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			      Version: 1.2

       This file is Copyright (c) 1995, Brian Smolik & John George.
			   All Rights Reserved.

	Free distribution of this file is permitted, provided it isn't
	modified in any way and credit is given to ALL the people who
	contribute to this FAQ. Meaning, kept the entire Credits section

	Sale of this FAQ is strictly forbidden without written consent 
	of the authors.

	Use of this FAQ in commercial publication is strictly forbidden
	without written consent of the authors.

	Welcome to the Street Fighter the Movie, Game FAQ.
	All moves listed have been verified by us unless otherwise stated.


Miscellaneous Questions
Characters and Moves
Hidden Characters
Hidden Stuff and Tricks 
Selectable Modes 
Level Descriptions
Machine Specs.

=-=-=-=- Miscellaneous Questions -=-=-=-=

* What is an Interrupt Move?

Interrupt moves are shadowed moves that are done immediately after blocking 
the first part of an attack.  Not all moves are interrupt moves.  Each
character has different ones.  For example: If I am playing Sawada, and
someone jumps in with a kick as soon as I think I blocked the tip of the
kick, I can do a forward kick, and get a green slide kick move.  This move
works as a charge back..(which you did while blocking)forward.  This move 
cannot be used at any other time except after blocking.

* Where can I get this FAQ as well as updates?

Please do NOT write me requesting the FAQ.  We get enough mail as it is with
people giving me combos, and new moves without a bunch of 'Can you send me'
stuff.  The FAQ will be available by FTP from in the
/PUB/VI/VIDGAMES/FAQS directory.  This site has been set up by Andy Eddy from
GamePro Magazine.  Thanks as always Andy!

Announcing the Official SFTM Web Page! 
Link to 

Also available at:

Other Sites will be available soon.  If you have a FTP site or WEB page and
you would like to include it, please let me know so we can add your site here!

* Why are John and Brian writing this FAQ?

This FAQ is being written by us because we have been playtesting the game for
a while, and not only know most of the moves, but are trying to get others to
see how great of a game this really is.  Hopefully by reading this FAQ people
will give SFTM a chance, and play a few games before judging it.

* What is a Comeback Move?

Comeback Moves are special moves that can only be done when your player's
health meter is in the Danger zone.  They may include new projectiles,
different kicks, etc.

* What is a Super Move?

Super Moves are special moves that can only be executed when your SUPER BAR is
filled.  These moves usually result in a series of special moves leading to a
combo.  They can be added to the end of normal combos, or precede it. 
All characters have at least 2 Super Moves.

* How do I fill my Super Bar?

Your Super Bar is filled by performing Special Moves.  Whether you hit the
opponent or not, every time you do a Special Move your Super Bar fills a
little more.  Honda and Chun Li can fill their bars VERY quickly.

* Why am I dizzy?

Each character has a dizzy counter (that you cannot see) that goes down with
every hit, and regenerates back up as long as you are not being hit.  Hits to
the head area make the dizzy counter drop faster than hits to other areas of
the body.  If your dizzy counter drops all the way to zero your character goes
into a dizzy state, leaving you open for a combo from your opponent.
Some dizzy's last longer than others.  There are STAR and BIRD dizzys.

* What's up with these throws and counters?

Every player has at least 2 ways to throw (some have 3).  Throws are usually
executed  by pushing the joystick towards or away, and pressing a button.
Throws can be Countered!  To counter a throw, you must know your OPPONENT'S
counter move.  So if you are fighting against Ryu, you must know RYU'S counter
move.  The person who initiates the throw is taking the biggest risk against a
good player, because as you throw, the opponent counters.  You do a reversal,
but your opponent can SLAMMASTER you!  Counter throws and reversals involve
the same button with the joystick up, while Slammasters involve a different
button with the joystick down.  Also there are throws which will throw the
opponent clear across the screen.  Use this when you're stuck in a corner and
just want the opponent out of your face.  It does little damage but provides
you with an opportunity to gain some breathing room.

* How does the point system work?

Who cares.. it's a fighting game!  Who ever is the least damaged wins!

* Why does my big multi-hit combo not do that much damage?

Because someone was thinking over at Capcom/Incredible Technologies!  Unlike
some of those other fighting games, big combos are there for fun and not to
completely destroy your opponent with 2 combos.  Combo damage is done with the
formula  1, 1/2^(N-1), where N = number of hits.
For example the 1st hit in a combo does 1/1 damage (full damage), the 2nd hit
does 1/2 normal damage, the 3rd does 1/4, and the 4th does 1/8.. etc.  If you
are seriously trying to win, and not just have a good time playing, big
multi hit combos are not what you want to be wasting your time with.

* What moves are in this new version?

99% of the original Street Fighter moves are in this version along with tons of 
new moves and Supers!

* What moves are not in this new version?

Zangeif's Bear Rush, and Guile's Shoulder Slam Rush.

* What's up with the characters?

There are 14 selectable characters from the select screen.  We know that there
were 21 characters digitized, and at least 3 of those are hidden and playable.
Blanka IS one of them!  All characters were digitized in Australia during the
filming of Street Fighter the Movie.

* What's up with the stages?

All the stages are backgrounds that were seen in the movie.  There are 7
stages that normally come up during game play and at least 5 hidden stages!

* What about bugs and new info?

