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          | |_ __ _   _  ___   | |     _ __ _ _ __ ___   ___  (_)
          | | '__| | | |/ _ \  | |    | '__| | '_ ` _ \ / _ \
          | | |  | |_| |  __/  | |____| |  | | | | | | |  __/  _
          |_|_|   \__,_|\___|   \_____|_|  |_|_| |_| |_|\___| (_)
       _   _                __     __        _       _____ _ _
      | \ | |               \ \   / /       | |     / ____(_) |
      |  \| | _____      __  \ \_/ /__  _ __| | __ | |     _| |_ _   _
      | . ` |/ _ \ \ /\ / /   \   / _ \| '__| |/ / | |    | | __| | | |
      | |\  |  __/\ V  V /     | | (_) | |  |   <  | |____| | |_| |_| |
      |_| \_|\___| \_/\_/      |_|\___/|_|  |_|\_\  \_____|_|\__|\__, |
                                                                  __/ |

                        True Crime: New York City 
                              Playstation 2 version
                                     Rated M (Mature)
                                            Version 0.4

[Table of Contents]

[1] Disclaimer
[2] Guide Introduction
[3] Detective Training
[4] Streets of New York
[5] Walkthrough
[6] Introduction
     [6a] Vengeance
     [6b] Precint Detective Test
     [6c] Locker and Garage
     [6d] Navigating Traffic
     [6e] Street Test
     [6f] Terry's Agenda
[7] Big Cases
[8] Magdalena Cartel
     [8a] Teresa's Dare
     [8b] The Messenger
     [8c] Safe House
     [8d] Zuma Museum
     [8e] Escape Crazy
     [8f] After Teresa
     [8g] Bullet Opera
[9] Shadow Tong
     [9a] A Bad Crowd
     [9b] Homeward Bound
     [9c] Hard Sell
     [9d] Workshop Rumble
     [9e] Human Cargo
     [9f] The Rat Race
     [9g] Sesame
[10] President's Club
     [10a] Drug Den
     [10b] Club Tadow
     [10c] Meeting Kobi
     [10d] Factory Rush
     [10e] Print Factory
     [10f] Benjamin's Studios
     [10g] Zen Gardens
[11] Palermo Mob
     [11a] Ristorante
     [11b] Morbid Antics
     [11c] Mortician's Flight
     [11d] Sour Candy
     [11e] Bad Accounting
     [11f] Verigo
[12] Conclusion
     [12a] Path of Honor
     [12b] Hustler's Way
[13] On The Side
[14] Informant Missions
     [14a] King Missions
     [14b] Madam Missions
     [14c] Cabbie Missions
[15] Extra Jobs
     [15a] Fight Arenas
     [15b] Street Races
     [15c] Puma Shoes Collectibles
     [15d] Redman Mini-Game
[16] Cheat Codes
[17] Conclusion
[18] More By Me

==================== [1] Disclaimer ====================
This strategy guide may not be altered, copied, sold, or
reproduced for profit in any way, shape, or form without
given permission from me, Chris Fazio. However, you may
print out this walkthrough for your own use while playing
True Crime: New York City. I have no problem with game
websites posting this walkthrough, as long as my name is
given for credit next to it.

==================== [2] Guide Information ====================
Welcome to my strategy guide for True Crime: New York City for
the Playstation 2. This is my 6th walkthrough as an author for To see the complete list of the walkthroughs I
have made, see the "More by Me" section at the bottom of this
page. Regarding True Crime, if you're a Grand Theft Auto
player like me, the controls for this game are a bit tough to
get used to. It takes a while, but I'm sure you will get
the hand of it. Please allow me a few weeks to get this
strategy guide fully completed. This process takes a while.
Once again, I hope you enjoy the walkthrough. Feel free to
e-mail me at [email protected] Just be sure to look
at my e-mail policy, since I am very strict when it comes
to this stuff.


I will only accept e-mails regarding the video games. Any e-mails asking questions 
that are already answered here will be deleted. Any e-mails asking for my personal 
information will be deleted. You MAY e-mail me asking for my AIM screen name but I 
will not give that out here directly. Please be considerate of the following 
requests, thank you.

==================== [3] Detective Training ====================

You are Marcus Reed, a former gangster and thug, turned good. Before you can start 
your career as a police officer on the streets of Manhatten/New York City, you must 
learn the controls and ground rules to be an officer. Throughout the game, you will 
spend most of the time on the streets of the city and it is important to learn all 
the possible options and actions you can do. Firstly, lets cover the controls.

