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                                 \__|     |      |__|   \_|          ****
                             SHADOW OF OBLIVION                   *****
                              For GBC and N64                    ***          
                                   Version 1.0
                                    By, Zero
                              [email protected]

*Introduction (A Brief History)*
When Turok: Dinosaur Hunter first hit shelves, it was credited as being the 
supreme FPS of it's kind.  I remember the first time I ever played it.  It 
was a phenomenal experience, with superb graphics and audio for the time that 
it was released.  The few drawbacks included the massive amounts of fog, and 
the stupid AI.  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter left us begging for more.  Fans 
rejoiced upon the release of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.  Turok 2 was leaps and 
bounds over the original.  The graphics are still among the best, the 
Gameplay and storyline was incredible, and the levels were living and 
breathing worlds.  Turok 2 is easily one of the greatest and most impressive 
FPS's available on the market today.  It even graced us with a multiplayer 
deathmatch mode.  Unfortunately, the multiplayer mode was small, and often 
difficult to play.  It went under massive criticism.  However, the Turok 
series had so much potential for better multiplayer, so Acclaim gave us 
Turok: Rage Wars, a multiplayer exclusive number, with hundreds of available 
options to customize.  Rage Wars had so much Gameplay, that it was voted as 
the second best FPS's of 99-00, behind House of the Dead 2.  Yet, Rage Wars 
was criticized for a lack of single player replay value, and numerous other 
things.  Rage Wars was never counted as a number in the Turok series, like 
Turok 1, 2, or 3.  It was a stand-alone game.  Adaptations of these games 
were transferred to Game Boy and Game Boy Color, too.
   Now, as we near the end of 2000, Acclaim is releasing the highly 
anticipated sequel to Seeds of Evil, Turok 3.  Turok 3 has been released for 
GBC, and is soon to be released for N64 on August 30th.  It will undoubtedly 
be as impressive as the Turok games behind it, so the world awaits to be cast 
under the Shadow of Oblivion.

I. N64 (Coming Soon)
II. Game Boy Color
A.	The Story
B.	Weapons/Pick Ups and Vehicles
C.	The Brief Missions Walkthrough
D.	Enemies
E.	Level Passwords
F.	Other Hints

*II. The Game Boy Color Version*
As with the previous Turok games, Turok 3 has been adapted for the Game Boy 
as well as the N64.  The story line has been changed, but the title remains 
the same.  In my opinion, it is the EASIEST Game Boy game that I have EVER 
played.  I beat it in 3 days, and I paid 30 bucks for it!  But, it is very 
fun, and a game that no Turok fan should be without.

*A. The Story*
The Lost Land is heading to a war between Dinosoid factions: those who want 
to reclaim the Earth, and those willing to coexist with the human race.  
After years of war between humans and Dinosoids, the Solidarity Order has 
gained power over discontented warriors of the Amaranthine Accordance, and 
some of them have changed to the Solidarity Order side.  The first vicar and 
the Endtrails are losing power and the balance is getting shaky.  Hellis' 
Sin, son of the last bloodqueen, chooses this moment to return from his 
hiding place and reclaim the throne as the new bloodking with the support of 
the Solidarity Order.  The Amaranthine Accordance is organizing its forces in 
the Lost Land in order to send them through a dimensional gate to Earth in 
order to conquer the planet, then use the human weapons against the 
Solidarity Order.  Hellis' Sin contacts Turok, knowing that with his help the 
Solidarity Order will have a chance to win the war.  Turok doesn't hesitate.  
He opens a dimensional gate and makes his way to the Lost Land…
(Note: Remember, this is NOT the story for the N64 version!)

*B. Weapons/Pickups and Vehicles*
Of course, Turok isn't gonna take on a legion of Endtrails with his bare 
hands!  Therefore, there are a slew of weapons and pickups to aid Turok in 
his quest.  In a special T3 addition, Turok will be able to ride in three 
different vehicles!  


Knife- This is the most basic weapon, and the one that you start with.  This 
is useful to take on weak enemies at close range, but not much more.