If you have found a bug or typo please let me know.  If you find any new moves
or information please send it to me along with your full name and E-mail
address and you will receive credit in the next version of the FAQ.  Some info
is being withheld (we can't give ALL the moves away) but whatever is told to
me by someone else, we CAN and will include.
So send that info to [email protected]  Also any friendly criticism. =-)

* Where did the Actor and Character info come from?

The actor and character info was obtained from the SFTM trading cards. These
are 'baseball' style cards with shots from the movie and info on the back.
Most of the actor info seems to be exaggerated just to make the actors look
good.  The actors are almost always the same height as the character and weigh

I.E. Van Damme is about 5' 8" but they say he is taller to make him more like 

* What the heck is a ReGen move?

Re-Gen moves give you some health back. They are done by charging 2 buttons
then releasing, only when you have your SUPER BAR charged. This will pour your
Super Power into your Energy Bar.

* Anything else I should know about this FAQ?

Yes, it's not done!  There are still plenty of moves and secrets to be found!
Also we will be changing the format (Hopefully for the better) as we go along 
so please bear with us.  Thank you.

* Who is the guy playing Blade?

Blade is played by Alan Noon.
He is one of the artists from Incredible Technologies.

* What's up with the SFTM Brochure hand out?

Well, in the middle section there is a picture of the tag-team VS screen with
free play.  Free play is NOT a hidden code.  That is just an option in the
operator controls.  It's used during testing so you don't have to keep
pretending to insert coins into the machine to play.

* In the picture on the righthand side (the dungeon picture with Cammy VS Guile) 
Cammy also appears chained up.  That has been fixed, so that whoever is
fighting does NOT have a twin also chained up.

One of the hidden characters is pictured in the bottom right hand corner
fighting Honda on the Command Center level.  Hmm, what's that name?

* What are the abbreviations for the Joystick and buttons?

All moves shown are from position facing the other player.  So Forward means 
towards the opponent.  Example if you're on the left side and opponent is on
the right.

          Up/Back      Up        Up/Forward
                  \     |      /
             Back --  Center  -- Forward
                  /     |      \
        Down/Back     Down       Down/Forward

U = up         D = Down         F = Forward     B = Back

UB = Up/Back  UF = Up/Forward  DB = Down/Back  DF = Down/Forward

Button Layout
Jab   (1)	Strong (2)	Fierce    (3)
Short (4)	Forward(5)	Roundhouse(6) 

=-=-=-=- Characters and Moves -=-=-=-=

Character Select Screen
Ryu	 Vega	  Guile	   Sagat 	Ken

Honda	 Chun Li           Cammy	Sawada

Balrog   Blade	  Bison	   Akuma	Zangief

=-=-=-=- Ryu -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Byron Mann			Height: 5' 10"
Born: Hong Kong, China			Weight 165 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 7/21/64			Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175lbs.

Considered one of the best street fighters ever, Ryu has been taught the ways 
of Shotokan karate by his foster father, Sensei Gouken.  What Ryu lacks in 
physical stature, he surpasses with his inner-mental strength.  He is not the
polished con-man his friend Ken is, but he is considered a master street 
fighter.  Ryu has won a World Championship crown from Shadaloo Tong Kingpin,
Sagat some years ago.  Sagat seeks revenge even to this day.

Blue Hadoken Projectile:    D,DF,F,Punch
Red Hadoken Projectile:     B,D,F, Punch (2 hits)
Dragon Punch:               F,D,DF,Punch
Hurricane Kick:             D,DB,B,Kick   'I'm going to clean Your Bathroom'
Juggle Hurricane Kick:      Charge any Kick,D,DB,B any Kick (release?)
Shadowed Sliding Side Kick: Charge Short(4) release Short.
Inside Roundhouse:          Charge Roundhouse(6) (2 seconds) release.

-- Interrupt Moves --

Slide Kick:  B,F+Fierce(3)

-- Throws --

Throw:         B or F,Strong(2) or Fierce(3)
Flip:          B or F,Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)
Air Throw:     Roundhouse(6)

Counter:       U,Strong(2)
Slam Master:   D,Forward(5)

Get Up Attack: F,D,DF Punch

Comeback Move: Charge 2 Punches, then D,DF,F release.
               (Multi Speed Hadoken's)

-- Combos --

Jump Kick, Juggle HK, DP, Juggle HK, DP, Standing Roundhouse (12 hits)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super (Burst Fireballs): D,DF,F,D,DF,F Punch

Red Super Uppercut:                   F,D,DF,F,D,DF,F,Punch

ReGen: Charge Fierce(3) & Forward(5)

=-=-=-=- Vega -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Jay Tavare		Height: 5' 10"
Born: England			Weight 165 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 1/27/67			Height: 6'2"
Weight: 178

The right hand man for Shadall Tong Kingpin, Sagat, Vega will do anything for
money.  The only stipulation is that no harm comes to his face.  When Sagat
needs an exterminator, Vega will gleefully accept.  He is nicknamed the
'Spanish Ninja' due to his blend of matador techniques with his Ninjitsu
training.  Since Vega only fights to the death, everyone knows he is
undefeated in all street fighter competition, and is still awaiting the
perfect opponent.

Throw Mask: Charge Jab(1),Charge B,F,release Jab(1)
Throw Claw: Charge Roundhouse(6),Charge B,F,release Roundhouse(6)

To pick up claw or mask roll over it.