[On Foot]

Movement - Use the left analog stick to move Marcus. Move it slowly to walk and 
tilt it fully to run. Press down the stick to crouch and you can control how high 
or low Marcus is to avoid being seen when the time calls to use stealth.

Targeting - You aim with the right analog stick. This also functions during 
Precision aim.

Precision Aim - A vital part of your ranged combat skill. Precision aim allows you 
to slow down the environment around you and lets you score special nuetralizing 
shots on your opponents. Aim for the head for a lethal takedown (reticle turns red) 
or the arms and legs for a non-lethal takedown (reticle turns blue). Body shots 
(reticle is green) simply inflict damage. Triggering Precision Aim also immediately 
equips your gun, even if you didn't have one out.

Target Lock - while not in precision aim and while holding a gun, press and hold L1 
to lock on to an opponent.

Fire - To fire your weapon, press R1. Tapping R1, draws your weapon if you weren't 
holding it.

Reload - To reload a gun, press R2. Any of your basic guns under .38 have unlimited 
bullets. .38 or below guns will reload automatically when the clip is empty but it 
is quicker, and sometimes vital, to reload when your clip is short of bullets.

Badge/Warning Shot - When you are not holding a gun, press the select button to 
flash your badge. Low grade criminals will most likely surrender immediately at the 
sight of the badge. For higher grade criminals, have a gun in hand and press select 
to fire a warning shot into the air. Sometimes this doesn't work. The criminals 
will sometimes pick a fight and you will have to fight them.

Arresting Perps - You can only arrest perps if they have surrendered to you or if 
they have been knocked out. You can knock perps out by punching them or defeating 
them with a melee weapon. A knocked out opponent will be on their back with a blue 
handcuff icon above their body. Stand next to them and press circle ( O ) to arrest 

Pause Menu - Press start to enter the pause screen. It is here you can access your 
CompStat menu. This tells you the crime rate in each of the 20 precincts of 

Red - indicates the rate of crime is very high in the area
Orange - indicates the rate of crime is medium in the area
Yellow - indicates the rate of crime is low in the area
Green - indicates the precint is clean and no crime is in the area

A precinct can get to green by solving crimes in the area. One of the goals in the 
game is to clean out all 20 precints.

Also displayed in the pause menu, is the mission list, a music player and your 
save/load screen. Finally, there is the good/bad cop screen. In the game, if you do 
bad things like kill innocent people or run them over, you will get bad cop points. 
You get good cop points for arresting perps and solving crimes. Depending on what 
more kind of points you have (you're a good cop if you have more good cop points 
than bad cop points a vice-versa), you will get a different ending to the game. It 
is much better to be a good cop, obviously.

Weak/Strong Attacks - with no guns or melee objects out, use X to unleash a weak 
punch, Square for a strong attack, and X and Square together for a radical attack. 
During a 3-hit combo, if the last hit was a weak attack, the opponent will be 
dazed. Then you can grapple (see below) and combo with strong attacks easily. If 
their health is low when you perform a combo and the last attack is a weak one, you 
will get to unleash a special attack by pressing the X and Square buttons rapidly. 
If your third combo hit was a strong one, your opponent will fall off their feet 
where you can kick them to inflict more damage.

Grapple - Grapple (the O button) can be used to tackle fleeing suspects. Also, 
stand next to a random pedestrian on the street to frisk them and search them for 
illegal countraband such as drugs, guns, etc. If you find some, you will confiscate 
them and have the choice to arrest the suspect (good cop) or let them go by a bribe 
(bad cop). If the person is clean and you are holding evidence, you can plant your 
own evidence if you are carrying some into their pocket and then arrest them. (Bad 
cop) You can also press grapple near a store clerk to extort them for cash (bad 

Extorting - Extorting is an interrogation where you persuade a suspect or other 
person to surrender information or money. Notice the meter that appears when you 
extort somebody has a blue and red zone at each end. You DO NOT want the cursor to 
reach either end of the meter or the person will die, ending in failure. Your goal 
is to get the cursor in the direct middle of the meter three times for a successful 
interrogation. When the cursor is below the middle, you will have the choice to 
strike the person (X) or threaten to shoot them (O). These two options will raise 
the meter closer or to the middle of it. Be aware that the cursor gradually goes 
down if below the middle or gradually goes up if above the middle. If the cursor 
reaches above the middle you will get two more options to Demand (Square) or Reason 
(Triangle) with the person, These two will lower the cursor down to or near the 
middle. I hope you get this because you will be extorting many people whether it is 
in the main story missions or on the streets solving crimes.

Action - R2 is the action button, It is used to open a door, enter a vehicle, 
access a price menu in a store near a clerk, climb ladders, kick debris, pick up 
guns and weapons, and plant evidence.