Bow- This is a fairly powerful and useful weapon that is useful to fire over 
a distance.  You must stop to fire it, and it is slow, so it is not your best 

Pistol- Once you find this in the first level, you probably won't want to go 
back to the bow unless you are low on bullets.  It is a standard pistol, with 
an average ROF.

Shot Gun- As with most shotguns, this is most efficient in short-range 
battles.  It is stronger than most other weapons, and has a below average 

Uzi- This is a machine gun that fires in 3 round bursts, much like the Mag60 
from Turok 2 and Rage Wars.  

Minigun- This is a fully automatic machine gun that is more useful against a 
strong enemy or a lot of enemies.

Blade Launcher- This strange weapon launches blades that bounce everywhere 
when you fire them.  It is most useful for taking on a lot of enemies.

Missile Launcher- The Missile Launcher is slow, but it is powerful.  It 
launches an explosive rocket to take down anyone in its path.

Plasma Rifle- This strong weapon is fairly fast, and will cut down any enemy 
in its way.

Particle Accelerator- The Particle Accelerator is back from Turok 1 to cause 
more damage.  It is the strongest weapon in the game, and can shoot through 
most enemies.


Energy- Health.  It looks like a red cross.

1 Up- These are rare, and will add an extra life.


Tank- The tank is slow, but strong.  It has trouble turning unless it is 
moving, but launches tank shells.

Gunboat- The gunboat is a speedy, heavily armored attack boat.  It will turn 
very slowly unless it is moving.

Jeep- The jeep appears only in the 3rd level in the prison area.  It is faster 
than the tank, but has less armor.  

*C. Brief Missions Walkthroughs*
Even though the missions in Turok 3 GBC are extremely easy, I added mission 
walkthroughs anyway.  They are just basic reviews of objectives, because the 
rest is simple.

*Mission 1: Infiltrating Enemy Lines*
To get into the enemy base, you must collect two keys.  You start in the 
tank, and you are immediately under attack.  The tank has an extremely slow 
ROF, so remember that sometimes running is the best strategy.  You will face 
fortified gun turrets and enemy tanks along the path, so be ready.  There are 
a few health pickups along the way in case you need them.  At the end of the 
path, you'll see a red flag.  That is a checkpoint area, which are common.  
Once you ride over it, you'll be out of the tank and into the jungle as 
   In the jungle, you will only have a knife and your bow in the beginning.  
There are mines everywhere that will lock on and follow you.  Simply wait 
until they get close and stab them with your knife.  Also, there are tons of 
concealed spike traps that are invisible, so watch your step. Plus, there are 
a few Endtrails along the way that shoot at you.  One holds a pistol, and the 
last one holds a key, so you need to kill them.  Once you get the key, go to 
the top of the map to get back in the tank.
   Back in the tank, you'll be against a metal gate.  You can't get through, 
so don't try.  You need to backtrack and head upwards to follow the new path 
to the next checkpoint.  Once you get to the checkpoint, you'll be out of 
your tank again.
   You'll now be in a new jungle, this time it is a side scrolling area.  The 
only opposition that you'll meet along the way is a legion of Dinosoid 
soldiers, so you might want to use your knife to conserve ammo.  Once you 
reach the end, you'll get the new key, and you'll be inside the enemy base!
   The inside of the base is a dangerous place.  There are traps and other 
dangers to try to throw you off course.  There are multiple levels, and each 
door will take you to a new level.  At first, it will be confusing.  If you 
take a door from level 1, you might end up on level 3.  Explore the area, and 
get to know where each door leads you.  But the only thing you need to know 
is to flip the switches.  There are switches on most of the levels, and once 
you flip all of them, you'll be transported back to level one to make your 
escape.  Simply don't die and you'll escape in no time.
BOSS: Raptor(?)
Wow, this is sad.  I can't believe how easy this is!  You don't need a 
strategy.  I beat it simply by shooting it to death.  It will charge around, 
sometimes shooting at you.  Don't stop shooting at it, and it will die.  It 
is EASY.

