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		          *Surf Riders*
	                FAQ/Stadegy Guide
		           Version 1.01
		  By: ac ([email protected])



1. Introduction
2. Characters
3. Controls
  a.  Buttons
  b.  Moves  (Beginner --> Advanced)
  c.  Runs
  d.  Tips and/or Tricks
4. Scoring
5. Locales
6. Secrets
7. Credits



   Version 1.01 - Well, i forgot some stuff.  Added some more 
tricks.  That's it.  

   This is my first FAQ and I had some extra time so i thought i 
might write one.  Let's see how it goes.  This will more than
likely be the one and only version...

   Compete on the world surfing circuit, visiting each...what 
the hell am i doing?  You dont care about the story...

   Surf Riders is the first surfing game to be released on the 
playstation.  It certainly isn't the GREATEST game, chewing your 
thumbs up and spitting them out isn't the only down (thx for the
analog support), but at least it will hopefully give other 
designers some ideas and one day a "Tony Hawk" for surfing, so to
speak, might grace the PSX.  The gameplay itself isnt all too 
bad, just repetitive, and the music is straight outta the 60s,
but if you're an avid surfer, definitely try it out, it's a 
blast....for two days.  Don't forget to keep the receipt.



Name:         Cindy Ross
Description:  The Hot One
Age:	      21
Blood Type:   A
Country:      Australia


Name:         Nancy Cooper
Description:  The Butch One
Age:	      18	
Blood Type:   AB
Country:      California, USA


Name:         Fender Gibson
Description:  The Weird One
Age:          19
Blood Type:   O
Country:      California, USA


Name:         Alan Pietro
Description:  The Artsy, Sensitive One
Age:          23	
Blood Type:   A
Country:      France


Name:         Jack Henderson
Description:  The Stereotype
Age:          20	
Blood Type:   O
Country:      Australia

    *To my knowledge, there is no difference between surfers*



a.  Buttons  .a

 _Left/Right on the D-Pad (->/<-)_
	Moves the Surfer to his/her left/right (respectively)

	Paddles when laying on the board.
	Crouches when riding (useful in Japan).

	Paddles when laying on the board.
	"Pet the Cat" (touch the water) when riding (adds style).

	Stands you up on the board when laying on it.
	Pulls you out of a run (jumps off board).

 _Circle (O)_
	Jump button.
	Hold down to charge for a higher jump.

 _X (X)_
	Lean back (slows you down).

 _Square ([])_
	Tight turn button.
	Push this and the control pad direction to cutback.

 b.  Moves  .b

 _Dropping in_
	The best way to start a run is to stand up on the board 
	when you're high up on the wave, this is called a drop-in.
	All dropping-in is is timing.  The higher up you drop-in,
	the faster you will go at the start.  You must time the 
	paddling correctly:  too short is no big deal, you just 
	start slow, but too long and you'll miss the wave.  A 
	good stradegy to follow is wait until you can see the 
	wave before you start paddling...but eventually you will
	get it down.

	There are two things one must remember when riding:  
	going up the face slows you down and going down the face
	of a wave speeds you up.  A good stradegy is to never 
	move in a straight line for a long time, go back and
	forth, up and down the face.

	The simplest and coolest looking move in the game is the 
	cutback.  This is when you hold down square and push 
	either left or right.  You make a sharp 180 and kick up
	spray.  Be sure to be far enough away from the barrel
	though, because this one slows you down a lot.

	Another easy move is the 360.  A lot like the Cutback, to
	pull one off do exactly the same as a Cutback, press 
	sqaure and either left or right, but instead of letting it
	go, hold the buttons until you have made one complete 
	rotation.  This one slows you dramatically.

	Another, and easier way to pull this off is to gain some 
	speed and push either left-left or right-right and the 
	square button. (BeN)

 _Off the Lip_
	This is just a modified Cutback.  Be sure you're riding
	straight up the wave and hit square and D-Pad down at the
	same time.  This can only be safely performed near or at 
	the point where the wave begins to curl.  Pull it off 
	anywhere else and your lucky.

 _Barrel Riding_
	The barrel of the wave is the open area made by the curl
	of the wave where it breaks.  To ride inside it, you must 
	slow down to first get in it.  Once you're in it, keep
	an eye on both your position and your speed.  The wave 
	sometimes pushes you up/down and also wants to push you
	out.  Be sure to keep your speed below the half-way mark.
	A helpful hint is the farther in the barrell you are the
	faster the timer will go, giving you more points.