[In a Vehicle]

X - acceleration
Square - Break/Reverse
O - Handbreak
Select - Turn on siren in a police vehicle/honk horn
R2 - enter/exit a vehicle
R1 - draw weapon/press again to shoot
L1 - aim/target lock gun

[Your Job]

Your job as a detective is to get 100% of the game completed. To do this, there are 
4 things you need to do.

~Complete all Main Story Missions
~Complete all Informant Missions
~Clean up all 20 precincts in Manhatten
~Beat all fight arenas and street races

As I mentioned before, random crimes will be appearing all over the city at any 
time. Your goal is to either arrest (knock out then arrest) or kill the suspects in 
the cases. With this, you will recieve career points. Career points fill up the 
badge you see on the screen that has a number in it (either 5, 4, 3, 2, or a 1). 5 
is the lowest rank you have and 1 is the best. Career points fill up the badge. 
When the badge is full, collect your pay and you will recieve a promotion to the 
next rank. With better ranks, you can buy better cars and weapons, and unlock stuff 
around the game. After the promotion, fill the badge up again to recieve another.

[Police Headquarters]

This is your safe house in Manhatten on Broadway in Time Square. Here you can 
collect pay, turn in evidence, buy cars, and by weapons. Go to each counter next to 
the elevator to do so. Access the elevator and there are two options here.


Here you can buy guns. The higher your rank, the better the guns you can buy. You 
can also buy weapon skills, one each rank.


You can buy cars here, the higher the rank, the better the car and the better the 
car skill you can buy. Open the locker to change clothes. Clothes can be bought 
througout the city. Come here whenever you want to take out one of your cars. The 
security guard will have it pulled out. Head to the door to the left to enter your 
car and exit the police station.

==================== [4] Streets of New York ====================

[Rogue Meter]

Wrapped around the badge display at the bottom right of the screen is the Rogue 
Meter. This increases as you perform violent criminal acts. Shoot or run over 
pedestrians, shoot cops, blow up vehicles, or otherwise disturb public order in a 
criminal manner and your Rogue Meter increases. Once it passes three bars, an 
arrest warrant it issued and the cops start coming after you. This also cancels any 
random crimes you may have been persuing at the time. The Rogue Meter decreases 
over time, so if you drive fast (or hide in a building material), you can let it 
deplete until it's safe to move about again. If you get arrested or killed while 
the cops are after you, you will be reprimated by Lt. Dixon, and be demoted to a 
beat cop for three arrests. You are stuck back in your blue police uniform and 
can't access your police gear. Score three arrests on the street to get back on Lt. 
Dixon's good side.

[Wandering Manhatten]
The island is 100% realistic. The street names and building locations are accurate. 
By the way, if you want to see the Empire State Building, it is on the corner of 
34th Street and 5th Avenue. And Central Park? You can't miss it. Big and green.

[Crime and Punishment]

Your day-to-day business in the city as a duly appointed Police Detective is 
largely solving crimes. There are many random crimes that occur around the city, 
includinga set of special one-time crimes (triggered at certain locations in the 
city), and a series of tiered crime missions (these repeat, but they have a larger 
set of linked missions, and the payoffs and dangers are greater for the final tier 
of missions) These crimes will test all the skills you know involving Precision 
Aim, melee weapons, etc. Each precinct starts out with 100 crime points. Killing or 
arresting a criminal is a 10 point decrease to the area. When all 100 points are 
gone, the precinct is clean. Everyday that passes in the game, each precint that 
isn't completely cleans will recieve a 10 point increase.

==================== [5] Walkthrough ====================

|Spoiler Warning|

If you don't want to ruin the story, I would not recommend flipping around the 
walkthrough. You should be particularly careful about avoiding the ending missions, 
as they will completely ruin the surpise.

==================== [6] Introduction ====================

Marcus Reed was not always the detective in the PDNY you knew him as. He was 
actually a thug on the streets of Manhatten. His father, who is also a criminal, 
has been in jail for many years now, leaving Marcus the responsibility of running 
his criminal empire. The story begins like this: Marcus has been sold out by a 
friend and he sets out to kill the one responsible.

