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Dukes Of Hazzard: Racing For Home
Version 1.2 Email: [email protected]
Last Updated: December 23rd, 1999

Copyright 1999 XDragon Faqs and Walkthroughs- This Faq has taken a lot of time 
to make and profitting off of it is not allowed. I don't want people profitting 
off of my efforts and any action that can be taken will be against perpatrators 
that violate this copyright notice. All rights have been reserved under the 
consititution and if you're unsure of what the constitution is then you 
obviously can't be considered any kind of a human being. We have rights and also 
laws that protect the people from crooks and by submitting my faq and taking all 
the credit you are just admitting to millions of internet viewers that you're a 
crook. Crooks,like anyone else get caught when they have done something they 
shouldn't have and it's no different on the internet so think before taking 
credit for what others have done. If you're too lazy to make your own faq then 
I'd suggest going to a Military Academy so they can set your sorry ass straight. 
Also since I have made all material in the FAQ it will be strictly prohibited to 
use in any form of html formats. Also when and if I decide to make an html page 
that all content will also be copyrighted and will serve the same as this text 
document. All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 Xdragon Faqs and walkthroughs. 

Theme Song Performed by Waylon Jennings:
Just two good ole boys, never meanin no harm
Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born. 
Straightenin the curves, flattenin the hills
Someday the mountain might get 'em but the law never will.

Makin their way, the only way they know how
That's just a little bit more than the law will allow.

Just two good ole boys, wouldn't change if they could,
Fightin the system like two modern-day Robin Hoods.


This Faq is mostly about where to drive when Bo or Luke tells you where to turn 
and other types of info. 


General Lee- This car is a 1969 Dodge Charger and is a rare classic from the 
muscle car era. The General Lee,used by Bo and Luke Duke, is used to get them 
out of trouble.  As long as they can keep away from Roscoe and Enos,which isn't 
hard to do,cause they are goofs anyways,then you the gamer won't have much 
trouble with the game.

Uncle Jesse's Pickup- This is good Ole Uncle Jesse's vehicle which is at times 
used in the game by Bo and Luke when the General is either incapacitated or has 
been rigged by bad guys, not to run. 

Daisies Jeep- This is used generally in the same instances when the General has 
been either incapacitated or has been rigged. 

Boss Hoggs Car- This car is also another old classic and I think it's an old 
Caillac Deville with Bull Horn Hood Ornament. This car is used is a few 
instances when Boss Hogg is in trouble and the Dukes must bail him out.

Cooters Tow Truck- Used to get parts for the General Lee later in the game.

Ace Of Spades- This car is not drivable by the Dukes but he is a bad guy that 
you must race against at times. 

Roscoe's Cruiser- You don't get to drive either cruiser darn. This is Rosco's 
vehicle and I wondered what happened to Flash his Bassett Hound

Enos' Cruiser- This is good ole Enos' vehicle and you don't get to drive it. He 
tries stopping the Dukes but is always cowering to the Dukes cause really he 
likes them. 

Jesse's Old Car- This was Jesse's Hot Rod back in his day and it was black. He 
and JD and Black Jack Perril were all friends wayy back in the day.

JD'S Old Car- This old car is sliver but you don't get to drive it and was JD's 
old car back in his day when Jesse and Black Jack Perril were friends.

Powerup Items

Oil Slick- This is a good tool to have when you have bad guys or Rosco and Enos 
on your trail. Try Zig-Zagging on the road to make the bad guys spin out. If 
your still unsure of where the bad guys are use the D-pad down button to get a 
look behind you.

Nitros- These are great to get when your falling behind and need to catch up. 
They're useful when needing to stay close to other cars you need to tail and 
also good for beating the clock on timed levels. The last great use for these is 
when you need to bash into other cars and beat them into submission, or just to 
make their pull over bar diminish .

Arrows- Good for shooting at things and other cars but they are only used on a 
few levels so they aren't in every level.

Dynamite Arrows- These arrows are used to shoot and blow up stills that appear 
later in the game.

Parts- These are only found in the Junkyard level when you borrow Cooters tow 
truck to gather parts to fix the General Lee.

