOD WATERFALL ROOM, continue up the walkway, and you will see 
_another_ blue square to shoot, which leads to another room. Climb the 
stairs at the side of the chamber. To avoid the fireballs, simply crouch 
down. When you have to make a jump, be sure to shoot the pot opposite 
you, because it will block your space. At the top of the stairs is a 
platform with the wooden switch.

In the BLOOD WATERFALL ROOM, keep going up the walkway, and you will see 
yet another blue square to shoot -- do so. In this room the switch is on 
a high platform in the center. To reach it, jump on the nearby ledges, 
and scoot yourself either to the left or right. When you are standing 
again, jump to the nearby ledge, and then carefully walk across the 
narrow beams. Drop down to the switch below and activate it.

In the BLOOD WATERFALL ROOM, go up some more and shoot the last of the 
blue squares. As you go, you will find a vertical shaft with wooden 
catwalks allowing you to go down. At the very bottom is the switch.

As you return to the BLOOD WATERFALL ROOM and continue your journey at 
the top, you will find a large entrance with a blue light above it. Make 
your way through the mini-maze, and you will find yourself looking upon 
the enormous pyramid you have formed. Turn around and the switch is 
right there.

The easiest way to get this is to go to the very bottom of the BLOOD 
WATERFALL ROOM and run through the entrance in the wall, and then you 
will be at the lower part of the pyramid room. However, another way is 
to go to "SWITCH 5" and then drop down. Either way, the switch is there.


With all of the switches activated, you can climb the pyramid and make 
your way to the TEMPLE OF FIRE -- MUSCLE area. As you get near it, you 
get the TEDDY BEAR ICON, meaning you can warp here at anytime.

Go to the BLOODY WATER ROOM. Climb the stairs WITH the blue lights all 
the way to the top, and hop onto the ledge. Go through one of the 
passages, and you will find a fiery block. If you have the TOUCHER GADS, 
you can move this aside and find a passage that leads to a Coffin Gate! 
If you have a Shadowpower of four, you can open it. Behind it is the 

From the start of the level, go into the bloody muck and inside one of 
the long passageways. Run up the ramp. You will find, in this area, a 
Coffin Gate! If you have a Shadowpower of FIVE, you can break its evil 
seal and collect the FLAMEBEAU! 

While in the vertical shaft that leads to "SWITCH 4", you can find this 
in a side aclove. Pretty easy.

Go to the pyramid room. You will be able to see this Govi easily. but 
getting to it seems impossible. Get on the last step of the pyramid, run 
at full speed towards it, and jump AT THE VERY LAST possible second. 
With luck, you will grab the ledge and be able to climb up.

This one is in the same location as "DARK SOUL 2", except on the other 
side of the room. The process of collecting it is the same.

At the entrance to FIRE TEMPLE -- MUSCLE; at the top of the pyramid.

Go into the room where the POIGNE is stored. Climb the blood waterfall 
that has a light above it, and then take a running leap and jump to the 
below ledge with a Govi on it! If you come short, simply climb back up 
the bloodfall and try again.

In the BLOODY WATERFALL ROOM, climb one of the falls. One leads to some 
pots, the other to some obstacles. Jump to the Govi on the pillar! If 
you miss, just start the level over, because it takes too long to make 
your way back there. 

======================== FIRE TEMPLE: MUSCLE ===========================

NOTICE: The "DARK SOUL" list is continuing from the first part of the 
FIRE TEMPLE (Thinking).

Due to its complex nature, I have written the walkthrough on reaching 
the Muscle area in the previous part (Thinking). 

Go forward and avoid the swinging scythes and blades. This is entirely 
skill, I can't guide you through it that much. At the end you will find 
a massive chamber filled with lava. Quickly go to each of the switches 
in the wall and activate them -- all while avoiding lava and the Ancient 
Sisters' projectiles. When all the switches have been activated, a giant 
steel circle will be in the center. Step into it, and it will lift you 
very high, and a cinema will show a great explosion! When you return 
back to the ground, you have red tattoos on your arms -- you now have 
the TOUCHER GADS. Congratulations! 

In the room where you pick up the TOUCHER GADS, leap to the ledge. It is 
on fire, so need the TOUCHER GADS to hold on. Scoot your way to the 
right and you will find a passage, enter it. In this room, there are two 
switches to activate in the maze: one makes the rope shoot out, the 
other opens the exit. Climb across the rope to the exit. In the next 
room, you will demonstrate your powers by being able to move the fiery 
blocks. Some contain empty rooms, others have Ancient Sisters. One has a 
passage that leads to a Govi!

In the chamber where you get the TOUCHER GADS, one of the switches has a 
fiery block next to it. If you have the TOUCHER GADS, you can move this 
cube away. In the next area, defeat the Ancient Sisters, then jump on 
the wooden catwalks and make your way to the flaming edge. Jump up there 
and scoot to the left, climb up, follow the corridor, and collect the 

When going towards the chamber that used to hold the TOUCHER GADS, you 
will pass over a room with some magma. If you have the MARCHER GADS you 
can walk down there and discover a passage! After killing several 
Ancient Sisters, you will face yet another Dark Soul for your 

In "DARK SOUL 9" you have to drop down into some magma and walk around 
to find a secret passage. You basically do the same thing here -- heck, 
the passage is directly across from number nine's! In there, you will go 
up a twisting column of catwalks. In the middle, jump in the aclove in 
the side of the room and press the switch to open up the exit. battle 
the Ancient Sisters, then go to the very top and jump to the exit. Push 
the fiery block out of the way, run through the corridor, and meet Mr. 
Govi! Alias...DARK SOUL!

In the very first part of the TEMPLE OF FIRE: MUSCLE you will see a 
plate on the ground with strange markings on it. Use the CALABASH to 
blow it up, and keep pushing the fiery blocks out of the wall, go up a 
lot of stair cases, and there it is!  

======================== ASYLUM: CAGEWAYS ==============================

Start off at the entrance to the FIRE TEMPLE. In the room are two Coffin 
Gates -- one requires a Shadowpower of FOUR to open. Do so, and follow 
the path. At the end is a room filled with bloody jell stuff, a Coffin 
Gate, and a titanic bridge; cross the bridge.

From the entrance, jump over the platforms and head into the cave. When 
you emerge, kill the two Zombies. Grab onto the fence and scoot to the 
right, then jump backwards to land on some boxes. Climb on the top one 
and jump over the fence to the second area. Kill the two Zombies as 
before, and then climb across the taut rope. The train is there! 

Get inside the train and make your way to the very end. Put your 
ENGINEER'S KEY in the slot and watch the cinema of the train moving. 
When you get out, you receive a TEDDY BEAR ICON, meaning you can warp 
here anytime.

In front of the train in CAGEWAYS I, there is a tower. Go inside, battle 
your way to the top, and find the Govi. 

In the CAGEWAYS II, go in front of the red trolley that takes you to the 
ENGINE BLOCKS. Near it is a door, go down it and follow the stairs. In 
the basement you will find a DARK SOUL.

Go to "DARK SOUL 2." Ignore the console with a switch; if you activate 
it, enemies will flood the room from the locked doors. Instead, climb to 
the large door. When it opens, go into the next room quickly before it 
shuts. Go on the opposite side of the room and pull on the switch in the 
console -- a cinema will show some cages moving. 

Climb the stairs to reach the top, and you will see a cage moving back 
and fourth on a cable. When it comes close, jump towards the rope, going 
in front of the cage, and clamber to the other side. There, do the same, 
except wait until the cage is going AWAY from you, and follow it on the 
cable. See the platform in front of the taller pillar with the Govi? 
Drop down to it, then jump to the Govi! 
Go to "DARK SOUL 3." Exit the room. Climb up the stairs, hop from 
platform to platform, and collect the easy DARK SOUL!

In CAGEWAYS II, go forward and jump down to the metal pipes. If you have 
the TOUCHER GAD (and you should), you can cling onto the flaming 
cylinders and scoot around to the other side. At the end of the pipe is 
a door that leads to an enormous lava chamber! Quickly make your way to 
the other side, dodging the flying metal cages, and a DARK SOUL will be 
yours on the opposite side of the room.

In CAGEWAYS II, go forward and if you have the MARCHER GADS, drop down 
into the magma. Go left and into the passage, and into the door, 
ignoring the left area. When you can go to the left, up some stairs, 
ignore it, because it leads to a dead-end room with a lot of enemies. 
Instead, push on forward. On the other side of this large room are some 
boxes: climb on them, then jump to the cable above your head, and climb 
your way towards the nearby Govi.

Go to the exact location of "DARK SOUL 6." Turn to your left and jump on 
the "U" shaped metal pipe, then hop to the green path in front of it. 
Before going into the brownish colored tunnel, look to the left, and you 
will see the side of an open cage...with a Govi inside. Shoot the Govi 
to release the DARK SOUL. Now take run at it and jump! With luck, and a 
little precision, you will now be inside the cage, and have another DARK 
SOUL in your vast collection.

In the same room as "DARK SOUL 6" and "DARK SOUL 7", there is a stack of 
boxes. Climb them, and above that is a tunnel -- venture into that. Now 
fall onto the red platforms that are moving up and down the slanted 
hill, and jump your way to the RIGHT. You will fall onto a brownish 
path. In an aclove there is a console -- press the switch to activate 
some machines. Now, there is an area where you can grab a rope...before 
this, look down and to the right -- see that Govi in the corner? Simply 
jump to it! 
This takes place in the same room as "DARK SOUL 8." As soon as you do 
that, return to the rope. You did turn the console on, right? If you 
did, the cage will be moving back and fourth...when it starts to move 
away from you, climb onto the rope and follow it. Look down at the Govi 
on the pillar -- shoot it so when you fall down you have something to 
grab. Position yourself over the pillar, and fall.

