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                        TABLE OF CONTENTS
                          -KING'S RANSOM
                          -THAMES CHASE
                          -UNDERGROUND UPRISING
                          -COLD RECEPTION
                          -NIGHT WATCH
                          -MIDNIGHT DEPARTURE
                          -CITY OF WALKWAYS 1
                          -CITY OF WALKWAYS 2
                          -FALLEN ANGEL
                          -A SINKING FEELING


In a world where danger bristles around every corner, where life is lived on a high 
wire, where the only law is that made by your reflexes and wit, there has always 
been Bond. James Bond. The fate of the world is in your hands once again in The 
World is Not Enough (TWINE), the true sequel to GoldenEye. With fourteen new solo 
missions and tons of multiplayer possibilities, the latest title from Electronic 
Arts and Eurocom is more than "Enough" to keep you busy for months. 


The World is Not Enough follows all of the standard rules of first person shooters. 
Anything you've learned playing games like GoldenEye and Perfect Darkwill apply. If 
this is your first FPS, be not afraid. We'll rehash it all here. 

There are three difficulty levels in the single player missions in TWINE: Agent, 
Secret Agent and 00 Agent. These correspond to the difficulty levels in Goldeneye or 
Perfect Dark. The lower the difficulty, the easier it is to hit your opponents. In 
Agent and Secret Agent, auto-aim is enabled. In 00 Agent, you're on your own. In 
addition, certain mission Objectives will be added in the higher difficulty 
settings. All of these are noted in the text of the walkthrough. 

Enemy placement throughout the missions is consistent. However, sometimes fallen 
baddies will drop different flavors of weapons. In some missions, the 00 Agent mode 
will not have a large array of weapons (this hurts you as you will be stuck with a 
Wolfram for most of the level). For the most part, the walkthrough in this guide was 
based on the weapons in Secret Agent mode. In addition, there is no Body Armor in 00 
Agent mode. 

Combat Tips

For those of you who have a firm grasp on the conventions of the First Person 
Shooter, the most important thing to keep in mind while playing TWINE is what 
happened in the movie of the same name. While the game is not a perfect recreation 
of the movie, it follows enough of what happens for you to gain clues on how to 
solve puzzles, etc. 

Before you do anything, head to the options screen and tweak your controller set-up. 
To test out which style works best for you, play multiplayer against a single weak 
Bot to test out control schemes. Our office favorite is Controller Style 3 
(Infiltration) and Advanced Controls Look Up/Down (Invert).

Always read the information given before each mission by M, Chief Robinson and R, as 
well as the Surveillance. For your convenience, we have also provided this 
information at the beginning of each walkthrough level. These messages will often 
give you clues as to how to achieve specific mission goals.

Use walls and features of your environment for cover. Crates, barrels, cave walls, 
stairs; all of these provide much needed cover to duck behind in the middle of 
action. Be sure to stay away from explosive objects. Taking cover behind a gas 
barrel could be much harmful than taking no cover at all.

Likewise, use explosive items in your environment to your advantage. Many enemies 
can be taken down by a single explosion. This helps you save ammo and cut down on 
the damage you might take.

Move slowly and cautiously through any new areas. You never know what's lying around 
the next corner. You are at a distinct advantage if you show some restraint and take 
your time.

If there is an Item in your Gadgets menu, it will likely be used during your 
mission. Know your Gadgets by reading the appropriate information on the Gadgets 

When battling enemies in open spaces, strafe from side to side to avoid taking lots 
of damage. If you're moving you're harder to hit. Period. 

Always pick up dropped weapons and ammo. This will keep your arsenal stocked and 
ready to rock. 

Know your weapons. Remember which guns have small clips and which have slow rates of 
reload. Each weapon has a secondary function as well. Often times, these can be more 
effective than the primary setting.

Go for headshots whenever you can get them, especially when there is distance 
between yourself and an enemy. One-hit kills save ammo. Don't try for these in heavy 
combat, though, or you'll be 00Dead.

Make sure you reload before charging willy-nilly into battle. A full gun is a deadly 

By the same token, if you want to switch weapons in the midst of a heavy firefight, 
access the pause menu to change your weapon. This protects you from getting shot 
whilst switching. 

Important: Don't use explosive weapons in close confines. You end up eating your own 

Pick up Body Armor whenever you can. It will add what amounts to a second life. 
Beware, however, when wearing Body Armor, you are not immune to head shots. You'll 
still take damage if someone draws a bead on your bean. 


Seamaster Speargun
Capacity: 2 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Low
Ammunition: Spears
Zoom: None 

Double-barrelled speargun suitable for underwater use. Barrels can be fired singly 
or both together.
Delta 900 Mag
Capacity: 5 rounds 
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Ammunition: Bolts
Zoom: Up to x4 

Pump-action crossbow with detachable magazine. Developed for the hunting market, the 
Delta 900 is also an effective sniping weapon. 
Wolfram P2K
Capacity: 16 rounds
Damage: Low
Range: Low
Ammunition: 9mm
Zoom: None 

Light weight, high-capacity semi-automatic pistol. Another classic from Wolfram 
GmbH. Alternate fire is silenced.
Raptor Magnum
Capacity: 8 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Low
Ammunition: .44 Mag
Zoom: None 

.44 Magnum semi-automatic pistol. The heavy calibre round means there is only 
limited magazine capacity. Alternate fire uses laser sight.
Mustang .44
Capacity: 6 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Ammunition: .44 Mag
Zoom: Up to x2.5 

.44 Magnum revolver from Mustang Industries, popular with big-game hunters. Slow to 
fire and reload, this pistol has impressive range and stopping power.
Meyer TMP
Capacity: 25 rounds
Damage: Low
Range: Medium
Ammunition: 9 mm
Zoom: None 

Small machine pistol with a high rate of fire. Light weight, but remarkably tough 
and very reliable. Alternate fire is single-shot.
Deutsche M45
Capacity: 25 rounds
Damage: Medium
Range: Medium
Ammunition: .45ACP
Zoom: None 

Heavy-calibre submachine gun. An update of the classic M9, this sacrifices rate of 
fire for more stopping power. Alternate fire is 2-round burst.
Deutsche M95
Capacity: 30 rounds 
Damage: Low
Range: Medium
Ammunition: 9mm
Zoom: Up to 4x 

Silenced submachine gun with telescopicsight. Designed for covert missions. 
Alternate fire is laser-targeted but single-shot only.
Ingalls Type 20
Capacity: 30 rounds 
Damage: Medium
Range: Medium
Ammunition: .45ACP
Zoom: None 

Silenced heavy machine pistol with a high rate of fire. Popular among terrorists and 
urban criminals. Alternate fire is single-shot.
Capacity: 50 rounds
Damage: Medium
Range: High
Ammunition: 5.7 mm
Zoom: Up to 1.5x 

High power, high-capacity personal defense weapon from Munitions Belguiqe. Reloading 
is however rather slow. Alternate fire is single shot.
Soviet KA-57
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammunition: 7.62 mm
Zoom: None 

Heavy assault rifle with good stopping power but limited accuracy. Standard issue 
weapon for the Russian military. Alternate fire is 3-round burst.
Meyer Bullpup
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammunition: 5.56 mm
Zoom: Up to x3 

Compact and highly accurate assault rifle. Carrying handle features a telescopic 
sight. Alternate fire is fully automatic.
Mustang MAR-4
Capacity: 30 rounds 
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammunition: 5.56 mm
Zoom: Up to x2 

Fast-firing assault carbine manufactured by Mustang Industries for the US military. 
Alternate fire is 3-round burst.
Mustang MAR-4GL
Capacity: 1 round
Damage: Very High
Range: High
Ammunition: 40 mm 
Zoom: None 

A MAR-4 carbine with an under-barrel single-shot grenade launcher. Alternate fire is 
HE grenade.
Frinesi Special 12
Capacity:  8 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Low
Ammunition: 12 guage 
Zoom: None 

Shotgun capable of pump-action or automatic fire Inaccurate at a distance and slow 
to reload, but powerful.
Suisse SSR 4000
Capacity: 5 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Very high
Ammunition: 7.62 mm
Zoom: Up to x5 

Superbly accurate sniper rifle with silencer and telescopic sight. Designed for 
covert missions, the bolt action makes it slow to fire and reload.
Deutsche SA90
Capacity: 20 rounds 
Damage: High
Range: Very high
Ammunition: 7.62 mm
Zoom: Up to x5.5 

Automatic sniper rifle with powerful sights. Capable of semi-automatic fire, this is 
designed for military use.
GL 40
Capacity: 1 round
Damage: Very high
Range: High
Ammunition: 40 mm 
Zoom: Up to x2 

Single-shot grenade launcher. Usually these grenades explode on impact, but on 
alternate fire they explode after a five second delay.
RL 22
Capacity: 1 round
Damage: Very high
Range: Very high
Ammunition: Rockets
Zoom: Up to x2 

Disposable anti-tank rocket launcher. Very damaging but must be discarded after 
single use.
Capacity: 4 rounds
Damage: Very high
Range: Very high
Ammunition: Missiles
Zoom: Up to x4 

Multi-tube missile launcher designed for use against armored vehicles or 
helicopters. Once fired, missile is guided by user by pointing laser dot at desired 
target. Alternate fire is unguided fully automatic.
Sticky Grenade
Small explosive devices which can be attached to most surfaces, and which detonate 
with great force after 5 seconds.
Stun Grenade
These are used to disorient and subdue targets rather than do any permanent damage, 
generating 1,000,000 candela of light and 175 decbels of noise. This will cause 5-15 
seconds of disorientation to anyone within a 10 meter radius.
Frag Grenade
Fragmentation grenade with a time-delay fuse. On detonation, the blast and shockwave 
will effect an area of 15m radius.
Watch: Stunner
Capacity: 100
Damage: Stun
Range: Low
Ammunition: Recharges 

Fires an ultravoilet laser beam down which an electrical current is passed. Target 
is immobilized but suffers no lasting damage. Power cell recharges automatically.
Watch: Dart
Designed to look like a normal wristwatch, this is actually a concealed dart gun 
activated by nerve impulses from the wrist muscles. It is intended for covert 
infiltration missions, and fires small tranquilizer darts capable of dropping a 
fully-grown man on the spot.
Watch: Laser
A short-range cutting laser is built into the watch. The beam will cut through most 
materials but rapidly depletes the watch's power cell.
Watch: Grapple
The watch contains a miniature grappling hook with 50' high-tensile micro-filament 
able to support 800 lbs. Zoom: up to x4. Look out for grapple points like the one 
shown here


Mission Objectives:
A: Collect equipment from safety deposit box.
B: Avoid civilian casualties.
C: Collect money from vault
D: Crack safe, obtain swipe card
E: Destroy video tape backup (Secret and 00 only)
F: Escape bank with money

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI6:
Terrible news, 007. An MI-6 agent has been murdered and a classified report from the 
Russian Atomic Energy Department was taken from his body. 
An old friend, Sir Robert King, accidentally purchased this stolen document, 
believing it to contain information about terrorists. 
In the mean time, a Swiss banker named Lachaise, a middle-man in this affair, has 
offered to return Sir Robert's money. 
I want you to go to him, discover who killed our agent, and collect the money.

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Lachaise works for the Banque Suisse de L'Industrie in Bilbao, Spain. It's a private 
industrial bank, one of a number we've had our eye on for some time. We suspect 
Lachaise has been involved in a number of deals with terrorists and other 
international criminals. 
Lachaise won't want to talk to you, and I'm sure he'll have some bodyguards. Q 
branch has come up with some equipment to give you a helping hand there. 
You won't be able to carry weaponry into the bank yourself, so we've arranged for 
your equipment to be inserted into a safety deposit box. You'll also find an 
appointment card in there- you'll need it to see Lachaise.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch:
Now pay attention, 007. This may look like your standard issue P2K pistol: in fact 
it it's a small but highly powerful stun grenade. The trigger is a hidden switch in 
the frame of these completely innocent-looking spectacles. Simply press here, and 
make sure you've got your eyes shut -anyone caught in the blast is going to be blind 
and deaf for a good few seconds. This should give you the edge in any nastiness. 
You won't be able to carry a gun into this place - it's a bank, after all. Still, 
we've got an updated version of one of my favorites. This Q-Branch wristwatch is 
fitted with a multi-shot dart gun, activated by nerve impulses from the wrist 
muscles. The tranquilizer darts will drop a fully-grown man on the spot, but he'll 
wake up safe and sound a few minutes later. 
Oh, and there are the other usual functions, too, of course - cutting laser, plus a 
long-range wireless stunner I've been experimenting with.
Try not to lose this one, alright?  
Lachaise: Works for Banque Suisse de L'Industrie, Bilbao. A suspect in deals with 
terrorists and criminals. Question Lachaise and retrieve Sir Robert's money from his 


When the opening cutscene concludes, you will find yourself in the lobby of the 
bank, facing the receptionist. Head right into the alcove and go through a couple of 
doors to the Safety Deposit room. Ignore the guard and other woman here. Move into 
the room and open the first door on your right. Open the SD box here by pressing B. 
It contains a Flash Bang Gun and Appointment Card. Once you grab these items, you 
will fulfill Objective A and add another: Collect money from vault. 

Leave the room and go back to the main lobby, heading right as you exit toward the 
security guard in front of the metal detector. When he asks for proof of an 
appointment, access the Gadgets screen from the pause menu. Equip the Appointment 
Card, unpause and press the Z-trigger to gain clearance. 

When you do, a cutscene will play showing Bond in a meeting with Lachaise. As 
communications break down, a weapon is drawn and Lachaise is shot. James reaches for 
the triggering mechanism, setting off the Flash Bang. When the game restarts, a 
dazed guard drops down in front of you. A couple of new objectives have also been 
added: Crack safe, obtain swipe card and Destroy video tape backup. 