*Mission 2: Destroying the Enemy Supplies*
   Mission 2 is made up of three separate level objectives on three different 
islands, and a boss.  The levels can be beaten in any order, but the boss is 
last.  In the archipelago, you are in a gunboat.  The basic thing you need to 
do, is reach a checkpoint on an island.  Bear in mind that there are three 
checkpoints, but you can beat any of them in any order.  In the gunboat, you 
will be hunted by other gunboats and heat seeking missiles, so keep on the 

Level 1: Destroy the Fuel Supplies
This is the easiest of all of the levels.  This is the one on the beach; so 
if you are following the walkthrough and are NOT on the beach, go to a 
different level.  All you need to do is go along the beach, side scrolling.  
There are several Endtrails along the way, so avoid their bullets.  Along the 
top of the map are several fuel tanks.  You must DESTROY EVERY ONE to beat 
the level, so do so.  At the end of the beach, you'll be back in the 
archipelago.  Find a new checkpoint.

Level 2: Destroy the Ammunition Depot
This is a fairly difficult level, due to the three way bullet defenses 
(you'll see what I mean).  This takes place in a wooden dock house; so if you 
aren't in a dock, go to a different level.  The set up is much like the first 
level, so I'll give the set-up a name for future reference.  From now on, it 
will be called "Staggered Level," okay?  Anyway, this level is staggered, so 
it may be difficult to find your way around.  Watch out for the gun turrets 
and Endtrails, destroying every ammo crate that you find.  Once you do so, 
make your escape to get back in the gunboat.

Level 3: Destroy the Bunker
This is not extremely difficult, just confusing.  This is another Staggered 
Level that takes place in a bunker with metal walls, much like the end of the 
first mission.  There are more gun turrets along the way, so beware.  There 
are also sections of the floor that give way, and expose deadly firetraps.  
The objective is to go through all of the levels and flip all of the switches 
that you find.  Once all of the switches are flipped, you need to make your 
escape before taking on the boss.

BOSS: Giant Alligator
While taking on the boss, you'll be in your gunboat, being chased by a giant 
alligator.  The way to beat him is quite simple.  As you speed along through 
the water, there will be many mines that you pass.  The alligator will stick 
on your tail, following you wherever you go.  The object is to lead him into 
a mine, so it hits him.  Occasionally, the alligator will snap at you, so you 
should avoid this.  Simply lead the alligator so it takes damage from the 
mines, and you win.

*Mission 3: Rescuing Egrena*
Egrena is a very important member of the Order, but the Accordance has 
captured him and placed him in a prison.  As Turok, it's your job to get him 
   You start out in the prison yard, driving the armored jeep.  You have 
strong armor, but you are not much of a match for the enemy tanks and gun 
turrets around the prison yard.  Only two of the doors are opened, so head 
first for the lower chamber, which is the prison where Egrena is being held.  
   The prison is another Staggered Level, with Vigilance Robots to boot.  The 
Vigilance Robots shoot bullets in 4 directions, and are impossible to kill.  
Therefore, avoid them.  There are 10 levels, with switches on most of them.  
The switches are used to open doors around the prison.  Once all of the 
switches are flipped, get to Level 5, which has the door that leads to Level 
Nine.  From Level Nine, you can get to Level 10 where Egrena is being held.  
Your next job is to find a weapon for Egrena.
   You will be taken back to the main lot.  Head to the other opened door to 
go to the prison armory.  In the armory, there is a ton of small 
chests/crates scattered around the map.  One of these holds a Rocket 
Launcher.  Your best bet is to destroy them all to get the Rocket Launcher 
for Egrena.  Avoid the Vigilance Robots and Dinosoids to get to the top of 
the map.  Now, you need to make your escape.
   The escape is constantly moving.  Egrena is deadly with the Rocket 
Launcher; so let him do most of the work.  There will be tons of Mercenaries 
in your way, but Egrena will do most of the work.  At the end of the path, 
you'll be back in the yard.  Drive to the far right, and head south to the 
checkpoint marker.  Time for the big battle.
BOSS: Mantis
That's right, a giant mantis.  And this one means business.  The mantis roams 
at the top of the map, occasionally swiping its big claws down to hit you.  
Other times it will spit fireballs out of its mouth to burn you.  The best 
strategy is to keep on the move, avoiding the attacks at all costs.  To 
damage it, shoot it in the BODY!  Limb shots won't do any damage so don't 
try.  Once you beat the mantis, its time to take on the Campaigner.