Tool Icon- This is a  powerup item used to fix damage done to your vehicle in 
some form or another. Usually used at the time when your vehicle is about 


Waylon Jennings- That country singer guy who used to commentate when the show 
originally aired. 

Bo Duke- He's one of the good ole boys who is always running from Boss Hogg and 
Co.Favorite Phrase " Yeehaw"

Luke Duke- Luke is Bo's cousin and they both take turns driving the General Lee 
and evading Boss Hog and CO. Favorite Phrase " Yeehaw"

Uncle Jesse- Uncle Jesse is Bo and Lukes Uncle,Duh. He is a cool old dude and 
doesen't take crap from Boss Hogg and CO. Favorite Phrase " Now JD you know my 
boys aint done nothin wrong"

Daisy Duke- This flower of a lady is Luke and Bo's knockout cousin. She helps 
out when she can and is always in contact with the boys. She doesen't like it 
when bad guys try and make Bo and Luke look bad. Favorite Phrase " Ya'll got ya 
ears on?"

J.D.(Jefferson Davis) Hogg- This ruthless,gutless worm is pretty much the owner 
of Hazzard County. He loves counting his money all the time and whenever 
something goes awry in Hazzard County he is quick to point out the Duke Boys to 
Roscoe. He also loves knawing on fatty foods and always teases Rosco by not 
letting him have any of his food. Favorite Phrase " Get them Duke Boys"

Roscoe P. Coltrane- This comical Brother In-Law to J.D. Hogg is the most 
funniest next to Enos,character I have ever come across. He and Enos' orders are 
to stop the Duke Boys at all cost for whatever reason JD. Hogg Decides. They are 
always wrecking into ponds and on ramps it's very funny to listen to them 
communicate back and fourth. Favorite phrase" I'm in Hot Pursuit "Gui Gui"

Eanus Strate- This farce of a deputy is always running into things and is so 
funny. He always gets on the CB and apologizes for having to pull Luke and Bo 
over cause he likes Daisy an he doesen't want Daisy thinking he was actually 
meaning to pull them over. Favorite Phrase " I'm really sorry for pulling you 
boys over but it's my job"

Cooter Davenport- This is Hazard Counties Mechanic and also friends of the 
Dukes. He will lend a helping hand when he can and hates JD Hogg just as much as 
the Dukes do. 

Black Jack Perril- This is Jesse and JD's former friend who got into big trouble 
long ago. He is thought to be dead in a swamp but he is hiding out in a certain 
place in Hazzard County.

Guys In Ski Masks- Not much known about these hooligans other than they wear a 
ski mask. Maybe they came to Hazzard to ski and found out there wasn't any 
slopes so they got hostile, who knows.

First Objective : 1. Take 2 Laps around the Fairgrounds


This introduces you to the general feel and gets you prepared for the coming 
objectives. Drive the General Lee wide open here and watch for the curves. 
Listen to Waylon get mad when you hit a wall it's kinda funny. Take the General 
around 2 easy laps and then prepare for the main part of the game. (Cut-Scene: 
Bank Robbery witnessed by Cooter,who radios in to the Dukes about the bad guys 
taking Uncle Jesse Hostage.)

Second Objectives : 1. Evade Enos 2. Find Jesse's truck

This level is just a beginning and isn't that hard to do. Just evade Enos and 
catch up to Uncle Jesse's pickup.  You'll get a distress call from Daisy 
concerned about seeing Uncle Jesse's truck heading into Farmers Woods. Use Oil 
Slicks Powerup if you can get it and whenever Enos gets close use them to make 
him go off the road and give you more time. (Cut-Scene, almost caught up to 
Jesse's truck but villans flee when they see the General.)

Third Objective: 1. Pull Over Jesse's Truck

You must ram the truck until it's pull over indicator bar diminishes. The best 
method when you finally catch Uncle Jesse's Truck is to stay as close to the 
truck as possible and ram it into any nearby wall. Staying into his truck will 
make it much easier then trying to ram it from different sides. ( Cut-Scene: 
Jesse tells the boys after the big chase that the Mortgage Payment is due at the 
bank so now another objective is tacked into place.)