Before you leave the room, look down and kill the fallen guard on the floor, or 
he'll come to and attack from behind as you attempt to take off. When he's dead, 
head through the brown door, then walk across the hall and open the opposite door 
(also brown). Face left and strafe slowlu into the doorway. When the guard at the 
far end of the hall is in your sights, drop him with some rounds from the Wolfram. 
Then spring back and deal with the other guard who pops around the door. Now head 
left down the hall toward the elevators. There are two guard around the corner to 
the right. Using the corner as cover, pop out and blast them, then duck back and 
reload. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you collect their ammo. There's a handy Magnum 
in the grab bag on the floor. 

Move forward and around the next corner right. Just past the sunlit window, there is 
another right turn and another pair of baddies. Use the corner again for cover and 
waste them. As you move forward, the door to the right will open. Fall back and let 
the goons come to you. Lay them low with some heavy suppressing fire. Then move into 
the room. Make sure you don't kill the innocent here (he's the one who looks really 
pathetic and scared with his hands above his head). In this same room, you'll notice 
a safe. Walk in front of it and activate the Safe Cracker from the Gadgets menu. Use 
it on the safe (press Z) to get the Swipe Card and fulfill Objective D. 

Return to the hallway and take a right, using your Security Swipe Card on the swipe 
panel here to open the door. Just inside the door are a pair of guards. Peek into 
the room to trigger them , then fall back and blast them as they poke out into the 
corridor. Then move inside the room, careful not to kill the civvies here. If you 
are playing on Secret or 00 Agent levels, there is an extra objective to complete 
here. Move to the left corner of the room, locating the VCR with the red, blinking 
light. Stand in front of it and equip the Data Scrambler. Point at the VCR and press 
Z to destroy the info on the tape, fulfilling Objective E. When you do this, another 
Objective will be added to the slate: Escape the bank with the money. 

Return to the safe room. Head through the other door here (to the right of the safe 
while facing it). When you open the door, you'll surprise the guard here. Use this 
opportunity to kill him in cold blood. Then move into the room and clean out the 
glass cases, grabbing the ammo within. Exit through the door back into the main 
hallway. Move left, bending around the corner. Move down the hall, bypassing the 
wooden door to the left. Use the Swipe Card on the next door (it's made of iron). 
There's no one in this room. Move to the far wall and locate the small keypad near 
the grated cell door. Activate the Keypad Decrypter and use it to open the door. 
Grab the briefcase inside to complete Objective C. 

Now head back to the hall and take the elevator down. Put your weapon away and 
calmly walk through the lobby and out the revolving door. Mission complete! 


Mission Objectives:
A: Protect all primary MI-6 personnel.
B: Avoid causing civilian and security guard casualties.
C: Find Sir Robert King.
D: Activate top floor lockdown panel.
E: Rescue M from the terrorists.
F: Escort M to Security Center - M must survive.
G: Activate sprinkler system.
H: Activate ground floor lockdown panel.
I: Escort Dr. Warmflash

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI6: 
I can't believe that anyone would actually attack MI-6. I suspect it has something 
to do with Sir Robert King. 
I know him well - we read law at Oxford together and I helped him years ago when his 
daughter Elektra was kidnapped by the terrorist Renard. 
Still, all that's in the past. Sir Robert thought that the report he paid for would 
identify the terrorists who've attacked his new oil pipeline in Kazakhstan. Then he 
discovered it was actually about the nuclear arsenals in the former Soviet 
Republics, so he turned it over to me. 
Maybe the attack is coincidental with his visit, but I want you to find him 
nonetheless and make sure he is safe. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Well, you should know your way around MI-6 headquarters of all places, but you can 
always reference the maps on the wall. 
M's security is our top priority, but we also need to protect the rest of the staff 

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
I know you always carry your P2K with you Bond, but this looks like a full-scale 
assault. If I were you, I'd get my hands on something a little more powerful, or you 
could be in trouble. 
MI-6 Security will back you up, but you'll need to be careful. 

M: Head of MI-6. M must be protected at all costs.


Terrorists have infiltrated MI-6 headquarters and you must stop them and save M from 
danger. Begin by turning around and heading through the heavy iron door behind you. 
Don't shoot anyone in the blue Kevlar vests; they are fellow MI-6 agents. In this 
next room, go talk to Moneypenny in the corner to get a Pen Grenade. Then exit into 
the hallway. 

As you do, turn immediately to the left and mow down the terrorist who's repelling 
through the window. Then swing right and watch the firefight in the hall. Don't 
shoot. The terrorist who charges from this side will engage a few MI-6 agents. 
Usually, the agents will mow him down, but sometimes he'll kill them and come at 
you. Drop him. 

At the crossroads here, you'll see two signs, one leading to Security, the other to 
the Stairs. Move left toward the malfunctioning elevators. As you swing around the 
next corner, a couple of terrorists will drop through the window to the left. Blast 
them, then head right. As you approach the T-intersection just past the elevators, a 
couple more terrorists await to the left. Surprise them and blaze, then follow the 
path to the left. Around the next corner are three more terrorists. Use the left 
corner as cover and dart into the corridor, thinning the group one by one. When the 
hall is clear, head forward until you reach the Security Center door. 

Note: Watch for more terrorists plunging through the window ahead. They may sneak in 
as you're trying to get into the Security room. 

Walk to the hand scanner and press B to enter the Security room. Once inside, the 
agents here tell you they need your clearance to lockdown the level. Walk to the red 
panel and press B. This will lockdown the floor, fulfilling Objective B. Once you've 
completed the objective, spin around and take on the terrorist who has busted into 
the room. 

As you leave the room, you'll be alerted that a new objective has been added to the 
list: Rescue M from the terrorists. Head back the way you came, killing the guard 
that pops from around the corner. Go right around the next corner and mow down the 
terrorist near the elevator doors. Take a left here and then a right around the next 
corner, smoking the two baddies here. Then duck into the blown-out doorway to the 
left. Through the next door you'll see M being held at gunpoint. Line up a shot on 
her captor and blast to drop the mutha and finish the objective. 

Now it's time to retrace your steps to the Security room. M will follow, but the 
idea is to keep her safe, so run ahead and engage the terrorists before she has a 
chance to catch up. Head toward the elevators, and take a right when you reach them, 
wasting the  pair of guards who pop around the corner at you. Head around the next 
bend and take out the final trooper. Make sure M is behind you (if she isn't, going 
back toward the office should bring her to you) and head into the Security Room. 
Objective complete. 

Now it's time to head downstairs and free Mr. King. Track back to the hallway in 
front of M's office and take a left. As you round the next corner right, you'll be 
attacked by a pair of terrorists. Kill them, then duck into the board room to the 
right to find some Body Armor on the desk. Exit the room and head right. Go through 
the doors ahead, running past the gap to your right as you enter. 

Turn and face the wall with the opening. Make sure you have a fast weapon selected 
(like the Deutshce M45) and dart to the right. Blast away at the three terrorists 
hanging on wires

in the doorway. When they drop, move through the doorway, shooting the next guard on 
the landing below. Make your way down the stairs, taking out terrorists as you go. 
When you reach the bottom floor, a short cutscene will ensue. As soon as it's over, 
look up. There are three terrorists descending on wires. Blast them, then step 
through the door here. 

You are greeted by one of your agents. Make sure you don't kill him. As you meet 
him, you'll notice a new objective: Activate the Sprinklers. Move through the 
winding hallway past the Q Division doors. As you reach the foyer in front of the 
complex map, you'll run into another group of MI-6 agents. As you reach them, yet 
another Objective will be added to the list: Activate ground floor lockdown panel. 
When you see this message, be prepared to battle a couple of  terrorists as they 
charge you from ahead. 

Continue forward, ducking into the office to your left. Move through the room, 
disregarding  the coward crouching in the corner. Reload, then step through the door 
on the other side. From the doorway, waste the baddie across the hall to the left. 
You find yourself in a fiery passage. The Security Center is straight ahead. 
Activate the door with your hand and step through. Lockdown the level by accessing 
the hand panel inside. 

Exit the room and head left. Follow the pathway ahead, passing the Security sign 
(pointing the other way). Through the open doorway at the end of this hall is a pile 
of rubble. Sneak ahead and peer to the left. See the fire extinguisher? Line up a 
shot and blast it to drop the terrorist who is stashed in the alcove here. Then move 
forward and trigger the sprinkler system here (press B while standing next to the 
red switch). Activating the sprinklers will open up the hallway previously blocked 
by fire. It will also cause another terrorist to run up behind you. Spin and waste 
him, then trek back to the central map. Head left from the map (when facing it). 
Enter the black door on the left side of this first hallway. Drop the terrorist 
here, then scoot around the door and shoot the computer monitor. It will explode, 
killing the second terrorist here. In the back corner is another Body Armor. 

Exit the room and head down the hall to the left. You'll come to a crossroads. 
Bypass the Medical Division to the left for now and head around the next corner 
(past the Q Division sign). Follow the corridor past the black door to the left. The 
next beige door (just before a foyer with a blown out elevator and some overhead 
monitors) is the one you want. Use the hand scanner to get in. Once you do, the door 
to the vaults will be blown out, injuring those trapped inside. Now you'll have to 
find a doctor and escort her back to the vault. 

When you exit the vault, you'll enocunter a trio of terrorists who have clogged up 
the hallway to the right. Take them down and move forward, eliminating a fourth as 
you pass the Q Division sign. Peek around the corner and eliminate the terrorist 
lurking there, then duck into the nearby alcove and head through the black 
door to find Dr. Warmflash. 

Make your way back to the vault. Make sure you are ahead of Dr. Warmflash, as you 
will encounter another group of terrorists on your way back. Use the Deutsche 45 or 
Raptor Magnum to make quick work of them, then proceed inside the vault. Make sure 
Dr. Warmflash follows you to the first fallen victim of the attack. Follow the vault 
all the way to the back to find Sir Robert King. After you hook up with King, it's 
time to leave the building. Head out of the vault, tracking right. Follow the Q 
Division signs to the open, blown-up lab, eliminating the resistance you encounter 
(about five terrorists total). 

Congratulations, Bond. Now it's time to chase the saboteur. 


Mission Objectives:
A: Pursue but do not eliminate the female assassin
B: Rescue the hostages

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI6: 
It looks as if the woman who killed Lachaise in Bilbao is behind this attack - what 
did you call her Bond, the 'Cigar Girl?' 
Whatever her name, make sure she doesn't get away, I won't tolerate this attack, 
007, and I want you to find out who is behind it. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
It looks as if this Cigar Girl is making her escape along the waterfront. 
We're getting reports from the police of terrorist attacks throughout the area - 
they're probably trying to cover her escape in the chaos. 
The police have tried to evacuate as many civilians as possible, but keep an eye out 
for any innocents who have been caught in the crossfire.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Just make sure you bring back that boat in one piece. 

Cigar Girl: The female assassin who killed Lachaise in Spain. Make sure she doesn't 
get away, but don't harm her. We need to find out what is going on.


As you begin the level, you will see the Cigar Girl run past to the right. Don't 
worry, you don't have to keep up with her at this point. Let her run past and take 
your time to pick through this level. Move forward, dodging fire from the departing 
speed boat. Duck around the corner to the right, following the pier to a set of 
stairs. Head about halfway up the stairs, then pause and look at the guard directly 
ahead in the distance. Take him down with some rounds from your Wolfram P2K, then 
head all the way up the stairs. 

Move to the next staircase. Halfway up, focus your attention on the van to the 
right. Three guards are stationed near it. Using the stairs as cover, take them down 
with the Wolfram or M45, then move up the stairs. Do not charge around the corner to 
the left. Move slowly forward toward the van, focusing your view to the left. There 
are three guards hanging out near the small building here. Strafe into the path of 
fire, line up a shot on the hazardous barrel to the left of the building and pop a 
round into it. This will cause an explosion that (if you're lucky) will take out all 
three guards. When they've all been sorted, head inside the brick building to 
collect a Deutsche SA90 (sniper rifle). 

Immediately equip it and inch down the staircase near the building. When you reach 
the bottom of the stairs, inch out until you see a guard at the end of the pier. 
Watch out for the shrinking hostage to his right and line up a head shot on the 
guard (hold the right shoulder button and use the C-up arrow to zoom in to use the 
sniper scope).  When the guard drops, inch slightly left until you see another 
terrorist. Kill him with the same tactics, releasing the hostage under his control. 
Collect the ammo that has been dropped by the felled terrorists, then head through 
the brick tunnel to the right. 

As you reach the path that tracks to the left, turn and inch into the intersection, 
using the SA90 to line up sniper shots on the frog men who charge you. As you reach 
the mouth of this tunnel, look up and drop the sniper on the roof with a well-placed 
bullet. Keep your position at the mouth of the tunnel and look left. Line up a 
sniper shot on the terrorist at the end of the pier. Move forward to the corner, 
then turn around and look toward the far right side of the opposite pier. Take down 
the guard there with a sniper shot. 

Now move into the storage building ahead. Creep around the crates here to surprise 
an unsuspecting guard. Fill him full of rounds with your silenced P2K. Then focus on 
the upstairs walkway. There are several terrorists camped out near the door. Use the 
crates as cover and dart out to pepper them with rounds from the M45. Then scoot out 
and clean up the ones who skirted around the railing. The last one is under the 
walkway you're under. Turn to face the wall, then back out into the room and blast 

Then jump up on the low crate and once more to the walkway. Keep your focus on the 
door, as a couple more terrorists will charge through the doorway as you reach the 
top level. Spray them with the M45, then move to the doorway on the opposite side of 
the room. Facing the door, turn right and inch out to the left until you see the 
sniper on the rooftop ahead. Use the sniper rifle to take him down, then follow the 
steps down. 

