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More evidence that my good friend Adam Cooley has too much time on his 

 ______                     __              ___     
/\__  _\                   /\ \           /'___`\   
\/_/\ \/ __  __  _ __   ___\ \ \/'\      /\_\ /\ \  
   \ \ \/\ \/\ \/\`'__\/ __`\ \ , <      \/_/// /__ 
    \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \ \//\ \L\ \ \ \\`\       // /_\ \
     \ \_\ \____/\ \_\\ \____/\ \_\ \_\    /\______/
      \/_/\/___/  \/_/ \/___/  \/_/\/_/    \/_____/ 
                Seeds of Evil          
 ____    ______  _____      
/\  _`\ /\  _  \/\  __`\    
\ \ \L\_\ \ \L\ \ \ \/\ \   
 \ \  _\/\ \  __ \ \ \ \ \  
  \ \ \/  \ \ \/\ \ \ \\'\\ 
   \ \_\   \ \_\ \_\ \___\_\
    \/_/    \/_/\/_/\/__//_/

                       Author: marshmallow
                  E-mail Address: [email protected]
               Artwork By: Adam Cooley (See Credits Section)
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                              Sick Sadistic Quotes

       "It's time for a bath, and I ain't talking water with bubbles!" 
               - me

      "Since it's so playful, toss a few Grenades for it to play with!"

 "I would like to say that Turok 2 has been the first game to scare me
         enough that I felt my colon shrivel up." 

             - 64 Underground (

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You know what's funny? This game kicks serious rectum. More rectum than 
I thought it would kick...This game looks awesome, I keep thinking it's 
on the PC...but it's on my TV! And the blood...seriously, you can shoot 
people's head's off, and witness the brains and skull get shoved out the 
back. Yummy! 

- Version 1.2 -

Revision History:

March 21st - Well, I spellchecked everything and removed the Multiplayer 
Areas. Why? Because there are already a lot of great Multiplayer FAQs 
out there! Go check `em out at always!  

January 31st - Well, I just beat this game, and the time on the clock 
reads 64:35! The Primagen Key section is complete, I made a few changes 
in the Enemy and Boss areas (it's nothing to wet your pants over), added 
some more people to the Credits, changed the introduction to the Credits 
(it's humor-rific!). The next update will be an orgy of Multi-player 
goodies. Don't ask where I got that from...

January 20th - Although the Walkthrough, Weapons, Enemy, and Boss 
Section may be complete, there's still a lot more to do. In the next 
update, look forward to me finishing off the Primagen Key List and the 
Multiplayer Areas, which would finish this guide and boost it past 
version 1.0. Viva Multiplayer!!! Oh, BTW, would anyone care to give me 
the Primagen Key Locations for the following levels (be as detailed as 
possible): 2, 3, 4 (I know where to go, but where is the key for the 
block?) 5, and 6. Whoa, that's pretty much all of them, except for level 
1...oh well :) Don't be surprised to find out you're not the first one 
to tell me. The next version should also have a very large Credits 
Section update =)...

January 16th - I better write this quick, as my eyes are about to glaze 
over and I feel the fingers of a large coma gripping my throat. Lots of 
new goodies, including a walkthrough for level 4 (HOORAY!!!), the cheat 
everyone has been waiting for (HOORAY!!!), a ton of new weapons 
(HOORAY!!!), new enemies (HOORAY!!!), found the Tailsman in Level 5 
(look in paragraph # 10 foe details), along with the Nuke Piece for 
level 5 (check paragraph # 9 for that),  some people in the credits 
section (HOORAY!!!) and I made a new section, just...go check it out 
(HOORAY!!!). Sorry for the HOORAYS!!!'s, it comes with the job. 

January 14th - If you think I'm doing a walkthrough for Level 4 you are 
INSANE! Let me spell it out for you: I-N-S-A-N-E. That level...I can't 
find goose dung in it. Therefore, I have skipped it and have gone on to 
greener pastures, namely Level 5, and I added a Walkthrough for THAT, 
along with a ton of new weapons, and I did a major overhaul in the 
Enemies Section. If anyone knows how to get the Tailsman in level 5, 
please tell me! BE VERY DETAILED. Oh, and the Nuke Piece too (short of 
exiting the level and coming back) :) 

January 5th - Wow, Level 3 was EASY! I added that, along with a few more 

January 4th - After beating level 2, I scrambled to start the game over 
and write it down as I beat it. And it's all for you...YOU!!!! Do you 
see the dedication, the hard work? You better be grateful...oh, and I 
also added some new weapons. Try staying parasitically sustained to that 
for a few days, ok? Level 3 is brutal...Oh, I also added the BDAs in 
enemy section. What's that? Go look...Also, if you ask for the "good 

December 28th - Finished typing this guide up, collapsed into coma, 
vital signs missing, nurses are nice, though...


An "*" will appear next to the sections that have been  updated, as of 
January 31st, 1999.

1) Story
2) Basics
  - Controls
  - Items 
3) Guns
4) Walkthrough
5) Primagen Key List*  
6) Enemies*
7) Bosses*
8) Secrets/Codes
9) Multiplayer Modes
10) Characters
11) Multiplayer Tips/Tricks
12) Multiplayer Levels
13) Credits*
14) Legal Stuff
15) End

Note: The most updated version can ALWAYS be found at 
Now, most other sites also have the most updated version, but if you're 
going to ask a question, be 100% sure you're not viewing a way outdated 
version. In other words - if you're not sure, check out Gamefaqs. All 
other two dozen or so of my FAQs can also be found there. Enjoy! Or 

2nd Note: For now I'm focusing on the one player area, but when that's 
done (or near it) I'll start adding content to the other sections.

1) Story

After the events in Turok 1, Joshua Fireseed (you have been keeping up 
on the comics, right?) threw the Chronoscepter directly into an active 
volcano so no one would ever be able to use it again. He unknowingly 
triggered a violent earthquake that awoke a large derelict deep in the 
Lost Worlds. Inside, Primagen, an Alien that crash landed thousands of 
years ago, used his psychic (or psycho, however way you look at it) 
powers to call upon the dark forces in the Lost Lands to destroy the 
five energy poles. These poles, once destroyed, will release Primagen so 
he can well...take over the Universe. Joshua Fireseed isn't about to let 
that happen without a fight, and a bloody one at that! Your job is go 
through six gigantic (which take up about 30 virtual miles altogether) 
levels and find them, and go inside the ship and kill Primagen.

2) Basics 

The controls are configurable, unlike the original Turok but not unlike 
GoldenEye 007. The default is identical to the original Turok. Some 
hated it, but most (including me) thought it was very original and 
useful, once you get used to it you'll never want to use anything else. 
Personally, I think it's perfect, it's the only type I ever use in 
Golden Eye. Here they are, the default controls... 

Looking: Control Stick - You should know about this, you can look anyway 
you want! This is also the only way to aim. 

Moving: C Buttons - C up for forward, C down for backwards, C left for 
strafe left, C right for strafe right. Simple? Yeah! You can even press 
C up and C right to go diagonally. 

Shooting: Z button - In this game it's good to have an itchy trigger 
finger. But be careful, Acclaim took a hint from GoldenEye 007 and made 
enemies that can actually hear gunshots.

Cycle Through Weapons: A and B - B cycles backwards, A cycles forward. 
Simple, yes?

Jumping: R button - The longer you hold it, the higher you jump. For 
jumping on small platforms, which is not as common as the original, look 
down at a 45 degree angle, and use your shadow. The overhead map is also 
useful. You can also jump as a last ditch effort to avoid gunfire. 

Overhead Map: L button - useful at first, but after you learn a level's 
layout, there is really no incentive to use it. 

Changing Ammo Type: What if you want to use normal arrows instead of Tek 
Arrows? What if you want to use normal shells instead of Explosive? 
Press up on the D-pad.

Sniperscope: For those weapons with sniperscopes, press right on the D-
pad, then hold R and press the C buttons (up and down) to focus the 

Duck: Down on the D-pad. Not very useful, but it's there if you need it.

Strafing is an important skill to learn early! You must use it to avoid 
gunfire or to be in a shoot out fashion. For example, let's say there is 
a creature a few yards away and he's shooting energy balls at you. Hide 
behind a corner or a wall, when the firing stops strafe out, fire off a 
few rounds and see what happens. If he doesn't die, strafe back into 
hiding and try again! 

Conserve ammo! There is nothing more important than having enough ammo. 
As in the original, you're always like "I'm about to run outta ammo, 
what will I do?...NO!! RAPTORS!!" So explore around bushes, trees, 
corners, or plants to find ammo, they can be found in the darndest of 
places. If you can kill a creature with a simple pistol, don't waste 
ammo from your shotgun! Get my drift? 

You know in the original how if you looked up, then let go of the stick 
it would switch right back to the default view? Well, you can fix that 
in the options menu! However, if you look up, then move backwards, it 
still goes back to the default view. To fix this, go left or right 

Use walls and boxes, along with the duck button to avoid shots.

Head shots will take down the most powerful enemies...after awhile...

When fighting the Undead, turn off the Blood (in the options menu) and 
they won't be able to toss blood...therefore, they can not harm you!

For Sniping, turn off the auto-aim option. If you don't, it will aim for 
the center of the body, which makes it impossible to peg an enemy 
through the eye (which is heaps of fun, especially for the awaiting 

It might be me, but the horizontal sensitivity on the control stick 
seems a bit...awkward. Change it to +3 on the options menu. Works for 


Silver Health (+) - Adds two points to your Health.

Blue Health (+) - Adds 10 points to your Health.

Orange Health (+) - Restores Health to 100 if possible.

Golden Health (+) - A rare sight indeed, it adds a whopping 100 Health! 
Adon sure does sound kinky when she says "Ultra Health!" =)

Note - Blue and Orange will stop working if you have 100 points, but 
Silver and Golden won't. For example, if you have 100 points and grab a 
Silver/Golden Health, your meter will go to 102/200. However, the 
almighty limit is 250, which is more than enough.

Golden Life Force - Adds one point to your Life Force Meter. Once it 
reaches 100, you get an extra life.

Red Life Force - Same as above, except it adds 10 points.

Respawning Caches - Sometimes you might hear a "whishhhh" sound. This is 
a sign that ammo and/or health has respawned. Places like this are most 
common around bosses, major fights, and oblivion Warp Portals. Note that 
these can be found in the regular levels if you look hard enough.

Ship - I'm not sure what it's really's a large pyramid with 
a purple glow. When you go in, Adon will present three choices to you:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Save - Saves game (requires Memory Pak, it's 90 pages per game)

Ammo - Each weapon's magazine is filled to the brim, includes special
       ammo (i.e. Explosive Shells, Tek Arrows, etc...)

Health - Your Health is automatically restores to 100. That's it?! 

Note that you can only choose 'Health' and 'Ammo' once per level, but 
naturally, saving is unlimited.

3) Guns

Guns, the Turok series is all about guns and they always will be. This 
time, Josh has some guns even more creative and destructive than the 
original! Hard to believe, but after witnessing them (or even maybe just 
reading this section), you'll be a believer.

Here's how I will do explain each gun.

(Weapon's Name)
Power: Simple powerful is it?
Usefulness: Will you use it a lot?
Best Against: No explanation necessary.
Worst Against: Ditto.
Notes: The first paragraph will be a description of the actual weapon 
and shots itself, while the second one will hold additional information. 

# 1 - Talon
Power: Small
Usefulness: High
Best Against: Anything on the same plane as the blade
Worst Against: Small creatures underwater, anything with a gun

Notes: This is a strap of leather attached to Turok's hand, and 
connected to it are several sharp, stubby spikes. When you attack with 
it, Turok will scratch with it, basically.

This is actually one of the best weapons to use early on, especially 
when you're trying to stockpile ammo. The best method of attack is the 
"slash and back" method, which is quite useful against powerful enemies. 
Simply dash forward, slash, and before the enemy can attack or defend 
itself, step back!

# 2 - Bow
Power: Meager
Usefulness: Medium
Best Against: Large, slow creatures.
Worst Against: Just the opposite!

Notes: Just your normal bow and arrow.

Hold down Z and then let go and the arrow will not only fly farther, but 
it will cause more damage. When aiming, try to hit the enemy's head, 
because anywhere else will barely cause any damage. Remember - you can 
pick up spent arrows, even if they're stuck in someone. It's pretty cool 
to see an 8 foot beast running around with an arrow stuck in his 

# 3 - .9mm Pistol
Power: Above Average
Usefulness: High
Best Against: All around good weapon
Bad Against: Large creatures in later levels. Bosses.

Notes: If you've ever seen a real pistol, even a fake one, you should 
have an idea what this looks like.

This gun should last you a long, long time. Very good gun for head 
shots, as it packs quite a punch and should knock down anything (within 
reason...). Although weak, a few shots will put your average enemy down.
# 4 - Flare
Power: None
Usefulness: High
Best Against: Dark Walls
Worst Against: Enemies

Notes: A gun that looks similar to the Pistol, except it has a larger 
barrel and is a different shade of gray.

The Flare is totally useless against enemies, it's purpose is to light 
dark walls so you can actually see what is there. Useful is dark caverns 
and hallways where death might be waiting around the corner! After each 
firing, a meter will start to fill up. When it reaches the top, you can 
fire one more. Each pod (what comes out of the gun) will stick to any 
wall, crate, whether it be underwater or above, and stay there for 
several minutes. During this time, it will give off a bright, green 

# 5 - Tek Bow
Power: Medium
Usefulness: High
Best Against: Anything that is tough
Worst Against: Anything that is weak, or anything small and quick

Notes: A bow and arrow made of steel and wood specially grown in the 
Lost Lands, the Tek Bow is also equipped with a large sniper scope.

The Tek Bow uses special arrows tipped with explosives that, on impact, 
explode in a large blue flame, which is actually quite powerful. With 
the Sniperscope, you can zoom in and pick enemies off from afar, like 
GoldenEye. It may take a bit of practice to do this, though, because you 
have to press and hold several buttons.

# 6 - Shot Gun
Power: Very High
Usefulness: Very High
Best Against: Large targets at close range
Worst Against: Opposite of above

Notes: You know what a Shot Gun looks like...admit it...

Almost useless at long range, a huge benefit at close range. Great for 
amputating limbs, blowing off torsos, and yes, decapitating. You can 
also collect Explosive Shells, making it a very lethal weapon! The only 
con is it's rather slow reloading time. 

# 7 - Mag 60
Power: Very High.
Usefulness: Very High
Best Against: Tough guys
Worst Against: The opposite

Notes: A more powerful Pistol

An upgrade for the Pistol, the Mag 60 fires three bullets in less than a 
second. Although it seems somewhat weak when you use it, it takes a 
surprisingly small amount of bullets to lay the larger creatures down 
(Purr-Linn, for example).

# 8 - Shredder
Power: Extremely High
Usefulness: Extremely High
Best Against: Things that won't die
Worst Against: Anything that can be killed with something else.

Notes: An elongated, alien looking weapon. It's gray.

Upgrade for the Shotgun, this thing is TWICE as powerful. This will take 
out the most formable opponents. When it hits something, flesh or 
otherwise, it will bounce off in a spray fashion and bounce around the 
walls like silly puddy. Lethal indoors! Also carries explosive shells. 
Too bad it doesn't have the same force as the Shot Gun (no blowing off 
limbs)'s better at shooting from a distance, though. That's a plus.

# 9 - War Blade
Power; Extremely High
Usefulness: Very high
Best Against: Everything
Worst Against: Um......bosses?

Notes: A huge blade with serrated edges. Upgrade for the Talon.