Go to the room that "DARK SOUL 5" is in, and if you have the MARCHER 
GADS, fall into the magma. On the left side of the room is an area you 
can climb on, and you will see a Govi in a open cage. With the 
open side facing you! Shoot it, jump to it, collect it, etc., etc...

Go to CAGEWAYS II. Go forward, and before the trolley, turn right. Jump 
at the wall and you will find, surprisingly enough, a ledge! You know 
the routine by now: scoot to the left, and pick yourself up and go 
through the door. Jump over the green slime and up and over the metallic 
pipes. Make your way past the computer equipment and down the stairs, 
then jump up the barrels and use your ENGINEER'S KEY on both consoles. 
Go in the tunnel, and at the end is an angelic, church-like setting 
place where you receive the can open one of the schisms 

You can get this on your way to the RETRACTOR (see above). When you see 
the first console that you can plug the ENGINEER'S KEY into, turn 180 
degrees around, and you will see a metal pipe of some sort leading to 
the other side -- so simply run across. Through some stairs and a door 
or two, you will find this Govi floating in a cage that could only be 
seen before. 

========================= ASYLUM: PLAYROOMS ============================

Go to the entrance of the "ASYLUM: CAGEWAYS." Near it is a Coffin Gate -
- if you have a Shadowpower of FIVE you can break its seal. In the next 
room, collect the piece of the LE'CLIPSER, then drop down the vertical 
tunnel in the back. There's a Coffin Gate and one of those big-ass 
bridges that always lead into levels -- go across the bridge.

From the perspective you have upon entering the level, drop into the red 
water below and swim to the right -- you will discover a tunnel that 
allows you to continue. Avoid the fish and such to find a cave with some 
easy platforms to get past. Finally, you will encounter a console that 
allows you to use the ENGINEER'S KEY; do so and watch in complete and 
utter awe as the underwater gate opens, revealing the way 
forward...(yeah, right). 

Swim through the tediously long tunnel, avoiding fish and spinning 
blades. Eventually, you will reach a large area with Smokin' Hogs! 
Follow the ramps down (or just jump over the ledge) to find a door at 
the very bottom level. Through another door, and you're in an underwater 
glass tube...and as you sprint forward, you receive the TEDDY BEAR ICON, 
meaning you can warp here anytime, and if you die, you come back here.

Start off at the TEDDY BEAR ICON location. Turn a 180 and go through the 
double doors, then run up the ramps that lead to the pool which brought 
you here. Continue past the pool, along the same ramp path, to find 
another door -- go through it. Cross the wooden bridge and into the next 
room. Go through the door with a five-sided star on the front. On an 
elegantly designed altar, you will find this RETRACTOR, which can open 
up one of the Schisms in the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN. 

Warp to the TEDDY BEAR ICON. Go forward. Turn right. You will see two 
doors: go through the one on the left. Go through the next one, and you 
are in a long hallway. Go through the closest door on the left-hand side 
wall, and you will enter a room (this is where one of the DARK SOULs 
is...). On the opposite side of the wall are several glass casings with 
holes in them. If you have an ACCUMULATOR, go up to the holes and put it 
in. The center casing requires three to open, and holds the VIOLATOR 
itself -- get this first. Then, the two on the side each require one 
ACCUMULATOR, and hold ammo for the great weapon. Don't worry if you only 
have three ACCUMULATORS and not five -- once you get the VIOLATOR, you 
can collect ammo in barrels, etc.  

              1             1   2   3          1

Read "COLLECTING THE RETRACTOR." At one point, you must go over a wooden 
bridge suspended over a bloody pool. Jump off to the right side and 
climb onto the ledge, and follow the path. Fight the three Mummyguns 
enemies, and then run down the incline and destroy all of the Wolf Men. 
In the corner is the Govi!

In "DARK SOUL 1" you jump to the right of the bridge. This time, jump to 
the left, and climb into the tunnel that is slightly above the water 
level. At the end, climb the bloody falls using the POIGNE. At the top, 
go to the side you can reach, and this Govi is yours! 

Alternatively, you can go to either "DARK SOUL 3" or "DARK SOUL 4" and 
drop down from that area. 
Jump over the left of the wooden bridge as in "DARK SOUL 2." On the sea 
bed, you will see a huge boulder -- shoot it with the Shadowgun and it 
will explode, revealing a tunnel; so, obviously, proceed down into it. 
At the very end, you will find a pipe that is blocked, so surface and 
climb onto the rusty shore, killing the Mummygun. Go to the RIGHT 
passageway, not the yellow one. Kill the wolfman, and into the pipe you 
see at the end of the room. You will eventually emerge into the room of 
"DARK SOUL 2", except in a higher plane, allowing you to obtain the Govi 
you could only dream of getting before.

This is in the exact same place as "DARK SOUL 3", except in another 
aclove, a couple feet away. Very easy to get!

In "DARK SOUL 3" I told you to ignore the yellow passageway after 
finding the locked pipe, correct? Go in there, and kill the Mummygun, 
then use your ENGINEER'S KEY on the console to open the locked pipe -- 
then swim up into it and climb onto dry-land again. After a lot of 
running, you emerge into a room with: a console, a ramp, some blood-
water and another pipe tunnel. Ignore the console, it only unlocks the 
door next to it: which only is a dead-end room with more enemies. Go up 
the ramp and through the door. You will see a hall like this: 
|  _____2                   Legend: 
| |                         1 -- Door 
| |_____                    2 -- Door 
|  _____1                   3 -- Door 
| | 
| |  

You come through door 3...go to Door 2. Use the ENGINEER'S KEY on the 
console to raise the blood-level of another area. Fall in the water in 
front of the console...swim over to the pipe that seems impossible to 
get to. You will get into shallow water, and you can jump and grab the 
edge! Run through this place, and you will reach a far-stretching 
corridor with many doors that lead to dead-end doors. At the end is the 
door you leads to a Govi! You can also use the console there 
to move the hook on the rope.

Go to "DARK SOUL 5." Nearby, on the same platform, is a hallway that 
leads to a door. Go through it, kill the Mummygun, and collect the DARK 
SOUL that is on the platform. Strangely enough, it is not inside a Govi! 

Read the walkthrough for "DARK SOUL 5." When you raise the water level, 
return to the room with the console, ramp, etc. Go to the end where the 
Mummygun is, kill him, and use the ENGINEER'S KEY on the computer to 
open the pipe -- make yourself welcome and run on in! You will fall 
straight down, though. Swim to the opposite side of the room, climb onto 
the platforms and jump to the grating, go through the door, and go into 
the door on the left-hand side. Kill the Mummygun and get the DARK SOUL 
that is strangely not in a Govi.

In "DARK SOUL 7", just before collecting it you had to go through the 
left door. This time go up the ramp and into the other door! Flick the 
switch to unlock the door, go inside, and kick the wolfmen's head in! 
Then merrily go up to the Govi, shoot it, and easily collect this DARK 

Warp to the TEDDY BEAR ICON. Go forward, turn right, and keep going 
forward and enter the door (NOT the one on the left wall). Go forward 
and hit the switch on the console. In this room are several enemies -- 
kill them if you wish. At the side is a tub of lava, and above the lava 
is a passage. If you have the MARCHER GADS you can go into the lava and 
into the passage. You come to a fork: either left or right. Take the 
left passageway to fall into a white room with the Govi!

First go to "DARK SOUL 5." When you get on the platform with the Govi, 
go to the door that is on the same wall that you used to enter, and kill 
the Mummygun. Flick the switch to release the mighty Trueform!

Go in the same passage as in "DARK SOUL 9." This time, however, go 
right, and battle monster until it dies (you need the Shadowgun to 
finish it off). When it dies, it leaves behind a Dark Soul!

======================== TEMPLE OF PROPHECY ============================

Go to the entrance to the ASYLUM -- PLAYROOMS. Blow open the Coffin Gate can only do that, though, if you have a shadowpower of SIX 
or more. Follow the tunnel and you will find an enormous chamber 
containing a lake of lava with some wooden catwalks, plus another big-
ass bridge...which means, if you cross it, you can enter the TEMPLE OF 

When you first enter the temple from the overworld, you will immediately 
see a Coffin Gate that has a power of SEVEN...behind it is the mighty 
MARTEAU, which will allow you to open the doors near the drums, because 
this will activate the secret of the drums...hooray.

From the TEDDY BEAR ICON, descend into the temple. Follow the path until 
you find the big chamber with the Ancient Sisters -- keep going 
straight, ignoring all bloodfalls. When you come into a room with a 
large statue in the middle, take the door to the right. You should now 
be a in an expansive room filled with lava and statue heads that spew 
fire at you while spinning on vertical columns. Remember: if a fireball 
is headed at you, simply duck to avoid it. On the other side is a door, 
go through it. 