Fourth Objective: 1. Evade Rosco and Get To The Bank

Try and find the oilslick asap to use on Rosco to lose him. Just drive good here 
and when Waylon tells you to turn left just slow down almost to a stop and turn 
left and the objective ends.
(Cut-Scene: Hogg tries to arrest the Dukes and Enos saves the day by bringing in 
the real crooks. )
(Cut-Scene: Bo and Luke talk about previous day and prepare to enter the Hazzard 
County Fairgrounds Race.)

5th Objectives: 1. Lose Rosco 2. Go to Hazzard Road.

Turn left up the left path when it comes around and get 2 Nitros Up here.
Here you must again avoid Rosco so look for Nitros when you can an you'll 
eventually have to turn right which is fairly simple to do. 
(Cut-Scene, Dukes Jump a small pond and Roscoe jumps short and lands in the 
pond. Get a call from Daisy telling you to hurry up for the sign up for the 
start of the Race.)

6th Objective: 1. Get To The Fairgrounds.

 This is not a hard level but you must watch your time. Luckily There isn't any 
cops on your trail but when you see your first forked left road head up it and 
get some Nitro. Drive a small ways further after using the first Nitro up the 
Knoll and another one will be in the middle of the road over a jump. Go as fast 
as possible and take a left when Luke tells you to.
(Call from Daisy: Ya'll better hurry up your gonna be late for the Qualifying. 
Luke Complains about running low on time.)(Cut-Scene Waylon talks about the 
Upcoming race and warns about the 00 car that beat the General Lee in the past.)

7th. Objective: 1. Qualify For The Race.

This is a simple task since it's back at the Hazzard County Fairgrounds which 
was the very first track you raced on when you started the game. Look for Nitros 
on the right knoll and one in the middle of the road and one over a jump. (Cut-
Scene: The Dukes are victorius and a bad guy shows his face at the scene of the 
racetrack.) (Cut-Scene: Boss Hogg is sitting in his car counting his 1 Dollar 
Bills? C'mon I'm sure he'd be counting hundreds not singles. Some guys in a Van 
Ram his car from behind.  Also notice when Boss Radios in for help he never 
acknowledges his driver. It's as if the car drives itself.)

8th Objective: 1. Save Boss Hogg

This is a simple Objective to do so when you get to where he says we gotta head 
em off and you see the pull over bar don't try slowing down to look for them. 
They are further ahead so keep on the main path or road. Oddly enough you must 
ram Hoggs car which doesen't make much sense.( Cut-Scene is of Dukes catching up 
to Hoggs car and the driver of Hoggs car has bailed out.)

9th. Objective: 1. Get To Farmers Loop

Drive here like normal avoiding the 2 vans on your trail. Get the Oil Slicks and 
Drive in a Zig-Zag pattern whilst spraying the slick to make the vans go all 
over the road and allow you less time wrecking. Take a left at the fork when 
told and this objective is over. 

10th.  Objectives: 1.Evade Bad Guys 2. Get Boss Back To Town.

This is kinda a hard objective when keeping away from the bad guys so look for 
some more oil slicks and use nitros scattered around to stay ahead of them. Take 
2 lefts in this objective and the mission is over. (Cut-Scene: The Dukes get 
arrested even though they helped Boss Hogg, Talk about corruption. Later in the 
scene someone has stolen the General Lee and Dukes are free so they must use 
Daisies Jeep to catch up to the bad guys.)

11th. Objective: 1. Pull Over The General Lee.

This task is very simple to do and if you do a good enough job you can get the 
General Pulled right at the beginning of where you begin. (Cut-Scene: Upon 
Discovering the General Lee, it has been disabled and there is some type of 
Moonshine in the trunk of the General that Luke and Bo take out to dump in a 
pond. Upon leaving they gain 2 tails, that being Enos and Rosco.)

12th. Objectives: 1. Evade Enos and Rosco 2. Get To Hazzard Road.

This is a hard mission but the best way to beat it is to stay close to where the 
road signs are an collect 2 wrench powerups that fix the jeep when activated. 
Look for 3 Nitros also and use them on straight aways. When Bo says go right at 
the stop sign head up that way a small ways to end the level. 

