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Tales of Phantasia Walkthrough & Manual
Playstation X Version
By: Alex M. Lazara ([email protected])
And Mike Gregerson([email protected])

For more information, visit:
Tales of Phantasia Information Center

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ROM Requests
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The next edition of the walkthrough

Special thanks go to:
Masako Mori (Mako-Chan)
	for translation of menus, spells and 
	other goodies!
Darklore for all his help.
Boris for his random information

v0.98 - finished up to the end of the game.
      - more info all around

I intend to play through the game again and include some more important plot 
information, so you can get a feel for the story.  Anyone willing to help with 
this, or compile item lists and ratings, or to translate this document to an 
HTML version complete with screen shots, please e-mail [email protected]

0.      Forward
1.      The Manual
1.1     Starting Up
1.1.1   New Game
1.1.2   Continue
1.1.3   Custom
1.1.4   Sound Mode
1.2     The Environment
1.2.1   The Shop System
1.3.1   The Main Menu
1.3.1   The Skills Menu Cless Alvein (Fighter) Chester Barklight (Archer) Mint Adnade (Healer) Klarth F. Lester (Summoner) Arche Klaine (Magic User) Suzu Fujibayashi
1.3.2   The Equip Menu
1.3.3   The Item Menu
1.3.4   The Disposition Menu
1.3.5   The Formation Menu
1.3.6   The Job Menu
1.3.7   The Food Menu
1.3.8   The Status Menu
1.3.9   The Custom Menu
1.3.10  Save
1.4     The Battle System 
2.      The Walkthrough
2.1     Humble Beginnings
2.1.1   The Instructions
2.1.2   Totus
2.1.3   The Forest South of Totus 
2.1.4   Fire!
2.1.5   The Cliffs
2.1.6   Euclid
2.1.7   Jailed
2.1.8   Forest Scene
2.1.9   The House
2.1.10  The Shrine
2.2     Where are We?
2.2.1   Euclid and Klarth
2.2.2   Sylph's Mountain
2.2.3   Totus Forest Again
2.2.4   The Mysterious Woman
2.2.5   Venetia
2.2.6   Demitel's Castle and Arche
2.2.7   Spells for Arche
2.2.8   Venetia Revisited
2.2.9   Alvanista
2.3     The Four Elementals
2.3.1   Nome, the Earth Elemental 
2.3.2   Ifrit, the Fire Elemental
2.3.3   Undine, the Water Elemental
2.4     The Morlia Gallery
2.5.1   Alvanista Again
2.5.2   The Olive Village and the Wild Goose Chase
2.5.3   Alvanista Yet Again
2.6     The Ymir Forest - No Arche?
2.6.1   The Treant's Forest
2.7     The Tower of Twelve Stars
2.8     The Battle with Dhaos' Armies
2.8.1   Dhaos' Castle
2.8.2   Returning to Alvanista
2.9     Venetia's Inn
2.9.1   The Totus Tree
2.9.2   The Unircorn's Forest
2.9.3   The Healing of the Totus Tree
2.10    The Abyss of Thor
2.11    Return to the Present
3.1     Fifty Years in the Future
3.2     Venetia and the AirBirds
3.2.1   The Morrison Household
3.2.2   Volt's Cavern
3.2.3   The Heroes Take to the Sky
3.3     Alvanista
3.4.1   The Elven Village
3.4.2   The Ninja Village
3.4.3   The Euclid Coliseum
3.4.4   Suzu
3.5.1   The Burning Tower
3.5.2   The Frozen Cavern
3.5.3   Origin and the Eternal Sword
3.6     Dhaos' Castle
3.7.1   Graham's Treasure Hunt
3.7.2   Cless' Father
3.7.3   The Morlia Gallery Revisited
3.7.4   The Euclid Coliseum
3.7.5 Shadow
3.7.6   One More Morlia
3.7.7   Suzu's Test
3.7.8   The Treant Extension
4. Dhaos' Castle
	SECTION    I. The Entrance
      SECTION   II. The Solid Wall?
      SECTION  III. The Dedis Emblems
      SECTION   IV. The Door Switch
      SECTION    V. The Foot Switches
      SECTION   VI. More Holographic Walls
      SECTION  VII. Just Keep Going!
      SECTION   IX. Dhaos
Namco released Tales of Phantasia in December of 1995 to Japanese gamers.  The 
game featured many effects thought impossible to accomplish on the Super 
Famicom, such as a pop song with full voice during the opening.  It also 
featured an innovative battle system.  The game was extremely popular and well 
received by critics.  However, it was never translated and released in North 
America.  In December of 1998, Namco re-released the game for Sony's Playstation 
game console, with full motion video sections, upgraded graphics and effects, 
and many new secrets, even a new party member.  This manual and walkthrough is 
intended for use only with the Super Famicom version of the game, as certain 
things, beginning as early as Nome's Cavern are different.  We are hoping to 
import the Playstation version of the game and release a walkthrough for use 
with it.  Please be patient.  For more information on the Playstation version of 
Tales of Phantasia, visit the Tales of Phantasia Information Center at:

All controls listed here are set to Tales of Phantasia's default controls,
thought they can be altered (see CUSTOM MENU)

 ---L2---                ---R2---
 ---L1---                ---R1---

    ^                       Tri
 <-   ->                 Sq     O
    |       /       /
    v      select start      X

To Begin, there are five options: 
New Game, Continue, Custom and Options.

1.1.1 NEW GAME
	Duh.  Start a new game.  Brings you to a Name Select screen for Cless.  
Move the cursor onto a letter then press the A button, then type in a name using 
the cursor and A button.  When you are done, press B.  Move back up to the two 
Menu options, the first of which is "Accept" the other is "Random" (I think this
actually types in the names of some of the designers, but I'm not sure).  After 
you hit A over the "Accept" option, there will be a confirmation Yes/No, just 
hit A again to continue.

	Here you can load previously saved games (see section 1.11).  Just move 
the cursor onto each slot, and it will display how much time that game has 
logged on it, and the available characters and their ratings.  Each Save uses one 
memory block.  
	First choose memory card 1 or memory card 2, then select the game you want 
to restore and press the O button.  A Yes/No dialogue pops up.

1.1.3 CUSTOM
Message Speed  - 1-5, 1 being fastest
Window Colors  - (press right to edit, X to accept)
	Main window         (R-G-B)
	Enemy attacks       (R-G-B)
	Game Message Window (R-G-B)
Dual Shock     - ON   OFF
Sound          - Mono Stereo
Sound Volume
	Background Music (0-127, 0 being softest)
	Sound Effects    (0-127, 0 being softest)
	Voice            (0-127, 0 being softest)
Event Voice    - ON   OFF
Battle Voice   - ON   OFF
Icon Set       - Body Face
Transparencies - Covered Visible
Difficulty     - Normal Hard
Battle Controls (press right to edit)
	O   - Attack
	X   - Skills
	Sq  - Defend
	Tri - Menu
	L1  - Party Move/Reverse
	R1  - Target
	L2  - Special Skill Shortcut 1
	R2  - Special Skill Shortcut 2
Encounters     - ON   OFF
Targeting      - ON   OFF

It's a CD player, and it's all in English.  I'm not getting into it.  Press X to 
exit it.

Quick Reference:
D-Pad  - Walk
O      - Talk/Search/Open/Use/Activate Aviators
X      - Run (inactive in overworld)
Sq     - Use the Sorsala Ring
Tri    - Status Menu
L1     - Rotate world view clockwise
R1     - Rotate world view counterclockwise
L2     - inactive
R2     - inactive
Select - Inter-party discussion (It's hilarious)
Start  - Show/Hide Map & Compass (Over world only)

The over world/dungeon system is very similar to that of Final Fantasy VII. 

You can buy and sell all different types of items in one single transaction, 
just select the items you want, set the number of each you would like to buy,
and then press A to do the transaction!  
	|           [SHOP NAME]              |              |
	|____________________________________|              |
	|       Buy   Sell    Cancel         |              |
	|____________________________________|              |
	|^|                                  |              |
	||V  - Select Item                   | (Characters) |
	|<-  - Less                          |              |
	|->  - More                          |              |
	|O   - Buy/Sell (followed by Yes/No) |              |
	|Sq  - See Details on item           |              |
	|Item Name . . . .Cost x # - # owned |              |
	|  Gald     -------         Cost/Gain     -------   |
	|    [Item Description/Details]                     |

Symbols on the Characters:

Standing characters can equip the item highlighted in the shop window, crouching 
ones can not.

	<-E->      = this item has an equal rating with your current equipped item
	Up Arrow   = this item has a higher rating than your current equipped item
	Down Arrow = this item has a lower rating than your current equipped item

	|Skills      | [Icon] Name     HP      ----  |
	|Equip       |        Level -  TP      ----  |
	|Item        |                 Lvl up ------ |
	|Disposition |_______________________________|
	|Formation   | [Characters 2's Info]         |
	|Job         |_______________________________|
	|Food        | [Characters 3's Info]         |
	|Status      |_______________________________|
	|Custom      | [Characters 4's Info]         |
	|Save        |                               |
	|            |_______________________________|
      |            | Gald        ------ Time --:-- |
	|            | Battles Won ------            |

The main menu is accessed by pressing the Tri button in a dungeon or on the 
overworld.  This allows you to check on your characters, and make decisions on 
how they will react to battle, and decide what they have available to them.

The skills menu is what sets the characters in Tales of Phantasia apart from one 
another.  It displays a list of spells or skills that a character has learned, 
along with an icon next to it, either a green circle, or an orange B.  The 
circle denotes a skill than can be used outside of battle (like healing 
spells), while the orange B skills can only be used in combat.  Because the 
computer can control the other characters in battle, you can define to them 
which spells and skills will be used by pressing the Sq button.  The computer 
will not use any skill in gray letters in combat.  (e.g. This prevents 
characters from casting fire spells on fire elemental monsters, which would heal 
them)  The next six sections will go more into detail on each characters 
individual skills and abilities. CLESS ALVEIN (FIGHTER)
Weapon: Sword, Spear, Polearm, Axe
	Cless may have four techniques equipped at any given time.  The top
attack is execute by pressing the X button, the other attacks are executed by 
holding Up and pressing the X button, holding down and pressing the X button, or 
left/right and pressing the X button.  These are the attacks I currently have - 
keep in mind that they are NOT arranged in the order I acquired them, they are 
arranged in the order that the MENU places them in, so the ones you have may be 
different.  Cless usually learns new techniques after gaining levels.  Later in 
the game, more techniques must be bought or taught to you by others.  

If you know what level Cless learns the combos on, or how they are learned, 
please e-mail me at [email protected]

The Combo attacks require you to have 100% on certain other techniques, and 
those are built up by (SURPRISE!) using them.  Keep in mind that it always the 
ones that the combo consists of that you need to build up.  Until the required 
attacks are built up, the combos will appear dark green and will not be able to 
selected.  After the associated techniques have been mastered, they will show up 
in light green.  The best way to build up the attacks is to sit outside a town, 
and use only the attacks, then visiting the inn after you've run out of TP.  
This is also a great way to build up levels. 

	Name           (TP)

	Ground Energy  ( 2) Double Kick   ( 4) Lightning      ( 8)
	Piercer        (12) Tiger's Teeth ( 7) Concentration  ( 6)
	Pheonix        ( 8) Light Barrier (20) Power Slice    (12)
	Recover        (10) Lionheart     (12) Intensity      (16)
	Flame Wall     (10) Flame Throw   (10) Energy Wave    (28)
	Teleport       (30) Energy Sword  (35) 
	Energy Jump    (10) Machine Sword (15) Energy Smash   (18)
	Earth's Rage   (16) Flying Lion   (18) Lion Teeth     (20)
	Lion Claws     (28) Fire Lion     (20) Bolt Jump      (15)
	Bolt Swing     (18) Bolt Smash    (22) Bolt Flame     (19)
	Up From Ashes  (14) Cinder Slice  (17) Cinder Smash   (21)
	CinderHawk     (18) Energy Strike (50) Energy Flash   (40) 

	Ground Energy Learned at Level:   2   - 
	Double Kick   Learned at Level:       - 
	Lightning     Learned at Level:       - Electrical Damage
	Piercer       Learned at Level:  12   - This is a stab attack
	Tiger's Teeth Learned at Level:  15   - This is a slice attack
	Concentration Learned at Level:     * - Ups attack
	Pheonix       Learned at Level:  23   - Fire Damage
	Light Barrier Learned at Level:  41 * - Ups Defense, keeps enemies away
	Power Slice   Learned at Level:  31 * - This is a slice attack
	Recover       Learned at Level:     * - Recovers Cless' Hit Points
	Intensity     Learned at Level:     * - Ups attack more
	Flame Wall    Learned at Level:       - Fire Damage, this is a stab attack
	Flame Throw   Learned at Level:  50 * - Fire Damage
	Energy Wave   Learned from Flamebelk in the Burning Tower (Future)
	Teleport      Learned from Origin in the Treant's Forest (Future)
	Energy Sword  Learned from Fangbeast in the Frozen Cavern (Future)
   Energy Jump   requires: (Ground Energy/Double Kick) 
				   Learned at Level ??
   Machine Sword requires: (Ground Energy/Tiger's Teeth) 
				   Learned from the old man in Miguel village on the 
				   west end of town, the book is in his dresser.
   Energy Smash  requires: (Flurry Hit/Ground Energy) 
				   Bought from soldier in Alvanista Guild For 6,000 Gald
   Earth's Rage  requires: (Flame Wall/Ground Thunder) -Fire Damage
				   Given to you by a man in a house just northeast of 
				   the Morlia Gallery entrance
   Flying Lion   requires: (Double Kick/Lionheart) 
				   Learned from a teacher at the coast directly east 
				   from Ymir forest in the future.
   Lion Teeth    requires: (Tiger's Teeth/Lionheart)
				   Given to you after first Coliseum championship
   Lion Claws    requires: (Flurry Hit/Lionheart)
				   Found in chest in Morlia Gallery B22, after Wyvern 
   Fire Lion     requires: (Flame Wall/Lionheart) -Fire Damage
				   Bought from a man in Freezekill's Inn For 33,000 Gald
   Bolt Jump     requires: (Flurry Hit/Ground Energy) -Electrical Damage 
				   Learned from a teacher in Mid Galds between two 
				   buildings south of the Accessory Shop For 18,000 Gald 
   Bolt Swing    requires: (Lightning/Tiger's Teeth) -Electrical Damage 
				   Given to you by Lanzo in the Ninja Village after you 
				   defeat Suzu's parents in Euclid.
   Bolt Smash    requires: (Lightning/Flurry Hit) -Electrical Damage 
				   Bought from man in Venetia in Armory for 3,000 Gald
   Bolt Flame    requires: (Flame Wall Stab/Lightning) -Electrical Damage 
				   Learned from teacher in the snowfield of the past for 				   50,000 Gald.  From the start of the Snowfield (Mid 
				   Galds side) go: up, up, right, right, down, up (you U 
				   around), right, up.  
   Up From Ashes requires: (Double Kick/Pheonix) -Fire Damage 
				   Buy from the Kendo Master in Miguel for 20,000 Gald
   Cinder Slice  requires: (Pheonix/Tiger's Teeth) -Fire Damage 
				   Bought from man in southern most oasis south of the 
				   Olive Village for 40,000 Gald.
   Cinder Smash  requires: (Pheonix/Flurry Hit) -Fire Damage 
				   Given by men in tent southeast of Miguel in future
   CinderHawk    requires: (Pheonix/Flame Wall) -Fire Damage 
				   Bought from a man in Ali's restaurant for 50,000 Gald
   Energy Strike requires: (Energy Sword/Energy Wave)
				   Given to you by Origin
   Energy Flash  requires: (Teleport/Energy Wave)
				   Given to you by Origin CHESTER BARKLIGHT (ARCHER)
Weapon: Bows, Fists
Chester had no skills in Tales of Phantasia for the Super Famicom, but he 
has been given arrow techniques and spells in the Playstation version, greatly 
increasing his power.  He levels up faster than most of the other characters, so 
just take him to the Treant's Forest and Morlia Gallery, he'll be up to level 
99 in no time!  I ended up using him more in the second world than Klarth, and 
it's nice to have him powerful for those battles where you don't have Arche.  