The idea in this room is to jump and grab onto the spinning rope, adjust 
the camera angle, and fall over when the rope goes over the wooden 
platform. Return to the normal behind-the-shoulder view and go into the 
next door. Take a running jump to clear the expanse, avoid the spinning 
scythe, and carefully hop to avoid the fireballs -- exit this room. Then 
you enter a chamber with a large statue in the center; go through the 
door on your right. On the wooden catwalk, go forward and turn RIGHT, 
and push the fiery block out of the way. In the next room is a large 
bloodfall. You want to go through the door on the same wall as you came 
in (e.g. NOT the one you can get to by climbing the bloodfall). Move 
that fiery block out of the way as well. You find an area with a cage; 
ignore it and go through the door straight ahead on the catwalk.

Ignore everything in this room (it has many switches) and go through the 
door on the opposite side. Ignore the platform that goes up and down and 
just jump on the little islands to get to the other side. In this maze, 
you will see several Ancient Sisters -- I advise you do not fight them. 
Instead, look for a place where you can jump up to, and then you will 
easily find the exit to this room. Go into the large igloo-shaped 
building, take a running leap and jump over the lava (if you die 
here...haha, sucks for you, you have to start ALL over!!). Step into the 
metal ring, watch the elegant cinema, and have the MARCHER 
GADS -- meaning, you can walk on lava! This will allow you to collect 
MANY Dark Souls throughout the game; I suggest backtracking quite a bit 
for this, and horde those little buggers! 

Go to the area where you collect the "MARCHER GADS." Walk through the 
lava, and go through one of the doors on the side, and you will be able 
to jump into a cage like platform with your new abilities. Inside the 
cage is a Govi you could only see before.

Alternatively, go to the room with the plate that goes up and down 
inside the lava. The cage is in that room.

Go to the area where you collect the "MARCHER GADS." In other of the 
doors on the side, you will be able to go into the room with the 
spinning rope. In the lava is a pillar, and in the lava is a switch -- 
flick it, and the pillar will come down; collect the DARK SOUL! 
Alternatively, you could go to the room with the spinning rope and drop 

From the TEDDY BEAR ICON, go forward and into the first big room with 
the Ancient Sisters -- go forward one room to find a big statue. On the 
side of the statue is a switch -- upon activating it, bloodfalls will 
appear in the previous room with the Sisters, PLUS a bloodfall will 
appear on the statue. Climb the fall, and jump to the arms -- the Govi 
is on the opposite arm.

Go to the first room after flicking the switch in "DARK SOUL 3"'s room. 
Climb the bloodfall around the entrance when coming from the TEDDY BEAR 
ICON (e.g. the opposite side of the room from the chamber where DARK 
SOUL 3 is). Go through the tunnel that and it will lead directly to this 

Was that confusing? OK, then. Flick the switch in the "DARK SOUL 3" 
walkthrough. Warp to the TEDDY BEAR ICON in this temple. Go forward and 
you will reach the room with the Ancient Sisters...turn around and look 
at the entrance -- it is a giant pillar. If you activated the switch, 
bloodfalls will be on the side: climb up this and go through the door at 
the top.  
So there...

Go to "DARK SOUL 4." In this chamber (you can see the igloo-shaped 
building, for reference) you can go through two doors: one is the skin 
type that opens when you get near it, the other is just a regular 
hallway. Go through the skin to arrive at an ENORMOUS corridor with 
slanted sides, half-a-dozen Ancient Sisters, and a swinging hammer in 
the center of it all. Kill the sisters, and then turn your attention 
towards the slanted walls. Carefully jump on the platforms and ledges, 
avoiding the hammer, to make your way to the catwalk, which contains a 
BATON PEDESTAL. Slam the BATON into it and you will warp to a hallway. 
Go forward and push the block out of the way, forming a link from the 
TEDDY BEAR ICON area to this, allowing you to get deeper into the temple 
very quickly if you happen to die.

And, of course, near this is the ledge with the Govi you could only see 
before and DREAM about getting. 

Warp to the TEDDY BEAR ICON. Go into the first big room with the Ancient 
Sisters. In the center of the chamber is a large pillar with blood 
spilling down it -- climb that mutha' and jump to the passage on the 
right side. In this room is a large platform in the center: it has a 
pillar on it with a rope extended. At the base of the platform itself is 
a switch, and when activated will make the pillar rotate around a 
quarter of the room. Make it so the rope goes to the ledge with the 
switch. Go up the ramp to the rope, climb across to the switch, and 
activate it, causing a door on the opposite side of the room to open. Go 
to the switch at the base of the platform and press it twice to make it 
go to that, go up the ramp, climb across, and the Govi in the secret 
room is yours for the keeping.

Go in the room where "DARK SOUL 6" is. Exit that room on the opposite 
time, go past the statue face, and you are in a mammoth chamber with a 
bloodfall, many Ancient Sisters, two other doors, and a Govi on a 
platform. First, flick all four switches in the room to lower the 
obstacles, then eliminate the sisters. Climb back up the bloodfall, and 
jump at the wall opposite the Govi. Shadowman will catch himself on a 
small ledge; you know the drill, scoot over to the right, then jump 
backwards onto the platform. Run at the Govi full speed, jump, and you 
can now receive this Dark Soul! 
From the room where "DARK SOUL 8" is, stand atop the platform with the 
bloodfall and look down at the two halls: you want to go through the one 
on the right-hand side. The cage in the center of the room contains a 
Govi, however, the entrance is opposite any ledges...or is it? Explore 
the lava and you will find a ramp leading from the deadly liquid to safe 
ground. From there, look at the side of the cage -- there are tiny posts 
holding it up. It is possible to hang off of that and scoot around. But, 
the posts will block you. So basically, take a running jump from the 
wooden ramp, and catch onto the edge to the left of the post, and scoot 
around to the entrance to the cage, and lift yourself into it! The Govi 
is yours.

Alternatively, you can use the wooden switch on the nearby wall to lift 
the cage. I slapped myself silly when I realized I went to all of that 
trouble when I could have simply activated the switch! 

From the room with "DARK SOUL 8", go forward some more. Once through 
there, activate all four switches to move all four stones, then fight 
the Ancient Sisters, and make your way up the ramp, leading to the Govi 
at the top.

In "DARK SOUL 5" I mentioned the room with the swinging hammer and the 
many Ancient Sisters. Beyond that room is a chamber with a statue in it. 
Climb the sides of the room to find two switches: when both are put to 
use, the statue will move, uncovering a Govi! Jump to the arms and then 
fall down to receive your prize.

On your way to the room with the MARCHER GADS you will find a statue 
with its arms outstretched and a Govi sitting in its lap. Activate the 
nearby switch to make a rope extend to it, then simply climb to it.

You've most likely seen the Govi up the large structure, but when you 
try to run up the ramp, you slide down! To turn the ramp into a set of 
stairs, go to the left of the ramp and get on the highest ledge. See 
that lever sticking out of the wall? Jump to it and hang from it until 
it goes all the way down, then let go and look at the ramp: stairs! Now 
go get that Govi! 
Warp to the start of the temple, and descend the stairs...there is a 
plate in the ground...If you have the CALABASH you can open it up to 
find the last Govi in the level!

=================== ASSEMBLING THE L'ECLIPSER ==========================

This section will show you how to find all three pieces of the 
L'ECLIPSER, a knife that will allow you to become Shadowman in Liveside. 

First, warp to the PROPHECY CHAMBER. Climb up the sides of the room and 
go through the Coffin Gate that requires a Shadowpower of ONE. Don't go 
into the WASTELAND, instead, fall off the side of the bridge and go 
through the Coffin Gate that requires a shadowpower of TWO. You will 
find another area: a place with two Coffin is in the pit. 
Ignore this. The one on the edge is the one -- you need a Shadowpower of 
THREE to unlock it. Inside is the first piece of the knife -- La Lune.

From where you collected "LA LUNE", fall into the pit and go through 
that Coffin Gate. You will arrive at a place with a lava pit and two 
Coffin Gates -- this is the entrance to the FIRE TEMPLE. Go through the 
Coffin Gate that requires a Shadowpower of FOUR to get past. You arrive 
in a room filled with red goo -- the entrance to the CAGEWAYS. Also, if 
you open the Coffin Gate, which requires a Shadowpower of FIVE, you will 
come upon the second piece of the knife -- La Soleil.

From where you collected "LA SOLEIL", go forward and unlock the 
Shadowpower Six Coffin Gate. Follow the path to a magma area. Beyond the 
magma and the Temple of Prophecy entrance is a regular path (ignore the 
wooden catwalks) that leads to a Coffin Gate. It requires a shadowpower 
of SEVEN. Blast it open with your powerful voodoo magic and the final 
piece of the knife is yours -- La Lame.

Warp back to THE LOUISIANA SWAMPLAND area and talk to Nettie, she will 
perform the ritual upon yourself and'll see what happens; I 
don't want to spoil anything. You are now Shadowman in Liveside...and now you can build up some Dark Souls in the swamp and then 
tackle the next temple.

======================= ASYLUM: LAVA DUCTS =============================

Start off at the entrance to the TEMPLE OF PROPHECY and jump onto the 
wooden catwalks. At the top is a Coffin Gate that requires a Shadowpower 
of SEVEN to get past -- the entrance to this Dark-Soul only level 
remains at the end.

Go forward from the start and climb the platforms. Keep going forward 
from there on end, and you will eventually reach a titanic-sized room 
with an enormous machine in the you will get the TEDDY 
BEAR ICON, meaning you can warp here anytime you want.
From the start of the level, climb the platforms to the big vat of 
magma. Go forward and into the passageway on the left, and go up the 
stairs. When you come to a magma room, keep to the right-hand side and 
you will find a tunnel to go into. At the end is a Govi! 