	What it is is a backflip.  You do a back flip while riding.
	It doesnt give you any points or anything, it's just funny.
	To do it, while riding press Up-Up and the square button.  
	I think it is just for style, use it in the tube. (BeN)

	To jump off a wave you must use the circle button.  Just
	riding off will pull you out of it.  The object of jumping
	is to get as high and perform as many turns as possible.
	In order to get hight, hold down the circle button longer,
	approach the jump faster, and release the circle button
	as close to the crest of the wave as possible.  Below
	are a list of Moves you can do while airborne:
	_Right Spin_
		While not the coolest name, it certainly describes
		the move.  Approach the jump and have the right
		direction pressed whenever you release the circle
		button.  Hold down the right button to spin fast.
		In order to land any jump, you must be pretty much
		straight down.
	_Left Spin_
		Exactly the same as the right spin, but for every
		"right" replace it with "left".

		With this move, instead of spinning vertically,
		you spin horizontally.  To perform, Approach the
		jump and have the up direction pressed when you 
		release the circle button.  Once you're in the air
		you must use the left/right buttons to spin.  To 
		land this one the nose of the board has to be
		pointed down the face of the wave.


		I dont want to explain it.  Approach the jump with
		and have the down direction pressed when you 	
		release the circle button.  You must use the 
		left/right directions to spin.  Landing this trick 
		hit or miss, just keep spinning and hope for the 

      *If you know of any others, e-mail me and i'll update*

c.  Runs  .c

   A run is the time between when you stand up on a wave and the 
time you wipe out and/or pull out.  The whole run is what the 
computer judges you on.  The following is the tightest run i've 
figured out.  Almost always gets me a 9.9

   Drop-in high on the wave and once your up, press and hold the
circle button.  Gain some speed and some distance from the curl.
When you've held it for about four seconds, go to the bottom of 
the wave and turn back to the top and release the cicrle button
and do two complete right spins.  Land and you'll be near the curl.
Slow up and ride the barrell for roughly 400 units (time...i guess)
Come out of the barrell and immediately do an Off the Lip.  Then
gain some speed, do some cutbacks and pull out.

d.  Tips and/or Tricks  .d

   -=Don't wait until you wipe out to finish a run, pulling out
	will help your score=-

   -=The special aerials really don't give you that many more 
	points and they're harder...stick with the spins=-

   -=Always "Pet the Cat" (L1) when riding in the barrell.  It
	helps out the style and will raise your score=-

   -=The further in the barrell the faster the timer goes, and 
	you'll get more points=-

   -=Have lots o' speed when you do cutbacks, the higher the spray
	the higher the points=-

   -=If you wanna stop spinning, just push the opposite direction
	on the d-pad=-

   -=Don't worry...I think that a 10.0 is impossible to recieve=-

                 *Know anything else?  E-mail me*



   The runs are scored on:

	The time spent riding the wave.
	The height and # of spins in a jump.
	The height of spray.
	The length of time spent in the barrell.

   So, do all these to their maximum.



 _Manly Beach, Australia_

	Board:   Natural Arts
	Height:  2

   The wave here gives a little more room than Japan but there is 
still little room for mistakes.  Not very fast.

 _Grand Plage Lacanau, France_

	Board:   Local Motion
	Height:  4

   This giant wave's face is easily manuverable, but the curl 
catches you quickly, dont slow too much.

 _Huntington Beach, California, USA_

	Board:   Natural Arts
	Height:  3

   The average wave of the game, stay fast and dont stop moving.

 _Tonami Beach, Japan_

	Board:   Town & Country Surf Design
	Height:  1

   This wave is small (relatively) and has no room for an oops.  
Stay below the crest and be careful. 
       *The only way to ride the pipe here is to duck (R1)*

 _Pipeline, Hawaii, USA_

	Board:   Local Motion
	Height:  5

   The biggest in the game.  Huge.  Extremely fast and extremely
large.  Jumps are hard on this one because of the huge face.  

	       *Anything i need to add?  E-Mail me*



   None, I don't think...



Writer, Player, Surfer:  ac
Contributer:  Benjamin, NJ

A special thx to NoFX and MillenColin for giving me music to 
listen to while i wrote this...

                             LaTeR KiDs

              .This Document Copyright 2000 Adam Cheslock.

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