13th. Objectives: 1. Evade Enos and Rosco 2. Get To Old Mill Pond.

This level isn't that hard and you get an Oil Slick thats on the left side of 
the road. Luckily Enos joins in late which makes the level much easier. Turn 
left when Bo says so, and drive over a ramp and up a small ways to end this 
level. (Cut-Scene: Dump the Moonshine in the pond and Enos Drives up.) (Cut-
Scene: You must drive Cooters Towtruck to the Junk yard to get parts for the 
General Lee.)

14th. Objectives: 1. Evade Bad Guys 2. Get To Junkyard.

Another hard level as Cooters Truck handles poorly an is slow as molasses. 
Luckily you have an oil slick for starter arsenal of things to use against the 
van. Try and avoid the van as best as possible and use oil slicks accordingly 
and try to avoid the Nitros since it's hard to control the truck at high speeds. 
(Cut-Scene: Drive into the Junk yard and you'll see the van block the way out.)

15th. Objective: 1. Collect 5 parts for Cooter

Get 5 parts in the Junk yard using the vehicle. This isn't hard since there is 
plenty of powerup items to be had. (Cut-Scene: Bo and Luke talk about getting 
back to Cooters before Noon.)

16th. Objective: 1.Get To Town.

Easy level here just use the oil slicks when enemy gets close an then turn right 
once and left once and you're done with this level. (Cut-Scene: Luke races in to 
Cooters garage and the boys get the General Lee with less than 10 minutes to 
make it on time.)

17th. Objective: 1.Get To Fairgrounds

Very simple cause you don't have to evade bad guys. Get to the end as quick as 
possible and end this level. Daisy will radio in saying Boss made her work at 
the Boars Nest. (Cut-Scene: Showing the Hazzard County Fairgrounds and the 
beginning of the race.)

18th. Objective: 1. Win Overland Race

The name of this level is control of your vehicle and also to use Nitros alot on 
straight aways to win the race. (Cut-Scene: Daisy gets Kinapped and it turns out 
the guy who is behind it was an old friend of Jesse's and JD's . It goes into an 
old scene with Jesse and friends racing.)

19th. Objective: 1. Follow Ace Of Spades.

This level is by far the most annoying level cause of how old the cars are and 
their poor handling capabilities. If you get ahead of the Ace Of Spades don't 
worry when he says okay Jesse you gotta follow me if you want to find out what 
the job is. If you get a lead on Ace Of Spades keep it and try running him off 
the road when or if he gets close so you always have the lead. If you spin out 
or hit a wall you most likely will have to restart this level. Look for a nitro 
close to a jump over the water and use it to make the jump and to propel 
forward. After landing over the water there is an excellent straight away thats 
great for sprinting forward away from the pack.  (Cut-Scene: Job in Chicasaw 
county and Ace Of Spades leads into town.)

20th. Objective: 1. Follow Ace Of Spades (again).

Another annoying level just like the last one so try and keep up and avoid 
hitting the walls and stay in the middle of the road if you can at all times. 
When you get to your first nitro save it for a bridge/tunnel and then use it on 
the long straight away here. You won't quite catch up to him but it's the only 
way of keeping up with him at this point of the track. Drive around until you 
get to 2 more nitros in the road and another long straight away and use the 
Nitros here to make it through this level. (Cut-Scene: Ace Of Spades wants JD 
and Jesse to transport some Moonshine past the Chicasaw county line. Jesse is 
unsure but of course JD is all for it and just about that time the Chicasaw 
County Sheriff drives up. Notice at the cut-scene the sheriff pulls up in a 
white patrol car and when the chase begins it's black?)

21st. Objectives:  1. Evade Chicasaw County Sheriff 2. Get Back To Hazzard.

This is not that hard of a level since you just must outrun the Chicasaw County 
Sheriff. Try and stay away from the walls and look for Nitros early on and use 
them as soon as you get them to keep the Sheriff off your tail. 