When I told you to go right in the magma room in "DARK SOUL 1", this 
time go left and when you come to an intersection, go right, and you 
will follow the magma trail and end up in a room with a Govi.

In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, get on the spinning machine. Eventually, it 
will drop you off at a small place with no doors, with the only objects 
being barrels...and a Govi.

In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, go to the place where there is a cage 
around the stairs that go down, with a door near it. Keep going, 
ignoring all rooms, until you come to a place with a steep incline and 
many platforms on it. Jump your way up to the top. Avoid the spinning 
blades, and climb up at the top, and run the other away, eluding some 
more blades. At the end, turn RIGHT, and look down, to see a Govi. To 
get it, jump on the left-most-side and you will land on a platform. A 
few more jumps and well, there ya go.

Go to the TEDDY BEAR ICON room. If you have the NAGER GADS, swim into 
the acid lake and you will find a tunnel down there. At the end you can 
either continue swimming, or return to land: go to land. Keep going 
through the doors and you will reach a gigantic room with many boxes: 
keep jumping up until you reach the area with guardrails and a Mummygun. 
Now, go through the wooden/brown tunnel to find a Govi! 
In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, you can keep swimming around with the NAGER 
GADS to find a small aclove in the side. This will lead directly to a 
Govi you could only see through glass before.

In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, swim through ANOTHER acid tunnel and you 
will reach an area with a lot of consoles -- plug the ENGINEER'S Key 
into it, etc., to continue. Go down the long set of stairs to enter a 
SECOND acid room. Run along the rim of the acid pool to find another 

In the SECOND ACID room, swim in the acid using the NAGER GADS and will 
find a different tunnel. In this, use the ENGINEER'S KEY, etc. and you 
will find a long tunnel. At the end is a huge room with many Mummyguns. 
On the opposite side is a console, flick the switch and go through the 
locked door. Shoot the Govi and collect the DARK SOUL! 


OK, from reading your guide here is where I think I can help you. In 
beginning go left in the Magma room (the same area you go to get soul 2 
as shown in your guide. Note on the platforms there is a place to use 
your engineering key. On the right and Left platforms there are two 
white portions on the wall. These are vents that you have to jump into 
and they will open. Go into the right one, follow the path and you will 
get the final Govi. 

======================= TEMPLE OF BLOOD ================================

From the entrance to the TEMPLE OF PROPHECY, hop up the wooden catwalks 
to find many different Coffin Gates. One requires a Shadowpower of EIGHT 
to get hides the TEMPLE OF BLOOD!

Go forward and activate the two wooden switches to lower the stone 
statues -- then fight the ever annoying Ancient Sisters. Hop up to where 
the stone faces were, then go through the opening. You will get a TEDDY 
BEAR ICON, meaning you can warp here anytime.

Also, to open the way forward, activate the two wooden switches on 
either side of the large acid place (Teddy Bear Icon room). These will 
lower two stone heads. To reach the heads, jump up the platforms on the 
slanted incline until you're up against the wall with the head -- now 
jump and cling to the small ledge! Scoot over to the left/right 
depending on which head you're going for, and then climb up and go 
The most frequently asked question I get in my e-mail box is, "Where in 
the Hell is the Calabash?" To find out, read on...

From the TEDDY BEAR ICON, jump to the platforms on your right side until 
you get against the wall -- then jump up and grab the ledge. Now scoot 
to your left until you reach an area to pull yourself up. Follow the 
corridor down until you reach the first acid room. Jump to the platform 
that goes up and down. When it goes all the way up, look to your right 
and jump on that platform. Keep jumping gaps and you will find a tunnel 
in the wall -- go through here. A stone head will slightly block your 
path, so drop through the little space in front of it. There are two 
wooden switches -- activate them both and the heads will go down. Be 
sure to fight the Ancient Sisters! Now, you can't get back up 
warp back to the TEDDY BEAR ICON and get back up there. When you do, you 
can go past the heads to find a greenish/bluish tunnel that leads to a 
wooden platform. On this platform is a Coffin Gate that leads to the 
Calabash! Unfortunately for you, it requires a Shadowpower of NINE to 
get past. 

From the TEDDY BEAR ICON, jump to the platforms on your right side until 
you get against the wall -- then jump up and grab the ledge. Now scoot 
to your left until you reach an area to pull yourself up. Follow the 
corridor down until you reach the first acid room. Jump to the platform 
that goes up and down. When it goes all the way up, look to your right 
and jump on that platform. Keep jumping gaps and you will find a tunnel 
in the wall -- ignore this. See the heads at the bottom going in and out 
of the wall? Jump in-between them. There is an island in front of you 
that looks to far away to jump to, but you can make it. Activate the 
switch, and then jump across the platforms where large bars will come 
out of the wall and try to push you off. Jump in-between the next set of 
faces, and jump to the exit door.

Second acid room. Leap to the island on your right-hand side and cling 
to the ledge above, and slowly make your way to the left. As you 
proceed, you will need to avoid twirling scythes; just wait until they 
go inside their little cavity, then quickly go by. At the end, avoid the 
statue face, and jump to the exit.

Third acid room. Run forward, avoiding the spikes, until you reach a 
wooden switch. Upon being triggered, a rope will extend across the acid. 
Fight the Ancient Sister, then grab onto the rope. As you go across, 
exercise extreme caution as you will be required to avoid spinning axes. 
If one happens to hit you, expect to take a bath in the boiling acid 
below. If you make it to the other side, exit through the door.

In this room, battle the Ancient Sisters, and then fall into the searing 
magma. Turn around and run through the tunnels until you reach a place 
where you can jump up to. You can see the metal circle, but you must 
connect the two halves. To do this, jump to each of the switches in each 
of the corners and activate them! Unfortunately, this is MUCH easier 
said than done. Ancient Sisters will shoot balls of fire at you and the 
tiny islands you use as platforms will sink if you stand on them for 
more than a second. When the circle is complete, stand in it and watch 
the fall into the acidic bath, and you live! You now have 
obtained the NAGER GADS. Congratulations.

In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, you can see a Govi in a cage. If you have 
the NAGER GADS, you can submerge yourself in the acid and swim under the 
platform, through a tunnel, and into the cage.

In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, jump up the platforms to your left and you 
will find a small aclove and a door; I would enter it if I were you. Use 
the FLAMEBEAU to get past the white clothe, and then battle it out with 
the Ancient Sisters. Now then, use the MARTEAU on the drums in this room 
to make the planks over the door disappear. One of the drums will 
require you to put the BATON in the BATON PEDESTAL so you can get to the 
drum. When the passage is uncovered, go in there and jump onto the 
platform with the strange plate on top. Stand on it and use the 
CALABASH, then get away; when it explodes the plate will break, allowing 
you to reach the Govi in the cage.

In the TEDDY BEAR ICON room, jump to the left and grab onto the ledge, 
and scoot yourself to the right until you reach a place to pull yourself 
up to. Go down the stairs and you will find a room with several Ancient 
Sisters; destroy them. In this room is a switch. Upon being trigged, a 
mechanism on the opposite wall will cover up three tunnels and leave one 

                        (1)         (3)

Make it so the right corridor (3) is left open. In that chamber is a 
switch which will cause some bloodfalls to appear in future rooms. Now 
return and make it so the bottom tunnel (4) is left open. Go in there, 
and push the box to your right out of the way. Go in there and climb the 
bloodfall, at the top is a Govi.

In the second acid room (see "COLLECTING NAGER GADS") there is a large 
tunnel entrance that you can see across some acid. Using the NAGER GADS, 
you can swim into it. At the end, carefully avoid the spinning scythes 
and go up the stairs. When you reach the top you can find the Govi!

In the room directly after the third acid area (see "COLLECTING NAGER 
GADS") you will find two bloodfalls and a lot of magma. Walk across the 
magma, avoiding the spinning axes, and you will easily obtain this Govi.

Start at the Teddy bear icon position, jump to the right, cling to the 
wall and reach the area where the platform moves up and down. (Refer to 
your walkthrough on collecting the calabash). Jump on it and when it 
reaches its highest position look to right and jump platforms and enter 
the door. After knocking down the pillar with the Hammer you will be 
able to enter a room. Kill the two Sisters. Note there are about six 
tiles with the strange markings on them. Use the calabash. Note also the 
Govi behind the cage. Enter the hole on the left side closest to the 
Govi and you will get it.

Refer to the walkthrough to get Dark Soul 2. However when you land in 
the cage where the Govi was note the floor. It has strange markings on 
it. Use calabash on it. (you may die from explosion and have to return 
here.) You will drop into tunnel , follow to end, in a corner hit switch 
to activate rope and turn around , proceed and climb the ledge and you 
can use the rope to get the dark soul 

In same area as Dark Soul 7 on the other end of the room you will see 
the last Govi but it is out of reach. After taking the NAGER Gads dive 
into the lava, swim to the left and you will find a ledge to climb and 
hit the switch that will drain out the lava and allow you to walk on 
ground. Now run all the way to the right and throw that switch which 
will raise the lava level but to a higher position than what it was 
previously, allowing access to the final govi.

