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South Park Rally FAQ (N64 version)
Version: 2.1
Created by: Brandon Smith (Yutz)
Email: [email protected]
Table of Contents
6.Secret Characters and Tips
7.Special thanks
        Welcome to my South Park Rally FAQ! This is also my first FAQ, so bear 
with me. This game is compatible with PC, N64, Playstation, and Dreamcast, so 
anybody is welcome to us it. However I believe there is some differences with 
the characters, like Skuzzlebutt, I believe is in the PC version. So anyway this 
is a game that has brought me many hours of fun, but if you're like me, you went 
nuts looking for help on this game that didn't exist. Well, it does now so 
please enjoy, and feel free to E-mail me with any other questions.
When you first turn on the game, you see a menu with several options. And here 
it is.
  *Championship* this is the main event of South Park Rally. Race 14 different 
races and events to unlock cheats and characters

  *Arcade Race* similar to Championship, except you may race any race you want, 
with any track you want. A perfect place to mess around

  *Multi-player* Same as Arcade race with two added bonuses: race against your 
friends, and "Ass Battle" (I'm serious, it's in this game!) Ass Battle you must 
destroy the Asses of your opponents with weapons.

       -Screen Position- Adjust where you screen is on the TV.
       -Screen Scale- Make the screen as wide, tall, or short as you like
       -Defaults- Return the screen to the normal preprogrammed one.
       -Music- Turn the music on or off.
       -Music Test- Listen to the eight tracks of the game.        
       -Music Volume- Adjust the game's music volume.
       -Effects Volume- Adjust the games sound effect volume.
       -Effects Test- Listen to the game's 85 sound effects.
       -Speech Test- Listen to the game's 805 speech bits! *
     -Control Configuration- set the controller settings to your liking.
     -Cheat Sheet-See all the hidden cars, tracks ect that you have, and need to 
be unlocked. * 
     -Game Options-
       -Random Checkpoints- the checkpoints are in different locations in arcade 
mode. *
       -Arcade CPU cars- Play against 1-5 CPUs in Arcade mode.
       -Multi-player CPU Cars- Play against CPUs in Multi-player mode, or not.
       -CPU Characters- Decide what kind of CPU character to race against (Kids, 
       -2 Player Split screen- Make the split screen Horizontal or Vertical.       
     -Load Game- Upload your unlocked characters and cheats.
     -Save Game- Save your current progress.
     -Credits- See the many people who worked hard to bring us this game!

  *Exit* Return you to the title screen.

*= You must unlock first.
South Park Rally consists of seven tracks, each with their own unique dangers 
and landscapes that you must know by heart to succeed. Here they are in the 
order they appear.
--------The City of South Park- See the city that we all know and love/hate in 
spectacular 3D! The Dangers of this town include Miss Crabtree driving her 
School Bus around the roads swaying all around and easily getting in your way. 
Just for fun, launch an Item at her to get her reaction. The other dangers are 
the Snowplows clearing the street, just as wildly as Miss. Crabtree. Be careful 
not to get your Items knocked away from you in Rally Days #2 and Christmas day, 
and the train that may block your way when your being chased by angry CPU's 

--------The Farm- you'll be a little more squeezed in the farm than in the city. 
There are many sheds and barns to explore so know them like the back of your 
hand. Be careful of the crazy farmer on his tractor. If you ever need help, 
there is a Pinkeye bonus behind a small metal shed in the Northwest area of the 

--------Gayworld - Now you may see Big Gay Al's animal sanctuary in 3D! This is 
a unique course that includes an Ice rink, a dance floor, an indoor pool with 
matching lawn furniture, and how can you forget the Big Gay Boat Ride? There is 
a hidden passage behind the boat ride picture with Brian Boytano on it. The only 
danger is the Boat itself. Otherwise, have a Super time at Big Gay Al's! (Thanks 
for asking!)

--------The Sewer- the only race that takes place in the sewer in Spring 
Cleaning. And it is a nasty place to be at that. There are Snails that will make 
you slip, a Visitor drives around indepently, and a crashed UFO that you can 
enter near checkpoint 2! Always keep up your guard in the place.

--------The Forest- the Forest is a quaint little area that includes such 
attractions as South Park Elementary, Starks Pond, and the Morgue. The 
checkpoint you need to know in two races will be at the very eastern part of the 
map. No real dangers. Grampa and Death (on Halloween) drive around as 
independent characters.

--------The Mountain- this is by far, the most complex course. You may be able 
to see Mephesto's  lab, and the South Park Geological Station. There is also a 
railroad tunnel that makes a decent short cut. Just make sure you're going 
clockwise or else the train will hit you head on! Ned drives around as an 
independent character.