This makes the Talon look like a butter knife! This thing can rip off 
limbs and heads with a single swing, killing the mightiest of prey. Not 
too good at hitting people with a gun? Use this. If the creature in 
question is taller than you, just aim up. It's very easy to take down 
Endtrails and other monstrosities with a single swipe to the face, which 
will send the head rolling like a bowling ball. My weapon of choice.

# 10 - Tranquilizer Gun
Power: Medium
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: Certain puzzles
Worst Against: Everything else

Notes: Medium sized rifle. It shoots darts coated in a sleep inducing 
agent, works almost instantly. That's about it...

This will knock out medium sized creatures (Endtrails, for example) but 
it utterly useless against Purr-Linn and the like. If the creature wakes 
up, he'll want revenge, and will be a lot tougher, so watch out. Used in 
certain puzzles where a switch won't stay down. When the enemy is over 
it, stun it with this. Now the switch will stay down, allowing you to go 
through the door or whatever it opened. Other than that, it's useless. 
If you're desperate, you could make someone go night night and then use 
your War Blade...

# 11 - Grenade Launcher
Power: High
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: Large monsters
Worst Against: The opposite...

Notes: Long weapon, glowing lights on the side...nice explosion!

If you've played the original then you have a pretty good idea what to 
expect, just watch out, they handled the way the grenade acts a little. 
After getting used to it, blowing off torsos and watching the fountain 
of blood spew out is common place. You can only carry 10 rounds at once, 
so make every shot count.

# 12 - Plasma Rifle
Power: Very powerful (close-range), weak (long-range)
Usefulness: High
Best Against: Just about anything, really.
Worst Against: Small creatures

Notes: Gray, shiny weapon with a large sniper scope. The laser itself is 
green, when it hits something it explodes. 

It uses Plasma Paks for it's ammo, you get 150 plasma charges. Sounds 
like a lot? Wrong, each shot takes five off, so you get 30 shots. Fires 
a concentrated burst of laser, but it's effect diminishes the farther 
away your target is. In effect, this makes the Sniper Scope somewhat 
limited in use, but a shot to the head will usually put out anything in 
line with a Juggernaut (good thing, those bastards...). All around good 

# 13 - Cereboral Bore
Power: Extremely high
Usefulness: Extremely high
Best Against: Bad-asses.
Worst Against: Um...?

Notes: Round, it looks almost like a sea shell. The bores are blue and 
spiral through the air.

Possibly the grossest weapon in video game history, the Cereboral Bore 
has a tracking crosshair that is constantly darting around the screen, 
looking for potential victims. Upon finding a target, it will flash and 
remain on the enemy's head. When fired, a spiraling blue ball will 
quickly go to it's head, and land on it, drilling down to the precious 
tissue within. After a fountain of gore and sounds that make my legs 
weak, the bore will violently explode, just for that extra punch. Kills 
anything in one shot. However, the bore can not lock onto enemies 
without any intelligence, as it has no brainwaves to track. Do not stop 
playing until you have fired this gun! 

# 14 - Scorpion Missile Launcher
Power: Very high
Usefulness: High
Best Against: Huge creatures
Worst Against: Wimps

Notes: Remember the rocket launcher in the original? Think of that, but 
with a green outline and more moving parts. Has four turrets.

If this isn't overkill then I don't know what is. First, the target will 
scope for enemies, like the previous weapon. When it finds one it will 
lock on. Upon firing, two missiles will be fired at once, blowing the 
creature in question into the air (it should be dead right now). Before 
landing, a second pair will fire, blowing it to pieces in mid-air. No, 
that's not rain, it's blood! :) Each shot only takes one unit on the 
ammo reader. It is powerful, but ammo is hidden well, so make sure to 
save it for something BIG! 

# 15 - Charge Dart Rifle
Power: N/A
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: N/A
Worst Against: N/A

Notes: Long and yellow.

The N/As are because, quite frankly, it has no power and I have not 
found a place where it helps tremendously (except for a few places in 
the Mantid Hive). However, I imagine it comes QUITE in handy when you 
have no weapons. Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you what it does. See, 
later in the game, creatures get larger, and the Tranquilizer becomes 
useless, so here comes the Charge Dart Rifle to save the day! It's 
pretty much just a huge cattle prod, but you can attack from a distance. 
Enemies will stand in place for about 60 seconds or so, defenseless. 
Holding Z will make your shots become more powerful, making the effect 
last even longer. Nice electricity effects!

# 16 - Flame Thrower
Power: Medium
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: Insect-like baddies
Worst Against: Everything else, to be frank.

Notes: Long and metallic. There's a nice pilot light burning at all 
times. Neat-o!

Iguana proudly introduces the first Flame Thrower in video game history 
that shoots polygonal fire! Just be careful, it slows down the game a 
bit, especially in large rooms. Toast baddies and watch them run around 
the room, flailing their arms as the fire incinerates their flesh. It 
drains the tank very quickly, so be on the lookout for re-fills.

# 17 - Firestorm Cannon
Power: Very High
Usefulness: Extremely, Extremely High
Best Against: Everything...
Worst Against: Small, moving creatures.

Notes: Remember that one guy's gun in the original Predator? The machine 
gun? Well, take that and add some serious lightening effects and a few 
moveable parts and you got the Firestorm Cannon.

It uses Plasma Paks, the same as the Plasma Rifle. Once you get your 
hands on this, trust me, you won't be dying as much! This gun can rip 
enemies apart in seconds, even the most awesome of them all. The catch? 
That's the beautiful thing, there is none. Each shot takes one unit of 
the ammo gauge, compared to the Plasma Rifle's five. Nice animation.

# 18 - Proximity Fragmentation Mine (PFM) Layer
Power: Very weak
Usefulness: Very low
Best Against: Leave this one in the garage
Worst Against: Anything that moves, really.

Notes: Long, shiny...

Listen to what it does, and tell me if this sounds cool. It lays a mine 
that will beep. When a creature gets close, it will beep very quickly, 
and then flash red. It will then rocket up to about one foot off the 
ground and explode, and shrapnel will go out and take out anyone's 
knees, leaving them crawling along the ground. The catch is, it can take 
up to 5 mines to take out someone's legs, which will take forever since 
75% of the time it won't rocket up, even when the enemy is standing on 
the friggin' thing. Why it's not in Multiplayer we may never know.

# 19 - Sunfire Pod
Power: Almost non-existent
Usefulness: Very limited
Best Against: Cave creatures
Worst Against: Anything else

Notes: A shiny sphere that can be tossed. Hold Z to throw it farther.

Throw it at the ground and...FLASH! Enemies are blinded and paralyzed 
for several seconds. But, the Tranquilizer Gun, and (when you find it), 
then Charge Dart Rifle is a lot better. The only great use it has is 
killing the Blind Ones, toss one and they will scream as their head 
# 20 - Harpoon gun
Power: Medium
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: Underwater creatures
Worst Against: Um...

Notes: Skinny, always has a spear sticking out at the end.

Really, it's just like having a Bow and Arrow underwater, and it's just 
as powerful. The sad thing is that the only underwater creatures are 
Leapers and a few Raptoids. So, I guess it does it's job quite nicely.

# 21 - Torpedo Launcher
Power: Very high
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: Underwater creatures; when you need to get somewhere 
Worst Against: Er...

Notes: Covers the entire bottom of the screen, torpedoes are small 
charges with lots of bubbles coming out from behind.

The main purpose of this, besides blowing enemies in half, is to 
increase the speed in which you can swim underwater. Just be careful 
when you stop, as you'll have a lot of momentum and will still continue 
to go forward.

# 22 - Assault Rifle
Power: Medium
Usefulness: Medium
Best Against: Anything
Worst Against: Anything

Notes: Just like the Assault Rifle found in the original. IT CAN ONLY BE 

Fires three bullets at once, each the power of the Pistols. Since it's 
only used in Multiplayer, there's not much more to say.

# 23 - The Riding Gun
Power: Extremely High
Usefulness: Limited to level 2
Best Against: Anything
Worst Against: Anything

Notes: Lower screen is taken up by the Styracosaurus' head, while the 
upper left and right hand corners of the screen is taken up by the twin 
missile launchers and single gun.

You can fire the side gun by tapping R, and fire missiles by pressing Z. 
Also, by tapping C up a few times while going forward, the Styracosaurus 
will charge forward and impale anything in it's way. Although powerful, 
the Riding Gun can only be used in level 2. The only con is that it is 
very slow and quite sluggish. On the plus side, you have infinite ammo!

# 24 - Razorwind
Power: Extremely High
Usefulness: High
Best Against: Bad-asses
Worst Against: Bosses?

Notes: A circular object, with a hole in the center (this is where you 
grip it). The edge is covered in serrated edges.

AKA "The Frisbee of Doom!", the Razorwind is tossed, then it will cut 
through anything in front of you, then return to you, hacking anything 
off on it's return trip. Although powerful, it is very difficult to aim 
at long range (even with the Auto-aim ON!). Good for multiple opponents, 
as well. But the strange thing is, wouldn't you figure that that your 
arm would be ripped clean off when you tried to grab it out of the air?

# 25 - The Nuke
Power: It's off the damn scale
Usefulness: Limited
Best Against: Certain situations
Worst Against: N/A

Notes: A huge, spiraling, undulating gun with several pieces, it spins 
constantly, a sight to behold. It's purdy!

Hold Z to charge it up. Once fired, a blue flash will emit from the end 
and form a ball of plasma about 30 feet away. Soon, it will start to 
gain energy and the ball will get larger, and larger...until...BOOM!!! 
The screen flashes white, then as you can see again, blue explosions are 
everywhere as blast waves emit from the center. Any creature within 500 
feet will freeze, slowly turning black. After a few seconds, they will 
explode. It will send anything to Hell. CAUTION: Do not point at face. 
Keep out of reach of small children.

4) Walkthrough

This section isn't very fun to read...So unless you're stuck, I'd skip 
this section. Also, I DO NOT list the locations of ammo caches. You can 
do that on your own...or check out Faceless'  FAQ over at Gamefaqs, he 
lists them all.

NOTE: It is note the fault of the author if someone falls into a spastic 
episode from hearing the word "go" 500 times. 

                        Level 1: Port of Adia

                        P O R T   O F   A D I A 

Mission Objectives:
a. Activate 3 Distress Beacons
b. Rescue 4 Children
c. Activate the Warp Portals
d. Locate the Energy Totem and Defend it at All Costs

New Weapons:
.9mm Pistol
Shot Gun
Flare Gun
Tek Bow

Alien Gunner

Follow the path, a bunch of stuff will blow up as you pass it. You'll 
find a small aclove with a strange piece of machinery on the wall - this 
is a Distress Beacon! You need a Power Cell to activate it, however. 
Keep going and you'll see a barrel against the wall, shoot it with an 
arrow and it will blow a hole in the wall. Go inside and climb the 
ladder. Aha! There's the Power Cell. Return to the Distress Beacon and 
put it in (all you have to do is walk up to it). Keep going through the 
tunnels and you will find a large room, shallow water, and a ladder 
against a platform. At the top is a warp; don't use it! Instead, jump to 
the nearby ladder. It's broken down the middle, so this is the only way 
to get up there. Inside is the Pistol! Now go through the warp...

Run forward and grab the key off the pedestal. Run around the blind 
corner and wet your pants as two Raptoids leap at you. Dispatch them 
both and continue, then blast the barrel against the wall to create a 
small tunnel. Travel through to the other side, naturally. Dive into the 
water and swim through the short hallway. The end SEEMS to be blocked by 
rubble, but it's not. One of the stones will serve as a ramp to the 
upper area. Climb the ladder you find and now you're on a walkway above 
the water room. Turn right and kill the Endtrail there, then hit the 
switch he was guarding. Continue on the walkway to find a tunnel. Grab 
the flashlight, now you can see in these dark caverns! At the end is a 
switch, hit it to continue. Clear out the area, now you can see a child 
in a cage. Go behind it to find a path, you come to a fork. It doesn't 
matter which one you take, it goes to the same area. At the top is an 
Endtrail, kill him and a nearby door will open. Hit the switch inside: 
this will do two things. It will open a nearby door to let a Raptoid 
out, so be careful. And it will open the cage. Since the kid seems too 
stupid to walk out, you have to go and touch her. "Thank you Turok!" how 
utterly...cute...(shivers). Drop down to the water room and go through 
the portal you opened.

You can just see the top of an Endtrail's head...I'm sure you know what 
to do. Among the rubble is a switch, hit it for some life. Go around the 
wreckage to find a group of Compys, take them out with your Talon. You 
can literally rip them apart! Now, hit the switch they were guarding to 
open a nearby tunnel. Go through to find an Endtrail running around a 
box, making him impossible to kill (almost). Just climb the nearby 
ladder, then kill him. Hit the switch to open the door for a couple of 
Raptors. Climb the ladder and hit that switch, then climb down and 
continue. At the end of all of this is a new area. Exploring the area, 
you'll eventually find the Endtrail guarding the exit. Kill it, then hit 
the nearby barrel. The hole it makes has the Power Cell. Backtrack and 
you will spot a huge stack of boxes and crates. Climb them to the top to 
find the Distress Beacon. Only one more to go! Go into the warp the 
Endtrail was guarding.

This area is very similar to the last...just larger. Go up the ramp and 
leave the Endtrail full of lead. The door he was guarding will open up, 
inside is a switch. It will open up two more doors. One will have the 
switch that will open up the exit to this area, while the other will 
have the Power Cell. Get it, then go near the bundle of crates nearby. 
Behind one of them is the Distress Beacon (mission a accomplished)! Now 
exit through the doorway. At the end of this enemy infested path is a 
bridge. When you get near it will lower, allowing you to pick up the 
Shot Gun (just be careful of the Endtrail nearby!) Save this for when 
there are multiple Entrails in your face...Blast the barrels to keep on 
going. There is a Ship there (Name?). Save, then hit the nearby switch. 
This is a dead-end...If you haven't noticed, the bridge with the Shot 
Gun went over a previously explored area. But the switch opened up some 
new doors there, so leap off and kill the Endtrail there (don't worry 
about finding him...he'll find you!). Now enter the sewers! Wet your 
pants via the Raptoids, then climb the ladder and hit the switch, look 
to your left...aha! New passage. Another trapped kid...Two Endtrails 
will run to greet you. After they are both dead a nearby tunnel will 
open up, revealing the cage switch. Go touch the child, then run to the 
above portal.

Climb the ladder, dispatch the Raptoid, then collect the Level Key. Now 
you are on the walkway from the start of the level, except this time a 
NEW door has opened up! Go inside and jump in the warp.
Through path around the lake, through the tunnel, then activate the Warp 
Portal by touching the nearby switch on the wall. If you want to see a 
nice cinema, go in the Portal. However, it is not necessary for 
completing the level. Go trough the nearby hallway to go to the upper 
area, then continue. WAIT! Stop, go to your left and you will find a 
ledge with three Blue +'s. Look below...see the aclove with switch? Jump 
down there and hit it, it will open up a small room in the waterfall 
below. Inside is a Level Key, guarded by an Endtrail. Now make your way 
up to the upper area, at the end is a Ship and a warp.

Collect the Tek Bow (the kind that lets you use Tek Arrows, it also has 
a Sniper Capability) that's right in front of your face. Turn the corner 
and wipe out EVERYTHING! Climb on the wreckage, then use it to climb the 
nearby ladder. At the top is a switch that will open up a nearby door. 
Go in, then you will fall into an underground area. Hit a switch and 
nearby doors will open as a pair of Raptoids are let loose. Just keep 
hitting the switches and you will eventually save another crying brat. 
Climb out of this hellhole. Jump over the wreckage, then find the 
waterfall with two switches on either side. Trip them both and the 
waterfall will open up, revealing a tunnel. Go inside. Go inside the 
house and hit the switch, go through the nearby door that has just 
opened up. At the end of the hallway is another house, this time the 
switch is in the area under the stairs. Go up the ramp, kill the nasty 
Endtrail, go across the bridge, 'nother Endtrail, then a warp...  