	Name          (TP)

	Fire Arrow     ( 5) Ice Arrow     ( 4) Bolt Arrow     (10)
	Rock Arrow     (11) Arrow Rain    (11) Magic Arrows   (12)
	Flurry Arrows  (14) Impale        (20) Dragon Killer  (45) 

	Fire Arrow    Learned at Level:   3 - Single Fire Elemental Attack 
	Ice Arrow     Learned at Level:     - Single Water Elemental Attack 
	Bolt Arrow    Learned at Level:  16 - Ranged Electrical Attack 
	Rock Arrow    Learned at Level:  22 - Ranged Earth Elemental Attack 
	Arrow Rain    Learned at Level:  28 - Ranged Physical Attack 
	Magic Arrows  Learned at Level:  34 - Ranged Air Elemental Attack
	Flurry Arrows Learned at Level:  41 - Single Physical Attack 
	Impale        Learned at Level:  46 - Single Physical Attack
	Light Arrow   Learned at Level:  52 - Single Energy Attack MINT ADNADE (HEALER)
Weapon: Rods

Mint is the only character who learns her magic by gaining levels.  Her skills 
are mainly healing spells, but she can also be used to enhance combat in your 

	Name          (TP)

	First Aid      ( 5) Hammer        ( 4) Charge         (10)
	Deep Mist      ( 3) Heal          (10) Acid Rain      (12)
	Antidote       ( 8) Silence       ( 6) Nurse          (20)
	Sharpness      (12) Recover       (18) Dispel         (14)
	Cure           (22) UltraHammer   (20) Barrier        (15)
	Raise Dead     (26) Resurrection  (32) Time Stop      (50) 

	First Aid     Learned at Level:  3 - first cure spell, 300-500 HP
	Hammer        Learned at Level:  5 - stuns an enemy
	Charge        Learned at Level:  8 - lowers attack of enemies
	Deep Mist     Learned at Level: 11 - slows all enemies down
	Heal          Learned at Level: 14 - second cure spell, 500-1000 HP
	Acid Rain     Learned at Level: 12 - slows the enemies down
	Antidote      Learned at Level:    - removes poison
	Silence       Learned at Level: 23 - prevents enemies from casting spells
	Nurse         Learned at Level: 26 - third cure spell, heals everyone
	Sharpness     Learned at Level: 29 - increases attack power
	Recover       Learned at Level: 32 - removes conditions (stone, etc.)
	Dispel        Learned at Level: 35 - cancelled enemy spells. 
	Cure          Learned at Level: 38 - fourth cure spell, cures 3000-5000HP
	UltraHammer   Learned at Level: 41 - massive enemy stun
	Barrier       Learned at Level: 44 - ups an ally's defense
	Raise Dead    Learned at Level: 47 - brings and ally back to life
	Resurrection  Learned at Level: 50 - final massive cure spell, 3000-5000HP
	Time Stop     Learned at Level: 53 - freezes enemies, attack away! KLARTH F. LESTER (SUMMONER)
Weapon: Books
	Klarth is cool when you first get Sylph, but quickly become outdated when 
Arche joins the party.  He's pretty useless between when Arche joins and the 
point where he gets the newer elemental call spells.  Here are his spells, which 
are acquired by making a 'Contract' with the associated entity.  He binds each 
entity into a ring, and writes the proper incantation into his book.  Many of 
the creatures test you in battle before they grant you a contract.  
	Name          (TP)

	Sylph          ( 8) Undine        (12) Nome           (16)
	Ifrit          (20) Maxwell       (20) Luna           (24)
	Shadow         (30) Asga          (30) Volt           (26)
	Origin         (36) Gremlin Lair  (42) Pluto          (60)

	Sylph         Located: Sylph's Mountain - Opal Ring
	                       Single Air elemental attack
	Undine        Located: Undine's Cavern - Aquamarine Ring
	                       Massive Water elemental attack
	Nome          Located: Nome's Cavern    - Ruby Ring
	                       Massive Earth elemental attack
	Ifrit         Located: Ifrit's Cavern   - Garnet Ring
	                       Single/Massive Fire elemental attack
	Maxwell       Located: Morlia Gallery - Turquoise Ring
	                       Single/Massive Physical attack
	Luna          Located: Tower of Twelve Stars - Moonstone Ring
	                       Massive Energy attack
	Shadow        Located: Dark cavern southeast of Ary - Amethyst Ring
				     Massive Darkness Attack
	Asga          Located: Hydropolis Mother Computer- Topaz Ring
				     Massive Light attack
	Volt          Located: Volt's Cavern - Sardonix Ring
	                       Massive Electrical attack 
	Origin        Located: Treant's Forest Stone - Diamond Ring
				     Massive Energy Attack
	Gremlin Lair  Located: Morlia Gallery Floor B16 - Sapphire Ring
				     Massive Physical Attack
	Pluto         Located: Morlia Gallery Floor B22 - Emerald Ring
				     Massive Dark Matter Attack ARCHE KLAINE (MAGIC USER)
Weapon: Brooms
	Arche is a badass.  I love her.  See the walkthrough if you do not know 
how to acquire all these spells.  Here are her spells.  They are acquired by 
buying them from teachers, or finding them in chests.

	Name           (TP)

	Fireball       ( 3) Ice Needle    ( 4) Storm Breath   ( 4)
	Lightning      ( 5) Storm         ( 8) Grave          (10)
	Ice Tornado    (10) Eruption      (10) Tractor Beam   (12)
	Thunderblade   (16) Cyclone       (17) Ray            (18)
	Fire Storm     (20) Rock Mountain (20) Tempest        (24)
 	Maelstrom      (22) Earthquake    (27) God Breath     (32)
	Explode        (32) Indignation   (30) Tidal Wave     (34)
	Black Hole     (42) Meteor Storm  (50) Big Bang       (75) 

	Fireball      (given)
	                       Single Fire elemental attack
	Ice Needle    (given)
	                       Single Ice attack
	Storm Breath  Located: Euclid's Library Bookshelf (Past)
	                       Single Earth elemental attack
	Lightning     Located: Venetia NW House (past) 1,000 Gald
	                       Single Lightning attack
	Storm         Located: Venetia NW House (past) 200 Gald
	                       Massive Air/Earth elemental attack
	Grave         Located: Nome's Cavern(Past)
	                       Ranged Earth elemental attack  
	Ice Tornado   Located: Euclid Library Bookshelf (Past)	                       	                       Ranged Ice attack
	Eruption      Located: Ifrit's Cavern (Past)
	                       Ranged Fire elemental attack
	Tractor Beam  Located: Runeglom's Research Center, Alvanista (Past)
	                       Ranged Physical Attack
	Thunderblade  Located: Runeglom's Research Center, Alvanista (Past)
	                       Massive Electrical Attack 
	Cyclone       Located: Pomporo Village (Past)
	                       Ranged Air Elemental Attack 
	Ray           Located: Tower of Twelve Stars (Past)
	                       Massive Energy Attack 
	Fire Storm    Located: Dhaos' Castle (Past)
	                       Massive Air and Fire Elemental Attack 
	Rock Mountain Located: Dhaos' Castle (Past)
	                       Ranged Earth Elemental Attack 
	Tempest       Located: Demitel's Castle (Future)
				     Massive Air Elemental Attack
	Maelstrom     Located: Undine's Cavern (Future)
				     Massive Water Elemental Attack 
	Earthquake    Located: Forest East of Ninja Village
	                       Massive Earth Elemental Attack 
	God Breath    Located: Abyss of Thor (Past)	                       					     Massive Air Elemental Attack 
	Explode       Located: Burning Tower (Future)
				     Massive+ Fire Elemental Attack 
	Indignation   Located: Given by Lyzen after Mid Galds Battle (Past)
	                       Massive+ Lightning Attack 
	Tidal Wave    Located: Frozen Cavern in the Maze section (Future)
				     Massive+ Water Elemental Attack
	Black Hole    Located: Morlia Gallery Floor B18 (Future)
				     Massive Energy Attack
	Meteor Storm  Located: Dhaos' Castle (Future)
				     Massive+ Physical Attack
	Big Bang      Located: Morlia Gallery Floor B22, after Wyvern
				     Massive++ Energy Attack SUZU FUJIBAYASHI (NINJA)
Weapon: Knives

	Name           (TP)

	Utsushimi      (10) Shiranui      ( 7) Izuno Otoshi   ( 8)
	Hagakure       (12) Manjusage     (10) Raiden         (12)
	Kamaitachi     (16) Samidare      (30) Jiraiya        (45)

	Utsushimi     (given)
			  -doubles rate of melee attack
	Shiranui      (given)
			  -slices through multiple enemies
	Izuno Otoshi  (given)
			  -drops down from above, slashes while somersaulting
	Hagakure      (given)
	              -uses wind and leaves to whish party out of battle
	Manjusage     Found in chest in Ifrit's Cavern where Ifrit was
			  -several throwing stars of fire in succession
	Raiden        Found in a chest atop the Tower of Twelve Stars (Future)
			  -places weapon in ground and summons lightning
	Kamaitachi    Bought a ninja summit of Sylph's Mountain for 53,000 Gald
			  -slashing version of Cless' Piercer technique
	Samidare      Learned from a teacher in Morlia, Floor B22 for 470,000 Gald
			  -flurry kicks & slashes until enemy is lifted off the screen
	Jiraiya       Learned from a teacher in Shadow's Cavern for 57,000 Gald
		  -flaming frog breath of death!

	| EQUIP      |         Equip Remove Optimum  |
	|Other       | Name [Icon]                   |
	|Items       |     (Name            Rating)  |
	|that can    |    - Weapon           ----    |
	|be equipped |             - Slice   ----    |
	|in this slot|             - Stab    ----    |
	|are shown in|    - Armor             ---    |
	|this window |    - Shield            ---    |
	|Press the Sq|    - Head              ---    |
	|button for  |    - Hands             ---    |
	|details     |    - Accessory no.1           |
	|            |    - Accessory no.1           |
	|        [Item Description/Details]          |

If you put your cursor on the character icon, pressing the D-Pad left or right 
will cycle through your available characters.  For Cless, you can equip him 
optimally three ways:
	Balance (Slice and Stab)
	Slice Only
	Stab Only

The Item system is similar to the Super Famicom versions, and Tales of Denstiny's.  
	| ITEM       |XXXXXXXXXXXX| Rare/Quest Items |
	| Item Slot # /378  Row of Organizing Symbols|
	| Symbols next to items:                     |
	| E - item is equippable (O for display)     |
	| B - Only in Battle can this be used        |
	| O - This item is available for use         |
	| X - This item is unusable at this time     |
	|        [Item Description/Details]          |

The symbols in order from left to right are:
   - Newest Items
   - Items usable in Battle
   - Arrange by Type
   - Usable Items (potions, gels, etc.)
   - Alphabetical Order
   - Weapons
   - Armor
   - Shields
   - Rings
   - Food
   - Curing Items

	Important Items:
	Red Gels (Apple Gummies) cure HP by 30% of max
	Orange Gels (Orange Gummies) cure TP by 30% of max
	Pink Gels (Mixed Gummies) cure both HP and TP by 30% of max
	Yellow Gels (Lemon & Pine Gummies) cure TP or HP  by 60% of max
	Teal Gels (Miracle Gummies) cure HP and TP by 60% of max
	Brown Bulbous Potions cure conditions: Try to ALWAYS have 15 of these
	Blue angular Bottles are life potions
	White Potions (Holy Bottle) repel enemies from you (less encounters)
	Black Potions draw enemies nearer (more encounters)
	Orange Teapots up attack power 30%
	Green Flasks cure poison at a cost of 20% attack power.
	Pink Potions (Rune Bottles) identify items (those white cards, e.g. 
	     ?SWORD and ?BOOK) they can also be used to further the 
	     enchantment on certain items (try it on an emerald ring to get a 
	     fairy ring, which decreases your needed TP for skills by one half!) 
	Food (Chicken, Apples, Cheese, Steak, Sushi, etc.) - 
	     use these (up to 200 points) to gradually heal your HP.  
           Every step you take in a dungeon or on a map will regenerate HP.  
	     This can be VERY useful (I just found out about it on level 34!)
	The Morlia Orb allows you to set your encounter rate to:
	    (It's like a permanent, adjustable holy/black bottle)
	Lavender and Savory look like leaves of some kind.  They come in four 
	   varieties, boosting either Strength, Agility, HP or TP.  Green ones can
 	   be enhanced by a rune bottle to double their effectiveness (red 
	   lavender).  Also, once they are red, using a rune bottle on them will 
	   produce on of the other type, that is Strength will become Agility, HP 
	   will become TP and vice versa.
	Charm Bottles lower the prices you have to pay in shops!  Use only in 

There are also (on the details) for equippable items, seven orbs that may 
appear.  These indicate elemental charges on an item.  Here is the Key:
Red        - Fire
Green      - Air
Blue       - Water
Brown      - Earth
Yellow     - Electricity
Light Grey - Light    (Holy)
Dark Grey  - Darkness (Evil)

	Throw everything at them (use all techs at your disposal)
	Fight with Prudence (use techs only when TP is readily available)
	Encounter with enemy (use techs only when cornered)
	Stay Conventional
	Defend yourself
	Value life (use cure spells as soon as needed)
	Use attack support (cast battle boosting spells like Sharpness)
	Use attack support prudently (use battle boosters when TP is abundant)
	Don't use spells
	Defend yourself
	Throw everything at Them
	Use spells Prudently (only when your TP can generously afford it)
	Call forth Remote enemies (cast spells on the out of reach enemies)
	Don't use spells
	Defend yourself

	Use this menu to set the order in which the party faces the monsters.


	To edit your formation, simply move the cursor into the battle sprite
	field and place them in the order by selecting the party member you 
	want to move and placing him/her in the right order.

	CANCEL     - returns you to the main menu
	UNDO       - will undo the edits you have made to your formation
	CHARACHTER - when you have over four in your Party, you can use this 
	             menu to rotate others in with your other party members.

	I recommend: (from right to left)
	Chester -- Klarth - Arche Mint -- Suzu Cless
	I recommend the spaces on the basis that you don't want attacks headed for 
	Cless to whack Mint, too.

1.3.6 JOB MENU
Jobs and status are given to you by others or earned by gaining levels or 
spells.  What these are used for, I have yet to figure out.

	Apprentice Swordsman (Given)
	Swordsman            (Given to you by Tristan at the Shrine)
	Battle Master        (Level 30)
	Sword Master         (Level 50)
	Fencer		   (Level 60)Legendary Hero (Eternal Sword)
				             Running Fool (beat the Alvanista race)
	Hunter (   Given) Good Brother   (Give Ami-Chan the apple)
	Ranger ( Level 5)	Diligent Woker (Given at cutscene in Venetia)
	Archer (Level 10)
	Sniper (Level 30)
	Shooter(good aim)
	                  Muscle Man (second bath)

	Healer  ( Given)
	Cleric  ( Lvl 7) Big Breasted (Bath Scene)
	Priest  (Lvl 12) Pure Girl (Given by Unicorn) Pure Girl (bath)
	Bishop  (Lvl 20)

	Professor  (Given)
	Tamer      (???)
	Summoner   (???)  Treasure Hunter (Returned Graham's mother's dress)
	                  Pushover (Given)
	                  Star Crossed Lover (Ary Scene)
	Magic User     (Given) Lush       (gotten on boat to Alvanista)
	Witch       (5 spells) Flat-chest (bath)
	Mage       (10 spells) Sex Kitten (gotten on boat to Alvanista)
	Sorcerer   (15 spells)
	Wizard     (20 spells) Bad Cook (undine's Cavern future)
	          (all spells)

	Sparrow   (given)			No heart (parents die)
	Raven     (lvl 20)
	Blackbird (lvl 30)
	Falcon    (lvl 40)
						Idolizer (her parents)

You can learn food from characters and chefs all over the course of the game.  
Food you know how to cook appears in kana lettering.  White kana letters 
indicate food that you have the needed ingredients to prepare.  There is a total 
of 25 recipes.  By combining specific ingredients together, you can prepare 
dishes. Preparing food will restore a character's HP and can cure conditions of 
poisoning or paralysis.

	Name  ------ (Left/Right cycles chars, O renames them)
										[Icon & Portrait]

	Class ------
	Level                           --	
	Hit Points                      ----/----
	Tech Points                     ---/---
	Experience Points               -------
	Experience Needed for Level Up  -------

	Strength                        ---   Weapon         ------
	Constitution                    ---   Armor          ------
	Agility                         ---   Shield         ------
	Luck                            ---   Head           ------
	                                      Hands          ------
	Attack Power (Slice)            ---   Accessory No.1 ------
	Attack Power  (Stab)            ---   Accessory No.2 ------
	Defense Power                   ---
	Accuracy                        ---
	Dodge                           ---

The Custom menu is identical as it appears above.

