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Snowboard Kids 2 : by KMC               10:51 AM 6/30/99
A Rookie's Guide to Snowboard Kids 2(Although this guide is for veterans and 
pros too):
feel free to copy any information from here for any purpose without my 
permission, just don't e-mail me for thank-yous,problems,things I missed or 
anything else that has to do with this FAQ, O.K?

3).Crazy Junge Boss
4).Jingle Town Boss
5).Ice Land Boss
6).Other Secrets
Note: If a character has a "*" next to his name, he/she/it is a secret 
character. I will tell you how to access them one at a time, or you can get them 
all, using the super cheat(see section 6).
Slash Kamei:
All around great boarder, I recommend you pick him if your a rookie snowboarder.
Favorite Board:Balance Board Level 3
Jam Kuehemund:
Another all around boarder. Unfortunately, Jam was'nt the trickster he used to 
be, he worked on his speed and lost some of his trick and turning abillity.
Favorite Board:Balance Board Level 2
Linda Maltine:
Second Best in Speed and Second worst in turning ability and trick abillity,
That's Pretty much all I can say about her.
Favorite Board: Trick board 2
She's the direct opposite of Linda.
Favorite Board: Speed Board 2
Speed: 2
Tommy Parsy:
The fastest non-secret character.
Favorite Board: Trick board 3
Nancy Neil:
The best non-secret trickster and turner in the whole game.
Favorite Board: Speed Board 3
Turn: 5
Trick: 5
Beat every course in both the normal and expert modes(see section 6.) at least 
once to earn him.
He's maxed out in all his stats.
Favorite Board:Balance Board 2 (Though he uses the poverty board when you race 
him in Ice Land)
Speed: 5.5
Turn: 5.5
Trick: 5.5
Beat the Traning mode in 1st place to obtain him. He is an even better turner 
and trickster than Nancy.
Favorite Board: Speed Board 3
Speed: 0.5
Turn: 5.5
Trick: 5.5
Beat the Speed Cross to earn him.
He's even faster than Tommy. He's my favorite when I arm him with the trick
board 3 or the star board.
Favorite Board:Trick Board 3/Star Board

Note: Every Board (Exept the special boards) has 3 levels, the higher the level 
the faster the board.

A) Trick Board:
A.K.A. Freestyle. As the name suggests, it gives you extra agility and trick 
The feather board is an improved version of the trick board, it's in the 
"Special" boards.

B) Balance Board:
A.K.A. All-Around. All stats in level 1 are almost equal.
The Star Board is an Improved Version of the Balance board, it's in the 
"Special" boards.

C) Speed Board:
A.K.A Alpine. These are the only boards you can get in reverse.
Turning and trick ability is horrible, on the flip side, these are the third
fastest boards, third, only to the high-tech board and dragon board.
The high-tech board is an advanced version of the Speed board, you'll find it in 
the "Special" boards.

D)Special Boards:
Note:I did'nt have the space to put all the special boards down, so i'll just 
tell you about some of my favorite special boards.
Dragon board:
The fastest board in the game, it also matches the feather board in trick power 
but has turning ability that matches the ice board.
Charm Board:
It does'nt de-activate ghosts, but the ghost's effect won't last nearly as long, 
it's stats are pretty average.
Star Board:
Has all the good qualities of all the level 3 "non-special" boards.
Rich Board:
It gives you 1G every fifth of a second if you race with this.
Ninja board:
Stupidly low speed,average turning power and average trick ability is just half 
of what you get for racing with this board, the other half,almost permanent 
invisibility and invulnerability.
Poverty Board:
Bad Stats, and bad special quality, you lose cash on this board, oh yeah, and 
this is the board Damien uses when you race him in ice land 1.
Ice Board:
Use Coach or Nancy with this board unless you want to lose!
Boss Levels:
3)Crazy Jungle Boss:
Best Character:Wendy/Nancy
Best Board:Dragon Board
He takes the lead in the first part, but don't complain,don't ram into any walls 
either.Use every power-up you can, try going for frying pans and ghosts rather 
than rockets or speed fans.If you got into the lead before the middle of the 
course, you'll have a pretty good chance of beating Mr."I'm jealous of Yoshi" to 
the finish line.
If you beat him in the Expert mode(see section 6) then you will be able to buy 
the legendary Dragon Board,but you'll have to get quite a bit of dough from the 
normal mode.
4)Jingle town boss:
Best Character:Tommy/Linda
Best Board:Ninja Board
This is the only course where top speed is merely a luxury, not a nessesity.  
With the Ninja board you earned from starlight highway on Expert mode(see 
section 6) Snowman robot's snowman and ice crystal attacks have almost no effect 
on you. Just time your blasts right and you'll beat him before the middle of the 
course.Beat this Snow-Monster in expert mode(see section 6) to get the fast-but 
hard to turn-Ice Board, What a waste of effort and gold!
5)Ice land Boss:
Best Character:Tommy
Best Board:Ninja Board
I only beated Damien Robot once, but i do have a couple strategies.
1.Rather than "dumping" your bombs onto the course, time your attacks so that 
you "squish" nine of damien's energy points(indicated by his face) with one,two, 
or three bomb icons.
2.Get used to the back shot! You'll need it if you want to attack Damien while 
you're ahead of him.
3.Look like you've squashed Damien for good but....WHAT!?!? a second robot 
appears with 3 hit points, I guess you'll have to toss 3 more bombs to toast 
him.What a cheater!!!
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just beat the game!!!!!!!!! but there is a lot more 
stuff to find, so keep snowboarding and have fun!
6)Other secrets:
Track Favorites:
Just like in Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, there are track favorites for each 
track, but there can be more than one track favorite for one course.:
Course:               Course Favorite(s):
Sunny Mountain        Wendy,Slash,Tommy
Turtle Island         Jam,Linda
Jingle Town           Wendy,Slash,Linda
Wendy's House         Wendy,Tommy
Linda's Castle        Slash,Jam,Linda
Crazy Jungle          Tommy,Slash
Super Cheat:
To see the super cheat, go to game sages.
I would like to thank Racdym,Atlus and Nintendo for making a game that sparked 
my interest in snowboarding games,GameSages for telling me about the super 
cheat,my Grandma for buying the game for me so I could study it full time,and 
myself for writing this FAQ.  

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