Yet another house! The switch is on top of a bunch of crates, it will 
open a door right under your nose, literally. Go backwards a few crates, 
then look at the wall: new tunnel! At the end is a child, locked up in a 
cage, where she thing. Walk towards the bridges and 
they will fall. Make your way to the top, where you will find a switch, 
that is heavily guarded. Now go rescue the cute lil' 
girl (mission c accomplished). Fall down to the lower area and walk 
through the warp.

You're back in the area with houses...Go to where you entered the area 
the first time, then hop on the roof to the first house. Turn to your 
left to find an aclove with a switch, make like Mario and jump over 
there! Go through the new hallway that opens. Hit both switches, then 
return to the houses to find yet another new area. Hit the next switch, 
go to the next room, kill everything...Go up the ramp and hit that 
switch. Go to the new go through the warp!

Hit both switches, go to the new area, hit the switch downstairs, hit 
the second switch that appears in the new downstairs...go upstairs, hit 
that friggin' switch, then grab the key, then merrily skip to the warp. 
If I have to say "switch" one more time I'll scream...

Kill the pair of Endtrails by carefully aiming at their faces. Then 
climb the crates and hit the...switch...(AHHH!!!!). Follow the path, 
playing with your scaly friends until you come upon another Ship. If I 
were you, I would ask Adon to power up my ammo! The next area is 
brutal...walk into the warp.

DO NOT use your Shot Gun unless you have NOTHING else to use! You'll 
need this later...You have to walk up in the air on thin walkways, with 
a ton of Endtrails everywhere. Ignore them, attempting to kill them will  
surely have the same effect as you. And besides, it's faster just to 
run. However, near the end you'll need to kill some to open up doors. 
Oh, and watch your step, it's a LONG way down. At the end you will drop 
down into a new area. Climb the ladder to the left and hit the switch, 
then go backwards and climb the ladder in the new aclove, inside is 
another Key. Then climb the series of ladders on the right to reach a 
new tunnel. Rip the Comps to shreds with your Talon, then hit the switch 
up the ladder to the left, then climb the ladder on the right for the 
new passage. More houses! Go upstairs, you'll face two Endtrails at 
once...inside a house...with a lot of passageways...ouchies. Upstairs is 
another Key. Keep hitting switches, eventually you'll be forced outside. 
Go into the two acloves at the bottom, hit that switch, then go across 
the bridge to the new area. Climb down the ladder, hit the switch on the 
wall (mission b accomplished), then jump into Warp Portal Machine.

After an impressive cinema you will face three strange creatures with 
axes and grenades, then two 10 foot aliens with tons of armor and a HUGE 
gun (it's bigger than you for peat's sake!). If you have a lot of Shot 
Gun shells (preferably Explosive) this will be a bit easier, just blow 
their brains out. At the end you will collect a piece of the Nuke. Then 
Adon will explain that this was a trap for you, it was not a *real* 
portal. Ok...fair enough. When you re-appear you will be in front of the 
fake portal. Go through the hall that took you here, then drop down to 
the area with two Endtrails. Head left, towards the room with a blue 
glow. Hit both switches to open up an area a few inches away. Inside is 
an Endtrail guarding a Warp Portal and a stockpile of ammo. Collect it, 
then leap in.

Now you have to defend the Energy Totem...against 10+ Endtrails...AT 
ONCE! Again, the Shot Gun does wonders here. It shouldn't be that 
difficult. After they are all dead (mission d accomplished) you will be 
warped to the "Hub"

                           Level 2: River of Souls

                        R I V E R    O F    S O U L S 

Mission Objectives:
a. Destroy 2 Soul Gates
b. Banish the 3 Sisters of Despair
c. Locate and Defend the Energy Totem at All Costs

New Weapons:
War Blade
Mag 60
Tranquilizer Gun

Gun Emplacement
Endtrail (includes advanced type)
Small Spider
Flame UnDead
Alien Gunner (includes advanced type)

Leap of Faith

Special Enemy: 
Sisters of Despair (3)

You start out in front of a pen, and inside is a Styracosaurus (large 
creature that resembles a Triceratops). Climb this is a weapon 
of mass destruction! Remember, you can fire the gun on the side using R 
(most people forget about this). Ok, turn left and follow that path 
until you find a bunch of buildings. Now THIS is funny! Hilarious, even. 
All of the enemies will be walking around casually, then when they see 
you, run around, screaming, with their arms flailing in the air. Since 
you have infinite ammo...enjoy the slaughter! Ok, where was I...turn 
right, and go through the buildings. Follow the path there and you will 
find your first Gun Emplacement. Quickly take it out, then the gate 
behind it will drop. Go through...

Either go through the tunnel or blast the wall for a detour (you can 
tell which walls are fake because they are lighter and have an outline 
on them). Either way you'll end up in the same place. To lower this gate 
you'll need to blast the missile launcher that is above on the building, 
you can just see it. You'll need to use your missiles...when it's gone, 
the gate will lower. Blow away that gun emplacement. Turn right and 
follow that path. Blow away those two guns and continue. Blow away the 
missile launcher on the nearby building to get the gate to lower. To 
avoid the missiles, strafe left and right, I forgot to mention that 

Ignore the missile launchers and just blow away the logs and run as fast 
as you can up the hill. After going through a long tunnel, you'll reach 
a band of trigger happy Endtrails. Quickly take them out before they sap 
your health, then continue. Blow away the two nearby missile turrets to 
lower the bridge. Across from it, blast the two gun emplacements (the 
side gun works well here). Follow the path, cross the bridge, blow up 
the logs, and quickly go past the missile turrets. Behind the buildings 
is a tunnel, follow it, running over Raptoids, then take out the two 
missile turrets at the end, then cross the bridge. Park yourself in the 
pen, you will automatically dismount the Styracosaurus. Climb the nearby 
ladder, save at the Ship, and go through the Warp.

Take out the two friendly Endtrails. Look across the would-be-
bridge...see those two, strange objects on the wall? This is, believe it 
or not, a switch. Hit the round object sticking out of the long one and 
it will be activated. Shoot both and the bridge will lower. After 
crossing the bridge, go to your extreme right to find a barrel against a 
wall. Blow it up and there will be a path behind it. Climb the ladder, 
then use your Tek Bow to look across the chasm. See that barrel? Blow 
that up and it will open up a new path over there. Jump down, then climb 
the ladder. Besides getting a TON of power-ups, you'll receive the War 
Blade! Continue. Kill the annoying bastards known as Compys, then search 
for power-ups. After that, go through the tunnel on the right. Kill all 
of the enemies. You'll spot a fortress with a switch on the wall, hit 
the switch to make it lower. Go left or right, it doesn't matter. At the 
end, in an aclove, is a Warp.

This area is circular, and infested with enemies. Explore and you should 
find a Key. Go through the tunnel that is near here. It will have a path 
of Gold Life Force going into it, and there should be a wall on the 
RIGHT. If not, that's the wrong one, look for another one. Ok, this area 
is a lot like the previous one. You will find a switch under a barrel, 
this will open a nearby door. Go through the hallways here, you will 
eventually find a switch on the wall. Shoot the circular part, like 
before, and a large bridge will lower, allowing you to cross a nasty 
green water pit (which will kill you instantly if you fall in). On the 
otherside, besides two Raptoids waiting in ambush, is a Warp.

To your right is a Ship, so if you want to save, save. This is another 
circular area. Go either left or right, it doesn't matter. You'll 
eventually stumble upon an Endtrail guarding a ladder. Take him out, 
then climb the ladder, naturally. At the top, run through the tunnel and 
you will come upon a large area that you saw in the intro to this level. 
Go up the large, golden path, the one where the Raptor is. Go to the 
locked door, and follow the path to your left. At the end of the walkway 
is an Endtrail guarding a switch. Hmm...those Endtrail doesn't guard 
things very well, do they? :) Anyways, the switch will open up a series 
of doors under your feet. Drop down. If you dropped to an area with a 
Raptor in a door, go to the other one, it should have an Endtrail AND a 
Raptor. Take care of them, then go through the tunnel. Here's your first 
encounter with your spidery friends...or should I say fiends? Anyways, 
up the path you'll find a Locked Warp Machine. Hit the nearby switch. It 
won't un-lock it, but it will open the barred doors that are on the 
fountains. Go back and collect the two Gate Keys, they are in small 
acloves inside the fountains.

Walk up to the big door. Near it are two large slabs of stone with a 
hole in each. Walk up to them and the Gate Keys will be automatically 
placed in. You'll hear a bunch of mechanical noises, then after a few 
seconds, the gate will open up. Out come two Endtrails, so be prepared. 
Go to your left and hit that switch, it will open the door right there. 
Inside is the switch that will un-lock the Warp Portal Machine, it's 
ontop of some crates. Once it's un-locked, return to it. 

Again, it's fake, and you'll have to battle bloodthirsty Guardians and 
Alien Gunners. Remember, there are several acloves with health and ammo 
that respawn every few seconds, so be sure to stock up. After the first 
wave is gone, go through the paths that are to the left and right of 
where you entered. Kill the guardians there, then climb the ladder 
behind it's dead corpse to find a switch. Hit them both, it will un-lock 
another door. BE SURE NOT TO FALL IN THE LAVA! Unlike the original, it 
means instant death. After some more bloodshed, another piece of the 
Nuke is yours!

Go back to the room that is behind the big door. Dive into the fountain, 
and as quickly as you can, swim to the bottom and activate the switch, 
then come back up. Go through the newly opened door. Collect the ammo, 
then jump in the Warp.

Explore around, you'll find that the Endtrails are having a party, and I 
have the feeling you weren't invited. Despite that, blow their friggin' 
brains out before they have any time to bring out the cake. Near here is 
a switch, hit that and go through the door. After a long series of 
tunnels and switches, you'll find a new area where you can jump across 
and acquire the Mag 60, an upgrade for your Pistol. Return to the 
Endtrail party grounds. One of the barrels here will blow a hole in the 
wall. Follow it. Hit the switch on the wall with a single bullet to 
lower the bridge. Hit the switch in the tunnel to open that door. Go 
right, through the little alley, across the bridge, and hit that switch. 
Turn around and that door will open. Destroy (running out of verbs for 
the same action here) the Endtrail, then hit THAT switch. 

Near the entrance to this area is a ramp, go up it to discover a large, 
open door. Once you enter, the door will shut and lock itself. Welcome 
to the first Soul Gate! Muhahah...legions of UnDeads will start coming 
out of the ground. To make yourself invincible, turn off the blood on 
the options menu. Now, they can't hurt you, since they can't toss blood! 
Shoot at the Soul Gate until it blows up (about 20 Shot Gun shells). 
There is respawning ammo in the room, so stock up before leaving. 

As you exit (same door you came in), look on the right for an open door. 
If it's shut, you came in the wrong door to this area, so go back to the 
Endtrail Party place and blow up a barrel to find the correct path here. 
Once you get through, go left or right, it doesn't matter. At the end is 
a lot of ammo, plus a Warp.

Go forward and clear out the area. You're probably wondering how to get 
up to where the Endtrails were...simple...there are thin paths near the 
entrance that will allow you to get up there. The Endtrail path on the 
right has a tunnel. At the very top is a switch that will lower a door, 
letting loose some Raptoids. Take them out, and follow the LOOOONNNNG 
trench. There's not much here, just a bunch of angry Endtrails to take 
out (and some good Sniping Areas, as well). At the end, go left, up the 
fountains. In the clearing, there is an Endtrail directly across from 
you and one to the left of when you enter, so be careful. Hit the two 
switches on the wall and the central pillar will rise, allowing you 
access to another Warp.

Now, from now on, listen very carefully to what I say, as you can REALLY 
screw yourself up if you don't go to the right areas at the right time. 
Go up the ladder and when at the top, go through the tunnel that is to 
your right. Follow it and you will find two paths, follow the one with 
the Golden Lift Force (or, if you screwed yourself up and don't have 
those because you already collected them, the path on the right). Dive 
into the fountain. Swim down, then turn LEFT and follow that path to a 
room. Go up the ramps into the upstairs area. The doors will shut and 
spiders will flood the room. Kill them, grab the goodies, and shoot the 
strange symbol on the wall opposite of the arrows. Now go through the 
door on the right to find that a new door has opened. You can tell from 
the brand new Endtrail. Follow the path, turn right at the first turn, 
and just follow that trail. After some water, you'll be in a an area 
with a gate. Go through them and into the Warp.

Get the flashlight so you can see, then follow the hallway. Get up 
against the gate, then turn around. Turn off the blood in the options 
menu so the UnDead can't hurt you. Kill them, then the gate will open. 
You'll find another gate. Turn the corner and kill the Flame Undead. 
Climb the ladder that is behind him. Slash all of the nasty spiders, and 
drop down into the main room. After killing all of the UnDead, the first 
Sister of Despair will come down. Defeat her. There are several 
respawning items to help you along. When you're done, exit the room and 
go through the same Warp that brought you here.

Backtrack. Remember when I told you to go LEFT? Well, this time go 
RIGHT! You'll find a central pillar with several blocks. Push them in, 
then climb the ladder on the nearby platform. Go across the bridge, 
through the hallways, across another bridge, more hallways, and through 
the Warp.

Fall down into the new area and kill all the Raptors. Make your way 
through, then go through the hallway. Ah, looks like another Endtrail 
party! Just keep going forward. In the second Endtrail area, one of the 
barrels will reveal a secret area. Explore behind it and you'll find a 
Tek Bow before a cliff that goes down. Shoot the block in the aclove 
across the way to activate a gate in another area. That area is right 
below you. Drop down and go through it. When you have the chance, go 
right, right. Hit that switch after saying "Hello!" to the Leaper there, 
it will open the exit to these tunnels. In the next area, go right at 
the first turn and go through the gate, into the Warp.

Kill all of the UnDeads and Flame Undeads (don't forget to turn the 
blood off in the options menu!) to get the Sister of Despair to come 
out, along with some more UnDeads. There are respawning Blue Healths 
behind the tomb, and respawning ammo caches near where you entered. 
After she is dead, stock up and go through the warp that is in the tomb.

Exploring the rest of the area, you'll find the Tranquilizer Gun. After 
finding that, drop down to the area where the grate was and return to 
the Endtrail Party place. Near the barrel where you entered this area is 
a hall, go in here, obviously. Turn right at the first area, then go 
left into a room with a lot of pools. One of them has a tunnel, follow 
it to the bottom and then go up, here you will find the last key. Go 
back, then go forward. Kill the Endtrail there and hit the switch to 
open a door you passed. Kill the Endtrails to open the door and 
continue. Hmmm...looks like the Compys are having a feast! Kill them on 
and keep going. Go left at the next turn to find a Warp.

Now we're in an area with a locked Warp Portal Machine. Past it is a 
bridge, go over it and into the next area. Behind some crates is the 
switch that opens it! But, ignore it when it opens, we'll be coming back 
to that soon. In the hallway behind it, go left the first chance you 
get. There is a Ship here, so you can FINALLY  save ('bout damn time!). 
Keep going and fall down the long hole. Make your way through the spider 
infested halls. Kill all the Endtrails here, one will be guarding the 
Sacred Eagle Feather you need. In this area is a large ramp that goes up 
to a Portal, hop on in...

