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      Smuggler's Run - Smuggler's Mission Walkthrough Version 1.1
    By: Minesweeper (Nathan Norris) Email:  [email protected]


Last updated:  11/17/00

Table of Contents

1:  Introduction
2:  Revision History
3:  Game rules and other Stuff
4:  Walkthrough
5:  Thanks
6:  Copyright


1:  Introduction

Hello!  Thanks for picking up this guide for the magnificent game we 
know as Smuggler's Run.  It's something like a cross between Dukes of 
Hazzard and a monster truck rally.  You will be delivering a variety of 
things, some explosive, some radioactive, all illegal.  Naturally, the 
authorities will be none too pleased with your activities and will try 
their best to stop you from delivering your cargo.  Also, rival gangs 
will try to make off with your contraband to get the money for it 
instead of you.  So, you will need some help, which I will gladly 
provide.  Move along, now.


2:  Revision History

Version 1.0 11/9/00 - First Edition


Version 1.1 11/17/00 – Finished the Forest missions, added some Desert 
missions, and told when each vehicle is earned.


3:  Game Rules and other Stuff


Steering - move the control pad or the left stick.  I'm sure I don't 
need to say more on this.

Accelerate - move the right stick up or press X.  Yet another control I 
don't think needs further explanation.

Brake - move the right stick down or press Square.  Very useful when 
traveling through dense forest or those narrow village roads in the 
Desert course.

Reverse - move the right stick down when sitting still or press 
Triangle.  Handy if you're stuck on a tree or a rock.

Handbrake - press Circle.  The most useful button of all except for 
steering and accelerating.  When going over jumps, tap Circle rapidly to 
level your tires with the ground so you won't crunch your engine after 
going over a jump.  This difficult game is SO much easier if you get 
into the habit of using this during every jump.

View Map - press R1.  You will see a large portion of the course you are 
driving in.  Useful when searching for the next checkpoint, and avoiding 
accidentally plowing into hillsides after going over jumps you thought 
had adequate room to land.

Rearview - press R2.  Allows you to see behind you.  Not that useful 
except for seeing who's eating your (generous helping of) dust.

Downshift - press L2.  I'm sure you can figure out what this does for 
your manual transmission.

Upshift - press L1.  Read above for lame sarcasm.

Change camera - press Select.  You can choose between the bumper camera, 
the helicopter camera, or the in-car camera.  The helicopter camera is 
useful for seeing a wider area around you, but the in-car camera is 
difficult because it's impossible to tell if you are flipped over 
because the camera doesn't roll around with the car.

Pause - press Start.  No need to explain this.


Dune Buggy - The smallest car in the game.  It's relatively fast, but 
too jumpy and fragile for my tastes.  It also drifts a lot in jumps, 
making it difficult to predict where it will go while airborne.

SUV - Good all-around car and one of my favorites.  It's relatively 
tough and has average speed and acceleration.  Drifts a bit too much in 
the air, though.  Looks like a Mitsubishi Montero.

Trophy Truck - My favorite vehicle for the Smuggler's Mission.  Well 
rounded in all categories.  Best sounding engine for any driving game 
I've played.  It looks even cooler when all the breakable parts have 
fallen off of it, because when it does you are driving just the frame!  
Looks like a Ford Ranger.

Rally car - Highest acceleration, top speed, and handling in the game, 
but if it gets hit by anything larger than a cardboard box, it takes 
serious damage.  My most hated car of all, because it jerks around like 
a squirrel and takes jumps like it's caught in a tornado!  Experts only.  
Looks like a Subaru Impreza.

Monster Truck - Very entertaining when you feel like tormenting civilian 
traffic!  Lowest speed of all, but is the most heavily-armored vehicle 
in the game.  Can plow through almost anything.  The only thing that can 
destroy it easily is the train in the Forest course.  Becomes a 18 
wheeler cab when the bed falls off!  Looks like a Ford F-150.

Military Vehicle - Very cool-looking car!  Similar to the Trophy Truck, 
but has a bit more speed and a bit less handling.  Excellent for 
joyriding.  As the name implies, this is the vehicle of choice for the 
Army.  Looks like a Hummer with its roof torn off and replaced by a roll 


The Forgotten - your gang.  Radio Girl of The Forgotten is the one who 
is directing you during the missions.  Territory is Forest, Desert, and 
Snow.  Gang color is red.  Vehicle of choice is your decision.