Roll:         Charge B,F,Punch
Hang on wall: Jump and press forward
Wall Spear:   Charge D,U,Punch
Flip Spear:   Charge D,U,Kick
Claw Dive:    Charge D,U,Kick,Punch
Back Flip:    Tap all Punches
Back Attack:  Charge all Punches then release

-- Interrupt Moves --

-- Throws --

Suplex:        B or F, Strong(2) or Fierce(3)
Air Throw:     Fierce(3)

Counter:       U,Forward(5)
Slam Master:   D,Strong(2)

Comeback Move: (full screen roll) Charge B,F,B,F,Punch

Get Up Attack: Jab(1)

-- Combos --

When opponent is jumping in, Jump, Fierce, Crouching Fierce, Roll,
                             Crouching Fierce (7 hits)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super (Super Flip throw): (close) D,DB,D,D,DB,D,Punch 

Red Super (Gymnastic Flips): Charge B,F,B,F,Kick

ReGen: Charge Strong(2) & Fierce(3)

=-=-=-=- Guile -=-=-=-=

Played By: 
Name: Jean-Claude Van Damme		Height: 5' 11"
Born: Belgium				Weight: 190 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 12/23/60				Height: 6'2"
Weight: 218 lbs.

With an on-again/off-again military career, William Guile returned to the rank
of Colonel in order to exact his revenge on General M. Bison for killing his 
best friend Charlie.  As the leader of the Allied Nations forces, it is up to 
Guile to rescue the 63 hostages being held in the deepest regions of Shadaloo 
Fortress.  It is Guile's opinion that it will take a one-on-one confrontation 
in order to end the rule of Bison.

Sonic Boom  Projectile: Charge B,F,Punch
Flash Kick:             Charge D,U,Kick
Split Nut Crunch:       Charge Fierce(3),release
Jump Crescent Kick:     Charge Forward(5),release
Repeating JC Kick:      Charge Forward(5),release,tap Roundhouse(6)
Double Punch:           Charge Strong(2),release
Double Foot Sweep:      Hold D,Kick
Repeating Face Kicks:   Roundhouse(6),tap Short(4)
Handcuffs (As rumored): Charge ALL Punches, Ch B,F,B,F Release Punches 

-- Interrupt Moves --

Front Kick:  B,F+Roundhouse(6)
Flash Kick:  B,U+Short(4)

-- Throws --

Slam:	       F,Strong(2) or Fierce(3)
Suplex:        F,Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)

Counter:       U,Strong(2)
Slam Master:   D,Forward(5)

Comeback Move: Charge B,F,B,F,Punch then D,DB,B,D,DF,F will explode the sonic.

-- Combos --

When opponent is jumping in, Split Punch, JC Kick, Flash Kick (7 hits)
When opponent is jumping in, Jump, 3 Jabs, JC Kick, Flash Kick (9 hits)
Crouching Roundhouse, JC Kick, Flash Kick (6 hits)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super: (Super Flash) Charge DB,DF,DB,U,Kick

Red Super Van Damme Kicks: Charge B,F,B,F,Kick

ReGen: Charge Short(4) & Roundhouse(6)

=-=-=-=- Sagat -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Wes Studi			Height 6' 0"
Born: Nofire Hollow, OK		Weight: 185 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 7/2/55			Height: 7'5"
Weight: 303 lbs.

Viktor Sagat was once the 'King of the Street Fighters.'  Now the master of
Muai Thai, the deadliest  form of kick boxing, is merely the kingpin of the
Shadaloo Tong.  He lost his crown to Ryu Hoshi after being knocked out in the 
championship match.  Sagat has fuzzy memories of that night and knows only
that he will avenge his loss and wants Ryu either dead or alive.

Tiger Shot High:  D,DF,F,Punch
Tiger Shot Low:   D,DF,F,Kick
Tiger Knee:       D,DF,F,UF,Kick
Tiger Punch:      F,D,DF,Punch
Evil Eye Patch:   Charge all Punches then release
Super Tiger Shot: (2 hits) Charge Punch,D,DF,F,Release Punch

-- Interrupt Moves --

Tiger Knee: B,F+Short(4)
Elbow Rush: B,U+Strong(2)

-- Throws --

Slam:          F or B, Strong(2) or Fierce(3)
Double Kicks:  F, Short(4) or Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)

Counter:       U,Roundhouse(6)
Slam Master:   D,Fierce(3)

Comeback Move: (Double Fireball) F,D,B,F,D,B,Forward(5) 

-- Combos --

Evil Eye, Tiger Knee, Standing Fierce, Tiger Knee, Standing Fierce,
Tiger Knee, High Tiger Shot, Low Tiger Knee (15 hits)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super (Tiger Knee Uppercut): D,DF,F,D,DF,F,Punch

Super Tigers Fest (Multi tiger Throws):   Charge B,D,DF,F,D,DF,F, All Kicks

ReGen: Charge Short(4) & Forward(5)

=-=-=-=- Ken -=-=-=-=

Actor Info:
Name: Damian Chapa			Height: 5' 11"
Born: Dayton, OH			Weight: 160 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 2/14/65			Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Brash, arrogant and in need of discipline, Ken was sent by his father to live
and learn under martial arts master, Sensei Gouken.  Learning everything he
could about the 2,000 year old Shotokan Karate, Ken left the dojo and entered
the world as a con-artist and rogue.  Always by his side, Ryu Hoshi is the
foster-son of Gouken and watches out for his lifelong friend, trying to point
Ken to follow the path of good, not evil.