This graveyard is A LOT more complicated than any of the others. Ok, 
first, go right and kill all of the Flame UnDeads there. This will un-
lock the first gate. Kill all the Flame UnDeads here, this will open up 
the little houses. Hit the switch inside each to open the second gate. 
Kill all the Flame UnDeads and hit all the switches to open up the third 
gate. This is the area where you'll put the keys you find. To the 
extreme right and left are paths that lead to switches, hit them both to 
un-lock houses in the previous area. Go inside and kill the Flame 
UnDeads, they are guarding two Grave Keys. Get them both and come back 
to the area with the two switches. Put the keys in the blocks and a 
bridge will form across the deadly water. Now, kill the third Sister of 
Despair (mission b accomplished). Go behind where it used to be for some 
items, if you want. Return to the Warp that took you here and use it to 

Get the Eagle Feather if you haven't, then go down the door on the 
right. Kill the Endtrail that is guarding the door so it opens, but 
don't go in. Instead, go left, and you should see a temple with an 
Endtrail on either side. Kill them both, the temple will un-lock, 
revealing a key. Now, collect it and hit the switch. Go back to where I 
told you to ignore, up the ramp, kill the dinos. Go through the door, 
then destroy the Soul Gate. Pretty easy if you ask me, but no one did, 
so I'll shutup now (mission a accomplished). Now, return to the area 
with the portal that led to the third Sister of Despair. behind it is a 
ledge, jump over it to find the area with the used-to-be-locked Warp 
Portal Machine. Go inside.

Now that you have the Sacred Eagle Feather, you can offer it to the gods 
(it's actually some special effects from some old geezer , but just 
ignore that). They'll reward you with the Leap of Faith Tailsman. 
Collect it, then exit. 

Go past the nearby bridge and keep going. Go into the tunnel there, near 
where you activate the Warp Portal Machine. Instead of going left, keep 
going. You'll be high above the previous area. Look to your right and 
down, jump down there and hit the switch. It will open up the exit, 
right under your nose. Go in there and jump through the exit...

Ah! But you still must defend the Energy Totem from 20 Endtrails! 
Bwahahah...Again, the Shot Gun is useful, but the War Blade does come in 
handy (objective c accomplished).

                            Level 3: The Death Marshes 

                        T H E   D E A T H   M A R S H E S 

Mission Objectives:
a. Rescue 5 Prisoners
b. Destroy 3 Ammunition Storage Facilities
c. Locate the Energy Totem and Defend it at All Costs

New Weapons:
Plasma Rifle
Grenade Launcher

War Club
Cave	 Worm
Swamp Wasp
Alien Gunner

Breath of Life

This level is a lot easier and less confusing than the last...not to 
mention shorter...I guess Iguana figured that we didn't want another 
experience like that again! 

Go forward and scream as a War Club flies through the bridge, totally 
destroying it. Drop down and jump on the platforms to the side. Once on 
the other side, turn right and go down the logs. Keep going forward and 
jump over the broken bridge. Follow the trail of Life Force, then cross 
the series of logs. Go off the beaten path to find a Key, and cross the 
mud bridge. Keep going...keep going...Before some shacks, to your left, 
will be a broken bridge going into the mud. This is your cue to go  into 
the mud. You'll find a trail of Red Life Force going into an aclove with 
a Satchel Charge. Collect it, then quickly run back to the main path 
before the worms come to eat you up. Once there, you will find a trail 
of Golden Life Force leading into a Warp. Ignore it and go some more to 
find a bridge going to a large cage. Kill the guards, then blow off the 
lock on the cage with a bullet and touch the prisoner, he's like the 
children, too stupid to walk out. Wait! There's still more to 
do...Across from the cage door is a wall, look to your right a bit and 
you will spot a trail of Golden Life Force going onto a very narrow 
ledge. Jump on it, then use the nearby stones to reach a ledge with a 
ladder. Above is a lonely War Club, and a large building. Blow off the 
four locks and go inside the warp.

Now we are in an Ammunition Storage Facility. Go forward until you spot 
a bunch of very large crates. If you have the Satchel Charge (see above) 
you will be able to put it on. The fuse only lasts five seconds, so you 
better get out of there quick! Go to the Warp I told you to ignore 

Just keep going forward. Eventually, you will find a stone path with mud 
on one side and green water on your other. When you see a trail of 
Golden Life Force, ignore it and take the left path. Exploring the area, 
you'll find a Ship where you can save, a Key, and by jumping off a ledge 
into a previously explored area, the Shredder, an upgrade for your Shot 
Gun. Return to the stone path and follow the trail of Golden Life Force. 
A Juggernaut will burst through a wall, scaring the sh*t out of you. 
Now, after killing it, go through the hole it made and hop into the 

Keep walking forward until another Juggernaut flies through a wall. 
After the slaughter, follow the wall around to discover a large tower 
with a Gunner at the top. Ignore it and cross the nearby brown bridge. 
Just be careful; a few Purr-Linn will be there to greet you. At the end 
is a Warp, but instead of going through, go behind it to find two 
Gunners guarding a switch. Hit it, it will open up a Warp Portal 
Machine. Retrace your steps back to the tower. Climb the ladder and jump 
on the building to your right, near the area with a lot of Red Life 
Force and one Orange Health. Behind that is a log, use it as a bridge to 
the next area. Fall down and follow the path to the Warp Portal machine. 
This is a fake, and you will battle all sorts of strange creatures, I 
suggest using the Mag 60, it's pretty powerful. After the slaughter you 
will have received another piece of the Nuke weapon. Exit, and go to the 
Warp I told you to ignore before, near the switch that opened this up.

To the right of where you enter is a stone path that leads to a tower, 
memorize this. Go forward, across the bridge, until you reach land. Kill 
everything, then climb the tower. Look to your left and down, jump on 
the little walls with the Pistol Clips. The walls surround 4 Blue 
Healths and a Satchel Charge. Remember that tower near the start of this 
area? Go climb it, cross the log, blow the locks off the door, and go 
into the Warp.

Now we are in an Ammunition Storage Facility. Go forward until you spot 
a bunch of very large crates. If you have the Satchel Charge (see above) 
you will be able to put it on. The fuse only lasts five seconds, so you 
better get out of there quick!

Go across the bridge and continue, going with the trail of Golden Life 
Force. Kill the nasty Juggernaut and jump to the nearby ladder, which 
goes up to a tower. At the top, jump over the wall. Explore for items, 
then step into the Warp.

Go across the looong bridge. This place is infested with Juggernauts, so 
you may want to watch your ammo. Near the end, jump on top of the 
building to find the Plasma Rifle, which has a Sniper Capability, 
allowing you to kill opponents from afar. Follow the path, through 
buildings and up hills, and you shall eventually find a Warp and a Ship, 
which will let you save. Next area!

A Purr-Linn will break from the ground, exposing an Orange Health. Leave 
it be...Also, there are three Plasma Paks (150) near here, grab one and 
continue. Across the large bridge you will fight three Raptoids, thee 
Purr-Linn, and one Juggernaut. Use your Plasma Rifle. After all of this, 
go back and revive your health with the Orange Health (you'll need it!) 
and your ammo with the Plasma Paks. In the next area, you only have to 
waste two bullets for two Juggernauts. No, I'm not insane. They are up 
on these large platforms. Get far away and use your Plasma Rifle's 
Sniper Scope and shoot them in the head! Bwahaha...The gate will open, 
but ignore it. Head to your extreme right and fall down. Kill the 
Gunner, collect the Grenade Launcher, and free the Prisoner by blowing 
the locks off and touching him. Now go back to the open gate, step into 
the Warp.

To your right is a trail of Golden Life Force leading into a small 
crevice, this leads to a clearing with a Juggernaut, a Purr-Linn, and 
two cages. After doing what you have to do, follow the next trail of 
Golden Life Force into a nice, straight path. Eventually you'll find a 
ladder, climb it up. Now, there will be a wall to your right the entire 
time. Blast the beasties and you will stumble upon a cage in plain 
sight. Inside is the fifth prisoner (objective a accomplished). Keep 
going...ignore the Warp and climb the nearby ladder, now we're on that 
wall. Keep going until you find a cage to your left, this is the one the 
fifth prisoner was in. On top of it is a Satchel Charge, grab it and 
continue. Soon a path with some Golden Life Force will appear, follow it 
to an area with a bunch of cages with Red Life Force inside. Climb the 
stairs and hit the switch to activate the Warp Portal Machine. Go back 
to the main path on top of the wall. You'll find the Warp Portal 
Machine. Inside, offer the gods the Sacred Eagle Feather (which you 
should have picked up along the way, it's on the wall in the middle of 
daylight for crying out loud, how could you miss it?). Now you have the 
Breath of Life Tailsman! Go back and enter the Warp...the trail to the 
right until you find a ladder, climb it. Go to your extreme left to find 
a bridge with some Golden Lift Force. At the end is a building with four 
locks, blow them away. Watch out! There is a gunner inside. Step in the 

Now we are in an Ammunition Storage Facility. Go forward until you spot 
a bunch of very large crates. If you have the Satchel Charge (see above) 
you will be able to put it on. The fuse only lasts five seconds, so you 
better get out of there quick (objective b accomplished)!

Now, step into the Warp. Go forward and collect the Key, then the doors 
will slam shut and five Raptors will be let loose on you! Kill them all 
and the doors will un-lock. I suggest using the War Blade to save ammo. 
Around the Key Pedestal are respawning Shotgun Shells, so you don't have 
to worry that much. In the next area, kill the two Juggernauts atop the 
pillars to open the gate. For this, I suggest turning OFF the Auto-aim 
function. For reasons unknown, here, it just seems that they won't take 
any damage. Strange, huh? Stock up on ammo and health, then jump into 
the Warp Portal behind the gate...

Now you must defend an Energy Totem from countless Gunners, Juggernauts, 
and even a few Purr-Linn. This is why you should've stocked up...there 
are some respawning shells here, too, but still, it's better to just tap 
the trigger than run around, collecting ammo. After this the level will 
be complete! Hooray!  

                           Level 4: Lair of the Blind Ones

                     L A I R   O F   T H E   B L I N D   O N E S

Mission Objectives:
a. Seal Three Thermal Vents
b. Locate the Energy Totem, and Defend It At All Costs

New Weapons:
Charge Dart Rifle
Cereboral Bore
Harpoon gun
Torpedo Launcher
Sunfire Pod

Cave Worm
The Blind One
Flesh Worm
Small Spider
Large Spider

Tailsman: Heart of Fire

Special Enemy: Golden-Eye

Run forward, and when you come to a bottomless pit, to the right. After 
ripping some Leapers to shreds, fall down the large hole. Once at the 
bottom, look behind all the waterfalls; one of them is hiding a tunnel. 
Go to the end and you'll find a hole, this is a chute, and will deliver 
you to another area. Once at the bottom, turn left, following the trail 
of Golden Life Force, and the stone at the end will move out of the way. 
Blast the Endtrail and fall into the water below, you can find the 
Harpoon gun at the bottom. On the other side of the pool is a secret 
cave, underwater. Ignore the tunnel to the left and continue to find a 
Warp Portal Machine switch, activate it, then return to the previous 
tunnel and swim through it. Once at the top, it seems there's no where 
to go, but there is a path to the extreme right. Being weary of 
Endtrails, go across the bridges, then look at the pillar...there are 
some pegs on it, showing that you can climb up it. Follow the corridor, 
then drop down and go through that tunnel as well. Keep going, you'll 
reach a room with a bunch of small tunnels, and another climbable wall. 
Go up, then there's another spider room with pegs on the wall. Just 
don't be too quick to climb, a Raptoid will leap down from above. Ignore 
the climbable wall in the next room (the only thing up there is an 
Orange Health) and continue through the cave system. Follow the path and 
you'll find an activate Warp Portal Machine, but you don't have the 
Feather yet, so just ignore it for now and do an about-face, then hop 
into the water the previous path went over. Look for a ledge coming out 
of the water, it will lead to a wall with pegs, a Shredder, and a few 
Blue Healths. Before climbing up the wall, shoot the switch to the right 
of it, it's on the wall. Climb up, ignore the Warp and take the other 
path, at the end you'll find chute. Geramino!!

Use your map in this first part so you don't get lost in the loop with a 
Blue Health and two Cave Worms. Take the only other path, the door will 
lock, and you'll be battling a Giant Spider. Upon his death, the exit 
will open, it has a Blue Health in front of it. At the end is a large 
room. There is a stone where you will put a key, a wooden gate, a pool 
of water with a gate, two trails of Golden Life Force going into the 
wall, and a Skull Switch. Activate the switch and two tunnels will 
appear in front of each trail of Life Force. Each is the same, more or 
less. At the end there is no where to, but if you look up as soon as you 
exit the cave tunnel you will spot a Skull Switch, shoot it to lift a 
weight. When both weights are lifted the gate in the pool of water will 
lift ("Underwater gate open" will appear on the screen). Go down there, 
climb the ladder (either one will do). At the top is a Blind One, a 
Charge Dart Rifle, and the Cave Key you need to open the gate. Fall down 
and insert it to lift the gate. In the next room, blow the barrel up to 
make the stone pillar fall, making a suitable bridge.

As you start to across the bridges, rocks will begin to fall from the 
sky, so run as quickly as you can. After a very long series of straight 
tunnels, you will find yourself in a large chamber, the majority of it 
being a bottomless pit. The only way to go is to the right, on the thin 
ledge. Use your War Blade to get rid of the little annoyances. Ignore 
the first tunnel you come to; keep going until you can't go anymore. In 
the aclove there is a Giant Spider guarding a Flamethrower! Collect it 
and then backtrack to the tunnel I told you to ignore. Inside is a Key, 
but once you collect it a bunch of critters will come out to play. After 
they are all dead, the exit to the next area will open up. Go up the to 
gate and wait a few seconds, it will open. Cross the bridge, kill the 
Blind One, then go through the open gate. In the next area, destroy all 
the enemies then blow the barrel up to make a bridge to the adjacent 
area. Once there, you will find a Ship, which will allow you to save. 
You won't see another Save Point for a few years, so make sure you have 
PLENTY of time to do the rest of the level...Cross the thin bridge, kill 
the Blind One at the end, and shoot the switch near the gate to open it. 
Cross some more bridges, hit a few more switches, then fall down the 
chute to reach the next area.

In this room are several waterfalls, and a hole in the center in which 
the water goes down. Jump on the floating platforms and make your way 
across to a tunnel. If you miss a step and fall, drop down into the 
hole, go down a few waterfalls, then as soon as you can swim, go left 
for a Warp which will take you back before the platforms. Continuing on, 
drop down the ledge where Leapers will attack and jump onto the nearby 
platform, you'll collect the Scared Eagle Feather. Jump into the hole, 
and keep going down the waterfalls and ledge until you fall into a large 
lake where you can swim underwater. Keep going and you'll find three 
Gold Life Force going into the wall, surface and you'll find a switch, 
shoot it to open a door under you. Beware of the Leapers that come out, 
then dart under there. Follow the tunnel and you will find a wooden 
bridge, with a few Endtrails. Follow it, another hall, another wooden 
bridge, then you'll find a large room. When you try to exit (there's a 
Tek Bow in front of it), it will slam shut and three Giant Spiders will 
come down. When they are destroyed, the door will open, allowing you to 
continue. Follow the spider-infested corridors, wait for the bridge part 
to come down so the gate will open, then keep going until you can go 
right, do so. Hop on the platform below to retrieve a Cave Door Key, 
you'll need it in awhile. Look back where you jumped off, there are pegs 
that will allow you to climb back up, keep going. Kill the Blind One 
near the large rock to open up the gate. After a few more bridges and 
Blind Ones you'll come upon a Satchel Charge, along with a few Red Life 
Force. Go through the nearby hall, then you'll be on another bridge with 
something shooting at you...turn around, to your left, and you'll see a 
Blind One firing off arrows at you. After his death, hop on the pegs 
that are under his aclove to climb up. Follow the path to another chute. 