====================== ASYLUM: UNDERCITY ===============================

From the entrance to the TEMPLE OF PROPHECY, jump up the wooden 
platforms and at the top you will find several Coffin Gates. One 
requires a Shadowpower of NINE to get past -- this leads to the 

Keep going forward, battling through hordes of enemies, and you will 
obtain it easily.
In the TEDDY BEAR ICON cave section, go forward and you will see a pipe 
in the ground. To the right of this is a platform with a door on it. Hop 
up there. To your right are some rocky outcroppings -- climb up these. 
In front of you is a large pipe in the shape of a 'U', look to the right 
of this to find a strange machine/pipe sticking into the wall. Jump onto 
this, and then to the doorway you see in front of you. You will come 
upon some stairs with a lot of Mummyguns. Kill them all, then go to the 
bottom and use the ENGINEER'S KEY on the console. You will see a cinema 
where several large propeller type objects start to swing around. Climb 
onto the computers and jump to the above area. Keep jumping and jumping, 
and you will eventually be able to ride on one of the propellers. You 
will spot a tunnel in the wall -- jump into it.

At the end of the tunnel is a set of non-moving propellers. Drop below, 
kill the Mummyguns, and turn them on via the console/ENGINEER'S KEY set-
up that you have probably seen 5,000 times by now. Jump up the 
propellers, and through the thin passage you see in the wall.

After slaughtering half-a-dozen or so Mummyguns, you will find yourself 
face to face with the familiar Govi.

Go to the large cavern that has a rope going from one end to the other. 
Climb the rope and make your way across to the other side...Circle 
around the tower and go across the bridge. Ignore the first door you 
see, and leap across the pit and to the next tower. Go through THIS 
door. Use the ENGINEER'S KEY to unlock the portals, then you will be in 
another cavern. Go across the bridge, climb up the tower, hop to the 
tower across from that, and go into the door. Spring onto the box and 
make your way to the top, then vault yourself over the fencing. Drop 
down to the bottom of this vertical shaft and destroy the TRUEFORM. Your 
prize is a Dark Soul. 
In "DARK SOUL 1" you had to turn on many propellers and hop on them. Go 
to the second propeller room and drop down to the very bottom. Jump on 
the incline with the platforms, and make your way to the LOWEST SET of 
propellers. STAY ON THESE LOWER ONES! Scan the wall, and you will find a 
corridor to jump in -- do so. At the end is a room with a few Mummyguns 
-- kill them and then go through the door. Turn LEFT and follow the path 
down, go up the stairs, and collect the last RETRACTOR of the game.

In "COLLECTING THE RETRACTOR", right before it you had to go left. This 
time go right. Kill the Mummyguns, and activate the console by using the 
ENGINEER'S KEY. With that done, a set of blades will stop in the next 
room. Fall down the vertical shaft, and go through the hallway (there 
are two; but they lead to the same room). There's that last Govi!

====================== MORDANT STREET: NEWYORK =========================

Hmmm...this places takes the cake for the moodiest area in the game!

To reach this level, warp to the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN. Go into the corridor 
that has a picture of a strange ghostly figure in it (it's brown in 
color). Go up the long set of stairs. A RETRACTOR is required to pull 
open the schism. Press the action button to get sucked in, and you will 
be inside this level.

This is probably my favorite level of the's so atmospheric...I 
advise you not to play this at night! :) Follow these directions or you 
will be lost beyond hope.

Go forward until you reach a large room with broken stairs and several 
catwalks above. You will see a cool cinema of a very...disturbed 
individual. He runs away at the end, leaving you to try to find him. 

Run through the nearby doors, running aimlessly around, slowly going 
upwards, until you find a generator. Turn this on, and the electricity 
will be returned! Return to the room where you saw the cinema.  

Near the center of the room is a large pillar with a light -- touch the 
gate and it will open. Run inside, and then press the action button to 
make the elevator go up. When you reach the top, go to your right and 
jump over the gap in the floor. Go left and follow the know 
you're on the right trail when you start going through long, wooden 
hallways where you can clearly see the planks that make up the walls. 
You will have to shoot the crates that block your way...keep going 
forward and you will find an ACCUMULATOR. Continue and you will find a 
hallway with a bloodfall to the left. Climb up it and run through the 
dark, damp hallways, trudging through the blood that is now up to your 
knees. At the end of all this (e.g. running) you will come upon the 
attic, and you will fight the HOME IMPROVEMENT KILLER.

When you finally reach him, whip out double machine 
pistols/shotguns/fast firing weapons and pulverize him! If your energy 
gets low, use the ENSEIGNE to block all of his attacks and keep shooting 
at him. After taking significant damage, he will disappear into a green 
mist. Backtrack to the blood river until the music stops, then go back 
and he will reappear in the middle of the room. Do this another time, 
and he will start to transform into a strange beast. When he screams and 
kneels to the ground, take out the Shadowgun and quickly fire a few 
rounds at him! His soul will be taken, and he explodes. 

After the "HOME IMPROVEMENT KILLER" has been defeated, a small purple 
crystal will be left behind. Go up to it to collect it.

When you defeat the "HOME IMPROVEMENT KILLER" you will be rewarded with 
a Dark Soul.

Along the way to the "HOME IMPROVEMENT" killer, you will find this on an 
altar. If you read the walkthrough on going to him, I will point it out.

After defeating the "HOME IMPROVEMENT KILLER", continue and you will 
find a large gate and a small altar in front of it. Use the PRISM on it 
to open the gate, and go into the will appear in the ENGINE 
BLOCK, and you will be able to shut down one of the pistons.

=================== DOWN STREET STATION: LONDON ======================== 

Warp to the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN. Go through the passageway on the left-
hand side wall that has a red knife symbol above it. Climb the long set 
of stairs, and use a RETRACTOR on the shut schism. When it is fully 
open, press the action button to be sucked in.

From the very beginning of the level, simply go forward and you will 
collect it off the desk.

From the schism, go through the door and down the stairs in front of the 
slimy goo. Turn left and follow the tunnel until you have a choice: go 
to the right and jump into the small aclove. Follow the tunnel and you 
will come upon a room with greenish water. Dive down to the bottom and 
swim through the entrance to the next tunnel, then in the next chamber, 
swim straight up, avoiding the spinning blade, and surface. Get onto 
land and into the bluish room. The door shuts beyond you: turn around 
and use the action button on the switch to cause the elevator to move. 
Then get out!

As soon as you emerge, go left and you will see three enormous 
propellers, going in and out of the water. Carefully swim across to the 
other side. From there, continue walking/swimming and you will easily 
reach the chamber where Jack the Ripper makes his home! 
This guy is rather odd -- he runs along the ceiling upside down, drops 
down upon you, and uses his sword to impale you. Since he does not use 
projectiles, you can toss the ENSEIGNE to the side and use double 
machine pistols to quickly take his health down. When he kneels down for 
several seconds, shoot him with the Shadowgun to destroy him!

Jack the Ripper leaves behind a Dark Soul as a parting gift.

You can also receive this purple crystal from defeating Jack the 

After Jack the Ripper's final death, you will be able to explore a 
circular path that will return you to his chamber. If you look 
correctly, you can find a side path that goes to the Soul Gate. Plug in 
the Prism, then step into the gate to go to another part of the ASYLUMS: 
ENGINE BLOCK that could not be reached otherwise.

====================== GARDELLE JAIL: TEXAS ============================

This is the best use of music in the game if you ask me..."THE END IS 
NIGH NIGH NIGH!" and "I AM THE LIZARD KING!" Hehe. This alone makes it 
my favorite level of this game...*smiles*

The one and only way to get to this rather large stage is to go through 
the schisms in the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN. Depending on which one you use, 
you will end up on radically different areas.  

Now that I've told the location of the CALABASH, this is definitely the 
most sought after item in my e-mail box queries..."Where is the Jail Key 
Card, dammit!?" I'm here to heal your wounds...

Go to the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN'S TEDDY BEAR ICON. Run straight ahead, up 
the stairs, and you will hear a little "religious song." Annoying, isn't 
it? Regardless, continue on to find a closed schism. Using a RETRACTOR, 
open it up. Press the action button to be sucked in!

Now you are in the jail. Walk straight ahead into the hallway and turn 
right. By now, the bodies of dead guards will be stalking you with pump 
action shotguns -- I suggest shooting them. :) You will end up in a 
large room.

 _ 1 ___ 2 _                       Legend:
|           |                      1 -- Hall from the schism (entrance)
|  o  o     |                      2 -- Corridor to Jail Keycard
|        o  |                      3 -- Tunnel that leads to helicopter
|___ 3 _____|                      o -- Dead guards that will kick your 
                                  ass in if you fight poorly

Go through hallway "2." You will find a large hole in the wall at the 
end, go through it. You should hear a lot of yelling and various police 
sirens. At the end is a small guardhouse; slumped against a wall is a 
dead person with his arm ripped off. The hand, which is on the floor, is 
clutching a get it :p

Now that you have this beautiful little piece of equipment, you need to 
put it to good use. You must use it on the little consoles with red 
lights on them that are found around the stage...they will open 
previously locked doors and gates.  

In the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN, one of the schisms leads to this man in a blue 
suit -- you do not need a RETRACTOR, for the schism is already open. To 
kill him, use double machine pistols to quickly make him kneel to the 
ground in his hideous form, then blast him with Shadowgun shots to truly 
defeat him. Your prize is a DARK SOUL.

In the CATHEDRAL OF PAIN, one of the schisms leads to this fat Vietnam 
veteran. You do not need a RETRACTOR, for the schism is already open. To 
kill him, use double machine pistols to quickly make him kneel to the 
ground in his hideous form, then blast him with Shadowgun shots to truly 
defeat him. Your prize is a DARK SOUL.

This takes more than words, so I'll expand upon the aforementioned map 
that you used to find the JAIL KEY CARD.

