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Slayers Wonderul FAQ
ƒXƒŒƒCƒ„-ƒY ‚í‚ñ‚¾‚Ù- FAQ
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Author: 	Theo Chakkapark/RanmaGuy ([email protected])
Base URL:


Last Revision:	May 3, 1999

Please e-mail me for any questions/corrections/comments/additions to this FAQ!
This document is written in English and in Japanese using NJStar Communicator and the 
Notepad program.

* I only played up to Seryunn so far, so this document only covers up to that much (since
	I have no clue how to get out of Seryunn in the beginning of the game).
* Some parts of this document are missing, because I didn't have a chance to fill them in.
  	My PSX got damaged, so until I get it fixed, those portions will continue to be 
	missing, since I can't play the game right now (That's what I get for dissambling 
	my PSX to adjust the lazer head).
* Some parts of this document has romanized Japanese translations in it, along with its
	hiragana/katakana equivilent. If you wish to view the characters (it's not 
	necessary), download a viewer at: (NJStar Communicator).
* Anything in a (?) means I'm unsure of what it is/means. I did not recieve the instructions
	with the game, so I'm TRYING as BEST as I can to translate and figure out stuff as
	best as I can! It's not my fault (although it kinda is) if I get sections completely
	wrong or something (contributations are good)!
* Any direct Japanese translations in Kana on 'tsu' or 'shi' are hard read in the game. 
	So, if you see any romanized translations in anything I did that contains 'tsu' or
	'shi', and it dosen't translate correctly, try interchanging a 'tsu' with a 'shi' 
	and vice versa.

Quick Data Sheet
Title: Slayers Wonderful (Japanese)
Format: PSX
Size: 434 MBs (1 CD)
Publisher: Banpresto
Players: 1
Genre: RPG
Save Game?: Yes, 2 Blocks/Save
Price: 6,800 yen (as printed on the CD case)

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
I. Introduction
	* What are the Slayers?
	* Storyline
	* Features
II. Getting Started
	* Basic Controls
	* Title Screen
	* Menu Subscreen
		- Equipping a/an Weapon/Armor/Accessory
		- Using an item
		- Viewing Stats
III. Battles
IV. Walkthrough
	* Part 1: The forest
	* Part 2: Seryun
V. The Characters: Magic Listing/Limit Breaks
	* Lina Inverse
	* Gourry Gavbiel
	* Amelia 
	* Zelgadis Greywolf
VI. Lists
	* Magicial Items
	* Items
	* Weapons
	* Armor
	* Twin/Triple Limit Breaks
VII. Stuff
VIII. Legal Junk

I. Introduction
* What are the Slayers?

Here's a basic summery as taken from the back of the Slayers manga: 

"Welcome to a world where magic reigns and monsters lurk behind every corner. Into
this land of deadly dragons and menacing magicians comes our heroine - Lina Inverse, a
cute, fireball-throwing sorceress who steals from the wicked and gives to herself! Along
with Gourry, a handsome but dumb-as-a-rock swordsman, Lina challenges the forces of not-so-
goodness as she seeks truth, justice, fame and - gold! Well, mostly fame and gold..."

Just to note, the manga ONLY has Lina and Gourry in it (the Japanese manga dosen't).
The anime, which follows the Japanese manga includes many more characters, such as Zelgadis,
Ameila, Sylphiel, and Xellos, just to name a few. In Slayers Wonderful, you'll get to play
as the full cast of the Slayers, and I think, Naga from the OVA series (her mug is on the
cover of the game, so I'm just assuming right now).

The "Slayers" (or "The Slayers" here in the US) is an anime adventure created by Hajime 
Kanzaka. I'd consider this perticular anime as an RPG adventure parody, mainly because it 
has lots of RPG elements, such as magic, magical items and weapons, and the characters 
develop their powers over time. The parody part really describes Slayers; the characters 
MUST eat at least once an episode (you should SEE them eat; haha), or they won't fight. 
Their journey is all about money, food, and power. Lina, the heroine is what you'd 
least expect from most anime (short, no chest, selfish, stubborn). However, a thing I admire
about the anime is that the author knows how to intergrate a serious storyline with 
non-serious characters. The art is beautifully drawn, along with the magic spells. A must 
see parody anime film for any RPG or Dungeon & Dragons fan!

* The Slayers Wonderful Storyline

NOTE: I'm just telling you the storyline as I saw it in the game. I do not know how to read
Japanese much, so I cannot say this is the REAL storyline of Slayers Wonderful. Because the
game has so many wonderful animated sequences, you can get a general idea of it.