*Mission 4: Defeating the Campaigner*
That's right, the Campaigner.  Hmmmm… Didn't Tal Set kill the Campaigner in 
Turok 1?  Anyway, this is more than a boss level, it's a quest.  Once again, 
you'll start in a gunboat, in a murky swamp.  There are three separate areas, 
but only two will be available in the start.  The third must be reached by 
collecting two keys to gain access to the Campaigner's arena.  This is 
actually a fairly challenging level, and it might take you more than one try!  
Level 1: Sniper's Canyon
One of the two areas that you can reach is the Sniper's Canyon.  The Sniper's 
Canyon is an upward scrolling level that takes place in a dangerous canyon.  
On each side of the canyon lurks a team of snipers to shoot and kill you.  
Keep on the move to avoid them.  Throughout the canyon, giant boulders roll 
and try to crush you.  Basically, you need to avoid the snipers while not 
getting hit by the boulders.  At the end, there's a key waiting for you.  
Once you return to the swamp, find the second checkpoint.

Level 2: Pitfall
I don't know why I called it "Pitfall."  It is a maze like path that takes 
you over spiked pits, by Vigilance Robots, all while being pursued by UFO 
type razor things.  Not pretty.  Basically, avoid confrontations when you 
can.  There are two new weapons to pick up, so don't miss them!  Run like the 
wind through the level, avoiding enemies.  At the end, there's a key waiting 
for you.  Now on to the Campaigner!

BOSS: Campaigner
Well, you don't go to the boss right away.  Once you go past the gate to the 
3rd checkpoint, you'll be in the Campaigner's base.  And the Campaigner 
doesn't plan in letting you past so easily.  On your way to the Campaigner, 
you'll have to battle your way through a legion of Mercenaries with heat 
seeking missiles.  Ouch.  Kill as many as you can, but don't stop.  At the 
end of the path, you'll take on the Campaigner.  
   God, that's the Campaigner?  It looks like one of the Robots from Turok 1!  
Anyway, this is probably the biggest challenge in the game, but its not that 
hard.  Your weapons won't hurt him, so save your ammo.  He will attack in two 
ways.  First, he will launch two fireballs.  Second, he will unleash a wave 
of bugs(?) to attack you.  Your goal is to hit the bugs back at him, so they 
hit him.  That is the only way to hurt him, so repeat over and over, and you 

*Mission 5: The Accordance Stronghold*
That's right, the last level!  It is the longest, most challenging level in 
the game, so I hope you're ready!  You start in a tank, in the same basic 
idea of the beginning of level 1, except easier.  There will be a lot of weak 
opposition here, just simply follow the path to the first checkpoint.  
   In the second area, you have the mission of protecting the walking bomb 
behind you.  That means don't let it take damage, and keep it clear of the 
giant rocks that block areas of the path.  If it is destroyed, you loose a 
life and must start over.  The opposition is fairly weak; just keep it away 
from the rocks!  Use a fast weapon such as the Minigun to clear the way.  At 
the end of the path, it will detonate to destroy the gate.  That is one of 
the most difficult areas of the game, so beware.
   Next, you enter the Accordance church, where you must battle through 
Dinosoids and doge dangerous traps.  Missiles will rain down on you, turrets 
will fire at you, warriors will try to destroy you, but hey, war is hell.  Do 
your best to dodge the missiles and firetraps, and make your way to the end 
of the Path to take on the first mini boss.