1.3.10 SAVE
If you're playing an RPG and you don't understand this, you don't deserve to 

Quick Reference:
D-Pad  - Walk/Choose alternate attacks and skills
O      - Attack
X      - Skill
Sq     - Zoom Control (only when menu is open)
Tri    - Battle Menu
L1     - Make other part members stop walking
         Pressing this again will make them line up on the other side of you
R1     - Choose enemy to target
(L1 and R1 can also be used to scroll left or right when the menu is open)
L2     - Quick Skill 1
R2     - Quick Skill 2
Select - Set main character to Semi Automatic (Manual) or Automatic (CPU AI)
Start  - Pause the battle

	Because of the very different nature of the Battle System in Tales of 
Phantasia, I will go into more detail on how it is operated.  In ToP's Linear 
Motion Battle System (LMB), you choose one party member as the only real player 
character, and allow the others to be controlled by the computer or by menu 
options (see section DISPOSITION MENU).  The Playstation version of the LMB, 
entitle P-LMB System, introduces several new elements and effects to the battles.
	If you want to access the other character's options, press the Tri button.  
This will bring up four icons.  The first is spell (the magical staff icon).  
You can select this option by pressing O, then the cursor will move down to the 
character names.  Spell casters who are not busy will appear in White letters.  
Move the cursor to the desired spell user's name and press O.  A menu list of 
available spells will appear.  Select the desired spell and press O, then the 
cursor will move to the frozen battle area.  Move the cursor onto the desired 
target and press O.  To cancel out any of these menus at any time, just hit X.  
	The disposition menu (sword icon) is described in greater detail a little 
later, but to use it in battle, select the sword icon, then the character whose 
disposition you wish to edit by pressing O, and then the disposition you with to 
set them to and press O.  
	The formation menu (the human head icon) allows you to switch the order of 
your party.  Sometimes it helps to place weakened party members in the middle so 
they take less abuse.  Just select the party member you wish to move by pressing 
A and moving him/her in between two others.  
Finally, the Item menu (potion icon) allows you to use certain items in 
combat.  The items with green circles are available, orange Xs indicate those 
items are unusable.  Select the person you wish to have use the item you wish 
activate use by pressing O, and then move the cursor onto the item you wish to 
use and press O, then select who/what you wish to use it on and press O again.  
Any time the menu is open, and the four control icons are visible, you can zoom 
in or out of the battle by holding down the Sq button and pressing up or down.
	The L1 button will freeze and unfreeze your party's walking options.  To 
bind quick skills, open the menu and go to the magic icon, cast a spell just as 
you normally would, but substitute the L2 or R2 button for every O button press.  
Then just hit the [email protected] or R2 button at any time, and your computer character will 
verbally acknowledge the command.  
	Pressing L1 once will stop the computer-controlled characters from following 
you.  Pressing it again will have them reverse their order, using your player 
character as an axis of rotation.
	Once you reach the end of the screen, continuing to walk in that direction 
will begin a timer from 10 to 0.  You run away once that timer reaches 0.  Keep 
in mind that if your main player character is damaged, the timer be set back 
a certain amount.  Kill those wizards!
	Also, when fighting, using the D-Pad in combination with your skills and 
attacks will produce different attacks.  Holding up will make a character aim 
up with his bow, or jump up with his sword.  Holding down will make a character 
punch or stab instead of slice.  The D-Pad is also used to determine which of 
Cless' skills he will execute (See section CLESS ALVEIN).  

	This walkthrough goes into pretty heavy detail at some points, so to avoid 
spoiling the entire game for yourself, try not to read ahead.

The introduction shows four characters: an Archer, a Fighter, a Wizard, and a 
Healer fighting a large man.  The turbaned wizard says something about the Gods 
being angry with the large man, then casts the Indignation spell on him.  The 
large man escapes into a ball of light, and then suddenly reappears.  The 
pendants he had previously left behind and picked up by the wizard and he uses 
them to bind the large man into the sarcophagus, sealing him there.
You, the hero (default name is Cless) are in your father's kendo school. You and
Chester are going on a hunting trip in the forest.  Your father tells you that 
he would like to speak with you about your pendant, and you agree to over 
dinner, then your mother tells you she is worried and has been having bad 
premonitions about you.  Chester says good bye to Ami, his five year old sister.  
Once you have both Chester and Cless in the party, visit Chester's house and go 
upstairs to talk to Ami.  She will tell Chester that she's kind of hungry and 
would like something to eat.  Then she will give Chester a ring and her Doll (in 
the rare items menu), which looks suspiciously like Cless.  Visit the item shop 
at the south end of town, and talk to the old man there, who will give you a 
free apple.  Then return to Ami to give her the apple, and receive your first 
Status/Job, "Good Brother" for Chester!  After all the talking is over, go south 
and exit the village. Tristan, the village elder will leave telling you that 
he's going to visit a friend.  Exit the town and head south into the forest.

You enter to see a wild boar, which you have to chase through the forest to 
kill. The enemies are not hard in here, just attack them normally. Follow the 
boar until you can head to a point which goes north. Go north to collect an 
Antidote. Then continue on going south and east until you go north again to come 
upon a dead tree. Chester leaves the party for a moment, and you see an 
interesting cut scene where the spirit of the tree, Martel, tells Cless to learn 
to respect all living things. After this, Chester returns and you fight the 
first boss of the game, the Wild Boar. Just keep attacking him, you should have 
no problem. After the battle, you here the Totus alarm bell ringing.

2.1.4 FIRE!
Hurry back to the town to discover that it is burned to a crisp. All the people 
are dead.  Hurry to your house and discover everyone in there is dead too. In 
Chester's house he is mourning the loss of his sister. Go into the upstairs of  
your house for a sword.  Chester decides to stay in the village to bury the
dead, while Cless is eager to seek revenge and reason for his parents' murders.   
Then exit the town and head north.  

I recommend you're being on about Lvl. 5 for this, as the birds can rip to 
shreds, otherwise.  Also, if you have some spare cash, buy some Red Gels from 
the lady at the shop. Then head north through the path.  It shouldn't take long.

2.1.6 EUCLID
There isn't much to do here.  You can buy some items from the man at the shop on 
the street, I recommend the shield. After you are done, head to the house at the 
top left hand corner of the city. A man welcomes you, and lets you rest. The man 
will turn you over to a bunch of soldiers, and taken to a prison where your 
pendant gets stolen from you from a dark clothed man who tells you his name is Malice.

2.1.7 JAILED
You are thrown into a jail cell, and are stuck. Inspect the crack in the wall. 
Eventually, someone talks to you and gives you a magic earring to allow to break 
through the wall. Walk through and talk to the body who tells you she has a 
small sword and begs you to use it to protect her daughter who also was 
captured, and promptly dies. Go open the cell to the east, to meet your third 
character, Mint.  She asks you to help her find her mother who was captured, but 
Cless tells her that there were no other people in the jail, as he can't bear to 
tell Mint that her mother is truly dead.  
She joins your party and you must escape the prison.  Grab the axe from the 
northeast corner of the jail and use it to break the grate (your sword isn't
strong enough for this)  The grate is in the southeastern corner of the jail.  
The next part is pretty straightforward, no tricks. Just make sure to get the 
new sword and shield for Cless. Once you have collected them, head to the second 
save point. Hopefully you got some levels, because you will at least need to be 
Lvl. 8 to beat this upcoming boss. Attack the slime's first, as they do the most 
damage. Then head to the flying demon, who isn't very hard. Keep healing Cless 
with Mint and just attack. After the battle, head out going east.

When you exit, you head into a forest where Mint gets attacked by a slime.  
Cless defends her, and in knocked unconscious by the slime's poison.  Mint hears 
someone coming, and carries Cless, armor and all off the screen.

You then wake up in a bed inside a house where Mint is there with another man 
(If you don't recognize him, he's the turbaned wizard from the introduction).  
Tornix D. Morrison explains to you that Malice was the one seeking your pendant 
to free Dhaos (pronounced Dah'-ose), the evil king who waged war on the world 
twenty years ago, but was sealed by four warriors, including Tornix.  Cless 
tells Tornix that we wants to go after Malice for slaying his parents, but 
Tornix tells Cless that he doesn't know what he's up against, and asks him to 
stay at his house until he returned.  Cless promises to stay.  After you talk to 
them, go outside and you will see an arrow being shot into the tree in front of 
you. Your friend, Chester has come to help you.  After much debate, Cless, 
Chester and Mint agree to go after Tornix to help him fight Malice.
When you try to leave, the old man that left the town that got burned shows up 
and talks to you.  Make sure to buy some healing products. Do not buy armor or 
weapons except the staff for Mint, and a bow for Chester. You will be able to 
get better ones where you are headed.
Next, go east to a cave in the mountains. Nothing much in the cave, but go 
north for an Rune Bottle. Then go right to find Tristan again.  This time 
he sends you into the underground shrine.

Once you enter, go through all the small doors, there will be a several 
sarcophaguses  which you can search and fight mummies for a Treasure. If you 
didn't buy equipment in the house, its best to get all of these, because you can 
get the two expensive armors and a sword for Cless. The large door is locked for 
now.  Once you are done with that, go left and down the stairs. Basically, the 
route you want to take is a southeastern one, but there is some decent treasure 
in the area, if you're willing to fight the battles to get it. Eventually you'll 
find a statue of a golem.  Search it and you will be attacked.  This battle 
isn't hard, keep attacking it, keeping him at back with Chester's arrows. Once 
he is beaten, you can pull the statue where you please.  Place it over the 
switch and head through the door.  Inside there is another enemy who you must 
fight in order to obtain the Ruby Pendant, which is the key to the large doors 
you couldn't open before (this item appears in the "Rare Items" display). Run 
back through the dungeon to those doors and pass through them.  
	After you have passed through the doors, move onto the big Magical Symbol, 
which is a teleportation device.  You will be taken to a large room filled with 
lava and  moving panels.  Go onto the north panel (the southern exit and 
left-hand panel is only for treasure), and flick the switch (you can also take 
the northern panel off of this platform for some treasure). Come back, and go 
onto the right-hand. You will drop the ruby pendant that unlocks the doors.  
Needless to say you need to get it back.   Hit the blue magical symbol thing up 
at the top, which will cause you to levitate temporarily.  Go back across the 
panel and go down the stairs.  You will see the ruby, get it and keep going to 
get a chest. You may lose your flying ability and land onto the floor which will 
drain your HP at a constant rate, so hurry and get back out. Then go to the 
right panel again, and go through the north door. While walking across to the 
north door, you will be attacked again by two golems.  Use the same strategy as 
before, but remember you are surrounded now.  You should be on about Lv.10 about 
now so these fights area piece of cake right?  Don't be afraid to use up all 
your TP in this battle, it's the last one for a while.  Go through the door 
after beating the monsters, and you will see a great scene.  
	Malice explains to you and Tornix, who is upset with you for following him 
that many years ago, his ancestor King Dhaos was sealed in this sarcophagus, and 
he has come to claim his birthright.  Malice is going to use the pendants that 
he collected from the warriors that sealed Dhaos in the first place, including 
Tornix (the Fighter) Cless' father, Miguel Alvein (the Fighter), his mother, 
Maria Alvein (the Archer)and Mint's mother, Mary Adnade (the Healer).  
Before Tornix can stop Malice, He places the pendants on the sarcophagus and I 
bursts open, releasing Dhaos into the world again.  Dhaos promptly disposes of 
the soldiers and Malice, who was only a regular person who was enticed by the 
shrine and controlled telepathically controlled by Dhaos' spirit.  Then, as 
Dhaos prepares to do all the others in, Chester bumps into Dhaos, canceling his 
attack, and allowing Tornix enough time to whisk Mint and Cless away in a 
similar fashion that Dhaos vanished in the introduction. 

After that large scene, you end on a cliff together.  Head out of this screen to 
the closest village, Pompodo.  Head to the northern part of the town where all 
the crowded people are. They will introduce you to the elder of the village. 
After a very long chat with him, you discover that you have somehow been 
transported one hundred and fifty years in the past, in the Totus Village.  When 
you tell the elder about Dhaos, he agrees to help you any way he can, as it 
seems Dhaos is terrorizing this time period, as well as your own.  He is an elf, 
and can therefore us magic, and Mint shows him the healing arts.  The elder 
tells you that you must restore magic and mana power if human beings such as 
yourself are ever to defeat Dhaos, and this must be accomplished by healing the 
tree in the Totus forest.  He also refers you to a man in Euclid named Klarth, 
who is a scholar on the subject of magic and mana.  Exhausted, you decide to 
rest of the night.  This is one of the sweetest animations you'll ever see a 24 
pixel tall character do.  
After sleeping, exit and talk to the lady. She gives you an item and you may 
leave. Make sure to go to the weapon store here, as their are many powerful 
items. I suggest the axe, as it has high attack power, but it also makes your 
defense drop a little. Also pick up new armor for you and Mint.
Once that is done, you can head north to the pass in the mountains (again).

This is the Euclid of the past. Once you enter, talk to the man behind the Inn 
sign, you'll see an interesting scene then continue on to the weapons shop. Buy 
a shield for yourself here.  Then go to the top of the village and go into the 
right house, you will be in the town Library.  Talk to the man with the hat, 
Klarth, and he will join you.  He has been studying a method for human beings to 
use magic by connecting the souls of the magical being and the human, allowing 
him to call upon their powers at will (a "contract").  He joins you, though 
reluctant as there is no financial benefit for himself, and his assistant says 
that more is at stake than financial security.  And so, Klarth joins the party, 
on the condition that their first stop is the Sylph's mountain, so he can 
attempt to make a contract with the Sylphs.  At the moment, Klarth seems pretty 
lame, because he can't cast any spells and uses a stupid book for a weapon.

Next, head northeast to the mountain of Sylph. Enter the hut once you go in the 
mountain, and talk to the man.  He explains that an earthquake has caused 
ruptures in the earth releasing noxious gasses, killing several sylphs, and 
driving the others into a frenzy.  (Being an air elemental is rough in polluted 
air, apparently.)  He also asks you too keep an eye out for his daughter, Arche 
who always keeps her hair tied back in a ponytail.  
After that, go out and go north to a small village. Here you may want to buy an 
axe, as it is very powerful (the 2000 G one) if you don't got the cash, don't 
worry about it. After that, go to the Items store and pick up a Pick axe and a 
rope, as you will need them for the mountain. Leave and go back to the mountain. 
This time head up one screen, search the rocks and you will use one of the pick 
axes you bought. Head up and right to find a group of Sylphs around a rock.  
Search them and defeat them, they are not very hard. Next, go down for a hidden 
chest and continue north. Here you will find a save point, and whirlwind type 
things. If you want to get rid of these you must defeat the sylphs around them.
Anyway, go through these first whirlwinds and enter the cave to the north. 
You'll see more sylphs making more wind, leave them for now and let the wind 
carry you right. Use the rope my searching the wooden peg and climb down. You'll 
be in a small cave, its pretty straight forward, just pick the rocks down and 
keep heading left after the second one. Go up the rope and again, you must 
defeat the sylphs. After you do so, the wind yet again stops. This time save 
your game, and go up where the find the Poison Clouds cause by that little pool 
over in the left hand corner. Go right a bit and you'll see a spot to use the 
pickaxe, do so and drag the rock over into the pond. Make sure to watch your HP 
as it will deplete when you touch it. After this is complete, go to the far 
right and down to see more sylphs and a place to go down. Attach the rope and 
slide on down.
You'll find that your in a room with more clouds which is poison gas again and a 
guy hops down. He is actually a very hard bad guy, and whenever you get into a 
fight down here its usually with him. So you have to run, cause you can't hurt 
him. press the L or R button depending on what way your facing. You have to do 
the same thing here with the rocks, this time there are 2 though. After this is 
complete all the poison gas should be gone, and you should have no problem 
getting out. Pick up the chests on the way, and go out of the caves, Once out 
head to the right onto the cliffs to get the Klarth's first contract, the Sylph 
summon.  After, on your way down the mountain, the man in the hut stops you, 
and gives you the Element Orb, which allows you to talk to Yurugadashie, the 
Mana Spirits, and tells you to revisit the Totus Forest tree.

Go back to Totus and head into the forest. Remember that busted up tree you saw? 
Head to it. As it happens, that tree and Martel with it are the source of magic 
in the world, and they are is dying.  If the tree dies, no one will be able to 
use magic anymore, not even elves.  She says that she believes something in the 
world is using magic at an unprecedented rate, but she doesn't know what.  
Luckily, if the tree is restored, human beings could gain the magic power needed 
to rid this world of Dhaos. Mint tries to heal it with her magic, which doesn't 
work.  Therefore, you must go elsewhere for the solution to heal the tree and 
save Martel.