	One fateful day, the beautiful, genius sorceress, Lina Inverse is resting 
peacefully in an INN. However, during her sleep, an energy form arises from her body 
(it's a glowing red color I beleve that looks like Lina), transforms into a glowing sphere,
and exits out through the windows. Beyond the window, we can see the glowing windows of 
other houses as other energy spheres appear from them. Looking above the houses, the balls
of light are moving into a black, stormy cloud...

	Somewhere in a deep forest, is a group of bandits chilling around a fire, talking
about something. They get interrupted when the infamous Lina Inverse and her sidekick,
Gourry appear. Upon their introduction, one of the bandits make the mistakable choice of
pointing and making fun of Lina's small chest. This enrages Lina, who suddenly starts to 
cast one of the most powerful spells in black magic, the Dragon Slave. Gourry, who realises
what is going on, runs for cover, and in the distance, the bandits start to cower. However,
as soon as Lina finishes her incantation, the spell fizzles. Lina, who is supposed to be one
of the most powerful sorcerers in the world, dosen't know why her spell failed. The bandits,
who were in fear, quickly turn upon Gourry and Lina. Gourry prepares for battle, but for 
some reason, his sword, the magical Sword of Light refuses to activate... how and why did 
this happen? That's for you (and me) to find out!

* What's in Slayers Wonderful?
	What's in it? I'll list below:
		+ humorous storyline
		+ animated anime scenes and pictures
		+ 3D battles that resemble the FF7 battle engine with limit breaks
		+ 2D characters in a 3D world
		+ actual voice dialogue 

II. Getting Started
* Basic Controls
	Playing Slayers Wonderful shouldn't be too hard, if you have played traditional 
RPGs, such as the Final Fantasy series. Actually, the gameplay of Slayers Wonderful (or SW
I shall call it from now on) has a similar interface to Final Fantasy 7. Anyways, here are
the basic controls:

	Triangle: Menu 			X: Run/Cancel
	Circle: Ok/Read/Talk		Square: Not Used
	R1: Ice Crystal			R2: Fireball   

Note: Using R1 or R2 can be used to blow up barrels, etc. No MP are taken from Lina when
casting these spells.

* Title Screen
On the title screen, there are three options:
(From top to bottom)
   + New Game
   + Continue/Load Game
   + Music Options (If you select this option, you will have the choice of Stereo or Mono. 
			Stereo is the top option, while Mono is the bottom.) 

* Menu Subscreen
	When you press Triangle to access the menu subscreen, you will find two horizontal
boxes, and three vertical boxes. The 1st top horizontal bar is your basic options:
				(From Left to Right)
		      [Equip - Item - Magic - (?) - Stats - Save Game]

Equip: It's to equip your character's weapons, armor, and accessories.
Item: Use an item.
Magic: View/Use a character's magic spells.
(?): No clue at all on what this is (someone e-mail me on this!).
Stats: View a character's statistics and limit breaks.
Save Game: Save your game (only available when stepping on a save crystal).

	On the bottom of the 1st horizontal bar is your location (?) and how much money you
have on hand. To the bottom of the 2nd horizontal bar are three panels, which provide 
character information, such as HP, MP, experience, and level. Below the information is the
items a character has equipped. The order of the icons are from the top to bottom:

   + Weapon
   + Armor
   + Accessory #1
   + Accessory #2			

- Equipping a/an Weapon/Armor/Accessory
	To equip an item, select the equip option with the Circle button. A box will appear
with button symbols on them:

Circle: Equip 
Square: Remove an item
X: Cancel

You 1st will be able to select what you want to equip (Weapon, Armor, or Accessories). Upon
pressing Circle, you will be shown another box to the right with the available items that
are equippible, and to the right of that, what stats of the character's are affected when
equipping the item (like equipping a more powerful sword will increase attack). Any items
that are equippable will be in white, while ones that aren't are shaded.

- Using an Item
	Select "Item" with Circle. Any items that are usable will be colored white. 
When you select the item you want (using Circle), you then select the character you
want to use it on.