--------The Volcano- Easily the most dangerous stage to race for many reasons. 
The first reason is the lava, it's hot, and it's everywhere! Even though you 
can't really "die" in this game, you can still be put in the middle of the 
CPU's. Another reason is incredibly annoying... you hop. You just drive around, 
and start hopping, losing control of you vehicle. Just like in the sewer, a 
Visitor drives as an independent character. 
4. Items
There are a wide variety of gross items made specifically for your entertainment 
value! They are put into fives different groups of colored boxes. I'll explain 
each one.

-Chocolate Salty Balls- Chef's balls sure do hit the spot! Especially if that 
spot is your opponent. Fire the balls away to victory!
-Terrance Turbo- (auto-item) This will give you a quick speed boost.
-Rats- if you hit a rat, your tires will be covered with blood and guts for five 
or so seconds. Very slippery 
-Herpes- get a licking from Frida and your screen will be covered with Herpes 
for the rest of the race, making it difficult to see.

-Water Balloon- With proper aim, the water balloon will push you opponent from 
what ever their going after!
-Explosive Cow- A cow that looks like any other, but when you run into it, BLAM! 
It's what's for dinner! Place them into real cows to trick your opponents.
-Sparky- Sparky will find the nearest car and stop them in their tracks.
-Caffeine- (auto-item) A super speed boost with twice the sugar of a normal 

-Cheesy Poofs- A good weapon that will bounce and spread to hit your target.
-Underpants Gnomes- These cute little people will track the nearest car and 
steal all their items away from them.
-Mexican Staring Frog- this will turn the cars of everyone around it, to stone. 
This will make it sluggish and hard to steer.
-Phillip Phart- Three speed boosts that you get to keep until you need them!

-Weight Gain 4000- (auto-item) When you hear "BEEFCAKE!" you know you have the 
buff to run through any opponent!
-Explosive Diarrhea- Anybody unfortunate enough to run over it will be sent 
flying a good 15 feet!
-Anal Probe- An item that will make you and your opponent, just wanna sing!

-Balloon Head- If you hit another car, their head will inflate so they rise up 
will their head in the clouds!
-Barf- makes a puddle of barf that is extra funny and slippery!
-Mr. Hankey- (auto-item) the Christmas Poo will protect you from any weapon for 
a short period of time. He is also his own box that is often hidden.
-Kitty- Kitty will home in on the car in front of you and raleases a tornado 
that slows down the driver tremendously. NEAH! Bad Kitty!

-Spooky Vision- this will show up in any colored box. A very scary man will show 
up, blocking your view!
-Pink Eye- This is in it's own separate box. Pink eye will reverse the controls 
of all other opponents and make them slow and sluggish, very nice!
The Mayor will give an explanation before each race. If that Is not enough, I'll 
explain it along with some personal tips that might be helpful. You start out 
with 5 continues, but there is an extra continue coin hidden in every race.

#1. Rally Days #1- A simple race. Drive over the four checkpoints in numerical 
order three times to win. The coin is behind a green building near checkpoint 3.

#2. Rally Days #2- A little more complex. The trophy must be driven over the 
checkpoints once, by anybody. However the winner is the one who brings the 
trophy over checkpoint 4. The two strategies are to ambush at one of the 
checkpoints, or better yet, get to the trophy first and then never stop driving. 
The coin is at the very west end of the train track.

#3. Cow Days- everybody has Mad Cow Disease! The point of this race is to grab 
the cure and keep it a total of 2 minutes to be cured. When the race starts. 
Immeadtly veer to the left to get the cure. A good strategy is to grab the Pink 
eye bonus and the circle the perimeter of the farm while going clockwise.  When 
you get to a large barn that has a band set and a large ramp, go up the ramp and 
turn around to face it. As soon as you see a CPU, escape of the second story 
opening and grab the pinkeye again. Repeat this until you're down to %0. The 
coin is in a corner of the barn with the haystacks.

#4. Valentine's Day- This race takes place at Big Gay Al's. There is an arrow 
and a bow you must gather and shoot the other players. The best thing to do is 
let the CPU's gather them and then ram them to get the completed set. Move to 
the dance floor, do a brake turn (Direction+R), and shoot everybody. You can 
tell whom you haven't shot yet by the blue arrows over their heads. Be careful 
that a CPU does not ram you. Shoot all five and you won! The coin is in the boat 
ride entrance of the dance floor.