The next hallway is an alley of pain. Three terrorists are camped out here, ducking 
behind barrels and crates. Take them out, using the crates (and doorway) as cover, 
then move to the far end of the hall and enter the wooden door there. Head through 
the maze of crates here. As you reach the opening facing a brick wall, you will see 
a trooper stationed on a higher level. Blast him, then carefully move around the 
corner to the left. As you inch out (to the right), you will see a pair of hostages. 
The terrorist holding them is to the far left. Kill him to release the civilians. 

Now move back to the area in front of the brick wall and look up. The yellow and 
black bar overhead is the perfect place for a grappling hook. Equip your watch, then 
cycle through its options (hold B and tap Z) until you reach the Grapple feature. 
Then aim at the bar and pull the trigger to extend a grappling rope down from the 
rafters. Move forward to the rope, pushing forward to climb it. Leap off on to the 
crates below, then turn around and face the warehouse. There is a Body Armor on the 
far crate. Jump down to the crate below, then leap up to the higher crate. Follow 
the crates to the left. On the far left corner, you can leap to the lower crates 
ahead. From here, hop up a level and claim the Body Armor. 

Return to the grapple rope and head back up. Then head through the door to the left. 
Walk through the room and open the next door. As soon as you do, you will hear a 
message that "The target is moving away." It's time to haul ass, James. Smoke the 
frog man that waits outside this door, then follow the pier around the right corner. 
Smoke the baddies that are stationed behind the crates here as you make your way 
around the pier. As the pier ends, you will see a set of stairs off to the 
right.There are two terrorists here, so proceed with caution. Use the wall as cover, 
then dart across the mouth of the stairs and drop your enemies with some high-
powered rounds (preferably from the Raptor Magnum). At the top of the stairs, you'll 
encounter a bit more resistance. Smoke the terrorists as you make your way across 
the street. Head into the open door to end the level and enter the Subway. 


Mission Objectives:
A: Rescue the hostages
B: Defuse terrorist bomb
C: Pursue but do not eliminate female assassin
D: Avoid civilian casualties

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI6: 
These terrorists have seized one of the the underground railway stations. They are 
threatening to trigger a bomb powerful enough to destroy the whole area. 
Defuse the situation, Bond, and then find this Cigar Girl and make her talk

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
We've identified your Cigar Girl - she's an Italian national who is on Interpol's 
list of known terrorists operating in the Mediterranean. It looks as if she's moved 
her area of operations. 
We're trying to identify who is sponsoringher activities, but that is going take 
time - and time is something we don't have. The situation in the station could go 
critical at any moment. 
The police have cordoned off the area, but they tell us there are a number of 
civilian hostages in the station. The terrorists are well-armed and totally 
dedicated, and we have to take this bomb threat seriously. 
We're not sure how many hostiles are down there. We're also getting reports that 
they've hijacked a tube train so they may be bringing in reinforcements even as we 
speak. You're going to have to move quickly on this one, 007, but watch out for the 
hostages - don't let an innocent pay for any of your mistakes.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Hmm, I'd guess these terrorists are going for a fairly simple but powerful explosive 
device - it would match their style so far. 
Unless they want to blow themselves up too, there will be a delayed fuse - probably 
an electronic timing device with a pre-set delay. That would give the terrorists a 
chance to evacuate the area before the bomb goes off. 
Your job is to get to the device and defuse it with a bomb disposal kit, either 
before they trigger it or before that countdown reaches zero. Just make sure your 
hands are steady when you find the blasted thing. I'll get the necessary equipment 
over to you as soon as possible. 
Now, as for the hostages, I'd recommend a little clever thinking here: use your 
standard-issue stunner or a flash-bang grenade to stun the terrorists before they 
get a chance to do any harm. 

Cigar Girl: Now identifed as a known terrorist, we need to know who this assassin is 
working for. Find her and make her talk.


You'll have 5:30 to complete this mission before the terroist bomb explodes, 
destroying the subway and injuring civilians. You begin at the top of the subway 
stairs. As you make your way down the hall, a couple of civilians will run screaming 
past you. As you round the corner, be careful not to shoot them. There are two 
terrorists straight ahead in the information booth. Waste them with the Wolfram, 
then blast the third terrorist who runs around the corner. When these three hombres 
have been wasted, step forward. To the right of the information booth is another 
baddie. Edge around the right side of the booth and cap him, so that you won't have 
to deal with him later. Then cruise around the left side of the booth and enter the 
door there to collect the fallen terrorists' weapons. 

Exit the office and equip your Magnum. Head right and follow the hallway past a 
group of soda machines to a set of escalators. Follow the leftmost one down, killing 
the terrorist who charges up at you. As you reach the bottom, you will see a pair of 
hostages held by two more terrorists. Use the Magnum to score one-hit kills on both. 
Be sure to work quickly, though, or the baddies may turn their guns on their 
hostages. Watch out for shooting the hostages yourself, as well. When the enemies 
have fallen, scoot down and grab the Body Armor. Then head back up the escalator. 

Track back past the info booth and head to the Platform Two escalators. As before, 
go down on the left escalator, killing the two terrorists that approach from the 
left (with the Magnum, of course) and a third to the right. When you reach the 
bottom, face the right wall and scoot left, eliminating the two baddies hanging out 
in the alcove here. 

Now turn around and keep the escalators to your left. Around the next corner is 
another hostage situation. In order to deal with it, switch to the stun feature on 
your watch. Then move quickly around the corner and shock the terrorist to the left. 
When he's been stunned, shift your focus to the right baddie. Equip a weapon and 
kill the left guard, then smoke the right one. The hostages have been released. 

Head down the next escalator, following the corner to the left towards Platform 3. 
Once again, a group of hostages will run past (two first, then a single construction 
worker). Hold your fire until a black-garbed terrorist appears. Then waste him with 
the Magnum and proceed through the doorway to the right. Neutralize the two 
terrorists here. Then head forward and to the left (where the subway train can be 
seen streaking by). As you approach this doorway, you'll encounter yet another 
enemy. Smoke him, then move to the arched entrance to the train area. 

Face right and edge out left. Drop the first terrorist with a round from the Magnum, 
then head forward and quickly eliminate the terrorist (left) holding the hostage 
(right). When he falls, grab his ammo and turn around, walking against the grain of 
the subway train. Move toward the mechanical Access sign. After the train streaks 
by, look ahead and to the right. Just across the tracks below is a doorway. Wait 
until the train goes by again, then dart down across the tracks and into the doorway 

Enter the door here and walk through the supply room. The next doorway will put you 
aboard an inactive subway car. As you pause at the doorway, face down the tracks and 
reload. Then head right, up into the train. Kill the two terrorists here as you move 
forward. After the second, pause to reload. The next area contains three hostages, 
held by three terrorists. The idea is to constantly move forward, whacking the 
terrorists as you go. Hop off the train and blast the first (Shotgun or Raptor works 
well for this, but watch out for the civvies), then move down the tracks, smoking 
the next two as you quickly head forward. When all three baddies have dropped, the 
hostage situation will be neutralized. 

Note: While killing these terrorists, watch out for more hostages which stream from 
a left doorway at the far end of the tunnel. They can get in the line of fire and 
spoil your objective. 

At this point, you'll likely have about 1:30 remaining to defuse the bomb. Head 
forward and turn left around the corner, killing the terrorist who charges down the 
hallway. Just across the hall are a pair of bathrooms. This is where you'll find the 
bomb. Head inside the Men's room, blasting the three terrorists here. In the last 
stall, you'll find the bomb attached the the toilet cistern. Equip your Bomb 
Disposal kit and face the explosive. Press the trigger to start the bomb 
neutralizing procedure. There are two meters here: a blue one which is draining and 
a red one which you control. The object is to keep the red one above empty and below 
full. This is accomplished by tapping the Z trigger button. Don't do it too quickly 
or the red meter will fill up. When the blue is completely drained, the explosive 
will be neutralized. Note: If you disarm the bomb when the counter is at 0:07, R 
will come on the commlink and you'll be granted full health. 

Exit the bathroom and turn right, following the passage to a locked Exit door. Blast 
the lock off and head through. As you do, an explosion will occur, and part of the 
staircase will be blown up. Climb the stairs to the broken point. Here, smoke the 
terrorist across the gap. Now back up and take a running leap to get to the next 
section of staircase. Follow the stairs up, smoking terrorists as you go. When you 
reach the locked door at the top, blast it. You'll exit into a small grassy patch. 
At the far end is a hot air balloon. The Cigar Girl is getting away. Run forward 
toward the balloon and jump on the rope as it rises. End of mission. 


Mission Objectives:
A: Draw terrorists away from Elektra
B: Destroy fuel dump at tower #1
C: Destroy fuel dump at tower #2
D: Get to the bottom of the peak

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI6: 
The terrorist Renard has returned. Years ago he kidnapped Sir Robert King's daughter 
Elektra, and Sir Robert asked for my help. She managed to escape from his grasp, and 
I sent 009 after Renard. It appears he has now returned to exact revenge on us all. 
He used us to retrieve King's money, leading to his death and the destruction of our 
If Elektra is Renard's mext target, she needs protection. She's taken over 
construction of her father's oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea. She doesn't need to 
know that Renard is after her. Don't frighten her - this is a shadow operation. 
Remember, Bond, shadows stay behind - or in front, but never on top. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Renard's real name is Victor Zokas. He was operating in Moscow in 1996, Pyongyang, 
North Korea, before that, and he's been spotted in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, 
Beirut and Cambodia. 
He's an anarchist: his only goal is chaos. He works as a freelancer, although he has 
ties with the Russian Mafia. He was the mastermind behind Elektra King's kidnapping, 
and the only one of the gang who survived. 
M sent 009 to Cyprus to eliminate Renard, but Elektra managed to escape by herself 
before he arrived. 009 finally caught up with Renard in Syria, and put a bullet in 
his head, but Renard somehow survived. The bullet is still in there, and it will 
eventually kill him, but until then he can feel no pain. He pushes himself harder, 
longer than any normal man. 
Elektra King is now completing her father's oil pipeline in the Caucasus mountains 
in Turkey. It's an ambitious project: 800 miles of pipeline from the new oil fields 
in the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, through some very inhospitable terrain. By 
all accounts, though, Elektra is up to the challenge.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
This is the horrible but rather ingenious device that killed Sir Robert. The money 
you recovered had been treated to turn into an explosive, which was triggered by a 
signal via King's lapel pin. Obviously someone close to King exchanged the orginal 
for this trigger device, but we don't yet know whom. 
We know that the Cigar Girl you chased triggered the bomb from a transmitter on her 
boat, but there must have been an inside man in King's organization, too. 
I hear you're off to the Caucasus Mountains. Knowing you, 007, you'll probably find 
some excuse for strapping on a pair of skis once you get there. I've got something 
that may help you out there. I've got something that may help you out there: this 
jacket is fully thermally insulated, plus in emergencies it can be instantly 
inflated into a kind of airbag. Should help you survive even in the nastiest of 
tumbles on the slopes. 
Though don't think I've forgiven you for what you did to my lovely new boat. 

Elektra King: Sir Robert's daughter has taken over running King Industries. She may 
be Renard's next target. Protect her at all costs.


It wouldn't be Bond if he didn't strap on a pair of skis and wreak some havoc on the 
slopes. This level is all downhill, and turning around is not an option. Move back 
and forth on the slopes, strafing side to side mowing down troopers and collecting 
their ammo. 

The first part of the run is fairly basic. Blast the terrorist camped out in the 
snow as you make your way to the mouth of a cave. There are two kinds of enemies 
here: those standing stationary in the snow, and those in small fan-powered hang 
gliders. It is easy enough to target and drop the stationary fellows (if playing on 
Agent or Secret Agent levels, the gun will auto-target them). The hang gliders are 
more dangerous, as they drop mini-bombs at you as you ski down the slope. Strafe 
past the explosives and try to blast them out of the air. 

When you reach the ice cave at the base of the first hill, you'll have to weave 
through a series of stationary baddies, who are camped out behind ice formations and 
crags in the snowy walls. Plug as many as possible using the Magnum (or something 
with equal stopping power). When you emerge on the other side of the cave, there 
will be a split in the path. Head to the left, blasting the hang glider and two 
enemies that appear over the ridge. 

Ski off of the ridge and aim toward the two terrorists below. There is a Body Armor 
between them. Grab it and blast them. The next part of the path is overrun with 
enemies. In addition to the stationary gunmen, you'll have to deal with some new 
threats. Several kamikaze artists have taken to the slopes. They ski quickly in 
front of you and drop backpacks full of explosives in your path. The best way to 
deal with them is strafe back and forth as they pull ahead, then drop them with the 
Magnum or Soviet KA. Other baddies have mounted snowmobiles that approach from 
behind and weave in front of you, dropping explosives and (since these are two-
person vehicles), shooting at you. Shoot these as soon as they appear. If you score 
a hit on the snowmobile itself, it will explode, killing both riders and 
eliminiating the problem. 

Over the next ridge is a tall tower with barrels at its base. Line up a shot as you 
approach, then pop a few rounds in the barrels to destroy them and complete 
Objective B. Ski past a couple of turrets in the snow, then a small cabin to the 
right, dropping terrorists as you go. In the next grouping of cabins, pick the hang 
glider out of the sky, causing it to explode and take a couple baddies with it. Pick 
the terrorists off of the rooftops here, then move to an area with a couple of oil 
pipes jutting from the snow. 

Head through the next ice cave, and as you exit, stick to the left and bypass the 
cave opening to the right here. Shoot the terrorists on the path here, clinging to 
the left wall. Ahead is a small ramp that will send you on top of a cabin. Gain some 
speed (by pressing forward) and ramp off, collecting the Body Armor atop the roof 
here. Soon after you land, the next fuel dump will appear to the left. Line up a 
shot well in advance and unload on the barrels here, completing Objective C . 