Head north past the Sylph Mountain to that village. You will find it in 
shambles, much like Totus was in the future.  Talk to the pink haired woman who 
joins you, as she says she is Lia, the daughter of Demitel, and convinces your 
party to take her home.
You'll see a small boat, talk to the man and go to Number 4, enter the door and 
talk to everyone in the room. Then exit and go to Number 2, where you should 
pick up the appropriate armaments. I suggest the spear highly.  After that, go 
out of the boat and head to the place you started from. Then, head right, and 
talk to the big ships captain. He will take you to the offshore castle for 1600 

Once you arrive on the island, enter the castle. Head to the right screen, and 
enter the far right door for some chests, go out and to the left screen, you may 
want to save your game in the top door, but continue on to the bottom closest 
door and enter. Head to the far back-left of the room and get the barley visible 
chest. Then search the closet right about it to get the key. Head back to the 
right wing of the castle, where you saw that locked door. Enter the locked door, 
and head left (you can now get into battles in this room) Talk to the tree a few 
times, and you will get into a battle. Use special skills on the 2 trees, those 
apples can pack a mean punch. After the tree is defeated, head back to the main 
room and open the middle curtain. Then turn the crystals so that the 2 left hit 
the Orbs on the platform. The way to the boss is now opened. This is one of the 
more challenging parts in the game, since the main boss is at the very back to 
the right, where there are about 4 people blocking him. Make sure to keep 
Klarth casting Sylph on Demitel, or he will cast a spell that can kill you in 
one hit.  Just use Cless to attack the Golems and once they are defeated, go 
after Demitel.  Use the Lightning Attack on Demitel, as its the only thing that 
substantially hurts him. Demitel claims he has never seen the young woman who
claims to be his daughter, and then the spirit inhabiting the young woman's 
body is exorcised, and she ties her hair back and tells you her name is Arche, 
a half elf wizard, then joins your party.  You are taken back the mountain hut 
where Arche is reunited with her father, a human man who was left by his wife to 
raise Arche alone.  

Now that you've got Arche, you can get some cool spells for her by going back to 
old locations. In Venetia, the person in the house left of the fountain will 
sell the Storm and the Lightning spells for 200 and 1,000 Gald, respectively.  
If you go back to Euclid, you can search the far right bookshelf for Arche's Ice 
Tornado and Storm Breath. And if you go all the way back to Pomporo, you can 
chat with the elder for the Cyclone spell. 

This time, go for the right ship, instead of left. Then pay the ship captain
800 Gald for the trip.  On the way, you meet a man onboard, and you have a party 
with him. After that, everyone is drunk and you have to go defeat Mie, who was 
feeling ill because he was being controlled by one of Dhaos' agents.  Cless has 
to face Mie alone, but it's not that hard of a battle, just keep using your 
techniques. After the battle, head onto shore to the village of Alvanista, wary 
that Dhaos is now aware that you are approaching.

When you enter, just go to the Inn and rest. In the middle of the night, you
will form a plot to enter the castle.  Arche carries you on her broom one at a 
time onto the balcony.  Once you're all there, enter, and go right past the 
guards, just make sure they are out of your screen before going past them.  Then 
enter the right room. The lights will be out, and you will have to fight a 
rather tough boss.  just keep your characters healed, and attack the enemies in 
the front first. DO NOT ATTACK THE MAIN BOSS, she can kill you in one hit. 
After this, you are taken to jail, then let out as they find out that Syamil was 
an evil agent of Dhaos.  Runeglom, the elf who bailed you out of jail presents 
Klarth with a new book weapon, and gives Cless a Gugnir spear, which is better 
than anything you've been able to buy so far. You can now explore the castle, as 
soon as you are able, go to the far right where the room you fought the boss is 
at. Go down the stairs to Runeglom's Research Center, and you can buy 2 new 
spells for Arche, Tractor Beam and Thunderblade, costing 4,000 and 12,000, 
Runeglom and the King also give you permission to enter the Morlia Gallery, 
which you pick up from the Guild.  The Guild is located underneath the pharmacy 
in the southwest area of Alvanista.  Get the pass from one of the characters at 
the bar.  While you're here, a drunken soldier by the stairs is selling a skill 
for Cless for 6,000 Gald, what better way to spend the money you got from 
beating Syamil back at the castle on it? 

In Alvanista you are told you need to enlist the help of the four Elementals in 
order to return home to the present.  You already have the air elemental, Sylph, 
but here are the rest.  
This is starting to become a difficult part of the game, and there is a little
cheat ahead to help. Collect about 50,000 Gald with fights (recommend the first 
floor of the Morlia Gallery Once you have collected enough cash, head to the 
south east and keep heading down until you see a small port. Pay the captain and 
your off to the dungeon desert.  Head around the mountains counterclockwise, and 
go as far north as you can, avoiding the basilisks (big landfish with BIGGER 
teeth that can turn you to stone) until you see multiple bridges. Cross them and 
head north still until you see a massive town.  Because the items here are so 
expensive, use a charm bottle to get a discount.  Here, buy the Mecha-Halberd 
type weapon for 22,000 Gald and the armor, these will increase your stats like 
you wont believe. After that, head back towards the Olive Village and go to 
Nome's Dungeon. 

Nome's dungeon is located east of Totus off of a small bridge. You will need to 
enter a combination to get into the real part of the dungeon. You can get 
Nome's cave password in.  The numbers in order are: 4,4,1,1.  Just continue on 
down the stairs until you see a little guy alone. Talk to him, and he will ask 
you to return him to his friends.  Say yes for him to follow you.  Just keep 
going through the dungeon slowly, so he stays following you. Watch out for the 
other ones, they are invincible and attack you. Just run away from them if you 
get into a battle. Continue on and you'll see a group of 4. Talk to them and 
they run away, including the guy that was following you. Keep going through the 
dungeon until you come upon a save point. Here, go right and ring the alarm on 
the wall, causing everyone to leave their posts. Enter the top room and there 
you will find the boss, Nome.  It's generally easy just wait for them to center 
the screen and attack when they pop up and look like a deck of thick cards.  You 
can not attack the bombs, so concentrate on healing if you need it.  Right 
before he does pop up, begin casing Arche's Cyclone spell.  After two uses of 
it, you should beat him.  After that, you get a contract with Nome, and Arche's 
Grave spell from the chest.

Here, you must find the Sorsala ring that shoots out sparks to open doors.  To 
use it, you must have it equipped in the accessory position on one of your 
characters, then in the environment, hit A to use it.
Go to the far right and walk down the stairs.  Get all the chests and you will 
the ring.  Equip it on someone and go back into the main room.  Go to the far 
left and across the logs onto the lava.  Hit the black circular switch on the 
wall (by pressing the Sq button) and the door opens. Just get the chests in this 
room and head down 2 screens. This time, go up and collect the three chests 
there, one of which is a key.  Then continue heading right, and loop back up 
through the room you got the ring in, to the stairs, back to the main room. Go 
up until you come upon one of those seemingly locked doors. Search it and it 
opens then head forward and hit all the pillars down with the ring you got then 
cross the bridge and you fight Ifrit. He isn't that hard, just attack him with 
Cless' Flurry Hit skill which Klarth uses Nome and Arche uses Ice Tornado. Don't 
worry about healing, let Mint does it for you. Once you defeat him, you get the 
Ifrit summon for Klarth and the Eruption spell for Arche.

Return to Venetia and now the boat that offered you passage to Demitel's island 
has another option, this one to the North Island.  Take that option and go into 
the cave.  If you do not have that option, go back to Alvanista and make sure 
you've spoken to everyone in Runeglom's Research Center.  Someone in there (I 
think it's even Runeglom) tells you that Undine is on the North Island Cave.
Here you have to flip 2 switches in a certain pattern for the water to rise and 
fall. First, head right and hit the switch in that area, then continue on left 
and head down to where the water was for a few chests, and continue going down 
until you reach some stairs, go down and flick the switch, Go back to the 
original switch and push it back up again. This time head up to where that
locked door was which is now opened and drained of water. Go through and head to 
the northern most part, and hit the farthest right switch. It drains the water 
to the path to hit another switch and so on until you find a hole in the ground 
in the top room. Make sure to save and heal up and hit the switch (left) that 
fills the room with water, Undine (6400 HP) comes to attack. She is fairly easy, 
Klarth will use his Ifrit summon, which helps a lot.  Cless should have
the Phoenix Attack by now which takes off a lot of Undine's health.  
Klarth makes a contract with Undine, giving you another summon spell.

Enter and go up. If the guard stops you, go back to the town and talk to the 
people. When he lets you pass, to the far left and get the chest, and hit the 
switch on the wall just the left of it and head to the right where the door is 
now opened. Go through and around until your the other floor. Head to the far 
left and move the statues onto the switches and go through the room for the 
chests. Make sure to hit the switch, a head through the far right door down 
stairs.  Here, as you did in another dungeon, have to hit a switch to make 
yourself fly. It's the "on" switch and you have to make sure when going by, not 
to hit the off switch. You'll be able to fly through the door. Go to the right, 
and take the statue off the switch. Head down through the door, which will close 
after you walk through it. Then head to the right where a locked door was which 
is now opened for you to go down the stairs. Search the unlit candle twice and 
say yes to enter the secret passage. Here, go into the right door for a rune 
bottle when the lady hits the other switch. Exit, and hit the other switch to go 
into the left door. Head to the far left to another puzzle. This is fairly easy, 
the puzzle order it up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. The go back to 
the right and down to the first save point. Then hit the switch and go back into 
the room with the puzzle. Drag the statue through the door and onto the switch 
and go down the floor. Now you're on a level with only a small circle of light. 
Head to the right a screen and go up into the room. Hit the switch with the 
Sorsala ring, and you'll hear a door will open.  Head to the left again and go down 
the stairs. You'll be in a room with a lot of spikes on the floor, just head to the 
right and you'll be in a room without spikes.  This is a spot where you lots of 
chests. Head down stairs to receive your save point and light the candle so that 
you can go through a transporter. Once it appears, go through about 5 times 
collecting the chests each time, and at one point will be able to continue on. 
Here in the next cave you have to enter a room and light each candle on each 
separate stick for the door to open. When you open the door, you'll need to go 
up and right, where you find a spot where you need the pick axe (I got really, 
really angry here because I didn't have one) Go through and don't light the torch, 
but throw a switch on it, and then head through the door. The rest is 
very straightforward.  Follow the path until you find a switch to throw hidden 
under a chest, then back track until you find the fire that used to be dripping 
water.   Just went you get to the room (lv.10) with the save point and 2 
switches.  Hit them both and go into the right transporter first.  Go to the 
large tablet and search it, and there'll be a scene where Arche reads the runes 
on it.  Then head out of the room and go into the left transporter.  Here, in 
order to wake up the spirit of the Morlia Gallery, you have to place the four 
elementals in their appropriate places. the answer to the puzzle is Up = 
Ifrit(1), Down = Nome(2), Left = Undine(4), Right = Sylph(3). Then head back 
through the transporter to the room (make sure you get the turquoise ring from 
the chest there) Save your game and go into the right transporter  again with 
the tablet. You'll fight the summon monster, Maxwell.  Use Cless's Phoenix Tech, 
and he should be Pretty much dead. Mint will heal, so don't worry about that. 
The Ifrit Summon and the Cyclone spell are also fairly effective.  After the 
battle, Klarth will make a contract with Maxwell, giving you another powerful 
summon.  He also give you access to Morlia's treasure, which includes to rings 
for making contracts, but they are broken.  So the party decides to head back to 
Alvanista to consult with Runeglom.  Among the other chests is a black onyx, 
which brings up your HP by 30% (I already had one for Cless, I stuck this one on 
Mint.) After that, go back up the stairs and head to that room to the far north 
that allows you to go to level 6.  Then you can take the other stairs to the top 

Runeglom takes a look at the rings, and tells you about a friend of his that 
they should talk to, as he is well versed in magical items, and presents you 
with a letter to Edward, and tells you to visit his house.  The house can be 
found to the south west of Alvanista.  Knock on the door, and Edward's wife will 
answer, telling you he's gone to Freland (the continent where the Olive Village 
and Mid Galds are) to try and prevent the war from breaking out before 
Alvanista's forces are prepared.  So the party heads on a boat back to the Olive 

This is the town right next to Ifrit's Cave. Go into the town and you'll talk to 
a man, who will instruct you to go to the southernmost Oasis.  Upon arriving, 
the person there tells you Edward went to the middle Oasis, and the person there 
tells you he's gone to the northernmost oasis.  When you finally get there, the 
person tells you he's headed back to the Olive Village.  When you get back 
there, he's STILL not around, but the innkeeper tells you that Edward is seeking 
Basilisk eggs to make a powerful medicine.  So the party heads back into the 
desert to collect five of the items that the basilisks in the desert randomly 
give you (they look like rock egg things), once they are collected, head back 
and give them to him. You will stay over night and meet the descendant of 
Tornix, Edward D. Morrison.  Edward asks the party to join the fight against 
Dhaos, and tells you that the rings are products of an ancient time when dwarves 
and elves were friends.  He tells you to seek help form the elves in the Ymir 
forest, and to get permission to enter from Runeglom at Alvanista Castle. 

Runeglom gives you the seal of Alvanista, which allows you to enter the Ymir 
forest, but reminds the party that half-elves are never allowed in the forest, 
which unfortunately counts Arche out.  She tells the party that she'll wait at 
the inn, and once the part has left town she puts on a (HA!) oh so clever 

Ymir Forest is located south of Alvanista and it is where the elves are
located. You head right across the bridge, head south and take a left until you 
see a small island covered in trees. Enter and talk to you guard, who says you 
cannot go through. Head back to the castle and talk to the same person again. Go 
to the Inn and stay the night, go back and to him. He gives you the medal to 
enter the forest. This is pretty straight forward, just head upward and you will 
come to a split path. To the right, you get a couple chests, to the left is the 
way to the Elf Village where on this path, you can also get a lot of things to 
boost various statistics, be they strength, agility, TP or HP. There items are 
called "lavender".  You can use rune bottles on them to first double their 
effect, and then another rune bottle will change a strength lavender into an 
agility lavender, or vice versa, or an HP lavender into a TP lavender. After 
that, head up into the elf town where you meet Brambard who goes ahead of you 
through the Forest Maze.  Meet him again at the north end of town and you won't 
see him again until you go through the forest.

This place is basically what you call a maze. Keep going as far right as you can 
until you need to go down or up. Generally, the "cats" are the path of where you
need to go, so if your near some, your on the right track. Lots of goodies in 
here, so you may want to search around. At the end you'll see a save point and 
one of the many magic tablets you have seen throughout the game.  Brambard 
explains that Origin, King of Dwarves could restore anything to a previous 
state, and he will be using his power to repair the rings.  He also mentions 
Ragnarok, who nearly destroyed the Elven empire.  After you get the two rings 
repaired, so head back out and you'll meet up with Arche again, who got caught 
snooping around.  Brambard and the other soldier are planning on dispatching 
Arche for her breach of conduct when the woman who runs the in comes out and 
begs Brambard, even offering her own life to let Arche live.  Brambard gives in, 
and the woman tells Arche she's sorry several times.  Only after Arche and the 
others step outside the village does Arche realize the woman was her mother.  
Unfortunately, you're no longer allowed to enter the elf village. 

Now that you have the rings repaired, you are ready to venture into the Tower of 
Twelve stars, where the goddess Luna lives.  Each floor is identical to the 
last, except the statues and treasures are located differently.  You must play 
the correct song as dictated by the large tablets in the center of each floor.  
Only when the correct music is playing will the door to the next floor become 

Floor 1 - "Open Fire"     -  left, then down
Floor 2 - "Arche"         -  down, then left (left hand door)
Floor 3 - "Lake on Ymir"  -  left, then down
Floor 4 - "Dark Cave"     -  down, then right (right hand door)
Floor 5 - "Open Fire"     - right, then down

When you reach the top, a pixie named Artemis will detain you and use you for 
his own amusement by forcing Arche to kiss Cless (Arche is a little too willing, 
here).  Cless is embarrassed, and Mint, always proper reminds them that kissing 
in public is not right.  Luna interrupts and asks Artemis to give Arche the 
spell book for Ray, and to allow you to come see her.  Klarth contracts with 
Luna, who despises fighting, but understands the need to save this world.  Now 
you are ready to visit Mid Galds and help Edward defeat Dhaos.