Yep, another bio-mech T-Rex.  If you played Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and got 
far, you should remember this mechanical menace.  Lucky for you, this one is 
not nearly as dangerous.  The ledge between you and it means that it can't 
trample or bite you.  Its main method of attack is launching fireballs from 
the top of its head to attack you.  These are fairly easy to avoid.  
Meanwhile, unsheathe your strongest weapon and pump the Rex full of what you 
got.  It should be down and out in no time.

   Once the T-Rex is down, you'll advance into the very heart of the 
Accordance Church, in pursuit of the leader of the Accordance.  The leader is 
VERY well guarded, so this won't be a cakewalk.  Cut down the enemies in your 
way, and beware of the other dangers in form of traps, turrets and missiles.  
Occasionally, a shadowy figure will appear and take a few shots at you before 
disappearing.  That is the Accordance Leader, but you can't hurt him yet, so 
don't try.  At the end of the hall, you will enter the final arena to take on 
your final challenge.

SUPREME BOSS: The Accordance Leader/Minister
That's right, this is what its come down to.  The Accordance Leader will 
drive you insane if you don't know how to beat him, so read this if you want 
to be spared of his evil.  The Accordance Leader uses his Ion Gauntlet just 
how it was meant to be used: to kill Turok, and that means you!  He will 
appear out of the mist, only to take a few shots at you before he disappears 
again.  He will move around, invisible, and reappear in a different location 
to attack again.  When he appears, he will fire one fireball, three 
fireballs, or a bouncing fireball.  He will only be visible for about 5 
seconds, so hit him with whatever you got, and dodge his attacks.  He is not 
difficult, and you should be able to put him away within minutes.


*D. Enemies*
There are several different types of enemies, excluding bosses, that you will 
encounter in the game.  Most can be killed with one or two hits.

Dinosoid Soldier- These are the simplest soldiers that you will encounter.  
You can drop them with one or two hits, plus, they can only attack when they 
are extremely close to you.  Yawn.

Sniper- It is impossible to kill these guys, so just run!  They will try to 
pick you off from the canyon ledge with pinpoint accuracy.  Keep moving.

Endtrail- These are basically like the Dinosoid Soldiers, except they are 
stronger, and come toting guns.  While not a reason to run to the hills, they 
are more of a substantial threat than the simple Dinosoids.

Vigilance Robot- Ahhh!  While not a mobile threat, they are still a threat.  
Watch the timing on their fire, and then move by when its safest.  Don't even 
attempt to simply take it on.

Mercenary- These guys are bigger and stronger than the Endtrails, and tote 
heat seeking missiles.  You will encounter them before you take on the 
Campaigner.  Take them down with a fast weapon to avoid their missiles.

*D. Level Passwords*
Do you want to skip to a level before you get to it?  Oh, fine… I beat the 
game, and here are the passwords to skip to each level.
Level 2: SDFLMSF
Level 3: DVLFDZM
Level 4: VFDSGPD
Level 5: CSDJKFD

*E. Other Hints*
Do you still need more help?  Okay, here are some more basic hints to help 
you get through the game.

-Alternate the weapons you use.  Don't drain all of the ammo from a single  
weapon at one time.

-You are not Rambo!  Don't try to kill everything.  Running is so much of a 
better option.

-The knife is not all bad.  The knife is much more useful that it ever was on 
an N64 version.  Use it when you are low on ammo to conserve.

-If there is health in one room, and you take it, it will be back the next 
time you enter the room.

Well, that's it.  I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did.  The price I 
paid was a little steep, but the game was still very enjoyable.  Look forward 
to Turok 3 for the N64 by the end of the month.  G'Bye, everybody!

This entire FAQ is Copyright © 2000 by ZeRo

This FAQ is intended for private use only, and may only be placed on your 
website if you email me for permission.  Feel free to print it out for your 
own personal use.  This FAQ may not be placed in magazines, books, or 
Player's Guides.  I will not stand for plagiary. 


"Your future has arrived.  Are you ready to go?"
-Powerman 5K
   /ErO    [email protected] 

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