Follow the icy bridge across a canyon to a large lodge with a ramped walkway, 
killing all terrorists in your path. When you're past the building, you'll have to 
weave through a grove of pine trees, blasting skiing baddies the whole way. After 
this, the path opens up a bit. It's a mad sprint to the end. Drop as many terrorists 
as you can manage, forcing your way down the increasingly steep slopes. Soon you 
will see a line of barrels blocking the path. From a distance, pump some rounds into 
the row, exploding the barrels. Ski through the hole you've created toward the 
waiting helicopter to end the level.


Mission Objectives:
A: Avoid alerting Gabor.
B: Avoid alerting Davidov.
C: Avoid any casualties.
D: Find telephones and plant wiretaps.
E: Photograph documents showing Davidov is a traitor.

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI6: 
It's obvious that you were right: Elektra is Renard's next target. We need to 
discover the traitor inside King Industries. Elektra's Head of Security, a man named 
Davidov, we suspect has been having secret meetings with an unknown person who we 
think may be Renard. 
We need proof, however, and that is where you come in, 007. Take a look in Davidov's 
security office and search for evidence of a conspiracy with Renard. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Elektra's villa has a high level of security. Take a quiet look around and determine 
Davidov's activities. 
Our number one suspect is Davidov. He received training from the KGB, but left when 
they got reformed. He ended up working for King around 4 years ago. You'll need to 
ensure he doesn't catch on to you. 
Another person to avoid is Gabor. He's Elektra's bodyguard and is fiercely loyal to 
Elektra. He won't take kindly to anyone sneaking around his mistress' property. 
Elektra still doesn't fully trust you, and if she discovers that you're spying on 
her employees she'll be furious. Don't harm any of Elektra's other workers - all but 
Davidov are certainly innocent.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Apart from the patrolling guards, you'll have to watch out for the cameras. They've 
got motion sensors, with a limited range. 
Each set of cameras is linked to a nearby security hut, so your best course of 
action is probably finding those security centers and disabling their systems. Be 
sure to get out of your room without causing suspicion. 
Right, now pay attention, 007. 
Your P2K is silenced, but there shouldn't be any shooting unless things go horribly 
wrong. Your wristwatch dart gun should suffice for most situations. 
The other equipment will be far more useful for this mission: our new X-Ray glasses: 
a digital camera that will operate in almost total darkness, phone taps and a safe 
decryptor to help you gather evidence. 

Gabor: Elektra's personal bodyguard, Gabor is extremely loyal. If Gabor sees you 
outside your room then it will be all over.


This is a secret mission if ever there was one. You find yourself locked in an 
upstairs room in the estate. The first order of business is to bug the phone. Equip 
your Phone Tap, point at the phone and press the trigger. When you've done this, 
head across the room and open the door. Step out to the balcony. There is a trio of 
guards below and to the right. You must not alert them to your presence. Hop over 
the balcony and go straight to the locked gate ahead. If you wish, you can shoot 
this lock off and make your way down to the security building below, but the only 
thing you gain is turning off a single security camera, which is easy enough to 

Turn to your right and edge along the wall, using the shrubs to the right as cover. 
As you near the end of the shrubbery, you'll see an arched entrance with a security 
camera mounted above. Wait until the camera points to the right, then scoot under it 
to the next doorway. Peek around the corner to see the pool area. There is one guard 
nearby with his back to you. Gabor is patrolling in the distance. Wait for several 
minutes until Gabor walks to the right and leaves the area. Then sneak up behind the 
guard and use your Watch stunner to daze him. Pummel him Marquis of Queensbury 
style, then make your way around the pool. 

At the next archway you'll have to wait again. If you remain in the doorway, they 
will not see you. Wait for two guards to approach and turn, then dart to the right 
and use the hedges here as cover. Equip your Dart Watch (cycle through Watch options 
by holding B and tapping Z). From this vantage point, look toward the door of the 
building to the right. There are two guards here. Dart the one facing you, then dart 
the one whose back is turned. When they both fall, move quickly toward the door of 
the estate. 

Open the door at the far end of the room and head through. A guard is on patrol 
here. Equip your Stun Watch and zap him. When he's dazed, duke him out. Head to the 
right, ducking into the door here. The next foyer contains another telephone. Equip 
your Phone Tap and use it on the phone here. Since all of the doors in this area are 
locked, head back to the previous room. Head right, following the passage until you 
reach a dark brown door. This opens into another open courtyard. Equip your Watch 
Stunner and edge along the right wall to the guard facing away from you. Juice him 
with the watch, and follow up with a knockout. As another guard comes to his aid, 
repeat the process. Then move to the security building. Inside, use the Data 
Scrambler on the left side of the control panel to disable the security cameras in 
the next area. 

Move across the courtyard to the next arched doorway. Take down any guards in your 
way with a Watch Stunner/punch combo, then use the Laser function on your watch to 
open the chained gate on the left. Take on the guards here with the Stunner, then 
punch their lights out. Move ahead to the next security building, again using the 
Scrambler to disable the security cameras. Return through the fence and use your 
Laser Watch on the locked door here. You're in the kennel. Past the chainlink cage 
to the right is a small office. There are two guards posted here. Use Darts to drop 
them, then move to the small safe in the corner. Use the Safe Cracker to open the 
lock box. Inside is a stack of sensitive documents. Equip your Camera and take a 
photo of the evidence. Return to the previous room and exit the building. 

You find yourself in a small, grass courtyard with an arched doorway ahead. 
Stretching forward is a long path lined with trees. Get behind the left row of pines 
and head forward. The row will open on the right and a trio of guards will rush you. 
Drop them with Darts. Head forward into a clearing, where you'll see another 
security building with a car parked in front of it. As you approach, you'll see 
Davidov moving down the path. You'll have to move quickly. 

Head inside. Here, there are three things to accomplish. First, photograph the map 
information directly ahead on a table for the second piece of evidence. Keeping the 
Camera out, head over to the phone. Photograph the papers to the left of the phone, 
completing the objective. Now, select the Phone Tap and bug the final phone line. 
Objective complete. Now quickly head outside and enter the car. This will end the 

Note: If Davidov reaches his car before you get into it, you will fail the mission. 
Quickness is of utmost importance while in the office.


Mission Objectives:
A: Eliminate Davidov.
B: Pick up Davidov's phone.
C: Get controller to land plane.
D: Find Dr. Arkov's ID badge.
E: Find an item to bribe the pilot.
F: Board the plane.
G: Avoid civilian casualties.

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI-6: 
Your job is to protect Elektra King from Renard, not to leave her in the middle of 
the night. 
I hope you have a good reason for your recent activities, 007. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
M's displeased, 007, but I've managed to look into those things you asked about. The 
dead body in the back of Davidov's car is Dr. Mikhail Arkov, a nuclear physicist 
with the Russian Atomic Energy Department. It looks as if Davidov is going to pose 
as Arkov for some reason - you should keep that ruse alive by posing as Arkov, too, 
if you get the chance. 
Davidov used his office phone to call an old military airstrip that was supposed to 
have been shut down years ago. It looks as if Davidov is going to be catching a 
plane tonight. 
He's also expecting a call back later on, and we've got a cellular number listed for 
him. If you can acquire Davidov's cellphone, it will come in useful. 
We took a look at the other items you sent us. Davidov's been receiving large cash 
payments from a bank we know is used by the Russian Mafia to launder money. I'd say 
that Renard has been paying him off. Davidov isn't innocent, Bond, and most 
certainly the traitor.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Well, Bond, if you're going to insist on running around a forest after dark, I've 
got a couple of items which should give you an edge over anyone else who's out 
there. These night vision goggles will allow you to see clearly even in the darkest 
environment. Their power cell will automatically recharge when you're not using 
Oh, and we thought you may want something with a little more range than your P2K. 

Davidov: Davidov has been taking pay-offs, and there is a dead body in his car. He 
is the traitor in King Industries.


This mission occurs in the forest surrounding an airstrip. You begin next to 
Davidov's vehicle, having stowed away to get to this point. Head forward on the path 
until you reach a split, caused by a large, central bluff. Keep to the right. Equip 
your SA 90 and track forward until you reach a bend in the path with a view of the 
cross path. Snipe the guard here, then wait. Davidov will cross right in front of 
you on the path. Using the right shoulder button, zoom in on the path. As Davidov 
passes, line up a shot and drop him. If you miss, run to the path and finish the 
job, chasing him until you put a bullet in his head. When Davidov falls, Objective A 
will be complete. Head forward and you will notice a small bunker with an alarm 
resting on it. Guard this at all costs. If someone reaches the alarm, the woods will 
be crazy with enemies. You'll have three guys to drop from this vantage: one from 
the right, two from the left. Stick with the high-powered SA-90. When they fall, 
head forward to Davidov's corpse, claiming the dropped cellphone and Magnum. This 
will complete Objective B. 

Head down the path to the right. As you reach the lightpost on the left side of the 
path, duck into the forest and track left until you reach a clearing. To the right, 
you'll see a small wooden cabin. There is one guard on the path ahead and two more 
on the left. Kill them, then head inside the shack. Next to the alarm here is the 
Identity Card. Grab it and exit the cabin, completing Objective D. Head down the 
rock-lined path (to the right of the axe in a block of wood). When you reach the 
cross-path, head left. Pick off guards as you move, running and gunning with the 
Soviet KA-57. Soon, you'll reach a bridge. 

Move across the bridge. Stick to the right side of the path. As you reach a split in 
the path, stay to the right. Keeping the KA equipped, head forward. You'll reach a 
truck with three guards to its right. Drop them quickly with the powerful Soviet KA. 
Bypass the truck and stay to the left of the path. Equip the Deutsche M95. At the 
bend, look to the right and pick off the guard stationed there. Continue down the 
path until you reach a corrugated building to the right. Ahead, you'll see the 
airfield. Stay under the cover of trees, moving right. As the trees open up, you'll 
see a low, gray building in the distance. A single guard is on patrol here. Kill 
him, then move around the corner to the left, dropping the guard who's stationed in 
front of the door here. 

Swing into the doorway right, smoking the guards who charge at you within. When they 
fall, move behind the truck that is parked against the right wall. Inside the bed of 
the truck is a Sports Bag. This is the item needed to bribe the pilot. 

Exit this area and head across the airfield to the flight control tower. Switch on 
Night Vision to see the guards in front of this building, then pick them off before 
they even notice you. Turn off the goggles and head inside. Do not kill the 
innocents here (they've all got their hands raised, so are easy to spot). Head up 
the stairs, killing the single guard stationed here. When you reach the control 
room, walk up to the flight controller with a weapon drawn. He'll land the plane for 
you, completing Objective C. 

Leave the control tower and move to the airplane. If everything is copacetic 
(meaning you have the phone, bribe and ID), the pilot will let you aboard. Mission 


Mission Objectives:
A: Infiltrate facility - do not arouse suspicion.
B: Christmas must survive.
C: Avoid innocent casualties.
D: Pick up locator card.
E: Escape from blast pit.

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI-6: 
You do seem to have a nose for trouble, 007. We don't know what Davidov was 
intending to do here, and we don't know who else is involved, so be careful about 
trusting anyone until you're sure about their loyalties. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Right, Bond, you're now part in one of the more desolate regions of Kazakhstan. This 
place is one of the old Soviet nuclear testing facilities, owned by the Russian 
Atomic Energy Department. We've kept an eye on all these places for years. This one 
is in the process of being decommissioned - they're disarming and dismantling any 
remaining warheads now. 
The other scientists are the International Decommissioning Agency, which is a United 
Nations-sponsored organization. They'll be managing the decommissioning to make sure 
it's environmentally responsible and safe. 
The whole place is being guarded by the CIS army, under the command of a man named 
Colonel Akakievich. Now, any of the people here may be secretly working for Renard - 
those men you are with are disguised as Russian scientists - so keep pretending 
you're Dr. Arkov until you know what's really going on.
Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
You're on your own on this one, Bond. Keep your cool and I'm sure you'll be fine. 
You're now disguised as Dr. Arkov. He was supposed to be on assignment 
decommissioning this testing facility, and it looks as if Davidov killed him to take 
his place. 

Colonel Akakievich: The commanding officer of this facility is a Colonel in the army 
of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Akakievich will be expecting Doctor 
Arkov, so talk to him carefully.


When the level begins, you'll be talking to a Kazakh soldier. Thinking you're 
Arkhov, he sends you to find the commanding officer, Akakievich. This gentlemen is 
just over his right shoulder. Head up to him and chat. When he asks you for your 
papers, equip the Transport Documents from the Gadget menu and flash your 
credentials. When he sees you're legit, he'll tell you to seek the physicist, 
Christmas Jones. Turn around and head to the opposite side of camp. Back behind the 
tents here, you will meet your eventual lover Christmas Jones (Isn't every woman an 
eventual lover in the Bond multiverse?). Show her the same papers you showed 
Akakievich, and she'll direct you to go to the elevator. Head into only door here 
and wait for Christmas. When she appears, you'll take the elevator down and have a 
nice chat about dialects, alma maters and explosives. 

When the elevator reaches the ground floor, head through the tunnel straight ahead. 
When you come to the solid door ahead, head slightly left. Press B in front of the 
control panel here to open the door. Head through, staying to the right as the room 
divides. Follow the white-suited scientist into the right tunnel. In the next room, 
open the large door again (with the computer panel to the right) and step through to 
trigger a cutscene and complete Objective A. 

You have confronted Renard. The game is over, right? Nope. Christmas Jones comes in 
and busts up the party, setting Renard free and opening a path for his henchmen to 
take over. Christmas and Bond fall into a blast pit and all hell breaks out above. 
Two objectives are added at this time. Now the thing is to get out of the pit under 
heavy fire. To do this, equip the Grapple function on your wristwatch and look 
ceilingward. Zoom in to see the grapple point, then shoot the cable up and follow it 
out of the pit. 