Ignore the Warp and turn right, insert the Cave Key into the stone and 
the wooden gate will open, revealing the Vent Chamber. Go into the 
tunnel on the right, then follow it to be on a wooden platform with a 
large rock in front of you. Walk up to the part where the fence isn't 
covering it and the Satchel Charge will be placed...quick! Run 
backwards, avoiding the infinite Blind Ones that come in, and go to the 
Warp you saw before coming in here. 

Go forward the stone will move out of the way, revealing the area before 
the cute. Turn right and you'll be in the area where the Blind One was 
shooting arrows at you. Fall down into the water and make your way all 
the way back to the area where you jumped onto the pegs...and continue 
through the passageways, you'll find c a chute, drop down. Continue, 
ignoring Warps, at the end, if you look up, you'll see a tunnel above 
with a Satchel Charge and some Red Life Tokens, but you can't get that 
yet, so hop into the pool. Now it's time for the...dun dun 
dun...UNDERWATER MAZE! Johnny, tell our contestants the 
rules...Basically, you go through some underwater tunnels and you have 
to be quick so you don't run out of air.

Here's what to do and when to do it: Go forward until you find a chamber 
with four tunnels: A Raptoid behind a gate, a Torpedo Launcher behind a 
gate, another passageway, and the way you entered. Go into the next 
passageway, then hop on the platforms and climb the wall to find a 
switch that will open up all the gates. Go grab the Torpedo Launcher, 
but don't go to the path behind it; instead, go to where the Raptoid is. 
Use your Torpedo Launcher, using this you can go much faster, allowing 
you to explore deeper into the maze. Once you've explored around enough, 
turn on the map to find out where you're going. You'll find two Cave 
Door Keys, and a chamber with platforms similar to the one where you 
found the Skull Switch. Except this time, there's a tunnel that will 
drop you into a drop with a few Red Life Force, and a Satchel Charge. 
Drop back into the pool and continue to explore the maze. You'll soon 
find a Warp with a Raptoid, a Leaper, a box of Shotgun Shells, some Blue 
Health, and one Pistol Clip; jump in the Warp. 

Put one of the Cave Keys you found in the water maze into the stone to 
lift the gate, now we're in another Thermal Vent Chamber. Go into the 
tunnel at the right, place the Satchel Charge, then haul ass back to the 
Warp, avoiding the hordes of Blind Ones. Once back in the water maze, go 
to the passageway you picked up the Torpedo Launcher and follow the long 
path, at the end is a Warp and about five or six barrels, hop into the 

Place the last Cave Key you have into the stone to lift the gate, then 
go on in. Hit the Skull Switch to open the next exit, go through the 
corridors, drop down the ledges, follow the Golden Life Force onto a 
thin ledge and follow it down to a lava area. Exploring around, you'll 
find an aclove where a Giant Spider is guarding a Skull Switch. Upon 
activation, a nearby door will open, letting an angry Fireborn out. 
Follow the hall he came out of. You'll now face even more Fireborns, and 
you'll have to jump across some platforms that are in the lava. After 
awhile you'll come into a large chamber. Kill the Blind One on your 
left, then take the thin ledge to where he was, and blow up the barrels. 
Besides some pick-me ups, you'll find a Warp Portal Switch. After that, 
follow the ledge all the way around to find some pegs on the wall, climb 
on up! At the end is a Warp Portal Machine, a Blind One, and the Sunfire 
Pods. Kill the enemies, grab the Pods, then go get that piece of Nuke! 

Once that is done with, go behind the Warp Portal Machine and jump off. 
Although it looks like a jump to your death, you will actually fall onto 
solid ground! This place should look your left are some 
Red Life Force Tokens leading to a strange platform. Jump on and it will 
twirl you up a few hundred feet. After jumping on a few more, you will 
be going through a tunnel, then across some bridges. After a few minutes 
of this, you'll be face to face with a chute. Wahoo!!...

Ignore the Warp and take the other passageway, keep going and you'll end 
up in a lava room with lots of Fireborns. At the end is a gate, turn 
around and shoot the Skull Switch across the sea of lava to open it. 
Collect the Orange Health and head right, there's another lava room. 
Follow the path, then kill the Giant Spiders to un-lock the exit. More 
following of paths...keep do do...Turn left, following the 
trail of Red Life Force, until you come to a chute, drop down!

Ignore the Warp and take the other path instead. Kill all the Cave Worms 
in this room to make the exit open, which will let even more strange 
creatures in. Kill them and continue along your not-so-merry way. You 
will eventually come upon a small area, with a ledge to the right, with 
a few Blue Healths in front of it. IGNORE THIS! A lot of people make 
that mistake. Instead, go behind the rocks to the left to discover a 
thin ledge behind a Tek Bow, follow it. At the end is a Blind One who 
tossed Flesh Worms at you. When he dies the gate will open, continue. 
Kill the Spiders to open the second gate, then keep on trucking. At the 
end is a dead-end, but look to your left and you will spot some REALLY 
small pegs, you can climb up. Kill the Giant Spider at the top, then do 
the same in the next room. Follow the stone path that's in mid-air, 
killing Blind Ones along the way. Go right, kill that guy to open the 
gate, keep going...YAWN...When the thin ledge ends, jump off to the 
below area to find an Orange Health and a few Red Life Force, and then 
head into the tunnel. Kill the Blind One to raise the gate, and then 
kill the Endtrail at the end, then collect the vomit-inducing Cereboral 
Bore, then drop back down, you should recognize this area, you were just 
here! Turn left and look down, you will see an area with a lot of 
crystals, a Plasma Rifle, and a ton of Blue Health, follow the path down 

Dispatch the three Giant Spiders to open the grating, then follow the 
tunnel into a room with another Level 6 Key. Once collected, the exit 
will slam shut and a ton of monsters will flood into the room. After 
they are..."taken care of", the exit will open and you can continue, 
obviously. After a few more years of walking, you'll come to a loopy 
path with two Blind Ones, one in the front and one to the left. Kill 
them both, then go through the tunnel. After some more running, you'll 
come upon three Bores. Collect them, then jump over the cliff to land on 
a Satchel Charge, thus letting four Raptoids out from their hide-aways. 
After they are dead, head through the nearby tunnels. It doesn't matter 
what path you take here, it all leads to the same area: A Giant Spider 
in front of a chute. After taking it out, go down the chute (duh huh 

Ignore the Warp and go into the side path. Go up the wooden path, and 
into the two rooms. Each room is the same, with several acloves. They 
all have Blind Ones inside, except for one, it has a Cave Key. Collect 
them both, go down to ground level, through the tunnel, and insert the 
keys into the stones. Ah, another Vent Chamber. Do the same as before 
(objective a accomplished), and then backtrack and go through the Warp I 
told you to ignore earlier.

Now you're back in front of where you dropped off to get the Satchel 
Charge. Do an about-face and run backwards, past the Level 6 Key, past 
the crystal area, and you'll come to an area with green walls. Jump down 
into the below area, there should be a few Endtrails, a gate, and an 
open passageway. Take the open one, and turn left, following the Golden 
Life Force. Soon you'll come upon an area with four Blue Healths, jump 
on the right side to be on a ledge. Remember a long time ago when you 
went behind some rocks instead of going onto the ledge to the right? 
This is the ledge on the right. Follow it alllll the way and you'll find 
a Save Point ('bout damn time!). Save, then get near the gate to make 
two Giant Spiders come down. After their death, the gate will lower, 
follow the passageway. Jump down on the thin ledge, then onto the 
platform with the four Blue Healths and Endtrails (unless you collected 
the Healths earlier). Kill them all, then continue. When you have the 
decision, go left. After awhile you'll pick up a Cave Door Key. Return 
and go RIGHT this time (or, from the Cave Door Key, straight ahead). 
Kill all the Endtrails in this room to lower the gate. Plug the Gate Key 
into the stone to make this gate lower as well. Follow the path and go 
down Mr. Chute.

Now you must jump across five spinning platforms that strangely resemble 
hamburgers. It seems easy, but it's not, because if you run in the 
opposite direction that the platform is spinning, you'll go REALLY slow 
and won't be able to make the jump. So, align yourself up and just be 
patience! If you fall you'll be about 5 hours back, so just kill 
yourself to return to the platforms. But, there probably is a Warp down 
there somewhere that will take you back, but I'm too lazy to search for 
it. After making the jumps, kill the Giant Spider across the way, then 
blast the barrels to knock the stone pillar down, then go across the 
bridge.  Now, go in the room and collect the final Level Key for this 
level...but, the doors will slam shut and enemies will flood the room, 
AGAIN. After they are all accounted for, the exit will open. Collect the 
Golden Health, and then jump into the Exit Portal.

Defend the Energy Totem against 20+ Blind Ones! This should be pretty 
easy, so I wouldn't worry about it. After that you will fight the first 
Boss of the game, Golden-Eye! Check the appropriate section for Tips and 
stuff like that. FINALLY! The level is OVER!!! Break out the champagne! 

                          Level 5: Hive of the Mantids

                     H I V E   O F   T H E   M A N T I D S

Mission Objectives:
a. Destroy 3 Queen Embryos
b. Destroy the Master Computer
c. Locate the Energy Totem, and Defend It At All Costs

New Weapons:
Proximity Fragmentation Mine (PFM) Layer
Scorpion Missile Launcher
Firestorm Cannon

Gun Emplacement

Tailsman: Whispers

Special Enemy: Queen Mantid

The Warp to the next area is being blocked by a forcefield, and there 
are several gun emplacements that shoot purple energy at you. Take 'em 
out! Overall, the best weapon to use in this level is the Plasma Rifle 
(then when you pick it up, the Firestorm Cannon), since it used Plasma 
Paks and almost every Drone and EVERY Solider drop extra ammo for you. 
Now, blow away the guns and an aclove will also be exposed (and a Drone 
will be let loose). Inside is a health/ammo cache that will respawn 
every few seconds. After all the guns are down, the Warp will 
accessible...if you can get past the five or so drones that have 
appeared. Take them out, then stock up on ammo and health, and step into 
the Warp. Be prepared for a very, very long level. 

Is it me, or does the music in this level just kick ass? Anyways...Go 
forward and blow up the twirling, blue cyndrical (sp?) object, and a 
force field that was covering a hall (which is to the left) will be 
destroyed. Go through there to find a dead-end, with tons of enemies, 
and another similar object. Blow that up as well, and return to where 
you entered. Once you enter the room, just keep going straight and go 
through the tunnel with the many Silver Healths. Follow the path...jump 
on the platform to be raised to the upper area...follow some more...long 
path, eh?...use Explosive Shells on these we go, a room 
with a tall platform in the center, with two guns on the ceiling. Take 
them out, then enter the hallway, stage right.

You'll find a single Drone guarding a strange, green object on the wall. 
This is a switch, touching it will activate the circular platforms in 
the previous room. Use them to retrieve the Key on the platform in the 
center. Activating the switch will also un-lock a previously locked 
door, you can tell which one it is because it has an Orange Health in 
front of it. Follow that path for about a minute or so and you'll hit a 
Warp with a circle of Silver Healths around it. 

Open the door in front of you (just walk near it and it will open) and 
follow the path, then turn left, following the Golden Lift Force. Keep 
going and you'll be in a large room, and the majority of it is a 
bottomless pit! Collect the Flamethrower and head left and until you 
can't go any further. Use your Plasma Rifle's sniperscope to pick off 
two Drones in acloves to your right. Jump on the platform they were 
above, then continue jumping on platforms until you come to a locked 
door. Look above you, slightly behind, and blow away the gun on the 
ceiling. The door will now be open, head on in.

There are three doors here; north, east, and west, you came in through 
the south door. Go through the west door for some ammo, north to destroy 
a force field generator, and east to find an elevator-like contraption. 
Going up! Once at the top, enter the next room with caution as four guns 
on the ceiling have their sights pointed at YOU! Take them out, as well 
as the overweight whiner known as a Solider, which is on the other side 
of the room. Go through the door he was guarding (blocking) and follow 
the hall for awhile. Head left at the next room (it has an Orange Health 
in the center with four Red Life Force. Wait, there is no other 
direction TO head...). 

Follow the hall and you will enter a room with a few buggies, kill them, 
and go through the door on the other side. Inside is a Solider guarding 
another green switch, it will activate a platform in the previous room, 
it will also let about four or five Mites out, so watch yourself (Can 
you say War Blade?). Step on the platform and it will whisk you away, up 
to a ledge. Hit the switch there to summon yet another elevator, which 
will carry you to a new hallway, high above. Follow the corridor and you 
will eventually spill out into a previously explored area...but not 
before collecting the almighty Firestorm Cannon! Oh yeah, baby! Anyways, 
go out the door and turn left, going down the tunnel with the Red Life 

In the next room, quickly collect the Golden Health and be prepared for 
some bloodshed as Drones burst through the walls. After the party, 
continue through the halls. Continue...jump in the Warp surrounded by 
Silver Healths! Another, similar path, except this time the Drones don't 
burst through the walls, you can shoot them out. Keep going and you'll 
reach a circular room, in the center is a large structure with acloves, 
each aclove houses a large switch. Hit all the switches (which will let 
gobs of Mites out) to activate an elevator, which will take you up to 
another hallway, naturally. Follow the long hallway, blasting the 
insectoids as you go. Nothing much to talk about here, really. Before 
jumping into the Warp, save your game at the Ship.

Follow the path, as before, then jump over the ledge to a platform 
before, and then down again, and through the door. In the next room, 
quickly destroy the four guns on the ceiling before they sap your 
health, then a door will open. Inside are two Drones and another twirly 
majig (my vast vocabulary is quite impressive, isn't it?). Blow it up, 
then the previously locked doors will be open. One leads to a locked 
Warp Portal Machine, the other goes to an elevator; take the latter, 

Follow the hallway. How many times have I said that? Too many if my 
memory serves me correctly. Just...follow the hallway! :) About 10 
minutes later you'll find the Proximity Fragmentation Mine (PFM) 
Layer...what a mouthful. Anyways, use it to destroy the majority of the 
Mites below, then finish them off with the Flamethrower. All the doors 
will open, letting a Drone loose. Inside one of them is a Key, collect 
it. Blow away the fake walls in this room. Besides plenty of ammo, 
you'll find the switch that will open up the last Warp Portal Machine 
you saw...To get there, go straight ahead from this tunnel (or, left 
from where you dropped down from above) and follow the path. You'll be a 
bit of the way back, which will allow you to go into the Warp Portal 
Machine and collect the 5th Nuke Piece. Return to the Mite Room and go 
through the tunnel with a line of Blue Healths (or, straight ahead from 
where you dropped down). Follow the tunnel to a...Warp.

Follow the hall to a large room, then head left (which is the only way 
to go)...keep going. Kill the Drone across the chasm, then head left and 
defeat the Soldier there. MEMORIZE THIS LOCATION. Activate the switch 
behind him, then quickly go back to catch the platform that comes down. 
Next area, go forward and jump down to the ledge. Upon activating the 
switch in the seemingly empty room, the door will shut and dozens of 
Mites will flood into the room. Take care of them with your trusty War 
Blade, then exit and use the working platform to get to the above area. 
One of the tunnels will have a platform serving as a bridge to another 
tunnel (left of where you just came in from now). Once there, you will 
discover several open doors, and a trail of Golden Life Force leading 
into a wall, it's on the left side of the room from where you enter (at 
the very start is an orange circle machine in front of you). Even if you 
already collected the tokens, never fear, just go to the left side of 
the chamber and look at the central pedestal, you will notice part of 
the wall is different from the rest...shoot at it! Inside is a Soldier  
guarding a secret Twirly Majig, blast them both away. Go back outside 
and explore the open doors, one of them leads to a switch, activate it 
then kill the Workers that come in. Return to the crossroads area and 
you will find that a Drone has appeared, after dispatching him, go 
through the tunnel he was blocking to catch a newly activated platform. 
Collect the vomit inducing Cereboral Bore, then blow the wall to the 
left up, then follow the path. More you're dropping down 
platforms and killing Drones in acloves, then you'll receive the Sacred 
Eagle Feather. Oh, before doing this, you should have gone right and 
destroyed the eggs and activated the Warp Portal Machine...hehe. 
Anyways, drop down to the platform from the Eagle Feather ledge and keep 
running forward and you'll find a Warp...but before that, go back to 
where I told you to memorize and go through the passage there, it used 
to be covered in a force field. Once inside, you will find the Warp 
Portal Machine! Go inside and claim the Whispers Tailsman, then go 
through the Warp from a few sentences back. 

