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                                S t e a l t h  A s s a s s i n s

Version 1.6 on 2/5/99 Valsoft Studios
Created By: Valkryie_X

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Table of Contents

Whats New!...................Section I
About........................Section II
Legal Items..................Section III
Story........................Section A
Basic Controls...............Section B
Mission Scoring..............Section C
Items........................Section D
Characters...................Section E
Techniques...................Section F
Walkthrough..................Section G
Codes/Tips...................Section H
Secret Items.................Section I
Killer Moves.................Section J
Future additions.............Section K

Section I--Whats New!
v1.5 to v1.6
1. Added The Killer Move section. Thanks to Dan & Jason

v1.4 to v1.5
1. Added Thanks-Contributions Section
2. Thanked WZafran for the information.
3. Thanks to CJAYC of Gamefaqs for pointing that out!

v1.3 to v1.4
1. Added to the exclusive list
2. Added Cheatscc.Com to the exclusive list
3. DID U KNOW THAT TENCHU2 is in the works. 

v1.2 to v1.3
1. ASCII Logo completed. Wooooooo. Nothing major except the logo

v1.1 to v1.2
1. Finally Got the Debug code to work. Its more of a detailed    
explanation now.

v1.0 to v1.1
1. Put in the last bosses name: Lord Mei-Oh 
2. Added another advanced technique: Blocking, which I forgot to mention
3. Fixed an error in the Codes section(The Debug code should now work)
4. Added the secret Items List.

Section II--About
This is my second Faq I have worked on, the Guilty Gear Faq being the 
first one. Both this and the Guilty Gear Faq can be located within and I would like to say that part of 
this faq is from the manual(for those of you playing the import 
version)for various reasons. I needed the button layouts and techniques. 
Everything else is original and hopefully you will not copy or reproduce 
this faq in any way. I would like to thank Activision for Releasing 
Tenchu, and thank Both and for posting my 
faqs up on their sites.

Section III--Legal Items
Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in any 
way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from using 
this FAQ for any purpose. This FAQ is only to be on and unless otherwise noted. This FAQ may not be sold, or 
included as part of a publication that is sold, without the author's 
express permission!!! Tenchu: Stealth Assassins was made by(c) Sony 
Music Entertainment(Japan) and Distributed by Activision, 1998. The use 
of any trademarks within this FAQ is not intended to represent a 
challenge to their validity.

Section A--Story
It was a time of great turmoil.
   Bitter wars raged as those in power sought yet more power, but only 
chaos prevailed.
   There was but on beacon of hope shining amidst the madness-
Matsunoshin Gohda who ruled his people with wisdom, compassion, and 
   Behind the great man were two ninjas who were sworn to serve and 
protect their master to the death. Rikimaru, a leader of the Azuma 
Shinobi-ryu ninja sect, and Ayame, a young female ninja, sully their 
hands with the blood of the wicked and unjust far from the public's eye.
   This is the tale of two shadows of justice born unto darkness and 
destined to die in darkness.

Section B--Basic Controls
Authors Note: The game does not support Analog sticks, but supports the               
dual shock ability. To activate this feature enter options               
and turn the feedback to ON. Also turn autosave in options               
to ON.

Button Layouts:

L2=Item Select, Moves the item selection cursor to the right/left.
L1=Look around, Use the D-Pad to change viewpoint while holding.
R2=Item Select, Moves the item selection cursor to the right/left.
R1=Stealth mode, this button makes the ninja crouch on the spot. If by a    
wall the ninja will flatten against it to conseal him/her from the    
Select= Map, While within the game, it will call up the map.
Start= Pauses the game.

D-pad movements= Double tap forward to dash forward or double tap                                   
backwards for a quick retreat. Also will work if double                  
tapped to either the left or right.