  _ 1 ___ 2 __                       
  |           |                   
  |           |                   
  |           |                   
  |___ 3 _____| 
     |  |
     | 4|
 5 __|  |___                          ______
|           |                        |    Y_ --> Leads to Insanity Ward
|     H     |****                    |   |
|  _________|   *         _________  |    A
|6 |___________ *__      |         |  |   |
|    __________   |      |         |__|   |
|_C_|          ? Z |     |             __ *
              |   |______|     VNK    |   * 
             GS                      |    *
              |______________________|    *

1 -- This is the hall from the schism where you appear in the 
2 -- Ignore this hall.
3 -- This leads to the helicopter! You'll want to go here.
4 -- Hehe, I know this hallway curves, but c'mon, give me a break here.
5 -- Ignore this passage.
H -- This is the helicopter that will shoot at you!
6 -- Go through this door!
C -- This is a switch board console! Use the JAIL KEY CARD on it to open 
"Y" and "Z"
Z -- A gate. Use the JAIL KEY CARD on "C" to open this.
GS -- This is the schism you go through in the "LOCATING AND DEFEATING 
THE VIDEO NASTY KILLER" section. It stands for "Green Schism", since 
there is a strange green light around it that flashes on and off.
VNK -- This stands for "VIDEO NASTY KILLER." This is where you fight 
him! He is also known as other names, such as the Fat Bastard. :P
A -- Stands for ACCUMULATOR! Blow the lock off the door and go inside 
the closet to collect it.
* -- This is the path of a metal stairway. Ignore it.
Y -- This is a closed elevator door. Use the JAIL KEY CARD on "C" to 
open this. Fall down to go into the insanity ward! 

Was that confusing? Good ;) It's not so hard, really. Basically, go to 
the helicopter and use the jail key card on the nearby console. Then, go 
to where you fight the VIDEO NASTY KILLER, go past the area with the 
ACCUMULATOR, and you will find an elevator shaft to fall down...

First, you need to reach the Insanity Ward (for reference, it has yellow 
stripes running the lower length of most of the walls). Once there, use 
the prison keycard to open doors and such. One part that seems strange 
is the console near the ACCUMULATOR II, in that you can see the console, 
but can not get to it. In reality, you can! Follow the wall around, 
and...I'm not making any sense, am I? Regardless, once you reach the 
insanity ward, you WILL find him after opening several gates and doors. 
Don't give up hope!
You defeat him in the same manner as the other Serial Killers. Machine 
pistols + Shadowgun = Dark Soul.

This is received when you kill MARCO CRUZ a.k.a. "REPO MAN."

This is received when you kill MILTO PIKE a.k.a. "VIDEO NASTY KILLER." 
This is collected when you kill DR. BATRACHIAN a.k.a. "THE LIZARD KING."

This is also collected when you destroy the almost mortal LIZARD KING. 
Damn his real name!

If you can't find this, you're an idiot -- it's in the same room as the 
LIZARD KING. Simply put the PRISM into it and walk into the light. You 
will be transported to another area of the ENGINE BLOCK.

Near the VIDEO NASTY KILLER (fat man) is a big door with a lock on it. 
Blow it off and walk in...TA DA!!!

In the Insanity Ward, in the little "religious area." So easy! 

Go to the Cathedral of Pain, and go to the Lizard King schism. When you 
appear in the jail, go forward and turn left, and blast open the lock on 
the door. The Accumulator is in this room! 
Alternatively, you can shoot the picture of a pyramid with an eye on it 
in the room with the schism (read first paragraph). Follow the concealed 
tunnel, then blast the plate at the end with a Calabash, and you are 

===================== ASYLUM: ENGINE BLOCK =============================

You can reach this area from the CAGEWAYS, MORDANT STREET NEWYORK, 
go into the red trolley. In the others, you will need to defeat a serial 
killer, collect the PRISM it leaves behind, and use it on the Soul Gate 
near them. Killers that leave behind PRISMS are: The Lizard King, Home 
Improvement Killer, and Jack the Ripper.

Any Govi/Dark Souls you can obtain from the path to the piston will be 
in the form of TRUEFORMS. Kill/release them from the cages to receive 
the Dark Soul they have. However, there are two that are "naked", that 
is, without a Gobi. 

To shut down the piston, you will have to go through an obstacle course 
of sorts. Once you are in the room where you can shut them down, you 
will notice many things: a gold plate on the wall with a number on it, 
indicating the piston number. Three places to plug in the ENGINEER'S 
KEY, and above the place to do so is a tube -- three in total. When you 
put the key in, the purple liquid inside will either go up or down, 
depending on the location it is in. To shut down the piston, you will 
have to enter a combination. The combinations can be found in JACK'S 
JOURNAL, but I have included them below to save you the trouble.  
But how do you enter the combination? Simple. Notice that each of the 
tubes is separated into sections by rings. Count up the sections and you 
will see five sections... 
Let's say the number in the combination is five. This means the purple 
liquid will be filled to the very top; the fifth section. You enter 
combinations from LEFT TO RIGHT. For example, if the combination was 
123, the tube on the very left would have one section filled, the middle 
would have two, and the one on right would have three. If you entered 
the combination correctly, they will become dark and the hum will stop. 
If you go to the nearby cage section, you will notice the giant shaft 
will not be moving/slowing down. 

And that's how it is done!

You reach this path by going to CAGEWAYS and boarding the Red Trolley. 

Go forward and to the left. Open the door, and you will see a taut rope 
going over a large gorge. Drop down and defeat both Mummyguns -- 
otherwise they will shoot you off the rope. Go up the ramp and climb 
across the rope. From now on, keep going forward and shooting Mummyguns. 
You will eventually find the tube room...

The combination is as follows: 5-5-5 

You reach this path by going through the Soul Gate in "DOWN TOWN 

If anyone needs help with this stage...God, they are truly pathetic. 
There's nothing difficult about this at all! It takes quite a while, but 
you will eventually stumble upon the piston computer control room...

The combination is as follows: 1-2-4

You reach this path by going through the Soul Gate in "MORDANT STREET: 

Defeat all of the Mummyguns and pig-monsters by quickly firing charged 
shots at them, then activate the console on the right side of the 
chamber to open the exit doors. Run to the large anvil, and jump in 
front of it to grab onto the rope that extends across the gorge. At the 
end, go through the tunnel. Go forward and use the ENGINEER'S KEY on the 
console to open the exit. Run forward and you will eventually reach the 
computers with the purple tubes. 

The combination is as follows: 3-1-2 

You will reach this path by going through the Soul Gate in the GARDELLE 
PRISON: TEXAS level -- it is right after the LIZARD KING. 

Kill all the pigs and Mummyguns, just to make it safe. To the left and 
right are small acloves with a console in it --- use your ENGINEER'S KEY 
to activate them. With both turned on, the doors ahead will open. Follow 
the rusty metal path, eventually reaching a gigantic room with many 
Trueforms. Follow the path and use the ENGINEER'S KEY on the console to 
open the exit. Back at the start of the room, jump on the crates to 
reach the big red cages where the Trueforms are/were kept, and jump to 
the exit! Follow the wooden corridor to find a big red rod with spinning 
blades on them. Jump to the rod, go left, ignoring any passages in the 
wall, to reach a red plated area. Kill the Mummyguns, and open up the 
exit using the ENGINEER'S KEY. Follow the tunnel, yet again, to be 
dumped into another Trueform battlefield. Go up the titanic red cage and 
touch the door -- it will open. Go inside, and watch in breathless 
wonder as it goes to another room. >:)

OK, so I said I wasn't going to list any Dark Souls, but I feel I REALLY 
SHOULD do this. When you get out of the cage, go behind it and you will 
see a door that leads to TWO (count 'em...) Dark Souls that are NOT in 
Govis. WOOHOO!

Eventually, you will reach the piston computer room. 

The combination is as follows: 2-4-5

=================== THE FINAL OBSTACLE: LEGION =========================

Go to the ASYLUM: ENGINE BLOCK. When you have shut down all four 
pistons, you will be able to jump over them and make your way to the 
other side, and discover your brother, Luke. Chase after him and you 
will go into a gigantic room...after a really long cinema that reveals a 
LOT of awesome information, you fight Legion! 
Keep shooting the Violator/Shadowgun combo at him 'till he dies.

This is the most UNDER-WHELMING last-boss battle fight I have ever 
experienced on a 3D machine. At least the cinema for the human Legion 
was great...basically, stand at the very top, and shoot the 
Violator/Shadowgun combo at him until he dies. You need to keep shooting 
both -- you can't use two Violators because you need the Shadowgun to 
steal his soul when his energy goes down. But, he is only vulnerable to 
it for a split second, which means you need to keep firing both...

Then you get to watch the crappiest ending ever!!! HOORAY! 

                     T H E     E N D


Q: How do I get ? 

A: Scan through all of my level walkthroughs until you find the header, 
"COLLECTING THE " You can also check the map at may get lucky!


Q: How do I "warp" to an area? 
A: When you get to a certain area in certain levels, the Teddy Bear Icon 
will flash on screen. From now on, you can warp to that location using 
your Teddy Bear!


Q: In the Cathedral of Pain, what do the cut-in-half bodies do? The 
other two led to Serial Killers -- but these are closed up! 
A: In other places of the Asylum (PLAYROOMS, CAGEWAYS, and UNDERCITY to 
be exact), you can find three items called the RETRACTOR (s). Using this 
on the body will "open it up." 