Go to the Castle in the center of town and the soldiers will check your ID and 
tell you to wait for Edward inside the castle.  The party waits for Edward.  
Lyzen, the king's advisor introduces himself and Edward joins him.  The party 
volunteers their services to fight against Dhaos, but Arche worries she'll never 
see her mother again.  Head down the stairs to the right to overhear a magician 
ask if Lyzen believes they are in danger.  Then go downstairs and head to the 
left to meet the king of Mid Galds.  Your skills are praised by Edward, and the 
king expresses happiness of having magic users to fight against Dhaos.  Word has 
arrived that enemies have come from the nearby Valhalla Plains.  Lyzen takes you 
to the magic research center in Mid Galds, where they are trying to gain magic 
ability in humans.  Lyzen offers to teach your party magic after the war is over 
and research is complete.  The soldiers are guarding a room where a secret 
weapon is being made.
Exit the castle and Arche will question Dhaos' motives.  Dhaos attacked the 
Harmel village, but hasn't attacked Euclid or Venetia.  In Alvanista, he only 
attacked the prince.  He also killed Lia's parents.  But Mid Galds  is the only 
place he's really involved with now.  Arche is reluctant to fight.  The others 
try to convince her.  She states there must be some relationship between Mid 
Galds, Harmel and Lia's parents
Arche wants to consult with her father.  Then you are given a choice:
	1 - go quickly  2 - go on foot (choose #1)
Arche asks her father, Bart why he told lied to her about her mother being dead.  
Bart explains that humans and elves used to live together, but the elves decided 
to leave and live together away from humanity in the Ymir forest.  Some elves 
were forced to leave, including Luche, Arche's mother.  Then a flashback 
sequence will begin where an the elf tells Bart that they are afraid of what the 
humans have done and will do, and take he crying Luche with them as they leave.  
Bart tells Arche that Luche asked him to tell her that she had died.  Arche 
wants to hear mer mother say she is sorry and her father tells her not to be 
angry, and that he is still in love with her mother.  
Then Arche asks him about Lia's (the girl who possessed Arche's body) parents.  
Bart explains that they used to live in Mid Galds and moved to Harmel (the town 
that was destroyed) a few years ago.  Rumor has is they were researching some 
unknown power in the Mid Galds.  Then it is time to go back to Mid Galds
	1 - go quickly  2 - go on foot (choose #1)
Go back into the castle.  The soldiers are afraid of a monster in the castle.  
Enter the castle where Edward is facing the monster Jestorna, who is holding a 
man hostage.  The monster explains he cannot go back until war is declared, and 
so Edward and the party must die.  Edward teleports and knocks the monster, 
forcing him to free his hostage.  Edward explains that if his teleportation 
trick were enhanced, it would be time travel.  Then he wishes he could have 
finished his research, but disappears with the monster instead.  Arche is 
finally convinced that Dhaos must pay for his crimes.  Mint reminds the party 
that now, history has been changed form the book that Tornix gave them.  The 
party resolves to kill Dhaos.
The next scene is a tactical session with Lyzen.  He explains that the bridge is 
the best point to defend the city from, and that it'll take five days to get 
there.   After five days, Dhaos' forces will be on the Valhalla plain, and can 
attack the city.  Lyzen decides to make small parties of warriors to confuse the 
enemy.  Klarth is appointed as a commander of one of the groups.  Klarth stays 
behind to meet with the other commanders.  Go to the inn and rest if you need to 
restore yourself.  Return to the meeting room, and Klarth will have finished his 
The next scene shows us Lyzen checking in on the top-secret weapon they have 
been researching.  The magicians there tell him that it is operational and ready 
to be used against Dhaos' armies.  Then there is a scene of the war beginning on 
the Valhalla Plains.  Edward was instrumental in the other war, but now that 
history has been changed and he is gone, who will win the war?
Lyzen tells you to fight for Mid Galds, and your reward for fighting will be 
according to how you fight.   There is a save point on the left, and the left-
hand soldier will give you free red and orange gels, and poison cure bottles and 
life bottles.  In the snowfield, just head to the northwest as much as possible, 
you'll eventually get to a save point, then head to the right.  You'll fight a 
large dragon named Ishirantu.  Just keep using Luna, and Ray.  He'll spit 
lasting fire that may prevent you from attacking him with Cless's weapons and 
techniques.  The army retreats once the dragon is defeated.
The soldiers back at the castle will thank you for helping them fight and will 
escort you to the king's chambers.  The king thanks Klarth and gives him 50,000 
Gald.  However, the celebration is interrupted by another attack by Dhaos.  
Turns out, you only wiped out the army, and now must deal with the Air Force.  
There will be a cut scene of the evil ones approaching.  Lyzen decides to use 
his secret weapon.  
Head out of the castle, and a voice will tell you to leave behind everything you 
do not need.  Only Cless hears the voice.  Then he is teleported away from the 
party, much to the surprise of Arche, Mint, and Klarth.  Klarth is requested to 
help the soldiers, while Mint mourns the loss of Cless.  Cless looks around to 
find himself in a strange room.  Go north to find a woman sitting on a white 
horse.  It's one of Odin's minions, the Valkyrie.  She explains that she will 
lend him the Pegasus to fight Dhaos, and that the Gugnir was Odin's very own 
weapon, but Cless is not strong enough to wield it properly.  
Then you see a scene of Lyzen using the weapon to eliminate most of Dhaos' army.  
Then Martel senses the power of Mana disappearing.  Lyzen attempts to use the 
weapon again, but with no mana to power it, it goes haywire, and wrecks the 
whole city.  The party doesn't know what to do, until Cless returns with the 
Pegasus.  Arche and Cless take to the sky to fight Dhaos' air force.  The 
Pegasus lends some of his power to Arche to let her fly high enough to help 
Cless.  You have to fight the same dragon again, just use Arche's Ray spell, and 
try to keep her healed after all the Cyclone and Thunderbolt Attacks you will 
The Party thanks the Pegasus for it's help, and it returns to Odin.  You have 
again fended off Dhaos' attacks on Mid Galds.  Lyzen thanks you, and thanks you 
by giving you Edward's book of spells, which contains Indignation.  Cless reads 
the book which are the last few pages of Edward's diary.  It tells that Dhaos 
said that the true evil in the world is the human heart.  Edward is almost 
inclined to agree, but realized that evil is only one side of humanity.  Edward 
believed in humankind, as he was half-human. The party takes a rest before 
taking on Dhaos.  Make sure you re-equip the mecha-halberd, because Valkyrie took 
Gugnir back from you after the last battle.

This is a pretty massive dungeon with pretty hard enemies. It can be reached by 
going through the snowfield. You must remember to keep the spear, because the 
swords you find in this castle heal the enemies who can absorbing magic. 
Once you enter, you can loop around upward to get a Fire and Aqua cloak, but 
your main target is to go all the way to the right to hit the switch, and head 
through the door to get Arche's spell, Firestorm.  Then loop around to the left, 
then down, and back through the same door to hit the switch.  Then continue to 
the left and head through the door.  (you can search the weapon racks for some 
weapons, including another mecha-halberd to sell! 
you reach a puzzle with 4 switches, the combo is up, down, right, left, down, 
up.  At one point, you have to run across the dinning room and hit the switches 
at the exact same time as Arche does.  You can hit them just a bit after she 
does, but never before she does.  If you still can't get it right after twenty 
tried, Klarth and Mint will give up on you and do it for you.  
Soon, you will arrive at a door you can't seem to get through because it keeps 
closing when you step off the switch.  Head up the stairs to the right and push 
the statue down the hole, then return to leave it on the switch.  Then you'll be 
at a similar switch, but since you have no statue, you must leave a party member 
behind.  I suggest you leave Klarth. 
You must get the mirror on the top floor from the boss. Once that happens, go 
all the way back down, collect your party member on the way and go back to the 
mirrors where you saw a demon in the reflection and you'll fight another one of 
those mini bosses, and you'll go through the mirror. There is three in total, 
one is a spell for Arche, Rock Mountain, the other two are a room of chests, and 
the way to the key. Through the one with the key, get the chests at the right, 
and search each statue and say yes. You'll find a mental ring and then keep 
heading right until you get to that same puzzle again. (Solution: Up, down, 
left, right, down, up) where if you go outside that door, you find the Gold Key. 
This allows you to access all the locked doors you couldn't open before. Go back 
to the top floor, but instead of using Klarth to stay behind, leave Arche. When 
you see a locked door on the right (2 floors up I think), and when you see the 
pit again, Arche will fly up and rejoin you. 
After that, go back to the top floor where there was a door and a save point. 
You can now open the door and fight *another* set of mini bosses, Dhaos' Guards. Once they are defeated, the door to Dhaos is there and waiting. 
	Cless challenges Dhaos, but Dhaos questions their reasoning behind wanting 
to kill him, as he says he has no reason to fight with the party.  The main 
strategy for him is, kill the little Dark Lords, and leave your party behind and 
attack Dhaos with Cless, but keep the Luna and Indignation spells coming.  After 
the battle, he vanishes through a time portal again.

Runeglom greets you back at the castle, You all mourn Edward's loss, but 
Runeglom tells you he was given a letter with a key in it from Edward before he 
disappeared, so you go to the Morrison house to investigate.  After explaining 
all to Edwards wife, you go to his room.  Here you discover the secrets of time 
travel Edward had figured out before his disappearance.  It also tells you there 
is a time travel facility in the Abyss of Thor, where an advanced civilization 
used to live.  However, there is not enough magic power left in the world, 
because so much of it was drained in the use of the cannon at Mid Galds.  
The party agrees to return to Venetia to figure out a plan at the Inn.

There will be a dream sequence where a young Mint is talking to her mother, and 
Mint is interested in the Unicorn shaped earring on her mother's ear.  Mint's 
mother can't give her the earring, as it is a family heirloom, and she uses it 
to increase the power of her healing spells, and Mint is not ready to wear the 
earring yet.  Mint's mother gives her the hat instead of the earring.

Go back south to the tree that Martel is protecting.  Cless notices that the 
tree is dying.  Mint will again try to heal the tree, but fail.  Head back up 
to Venetia and take the boat to Alvanista.  On the way there, Mint will tell 
the party about the legend of the Unicorn's healing powers.  

The Unicorn's Forest is located through the Valhalla Plains, but head to the 
northwest this time instead.  Upon arrival, Klarth tells everyone else, that 
only women who are pure may see the unicorn.  But Arche resists going along with 
Mint.  Head all the way to the right, then up.  Arche will leave Mint alone, not 
explaining why.  Continue up with Mint alone, and she will see the unicorn.  
Mint begs the unicorn to help her to save the people and animals of the world, 
then the scene cuts to Klarth and Cless waiting for Mint and Arche to return, 
and getting very bored with waiting.  Klarth tries to ask Cless about Mint and 
his feelings for her, but Klarth begins to feel an evil presence in the forest. 
The scene returns to Mint and the Unicorn, where Mint is trying to convince it 
to help her.  Suddenly, three of Dhaos' agents have come to kill Mint.  Cless 
and Klarth run to her rescue.  Pick up Arche from the bottom most screens, then 
head to the right and up to save Mint and the Unicorn.  The unicorn will have 
been badly damaged by the battle, but in its final moments, it agreed to lend 
Mint its power.  Cless asks Arche why she left Mint alone in the forest.  
Embarrassed, Arche was fearful that the unicorn wouldn't meet with her because 
she'd had a boyfriend before.  The party rushes back to the Totus tree.
	You are given the choice:
	1. Go Quickly  2. Go on foot (choose #1)

Mint uses the Unicorn horn as a wand to increase her healing power on the tree, 
and it works beyond her wildest imagination.  She learns to control the power, 
through the spirit of her mother, and heals the tree.  Martel shows up and tells 
the party that magic will return to this world, and thanks Mint for her kindness 
and judgement.  But there is still a chance that mana could die if the magic 
research mistake was repeated.  Then she disappears, and the party discusses 
Dhaos' attack plan.  They figure he was fighting against Mid Galds to stop their 
scientists from draining mana so he could harness the power for himself.  Then 
the party agrees to go to Thor.  

Go back to Venetia and take the left-hand boat's third choice.  Make sure you've 
completed everything here in the past you will want to, as you won't be coming 
back.  Once on the boat, the party stops the boat in the middle of the ocean.  
The party thanks the captain for all his kindness and Klarth summons Undine who 
creates an air bubble to encase the party for the trip down to Thor.  
When you arrive at Thor, the sunken city, he party begins to search for the Time 
Travel device.  Head into the northwest building and remove the keycard from the 
counter.  The northeast building is not accessible now, so don't worry about it.  
In the far southeast corner of the city, there is a door with a robot on the 
other side who will give you all you need of  the following:
	1. Red Gels
	2. Orange Gels
	3. Poison Cure Bottle
	4. Life Bottle
Feel free to stock up here, they're all free!  Once you're all stocked up, go to 
the save point, save your game and enter the door using the keycard.  The art 
will be amazed at the voice synthesis technology as a computerized voice will 
grant them access to the building.  The next room has two rooms you should enter 
before the third.  The row of enemies will attack you if you get near them.  The 
row of chests at the bottom will be empty, except one will always have a key.  
Each time you use a key in the room, it will disappear.  The three types of 
exits from this room are:
	1. The exit to the City of Thor (how you got it)
	2. A small room with a chest (Arche's God Breath Spell)
	3. The Control Center
First get Arche's spell, then head to the control center.  Remember, each time 
you use the key and go through a door, the room will reset randomly. The doors 
are random, so just keep trying, it can be frustrating.  When you get to the 
control center, save your game, and walk up, you will set off an alarm, and be 
attacked by several robots.  Destroy them and head up.  Cless notices a ring of 
contract they drop, the Diamond Ring.  You arrive at a large computer console, 
which automatically senses your presence, and introduces itself as the Mother 
Computer, and tells you it controls everything in the City of Thor.  It gives 
you two options:
	1. Time Warp
	2. Medical Treatment (fills your HP/TP)
Once you choose Time Warp, it checks its resources, and tells you that the City 
Mayor usually decides who is allowed to use the Machine, but he and all of 
Thor's constituents are now dead.  So it appoints you as mayor.  It asks you if 
you want to use the time warp, choose Yes.  The room begins to rumble and the 
entire city rises from the deep back to the surface.  Talk to the computer again 
and choose time warp (choice 1) You ask the computer to return you to the time 
you left and it sends you there.  

You arrive the moment you left at with Tornix facing off against Dhaos.  Dhaos 
is asking Tornix where they have been sent, but Tornix refuses to tell him.  
Cless again challenges Dhaos, and the battle begins.  Use a similar strategy as 
you did before, leaving the rest of the party near the back, and fending Dhaos' 
physical attacks off with Cless.  Use the God Breath spell on Dhaos, as he has 
been developing a curious resistance to the Indignation spell.  
After the party beats Dhaos, the release of energy starts to destroy the shrine, 
and Dhaos is buried in the rubble.  The Party escapes to the surface.  
Assuming that is the last they'll see of Dhaos, the party has to say goodbye to 
Arche and Klarth, who will return to their own time period, and Mint cries.  
Klarth, in his wisdom is thankful that they had a chance to meet being from 
different time periods in the first place.  As they are leaving, a series of 
meteors strike the surface of the earth.  Then a time portal opens and a man who 
introduces himself as Harrison has come from fifty years in the future to seek 
out the only people in history to have defeated Dhaos, because he has been 
terrorizing the world of the future.  The party assumes that the meteor shower 
that occurred was Dhaos'.  They all agree to return to the future with Harrison 
except Tornix, who decides it is best if he stays in the present.  Tornix 
promises to talk with you more about your parents upon your return to the 
present.  Cless invites Chester to come along, but Arche says he is too weak 
(remember he's only on level 10 or so), and Chester is offended.  The six of 
them return to the Abyss of Thor to use the Mother Computer's temporal 

You arrive in the Totus Village of the future, which is now called Miguel, named 
after Cless' Father.  Euclid still exists to the north, and has not been 
attacked by Dhaos.  Euclid has become a new kingdom, encompassing Miguel, 
Venetia and Euclid.  Harrison heads to Venetia ahead of you, and gives an 
updated world map to use.  A woman to the north of the inn gives you a (C)Black 
Card item, to be used later... don't sell it.  The chef next to her teaches you 
the recipe for Meat and Potatoes.  There are some upgrading items in the weapon 
and armor shop, and Cless can pick up a technique from the house on the west end 
of town.  Talk to man sick in bed, and then search the dresser in the upper 
left-hand corner of the room.  Also, there is another technique for sale at the 
price of 20,000 Gald in the Kendo school placed in Miguel's honor in the 
northwest corner of town.  Talk to the teacher inside and to the left.  Head 
north past the graveyard to head out of this town.  
At this point, I should point something out to the story that is seen mostly in 
the talking scenes that are seen when you press the Select button on the 
overworld.  Ever since Arche makes that crack about Chester being weak, the two 
of them bicker CONSTANTLY.  They make fun and put down and annoy each other. 