Square: Attack, Different kinds of attacks can be executed by varying                 
the number of times this button is pressed or using the D-pad in                                 
conjunction with this button. For more info check the Techniques                                  

X-button: Jump, Use the X button in combination with the D-pad, Square,           
Circle, and R1 buttons to perform a variety of actions.

Circle: Stealth Mode, Makes the ninja move using stealth teachniques. If         
in the open the ninja will crouch. If near a wall they will         
flatten themselves in order to hide themselves.

Triangle: Aim, Use sub weapon or item. Makes your ninja use the selected           
inventory item.

Section C--Mission Scoring
At the end of each mission, your ninja skills are rated. Foes you beat 
in battle will be tallied under "detected kills." You will be awarded 
five points for each detected kill. Foes that you surprise and dispatch 
using a killing move will be totaled under "undetected kills." Each 
undetected kill is worth 20 points. Any innocents that you kill will be 
tallied under "innocents" and will result in a 10 point deduction from 
the total score. The number of times you were spotted and recognized is 
recorded under "spotted." If you were never spotted you will recieve a 
400 point bonus. Each time you were seen and recognized will reduce this 
   Your performance will be summed by a rating:
Master Ninja
Grand Master

   If you earn a high rating, the stock of ninja items you can choose 
before a mission will be increased. For very high rating you may be 
rewarded with rare ninja items not normally available to Lord Gohda's 
ninjas. Also, by successfully completeing the missions and earning high 
ratings, you own ability as a ninja may be enhanced.

Section D--Items

Grappling Hook: A rope fitted with a metal grappling hook at one end. It                 
is indispensable for sneaking into buildings without                 
alerting enemies.

Shuriken: A throwing star made of flat metal with sharpened points. An           
excellent long range weapon.

Caltrops: Small multi-pronged metal spikes designed to pierce shoes.           
Drop them behind you to discourage and injure pursuers.

Poison Rice: A rice dumpling full of paralysis poison. Use them to              
temporarily incapacitate dogs and hungry guards.

Mine: An explosive device that explodes when stepped on. Use them to       
eliminate roaming sentries.

Multicolored Rice: Rice that has been dyed in five colors. Use it as a                    
trail marker to avoid getting lost.

Grenades: Small clay balls containing scrap metal and explosives. An           
excellent area effect weapon. Beware-a grenade explosion can           
injure anyone within range including yourself. Dud grenades           
can be picked up and reused.

Smoke Bomb: A small ball filled with slow-burning explosive and             
corrosive chemicals. When thrown, it releases a noxious             
cloud of smoke that temporarily blinds those in the             

Healing Potion: Special Medicine that has been passed down through the                 
Azuma Shinobi-ryu clan over many generation. Imbibing                 
the potion uplifts the spirit and restores depleted                 

Authors Note: If you do extremely well within a given mission you may                             
recieve a few rare items that are incredibly powerful. So               
strive for perfection.

Section E--Characters
Rikimaru: Age: 25 Sex: Male

Rigorously trained from birth in Azuma Shinobi-ryu ninja techniques, 
Rikimaru has served Lord Gohda since he was sixteen. He has won the 
admiration of his sect for his thoroughness, patience, and bravery. For 
his selfless dedication, he was granted the legendary Izayoi sword by 
the sect's master Shiunsai. He is usually easygoing and friendly to his 
cohorts, but once enraged he becomes terrifyingly focused and withdrawn.

Rikimaru is incredibly strong with attacks, but is slow on the comeback. 
This is the character I mostly used. 
Ayame: Age: 21 Sex: Female

An orphan who has been trained since childhood as a ninja, Ayame has 
served Lord Gohda since she was fourteen. She is renowned for her 
boldness, spontaneity and quickness. Ayame adores Gohda's daughter Kiku 
as if she were her own baby sister. She is acerbic and tough and her 
tongue is almost as sharp as her sword.

Ayame is weak but faster which can sometimes come in handy. 

Section F--Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Defense, or Blocking:
     To block simple press Away from your attacker and the the Square 
button. It should block and throw your opponent off balance. This takes 
perfect timing to accomplish.