Go forward and kill all the Drones on the ledges, they are good targets 
for the Cereboral Bore...once they are all killed, two Soldiers will 
burst in. Kill them as well, then go to the next door. In the next area 
are several locked doors, and groups of Mites will scurry after you. On 
the other side is a door, go through it, kill the Drone across the way, 
and hop down into the water. Below you will find more than enough Red 
Life Force for two lives, and a secret tunnel that leads to a twirly 
thing, blow it away, get back to the above area via the elevator,  and 
retrace your steps to the previous room, then go through the newly 
opened tunnel (head right). Follow it...wahahy! New area. Blow away all 
the twirly things (just watch out since most of them will cause a Drone 
to beam in) to destroy the Master Forcefield...THINGIE!! Now that's all 
done with, escape via the elevator (you'll collect the Scorpion Missile 
Launcher on the way up...wee!), go to where the water is (all the Red 
Life Force) and go across. Once there, find the path that has platforms 
serving as a bridge, go across...Go right, and attempt to  grab the key. 
Instead, a door will slam shut in your face and you'll fight two Drones 
and a Solider, then you can collect it. Retrace your steps to the 
previous room and continue. Continue...go through the Warp.

Wow, this place is A LOT different from previous areas! Anyways, follow 
the path and you will soon spot a Drone atop a strange piece of 
wall...climb it up and open the door, go right and go straight, blow the 
Drone to hell, climb the wall, go across the strange bridge, and through 
Mr. Happy Door. Follow...the...PATH!!!! At the end is a Warp.

Follow the path...more...more..............good. You should now be 
standing in a circular room with a ton of large eggs. Clear out the 
area, first. The center platform will have some eggs blocking a tunnel. 
Inside is...a Queen Embryo! Oh my God, you know what this means? We 
haven't done ANYTHING that would even count as completing Mission 
Objectives...Oi. The best way to deal with the infinite amount of Drones 
that warp in is to freeze two with the Charge Dart Rifle, then no more 
will come. Quickly belt the Queen Embryo with whatever you got, then 
kill it when it drops out of the little sac. When it's dead you'll 
receive an Orange Health (Trust me, you'll need it). Quickly run out of 
this room and look for another group of eggs blocking a tunnel, blow 
them to Hell and run, run I tell you, RUN!!! Right now there are about 
50 Drones, 50 Mites, and one pissed off Solider following you. Keep 
running and you'll find a Warp. *relaxed breathe*

Drop down into another Mite infested area, then climb the wall that a 
Soldier is guarding. Once at the top, go across the bridge (go right for 
a Ship so you can save) and turn left at the crossroad. Blow up the 
strange part of the wall and go in through the warp. In the next area 
you will find another Queen Room, with eggs everywhere. Like before, the 
Queen is in the center area. Use the same stragedy as before, then blow 
the second batch of eggs away to find a new area (again!). Follow it to 
the end to find a Warp.

Now you're back on the same "strange bridge" as before. Go left and into 
the door. Drop into the water and swim down into a secret passage. Hop 
on the platforms and drop down into the area below. Now you must collect 
Satchel Charges, here are the locations of them:

1. Behind the pillar, near the start

2. Keep going and ignore the water pit. Behind a tree near the Exit to 
this level.

3. Ditto, except on the other side

4. Jump into the water pit and underneath is a Warp. On the bridge you 
come to a is a Satchel Charge! Follow the bridge to another Warp.

Follow the path and you'll find yet another door. Go through and you'll 
find a big lava area. Jump down onto the platforms and climb them up, at 
the end are two Soldiers guarding a switch. Hit it, then go backwards to 
find a platform, use it to get to the above area. Hit both switches, 
then the door in-between them will open up. Now you must drop down into 
a muddy area and battle three Soldiers at once! Suffice to say, it won't 
exactly be a cake-walk. The best way to take them down is to freeze them 
with the Charge Dart Rifle, then use the Cereboral Bore on them. Climb 
the wall on the other's another Queen Hideout. You know what 
to do (objective a accomplished). Retrace your steps alllll the way back 
to where you found the first few Satchel Charges. Once there, exit, and 
you'll be back where you went underwater to find the area. Climb up the 
pillars (IGNORE THE LEAP OF FAITH TILE) and climb the wall where the 
Drone is, then kill the Soldier and hop in the Warp.

This is the Master Computer room...and it has about a bazillion guns 
around it, so take them out. Put a Satchel Charge on each of the energy 
totem thingers and then get away before it blows (mission b complete). 

Now, go to the Leap of Faith Tailsman I told you to ignore. Use it to 
find a Golden Health up there. This will help you later...Remember 
Satchel Charge #'s two and three? Well, go back to where they were and 
go across the bridge, kill the Soldier, and hop into the exit Warp...Now 
you have to battle about 20 Drones at once to save the Energy Totem! 
Yeah, it seems like you would die in a matter of seconds, but you won't 
because they are more focused on the totem than you. Wipe them out and 
then you will fight the Mother of all Mantids...The Queen! Check the 
Boss Section for details on this grueling fight.

                           Level 6: Primagen's Lightship
                      P R I M A G E N ' S   L I G H T S H I P

Mission Objectives:
a. Destroy 3 Automated Assembly Plants
b. Purify the River of Souls

Gun Emplacement
Bio Bot

Special Enemy: Mother

Surprise! The Save Points in this level are plentiful...weird, isn't it? 
Anyways, go forward and collect the Scorpion Missile Launcher. Now, 
there are a few good weapons to use in this level: The Firestorm 
(Troopers give you ammo) and the Scorpion Missile Launcher (Elites give 
you ammo), the latter being the most effective. Anyways, continue down 
the hall and you'll reach a very large room with a Primagen Key in the 
center (but its surrounded by a force field, so you can't collect it 
yet). Go left and into the hallway, being careful of the two Troopers. 
Here, a gun will drop down. Note that I will not list all the guns, so 
listen for the sound it makes when it drops. Turn left at the next turn, 
and go down the hall with a Bio Bot to find a fork. Turn right, left 
just goes to a locked door. Look on the left console and you'll see a 
red button, touch it and a machine will come down, forming a green 
Warp...step in.

Turn right and follow this hall, not taking any of the turns. After some 
Bio Bots and a few Guns, you'll reach a large room with a red glow, some 
lasers, and a fan in the floor. First off, take out all the Troopers 
that are above you, else they'll bother you. Then face the wall and get 
on the fan, press R and C Up (or forward if you picked the GE007 
Controller Setting...pansy) and you will slowly travel upwards, until 
you get to the upper area. Do an a-bout-face and you'll see a strange, 
blue crystal floating above the fan. Jump off the ledge to collect it 
(the fan will keep you in mid-air). It's an Ion Capacitor! You'll see 
what these do soon. Now get back up...from the entrance, head into the 
right passageway, or left if you want some power-ups. Anyways, onto the 
right passageway. Kill the Bio Bot and turn left, where the Blue Health 
is. Now the pipes should be encrusted with some strange, green material. 
Go either way, it leads to the same room. Kill the two Troopers, and 
then go to the other side of the chamber and climb the stairs, then 
circle 'round and you should be near where you entered the room. Look 
down to spot a ledge with two Ion get down there, fall 
off the ledge, and then jump in the air. It works! After doing that, get 
back to where you jumped off and get on the elevator platform.

Kill the strangely made Bio Bot and then go around the pillar and push 
the shiny red button. The door will open like any door on any sci-fi 
flick would, only to reveal an angry Trooper. After his demise, follow 
the corridor. Soon you can either go straight or right. Go forward to 
find a Save Point, and then head right to keep going...You'll find a 
thin room, with lasers at the bottom and several open halls on the other 
side. Go down the flight of stairs, then do a 180 degree turn to find a 
Whispers Tailsman Tile. Stand on it to be carried across to a tunnel. 
Once there, follow it to find another Tile, do the same. At the end of 
all of this is an Elite guarding a switch. Hit the switch and head out 
the newly un-locked door. Turn left, back into the room with lasers. 
Look down and to your left, you will see a open hallway with several 
Blue Health in it. Jump down there! At the intersection, go left and hit 
the switch to activate a bridge that will allow you to collect the Ion 
Capacitor. Now continue, and turn left at the next 
is one of the engine plasma thingies Adon was talking about in the 
briefing. Walk up to the totem, and plug a Capacitor into each of the 
holes. When they are all filled, its polarity will be reversed! Yay! The 
only difficult part of this room is avoiding the nearby Trooper, but a 
few blasts should take care of that. Continue on, hit the switch, then 
jump into the Warp.

As you walk, a door will open. Don't go through here, you've already 
been there, keep going. Collect the Ultra Health, blast the brains out 
of anything that dares get near you, and hit the switch on the console, 
drop down, and head left. If you didn't notice, we're back in the 
Primagen Key area. Just look for a newly opened door...follow the 
hallways...YAWN. At the end, hit the switch, then walk into the Warp.

Go through the door, collecting the Tek Bow, and you'll be in a room 
with two Troopers. Use the fan to get to the above area, then jump over 
to the floating platform (which, for me, seems easy if you go at it from 
an angle). Once over there, activate the switch on the console, then 
drop back down. You'll notice a Bio Bot coming from an open tunnel. 
After killing it, go into the corridor from whence it came. Go right, 
then left. Blast the Trooper, and hit the switch to open up an area. 
There are several pedestals, and a few fans in the floor, which will 
allow you to get past the lasers...barely. After getting to the area 
with two trios of Red Life Force, jump over to the Ion Capacitor, hit 
the switch, and go exit the area to find a new door open. Kill the Elite 
that is blocking the doorway, go through, turn right, and you'll be in a 
tall ventilation shaft, with two fans suspending you in mid-air. "Swim" 
up if you want to find a Save Point, but go to the hall at the bottom to 
continue on. Next area, kill the Trooper across the way and witness a 
bridge be pulled back, taunting you with the thought of collecting the 
Razor Wind...drop down to the ledge with a console. hit the button to 
make a lift come down behind you. Once there, go right and jump into the 
tunnel with the string of Silver Health. Now we're in a long series of 
Ventilation favorite (enter sarcasm here). In one area you 
can jump across a pit to find another Capacitor, so don't forget about 
that. After this you will be on the other side of the previous room, 
where you can collect the precious Razor Wind. There are two switches, 
one will open a locked door, another will create a bridge to an already 
explored area. Continue through the used to be locked door, heading 
straight ahead. Activate the Warp and hop in.

This hall is a big loop, with a switch on one side and a door at the 
other. Hit the door and quickly tun to the door, you only have a limited 
time before it shuts. Next, get on the elevator and be prepared to fight 
two Bio Bots at the top. Once dead, take either path, as they both lead 
to the same room. Kill the Trooper, go through the maze of computers, 
and hit the switch. Two doors nearby will open for about 30 seconds. 
Haul ass to one, jump the chasm, collecting the Capacitor, then run back 
and get the other one. This may take a few go to the room 
behind the Capacitors. Kill the Troopers and hit the two switches that 
are in the center of the room. From where you came in, go to the door on 
the right to find another totem thingy, so reverse it's polarity, then 
head through the door on the left. In here is a switch, hit it, then use 
the Warp.

You will pass a door that will open, don't go in, you've already been 
there. Instead, activate the switch and get the Ultra Health. Drop down, 
we're back in the Primagen Key room. Go forward to find a new hall, 
after a bit of switch hitting you'll get another Warp.

Turn left and go in that direction until you stumble upon a large room 
with an Elite and a Trooper. Drop down and get on the elevator, then 
jump to where the Elite was. Hit the switch to activate a lift. So, go 
back on the elevator, in front of the entrance, circle around, use the 
platform to get across (and nab the Capacitor in the aclove), then go 
through the exit. Follow the path, quickly hitting the switches, until 
you reach a normal door. If you hit all the switches in time, the locked 
door will open. Go inside, and it slams behind you. Push the switch to 
open it, then go collect the Capacitor the Elite is guarding. Go back to 
the normal door, go through it. Go straight for a Save Point, or left, 
into the Ventilation Shaft to continue. After an annoying series of 
fans, you'll find your way back into the halls. Head right, hit the 
switch, and merrily jump into the Warp that appears.

Go through the door on the right wall and follow the path. You'll find a 
ledge that has a Leap of Faith Tile on it, use it to find a switch that 
will open up something ahead. Just watch out for the Elite...continue 
on, you'll find a large room with two Troopers and one Bio Bot. Go 
forward, up the stairs, and hit the switch. Do an about-face, and go up 
the door on the left side (or right from the entrance). Gotta hurry, it 
won't last long! Inside, kill the Elite, grab the Capacitor, and hit the 
switch that will open the other door in the previous room. It's the same 
situation, but the switch will open up a door to the next area. Whee! 
Hit the switch and go through the door that un-locks. At the end is a 
totem thingy that you can change the polarity, so do so. HINT: Use the 
platforms to reach the adjacent side of the room. Return to the switch 
and go through the normal door. At the end is a switch, which will open 
a Warp.

Ignore the door that opens up, grab the Golden Health, and hit the 
switch, then drop back into the Primagen Key Room. The next opened door 
is straight ahead, just left from the entrance to this entire level. 
Follow the path to a switch...if you don't know what to do, I feel sorry 
for you.

Next area...make your way through these heavily guarded rooms to find a 
depression in the ground which has a Capacitor and two switches. When 
they are both activated the nearby door will un-lock, which reveals 
another switch, which un-locks a Warp.

Follow the path to get to a fork in the road. Right leads to a locked 
door, left leads to a switch. Two Bio Bots will come out when you hit 
it, so kill them, and the door opens. Inside is a disgruntled Elite, be 
sure to show him the light. Hit the switch, and go through two locked 
doors. Follow the path...up the elevator...Go up the flight of stairs, 
hit the switch, and a platform will arise, serving as a suitable bridge. 
Leap off of it to collect a Capacitor, it will come down and also serve 
as an elevator. Continue, and blow up the box with all the moving parts. 
Keep blasting at the insides, and the Automated Assembly Plant will have 
been destroyed. Behind the box is a Warp Portal Machine Switch, so be 
sure to activate it. Kill the nearby Trooper, then activate the switch 
behind him to un-lock the door. If you go left you can find the Offering 
Warp Portal, but you don't have an Eagle Feather...for now. Go into the 
next room, hit the switch, and step into the Warp.

Follow the path, you'll pass a locked door, and come into an area with a 
tunnel and a normal door, head into the door, it has an Elite inside, so 
watch out. Destroy the large computer in the center of the room, it will 
automatically blow up the second Assembly Plant for you. Also, behind 
the computer is a Sacred Eagle Feather, and in front of that would be 
another Capacitor. Now you can retrace your steps back and get the Eye 
of Truth Tailsman, which is necessary if you want to beat the game fair 
and square! Anyways, go back to the locked door, down the stairs, and 
you'll be in the factory area. In front of you are two large pillars 
with blue objects in them. Go up to them and you will collect both, they 
are Blue Laser Crystals, you'll need these soon. Go to the nearby 
tunnel, hit the switch, and go into the Warp.