First stop you should make is the Totus Tree, to see how it's faring here in the 
future.  On your way there, go into Nome's Cavern and go in the door to the 
right of where Nome was to get a Sapphire Contract Ring.  Also, pick up a recipe 
in Arche's house.  Go to the room that had the two holes to cover in the 
Sylph's cave and pick up the Amethyst Ring, you'll want it later.  
When you get to Venetia, go to the inn and rest for cut scene.  In it, Chester 
is relentlessly practicing archery, and Cless asks him to stop and rest.  Cless 
is worried what Arche said about him being weak is getting to him.  Chester 
admits to that, but also admits he wants to protect Cless.  Chester tells Cless 
that he relives the nightmare back at Totus every night in his dreams.  Then he 
tells Cless that all her life, his sister Ami had a crush on him.  Then Chester 
is granted a free Level Up and a new status, "Diligent Worker".  
After that, if you've got the money, stop by the weapon and armor shops to 
upgrade your equipment.  Then visit the house with the pianist.  She will be 
terrible, and Mint will give her a piano lesson.  
Then head to the right-hand boat and talk to Harrison.  He will tell you that 
Dhaos is patrolling the oceans and it isn't safe to travel by sea.  Harrison 
tells you that there is a magical research center there, and they are 
researching flying machines.  
You all travel to Euclid where Harrison talks the guards into admitting you, and 
then he shows you the AirBirds.  Stanley, the scientist agrees to give them to 
you, free of charge, seeing that you'll save the world for him and all. (Nice 
Guy, eh?)  However, they are unable to fly as far as Alvanista without magic to 
power them.  Stanley tells you about Volt, a creature that lives in the cave 
where the shrine was destroyed.  He has the ability to power the AirBirds.  
Klarth volunteers to contract with Volt.  Stanley gives you the ring to 
contract with Volt, a Sardonix Ring.  

Go into the house and go through the left-hand door on the lower floor.  Talk to 
the man who looks like Edward there, and he will introduce himself as Harold D. 
Morrison, and recognized you as Cless, whom his Grandfather Tornix told him to 
meet one day.  He wishes he could help you, but unlike Tornix and his ancestor 
Edward, he has no magic powers to speak of.  Klarth asks if Harold knows their 
destiny.  Harold says he knows, but feels uneasy about divulging that to the 
party.  Arche seems eager to know her future, but Klarth and Cless convince her 
otherwise.  Harold says that 99% of your future is predetermined, and only 1% is 
able to me made by yourself.  Arche is angry that she only gets 1% control over 
her life, while Mint is optimistic about making that 1% the best it can be.  

As you walk into the cave, go up and right for some treasure, then to the left 
to see a scene where a little girl is facing off against two ninjas.  The little 
girl tries to convince the two ninjas to return with her to their country, but 
they tell her they are working of Dhaos now.  The ninjas attack her, but she 
quickly dispatches them.  Cless approaches her, but she runs away before they 
can even catch her name.  Suddenly, the little ninja girl is caught in a seizure 
and the party rushes to her aid.  Cless tries to help her, but gets caught in 
the trap as well, but they manage to burn it out.  The party asks the girl why 
she is alone in Volt's Cavern, but she hurries away.  The party decides to move 
on with their quest.  
Go up, and there will be a strange machine.  Equip the Sorsala ring and zap it, 
it will light up, and as long as it stays lit, you may go through the door.  Go 
through the door and down the stairs.  Head to the right through a hidden wall 
and then up to set on a switch.  Backtrack and go through the door, which will 
close behind you.  
Follow the path to the right until you see the same ninja girl surrounded by 
enemies, and the ninja again tries to convince her to work for Dhaos.  Cless 
rushes to her aid.  He will have to face the four ninjas alone, the red one 
being the most difficult.  The Lionheart Attack and, assuming you have the time, 
the Power Slice are your best bets.  Again the party questions why the little 
girl is alone in the cave, but she is silent.  Cless asks the girl her name, and 
she tells them it is Suzu.  Suzu thanks them, and heads off on her own.  
Head down and hit the switch at the bottom enclosure.  Then hit the machine with 
the Sorsala Ring and rush through the door on the right.  Head down the stairs 
again and hit the machine in the middle and run through the first door just to 
the northeast of it (careful you don't hit the transporter tile, it'll take you 
to the beginning of the dungeon).  Go straight up unto the right hand door (The 
left-hand door will be guarded by a barrier) and pull the switch.  Curve around 
(grab a broom for Arche out of the chest) and you'll return to the room with the 
two big machines.  Go to the left-hand machine and pull the switch above it.  
Then hit that left-hand machine and U around through the door to the east of it.  
Now you can access that left-hand door, because you're on the other side of the 
barrier.  Go through the door.  
There is a save point here, so go ahead and save your game.  Then walk over to 
the leftmost machine (the transporter that is there also takes you to the 
beginning of the cave), and hit it, and while it is still lit, hit the middle 
machine. (Remember you can re-light a machine if you hit it before it dies out. 
Finally, hit the rightmost machine.  Run through the door, and go up and you 
will see Volt.  Klarth tries to communicate with Volt, who speaks in electrical 
gibberish.  Then Volt attacks you.  The God's Breath spell and Lionheart attack 
can be very effective against Volt.  After the battle, Volt will calm down, and 
Klarth will begin to bind him into the Sardonix ring.  Arche will bet on her 
broom and grab the chests that were out of reach.  Chester jokingly tells Arche 
not to steal the treasure for herself, but it pisses Arche off something fierce.  
Head back into the cave, and take the teleporter back to the cave entrance.  

Head back to Euclid.  Go in the northwest building and into its basement to see 
the AirBirds again.  Klarth calls Volt, who powers up the wings, and give 
Arche's broom some extra flying power, so she can keep up with the Wings.  Not 
only that, Stanley shows you the most ingenious invention. His necklace can hold 
all the AirBirds within it, at a weight slightly more than the necklace itself.  
Amazing?  Is this too good to be true?  Hey.  It's a video game.  Head outside 
and try out your new toys.  First, head to the island just south and a little 
west of the Olive Village and pick up armor there.  Then head to Freezekill, the 
town on the snowy island that is in daylight to pick up some new weapons.  I 
suggest you use your charm bottles here, as this stuff is expensive!  But it's 
the best you're going to be able to buy in the game, so go for it.  
Head to Undine's Cavern next, and after a discussion there, choose Yes and have 
a picnic.  In this scene, everyone tries some of Arche's cooking and becomes ill 
from it.  Arche gets the "Bad Cook" title from this scene.  
Go into Undine's cavern and go to the end where you fought Undine.  From here 
you can pick up the Maelstrom spell for Arche.  While you're in the area, head 
south and a little to the west, and into Demitel's castle.  In here you can find 
some treasure and the Tempest spell for Arche.
Now pop into Alvanista and speak to a person just to the left of the entrance 
gate stnading in the Shadow.  He will tell you of a powerful being, Asga, who 
was trapped by Thor's civilization.  Head to the Abyss of Thor and get back to 
the Mother Computer, taking choice number three.  Klarth will receive the Asga 
summon, via the Topaz ring.  Asga powerful light attack.

Enter the city and go to the castle.  The guards will ask for an ID, and are 
about to escort you away when Harrison comes to the gate and brings you into the 
castle to meet the king.  Once you're out of earshot, the soldiers say that your 
party looks too weak and childlike to defeat Dhaos.  Harrison brings you to the 
throne room where Runeglom is waiting (remember that half elves don't age as 
fast as humans do).  Runeglom wishes that you were visiting him under happier 
circumstances, but is glad to see you regardless.  Then he takes you to see the 
king and introduces you.  The king thanks you for coming, and explains that 
Dhaos is an enemy to the entire world now, and has free reign over time travel 
at will, and so cannot be found by Alvanista's armies.  But Runeglom has 
discovered a way.  Millennia ago, three countries warred for control of the 
world: Thor, Fenrir and Odin.  Thor sank into the ocean, and then the other two 
countries destroyed each other.  After all that, two men appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and wielded three mighty weapons - a sword of flame, a sword of 
ice, and a diamond ring.  These weapons of unbelievable power can be combined 
into one weapon that can control time travel, and prevent Dhaos from chrono-
shifting.  The king doubts that you can complete such a task, but believes in 
the legend that you were the ones who defeated Dhaos in the past.  Runglom asks 
you to speak with his assistants in the magical research facility.  They tell 
you that Fenrir's power can be found in the town of Freezekill, Odin's are in 
the Burning Tower in Freland.  
Exit the castle, and talk to the two people on the rooftop just southeast of the 
town square.  The man on the left will tell you that the Ninjas live in the 
Treant's Forest somewhere.

Remember the Ymir forest?  It's pretty much the same.  Head there and get to the 
elven village.
When you walk in to the village, go left to the weapon shop and talk to the 
smith.  He will offer to fix the broken bow Cless and Mint found when they were 
teleported to the past for 20,000 Gald.  Accept his offer, and he tells you to 
return in the morning.  Go into the Inn and talk to Brambard.  He tells you what 
has happened to the village over the past hundred and fifty years.  
The village's mentality has changed a lot.  The King of Alvanista made a peace 
treaty with the elves, and an intermixing of elf and human cultures took place.  
However, half elves are still not welcome in the Elves' village.  Brambard 
explains he still hopes humans will not repeat the mistake of using magic as a 
weapon, like the Scientists in Mid Galds did.  Brambard also points out that the 
scientists behind that cannon that nearly destroyed Martel were half elves.  
Cless in their defense points out that they had no contact with elves, and that 
is why they didn't know the way of the elf.  Brambard admits that it's possible 
that the elven race should be more nurturing to half elves.  Mint chimes in and 
points out that not all half elves were involved with Mid Galds, like Arche.  
Brambard promises to meet with the council to rethink their ideas on half elves.
Then talk to the innkeeper, Arche's mother, Luche.  She will recognize you from 
so long ago, and tell you to give the "pink haired girl" a Star Broom and her 
Gloves, as they are useless to her now.  Cless asks if the woman really is 
Arche's mother, but she refuses to answer any other questions.  Spend the night 
at the inn and there will be another cut scene of Chester practicing.  
I'm just going to translate what he says directly after each arrow he lets fly:
	- Shit!
	- I'm not good enough yet.
	- Don't be an idiot!
	- That stupid bitch! (this is in reference to Arche)
	- I don't want to be a trouble.
	- I won't be a burden!
	- You'll see.
	- I will have my revenge!
You're given a free level up.  When you wake up, go back to the weapon smith and 
he will tell you the bow is an ancient elven bow, and has holy properties to it.  
Then he gives it to you.  This is a great weapon for Chester.

When you reach the Treant's forest, go as far west as you can, and then head 
north.  Suzu will be there, and she'll take you to meet her Grandfather.
(after you trip all the traps in the house) The old man apologizes for the traps 
and scolds Suzu for leaving them on.  He introduces himself as Lanzo Shibayashi, 
the village's chief.  The man is worried Cless will catch a cold after falling 
in the water trap, so he offers to provide a hot springs bath.  The next scene 
is better translated, so that's what I'll do.

Arche   :   Wow! These hot springs are great!
Chester : This place smells bad.. like sulfur.
Klarth  : Time to relax..
Arche   : Mint, hurry up and come in the water!
Mint    : I'm coming, I'm coming
Mint    : ahhh.. so relaxing!
Arche   : Yeah.
          ..! Mint, Your breasts are enormous!
Mint    : (is embarrassed) They're the same as yours.
Arche   : I have nothing compared to you, I'm SO jealous!
Mint    : Don't worry, I'm older than you.
Chester : Cless, did you hear that?
Cless   : What?
Chester : What Arche said to Mint..
          I'm going to take a look.
Cless   : Quit it!
Klarth  : (to Cless) I'm envious of his youthfulness
Cless   : Klarth, can't you make him stop?
Cless   : Told you so..

After your bath, Lanzo asks how you are feeling, and you thank him.  Lanzo has 
heard the legend of the heroes who will come from the past, and welcomes you to 
the ninja's village.  Lanzo explains that he sends ninjas out to gather 
information from all over the world.  Cless and Mint ask about the ninjas 
working for Dhaos.  Lanzo explains that Dhaos has been brainwashing ninjas and 
enticing them to work for him as spies and assassins, and can control them 
through telepathy.  Then he tells you that Suzu's parents, Dozo and Okiyo, 
disappeared two years ago, and asks Cless to find them.  Suzu's father was next 
in lineage for the position of village chief, and is a powerful ninja, and Lanzo 
expresses his sadness that he may be working for Dhaos now.  
Cless and the party promises to try.  The last reports from the ninja who 
returned said that they were spotted near Euclid's castle.  Then Lanzo gives you 
a powerful ninja weapon, the muramasa.  (The laser blade is better, so don't 
bother equipping it.)
After all this is over, head to the left of the Ninja Village and explore the 
forest.  There is a book here for Klarth.  Then explore the forest to the right 
of the village for the BC Rod for Mint (the best weapon in the game for her) and 
the Earthquake spell for Arche.  

Enter the castle and go to the left, where three soldiers are guarding the door.  
Talk to them and answer yes to all their questions.  Here, Cless has to face a 
series of enemies by himself.  I suggest you use the Machine Sword (second 
combo, it costs 15 TP) as it is really effective on all these monsters.  After 
they are defeated, two ninjas show up sent by Dhaos to kill Cless.  
Cless asks them if they are Suzu's parents.  A voice confirms that yes they are 
indeed Dozo and Okiyo (I assume this is Dhaos' voice) and that they are under 
his complete control.  Then the two ninjas attack Cless.  Again, the machine 
sword is effective, but the Lionheart Attack does a good job of moving the 
ninjas away from you if you need to heal.  After the battle, Cless realizes what 
he has done.  Then the two ninjas get back up and tell Cless that they do not 
die so easily.  Just as another battle is about to take place, Suzu shows up and 
talks to her parents.  

Okiyo's voice: Suzu-chan, please kill us.. we can't resist Dhaos much longer
Suzu         : Mom, dad, please snap out of it!

In the last moments before Dhaos regains control of them, Suzu's her parents 
kill each other.  Suzu cries.  Her parent's souls are lifted up, freed from 
Dhaos' control.  Suzu promises her parents not to cry anymore, and that these 
tears staining her cheeks now will be her last.  Lastly, she promises to become 
a great ninja like her parents.  Cless starts to apologize, but Suzu thanks him 
for saving her parent's souls, and invites him to come back to the ninja 
village.  Then she disappears.  
Cless is riddled with guilt, and the other party members try to console him.

3.4.4 SUZU
Upon your return to ninja village, go back to the chief's house and talk to 
Lanzo.  He will welcome you back.  He thanks Cless for healing Dozo and Okiyo's  
hearts, but Cless still feels guilty.  Lanzo, convinced now that you can save 
the world from Dhaos, gives you a skill that a foreigner left in the village 
many years ago.  Lastly, he asks you to take Suzu with you.  Suzu is eager to 
join you, and the party welcomes the new addition.  
Lanzo reminds Cless that everyone, past, present and future is counting on him.  
Then he offers you another hot springs bath.

Cless   : Ahhh...
Chester : I feel better already!
          (notices Cless staring) What is it, Cless?
Cless   : you look buff.. your arms and chest are bigger!
Chester : It's all the extra practice I've been putting in, I think.
Arche   : Mint.. did you hear that?
Mint    : Hear what?
Arche   : What Cless just said!
Arche   : I gotta get a look at that boy!
Mint    : No, you shouldn't!
Arche   : Awwwe.... Come on!
          That wall shouldn't even be there!
          Well I'm .. going.. to.. look.
Suzu    : Klarth, your sake is ready.
Klarth  : Thanks. Can you bring it to me?
Cless   : Klarth, you looked so relaxed..  .. huh!?
Arche   : Hey, how are you guys doing over there? 

Make sure you stop by the weapons shop on the way out to get armor and a new 
weapon for Suzu.  Also make sure you talk to her grandfather who instructs you 
to visit the well next to the right of the house.  Go down the well (hope you 
still have your rope and pick axe) and climb on down.  Walk to the right and you 
will be repelled by a force that tells you that you aren't strong enough yet.  
Then make a trip to the top of the music tower where Luna was, 
and you'll find a book with the Lightning Rod skill for her, and Ifrit's Cavern, right where Ifrit was to find her Fire Throw Skill.