Move while crouching:
     Crouching is a fundamental technique for stealth. Crouching will 
allow you to hide behind low obstacles and will also reduce the range at 
which you are spotted and recognized. To crouch press the Circle or R1 
button. You can roll while crouched by double tapping into the direction 
you wish to move.

Using the grappling hook:

     The grappling rope is a vital tool for conducting your missions. It 
is indispensable for scaling high walls and clambering up onto rooftops. 
Select the grappling hook with the R2 button or L2 button. Press and 
hold the Triangle button to display the target sight. Use the D-pad to 
target some part of a wall or roof that is above your ninja and release 
the Triangel button to launch the hook.

Kill from the Shadows:

     All ninja can perform devastating blows against unwary foes. These 
one-hit kill moves are possible to execute only if the intended target 
is totally unaware of the creeping ninja. (The circular meter must be no 
higher than ?). Sneak up on the intended victim and press the Square 
button to execute them. The actual technique used will vary depending on 
the distance between the ninja and the target and the way the target is 

Use the Ninja Items:

     To successfully complete missions, the importance of items cannot 
be overlooked. Although there are items for attacking, such as shurikens 
and grenades, the key point is that you are a ninja-secracy is 
paramount. Learn to use items that are designed to help the ninja remain 
undetected. Poison rice can be used to neutralize the threat of guard 
dogs that can detect ninja with their strong sense of smell. When 
spotted by an enemy, a smoke bomb can provide temporary cover for the 
ninja to escape.

Know your enemy:

     To complete a mission without being spotted will require the ninja 
to be a good scout. You will need to detect danger and bypass it or 
remove it. Use the Ki meter(circular menu on lowerleft screen) to 
determine when you are close to an enemy. If you are close, make sure to 
look around to find out where they are. When you find an enemy, try to 
view them from a safe vantage point to learn their patrol pattern. Once 
you know the enemy, you can time your approach in order to take them by 
surprise. Always use stealth techniques when an enemy is near to 
maximize the chances of remaining undetected.

Section G--Walkthrough

Note: There are various items around each mission that you can obtain, 
sometimes I might not list them in the walkthrough due to area 
problems(How can I really direct you its a massive game). 

Mission 1: There is a corrupt merchant who is using the peoples taxes            
for himself. Lord Godha asks of you to kill him to return the            
money to the people. 
Stage 1: Kill the Merchant

 This level is fairly easy, think of it as a training stage. When you 
begin between the 2 buildings, use the grappling hook to go up on the  
roof in front of you. Now, use it again to go on the right roof in order 
to pass by a women whom can be bothersome. Head straight (until you come 
to a big gate(the one mentioned in the premission critique), use the 
grappling hook to move from your place to there. Check the map, and you 
should see a few buildings. Look carefully at the long one, and go 
there. Remain on the roof so as to not to alert guards. If you went the 
right way, you should see a window. Enter it, sometimes there is a guard 
here and others there is a cat. If its the guard, he is always sleeping 
so kill him quickly. Anyway, you should see a hole in front of you. Jump 
in down it. Watch the cutscene.
 Echi-goya's Bodyguard HP:100

 This guys difficulty varies(I dont know why). My strategy is as soon as 
the cutscene ends attack right away. You should catch him offguard and 
continue the attack. You should have him licked in no time. If you're 
damaged badly, drink your Healing Potion. When you have disposed of him, 
you'll have track down Echi-goya. Grapple hook up into the whole from 
whence you came and open your map. Look for the 4 houses on the top of 
the map. Go to one of them(not sure which one), and Echi-goya should be 
in one of them.
 Echi-goya HP: 80 

 Just as with the Bodyguard attack immediatly. Catch him offguard and 
repeat the assault. Near the crates there should be an item, obtain it 
and watch your back. He uses a gun to attack and takes some time to 
reload it. It should be a quick victory.