The O'Gradys - your first rival gang.  Their vehicles are fairly fast, 
but aren't too hard to bash away.  Most of their vehicles have this 
cool-looking spoiler attachment.  Territory is Forest and Snow.  Gang 
color is bright green. Vehicle of choice is the Trophy Truck.

Sierra Cartel - the first rival gang you encounter in the Desert course.  
They prefer small, fast cars that can drive rings around everything 
else, and they can manage their speed well.  But, because of this, their 
vehicles are easily pushed around by other cars.  All their cars also 
have a light attachment on the roof.  Territory is Desert.  Gang color 
is blue.  Vehicle of choice is the Rally Car.

A20 - the second rival gang you encounter in the Desert course.  They 
like vehicles which can accelerate and react quickly to their commands, 
but this is at the expense of top speed and some durability.  Another 
gang that is easily pushed around.  Territory is Desert.  Gang color is 
black.  Vehicle of choice is the Dune Buggy.

Quebecois - the last rival gang you will deal with.  They tend to prefer 
large, tough vehicles to crush things that are in the way, while 
sacrificing speed.  I don't know much about this gang considering I 
haven't made it to the Snow course yet.  Territory is Snow.  Gang color 
is yellow.  I guess their vehicle of choice would be the Monster Truck, 
considering it's tough and slow.


Border Patrol - the first enforcement "gang" you will have to elude.  
They prefer well-rounded vehicles like the O'Gradys.  Like to travel in 
packs and swarm you when you're down.  Medium steering, medium speed and 
high level of persistence.  Voice sounds annoyed in the Canada courses, 
but sounds Southern in the Desert course.  Territory is Forest, Desert, 
and Snow.  Gang color is white and green.  Vehicle of choice is the SUV.

Army - the second level of law enforcement.  Unlike the Border Patrol, 
they prefer to go it alone when chasing you.  Have the best steering of 
the enforcement "gangs," but lowest speed, and a low persistence level.  
Voice sounds, well, like an army officer's voice.  Territory is Desert 
and Snow.  Gang color is olive green.  Vehicle of choice is (duh) the 
Military Vehicle.

CIA - the last enforcement "gang" you will encounter.  The most 
unpredictable gang.  Sometimes they stick together, other times they try 
to get you alone.  Have the speediest vehicles, but worst handling, and 
a medium persistence level.  If a CIA car is in pursuit, more likely 
he'll crash into a rock than hit you.  Voice sounds smart-aleck.  
Territory is Desert and Snow.  Gang color is black.  Vehicle of choice 
is the Rally Car.


Arrows - On the map, red arrows are you and your allies, blue arrows are 
your rivals, and flashing white arrows are Law Enforcement.  In the 
playfield, the arrow on the top of the screen guides you to the next 
checkpoint.  It will be red if you are going to drop off your 
contraband, and it will be green if you are going to pick up more 

Pick up points - On the map, contraband is indicated by a yellow box.  
The box icon will overlay the arrow of the vehicle that is carrying it.  
In the playfield, the contraband will be indicated by a single bright 
green flare.  If a vehicle is carrying it, a large arrow will hover over 
the vehicle.

Drop off points - On the map, a red X will show your drop off point, a 
blue X will show your rivals' drop off point, or if there is no enemy 
gang, your drop off point will be indicated by a yellow X.  In the 
playfield, three red flares indicate your drop-off point, and three blue 
flares indicate your rivals' drop off point.


Scoring - Contraband could be anything:  computer chips, jewels, 
radioactive containers, etc.  That part doesn't really matter.  No 
matter what you have, someone is almost always trying to take it away 
from you or damage it.  Everytime you collide with something, the value 
of your cargo decreases.  No big deal, unless you care about breaking 
your high score, unlike me.  

Rivals and Friends - When you drive into the green smoke to pick up the 
stuff, "CONTRABAND ACQUIRED" will flash across the bottom of the screen.  
If a rival collides with you, "CONTRABAND LOST" will flash across the 
bottom of the screen, telling you that the other guy has made off with 
your loot.  Get the loot back by crashing into him.  "CONTRABAND 
SNAGGED" will flash, indicating you have taken it back.  You can also 
give the contraband to another teammate if you want.  Collide into them 
and "CONTRABAND TRANSFERRED" will appear, indicating you have given the 
goods to your ally, who will now (hopefully) take the loot to the drop 
off point.  You can also get it back by slamming them again.  BTW, cops 
cannot take contraband from you unless a mission requires you to take 
loot from a police vehicle, and the cop hits you again after taking the 
loot from him. 