Tip: You may want to eliminate some of the baddies from below before heading up the 

Once up top, make your way to the tunnel that Dr. Jones is cowering near. Using the 
wall supports as cover, eliminate the blue-suited terrorist entrenched in the 
tunnel. You'll have to move to get a good shot, as a large cart is blocking the 
path. When you drop the first round of attackers, get behind the cart and push it 
forward. More bad guys will come out of the woodwork. Duck into the alcoves to the 
right or left and pop the enemies until they drop. 

Push the cart forward slightly until you reach a room off of the track to the right. 
Stay in the doorway (out of sight of the terrorist inside) and line up a shot on one 
of the computer monitors within. Pop a single round into it to explode the screen 
and send the baddie to his death. When he drops, head inside the room and collect 
the Locator Card he has dropped, completing the objective. 

Return to the track and push the cart forward, killing the terrorist at the far end 
of the passage. As you push the cart forward further, it will become lodged in the 
large iron doors. Hop on to it and over, dropping the terrorists that rush you. At 
the end of the hall, two more await. Use the wall supports as cover as you drop 
these two. 

Now move forward to the metal cage that Renard is in. After a short conversation, he 
will set off a bomb. You'll have about seven seconds to get out of Dodge. Turn 
around and head back down the tunnel. 

Tip: You may want to get a jump on this by quickly walking to the door, triggering 
the cutscene, then turning around and heading toward the tunnel while Renard says 
his piece. 

Remember the movie? Your goal is the yellow and black striped bar close to the near 
end of the tunnel. As you reach it, jump up to grab the bar. Once you do, a short 
cutscene will ensue, showing the explosion as it thrusts through the passage. When 
you land on the opposite side of the blast doors, you'll find yourself in the blast 
pit room once again. There are three soldiers here, on the far side of the room. 
Sidle up to the iron pole that juts from the pit and, using this as cover, take them 
down with the Wolfram. 

Then move to the mouth of the tunnel to the left. Climb the walkway on the right 
side of this tunnel, and take down the four guards in this room. They will duck 
behind barrels and crates. Pop them as they appear. Use the barrels on the right 
side of the walkway as cover, shooting those on the left side of the room first and 
moving right. When everyone falls, hop down into the room. Collect the ammo, then 
move to the right tunnel. As this opens into the next room, follow the path to the 
left. Using the jutting wall supports as cover, take down the terrorists at the far 
end of the room ahead. When the room is clear move ahead into the elevator. 
Christmas Jones is waiting. Level over.


Mission Objectives:
A: Locate Zukovsky.
B: Keep Christmas Jones alive.
C: Do not eliminate your allies.
D: Keep Zukovsky alive.
E: Retrieve computer files from fishery office. 

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI-6: 
We have a red alert, Bond. Elektra King has killed M's guards and abducted her. 
It is imperative that you find M, Bond

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Elektra told M that she was worried after you went missing in the middle of the 
night, and persuaded M to come out to Turkey. It was a trap. Evidently Elektra and 
Renard are conspiring together. 
I'm sure you remember Valentin Zukovsky. He used to be KGB, but is now the legimate 
owner of a casino and caviar fishery. He is still a useful source of information, 
We know that Elektra has been losing large amounts of money at Zukovsky's casino 
l'Or Noir in Baku. We think it must have been her way of secretly paying him off. 
Find out what Zukovsky knows, and we may be able to help M.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Well, no doubt you will be able to persuade Mr. Zukovsky to talk, one way or 
another. Still, if you do need to take a quiet look at his records, you may find 
this covert modem handy - simply attach it to any computer and it will download and 
transmit to us any stored data. 

Colonel Akakievich: The commanding officer of this facility is a Colonel in the army 
of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Akakievich will be expecting Doctor 
Arkov, so talk to him carefully.


When the level begins, you find yourself alongside a pretty sweet BMW in the docks 
surrounding Zukovsky's caviar packing facility. Move forward across the pier to the 
ramp that leads up the side of the warehouse ahead. At the top, enter the door and 
head around the railing here to the door next to the large windows. Shoot the lock 
off of the door and enter Zukovsky's office. Here, a short cutscene will play, 
introducing Zukovsky and his henchmen. As you're talking, terrorists downstairs bust 
up the party. You're going to have a lot of killing to do, but be sure you do not 
shoot any of Zukovsky's men (they're the ones who look like Miami drug dealers). 

When the cutscene ends, two objectives will be added: D) Keep Zukovsky alive and E) 
Retrieve computer files from fishery office. Head forward to the doorway. Turn left, 
then strafe right so you are facing down the ramp here. Blast the thuigs at the base 
of the ramp, shrinking back to use the floor as cover when necessary. When they 
fall, head down the ramp. Move freely around the corner and through the next room, 
past the forklift to the next door. 

Equip your Night Vision here and open the door. Equip the Soviet KA-57. From the 
doorway, nail the two guards who are firing on you from the left of the dock. Move 
forward to the small ramp with crates on top of it. This will provide cover as you 
focus your fire on the raised platform in the distance. Kill the two guards here, 
then turn off the goggles and head up the ramps. 

On the wall of the warehouse, you will notice a gray switch next to a large, roll-up 
door. Pull the lever to open it. In the doorway, face right and strafe slightly to 
the left. There are two more terrorists at the end of the hallway to the right. Pick 
them off with the KA-57, using the crates to the right as cover. A third guard waits 
just behind the crates. Kill him, then collect the ammo that lies strewn around the 

Reload your weapon, then walk forward and pull the lever to bring the elevator down. 
It will arrive with a host of thugs, so retreat back behind the boxes on the left 
side of the corridor for cover. As the guards come to your level, hose them down 
with the KA or Meyer TMP. Then move to the eleavator and ride it up. Two guards wait 
around the corner to the right. Strafe out to shoot them, then duck to the right for 
cover. When they die, move forward and claim their ammo, then open the door to the 

There are five terrorists waiting in this room. Spray the first two, then edge 
around the door and mop up the rest. You'll want to use a high-powered weapon with a 
big clip. After the baddies drop, move through the room and open the next door. 
You'll find yourself in an empty room with a conveyor belt around its perimeter. 
Move to the right until you reach a railing. From here, you'll be able to see down 
into the room below. There are several baddies stationed there. Pick off the three 
you can see from here, then leap over the right side of the railing to the room 
below. Immediately in front of you is a guard. Pump him full of Wolfram ammo. Move 
past the switch on the right wall here and carefully turn the corner. Strafe left 
until you see the edge of the next terrorist. This guy's dangerous: he's packing a 
GL 40. Drop him, then head around the corner and mow down the guard in the distance. 
Return to the room with the switch and collect all of the ammo. Then flick the lever 
to open the door in the next room. 

Head back down the crate hallway and to the open storage room. The corrugated door 
will now be raised. Flick on the Night Vision and exit the building, heading right 
on the docks. The first priority is to kill the terrorist a level down from you to 
the right. He's holding a GL 40, and you don't want to get too close. 

After you drop him, continue right, following the path to a small open air structure 
over the end of the pier. There is another guard stationed here. Kill him, then look 
down to the water below and to the right. A boat is moored to the dock here. Using 
the KA, pick off the pair of frogmen standing there. Then flip the lever here, 
lowering the far drawbridge. 

Exit this structure and head right. Bullets will likely be zipping by you at this 
point. If you keep moving, you won't sustain much damage. Follow the path forward 
until you reach an up ramp. At the top, you'll find yourself facing a wall of 
crates. Below and ahead of you is a thug with a rocket launcher. Stay behind the 
crates as you equip your GL 40. When its loaded, strafe to the right and shoot an 
arching blast toward the terrorist. Be prepared to strafe back to dodge a rocket 
attack. When you are sure this dangerous individual has been neutralized, head down 
the ramp behind you. Be sure to grab the dropped ammo from the dead frogmen on the 
dock, then proceed ahead and up the ramp on the opposite side. 

Here, the path leads over the extended drawbridge. There are two terrorists to worry 
about here. One is camped out on the left side of the path, using stacked crates as 
cover. The other is on a side dock with another rocket launcher. Keep to the left 
side of the path and charge ahead, strafing slightly left and right to avoid his 
gunfire. As soon as he falls, swing to the right and concentrate your fire on the 
rocket launcher. The KA-57 works well for dropping this guy. 

Tip: Although Night Vision might seem like the thing to use here, it actually makes 
picking up rocket blasts hard to see. Try to stick with the naked eye in this case.  

You think your worries are over? Not yet. Ahead, on a ramp next to the dock building 
is another rocket launcher-toting baddie. Strafe to avoid the rocket attacks as you 
approach. As before, use the KA or Meyer to take him down quickly. Now turn around 
and head forward, taking a right around the corner of the building. On the far dock 
is yet another rocket launcher. Drop this guy with the KA and continue, taking a 
right up the ramp into the building. Here, you'll encounter more of Zukovsky's 
guards. Be sure you don't kill them, or all your work will be in vain. 

Just past the guards is a ramp. Move up it and into the open room. There are a pair 
of terrorists here: one on a central walkway and a second further to the left. Kill 
them, using the support columns as cover. Then, cautiously move into the room. 
Notice how the ceiling above is open? There is a guard on the side nearest you who 
is carrying a GL 40. Edge carefully to the right or left side of the railing that 
circles the overlook, keeping your eye trained on the railing above. As soon as you 
see a sliver of the guard patrolling above, blast him. You can't afford to eat a 
grenade at this point. When you're sure he's dead, move to the far end of the room 
and take the ramp up. 

When you reach the next level, take a right around the stack of crates and move 
forward. Just to the right of a shelf set is a window. Inside, you'll see two 
guards. Ambush them before they see you. Then head across the walkway to the right 
and follow the path around to the office you found them in. Around the next corner 
to the right is another terrorist. Kill him, then proceed forward to the computer 
terminal. Equip your Covert Modem and use it on the computer. This will fulfill 
Objective E. 

Move to the next room and climb down the ladder here, back to the docks. Around the 
corner of the building to the left is an unsuspecting guard. Pop him and continue 
across to the next walkway (forward and slightly to the right) to end the level.


Mission Objectives:
A: Return to Zukovsky.
B: Collect equipment from Zukovsky's car.
C: Do not eliminate your allies.
D: Destroy the attack helicopter. 

Mission Overview:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
So, it seems Elektra will go to extremes to prevent Zukovsky from telling you 
anything. Get back to him as fast as possible and make sure that he and Doctor Jones 
are still safe. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
We're picking up traces of multiple helicopters closing on your position, Bond. They 
are normally used by King Industries to clear forest sites, but they'd make pretty 
effective weapons too. Stay out of their way. 
This whole place is a maze of walkways and warehouses, so even if one route gets cut 
off you should still be able to find a way back to Zukovsky so long as you keep 

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
We're analyzing the data you got from Zukovsky's computers now. It is going to take 
a while unfortunately - he's been a busy man. We'll keep at it, but I don't think 
you've got time to dawdle. 

Christmas Jones will be able to help you find the warhead which Renard has stolen. 
Make sure she stays safe.


The key to this level is to always keep moving. In addition to the helicopters 
equipped with massive saws, there are is a gunship lurking around as well. You begin 
in a large warehouse, which one of the saw copters unceremoniously hacks apart. Turn 
around and grab the stash behind you: a Soviet KA-57, Body Armor, a Sticky Grenade 
and some ammo. Turn around and head to the far right corner and exit this building. 
Ahead is a raised drawbridge. Duck into the structure on the left of the path to 
lower the bridge, then, sticking to the right side of the path, cross the lowering 
bridge. As you do, a sawblade will rip through the planks. If you stay far to the 
right, you'll be fine. However, as you reach the end of the bridge, you'll have a 
pair of baddies to contend with. Mow them down with the KA-57 and proceed into the 
warehouse ahead. 

Move down the corridor filled with crates. Around the corner, a firefight is raging. 
Zukovsky's men are engaging the terrorists. Peek around the corner. In a room 
overlooking the warehouse is a terrorist sporting a grenade launcher. Pick him off 
from the cover of these crates, then move forward and pick off any remaining scraps. 
Move to the far right corner of the room. Here you'll find a ramp leading into the 
office above. Don't race willy-nilly up it. Instead, creep until you see the baddie 
stationed at the top of the ramp. Pop him with the Wolfram, then move up and clear 
out the other baddie (to the right as you climb the ramp). Alone in the office, grab 
the GL 40 next to the computer, then circle the room, pikcing the ammo stashed in 
its corners. On the opposite side of the large flat of boxes is another ramp that 
leads to the exit. Before you leave the warehouse, take down the two enemies who hop 
over the crates near the exit. 

As you exit the building, you'll see a walkway straight ahead. Two choppers fly by 
and cut it in pieces. Disregard the crossfire here and book to the walkway. When you 
reach the next segment it will sway and wobble. As the sections of the catwalk line 
up, run across and down the other side, entering the warehouse ahead. If you fall 
off, make your way around the drums of caviar. There is a ladder down here that 
leads back up to the pier. 

As you enter Storage Warehouse I, you'll run across more of Zukovsky's men. Run past 
them around the corner. To the right is an open area with several terrorists. Run 
past that and seek cover behind the corrugated wall here. Around the corner to the 
left, you'll encounter two terrorists: one in the small storage shed to the left and 
a second clinging to the right wall. Kill them, then head inside the shed to grab a 
bunch of 7.62 ammo. Exit and turn to the left. In an alcove to the right is another 
Body Armor. Grab it and head down the path. Cling to the right wall and peek around 
the corner. You'll see the exit doors here, but they are guarded by a pair of 
terrorists. Drop them, using the corner as cover, then move to the door and exit. 