Mission 2: You have obtained plans of a attack on Lord Gohda and must                                 
deliver the information to him. 
Stage 2: Deliver the information to Lord Ghoda 

 After the brief cutscene you emerge behind a corner. Grapple onto the 
roofs, and watch out. There are various enemies ranging from Ninja to 
Dual Bladed Female ninjas up there also. Press select and search for the 
bridge like structure on the map. Go straight, and be wary of enemies, 
as they seem to suprise attack you. When you reach the bridge, go under 
the bridge into the water. A ninja might be following you, and if he is 
he will drown in the water. Emerge from the water, and you should see a 
familiar face.

Mission 3: A ninja is being held captive, your mission is to rescue            
 Stage 3: Rescue the Ninja 

 This area is relatively huge. You begin the level behind a tree. use 
the   map to navigate to the winding road. Kill all the wolfs and guards 
that get in your way. Look at the map again, and look for the farthest 
place on the map. Goto that area, and you will see the ninja, as well as 
the boss. On your way there pass by the wooden platform(DO NOT STEP ON 
THEM FOR ITS INSTANT DEATH)Jump over if you see one. Use your stealth 
abilities to kill enemies here. There is one place, where you can enter 
a prison. If you see another door on the other side, be careful! There's 
a pitfall there, and most people won't realize it's there. Now, the 
difficult part. When you come across a bridge, kill the guard on the 
other side(I used shurikens). Look left and right, there should be two 
doors. Take the right one. Jump to the right, and a door should open. 
Becareful another two guardsawaits you in front. Watch the first one and 
when his back is turned kill. Go take the medicine. Kill any guards on 
the way, follow the path as there are no pitfalls. As you move onward 
you will face the boss.

 Goo HP: 100  Goo's Bear HP: 80 

 The bears attack can take anywhere from 25 to 50HP. Kill the bear first 
using mines, and grenades if you have any. If not attack, retreat and 
repeat. When you defeat the bear go after Goo. Goo, isn't powerful on 
attack. As soon as he begins making an attack dodge(double tap away) and 
then attack. Keep hacking at him, you should be able to continually hit 
him without taking a single hit. If you do get hit heal IMMEDIATLY as he 
does a fair share of damage(countering ect..) If you have any remaining 
grenades or mines you can use them on him as it does a good amount of 
damage. You release the captive Ninja. Suddenly a man jumps down, and 
you challenge him to a fight. You are unable to attack him now, but 
later on in a different level you will have the fun of fighting him. He  
runs away. 

Mission 4: Lord Godha has sent you to uncover the other armies plans.            
You find that they have recruited thousands of men for their            
plans. Your job is to pass through each check point area            
without being seen and reach the other end(You can kill those            
guards ect.) 
Stage 4: Get through the check points. 

Staff Girl HP: 100

She isn't difficult. Keep your distance and when she attacks, defend 
until she finishes attacking and jumping at you. After that begin your 
attack using the 3 hit combo and repeat until defeated. After you beat 
her, head through the gate and go north, you should see a small tower. 
Check out your map, and you can see that the area is split into two 
sections seperated by a river. You are on the right side, small area, 
and you need to arrive at the other area. Look carefully at your map, 
and you should see at the end of the left map, look for 2 dots, that is 
the last check point you will need to reach. There is an archer behind 
the tower, and you dont really have to climb the tower. Go on ahead, 
there are two guards here, and a wolf. Proceed onward, and soon you'll 
arrive to a bridge. If you are being pursued use caltrops if you have 
any, if not just make a break for the other end. Once there move around 
quietly. If you see bamboo trees, you arrived in the correct area. There 
are alot of guards so try your best not to give away your location and 
get rid of them quietly(use shurikens). Try to kill all the guards, 
whether they be Archers,Spearers or Swordsman. When you see another 
tower by the gate, the checkpoint is near. If you are hurt, heal 
yourself, keep a few heals for later. Proceed into the checkpoint where 
you will Sangero, the Boss. 