4:  Walkthrough

Here is the main part of my guide which will show you the way through 
the various missions you will be performing so you can become 
Forgettable.  All the vehicles you will be driving are stamped with your 
company logo (Hey!  What a great idea!  Stamping all vehicles in your 
gang's service so the police will know EXACTLY who they should chase!) 
and await you.  Choose Smuggler's Mission.  You will be greeted by the 
Mission Menu.  Here, you will select your various jobs.  After selecting 
the mission, you then choose your vehicle.  After selecting your 
vehicle, you will be asked what transmission to use.  After that, the 
mission will start.  We will begin in Forest, then move to the Desert, 
and finally finish the game in Snow.  When I say I mean it from the 
large map's perspective i.e. north is up, west is left, south is down, 
and east is right.



MISSION 1 - Initiation Rites

Very simple mission.  Drive north to the first two checkpoints, then 
follow the circle of flares around Centerville to the finish.  Give up 
now if you actually botch this mission.

MISSION 2 - The Forgotten Few

Another easy mission.  Drive north from the starting point to pick up 
the contraband in Centerville.  Then, head northeast to the drop off 
point in the field outside of town.  Now drive west to pick up the next 
piece of contraband near the gas station in Centerville.  Continue west 
through town and get onto the road that is headed the same way as you.  
It will take you to the next drop off point and the finish.

MISSION 3 - Secrets and Lies

This will be your first mission against law enforcement.  In this case, 
it's the Border Patrol.  Head east from the church parking lot to the 
first pick up point.  The first cop is hiding behind the ridge to your 
left, but he likely won't see you since he's facing the wrong way.  
Continue east till you fly over a big jump.  After you land, get onto 
the highway since it leads to the next drop off point.  Continue down 
the highway to the next pick up point.  Here, you will get spotted by a 
cop.  Bolt past him and collect the next piece of contraband.  Turn 
round the corner and you can see a roadblock!  Gosh, they're fast!  
Fortunately, they were too stupid to fill in the little gap in the 
middle of the road, so you can easily pass through.  After passing the 
roadblock, another cop will see you and will try a head-on ramming 
attack.  Turn left on the road to pass him.  Continue to follow the 
highway to the bridge.  The finish is at the end of it.  Good work, you 
have managed to evade the cops on your first attempt! :)  Now that they 
know who you are, they will plague you for the rest of the game :(

MISSION 4 - Breaking and Exiting

Head northwest from the start to pick up the stuff, then cross the 
bridge.  Rather than follow the road, drive over the hill in front of 
you.  You'll now get an impressive view of the valley below.  After 
landing, go onto the railroad tracks and follow them west.  When you 
pass two trees on the left side of the tracks, abandon them and drive 
west over the bumpy terrain to the red flares on the hill you can see in 
the distance.  Now drive down the other side of the hill and continue 
west through more bumpy ground and trees.  Pick up the contraband in 
front of the covered bridge, and cross the bridge.  Oh no!  Another 
roadblock!  This time, turn right into the grass and get back on the 
railroad tracks.  Follow them northwest.  When the tracks arrive at a 
railroad crossing, pull onto the road and head north.  Go into the 
summer camp and cross the finish line.

MISSION 5 - Duty Free

This will be your first mission to gather up contraband and deliver it 
before a rival gang can do the same.  Your opponents will be the 
O'Gradys.  The locations of all drop off points and and pick up points 
switch around a lot, so I can't tell you much.  I can honestly say, 
though, that all checkpoints will be in and around Centerville.  Read 
the Rivals and Friends section in the Game Rules and other Stuff section 
for more information.

MISSION 6 - Race War

Your first racing mission.  The O'Gradys have challenged you to a race 
on the road that goes around Eubanks Mountain.  Follow the road and pass 
through the checkpoints.  Don't worry about taking the lead until you 
get to the railroad crossing because the other racers will all slow for 
some reason.  You should easily be able to pass them and finish first 
after you enter Centerville.