Go right and you can find the Oblivion Warp Portal Machine, but it's 
locked so ignore it and just remember it's location. Keep, 
you should see a wall of Red Lasers, which will kill you if you touch 
them. Look on the pillars they come from...There are two Red Laser 
Crystals. Touch them and you will collect them and put the Blue Laser 
Crystals in, making the lasers blue. Blue Lasers are harmless, so you 
can now pass through...but don't. Instead, go left and you'll find 
another factory place. Plug in the Red Laser Crystals, collect the Blue 
Laser Crystals, and you will then be credited for destroying another 
Automated Assembly Plant (objective a accomplished). NOW go through the 
Blue Lasers. You'll find an Orange Health, a Capacitor, and a Warp 
Portal Machine Switch. Straight ahead is another totem thingy, and there 
are two laser fences. Just use the rotating platforms to get near the 
pillars they originate from, plug in the Blue Laser Crystals, making 
them safe so you can get near the center and plug in the Ion Capacitors 
(objective b accomplished). Hooray!! The River of Souls is now purified. 
Now, you can go get that last Nuke Piece if you wish, but be forewarned, 
it will be the toughest of all, and you should have at least four or 
five lives...just in case. Anyways, go into the right passageway from 
the Blue Laser wall and you'll find a switch that activates a Warp...go 
in, smartass.

Now you will be in a previously explored area. Find the entrance from 
where you came in here, before that is (it's the area opposite the place 
with two switches that open a locked door). Once through the Warp, go 
straight ahead and through the hallway with Blue Health (this was a 
locked door before) and you will find a Golden Health, an Elite, and a 
switch, which will open the last door. So, go down there! Just be 
careful, about half-a-dozen or so Elites have been let loose. In the 
long line of weapons is (just for fun): Tek Bow, Mag 60, Shredder, 
Grenade Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Firestorm Cannon, Proximity 
Fragmentation (PFM) Layer, Scorpion Missile Launcher.......which all 
leads to a simply gigantic Exit Portal, it goes to Mother! Good old 
Mother...check the Boss Section for this tough cookie.

After collecting all six Primagen Keys (see below section for 
locations), you will be able to un-lock the main man himself from his 
chamber in his Lightship (which is in the center of the Hub). The final 
fight will then commence...and it will be bloody! Check that one know...for details.


You just beat Turok II: Seeds of Evil, without using codes (hopefully). 
You need to pat yourself on the back for that one, it's not exactly the 
easiest game in existence. After doing this, feel free to turn on the 
Ultimate Cheat, run around, and kick ass. Ah, sweet sweets...

                                   T H E     E N D 

5) Primagen Key Locations

Since you can almost never collect the Primagen Keys the first time you 
enter a level, I have made this section. I tried to be as thorough as 
humanly possible, but it does help greatly if you know the layout of the 
level pretty well.

NOTE: I am assuming you have all the tailsmans, weapons, and have beaten 
the respective level (i.e. the stragedy for the Port of Adia won't work 
unless the level has been beaten, as un-locked doors will block your 

                    - - - PORT OF ADIA - - -

Required Tailsman (s): Leap of Faith

Continue through the level until you get to the water room. Once there, 
jump into the water in the center and swim through the tunnel there. At 
the end, jump on the rocks, climb the ladder, and drop down onto the 
walkway. There will be an open door to your left, go in and through the 

Keep going...pass the Warp Portal Machine...after that tunnel, look for 
some boxes behind the building you first see. Near these boxes, to the 
right, is a switch, activate it. In the next area are several Endtrails 
high up, take care of them all and the door will un-lock. At the end is 
a Leap of Faith Tile. Step on it and it will carry you to the far-away 
ledge with the Primagen I Key! 

                    - - - RIVER OF SOULS - - - 

Required Tailsman (s): Leap of Faith, Breath of Life

Ok, run through the level until you reach the Warp Portal Machine that 
gave you the Leap of Faith Tailsman. Yes, this will take about 20 
minutes to reach from the start, but...Anyways, once there, pass it, and 
go across the bridge. Go past the area with boxes and into the hall. 
There will soon be an intersection, just keep going straight. After 
awhile of this you will have to jump down onto a ledge you can't reach 
from anywhere else. You should recognize this place, it's where you 
flipped the switch to open up the exit portal. One of the barrels here 
will blow a hole in the wall, so do that and go inside. Follow the path 
and you'll find a Breath of Life Tailsman Tile. So, jump in the water 
and walk (it's like 1 inch deep, you don't swim) and then climb the 
ladder. Ignore the temptation to jump down into the water below and use 
the Leap of Faith Tailsman Tiles to "reach new heights." After about 
three or four of them you will have to jump over a ledge. If you miss 
and land in the drink, search around for a ladder (and a Golden Health! 
Whoohoo!), it will allow you start at the first Leap of Faith Tailsman 
Tile. Ok, after making the jump, go into the Raptoid infested area and 
fight your way through. At the end of all of this is a ledge with the 
Primagen II Key.

- Submitted by CZelda55 

                      - - - DEATH MARSHES - - -

Required Tailsman (s): Breath of Life

Suggested Weapon (s): Torpedo Launcher*


From the start of the level, continue on forward. When you find the 
second Warp (for reference, it's behind a wall that a Purr-Linn busted 
through) go through it. Now, go forward and keep your attention to the 
right hand side of your screen, you will soon see a Breath of Life 
Tailsman. Leap into the water below it and search there for a tunnel. At 
the end you will find a large chamber with a lot of bored Purr-Linns, 
take 'em all out! You'll find two Juggernauts guarding the Primagen III 
Key...damn. To get out of this place, go through the entrance. However, 
it's tougher than you think, as you must swim AGAINST the current. Very 
difficult (but possible) to do normally, but if you have the Torpedo 

- Submitted by Jezreel L. 

                  - - - LAIR OF THE BLIND ONES - - -

Required Tailsman (s): Whispers

This one is near the start of the level, thank God. Go forward and you 
will find a cliff with a path to the left and right, take the left 
route, behind a boulder, and you'll find a Whispers Tailsman Tile. Stand 
on it and it will carry you away to the other side. After a few more of 
those you will find a chasm, jump over it. Then you'll be in an area 
with several barrels and a hole in the floor, fall down. At the bottom 
are a lot of Blind Ones. However, the one you are looking for is in a 
REALLY dark corner. So, whip out that Flare Gun and use it to see a 
hidden tunnel with a switch. It will open a gate on the other side of 
the chamber, letting loose a few enemies. Grab the Cave Key inside and 
plug it into the stone, the wooden gate lowers. After a few more baddies 
and a Warp, you will be standing on the ledge with the Primagen IV Key.

- Submitted by Jim Jaskunas 
                  - - - HIVE OF THE MANTIDS - - - 

Required Tailsman (s): Breath of Life, Eye of Truth

Ok, first off, make your way through the level until you get to the end. 
"NO!!!" I hear you scream in agony. It's not as bad as it sounds. If you 
know what paths to take then you could get to the end in about 10 
minutes flat, and the numerous enemies that respawn are fun to battle 
with (Say hello to my LITTLE FRIEND, his name is...MR. NUKE!). The room 
you are looking for is the room right before the Master Computer, or 
where the Master Computer used to be that is. It has several platforms 
and poisonous water. Well, swim into the water and go down to the bottom 
and explore around, you'll find a secret tunnel that will lead to a 
Warp, take it. Follow the corridor and you'll be above the area where 
you got the Satchel Charges. Kill the Drone that's on the strange bridge 
(he'll push you off if you don't). Use the floating platforms to get 
over there...follow the path, through halls and caverns, fighting all 
the while. At the end is an Eye of Truth Tailsman Tile, and a path will 
be behind it if you have the Eye of Truth. Well, use it to go across and 
collect the Primagen V Key. Just watch out for the Soldiers on the 

- Submitted by CZelda55
                   - - - PRIMAGEN'S LIGHTSHIP - - -

Required Tailsman (s): Leap of Faith, Eye of Truth, Breath of Life

The Key is in plain site, it's one of the first things you'll see in the 
level. However, you can not retrieve it as a yellow force field is 
protecting it. In each area (a hallway leads from this room to an area) 
is a switch that will de-activate 1/4 of the force field, so you just 
need to find all four switches! Hooray! More...switches...Anyhoo, you 
can tell which area you haven't (or have) found a switch in by looking 
at the objects around the force field. If it's black inside, you found 
the switch. If there is yellow energy inside, you haven't. Each holder 
will point to the area in question. Finding the four switches isn't 
extremely difficult, it just takes time. One will be found by using a 
Leap of Faith Tailsman that is just off the beaten path (this was 
mistakenly put in the Walkthrough, hehe). Another one requires the Eye 
of Truth Tailsman, and it also off the beaten path. Another one is in 
plain sight. The last one is the most difficult, the path to it can be 
found in the last Totem Energy Pole Thingery Majigery. You know, the 
tower where you plug in the Ion Capacitors...the one behind the wall of 
lasers. Well, dive down into the water and explore around, you'll find a 
tunnel (if it's gated then check the other side). Follow it and you'll 
find the switch at the end. That's how you get the Primagen VI Key.

Each switch is guarded by a disgruntled Elite, so watch yourselves. 

Now, go kick Primagen's rump. 

6) Enemies

Gruesome! This is one of those games that sends chills down your 
back...and the enemies play a large role in that, especially what 
happens when you kill them. Some enemies will die, with no arms, and in 
it's final death twitches will throw up a little blood before going to 
dino Hell. And yes, like GoldenEye 007, the creatures have a hit 
detection system. So, what does this means? It means that a head shot 
will really damage a creature, while a slug in the arm will barely phase 

The first paragraph is a description, then the second is the rest of 
what there is to tell. BDA stands for Best Death Animation.

Each creature will get a rating. Here they are:

Weakling - Weak, it takes tons of hits from this guy just to take off 
one health.

Middleman - Not weak, not

Bad-ass - Run, Billy, run, save yourself!!

And in no particular order...

# 1 - RAPTOR
Your basic've seen Jurassic Park, right?

This guy is fast, REAL fast. It moves so quick you barely have any time 
to react, which makes him particularly nasty in small spaces where 
maneuverability is limited at best. A shotgun blast to the face should 
decapitate him quite nicely, but that can be hard since he ducks and 
weaves more than most creatures. Since it has no long-range attacks, 
it's defenseless from a distance. 

BDA - Blow his head off and the body will run around for several 
seconds, blood spewing everywhere, before it realizes it has no head. It 
then collapses.


Looks like someone spliced human DNA with a Raptor's...

More intelligent than the Raptor, Raptoids have very long claws on their 
arms, which they love to use to rip your face clean off. It's power is 
also similar to that of a Raptor, where a Shot Gun blast in the upper 
areas will put it out. However, as stated above, Raptoids are very 
intelligent and will dodge your shots the best they possibly can. 
Annoying in open spaces!

BDA - Use Explosive Shotgun Ammo on his mid-section, his torso will be 
blown completely off and his abdomen will fall to the ground. You can 
even see the spinal cord sticking out!


# 3 - COMPY
Small, chicken sizes dinosaurs. Bipedal carnivore. Made a few 
appearances in Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

Argh, these things are really annoying! They are so small you have to 
actually aim your gun DOWN at the ground and fire. They love to swarm 
around you in their little bands, nipping at your health. It's nice to 
scorch these little devils with a flamethrower. More annoying than 
dangerous...use your Talon.

BDA - Use your Talon and they will literally be ripped apart!


About ten feet tall with ripping muscles and large scales, with an 
alligator-like skin. They carry a medium sized gun

These, my minions, are one dangerous beast! Ignoring the fact that they 
have claws shaped like knives, they will fire bursts of gunfire from 
their handguns while rolling and reclining to avoid your shots. Ouchies. 
Just think Raptoid + gun. There is an advanced version that has an 
invisible mechanism. It causes them to become almost totally invisible, 
you can just see their outline, like in Predator (that's where they say 
they got it). A pain.

BDA - Sometimes, totally on random, they will set their self-destruct 
mechanism on. They will beep, then expose their entire body, then 
explode in a frenzy of limbs, body parts, and gore. 


Just your regular flying torso with a the backbone swinging obscenely 

Whoever thought up this creature is a sicko...what else do you expect 
from Iguana? These, fly around 
unpredictably and will follow you everywhere. These will definitely will 
test your marksmanship. The Magnum will puncture a hole in their little 
bodies...But if they're close, use the Shot Gun; it's bullets spray 
quite nicely.

BDA - None 

# 6 - WAR CLUB
Think Purr-Linn with 100 pound fists

They certainly aren't very intelligent, but they make up with the fact 
that they can flatten you like a pancake. Cliche, I know, but who cares? 
Just need to emphasize that...Watch out! When these guys begin to swing 
their mighty fist, get the Hell away and fire a few Tek Arrows their 

BDA - Use your Shotgun on his mid-section; it'll blow a hole clear 
through it (you can see through it!). The Purr-Linn will look down at 
it, then back at you, then collapse. 

Another Purr-Linn

Purr-Linn aren't exactly the brightest bulb in the box, if you catch my 
drift, so this guy is a genius to them! He will pick up rocks and hurl 
them at you. Powerful, but easy to avoid.

BDA - See above

# 8 - GUNNER
Purr-Linn coated with armor, plus a huge chaingun that it can barely 

This one will require a bit more stragedy to defeat...Find shelter, then 
watch it shoot at you until it's gun jams. Quick! Run out in front and 
shoot it in the face with your most lethal weapon. Otherwise it will 
regain control of it's gun and rip right through your flesh...

BDA - He only seems to have one; and it sucks.

Ooh! Purr-Linn meets Star Wars! They are armed with an "Ion Sword." They 
have glowing red eyes and gobs of armor. They tower above you.

They are slow, but very powerful. Their Ion Sword is lethal against a 
soft body (i.e. you) so stay as far away from it as you can. Whip out 
your Shot Gun and aim for the cranium, this is a good way to get past 
it's large amount of armor. HOWEVER, it's Ion Sword can block your 
shots, so be careful.

BDA - Sometimes you can blow the entire side of his body off; then blood 
pours out by the gallons.

Hornets, they are always found in groups.

Remember the Dragonfly in the original Turok? Yeah, those annoying 
bastards...Well, think of these as their successors. The Talon is the 
best weapon to use if they are in range. They quickly become annoying, 
but they are nothing dangerous.

BDA - Nothing cool.

Fat, strange, zombie creatures. 

The Guardians are armed with a blade capable of cutting you down with 
one swing. Judging by their waste line, they haven't had an intruder in 
their midst for some time. Use something powerful. like the Cerebral 

BDA - Take out their heads and they will just sit there for a second, 
then decide to lay down for a long nap.

BDA - Um...nothing much.

A strange humanoid-like creature with a lot of small arms

They jump around erratically, spewing acid along the way. They sure do 
look strange!

BDA - Nothing exciting 

No explanation necessary

Stay far away, they spew noxious gas that will drain your energy at an 
astounding rate. End their chemical warfare with the Flamethrower...they 
burn quite nicely.

BDA - Ah, listen to that nice crackling sound as the flames eat their 
outer-covering...they even twitch to add that extra disturbing touch! 


Whip out the Flamethrower and waste these eight-legged monsters before 
they zap your health away! The War Blade is also quite handy.

BDA - None

Small worms with a sucker-mouth. Think of a leech that burrows through 

Again, more annoying than dangerous, the Flesh Worm will pop out of the 
ground when it smells your juicy legs. Once again, the Flamethrower is a 
good choice since it covers the entire field with fire. Otherwise, use 
the War Blade.

