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SimAnt tricks

  * Try making walls of rocks around the food areas, leaving the side 
    toward your nest open. This keeps all but the soldier ant that guards 
    the food out.
  * The ways to kill off the red colonies work very well, if you do them 
    correctly. First, right at the beginning of the game (Quick or Full), 
    go over to the red nest and fill it with rocks. That gets them mad and 
    lets your colony thrive. Kill the weak ants when they get to the 
  * Border the red ant hole on the surface with rocks. Don't put one on 
    top or they will dig another hole. This tricks them into not digging 
    another exit. Then they get killed by the lawn mower.
  * If you want to be cannibalistic, then early on try to encase the queen 
    in rocks and take her eggs to the surface. Eat them when your health 
    gets critical.
  * For the full game only: Try to breed quickly and take over the house 
    before killing off the red colony in your sector. This lets you win 
    immediately after killing the red colony and it doesn't allow another 
    red colony pop up.

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