Hadoken Projectile:         D,DF,F,Punch
Dragon Punch:               F,D,DF,Punch
Hurricane Kick:             D,DB,B,Kick
Shadow Hurricane Kick:      Hold Kick,D,DB,B,release Kick.
Hurricane Kick Double Jump: D,DB,B,Kick then Hold Up and all three Kicks.
Flaming Upper Cut:          Charge Fierce(3) (2 seconds) release.

-- Interrupts Moves --

Flaming Uppercut:  B,F+Fierce(3)

-- Throws --

Throw:         B or F,Strong(2)(3)
Flip:          B or F,Roundhouse(6)
Knee Grab:     B or F,Forward(5)

Counter:       U,Strong(2)
Slam Master:   D,Forward(5)

Comeback Move: Charge B,F,D,DF,F,D,DF,F Forward(5)  
               (Super Long Hurricane (Aimable))

-- Combos --

Jump Kick, Flaming Uppercut, DP (5 hit)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super (Flaming Dragons): F,D,DF,F,D,DF,F,Punch

Super Slam Knee Kick: Stand Close     D,DB,B,D,DB,B,Kick

ReGen: Charge Jab(1) & Strong(2)

=-=-=-=- E. Honda -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Peter Navy Tuiasosopo			Height: 6' 1"
Born: San Pedro, CA				Weight 300 lbs

DOB: 11/3/60					Height: 6'1"
Weight: 353 lbs.

With his quest to become 'Yokozuna' (champion of Sumo Wrestling) at an end
thanks to the crime syndicate headed by Viktor Sagat and Bison, Honda will
only stop once he has quenched his thirst for revenge and returned honor to
his house.  One of the strongest men in the world, he is also an expert in
electronics and gained access into Shadaloo as the sound technician for
Chun-Li Zang.

Sumo Head Butt:           Charge B,F,Punch
Sumo Slam:                Charge D,U,Kick
High Fly Sumo Butt Crush: Charge Kick, charge D,U, release Kick, aim & land.
Quick Multi Slap:         Charge Strong(2) (2 seconds) release
Hundred Hand Slap:        Rapidly tap Punch
Sumo Stomp:               Charge all Kicks, then release.
One-Two Punch (2 hit):    Close Jab(1)
Ochido Body Throw:        D,DB,B,Punch
Triple Ochido Body Throw: D,DB,B,D,DB,B,Punch

-- Interrupt Moves --

-- Throws --

Overhand Pseudo:          Close Strong(2) or Fierce(3)
Knee to Roundhouse Kick:  Close Roundhouse(6) 

Counter:       U,Fierce(3)
Slam Master:   D,Roundhouse(6)

Comeback Move: Charge B,F,B,F,Kick
               (Sumo Ball)

-- Combos --

Sumo Slam, Quick Multi Slap, Sumo Headbutt (8 hits)

----- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super Torpedo: Charge B,F,B,F,Punch

Red Super:  D,DB,B,D,DB,B, any Punch

ReGen: Charge Strong(2) & Forward(5)

=-=-=-=- Chun Li -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Ming-Na Wen			Height: 5' 5"
Born: China				Weight: 110 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 3/1/68				Height: 5'8"
Weight: 100 lbs.

Vowing to find the man responsible for the disappearance and apparent death of
her father (a police investigator and city official) some twenty years ago, 
Chun-Li knew all roads led to Shadaloo and General Bison.  Using her profession
as a newscaster to get deep into Shadaloo province, Chun-Li  joins forces with
Allied Nations, Guile, Honda and Balrog to finish her personal vendetta against 

Lightning Kick :     Rapidly tap Kick.
Kikkoken Projectile: Charge B,F,Punch (Spirit Energy Bolt)
Spinning Bird Kick:  Charge B,F,Kick
Spinning Air Kick:   Charge D,U,Kick
Front Kick (2 hit):  Close Forward(5)
Face Slap:           Charge Fierce(3),Charge D,U,release Fierce, aim,
                     then tap a Punch
Double Flip Kick:    Charge Forward(5) (2 seconds) release
Heel Stomp:          Jump,Down (towards opponent) Forward(5)
Wall Jump:           Hold F or B when flying towards a wall.
Bracelet Toss:       Charge Punch, Charge B,F,B,F, Release Punch

-- Interrupt Moves --

-- Throws --

Air Throw:     Roundhouse(6)
Body Slam:     F or B, Strong(2) or Fierce(3)

Counter:       U,Jab(1)
Slam Master:   D,Short(4)
Comeback Move: D,DF,F,Punch  Throw single birds (VERY FAST)
????? Charge Roundhouse(6)

-- Combos --

Spinning Air Kick, Spinning Bird Kick (6 hit)

---- Supers ----

Birds Of Prey Super: Charge B,F,D,F,D,F,Jab(1)

Super Lightning Leg: Charge B,F,B,F,Kick

ReGen: Charge Short(4) & Roundhouse(6)

=-=-=-=- Cammy -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Kylie Minogue		Height: 5' 5"
Born: Australia			Weight: 120 lbs.

Character Info:
DOB: 1/6/74			Height: 5'5"
Weight 101 lbs.

Equipped with a license to kill, Cammy is one of the top agents for the
British Secret Service.  A Lieutenant in the A.N. Armed Forces, there isn't a
great deal known about her.  She was found three years ago following her first
encounter with General M. Bison.  Her entire squad was wiped out and it is
believed that she is blocking out M. Bison's torture session that followed her
capture, causing her amnesia.