In the Burning Tower, just northeast of the Olive Village, the enemies are all 
healed by fire, so turn all your fire spells off. To go up to get the Exploder 
spell, hit the switch on the left and the one on the right and head up that 
center door.  The left-hand staircase leads up to the rest of the tower.  You 
can either go all the way up, or just get the Explode spell for Arche, which is 
what I did first.  Get the spell and then head out.  
Once you've come back down, exit the tower for a moment to save you game, then take the right hand door as you enter, and work your way up to the top.  You'll 
still be affected by the fire, so make sure your always healed.  The other 
option is to return to the first section of the tower and fight monsters until 
you receive a Fire Charm Ring.  If you use a rune bottle on this, it will become 
and Ice Charm Ring.  Any character with an Ice Charm ring equipped will not be hurt by the fire.  Depending on how much you heal in battle, this may or may not 
be worth it, but it does save the time is takes to go through the menus.  When 
you see the statues on the special colored tiles, move them off and the doors 
will open. On the one with the 2 switches, just pull them onto the 
switches...and watch your health! Once you get to the top of the tower, a 
creature called Flamebelk will tell you that Odin's power can never be yours.  
Cless begs to differ, and Flamebelk attacks you.  She is a powerful swordsman, 
and has so other fire creatures guarding her.  Use Mint to heal and take out her 
guards first, as their Fire Storm spells can get nasty.  Once they are gone, 
throw everything you've got at Flamebelk, who will be relatively incapacitated 
by Arche's Maelstrom, Klarth using Undine constantly or Chester using his ice 
arrow attack, and have Cless use the machine sword attack. Shouldn't take too 
long to kick its ass. After that, you get the Fire Sword and the Energy Wave 
technique for Cless. You're finally done. 
Well, maybe not entirely done.  You can go left from the entrance to the tower  and down some stairs to find a transporter that leads you to a familiar place: 
where you were given the Pegasus.  If you search the statue, Odin himself will 
transport you to another room, and you can fight with him (with Cless alone) for 
his fully powered Gugnir spear.  This is one of the more powerful weapons in the 
game, but you have to be on at LEAST level 70 to defeat him.  I recommend 
leaving this little extra for later in the game, as Odin is damn near impossible 
without the Energy Strike technique you get later on.  If you do beat Odin, make 
SURE that you grab the chest on the RIGHT first.  Once you open the left-hand 
(the blue chest) you will receive the fully powered Gugnir, and Odin will take 
you away from this room, and there is no way to return.  The other chest 
contains an item that looks like a statuette of the Valkyrie.  The Gugnir weapon 
has the highest attack rating in the game at 1640, but this is Only for 
stabbing.  It's slice rating is pathetic, though.  If you've got a weapon that 
you can use to defeat Odin, it's probobaly worth keeping over the Gugnir.

Go to the town of Freezekill and enter the church at the north of town.  Cless 
recognizes it as the Church of Fenrir, but the door will be locked.  A voice 
will sound saying "Unless you wish to die, turn back now!  But if you wish to 
perish, come inside and I will seal your fate!"  Then the door opens, and the 
party agrees to enter.  Arche pushes on the door, which shatters.  Enter the 
building and talk to the sprit on the left.  It will sell you a piece of magical 
ice.  Also, it tells you the key to survival is using magic to mix ice and fire.   
This may seem enigmatic, but like the Burning Tower, there is a constant HP 
drain in here.  Use rune bottles on your Fire Charm rings to make them Ice Charm 
rings, and then it will not affect you.
Go up to the altar, and Cless will compliment the stained glass and 
architecture.  Then the voice returns, saying "Finally, you are here.  Now it is 
time for your death."  The apparition says it s protecting the ice sword.  Many 
have tried to gain its power, all have failed." Cless tells the vision that he 
has no intention of turning back, even if it means death.  The vision then opens 
the way forward and disappears.  
When you first enter, hit the switch with the Sorsala ring, so it's unfrozen, 
and search it until it asks to turn it on. After you throw the switch head 
right.  The floor down is a room of torches, in which ALL of them must be lit to 
continue on down to the next floor.  Once you get to the room with the giant 
pit, hit the statue with the Sorsala ring and drag it over to the crack on the 
right and cover it. Then light up the torches, and head down the stairs. 

The Maze can be confusing, so here is a map, you can decide which treasures you 
want to Get:

    EXIT  X    8
     |    |    |
     |    |    |
     |    |    |
5----4----X----X----Previous Cave Area
     |    |    |
     |    |    |
     X    2    X

	1- Pick Axe
	2- Charm Bottle
	3- Tidal Wave Spell 
	4- Black Onyx
	5- Blue Hood
	6- Ice Cloak
	7- Book for Klarth (crap)
	8- Armor (crap)
	9- Shield (crap)

The next floor is pretty general but you have to turn on the switch to the 
right, then head right and then go down the stairs and hit a yellow circle in a 
room. This freezes the nearby water.  Walk across the water and follow the trail 
up.  Notice you have looped around where you were before.  Then hit the switch 
you had hit before (This unfreezes the water and re-drains it back to the area 
you drained it from before and re-freezes it).  Head to the right and walk 
across the ice, following the trail up.  Here you can finally save before the 
boss.  He will say "My name is FangBeast.  No one enters the ice cave and lives!  
Fenrir's sprit is here, and I will never hand it over to anyone!"
Fangbeast is a real bitch, because he can rake you with the icicles he summons 
up from the floor. The best strategy is to get Mint to level 53 and use the Time 
Stop spell.  Then get in as Explode and Flame Throw techniques as you can, using 
Ifrit or Chester's Fire Arrow.  Your reward for all this is the powerful Vorpal 
Sword and the Energy Sword for Cless. 

Now that you have acquired all three parts to the Legendary Eternal Sword, go to 
the stone in the Treant's forest that repaired the rings for you before.  
Klarth will sense Origin's presence, and then you will have the opportunity to 
switch Arche into the party.  Then you must challenge Origin before asking him 
any favors. Once defeated, Cless asks Origin to make the eternal sword for him, 
and Origin asks why.  Cless tells him he needs it to kill Dhaos, and Origin 
points out that they don't know all that much about Dhaos, and seems almost 
unwilling you help.

Origin : Time sword?  What do you need that for?
Cless  : To attack Dhaos.  Without it, he can escape us again.
Origin : Dhaos.... He has taken this world? Heh.
Chester: What's so funny? Have you taken leave of your senses?
Origin : Haven't you considered why Dhaos is here? Who he really is? And where 	   he comes from? And why he is committing these acts against humanity?
Mint   : It's true that we don't know everything about Dhaos, but It's obvious 
	   that many people's lives have been ruining, and many more are in danger 
	   because of his actions.
Cless  : We want to save our world. 

   Origin will grant your wish to combine the Fire and Vorpal swords using the 
Diamond ring, and grant Klarth a contract.  Also he gives Cless three
techniques: one technique and two combinations.  Now that they have the power to 
attack Dhaos, they decide to consult with Runeglom, because they do not know 
where to begin looking.
1. Go Quickly 2. Go on Foot

Runeglom will congratulate you on acquiring the eternal sword, and you will 
ask him where they should look for Dhaos.  Runeglom will tell you that Dhaos is 
most likely near the town of Ary, shrouded in eternal darkness.  The Party 
agrees to check it out.   

Once they reach Ary, the party decides to spend the night at the inn.  Go there and pay the innkeeper.  Here is the script for what happens:

Klarth : It's cold here. We need heat.
Cless  : What's wrong, Mint?
Mint   : Cless..
Cless  : What is it?
Mint   : Cless, I need to talk to you.  I'll be waiting outside.  Will you come 
	   out in a few minutes?
Cless  : Of course.. (?)
Arche  : Where'd mint go?
Cless  : Umm.. I think she went for a walk or something.
Arche  : A walk??
Cless  : Yeah, I think so.  A walk, that's it.
Arche  : Why did she do that?
Chester: I don't know.
Arche  : Sure wish he had the bath from the ninja village... it's too cold here.  
	   She went for a walk?
Chester: Why don't you take a bath you smell?
Arche  : I want to go with Mint!
Chester: ...
Klarth : Nah. Stay in and get warm.  It's too damn cold out there, and it's 
	   getting worse.  
Klarth : What's wrong, Cless?
Cless  : What?  Oh nothing.  I just want to go for a walk myself.
Arche  : I'm going too!
Cless  : No thanks, I'd prefer to be alone.
Arche  : What a weirdo.
Klarth : Hmm.. he went for a walk too... ah, to be young again.
Arche  : You're not THAT old.
Klarth : Really?
Arche  : You're still in your twenties!
Klarth : Yes, but I'll be thirty soon... what will I do?  The night is still 
Arche  : What are you doing?
Klarth : I have an idea...
	*Klarth calls Origin*
Klarth : Origin, you have power over time...
Origin : Yes I do.. but it's not permitted for me to show you the future.
Klarth : I want to see the past.  I want to see something ... ... 
Origin : Alright.  You can do this only once, you know.
Klarth : Only once... I understand.
Arche  : What are you doing? 
Origin : So when are where would you like to see?
Klarth : Can you guys leave us a lone for a minute?  
Arche  : Why?  It's freezing out there!
Klarth : Please ... I will give you anything you wish later.
Arche  : Well, alright.  But I don't see what it is you're doing.
	*Arche and Chester leave*
Origin : So what was it again?
Klarth : ... (mumbles)
Origin : What? I can't hear you.
Klarth : ... (mumbles)
Origin : Ah.  I see.  Why are you speaking so softly?  You are old enough to say 
	   it.  Regardless...
Miralde : Alright, children.  Today's lesson is over.  We will finish the rest 
Children: Thank you teacher!  When is Klarth coming back?  Isn't Dhaos defeated?  
Miralde : The village chief said he is so proud of Klarth and there will be a 
	    celebration upon his return!  Bu I don't know when he's coming back.  
	    I think he'll be back soon.  
Children: Do you really think so?
Miralde : Alright, children.  See you tomorrow.
	*they leave*
Miralde : Where are you Klarth?  I need you here.  And I will continue to wait 
	    for you.  
Chester: Hey, Arche!
Arche  : What?
Chester: I bet you wanna go find your lover boy, Cless?  Hey! 
Arche  : Shut up!  It's none of your business what I want!
Chester: Cless is my best friend.  So it IS my business Arche  : Ok then. ... sorry I lost my temper.
Chester: Well, even though you started it, I'm guilty of it too.  Sorry.
Arche  : What are you saying?  YOU'RE the one who started it!!  You think I care 
	   That you hate me?  
Chester: Who ever said I hated you?  Quite the opposite! Ever since the first 
   time we met... 
Arche  : What? saw... me?
Chester: !!! ... umm ... Never mind.
Arche  : ... Chester... let's go outside, Ok?
Chester: No, I'm fine right here.
Arche  : Please, come on!
	*she drags him off*
Cless  : Sorry to keep you waiting.
Mint   : Don't worry about it
Cless  : I couldn't get away from the others.  Mind if I have sit next to you?
Mint   : Please do.
Cless  : So... What did you want to talk about?
Mint   : Please take a look at this...
Cless  : This earring...
	*Cless Flashbacks to the earring that helped him escape the prison*
Cless  : An earring...?
???    : Please put this earring on... it will help you escape.  Please save the 
	   girl and get her to safety...
Cless  : Wait! Who are you?
???    : Please... 
Cless  : ... Ok I'll try.
Mint   : It's very unusual piece, this unicorn shaped earring.  This is proof of 
	   being a healer.  It's the same one my mother used to wear.  
Cless  : ...
Mint   : I can't believe she's really dead.  
Cless  : So...
Mint   : Don't.  If you hadn't hid my mother's death from me, I would have been 
	   crushed back there.  
Cless  : Mint...
Mint   : Really.  Thank you.  
Arche  : Poor Mint...
Chester: Hey, quit spying, let's go back inside.  It's snowing again, I'll 
Arche  : Let's just stay a little longer...
Suzu   : Father... mother... we will fight with Dhaos soon.  ... mom.. dad.  I 
	   can't decide.  Father can the ninja be truly be without a heart?  When 
	   I'm with Cless, I feel so special, so strange... it's... because my 
	   mind is weak?  Mother, what is this feeling?  ... I... don't understand 
	   it.  ... but.. for the last battle, I want to fight alongside with 
	   Cless... together.  From my heart.  Even if I die trying.  
???    : I'm looking for a Cless, is he here?
Cless  : Who are you?
Soldier: I'm from Alvanista.  Someone saw a castle in the mountains northwest of 
Cless  : A castle?
Soldier: Yes.  He said when he went to the top of the mountain, it was there, 	   floating in the sky.
Klarth : Sounds strange.
Cless  : Well, let's take a look.
Soldier: Good bye, and good luck.

Once this is all over, head to the restaurant in the northwest section of town 
and talk to one of the soldiers who gives you a Dedis Emblem.  You'll need this 
a little later. 
Then head out of Ary to the cave on the western side of Ary.  The Guard will let 
you pass and then continue on to the end of the cliff.  The castle appears when 
Cless uses the Eternal Sword to transport you onto the castle's platform.  I've 
broken the castle into the nine main sections.  I highly recommend you visit the 
Morlia Gallery before this, as the Morlia Orb's permanent Holy Bottle effect is 
a total bonus in this encounter-ridden dungeon.  However, I do recommend you run 
in for the helm and the Meteor shower spell, see the section on Dhaos' Castle
for details.

After Dhaos' Castle shows up you can talk to a man in Freezekill's item 
shop,(Graham) and he will give you letter and show all small islands contain 
treasure left there by his ancestor, Alfred. Don't forget to come back to the 
man after you have found Rosania's Dress (look in the special item).  Many of the items on the Draga Item List can only be found this way, including some 
great armor, like the H Gauntlet and the B Shield.  I would recommend doing this 
before visiting Dhaos' Castle or the Morlia Gallery. There is a total of 22 
treasure areas:
3 in North Euclid:
   South of Venetia on the East coast, 2nd strip of beach
	-H Gauntlet, Animal Pelt, Mental Ring, 3 boxes w/6,000-8,000 Gald each
   Second Island South of Demitel's Island
	-25,000 Gald, Animal Pelt, Reversal Doll
   Island west of Euclid Area
	-Animal Pelt, 12,000 Gald, Gold Ring
1 on Long Island between Euclid and Venetia:
   Small enclosed inlet just East of Sylph's Mountain
	-10,000 Gald, Blue Hood, Jet Boots
3 in South Euclid:
   Southwest of Miguel, small inlet cut off by small mountain range
	-Red Card, Elixir (both in the same chest)
   The tiny island just south of the aforementioned peninsula
	-25,000 Gald, Reverse Doll
   Island just Northeast of Nome's Cavern, on the Grass Field
	-Blue Candle, 12,000 Gald, 
2 on the Dark Island:
   The Western tip of the Island, in the light on the grass field
	-20,000 Gald, WallBreaker
   The Northern tip of the island, in the light on the grass field
	-15,000 Gald, Reflect Ring, Animal Pelt
1 on Fenrir's Island:
   South of Freezekill, follow island and find little shadowed valley
	-12,000 Gald, Tech Point Crystal, Animal Pelt
3 East of Ymir Forest:
   The southern little tag of the continent cut off by mountains
	-30,000 Gald, Force Ring
   In the eastern bay, a small circular island in just off shore
	-77,000 Gald, Rosania's Dress** 
   On the island beach just north of the mountain range
	-Blue Hood, Reflect Ring, Animal Pelt
2 to Alvanista's Northeast:
   Small island just off the elongated peninsula North of Alvanista
	-Animal Pelt, Fairy Ring, Cooing Pot
   From that island, a forest inlet area just a little to the southeast
	-?AXESPR (Central Hard)
1 West of Freland:
   Island in the bay northwest of Olive Village
	-Animal Pelt, Two Elixirs, Drum Kit
1 East of Freland:
   Island Northeast of Desert, Northern inlet
	-Nine Coral pieces
1 far to the southeast of Mid Galds:
   Second Island from the North off Freland's east coast, southern inlet
	-Tapestry, Elixir, ?SWORD (Duel Sword), Elven Boots, R-Line Shield
4 North of Mid Galds:
   Strip of beach cut off by mountains southwest of Unicorn's Forest
	-Three Animal Pelts
   TINY inlet just north of the large Snowfield north of Valhalla Plains
	-Elixir, Golden Helm, Daireseke (Beautiful Stone)
   The island slightly northwest of where Dhaos' Castle used to be
	-Namco Gamer Magazine, ?SWORD (Lucky Blade), Elven Boots
   Round Inlet just south of the Bridge to where Dhaos' Castle used to be
	-Animal Pelt, Black Onyx, Gold Band, Green Torch, Elixir, B-Line Shield

Once you've finished looting, return to Graham with Rosania's Dress and he will 
thank you for returning the only possession left of his mother, the one treasure 
that couldn't be bought for any price.  Then he gives Klarth a Technique Ring 
and the title "Treasure Hunter".