#5. Spring Cleaning- this is pretty easy if you know how to play it. First turn 
slightly to the right to avoid the other players. Get to the tunnel to the right 
and be sure you are the first one to reach the speed box. It is essential to 
reach this box first to get an early lead. When you reach checkpoint 4, turn 
left and grab a pair of underpants. If there is 2 pairs, only grab one so the 
CPUs don't chase you as much. Proceed to checkpoint one and keep going counter-
clockwise while avoiding the other players to the checkpoints to win. The coin 
is hidden behind a small ramp next to checkpoint 2.

#6. Read-a-Book Day- South Park is WAY below the national standards for reading. 
So the mayor proclaimed it, Read a Book Day. She has given jail time off to 
Chicken Lover to distribute books to all children of South Park. It is your job 
to protect the chickens while Chicken Lover does his job. The two basic 
strategies is to (a) Go all around the forest collecting chicken (you can hold a 
max of 4) and dropping them off at the police station or (b) My favorite, wait 
at the station to ambush. If you do this, have some stun Items like an Anal 
Probe or Sparky. When some one comes to drop their chickens off, ram them, or 
use an item first if they have traps of their own.  Be the first to deposit 10 
chickens to win! The coin is behind the tollbooth of Starks Pond.

#7. Easter- you must be the first to collect 20 eggs to win. It's pretty simple. 
The two places that seem to be rich in eggs are the Railroad tunnel and the road 
by Mephisto's lab. Try to avoid the Mutant Bunnies, because they steal all you 
Items and 1 egg. Happy hunting! The coin is on a brown hill just in front of the 
starting point on the right.

#8. Pink Lemonade Race- Every player is given 4 glasses of lemonade. A random 
checkpoint will be the checkpoint you need to get rid of one glass at. I can't 
really recommend any strategies except go up the staircase when the race begins 
to reach checkpoint one first. And never go for checkpoint 4, you'll just be 
drawn away from the other 3. Be the first to get rid off all 4 glasses to win. 
Go up the staircase and the coin is between the two ramps, behind the Mr. Hankey 

#9. Memorial Day- Aliens have ruined the activities for Memorial Day weekend. 
Mephesto has built a laser devise to fight the aliens. This race is exactly like 
Rally Days #2 except you have to go over all four checkpoints. Basically, be the 
first to grab the laser, and drive like the wind! The coin is on the very edge, 
near where you originally find the laser.

#10. Independence Day- A simple race just like Rally Days #1. Find whatever path 
you think is best to use and use it. Or follow the CPUs. Complete three laps to 
win. The coin is behind the South Park Public Access building (the one with the 
radio tower) near checkpoint 2.

#11. Halloween- This race is similar to Read a Book Day. You are given four 
minutes to collect as much candy as you can. Again, you can only carry four at a 
time, and drop them off at the station. Use either of the same strategies 
explained in Read a Book day. Have more candy than anyone else does at the end 
of the four minutes to win. The coin is behind a triad of trees in the shopping 

#12. Thanksgiving- this is a harder race that takes place at the farm. It is 
also pretty much the same as Easter. You need to collect 20 turkeys, and then 
ring the bell positioned at the left of the starting point. My strategy is to 
turn around that the start of the race going clockwise along the perimeter, and 
grab any turkeys you see along the way. When you reach the area with the Pink 
Eye bonus, grab it! Then go after any turkeys you see. When the Pink Eye wears 
out, grab it again! Then go after more turkeys. Repeat this process until you 
have 20, then drive as fast as you can to the bell to win. The coin is in the 
ring of the two-story barn.

#13.Chirstmas- Merry Christmas! This race is identical to Rally Days #2 in every 
way, except you take a present over the checkpoints, and the checkpoints are in 
different locations. This is a very easy race for the experienced driver. The 
coin is in the area with the two cars next to checkpoint 3.

14. Millennium New Year's Eve- Satan is here, and he's pretty ticked! To take 
over South Park (and then the world!) Satan must take his Dimensional Key and 
charge it for two minutes. You must charge the key before he does to save the 
world! The best thing is to Get to the key first, get to the outside perimeter 
while avoiding the other players, and just drive around the perimeter until the 
two minutes is up. The coin is on the stone ramp above where checkpoint 1 was in 
Memorial Day. 

Congratulations! You beat Championship mode! Now you get to see the (very) brief 
ending. Oh well, it was still fun to play.
6.Secret Characters and Tips
When you star the game you start out with 8 players to choose from: Stan, Kyle, 
Cartman, Kenny, Wendy, Chef, Barbrady, and Uncle Jimbo. You have the chance to 
unlock 19 more players by completing certain tasks. Here is how to get every 
hidden racer in the game. If you have any tips of your own, send them in and I 
might post them along wiht full credit to you.