Thrust Kick:       F,D,DF,Kick
Cannon Drill:      D,DF,F,Kick (Can be done in the Air)
Air Cannon Drill : Hold Kick,Jump D,DF,F,release Kick
Spinning Backfist: D,DF,F,Punch
Flying Roll:       D,DF,F,UF Kick, Then Kick when close
Whip Choke:        Charge Fierce(3),release

-- Interrupt Moves --

-- Throws --

Neck Ride:     F or B,Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)
Throw:         F,B,Strong(2) or Fierce(3)

Counter:       U,Jab(1)
Slam Master:   D,Short(4)

Comeback Move: Charge Strong(2),D,DB,B, Release Strong(2)  (Hand Grenades)

-- Combos --

Whip Choke, Cannon Drill (5 hits)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super (Cannon Thrust): D,DF,F,D,DF,F,Kick

Red Whip Super: Charge Jab(1), (F,F) Release Jab(1) (Must be very close)

ReGen: Charge Forward(5) & Roundhouse(6)

=-=-=-=- Sawada -=-=-=-=

Played By: Kenya Sawada		Height: 5' 9"
Born: Kanagawa, Japan		Weight: 155 lbs.
DOB: 1/28/65

Character Info:
Captain Sawada is Colonel Guile's right hand man at the A.N.... He began the
disciplines of the martial arts as a child in Japan, and has become a skilled
master.  Sawada and Guile have become good friends as well as dedicated
patriots, and spar often.  Sawada is known and respected for his ability to
execute devastating fighting techniques, such as the Atomic Drop Kick,
the Rising Katana, and a modified version of Guile's Flash Kick.

Atomic Drop Kick:    Jump,D,DB,B,Forward(5)
Axe Kick:            D,DB,B,Kick
High Axe Kick:       Charge Kick,D,DB,B,release Kick.
Katana Sword :       F,D,DF,Punch (With Jab can reflect Projectiles)
Ankle Swipe :        Charge 2, release 2
Back Axe Flash Kick: Charge D,U,Kick

-- Interrupt Moves --

Slide Kick: B,F+Kick

-- Throws --

Face Punch:    F or B, Strong(2)
Slam:	       F or B, Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)

Counter:       U,Strong(2)
Slam Master:   D,Forward(5)

Comeback Move: D,DB,B,Strong(2)

-- Combos --

Axe Kick, 2 Standing Jabs, Jump, Fierce, Roundhouse, Standing RH (7 hits)
---- Supers ----

Red Super Punch Katana: Charge Punch,F,F,release Punch

Axe Kick Super: D,DB,B,D,DB,B,Kick

ReGen: Charge Forward(5) & Roundhouse(6)

=-=-=-=- Balrog -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Grand Bush		Height: 6' 0"
Born: Los Angeles, CA		Weight 205 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 9/4/68			Height: 6'5"
Weight: 252 lbs.

Once a heavyweight contender, Balrog was asked to take a dive. When he refused
he was framed and forced out of the fight game by the Shadaloo Tong headed by
Sagat and financed by General Bison.  Seeking revenge on both gang bosses,
Balrog fell back on his second career as a news journalist covering events in
Shadaloo. Teamed with Chun-Li Zang and Edmund Honda, Balrog adds strength and
quickness to this trio.

Dashing Upper Cut:       Charge B,F,Kick
Dashing Punch:           Charge B,F,Punch
Shoulder Charge:         Charge D,U,Punch
Shadowed Dashing Punch : Charge All 3 Punches,release
Shadowed Uppercut:       Charge all Kicks and release
                         The longer you hold the more damage it does
Multi Dashing Punch:     Charge all Punches,release slowly one at a time.
Super UpperCut:          D,DB,B Roundhouse(6)
Repeating Standing Jabs: (1,2,Punch while standing) Tap Jab(1)
Repeating Crouching Jabs:(1,2,Punch while standing) Tap Strong(2)

-- Interrupt Moves --

-- Throws --

Head Butt Hold: (close) B or F,Fierce(3)
Ground Slam:    B or F,Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)

Counter:        U,Fierce(3)
Slam Master:    D,Roundhouse(6)

Comeback Move:  Charge Short(4),F,F,release Short(4)

---- Supers ----

Super Dashing Punch: Charge B,F,B,F,Punch


=-=-=-=- Blade -=-=-=-=

Actor Info:
Name: Alan Noon				Height: 5'10
Born: England				Weight: 175
DOB: 12-24-72

Bison has assembled an elite group of vicious Troopers under his personal
command.  These Troopers specialize in fighting skills that are both
technological and arcane in nature.  Blade is a mysterious master of edged
weaponry, and can seemingly create these weapons of death from thin air. Not
much else is known of this mystery soldier, who appeared from the shadows and
quickly climbed the ranks of Bison's army.

Throw Knife:   F,B,F,Punch
Air Blade:     Jump D,DF,F,Punch
Defense Blade: D,D,Kick
Diving Blade:  Charge Forward(5),Jump,release Forward(5) 
Tazer:         Charge Strong(2),release 

-- Interrupt Moves --

Kick: B,F+Short(4) 

-- Throws --

Choke Move:    Charge Fierce(3),F,release Fierce(3) (close)
Slam:	       F or B, Strong(2)

Counter:       U,Strong(2)
Slammaster:    D,Forward(5)

Comeback Move: Charge Forward(5),D,DF,F,Release Forward(5)

---- Supers ----

Super Rotator Attack: Charge B,F,B,F,Punch

Rotating Foot Blade:  D,DF,F,D,DF,F, Kick

ReGen: Charge Short(4) & Forward(5)

=-=-=-=- M. Bison -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Raul Julia		Height: 6' 2"
Born: Puerto Rico		Weight: 185 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 4/17/??			Height: 6'2"
Weight: 256 lbs

His ascension into the dictatorship of Mriganka Island (Shadaloo) is as
mysterious as his age.  Bison has one ultimate goal and that is world
domination.  M. Bison assumed government power and immediately named himself
general of his own army of thieves and mercenaries.  He kills for pleasure and
knows only the law of Shadaloo.  M. Bison fears no one and feels no opponent
can match up to his psychic powers.