Return to the city of Miguel and sleep at the Inn.  Cless will have the 
following dream sequence:
Miguel : Hiendenkeku!
Cless  : Wow!  That's great, dad!
Miguel : It's called Hiendenkeku.
Cless  : Wonderful!  Wonderful!
         Dad, you're so cool!
Miguel : Really?
Cless  : Yes, please show me more sword tricks!
Miguel : Alright, next will be...
Maria  : What are you doing?
Cless  : Mom!
         Dad showed me the cooled sword move!
Maria  : Really?
         What did you show him, Miguel?
Miguel : Yes, because I think I will begin to teach him swordplay soon...
Cless  : Dad!  Do it again!
Miguel : ...he asked me, so I want to show him.
         Do you think it's a good idea?
Maria  : So, Cless will learn to be like you, soon?
Miguel : Yes.  The sooner, the better.
         It's just for him.
         In the futue, Cless may have to protect the pendant we used to seal 
Maria  : Yes, I suppose you are right...
Cless  : Pendant?
Maria  : Yes, I will show it to you someday.
Cless  : Dad!  Can I see the sword move again?
Miguel : Here's an even better one!
         I'm still trying to perfect it...
         Ok, here we go!
Miguel : Sokuzanshoken!
         ...What do you think?
Cless  : It's fantastic, you vaporized the dummy!
Miguel : It's not perfect yet...
Cles   : ...
Maria  : What's wrong, Cless?
Cless  : Father...
Miguel : Yes?
Cless  : If I practice very hard, can I do that, too?
Miguel : Of course!
Cless  : Really?
Miguel : If you practice hard, your technique will be better than even mine!
Cless  : I will practice harder than anyone!
Miguel : OK then!  So will I!
         And then I will finish this technique and teach you.
Cless  : Yes, father!
After this is done, Cless has learned a new skill!  Though it doesn't appear in 
the menu, this is one of the more powerful skills in the game.  Cless can only 
use this skill when his TP indicator flashed the word "POWER".  When this 
happens, press the Sq, X and Cir buttons simultaneously to see this spectacular 

Yes, you can go deeper into the evil, evil dungeon. There are some crazy hard 
enemies in here (level 60 or higher, I recommend hanging out on the first floor
of the dungeon until you are high enough.)  But the treasure in here and the 
levels and spells you gain make it well worth the trip.

   Floor B18
	-Gremlin Lair Summon in the gaseous sub-room
	-Black Hole Spell door out of the left wall   
   Floor B19
	-Bahamut's Tail Axe on the suspension bridge area (second best weapon)
	-Gold Armor in the flashing grid room (this armor is the best in the game)
   Floor B22
	-Suzu's Samidare skill in a room off to the right
	-Arche's Big Bang spell in the treasure room north of the Wyvern
	-the Excalibur sword in the treasure room north of the Wyvern (the best 
	   powerful weapon in the game)
	-Cless' Lion Claws technique in the treasure room north of the Wyvern
	-the Morlia Orb in the treasure room north of the Wyvern (allows you to 
	 set the encounter rate to low, normal or high
	-a dagger for Suzu in the treasure room north of the Wyvern 

You can return here (Suzu will stay outside the castle in order to avoid 
reliving bad memories of you brutally slaughtering her parents - just kidding) 
to fight a series of monsters, each series getting progressively harder until 
you are given the option to fight one more monster.  If you choose yes, you will 
fight a monster that resembles FangBeast from Fenrir's cavern.  The best method 
of attack I've found is to use the Energy Strike attack, followed by a 
succession of Machine Sword attacks.  If he knocks you back, he'll get cheap and 
hit you while you're down, just use one of the available cure items.  I always 
save the attack booster for this guy, cause it'll bump your Machine Sword damage 
up.  Each time you win the coliseum, you are give a different reward.  I've left 
it out of the walkthrough until now because you probobaly haven't had a high 
enough level to do this unless you've sat around building yourself up.
	First   Time: Cless' Lion Teeth Attack
	Second  Time: Tapestry, Tea Cup, Daireseke
	Third   Time: Pendant Set
	Fourth  Time: Meats of the World
	Fifth   Time: Lavender Set
	Sixth   Time: Bottle Set
	Seventh Time: Accessory Kit
	Eighth  Time: Star Item Set for Magician
	Ninth   Time: Star Item Set for Fighter (good armor for Chester)
	Tenth+  Time: Gummie Set (First time, you also get S-D Sword) 

At the tenth coliseum battle, A woman shows up and dispatches the FangBeast type
monster before you fight it, and turns to Cless and tells him 

3.7.5 SHADOW
When you enter the cavern there is a dark pathway with I sign that reads "you 
need three different kinds of light to proceed".  Follow this pathway until you 
come to a dark flashing room with a locked door and a sign.  This one instructs 
you to light the Red light, so open up your inventory and hit the Cir button on 
the Red Lantern.  The screen will now glow red, and the door will open.  
Continue on until you reach another dark passageway.  There are a few treasures 
around, but nothing special and the encounters here can be tough on your HP and 
TP.  Exit through the north end of the chamber to another room with another 
locked door.  The correct code is Purple (Red + Blue) this time, so keep the Red 
lantern lit and activate the Blue candle as well.  There will immediately be 
another door requiring a White light - so add in the Green Torch and continue on 
into yet another dark passageway.  Head to the left-hand wall, and exit through 
the north door (though be sure to pick up Suzu's last skill, Jiraiya, which can 
be bought to the right of the door) and you will enter a room with two street 
lamps and a tablet which reads "Set the clock to 4:48."  What you have to do is 
walk in between the two lamps so that your shadows generated by the lights 
create the illusion of an analog clock face at the time 4:48.  This is about two 
rows up and six rows left of the lower lamp.  When you reach that tile, use the 
Sorsala ring and you will hear the door open.
On the next floor down, there are some nasty spell casting demon creatures: they can get two spells off before you can get one off, even if you have the Emblem that allows you decrease your spell casting time in half, so make sure you have emergency life bottles for Mint.  There is a contract ring in this room, the 
Emerald Ring.  It is located right to the left of the screen break, in an 
isolated corridor.  Once you've got the ring, head to the left wall and exit 
through the north.  You will enter another bright room with four signs, four switches and a circle in the center.  From left to right, the signs read:

"turn right, stick out your tongue, then, look to the left, up, step on 
it, red, apple"

"you, that is to say, injury, hand, circle, inside, up, exit"

"sad events, one after another, a few seconds, the end"

"Don't just read these signs.  Think about what the words mean."

Now, I'm not exactly sure about how you're supposed to glean this pattern form 
the above clues, but... Run to the bottom left switch, and turn it on, then turn 
on the top right switch.  Lastly, go to the center circle of the room and stand 
in it for about thirty seconds.  Then you will hear the door open.  After you 
head through the door, Shadow will appear and speak in the same disjointed 
symbolism as the signs from the previous room.  Regardless, Klarth manages a 
contract with him.

Make one more trek down to the bottom of the Morlia Gallery and save your game 
at the spot just before where you fought the Wyvern.  Head back into the dark 
room with the river and exit to the south on the left-hand side of the bridge.  
You will be in a room filled with poisonous gas, almost identical to where you 
found the Gremlins.  A mysterious figure name Pluto will appear, and tell you 
that he has fled here because Dhaos devastated his world.  The party offers him 
the chance to contract to defeat Dhaos together, but Pluto refuses, as he claims 
he is no mere human's servant.  Then he attacks you, along with his buddy 
Cerberus, the three-headed dog.  Good luck, this is one of the tougher battles 
in the game.  I recommend you have Cless do the Energy Sword technique as 
rapidly as possible, try to keep him directly underneath Pluto in order to 
protect him from the purple flames he throws.  Have Arche cast Big Gang, as she 
is probobaly out of Cerberus' reach.  Then use Chester or Klarth to hold 
Cerberus off of Mint while she tries to heal.  I ended up killing Pluto before I 
did Cerberus.  After this, Pluto will be convinced of your power, and agrees to 
help you defeat Dhaos.  Congratulations, you've acquired all the summons!

Remember the well outside of Suzu's house?  Well, now that you have all the 
skills, revisit this place for her five tests.  You get there, a voice will say 
that only ninja can continue, so Suzu has to to on alone.  The first sign (the 
oval stones sticking up out of the ground) reads:
"These five will determine whether you will live as a person or as a ninja."
Each test involves a question and a battle.  Feel free to use all your skills in 
the battles, as you can use items to refill yourself after every battle.  I've 
given you the answers to the questions that will make the ninja agree with you, 
but your answers have no bearing on the outcome of this section.

Test no.1
Sign     - "Never make a decision out of anger."
Question - "If your enemies have children, can you kill the children?" (Y)
Test no.2
Sign     - "Sadness decreases your power."
Question - "Could you kill a close friend?" (Y)
Test no.3
Sign     - "Happiness will make others will envy you."
Question - "Can you kill a witness to one of your murders?" (Y)
Test no.4
Sign     - "Pity on others brings death to you."
Question - "can you kill and expose your boss if he is evil?" (N)
Test no.5
Sign     - "Laughter at the enemy is an invitation to death"
Question - "Could you kill your own parents?" (Y)

After all the battles and tests, there is one final sign that reads:
"There is no clear answer to being a ninja.  You must make your own way"
Suzu finds a letter written to her by her father.  He is happy she made it to 
the bottom, and tells her that the Ninja's true reward is in killing their own 
heart and dedicating their lives to those we believe as higher than ourselves.  
He says that Suzu is still learning, though, and it will take time before she is 
ready to be chief.  Then he instructs her to take the sword from within the box, 
and remember the ninja's road is not the easiest.  Suzu says "Mom... Dad... I 
did it!" then recieves some experience points and "Shinobi" status.  However, 
the weapon you get here is not as powerful as the one in Morlia, so I don't know 
when you can go through this ordeal... any knowledge of how many skills you need 
to get in order to play this sequence out is appreciated.  

If you return to the Elven Village once Dhaos' Castle has appeared, you can talk 
to the bowsmith and he will tell you about a mystical section of the Treant's 
forest.  So head to Origin's stone and Klarth will summon Origin, who will warp 
you to a magical section.  The deal is, Klarth has to sustain this realm using 
his magic, so his TP are slowly drained with each passing second.  If he runs 
out, you'll be given a dialog of either returning back to your world, or opening 
up the item menu and restoring some TP.  Also, the battles here are easy enough, 
so feel free to keep him in your party but casting no spells to squeeze the 
extra TP out of him.  There are mostly useless items here, just fruit to keep 
Klarth's TP up.  The more useful treasure is:
	Lavendar and Savory items
	A purple hood for Suzu
	The (C)Friendship Statue
	The Magical Wood

To get the friendship statue, just head south from the entrance.  Finding the 
Magical wood is much, much trickier.  After picking up the statue, go back to 
the entrance and head:
Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Lower Right, Down.

Now return to the Elven village and talk to the bowsmith, who will take the wood 
from you and forge a bow for Chester that is about 200 points more powerful than 
any other bow you've found, and also boosts his speed by 200.  

It was really nice of Dhaos to leave you a save point right at the beginning.  
Go up and there will be a big eye monster waiting for you.  Don't be fooled into 
thinking this is a call spell, it's just one of Dhaos' henchmen, you'll be 
killing several of his brothers and cousins later in the dungeon.  To your left 
and down is the dungeon area, prepare to get really familiar with this area.  Up 
on the left is some treasure, and up on the right is some more treasure (get 
that shield on Cless if you didn't do any of the optional stuff.  Then Up a bit 
further is a switch.  Pull it and go back to where you fought the eye and head 
to the right.  That door will now be open and you can continue to section II.  
(Not all the sections are this easy; don't worry.)

As you come up the stairs, keep going up through those two doors, and there'll 
be a little room where you can find Arche's spell Meteor Storm.  Finally, a 
spell that works.  It's comparable to Final Fantasy's Meteor, doing between 
3000-6000 damage a pop.  I advise you to come get this spell as soon as you can, 
as it's useful on the optional quests, especially the Morlia Gallery's bosses.  
Ok, now go to the left and down, and throw the switch through the left-hand door, and grab that treasure down there, which includes the great Gaia armor for Chester.  Go back to the big room and now you can enter to the enclosed 
staircase room from the right hand side (the wall is only holographic now) and 
head on up.  Also in the big room is a door in the upper left-hand corner that leads to a room with a tablet.  

You need five, count 'em FIVE Dedis Emblems at this point.  When you step on the 
symbol, anyone who is NOT wearing a Dedis Emblem will be transported to the 
Dungeon area back in Section I., and you'll have to go back and pick them up.  
Equip the Dedis Emblem that the soldier in Ary (the Dark Snow town) on Cless, 
then step on the symbol.  After everyone else has disappeared, head to the 
right.  The area around this transporter houses several more Dedis Emblems, so 
keep looking until you have five (not counting Cless').  All bnut one of them 
are guarded by ninjas.  Use Cless' Flame Throw skill to dispatch thenm with 
ease.  Then take off Cless Dedis Emblem and go to the transporter, and you'll be 
taken to the dungeon where you can free your friends.  Now that you have all 
your party members equipped with a Dedis Emblem (yes, even whoever you aren't 
using in the combat party), go back to the Symbol and head left.  There is a 
passage out the left of this room that lets you leave this stinkin' area.  Hey, 
you can even remove those useless Dedis Emblems from everyone and re-equip 
useful relics.

This is probably one of the easier sections to deal with if you know what you're 
doing.  After you save your game on the save point, head to the left, through 
the passage, then down, then left again to a big crystal looking room.  There's 
another eye, except this one has a brother and isn't nearly as friendly as the 
other was.  Kill them both and throw the switch.  There's a lot of treasure in 
this area, including some lavendar.  Head out of the crystal room then up twice.  
There'll be a door that leads downward, go through it and start heading right.  
When you reach the last door, go up through it and it'll take you to a door that 
looks like one form the last time you were in Dhaos' Castle, except now it's 
purple.  Regardless, head through the door and onto the next puzzle.

Yay! Another save point.  Use it and keep on going up past the stone tablet.  
don't bother going in any doors (the switches are ineffective now), just keep 
following the main hallway all the way to the end.  The last switch will 
activate all the others, then pop into each door (the first two after you hit 
the master switch are treasure rooms, and contain no switches though), and hit 
the switch.  When you return to the room with the stone tablet and the save 
point, re-save your game and hit the last switch, then go through the door to 
section VI.

Going up in this area will take you to a mirror.  Don't use it!  Using it will 
bring you back to the hallway at the end of section IV.  Instead, head to the 
right, and you'll go through the wall again.  Part of the way through this 
secret passage, you can head up for some lavender.  If your characters don't 
have 9999 HP and 999 TP, this is your last chance to power up before Dhaos, so 
use those rune bottles!  Continue to the right until you reach a small, empty 
room, then head up.  Once the door is in sight, you can head to the left for six 
more treasure chests, many of which contain lavender items.  Then go through the 
door, you're almost there!

This sections is a joke compared to what you've been through.  Take the door on 
the right for some quick treasure if you want, then take the door on the left to 
keep going.  Head up the hallway, and take the left hand way.  (The right hand 
way leads to a switch room that makes mirror appear which just takes you back to 
the beginning of the section.)  There are two treasure rooms on the upper side, 
and heading down will lead you to the beginning of the castle's most tedious 

First, save your game.  The tower is just a bunch of passageways, nothing 
tricky, but the battles can get tedious.  Notice you are getting higher and 
higher in the castle above the earth.  Just keep going until you reach another 
save point.  (If you have the Morlia Orb, this place is a piece of cake!)

Dhaos is waiting for you, and you engage in the battle.  He has two forms you 
must defeat, the first of which is just a re-colored, more vicious version of 
his old self.
RECOMMENDATION: Use Suzu's Kamaitachi and Cless's Flame Throw to wail on him, 
while Mint Heals and Arche casts Big Bang).  Use the same tricks, keeping your 
spell casters in the back away from those nasty spells that you're trying to 

His next form (FezarDhaos), is pretty easy.  He can hit you with the balls he 
shoots from his arm anywhere on the screen, and he has a nasty little spell that 
does 2000-4000 damage.  What's worse is he can make himself invulnerable at any 
given time (though he won't attack you at this time, either.)  
RECOMMENDATION: (You get the option to switch party members) you use Chester's 
Dragon Killer, Cless' Energy Sword, Arche's Big Bang, and keep the Ressurection 
spell flowing at all times.  Again, just keep your spell casters as far away 
form him as possible.

The last form is an Angel looking version of Dhaos.  He is by far the most 
vicious of the versions of Dhaos you will fight, as he's quick and can cancel 
all your characters attacks with that Energy Spike move, and dizzt you with that 
energy punch move.
RECCOMENDATION: Keep the same party as before, and use basically the same 
technique.  Keep your spell casters away form him.  Dhaos is quick, and can 
switch sides VERY fast, so get them away from him ASAP.  He'll eventually die, 
and then you get to watch the ending.

Lastly, don't be afraid to use ALL your items, especially those hourglass things 
(silly, because they look more like clocks) to stop time and wail on Dhaos as 
hard as you can with your techniques and spells.  

I know there is one skill missing and several more optional quests I've missed 
here.  Please help me to find them and explore this game to it's full potential!

Be advised that there are several differences in the versions, and information 
in that walkthrough may not be accurate for the PSX version.  I will continue to 
update this walkthrough to make it just as complete as the other one.  If you 
have any information you'd like to share with us that is wrong in this 
walkthrough, or you know of something you feel should be added, please e-mail 
[email protected]  

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