- Viewing Stats
	Select the "Stats" option with the Circle button, and select the character you wish
to view. You will see a picture of the character, along with their stats and limit breaks.
Here's the stats from top to bottom:
  + Attack
  + Constitution
  + Agility
  + Dexterity
  + Magic - Mental
  + Magic - Restistance
  + Experience
  + List of Limit Breaks (On the bottom after the list of stats and the picture of the 

III. The Battles
	The battles in SW are very much like FF7. All the characters are 3D polygons (kinda
OK looking), with a 2/3 view. Characters can attack, cast magic, use items, and even do
limit breaks! Personally, the battles are farily easy, and the spell effects are OK. Viewing
a magic spell being cast or a limit break happen would remind you of FF7. The coolest part
about battles are the addition of voices when attacking (yeah, like when Lina casts a 
fireball, she'd actually say "Fireball!" before casting the spell). 
	When you start a battle, you will see three panels, which are the character's stats.
There is HP, MP, a limit meter (the thing shaped like an arc), and the character's active
time meter (shaped like a half circle; charges upwards).
	To charge your limit meter, your character must perform a successful attack (which
includes a normal attack or spell damage). To lose your limit meter, an enemy must get
a successful attack on your characters. If your lucky enough, when your limit is full, you
can perform limit breaks, and if all your character's limits are full at the same time, you
can perform twin/triple character limit breaks!

  Battle Icons (From Left to Right):
   + Sword - Attack
   + Staff - Magic
   + Pentagram - Limit Break
   + Bottle - Item
   + Smoke - Run

IV. Walkthrough

V. The Characters: Magic Listing/Limit Breaks
	This is a comprehensive listing of each character's spells and limit breaks. I will
catolog the spells as they are shown in their listing in the game. For each character, you
will see the order that the spell is listed from the game, and the name of the spell.
Here is the key to the listing:

  + # - The number of the spell/limit as shown in the order list.
  + Type of spell - Red = Fire, Blue = Water, White = Shamanistic
  + Name - The name of the spell (Romanized Japanese first, 
		followed by its English equivilent).
  + MP - The amount of MP that is required to cast the spell
  + Target(s) - The number of targets the spell affects.
  + Effects? - Any effects that the spell has (healing, protection against something)
  + LV - The level that a spell is accquirred at (NOTE: I haven't played far in the game
		yet to determine if spells are accquired by level or bought at stores; 
		S means that a character starts with the spell when he/she joins).

Twin/triple limits will not be catologed with the characters. However, they will be listed

* Lina Inverse

Order in Spell list:
1. Flare Arrow		2. Burst Rondo
3. Freeze Arrow		4. Fireball
5. Freeze Crystal	6. Icicle Lance

#	Type	Name				MP	Target(s)	Effects?	LV
1	Red	Fureaaroo (Flare Arrow)		10	One		--------	S
2	Red	Baasutorosodo (Burst Rondo)	13	All		--------	S
3	Blue	Furiizuaroo (Freeze Arrow)	10	One		--------	S
4	Red	(Fireball)			32	One		--------	S
5	Blue	Furiizuburido (Freeze Crystal)	32	One		--------	S
6	Blue	(Icicle Lance)			42	One		--------	S

L E V E L  B R E A K S
Order in Limit list:
1. FB*Fuooru	2. Twin - Gourry

#	Name				Target(s)	Effects?	LV
1	FB*Fuooru (Fireball Shower?)	All		--------	S

* Amelia

Order in Spell list:
1. Flare Arrow		2. Burst Rondo
3. Freeze Arrow		4. Lightning Volt
5. Sleep		6. Megedo Flare
7. Fireball

#	Type	Name				MP	Target(s)	Effects?	LV
1	Red	Fureaaroo (Flare Arrow)		10	One		--------	S
2	Red	Baasutorosodo (Burst Rondo)	13	All		--------	S
3	Blue	Furiizuaroo (Freeze Arrow)	10	One		--------	S
4	White	(Lightning Volt)		9	All/Party	Shield(?)	S
5	White	Suriipingu (Sleep)		27	One		Sleep		S
6	White	Megodpfirea (Megedo Flare)	14	One		--------	S
7	Red	(Fireball)			32	One		--------	S

L E V E L  B R E A K S
Order in Limit list:

#	Name				Target(s)	Effects?	LV

VI. Lists
	All items that I can find in Slayers Wonderful are listed here. The currency in 
SW are in Mai (don't ask how they came up with that name, I don't know). The item name
is listed first, and below it is it's kana/hiragana equivilent. All are sorted by 
alphabetical order.