==================== [6a] Vengeance ===================

The game starts in a room with many people. Marcus is armed with twin .45 SMGs, so 
the thugs in here should be easy to kill. Clear the room and head up the stairs and 
continue shooting the thugs that get in your way. Grap the health pack near the 
window and go through the window by pressing the action button. Tap the action 
button while outside to slide down the ladder. Head up the alley and crough to get 
through the torn fence. Stay alert as there are more thugs up ahead. Round the 
corner and be careful of the thugs on the fire escape. Mow everyone down and 
continue down the alley. At the end, there is a gasoline canister next to a car, 
which some thugs decide to use as cover. Shoot the canister to kill them in style. 
Head around the corner and down the steps to the basement and grab the health pack 
on the wall. There are more thugs down here to shoot. After the path is clear, a 
cutscene is activated and Marcus kills the one who sold him out. He is then 
approached by Terry, a friend of his who works for the PDNY. He promises to cover 
up the bloodbath but only if Marcus changes his ways. He does more than that. Five 
years pass, and Marcus has joined the police and is about to take is test to become 
a detective.

==================== [6b] Precinct Detective Test ===================

[Melee Training]
Move forward to the dummy and perform three weak attacks on it to destroy it. Move 
on to the next dummy and destroy it using strong attacks. In the third room, use a 
radical attack followed by a directional strike in the next room. Target lock on 
the dummy in the next room and while pressing forwards on the analog stick, perform 
a weak or strong attack. Approach the next dummy on the ground and use weak and 
strong attacks to kick it. In the next area, climb the fence by going up to it and 
pressing the action button. In the next room, grapple the police trainer. You can 
either do a weak or strong attack, or press grapple again to shove him away. In the 
next room, crouch down and sneak up on the police trainer and grapple him. Then 
unleash a lethal or non-lethal attack. In the next room, hold the block button and 
let the trainer hit you a few times. Release the block button and head to the next 
room. The final test: you must fight 3 police trainers using the stuff you learned. 
Once you have knocked all three out, enter the glowing green door to the left.

[Handling Guns]
Approach the caution strip then draw out your pistol by tapping up on the 
directional pad. Take out all the targets bu locking onto them and firing away. Be 
sure not to shoot the innocents with their hands up. Move up to the next caution 
strip and hug the wall by pressing the crouch button next to it. Peak around the 
corner, and lock on then shoot the targets around the corner. The next thing, there 
is a barrier blocking the path. Run up to it and press the jump button twice with a 
gun out to dive over it. At the next caution strip, press the action button to pick 
up the grenades. Use the aiming arch to destroy the cars and targets. Continue down 
the hall and go into precision aim and shoot the targets with either a lethal 
(reticle turns red) or non-lethal (reticle turns blue) shot. Precision aim also 
slows down everything around you. Now there's a few more rounds of targets to get 
through but work your way through and make your way to the glowing green door.

Enter the vehicle by approaching it and pressing the action button. Once inside, 
accelerate down the road. At the turn, press circle to do a handbrake turn around 
the bend. Be careful, you could lose control here. Now turn on the siren by 
pressing the badge flash button. Sirens are valuable for getting cars to pull out 
of your way. Drive past the targets on the side and target and shoot them. Now 
here's the PIT Maneuver. Slam the car besides you in the rear left tire to spin 
them out of control. Now avoid the predestrians that cross the street. Now brake 
the car at the end of the road and, exit the car, and go to the green glowing door 
to exit the test.

==================== [6c] Locker and Garage ====================

From the police headquarters, head down the stairs and to the left and enter the 
elevator. Head down to the garage. When there, head left to the locker and access 
it by pressing the action button. Change into your street clothes then get a car by 
going to the clerk. Exit to the right through the doors and get in the car to go to 
the New York streets.

==================== [6d] Navigating Traffic ====================

Terry joins you in the car once you get outside. He has a few more things for you 
to do before you can go on your own. Follow the green marker on the map and get to 
the bar before the time runs out. The siren can be quite useful here.

==================== [6e] Street Test ====================

Approach the three men standing on the sidewalk and press the grapple button to 
frisk each one. One of the three has countraband. Hit grapple again to arrest him. 
Now go up to the car with the glowing trunk and press the action button to search 
the trunk. Turn countraband in for good cop points, or sell them at pawn shops for 
bad cop points. A brawl breaks out. Flash your badge at them, then draw a gun and 
fire a warning shot into the air. All of them should surrender. Arrest each one but 
the final one will make a run for it. Chase him and tacke him to beat him up and 
then arrest him, too.

==================== [6f] Terry's Agenda ====================

You now are heading to the jail to see Marcus' dad, Isiah. During the meeting, 
Terry gets a phone call and cuts the meeting short. You got a minute and a half to 
head to the destination on the map. When there, Terry goes in to conduct the 
meeting. Just then the building explodes. Marcus is knocked out and Terry is, for 
sure, dead. Now Marcus is really on his own. When you regain control, the city is 
now open. Now the real game begins...

To Be Continued...


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