MISSION 7 - Goodies From Above

The Border Patrol have shot down a plane.  Now you must retrieve all of 
its cargo and take it to the cargo trucks.  Unfortunately, the Border 
Patrol is actively investigating the area for evidence, so they will be 
on you at every turn.  Drive off the hill you start on and head 
northeast to Centerville.  Collect the contraband and continue 
northeast.  A cop will give chase in the process.  Cross the river by 
going through the river, and you will arrive at the first cargo truck.  
Now head southeast to the next pick up.  Drive into the river and follow 
it east until you pass the last of the redwoods.  Get out of the river 
on the left side and drive east across the land.  After a few big bumps, 
you'll see a large hill.  Drive over it to fly across the river and land 
near the next cargo truck.  Deliver the goods and head southeast across 
the river again to pick up more contraband.  Now cross the bridge and 
follow the road until the arrow points straight in the direction your 
car is going.  Leave the road and drive across the rocky terrain until 
you see the next cargo truck.  Now head southeast to the next pick up 
point.  Watch out for those rocks and trees along the way.  After 
collecting the final piece of contraband, follow the road until you see 
the last checkpoint in the water next to the falls.  Cross through the 
water to it.  Mission complete!

MISSION 8 - Lost and Found

Immediately turn 90 degrees to the right after you start.  Drive across 
the large hill and keep going east to the first pick up point.  Now go 
north and head for the red flares atop the large mountain.  Don't worry, 
your car will be able to easily get up there.  Now go northwest across 
the gently sloping plains.  You will come to a snaking dirt track.  You 
can either follow the path as it S-curves continuously, or you can drive 
across the hills separating each curve.  I'll leave it up to you.  
Eventually, you will find the next piece of contraband.  Continue S-
curving/hill-jumping until you come to a crossroads.  Turn left and 
climb the hill the arrow is pointing to.  After getting down to the 
other side, dump the contraband near the tunnel at the next checkpoint.  
Now head southwest until you spot a tunnel opening hidden behind a bunch 
of trees.  Go into the tunnel and follow it all the way to the end.  As 
it turns out, it's a secret passage that dumps you out by going through 
the waterfall!  Not only that, but the finish is dead ahead in the 
water!  Could things get any better?

MISSION 9 - The Way South

Your second contraband collection race against the O'Gradys.  Only this 
time, the Border Patrol decides to get involved, creating a three-way 
war!  Again, I can't tell you much, except that it takes place in and 
around Easton due to the fact of checkpoints jumping around without any 
pattern.  So from now on, I will tell you to refer to the Rivals and 
Friends section for all rival contraband collection missions.  They're 
all virtually the same anyway.

MISSION 10 - Counterfeit Women

This mission marks the point where missions will go from being fun to 
being a chore.  First, most missions from now on have a very tight time 
limit and you only have enough time to make up for one major crash and 
maybe one minor crash.  Secondly, the police are after you almost from 
the start and will dog you constantly for entire missions, so even the 
tiniest boo-boo may get you arrested or heavily damaged.  OK, here we 
go.  Head southwest to the first pick up point by cutting through the 
trees.  Using the dirt trail will waste too much time.  After picking up 
the cargo, go onto the paved road to the right and turn onto another 
dirt on the right of the paved road.  Follow this trail to the next 
checkpoint.  Then do a U-turn and go back the way you came.  After 
getting back to the pavement, go right.  Turn off the road when you can 
and head east to the pick up point atop the hill.  Keep going east to 
the next checkpoint.  The field you cross through is relatively clear, 
so you can go straight there.  Slow down when you enter the woods and 
hit the next checkpoint.  Do a U-turn and go back the way you came.  
Head back to the paved road with the dirt path we used earlier and you 
will find another piece of contraband near the turn off.  Go through the 
tunnel and follow the road until you come to a roadblock.  Turn left 
onto another trail.  The drop off point is only a little ways south from 
here.  Drive off the trail and up the hill when it curves left.  After 
ascending the hill, you can see the finish near Centerville dead ahead.  
Get down the hill, across the bridge, and through the town to the 