Q: How do I destroy the Serial Killers?  
A: You have to find an item that allows you to become Shadowman in 


Q: And this particular item would be...? 
A: L'ECLIPSER. However, there are three parts to this knife, and you 
need a Shadow power of 7 to get the final piece. If you have the map, it 
becomes a lot easier.


Q: What map?!

A: When you get the game, you get an instruction booklet AND a piece of 
paper that has a map of all the worlds, and where every item is 
"roughly." This is great help when trying to find THE POIGNE, FLAMEBEAU, 
ENSEIGNE, pieces of LE'CLIPSER, etc... 

See section five, "Shadowman Map" for more details and to see an online 
copy in .JPG form.


Q: Crap! I don't have it! Or maybe I lost I screwed now? 
A: Although the map makes the game a lot more forgiving, you can still 
beat the game without any help (errr...maybe.).


A: Back to that Knife Thingy that allows me to become Shadowman in 
Liveside. Where do I find each individual piece? 
Q: Check the Table of Contents, and before the time when you absolutely 
must have it, I made a section on collecting it.


Q: In the Playrooms...I released a giant beast from a cage. Now what? 
A: Near it is an area with lava under a pipe. When you have the MARCHER 
GADS you can go to the lava, jump up the pipe get the picture.


Q: I keep finding these drums all over the place -- what do they do, how 
do I activate them? 
A: You'll need the MARTEAU. When you receive it near the entrance to the 
Temple of Prophecy, you can slam it on the drums and cause them to open 
doorways for you. 


Q: I can't do anything in the FIRE TEMPLE! I've found a few switches to 
raise some of that pyramid, but I am completely lost now.

A: In the main area with the two bloodfalls, there are stairs that go 
around the edge of the room. Along the way, you can find blue lights on 
the wall. Below the blue bulb is a slight, dark gray colored square -- 
shoot this with your Shadowgun to reveal a secret passageway. There are 
three, and a switch at the end of each one. Your problems are solved...


Q: Where the bloody Hell is the Calabash? 
A: Check the TEMPLE OF BLOOD section for details.


Q: I went into the ASYLUM: ENGINE BLOCK from the ASYLUM: CAGEWAYS and 
have successfully shut down one piston. Now what? 
A: You can not shut down the other three pistons until you defeat a 
Serial Killer, collect the PRISM he leaves behind, and use it on the 
Soul Gate near them. This will warp you to a different area of the 
ENGINE BLOCK, allowing you to shut down a piston. The killers that leave 
behind PRISMS are: The Lizard King, Home Improvement Killer, and Jack 
the Ripper.


Q: Why is Legion so crappy? 
A: Because Acclaim couldn't make an interesting boss battle to save 
their lives. There isn't even any music FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!


Q: Why is the ending so crappy? 
A: See above answer except change "boss battle" into "ending." 
Really...the ending could've been simple, but good. Just show the Asylum 
blowing up more, and then in Liveside they could have Nettie and Jaunty 
in a bar, drinking (remember Mike's promise to Jaunty? "If this works, 
I'm buying you a drink!"). Then they roll the credits, and have "THE 
END" over the grave of Mike's little brother, Luke. Unfortunately, 
Acclaim doesn't seem to realize how much the ending can affect many 
people's overall opinion of the game when they look back on it...

At least the cinema leading up to Legion was done nicely. Awesome 
dialogue IMO.


Q: I'm missing two Dark Souls from the Engine Block, so I assume they 
are from the two Trueforms that are right before Legion. However, I can 
not find any way to open their cages! Help! 
A: Actually, the answer lies elsewhere; and I know exactly which two you 
are missing. I will copy and paste for you:
___begin quote ___

You will reach this path by going through the Soul Gate in the GARDELLE 
PRISON: TEXAS level -- it is right after the LIZARD KING. 

Kill all the pigs and Mummyguns, just to make it safe. To the left and 
right are small acloves with a console in it --- use your ENGINEER'S KEY 
to activate them. With both turned on, the doors ahead will open. Follow 
the rusty metal path, eventually reaching a gigantic room with many 
Trueforms. Follow the path and use the ENGINEER'S KEY on the console to 
open the exit. Back at the start of the room, jump on the crates to 
reach the big red cages where the Trueforms are/were kept, and jump to 
the exit! Follow the wooden corridor to find a big red rod with spinning 
blades on them. Jump to the rod, go left, ignoring any passages in the 
wall, to reach a red plated area. Kill the Mummyguns, and open up the 
exit using the ENGINEER'S KEY. Follow the tunnel, yet again, to be 
dumped into another Trueform battlefield. Go up the titanic red cage and 
touch the door -- it will open. Go inside, and watch in breathless 
wonder as it goes to another room. >:)

OK, so I said I wasn't going to list any Dark Souls, but I feel I REALLY 
SHOULD do this. When you get out of the cage, go behind it and you will 
see a door that leads to TWO (count 'em...) Dark Souls that are NOT in 
Govis. WOOHOO!""

____ end quote ___


Oh my God! You mean Acclaim finally made a game where you have to earn 
the cheats to use them instead of entering them at a code screen? I 
thought I wouldn't live long enough to see this happen...

After you get off the tram into the Cathedral of Pain, go straight and 
on the left will be a ramp that leads down to a flow of coals between 
the two platforms. Run on the coals to the left until you get to some 
rotating spikes. Keep following the path until you find a hole with a 
pole sticking through. Fall on the left side. It should say "Cheat 
Activated". In your inventory there is a book of shadows. You can 
activate a cheat called "I like Deadside shotguns" Use the pad, not the 
stick to turn it on. Now you can use the shotgun on Deadside!  
- Submitted by Matt316 

To cover Shadow Man in flames, follow these steps. You must have at 
least 100 Cadeaux to pull this off. First, make your way to the very 
last room in the Temple of Life (it holds the Baton). Next, move to the 
last small room on the right, and press Action at the altar. Shadow Man 
will offer your Cadeaux in exchange for an energy upgrade. Press Action 
again at the altar. Shadow Man will say something about the Loa moving 
out of that altar. Run out and head to the altar next to the one you 
were just in. Press Action at the altar. If everything goes well, you 
should see a "Cheat Activated" message flash across your screen (in the 
way Luke's teddy bear does). Go into your inventory and you should see a 
new item, the Book of Shadows. Select it and your cheat should be there. 
At the time I found this, I had 24 Dark Souls, and that might make a 
difference, but I don't think so.  
- Submitted by Jake Byrd 

If you look on the map you will see a door that requires ten power 
section, and says mystery. After you collect all 120 souls, yep every 
last one, you can go open the door to get what..... a second violator. 
Very useful in destroying Legion. You just take both violators and hit 
him until he stops moving around. Then whip out the Deadside gun and 
finish him off.  
- Submitted by Justin 

In the third gad temple (NAGER) go to the room where you have to make 
the big hammer knock over the pillar. Once you have knocked the pillar 
over, you can walk across it, but as you do so, there will be a small 
room to the right. If you successfully jump to it, you should see the 
'cheat active' sign and you will now be able to play as Bloodshot.  
- Submitted by Severd Hed

To play as deadwing when you get to the Playrooms go to the room with 
the pool table. Jump on the pool table and it will activate the cheat 
and give you the shadowbook.  
- Submitted by janitor ed 

Stand in front of one of the alters that has fire rising from the 
center, the type that seem to serve no purpose. Activate the baton. You 
should warp to a previously inaccessible area.  
- Submitted by Syn 

To access Wireframe Mode in the "Book of Shadows" go to Mordant Street, 
Queens and head to the top floor. Head inside the only door on the floor 
and go right. When you round the corner you will notice two odd looking 
floor panels. Jump over these and a message will appear on the screen 
saying Cheat Enabled. Now check your inventory and access the Book of 
Shadows (Note: If this is your first cheat the book will appear in your 
inventory now.)  
- Submitted by A.J. Visco

While working on the first trial of the Loa (Temple of Fire area) in the 
area with two blood falls go and find a room that has 3 voodoo sisters 
(blue witch things) and a large ramp, kill the voodoo sisters and make 
your way up the ramp before the button at the top of the ramp look right 
and you'll see a pathway. Jump on to the railing stuff and jump at the 
pathway, keep trying and you'll eventually see "Cheat Activated" appear 
on the screen. Go to your inventory screen and you'll see the Book of 
Shadows, that is the cheat menu, open it and you know have Stick Boy! 
- Submitted by Goku (007)

To play as Deadsider, use the teddy bear to go to the Gateway that by 
Asylum. After doing so you will appear on a bridge over a pool of lava. 
Facing the door, drop off the left side of the bridge onto the trail 
below. Follow the path until you stumble upon a dark soul in a room with 
rafters. Jump onto the rafters – one of them will activate the cheat 
that will give you Deadsider! 
- Submitted by Butterboy


The following cheats were sent in from various people.