22nd. Objective:  1. Get Back To Hazzard

This level is like the other levels with the present day Hazzard cars. Get 
Nitros that are mostly on the right hand side of the road and turn right at the 
end of the level to end it. Now your in Hazzard County and the Sheriff can't 
touch you. (Cut-Scene: Ace doesen't make the jump and is left behind and gets 
arrested. News headlines of the old days and what happened to Ace Of Spades.) 
(Cut-Scene: Back at the present day and Ace Of Spades makes a ransom note to the 
Dukes about dropping off some money if they ever want to see Daisy again. The 
Dukes make a decision of where to head and Rosco doesen't want to take orders 
from the Dukes but does after JD and Enos set him straight.)

23rd. Objectives: 1. Collect Dynamite 2. Drive To Hideout.

When you start this level Cooter radios in saying he stashed some dynamite 
behind a building so don't miss it. The first set of buildings on the right side 
has an area to drive behind and you'll get the dynamite and also a nitro on the 
way back out the other side. When you get past the tunnel you'll have to turn 
right up a road and when you get to the other side of the road it'll have some 
detour signs pointing in the other direction. Keep heading straight and 
eventually you'll have to make a right to end this level. (Cut-Scene: Back at 
Razorback Ridge the Dukes discover that's where they have taken Daisy and radio 
in to Uncle Jesse.)

24th. Objectives: 1. Take Out Bad Guys 2. Destroy All 3 Stills.

This is a pretty difficult level with having to take out both cars so just watch 
your car damage meter and when you get close to the stills,which are the barrel 
looking pumps if anyone didn't know what one looked like. Select the dynamite 
icon when you get close to a still and press the O button to shoot the stills. 
Once they are destroyed the level ends. (Cut-Scene: Appears that the Dukes have 
the upperhand on the situation but Ace has an Ace up his sleeve,at least 
according to Waylon anyways.) (Cut-Scene: Ace pulls up with Daisy and the boys 
seem calm about the fact thats she's being KIDNAPPED for crying out loud. Wow 
this time Luke gets to drive the General.)

25th. Objective: 1. Follow Ace Of Spades(General Lee Present Day) Ever notice 
how when you begin these later levels when Luke speaks he sounds drunk? 

Apparently Bo somehow got in the drivers seat as Luke is telling Bo where to 
drive,Talk about getting your roles mixed up. Daisy appeared to be tied up in 
that car and gagged but somehow she's able to speak on the CB I guess,wow they 
really messed this game all up. Also just thought since Ace had escaped from 
jail then how did he know where his car was after all those years? Somehow got 
his 57 Chevy back I wonder how? Look for a few nitros in this level and use them 
sparingly. When Ace gets a good lead on you is a good time to use the nitros to 
stay with him. If you get too far ahead of him you need to restart so keep a 
little distance. (Cut-Scene: Where did Jesse and everyone suddenly pop up from? 
I saw Enos and Rosco's cruiser but where were they in the scene? Did the 
cruisers just drive themselves to the cut-scene? Anyways it appears Ace Of 
Spades or BlackJack wants to race the General Lee and if he wins to keep all the 
money and get Jesse's farm,Whats Jesse thinking? Anyways if the General Lee wins 
then Daisy is set free unharmed and Ace must turn himself in.)

26th. Objective: 1. Beat Blackjack to town.

This race is pretty straight-forward and you must beat Black Jack here or you 
must restart the level. Look for a Nitro since I only saw one which is in some 
bendy turns further into the level. Save the Nitro for a big straight away when 
you must stay right where the road forks. Use it on this big straight away and 
you will win the race easily. (Cut-Scene: The General and Black Jack races on 
into town and Black Jack throws Daisy out of the car. He races out of town and 
another chase ensues.)

27th. Objective: 1. Catch Black Jack Perril

Get the arrows right off the bat in this level and have them highlighted so you 
can shoot at Black Jacks car to do additional damage. Try generally just 
collecting Nitros and get close to Black Jack and use them to ram into his car 
and do lots of damage and his pull-over meter will diminish in no time. Well 
thats all she wrote for this very short game enjoy the Cut-Scene.
The only thing left to do in this game is either replay it or look at the 
credits.(Cut-Scene: Black Jack is finally caught and look who shows up to take 
the credit,why it's Rosco and JD., JD. gives the boys their money and they give 
it back to pay off Uncle Jesse's farm.)

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