Torpedo (Psycho Crusher): Charge B,F,Punch
Electric Torpedo:         Charge Punch,Charge B,F,Release Punch 
Reverse Devil Punch:      Charge D,U,Punch,Punch
Electric Arc:             Charge Fierce(3),release
Scissor Knee:             Charge B,F,Kick
Head Stomp:               Charge D,U,Kick (tap punch after,get a devil punch)
Slide: D,6

-- Interrupt Moves --

Rushing Punch:  B,F+Fierce(3)

-- Throws --

Slam:          F or B, Strong(2) or Fierce(3)
Counter:       U,Roundhouse(6)
Slam Master:   D,Fierce (3)

Comeback Move: ???

-- Combos --

Electric Torpedo, Standing Fierce (8 hits)

---- Supers ----

Classic Blue Super Scissor Kick: Charge B,F,B,F,Kick

Red Head Stomp Mania: Charge DB,DF,DB,U,Kick

ReGen: Charge Strong(2) & Short(4)

=-=-=-=- Akuma -=-=-=-=

Akuma is the mysterious renegade brother of Sheng Long, the enigmatic teacher
of Ken and Ryu.  Akuma sees the rising potential of the two young fighters and
fears that they may be a threat to his intricate plans.  He has vowed to crush
Ken and Ryu in battle, thus humiliating his hated brother and destroying two
potential obstacles at the same time.

Blue Hadoken:     D,DF,F,Punch 
Air Hadoken:      Jump,D,DF,F,Punch
Red Hadoken:      B,D,F,Jab(1) for 1 hit
	          B,D,F,Strong(2) for 2 hits
	          B,D,F,Fierce(3) for 3 hits
Dragon Punch:     F,D,DF,Punch
Hurricane Kick:   D,DB,B,Kick
Shadow HKick:     Hold Kick,D,DB,B,release Kick.
Charging kick:    Charge Roundhouse(6),release
Forward Teleport: F,D,DF all Punches(long) or all Kicks(short)
Reverse Teleport: B,D,DB all Punches(long) or all Kicks(short)
                   (Teleports go through everything) 

-- Interrupt Moves --

Kick Back Dragon: B,U+Strong(2)

-- Throws --

Slam:	       F or B, Strong(2) or Fierce(3)

Counter:       U,Forward(5)
Slam Master:   D,Strong(2)

Comeback Move: ????

-- Combos --

Jump, Forward, Charging Kick, HK, Standing Roundhouse, Jump, Roundhouse,
Standing Roundhouse (8 hits)

---- Supers ----

Super Fireball: D,DF,F,D,DF,F,Punch

Red Super Punch Fest: Charge Punch,(close) D,DF,F,D,DF,F,release Punch

ReGen: Charge Jab(1) & Forward(5)

=-=-=-=- Zangief -=-=-=-=

Played By:
Name: Andrew Bryniarski			Height: 6' 4"
Born: Philadelphia, PA			Weight: 265 lbs

Character Info:
DOB: 6/1/56				Height: 7'0"
Weight: 380 Lbs.

He used to fight for mother and country.  However, now Zangief fights off
anyone who would want to harm General M. Bison.  Zangief was rescued from the 
frigid climate of Siberia by the General and that is why he believes
everything M. Bison tells him.  As M. Bison's personal bodyguard and valet,
Zangief makes sure his leader's orders are followed to the letter.  He is
fearless, although at times easily fooled.  Zangief can be as slow as he is

Spinning Lariat:      Tap all Punchs or tap all Kicks.
                      (Movable with joystick and goes through projectiles.)
Spinning Pile Driver: Close F,DF,D,DB,B,Punch
Head Bite:            Towards and Roundhouse(6) (lots of blood)
Airplane Spin:        Charge Fierce(3),F (close) Release Fierce
                      (makes opponent dizzy)
Green hand Spin:      D,DB,B,Punch (Can reflect projectiles)

-- Interrupt Moves --

-- Throws --

Face Bite:     F, Fierce(3)
Suplex:        B or F and Forward(5) or Roundhouse(6)
Pile Driver:   B or F and Strong(2)
Double Suplex: F,DF,D,DB,B Kick

Counter:       U,Roundhouse(6) 
Slam Master:   D,Fierce(3) 

Comeback Move: Charge all Kicks,D,release Kicks

-- Combos --

----- Supers ---- 

Classic Blue: F,DF,D,DB,B,F,DF,D,DB,B,Punch
              or 2 circles towards, Punch(close)

Flying Airplane Crunch: D,DF,F,D,DF,F,Punch

ReGen: Charge Jab(1) & Short(4)

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hidden Characters -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Hidden Character's are characters that are playable, but you cannot just pick
from the select screen. You must do special Joystick movements and Button
presses to get to them.