Head through the short hallway here and exit on to the docks again. Head across the 
short pier to the large, open door of a boathouse. Pause behind the wall here. There 
is a large gunship to your left that will rain fire on you if you show your face 
around the corner. Listen to the sounds of its fire. When you can no longer hear the 
chopper blades, step around the corner to the right. Past the open doorway here are 
some goodies: a Sticky Grenade to the right, and (if you didn't already pick it up 
in the warehouse) another Body Armor. 

After the chopper leaves, turn around and head through this building, rounding the 
corner to the right to find more piers. There are three walkways here, and, as you 
might have guessed, they are being hacked apart by the buzzsaw choppers. Take a 
right, ignoring the fire you're drawing. When you get to the rightmost catwalk, head 
over it. Make sure you don't get in the way of the sawblade that rips through the 
wood in front of you (and explodes several barrels). After the chopper passes, focus 
your fire on the terrorist on the other half of the walkway. He's holding a rocket 
launcher, so the sooner you drop him, the better. When he falls, leap to the severed 
section of the walkway ahead and continue down and across to the next warehouse. 

Once inside, follow the path until you reach a T-intersection. Turn to the right, 
facing the wall. Strafe left into the passage, popping a shot into the explosive 
barrel on the right side of the path. This will take down the terrorists camped out 
here. Now head diagonally forward to the flat pallete on the floor. Turn around and 
look down the alley to the right. Blast the barrels here to kill the terrorists 
here. Move forward into this path. Near the end, line up a shot and drop the 
terrorist in front of you. Then move forward a bit more, pivot left and kill the 
gray-shirt around the corner. Move to the doorway ahead and through. 

After a short hallway, you'll exit back to the piers. Follow the long dock here 
around to the left. There's a gunship ahead that's laying down some grief. Dodge its 
rockets and the fire from terrorists stationed on the platform. Be sure as you 
charge down this long walkway that you do not kill Zukovsky's guards who wait at the 
end of the pier. 

When you reach the platform, head up, killing as many of the terrorists as you can. 
They are stationed in small groups of crates here. You'll also have to deal with the 
gunship, which continues to pepper you with lead as you dance around the platform. 
Your goal is to head to the center of the platform and go down the ramp here. Below, 
you'll find plenty of goodness. Zukovsky's car is here, and it contains the almighty 
AT 20 SENTINEL, a four-chamber missile launcher which will be integral in taking 
down the warbird. In addition, scattered about the dock here are several boxes of 
shells, as well as another Body Armor. At this time, a new objective appears: 
Destroy the attack helicopter. 

Grab the gear and head back upstairs. Now it's time to take down the gunship. Equip 
your SENTINEL and let's rock. Keep the primary function of the weapon. Depress the 
right shoulder button to make the crosshairs bigger. Keep these on the helicopter 
even after you fire. Your missiles are guided in flight by the laser that emits from 
the barrel. Keep pounding the helicpoter until it falls from the sky. It will take 
about five missile hits to waste it. This isn't easy, and ammo is easy to run out 
of. If this happens, return to Zurovsky's car to grab more missiles. 

Once the gunship goes down, head downstairs and cross the lowered drawbridge. As you 
near the end, drop the two terrorists guarding the entrance to the next building. 
Then head inside and talk to Zurovsky, ending the level.


Mission Objectives:
A: Pursue Bullion - don't let him get away.
B: Rescue the hostages.
C: Christmas must survive.
D: Avoid innocent casualties. 

Mission Overview:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
We need to know where Elektra and Renard have taken M. 
It looks as if Zukovsky will be able to help you find out. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
It appears that Zukovsky has taken over what used to be a KGB safe house during the 
Cold War, and is using the communications equipment there for his own affairs. 
Hopefully Zukovsky will be able to contact his nephew, Nikolai, and discover where 
Nikolai is supposed to be delivering his smuggled goods to Elektra.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Well, there's not a lot we can help you with here, 007. There's one point of hope 
however. M is carrying the locator card, which Renard's men took from the warhead 
when they stole it from Kazakhstan. 
This card has a GPS signal transmitter built in, and if M can somehow reactivate the 
card you might be able to track her. 

Doctor Jones: Christmas Jones will be able to help you find the warhead which Renard 
has stolen. Make sure she stays safe.


This mission is a battle through the streets and buildings of Istanbul. You begin on 
an abandoned block. Head forward and scoot around the corner to the right. Mount the 
scaffold ahead and follow it around to the left. At the end you'll find a Wolfram 
P2K. Grab it and drop to the street below. Now turn around and head toward the 
archway in the distance. As you near the duo of cars parked in the road, a pair of 
thugs will charge you. Take cover in the area just to the right of the arch. As the 
baddies come toward you, waste them with the Wolfram. Step forward into the tunnel 
to finish the job, making sure you pick up the Magnums they drop. 

Note: Do not try to use the cars here as cover. If they catch a stray round, they 
will explode, seriously depleting your health. 

Then make a beeline for the yellow building to the left. Get behind the corner here 
for cover, then look ahead and to the right. There are a pair of terrorists 
crouching behind a low wall in the distance. Equip the Magnum and use its zoom 
function to draw a bead on each enemy. Plug them and move forward to the wall they 
were crouching behind. From this corner, look diagonally to the right. Make sure you 
are out of sight of the group of terrorists on this next block. See the car across 
the street? Pop a couple rounds in it and the auto will explode, killing those 
standing on the street. 

Move around the low wall into the street, wary of any guards who may have dodged the 
blast. Pass the car and loop around the left corner. Here, you'll find a bunch of 
civilians crouching in terror. Cowards. Move forward to the next building corner. 
Face down the next path and slowly strafe left until you see another guard. Drop him 
with the Magnum, then prepare for another to dart from behind the stack of boxes on 
the right side of the path. When you've dealt with this dude, move forward down the 
path. There is another guard crouching behind a yellow planter. Blast him with the 
Magnum and move forward. As you pass a pair of archways in the right building, 
hostages will run out, pursued by their captors. Pick off the guys dressed in black 
to save the hostages. Keep pushing forward. As you reach a door in the left 
building, a woman in a towel will come screaming out of the bathhouse. Pick off the 
surly character she's running from and head inside. 

Move up the stairs. In the doorway at the top, you'll see a distant terrorist 
dressed in blue. Zoom in and kill him with the Magnum. Then swing around left and 
bolt into the room. In the corner is another hostage being held by a pair of 
terrorists. Blast the one to the left, then kill the one to the right. One round 
from the Magnum should be sufficient for each. 

Then turn around and back into the corner, below the walkway. In the far corner of 
the upstairs walkway is another baddie. Zoom and drop him, then spin to the left and 
pick off the baddie in the left corner. Finally, spin right and back up to waste the 
hombre just above you. Remember, you can use the walkway as cover. If things are 
getting too heavy, back up and breathe a second before jumping willy nilly into the 
fray. When all of the upstairs jokers have fallen, move diagonally across the room 
to snag the Body Armor. 

Then, spin around and head out of the doorway on the oppsoite side of the room. Head 
through the arched doorway here and turn left, popping the unsuspecting guard at the 
top of the stairs. Climb the stairs to the walkway, turning left as you exit and 
following the path to the next door. As you approach, you'll see Bullion running 
ahead of you. 

Move through the arched doorway and cruise up the stairs. At the top, take a left 
and follow the path to an open doorway. There is a gunman waiting across the roof. 
Zoom and boom with the Magnum. Move around the building, following the low white 
railing that borders the roof to the left. Eventually, the railing will give way. 
Take a few steps back, get a running start, and leap across the gap between 
buildings. When you land, head to the right around the small building here. As a 
guard charges around, line up a shot and nail him. Continue around the building to 
claim a Stun Grenade. Then exit and turn right, heading down the long ramp ahead. 

At the end of the ramp, peer around the corner. There is a civilian cowering near 
the wall, a baddie in the courtyard, and one more peeking out of the window of a 
building across the way. Use the wall as cover and strafe, popping the criminals. 
Head over to the white ledge and hop up on it. Then leap across to the next 
building. As you enter, a hostage runs from one doorway to the other. Move straight 
ahead. At the doorway, turn right, then strafe left into the corridor, shooting the 
terrorist behind the overturned table. The end of this hallway is blocked off, so 
duck into the room to the right. 

You're met at the door by a terrorist. Drop him, then move into the room, killing 
the baddies who are covered behind furniture. Move to the second room, heading 
through the arched doorway to the right. Follow the path ahead across the wooden 
planks to another rooftop. Take a hard right and blast the thuig who charges you. 
Then quickly climb the ladder to the next roof. As you weave through the laundry, 
two more terrorists will attack. Drop them and move across the planks to the next 
roof. When you arrive, run to the far left skylight, killing the only guard who 
stands in your path. Step through the vent here and drop to the balcony below. 

When you land, head right through the archway here, then right again, killing the 
two guards surrounding the hostage here (he's dressed in white). Stepothrough the 
left doorway, running and gunning with a good short range weapon (the Magnum or 
Finessi). Take the steps at the end of the path down, then head straight forward and 
kill the terrorist who's holding a captive here. Again, the best tactic is to run 
straight at him, guns blazing. When this hostage is free, open the next door and 
prepare for a firefight. There is one hostage here and four guards. Hang at the 
doorway and pop the guard closest to him with the Mustang. The guards will then turn 
their fire on you. As they do, step into the room (past the running hostage) and 
blaze until they all drop. Then head forward to the double doors and go through. 

When the doors open, blast the terrorist in front of you, then quickly spin. There 
is another guard here holding yet another hostage (these guys don't mess around). 
Drop him with some heavy fire from the Mustang and head right through the double 
doors. Three thugs are lurking around the building here. Mow them down with the 
Ingalls, then make for the door in the far left corner (from where you entered). As 
you mount the staircase here, the level will end. Good work, 007.


Mission Objectives:
A: Open security door with scanned fingerprint from Bullion.
B: Rescue M at all costs.
C: Stop Elektra from warning Renard.
D: Do not eliminate your allies.

Mission Overview:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
This isn't looking good, 007.

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
We know the location of M. She's in the tower, and it's absolutely critical that you 
find a way to free her unharmed. 
If Elektra is there, her bodyguard Gabor will be close by. It looks as if Bull is 
working with her too, which won't please your friend Zukovsky. 
You must stop Elektra and Renard from escaping with that submarine. If they manage 
to detonate the reactor, then the whole city will be destroyed, and millions of 
innocent people will die.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Oh dear. There are a number of devices that could help you out here, but 
unfortunately you're not carrying any of them. 
Good luck, 007.

Elektra King: Elektra is responsible for killing her own father, and has kidnapped 
M. She now has plans to kill millions of innocents in a nuclear blast.


After a pretty severe falling out between Bond and Elektra, and the cold blooded 
murder of Zukovsky, you find yourself alone in the room with a corpse. Grab his 
Wolfram and head through the double doors into the dressing room. Equip the Stunner 
function on your watch and open the next door. This leads to a balcony outside. Turn 
right and zap the guard here, then punch him out to get his gun. 

Head back into the room Zukovsky's in and go through the other door. This leads to a 
spiral staircase. Head up, passing a guard on the way up. At the top, turn and face 
the grated door ahead. From here, you'll see the back of a guard. Kill him with the 
Wolfram, then wait for his compadres to come to his aid. Mow them down as they 
appear in the doorway. From this same position, turn to the left. In the corner of 
the hallway here is a security camera. Shoot and destroy it. Then head forward into 
the office you just cleared. On a table in the far left corner of the room is an ID 
Scanner and some ammo. Through the opening above the table, slay the terrorists in 
the hallway. Exit through the door next to the extinguisher and move left. Here, 
you'll discover the door you'll eventually need to get through to reach the tower. 
First, however, you'll need to get Bullion's fingerprints. 

Head back to the balcony where you punched out the guard. As you exit, move to the 
left. Look down into the courtyard below. Equip your MAR-4 and zoom it all the way 
in . Bullion is behind a small bunker on the left side of the dock. Snipe him, then 
kill the guard who is one level down from the balcony. When both of them drop, head 
to the dirt path that leads down from the balcony (right in front of the double 

The path leads into a concrete building. As you move into the first room, you'll 
hear the sounds of gunfire. Reload your weapon and pause before the door here. There 
are four guards beyond. A rapid weapon is the best choice here (the Deutsche M45 is 
a beaut). Open the door and take out one guard at a time, ducking for cover when you 
need to reload. When all of the baddies fall, move into the room. At the far end is 
an arched doorway. Another group of terrorists has taken over this corridor. Clean 
them out, then head to the end and grab the Body Armor. 

Head back to the previous room and look down the ramp here. Snipe the terrorist 
camped out in the left corner (facing down the stairs), then move down the ramp. At 
the base of the stairs, turn around and strafe right, shooting the thug camped out 
behind the coil of wire to the left. The next door exits to the docks, where you'll 
find Bullion. Head forward toward the bunker he's lying behind. As you reach it, 
spin and waste the baddie sneaking up from behind. After he drops, turn your 
attention to Bullion. Equip the ID Scanner and point it at Bullion. Press Z to get a 
positive reading on his prints. 

Now head back up the stairs. Drop the two terrorists at the top, then proceed back 
up to Elektra's pad. Head back through the security office until you reach the 
fingerprint-activated door. Take a moment to equip the Grapple function on your 
watch. Then pull out the ID Scanner and activate the door. Before you step into the 
next room, re-equip your Grapple. As you step into the next room, the door at the 
far end is sealed off and the room begins to fill with gas. However, in the center 
of the ceiling is a grapple point, which will take you up to the next level. Shoot 
your grapple up and climb the rope, then hop off as you reach the top. Take the 
ladder up to the next floor, then climb another to the tower. When you reach the 
top, duck down. There are three guards camped out in the hallway ahead. Quickly pop 
up, drop a thug, then duck again. Now strafe to the left and plug the baddie in the 
corner. The last is stationed near the door to the right. When he falls, head to the 
end of the hall and take a right into the cell block. M is in the last cell on the 
right. Before rescuing her, equip your watch with the Stunner function. Then shoot 
the lock off of the cell and step inside. This will trigger a short cutscene in 
which Elektra shows up and kidnaps M again. You are stripped of your weapons and 
left with Gabor. When the cutscene concludes, it's you and him. Use your Stunner 
watch to drop him, then snag his Wolfram and kill him. 