Sangero Kagechi: HP: 150

He is extremely difficult, wielding two swords, and has 150 HP. Wait 
after he attacks you (defend, or dodge), and then attack. If you have 
grenades or mines, now is the time to use them. For he can constantly 
attack you. After you defeat him you are given an honorable cutscene.  
The Boss at the beginning of the stage is Kagechi's sister. 

Mission 5: There is a corrupt Minister taking peoples money. Lord Godha                       
knows of this and asks you to execute him. 
 Stage 5: Execute the Minister 

After the cutscene, you begin at the outer area of the mansion. Use the 
grappling hook to get within the wall boundries. Look out for a guard 
that might see you(he is hidden pretty well). Be careful and take out as 
many guards as you can stealthfully. Use the map and you should look at 
the upper right corner. Though there isnt anything on the map it exists, 
so head on over to the upper right corner of the stage. Kataoka's 
bodyguard is there along with many archers. Dispose of them. If you see 
a fat man beside a well, that's him. After the cutscene, you'll fight 
 Kataoka's bodyguard HP: 100

The bodyguard uses the same style of fighting as you do. Just dodge or 
block and continue attacking him when you see the chance. When you get 
his HP low enough a cutscene will come up. He will tell you where 
Kataoka is, and will get an arrow put through his back by a hidden 
archer. Head east, along the rooftops. Kill any guards on the way, until 
you reach a wall. Climb up the wall with a grappling hook, and look 
downwith the L1 button. If you see a man wearing a blue robe, you've 
reached the rightplace. Advance towards him, and another cutscene will 
occur. You will ask him to kill himself, if he still has honor, and he 
does, with a knife, and you will assist him in his task to kill himself 
by cutting off his head.
Mission 6: A strange cult named Manji has stolen a sacred stone. Lord            
Gohda ask of you to retrieve the stone to free the people            
from the Zombie like nature they are in. 
Stage 6: Retrieve and Destroy the Stone from the Manji Clan 

This level is pretty easy, kill everybody here while remaining silent. 
You start by the stairs, and you need to progress upwards. Sometimes, 
there are two guards here. Simply duck and roll forward when they aren't 
looking and give it to them. There are two pairs of stairs here, and you 
start at the first. When you reach the top of the stairs, you will see 
an entrance. Instead of proceeding through the gate, use your grappling 
hook and climb up on top of it. Now use your map, look for a large 
building complex to the right. That is where you boss battle is. Goto 
this area and examine the statue (all the while grappling up higher and 
higher)to the ledges above.
Fatlady HP: 100

This boss is relatively easy, just attack her right off the bat and 
don't let up. She will die incredably fast. Once you defeat her, 
Onikage, the man from the third stage will jump in and a battle begins.

Onikage HP: 200

Onikage uses martial art attacks on you which cause massive damage when 
chained. If you have grenades and mines use them on him to dispose of 
him quickly. Make sure you have plenty of healing potions here. Dodge 
his attack and then counter. Lay mines, and toss grenades. After you 
knock off about 100HP the battle and you win the level. 
Mission 7: Your mission is to kill all foreigners.  
Stage 7: Kill all enemies and reach the ship.

You start at a bridge.Jump down and you should see a guard. Go to the 
left of the bridge, and climb it while moving to the left. Stealth-kill 
the guard. Use the grappling hook to get onto the roof. Use the map and 
look for two ships at the southern end of the map. The larger ship is 
the one with the boss. Move towards that ship,while being careful of not 
being spotted. There are various enemies along the rooftops, be careful. 
Go along the green bushed area and stealth kill the guard near the large 
ship. Walk over the plank onto the ship. You are going to confront the 
Pirate HP: 150

Don't waste any grenades or items on him. As soon as the cutscene ends 
begin your relentless attack against him. Continue attacking since you 
should have him dazed. After beating him you are given a pretty cool 