=-=-=-=- Arkane -=-=-=-=

Over the years M. Bison had his top scientist create the ultimate fighting
warrior.  Their goal was similar to Dhalsim's DNA ideas.  Many genetic
experiments had taken place with nothing gained.  Finally a master in robotics
had designed a robot with abilities similar to the desired abilities of the
experiments.  His Electric charge comes from his master (Bison) and mechanical
arms and legs from the stolen ideas of Dhalsim. 

To play against Arkane: 1) Be on Bison's Lair Stage
                        2) Watch for Blade to walk across doorway in back
                        3) Quickly HIT START!!
To play as Arkane:  =-P      
Bionic Arm:  F,F,Jab(1) 
Bionic Leg: =-P 
Electric Charge: =-P

=-=-=-=- Khyber -=-=-=-=

He is a Yellow version of Blade with awesome FireBlowing moves! He is another
one of Bison's genetic experiments.  His awesome ability to breath fire hints
that he may not be entirely human.  From previous discoveries, Kyber may be
part human and part robot.  Be prepared to burn if you find him!

To play against Khyber: 1) Be on Dungeon Stage
                        2) Get a Perfect in the first round
                        3) Wait for platform in middle to drop
                        4) HIT START!!

To play as Khyber: =-P 
Fire Breath Up: B,D,F Punch
Fire Breath Down:a =-P 
Fire Breath Projectile: F,D,DF Punch

---- Supers ----

Super Large FireBreath Down: D,DF,F,D,DF,F Punch


=-=-=-=- F7 -=-=-=-=

F7 Is the Ultimate Trooper. He was created haveing ALL Blade's, Arkane's, 
and Khyber's moves including supers! Totaling about 30 moves!
To play as him you will just have to wait! Check the Sept Issue of 
Gamepro or just wait for a future version of the faq!

=-=-=-=- Super Bison -=-=-=-=

Same as Bison but needs no charging!  You must fight against him to win the
game in Tag-Team mode!

=-=-=-=- Snake -=-=-=-=

We haven't seen him yet!

=-=-=-=- Blanka -=-=-=-=

We have seen Blanka in Bison's Lair, and in Dhalsim's lab. Not sure yet where
you can fight against him.

Play as Blanka:

=-=-=-=- Fei Long -=-=-=-=

Haven't seen him yet!

=-=-=-=- Hidden Stuff and Tricks  -=-=-=-=

Command Center: 
Special Button Presses Will make animations of other characters appear on the
main video screen in back.

Press Start and Van Damme flips you off.
Press 6,4,1,3 and Vega's intro animation plays on the big monitor. 

Temple Ruins:

When the birds start to fly by, press 1 then 4 or 4 then 1 to shoot them down.
Shoot 8 Birds and the next screen you fight on will be the Day Time AN HQ

Tong Warehouse:

When the helicopter flys by, press 4,2,6,3,5,1 (in that order) and the
helicopter will explode.  Do this while the helicopter is out of sight and
the spotlight will still fly around without the helicopter.

AN Headquarters:

To see the hidden rainbow: 1,4,2,5,3,6

Dhalsim's Lab:

Something for the next FAQ.


You can play against Khyber here!  Read Khyber's character info for how.

Bison's Lair:

You can fight against Arkane here!  Read Arkane's character info for how.

Some Classic Soundtracks from SF2, enter these codes on the VS screen!
RYU		-Jab,Jab,Strong
Vega		-Jab,Jab,Fierce
Guile		-Jab,Jab,Short
Sagat		-Jab,Jab,Forward
Ken		-Jab,Jab,Roundhouse
Honda		-Strong,Strong,Jab
Chun Li		-Strong,Strong,Fierce
Cammy		-Strong,Strong,Short
Fei Long	-Strong,Strong,Forward
Balrog		-Strong,Strong,Roundhouse
Blanka		-Fierce,Fierce,Jab
Bison 		-Fierce,Fierce,Strong
Akuma		-Fierce,Fierce,Short
Zangief		-Fierce,Fierce,Forward
Akuma		-Fierce,Fierce,Roundhouse

=-=-=-=- Selectable Modes -=-=-=-=

To do mode selects, you must first hold the joystick in the correct direction
, then, quickly tap start, then quickly tap the required buttons. The time
period between tapping start and tapping the other buttons must be very short
or you may accidently select a character.

Random Select:		        Up, Start
Hide Strength Meters:		Start, Jab (1) 
Invisi Tag:			Start, Strong(2)
No Throws:			Start, Fierce (3)
No Special Moves:		Start, Short (4)
No Standard Moves:		Start, Forward (5)
Tag Team Mode:		        Start, Roundhouse (6)
Double Damage Mode:		Right, Start, Jab (1)
Turbo Mode:			Right, Start, Strong (2)
Slow Mode:			Do the Turbo mode code twice.
No Blocking Mode:		Right, Start, Fierce (3)
Combo Mode:			Right, Start, Short (4)
No Kick Buttons:		Right, Start, Forward (5)
No Punch Buttons:		Right, Start, Roundhouse (6)
Upside Down Mode:		Left, Start, Jab (1)
Wacky Controls:		        Left, Start, Strong (2)
Swap Fighter and Moves:	        Left, Start, Fierce (3)
Strobe Mode:			Down, Start, Strong (2)
Invisibility Mode:		Down, Start, Fierce (3)
Classic Throw Mode:		Down, Start, Forward (2) 
Clear All Modes:		Down, Start, Roundhouse (6)

Random Mode Select:		Left, Start, Short, Forward, Roundhouse (456)
Hidden Levels:			Down, Start,Jab+Short (1,4)

**** What Do all these Modes do? ****

+ Random Select:  Does just that, it randomly selects a character for you to
play.  Once people start to get familiar with the characters this will
probably become the normal way of play.