As you exit the cell block, two more guards have gathered outside. Kill them with 
the Wolfram. If low on ammo, stun them and punch them out. Then head to the door 
across from the cells and follow the spiral stairs up. At the top of the stairs are 
a pair of flunky guards. Mow them down with the Mustang, then head through the door 
here. As you move through the next room, another cutscene will occur. Elektra is 
holding M hostage, and she is counting on your conscience to stay alive. When the 
cutscene conlcudes, fill Elektra full of lead. Objective complete, mission over. 


Mission Objectives:
A: Board submarine.
B: Locate and rescue Christmas unharmed.
C: Gain access to control room.
D: Avoid submarine crew casualties.
E: Destroy steering controls.
F: Escort Christmas to Mine Room.

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI-6: 
Well Bond, it seems your suspicions about Elektra King were right all along. She 
might not be your problem any longer, bur Renard is still in possession of a warhead 
and a nuclear submarine. If you're also right about his plan, you must stop Renard 
before he destroys Istanbul. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Doctor Jones has already been taken on board. Renard is getting ready to leave, so 
you won't have a lot of time. With Elektra dead, he won't have anything left to 
lose, so be careful, Bond. He won't hesitate to execute Christmas if he thinks 
you're onto him.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Hmmm, a Victor-3 class submarine eh? The only way you're going to get on board is 
through the hatch on top of the con tower. 
Victor-3 submarines all have an alarm and intercom system. Our satellite 
surveillance of your location has also indicated that the dock itself has similar 
secuirty. You'll need to make sure no one gets a chance to raise the alarm or it 
will all be over. 
Of course, you can disable the alarms using the laser we thoughtfully fitted on your 

Renard: Renard is planning to take the stolen sub out to sea and trigger a 
catastrophic meltdown which will kill millions. 
It is up to you to stop him before it is too late.


To get through the first portion of this mission, you're going to need a big helping 
of stealth. Switch your Wolfram to Silenced right off the bat. There are several 
alarms positioned throughout the level, and if they're tripped, you're sunk. Move 
forward, keeping the large crates to your right. Round the corner, sticking near the 
crates as you spy on what's going on in the distance. There are three guards in this 
area. One camped out near the alarm, and two patrolling. The one on the left will 
walk towards you, then walk back toward the sub. The one on the right will disappear 
into the crates. When the left guard turns around, start heading toward the guard 
near the alarm. Line up a head shot and drop him, then turn right and head into the 
crates. One more right will pit you in front of the second guard. Another head shot, 
another body bag. Return to the area in front of the alarm. As the third guard 
strolls by, nail him in the gourd. 

At this point, you should have a couple more guns. Select the Suisse SSR and strafe 
left around the brick column. There is a distant guard camped out on the walkway up 
to the sub. Zoom into his head and make him fall down. Then edge further left and 
drop the next guard down. Then creep forward, using the right wall as cover. Edge 
out until the next guard comes into view. Drop him with the Suisse, then edge 
further forward. The next guard is in front of another alarm. Make sure he doesn't 
see you and line up a head shot. Kill him, then cruise across the courtyard. Drop 
the final guard in the next area, then head right up the gangplank and to the sub. 

Move to the central tower and climb up the backside ladder. Drop into the hole here, 
then head to the next ladder and mount it from the side, following it down into the 
sub. At the bottom of the ladder, you'll encounter a guard. Shoot him in the face. 
Then move to the small alarm panel (a red button on the wall) and use your Laser 
Watch to disable it. 

Tip: Although you may be tempted to find Christmas now, it is best to wait until 
you've cleared the level of guards before escorting her to safety. If she gets shot 
as you move through the sub, the mission will be over. 

Return to the hall with the ladder and head forward (away from the valve door) to 
the cross path ahead. Wait in the doorway here. There is a terrorist on patrol, and 
he will make a circuit right past this door. When he does, shoot him in the head. 
Then head to the right and use your laser on the alarm panel there. Directly across 
from the alarm is a gray door. Open it and kill the terrorist who is holding the 
blue-suited hostage. Then exit the room and turn left, opening the valve door here. 

Note: If an alarm gets tripped, your mission will no longer end. You'll just have a 
lot more enemies to deal with. Needless to say, stealth is still important. 

Blast the pair of guards who approach as you exit, then take a left at the next 
intersection, blasting any seamen in your way. Make your way to the far end of the 
passage, and head through the valve door immediately to your right. Head through 
this empty chamber to the gray door on the opposite side. Go through, then jog 
slightly to the left and go through the valve door here. As you enter, a guard will 
charge from the opposite door. Drop him, then prepare for a series of guards to pile 
out of the door to the right. Use the M8 POW90 to drop them. Then move into the room 
and clear out the rest. You've accessed the control room, fulfilling Objective C. As 
you do, another Objective will be added: Destroy steering controls. Before you do 
this, you'll have to find Christmas and escort her to safety. 

Dr. Jones is in one of four possible locations. The first is here: Head back to 
where you dropped in. Move to the gray valve door and step through, then head to the 
end of the hall and equip your P2K. Step through the door to the left . Kill the 
terrorist here, and rescue his hostage: it will either be Christmas or one of the 
original sub crew members. If Christmas is here, go talk to her to fulfill Objective 
B. Whenever you do find her, you will be given another Objective: Escort Christmas 
to Mine Room. We'll get to that in a moment. 

Note: Whenever you find Dr. Jones, make your way to the Mine Room. Don't bother 
risking her life checking the rest of the rooms. 

Exit the first hostage room and head forward through the valve door. To the left is 
another gray door. Open it to find another hostage situation (and another possible 
Christmas appearance). If she's not here, head forward to the cross path. Take a 
right and follow the path around the corner. Just across from the alarm is another 
hostage room. If Christmas is not here, exit and head left. Head through the valve 
door and follow the path around the corner to the left. Move around the next corner 
(left again) and you'll see a gray door to the left. This is the last possible 
Christmas location. Rescue her here, then return to the control room door. Instead 
of going in, head past through the door ahead. There is one enemy waiting here. 
Blast him and move on, angling slightly to the right into a room with a hatch on the 
floor. Head down the ladder here (make sure Christmas is following). When she 
arrives below, Objective E will be complete. 

Head back up the ladder and to the control room. Move to the back right corner of 
the room and go through the gray door here. Kill the guard here, shoot and destroy 
the control panel straight ahead. As you do this, the mission will be complete. 


Mission Objectives:
A: Enter the reactor chamber.
B: Eliminate Renard.
C: Protect Christmas.
D: Stop the meltdown.

Mission Overview:
Message from M, Head of MI-6: 
There is no time to waste, Bond. Find Renard and stop him at all costs. 

Mission Location and Personnel:
Message from Robinson, Chief of Staff: 
Remember, if Renard inserts that plutonium rod into the sub's reactor, it will 
trigger a nuclear meltdown. You can't let that happen. 
It's all up to you now, 007.

Mission Equipment:
Message from R, Q Branch: 
Everything's gone topsy-turvy, hmmm? Well, the grapple in your watch should help you 
to get around without too much difficulty. Keep an eye out for places you can 
properly attach it. 
Since the temperature is rising, Renard must already be in the reactor room. You 
won't have much time before it reaches the meltdown point. 
Oh, and remember that guns don't work underwater.

Renard: Crashing the sub has not been enough to stop Renard froim continuing with 
his insane scheme. 
You will have to finish the job in person Bond.


The first portion of this level is vertical in nature, as you plunge through the 
chambers of the sub looking for Renard. It is easy to get lost in the water, and 
easy to drown. Keep an eye on your oxygen meter in the upper right corner of the 
screen. When it reaches 0, you'll begin to take damage. Don't let that happen. 
Another meter you should be aware of is the temperature gauge (located at the 
top/center of the screen). The temperature will rise toward inevitable meltdown, and 
you have to stop Renard before it does. When the gauge goes completely red, you 
fail. Simple as that. 

From the starting point, walk forward and drop into the open hatch. You find 
yourself partially submerged. To swim, simply push in the direction you want to go. 
You don't have to "pump" the button, just hold it. You'll go much faster. When you 
splash down in the water, look straight ahead. Swim to the large valve here and turn 
it off (press B) to shut down the steam that is blasting into the far end of the 
room. When this has been accomplished, turn around and dive, aiming for the 
underwater opening in the wall ahead. Swim through, then grab a quick breath of air 
in the next room. When your oxygen meter is full, dive again, heading through the 
hatch below. When you reach the bottom, turn and face the next doorway. Swim 
through. Just as you pass the threshhold of this door, look down. Follow the hatch 

Swim through the next tunnel until you reach a tunnel entrance ahead. Go through 
this to find yourself in a tunnel with hatches in the floor at either end. One is 
barred by bent pipes. In the center of the path is a M8 POW90. Grab it, then head to 
the other entrance and swim through. This will take you down to a wider, more 
squarish passage. Swim through the hatch in the center of the floor here. In the 
subsequent tunnel, you will see a ladder crossing the path. Swim past it through the 
hatch. Just after this doorway is an opening in what appears to be the floor. Swim 
through it to find an air pocket. Fill up on oxygen, but before exiting, be sure to 
grab the M8 POW90 from the floor. 

Leave the chamber and head into the hatch in the floor. You'll find yourself in a 
room with a dead, floating seaman. Turn here to find a square door. Swim through and 
head right. At the end of the path is a hatch in the ceiling. Swim through it and 
continue up. When the path is intersected by another, turn right and follow it past 
one opening. Here, you'll see a larger hatch in the ceiling. 

Head up through it and you will see the choppy surface of water high above. Swim 
like the dickens to get there. As you swim, equip the M8 POW90 you picked up in the 
tunnel. There's going to be a firefight the second you poke your dome out of the 
water. As soon as you surface, blaze Renard's men. and step up into the room. Grab 
their ammo, then head back past the opening you entered from. Here, you will find a 
Body Armor. 

At this point, equip your Grapple Watch and look up. High overhead is a grapple 
point. Shoot a rope up and climb. As you go, make sure you have a full clip in your 
M8. The tunnel you're headed to is actually behind you (if you got on the rope 
facing the short end of the tunnel). Make sure you're pointed the right way as you 
climb, as you'll have a guard to kill the moment you get to the next level. The 
terrorist is stationed on the left side of the path. Blast him with the M8, then 
leap into the passage. Head forward under the collapsed door that blocks half of the 
tunnel. At the end of the corridor is a drop-off. If you get there, you've gone too 
far. Instead, look up just as you pass the white door. There is another grapple 
point here. Shoot a rope up, then climb up. Congratulations, you've accessed the 
reactor chamber, fulfilling Objective A. Your reward is to have another Objective 
added: D) Stop the meltdown. 

To do this, look above. See Renard in the transparent tube? Directly below him is a 
large red button. Climb up onto the pipes and press the button. This will fulfill 
two Objectives: Stop the meltdown and Eliminate Renard. Once this is done, it's time 
to find Christmas and leave the sub. 

Now it's grapple fest. Shoot a rope up to the next grapple point to get to the 
higher white platform here. A terrorist awaits you. After polishing him off, look up 
again. Aim for the grapple point on the ceiling through the hatch above. Leap off 
the rope up top and kill the baddie waiting just beyond the steam. Move to the end 
of the hall and look up. Kill the suspended terrorist, then use your Grapple watch 
to get to the next level. In the short passage here is another hatch on the ceiling. 
Shoot your grappling line up to the point and leap to the rope to end the mission 
and the game. Sit back and watch the final movie, Bond. You've earned it. 


TWINE's multiplayer game rivals that of GoldenEye. Super-smooth fast action extends 
through fourteen levels of goodness. Play by yourself or with three of your closest 
stromies. Use the information below to wade through the various menus, then go play! 

Multiplayer Menu 

Character Setup
This menu allows you to determine your character's stats and appearance before 
heading into battle. Not only can you change the stats of the player characters, but 
the AI Bots as well. Select the Player you'd like to manipulate by using the C-up 
and down buttons. Move through the right side of the menu with the D-Pad. 

Give your player some cute name here. You have 8 characters to work with. 

Even the scales in uneven duels by manipulating how much health your character 
begins with. If you want to survive longer, double stuff with a score of 200. If you 
think you're all that, take the score down to 10 and see how you fare. 

Radar comes in many flavors. You can choose to follow your Team Only, track progress 
of Enemy Only, watch Players Only (no Bots), or see Specials Only. Choosing Off, as 
you might expect, hides the Radar display. 

Skin determines how your character will look. Choose between the fourteen original 
skins (taken from characters in the game). The type of player will determine how 
he/she will fight as an AI Bot. 

Player Numbers (1-4, depending)
Only four players can be in any given arena at a time. This includes AI Bots. If you 
have four human players, there will be no room for more. This menu will only allow 
you to select as many players as there are controllers plugged in. 

AI Bot Numbers (1-4, depending)
Set how many AI Bots will appear in the deathmatch. This can be set for up to three 
in a single player match. However, the total number of players can never exceed 

Screen Split
In two-player action, you can determine here how the split screen will be displayed: 
either horizontally or vertically. 

Weapon Detail
Select Low, Medium, High or Off. Low shows a lesser amount of weapon detail, and 
High displays the most detail. Medium or Low are the best settings, as they diminish 
on slowdown. Setting this to Off will display the weapon as invisible. 

Friendly Fire
Toggling Friendly Fire to on will make team players susceptible to injury from your 
(and other team members') bullets. 