Mission 8: The Princess is ill 
Stage 8: Retrieve the flower to cure the Princess of her illness

This stage is verrrryyyyy hard. Watch your step and time your jumps as a 
great fall will render you body useless(IE you die). Make sure to aim 
your grappling hook as best you can. Knocking down guards is useful as 
well. You begin by trees, now proceed to the east side of the mountain, 
avoid the guards and dogs on your way there. The guards here don't 
change positions. Instead of using ol stealth your going to have to rush 
attack them and dispose of them. Proceed onward. Eventually, you will 
arrive at a slight overhang with an archer at the other side of a ledge. 
You can either run up to him and kill him(Takes too long running around 
to him) or just pop a few shurikens on him. From here enter a cave with 
water running into it. Be careful of any guards or dogs as they are 
hidden. After proceeding through the cave you should emerge by the 
flower, which is on a outward cliff.

Mission 9: The castle has been captured and its your job to reclaim it.
Stage 9: Reclaim the castle

Not much to say about this level. Avoid fighting and save your heal 
items. Head for a tall complex(I mean tallllllll). Begin grapple hooking 
upwards, above the curtains(those shingle type things on the outside of 
buildings)anyways, proceed upwards until you see Onikage. A brief 
cutscene will occur and prepare to fight.
Onikage  HP:200

Fighting him is easy, basically use the same strategy as in Stage 6. 
Sometimes he will leap out onto the roof and you can fight there. He 
isn't all that difficult, after supposedly defeating him he disappears. 
You will then begin Mission 10, the final stage.

Mission 10: The princess is being held captive
Stage 10: Free the princess Kiku

This stage is extremely long and hard; Bring all the medicine you have 
and grenades ect, as well as some shurikens for a few areas. You begin 
at the entrance to the temple. The guards here are extremely powerful so 
do your best not to get in a fight with them, as they can give some big 
damage. Make your way to the central altar slowly, polishing off the 
troops as they come. The door to the main courtyard has 4 guards around 
so dispose of them. Hide behind some object(pillars) so you can sneak up 
on the guards. Dogs are pretty much hidden behind a few pillars near a 
crossing. Make sure to kill all the guards before you go upto the altar, 
since any left over soldiers will join in the fight with the boss to 
kill you.
Onikage  HP 200

Onikage uses martial art attacks on you which cause massive damage when 
chained. Use your grenades and mines on him to dispose of him quickly. 
Make sure you have plenty of healing potions here. Dodge his attack and 
then counter. Lay mines, and toss grenades. You might see him regain 
another 200 health, well repeat the above and you should slaughter 
him(it only refills once). You will start in an underground cave from 
which you must navigate through to reach the end boss. 


Use every single skill at your command to kill the guards. You'll want 
to get over to the river of flowing lava. Once you reach this point 
grapple accross. Go through the corridors, follow pathways that go on a 
decline(downward slant) and you should come to an area with a dead end, 
with a lava pit in front of you and a cave to the right of your 
position. Move yourself to the left as best you can and grapple to the 
right. Aim it inwards as you must not make a mistake. Follow the caves 
downward and you should see a pathway or bridge that will take you to 
the bottom of the lava pit. Proceed down it.
Lord Mei-oh     HP: 250

This boss is a bit tricky. He uses lighting against you and sword 
swipes. Best strategy is to attack him after the lighting and continue 
hitting him so he doesnt get a chance to attack. If you feel this isn't 
working, use your mines, grenades, shurikens ect..If your HP is low run 
far away from him and Heal yourself. Be careful of his other sword moves 
as well. Just remain calm and in no time you should have him licked. Sit 
back and watch the ending.

Section H--CODES
Note: I suggest you do not use these codes until you have beaten the       
game yourself,as these codes will most likely take the fun out of             
the game. Also these codes have been taken from: 

go to these sites for all sorts of codes and information for almost 
every game in existance. Credit for these codes goto their respective 
senders(which will all be named in a later revision of this faq.)Also 
these codes are for the American version of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.