Magicial Item				Effect			Equip		Mai
Chi no Ishi				Not Known		All		10
Hi no Ishi (Fire Stone)			Not Known		All		10
Kaze no Ishi (Wind Stone)		Not Known		All		10
Koore no Ishi (Ice Stone)		Not Known		All		10
Pariarishigu (or Pariaritsugu)		+2 Mgr			All		12
Pawaatsukuru (or Pawaashikuku)		+2 Agl			All		15
Sukarabe				+2 Men			All		10

Item						Effect				Mai
HiirupoojoshiS (Heal Potion S)			Restores HP (Small)		3
HiirupoojoshiM (Heal Potion M)			Restores HP (Medium)		12
Yakitate no Patsu (or Pashi)			Not Known

Weapon 			Equip Bonus	Effects?		Equip		Mai
Naifu			+15 Atk		N/A			Lina		

Armor 			Equip Bonus	Effects?		Equip 		Mai
Roobu (Robes)		+21 Def		N/A			Lina

Twin/Triple Limit			Target(s)	Effects?	LV	Who?

VII. Stuff
The Q&A:

Q. I heard that you also make your own anime PC RPG games. What is it called, and where can
   I get it?
A. Yeah, I, along with my friend, am currently working on a PC game called Illusions of 
   Deception. You can download it for FREE at my games page on my website 
   ( Please don't email me about bugs or how the graphics were
   taken from FFV and such. The games are an old version, and we're later realasing a new
   version with original anime graphics, anime scenes, etc. Check out the IOD fansite for
   fanfiction, fanart, and more! Yeah, that's why the games are free right now (else we'd
   get sued hahahaha). 

Q. I want Slayers Wonderful! Where can I get it, WHERE?!?!?!?!
A. Umm try and you can get it for a mere $60 (hahaha mere).

Q. Are there any GOOD Japanese computer translators out there?
A. Try typing on a search engine, "Typhoon Notebook", or "Tsunami Notebook". These
   two products are Japanese to English translators (even the Kanji can be looked up!),
   and vice versa. You can get a evaluation copy on CD by calling the company over the phone.

Q. How can I view/type Japanese on my computer?
A. Go to and download the shareware version of NJStar Communicator. 
   It's a really good viewer/processor for using Japanese in an English OS environment.

Q. Where do you buy your Slayers stuff?
A. Uhh at my nearest comic shop!

Q. I wanna see the non-realeased Slayers videos, movies, and manga. How?
A. Go to and look under 'fansubs'. You can get unrealeased seasons and the
   movies for a low price (since the people cannot sell them for profit gain). These videos
   are very accurate in subtitling (hence the name 'fansub'), and even give extra cultural
   notes and stuff as compared to the American realeased Slayers stuff. Manga can be found
   at: The official videos can be bought at

Q. What's the legality of fansubs?
A. Most fansubs are legal to own, copy, and distribute. Unrealeased videos do not have a 
   copyright, and therefore are legal to own. However if the tape is offically realeased in
   the US (like the 2nd series of Slayers, Slayers Next), it is illegal to make fansubs of
   the tape (or series). If you own a fansub and the offical version comes out? You're still
   OK (I think). Someone correct me on this if it needs correcting!  

Q. Are you single?
A. Yup (right now that is; things could change). If you're a female of 16-18 yrs of age, and
   live near Daly City, CA, give me an email! My picture is here: And no, I'm not desperate.

Q. What Slayers stuff do you own?
A. Umm, Slayers 1st season, Slayers Next tape 1, most of Slayers Try, the Slayers Perfect,
   Return, and Great movies, a Slayers pen/pencil combo, a Slayers mini poster, the Slayers
   Sound Bible Next I CD, and the Slayers Return Soundtrack CD. Oh yeah, did I mention book
   2 of the Japanese manga, and issues 1-6 on the American manga?

VIII. Legal Junk
"Slayers Wonderful", "The Slayers", and "Slayers" (including characters and storyline) 
are copyright of their respectable companies (Viz, CPM, TV Tokyo/SoftX).

Any damages (mental, pyshical, etc.) that happen by using this FAQ is not my 
fault/responsibility of me or the makers of the game (hey I gotta play it safe ya know). 

This FAQ may be distributed freely, but not modified! If you wish to contribute to the FAQ,
e-mail me ([email protected]), and I'll give you credits for your information. This FAQ
cannot be published, packaged, or sold without prior written consent of me, Theo Chakkapark
(Don't be afraid to ask though!). Any violations will result in major ass kicking by me 
personally, and my to-be cute girlfriend, Lina! And no, you can't have her!

This FAQ copyright (C) of moi, Theo Chakkapark. All rights reserved (whatever that means). 

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