Set how long the match will last. The time denominations you can select are 1:00; 
2:00; 3:00; 4:00; 5:00; 10:00; 15:00; 20:00; 25:00; 30:00 or Unlimited. Unlimited 
allows the game to go on indefinitely, or until other criteria (Maximum Score) are 

Maximum Score
Set the number of kills required to end the match. This can be used in conjunction 
with the Duration to produce an "either-or" situation--either time runs out or 
someone reaches the kill count. Max Score can be set from 10-200 in increments of 

Note: Once you are happy with all of the game settings, select start from the 
Multiplayer Menu. If more than two players are selected, you will be taken to a team 
selection screen. Cycle through the list of participants with the C-up and down 
buttons and change the team alignment with the D-pad (left and right). If there is a 
clash in player skins (meaning that more than one player has selected the same 
skin), you will be taken to another screen to sort this out. Manipulate the player 
skins with "Change" next to them to continue. 

Maps Labyrinth
The labyrinth map is just as it sounds: a twisting maze through high shrubs and 
brick walls. This is a run-and-gun fiesta perfect for Capture the Flag and King of 
the Hill matches. 

There are several points of interest on the map. A few of the long hedge corridors 
dead end in small brick alcoves replete with weapons and ammo. These are great for 
camping if you have a powerful enough weapon. 

In addition, a central brick courtyard is home to two extra-juicy items (provided 
you're playing in Standard Mode). Not only is there a sweet RL 22 here (great for 
shooting down the long, shrubby corridors), but also a pair of X-Ray glasses that 
will allow you to see through walls. Use these to watch your opponents as they creep 
through the hedges toward you. Stand in the central circle or one of the brick cul 
de sacs and let your friends come to you. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
X-Ray Glasses, RL 22, Raptor Magnum, Frinesi Special 12, M8 POW90, Mustang MAR4-GL, 
Soviet KA-57, Deutsche M45, Ingalls Type 20, Frag Grenade.



This multiplayer level is based in the bank building from the Courier single player 
mission. This is a great multi-level Combat arena, best when played with four 
players. The narrow corridors and hive of upstairs rooms make for rowdy action. The 
stair and elevator areas are perfect for sniping and surprise attacks. 

Head upstairs to the ornately decorated office to grab the Frinesi shotgun, great 
for these close quarters. Across the hall (and through the next room) is a Body 
Armor, which will give you a significant advantage. 

Tip: It is important to keep an eye on your opponent's portions of the screen to see 
where they are on the map. By doing this, you can surprise them as they come up the 
stairs or elevator, or avoid them if they are camping out. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Mustang MAR-4, Frinesi Special 12, M8 POW9, Deutsche M95, Raptor Magnum, Ingalls 
Type 20, Meyer Bullpup, Meyer TMP, Soviet KA-57.



This is a great spot for King of the Hill if ever there was one. The wide streets 
and great sniping capabilities provide a balanced team-based game experience in the 
dusty streets of ole Instanbul. 

Get your hands on a Magnum .44 early. It has massive stopping power, plus a bit of 
zoom capability--perfect for these mean streets. Head inside the buildings for great 
weapons and other perks. The gray, brick building (near a frequent spawn point) 
contains a Body Armor that is indispensible. 

Head up the indoor ramps to get to the upper rooftops. On one of the high walkways, 
you'll find a Deutsche SA90. Grab it and camp. These lofty perches will net many a 
frag as you pick off the completely exposed suckers running around the courtyard 
below. Or, if you prefer a cruder method, pull out the GL 40 and pummel the crowd 
with grenade rounds. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
GL 40, Body Armor, Mustang .44, Deutsche SA90, Frinesi Special 12, Meyer Bullpup.



Field of Fire
Field of Fire is more fun the more people who are playing it. It is another maze-
type level through fiery cave tunnels. Best played in Combat or King of the Hill 

The key to this level is getting to the swank items and exploiting them. Next to a 
steamy pond, you'll find a suit of Body Armor. This should be a frequent stop on 
your travels. Another good destination is a small raised cliff. At its base is an 
AT20. Grab it, then head up top to get a look at the surroundings. Watch all the 
entrances from here. When enemies appear, let them taste the fury of your missiles. 

Once you get a powerful weapon, head to the terminal cave (your original spawn 
point). This is a true dead end and a great camping place, if that's your thing. 
Otherwise, scoop up the Ingalls and run like a banshee through the caves, raining 
fire on all that crosses you. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Mustang MAR-4GL, Meyer TMP, M8 POW90, Ingalls Type 20, AT20 SENTINEL, Frag 
Grenade, . 



Hidden Volcano
Hidden Volcano is a great two-tiered romp ripe with awesome fragging opportunities. 
This is another great Combat map in which the creative killer will thrive. 

The upstairs control room (the one with the world map in it) not only serves as an 
easy way to cut across from one down ramp to the other, it holds a load of guns n' 
ammo. Watch for attacks from behind here. They're quite popular this Fall. 

There is a downstairs room that will be the answer to all of your multiplayer 
prayers. In this chamber (full of scattered crates), you'll find both Body Armor and 
a GL 40, two elements to a successful Hidden Volcano campaign. Once you have these, 
head to the elevator area and watch for enemies using the lifts. As the elevator 
rises, drop a grenade on them. Diabolical. 

The lifts can also be used for ambush. Take a look at your opponent's position on 
the screen. When he/she crosses the warhead room, pop up and blaze for a surprise 

Weapons (Standard Mode): Body Armor, GL 40, Mustang MAR-4, Delta 900 Mag. 



Silo Surprise
Loosely based on the Masquerade mission level, Silo Surprise is one of the least 
inspired maps of the game. The downstairs level is a run-and-gun series of corridors 
and linked rooms. The upstairs provides lots of sniping opportunities, without the 
hindrance of a railing. 

The best weapon in the level--the MAR-4GL--can be found atop a bank of industrial 
fans. This weapon is great, with rapid-fire and a clip that won't run out as you 
chase down your prey. Second to the Mustang is its kid brother the .44. Often, the 
action is in close quarters. You can always count on the .44 to end things quickly 
in these circumstances. It can be found atop a ramp (the only section of the level 
bathed in red light). 

This same passage leads to the walkway overlooking the fan room, a busy conduit that 
runs across the level. The walkway provides good sniping possibilities, but watch 
out for the homies creepin' while you're sleepin'. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Frinesi Special 12, Meyer Bullpup, Mustang MAR-4GL, M8 POW90, Raptor Magnum, 
Mustang. 44., Ingalls Type 20, Suisse SSR4000.



Frostbite is a massive level set in the snows surrounding Azerbaijan. This is a wide-
open map with a couple of escpae tunnels that cut under the snow. 

The best way to approach this map is to find and defend the small cabin here. 
Although you have to keep an eye on the ramp in the center of the floor, this is a 
swank spot for premium pickatude. Since the primary spawn point is right next to the 
cabin, you can rack up a string of kills if you have a power weapon. If you need to 
make an early exit, take a trip down the tunnel. 

If you're looking for some extra protection, there is a Body Armor that sits on one 
of the wooden bridges that extend across the snowy gorge near the cabin. 

If you're into the sniping thing, follow the tunnels to a steep ramp that leads up 
to a snowy pass. From here you can survey (and kill) all in the valleyt. Another fun 
thing to do is to patrol the ridges, waiting for enemies (fish) who collect in the 
snowy trenches (barrel). If you have Frag Grenades, this is especially delectable. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Body Armor, Frinesi Special 12, Suisse SSR4000, Meyer TMP, Mustang MAR-4, Frag 
Grenade, Deutsche SA90.



Another rather standard level, Submarine will have you chasing each other's tails 
through scads of rooms. Based on "A Sinking Feeling," this level is best fought with 
a good close-range weapon in hand. This is the classic dash and blast, and doesn't 
have much room for campers. 

The best position in the level is in the map room, with your back to the map. This 
gives you a view out through the wide window that looks into the next room and 
adjacent hallway. Or you can back yourself into the corner of the steering control 
room (it has a black and white patterned floor). With a powerful enough gun, you can 
pin down this spot for a good while. Some of the hostage rooms (the gray chambers 
where they held Christmas in the single player) are good for a little cover, but can 
be death traps if you get caught inside with superior firepower. 

Either of the powerful Magnum-style guns will treat you right in this level. Find 
them and love them. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Deutsche M45, Meyer Bullpup, Soviet KA-57, Raptor Magnum, Mustang .44.



Talk about monochromatic! Flashpoint looks like an empty holodeck level, with a 
bunch of interconnected gray rooms marked by grids. Snag the Night Vision goggles in 
the tracking room (the one with the long pipeline map in it). This will help you see 
enemies from a distance, as they tend to blend into the gray surroundings. 

This level is a fairly straightforward tunnel scramble, except that it has quite a 
few doors. Watch out... it's easy to get hung up on these as you're trying to get 
from room to room. If you are low on health, it is better simply to run a circuit 
through the open corridors than to risk pausing in front of a door. 

The best weapons on this level are the rapid-fire M8 POW90 and Mustang MAR-4, simply 
because they have spraying power to cover a moving target as you chase your foes 
incessantly through the halls. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Body Armor, Meyer Bullpup, Night Vision, M8 POW90, Frinesi Special 12, Deutsche M95, 
Mustang MAR-4.



You'll recognize this level from the King's Ransom map in the single player mode. 
Another indoor map, MI-6 is a honeycomb of confusing hallways. Best played as a 
straight-up blast fest, this level is awesome on Combat and Last Man Standing 

Since there are doorways everywhere here, the best thing is to simply keep moving. 
If you insist on camping, grab a Magnum and head all the way back to the red or blue 
lit rooms. There is only one entrance in the deepest of these, and it is pretty 
easily held with that kind of stopping power. 

In the blue-lit rooms, you'll find a Frinesi, which is an awesome force in these 
tight halls. Pursue the rabbits and fill them full of shot. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Raptor Magnum, Meyer TMP, M8 POW90, Frinesi Special 12, Deutsche M45.



One of IGN Guides' favorites, Forest has a bit of everything. The crisscrossing 
forest paths provide all kinds of ambushing and chasing fun. The ridges leading to 
the river are replete with snipability. The bridge... well, the bridge is a world 
unto itself. This map is awesome on almost every mode. 

Stashed in the forest (as you may remember from the Midnight Departure level)are a 
pair of aluminum buildings, which are quite obvious, as they sport the James Bond 
logo. These buildings are home to the GL 40. Grab it and head up the metal ramp 
inside. If anyone approaches the door, bomb them silly. 

Another good camping spot is on the cliffs leading to the river. Climb up top and 
prey on the poor bastards who dare trespass below an expert marksman! 

Sniping is all well and good, but the real fun of this level waits at the end of the 
bridge. Here, you'll find an AT20 SENTINEL missile launcher and some Body Armor. 
Time to hunt! With the suit of armor, you're protected from stray bullets. With the 
AT20, you've got enough firepower to take down a gunship, except that you'll be 
using it on your measly flesh and bone enemies. Remember: the explosion is as good 
as a direct hit. If you can't draw a direct bead on a foe, try to blast the rocket 
into the rock behind them to end things quickly. After awhile, this level becomes a 
mad dash to the bridge to grab these items. Defend the bridge and keep them for 
yourself. Simple as that. 

For an extra edge, snatch up the Night Vision goggles near the tall cliffs at the 
end of the river. These will help you see creeping foes hiding in trees and rocks. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Soviet KA-57, GL 40, AT20 SENTINEL, Body Armor, Deutsche M95, Night Vision, Meyer 



Sky Rail
Another amazing level, Sky Rail takes place in and around a ski lodge. This level is 
a sniper's paradise. Head into one of the two cable car hoists ground level doors. 
Follow the ramps up to the top most roof to find Body Armor. Then get inside the 
cable car and cruise high over the snow, spraying those unlucky enough to be in the 
open below. 

Note:Although the rooftops are enticing, they are also dangerous. You are highly 
visible and susceptible to attack from those below. In addition, if you fall from 
this height, you will die. 

There are plenty of sniper weapons available here, and some heavy firepower as well. 
The Suisse SSR4000 is a great weapon for quickly picking off people in the snowy 
plaza below. It is located on the red building (opposite the Body Armor). Behind a 
group of crates just inside the entrance to the red-flagged building is a RL 22. Use 
this to pick arrogant snipers off of the rooftops or blast enemies in the long, 
snowy passages connecting the two sides of the map. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Body Armor, Meyer TMP, Raptor Magnum, Mustang .44, RL 22, Meyer Bullpup, Suisse 



Air Raid
More of a gimmick than anything, the Air Raid level takes place aboard a pair of 
airborne stealth bombers. There is little room to move, and as a result, the 
powerful Frinesi is king. Once you get it, head up to the cockpit and camp. No one 
will be able to get near you as you spray them with shot. 

There are two wings and both are spawn points. You don't want to spend any time on 
them or you'll get carried off by the whipping wind. However, if you see an enemy 
out there, pause at the doorway and blast him. The force from the shot may send him 
over the edge. 

There is a long airbridge connecting the two planes. Run out of the back hatch to 
get on the trailing plane, then snag the SSR4000 and snipe at the exit door. If you 
are a good sniper, you can do this all day, provided no one spawns in your area. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Frinesi Special 12, Soviet KA-57, Ingalls Type 20, Suisse SSR4000, Deutsche SA90.



The Castle level is a lot like the earlier Silo Surprise. There are a lot of 
balconies to snipe from and a group of fairly open rooms below. The stained glass 
room provides the best view of the entire level. From here, you can cover action 
below as well as the situation developing on the walkway. A good weapon to hold the 
room down is the Mustang .44. 

Grab the RL 22 from the library and back yourself into the corner here. Now equip 
that bad boy and get ready to party. The first person through one of the four 
visible doors will be fricasee. 

Weapons (Standard Mode):
Raptor Magnum, RL 20, Frinesi Special 12, Mustang .44.


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