In the underground city level (Asylum: Undercity) go into the second 
division of expansive opened cave area and look up, you should see a 
piece of pipe/rock in the shape of a 'U' coming out of the ceiling. 
Nearby is a platform with a door on it. Adjacent to the platform are 
some rocky outcroppings: jump on these, and then leap towards the 'U' 
pipe. You don't need to land on it, just get near it. "Cheat Activated" 
will flash on the screen. You now have "Play as Duppie." This makes you 
look like a skeleton.
- Submitted by [email protected]

In the level where you fight Jack the Ripper (the train station) 
progress through the level as you normally would and about half the way 
to the end you will come to a light blue lit brick hallway. Simply walk 
into the bathroom at the end to receive, "Invisible Man." With this, you 
can only see your glowing eyes, the gun, and the Mask of Shadows. Cool.
- Submitted by [email protected]

In the Jail level right before the battle with the Lizard King there 
should be a stairway almost completely surrounded by metal mesh (3 out 
of 4 sides). On the bottom of those stairs there is a bunch of padded 
cells, just walk into the one farthest away to receive, "Play as Dog", 
which will make you look like a dog standing on its hind-legs. Very 
- Submitted by [email protected] 

(marshmallow's note: this is an e-mail I received shortly after version 
1.5's update)

Hey there, I don't have all the details, but: 

"I need information on Dark Soul # 121" 

There is no such thing. There is a bug in the game that occasionally 
will make a soul you have already collected reappear. I think it happens 
when you warp back to the same place you already are (to return to the 
starting spot quickly-monsters usually don't respawn). I've finished a 
game with 123 souls, without collecting anything out of the ordinary. 
This has happened to me in several levels. 

"I also need to know how to get the alternative (and supposedly better) 

I've beaten the game at Level 9 with a little over 100 souls and several 
cadeaux life notches missing; and I have beaten it at Level 10 with 123 
souls, and all 10 lifebar notches. No difference in the ending. The 
better ending, in terms of impact, is the bad one. If you lose in the 
final battle against the Legion monster, you get a much more gripping, 
dramatic ending, reminiscent of those evil-takes-over surprise endings 
to horror flicks. Check it out when you get a chance. (All you have to 
do is lose.) I've come up with a chart of how many souls it takes for 
each shadow level: 

Shadowpower / Souls Needed   
1   ---------- 1 
2   ---------- 3 
3   ---------- 7  
4   ---------- 15 
5   ---------- 23 
6   ---------- 35 
7   ---------- 51 
8   ---------- 71 
9   ---------- 95 
10  ---------- 120 

Hope it helps.


(marshmallow's note: And that it did)


The best way to kill any enemy is as follows: R-target them, put up your 
Enseigne, and constantly shoot your weapon. Or, shoot them with your 
Shadowgun and another weapon (e.g. Flamebeau, Asson...).

#1 - ZOMBIE: 
Appearing just about everywhere, these slow creatures moan when they see 
you, and shoot balls of fire at you when you get close.

A skinny, grotesque creature that will scream, then run at you with his 
arms waving -- trying to scratch you. These guys like to attack in 
groups; be very, very careful around a pack of these, for they are quite 
powerful. When they are far away, they spit slime at you.

Annoying, to say the least. They constantly follow you and spit acid 
while Shadowman is trying to make precarious jumps and when climbing 

Appearing in water/blood lakes, these travel in schools and will bump 
against you. Quite annoying.

#5 - ORK: 
Saying "Shadowman..." when you get near them, these two headed 
monstrosities are quite freaky. However, don't expect them to do any 
great deal of damage.

#6 - HOOK HOG: 
Appearing as a bipedal pig (topped with squeals) that, instead of hands, 
sports two rusty hooks that they swing at you. Mostly found in places 
where maneuverability is avoid them, jump to the side, or 
even over them, because they are very potent attackers.

Instead of green, these piggies are red! Of course, with the new color, 
comes the more devastating attacks.  Like the name I gave it? :p

#8 - SMOKIN' HAM: 
These porky adversaries sport automatic weapons! Fortunately for you, 
they are terrible aimers. Just step to the side, or jump around 
randomly, and your chances of getting hit are slim. 

Mostly found in the four Temples, these faces will periodically spit a 
fireball. Some are attached to spinning posts -- most are stationary, 

#10 - 'GATORS: 
Found in the Louisiana level -- there are only two of them, and they 
aren't much of a threat. They might be 'Crocs or they might be 'Gators; 
but I don't think anyone really cares about correct species 

#11 - DEMON DOG:
Found in the Louisiana Swamp, these dogs will attack at you when they 
see you. A pack of them, which can consist of up to 10 dogs at once, 
should be taken very seriously. In other like Hell! :p

#12 - MUMMYGUN: 
I call these Mummyguns because their faces look like that of a Mummy's, 
and they sound like Mummy's, and darn it, they even WALK like Mummy's. 
Add to the fact they tote an automatic weapon, and you see my motives 
for calling it what I did.

These will shoot machine gun fire at you. R-target them, circle around, 
and fire! If you have the Enseigne, even better.

Found in all Temples except for the Life, you will get very used to 
these pretty opponents as you will fight them roughly every other room. 
Thankfully, they are easy to take down even in groups. Appearing in 
golden bikinis, they will float around the room when you either a) get 
near them b) get near a certain point in the room or c) activate a 
switch/open a door in the room. The best way to defeat them is to R-
target them and circle around while firing off shots, and the Enseigne 
is very useful here! Remember: They will not leave the room they are in. 

#13 - WOLFMAN: 
Appearing in only a few areas, the Wolf Man has purple hair and walks on 
all fours. They have high offense, but pitiful defense; you should be 
able to kill them in one charged shot. 

#14 - TRUEFORM: 
Giant beasts that are often released from cages, most of you also know 
them as, "That bitch in the Playrooms!" There are about a dozen or so of 
these in the game, and when killed will leave behind Dark Souls. 
However, these brutes won't die easily. They shoot homing projectiles 
and fireballs -- both of which are easy enough to avoid. However, if you 
allow this 10 foot monstrosity to get anywhere near you, they will make 
short work of you with their sharp claws. So in other words...STAY AWAY! 
Keep firing at them and they eventually die (when they kneel, you must 
use the Shadowgun to kill them). 


= = = = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo/Sega/Sony: It is their console, therefore they should get a 
little credit, correct? Oh, and to whatever PC platform you may be 
playing it on :p

Acclaim Entertainment: For this awesome game!

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = = 

Gamefaqs : This mammoth site holds all 35+ of my FAQs, 
plus thousands of others from untold numbers of authors! If you can't 
get any help here, you might be in trouble...This site will always have 
the most updated versions of my FAQs because I send them there MYSELF. 
Any other site could have outdated versions since they take it from that 
site and may forget to update it (in which case Satan will have to make 
a visit to their house).

Gamesages : I received ALL of the cheats/secrets from 
this site. Good job, once again, guys.

= = = = = = = = = = = 

PANTS : Helped me solve some of my Shadowman problems at 
the Nintendorks Forum. Mmm...Nintendorks. I love that site! Oh yeah, and 
PANTS: I told you I was going to give you credit, and you didn't believe 
me. Hehe :p

Graffixkid : This is the brave soul whom sent me the 
Shadowman map you see at This is the best 
thing for the people who do not receive it when they get the game/lose 

Brian Ratliff : Also sent me a map. Unfortunately, 
Graffix's map was of a higher quality. Still, I thank you for the 
effort, Brian! 

Elshdzuris : Sent me information on getting to the 
Trueform in the Playrooms.

Rick Fravel : Made several corrections/additions to 
this FAQ. 

RAZZER : Sent in three valuable cheats and helped me 
in some trouble-spots I had.

"Joel" : Sent in Dark Soul locations for Lava 
Ducts, Temple of Blood...etc. Very nice stuff. 

Evil Sponge : Sent in information on 
collecting Dark Soul 13 for the Wasteland...and I thank him for it.

Jose : A few things for the Secret / Code sections.

Ohmster : A little tip for Dark Soul 8 of the Temple 
of Prophecy.


Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
condemnation, or death threats at: [email protected] I still 
accept mail sent to [email protected], but I don't check it as 
regularly as my primary, Nintendonext account.

Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a 
daily basis. 

I will answer questions to the best of my ability, but not necessarily 
immediately. Who may get an answer hours after sending it, 
or maybe even weeks. Do not e-mail me telling me to "answer your 
questions", unless you like to be ignored. Also, please realize that I 
 do have a real life outside the Internet. 
School, friends, what have you. Hey, sometimes I might not even get on 
the Internet for a few days if I pick up a hot new game that I enjoy.  

If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most 
definitely ignore it. If your question is poorly written (e.g. "Hez waz 
up, dawg? Got mez uh q!") I will delete it.  Etc., etc...

Hey, you mean people actually receive help from me and like to praise my 
work? Believe me, though I may not reply to it, I do appreciate your 
comments. Though, most people, if they praise me, do it along with a 
question, in which I might reply something like, "Yeah, thanks for the 
support. As for your problem..." 

I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high 
that I may not reply, but if you present a valid criticism, I may 
acknowledge your critique. As for those less intellectual letters, heh, 
they're always good for laughs.

Though I can assure you I will be flattered, I will *not* work for your 
site exclusively (or even as a third party). I don't care how much 
money, women, or drugs you offer me, either. No means no, okay?

No, I don't care about what kind of whore house your uncle runs. No, I 
don't know who Louie is and why he has a fetish for panties. No, I don't 
think a piano is going to mysteriously appear out of thin air and fall 
on me if I don't send a piece of sh!t letter to other people. No, I 
won't send you cash for a "dying" (yeah, right) kid who is infected with 
brain cancer, though sometimes I wonder if YOU'RE the one with brain 
cancer. No, I don't care about this new, amazing revelation about weight 
loss (my muscle to fat ratio is quite normal, thank you very much). And, 
finally, I will *not* make out with you!  

I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some 
questionable material. However, considering this is a FAQ for an M rated 
game, I assume you will not be offended. 

~ End of Document ~

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