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Compiled and maintained by Duros Bith
If you wish to use any info from this document on the web or you find a
move/code that I don't have, please email me at: [email protected]
(UPDATE 1.0)
Added Voltes V "Chest Sword" moves thanks to Cheung Siu Lun
Added Shining Gundam "Inferno Dive" move thanks to Cheung Siu Lun
Added Master Gundam "Flip Master Kick" move
Added Daitarn 3 "Daitarn Crush" move
Added Walker Galliam "Nuclear Fallout" move
Added 2 common moves

K = A button
P = B button
S = C buttons
T = Press toward opponent
A = Press away from opponent
U = UP
D = Down
HCT = half circle rolling motion from Away to Towards
HCA = half circle rolling motion from Towards to Away
QCT = quarter circle rolling motion from Down to Towards
QCA = quarter circle rolling motion from Down to Away
- = press in sequence
+ = press at the same time

Many robots have common moves that vary slightly
L or R button = Jetpack Toggle (Flight)
K+P = Throw (Close Range)
T-U+S = Jumping Attack
A-U+S = Jumping Attack
QCT+P or K
QCA+P or K
A+P or K
D-D+P or K


Tonfa Assault: HCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Tonfa Blast: A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Raging Vengance(SUPER): HCA+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Axe Kick: QCA+K
Flip Kick: T-T+K
Pause Kick: A+K
Tonfa Bash: T-T+P
Backhand Tonfa: A-T+P

Tonfa Blast: A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Homing Blast: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)


Daitarn Missle: A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Daitarn Hammer: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Plasma Spray: HCT+S (requires2/3 superbar)
Fan Uppercut: A-T+S
Slide Kick: QCA+K
Forward Roll: QCT+K
Uppercut Elbow: T-T+P
Power Chop: A-T+P

Daitarn Crush: U+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Daitarn Double Fan: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Stun Beam(SUPER): HCT+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Leg Cannon: D+S (requires1/3 superbar)
Daitarn Sword: T-QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)


Blade Slash: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Head Boomerang: A-A/D-D+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Laser Cannon: QCA+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Laser Cannon Up: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Laser Death(SUPER): HCA+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Flame Sword Fury(SUPER): HCT+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Backhand: A-A+P
Power Push: T-T+P
Dancougar Punch: QCT+P
Downthrust Bounce Punch: D-D+P
Knee Bash: QCA+K

Dancougar Blade: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Laser Storm: QCT+S (requires1/3 superbar)


Rocket Punch: A-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Air Shot: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Laser Blade Sever(SUPER): HCA+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Jumping Crecent Kick: T-T+K
Spin Kick: HCT+K
Hook Punch: T-T+P
Spinning Backhand: HCT+P

Inferno Dive: U+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Ground Shot: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Laser Blade: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Rocket Punch: HCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)


Rocket Strike: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Web Grapple: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Sword Uppercut: QCA+S
Claw Back: QCT+K
Sword Thrust: QCT+P
Sword Bash: T-T+S
Sword Strike: A-A+P
Dunbine Sword Combo: A+P rapidly

Singing Bullet: A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Ground Strike: A-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Tumble Strike: T-T+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Blue Fire Strike(SUPER): HCA+S (requires 2/3 superbar)


Solid Crecent Throw: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Solid Crecent Spread: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Falling Mortar: HCA+S-S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Nuclear Fallout(SUPER): HCT+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Drop Kick: HCT+K
Big Knee: QCA+K
Slap Up: HCT+P
Slap Down: QCT+P

Solid Crecent: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Vulcan Spray: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)


Voltes Bazooka: A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Voltes Bazooka Kneel: A-A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Chain Grapple: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Flame Thrower(SUPER): A-A/D-D+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Jumping 2 Fist: T-T-U+S
Turn Punch: T-T+P
Ram Charge: QCT+P
Two Fist Combo: D-P rapidly

Chest Sword Cutting V(SUPER): U+C (requires 2/3 superbar)
Chest Sword Stun: U+C-QCT+C (requires 1/3 superbar)
Chest Sword Fake: U+C-D
Psycho Beam: A+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Psycho Shot: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Psycho Whip: HCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)


Laser Lasso: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Master Twist(SUPER): HCT+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Kick Back Twice: T-T+K-K
Kick Back Windmill: T-T+K-T-T+K
Flip Master Kick: A-U+S-K or T-U+S-K
Power Uppercut: HCT+P

Plasma Rain: QCT+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Plasma Beam: T-T+S (requires 1/3 superbar)
Plasma Pyre(SUPER): HCT+S (requires 2/3 superbar)
Nothing Yet. Still Looking for the codes to access Devil Gundam and
Judecca. If you find them, LET ME KNOW!

I'm missing many moves.  Like Shining Gundam "Air Slam" and Walker
Galliam "Windmill Punch" If you find any moves that aren't in this faq,
please send em in and I'll give you credit in my next update.
If you wish to use any info from this document on the web or you find a
move/code that I don't have, please email me at: [email protected]

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