+ Hide Strength Meters:  Hides your strength meter so that you have no idea
how much energy you have left.  You still get your Super bar.  This mode can
be dangerous when you get it in random mode because you may have also been
handicapped with Double Damage and not know it.

+ Invisi Tag:  This allows one player at a time to be invisible.  Whichever
player made the last hit will be invisible until he is touched.

+ No Throws:  This mode makes it so that you cannot throw your opponent. 
Since there are ways to escape and counter throw, this mode is not valued 
as much as a game with no way of escape.

+ No Special Moves:  This mode makes the game simple.  All moves are limited
to only your simple kicks and punches.

+ No Standard Moves:  All moves are limited to Special Moves.  No regular
kicks or punches.

+ Tag Team mode:  Allows you to pick 2 characters to fight with. One will
fight your first round and the other will fight your second round.  This is a
great mode to start to learn the other characters with.  Just pick your
stronger character second.

+ Double Damage Mode:  Your character takes double the normal damage with
every hit. (OUCH!)

+ Turbo Mode:  The game play seems a little faster because your characters
fall faster.

+ Slow Mode:  This will be a favorite of DieHard SF fans.  All moves slow down
while combos are being done.

+ No Blocking Mode:  This mode makes for an exciting, and quick match. 
You cannot block any moves.  Although your character goes into a blocking 
position, you will still get hit.

+ Combo Mode:  This mode allows for higher combos because your opponent does
not fall as far away as he normally would in a regular match allowing to get
in a few extra hits. 

+ No Kick Buttons:  Your kick buttons are disabled.  All you can use is punch.

+ No Punch Buttons: Your punch buttons are disabled.  All you can use is kick.

+ Upside Down Mode:  The entire screen is flipped upside down and backwards. 

+ Wacky Controls:  The screen stays the same, but all joystick movements are
now upsidedown and backwards.

+ Swap Fighter and Moves:  This mode is great for all those TRUE trash talker
players.  This mode allows your OPPONENT to pick the character and modes
YOU will fight with.  If you think you can play the game with the big boys go
for it!

+ Random Mode Select:  This select is very fun.  It randomly selects several 
of the above modes so when the round starts you have to try and figure out
what you can, and can't use to beat your opponent.

There are a few more mode selects we don't have in here.  They WILL be in the 
next version of the FAQ.

Richard said we could brag, so here it is!  We added the SWAP Char.  And also
the No punch and Kick Modes.  Also had them move up the reflective floor
in Bison's lair. =-)  Thank you!

=-=-=-=- Level Descriptions -=-=-=-=

Level Descriptions will be added later.  We wanted to get out the FAQ, and
didn't have any more extra typing time!

Bison's Lair
Tong Warehouse
Dhalism's Lab
AN Headquarters
Command Center
Temple Ruins

=-=-=-=- Rumors -=-=-=-=

Send us some! :)

=-=-=-=- Machine Specs. -=-=-=-=

This game design was created by both Capcom and Incredible Technologies!

Chip Version: 1.1

Video Processors:
	25MHz Motorola 68020
	IT42 32-bit graphics engine with rotation, skewing & scaling
Screen resolution 384x256
128 palettes of 256 colors each which allow a possible 32,768 colors in the 
foreground plane. (changeable every 60Hz frame.)	
i.e. Bison's Lair color palettes are changed to fit the lighting in the 

Each fighter has its own 256 color palette.

Sound System:
	20 megabits of compressed sound data.
	Motorola 6809 processor controls a 32 channel Ensoniq stereo.
	Sound chip capable of 12 bit CD quality samples.

Graphics Memory:
	260 megabits of graphics.
	14 unique fighters (NO COLOR SWAPPED DUPLICATES! (cough MK)
           on the selection screen.

	Frames per character: (Average 715 frames per fighter)

		Akuma		679
		Balrog 		640
		Bison		677
		Blade		817
		Cammy		699
		Chun Li		757
		Guile		807
		Honda		671
		Ken		719
		Ryu		699
		Sagat		669
		Sawada		800
		Vega		682
		Zangief	 	679

	Along with a few thousand frames for hidden characters. Each character
	has about 12 frames just for standing in place!

Game Specifics:
	21 Selectable Modes.
	Each fighter has new special and super moves.
	New features such as Comeback Moves, Re-Gen Moves, Throw countering
        and reversals.

When you press the jab button, the total number of coins put into the machine 
is displayed in the bottom left corner.

=-=-=-=- Credits -=-=-=-=

Authors of this FAQ:    John George & Brian Smolik 

People who have contributed to the making and upkeep of this FAQ.....

Druboy and his friends at the Electric Circuit!... [email protected]
Michel-Etienne Fortin............................. [email protected]

Special Thanks to:
                        Richard Ditton
                        Leif Marwede
                        Jane Siegrist
                        Alan Noon
                        And the rest of the gang at Incredible!!!

                        Chris Nicolella         GamePro
                        Andy Eddy               Magazine

                        Capcom (tm)
                        Incredible Technologies(tm)

Street Fighter, Capcom,  Incredible Technologies, and all above names 
are Trademarks and Copyrights.

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