-Pip- Cross over checkpoints 1 and 4 only in Rally Days 2.
-Mr. Garrison- Cross over all four checkpoints with the trophy.
-Bebe- Lose without ever touching the cure in Cow Days.
-Shelly- In Valentine's Day, there are three "Golden Cows" you must collect. One 
is right behind the picture with Brian Boytano (The figure skater) along with a 
secret passage. Then on the second story, drive up to the yellow guardrail and 
go both left and right to drive on to one of the towers. (Have good aim) There 
is a Cow on both of the towers. Collect all three Cows, and win or lose, you 
have Shelly!
-Tweek- Find 5 Caffeine pick ups (in the blue boxes) in Spring Cleaning
-Mr. Mackey- simply defeat Spring Cleaning without losing a race beforehand.
-Cartman Cop- Hit Chicken Lover (the blue van) with salty balls (in the red 
boxes) five times in Read-a-Book Day.
-Big Gay Al- simply defeat the Pink Lemonade Race without losing a race 
-Ike- In Memorial Day, Turn around from the start until you see an airplane in 
the cliff side. Use the speed boost boxes to try and get on the wing (This is 
hard) On the wing there is a Golden Cow. Get this one golden cow to get Ike! 
-Visitor- In Memorial Day you need to get two "Pot Pies". One is in a narrow 
cliff area just above checkpoint 1. The other is on a narrow passage next to 
checkpoint 4. Collect both pies to get the Visitor!
-Ned- Collect at least 13 speed boost pick ups such as Caffeine, Terrance Turbo, 
and Phillip Phart on Independence Day.
-Mephesto- simply beat Independence Day without losing a race beforehand.
-Death- Win while only dropping off four candy sticks at a time.
-Grandpa- simply defeat Halloween without losing a race beforehand.
-Marvin- Lose Thanksgiving without capturing a single turkey. Escape to the two 
story barn, no turkeys go there.
-Jesus- simply defeat Christmas without losing a race beforehand.
-Terrance & Phillip- you must collect 4 Golden Cows. On is behind a house to the 
left of the starting point. One is in a small ditch in the very north part of 
the city. On is behind a house near checkpoint 4. The last one is behind a 
building near checkpoint 3.
-Damien- On Millennium New Years, be the first to get the key and go the whole 
two minutes without letting another player have it for even a second. (Pretty 
-Satan- simply defeat Millennium New Years without losing a race beforehand.


Random Checkpoints- Unlock this by beating championship mode.
Speech Test- Unlock this by beating Championship mode
Cheat Sheet- Unlock this by winning Rally Days #1 without dirving over a single 

-The reverse (B Button) is your friend. If you're ever in a corner or other 
cramped place, go backwards to get out fast!
-Learn to use the break (R Button)! One of the most useful moves is a power 
turn. Do this by turning around while breaking
-Use items tactically. Place Explosive Cows with real cows. Place mines right on 
speed boosts! Be creative!
-Avoid the dangers such as Chicken Lover and Miss Crabtree. You will save 
precious seconds by doing this.
-Practice! Arcade mode is there for a reason. The key to becoming a pro is to 
know the objectives, tracks, and items is to be the master of road rage!
-It's hard to notice, but the racers do have different stats. Such as Kenny has 
better turning ability than other players. Ike a small and can squeeze through 
different areas. Find the racer that's best for you.
-Finally, don't get mad, get even! Obey this golden rule. 
7. Special Thanks
These are the people I would like to thank. These include people Who deserve 
recognition and people who helped me.

Code_Hunter ([email protected]) for showing me the correct way to unlock 
most of the secret characters.

Nintendo Power for giving me some help on this FAQ.

ACCLAIM Entertainment for Releasing this fine game for all of us to enjoy.

Tantalus Interactive for being the ones who produced it

Trey Parker and Matt Stone for creating South Park. I owe them my soul... well, 
more like a free lunch, but still!

Comedy Central for giving me hours of mind-rotting entertainment. 

South Park TM & ( 1999 Comedy Central. All Rights Reserved.
Acclaim( & ( 1999 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved
South Park Rally developed by Tantalus Interactive. All Rights Reserved
Marketed by Acclaim. Distributed by Acclaim Distribution Inc.,
One Acclaim Plaza, Glen Cove, NY 11542-2777

This FAQ is Copyrighted Brandon Smith ( 2000.
You may print this for personal use.
You may send tips from this FAQ from other sites as long as credit is given to 
this FAQ, or you have permission from me.
E-mail: [email protected]


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