Alternate Ayame Costume: At the item select screen press                          
the armor icon will automatically be selected.           

        Now begin game and play as Ayame and select her third costume. 
Choose from All Items and Specials: 
At the item selection screen HOLD                                                                                
R1, then press LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN,                                                             
Healing - American Version: 
To restore your health, pause the game and press Left,                                 
Left, Down, Down, Square, Square, Triangle, Square. 
You will know that you entered the code correctly when                 
you hear a ninja say "HUH"! 
Increase Number Of Items: 
At the item select screen hold L2 then press LEFT, LEFT,                 
Increased Carrying Capacity - American Version 
At the item selection screen HOLD L1, then press LEFT,                 
Level Select - American Version 
Select a character, then hold R2 and press LEFT, LEFT,                 
DOWN, DOWN, SQUARE, SQUARE, Triangle, Square at the next                 

Debug Menu: Credit Given to

Press Start while in the game to bring up the Pause screen. With the 
game paused, press and hold L1 and R2, while still holding them both 
down, press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Square, Right, Circle. Then 
release L1 and R2 and press L1, R1, L2, R2 each button is pressed 
individually. Like L1, let go, R1 let go. You should then notice a 
slight stop in the sound and the game will sort of freeze, unpause the 
game by pressing Start then press L2 and R2 simultaneously and you'll 
get access to the programming team's debug menu. This menu gives you a 
ton of different options including new weapons that you don't have 
access to in the game (a gun, a lightning bolt, arrows, etc.) the 
ability to summon enemies anywhere in any environment, turn off the AI, 
turn off cinematic sequences, and a lot more than you can hack around 
with. Be warned, it can crash the game in certain situations.

Section I--Secret Items
Note: You only obtain these items if you do extremely well in a mission 
or use the cheat code in the Cheats section of this Faq. Either way they 
are located on a rack to the right of the regular Items.

1. 8 Way shuriken: Throws 8 shurikens at the same time.

2. Lightfoot Scroll: Use to instantly move a long distance.

3. Fire-Eater Scroll: Use to put your enemies on fire(Close Range).

4. Protection Amulet: Temporarily increases Defense and Offense.

5. Sleeping Gas: Puts your enemies to sleep(Gotta have good aim).

6. Ninja Armor: Reduces damage taken by 30%(Is also a second costume).

7. Shadow Decoy: Creates an attention getting Decoy.

8. Resurrection Leaf: Automatically Restores Health after Death.

9. Chameleon Spell: Temporarily disguises you as the enemy.

10. Dog Bone: Summons an attack dog.

11. Decoy Whistle: Mimics an animal call to fool enemies.

Section J-Killer Moves
Rikimaru-Submitted by: Dan & Jason([email protected])
1)Throat Slit - Simply sneak behind your victim and press square. 

2)Stab and Toss - Happens when your opponent is facing you or when he is 
just turning toward you. 

3)Neck Breaker - Happens when you are facing away from your opponent, 
(you have to be facing back to back with your victim). It's a lot easier 
to try this on people who are standing still. 

4)Decapitation - ???. I'm still working on this one. It happens a lot to 
me on the 4th level (American version) when you really have to chase 
after people. It may be random, but I doubt it. 

Section K--Future additions
In future revisions of this Faq I will be adding a comprehensive 
walkthrough for the Training stage(Difficult mind you). I hope you all 
enjoy this Faq, and if you have any questions or comments or would like 
me to add something to this Faq, please email me 

at:                     [email protected]

Thank you for your support,

Thanks and Contributions
Some of u may have noticed that a few parts of the walkthrough seemed 
similiar to WZafrans. Some of the parts were indeed taken from his faq, 
and those were minute, but I would like to thank WZafrans for the 
information. You can reach him at
[email protected]

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