BDA - None

# 16 - CAVE WORM
A flesh worm who went on some steroids...

Unlike their smaller cousins, the Cave Worm is VERY dangerous. It's 
recognizable by it's huge, lip like mouth which presents quite a large 
target. So unless you suck or have random muscle spasms, hitting this 
thing should be a cinch. However, it has a thick hide, so it may take 
awhile to kill...

BDA - His death pose reminds me too much of the creatures in Tremors I 
and II

These supreme beasts are awesome, a very well designed creature. It's 
fire red, with huge, thick arms with claws to match. 

This one just LOVES the warmth of lava, so it usually hangs out in hot 
locations. A nice target for the Tek Bow...

BDA - You can blow them to Hell, and all that will remain is their feet, 
which will sit there as blood squirts out, their lower leg bone (forget 
what it's called) sticks out. Hit them and they will actually run 
around! Ok...that's a bit...odd.

# 18 - DRONE
Huge green insects with dual blasters. 

One is certainly a threat, as each laser blast can take off about 5 
health points...three or more and you've got yourself a CRITICAL 
situation! Use your most powerful weapons on them.

BDA - Explosive Shells or Grenades, it will cause their legs, arms, and 
lower torso to be blown off, then it will crawl around, looking for 
help, then collapse as a pool of their yellow blood forms. I almost feel 
sorry for them...

# 19 - MITE
Small, strange looking creatures who scuttle around the ground in large 
numbers. They are larger than you might think, though...hahah, get it? 

They all originate from a hidden nest, and a well aimed grenade will put 
a stop to their hatching. The noise they make is so disgusting...use the 
War Blade for those close encounters.

BDA - None

# 20 - WORKER
Strange insects; they use four legs to walk and two to attack with. 

It's just like the regular working man. he has no intent on violence, 
but once he gets pissed, WATCH OUT! They like to travel in groups, get 
in a circle around you, and keep on slicing. The best way to take these 
pests out is with the Flamethrower, as even the mighty War Blade is too 
weak for these guys. Besides, what else will you use the Flamethrower 

BDA - None

Huge, heavily built creature with a gun bigger than you.

A few Shot Gun blasts to the face should put him out. His armor makes 
him very hard to put down. There is an advanced version, which will spin 
around and then fire a green laser at you.

BDA - Not gruesome, but very disturbing (Well, ok, so everything in this 
game falls under that category). You can tear off most of his skin! 
Yuck! No blood at all, just muscle flying around.

# 22 - UNDEAD
Dead people. Skeletons with flesh strewn about them. Humanoid, but not 

They actually toss their own blood at you! This is very powerful. The 
way to get around this is to turn off the blood in the Option Menu, 
making them totally offenseless (is that a word? No? can 
make up my own words if I want to)

BDA - None

Much like the UnDead, but with glowing eyes, and they are much larger.

Besides swiping at you, these god awful corpses will spew fireballs from 
their hands. Each fireball will take away 10 health, so STAY AWAY! The 
only thing going for you is that they move slow.

BDA - None

# 24 - LEAPER
Small, hopping creatures with needle teeth. 

They're baaa-haaack! Use your War Blade to reduce them to quivering 
masses of flesh. 

BDA - Use the War Blade or Explosive Shells and reel back in laughter as 
their entire side is taken off, exposing their ribcage and making their 
internal organs spill out.

# 25 - SOLDIER
Large, brown, roach like creatures. They have purple orbs on their 
soldiers and dual guns.

Their main attack is just shooting you, but if you anger them they will 
rear back and shoot a long stream of purple plasma balls at you...GET 
AWAY! This can drain your energy at a surprising rate. A pissed off 
Solder is the last thing you want to see.

BDA - Sometimes, albeit rarely, you can blow off his entire side off. 
Look inside!  Why, his blood glows in the dark...what the?...

# 26 - BLIND ONE
Fat, chubby, white creatures with clubs and axes. Some throw grenades, 
others fire off arrows.

There are many varieties. Some toss grenades at you while others shoot 
arrows. It doesn't matter, they are all quite powerful, so you'll want 
to take them out very quickly! A single Sunfire Pod will take out an 
entire room of them. 

BDA - I'm still torn between the one where his lungs is ripped out and 
the one where his head, arm, and lower abdomen are literally torn off.

# 28 - BIO BOT
Humanoid creature that gets around on a large, single wheel. Has no 
legs, just the wheel.

Up close they will scratch you with their claws, which causes very 
little damage. However, from afar, it will spray you in lethal amounts 
of blue lasers, quickly lowering your Health. Ouchies!

BDA - He'll run around on his wheel, then collapse on it. Looks neat.

# 29 - TROOPER
Large, bio-mechanical creature with a squid face, purple eyes, and big 

There are two has a single gun, the other has twin mini-
guns! Obviously, the latter can take your health down at a dramatic 
rate, but the former is also nothing to mess with. It has very heavy 
armor...use the Scorpion Missile Launcher.

# 30 - ELITE
Similar to a Trooper, but with more armor, yellow skin, and even larger 

RUN!! Save yourself! It takes about two shots (each shot is three 
missiles) from the Scorpion Missile Launcher (sometimes only one), so 
you know this guy is tough! If you don't have that're 
screwed, basically. 

A gun, stupid.

There are several different types (Cannons in level 2, lasers in 5, and 
mini-guns in level 6), but they are all very powerful, so you had better 
take them out quick.

Hey, wait a second...Acclaim said there would be 41 Enemies! And in the 
Manual is another type of enemy...the Dog-like creature...what the...?

7) Bosses

Well, if you like bosses that take up entire screens, and take 
unimaginable numbers of bullets to kill, then you'll love these! 
Difficulty rating is in stars, 1 being pitiful and 5 being nearly 

Level 4 Boss: GOLDEN-EYE
Difficulty: * *

This guy is basically, well, a giant eyeball in the ceiling with 
tentacles all around! In-between phases it will send out dozens of 
strange, annoying leech creatures. Take them all out with the Mag 64 
(it's faster than anything else!), then the next phase will occur.

Phase 1 - Several tentacles will come surround you from the strange 
green liquid that surrounds the center platform. Each hit from them will 
only take down a few points, so it's not a biggie. Take each one out 
with whatever you got, then they will all die...and...

Phase 2 - Near the giant eye are several strange objects that are 
spewing out acid. This stuff is quite potent, so strafe as much as you 
can. Each one will take about two Shredder Shots to take out. After they 
are all dead...

Phase 3 - A HUGE tentacle will come out from the wall. It's VERY 
powerful, so watch out! It's weakspot is the end of it, where it snaps 
at you. Also be careful, as the strange leeches are still crawling 
about. After the first one is dead, another one will come out, 
etc...After they are all defeated...

Phase 4 - There's nothing to get in your way now!! Open fire at the 
highly realistic looking eye until it explodes, and buckets upon buckets 
of blood rain from the open wound in the ceiling! It's vomit time! First 
boss: dead. Muahahha.

Level 5 Boss: QUEEN MANTID
Difficulty: * * *

She has a variety of attacks, and it's easy to see what her weakspot is 
(you can tell because they flash when she first enters). But actually 
hitting it, that's the problem. There are respawning ammo and health 
around the arena, but don't wait for them, KEEP MOVING AT ALL TIMES! In-
between phases she will be sucked up this large sac and will let her 
minions out to play; kill them and she'll come back.

Phase 1 - It's weakspot is it's forearms. The best way to hit them is 
with the Grenade Launcher; it will bounce off the floor, ricochet off 
her legs, and hit them. The best part is, it only takes one grenade to 
end this phase!

Phase 2 - This time it's her abdomen, which is very difficult to hit 
since it's only vulnerable in two different situations: When she raises 
it to let loose her poison balls, or when she turns at a steep angle. 
Oh, I forgot to mention her new attacks! She'll pause, stick her tail in 
the air, and spew out poison balls. Another one is rearing up and firing 
twin blue lasers at you, which hurt like Hell and it's almost impossible 
to avoid...use the pillars as shields if you can! She is also jumping 
about, attempting to squash you like a bug (that's called irony). When 
her tail is in view, shoot it with your most powerful weapon.

Phase 3 - Now it's her blasters! She fires very powerful lightening 
blasts, but it's slower and easier to avoid than the last. The best way 
to get her arms is with a few grenades, or get up close and scorch it 
with the Flamethrower (which will take about 5 seconds!).

Phase 4 - Final phase; she is now lying on the floor, totally 
defenseless, and her head is flashing. Hmmm...I wonder what her weakspot 
is now? Do you? I have no idea whatsoever (The sad thing is, people will 
actually e-mail me the answer).


Level 6 Boss: MOTHER
Difficulty: * * * *

The only boss in the game that does not have an in-between phase attack, 
Mother is the toughest boss yet! There are a few ya go:

Phase 1 - It will try to slap you with her very long tentacle arms, and 
that just happens to be her weakpoint! Her arms will take off 10 Health 
Points per hit, so you had better HURRY! Shoot 'em, shoot 'em! She'll 
also send out streams of strange little worm creatures that will slowly 
pick at your Health...The Nuke, if you have it, is pretty darn useful in 
this phase. Not only will it clear out the leeches, it will drastically 
hurt her! Her arms will be cut off, and then she'll grow them back 

Phase 2 - Now her arms are connected to the ceiling and she's hopping up 
and down, attempting to smash you. Just run about aimlessly and pray to 
God she doesn't land on you. Again, her arms are the weakpoint again, 
but it's more difficult to hit since you don't get much time to aim. The 
Nuke is almost useless, so try not to use it here. The Flamethrower and 
the Shredder work very well. After awhile...

Phase 3 - I have no idea what's on her behind, but then again, maybe we 
don't want to...This time her head is the target. She'll slap you with 
her arms, but they only take off about 5. Haha...she has a new attack, 
though. She'll rear her head back and fire a bluish ray at you. This 
takes off a whopping 20 HP!!! Damn! The Nuke, again, is very useful 
here. After this she will crawl back into the hole she came from. 
Weren't you expecting a bloody death too? Oh the well...(yes, "oh the 
well", that was not a typo).

Difficulty: * * * * *

Primagen...the final boss. This fella is seriously messed up looking. An 
Alien-like creature (the series, Aliens, that is), a cockroach, and with 
some sick, sadistic grin. His voice scares me..."Pitiful fool!" In-
between phases he will get in his aclove, tap on the computer, and send 
stream after stream of projectiles at you. To avoid them, shoot the 
flying ships, and stay away from the center of the arena to avoid the 
bombs (which will kill you instantly) that come from the hole in the 
ceiling, then quickly move forward to avoid the little pebble bombs that 
come from the explosion. Also, the good items reappear on the edge of 
the arena, but there is a red mat which will hurt you, so you must jump 
over it. Here we go, hardest boss in the game...

Phase 1 -  The weakspot are the little tentacles that are over his head, 
coming from his back. The best weapon for this job is the Shredder, 
especially if you have some Explosive Shells. The energy bar at the top 
represents the health of one tentacle. When it's almost dead, Primagen 
will stop, hold his hands in the air, and make a strange sound that 
sends chills down my spine. Then, all of his health will be regained! To 
counteract this, continually shoot him in the head while he does this. 
Keep doing this until all of the tentacles are destroyed. Note that each 
swipe from his claws will take off 10 points, and he can swipe many 
times at once, so he could take off 20 or more if you stand still.

Phase 2 - Now his obscene lookin' left arm, which looks different from 
the rest, is your target. The best weapon for this job, IMO, is the 
Firestorm Cannon. I don't know why, it just seems I can hit him better 
with it. While flying he will send down Fireballs, which take off five 
health, and he shoots them rapidly. His most lethal is the bluish ray, 
which will do nothing at first. However, after he hits you with it three 
times you will suddenly lose 30 points. Ouchies! Like before, shoot him 
in the head when he tries to regain his lost health.

Phase 3 - His head is the target...Bwahaha. So, shoot it. His new attack 
is blowing you off the platform, and...his fireballs have shockwaves, so 
you really have to stay far away from them now. But, besides that, 
there's not much new here, but he still has the laser, so watch out. 
Note that the Nuke does not work on the Primagen, but it works well on 
the little airplanes, those annoying thingers...

After an extremely cool death scene involving the Energy Totems, all 
that remains of Primagen is a black mark on the floor. He-haw! That's 
what happens when you mess with Turok. 

8) Secret/Codes

Secret Endings? YES! Although a few e-mail buddies and I are not sure on 
the direct cause, there seem to be two different endings. It all starts 
with the death of the seems that if you use cheats he will 
just walk around, scream as half of his face is taken off, then fall 
down, then it warps to the cutscene of Adon explaining stuff. However, 
if you don't use cheats, then Primagen will be scorched to death in an 
impressive death scene involving the five energy totems, and Adon will 
talk about new subjects. Neat! Another theory is that it doesn't involve 
cheats, but if you've beaten every level. The truth is out there...

Interesting glitch in level two, River of Souls. You know that 
Styracosaurus? Yeah, you've pelted him with bombs, you've shot him in 
the face with countless Magnum shots, but he just won't die! Well, you 
*can* kill him. Bring out the Nuke and he will turn black and explode 
like enemies. But before he explodes, and is still black, hop on and you 
will be riding him, then he'll blow up. Now the rocket launcher and gun 
are still there, but the dinosaur is it looks like you're 
riding an invisible animal! This is pretty messed up. You can walk as 
fast as Turok, and you can even climb ladders. 

You know in the original how if you looked up, then let go of the stick 
it would switch right back to the default view? Well, you can fix that 
in the options menu! However, if you look up, then move backwards, it 
still goes back to the default view. To fix this, go left or right 

When fighting the Undead, turn off the Blood (in the options menu) and 
they won't be able to toss blood...therefore, they can not harm you!

Giant, huge, vast code. Activates all cheats (Invincibility, All Guns, 
Infinite Ammo, Level Warps, Boss Warps, Pen and Ink, Big Head, including 
all the crappy ones). 

Big Head Mode. Makes hitting someone in the head a lot easier, 

The enemies will become very small, but they still deal the same damage, 
so watch out.          

Enemies have big hands and feet.           

Enemies are really skinny.      

Pen and Ink Mode, just like the original. View the basic polygons 
without textures.         

Gourad Mode, looks really screwed up.

Almost total darkness.         

Juan's cheat, face appears on Life Force Tokens. WHOOHOO!

Zach Attack Cheat, same as above, but with a baby's face. 

9) Credits

I thank all the following people, companies, or whatever incarnation of 
evil I may have listed.


- Nintendo

- Acclaim 

- Iguana


- IGN64 : Codes

- Gamesages : Codes

- N64 Code Center : Codes


[the following people sent in/reminded me to put up codes]

- Brady : Reminded me to put those crappy codes up 

- Jose C. : Big code

- Joshua D. : Big code

- Negative Creep : Big code

- Jeff M. : Big code

- Cory : Big code

- Rufus : Big code

- Ranma : Big code

- Treymen : Big code

- JacKFrost : Big code

[following people did some...stuff]

Raven4423 : Even though I already knew it, he told me 
(in extreme detail) where the  Nuke Piece in level 5 was.

Jezreel L. : Told me, in detail, the location of 
the Primagen III Key. 

Jim Jaskunas : Again, in detail, told me the location 
of the Primagen IV Key.

CZelda55 : Sent in the locations of Primagen Keys II 
and V. 

[friends who helped with crap]

Adam Cooley : Awesome artwork at the top of this 

10) Legal Stuff

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

11) The End

Well, that concludes it. If you have found anything I may have missed, 
any errors, typos, etc., then E-mail me at [email protected] O.K., 
so bye! C-ya in the next guide...


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