Tough mission here!  You have to travel halfway across the stinkin' map, 
traverse enough bumps and whoops to fill a hundred dirt bike tracks, and 
with the Border Patrol in hot pursuit every step of the way.  Let us 
enter the torture chamber now.  You start in Centerville.  Drive east to 
the cemetery and pick up the first piece of contraband.  Leave the 
cemetery by driving through the fence, and travel east across more bumpy 
terrain.  When you spy the railroad tracks, get onto the right side of 
them because a cop is approaching from the tracks in the redwoods will 
try a head-on ramming attack.  After you pass him, continue following 
the tracks east until you are perpendicular to your first drop-off 
point.  Go over the grassy hill and make the drop.  Now go over the 
eastern hill of this clearing and you will come to a massive drop-off.  
Fall down the cliff and head for the green flare to the east.  Head east 
some more and you will enter the "desert."  Not really since we're in 
Canada.  You  will also spot a dirt road, follow it.  When it curves off 
to the right, leave the road and go straight ahead up the hill.  You 
will get onto the same road up there.  Follow it until you see the red 
flares in the small valley, then go straight for them.  Yeah, yeah, I 
know, you should go through the dirt hills, but the road is much easier 
and safer.  Do a U-turn after driving through them.  Now go back onto 
the road you used to get here and you will see an abandoned mine.  Drive 
into in carefully because if you hit the posts on the side or miss it 
altogether, the police will have you bouncing all over the place until 
you are arrested.  Go through the tunnel and head west to the next pick-
up.  Do another U-turn and go back east.  Watch out for all the cops 
that followed you here.  Go through the mine, and follow the road back 
east to the valley.  Go through it and hit the finish on the other side.

MISSION 12 – Radar Troubles

Do an about-face right after you start and hit the first radar atop the 
hill to the southeast.  Now turn around and head west over that giant 
hill to slam the next radar on the other side of it.  Then go northwest 
across the creek and up the mountain.  Next, jump down into the valley 
and head southwest through the valley to the radar atop the hill.  
Proceed north after trashing that radar.  After passing through some 
trees and a lake, the last radar waits for you on the north shore.

MISSION 13 – Bait and Switch

This mission requires you to steal a piece of contraband from a police 
truck heading to town, then you have to take it all the way to the 
tippy-top of Eubanks Mountain.  Begin by heading west across the fields 
to where the railroad tracks run alongside the highway (I'm sure you 
know where it is, considering we've passed by it on several missions 
before.)  The police truck should be pulling onto the tracks when you 
get there.  Pursue the truck until you ram it and take the cargo, then 
go west to Eubanks Mountain which is north of Centerville.  Find the 
path going up it and take it, being careful to not fall off and looking 
out for police ambushes.  When the side of the mountain goes from the 
gray rocks to brown dirt, climb up it to skip a few police traps and a 
shortcut.  When you hit the checkpoint, you are done with Forest!


NEW VEHICLES – Trophy Truck, Rally Car



Go south to the first pick-up point in the canyon.  It's straight ahead.  
After collecting the contraband, you have a choice of paths.  You can 
either go right through the border station, or you can go left and crash 
through the fence.  I prefer right, there may be more cops, but it's a 
smoother ride and provides a straighter shot into Soroti City.  
Regardless of your choice, keep going south and through the city gates.  
Hit the checkpoint in the middle of the town, then leave through the 
west entrance.  After leaving town, head northwest to the next pick-up.  
After picking up the stuff, go north to the oasis to deliver it.  Turn 
left past the next plateau on the map, then continue north to the dried 
up ponds for your last pick-up of the mission.  Go northeast to the 
highway.  After clearing the border station, go north to the airport 
where you started the mission to finish.  




5:  Thanks

- Thanks to myself because if it wasn't for me, this FAQ wouldn't exist!
- Thanks to my dad for giving me jobs to do to pay for my Playstation 2  
and this game!
- Thanks to Rockstar Games!  Nice to know that Japan and England aren't 
the only countries that can make terrific games.
- BIG, Big thanks to GameFaqs, THE best video game site on the net!


6:  Copyright

You MAY print this guide out so long it is for nonprofitable reasons and 
it is printed completely and not in fragments.  This guide MAY NOT be 
printed for profitable reasons (even if you don't make any money off of 
it).  I am not making this guide so some big, fat, lazy writer can slack 
off and get paid for it.  If you ignore this copyright you are breaking 
the law.  Never underestimate the power of your government and the long 
arm of the law. 





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